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Hi-way trike ban: a cultural issue 02


Sunday, September 25, 2011


Discuss RH bill Tourists, diplomat at 7th Bird Fest in vernacular 02 02

FILOIL to build 15 million-liter import depot here By JUANCHO RODRIGUEZ


fter a quick and emotion-packed turnover rites last Wednesday, Sept 21, newly assumed provincial PNP director P/SrSupt Edward Caranza suddenly realized the big load of responsibilities and challenges he inherited from his predecessor P/SrSupt Rey Lyndon Lawas who was cut short of his two-year stint by half for reasons not officially known except “for the expediency of the service.”


ILOIL, the first and biggest 100% Flipino owned gasoline fuel stakeholder in the country will build a l5-million liter fuel depot in Tandayag Amlan within this year.(perspective foto above) This could mean a reduction of fuel pump prices in Negros island. According to Jerome freight charges by eliminating Villegas, business develop- middle men which cause all ment partner of FILOIL, the these jacked up prices. import depot will service the The entire leadership of 25 FILOIL gas stations in the province are lending their Negros Oriental and all gaso- support. They are: line companies who may Reps George Arnaiz, Rep wish to avail of their supply Pryde Henry Teves; Gov Roel of l5-million liter import de- Degamo, City Mayor Manuel pot facility. Sagarbarria , Amlan Mayor The main objective is to Bentham dela Cruz and the secure fuel direct from the entire business sector and source and will be trans- chambers of commerce and ported by big tankers into the industry. Tañon strait, thus reducing Rep Limkaichong, former Minister Gary Teves, will shortly lend their support officially. From the provincial board, BM Arni Teves also said that any direct import of fuel from abroad into this province will surely benefit consumers and suppliers alike. Villegas emphasized that any company can get their supply from this import depot if only to lower the cost for consumers. Mayor Bentham dela Cruz, host mayor in Amlan said that this is a major development. Amlan has been hosting fuel depots for many years. The Filoil import depot will

J. Villegas

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Law as lik e a professional soldier, even before the turnover, made the rounds and inf or med th e community of his performance in full multi media reports. Caranza former comptroller of PNP r egio n 7 was impressed saying that he felt humbled over the p er fo rman ce of Lawas in NegOr including many innova

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Col Lawas welcomes Gov. Degamo at the PNP-PD turnover rites. Behind Lawas is new PD Col Edward Carranza.

PCGG P93-B recovered but zero conviction


ot only are the Marcos-eraplunderers scot free, many of them are now back in power! Says PCGG chairman Dean Andres Bautista. The first anti-corruption body formed in 1986, the Presidential Commission on Good Gover nmen t

(PCGG) which has collected back P93-billion in Marcos ill-gotten wealth , celebrated the 39th anniversary of Martial Law in Dumaguete last Wednesday, Sept 21. It was a very significant event held at the historic Silliman Hall of 1901. But sad to say: among the Marcos To page 4




September 25, 2011

PCGG marks Martial Law’s 39th yr. here critical reporting HOW MEDIA SEES IT, AND NOT OTHERS BY ELY P. DEJARESCO


Top DILG honchos didn’t know the real score

W Aba Rep Atty. Cristina, Atty. Shiela Lyn Besario (Asst. Director Salonga Center), Director of Suga Tabitha Tinagan, Comm. Mosquera, Comm. Amurao, Dean Myles, Comm. Maita Chan-Gonzaga (in black), SULAW Dean Mik Maxino, Chairman Andres Bautista, Dr. Ben Malayang, Atty. Myrish Cadapan-Antonio, Atty. Denura



Bird watchers worldwide Town major hospitals grace 7th PH bird festival to get P6M aid each JUANCHO R ODRIGUEZ foreign diplomat, and scores of local and foreign tourists, are in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental today just to participate in a bird festival and support efforts to preserve the country’s wild birds and wild animals for that matter.


Dutch Ambassador to the Philipp in es Rob er t Brink s, an av id b ir d watcher, stressed the importance of maintaining and preserving Philippine for-

ests in devoting them as bird sanctuaries. Meanwhile, awareness and enthusiasm are high as the 7th Philippine Bird Fes Turn to page 3

Trike ban in highways more a cultural struggle


emoving tricycles, and banning them from making a living along natonal highways, is like banning tigbakay in the barrios. While the trike ban is a sound safety measure, this simply runs counter to the rural means of transportation in the towns and barrios. They simply cannot help plying the national highways. Even in this capital city, tr icycle d rivers in Dumaguete are up on their toes against the impending implementation of a national law that prohibits

them from plying the national highway. Negros Oriental NDMotor Piston vice-president Cirillo Collado said his Turn to page 10


e can only imagine that Col. Rey Lyndon Lawas, although he had the guts of a soldier, w ent out of his beloved province with a heavy heart as PNP provincial director, having only stayed for a year, even as he was a local boy who should have stayed longer because he knew the terrain better than the others.

-o0oBut the conspiracy of events simply didn’t make him last a litte longer. And what are these events that conspired? First and foremost, the shock of President Aquino to know, when he came over for the Bais City market inaugural, that there are 20 unsolved extrajudicial killings. Aquino told us in an interview that only ten EJ killings were reported to him! -o0oSo PNoy goes to DILG Sec. Robredo giving him orders to produce not only ARRESTS, but CONVICT IONS on extrajudicial killings. So what does Robredo do? He relays the orders of the President to his regional PNP director, Ontog. And what does




asic Emergency Maternal and Obstetrical Neonatal Care (BEMONC) in seven community primary hospitals in the three districts of the province, will be prioritized by the provincial government with P6 million aid each. This is intended to decongest the provincial hospital with the towns attending to basic health needs and to address maternal and

child mortality incidence in the province. Recor ds sh ow there were 29 women in the prov Turn to page 7

RH Bill debate should be in the vernacular


he main stakeholders in the RH Bill are the rural folks, not the urban residents. Therefore, it is important that discussions on this bill be made in the vernacular. However, two former cabinet members came to town but didn’t go to the barrios, but to the already-educated academe. It was a waste of time and effort for many. Many even commented that it was one of those junkets again, without really achieving the real purpose. Discussions on the pro- former cabinet members, of posed Reproductive Health which two are former health Bill, its goals and objec- secretaries. tives, were brought to the Dr. Esperanza Cabral grassroots level by three Turn to page 7

Major players in Wednesday’s turnover

(Left to right) Outgoing NegOr Provincial Director Rey Lyndon Lawas, Gov. Roel R. Degamo, Regional Director Gen. Ager Ontog, and the new Provincial Director, Edward Carranza, in an emotion-packed turnover ceremony last September 21, 8:00am, at Camp Fernandez, Agan-an, Sibulan, NegOr.

Col. LAWAS to Cebu R-7

Col. CARRANZA to NegOr.

Ontog do in order to save his face and others? He reshuffles ---Col. Lawas is replaced by the regional comptroller, Col. Carranza, who is miles away from knowing the Negros Oriental terrain, much more its crime clock and culture. -o0oWrong. Robredo should have told Ontog to give Lawas a deadline and produce results, arrests and conviction within a time frame, maybe by the end of this year. If Lawas still fails, then that is the time heads will have to roll. But an instant reshuffle, by people who are strangers to the conspiracy of events, was not a wise move, we believe. Watch and see. -o0oPoor Carranza, given tall orders to produce arrests and convictions in a place where he worked for a short time many years back as among special forces under Col. Dick de Leon. So don’t expect much, except miracles, under Carranza, because the man just got here. He was counting and controlling money of the PNP in the region. Now he is suddenly throw n into a boiling pot. What does one expect? But as soldiers, they To page 9 By the way, we want to clarify that the chair for the lamberto macias sports center management and the convention center ms glynda descuatan does not and has never received any single centavo of honorarium. This can be attested by the governor himself and the provl treasurer. Of course many provincial events are covered by the cable tv station managed by the lady executive sometimes without the other competing cable station so they say. The provincial treasurer can attest to whether or not full production and on-air costs are being billed, we do not know. And we do not want to prey on areas which might be in the domain of our colleagues in the media for the sake of delecadeza.


September 25, 2011

Bird watchers ... From page 2 tival un fold ed tod ay with bird watchers from around the world with elementary and high school students at the Silliman University a mphithea te r grounds. Sponsored by the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, festival chairperson Mike Lu said that 6,000 participants are expected during lectures, fun games, and in the conservation forum that will discuss issues on biodiversity, among others. Present during the opening program included 1,500 students from different schools in the province, three clubs from Taiwan, one each from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore Dutch Ambas sa dor Brinks said that there’s a lot of enjoyment in bird watching-- you’re in close contact with nature , ca n bre athe fresh air and will be able to s ee new things whether  feathered  or  mammals. He said that in the West, mankind have departed so much from nature and that their kids don’t know what is nature anymore, unlike in the Philippines where it is still surrounded with a lot of trees. The Dutch ambassador further said that it is a luxury of watching birds in the Philippines because they’re everywhere, with about 600 species of them are in the country and more than 200 are en-

demic, while Europe can speak only of a few, that is why national and foreign tourists and bird watchers come here and enjoy. Brinks said that it was good that the organizers targeted the kids in the awareness campaign because parents will listen more to their kids than to the officials, and they will also educate their parents. “We ne ed this biodive rs ity, otherwise , we’re dead,” Dutch Amb. Brinks pointed out. In his welcome remarks, Gov. Roel Degamo said that birds are actually our natural planters of trees in the forests; they keep down the population of pests; and they pollinate. De gamo stresse d that even before the festival, part of his programs for the environment is to reforest balding forests in the province by creating the pocket forest program. This will ensure and preserve the natural habitat of birds and other wild animals because under the program, all the 557 barangays in the province will be provided with funds to maintain the trees in their respective areas funding allocation, of which, however, is still pending. On the other hand, Wild Bird Club president Anna Gonzales believes there’s a lot to be done on the enforcement side, saying it is best to educate the law enforcers first about the importance of wild birds and wild life. She challenged local government units to know, love and protect the wild life.jg

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FilOil to build ...

Can new PNP ... From page 1


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tive ways of running the PNP. The question is raised: Can Carranza equal, if not surpass, the performance of Lawas within his single year of performance as PD of Negros Oriental? Lawas was exactly one year as PD here in NegOr last Wednesday, September 21, incidentally the 39th anniversary of Martial Law in the country. DEBRIEFINGS Earlier in the p ast week, Lawas comprehensively briefed inspectors from Camp Crame in the presence of field units and police station commanders on his accomplishments as part of the Annual General Inspection (AGI). Records showed that the average monthly crime rate before September last year was 46%, and this has drastically reduced to 23% upon the assumption of P/ SrSupt  Lawas with a crime solu tion clearance from 15% to 27%, and crime solved from 8.47% to 22%. In his presentation, Lawas said further that from a general crime index of 4,099 during the period covered, his administration has drastically brought it down

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Bajumpandan ... From page 10 P3,000 an d tr op hy, wh ile th e fou rth place, Ban ilad , also r eceived P2,000 and a trophy, Guirit said. Th e Mo st Valuable Player (MVP) of the game, Edgar Fuentes of Barangay Bajumpandan, also received a cash prize of P2,000 and a trophy. In the first game battle for third place, Barangay Batinguel wiped ou t Barangay Banilad with a final score of 83-74. Guirit added that the cash and prizes and trophies for basketball were donated by TM Service Providers th rou gh Ms. Menzi Lee Abines, the TM Business Development Supervisor. Also, door prizes, such as cellphones and TM t-shirts,

be built beside the Chevron depot in Amlan. Chevron depot is not an import depot unlike FilOil. All mayors under the League of Municipal and City Mayors welcome the move and their constituents, considering a major reduction in the price of fuel is in the offing. Congressmen Arnaiz and Teves both said that they will extend whatever they can do from their end, to help realize this great initiative of the private sector. Gov. Degamo said that one million Negrenses, and even those extending to Negros Occidental, will just be too glad to save on costs of fuel consumption, even extending to reduced transportation costs. Mayor Sagarbarria said that 50,000 motorcycle and tricycle owners will certainly be happy to secure cheaper fuel in Dumaguete. The major connection was made possi-

were given to the audience in a raffle during the championship game. Meanwhile, in the volleyball boys and girls category, the final standing was: for volleyball girls champion, Barangay TalayP5,000 and trophy; second place, Banilad- P3,000 and trophy; third place, JunobP2,000 and trop hy; and fo ur th p lace Bar an gay Daro-P1,000 and trophy. The MVP, Cindy Imbo of Barangay Talay, received P500 and a trophy. In the volleyball boys categor y; champ io n Barangay Banilad –P5,000, second place BajumpandanP3,000, third spot Barangay Calindagan -P2,000, and MVP Clar k Zamo ra o f Barangay Banilad received P500.

