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Margarito “Gary” Teves Lakas-NPC best bet for 2013 Guv race

VOL. 37 No. 48 Dumaguete City, Philippines

PNoy affirms Alanano’s Lakas BM nomination

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Josy distances from Lakas-NPC tryst 02



Tie red ribbons vs. RH bill RC urges 02



olitical battle lines are now inevitably drawn after the no-show of Provincial Board Members allied with the camp of former Congressman Herminio “Meniong” Teves and 2nd District Cong. George Arnaiz forced Tuesday’s regular session to be adjourned for the second time.

Capitol insiders offered that the session boycotts led no less by Vice-Governor Jun Arnaiz was the first outbreak of antagonism due to the long

simmering conflict with Governor Roel Degamo, who reportedly refused to increase their pork barrel allocations despite repeated requests thru

various channels. Like in the May 3 regular session, only Board Members Georgita Martinez, Sal Erames, Liland Estacion and

NEAR EMPTY PB SESSION HALL. The four “orphans” decided to push ahead with the May 10 regular session to establish the absence of the majority of their counterparts and to manifest their appeal to adequately explain their continued no-show. Fifteen-year-old SK Federation President Scott Wayne Hussain was elected for the first time to take the seat of VG Arnaiz as Temporary Presiding Officer.

What the absent BMs left behind BY DEMS REY T. DEMECILLO

ixty-eight resolutions and measures authorizing the implementation of various development projects and budgets from Bayawan City down south to the town of Vallehermoso up north were the first casualties in the ongoing political tug-of-war between the incumbent Governor and allies of his likely rival Gary Teves.


Board Members Georgita deplored the unwarranted forced delays of the proposed measures and are urging their colleagues to return to work and favorably act on them. The Provincial Board is supposed to take a recess and is not supposed to meet in session for the next two weeks, which alarmed Governor Roel

Martinez and Liland Estacion Degamo, who, like the mayors of various towns and cities are awaiting for a favorable review and approval of their budget

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SK Federation President Scott Wayne Hussain were present. Absent again were: Board Members Mellimoore Saycon, Rotelio Lumjod,

Edmund Dy, Peve Ligan, PCL Pr esid en t Er win Macias, ABC Pr esid en t Arnulfo Teves, and ViceGovernor Jun Arnaiz. Board Member Jessica Villanueva is on official leave and out of the country. In separate statements, the absentee Board Mem-

b er s, p ar ticu larly Er win Macias and Rotelio Lumjod, vehemently denied that their absences during the May 3 and May 10 regular sessions are motivated by politics even as senior Board To page 2

CONCERNED ORIENTAL NEGRENSES --WHAT? They opted to skip for the second time the regular session to be with their political godfathers Cong. Pryde Henry Teves (5 th from left) and Cong. George Arnaiz (6th from left) at a cozy M anila restaurant. Cong. Josy Limkaichong (7 th from left) stressed she was merely invited and was not privy to the earlier discussions. The absentee members of the Provincial Board are (left-right) Erwin M acias, Edmund Dy, Arnie Teves, Vice-Gov. Jun Arnaiz, Rotelio Lumjod, Peve O. Ligan, Rodrigo Alanano and M ellimoore Saycon. Bimbo Ruperto and Jack Raymond, Chiefs-of-Staff of Arnaiz and Teves are shown at left of photo. (The picture was uploaded in the Facebook account of Erwin M acias).

NegOr 2012 Palaro bid gains ground egros Oriental’s long sought dream of hosting next year’s Palarong Pambansa received a major boost after the Department of Education Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro and Congressman Romeo Jalosjos of Zamboanga del Norte endorsed the province’s bid. Governor Roel Degamo, who attended the closing ceremonies of this year’s Palarong Pambansa in Dapitan City, took the opportunity to formally launch the third attempt to win the rights of hosting the national Gov. Roel R. Degamo meet by stressing on our quality Hopes high in sports facilities and housing accom- hosting Palaro 2012 modations. Acknowledging that the province tempts then by the late Gov. Emilio “Dodo” Macias, Degamo cajoled the has failed twice in its previous at- various Regional Directors


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May 15, 2011

Paulinian mentor, student honored critical reporting BY RAFAEL ARBON DUHAYLUNGSOD



wo members of the Paulinian community were honored by two prestigious bodies for their exceptional performances as a teacher and as a student.

