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a millennial movement

a technological revolution


e are constantly curating ourselves for others to see

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current state of mind in 140 characters

“It’s fucking snowing” “I’m sure I can come up with a Marxist critique of Thanksgiving if I really tried” “Feeling a strong affinity towards alanis morissette in case you were wondering to what degree of shambles my life is in” “Somebody on the bus just told me I have ‘mad robo swag”

“Pour some out for the innocent raccons and possums who died as trying to cross i-5 during holiday traffic”

“The curious case of how many more portland snow snapchats I will receive”

“Guy wearing a robe in 25 degrees in snow. I like your style.” “I hate the new font of Twitter. And why am I the only person who has this terrible new font? Why is twitter mad at me?” “HBO GO is how the other half lives.”

“Millennials don’t want to work in the formality of former generations where you have structured meetings and a door, and a phone. They’ll grab laptops or iPads and have a meeting in the kitchen, or on beanbags. That’s the way they want to work, and that’s the way we’re formatting our offices now.” Jack Marshall, Digiday

As a generation of digital curators we constantly seek new ways to tell our stories online. Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets act as tools for constant connection. In 140 characters, with one picture, a status update, we keep people connected to our lives and concurrently stay connected to theirs. Hastags allow us to connect to an even larger, global network of like minded thinkers. Growing up in an age of vast transparency, we are quick to share any thought, any feeling to our online communities. However, transitioning into our professional lives begs that updates have contain purpose to ensure success.

a disconnected world

| millennials are changing the fabric of activism by using technology and social networking to inform, organize and inspire change|


$60,000 + raised

| The owner of the internet-famous ‘lil bub’ (who has over 269,000 followers on instagram) allowed ad agency Chiat day to use instagram photos of his cats’ memes and create an awareness video about animal adoption for best friends animal society. |

$12,525 raised in one day |Becky Straw and Jody Landers are co-founders of “The adventure project” which uses social media to raise money for efforts to eradicate global poverty. During their “World Water Day” in Spring 2011, they asked 100 bloggers to inspire 10 followers to donate $20. The money went to fund drilling clean water wells in India. Straw and Landers continue to use social media as their main tool for outreach and funding. |


|�At worst, Gen Yers are entitled social media-addicted oversharers who live with their parents; at best, they are tech and media savvy, entrepreneurial multitaskers who want to change the world.� |

A staple of the millennial generation now includes the toilet selfie. 36% of millennials who have graduated from college live at home with their parents. Likely due to: large amounts of debt, lack of employment, etc. Millennials (18-34) who use their devices in the bathroom: 17% Generation X (35+) who use their devices in the bathroom: 8% Snapchat is a large contributor when it comes to the selfie and toilets.

Staying constantly connected online is seen by some as a negative aspect of the technological revolution, and the millennial generation. A loss of contact with the “real world� is synonymous with this idea of losing humanity. However, humanity isn’t lost. Humanity is adapting, just as we have to this technological world. Almost half of the millennial generation considers a text conversation just as meaningful as a phone conversation, we complete group projects by collaborating on facebook, we facetime our friends that are on the other side of the world. The technological revolution has given us the incredible gift of global connection. We can use the perspectives from people all over the world to contribute to a project or idea that would otherwise only have a handful of contributions from like-minded people. Collaborative problem solving is at the heart of the creative industry, and the technological world.

a creative crusade

“Ideas are networks.”

“So yes, it’s true we are more distracted but what has happened that is really miraculous and marvelous,over the last fifteen years is that we have so many new ways to connect and so many new ways to reach out and find other people where that missing piece that will complete the idea we’re working on.”

Ideas that may be halfway, are key to fostering collaboration with other great minds and completing one big idea. As a generation so connected we are able to gain insight from multitudes of different types of people.

qualifications for a creative* Manages execution of social media campaigns, including community management, content development and influencer relations Active user and participant on multiple social media platforms. And not just Twitter and Facebook -- you’re way out there on the new and fringe ones too. We don’t differentiate between online, offline or social. To us, it’s all media, and we like folks who blur the lines and reach across disciplines. Working with various social monitoring tools, develop social media audits to identify brand and competitive discussions to inform social media and content strategy. Work closely with clients and account teams on the devel-

opment of social media programs and strategies

Demonstrates knowledge of the overall social media landscape Word-of-mouth has always been the key to generating buzz—

and today, the conversations that matter are happening Monitor and analyze online media and other relevant digital online. We create the tools and destinations to foster the relacommunications channels tionships that get people talking, provide the strategic management you need to create lasting connections, then show you exactly what you’re getting with real-world analytics Understanding and passion for the social web, emerging technology, and digital communication. You’re constantly downloading new apps, checking out new websites. Architect user interaction solutions/schema based on sound usability principles, research and technical feasibility Develop full circle social media strategies to identify how specific brands should be present in social based on existing and opportunistic audience segments, in coordination with analysts and SEO strategists. Develop social media personas to identify social user behavior.

*Taken from: JWT, Grey, Ogilvy, CP&B, Droga5, Mullen, and Mammoth

So, you were born a millennial and now you’re hurtling full force into the creative industry. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, art director, account planner, or any of the hybrid roles the industry needs, you’ve got the inherent skills to make it. A digital native, you use technology in your personal and professional life. You can multi-task and think about several different projects and ideas at one time. An active member in several online communities, you use social media to stay connected and share ideas about life, and work. You can use the responses and connections you make on these outlets to professionally network, as well as collaborate. An environment with free flow of information sharing is where collaboration flourishes. This uninhibited collaboration fosters innovation. When we innovate, we change the world.

technology >> connection >> collaboration

>>INNOVATION<< changes the creative industry, changes the world Johnson, Steven. Where good ideas come from. New York : Penguin Group Inc. 2010. Print.

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