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Degamo trusts his river–control engineers


ov. Ruel Degamo believes that the P480Million calamity fund for typhoon and earth quake victims in the second and third districts, have been well spent as regularly and vigorously monitored by his team of river-control engineers.

This de veloped even as most of the 11 projects which were awarded to eight contractors have (To page 14)

PARTIALLY DONE by a partially released calamity funds above foto is that of Ajong river control , while below is the BanicaCandau-ay rehabilitation work. Taken in August. (by MassCom MC145 of NORSU.)

VOL. 40 No. 15 Dumaguete City, Philippines Sunday, SEPTEMBER 22, 2013 P12.00

George to face Degamo in 2016 BY DEMS D EMECILLO


n order to end all speculations and fix his sights District–2 Rep. George Arnaiz is definitely facing Governor Roel Degamo for the provincial governorship derby, Capitol’s highest elected post in 2016. It was Arnaiz himself who announced his decision to run for governor in 2016, in response to a question by the media during a recent gathering of public school teachers of the Dumaguete City Division. This was confirmed by Susano “Bimbo” Ruperto III, the solon’s political affairs officer. Mayors from the second district, who belong to the Nationalist People’s Coalition, were also told of Arnaiz’s decision in a meeting at Sans Rival on Friday the 13th . Amlan Mayor Bentham Dela Cruz, currently President of the League of Municipalities, issued a statement reiterating that “all NPC mayors are team players and will be behind Arnaiz now that he pushes ahead with his

plan.” Analysts say that the crucial part in Arnaiz’s decision is the euphoric popularity of Degamo who was the winning underdog in the last elections. The question is whether Arnaiz can neutralize the political popularity of Degamo between now and 2016. Will Degamo’s public performance be able to sustain him until 2016? What about the political and financial stability of the province, will he be able to sustain it? Reports say that Degamo will continue to muster all available legal resources in order to sustain his popularity with the massa. They say he needs to To page 14



he Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has thrown its support to the Notices of Disallowance issued by the Commission on Audit (CoA) over the illegal contracts amounting to nearly One Billion Pesos entered by the Provincial Government with private contractors for the rehabilitation of infrastructure damaged by Typhoon Sendong in 2011 and the February 2012 earthquake.

At the same time, the DBM justified the legality of the Negative Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) it issued, which paved the way for the order to return to the National Treasury the advance amount of P480million earlier released and deposited to the account of the Province. This was contained in a letter by DBM Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad to the CHRONICLE, in response to this reporter ’s querry sent to the DBM secretary himself. WHY WITHSEC. FLORENCIO B. ABAD

Pork stakeholders at Press Freedom Forum LR: Ex-Gov. Petit Baldado, co-anchor Glynda Descatan, manager Sky Cable; NOCCI Pres. Ed Du; Councilor Sal Erames; SU Pres. Ben Malayang; Mayors League Pres. Bentham dela Cruz; co-anchor Ely Dejaresco, chair. emeritus, Dumaguete Press/Radio Club, Inc.


he Business sector, the academe, the mayors’ league, a city legislator and a former governor took turns in not only denouncing the now infamous pork barrel scam, they have also raised possible solutions on how to avo id graft even if the P25billion pork barrel of the government will be channeled thru implementing line agencies o f the government and no longer thru legislators. To page 16

DRAWN. DBM Secretary Abad said it had to withdraw SARO No. RO VII-12-0009202 and advised the Province “to return the amount of P480.771,898.58 until such time that the DPWH has determined its technical capability to implement infrastructure projects.” “It appears however, that the Province proceeded to To page 17

PNP local legal fund of P3.1M is up for audit


ll po licemen we re ( sin ce ei ght yea rs ago at least) being deducted P60 per quarter or P240 a year from their monthly hazard pay allowance. With 1,300 policemen in Negros Oriental, the amount could reach P312,000 a year or close to P2.5 Million after eight years. To page 17


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September 22, 2013

SK no polls, scrapped; a monumental failure? BY DEMS D EMECILLO


he scrapping not only of the pork barrel but the SangguniangKabataan elections is indicative of a monumental failure somewhere. It’s not entirely the fault of the SangguniangKabataan leaders

but also of their elders who taught many of them how to cheat during elections, and engage in votebuying and horse -trading to be elected to office. And what examples did example from their elders, October 28, there was In fairness to the SK, it their elders share to the became their worse exam- hardly any significant and was the dirty tricks of their young: nepotism, cheating ples. credible chorus of dissent elders that have made them Hence, when there was heard from the public and a graft-ridden bureaucof course with racy, a direct violation of a determined drive to pass thathas apparently decided irrelevant, legislation in Congress to that SK has become irrel- some exceptions. our laws. In short, the kids Now both houses of Coninstead of learning by good cancel the SK elections on evant. To page 14

TOP OF THE WEEK P45M pork retained For board members nlike the unlucky congressmen who will be losing their long cherished Priority Development Assistance Fund or pork barrel fund as it is pejoratively called; the provincial Vice-Governor and Board Members will be getting their own mini-pork next year. to a total of P45 Million!


Board Members Liland Estacion and Mariant Escano- Villegas confirm that each of the twelve incumbent Capitol legislators will be getting P 3 million each worth of projects for 2014. It consists of “soft projects” like medical assist-

ance program, fuel, office supplies and salaries for the staff at P 1.5 million charged against the General Fund. “Hard projects” pertain mainly to infrastructures also at P 1.5 million charged against the 20% DevelopTo page 17

It’s Teves vs. Arnaiz on ABC Presidency n what could be a preview of the battle royal between Governor Roel Degamo and Rep. George Aranaiz for the governorship in 2016; their perceived proxies will first square off for the presidency of the Association of Barangay Councils after the October 28 barangay elections.


Board Member Mariant Escano- Villegas confirms that incumbent ABC President and ex-officio Provincial Board Member Arnie Teves remains interested to secure a second term. Observers note that BM Arnie Teves and

Degamo have developed political chemistry. It will be recalled that Arnie Teves openly supported Degamo for governor last May. Thus, in return, it is expected that the governor will go all out to support Arnie for the ABC’s highest provincial To page 17


Capitol confirms magnetite mining


illions of pesos of public funds were spent last year for the rechanneling and dredging of Tanjay River, but, a private contractor has agreed to undertake for free, but not entirely.

The provincial government has confirmed that SINO ITALY is interested to undertake the rechanneling and deepening of the Tanjay River in exchange for the extraction of magnetic or black sand to be sold by the firm to

China. A representative of the private contractor assured the Capitol that it will not commence with the extraction of black sand without securing all the necessary permits including the EnviTo page 17

2,894 scholars soon no-pork dropouts?


ll is not lost for the estimated 2, 894 congressional scholars as the three solons are expected to exhaust all means to keep them in the universities and colleges where they belong.

The scholars and their parents are already increasingly anxious of their fates as the first semester is nearing to a close and the need to enroll for the second semester next month looms as a heavy burden following the Temporary Restraining Order issued by the Supreme Court against

further releases under the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of their congressmen-patrons. Cong. Pryde Henry Teves currently has 1, 800 scholars; Arnaiz 394 and former Cong. JosyLimkaichong has about 700, many of whom are preTo page 17

Legitimate dredging or, legitimate mining? ATT’AN EX- DEAL!: a certain SinoItaly Cons truction PhilsInc, is alle g e dly dre dging s ome l9 he ctare s of silte d s horeline at the mouth of the Tanjay river

sand which is s aid to contain magnetic ore which hold the sand together will be extracted thus endanger the coral reef and sea grass ecosystems and damage to the fis hing grounds of marginal fishermen.

under contract by an MOU, with the city LGU. It is located in Poblacion 4, SitionIlaya, Tanjay city. But instead of paying cash, the city government allows Sino-Italy to acquire l5 million tons of dredged materials from shoreline bottom, and the big news is that the

Some 630 signatories by stakeholders, want a thorough investigation by environment experts on whether the DENR has justified this multimillion ex-deal project, and, whether or not it will give advantage, or, disadvantage to the community in general. (Photos by Choy Gallarde)


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Successful diversion from Napoles to Zambo siege orgive our newsmen’s instinct , but many among us journalists who were not born yesterday believe that the billion peso pork scam boys were able to successfully divert the attention of the public from the legislastor’s plunder story v ia Napoles Express to the dreadful Zamboanga siege . -o0oBut at what cost! Almost three hundred dead by now. Thousands of lives traumatized. Hudnreds of thousands of wasted ammunition, Filipinos killing Filipiinos. If the diversion is true, then the planners who may be linked with the Napoles scandal, has again committed yet another greater plunder called genocide. -o0oJust analyze it: Misuari said he does not even own the siege. PNoy wonders where the bullets of the MNLF come from , they seem to keep coming as if someone is supplying them with bullets. The attack came just when the DOJ was about to name the initial respondents of the congressional pork scam. Any student of intelligence can easily connect the dots! -o0oBut then again, we invoke Divine intervention, as the Lord always does when things go haywire. He has always intervened when man’s free will exceeded its bounds. If man has a free will, so does God! And his Will always prevails over that of mortal people. In all things give thanks because God knows best. -o0oIn the end days,God will again intervene. What’s happening in Syria today could be part of the beginnings of the end times. Read Jay’s column on page 4: “why Syria has chemical weapons.” He again made an exclusive with Syrian diplomatic circles in Manila.

9/23/2013, 5:39 PM



September 22, 2013

DPWH urges LGUs to avail of its infra programs, projects

BY: RO I LO MO TAN he Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in Negros Ori ental appealed to municipal and city information office rs in the prov ince to inform the ir mayors on DPWH’s programs and projects that can bring development to the ir areas. In a recent briefing-ori- the DPWH has started con- completion of these national entation of the Association creting roads to six tourist roads. of Negros Oriental Public spots identified by the DOT On the other hand, the Information Officers such as the roads going to the DPWH is also in partner(ANOPIO), Engr. Edna Twin Lake in Sibulan; ship with the Department of Ravelo, Information Officer Casaroro falls and the Japa- Health (DOH) in conof DPWH NegOr Engineer- nese shrine in Valencia; the structing health centers and ing District II encouraged board walk in Tanjay City; the city and municipal informa- road going to the port near extension of health facilities tion officers to urge their the whale watching site in in every town in the provleaders to avail of the de- Bais City and the roads lead- ince. “The DPWH is implepartment’s programs. ing to the network of crystal menting DOH projects like “In your end, help your caves in Mabinay. locality to avail of these proDPWH aims to com- health centers. You just grams because the focus of plete the all concreting have to write to us if there the President is to use the projects of these roads by are health centers that need expansion or construction,” money (of the government) 2016. for the people,” Ravelo told Ravelo added that the Ravelo advised ANOPIO ANOPIO members. President directed the members. She said the DPWH is DPWH to complete the conAside from these, the ready to partner with the lo- struction of all national roads DPWH also help in concal government units by 2016. structing comfort rooms in (LGUs) in constructing In line with this, the different schools in partnerroads and other public facili- DPWH NegOr Engineering ship the Department of ties that will benefit the pub- District 2 is now focusing on Education (DepEd). lic. the completion of the Meanwhile, the bidRavelo also shared in- M a b ina y- K a b a nk a la n , ding for 2014 infrastructure frastructure projects the Negros Occidental national projects will start in NovemDPWH is implementing to- highway; Bayawan City- ber. gether with other national Mabinay national highway; “The directive of government agencies. D u ma g u e t e - T a n j a y One of these projects Pamplona- Sta. Catalina na- DPWH Sec. Rogelio is the Department of Tour- tional highway and the Singson is to start the bidism (DOT) Convergence Mabinay- Ayungon national ding of 2014 projects in November then award the Project that aims to con- highway. crete all roads leading to She said the DPWH project (to contractor) by tourist destinations in the NegOr Engineering District January 2014. We will start province for better tourism 2 has P623 million for the the project by January and access. regular infrastructure will be finished by DecemIn the second district, projects to be used for the ber 2014,” Ravelo said.


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GK Youth Summit held in Bais City T

he Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation Inc. (GKCDFI) held its Pinoy Youth Summit on September 21-22 in Bais City, Negros Oriental. This was announced by the organizers of the two-day event dubbed as “Tatak # Selfie” Pinoy Youth Summit. The Pinoy Youth Summit gathered some 2,500 young men and women from all over the country. The event targets out-of -school youths, young persons with disability and youth leaders. The gathering engaged youths on social awareness forums such as disaster preparedness, human trafficking and drugs. These forums were aimed to develop a deeper sense of purpose among young men and women and inform them on things that can bring improvement to their communities. Aside from these forums there were also island greening and tree planting activities designated by the local government of Bais City. “After the summit, the participants can say that they have a purpose in the community,” says Joseph Ceriales of GKCDFI. However, the main point of the Pinoy Summit is to enhance youth’s self confidence and make it an agent that will push them to become active participants in nation building. Ceriales stressed that

“Tatak #Selfie” Youth Summit is a self- worth summit. Their goal is to make youths confident of themselves. Through this confidence, young people will be able to learn their purpose and to channel their energies to bring development in their community. To do this, GKCDFI’s partner the Gaba-an Youth Leaders, another organization which advocate youth empowerment has programmed activities that would lead self verification or processes that help understand one’s self. These processes would strengthen youth’s self confidence. The group believed that raising one’s self esteem is beneficial to the individual and the community. Amythyst Dequito of Gaba-an Youth Leaders also said they did a series of orientations for the event facilitators. Dequito further explained the title of “Tatak #Selfie” saying that the title is catchy and is something the youths can fully relate to. Dequito also said they also want to change the concept of Tatak #selfie which

9/23/2013, 5:39 PM

denotes ideas of being selfish to becoming selfless. Meanwhile, the local government of Bais City has expressed their support for the activity. Mayor Mercedes Goñi disclosed that the city government has committed for the venue, transportation and logistics support for the event. Mayor Goñi believes that the Pinoy Youth Summit will help in training future leaders among youths. “They (youths) are our future. If we don’t mold them now, they will be corrupt in the future. There are so many potential leaders and we need to build them up,” Mayor Goñi said. Bais City will have 1,750 participants on the event after some local government representatives made contacts with barangay leaders and informed them on the youth summit. On the other hand, Philippine Information Agency Director General Jose Mari Oquinena is also expected to come on the last day of the summit to give some remarks. (Roi Lomotan)



September 22, 2013


Why Syria has chemical weapons

Leverage. This was the explanation by the highest ranking Syrian government official in the Philippines, the Consul General of the Arab Re public of Sy ria, Issam Eldebs. Eldebs, who has been in the Philippines for more than 35 years and is married to a Filipina, gave the Philippines a ‘Syrian perspective’ of the trouble in his country which was, until last week, at the brink of an attack by the West led by the United States. Eldebs suggested that people look at the geopolitical situation in the Middle East. “Our neighbor, and enemy Israel has nuclear weapons,” he said. “We don’t have nuclear weapons,” he said.

Editorial A mistaken notion


here is a mistaken notion among a number of Filipinos w ho are f ollowing close ly the p ork barr el scandal developments, in that once filed with the Ombudsman, justice will soon be served. No sir, it could still yet take close to one year but not more, until the first case will be forwarded for filing before the Sangdiganbayan which is the regular graft court. For those who might not yet have known, just because you saw the faces of senators who have finally scandalized your own impression on them, nonetheless, they still have a long way to go before justice can finally be meted, if at all. This was announced by Ombudsman Carpio Morales who said it will take almost a year for the Obmdusman to respond to the national clamor in filing plunder charges against three senators and their congressional counterparts. (What about the others?)