Chic M. Borromeo was selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Students in the Philippines (TOSP) in the recently concluded regional sear ch . She w ill f in ally qualify to the national search together with other students from the different regions in the Philippines. On the other hand, College of Arts and Education Dean, Dr. Car id ad D. Maadil, w as r ecen tly awarded as 2011 Saceda

Youth Lead Outstanding Teacher for the exceptional achievement in the field of student development as an active teacher and leader whose passion, drive and commitment have stirred greater interest in encouraging and developing students, strengthening character, and protecting the welfare of all, thereby contributing to the enhancement of democracy and social action. The selection is under

th e Saceda You th Lead (SYL) in the Province of Negros Oriental headed by Chairman & Founder, Dave G. Saceda in partnership with the National Youth Commission as well as the Commission on Higher Education, Department of Education, Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Ngee Ann Polytechnic, HOBY, World Peace and among other partners & supporting To page 19


Cut the exodus: train & hire the good ones

DR. CARIDAD D. MAADIL DEAN, SPUD College of Arts & Education

TOP OF THE WEEK Tie red ribbons vs Josy distances from RH bill RC urges Lakas-NPC tryst


chools, colleges and universities not only here in this University town of Dumaguete City, but elsewhere , are now determined to work hard with the government to give Filipinos a better life admitting that many fresh graduates leave the country to seek jobs overseas due to lack of opportunities here. Lack of opportunities because even the government has no vacancy except only for their political supporters, mostly in the local units. Plantillas are not filled up, instead, unqualified casuals and job orders are flooding the government employees list, which are given as election paybacks, at the expense of quality public service. One local government hired more than a thousand casuals before and after the May elections just to assure politicians of support from the voters’ families. In many government offices, there are more casuals than regulars because their chiefs-of-offices are trying to mis-impress stastisticians that they have savings at the end of the year, when in fact, they did not fill up many important high-paying positions in their regular plantillas, but gave preference to lazy unqualified casuals who are mostly political protégées. Government says, “The duty to give back is



oman Catholic Bishops are urging the faithful and pro-life groups to tie red ribbons to show their support to the ongoing campaign to defeat the Reproductive Health Bill pending for debates in the House of Representatives this week. In a letter, the Bishops stressed that red symbolizes life and reiterated curing condoms and pills their continued opposition to vehemently opposed by the the House Bill, which would Roman Catholic Church. promote both natural and artificial family planning methods as well as allocating funds for the purpose of proTurn to page 19



lthough she can be seen in the picture along with the group christened by Board Member Erwin Macias as the so-called Concerned Oriental N eg re nses, First Dist rict R ep. Jo ce lyn Limkaichong strongly denies there was anything political in her late appearance. “I was the last person to plored the news that the same arrive in the said meeting majority of the Board Memupon their in vitation . I bers under the Lakas-Kampimerely dropped by to pay CMD Party and Nationalist respect to my fellow officials People’s Coalition opted to from Negros Oriental, noth- skip Tuesday’s regular sesing more,” she stressed. sion The lady solon also deTurn to page 19

Training for Life

Mayor to curb pay delay, City won’t build workers get P2K bonus


umaguete City Mayor Chiquiting Sagarbarria will impose a cut-off date for all claims and accommodations by lending agencies so that the salaries and wages of the city hall employees will be released within three days.

This is in response to the numerous complaints of city employees of the perennial and prolonged delay in the release of their monthly salaries. Ho wev er, the mayor noted that the processing of wages alone requires time, and aggravated by the fact that some employees won’t agree to the deductions imposed on them for their respective loans. It was learned that hun-

dreds of city employees have pending loans with different lending institutions that have standing Memorandum of Agreements with the city government for automatic deductions in the wages of their borrowers. Mean while, city hall employees will be receiving their incentive bonuses at P2,000.00 each this week. Sagabarria said that the Turn to page 18

sanitary landfill


umaguete City Mayor Chiquiting Sagarbarria is not inclined to pursue the establishment of a sanitary landfill as the most sustainable dumping site for the city’s garbage.

The mayor branded sanitary landfills as “a thing of the past” and bared his determination to put up instead a biosphere and gasification facility. To date, the mayor ’s hands are tied due to an existin g Memo rand um o f Agreement with True Green Energy Group (TGEG) for the establishment of a biosphere gasification plant at the present dumpsite. Sagarb ar ria an d six

other city officials inspected the pilot project of TGEG in San Fernando, Pampanga before deciding to rescind the contract. The mayor, however, said that sub stantial improvements were in place with the installation of segregators, compactors and other equipment. In lieu of this development, the city government is giving TGEG Turn to page 18

2013 battle lines drawn? (From page 1)

Member Saleto Erames urged them to explain to the august body and the people the reasons behind their successive noshows. CASUALTIES What they cannot deny, however, is the undue paralysis in the passage and implementation of various projects and initiatives as embodied in the 68 proposed resolutions pending for consideration in the Provincial Board had they not opted to absent themselves in the two regular sessions to meet with former Finance Secretary Margarito “Gary” Teves, the presumptive rival of Degamo in the 2013 gubernatorial elections. Board Member Georgita Martinez lamented that the two forced adjournments of the regular sessions are delaying the priority projects, not only of the province but of

the towns and cities that are awaiting action from the provincial board in a domino type effect. Governor Roel Degamo expressed special concern on the continued nonaction to his budgetary requests to extend medical assistance to indigent patients and the purchase of medicines for the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital. He appeals for the Board Members to set aside politics and work for the betterment of the masses for which they have all been elected and sworn to do. DENIALS AND ASSURANCES Macias and Lumjod maintain that they are not engaged in politicking and Turn to page 20

Unexpected call of duty performed without mental reservation or evasion. Fifteen-year-old SK Federation President Scott Wayne Hussain was elected as temporary presiding officer. He was called and answered competently sans political malice, an example his elder colleagues would hopefully emulate.

Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) seems to be the edge of Dumaguete graduates among other cities. Let there be more practicum subjects in colleges to prepare the students to face the hardships of real life. not forgotten, but it is largely overshadowed by pressures of mere survival,” said Pres Noy, adding that this is the reality most Filipinos face today. To avoid this exodus, he stressed, the mismatch between job openings and university courses is now being addressed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) through a temporary moratorium on the creation of new higher education institutions and programs, particularly in over-subscribed fields such as in business administration, nursing, teacher education and hotel management. Do you know that there are now no less than 90,000 jobless registered nurses in the country? Do you know that nursing graduates are asked to pay hospitals for the chance of being given practical training exposures, instead of the new nurses being paid for giving service to hospital patients? The CHED should now start to take action to review and fix the higher education institution systems in the country to make them more efficient, by forging ties between higher education schools and private employers which will ease the burden of job hunting for new graduates. There should be more practicum subjects under private employers so that the graduates will be prepared, preferred and hired after school. Largely so, “As the youth of today grow more mature and become more politically aware, the academe and the private employers must respond by making sure that work opportunities are available here at home, after graduation.”

May 15, 2011





May 15, 2011

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Gen. Garcia’s plea bargain defective ven if the retired Gen. Carlos Garcia will only be convicted of a lesser c rime of direct bribery, resulting from an anomalous plea bargaining agreement, he can still be prosecuted for the original, graver offense of plunder. A plea bargain agreement requires the consent of the offended party. It is obvious in the case of ex-Gen. Garcia that no consent has been obtained from the offended party in the entire process of the plea bargain negotiation and arrangement.   What is a plea bargain? A plea bargain is legalized judicial horse-trading. A plea bargain is an arrangement between the prosecution and the accused where the latter will agree to admit guilt to an offense that is less in severity to that which he is charged in court.   What are the benefits of plea bargain? A plea bargain theoretically seeks to strike a win-win solution for both the prosecution and the accused. In a plea bargain deal, the prosecution saves much state resources by avoiding a lengthy litigation that may run for many years. In a plea bargain, the prosecution wins because there is instant conviction of the accused, albeit to a lesser offense. The accused wins, too, because he will be only admitting to a lesser offense. This means the accused will suffer a much lesser punishment.   Garcia’s benefits under plea bargain In the case of Gen. Carlos Garcia, he agreed to a plea bargain because instead of risking conviction of plunder (a graver offense), he will only suffer the consequences of direct bribery (a lesser offense). Gen Garcia, is originally charged with plunder under Republic Act No. 7080, which carries a penalty, among others, of life imprisonment. Plunder is a non-bailable. Direct bribery meanwhile, under Article 210 of the Revised Penal Code, is lesser or lighter offense compared to plunder. The penalty in direct bribery can be as low as six months to four years, plus the corresponding penalty to the crime agreed upon. Hypothetically,  if  the  crime  which  Gen.  Garcia  agreed  to commit in connection with the bribery is anti-graft, Gen. Garcia may   spend less  than ten  years in  jail. Significantly, direct bribery is a bailable offense, compare to plunder which is not. That is why, the ex-Gen. Garcia today, is a free man. More significantly, under the plea bargain deal, Garcia returns to the state only a part of the loot, leaving him to enjoy To page 19 the rest. For Garcia, it’s a good, worthwhile deal.



It’s politics as usual


ontrary to their passionate public declarations that they are currently setting aside all partisan posturing, the failure of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to hold two consecutive regular sessions after a majority of the members elected to make themselves scarce confirms otherwise. Based on the photo uploaded in the Facebook account of Board Member Erwin Macias, the absentee Board Members went to Manila to dine in a cozy restaurant with the scions of the powerful and influential Arnaiz, Macias and Teves political clans. It was unmistakably a sort of loyalty check. Now, the gloves are off. It is Governor Degamo against the most enduring political families of Negros Oriental. No wonder why Congressman Jocelyn Limkaichong and her allies in the Liberal Party were clueless as to what was so compelling a reason that the honorable members of the Provincial Board, who belong to the erstwhile Arroyo-led administration coalition Lakas-Kampi-CMD and Nationalist People’s Coalition, were no-show during the two regular sessions this month to the consternation of the four dutiful Board Members left in their chambers at the Capitol. The reaction of the young Erwin Macias, who wondered aloud why the public and the media are making a big fuss about the parties’ tryst in a Manila hotel, tells a lot about the attitude of himself and the company he keeps. He reasoned that he used his own money during the trip. But he missed the point. The media and the public at large expect their legislators to be in their chambers doing the jobs they were elected and sworn for. When the seven honorable members of

the Sangguniang Panlalawigan led by their presiding officer left town, 68 resolutions were waiting for legislative action to facilitate their implementation, which include the annual investment plans of towns and cities; budget requests to improve the delivery of medical service; electrification and water works project; etc. Thus, while their constituents are waterless; without power; without adequate medical assistance; without compensation for services rendered; without endorsement to push through with their annual budgets, in the case of municipal and city governments; their honorable representatives were busy dining, brainstorming and changing high fives as they plot on how to advance their political careers and those of their patrons. Macias is also right that just like any politician, he wakes, eats, sleeps and even dreams about politics but he probably forgot that politics is not the end but the means to pursue their noble dream and desire to be of service to the people. Perhaps, Macias and company genuinely did not expect the widespread negative reaction of the public but they can redeem themselves by sincerely asking for an apology; cancelling their recess and hold special session beginning next week and making sure that when they decide to meet again in some faraway restaurant, they won’t schedule it during a regular session. Only then can the people actually believe that they are indeed “Concerned Oriental Negrenses.” (D.R.D.)