Mayor Sagarbarria Mayor dela Cruz

Mayors Sagarbarria and dela Cruz have assured Jerome Villegas of their all-out support on this import depot. The three Congress legislators will also issue their official statements shortly.

ble by Jerome Villegas, who is the business partner of FILOIL Negros Oriental and FILOILCEO   Rafaelito Villavicencio, who is based in Makati.


FIRST AMENDED ORDER Petitioner, in her verified petition, alleges that she was born on May 21, 1986 at Bayawan, Negros Oriental and her fact of birth was duly registered before the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. However, her sex was entered as Male instead of Female. Thus, this petition. The petition being sufficient in form and substance, let the same be heard on December 01, 2011 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City. Interested parties are hereby enjoined to appear on the aforesaid date, time anad place and show cause why the petition should not be granted. Let this order be published immediately, at the expense of the petitioner, for once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five component cities. Furnish copies of this order to the Solicitor General, the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, the petitioner and her counsel. SO ORDERED. Given in Chamber this 19th day of August 2011 at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. (Sgd.) ANANSON E. JAYME Executive Presiding Judge The Negros Chronicle Sept. 11, 18 & 25, 2011

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September 25, 2011


Loose firearms on the loose

I Editorial


P93-B recovered but zero conviction




plunderers and his cronies, NOT A SINGLE soul has been convicted, in fact, some of them are now back in power! Why, what kind of justice system do we have? The PCGG recovers the money, but the culprits are scot free? While in the present circa 2011 Ombudsman anti-corruption drive, they have investigated some of the plunderers, convicted one ex-President of the country, and jailed at least five plunderers, BUT they have not recovered the money--- the exact opposite of PCGG’s feat. And worse, the lady president issued a PARDON on the biggest fish of plunder, who was allowed to re-run for president and almost won! What kind of voters do we have? There is really something wrong somewhere. What are the factors why NOBODY has been jailed by the PCGG, explains Dean Andres Bautista, national chairman, in an exclusive interview with the CHRONICLE: First, after 25 years and so many presidents that followed, evidence of plunder “have been waylaid, like lost.” Second, there is no specific owner of the funds because these have been passed from one fake owner to another in order to avoid any paper trail; witnesses are now mostly dead; and worse, the top suspects are now back in power, a senat or, congresswoman, and governor, who have enough shield to protect them from lawsuits. But why cannot this administration of PNoy pin down and jail the Marcos plunderers and cronies when many of them are still

around? Is it because Mr. Prsident was still a boy when the greatest plunder happened? This year, Dean Bautista says that the PCGG intends to get back P200 billion in cash shares of stocks, bonds, properties and art works. But objections are made on the CARP as beneficiary since CARP is also a virtual failure. Why not channel it to education and poverty alleviation which is more beneficial to the majority and not the selected few among farm beneficiaries? The PCGG focuses on Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth and his cronies. Under the new 1987 Constitution, the task has been transferred to the Ombudsman, presently Justice Conchita Carpio, Morales. The PCGG is focusing on Marcos and cronies’ ill-gotten wealth. There is no expiration on the PCGG’s existence by law. What is important now is for the PCGG to jail the plunderers in order to teach the new generation that corruption does not pay. As of today, corruption, my dear, is still being used to milk the cows of some people who are supposedly in public service. If t he job of t he PCG G, even yet unaccomplished, is to be considered successful, and thus, wind up, they should channel all ill-gotten wealth to alleviate the poverty situation in the country. Only then can we say that the PCGG has done its historic role in fighting graft and corruption within our country.

t is very alarming to learn accessibility of homemade guns or paltik and unlicensed firearms among civilians, even minors. It  is  shocking  to  note  that  the  accessibility  of these loose firearms and home-made guns among civilians can already be compared virtually to hightech gadgets like cellphones.   What is more alarming is that these guns now fall into the hands of minors. Recently, two minors were killed with the use of a paltik inside a mall. A thirteen year old boy shot a sixteen year old in a mall before shooting himself in the head. Both died later. In another incident, a wife also shot her husband inside another mall.   We fear that unfettered circulation of loose firearms and homemade guns will likely result in the commission of more heinous crimes like robbery, carnapping, kidnapping, homicide, and extrajudicial killings by hired assassins. The extrajudicial killings using hired goons is directly linked to the proliferation of loose firearms.           It is thus important that the Philippine National Police in our locality should give the people an accurate data of the number of loose or unlicensed firearms in the city and province.   Loose firearms freely falling into the wrong hands who are not qualified to bear such firearms will endanger the security and safety of the people.   Any right to bear arms by civilians must be conditioned on mental, physical and psychological qualification to bear such arms. Local governments must immediately take action in the drive against loose firearms. The first step is for the local sanggunian to invite the local police and get a report on the number of loose firearms circulating in the city and province. How many licensed firearms are there in the city and province? We can ask the police how many unlicensed firearms, paltiks have they confiscated so far. Are the security agencies using homemade guns?Among those murders in the city, how many w ere perpetrated using unlicensed firearms and homemade guns? How many gun stores are there in the city? What are the ammunitions (bullets) commonly purchased? What is the average monthly volume of ammunition purchased from local gunstores?  It would not be a bad idea to pass an ordinance requiring gun owners to have a masterlist of buyers of ammunitions, and the kind of bullets they buy. Anyone who buys bullets, ammunitions must necessarily have a gun. We need to get information. Information is pow er. T his w ill serve as a first step in curbing criminality and lawlessness. Getting this vital information is the job of elected local legislators w ho should conduct an inquiry in aid of legislation.

Private sector follows “PNoy path”?


Dateline Manila by Bingo P. Dejaresco

isking to raise the hackles of some, we submit there is an analytical similarity between accusing Government of corruption and accusing men of “womanizing.”

In both cases, it always takes two to do an Argentine tango. A philandering man cannot act alone – there will always be a woman at the opposite end. Sadly, oftentimes, it is just the male specie accused of being unvirtuous and  oversexed? Fair or not fair? In corruption, similarly, there is no deal without a private sector doing the corrupting of government men doing official functions for private gain. Take the “income” side of corruption. The private sector pays Customs to smuggle; the

BIR to shave or evade taxes. Then, take the expenditure side. It is also the private sector contractors who mess contracts, and suppliers who rig deals. It is the private politicians who bribe COMELEC to make them win, and cops to look the other way or plant evidence. Although it is true that the pervasiveness of corruption has escalated from just Marcos and his cronies in the past to today’s from the lowest clerk level at the LTO, to bosses, for instance, still the other halo of the dirty deal stands the private

sector. Government corrupt? The Government is at best just a mirror image of the vileness of private society. Regardless though, the issue of corruption must be addressed with the tenacity of a Manny Pacquiao that made him Boxing King of all times. Because the actual cost of corruption is “bigger than the private gains total” from all government rackets made. For instance, in the P1.7 trillion budget – given the 45% corruption leak in To page 11



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September 25, 2011

Fair Share



“The hiring of consultants” Not content with appropriating each Provincial Board Member with a new vehicle including of course BY: the driver and gasoline, at the expense of the money of the people ATTY. FRANCISCO D. YAP of Negros Oriental, the Provincial Government has again wasted the valuable resources of the Province to the hiring of consultants. The hiring of consultants involving millions of pesos, is nothing but a waste of money given as political patronage to political lameducts. The money should go a patients seeking aid from the long way if it is used for the indi- Province. gent patients of the Provincial I cannot see any justificaHospital. With that money it tion of the hiring of so called could have save a life among the consultants except as pure indigent patients of Negros Ori- political patronage. ental Provincial Hospital. The The consultants are covProvincial Government should ered by P.D. 1530, because they be more sensitive to the waste appear on the 15th and 30th day of money of the Province espe- of the month which is their Pay cially that there are so many poor Day.

Royal decree... (Sagun)

From page 8

El expediente se dió por terminada en 12 de Diciembre de 1891, pero después so formó otro plan de misiones sin hacer depender del Estado de la Hacienda la mejor o peor distribución y el número de las nuevas parroquias. The proceedings were considered as closed on 12 December 1891, but later anoth er mission p lan was drawn up without showing the more and lesser distribution (of the population) and the number of parishes for the Treasury of State to depend on.

Typhoons ... (Catan)

From page 6

quently under water, as well as other low-lying areas in the country that get inundated by flood waters with no place to drain into. Let us admit that one cause of all this flooding is the manmade progressive denudation of our forests and hillside land cover. Without the thick foliage and deep root systems that trap the rainwater and allow it to soak into the ground to replenish our subterranean water supply, the rain waters just gather momentum and soil as they swiftly seek out routes to the sea. This deprives us of two precious resources: clean water and fertile topsoil. Then as the flood waters rush to wherever they are going, they get bogged down in our trash-filled waterways and clogged up riverbeds – another manmade cause of floods. Riverbank communities impede the flow of water. Riverbeds fill up with the mud and silt washed down from the high lands forcing the river to overflow its banks and invade


ORDER Before this Court is a verified petition for adoption of minor, John Mark Susas, filed by petitioners, spouses Climaco Rivera, Jr. and Nenette Susas Rivera who are both Filipino citizens, praying that, after due notice, publication and hearing, a decree of adoption be entered declaring for all intents and purposes, minor John Mark Susas, as the child of the petitioners and that his name be changed to John Mark Susas Rivera. Finding the said petition to be sufficient in form and substance, let the same be heard by this court on November 16, 2011 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the session hall of this Court, RTC Branch 31, Hall of Justice building, Dumaguete City and on which date, time and place, interested persons may come and show cause why the petition shall not be granted. At petitioner’s expense, let this order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the province of Negros Oriental and in its five (5) component cities, once a week for three (3) successive weeks before initial date of hearing. The clerk of Court, RTC Negros Oriental, is hereby directed to instruct the Social Worker assigned to this Branch to conduct a case study report and submit the said report three (3) days before the scheduled initial hearing of this case. Furnish the Solicitor General a copy of this order SO ORDERED. IN CHAMBERS, this 9th day of May, 2011, at Dumaguete City, Philippines. (Sgd) MA. MERCIDITA U. SARSABA Presiding Judge The Negros Chronicle Sept. 25, Oct. 2 & 9, 2011


From page 6

numbers wrong. There are individual millionaires who pay taxes at rates lower than m iddle-incom e w orkers. In 2009, 1,470 households filed tax returns with incomes above $1 million yet paid no federal income tax. But that’s less than 1 percent of the nearly 237,000 returns w ith incomes above $1 million. How did those horrible millionaires escape paying taxes? The same way you do. They either had business losses or gave money to charity. The “evil” Dick Cheney gave 9 M to charity. He only made 6 M on his Haliburton stock. According to the Tax Policy Center, this year, households making more than $1 million will pay an average of 29.1 percent of their income in federal taxes, including income taxes, payroll taxes and other taxes. Households making between $50,000 and $75,000 will pay an average of 15 percent of their income in federal taxes. The Tax Policy Center estimates that 46 percent of households, mostly low- and mediumincome households, will pay no federal income taxes this year. Did you get that? Almost half of America’s low and middle income households pay NO TAXES. Lets see, one percent of millionaires pay no taxes that is bad, but 46 % of the rest of America pay no taxes that is “good”? The rich pay 70% of all taxes and the rest of America pays only 30% and somehow the rich are not paying “their fair share”. !!?? “Class Warfare” will kill America ! The problem is not with taxes and who pays. The problem is how taxes are spent. After Obama spent 3.4 trillion dollars ineffectually, you won’t catch him talking much about that. Why is this important to Filipinos? If Am erica gets a financial “cold”; the Philippines will get pneumonia.

the nearby communities. Instead of complaining and pointing fingers at others, we need to be proactive and take the necessary steps to minimize the effect of climate change on our country and on each of us personally. It is not enough to just respond with help for the victims. We need to have and support a political will to dynamically address the manmade problems mentioned above.

There is much that we can do: plant trees, clean up our barangays and dispose/recycle all trash and waste materials, help clean up the nearest waterways. I am sure that you can think of many other positive things to do if you only put your mind to it. As one columnist said: “This calamity is the sum of all our mistakes.” Let us correct these mistakes now while there is still time.




