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May 19, 2013

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a lot for him to be elected as vice governor. “I think a lot of votes that I got was a confirmation that my father, the late Gov Dodo Macias did well during his incumbency. His greatest legacy to us brothers, is his passion for public service for 35 straight years,” the young Macias said. He claims “mysterious things happened and I don’t want to be superstitious but I really felt the presence of my father and Im sure he is very proud of me.And so the challenge for me is to show the people that I am worthy of their votes. And that I can try to fill the very big shoes of my late dad,” he said. The vice governor-elect further said he didn’t have any inkling of entering politics because he was doing well with his profession as an orthopedic surgeon in Manila, until the position was offered to him by Josy Limkaichong. Macias said the challenge now is how to fill those very big shoes. “Getting elected was hard and the next part which is buckling down to work and doing things properly is going to be more difficult because I have to do it the way people expect me to do.”jg

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business and management. Today, Asian College’s main campus is located in Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City. It is an eight-storey building that provides a conducive

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learning atmosphere with modern facilities such as airconditioned classrooms, LCD and overhead projectors, complete library facilities, electronic testing tools and equipment, Internet access, audio-visual room, gym, simulated hospital, medical and health center, and modern and


high-tech caregiver facilities. Its faculty and administrative staff are professionals in their fields, well-motivated, and devoted to providing highquality education. In the area of science and technology, Asian College is now offering globally relevant and in-demand courses,

strengthening the placement of graduates, and continuously upgrading its facilities, buildings, curricula, learning guides, and the roster of faculty members and trainers. These initiatives form part of Asian College’s progression towards university accreditation.

As it celebrates 40 years as a learning institution,Asian College can look back at its storied past and its journey from a vocational school to a world-class college. This involves a period of consolidation wherein the small campuses were merged and realigned in order to achieve the vision of five big campuses. Asian College is committed to academic excellence by continuously producing top quality graduates in various fields and maintaining high standards of teaching as well as achieving a high rate of graduating students each year. This vision is anchored on its philosophy of transforming people’s lives through the provision of quality education, thereby developing leaders in

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business and industry for the next generation of Filipinos. “We are happy to note that Asian College is now aCHED and TESDA-accredited tertiary educational institution dedicated to the success of its graduates in their chosen field of study. With campuses in Quezon City and Dumaguete City,Asian College has produced thousands of competent graduates with globally relevant skills and knowledge for the past 40 years. We are committed to sustain our niche in the academe because we owe it all to the trust and confidence given to us by our students and their parents,” explains Claudine Sia Lucente, vicepresident and chief communications officer.

NC May 19, 2013 issue  

NC May 19, 2013 issue

NC May 19, 2013 issue  

NC May 19, 2013 issue