The “Big Fish” who got away


Dateline Manila by Bingo P. Dejaresco

f there is one proof that PNoy’s anti-graft drive is being stalled – it is the “Great Escape” of the one big fish named General Carlos Garcia, former AFP Comptroller, accused of a P303-million plunder.

And if there is one semblance that the Sandiganbayan and the Ombudsman, far from being the protectors of the people against government grafters, are (instead) the saviors of the big-time grafters – it has to be the General Garcia case. General Garcia walked out of his Camp Crame jail last December 2010 – on a bail of a mere P60,000 after plea bargaining agreement with the government – with Garcia pleading “guilty” to a lesser crime of direct bribery and facilitation of money laundering. He also took the “challenge” of the Sandiganbayan to return

to the government – less than half of the alleged loot – only P130 million in cash and properties – to gain his freedom. Garcia, therefore, kept the bigger balance of P163 million (P303 million less P130 million) and freed himself from possibly rotting for a lifetime in jail as a convicted plunderer. Not a sweetheart deal? May 9, 2011 – or the first working day after the resignation of Ombudsman Merci Gutierrez, the Sandiganbayan Second Division “approved” the plea bargaining agreement, apparently shortcircuiting a possible motion to “recall the plea agreement” by a po-

tentially new PNoy-appointed Ombudsman. How Garcia was able to post bail and return his “loot” in December 2010 – five months ahead of a Sandiganbayan “decision (May 9, 2011)” is a legal maneuver that escapes most of us. That added to the fact – that in January 2010, the same Sandiganbayan already voted down the request for a Garcia bail because “the evidence against him was strong,” only to falter two To page 15


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May 15, 2011





May 15, 2011

Murder or self-defense? ’d like to know what you think about the killing of Osama Bin Laden,” a thoughtful friend emailed. “I have an eerie feeling about the manner of his death, even if  I believe in the evil that he has done.”  “I mean in a deeper philo- sault.   Foreign  nationals   acsophical context of good and evil counted for 12 percent of vicand taking lives,” she went on.. tims: India, 41, South Korea, 28, “There is something not quite Japan, 24. right about the whole thing, that All  crew members  of to celebrate --it is to me border- American Flights 11 and 77, ing on perversity.” United Airlines 175 and 93 “I have no pat answers,” perished and 200 people we replied. “In the face of  re- leaped  to their deaths from alities, like death and mindless the burning Twin Towers. The  violence, glib mantras dead included 8 children.  will flop. May we share inOf the 125 victims in the stead undisputed facts, Pentagon attack, 70 were civilr e l e v a n t   c o m m e n t s , ians. And 343 firefighters perand some anecdotes.”  ished   including Fire  Chaplain, Sixteen   Filipinos   were Franciscan Father Mychal Judge among the 2,669 killed when who annointed the dying. A total Bin Laden’s hijackers slammed of 6,294 people were treated for planes into World Trade Center, injuries. in New York, on September 11, “Bin Laden’s lifework was 2001. More than 90 countries lost built on a readiness to kill citizens in that scorch-earth asTurn to page 17

Is our culture really damaged?




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A Journey Through Cancer




The cultural front

he recent tragedy in Japan got me thinking. We sit on the edge of disaster. Going directly under Dumaguete City is a portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire. We have a potentially active volcano in our backyard. Earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, and a host of other tragedies that could hit us at any time. Most of us are not prepared and many of us do not even know how to start to prepare for disaster.

Here are a few thoughts. First, have a plan. If you have prepared in advance, you and your family have a much greater chance of survival. In the U.S. Army Special Forces, commonly referred to as the Green Berets, the average deployed trooper carries around 100 lb. (50 kilos) in his rucksack. Obviously, it is impossible to sleep or perform other menial tasks with this much weight on our back. Yet if we lay it down, we run the risk of being permanently separated from the equipment we need to accomplish our mission or even just to survive. So we developed what is called a “Get-Away” bag. In a

smaller bag, we have enough food and supplies to survive three days. In those three days we can usually get our preplanned emergency resupply. A Green Beret is never voluntarily separated from his weapon or get-away bag. You can create your own emergency get-away bag. Take an old empty suitcase and put in a change of clothes, some non-perishable food, plenty of water, candles and matches, possibly even some filter masks and other first aid supplies. Do not forget the children. They will be terrified, include a small stuffed animal,

JAMES “KOJAK” HUGHS U.S. Army, Cpt (ret)