Petitioner, in his verified petition alleges that he was born on August 27, 1977 at Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental and his fact of birth was duly registered before the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental. However, the entry of his first name was entered as Cesar instead of Ceasar, his middle name was entered as Ibo instead of Ebo, his date of birth was entered as January 10, 1979 instead of August 27, 1977, maiden family name of his mother was entered as Ibo instead of Ebo, and indicating the maiden middle name of his mother as Ebarita and middle name of the father as Salva. Thus petition: The petition being sufficient in form and substance, let the same be heard on October 13, 2011 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning at the session hall of this court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City. Interested parties are hereby enjoined to appear on the aforesaid date, time and place and show cause why the petition should not be granted. Let this order be published immediately, at the expense of the petitioner, for once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five (5) component cities. Furnish copies of this order to the Solicitor General, the Local Civil Registrar of Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental the petitioner and her counsel. SO OREDERD. In chamber this 17th day of August, 2011 at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. (Sgd) ANANSON E. JAYME Executive/Presiding Judge The Negros Chronicle Sept. 25, Oct. 2 & 9 issue

Apologetics ... (Cimagala)

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ing on human consensus arrived at from purely human and natural sources— biological, emotional, economic, social, political, etc. This seems to be the current mindset, with many people saying it’s the best since it is the most “democratic.” It does not brand people according to some creed or ideology that, they say, often lead people to extreme, ridiculous positions. It fosters “openness” and a “sportive” outlook in life. Sorry that I have to put those terms in quotes, since I have serious misgivings about describing that mindset that way. In fact, I believe, it is a mentality that is undemocratic, closed and unsportive. But this will take a long explanation that cannot fit in this article. We can tackle it some other time. We have to unleash the full force of apologetics that would basically use reason to prove the reasonability of faith in our life. That’s how I understand apologetics. Our intellectuals are so attached to reason that any reference to faith is met with immediate scorn. We have to disabuse them from that trap, doing it with utmost delicacy, respect and gentleness. The reasonability of faith can be proven in many, in fact, endless, ways. In the first place, because reason in itself is always in search for a firm foundation and a sure goal. By itself, it is incomplete, always under tension, restless, reminding us of what St. Augus-

tine once said: “Our heart is restless until it rests in you, Lord.” By itself, reason can just spin and spin, and without any clear foundation and purpose, it can spin out of control, then fall into an anomalous, irregular condition similar to a sickness. It can even enter into a state of invincible error where its pitiable state is considered correct, healthy, most human, etc. Of course, we have to understand that apologetics should not just be an intellectual exercise. It has to be done and developed in the context always of prayer, sacrifice, interior struggle, recourse to the sacraments, etc. The success of apologetics, for sure, will not just be a matter of intellectual enlightenment. It will require a conversion of heart for both the giver and receiver. And so, we just have to be generous in developing our spiritual life. How could we ever convince a deep skeptic if we just use reason alone? Here, I’d like to remit a comment of a usual reactor to my views, to give us an idea of how complicated a skeptic’s mind works. “One million planets the size of earth could fit inside the sun. The sun itself is no big giant. There are existing stars bigger than our sun. “To think that on this speck of dust called earth, God created man in his own image and likeness...Could anything be more terrestrially ludicrous, if not celestially ridiculous?”



September 25, 2011

“Thousand-cuts” death


Female literacy, employment equals fertility decrease

he past is never dead”, William Faulkner once  wrote. “It is not even past.” But  are we shackled by perpetual amnesia?  Is evening of September 21, in 1972, beyond our capacity to remember?

Slavery was the price tag for democracy to survive,  Ferdinand Marcos told us that night. And 14 years of the “New Society” (a.k.a. dictatorship) followed with looting, murder and mayhem. Majority of students today, surveys tell us, have sketchiest notions of  Marcos’ “unanimity of the graveyard”. The sense of stewardship, for nurturing restored, freedoms is patchy. “We are made wise, not by our recollection of the past, but by the responsibilities for the future,” George Bernard Shaw cautions. Some press groups, therefore, make efforts to burnish memories.

In Dumaguete, journalists use the annual  World Press Freedom Day, in May,  to focus on today’s liberty of expression issues. In  Cagayan de Oro   they’ve   marked, since May  1982,  Press Freedom Week. The exercise blends professional discussions, exhibits, freedom walks and socials. Cebu uses September  for it’s Press Freedom Week for 17 years now. Five dailies, 34 radio and eight tv stations, set aside fierce  competition, to recall howProclamation 1081 suspended human rights, padlocked Congress, censored the Turn to page 10

lot of discussions these days center on the issue of population and poverty. Listening to all the comments one would rush to the conclusion that population which is described as “exploding” is the principle cause of poverty. Simple! As far as most economists here and abroad are concerned however there is no strict relationship between population and poverty — otherwise it would be difficult to explain why many areas with high population densities like Hong Kong and Singapore not to mention Japan are growing fast. In fact such mega-cities as London, New York, even Manila and Cebu have higher per capita incomes than many sparsely populated areas in the provinces or rural areas. Accordingly land to man ratios are not meaningful.



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The Rev. Malthus once predicted that with population increasing in geometric rates and food expanding at arithmetic progression the world would have famines all over the place. Ironically the countries with the biggest population e.g. China and India with people exceeding the 1 billion mark (it is said that out

A Journey Through Cancer

Fair Share

Children may reduce cancer risk ot all women are given the capability to give birth to another human being.  Not all men are given the privilege to procreate. It is a gift. Others who do not have this gift would give anything to have their own children , while others  take this opportunity for granted.  Even with or without the RH Bill that is a very hot issue today, men and women who are healthy and capable to go and multiply as God  told Adam and Eve, have been exercising this choice to procreate or not  thousands of years ago. Others do as they were told they get married and multiply as God commanded them to do so, and others chose not to marry and have children, and some even become celibates.  They too have reasons and must be respected. Cancer Institute Factsheet  revealed that women who have borne five or more children may actually reduce the risk of getting breast cancer by half compared to those women who have never given birth at all.  They also revealed that full term pregnancies can help reduce the risks for endometrial and ovarian cancers. Turn to page 11


Apologetics for intellectuals

JAMES “KOJAK” HUGHS U.S. Army, Cpt (ret)

Footsteps and Fingerprints


HE first time I heard the word, apologetics, I thought it had to do with saying sorry over something. Thus, I was surprised when I learned ages ago that it actually means “the branch of theology that is concerned with defending or proving the truth of Christian doctrines.” I imagine it’s a theology that needs to be given all the time. Nowadays, it is even urgent. Christian faith, in a way, is under heavy and constant attack by intellectuals whose attitude toward the faith seems to be restricted in the confines of reason, intuition and gut feel alone. The impulses of the spiritual and supernatural are systematically rejected. Of course, I am happy that in newspapers, like the New York basic catechesis continues to be Times, where the language can be given in many places. In Bohol educated, the arguments wellright now, for example, a new studied and persuasive. catechism that attempts to bring Thus, if one is not strong in the the loftiness of Christian doc- faith, or would not know how to detrine to the local culture has just fend what he believes, then he can been produced. This, to me, is easily get lost and can fall into many a moving development. possible scenarios—like losing his But with the Internet, I get faith or falling into skepticism, relato have a good idea of the tivism, agnosticism, atheism, cynirange of views and opinions cism, etc. in this regard, and, oh, how At best, he can just get satvast, complicated, exciting isfied with the sensation of cruisand challenging they can be! ing through life, opening himself They are in the blogs where to anything, and simply depend Turn to page 5 the comments can be lurid. Or

re the rich paying their fair share of taxes?” President Barack Obama says he wants to make sure millionaires are taxed at higher rates than their secretaries. “Warren Buffett’s secretary ment. shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate The “rich” pay more than than Warren Buffett. There is no 70 percent of ALL federal injustification for it,” Obama said come taxes, according to the as he announced his deficit-re- non-partisan Congressional duction plan this week. “It is Budget Office. wrong that in the United States In his White House address of America, a teacher or a nurse on Monday, Obama called on or a construction worker who Congress to increase taxes by earns $50,000 should pay higher $1.5 trillion as part of a 10-year tax rates than somebody pulling deficit reduction package totaling in $50 million.” more than $3 trillion. He proAll that sounds good to posed that Congress overhaul liberals and even to the aver- the tax code and impose what age American. The only prob- he called the “Buffett rule,” lem is IT IS NOT TRUE ! named for the billionaire invesOn average, the wealthiest tor. people in America pay a lot more “Middle-class families taxes than the middle class or shouldn’t pay higher taxes the poor, according to private than millionaires and billionand government data. They pay aires,” Obama said. “That’s at a higher rate, and as a group, pretty straightforward. It’s they contribute a much larger hard to argue against that.” share of the overall taxes col- Except the President got his lected by the federal governTurn to page 5



God must have had a good reason why He told men and women to have children, HEALTHWISE, aside from populating the earth. Experts say that one of the many factors that may lower the risk of having breast cancer is having more children and breastfeeding them for at least one year.    The United States National

of 5 people in the world one is a Chinese and the other an Indian) have been able to feed their population. There is therefore no relationship between population and food scarcities as well. In sum population is not necessarily responsible for poverty. Poverty is caused by Turn to page 10


Typhoons, Humicanes: Why? Who? very time we experience a bad storm, whether hurricane or typhoon, we look for the “why’s”. Why did this happen? Who is to blame? We blame the government, the weather bureau, the climate, global warming, industries, the cutting down of trees and destruction of ground cover, the failure to enact and/or enforce laws, etc., etc., etc. We seldom blame ourselves for not taking the necessary precautions, for not being prepared, for not being proactive in preventing the resultant destruction. What is the Lord trying to tell of settlers, and establish flood us? Have we really taken a close catch basins off limits to look at ourselves, our habits and housing developments. Addiour actions? Are these typhoons tionally, she lobbied for masand resulting floods a sign of glo- sive reforestation and, if I rebal warming and climate member rightly, called for a change, or are we the source of halt to allowing subdivisions and industries to sprout up our own man-made problems? We must admit that glo- near shorelines and waterbal warming and its effects are ways. It seems no one took already upon us. I remember her seriously. And still today that some years ago Senator we read reports after every Loren Legarda pushed for strong rain about the plight of agencies concerned, down to barangays and towns borderthe barangays, to identify low- ing Laguna Lake that are fre Turn to page 5 lying areas at risk, clear them






September 25, 2011

Divine Grace tops broadcasting competition

SU donates motorcycle to City of Dumaguete


ewly opened Divine Grace International Christian School in Bacong, Negros Oriental won first place in the English Broad casting category during the recently concluded 4th Private Schools Press Conference at the Negros Oriental High School. They are Angel Bourg, Alan Stohlton, Emmanuel Flores, Daniel Flores, Charles Arntstrom, Sweetheart Abbygale Loygas and Aires Pedro. They also excelled in other categories, like Sweetheart Abbygale Loygas who garnered 2nd place both in the English Editorial Writing and Filipino Newswriting categories in the secondary level. Shirel Shane Maongko got first place in Filipino Newswriting, and Jireh Paul Bourg placed 3rd in the English Feature Writing —all of DGIC in the elementary level. There were more or less 48 pri vate school s from Bayawan City to Canlaon City which participated in the competition. The winners in the different categories in the elementary and secondary levels are as follows: E L E M E N TA R Y LEVEL. Sportswriting (English): Leonardo D. Ygot, Jr., St. Andrew School, Amlan, 1 st ; Luis Martin Y. Trasmonte, Balanced Achievement School of Excellence (BASE), Tandayag, Amlan, 2nd; Anthony James L. Tuquero, St. Joseph College, Canlao n Ci ty, 3 rd . Sportswriting (Filipino): Keren Zo e C. Tudtud, Met ro Dumaguete SDA, Sibulan, 1st ; Ernalorn D. Español a, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 2nd ; Je Ezra R. Bungcasan, BASE, Tandayag, Amlan, 3rd . Editorial Cartooning (English): Joseph Hayon Q. Equio, St. Andrew School, Inc., Amlan, 1 st ; Sam Serio n, Met ro Dumaguete SDA, Sibulan, 2nd; Frances Ben V. Al garme, Bautista Tayko SDA E/ S, Bonawon, Siaton, 3rd. Editorial Cartooning (Filipino): Adrian Clark Villarin, BASE, Tandayag, Amlan, 1 st ; Jane Mae Casanos, Metro Dumaguete SDA E/S, Sibulan, 2nd ; Allen Rey, St. Andrews School , Inc., Aml an and Yandel E. Villasan, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 3 rd . Photojournalism (English): Leah Mharie Lanus, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 1st ; Kate B. Lopez, BASE, Tandayag, Amlan, 2 nd; Francis Gabriel Petrola, Bautista Tayko SDA E/S, Bonawon, Siaton, 3 rd . Photojournalism (Filipino): Heart Sotto, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 1st ; Christian Jo y Veloro , BASE, Tandayag, Amlan, 2nd ; James St even Depill, Met ro Dumaguete SDA E/S, Sibulan, 3rd. Feature Writing (English): Frances Edelweiss RendalLopez, BASE , Tandayag,