Filing a case of plunder before the ombudsman is not exactly a walk in the park. It is now the burden of the Ombudsman to investigate and evaluate and hurry up the case being assigned to the graft courts . as we said, the case is still in the prosecution’s stage prior to the filing of the f ir st p lu nd er c ase bef or e the Sandiganbayan. In the meantime the rules of congress say that no legislator can be suspended before the filing of the graft case before the Sandiganbayan.So until probable cause is established and ObmdusmanCarpio finishes her study of the cases then and only then will she decide to file. You see, the Ombudsman functions just like the prosecutor or fiscal who upon finding probable cause will file the case before the Sandiganbayan and…… only then can justice start rolling and be served with formality.

Misuari “Ups the Ante” in Mindanao


Dateline Manila by Bingo P. Dejaresco

NC Sept. 22, 2013 issue.pmd

he English idiomatic phrase “upping the ante” is in Visayan “pata-as sa pusta” which is what MNLF founder Nur Misuari is trying to do with the now week-long (as of this writing) Zamboanga-Basilan firefight between his group and the government forces. Le st we forg e t- many country indeed - that is pre- mo untains and fo re sts o f Muslims still consider Misuari tending to be poor. Plus 411 Sab ah. a “demi-god”, the only Filipino million barrels of crude oil The MNLF may have Muslim that had brought glo- ( three years supply of the broken into three factions bal attention to the Mindanao nation’s entire oil needs) but in generic terms , toconflict for 40 years - from the and 2.3 billion cubic feet of gether, they still claim that time of Ferdinand Marcos to gas. they have been deceived the current president Noynoy Bear in mind as well, it has and then marginalized in Aquino. been quite a recent event that their rightful claim over the “It’s still the economy, Sultan Jamalul Kiram (alleged riches of Mindanao and stupid”, however,- is the Sultan of Sulu heir) backed by their quixotic quest for poright answer to questions MNLF Freedom Fighters laid litical autonomy -from why the Muslim warfare is viole nt claim to North Sabah Marcos to Aquino. still being waged with such (another rich enclave supposLast ye ar, a histo ric virulence to these days. edly ceded to the heirs of the “Peace Accord” (with internaMindanao owns almost one Sultan of Sulu by the Sultan of tional arbiters) was forged by half of the total mineral re- Brunei in the past). They are the Philip pines-MILF-Malaysource of this country still, today, in a cat-and-mouse sia and just two more an(gold, copper, sho o ting g ame with the nexes were to be added to that iron,chromite etc) -a rich Malaysian tro o p e rs in the To page 18


ISSAM ELDEBS Syrian Consul General

ATTY. JAY I. DEJARESCO NC Associate Editor

“How will Syria be able to match this uneven playing field?” he asked Eldebs likened the situation to a man holding a gun in order that others will not try to hurt him. “It’s like a person having a gun. He will not use the gun to provoke violence. But he wants his enemies to know he has a gun so that they will think twice about attacking him,” Eldebs explained. “Its a defensive strategy,” he said. Meanwhile, he vehemently denied the Syrian government forces were responsible for that chemical attack last August 21. (To page 18) 40 40 YEA RS OF C OMMUN ITY JOU RN ALISM

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September 22, 2013



The Evil in the Pork n both the Bible (Old Testament) and the Holy Quran, Allah (God) condemns the touching & eating of pork (swine flesh). If we agree that Allah (God) is the Best Knower, Foreknower & the Allknowing One, then surely He knows best what foods to eat and not to eat. With the 10Billion Pesos life. Almost all of the legislators PORK PARREL SCAM, I saw have the temerity and boldness in my vision a physical and to declare that they need the p o litical d ime nsion o f the pork barrel for their constituwords of the scriptures. ents especially in the field of The Pork Barrel alloca- health and education, they say. tion for legislators was long But it is for this reason that our known to be the source of public health system and educorruption and bastardiza- cational system have been stytion of the very foundation mied and retarded because it of our democratic system of is politicized by the Pork Bargovernment. The Pork Bar- rel system. For one thing, they rel is equivalent to Political were elected as law-makers patronage which is further and nothing else. Their power equivalent to an adulter- of the purse is exercised in the ated election process approval of the General Approthereby producing a hypo- priation Act and nothing more. critical government. It proIn their callousness for duces a government which greed and avarice, the legis not truly of the People, islators are conveying, alby the People and for the though with much hesitaPeople, but rather a Gov- tion, that they will scrap the ernment exclusively of, for pork barrel with certain resand by the Elite political ervations. Obviously, they class and against the inter- are merely forced by the est of the governed. heat of the anger and rage The e me rg e nce o f of the Filipino People. They whistleblowers from the ranks wanted to temporarily apof the ordinary citizen, and not pease the Filipino People from the po litical elite, must in the hope that, as they are have b een pro vide ntial b e- known to be forgiving and cause no stretch of imagina- forgetful, sometime in the tion could ever have made it future they could go back happen that the disgusting and to the happy days once unpleasant odor of the “Pork again. in the barrel” will ever be reAlso, some sectors argue vealed by any member of the that it is not the Pork Barrel that Political Elite. As a matter of is evil but rather the unscrupufact, even with an increasing lous legislators, thus, they say rage and anger of the People, that it should be the wrongdoer co ngressmen and senato rs who should be punished and co uld hard ly manifest their not the pork barrel. This arguuncond itional willingness to ment comes from people who scrap the Pork Barrel alto- simply refuse to understand or gethe r. Understandably, it is simply one who could not get the essence of their political the thing abo ut the matter.


NegOr’s Buglasan Festival gathers local, foreign tourists BY: JENNIFER C. TILOS


round 22 local governme nt units (LGUs ) are expe cted to participate in this ye ar’s Ne gros Oriental Buglas an Festival of fe stivals on October 11 to 20 to be held in various venue s in Dumaguete City. This was confirmed by Negros Oriental Tourism Council (NOTC) chair Dr. Nick Elman as he’s pleased to note that LGUs are now united to support the provincial’s annual fiesta event. With this year’s Buglasan theme “Sustaining growth through unity among the Oriental Negrenses,” Dr. Elman said it is but fitting to celebrate a grander festival that will gather more not only local but also foreign tourists to witness various events. Elman said the two-week celebration calendared more or less the same number of events of last year in three separate venues. The main events will be spread out at Freedom Park, Sidlakang Negros Village and Rizal Boulevard to decongest the huge crowd For now, organizers are busy preparing for the biggest event, the Buglasan Festival, one of the Philippines most colorful festivals. Festival of festivals

NC Sept. 22, 2013 issue.pmd

showdown, street dance, and king and queen pageant on October 18, Friday serve as the festival highlights. Local government units’ booths at the Freedom P ark and Sidlakan Negros Village will be set up as a part of the venues celebration along with the corporate booths and an array of mini restaurants for food. Each LGUs is expected to display different sights of arts and culture, kinds of local foods and an array of fruits and vegetables as they aspire to grab big prizes for the best booth and best booth activity awards.  Showdown  and  street dancing represents local fiestas in municipalities and affords an opportunity for the public to witness the colorful activities in one place at one time, which will be routed along Dumaguete’s main thoroughfares and presentation per contingent at the LambertoMacial Sports and Cultural Center.


8th Lutong Garbo opens to local chefs in NegOr BY: JENNIFER C. TILO S


Atty. Joel OBAR

he 8th ‘Lutong Garbo’ grand cook match now open to all Negrenses for this year’s Buglasan Festival on October 12 at 8:00am at the Provincial Agriculturist Office, along North National Highway, Dumaguete

City. Pork Barrel is a system and not merely a money matter. In like manne r, the bib le doe s not condemn money as bad, it is whe n mo ne y be co me s the sub stitute of God that it b ecomes evil. Pork barrel is filled with greed and avarice, not only To page 10

Negros Oriental’s Buglasan Festival Lutong Garbo Committee chair Sylvia Uy called on local government units and institutions which have potential master chefs to vie for cooking competitions to submit their entries before or first week of October.

Uy stressed this food festival features ingredients indigenous to the area represented that promotes Negros Oriental’s native cuisine in celebration with the Buglasan Festival. A touch of Fiesta sa Nayon, Lutong Garbo cook challenge sets an over

P70,000 worth of cash prizes which showcase what  the  province has to offer to tourists. Winners for this competition will all receive a trophy and P10,000 for the first prize; P7,000 for the second prize and the third placer To page 14

Congratulations to NOHRRA (Negros Oriental Hotel Resort Restaurant Association Inc.) for its re-organization! Officers and Board of Trustees Accommodation: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


Mr. Jose Ramon Del Prado Mr. Roy T. Cang Ms. Christy L. Bollos Ms. Annabelle L. Adriano Ms. Anne Beth Sy Atty. Florence A. Tangente Ms. Katrina Ramas-Uypitching Ms. Yolanda Hilado

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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Organized and Supported by:

Negros Oriental Negros Oriental Chamber Investment Promotion of Commerce and Center Industry, Inc.

AFOS – WECAN Program

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The need for compassion FR. ROY CIMAGALA There’s the pressure of work, the concern for personal development, the requirements of our task at the moment, etc. All these are legitimate and should be expected, but they should not dull our sense of duty to be involved in the lives of others. Aside from these legi tima te c ircu mstan ces, we unfo rtunat ely also hav e a gro wing num ber o f di sturbing de velo pments that undermine our compassion for the others. The culture of self-seeking and selfassertio n is do minating. They tend to confine peo ple into their o wn private, iso lated wo rlds. We have to be concerned for the others. The ideal attitude is that we sho uld alw ays be thinking of the others, not to be nosey, but rather to


ET’S give due attention to this particular and strate gic nee d of ours. Many prevailing circumstance s today tend to make us focuse d simply on ourse lves, not nece ssarily be cause of bad motives. But we have to be careful because these circumstance s somehow keep us from entering into the lives of others which is what we ought to do.

help in any way we can. Alwa ys thin king of the others is actually a very pleasant thing to do, although at the beg inni ng whe n we are sti ll learning it, we have to gra pple wit h so me temporary disagreeable moments. But the moment we master it, it becomes really nice. That’s because we are actually made for the others, that is, to enter into intimate communion with them in mind and heart. It’s this state of commu nion tha t fills us with a most gratifying sense of fulfillment. We should not forget that this communion with the others is also the way to our co m muni o n with Go d. We can never say we are with God unl ess we a re a lso with the others. Lov-


ing God and loving the o thers always go to gethe r. They are inseparable. Compassion is a very specific way of achieving communion with the others. It involves feeling for the others, for their needs and desires. It involves making the concerns of the others our own too. Compassion has to be understo od pro perl y, a nd p ursu ed, learned and lived continually. Given our human condition, we develo p co mpassion in stages. We have to start by thinking of the others in a mo re stable wa y—prayi ng for them, o ffering so me sacrifices, and no ting interesting details in the lives of the others. All these should be motivated by faith, hope and charity. And that’s why, we also need to


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What a dilemma! am disturbed about all the headlines, opinions, unasked-for advice and instant interviews in the media nowadays about graft and corruption, specially zeroing in on the pork barrel scam. Then in one of the comic strips last Sunday I was struck by the way this situation was dissected by the young boy, Calvin. ‘Calvin and Hobb es’ has been one of my very favorite NANCY RUSSELL comic strips fo r ye ars; this CATAN youngster and his stuffed tiger display a wisdo m that is unue-mail: sual even to us olders. I would like to share his comments with you. Calvin: “Today at either. He co ntinue s: “Of school, I tried to decide whether to cheat on my test co urse, mo st e veryb o d y or not. I wondered, is it bet- cheats some time or o ther. ter to do the right thing and People always bend the rules fail … or is it better to do the if they think they can get away wrong thing and succeed! with it. … Then again, that On the one hand, unde- doesn’t justify my cheating. served success gives no “Then I thought, look, satisfaction. But on the cheating on one little test other hand, well deserved isn’t such a big deal. It failure gives no satisfaction Turn to page 7

strengthen and enliven these fundamental virtues which connect us directly with God who is the source and end of everything. Oth erwi se, we will just be guided by ins uffic ient crite ria th at will so o ner o r later lead us to some dea d-en d if no t to so me t ro ub le a nd co m plic atio ns. The co m pass io n that is driven by faith, hope and charity enables us to love God and others properly, avoiding in diff eren ce o n t he one hand, and sentime ntal ism o n t he other. Christ, of course, is the perfect model of how to be compassionate. When people were carrying the body of the son of a widow, he was immediately moved to compassion, and without

ne night, the writer noticed the wick of the lamp that has served her quietly for many nights. So she thanked the wick for the light. The wick humbly told her that it was not the source of the light but simply mediates from the oil of the cistern and the fire that it gives. Without the oil and the one who trims the useless edge, the wick ceases to serve its purpose, but it would continue to burn as long as the one who supplies the oil would never grow tired. MUFFET DOLAR Lamps and candles are V ILLEGAS rare these days, unless there e-mail: is a b ro wno ut o r a spe cial eve ning dinner that we feel more romantic to share it with a constant supply of everysomeone. But these old and thing that we need from sometimes forgotten vessels God who made us. Espeof light can still light our paths cially a spiritual nourishby the lesson they teach us. ment that sustains our jourLike the wick that can be in a needs its oil, we also need ney in life. We To page 15


Towards a just and inclusive peace plan s we had warned in previous articles a flawed peace agreement invites more violence. This has been the case of Iraq where military intervention instead of buying peace has spawned ethnic and reliAMB. JOSE gious violence which has V. ROMERO, JR., PH.D. caused so much more pain and suffering than that of the previous despotic and had represented the Muscruel regime of Saddam. lims in the organization of We had warned in the re- Islamic states and succent past that a Malaysian ceeded in achieving the brokered e xclusive p eace 1996 peace agreement felt pact will only unleash a lot of were left out of the current rese ntment from other Mus- pending peace plan belim tribes and ideologies rep- tween the GRP and the MILF resented by the MNLF,the Abu is simply mind-boggling. Sayyafs and the BIFF who Most observers and cerhave felt left out by the peace tainly the Tausugs,which process.Indeedno less than a include the Sultanate of comprehensive and inclusive Sulu considered their expeace plan can insure peace clusion from the agreement in the region. This is not in any as at the very least a snob way to condone or justify the and at worst a slap in the invasion of Zamboanga. face of the MNLF - the casus That the MNLF which Turn to page 7


When the whistle blows

Bibliophilia confess. I have an addiction. I love books. My apartment is filled with books. Literally I have pounds of nonfiction books; Books on almost every subject. When I first came here I used to go to Hypermart during their books sales and load up. One day as I was carrying my usual load of tomes up to my apartment, the maid stopped me. She is a sweet girl who works very hard to help JAMES “KOJAK” HUGHS her poor family. She asked me U.S. Army, Cpt (ret) if sometime she could borrow a book to read. I knew her funds were limited and buying a book was a luxury she could ill af- clear she was hoping to break the ugly chain of ford on her small salary. I told her better yet I poverty by educating herwould take her to the store self. I had this vision of her and she could buy a bag of trying to understand these books for herself. I fully ex- weighty school textbooks pected her to buy a few ro- by candle light in her famimance novels, possibly lies little cubo. I did not even some children’s have the heart to destroy books for her brothers and her dreams. Without a disisters. Instead she picked ploma from the education out these huge school system she would not be books on mathematics and able to even get a sales Turn to page 7 science. It was immediately


Can You Be a Light?

ou shall know the truth. And the truth shall make you mad”. That sums up reaction of many to whistleblower BenhurLuy’s testimony, before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, on the most severe scandal to rock Congress since it opened in 1907. Clad in a bulletproof ve st, and hedged in by three Witness Protection Prog ram guards, the 31-year longhaired former medical technologist testified how legislators swapped their pork JOHNNY barrels for 50 p ercent kickM ERCADO backs. (E-mail: Six senators and 24 ) congressmen, to date, have been tarred. More names will most likely surface. Ten others are singing on pork credible. dealings of now detained “I think he is very beJanet Lim-Napoles. lievable,” said Sen. “The ‘happiest whistle- TeofistoGuingona III, comblower’ in Senate history is mittee chair.””There is baBenhurLuy,” Senator Sonny sis to conclude malversaAngara tweeted. “Frequently tion of public funds or plungiggling.” He spoke without der ( was ) committed by notes., “Luy was engaged in a some legislators.” Who? very serious matter,” Inquirer ”Pogi” is the code name noted. “Possibly even deadly”, Napoles used for Sen. Ramon Spe cially b ecause he was Turn to page 15