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Footsteps and Fingerprints

Are mini-forests the answer?


e need to be aware of this human need. We have to take care of our culture. If we want to grow and develop as authentic human beings, culture is both unavoidable and indispensable in our life. Can we really say that we to handle its many requirements. are conscious of our duties and We cannot be totally pasresponsibilities toward our cul- sive in our attitude toward it, ture? Do we know what are in- though we cannot help but be volved in this task? In our life’s receptive to it in our daily life. continuing struggle for meaning, That’s because culture is like culture is one of the main fronts the air we breathe. This time, to attend to. though, we need to realize that A cursory look around we also have a role to play in would indicate that there’s creating that air, or at least in hardly any deliberate effort to purifying it and putting it in take care of our culture. It is conditions proper to us. somehow presumed that we We just cannot allow culture have a culture, but we are quite to grow on its own. It needs our ignorant of how caring for it intervention. We have to underhas to be carried out. stand that culture, like everything First of all, we need to un- else in our life, is both a gift we derstand its nature and charac- receive and a project we have to ter. It has both objective and sub- do and develop. jective dimensions, spiritual and Especially these days material aspects, global and lo- when the pace of development cal scopes, etc. More importantly, it has both passive and active Turn to page 15 parts, and we need to know how


The get-away bag

The Persistent Beggar ou have seen her anywhere in the city. She’s young, poorly dressed, and she has a baby in her arms. She lingers near big department stores and asks for money. Most of us give once, twice, or not at all. There are many like her roaming the streets. If you are eating, they want a piece of your hamburger. If you drink soda, they want to have a taste of that too. They can be very persistent. The Badjaos came in tribe, and as a result, they have Dumaguete City a few years ago. very low self-esteem. The They are sturdy physically, dark Tausogs called them “palao” or brown-skinned and bronze- “lumaan,” meaning God-forhaired. They are popularly known saken. as “sea gypsies” of the Sulu and My husband Andrew, toCelebes Seas. gether with American missionarBadjao is a Malay-Bornean ies Pat and Sharie Bailey, minisword which means “man of the ter to some of these tribes in seas.” They barter their sea some of their trips to Mindanao a products for fruits and cas- few years ago. And he describes sava. They are usually found them as simple, contented, nonin coastal settlements in Sulu, violent, generous and happy peoparticularly in Jolo, Sitangkai ple. and Tawi-tawi. But now, they The Badjaos are not born are scattered in Cebu, Manila, beggars. They are expert fishDavao, Zamboanga, Basilan, ermen. They raise Bohol and Dumaguete. The Badjaos are an oppressed Turn to page 9

ur culture has been described by a US scholar as damaged. Exasperated at what seems to be a bad case of general amnesia, the lack of a sense of history and the spirit of nationalism, many local observers, especially in media, has easily accepted this indictment. The proposal by over 200 members of the Lower House to bury President Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, and earlier, the political resurrection of former collaborators, martial law administrators, crony capitalists, et al, validates this accusation it is claimed. Our take on this is not an short pants” as a demographer apologia but based more on the once described us, remember the fact of a generation gap that pre- Kalibapi – the puppet party set vents perhaps half of the popu- up by our illustrious leaders lation born in the seventies and whose descendants continue to later from appreciating historical rule us today? Was this not the facts. Sometimes, one is sur- government that declared war prised to hear that most of our against the United States and by students today did not really implication the government-inknow Marcos and what they do exile of President Quezon? know has been mostly anecdoToday, the architects of tal. Going back earlier in our his- martial law hold very high tory, how many of this “nation in Turn to page 15

s Jun and I attended the 31st National Anniversary Celebration of the BCBP, Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals, at the spacious provincial convention center here in Dumaguete City last weekend, we were thankful that the weekend was cloudy with a sprinkle of rain now and then to relieve us from the oppressive heat of the previous days. And then, we heard about other areas in the country that during that same weekend, suffered from high winds, heavy downpouring rains, flooding, and even landslides.



Several years ago after the devastation caused by Typhoons Ondoy and Peping, climate change and its effects were on everyone’s tongue. At that time, I wrote that instead of complaining and pointing fingers at others, we needed to be proactive and take the necessary steps to minimize the effect of climate change on our country and on each of us personally. But then, as other issues rose to public at-

tention, little by little, climate change alleviation lost its urgency. Let us admit that one cause of all this devastation is the man-made progressive denudation of our forests and hillside land cover. We have seen its effects in the province with our own friendly and lifegiving rivers becoming raging torrents during heavy rains. Turn to page 15