Aml an, 1 st ; Nikayl a Gayle Peñacuba, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 2nd; Jireh Paul G. Bourg, Divine Grace Internati onal Christi an Schoo l, Bacong, 3rd. Feature Writing (Filipino): Kylie Stephanie F. Tu rtal , BASE, Tandayag, Amlan, 1st ; Jerald Serna, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 2 nd ; Heart Ramirez, Metro Dumaguete SDA E/S, Sibulan, 3rd . Newswriting (English): Isabel Gut ang, BASE, Tandayag, Amlan, 1 st ; Jireh Paul G. Bourg, Divine Grace International Christian School, Bacong, 2 nd ; Ma. Kiedis B. Trasmonte, BASE, Amlan, 3rd. Newswriting (Filipino): Shirel Shane Maongko, Divine Grace International Christian School, Bacong, 1st ; Hershey L. Jarme, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 2nd; Klenn Binondo delos Santos, Metro Dumaguete SDA E/ S, Sibul an, 3 rd . Copyreading & Headline Writing: Mi stel Ian E. Init, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 1 st ; Lyka Gen G. Su niega, Metro Dumaguete SDA E/S, Sibulan, 2 nd ; Xyza Shannen Faye Lucero, Bautista Tayko SDA E/S, Bonawon, Siaton, 3rd. Radio Broadcasting (English): BASE , Tandayag, Amlan, 1st . Radio Broadcasting (Filipino): BASE, Tandayag, Amlan, 1st ; St, Joseph College, Canlaon City, 2nd. SECONDARY LEVEL. Sportswriting (English): Alan Carlo Aresgado, San Pedro Academy, Valencia, 1 s t ; Christine Joy Bonganciso, Infant King Academy, Jimalalud, 2nd; Kim Rafael Tubio, Carmel Hi gh Schoo l, Siat on, 3 rd . Spo rtswriti ng (Fili pino ): Miguel Augustine Zafra, San Pedro Academy, Valencia, 1st ; Jessa Rose Pacaña, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 2nd; Jem Aldrich Alonzo, Carmel High School, Siaton, 3rd. Editorial Cartooning (English): Dennis Macajelos, Holy Family HS, Bacong, 1 st ; Hans Ari el Señagan, Infant King Academy, Jimalalud, 2nd; Mariel C. Marinay, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 3 rd . Editorial Writing (English): Mervelyn Q. Medequillo, Carmel High School, Siaton, 1st ; Sweetheart Abbygale T. Loygas, Divine Grace International Christian School, Bacong, 2nd ; Sheena Kaye O. Germudo, Negros Academy, Inc., Ayungon, 3rd . Editorial Writing (Filipino): Queenie Asentista, Infant King

Academy, Jimalalud, 1st ; Luisa May D. Agaban, San Pedro Academy, Valencia, 2nd ; Riza Via Grapa, Carmel HS, Siaton, 3rd. Photojournalism (English): Karylle Recafrente, Carmel HS, Siaton, 1st ; Shiza Diorec, Infant King Academy, Jimalalud, 2nd; Philscent Mark Otod, San Pedro Academy, Valencia, 3rd. Photojournalism (Filipino): Kris Joshua Bacane, Infant King Academy, Jimalal ud, 1 s t ; Jenny Lous Olasiman, San Pedro Academy, Valencia, 2 nd ; Marypo Montemayor, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 3rd. Feature Writ ing (E nglish): Yasmin Diza T. Braithwaite, Infant King Academy, JImalalud, 1st ; Ike Marie Kourtny Tilo s, Décor Carmeli Academy, Zamboanguita, 2nd; Marichu C. Ell a, San Pedro AcademyRecoletos, 3rd. Feature Writing (Filipino): Krishia S. Callao, Infant King Academy, Jimalal ud, 1 st ; Daryn A. Gajilomo, Carmel HS, Siaton, 2 nd ; Ri chmen R. Codi mos, Holy Family HS, Bacong, 3rd. Newswriting (English): Ave Estrellanes, Infant King Academy, Jimalalud, 1st ; Alycka Sky M. Delmo, San Pedro Academy, Valencia, 2nd; Jumar L. Inquig, San Pedro AcademyRecoletos, 3 rd. Newswriting (Filipino): Kristine S. Dagooc, Holy Family HS, Bacong, 1st ; Sweetheart Abbygaile T. Joygos, Divine Grace Internati onal Christi an Schoo l, Bacong, 2nd; Twinkle Faith V. Gajigan, Carmel HS, Siaton, 3rd. Copyreading & Headline Wri ting (English): Hikaru Kanazawa, Décor Carmeli Academy, Zamboanguita, 1st ; Innah Corrine E. Bengco, San Pedro Academy, Valencia, 2nd; Roldan Manopollo, San Pedro Academy-Recolet os, 3 rd . Copyreading & Headline Writing (Filipino): Maria Joy Ann N. Gildore, St. Joseph College, Canlaon City, 1st ; Czarina L. Entea, Décor Carmeli Academy, Zamboangui ta, 2 nd ; Jimcel Tuanda, Infant King Academy, Jimalalud, 3rd. Radio Broadcasting (English): Divine Grace International Christian Schoo l, Bacong, 1 s t place; Carmel HS, Siaton, 2nd place; Infant King Academy, Jimalalud, 3rd. Radio Broadcasting (Filipino): Infant King Academy, Jimalalud, 1st ; San Pedro Academy, Valencia, 2nd; Carmel HS, Siaton, 3rd.

Town major ...

Guihulngan City and Dawis in Bayawan City, which will be integrated next month, acco rd in g to Gov Roel Degamo. Of the P6 million, P5 million is allotted for the co nstr uction o f th e BEMONC facility and P1 million for the purchase of the needed equipment, said Degamo. .Br in ging d ow n th e cases of infant and maternal deaths is one of the targets underlined by the Millennium Development Goals,

wh ich th e Ph ilip pines signed up to achieve before the 2015 deadline. MEANWILE, The provincial go vern ment o f Negros Oriental recently turned over last Sept 1 one amb ulan ce to th e Kalumbuyan Community Primary Hospital (CPH) in Br gy. Kalu mb uyan , Bayawan City. Another ambulance is due for delivery to Pacuan Co mmun ity Primariy Hospital in La Lib er tad. ( RMN/PI A NegOr)

From page 2 ince who died during childbirth in 2009 and 23 in 2010 while health officials pegged at 12 the number of maternal mortality cases this year. The commu nity p rimary hospitals in Negros Oriental are Pacuan in La Libertad, Kalomboyan in Bayawan City, Amio in Sta. Catalin a, Nab ilog in Tayasan , In ap oy in Mabinay, Luz in


Silliman University administration turned over a brand new XR 200 motorcycle to city government of Dumaguete to help the city police in conducting patrol operations and cover more beat areas in the city. In this photo, Dr. Ben Malayang (standing 4th place from left side) turned over the key to Dumaguete City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria, who then turned over the key to Police Chief Supt. Crisaleo Tolentino, in the presence of Silliman University staff.


he city government of Dumaguete received another brand new XR 200 motorcycle from Silliman University administration in a simple ceremony held  Thursday morning September 22,2011 at the city hall ground.

A deed of donation was signed by Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria and SU president Dr. Ben Malayang, in the presence of city police chief, Supt. Crisaleo Tolentino and staff of Silliman University and city hall employees. Sagarbarria said the donation of the motorcycle was a show of support of the university to help the Philippine National Police increase their mobility patrol.

RH bill debate ... From page 2 and Dr. Alberto Romualdez  including  former DENR Sec. Angel Alcala and Likhaan executive director Dr. Junice Melgar were in Silliman University last week to speak about the controversial RH bill before students, reproductive health rights advocates, medical doctors, women’s groups and government leaders. Dr. Cabral said they are doing this to reach as many people as they can to correct any misinformation about the proposed bill. But there were no rural folks in the university, but in the barrios. She said it was important for the majority that the President had already expressed his views making the RH bill a priority measure and that President Benigno Aquino III had also participated in making the proposed bill acceptable to the majority.

Can new PNP ... From page 3 to 2,273 and this has contributed to the high solution efficiency of crimes committed. On illegal drugs, it has liberated nine barangays all over the province, arrested 210 individuals and filed 126 cases in court under a joint undertaking the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) which is the lead agency and other field units of the police and the National Bureau of Investigation. On illegal gambling, P/ SrSupt Lawas told AGI inspectors it has identified 24 swertres financiers swertres coordinators. Suertres ushers were also reduced from 256 to 94 as of last count, Lawas pointed out. The PNP command has also clarified before the inspectors that based on its parameters, shooting incidents during the period covered, do not fall under the category of extrajudicial killings. He explained that extrajudicial killings refer only to killings involving persons belonging to cause oriented groups or members of the press. The ki llings bel ong to what we call crimes of interest, especially when victims occupy

“the peace can be attained through collaboration between the government and the private sector” Sagarbarria said. He added, the government welcomes all kinds of help from private groups because not all services can be performed by the local government. Sagarbarria, lauded the support of Silliman University fo r helping the ci ty government  by donating  mo-

torcycles to help the city police in conducting patrol operations and cover more beat areas in the city. In previous years, Silliman University had donated two brand new Honda motorcycles to the City Government of Dumaguete The city government supports the police to help intensify efforts in maintaining peace and order in the city, Mayor Sagarbarria added.

She stressed the need to balance the risks versus the benefits of a medical procedure in order to decide what contraceptive to use. Dr Cabral further said there is no medicine or procedure that is perfectly safe, even aspirin or water. However, the chances of having side effects is so little compared to the benefits of taking medicines. Dr Romualdez, on the other hand, said it is unfortunat e a handfu l of Bishops would not want to talk about anything except saying No to the RH bill and that a few politicians also follow the bishops line, inspite of the proposed amendments offered by the President in his own dialog with a group of businessmen who are identified with the bishops. The former health secretary said the Catholic church position on this particular issue is limited to the conservative members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philip-

pines but not all of them. Cabral and Romualdez stressed, out of 48 predominantly catholic countries, only six are without RH policies, one of them is the Philippines.  All the 42 others have divorce bills. Meanwhile, the concern for the balance between population and the environment was brought up by former DENR Sec Alcala due to the depletion of fish as a result to over exploitation of marine resources. Alcala wanted this aspect to be highlighted in the RH bill. Right now, the bio mas of the stock of fish resources along the coastal areas is hardly 10% of what it used to be 50 years ago, he said. If the runaway population growth is not addressed, the imbalance will continue and will put the fishery sector in a very bad situation, Alcala pointed out. The activity was coordinated by Dr. Ma. Lourdes Ursos of the Silliman University Medical School.jg

certain positions in the community, like in the case of Atty Archer Martinez who is vice president of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Negros Oriental chapter. Suc h ki llings had prompted the PNP to neutralize at least four individuals who acted as guns-for-hire. Lawas, however, stressed there is no single gun-for-hire group in Negros Oriental, only individuals who accept orders for a fee.//jg -o0oCARRANZA’S AGENDA. “I thought it was easy assuming as provincial director of the Philippine National Police in Negros Oriental, But — with the message of outgoing provincial director Rey Lyndon Lawas, there are more challenges ahead of me,” says incoming provincial director P/SrSupt Edward Carranza after turnover rites Wednesday. Carranza said it maybe hard to surpass the performance of his predecessor, but assured Negrenses he will do his best to meet the expectations of the people. The incoming provincial director did not mention in his speech what he will do with the proliferation of illegal drugs and

illegal gambling in Negros Oriental, but during the interview, Carranza clarified that these are already included in the marching orders of the chief PNP. He, however, cannot give any time table on when to eradicate the illegal numbers game called swertres, but promised to sustain the operation against all forms of criminality. For his part, Gov. Roel Degamo declared he still has the full trust and confidence on the leadership of Col Lawas until his relief for having performed an excellent job for the province. However, he will not also be a hindrance to the professional growth of his carreer as a police officer. The governor said Lawas’ contribution in the implementation of various programs of his administration has helped a lot in its desire to finally attain lasting peace in Negros Oriental. He directed the incoming provincial director to ensure that those who wish to disturb the peace and tranquility in the province be dealt with accordingly in accordance with existing laws. Gov. Degamo assured his administration will provide the same support and cooperation that was accorded to the outgoing provincial commander.jg



September 25, 2011

The just for the unjust For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit. – I Peter 3:18



ut the time is coming—in fact, it is already here— when you will be scattered, each one going on his way, leaving me alone. Yet I am not alone because the Father is with me. I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here in earth, you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:3233

In these verses, Jesus told his disciples to take courage. In spite of the inevitable struggles they would face, they would not be alone. Jesus does not abandon us in


GOSPEL Matthew 21:28-32

Jesus said to the chief priests and elders of the people: “What is your opinion? A man had two sons. He came to the first and said, ‘Son, go out and work in the vineyard today.’ He said in reply, ‘I will not,’ but afterwards he changed his mind and went. The man came to the other son and gave the same order. He

our struggles either. If we remember that the ultimate victory has already been won, we can claim the peace of Christ in our most troublesome times. said in reply, ‘Yes, sir’ but did not go. Which of the two did his father’s will?” They answered, “The first.” Jesus said to them, “Amen, I say to you, tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God before you. When John came to you in the way of righteousness, you did not believe him; but tax collectors and prostitutes did. Yet even when you saw that, you did not later change your minds and believe him.”