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September 22, 2013

City observes Family Week


n celebration of the National Family Week, the city government of Dumaguete through the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) will join the Family Week celebration on September 23-27 and line up activities through the week. This year ’s theme “ Unity Across Generation: A Strong Family, A Strong Society,” underscore the importance of strengthening families as a basic unit of society. With this celebration, the members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints, (commonly called Mormons)Dumaguete District, supports the celebration of the city government by holding an exhibit for the family history called Genealogy, meaning to know the family tree or your generation. The Family History Exhibit is open to the public at the Cultural Hall facility located in barangay Tinago, from September 2327,2013 from 8am to 5pm,according to Syril Repe, Public Affairs Incharge of LDS Church. Other highlight of the celebrations, on Sept. 24 from 8am to 12 noon, Kalipi family fun day symposium at the Women’s Center; Sept. 25 at 9am, Kapihan sa

PIA Forum at Bethel Guest House and in the afternoon, Family dialogue; Sept. 26, from 1pm to 5pm, poster making contest; Sept 27, Skills Training from 8am to 12 noon. The City Health Office will also hold a medical and dental mission on Sept. 27 from 8am to 12 noon at the Quezon Park. George Gilvero, chairperson of the celebration said the activity will start with the ecumenical service on September 23 at 1:30 pm at the cultural hall of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints located at Barangay Tinago. Gilvero said the celebration aims to highlight the importance of families, enhance understanding of their functions and problems, and focus attention on the rights and responsibilities of all family members. The Family Celebration was instituted by Presidential Proclamation No. 60 in 1992 by then President Fidel V. Ramos declaring the last full week of September every year as Family Week. (PIODumaguete)

Towards a just ... (Romero)

What a dilemma!

belli of today’s violence happening as it did on the eve of the projected signing of the GRP-MILF peace plan in Kuala Lumpur. Many observers suspect that the snob was intended bythe Malaysian sponsored peace plan since the Sultanate and the MNLF have not given up their claim on Sabah. Ifthe idea was to sandwich the Tausugs of Sulu represented by the MNLF and the Sultanate between the forces of Malaysia and the Maranaos of Central Mindanao represented by the MILF and render them as mere spectators in the new Muslim Mindanao architecture, this was a costly miscalculation for the authors of the peace process and for the republic. Today’s violence is indeed the price to pay for the political faux pas. So what can be done to de-escalate the current confrontation? First of would be to get the OIC to intervene. The advantage of the OIC is that unlike Malaysia it has no ulterior motive; it can therefore be more objective. Hopefully it can revive the derailed 1996 agreement which implementati on was scuttled when PresidentJoseph Estrada in 1998 put on a combati ve stance after some provocative action on the part of Muslim dissidents which led to the occupation of rebel territory by the republ ic.. Moreover the creation of the ARMM did not lead to the hoped for development of the region thanks mostly to the incompetence of the M isuari admini strati on which squandered a golden windowof opportunityfor the development of the regi on given that the administration of President Ramos was very supportive of the 1996 peace plan which it had authored. In this connection we remember quite clearly how our group of consultants tried in vain

doesn’t hurt anyone. … But then I wondered if I was just rationalizing my unwillingness to accept the consequence of not studying. “Still,” Calvin ponders as he scratches his head, “in the real world, people care about success, not principles. Then again, maybe that’s why the world is in such a mess. What a DILEMMA!” His ti ger Hobbes asks: “So what did you decide?” Calvin innocently replies: “Nothing. I ran out of time and I had to turn in a blank paper … “ Hobbes com ments: “Anyway, simply acknowledging the issue is a moral victory.” Calvin replies: “Well, it just seemed wrong to cheat on an ethics test.” Now, doesn’t this example sound like some of the reasoning floating around today? In the BCBP, Brotherhood of Businessmen and Professionals, one of our advocacies is Honesty. Be honest even if others are not, even if others will not, even if others cannot. Teaching honesty in school and in church is NOT enough. Honesty must be practiced in all

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to convince governor to come up with a comprehensive development plan for ARMM, backed up as we were of financial support from foreign governments and investors. Be that as it may, what is needed now is to revamp that i ll -desi gned and patentl y “loaded”Malaysian sponsored GRP-MILF peace process and toss it to the OIC for a more objective, comprehensive and inclusive peace formula. An analogy would be the revamp of the Philippine Independence Act of 1946 with all its infirmities by the Laurel-Langley Agreem ent of 1955 which removed suchoppressive features as parity rights and permanent bases articles and restored the financial sovereigntyto the Philippine republic.



The need ... (Cimagala)

From page 6 being asked, he raised the fellow to life again and brought him back to his grieving mother. He was always thoughtful of the others, anticipating and me eting their ne eds . Obviously, his greate st act of compas s ion is whe n as the Son of God, the s econd pe rs on in the Ble s s e d Trinity, he became man, and even went to the extent of as suming the s infulne ss of men while not committing any sin at all. His passion and death on the cross constituted the supreme act of his compassion for us. He returned divine goodness to man who lost it due to our sin, and he did this in a gratuitous way. He was not obliged to do so, but chose just the same to do it out of his love for us. This is a truth that we should always relis h, becaus e it will spark in us impuls e s of compas s ion also towards others . This compassion is shown best when we have to give it to someone or in a situation that is mos t dis agreeable to us, where we can s ay we would gain nothing in return. This is the compassion of God, completely gratuitous, never forced and neither imposing conditions on the recipient. God simply waits for that compassion to be returned with compassion. For this is the law of compas sion and love, in ge ne ral. Whe n give n away, it is not lost, but rather it be come s more and can s pre ad and inspire others to s how and give it. phases, ages, and facets of one’s life in order to be effective and accepted as the norm in society. First of all, we must be honest ourselves so that others will be influenced by what we do, not just by what we say. Simply acknowledging that the problem of dishonesty exists is never enough. Honesty needs to be learned, lived and shared. And it is our responsibility to do this today so that our children, grandchildren and their children will be able to face a more honest and less disturbing future.

Bibliophelia (Kojak)

From page 6 clerk job no matter how smart she was. This story is repeated a thousand times a day. Young girls endure abuse, exploitation and neglect everyday in hop es o f breaking the soul crushing chains of poverty. Do yo u re ally think any g irl WANTS to be a prostitute? Do you really think these beautiful girls WANT to be with worn out old men? All their childhood they d re amed of a “Prince Charming” and true love. Now they ended up with the frog or worst yet the “Beast”. I know of two foreigners, one from Belgium and one from Australia, that turned their girlfriends out as prostitutes to pay the rent. My heart ached to interfere but

LAW EACH WEEK SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY A public service of the Sen. Jovito R. Salonga Center for Law and Development.

Anti-Red Tape Act 2007 (Republic Act 9485)

What is the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 or Republic Act 9485? It is the policy of the State to promote integrity, accountability, proper management of public affairs and public property as well as to establish effective practices aimed at the prevention of graft and corruption in government.

What does the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 want to achieve? Most of the time, if not, all the time ordinary citizens and businessmen deal or transact with government agencies on a daily basis. Ordinary citizen would like to apply for passport, driver’s license, and a lot more, while entrepreneurs on the other hand, have to renew their business permits with the respective local government unit, or file their reports with the Social Security System, Philhealth and the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-ibig). And such exposure, often times lead to frustrating transactions with government agencies because of bureaucratic red tape, corruption and slow delivery of services. In response Republic Act No. 9485, or the Anti-Red Tape Act, was enacted to improve efficiency in the delivery of government service to the public by reducing bureaucratic red tape and preventing graft and corruption.

Who are covered by this Act? The Anti-Ted Tape Act applies to all government agencies including local government units and government-owned or controlled corporations which offer frontline services, examplesare listed below: • • • • • •

Commission on Higher Education [CHED]; Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE); Department of Tourism (DOT), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI); Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC); Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH); Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG);

However, those performing judicial (such as Courts), quasi-judicial (i.e. National Labor Relations Commission, Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board) and legislative (Congress) functions are not covered by this law, but, their frontline services are included.

What is the Citizen’s Charter? It is an official document that provides andcommunicates information on the services that the concerned government agency is offering, and provides for a step-by-step procedure for availing of such. The following information’s must be present in the “Citizens Charter”: was correctly told my involvement would only make things worse. On the obverse, I know of two Filipinos that exploit Filipina’s that are married. One is even married with children. And he cheats on his wife with other married women. He likes married because they have money

• The procedure to obtain a particular service; • The person/s responsible for each step; • The maximum time to conclude the process; • The document/s to be presented by the customer, if necessary; • The amount of fees, if necessary; and • The procedure for filing complaints

What does the Citizen’s Charter look like and where can it be found? The “Citizens Charter”, is what you would see inthe billboards or poster, or published materials written either in English, Tagalog, or in the local dialect, that it is situated in the main entrance of any government office or agency, including local government units and government-owned or controlled corporations.

What is Public Assistance/Grievance Desk? One of the grievance mechanisms required for all officers/agencies,where an officer knowledgeable on the frontline services offered shallbe available for consultation and advice. The desk shall be attendedto at all times even during office breaks.

What acts can be considered as a light offense and corresponding penalties for erring public officials? • Refusal to accept application and/ or request • Failure to act on an application and/ or request or failure to refer back to the client a request • Failure to attend to clients who are within the premises of the office or agency concerned prior to the end of the working hours • Failure to render frontline services • Failure to give the client a written notice on the disapproval of an application or request • Imposition of additional irrelevant requirements other thanthose listed

What act can be considered as a grave offense? Fixing and/or collusion with fixers in considerationof economic and/or other gain or advantage which can be committed by insiders or outsiders of the office What is the Criminal Liability for Fixe rs ?

A fixer, shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment not exceeding six years or a fineof not less than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,OOO.OO) but not more than Two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000.00) or both fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court (Contributor, Joseph Luis W. Carreon II)

and he does not have to worry about making babies. He has these married women buy him clothes, jewelry and even motorcycles. They are little more than male prostitutes. At least when a Filipina cheats it is not for money. This is why I supported and still support an associa-

9/23/2013, 5:39 PM

tion of foreigners and Filipinos who will stand with me and help make this a better community. Stand to wipe out economic and physical “slavery”. Control the abuses of both foreig ners and Filipinos. Bring both host and guest together and wipe out the ugliness that thrives among us.



September 22, 2013

The Narrow Way But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it. – Matthew 7:14


The Hope of Heaven


on’t be troubled. You trust God, now trust in me. There are many rooms in my Father’s home, and I am going to prepare a place for you. If this were not so, I would tell you plainly. When everything is already, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. And you know where I am going and how to get there.” John 14:4 Jesus’ words show that the way to tled is your willingness to believe. He eternal life, though unseen, is secure as has already prepared the way to etera secure as your trust in Jesus. He has nal life. The only issue that may still already prepared the way to eternal life. be unsettled is your willingness to beThe only issue that may still be unsetlieve.

LK 16:1-13 Jesus said to his disciples, ”A rich man had a steward who was reported to him for squandering his property. He summoned him and said, ‘What is this I hear about you? Prepare a full account of your stewardship, because you can no longer be my steward.’ The steward said to himself, ‘What shall I do, now that my master is taking the position of steward away from me? I am not strong enough to dig and I am ashamed to beg. I know what I shall do so that, when I am removed from the stewardship, they may welcome me into their homes.’ He called in his master’s debtors one by one. To the first he said, ‘How much do you owe my master?’ He replied, ‘One hundred measures of olive oil.’ He said to him, ‘Here is your promissory note. Sit

down and quickly write one for fifty.’ Then to another the steward said, ‘And you, how much do you owe?’ He replied, ‘One hundred kors of wheat.’ The steward said to him, ‘Here is your promissory note; write one for eighty.’ And the master commended that dishonest steward for acting prudently. ”For the children of this world are more prudent in dealing with their own generation than are the children of light. I tell you, make friends for yourselves with dishonest wealth, so that when it fails, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings. The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones; and the person who is dishonest in very small matters is also dishonest in great ones. If, therefore, you are not trustworthy with dishonest wealth, who will trust you with true wealth? If you are not trustworthy with what belongs to another, who will give you what is yours? No servant can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and mammon.”

Reflection Starters It Begins With Me REV. DR. LOURDINO A. YUZON


he Pasig River is so polluted that if a person falls into it, he will not drown; he will decay. The Philippines is very corrupt. The process of decay of its social fabric could reach a critical point unless that is reversed. That is why I, for one, welcome President Pnoy Aquino’s “Daang Matuid”(Straight Path) creed of governance. It is a vision of our country in which the culture of honesty replaces the current culture of graft and corruption. The President seems to lead by example. So far, based on media reports, his name has not been linked to cases of graft and corruption. We commend him for that. However, given the fact that corruption is deeply embedded in our psyche and in our social systems, “Daang Matuwid” could, at best, be a partial, not total, success. But that is better than doing nothing to excise the cancer that gnaws at the vitals of our community life. It is not enough to curse the darkness around us. Of greater importance is that we light a candle however tiny its glint may be.

could, and should, begin with each of us. I believe that ordinary folks like us can each contribute our fair share to a collective effort to stamp out corruptio n. Imagine 100 million Filipinos who are above suspicion as Caesar’s wife! Our community life could be turned right side up. We may be able to do that not in high places, but in low places - right where we are. The first step is for us to be lured byPnoy Aquino’s vision of an ho nest Philippine society. The second step is to be wholeheartedly committed to it. The third step is where the rubber meets the road. That is, we should put it to practice in our daily living. We should be honest in both word and deed in small things as well as in big things. A slogan painted on the eastern side of the concrete wall of the Negros Oriental High School runs like this: “Be honest even if others are not; even if others could not; even if others will not.” If we happen to be Christians, our reason for being honest is clear and categorical. “Do not be conformed to this world,” St. Paul says, “but be transformed by the renewing of your minds...” (Romans 12:2a). This means having the courage to say “No” to dishonest

The process of transforming our society

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esus said: “Straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life. Broad is the gate and wide is the way that leads to destruction.” Many interpret this as meaning that the gate into heaven is narrow and few get in—disconcertingly few, according to some. But this verse isn’t talking about heaven; it is talking about “life” here and now. The way that leads to life here and now is narrow and disciplined. It is true physically, mentally, and spiritually—corporately. Here are two young men who have two different ideas of their physical life. One is free to do as he likes with his body, completely undisciplined; the other isn’t. He wants to be an athlete, so he disciplines his body, goes through a strict regimen of training. Which of these has found physical freedom? Life will decide: they enter a race together. The first one, at the end of a couple hundred yards is falling behind, puffing badly, and beating the air, tied in knots. The other goes through rhythmically, masterfully, pulls out ahead of the rest, an easy winner.