May 15, 2011





May 15, 2011

PEACE “Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.” – Isaiah 2:4c henever I thought of my past, I could not help but think of the mystery of my survival. Why was I still alive, when men all around me had died like flies in the four years of conflict? Gradually, I came to believe that I had been supported by some great, unseen power. My sullenness began to be diffused and dispelled by a sense of gratitude. Moreover, as I continued to live in closer will touch your heart.” relation to the earth, through the plants and the For me, without a doubt, this was a voice cattle, and the other aspects of farm life, I was from Heaven. I started to read the Bible. I gradually led to think in terms of a Creator of became absorbed in it. Presently, I came to all these things. With the increasing sense of the the Gospel of Luke. fact of a Creator-God, I came to feel ashamed There, I faced the scene of the crucifixof my former godless idea that man’s own power ion of Christ. I read the words of Luke 23:34, and ability were his only trustworthy guides. “Father, forgive them for they know not what I had never been an atheist, in the extreme they do.” Jesus prayed for the very soldiers sense of the word, but religion had had little who were about to thrust his side with the place in my thinking. In my early life, there was spear… very little religious atmosphere. Consequently, I am not ashamed to say that my eyes I grew up to manhood without any formal reli- filled with tears. Immediately, I accepted Jegion. After I enlisted in the Navy, the former sus as my personal Savior… I am positive of “War Catechism” became the sum total of my my conversion. There was a time when my ideology… back was turned to Christ, but now I look to In the editorial column of a newspaper, there Him in faith. I firmly believe that Christ is was a commentary which stated that the Bible the only answer and the only hope of this was the world’s best seller, that it had been trans- world. lated into the languages of all civilized counEleven years after Pearl Harbor! Little tries. The writer of the column stated that if did I dream that eventful morning that my Christians were banished to some island and only view of life would be so revolutionized. Toallowed one book without exception, they would day, I am a Christian! I say it over and over choose the Bible. The writer ended with a call again. This is the message I send to all manto the Japanese people: “Oh people of Japan, if kind with a fervent prayer that there will be there is any one of you who has not yet read the “No More Pearl Harbor.” Bible, please read the first thirty pages with an open mind. Surely, there is something there that



t is the thought-life that defiles you. For from within, out of a person’s heart, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, eagerness for lustful pleasure, envy, slander, pride, and foolishness. All these vile things come from within; they are what defile you and make you unacceptable to God.” Mark 7:20-23

An evil action begins with a single thought. Allowing our mind to dwell on lust, envy, hatred or revenge will lead to sin. Don’t defile yourself by focusing on evil.

Dispelling the myths Behind conception, contraception and abortifacient drugs (Part IV) llow me to continue the series of information drives about the ill-effects of contraceptives, so that FR. GAMMY TULABING JCD, VG the people may know. J.C.Willke, MD and Bradley Mattes, MBS explain: Depo-Provera is like the Minipill, a progestin-only drug, but it is injected every three months into the woman’s arm muscle or buttocks. Since it is progestin only, it functions in the same way the Minipill does, including the prevention of implantation. Norplant is a number of hormonal matchstick-sized rods implanted under the skin, usually in the upper arm. However, it is no longer available in the United States. Diaphragm & Condoms: The diaphragm is a flexible rubber, dome-shaped disk that fits over the cervix in the vagina to block sperm from entering the cervix. The condom, both male and female versions, also prevent sperm from entering the uterus. All three of these are barrier forms of contraception and do not involve abortion. Spermicides/Sponge: The sponge is a soft disk about 1.5" in diameter. It’s coated with nonoxynol-9 spermicide and is inserted into the vagina. Its function is to kill sperm or block their entrance into the uterus. Spermicide comes in various forms: foam, cream, jelly or suppository. Its function is also to kill sperm or block them from entering the uterus. Neither the Sponge or other Spermicides have an abortifacient function. Sterilization is the surgical process of permanently sterilizing women or men. A tubal ligation severs and ties off the woman’s fallopian tubes, which prevents fertilization from occurring. A vasectomy severs and ties off the vas deferens or the tubes to the man’s testicles. There is no guarantee that these procedures can be reversed. Abortion is not Turn to page 17


Instead, follow Paul’s advice in Philippians 4:8 and think about what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. HISTORICAL NOTES

Back to the cloister orty years ago in 1971, the M. A. thesis by Fr. William M. Abbott, SJ was presented to the Ateneo de Manila University. With this 14th issue of the work in this space, it is now time for REV. FR. ROMAN C. the final installment: SAGUN, JR. Whatever the sentiments of the revolutionary press, the fact is that without the people’s help, the friars would hardly have survived their captivity as unscathed as they did. If the latter had only the rations officially provided to them, they would have starved long before the expiration of their 18-month confinement. Besides, the friars had chances to communicate with their mother houses in Manila, and they therefore had some corporate support to tide them over during the most difficult moments. As early as September 1898, those in Bulacan were receiving the visits of Pedro Siyap, the intermediary of the religious orders, who made arrangements to supply them what they needed. Many of the prisoners did receive, secretly or otherwise, money from their Procurators in Manila. And the voyages of the noble-hearted Filipina, Sixta del Rosario, a Dominican tertiary who traveled to Bulacan and the Cagayan Valley to bring supplies, did succor more than a few. All of this was far more attention than the individual military and civilian prisoners received from their own Spanish government, or religious superiors. Finally, there was the simple fact that the Malolos government found itself too occupied with the American advance to worry about the friars, which it relegated to a problem for peace-time negotiations. Left unmentioned in arrangements for release, the priests’ status was included only during the meeting of the first Spanish commission in June 1899. By that time, most of the friars had been removed from Central Luzon, with almost a third of them in the Lepanto mountains, and another third in the remote provinces of Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya, and kept under the supervision of men Turn to page 9