Sunday Thoughts Surprise by gratitude Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name; bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits. – Psalm 103:1 We all agree that sometimes we are surprised by ingratitude. The most graphic example in the New Testament is Jesus’ healing of ten lepers. Only one of the healed returns to Jesus to give thanks. He was a Samaritan. Jesus was surprised by the ingratitude of the nine. DR. PROCESO UDARBE There are times when we say the wrong thing to one who has done a good thing for us. Winston Churchill told of a boy rescued from drowning by a passerby. The next day the rescuer met the boy’s mother who said: “Sir, you rescued my son from drowning. When he went into the water, he had a hat on; where is his hat?” The rescuer was expecting a word of thanks from the boy’s mother, but the mother was only interested in the boy’s hat! The rescuer was surprised by ingratitude.

A man complained to me that he had served his company faithfully for 20 years. One day his boss called him to his office. He was told that due to a reorganization, his services would no longer be needed. He was told to go to the treasurer to collect his last pay. “That was all the thanks I got,” he said. We are sometimes surprised by ingratitude. But, on the other hand, we are often surprised by gratitude. First of all, our heavenly Father, must be surprised by the gratitude of his children as they undergo periods of adversity and want. (For don’t we often thank God only for the good things we receive?) We who are older experienced fear, scarcity, deprivation during WW2. We evacuated with others to what we called “Pastilan Heights.” (Pastilan was the word, To page 12

ow then does the Cross reconcile man to God? For long centuries, God sought to humble man and get him to accept the blame of his sin in order that God might then forgive him and restore him to Himself. He brought many grievous discipline upon the race to that end, but all to no avail.

Man would not be broken persistently, refused to take the blame and return to the Lord. At last, it was as if God said, “If man will not be broken, I will be. If man will not take the blame, I will take the blame.” That is what happened at the Cross; it was God in Christ taking the blame, He, the just, for us, the unjust. This was the divine strategy to bring man back to Himself. And it worked in a way no other way had! For

Reproductive health has evil agenda


ro. Frank Padilla of the Couples for Christ Foundation For Fam ily and Lif e pru-

dently shared the following thought: Let what is happening in Britain (also England or FR. GAMMY TULABING JCD, VG UK) open the eyes of people in the Philippines, who are now looking to pr omote reproductive health and sex education. These inevitably lead to abortion and same-sex marriage. Some naive Catholics in the Philippines say that cannot happen, because abortion is illegal in the nation and sex education will be handled prudently. Well, Britain started out that way too. England was known as one of the most devout nations in Christendom, even nicknamed the “Dowry of Mary.” Such is the same situation in all the Christian nations of the West. So we already know how things will turn out. The evil one just starts seemingly innocent enough, wanting the health of women or the proper education of children or the decrease in AIDS and STDs (none of those of course will happen). But the anti-family and anti-life homosexualist agenda cannot stop there. What they are about is overturning Judeo-Christian values and programming society according to their diabolical worldview. Thus, as in Britain, sex education programs will teach that homosexual acts are normal and harmless. So wake up, Philippines. Resist the culture of death.

whenever a man is given a real sight of the Cross, of God taking the blame that was his, he is broken, melted, finished and cries out, “Oh my God, that is my place; Thou art not the wrongdoer, I am! Mine the blame, Thine the love!” And immediately, there is reconciliation between them; man surrenders and God forgives. The brokenness of the Deity has provoked the brokenness of the creature! HISTORICAL NOTES

Royal decree in 1894 (1) t the time, King Alfonso XIII of Spain was only eight years old. This royal decree prayed that God keep him healthy. Thus, the king conforming and in his name, his mother Maria Cristina, the Queen Regent, ruled by this decree: Excmo. Sr.: Con Real Orden de 20 de Agosto ultimo comunicada por el Ministerio del digno cargo de V. E. se REV. FR. ROMAN C. SAGUN, JR. remitió a informe del Consejo el expediente instruído para establecer nuevas Misiones en la Isla de Negros, a instancias del R. P. Provincial de Recoletos. Your Excellency: Along with the Royal Decree of 20 August issued of late by the Ministry of Your Excellency’s good office, the report of the Council (of State) was submitted informing about the establishment of new Mission Centers in Negros Island, upon the requests of the Rev. Fr. Provincial of the Recoletos (Fray Mariano Bernad, former pastor of Dumaguete). Dice el expresado Religioso que la isla se ha desarrollado de una manera prodigiosa por lo feraz del suelo y el trabajo de los Colonos europeos e indigenas. La población se ha retirado al interior, dejandose de las costas y de las Iglesias situadas en ellas, encontrandose hoy privada de auxilios espirituales. Así lo reconoció y dijo el Gobernador Gral. en su visita en 1889 al Gobernador de Visayas, al R. Obispo de Jaro y al Provincial de Recoletos a fin de que proyectasen establecer nuevas misiones y parroquias. The aforementioned Religious says that the island has been developed in a wonderful manner on account of the fertile soil and the work of the European settlers and natives. The populace has moved inland, leaving the coasts and the Churches located in them, finding itself now deprived of spiritual succour. The Governor General thus found out and in his visit of 1889 told the Governor of the Visayas, the Bishop of Jaro and the Provincial of the Recoletos that they might intend to establish new mission areas and parishes. To page 5



September 25, 2011

Arnaiz backs ...

the CIVIC circle From page 16

BY LELE MARTINEZ (Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)

Single Blessedness


AGING – The Seasoning of Life “To look old is much better than to be dead.” – Anonymous

Single as a Dollar, and I am not looking for change.    – author unknown



nce upon a time, all young ladies were expected to be married; single ladies were labeled spinsters or stereotyped as cranky old maids. In most cultures the pressure on women to get married remains strong. Parents panic when their daughters are not married at 25 or 30 years old. Many singles relate how they are subjected to questions about their love life or lack of boyfriends by relatives and friends. Our Lady’s garden was a good backdrop for the Kairos activity for September held at the Chapel on the hill.

A friend joked that table seats usually come in even numbers -four, six or eight so single ladies don’t get invited to couples parties. I remembered a widow friend complained her married friends don’t invite her to their parties anymore; I told her jokingly either her friends are insecure with their husbands and a beautiful widow or they feel obligated to have to pick her up and bring her home as she has no escort. Today one sees a generation of successful single women who are breaking the old traditional mold and are making

car ef ree single spirits. Among them were lawyers, a public prosecutor, CPA, accounting super viso rs, businesswomen and professionals in various fields. Judging by their smiles and h ap py chatter in g go in g around, they have not lost their exuberance and high spirits. They were in their early forties and early fifties, with one just over thirty but they look young and full of joyful energy. Their easy camar ad er ie r ef lects a friendship bound through the years. They call their gro up o f single lad ies “Kairos” formed in 2006 as

These happy faces reflect a Sunday well spent choices of staying single. They are financially independent, well traveled and hold successful careers. Many work in prestigious firms or are successful businesswomen. Behind their professional image they are happy and fulfilled individuals who cherish their freedom and independence. Last Sunday a friend invited me to their singles gathering and I spent an interesting afternoon with a dozen happy, successful and

an ou tr each f or sin gle women who want to build a deeper personal relationship with God. Many of them were young members of the Lingkod ng Panginoon who after more than 15 years in Lingkod moved into a mature group as Lingkod is for younger members. They are connected to the Ligaya ng Panginoon that gives them yearly retreats and the group meets monthly. They envision a group of women of strength,

dignity and love who look with confidence to the future. There are advantages and disadvantages in each status in life. Marriage is not a bed of roses nor is staying single the perfect problem free status. However a look at this group will affirm their joy in their single state and their pride and joy in being successful women in their personal and professional life; for after all, happiness is an attitude and to quote Aristotle – Happiness depends on ourselves.


cceptably, aging is a very normal phenomenon in life that happens between birth and death. It has four major stages – childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and senescence. Let us focus on the last stage – “old age” which concerns most health-conscious people.

Majority of our people have a negative attitude towards getting old. A long time ago in the history of civ ilizatio n, o ld age o r known as the “Golden Age” is equated with wisdom, power, and great experience. These great elderly men like the Greek figures – Aristotle, Plato, Homer, etc.; great state men and hero es – Juliu s Caesar, Churchill, McArthur, etc.; writers as Shakespeare, Dickens, Hemingway; our Laurel, above Recto, and many other brilliant elderly men (past 60’s). Today, many are dismayed and many dislike old age for it is associated with declin e, d eter io ration , weakness, and death. Nobody wants to die young. If someone compliments you – “you have not changed, you still look much younger than your age!” Then you feel good. But we cannot escape from the natural ravages of aging such as the wrinkling of the skin. Weaken ing of ones strength, graying of hair, aching of joints, failing of vision, cardiovascular problems, etc. A certain H. Fritch says, “Age is quality of the mind. If you have left your dreams behind; if hope is cold; if you no longer look ahead; if your ambition’s fire is dead, then you are old.” Someone also said that, “Being over seventy years old is like being engaged in a war. All our friends are going or gone and we survive among the dead and dying as on a battlefield.” Today, in the advent of advanced health discoveries countless of lives have been saved and millions of people have prolonged their life span. In Japan alone, there are people who are living beyond 100 years mark. In Pakistan, a report says that there is a “Village of Centenarians” where senior citizens thrived. Consistent fac-

SINGLES QUOTES: “I think, therefore I’m single.” – Liz Winston “I am not lonely just because I am alone.” – Delta Burke “I’m happily single.” – Paula Abdul For everything you have missed, you have gained something else. – Ralph Waldo Emerson “When you’re single, your pockets will jingle.” – Anonymous

tors in achieving a much long life in these agricultural areas are: Simple diet of vegetables, fruits, fish or farm animals like goats, fouls; physically active lifestyle; less stress, and a strong family and community solidarity. The multimillion cosmetic industry and plastic surgery business have contributed to the physical outlook of the moneyed middle aged and some elderly. For instance, a “face-lift” can transform one’s nose, lips, wrinkled skin, etc. to look beautiful and youthful. Plastic surgeons can now improve any ugly part of the

DR. ANGEL V. SOMERA Fellow, Phil. Psychiatric Association Diplomate, Phil. Board of Psychiatry

body by cutting or even adding some tissues of the body to make it appear younger. The secret of achieving healthy and a much longer life span are: • Always b e a good and loving person. • Avoid vices and bad habits. • Be active and have a regular aerobic exercise. • Have a regular medical, d en tal, and v isual check-up. • Be moderate in all your activities. • Have a strong Faith and develop a good Spiritual Life.