CEAP and the new Evangelization n preparation for the coming Catholic Educational Associaton of the Philippines (CEAP) National Convention in Cebu City this month of September, let me share with you the speech delivered by Archbishop Socrates B. F R. GAMMY TULABING JCD, VG Villegas at the National Convention of the CEAP on August 29, 2012. The imp ortance of March 16, 1521 has been taught to us even when we were children in grade school. The standard statement to be memorized at class recitations was Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese sailor, discovered the Philippines on March 16, 1521; but something more important happened on that fateful day. Magellan is the not the most important character in the event of March 16, 1521. That blessed day saw the celebration of the first Mass in the Philippines. Ten days later, the first Filip inos were baptized and the image of the Santo Nino was given to the first Filipino Christians. March 16, 1521 celebrates indeed the arrival of Christianity in our holy shores and its gracious acceptance by our ancestors in the faith as proven by their baptism. When the year 2021 comes, Christianity would be five hundred years in the Philippines. We will celebrate half a millennium of blessings looking forward to the next five hundred as a challenge for a new evangelization. Like any big fiesta, the 2021 Jubilee will be prece de d b y a nove na very much like the simbang gabi novena before Christmas. It will be launched on October 21 this year on the same day that our countryman Pedro Calungsod will be canonized by Pope Benedict XVI. The nine year novena leading to the 2021 Jubilee will be an era of new evangelization.


What is evangelization? Evangelization is the proclamation, witness and implanting of the Gospel given to humanity by our Lord Jesus Christ and the opening up of people’s lives, society, culture and history to the Person of Jesus Christ and to His living community, the Church, says the CBCP Pastoral Letter Live Christ, Share Christ. Evangelization is Jesus in my heart, reaching out to your heart, said Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Evangelization is not about telling people

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9/23/2013, 5:39 PM

The first young man thought he could enter life by a broad road of undisciplined physical living and found he couldn’t; “destruction” set in: he was eliminated. The other was free— free to excel, free to win because he entered life by a narrow gate of disciplined living. Take two young men mentally: One undisciplined, listens to the teacher when he wants to, daydreams when he wants; he is free. The other knows what I learned in a course on memory training: the only thing I can remember about that course in memory training is that it is not a matter of memory, but a matter of attention. You don’t remember because you don’t pay attention when the matter is presented. So don’t say, “I have a bad memory,” but say, “I have bad attention.” This second boy knows that, so he pays attention, and therefore remembers. The examination day comes and renders its verdict: The first boy starts bravely, but soon runs out of facts, gets muddled, perspiration on his brow; destruction sets in, and he fails. The other boy looks at the questions, smiles—old friends. All the sages of all the ages stand beTo page 15

An incipient Sugar Industry

t the end of the year 1890, the province pr od uc ed about 150,000 piculs of sugar which was almost threefold higher compared to only 54,000 piculs ten years before. By December 1892 the total REV. F R. ROMAN C. volume of sugar beSAGUN , JR. ing exported reached 246,000 piculs. El terreno es muy quebrado; pues mientras en unas partes se encuentra sumamente fértil, en otras es completamente arenoso y estéril, habiendo tambien muchas porciones de mangle. The farm-land is very much diminished; though in some parts it is regarded to be very fertile, in others it is completely sandy as well as barren, while also being bufferedby mangrovesin many portions. Lo s productos más principales son la cañadulce y el maiz. La primera se cosecha en los pueblos de Dumaguete, Sibulan, Tanjáy y Bais, en este ultimo con mas abundancia y en el resto el maiz, si bien tambien producen alguna caña, pero en insignificante cantidad. The crops considered the most important are sugar and corn. The first is harvested in the towns of Dumaguete, Sibulan, Tanjáy, and Bais, the latter (town) producing (sugar) in great abundance while it is corn in the other (towns), although they also grow some sugar cane, but it is of an insignificant quantity. Se calcúla en 150,000 picos el azúcar y su valo r e n $ 337,500 y en unos 100,000 cavanes el maiz y su importe en $ 87,000, consumiendo todo este ultimo articulo en la provincia, por ser el alimento principal de sus naturale s, p ue s so lo las familias b ie n acomodadas usan el arroz. It is estimated there are about 150,000 piculs of sugar, valued at 337,500 pesos, and some 100,000 cavans of corn amounting to 87,000 pesos, the latter crop being consumed in the province as it is staple food of the natives, while only well-off families eat rice. Siguen despues otros productos en pequeña escala, como son el palay, tabaco, cacao, café, algodón y abacá; de esta última planta solo se benefician por hoy unos 15,000


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September 22, 2013



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North National Highw ay Airport Area, Sibulan Neg. Or. Tel. No. 035 - 225 – 7139 / 035 – 422 – 4577 Cell. No. 0928-608-2449, 0908-896-5280 E-mail Address: j ras_ai rcon@ ph

Fabricator s of:

BOTICA de SAN ANTONIO de PADUA North National Highway, Campaclan Sibulan, Negros Oriental Dra. Ma. Antonia Cabuhay – Manager Proprietress

HEIDI’S PAWNSHOP “ The Pawnshop with a Heart” Along Sta. Rosa St., Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-7735 & their Newest Branch at Sil liman Ave., Dg te. City Tel. #422-9002

1st Valley Bank, Inc. Sta. Rosa St., Dumaguete City Tel. # (035) 226-3621 Website: Loans, Deposits, Money Transfer &Payment Center

Your Lifetime Friend! Bigger, Brighter, Here to Serve You Better!

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For Lease

BODEGA Ideal for storing stocks. Bantayan, concre te road Fully fe nce dlot, all concre te Goodparking space ,with 24/7 re sident guards. Call 0918929 6047

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September 22, 2013

The Defective ... (S omera) From page 14

suicides, etc. explain why the brain is still defective in its functions. It is not a perfect or reliable organ. Men always argue. They do not have the same or identical views. They might agree on the same idea, but with different opinions (opinions are not facts.) People have different beliefs and ideological system because of various traditions, cultures, and religions that influence their behavior. For instance, St. Thomas More, the English Statesman, author of UTOPIA an imaginary description of an idealistic or perfect state which never existed. But St. Agustin wrote a more realistic book TRUE CONFESSION explaining why man commits sin because of his human pleasurable carnal desires. The above factual discovery proves that our brain is defective because it is still in the process of development. This is the reason why we never find peace, harmony, perfect human relations in this worldwide existence. Probably, this must be the reasons why God the Father sents His only Son Jesus Christ to this imperfect and sinful world to save mankind from total destruction.

The Evil in the ... (O bar)

From page 5

for more pork but also for more power and to stay in power to have dominion over all or to be God, in one sense. That summarizes the evil of Pork Barrel vis-a-vis a democratic, free and libertarian system. The scrapping of the pork barrel will therefore result to a paradigm shift in our democratic systems. With a leveled electoral playing field and with patronage slowly fading away, there will be an emergence and evolution of genuine and principled political parties thereby maturing our democracy and fortifying our freedom and liberty as a people and nation. This will be the far-reaching-effect of scrapping the pork barrel and it will be the best legacy that this age will pass on to the generations to come. It is about time. Let us once and for all prove that the Filipino is not stupid. Have a nice and blessed day everyone.

ANTON’S LECHON BABOY spy!!! Mas pina Cri Located at Candau-ay Dumaguete City Cell no. 09278403930 / Tel no. 421- 0636

Pangitaa lang si Belen

ALKALINE WATER (PH 9.5) Available at


TEL. NO. 422-1179

USAID sends relief supplies for evacuees to Zambo. City BY JENNIFER C. TILO S he United States (US) Embassy in Manila through the US Age ncy for International Deve lopme nt (USAID) delive red re lie f s upplie s to Zamboanga City as it condemns the bombing in Zamboanga City. In a statement from blankets, sleeping pads, toithe US Embassy, essential letries, baby diapers, bottled supplies were transported water and sardines have alto assist the evacuees af- ready been delivered last fected by the clashes be- Sept. 13. The USAID will tween the Moro National also install latrines or portLiberation Front (MNLF) able toilets and water tanks and government military in the area to help provide forces. The first batch of evacuees with access to relief goods consisting of clean water.


Army aims to make NegOr insurgency free next year BY RO I ANTHO NI B. LO MO TAN he 302nd Infantry Brigade of the Philip pine Army based in Negros Oriental aims to make the province insurgency free by 2014. Col. Christopher the army continues to conEstella, Deputy Com- duct Bayanihan Operations mander of the 302nd Infan- to different parts of the try Brigade said the army province. Bayanihan Optargets to clear all towns erations offer a united apin Negros Oriental from proach in solving insurinsurgent threats by De- gency problems since it incember 2013. To do this, To page 15


CSC-7 awards Seal of Excellence to PhilHealth Dumaguete

BY JENNIFER C. TILO S he Civil Service Commiss ion Regional Office (CSCRO7) awarde d Philippine He alth Ins urance Corporation (PhilHealth), Dumaguete branch with the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) Customer Satisfaction Center Seal of Excellence for 2012 at the Ce bu Capitol Social Hall rece ntly. The CSC conducted local health insurance ofa report card survey to rate fice (LHIO) by measuring the performance of the satisfaction level of cliTo page 15 PhilHe alth’s Duma gue te



Ticket Sales and Offices

DELTA Marine International P ty. Ltd. PLEASE CHECK-IN (1) ONE HO UR BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME. Schedul es subject to change without prior notice

Pure drinking Water Reffiling Station



DUMAGUETE CIT Y: Pier 3, Delta Fast Ferries Passenger Terminal Tel. Nos. (035) 400-6043 Cell No. 09214782794 / 09175323588 / 09237380348 Ang Bar ‘Ko Traveler’s Lounge. Flores Ave. , Looc, Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-9432 DIMC Store: Taft S t., Dumaguete City Tel. Nos. 422-9157, 225-4616 SIQUIJOR, SIQUIJOR: Port Area, Siquijor, Siquijor LARENA, SIQ UIJO R: Port Area, Larena, Siquijor Bri nging the islands closer to you.

# 147 Hibbard Ave. Piapi, Dumague te City Te l. Nos. (035)225-8742 & (035) 422-0911

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DUMAGUETE-SI QUIJOR SIQUIJOR-DUMAGUETE *6:00 AM 5:55 AM 9:00 AM 7:00AM 10:15 AM 10:15 AM 1:30 PM 12:30 PM 4:30 PM 3:00 PM LARENA-DUMAGUETE Via Siquijor 5:35 AM * every Monday and Saturday

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September 22, 2013

Call POLICE HOTLINE for suspicious persons, for crimes being comitted, for assistance QUICK RESPONSE


P.E.P. (People, Events, Places)