GOSPEL John 10:1-10

“Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not eter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. 2 The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listens to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know

his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.” Jesus used this figure of speech, but the Pharisees did not understand what he was telling them.  Therefore, Jesus said again, “Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep. All who have come before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep have not listened to them. I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.[a] They will come in and go out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Sunday Thoughts GRACEFUL COURAGE, CREATIVE SERENITY, FEARFUL WISDOM Prayer for All Seasons –– Joshua 1:1-9

(Part III) Niebuhr’s prayer is realistic enough to ask God for serenity for what cannot be changed. Indeed, how do we deal with things that cannot be DR. PROCESO UDARBE changed, cannot be corrected? For there are things about our life that are unchangeable “givens.” God says to Joshua: “Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged by the odds before you.” We are reminded of the blindness of John Milton, or Helen Keller, the deafness of Beethoven, the constraints of Martin Luther King for the black color of his skin. We all have a share in the things that cannot be changed. Helen Keller who made the world laugh said: “Don’t despair if one door closes before you; be sensitive to other doors that will open.” Beethoven composed music that continues to inspire people

around the world. King’s dark skin made him a prophet of social change in America. For what he did with such creative serenity, the USA celebrates an annual Martin Luther King Day. What does Niebuhr mean by serenity in the face of something that almost defies any alternative? At the forks of the road of life, is there only one way open? Do we have a onetrack view of life? Do we lie helplessly obsessed when we cannot grasp at what we want? May I cite a practical example, especially to the young of our congregation; for the young today face many closed doors, many unalterable situations, many goals that are almost unreachable. Sometime ago, a new Silliman graduate who passed the national board exams for nurses came to see me in my office. I had once helped his wife to have a teaching position, so he probably thought I could do something for him also. He wanted a letter of Turn to page 9


May 15, 2011

The Persistent (Muffet) sea weeds...and oyste rs. Badjaos gather pearls and6sell From page them. They have actually contributed into the world’s collections of exquisite pearls in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes. Some of us find them as nuisance in the streets. Who wouldn’t? Seeing them begging for money under the scorching heat of the sun or under the rain with infants in their arms or with small children is not a pleasant sight. Our feelings are ambivalent. We don’t know if we should feel compassion or anger. But who wants to be a beggar? If we are given a choice in life, who wouldn’t want to have a nice job, shiny car, beautiful home, good education, prominent position and a good name to boast? Recently, there were 27 Badjaos who were apprehended in Iloilo City for violating the antimendicancy law. They were either shipped back to Mindanao or they were adopted by the Creative Community Foundation (CCF) which means that they will be provided livelihood to improve their lives. Unfortunately, there will always be poor people among us. We can blame and accuse them for being lazy, the government for not doing enough, or the people responsible why they are in that plight, or even blame God. But the problem remains the same. One of my friends say, “If you give them, they keep on coming back.” That is true. Others say, “If we give them something to eat, we are not helping them, but we are condoning their laziness.” There are also beggars who are better off than us. They don’t belong to any ethnic tribe. Their right hand begs while their left hand is holding a cigarette. Begging can also become a business enterprise. In big cities, children are used to beg for men

Back to ... (Sagun)

From page 8

who were generally humane and friendly. It was no longer crucial to maintain a policy of harshness, and the last six months of their confinement were a far cry from the way they had spent the first six. And this time, the friars decided “to follow a style of life somewhat similar to that of the cloister.” who are healthy enough to earn a living. We all know that beggars are not only found in the Philippines. They are anywhere in the world, eve n in the ric hest of neighborhoods. A healthy young man approached me in one of the tourists sites in Southern California. I asked my sister Louella, “Is he asking for money? I don’t understand. He’s young and healthy. He can work. Why beg?” She looked at me and said. “Yes, he is a beggar. But it is up to you if you give.” Discernment is a virtue and it does not come all the time. So when do we know when to give and not to give? Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I always beg for another day, month, or even years to live. Like those be ggars in the streets, I am persistent, hopeful, always anticipating for God’s mercies. Maybe the difference is that God is not like us. He doesn’t ask questions but He just gives. He doesn’t blame us, He only understands. He doesn’t give up, but loves to be asked. I still work in the radio, pay my taxes, do errands, write, teach, and paint. When tasks are difficult, I ask God to take over. He never fails. His strength is stronger than mine, and His mind is sharper and more coherent than my chemo brain. Day and night, I beg endlessly for another fruitful day. I am also a beggar after all.