Top DILG honchos ... (From page 2) obey without question. -o0oOn the other hand, even if the false accusation were true that some PNP officers here were on the take from illegal gambling and drug suppliers, still, the timing on Lawas relief or transfer was ill-timed. Lawas should have been given at least three months to prove his worth under these extreme conditions. -o0oWE have covered Lawas since he was a fresh PMA graduate, wh o was hooked by a Dumaguetena for good. His wife also belongs to a family of police officers. So Lawas was well motivated to fight for the safety of his people, even if he is a native of Samboan in nearby Cebu. -o0oOf course there are comments on the sidelines that his lifestyle and luxury vehicles belie his simplicity. But who cares. We only look at the heart, and we know Lawas was sincerely pro-Negros. In fact records will show that crime rate dipped under Lawas’ watch. That is A-1 evidence of performance. We also know that having rose form the ranks, Lawas was well-loved by his men. Personally, we also know the man to be of character. But if we are wrong, what we don’t know won’t hurt us, so the old saying goes. -o0oIt is difficult to ban tricycles from plying the highways. Just as it is hard to put a helmet on every head riding a motorcycle. This is just going against cultural harmony among Filipinos. -o0oWe favor that the RH Bill issues be discussed not just in Pilipino, but also in Cebuano and all possible languages so that the real VOX POPULI will be known. -o0oKudos to Rep Pryde Henry Teves for fighting to include Negros Oriental in the national tourism budget. Cebu got P350M while Bohol got P500M. Negros Oriental got zero. With the loud howl of Teves, he got what we all wanted. Needs follow up , Henry. -o0oThanks to the media exposure, the bids and awards people at the capitol cancelled a P62M bidding for heavy equipment favoring one supplier. The meritorious protest of another bidder led to its cancellation. Plus the howl of media. Hey, who wants to gag the media! Gag the guy instead.



September 25, 2011

SPORTS Bajumpandan champion in inter brgy basketball


he city barangay’s basketball kings are the fivesome from Bgy Bajumandan this year. This was reported by Joe Guirit, Consultant of Sports and Youth Development Bar angay Bajump andan demolished their rival

Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria and Father Julius Heruela, pose with members of the 348 RESCUE team of Dumaguete City

Trike ban in ... group att ended t he schedu led transpo rt summit  last  September  22 Thursday, where issues affecting the tricycle business in the province was tackled with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Beforehand, Collado said

ND-Mot or Piston is vehemently objecting to the prohibition in calling their counterparts from Bacolod to support their cause. He said the prohibition practically affects all cities and municipalities in Negros Oriental or in other provinces whose areas are traversed by national roads. Collado cannot imagine the disaster this

provision would bring to tricycle drivers in Dumaguete alone with more than 2,500 units. For their part, the Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NOCCI) also attended the transport summit at Robinsons place. NOCCI president Ed Du said more heads are needed to solve this concern, as riding a

tricycle is considered the main mode of transpo rtat ion among students in this socalled university city. “I don’t think we can easily phase out the pedicabs in Dumaguete City,” the NOCCI president said. Perdices and Real streets are two nat ional ro ads in Dumaguete that are considered as two major roads within the city/jg

Thousand ...

Female literacy ...

number of children drops to around two, so net population growth is close to zero. The Philippines today is between 3 and 4 and will soon be reaping the “demographic dividend” where an expanded labor force can become a catalyst to development in the same way that our OCW remittances is helping to keep the economy’s head above water. But we must first develop our manpower. This is the challenge! Our rate of population growth over time has decelerated from about 3.7% to 2.3% today. Our birth rate per 1000 population is 31, equaled by rich South Africa and close enough of that of Brunei at 26, Bangladesh at 27, India at 27, Indonesia at 25, Malaysia at 29, Mexico at 27, Mongolia and morocco at 29 and Vietnam at 29. Much higher growth rates were exhibited by rich Muslims who refuse to use contraceptives for religious reasons. Accordingly, Saudi Arabia registered 35 births per 1000 popu-

lation, while oil-rich Iran and Iraq had 38. Yemen had 49. Many of us wonder how the income of our countrymen managed to keep up with population growth. For example in 1995, 68,616,536 Filipinos had an average annual family income of P123,168. Some five years later, 76,498,735 raised their income by 17.3% to P144,506. One might argue that inflation has erased this gain. True, but this is no longer their fault. What Malthusians say to advance their theory that family incomes deteriorate as families increase is that the numerator or household income is always fixed while the denominator or family increases. That is from 1/2 to 1/8 and so on. Robert McNamara, World Bank President in 1984 said: “We were wrong in believing into simplistic a solution, which was that if you supplied the world with contraceptives the problem would be taken care of.”

From page 2


From page 6

press. Cebu has the country’s only press museum. It displays newspapers from the 1900s, Japanese occupation  up to those of today. An ancient linotype and Minerva press recall the “hot lead”era.  The “cold process” of computers rendered them obsolete. Cebu’s  PFWeek  joint  editorial, this year, considers journalism beyond the “Guttenberg Parenthesis”. This refers to the 1463 invention of the printing press, by Johannes Guttenberg, and onset of the digital age thereafter. “Filipinos were the first to wage People Power Revolt with cellphones in 2001,” the 2011  editorial says. That span off into Lebanon’s “Cedar Revolution” and Tunisia’s “Jasmine Uprising.” The new media plays a key role in today’s Arab Spring.” Beyond  the rites’s rhetoric  is a demographic fact: a generation of bright, young journalists are moving, on the geriatric escalator, into key posts w ithin a dynamic complex.          Many of the new generation  are post-martial law “baby boomers — and female”, says this earlier pooled  editorial.  Some are better trained than their elders. “They’re emerging decisions makers in an industry aptly described as ‘controlled chaos’. “We start each day with blank pages,” a   M iam i  Herald  editorial notes.  “Yet, the paper is never the same twice.” Like many seniors, many young  journalists fret over infractions that  bug the press  elsewhere:   moonlighting as PR agents; arrogance; press release addiction; “envelopmental journalism”, etc. (ATM drops seem the in-thing .  Shallow ness is a silent rot.  Daily, it corrodes the soul of our craft.  Press  freedom can be killed by a thousand cuts of tawdry sloppiness.          Our reading is spotty.   Skip the sham that is  the  1973 Marcos charter, the late PCGG  commissioner Haydee Yorac bluntly told a World P ress day meeting:. “Many of you have not even read the 1935 or 1987 constitutions.” Grizzled newsmen squirmed in their seats.


From page 6

underdevelopment and, underdevelopment is caused by poor governance. By blaming population for the high level of poverty in the country — the politicians may believe that they can get away with their sins of omission and commis sion whi ch h as b een caused by graft, corruption and excessive politicking. Demography is a complex science. Countries which have tinkered with their population (Europe, Japan, Singapore, and China) are now suffering from the “grey dawn” or ageing population. The economics of population is closely tied with the demographic transition concept. The demographic transition occurs during economic development. Population growth proceeds through four stages: 1. Pre-industrial society, in which high birth and death rates lead to little population growth. 2. Early development, in which advances in medical technology lead to an early fall in death rates with little effect on the birth rate. Thus population spurts upward. 3. Later development, in which lower infant mortality, urbanization, and education lead many couples to desire smaller families, cutting back the birth rate. Population growth may be rapid, but it is slowing. 4. Maturity, in which couples practice responsible parenthood successfully spouses tend to work outside the home. Th e de sire d (a nd a ctua l) AFFIDAVIT OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE AND DEED OF ABSOULUTE SALE NOTICE is hereby given that Hilaria J. Mercado widow; Teresita J. Mercado, Patricia J. Mercado, Arsenia M.Balasabas and Claudio Mercado have filed and executed an Affidavit of Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate and Deed of Absolute Sale on a parcel of Land covered by Original Certificate of Title No. FV 31557 and known as lot 506, Pls 790-D located in Alangilan, Sta. Catalina Negros Oriental.containing an area of 2,503 sq. m. per Doc. 16, Page No. 5 Book No. 54, Series of 2011 of Notary Public Atty. Jaime Ro. Miraflor The Negros Chronicle Sept. 18,25, Oct. 2, 2011



AMENDED ORDER A verified petition for Adoption having been filed with this Court by the petitioner, thru counsel, alleging among other things that the petitioner is of legal age, divorced, and a resident of Barangay Poblacion 3, Tanjay City, Negros Oriental, Philippines, Carlos Thirdy E. Rosales was his nephew, the son of his brother, Carlos A. Rosales. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, it is hereby ordered that the said petition be set for hearing on Oct. 19, 2011 at 9:30 in the morning at the Session Hall of Branch 43, Capitol Area, Dumaguete City, at the date, time and place, any person may appear to show cause why the petition should not be granted. In the meantime, the Social Worker of the Regional Trial Court of Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental is directed to conduct a case study of the person to be adopted and well as the petitioner and to submit a report and recommendation on the matter to the Court on or before the scheduled date of hearing. Let this Order be published in the news paper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and in the Cities of Dumaguete, Tanjay, Bais, Canlaon, and Bayawan at least once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks on or before the scheduled date of hearing. SO ORDERED. GIVEN in open Court this 31st day of August 2011 at Dumaguete City, Philippines. (Sgd.) WINSTON M. VILLEGAS The Negros Chronicle Judge

Sept. 18, 25, Oct.2, 2011

barangay Mangnao, 84-79 in the finals and captured the TM Palaro ng Bayan 2011 SK 19 Und er I nter Barangay Basketball champion ship h eld Satu rd ay evening at the Dumaguete Multi Pur po se Gym in

barangay Calindagan. Th e ch ampion , Bajumpand an r eceived P5,000 and trophy, second place, Mangnao received P4,000 and trophy, third place, Batinguel recieved To page 3

LAW EACH WEEK A public service of the Sen. Jovito R. Salonga Center for Law and Development


Change of name and corrections of entries in birth certificate 1. What law governs the change of first name and typographical or clerical errors in a birth certificate? The governing law is Republic Act 9048 or “An Act Authorizing the City or Municipal Civil Registrar or the Consul General to Correct a Clerical or Typographical Error in an Entry and/or Change a First Name of Nickname in the Civil Registrar without Need of a Judicial Order”. This law amended Articles 376 and 412 of the New Civil Code which provided that a change of name or correction of entry could only be done through judicial order. 2. My name is Lucifer Hitler Reyes and I would like to change my first name because of the stigma that it suffers. What are the grounds for change of First Name or Nickname? The petition for change of first name or nickname may be allowed in the following cases: a. The petitioner finds the first name or nickname to be ridiculous, tainted with dishonor or extremely difficult to write or pronounce; b. The new first name or nickname has been habitually and continuously used by the petitioner and he has been publicly known by such first name or nickname in the community; c. The change will avoid confusion. 3. My name is Maria Angela and I am a woman; however, my birth certificate lists my name as “Mario Angela” and my gender as “male”. How can I have the errors corrected? The incorrect spelling of your name as “Mario” instead of “Maria” may be considered a typographical or clerical error which can be corrected by filing a petition with the Local Civil Registrar. A typographical error is an error which is made in the process of making entries in a birth certificate that is harmless or innocuous and is visible to the eye or obvious, such as a misspelled name or place of birth. However, with regard to the mistake in the entry of your gender as male, such can only be made through a judicial order. When the entry affects the person’s nationality, age, status, or sex, only a judicial correction is allowed. 4. What is the form of the petition which I need to file with the local civil registrar for the change of name? The petition must be in affidavit form, stating the particular erroneous entry or entries which are sought to be changed or corrected. The petition should also be accompanied by the supporting documents required under Section 5 of R.A. 9048. 5. I was born and registered in Dumaguete City but now I am residing in Metro Manila. Where can I file the petition for change of name/correction of entry? Generally, the petition must be filed with the local civil registry office of the city or municipality where the record being sought to be corrected or changed is kept. However, in case the petitioner has migrated to another place in the country and it would not be practical for such party, in terms of transportation expenses, time and effort to appear in person before the local civil registrar keeping the records, the petition may be filed, in person, with the local civil registrar of the place where the party is presently residing or domiciled. The two (2) local civil registrars concerned will then communicate and facilitate the processing of the petition. (Donah Ametyst Bernardo, Contributor)

37 38

Septemer 25, 2011

Private sector ...