Educating CWD

he Great Physician Rehabilitation Foundation (GPRehab) has organized a conference to discuss the issue on the education of children with 225-1766 disabilities. Entitled “Educating Children with Disabilities: The Realities and Challenges,” this 0929-2006-999 – SMART is currently being held starting yesterday, Saturday, until 0917-933-0022 – GLOBE today at 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Hotel Palwa, Locsin St., Dumaguete City. Main sp e ake rs are : Mr. Ignaas Demyttenaere, ExNO T I CE Dr.Ramir Uytico, Division Su- ecutive Director of the InstiCommercial Lots for Sale Notice is hereby given that pe rintende nt of the Dep art- tute of Inclusive Education, St. the h eirs of th e late Evarista me nt of Ed ucatio n- Louis University, Baguio City; 213 sqms, along Hibbard Ave., Piapi, two-way trafParto sa, n amely, S alvacio n fic, flood free, clean title @ P3M only Dumag ue te Divisio n; Dr. and,Ms. Cristina A. Domocol, Kitane, Nelson Kitane, Edison 70 sqms, along Hibbard Ave., Piapi, Dgte City, two Grace Tamp us, Re so urce Principal 1, Kindergarten and Kitane and Wilfredo Kitane, Jr., way traffic, flood free, @ 1.4M only and Angelita Q. Elum have filed Special Education Personnel, Special Education Coordinaand executed an affidavit of Ex350 sqms, along Calindagan hi-way, near Lod i Unified Scho ol District, tor, Bais City Division. There BY CECILE M. tra Judicial Settlement of Estate Robinsons, two-way traffic, flood free, @ 4.5M only Lo di, Sto ckto n, Califo rnia, will also be case presentaAmong Heirs upon a parcel of 291 sqms, along City Limit hi-way, two-way traffic, GENOVE USA; Ms.Evita Ngo, Special tio ns o n b est practices in land sit u ated in Barrio o f flood free, clean title @ P15,000/sqm only Education teacher, University Special Education and IncluCalango, Zamboanguita, Negros 868 sqms, along North Road hi-way, two-way trafof Southern Philippines Foun- sive Education to be made by Oriental, covered by Orig inal fic, flood free, clean title @ P17M only Certificate of Title FV-31011, condation and working committee vario us g eneral ed ucatio n po pulation. It is lo wer in the 167 sqms, Villa Adada, flood free, clean title @ taining an area of 12,774 sq. m. member of the Organization and special education teach- Philipp ine s, with the Social P17,000/sqm more or less per Document No. of Rehabilitation Agencies for ers as well as parents. 617 sqms, along Cervantes St., flood free, fully Weather Station estimating that 169, Page No. 35, Book No. X, Inclusio n, Ce b u City; fenced, clean title @ P20M only “This conference is seven percent of the total PhilSeries of 2013 notarized by Atty. Ms.Teresita Ga, Special Edu828 sqms, along Banilad hi-way, two-way traffic, meant to be a venue for ippine population has various Rilt Renart G. Dorado. cation in-charge of the Depart- honest and open evalua- forms of disabilities. Of this, 70 flood free, clean title @ 5.5M only The Negros Chronicle 500 sqms, along Cervantes St., flood free, clean Sept. 15, 22 & 29, 2013 ment of Education-Region 7; tion of all efforts towards percent live in the rural areas. title @ P12M only educating children with Unfortunately, only 1.98 percent 737 sqms, along Hibbard Ave., Piapi, two-way trafdisabilities,” explains of the total number of children fic, flood free, clean title @ P8.5M only Glicel Tamonang, current with disabilities are in school. 3,336 sqms, along E.J. Blanco Rd, two-way traffic, coordinator of GPRehab’s “This conference, the flood free, clean title @ P10,000/sqm only Inclusive Education Pro- first of its kind in the prov1,179 sqms, Taclobo, Dgte City, corner lot, two-way gram. “As it is now, the ince of Negros Oriental, is traffic, flood free, clean title @ P6.8M only Residential Lots for Sale education of children with an initiative towards look1,506 sqms, Daro, Dgte City, corner lot, two-way disabilities is not ading at the challenges and traffic, flood free, clean title @ P20M only LOCATION PRICE Total Lot Area equately addressed de- realities of educating chil300 sqms, along Hibbard Avenue, Dgte. City 250 sqms Junob, Dgte City P420K spite the efforts of the De- dren with disabilities,” con@P7,000/sqms. 300 sqms Talay, Dgte City P350K partment of Education to tinues Ms.Tamonang. “It will 902 sqms, along Hibbard Ave., main house w 3BR, 248 sqms Junob, Dgte City P496K 3 toilet and bath plus 10 bachelor pads, an income strengthen its Special Edu- also look at this issue from generating property of P50K and up income per month, 464 sqms Pulangtubig, Dgte City P1.1M cation Program. We need the Special Education and flood free, clean title @ P11M only to find ways by which these Inclusive Education per837 sqms Pulangtubig, Dgte City P1,700/sqm 306 sqms, along Airport Highway, flood free children can be included spectives, tackling the limi295 sqms Junob, Dgte City P590K clean title at P5M only in achieving the goal of tations of each approach as 290 sqms Batinguel, Dgte City P2,000/sqm Education for All.” well as its best practices.” 913 sqms Junob, Dgte City P2,000/sqm The United Nations has Special Education refers 336 sqms Piapi, Dgte City P4,500/sqm estimated that pe rsons with to the e ducation of pe rso ns 402 sqms Bantayan, Dgte City P1.6M disabilitie s co nstitute abo ut who are gifted or talented, and 650 sqms Bagacay, Dgte City P2,500/sqm 10-15 percent of the world’s To page 12 477 sqms Bagacay, Dgte City P2,000/sqm HOUSE AND LOTS FOR SALE 500 sqms Bacong Neg. Or. P600/sqm 629 sqms Bacong Neg. Or. P600/sqm Bantayan, Dgte City, 261sqms, 3BR, toilet and bath, 1,118sqms West Bal., Valencia Neg. Or. P900/sqm flood free, fully fenced, w various fruit- bearing trees, 425 sqms East Bal., Valencia Neg. Or. P1,300/sqm w road right of way, clean title @ 1.5M only 400 sqms East Bal., Valencia Neg. Or. P1,300/sqm Junob, Dumaguete City, 3 BR; toilet and bath, fully OCEAN VIEW LOTS FOR SALE 400 sqms Tugas Piapi, Dgte City P7,000/sqm furnished @P2.5M 250 sqms Tugas Piapi, Dgte City P7,000/sqm Motong, Dgte City, 504sqms, 3BR, 2 toilet and bath, Balili, Valencia Neg. Or. 20,575sqms, w more 400 sqms Tugas, Piapi, Dgte City P5,700/sqm or less 130 fruit bearing sweet mango trees, w elecflood free, fully fenced, spacious lawn, w/road right of 336 sqms Tugas, Piapi, Dgte City P5,700/sqm tricity and water access, along the road, clean title way, @ 2.2M only @ P400/sqm only 332 sqms Daro, Dgte City P1.4M Tubtubon, Sibulan, 1,311sqms, 4BR, 2 toilet and -------------------------------------------------------------------------------337 sqms Villa Amada, Dgte City P4,500/sqm bath, spacious lawn, flood free, w road right of way, Liptong, Valencia Neg. Or., 910sqms, situated 421 sqms Villa Amada, Dgte City P4,500/sqm 645 feet above Dgte City, overlooking, w electricity clean title @ 2.2M only 535 sqms Motong, Dgte City P2M and water access, along brgy road, clean title @ Bantayan, Dgte City, 498sqms, 3BR, 3 toilet and 1,000 sqms Daro, Dgte City P3,000/sqm P900K only bath, maids quarter, fully fenced, w garage, dirty --------------------------------------------------------------------------------956 sqms Motong, Dgte City P1.8M kitchen, w road right of way, flood free, spacious lawn, San Antonio, Sibulan Neg. Or., 16,279sqms, lo936 sqms Motong, Dgte City P1,000/sqm clean title @ 3.3M only cated 700 feet above Dgte City, ocean view, with 1,000 sqms Motong, Dgte City P1,200/sqm Junob, Dgte City, 183sqms, 3BR, 3 toilet and bath, maids quarroad right of way, w electricity and water access, 3,020 sqms Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. P1.5M ter, fully fenced, w garage, along the road, flood free, clean clean title @ P400/sqm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------title @ 2.4M only 1,270 sqms Cadawinonan, Neg. Or. P2,000/sqm Palimpinon, Valencia Neg. Or., 1,111sqms, situ7,446 sqms Magatas, Sibulan Neg. Or. P1,500/sqm Junob, Dgte City, 225sqms, 2BR, toilet and bath, ated 780 feet above Dgte City, near Tiera Alta, ocean brand new house, fully fenced, w car garage wc can 3,375 sqms Talay, Dgte City P1,000/sqm view, w electricity, water, cable, phone and internet 3,453 sqms Banilad, Bacong (ricefield) P100/sqm accommodate 2 cars, along the road, flood free, clean access, along the road, clean title @ P1,800/sqm 575 sqms Pulantubig, Dgte. City, P1,600/sqm title @ 3.2M only --------------------------------------------------------------------------------8,623 sqms Daro, Dgte. City P2,500/sqm Ugahong, Valencia Neg. Or. 3.2hectares, loCantil-e, Dgte. City, 1,000sqms lot area, 240sqms cated 400 fe et above Dumaguete City, along the 40,152 sqms Isugan, Bacong, NegOr. P200/sqm floor area, spacious living room, dining area, w house road, two sides attached to the road, w electricity 4,568 sqms Junob, Dgte. City P1,300/sqm beside built w native design, 3BR, 2 toilet and bath, and water access, clean title @ P500/sqm only 4,908 sqms Junob, Dgte. City P1,300/sqm maids quarter, spacious and well-maintained lawn, w Contact: 0918-929-6047 2.3 hectares Talay, Dgte. City P12M car garage, fully fenced, flood free, phone line, cable 3,126 sqms Bagacay, Dgte. City P1,500/sqm ready, high-speed broad band, w road right of way, 1,550 sqms Bagacay, Dgte. City P1,500/sqm clean title @ 5.5M only 5,101 sqms Bagacay, Dgte. City P1,500/sqm Bantayan, Dgte City, 300sqms, 3BR, 2 toilet and 339 sqms Valencia, Neg. Or. P700K bath, w garage, fully fenced, w road right of way, flood 5,000 sqms Balayag Manok, Bacong P500/sqm NEW STOCKS free, house newly painted and renovated, phone line, • Sta. Catalina, NegOr. 11 hectares, w/500 fruit bearing, 3 has. rice 3,329 sqms Balayag Manok, Valencia P600/sqm cable ready, clean title @ 5.2M only field w/ waterfalls cascading from a higher ground w/ water 1,118 sqms West Balabag, Valencia P800/sqm Pulantubig, Dgte City, 335sqms, 3BR, 2 toilet and source, along the road, good view, clean title, @2.5M only. 1,000 sqms Talay, Dgte. City P1,200/sqm • Northern Junob, Dgte City, 19,900 sq.m. @ P1,500.00 per sq.m. bath, maids quarter, spacious lawn, w garage, along only 199 sqms Bagacay, Dgte. City P2,500/sqm the road, fully fenced, house facing the rising sun, • Sta. Catalina, NegOr. 4.3 hectares, fully planted with sugar cane, 500 sqms Bagacay, Dgte. City P900K phone line, cable ready, clean title @ 3.2M only along the road, clean title @P20.00 / sqm. only 450 sqms Bagacay, Dgte. City P2,500/sqm • Jimalalud, Neg. Or. 6,844 sq.m. with fruit bearing, coconut trees


Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate

LOTS FOR SALE AroundNegros

Contact: 0918-929-6047

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Contact: 0918-929-6047


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CALL: 0918-929-6047


September 22, 2013

CEAP and ... (Tulabing)

HIV/AIDS : AN ISSUE IN DUMAGUETE? People are not just talking, but sniffing around, with so many foreigners residing in this city, permanently or not, we hear whispers of AIDS victims. What else can you expect? Not only one foreigner has died due to suspected AIDS virus,who was cremated quickly. Above, Health Officer Dr Ma. Sarah Talla lectures about HIV/AIDS infection in the presence of barangay health workers in whose barrios many foreigners reside.

From page 8

what to do but telling people what God has done for them, said Father Raniero Cantalamessa. Evangelization is the life and mandate of Christ Jesus himself, “As the Father has sent me, even so I send you” (John 20:21) and “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you and lo, I am with you always, until the end of time” (Mt 28: 19-20). Why do we call it new evangelization? The first evangelization so to speak is dedicated to the proclamation of the Good News to persons and peoples who, until now, have not known the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ongoing evangelization is

the pastoral care of those already baptized who need to understand better and deepen their grasp of the faith and to live it more genuinely and more fully in all dimensions of life, private and public. New evangelization is primarily addressed to those who have drifted from the Faith and from the Church or to those who have accepted the faith but have not sufficiently allowed the Christian message to transform their personal and social lives. In the context of the Philippines, to whom will be the mission of new evangelization be addressed? Let us look for Jesus among the poor, among the youth and among former Catholics who have drifted from the Church due to scandals, hurts, unresolved confusions and doubts. Jesus is in them. We cannot love Jesus and ignore them. How Jesus dealt with them is how we must reach out to them.

NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Heirs of Rico Bual Saycon, namely: Estela Saycon Cuello, Mercia Saycon Smeets, Gideon Bual Saycon, Samuel BualSaycon and Glenn Reyes Saycon have executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate Among Heirs on personal properties left by the late Rico Bual Saycon, namely: Lot No. 5177 B-1 with an area of 500 sq. meters declared under Tax Declaration No. 93-020-2226 and a Transfer Certificate of Title No. 38235; Lot No. 5156 B2 with an area of 604 sq. meters declared under Tax Declaration No. 93-020-1799 and a Transfer Certificate of Title No. 32500; Lot No. 5756 B-3 with an area of 604 sq. meters declared under Tax Declaration under Tax Declaration No. 93-020-1800 and a Transfer Certificate of Title No. 32501; Lot No. 5156 B-8 with an area of 551 sq. meters declared under Tax Declaration No. 93-020-2798 and a Transfer Certificate of Title No. 109-2012000462; Lot No. 5756 C-2 with an area of 1000 sq. meters declared under Tax Declaration No. 93-020-2319 and a Transfer Certificate of Title No. 40131; all situated in Barangay Cantil-e Dumaguete City registered in the name of RICO BUAL SAYCON and accordance with the provisions of Property Registration Decree and; Lot No. 2811 –A-6-E—7 with an area of 287 sq. meters declared under Tax Declaration No. 93-014-0837 and a Transfer Certificate of Title 12199; Lot No. 2811-A-6-F-1 with an area of 281 sq. meters declared under Tax Declaration No. 93-014-0835 and a Transfer Certificate of Title 19911 all situated Barangay Batinguel, Dumaguete City registered in the of RICO BUAL SAYCON and in accordance with the provisions of the Property Registration Decree; DCDB (Dumaguete City Development Bank) Dumaguete City. Account No. 001-00-00020-7 in the amount of Php 1,400,000.00 (One Million Four Hundred Thousand Pesos); BDO Robinsons Dumaguete City Branch, Account No. 366703510023 in the amount of Php 97,664.94 (Ninety Seven Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Four Pesos And Ninety Four Centavos); Metrobank Dumaguete City Real St. Account Number 3443006050 in the amount of Php 184,384.51 (One Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Pesos and Fifty One Centavos); MetrobankDumaguete City, Real St. – Account No. 1443021645 in the amount of Php 1,322,896.88 (One Million, Three Hundred Twentytwo thousand, Eight Hundred Ninety-six pesos and eighty-eight centavos); UCPB Dumaguete City Branch –Account No. 00301-118845-0 in the amount of Php 178,184.55 (One Hundred Seventy-eight thousand and one hundred eighty-four pesos and fifty-five centavos); UCPB Dumaguete City Branch – Account No. 10301-000646-0 in the amount of Php 70,631.12 (Seventy thousand six hundred thirtyone pesos and twelve centavos); Motor Vehicle -Toyota Corolla Sedan with CR No. 88775728; Honda Motorcycle – CR No. 22953770; per Document No. 144, Page No. 144, Page No. 29, Book No. L, Series of 2013, duly of notorized by Atty. Elizur V. Umbac. The Negros Chronicle Sept. 8, 15 & 22, 2013

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Educating ... (G enove) From page 11

those who have physical, mental, social, or sensory impairment and cultural differences so as to require modification of the curricula, programs and special services, and physical facilities to develop them to their maximum capacity. In the Philippines, Special Education classes are held in special classrooms or centers that only cater to children who have, and/or deemed to have, disabilities. Inclusive education, on the other hand, is an approach where all children, regardless of their abilities, are taught together in one classroom. Although the goal of all learners with di sabi lities is mainstreaming, that is placement in the regular classrooms, chi ldren with disabili ties in most schools continue to receive their instructions in special classes/centers that are separate from those of the regular students. Thus, students who, by virtue of their special needs, require some modified instructions, but who live far away from these speci al centers, cannot complete their primary education because they are referred to them by teachers who hesitate, or even refuse, to admit them into the barangay elementary schools. In the same manner, most chil dren who manifest some form of learning impairment, behavioral problems and, sometimes, physical limitations, but who manage to enter the regular school systems, oftentimes drop out, at times upon the advice of their teachers, because their needs are not met by these very teachers who, through no fault of theirs, lack training on accommodation strategies. “With the universal thrust towards Education for All, there is a big need to, once and for all, come together and honestly discuss the issues, realities, and difficulties in the education of these children. Failure to do so at this point will make us guiltyof committing an injustice to 98 percentof those with disabilities who are not in school because theyare perceived to be ‘special,’” concludes Ms.Tamonang.


September 22, 2013

agri – negosyo Red Wine guikan sa Gabi Efren F. dela Cruz


sa ka produkto sa makuti nga pagdukiduki (re search) sa Visayas State University sa Baybay, Leyte ang nakamugna ug bino nga pula (red wine) guikan sa tapul nga gabi. Ang mga tigdukiduki ubos ang UPLB SEARCA, ug DepEd sa Philro o t Cro p s ng a nga magtinabangay sa pagpaliggipangunahan ni Dr. Julie Tan, on sa Agrikultura nganha sa mga nakahimo ug ilimno n ng a bino pinaagi sa pagsagul sa pangpubliko nga tulunghaan. tapul nga gabi (VG-9) ug pilit Dugangan ang kabaskog sa mga nga humay nga itom–matang tolungha-an sa pag hatag ug lumad sa Baybay gitawag ug kadasig sa mga magtutudlo sa arabon. Matud pa ang maong pag-agak sa mga estudyante sa sinag o l nag b ato n ug mg a p ag g alam sa mg a utanon, e le me nto ng a anaa sa kabulakan ug mga bungahoy sa kasaran nga “red wine”, sama ilang luna sa tunghaan. sa protena, vitamina ug mga Ang susama nga kalihukan minerals. Sa pagproseso niini, gihimo na sa usa ka tunghaan ang kinuskus nga gabi ug didto sa Thailand. Gamay ra ang itom nga bugas, lung- ang mga estudyante, apan agon sagul ang “ragitape” nanaghupot kini sila ug lumad nga guikan sa Indonesia. nga manok sa ilang tonghaan. Ang gigamos nga Guihimo kini nga kumon ug produkto mohatag ug 450 kada usa nila maka-on ug itlog mililetro nga bino sa usa ka sa manok matag adlaw. Mga kilo nga kombinasyon sa 200 lang kabuok ang manok ug gabi ug itum nga bugas. Nganong di man sad ang kapin nga itlog ila na nga sulayan ang tapol nga ibaligya aron makatabang sa ilang mga ginikanan. bugas? Mahimo nato kini – kugihi xxxxx Dili pa dugay, nakiglada-ay lamang.



Ask St. Claire for three favors-one business, two impossible. Then say nine Hail Mary’s for nine days with lighted candle. Pray whether you believe or not. Publish on the 9th day. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified and loved today and everyday throughout the world, forever the ever. Amen. Your request will be granted no matter how impossible it may seem./JG

O Most Blessed Trinity, I Thy unworthy creature, thank Thee for all the gifts and privileges which Thou didst grant to St. Gerard, especially for those virtues with which Thou didst adorn him on earth and the glory which Thou dost impart to him in heaven. Accompl ish Thy work, O Lord, for the greater edification of Holy Church. Glorify him before men, and through his merits, in union with those of Jesus and Mary, grant me the grace for which I ask. . . And you, my powerful intercessor St. Gerard, always so ready to help those who have recourse to you, pray also for me. Prostrate yourself before the throne of Divine Mercy and do not leave it without being heard. To you I confide this important and urgent affair. . . Graciously take my cause in hand, and let me not end this novena without having experienced in some way the effect of your intercession. Amen./JMG

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC I, Jonah Marie Zerna, inform the public that one (1) stub of official receipt belonging to St Peter Life Plan, Inc., was lost somewhere between Bayawan and Dgte., last August 21, 2013 with Series No. ‘014501 to 014550. Whoever found it, kindly return it to St Peter Office Room 206 Plaza Doña Milagros Building Dgte City, and a reward will be given. Pls contact Mobile 09262663788 The Negros Chronicle Sept. 15, 22, & 29, 2013

An incipient ... (Sagun)

From page 8 fardos en toda la provincia; pero en varios de sus pueblos se ván dedicando con especialidad al cultivo de ella, haciendose muchas plantaciones, no estando lejós quizá de que su producto sea la mayor riqueza como lo es hoy el de la cañadulce, aconsecuencia de que various agricultores ván comprendiendo los resultados mas ventajosos que ha de reportar el abaca que la cañadulce. Besides, on a small scale there areother products like rice, tobacco, cacao, coffee, cotton and abaca; of the last mentioned plant, there are about 15,000 bundles being cultivated in the entire province; but in several of its towns, there are many plantations especially dedicated to its cultivation, and perhaps the time is not far that this crop may be the (source) of great wealth as it is true today for the sugar cane, and as a consequence several farmers are realizing the more profitable yield that abaca brings than sugar cane.