Salamat sa inyong pagsalig kanunay akong nangaliya sa labaw”ng makagagahum nga hatagan kitag higayon nga makatigum ug kantidad aron pag tubag sa dinalian nga panginahanglan sa mga pasyente sa NOPH.hangyuon ko ang inyong pag-ampo aron ang atong gimbuhaton magpadayon Pasyente: Janica Eve Pundoyo, Jaidals Canillo, Jade Chaves Catacutan Siton, Bernardo Laborte, Cherry Rose Salvana, John Paul Bismanos, Kathleen Duran Barabas, Krizzel Tag-at, Chassy Flores, Weinegy Manduyog, Jessa Gomez, Jeaneth Acebes, Ricardo Sarming, Rey Maquilan, Tony & Leonita Conchas, Maricar Kilapkilap, Rhea Jean Delacruz, Amparo Barro, Narciso

Adriano, Efren Bacong, Therese Ventula, Alex Secheco, Jomari Taclobos, Johnloyd Saguban Lumayag, Hilariio Adolfo, Reneboy Capena, Aninon Randy, Sharmaine Manandic, Daneil Lope, Cervando Repe, Jr., Ejyan Faburada, Esther Villarmente, Roselyn Lumayag, Maria Angela Ledesma, Roberto dela Cruz, Generoso Omaya, Edgardo Lingcong, Jaime Baroy, Hermenia Gaitera, Jane Silaya, Marilyn Quinto, Jerelyn Yanoc, Absalon Culi, Edjie Torres, Fernandito Landisa, Merjun Benting, Boy Regala Dicen, Godofredo Magbiray, Mely Cardiente, Christine Ypanto, Marrieta Suminggit, Lisa Facturan, Mark Anthony Lariosa, Lito Ledesma, ug Cervando Repe.

Children ...

an early age before twenty have low er ri sk of havin g bre ast cancer  than those whose full term pregnancy happened after 30 years old, according to the National Cancer Institute. I know you too, have some statistics and you are welcome to share them. Children are gifts. So they sh ould be tre asur ed a nd love.  It is not enough for us to give birth to them, but to nurture them into a responsible an d Go d lo ving human being. They have the right to be born and have a name. They als o ha ve t he r ight to be nurtured  the way God wants them to be.  The truth is children have no liberty to choose


From page 6

Mayo clinic staff also reported that breastfeeding, among other factors like limiting alcohol, increase physical activity, controlled weight, discontinuing hormone therapy and avoiding exposure to envir o n m e n t a l pollution  may  lower the possibility of having breast cancer. Maybe the reason why God allowed women to have children is actually to protect them from some kind of cancers. Believe it or not but for those women who have given full term pregnancy in

DOH Pharmaceutical Distributor, Mr. Mohan Hassaram & Family,Hon. Board Member Erwin Macias, City Councilor JV Imbo, Atty. Joel Obar, Atty. Ferrolino of Tanjay Law Office,Hon. Arnie Teves, Hon. Ikay Villanueva, Acts San Jose Christian Believers, Mr. Jhonny Limbaga, Anonymous of City Legal Office, Anonymous of Colon St. Dumaguete City, Sir Tony of Bagacay, Anonymous of BSP, Hon, Dwinx Gravador, Anonymous of Upper Talay, Maam Karen Quiamco, Anonymous of Tabo sa Pao, Mr. Mapili, Maam Kaykay, Mercury Drug Daro, Maam Jassy Fryie, Mr. Oscar Infante, Anonymous of Bolocboloc, Nanay Isabel, Jorrise Bakeshoppe, Anonymous of Camanjac, Anonymous of Buñao, Anonymous of Pulantubig, ug Fortune General Insurance, Vilma Catada of Silliman Campus, Anonymous of Bantayan,,Elmer & Esther Raaging, Anonymous of Sta.Rosa Cor. Real DGT. Hon. Joe Kenneth Arbas, Rodel Gomez Lechon of Batinguel, Mr. Campoy & Family, Dgte Hot Pandesal. sir Miachael. kaninyong tanan nga nag-ampo ug mitabang, daghan kaayong salamat. AFFIDAVIT OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE, PARTITION AND ABSOLUTE SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late Bernabe Pajares namely; Gavina Pajares-Jañala, Paz Pajares Francisco, Basilio Pajares, and Isidro Pajares all of legal age, have filed and executed an affidavit of Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate, Partition and Absolute sale by heirs of Estate of Deceased Person on lot No. 1879, Pls-659-D under OCT. NO. FV. -7465 situated in Siaton Negros Oriental containing an area of 46,489 sq. m. per Doc. 208, Page No. 42 Book No. IX, Series of 2010 of Notary Public Atty. Kim Diocos The Negros Chronicle Sept. 18,25, Oct. 2, 2011

their parents.  But parents can mold their children in the way they want them to be. Of course, there are always exemptions.


From page 4

some projects, the actual cost to the nation may be P300 bil lion, to make a sample number. This usually comes from the Capital Expenditure rather than the PS (Personnel Services) and the Operating sides of the national budget. Because of corruption, Government is not able to give the nation adequate goods and service to the people, frittered away to leaks. Truly corruption is a “cancer that steals away from people and eats government”. The malady discourages foreign investors from coming in. They shudder at the woeful lack of infrastructure and the high cost of doing business here. Job creation, thereby, stands still. Corruption discourages the honest businessman because he cannot compete without bribing and grease money. It encourages people that the quickest way to get rich in this country is to steal from others and government rather than pursue a productive endeavor. Just ask how rich the smugglers are.  Lack  of  revenues  (leaks) and the deficit, forces government to perennially borrow. Total national debt as of June 2011 is P4.8 trillion. On a population of 96 million, we are all in debt individually of P50,000. We therefore remain a Third World country – with a per capita annual income of only P33,000 (compared to Singapore P800,000 per person). No cost to corruption? The worst thing it does is for Juan de la Cruz to give up hope since corruption is so en-



CEBU BANTAY PANGLAWAS Gidumala ni Uncle Mar Lopez Schedule:

YMCA Octobre 28, 29, ug 30, 2011

Petitioner, in her verified petition, alleges that she was born on July 10, 1992 at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental and her fact of birth was duly registered before the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. However, her sex was entered as Male instead of Female. Thus, this petition. The petition being sufficient in form and substance, let the same be heard on October 17, 2011 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City. Interested parties are hereby enjoined to appear on the aforesaid date, time and place and showcause why the petition should not be granted. Let this order be published immediately, at the expense of the petitioner, for once a week for three (3) consecutive week at a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five component cities. Furnish copies of this order to the Solicitor General, the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, the petitioner and her counsel. SO OREDERED. Given in Chamber this 15th day of August 2011 at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. (Sgd.) ANANSON E. JAYME Executive/ Presiding Judge The Negros Chronicle Sept. 11, 18 & 25, 2011

demic i n th e sy stem. B Myerson said “Accomplice in the circle of corruption is often our indifference.” But we cannot remain to be “business as usual” because like a snow ball, once created, corruption tends to enlarge geometrically in speed and volume. It is worse than prostitution, Kark Karen says, which just endangers the morals of an individual, but corruption ensnares that of an “entire nation.” Realizing that PNoy’s journey towards the “Straight Path” alone will be a lonely one, the private sector has awakened. At the plush Marriot Hotel recently, individuals representing 700 companies signed the “Unified Code of Conduct” under the Integr ity Initiative meant to dovetail with PNoy’s dream of honest living in this country. More will follow. Basically, the pledge says Business says “no” to all forms of bribery, trains employees to become honest under an ethical conduct of behavior and will not transact with companies and men who propose “funny deals”. Good enough. It is not just a sea change of culture but a game changing strike against structures that impede transparency and accountability within the private sector. It will also prove that “clean business is good business”. Like corruption, honesty as in bravery – can also be infectious. Those businesses who will become part of the bandwagon will not enjoy best treatment from government and from their “committed peers” themselves. The dishonest, hopefully, will run out of options and business.

Ajong, Sibulan, Dumaguete City Negros Oriental, Philippines Tel. No. 226-6151

But that is the “carrot” side in this Honesty Drive. In three countries, the “stick” policy – in contrast – cleared their nations of the culture of corruption: India, South Korea and Italy. According to the Institute of Popular Democracy, charges of corruption forced administration party in India to call for an early election – in which all its candidates and party charisma were obliterated for good. In Korea, they have executed a former president and jailed another for life on graft charges. In Italy, former politicians were put to jail and ended an era of GovernmentBig Business collusion.   It all of these three, a common denominator reportedly was a tough justice system peopled by competent government prosecutors and “fearless judges”. Aside from the Integrity Initiative of the private sector, reforms in our Philippine justice system, therefore, cannot be overstated. Horror stories of “fixcals” and “hoodlums in robes” still abound. Jose Mari Chan croons that it “is when the night is at its darkest that we know that the dawn is near”. After nine years of the Arroyo regime, we need a breather as we contemplate Ro bert Max wel l’s famo us words: “Money you have not earned is not good for you.” Amen.


26 27 28 29 30

Piapi, Dumaguete City



* EDC 8:00AM-5:00PM JOSHUA 2 *G-WAVE 8:00AM-5:00PM JOSHUA 2 *Ancheta-Lao Wedding 12:00pm-2:00PM JORDAN 1 --------------------------------------------------------*Ayn Turns 1 6:00PM-8:00PMJORDAN 1 --------------------------------------------------------* Philippine College Addiction Medicine Conference 1:00PM-7:00PM JORDAN 1 & 2 --------------------------------------------------------* Philippine College Addiction Medicine Conference 8:00AM-6:00PM JORDAN 1 & 2 --------------------------------------------------------* Philippine College Addiction Medicine Conference 8:00AM-6:00PM JORDAN 1 & 2 OCT. 1, 2011 * BCBP Sectoral Fellowship 7:00AM9:00PM JORDAN 1 * Couples for Christ Fellowship 7:00AM8:00PM JOSHUA 1 & 2 * BCBP South CLP 7:00PM-9:00PM JORDAN 1 ---------------------------------------------------------



* RN Tutorial 9:00AM-12:00PM AGAPE * Family in Christ Ministry 3:00PM5:00PM AGAPE * Living Word 3:00PM-5:00PM JORDAN 3 * Solidrock Worship Service 5:30PM-7:30PM JORDAN 3



9, 2007 September 25, 2011 14September

P.E.P. (People, Events, Places)

2nd Tourism Educators Congress held


ot until the second Tourism Educators Congress held last Monday, Sept. 19 at the Negros Oriental Convention Center did people realize fully well that, despite what some sectors say, the tourism industry is a booming enterprise and offers various job and business opportunities . This was gleaned from the approximately one thousand faculty and students in attendance representing at least seven universities and colleges in Dumaguete that offer baccalaureate degrees in tourism, hotel and restaurant management, or hospitality management. It was also an opportune and the rough sea on the way time to formally open the to Apo Island, explored Lake provincial Tourism Week, which Balanan, admired the exotic ran until Friday, Sept. 23 birds found in the Twin Lakes anchored on the theme of Balinsasayao, tried to look “Tourism: Linking Cultures” in for the famous dolphins in consonance with the theme for Bais City, and sampled such World Tourism Day on Sept. 27. signature delicacies like sans Spearheaded by the newly rival and fried ice cream. organized Tourism Educators On the other hand, despite Council of Negros Oriental, it the many things the country has was supported by the Provincial to offer in terms of natural and Tourism Office under Myla Mae human resources, she lamented Bromo Abellana and the that the Philippines still remains Regional Tourism Office under to be a poor sixth in terms of Regional Director Rowena Lu tourist arrivals, coming after Montecillo. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Keynoting the half-day Indonesia, and Vietnam. Despite congress was Tourism the high literacy rate that the Undersecretary for Tourism country enjoys coupled with a Regulation, Coordination, skilled labor force, our workers and Resource Generation are still less competitive than Atty. Maria Victoria Jasmin their counterparts. Because of who exhorted that tourism is low labor supply as against the not just about numbers, but demands of the market, there is more so the quality of a a tendency towards employment locality’s products, travel mismatch. “Most schools are experience, and service. supply-driven, rather than Confessing that she has been demand-driven, and our to Negros Oriental at least educational system may not be three times this year to able to deliver,” she added. The sample what the province need for specialized could offer, she said she is competencies among graduates confident to include the is also encouraged as well as province in the tourism map, work experience steeped with breaking barriers posed by ethics and values. Cebu and Bohol as major Atty. Jasmin expounded tourist destinations. “I can that the Department of say this for a fact because I Tourism has formulated a know what I am talking about five-year Tourism and I have actually been Development Plan that there,” enthused Atty. Jasmin, includes developing 21 who shared that she has done cluster destinations and some diving expedition in formulating implementing Dauin, braved violent winds guidelines for R.A. 9593,


otherwise known as the Tourism Act of 2009, thus, putting tourism to a new level as it partners with the private sector. “We aim at doubling tourist arrivals by 2016, from 3.2 million this year to about 6 million. With the country’s gross domestic product pegged at $5 billion, we are targeting at least $18 billion in tourist receipts by 2016. By then, some 3 million new jobs would have been created,” she explained. On hand to welcome the delegates was Gov. Roel Degamo who lauded the efforts of the private sector, specifically the academe, in providing the training and tutelage to the future members of the tourism industry. Reactors who were practitioners likewise gave their insights and shared their experiences, namely Mariant Escaño Villegas, former chair of the Regional Tourism Council and a former public official and Macrina Ramos Fuentes, president of the Negros Oriental Association of Travel and Tours Agencies. Among the activities held at the Sidlakang Negros (Turn to page 14