Lot for Sale Vista Mar Sibulan (Seaside Hill Top Village) Lot 4, Block 3/240sq.m. Contact: 0917-526-0683 0917-513-8764

NOVENA TO ST. RITA Feast, May 22 HOLY PATRONESS of those in need, St. Rita, so humble, pure and pati ent, whose pl eadi ngs with your Divine Spouse are irresisti ble, obtain for me from your Cruci fi ed Jesus the request I make of you. (Mention it.) Be propitious towards me for the greater gl ory of God, and I prom ise to honour you and to sing your praises forever. O glorious St. Rita, who miraculously partici pated in the sorrowful P assion of O ur Lord Jesus Chri st, obtai n for m e the grace to suffer w ith resi gnati on the troubles of this l ife, and protect me in all my needs. Amen. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father (3 times)./ JMG

Lot for Sale Valencia corner lots Bongbong 2 lots 500 sq. meter each Contact: 0917-526-0683/ 0917-513-8764

Prayer To The Holy Spirit Oh Holy Spirit, who make me see everything and show me the way to reachmy ideal. You who gave me the DIVINE GIFT to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and who are in all instances of my life with me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desires, may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in Your perpetual glory. AMEN. Any person must pray this for 3 consecutive day without stating one’s wish. After the 3 rd day you wish will be granted no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to publish this as soon as your favor has been granted./N.J.A.

TO. ST. THERESE OF THE CHILD JESUS The Littl e Flower Feast, October 3 I GREET YOU, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, lily of purity, ornament and gl ory of Chri stianity! I sal ute you, great saint, seraph of Div ine Love. I rejoice at the fav ours our Blessed Lord Jesus has liberall y bestowed on you. In hum ility and confidence I entreat you to help m e, for I know that God has giv en you charity and pity as well as power. On then, behold my distress, my anxi ety, my fears. O h, tell Him now my wants. One sigh from you wi ll crown m y success, will fill me with joy. Remember your promi se to do good on earth. O btai n for m e from God the graces of our Divine Lord, especially. . . Amen./ JMG

Beach House for Rent in Panglao, Bohol Located between Bohol Beach Club and Eskaya Beach Resort Up to 16 persons (2) Aircon Rooms, Attic Fenced garden for group activities. Cooking Facilities Good for large families, officemates, schoolmates & barkadahan Call: 09189131766 For as low as P400/pax/night

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September 22, 2013


The Defective Human Brain “All men are liable to error…” – John Locke ccording to scientific anthropological findings our human brain is still undergoing gradual e volutionary change s . Hence , man, in many of his activities and behavior is never perfect. So, we have to unde rstand why we deal so poorly with the demands of our world.


Disaster Awareness Caravan


n order to pre pare the community, e specially thos e residing in disaste rprone barangays, the City Government of Dumaguete in cooperation with Smart Communications , Inc. will hold a 3-day disaster aware ness caravan on Septembe r 26-28, 2013. Some 500 families from barangays Bagacay, Balugo, Banilad, Buñao, Cadawinonan, Calindagan, Candau-ay, Junob, Mangnao and Tabuc-Tubig that were affected by typhoon

Sendong are expected to join the caravan. The said activity will commence with a press conference on September 26 to be attended by Smart and City Hall Officials.

City Administrator William Ablong said participants will be given tips on how to prepare themselves during disasters like putting together emergency kits, such as food, clothing, flashlight, among others.

DILG Seminar - 8:00am-5:00pm Joshua 1 • Happy 60th Bithday Betsy Joy B. Tan - 6:00pm-8:00pm - Jordan1&2 • GCGI Meeting - 6:00pm-8:00pm Agape -----------------------------------------------------------------

24 •

DILG Seminar - 8:00am-5:00pm Joshua 1


DILG Seminar - 8:00am-5:00pm Joshua 1 25 •• NFA Conference - 8:30am-2:00pmJordan 1 • Kapihan sa PIA - 9:00am-11:00am Joshua 2 -----------------------------------------------------------------

26 •

DILG Seminar - 8:00am-5:00pm Joshua 1 • Phil. Association of Water Districts Conference- 12:00pm-5:00pm - Joshua 2 -----------------------------------------------------------------

27 •

Dok Alternatibo - 9:00am-3:00pm Jordan 2 • ALBOR Meeting - 11:00am-2:00pm - Jordan 3 -----------------------------------------------------------------

28 •

Pfizer / NOMS Post Graduate Course - 11:00am-5:00pm - Joshua 1&2 • Tabasuares - Badon Wedding 5:00pm-7:00pm - Jordan 1&2 -----------------------------------------------------------------

29 ••

Happy Christening Julian Miguel Villariza - 11:30am-1:30pm - Joshua 1 Calvary Baptist Tanjay Ext. 3:00pm-5:00pm - Jordan 3 • Jesus is Lord - 5:30pm-7:30pm - Joshua 2

KA DOC Agrivet H&J Ong Bldg., Colon St., Dumaguete City (beside City Central Elem. School) Tel. No. 421-2972


Patrick Antonio and Wison Ong Broadstocks to be raffled off monthly! P200 purchase = 1 raffle coupon

Plus FREE gamefowl consultation with Dr. Cassion!

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* 3,000,000 years ago; hominids bid goodbye to the apes. * 2,000,000 years ago; first tools were created. * 60,000 years ago; first flowers were found in graves. * 40,000 years ago; first use of fire. * 35,000 years ago; modern man appeared and language evolved. * 13,000 years ago; grain was ground. * 10,000 years ago; last ice

With these important findings now we can fully understand that the immediate cause of our destructiveness in this life is the gross inefficiency of the human brain. We were basically taught that our brain is a marvel of complexity, the billions of cells serving such

age ended. 9,500 years ago; first complicated settlement. * 7,000 years ago; early switch from hunting and gathering to agriculture. * 6,500 years ago; the Old Kingdom of Egypt.

indicated partial completion and due to partially funded undertakings. That is why the governor wants a full release of the next P480-M in order to finish the job before another tyhphoon or floods occur. But this has been hampered by major disallowances of the Commission onAudit (COA) and even concurred upon by the Dept of Budget and Management DBM.(see headline story) The governor welcome inspectors team from the COA orMalacanang, to see for themselves the real score. Recently mass com-

From page 8 people and evil situations. Conversely, this means saying “Yes” to honest people and to morally upright ways of managing our organized community life. This, however, is easier said than done. Let’s imagine ourselves in an office of a government agency where cheating, lying and stealing money belonging to others are the norm. We can feel immense pressure to conform to those practices. If we do not “go with the flow” as it were, our office mates may mock, deride, insult, alienate and even threaten us. Picture a judge who refuses to sell his decision to the highest bidder. In contempt or perhaps

George to ...

8th Lotong ...

SK no polls ...

From page 1

From page 5 gets P5,000. For non-winners, consolation prize of P2,500 cash and certificates of appreciation will be awarded by the Lutong Garbo Competition committee. Local culinary talents are encouraged to participate in the challenge with the endorsement from local chief executive or head of an institution. The contestant is required to cook a recipe good for 10 persons.  Food preparation will be judged according to the following criteria: palatability, 40 percent; originality, 40 percent; texture, 10 percent and dish presentation, 10 percent.  Participants  are  asked to submit their entry form and recipe to the Provincial Tourism Office, Sidlakang Negros Village, E.J. Blanco Drive, Dumaguete City. (mbcn/JCT/PIA7- Negros Oriental)

From page 1

23 •


munication students were assigned recently inAugust to take pictures of the actual job done. The CHRONICLE is publishing these pictures elsewhere in this edition. The governor’s trusted team of engieners in the P480-miliion controversial projects are: ENGINEERS: Aida Jimar taking charge of the river control projects in Dumaguete , Sibulan and Bacong; Eduardo Brillo, who is ontop of the river controls in Amlan, Tanjay and Bais cities; BoboyJabel, covering the river control projects of Amio, and SicopongSta Catalina and Siaton; all river control projects from Dauin to Basay in the south.

Degamo trusts ...


Consider the following timetable:

improve his acceptability with the intellectual and business sectors who expect him to provide sustainable and improve economic impetus for the province, including the opening of new avenues of investment for Negros Oriental. The camp of Governor Degamo issued the standard statement that it’s-still-tooearly-to-discuss-political affairs , but Arnaiz, a former three-term Governor now on his final third-term as district representative, was known to be straightforward and firm when discussing his political plans. Another possible handicap of Arnaiz will be the fact the his P70million annual pork barrel for the second district will soon be rechanneled to government line agencies if the present controversial pork trend continues. (By Dems Demecillo)

It Begins ...


From page 2 gress has agreed to defer the polls to 2016 to give way for the reforms needed to truly provide meaningful representation to the youth in the various levels of government. In quick succession last week, the Senate and the House of Representatives passed measures postponing the SK elections to 2016. The House version provided that


Fellow, Philippine Psychiatric Association

functions as rational thought, emotion, coordination, and perception. But we have to understand that because of its continuing development, it has not been fully developed yet and therefore, we still expect deficiencies in its functions. We might tolerate such minor deficiencies like mistakes, poor memory, slip of the tongue, forgetfulness, etc, but the gross inhumanities like war, cruelties, the slaughter of millions of innocent people, failures of marriages, dishonesties, corruptions, frequency of To page 10 in admiration, his less honourable fellow judges may say of him/her, “Nasira ang kanyang utak.” Imagine being labelled stupid for being fair and just! It is not easy to be morally upright in the midst of entrenched wrongdo ing . Mo re than two thousand years ago, a man fro m Nazare th preached and lived out God’s liberating truth. Those who felt judged and convicted by that truth opposed him. When they could not give lie to His truth, they silenced the tongue that spoke it.Indeed, we could pay a very high price for our earnest desire and diligent effort to me nd our morally b roken Motherland. Let there be a culture of honesty, but let that shining virtue begin with me, with each of us. “all incumbent SK officials shall not remain in office after the expiration of their terms on November 30, 2013.” Furthermore, “all SK officials,who are ex-officio members of the Sangguniang Bayan, Sangguniang Panglungsod and Sangguniang Panalalawigan shall not continue to serve as such members in the Sanggunians concerned after the expiration of their terms.”

HOKAIDO AUTO PARTS Cervantes St., Cor. Sta. Rosa, Dgte. City Te l. # 226-1992, 422-7352

9/23/2013, 5:39 PM

w/ Branches in Bayawan and Tanjay, Negros Oriental


September 22, 2013

Can You Be ...


From page 6

desert of spiritual dryness in the midst of overflowing material wealth. Our own strength can fail us. We grow old and our memory is not as good as it used to be. Our health is unpredi ctable as the world’s economy. We get easi ly discouraged and most often we are the worst cri tic of our own selves. Fear of what we cannot do and what people say can paralyze the task that God has prepared for us to do. Many times we feel useless, beaten and dri ven to do things to merely survive. So a day can becom e a drearyroutine of living a life of mediocrity in God’s standards. We are often caught in the hastiness of the day that we forget to spend time in prayer, a quiet time with our God who anticipates our every need. We can be the wick that gives off light, but we need to get that unlimited supply of oil from our faithful provider who is God. His oil never runs dry.

When the ...

(M ercado)

From page 6

Revilla Jr, earlier reports said Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, 89, is dubbed “Tanda” or “old man”.. “Kuya” and “Sexy” are the handles for Sen. Jinggoy Estrada. An entry in one note says P20 million was allotted for “Kuya” and “Sexy.” Jinggoy Estrada, denied ever meeting Luy .Mamatay man ( “Let me die if I’m telling a lie”),” Estrada, told Inquirer. Wai t. No need to lay down one’s life for one’s pork. All Estrada needs to remember the Dec. 14, 2000 hearing of the impeachment case against President Joseph Estrada. . Testitmony showed Jingoy hefted the name “Jingle Bells” then connection with jeuteng payoffs. Witness Em ma Lim said she’d brought P5 million money to M alac anang . Witness, Menc huItchon. acc om panied jueteng auditor Yolanda Ricaforte

CSC-7 awards... From page 14 ents availing of its frontline services. The survey results for PhilHealth-Dumaguete showed an overall client satisfaction of 85 percent.Clients gave an 89.46 percent rating on the quality of service they received and an 87.89 percent rating for how they were treated by the frontline service provider. Thus, PhilHealth continues to improve on its service delivery, and it welcomes feedback from the public and from other stakeholders like the CSC as these provide input to its performance evaluation and monitoring mechanism.

Army aims ... From page 14 volves cooperation between the military, local government units and national government agencies like the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The DAR and the DENR are involved due to land reform problems that contribute to factors of insurgency.

NC Sept. 22, 2013 issue.pmd

His love never fails. The hope that comes from His promises is the living water that we draw our strength from. We need to pray to see people and circumstances through His perspective. Like the wick we need a little bit of trimming and pruning once in a while to remove the blackened edge to give way to a fresh start. A fresh appreciation to people who have been part of our daily lives, they became too close that we barely see them or their value. The question is are we willing to go through the process to give light? It requires time, availabilityand sacrifice. We need to immerse and soak ourselves in His presence. We should allow that oil of love, hope, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, patience, encouragement to flow through so it can become light for others to see. We can be vessels of these wonderful virtues if we are dipped into the ultimate and inexhaustible source who is God. Not by your might or power but by His Spirit. to President Estrada where setting up of a casino, called Fontainbleau, using jueteng money was discussed. Ricaforte has since fled the country. So did Senator Juan Ponce Enrile’s former chief of staff : Jessica Lucil a “Gigi” Gonzales-Reyes – two days after Whistleblower No 11 testified she received huge sums from Napoles. “ History repeats itself,” ,” the noted lawyer Clarence Darrow once wrote. “And that’s one of the things that’s wrong with history. Look at the track rec ord of whistleblowers here. Banker Clarissa Ocampo testified that Joseph Estrada signed the notori ous Jose Velarde account—which she refused to certify. Threats cascaded in. And she had to leave the country for while. She has now joined ABS/CBN Auditor Heidi Mendoza testified on her documentation of a P510million theft by the AFP Comptroller’s Office. Gen. Carlos Garcia has been c onvicted. But a partisan Commission on Appointments refused to confirm PresidentAquino’s appointment of Mendoza as Commission on Audit commissioner — up to this day. “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down,” the Filipino axiom warns. Ensign Philip Pestaño bucked in 1997 the misuse of Navy boats to haul illegal lumber and drugs. He was shot i n hi s cabin. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales reinstituted murder charges stalled for decades. Marian Sc hool of Quezon City academic supervisor Antonio Calipjo Go exposed flawed textbooks. False charges were filed against him and some columnists smeared him. Education Secretary Bro. ErminLuistro, FSC, visited Go to officially convey the Aquino administration’s admiration for his whistle blowing. Yet, a Quezon City court, upon complaint of a giant publishing company raked profits from miseducating generations thru flawed textbooks, convicted for Antonio Calipjo Go for what? “Light threats”.

Native House for Sale

Du ma g u et e/ Valen c ia, Negros Oriental lot area-2000 sq. m w/fruit trees and pig pen for 20 pigs. House area-200 sq.m. 7 bedrooms and 3 CR wifi accessible. Price 4M negotiable serious buyers only. Licensed brokers are welcome. Con tact Mae +639278621709, Andy +639157257051



Salamat, Manong Stephen

Del ivere d du ring the f unera l ser vice for the late PO2 Stephen P. Duran, 53, on 16 Sept. 2013. He ha d b een in a c oma si nce 23 Aug. 2 013 due to a motorcycle accident. He died on 13 Sept. 2013, and is survived by his wife, Milagros, and son, Mel Steven. Stephen was the second son of the late Mauro C. Duran Sr. and Sandra Perez. His other brothers are Mauro Jr., Mitchell, Stewart Anthony, and Mark. Go d l ooked ar oun d H is garden an d fou nd an empty place. H e then loo ked down upon the earth and saw your tired face. He put His arms around you and lifted you to re st . G od ’s garde n m us t b e bea ut ifu l; He al wa ys takes the best. He s aw th e r oa d was ge tt ing r ough and t he hills were hard to climb, So He closed your weary eyelid sand whispered “Peace be thine.” It broke our hearts to lose you but you didn’t go alone, For part of us went with you, the day God called you home. We thank our Almighty God for the blessing of the life of Manong Stephen. He wa s a d ear s on, br ot her, h us ban d, fa the r, nephew, cousin, neighbor, classmate, comrade in arms, friend. He was all these, and more. He now leaves us momentarily. He will be missed. And we will remember him always. On behalf of our family, we offer our heartfelt thanks to all of you for sustaining us in your prayers , kind words o f comfort, tokens of support , loving prese nce, expressio ns of care and understanding, and simply being there when we needed you most. Thank Thank Thank Thank

you you you you

to his teachers, superiors, and colleagues in the PNP service. to the kind souls who rushed him to the hospital on that fateful day of August 23 rd . to all the doctors and nurses and caregivers. to our prayer warriors.

And to those who have shared your time and presence to lighten our burden and grief: Manong Stephen is alive in you all. Our family is much, much bigger now, for God has given us the gift of you. We praise and glorify God for this wonderful blessing. To Ma nong Step hen, dagh ang sala mat! May you always walk in the sunshine, and God’s beauty around you flow, for the happiness you gave us, no one will ever know.

Pagayo-ayo, among igsuon. Rest in peace.

You are now finally in your true home.

The Narrow Way

(From page 8) fore him and are at his service; he writes confidently, easily, stands at the top of his class. He entered by a narrow gate of discipline and was free, at home, in the realm of knowledge. A master violinist touches his violin and can make you feel anything; he makes you march with him to martial music, makes you turn and sit with him by the seashore with the moonlight upon the quiet waters. He does it easily, masterfully. Why? I ask him. His reply: “This way was narrow. I’ve practiced and practiced for years to do that. I entered this freedom through the narrow gate of disciplined practice.” But suppose I should say: “This is bondage. I believe in being free.” So I bang on any note on the piano I want to bang on. I might be free to do that, but you wouldn’t be free to listen. You would ask, “What are you doing?” My reply, “I’m practicing musical self-expression.” Your reply: “You have no musical self to express.” A man said, “I’m in harmony with chaos.” That’s what I would be in harmony with—chaos. The modern man is trying to be free through the broad road of self-expression, regardless of morality. It is ending exactly as Jesus said: in “destruction.” The modern man is in harmony with chaos, a problem to himself and others. He is problem-centered, and he is a problem. The deepest conviction of my life is this: Self-surrender is the way to self-expression. You realize yourself only as you renounce yourself. You find God when you renounce yourself as God. The self is trying to play God, trying to organize life around itself as God, and it simply doesn’t back it. None of your sums add up, except to nonsense. You have to lose your life to find it. You have to lose your life in a higher will and work out that will, and then you find your life again.

9/23/2013, 5:39 PM


40 40


PWD robbed


certain Elizabeth Canlas y Espino, 56, single of Pal Subdivision, barangay Batinguel, Dumaguete City reported to the police that her adopted son was robbed by three unidentified suspects Thursday morning. The victim was identified as one Noel Canlas, 23, a person with disabilities, also a resident of said place. Investigation showed that Canlas was walking near Taclobo High School when three unidentified

suspects believed to be students suddenly approached him and one allegedly snatched his cellphone. After the incident, the suspects fled away. Police are still investigating the incident.

Drug pusher falls


hill Sike Ratunil, 28, a re s ide nt of Barangay San Miguel, Bacong town was caught in the act selling suspected shabu by the intel operative s of Bacong PNP led by PSI Jaime S. Tole ntino and the PDEA las t M onday e ve ning. Seized from the sus- and media representative pect were two transparent Joinny Cahilog witnessed plastic sachets containing the inventory of seized suspected shabu powder items. and P500 bill. Subject is now in poDOJ representative Lemuel Lagahit, Barangay lice custody of Bacong Captain Anacarito Aranas PNP, report said.

City joins clean-up


he City Gove rnme nt of Dumague te through the Environme nt and Natural Re s ource s Office (ENRO) ye s te rday joined the whole world in the observance of International Coastal and Waterways Clean-Up through the conduct of various clean-up activitie s. The activity was par- served worldwide every ticipated in by various third week of September schools, colleges, universi- and is now on its fifteeth ties, local and national gov- year. ernment agencies and priIt is also aimed to vate institutions. bring closer socio- civic ENRO Chief Rey and communities among Awayan said the interna- ourselves to save our tional coastal and water- mother earth, Awayan ways clean-up is being ob- said.



he Dumague te City Hall Employe e s M ulti-Purpos e Coope rative (DUCHEM CO) re cently conducte d a two-day live-in seminar on Inter-Personal Relation at Sis te r of M ount Carme l Re tre at Ce nte r in Balugo, Dumague te City on Se pte mbe r 20-21, 2013. Nathalie Faburada, Panzo, chairman of the perworking manager of sonnel committee of DUCHEMCO said the DUCHEMCO said that seminar was aimed to un- “even if we work on difderstand oneself as an in- ferent areas, we still need dividual person, motivate to refresh and enhance our so we can give group towards continuous knowledge better, if not the best servdevelopment and enhance ice”. unity and camaraderie Rev. Fr. Carmelito among members and em- Limbaga, Jr., parish priest ployees. of Tayawan, Siaton was the For his part, Marlon resource speaker.

Barangays to establish MRF


he Environment and Natural Re sources Office (ENRO) will be free from colle cting the voluminous garbage from the 30 barangays in Dumaguete City once the material recovery facilitie s (MRF) will be established in every barangay. ENRO head Rey P200,000 for the construcAwayan told the tion of said project. Meanwhile, Awayan CHRONICLE that the MRF in Barangay Junob urged the residents and the which is the pilot barangay officials of the 30 is almost finished and will barangays in the city to be operational at the help them in solving the garbage problem in the city soonest possible time. He said that the city and not just rely on their government has allocated office.

NC Sept. 22, 2013 issue.pmd


September 22, 2013 Pork stakeholders ... From page 1 They expounded on their positions during a press freedom round table discussion on the issues surrounding the pork barrel scam. The forum was initiated by the DumaguetePress/ Radio Club, Inc in celebration of Press Freedom Week which ended yesterday , the 41st anniversary of martial law in the Philippines. It was covered live by Sky cable TV, and DYEMfm Bai Radio with delayed telecast by FilProducts Cable TV. Silliman President Dr. Ben Malayang said that he has four possible solutions so as to cut the temptations of graft within the bureaucracy. First, eliminate the wide discretion of powers that be in determining where their respective porks will go. Second, Malayang suggested that all expenditures under the pork barrel menu, must be itemized to the last detail ; more efficient monitoring and that the interests of the people must be upheld above all else. Another pork scam reactor at the press freedom forum held at the newly refurbished DumaguetePress Club conference hall, was Eduard Du, president of NOCCI chamber of commerce. Ed Du said that pork has been used as tool of the executive to muster support and punish their political enemies in congress. Pork also perpetuates the cycle of political patronage among politicians and their constituents. Every legislator is given the same amount of pork barrel without considering which province need it the most. Councilor and former law dean Saleto Erames told the press freedom forum that this culture of corruption is a vicous cycle in that it has already seeped into the very fiber of morality in the government sector. Former Gov. Petit Baldado said that the removal of the power of the purse by congress has given hope for the people to restore their trust in their government. Mayors League Pres. Bentham dela Cruz of Amlan said that pork which has been administered efficiently and equitably in the second district has made local mayors accountable and responsible for the projects identified by Congressman Arnaiz. The general trend it seems is that the people want the pork barrels from the president down to his last legislator should now be replaced with a more responsible system of granting the funds, erstwhile pork barrel, and now funds for line agencies to implement the people’s projects.

expat Estate Planning for Unmarried Partners nmarried partners(other than same sex couples under U.S. law) living in the Philippines do not enjoy the protections and benefits that are available to married BY ROBERT L. WOLFF couples under U.S. and Philippine law. For example, unmarried partners are not entitled to an intestate share of the estate, nor do they have a statutory right to a share of their partner’s estate, as spouses do, to mention a few of the rights that a spouse has. When unmarried couples partner is not on the list. of a deathbed marriage, alare planning their estates, they So, if an unmarried indi- though such a marriage need to understand the disad- vidual doesn’t make specific may be subject to chalvantages unmarried couples provisions for their partner, by lenge by family members if face and learn about the es- will or, better yet, by trust, then the ailing partner’s capactate planning strategies avail- upon death, the surviving part- ity is diminished. This ab le to unmarried couple s. ner will likely receive nothing. does not resolve all the isThe planning becomes more The surviving partner could be sues unmarried couples complex where there is prop- le ft without any asse ts and face under U.S. and Philiperty located both in and out- could e ven b ecome ho me- pine law, but doing someside the Philippines. less. Therefore, if unmarried thing is better than doing Unless an individual partners intend to benefit each nothing. provides otherwise in a other upon death, they must The unmarried co up le will, upon his or her death, plan ahead. can d o wills to contro l how his or her assets located in There are three basic their estate will be distributed. the Philippines will be dis- strategies unmarried cou- To avoid problems, unmarried tributed according to the ples can use to protect partners should take the followPhilippine’s law of intes- themselves - get married, ing precautions to minimize tacy. Philippine law pro- do a will, a trust, or use Tes- the risk of challenges to their vides that if an individual tamentary substitutes to will: Make sure the will is propdies intestate, part of their dispose of their estates. erly executed, include specific estate must pass to spe- The unmarried partners statements designed to refute cific heirs. The intestacy may obtain the benefits lack of capacity, retain separules have a priority list available to a married cou- rate attorneys, include an in setting forth the order in ple by entering into a mar- terrorem o r “no co nte st” which heirs of the decedent riage before the death of clause . This clause would will inherit the decedent’s one of the partners. This disinherit an unsuccessful will estate. Their unmarried will work even in the case To page 18


9/23/2013, 5:39 PM


September 22, 2013

PNP local... From page 1

This money is intended to help legally distressed policemen who are facing court suits, and for payment of litigation in any administrative or criminal charge against them. This is taken from their hazard pay of P1,200 per quarter. The question is: where is this money now? Who is holding this money? This question was raised by Supt. Alet Virtucio, Officer-InCharge of the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office. The office of provincial police director has changed hands so many times already. It’s been a problem since 2005 and persisted amid a succession of provincial police directors; but under the new Chairman of the Legal Assistance Board, the full and comprehensive ac-

counting of approximately a minimum of P 2.5 million in legal aid contributions by all police officers belonging to the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office has commenced. Pursuant to its objective of providing legal assistance to their colleagues who face administrative and criminal suits, which are service related, NOPPO has imposed P 60.00 mandatorycontributionper policemanfrom their P 1,200.00 quarterly hazard pay eight years ago. Thus, from 2005 up to the present some P 2, 496,000.00 have been collected assuming that P 240.00 was deducted from every policeman per year multiplied1, 300, the number of personnel assigned at NOPPO or an annual collection of P 312, 000,00 further multiplied by 8 representing the number years

that the scheme has been implemented. Supt. AletVirtucio, Officer-In-Charge of the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office, admitted that there is a growing but reasonable demand from the rank-and-file for the Board to bare the expenditures charged against the fund and to reveal what happened to the unused contributions of the previous years especially that only P 7,000.00 of financial legal aid is granted per case regardless of the number of policemen involved. He said that there was already an initial audit report but it was incomplete and did not satisfy his directive for a full disclosure of the expenses incurred and the status of the unexpended fund. SP04 Crispin Lacorte, the newly-assumed Chairman of the Legal Assistance Board, confirmed that the audit is ongoingbut it will take time to fully present the figures to satisfy the concerns of their colleagues. But both Virtucio and Lacorte agreed that it was a bit imprudent for the previous board officials to keep the cash and sums in a vault at the camp, when depositing the same to the banks would safeguard the integrity of the collections. “We plan to summon the former Finance Officer and the Treasurer, who is unfortunately ill after suffering a stroke, to shed light on the issue,” said Lacorte. He assured that after the 9-member Board convenes, the financial reports will be consolidated to be presented before the Provincial Director and if permitted by his superiors, to the public. Nevertheless, there is still no certainty if the mandatory contribution will be halted this quarter. (By Dems Demecillo)

Capitol confirms ... From page 2

ronmental Compliance Certificate. The contractor is interested in extracting magnetite sand deposits particularly at the mouth of the river spanning 19.8 hectares. Pursuant to the Provincial

2,894 scholars ... From page 2

sumed to have been retained by her successor and kin Cong. Manuel Iway. Congressmen Pryde Henry Teves and George Arnaiz are reportedly joining forces with their colleagues in trying to devise a mechanism that will allow their scholars to continue their studies with the Commission on Higher Education possiblyshouldering the payments charged against an appropriation for college scholarship introduced as a line item in the national budget. Many scholars com-

NC Sept. 22, 2013 issue.pmd


DBM backs COA disallowance

47 New KBP ... From page 20

will be based on the evaluation of their station manager. In short, if the broadcaster is a consistent violator of the Broadcast Code, the one directly responsible will be the station manager who thru his evaluation has allowed the erring broadcaster to go on air. The local KBP chapter head Michael Palma confirmed that the KBP board has also agreed that any announcer who violates the Broadcast Code may be suspended by the station manager and that all stations have agreed to support such decision of the station manager, and will not receive nor hire such erring broadcaster to any local station as a gesture of mutual respect to management’s decision..

P45 million pork ... From page 2 ment Fund. Estacion said that by practice the Vice-Governor is entitled three times what the BMs get or P 9 million for 2014. Vice- Governor Mark Macias has earlier declared that the provincialgovernment has scrapped the scheme in which each BM has the prerogative to identify the projects and beneficiaries similar to the national pork barrel system. In January, the former Vice- Governor Jun Arnaizand Board Members were allotted P 1 million for their priority projects that were used up before the May elections concluded. Just recently, the reelected Board members were given additional P 300,000 mainly for their office’s consumption while the newly- elected BMs received P 500,000 in total appropriation for their identified projects duly approved by the Governor effective until the end of the year. (By Dems Demecillo)

Mining Ordinance, the operations of the contractor must be limited from 6:00AM to 6:00PM daily. Dredging and deepening activities of the Tanjay River is a priority of the Local Government Unit to minimize the threats of flood along the coastal communities as what happened when Tropical Storm Sendong unleashed deluged several villages in 2010.