Sunday Thoughts ... (From page 8)

MERYL SHOES STORE San Jose St., Dgte. City All kinds of shoes latest in style Tel. No. 422-9571

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Arthur Louis Ong PROPRIETOR

a Cebunao exclamation, we uttered after climbing the high mountain, sometimes at night for fear of the Japanese patrols.) God must have been surprised that with all our difficulties we could keep saying Jehovah-Jireh (God will provide). Secondly, haven’t we sometimes been amazed at the way gratitude is expressed, and for what people are grateful for? A grandfather named Vic

Orthodontics Dr. Seeress Mae R. Heniel General Dentistry and Orthodontics Clinic Address: No. 53 Pinili St., 2nd Flr., Cornelio Bldg., Dumaguete City 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines

Contact us through: Phone: 035 422 4159 Mobile: 0923 8849495

tells me about his grandson, seven-year old TJ. On their way to Butuan, TJ asked his grandpa to buy him a toy he had been wanting to have. Grandpa told TJ he had many toys and did not need one more. But eventually Vic bought the toy TJ wanted. The boy, to the surprise of his Lolo said: “Lolo, I am thankful; when you die I will visit you in the cemetery everyday.” I also have a seven-year old “apo”. He had loved and enjoyed his lola who of course was a very loving lola. Soon after his lola died, I took over grandparental care of Andrew and Simon. One evening, when I took them to Jollibee, as Simon enjoyed eating his Chicken Joy, he said: “Lolo, I’m glad you’re still alive.” I thought it was a thoughtful word of gratitude. When I spoke of this to a group in a service of thanksgiving in the home of former Silliman President and Doctora Pulido, I was rewarded with a postcard the day after in which the doctora wrote: “Proceso, Gus and I want you to know; we are also glad you’re still alive.” (To be continued)


September 25, 2011



ORDER Petitioner, through counsel, Atty. Dax Malony Montealegre filed a verified petition for correction of entry appearing in her birth records in the office of the Local Civil Registrar of Canlaon City, Negros Oriental, praying that after publication, notice and hearing, the National Statistics Office-Manila and/or through the Local Civil Registrar concerned be ordered for the correction of petitioner’s Certificate of Live Birth particularly in the entry of her date of birth (in item No. 4) from “September 17, 1968” to “September 17, 1969”. Any interested party is hereby directed to appear on October 25, 2011 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court and show cause why the petition should not be granted. SO ORDERED. August 16, 2011, City of Guihulngan, Negros Oriental, Philippines. (Sgd.) FE LUALHATI D. BUSTAMANTE Acting Presiding Judge The Negros Chronicle Sept. 11, 18 & 25, 2011 Republic of the Philippines 7th Judicial Region REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Branch 64 Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental SP. PROC. NO. 11-14-G FOR: CORRECTION OF ENTRY IN THE MATTER OF CORRECTION OF ENTRIES AS TO SEX FROM FEMALE TO MALE AND DATE OF MARRIAGE OF PARENTS FROM JUNE 27 TO JUNE 27, 1981, IN THE BIRTH RECORDS OF JESSIE VERGARA YAP IN THE CIVIL REGISTRAR OF GUIHULNGAN CITY, NEGROS ORIENTAL JESSIE VERGARA YAP, Petitioner, – versus THE LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR OF GUIHULNGAN CITY, NEGROS ORIENTAL Respondent. x—————————————————————/

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Petitioner, through counsel, Atty. Maria Theresa V. Rizon filed a verified petition for correction of entry appearing in her birth records in the office of the Local Civil Registrar of Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental, praying that after publication, notice and hearing, the National Statistics Office-Manila and/or through the Local Civil Registrar concerned be ordered to change the following corrections to wit: 1. The entry on Petitioner’s Sexwhich states “F” should be corrected and/or changed to “MALE”; and 2. The entry on Date of Marriage of Parents which only states “June 27”, must be corrected and/or changed to “June 27, 1981”. WHEREFORE, finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, and in compliance with the jurisdictional requirement of publication, let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks before the date of hearing, at the expense of the petitioner. Any interested party is hereby directed to appear on November 22, 2011 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court and show cause why the petition should not be granted. SO OREDERED. August 16, 2011, City of Guihulngan, Negros Oriental, Philippines. The Negros Chronicle Sept. 11, 18 & 25, 2011

(Sgd.) FE LUALHATI D. BUSTAMANTE Acting Presiding Judge

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September 25, 2011

Brand New

For SALE: House & Lot

Semi furnished

NEW LOTS FOR SALE  Bayawan City, located at the heart of the city, near City Hall 349 sqms at 3,500.oo/sqm  Bacong Negros Oriental located at the National highway, wide frontage, 1,308 sqms at 1,500.00/sqm  Meciano Road, Dgte City, interior lot, suited for boarding house and restaurant, 525 sqms at 1,500.00/sqm Call: 0918-929-6047

FOR SALE Residential Lot 2,500 sq.meters at Bong-ao, Valencia, Negros Oriental Price: affordable and negotiable

* Along the road * Aircon, cable-ready * Fenced with Garage * Hot & Cold shower Price: P5.5M negotiable Call: 0918-929-6047

Call: 0918-929-6047

LOT FOR SALE 2,297 sq.m. @ P1,800/m2 J u no b/ re s id e n ti a l /1 block fronting Silliman Heights

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AD PAWNSHOP No. 13 San Juan St., Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges wh ose terms have expired will be auctioned on September 30, 2011 at our place of business.

Airport Area, 1,744 sq.m., clean title, 20 meters from the highway, suited for apartment and commercial spaces P2,200 per sq.m. only

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New Stocks

HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE Pulangtubig, 360 sq.m., 3BR, 2CR, with garage, a nice lawn and a good-looking fence @ P3.5M Motong, 359 sq.m., 2-storey, 3BR, 2CR, uses hardwood floor, with garage (newly renovated) @ 4M Junob, 300 sq.m., 3BR, 2CR, with garage and a concrete fence @ 2.5M Junob, 450 sq.m.,2BR, 2CR with a big lawn @ 1.7M Bantayan, 300 sq.m., 3BR, 2CR with garage including a car @ 3M Purok Calubihan, 900 sq.m., 2-storey, 6BR, 6CR with 2 garage and a nice lawn @ P9M Cantil-e, 880 sq.m., 4BR, 3CR, with garage and a nice and pleasing lawn facing the East @ 7M

CALL: 0918-929-6047

LOTS FOR SALE Around Negros NEW STOCKS • Mayabon, Zamboanguita, 24 hectares fully planted with gemilina, mahogany, jackfruits and other fruit bearing trees @ P80.00 per sq.m. • Sta. Aguida, Pamplona, 10 hectares @ P30.00 per sq.m. • Bondo, Siaton, 44 hectares @ P4 million • San Jose, 29 hectares with coconut trees and sugarcane plantation @ P50.00 per sq.m. • Bayawan City, 35 hectares along the road near the city @ P350,000.00 per hectare • Sta. Catalina, 4.3 hectares with sugarcane plantation ready for harvest @ P25.00 per sq.m. • Northern Junob, Dgte City, 19,900 sq.m. @ P1,500.00 per sq.m. • Candau-ay, Dgte City, 12,782 sq.m. @ P500.00 per sq.m. • Bagacay, Dgte City, along the road with 65 fruit-bearing coconut trees @ P2,200.00 per sq.m. • Bagacay, Dgte City, along concrete road @ P1,700.00 per sq.m. • Junob, Dgte City, along the road with fruit-bearing coconut trees @ P2,000.00 per sq.m. • Purok Calubihan, 500 sq.m. @P2,600 per sq.m.

CALL: 0918-929-6047

2nd Tourism ... (Genove)

From page 12 Village this week were an acoustic night, cultural night presentation, inter-school tourism quiz bowl, interschool flairtending competition, and the Tourism Ambassadors competition. Atty. Jasmin also inducted into office the pioneering officers of the Tourism Educators Council of Negros Oriental (TECNO) headed by its founding president Rafael Arbon Duhaylungsod, director for external affairs and tourism faculty of St. Paul University Dumaguete; Stella Marie Villanueva, vice-president for tourism affairs and chair, Tourism Department, Negros Oriental State University; Angelica Jhoanna Arnaez Yrad, vice-president for hospitality management affairs and chair, HRM Department, Colegio de Sta. Catalina de Alejandria; Dr. Carlou Bernaldez, vicepresident for culture and the arts and director, Physical Education Department, Negros Oriental State University; Cristine Aba, secretary and faculty, College of

LOT FOR SALE Motong-4,118 sq.m. @ 1,100/sq.m., clean title, alon g the brgy. road with 50 full grown sweet mangoes, 34m frontage Contact: 0918-929-6047

COMMERCIAL LOT FOR SALE Banilad, Dgte. City, 2,772 sq.m., clean title, fronting the highway, wide entrance, suited for apartment, gasoline station and commercial spaces, P2,000 per sq.m. only

Call: 0918-929-6047 LOT FOR SALE Lot adjacent to SUMC P14M, negotiable 859 sq.m. (CHET) Call: 0918-929-6047

Hospitality Management, Foundation University; Tulip Lopez, treasurer and chair, Hospitality Management Department, Negros Oriental State Univeristy; RD Marie de los Reyes, assistant treasurer and chair, Tourism Department, Metro Dumaguete College; Pamela Callao Uy, auditor and chair, Tourism-HRM Department, St. Paul University Dumaguete; Charlotte Cariño, auditor and dean, College of Hospitality Management, Foundation University; Pablito Tamonang, public relations officer and faculty, Tourism-HRM Department, Asian College of Science and Technology; and Jasper John Tulayba, public relations officer and faculty, HRST Department, Systems Technology Institute.

September 25, 2011



Side Comments...

Saleto’s 73rd ceremony Mayors witnessing the turnover

Birthday party of Sal Erames celebrated last Sept. 19, 2011 at Sylvia’s Garden, Camanjac, Dumaguete City (Garden of Sal’s wife, Sylvia) exclusively celebrated with his family and classmates from NOHS Class 1955, whose members include Atty. Marcelino Maxino, Former Judge Eleuterio Chiu, Atty. Vicente Maxino, Atty. Coleta Aranas-Campanale, Dr. Virgilio Sienes, Felicisim o Alabastro, Rosita VallezerGabuya, Eppie Valencia-Fabe, Virgie Amor-Reyes, Teofilo Valencia, Pacifico Renacia, Nina Merced-Gimang, and their respective spouses. 73 years old.

Staying together...

Blessing of two classrooms

Teachers’ forum

L-R: Vice-Governor Jun Arnai z, Director Ricaredo G. Borgonia and Gov. Roel Degam o



September 25, 2011




SIQUIJOR-DUMAGUETE 5:55 AM 7:00AM 10:15 AM 12:30 PM 3:00 PM

LARENA-DUMAGUETE Via Siquijor 5:35 AM * every Monday and Saturday

Ticket Sales and Offices DUMAGUETE CITY: Pier 3, Delta Fast Ferries Passenger Terminal Tel. Nos. (035) 420-1111 / 420-0888 Cell Nos. 09214782794 Ang Bar ‘Ko Traveler’s Lounge. Flores Ave., Looc, Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-9432 DIMC Store: Taft St., Dumaguete City Tel. Nos. 422-9157, 225-4616 SIQUIJOR, SIQUIJOR: Port Area, Siquijor, Siquijor LARENA, SIQUIJOR: Port Area, Larena, Siquijor Bringing the islands closer to you. DELTA Marine International Pty. Ltd. PLEASE CHECK-IN (1) ONE HOUR BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME. Schedules subject to change without prior notice

The Negros Chronicle September 25, 2011 Issue  

The Negros Chronicle September 25, 2011 Issue

The Negros Chronicle September 25, 2011 Issue  

The Negros Chronicle September 25, 2011 Issue