(From page 1) BY ATTY. JAY I. DEJARESCO incur obligations on the basis of a withdrawn SARO and eventually utilized the funds for the implementation of infrastructure projects sans the required DPWH validation,” Abad noted. “The implications of such actions by the Province is properly dealt with by the Commission on Audit (COA), as the agency responsible for the review and audit of utilization of public funds,” Abad said. “The COA is indeed the proper office to report the propriety of the utilization of public funds such as that made by the Province of Negros Oriental relative to the withdrawn SARO No. RO VII-12-0009202,” Abad added. The 1987 Constitution provides that “The Commission on Audit shall have the power, authority, and duty to examine, audit, and settle all accounts pertaining ….expenditures or uses of funds and property, owned or held in trust by, or pertaining to, the Government, or any of its subdivisions, agencies, or instrumentalities.” LATEST AUDIT In its latest audit report in 2013, the Commission on Audit (CoA) has found that the P961,550,000.00 infrastructure projects for the repair and rehabilitation of rivers and bridges in Negros Oriental are illegal. As a consequence of its audit findings, the CoA has recommended that the provincial government: 1. Stop all on-going projects under implementation pursuant to the awarded contracts amounting to P955,122,944.12; 2. Comply with the Notices of Disallowances (N.D.) which the CoA had issued in 2012 (ND Nos. 2012-139(100) to 2012-149-100(12) of P143,268,441.59; 3. Henceforth, not to make further payments on all contracts relating to the projects of P955,122,944.12. The CoA has explained to the CHRONICLE that a Notice of Disallowance is a written notice issued to the head of agency, in this case the governor, and concerned officers when a transaction is disallowed in audit for being illegal. The audit disallowance shall be settled by the persons liable through payment or restitution, or by any modes of extinguishment of obligations under the law. DBM justifies SARO withdrawal Sec. Abad justified the withdrawal of the SARO it had earlier issued to the Province saying the withdrawal “is in pursuance of our duty to ensure the proper release of public funds.” The withdrawal of the SARO was prompted by a reminder from DPWH that it had to first “determine the technical capability of LGUs to undertake construction…” For this purpose the DPWH issued a Department Order no. 16 spelling out the procedures for the approval of projects outside the DPWH regular infrastructure program. Among the procedures required is for the DPWH to enter into a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with the local governments, for the DPWH Secretary to approve the MoA if the project cost foes beyond P10-million. The DPWH needs to make sure that the local government has the actual capability to implement an infrastructure project and will not simply transfer implementation to a private contractor. “Indeed, it would have been cheaper and probably more efficient if the DPWH would be the one to bid out the project instead of the LGU,” Abad explained. The DPWH also needed to ensure that the infrastructure projects relate really to recent calamities, Abad said. The DPWH also needed to ensure that the design and cost estimates of the LGU need to conform with standard designs and costings. To page 19

It’s Teves vs. ... From page 2

post. On the other hand, Amlan Mayor Bentham Dela Cruz said that Romeo Salma “Bebe” Ramirez, who is Cong. George Araniz’s brother-in-law, will se ek r e-elect ion as

plained about the current CHED national scholarship system that partly subsidize college tuition at P 2, 500.00 but are paid years late to the inconvenience of both the students and school administrations. (By Dems Demecillo)

9/23/2013, 5:39 PM

P ob lacion P amplona Barangay Captain and ultimately aim for the Provincial ABC Presidency. Provincial Administrator ArnelFrancisco said that Governor Degamo is more inclined to support Teves considering his track record of performance in his current term. “They may not always agree on every issue, but the governor is cognizant of Teves’ sincerity and independence of mind when it comes to issues affecting his constituency,” Francisco said. (By Dems Demecillo)

18 Misuari “Ups... (Bingo)

From page 4 agreeme nt in Ind onesia this month ( to accommodate the sulking MNLF faction) but the talks had to be scuttled because in August this year, Nur Misuari once again declared the Bangsamoro Republik- as sep arate and inde p end ent from the Philippines. The scores dead in the Zamboanga standoff nowis a direct result of that treacherous declaration of independence from the Philippine flag -complete with armed violence that paralyzed the beautiful, scenic Zamboanga city of 800,000 dwellers. President Pnoy has had it with Misuari - and only an uncond itio nal laying d own o f arms or full surrender will be acceptable to his government. Tho se who sp ille d live s, burned properties and agitated for violence will be made answerable before the courts of law. This time, Misuari, may no longer be treated with kid’s gloves. This final show of force only proved, fortunately, that Misuari is no match for the government artillery and elite military men. Moreover, US president Barack Obama and Aquino will soon meet next month -and Misuari’s vain attempt to violently separate from the republic will, in the least, be discussed. Permanently-p olitically and militarily de-fanged- as the Misuari group could be (based on the latest battle results) - the gove rnment must now then proceed with the finalization of the Agreement with the MILF. The people in Mindanao deserve more than just a mere “promise of growth” from authorities. The national government cannot allow itself to be hostage by threats or actual rebellion by MNLF or be petrified into inaction. In situations like this, it is apropos for government to show political willany semblance of cowardice will be pounced upon by the enemies for gain. In Erap’s time, he ordered then AFP chief of staff, the


late Angelo Reyes to bomb all the training camps of the MILF and the JI terrorist groups in Mindanao and he did. The terrorists left and looked for training camps elsewhere. This , the Aquino government must also do. And by golly, let us leave politics out of this. While Vice Presid e nt Jojo Binay is a classmate o f Misuari in the University of the Philippines and has the perfect right to reach out to him for a ceasefire, it was app are ntly do ne without the clearance of the presid ent. Since, Pnoy had stood his ground for unconditional surrender, the ceasefire terms would not ( in fact) ever materialize and the VP,perhaps in a fit o f frustration for the aborted media mileage in the o ffing , kind o f b lamed the president. This intramural has no place in a serious joust such as this. That VP action may not be right in the eyes of many people- or , as it were, to aggrandize one’s office at the expense of the sovereign interests of the nationwhich only a president can call. This event could be the last hurrah for Misuari, a former professor of the UP for political science and a former disciple of communist guru Jose Ma Sison as a member of the Kabataang Makabayan. At 27, Misuari founded the MNLF when senator Ninoy Aquino exposed Marcos’ plan to train Muslim-Filipinos to invade Sabah in Jabidah, Corregidor. With Misuari figuratively hiding inside the tent of then powerful Arab Middle East Muslim leader Libyan Muammar Gaddafi, a Peace Accord was signed by the Marcos government called the Tripoli Agreement. ( In that episode, the charms of Imelda was even used to subdue the arrogance of the desert fox called Gaddafi and thus soothe his savage breast). In the savagery of Martial Law, Nur went to voluntarily exile in Saudi Arabia and went

September 22s, 2013 home when the dictator fled to Hawaii in 1986. Ano the r “Peace Agreement” anchored on pro-autonomy was foisted as a bait of president Fidel V. Ramos to Misuari and the latter was given the governorship of the ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao). That came with billions in aid and loans from the go vernment. Apparently mismanaging the ARMM (with charges of corruption) during his rule 1996-2001, Misuari’s group was dismembered into three factions. Misuari was described as a better rebel than a bureaucrat (sic). When p re sid e nt GMA failed to support Nur’s bid for a second term as ARMM governor, Misuari went back to his rebellious ways. He was then tagged a terro rist- and captured in Malaysia and shipped back to the Philippines where he served jail till 2006. At this point, it was the MILF and not Nur’s MNLF that was getting good government attention. In fact, a secret agreement to cede ARMM from the republic clandestinely plotted by the GMA regime was scuttled in time- by the Supreme Court in the waning years of the GMA era. This eventually led to the new game plan sculpted masterfully by (now new SC Justice) Llonen and is set to be implemented within Aquino’s term (ending 2016). This development made the 71 year old “rebel with a cause” go ballistic. But, apparently, in the Zambo fight he has thrown his last card from the deck. It will be descent to hell for him from hereon. At the end of all these cannonballs, mortar fires,airstrikes, infantry assaults and political propaganda, a resultant peaceful Mindanao is going to usher a new Paradise in that beautiful island - forsaken by benign neglect and an apparently seamless fratricidal war with no victors. The war in Mindanao ?- it’s still the economy, stupid. With credits to George W Bush.

Estate Planning ... (Wolff) From page 16 contestant. Unmarried couples should also consider emFor FEEDBACK: ploying testamentary substitutes such as trusts, life (From page 4) insurance, jointly held He blam ed te rrorists, e x tre mists for property, IRAs, and property that passes by benefi- launching the chemical attack, which the ciary designation or opera- United States claim killed 1,400 people includtion of law. Properly under- ing more than 400 innocent children. stood and used, TestamenAt the time he spoke, the United States and tary substitutes can be Russia were trying to negotiate a way to prevent a powerful estate planning tools, plus Testamentary US-led attack on Syria. He said he hopes there will be peace in his substitutes are not subject country. to Probate. A problem faced by many He is thankful to the Filipinos for their prayers re tirees living in the Philip- for peace in his country. pines is that they may own real Eldebs, who has long ties with the Philipproperty in the Philippines and pines, having been in the country since the elsewhere in the world. If they die hold ing title to the re al Marcos years, said he has coordinated for the property in their own name, the safety of Filipinos who are in Syria. He also said much is not known about Syria. property is subject to Probate. Syria is the bedrock of Christianity, with so This could result in Pro bate proceedings in several coun- many Christian historical sites. tries, resulting in delays in setDamascus, the capital of Syria was the tling the estate and additional place where St. Paul, was headed for his conexpenses. One way to version. avoid this is to have a trust hold Muslims and Christians live peacefully together title to the real property. This will avoid the real property be- in Syria, Eldebs said. People are free and liberated in Syria, just ing subject to Probate. In addition, the trust can provide like the way it is in the Philippines. “Women can wear shorts in Syria,” he said. asset protection. I recently met with a In Syria, education is free. Books are free from Filipina who had lived with kindergarten until college. her U.S. boyfriend (referred He admits Syria has created enemies beto herein as Fred) in the cause it does not bow to any foreign power. Dumaguete City for over 10 Once Eldebs recounted, their Syrian leader told years. Together, with financial help from her boy- the leader of Saudi Arabia their country is like a friend’s son, she cared for dog tied on a leash, held by the hand of America. This angered Saudi Arabia. Fred during his last illness until he died. To her shock, Saudi Arabia has backed the U.S. initiative she is now destitute. In- to strike Syria. stead of seeking estate Syria has one of the biggest oil deposits in the planning counsel when he Middle East. became ill, Fred hand Syria has struck economic deals with Ruswrote what he intended to be a will, leaving his prop- sia, rather than the U.S. Russia is known to be backing the government erty to her. The document of Basher Al Assad. failed as a will. Now, the wife back in the Eldebs, due to his many years in this counU.S. will get most of the es- try, has become more of a local. tate. The son (from a first marHe speaks Tagalog fluently. He is an officer of riage) protested that this was a local Rotary club. unfair. The second wife had He is familiar with the political situation in the been awful to his father and did n’t even come to his fa- Philippines since the Marcos regime. ther’s memorial service in the U.S. As they say, it is what it is. The result could have been different if the couple had taken the time to understand the rules when a person dies and that an unmarried partners do not have the same rights as a married couple. The decedent in this case could have done a real will or created a trust for the benefit of the Filipina. Unfortunately, no real planning was done and the Filipina is SOL - sadly out of luck. This did not have to be.

Why Syria has ...

Lot for Sale Montamar Sibulan (Seaside Hill Top Village) Lot 4, Block 3/240sq.m. Contact: 0917-526-0683 0917-513-8764

NC Sept. 22, 2013 issue.pmd


9/23/2013, 5:39 PM


September 22, 2013

DBM backs COA disallowance With these needed to be obtained, the DBM withdrew the SARO. What happene d before It can be recalled that upon the President’s Order

the DBM issued a Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) in on June 5, 2012 amounting to P961,550,000.00 from the Calamity Funds to be used to rehabilitate damaged rivers

(From and bridges in typhoon and earthquake stricken Negros Oriental. The DBM deposited one half of the SARO or P480-million to the DBP account of Negros Oriental, which however was ordered

page 17) by DBM to be returned to the National Treasury. But the Province did not return the money and instead proceeded to conduct a bidding of the projects, and commenced with the execution of the contracts.

All but P3,101.42 were already spent for the projects. The Commission on Audit ruled the contracts illegal saying the issuance of the Negative SARO ordering the return of the funds


to the national treasury meant there was no longer any appropriation for the said projects. The COA issued a notice of disallowance, which means a directive to return all the amounts spent for the contracts.

DBM secretary explains SARO letter REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES

De partme nt of Budget and Manageme nt Malacañang, Manila

JUDGE FOR YOURSELF Photos by: M C 145 M asscom Class of NORSU,composed of LoiVillafuerte, ShewReduggo, Christine Antosada/ Jesu Alonso, Brain Burgos, Ina GntoleoJazzieOcao, MarjWajeng, Maribel Llena, Vanj Gonzales; and JeloRuelas Cherry Sanchez, ShenSojor, Tinth Navarro

Ajong River: cost P48,528,406.02 – Sibulan Paid P38,207,869.91 to Legaspi Premium Development Corporation. Legaspi, Albay: 77% complete in August

Banica River: P149,847,047.40 – Dumaguete Paid P106,197,351.73 to Lim General Contractors Corp. Masbate city: 65.73% complete in August

Okoy River: P199,616,156.80 – Sibulan Paid P154,298,036.28 to Legaspi Premium Development Corp. Legaspi, Albay; 78% complete in August.

Sicopong River: P44,476,906.16 – Sta. Catalina Paid P6,671,535.92 to Fiat Construction Services in Iligan City; 10% complete in August.

Tanjay River: P199.805,085.75 – Tanjay Paid P29,970,762.86 to Legaspi Preimium Development Corp Legaspi,Albay; 5% complete in August

NC Sept. 22, 2013 issue.pmd


9/23/2013, 5:39 PM



47 new broadcasters Take accreditation test PED CABLAIDA, of national KBP administers Announcers’ Accreditation Exams in Dgte

BP ng Teacher Ko, Alaga ko


he Philippine Heart Association of the Philippines, the organization of cardiologists in the country yesterday extended their 23rd stop in Dumaguete, particularly to conduct free heart screening for all city public school teachers here. Headed by Dr Irma Marie Yape, MD and Dr. Erlyn Cabanag- Demerre, MD both cardiology specialists at the St Lukes Medical Center in Global city , some ten other doctors joined them in a day-long heart screening and all its basic examinations. Both Yape and Demerre confirmed that in the country 25% (of 90 milion) Filipinos are hypertensive. The


n adherence to the Broadcast Code of the Philippines, promulgated by all member sta tions of the Kapisananngmga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas, the KBP has administered accreditation examination to 47 new broadcasters in various radio stations in the province. The exam was administered by PED CABLAIDA, KBP national examining officer while the

September 22, 2013

pep talk on the Broadcast Code was delivered by MARLON BAULA, KBP Cebu chapter president.

The KBP chapter is headed by Michael Palma of DYYD fm while the performance officer is Prox Balatayo, DYGB fm representing network owner Danny Dy as performance officer. The new broadcasters exam will constitute only 50% of the accreditation, while the other half of 50 % To page 17

risk factors of this disease is heart attack and stroke. Dr. Demerre said that the key to prevention of any heart disease is proper diet, regular exercise and check up with your doctor. Those who availed of the services of the country’s top heart specialists were given vouchers so as to allow them to have free followups with local cardiology specialists. They were to refer follow ups with Dr. Susan Denura and Dr. Ken Co, Christian Emmanuel Lim, Honey Jirl Badiang, . . Lustre Nobles, and Myrna dela Cruz.

The mission team of “BP ng Teacher Ko, Alaga Ko.”

Conserve Energy a friendly reminder

From your Tubod FILOIL Station

NC Sept. 22, 2013 issue.pmd


Dr. Erlyn Cabanag-Demerre and Dr. Irma Marie Yape , cardiologists at the St Lukes Medical Center and mission head of Phil.Heart Associaton of Cardiologists.

9/23/2013, 5:39 PM

NC September 22, 2013 Issue  

NC September 22, 2013 Issue

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