Sunday ... From page 8

recommendation from me for a position in one of the government hospitals. I did write for him the letter to a high government official. Then I said, “Now, suppose the positions are all filled and the door is closed to you, do you have an alternative?” His face lighted up and he said: “Oh, yes, in these few months I have discovered that one can make a living by buying and selling, I could go to Canlaon, buy sacks of spices—onion, pepper, garlic-and sell them in the towns down to Dumaguete City. If I fail to get the job in a hospital, I will do this.” I remembered the words of Helen Keller for what the young man said; this is a sign of creative serenity impractical living: if one door closes, accept it with creative serenity, and watch for other doors that may open. God says to Joshua: “Do not be terrified by the odds that are before you.” An age of retirement, failure in an exam, loss of things we cannot retrieve, loss of health, unemployment – these are things that we often cannot do much about. But thanks be to God —we can have creative serenity. (To be continued)

AGENCIA de EXQUISITE Of Dumaguete, Inc. Cor. Ma. Cristina & San Jose Sts.,

Dumaguete City Tel. 422-1062 All unredeemed and unrenewed pawn items for the month of December 2010 will be disposed by way of auction sale on May 18, 2011 at our business office.



May 15, 2011

Arnaiz backs ...

the CIVIC circle From page 16


BY LELE MARTINEZ (Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)

May Festivities

New patrol car to boost PNP mobility


ere in our city, the well-known Catholic patronesses are Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Fatima. I have seen the image of our Lady with a big circle crown and stiff elegant gown but was not familiar with this


Dumaguete City PNP Officer-in-Charge Sr. Inspector Eduardo accepts the latest donation of a reconditioned jeepney which was recently turned over by Mayor Chiquiting Sagarbarria to the department.

Grandpa robbed; house burglarized S

eventy-four-year-old Anecito Bato took a double-whammy after he was robbed and his house burglarized on the same night in Barangay Enrique Villanueva, Sibulan. The victim was on his way home of their cash and valuables. Worst, when with companion Reymart Belongo the victim returned home, he found his abode when a group of four youngsters, al- already in disarray. The still unidentified legedly led by Bonie Provedencia, burglars took his cash, farm produce and blocked their path and robbed them some relief clothes.

Massive manhunt for killers of Scout Ranger


he commanding general of the Philippine Army has ordered a massive manhunt for the killers of the Army Scout Ranger official who risked his life in defense for his country in an encounter with communist terrorists in Sta. Catalina last week. Ortiz directed the 302nd Brigade ally return to the folds of the law. and the First Scout Ranger Battalion Ortiz had visited the wake of Capt. to continue hot pursuit operation, in Wilson Montenegro, commanding officer applying more pressure against the en- of the 2nd company of the First Scout emy for them to realize how difficult it Ranger Battalion who was killed in an is to be always running and to eventu(To page 18)

Killer of three kids finally captured


fter eleven (11) long years of hiding, the 7th Most Wanted Person in Region 7 was arrested accused of hacking to death three children, namely, Delfred Cuevas, 9, Carlfred Cuevas, 6, and 2-year-old Cresela Cuevas over the death of his pet dog last Nove mbe r 20, 19 99 in Ba rangay Na sig-id, Zamboanguita. On May 5, 2011 at about 4:30 in the afternoon, Cresenciano Enojo, a.ka. Olpok, 38 years old, a resident of Brgy Nasig-id, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, listed as No. 7 Most Wanted Person in the Region al Lev el w ith reward mon ey o f Php100,000.00 per DILG Memorandum 2002-39 was arrested at Airport Drive, Minaog, Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte by joint elements of Negros Oriental CIDT, 7RCIDU led by PCI Rene Kyamko, Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office, PRO7, Zamboanga Del Norte CIDT, 9RCIDU and To page 18


During a trip to Manila, we (relatives and friends) decided to go to Baguio and made a stop in a very famous shrine in Pangasinan. This was my introduction to our Lady of Manaoag where I saw firsthand the tender devotion of Filipinos to our Lady. In Luzon, one of the very well-known patronesses is the Our Lady of Manaoag, known as Nuestra Señora del Santissimo Rosar io d e Manaoag or Our Lady of the Mo st Holy Ro sary o f Manaoag. This is the title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary whose shrine is in the archdiocese of LingayenDagup an , in Man ao ag, Pangasinan, 200 kilometers north of Manila. The Statue of our Lady of Manaoag is said to be from the 16th century and she is the patroness of the sick, the helpless and the needy. The feast of Our Lady of Manaoag is celebrated on the third Wednesday after Easter, and this year, it fell on May 11. With the title as Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag, it observes the universal feast day of the Holy Rosary on the first Sunday of October. Every year, thousands flock to the Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag to celebrate her feast on May and October. Her devotees come to her shrine throughout the year, but it is in April and May that they come in b ig n umbers mak in g Manaoag truly a pilgrimage site. People from all walks of life and almost all parts of the country flock to her, either to thank her for favors received through her intercession, or

PNoy affirms ... From page 11

President Aquino.

Alanano is a close ally of 3rd District Rep. Pryde Henry Teves and a member of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party. He is taking the seat of Governor Degamo, who was the Board Member elected with the most number of votes. Wi th Alanano’s elevation, there is only one seat vacant in the Provincial Board after Jun Arnaiz’ assumption as Vice-Governor following the demise of Gov. Agustin “Tuting” Perdices. Being a member of the Nationalist People’s Coalition, Arnaiz will be replaced by another NPC member. His bro ther, 2 nd Dist rict Rep. George Arnaiz is expected to nominate his younger brother’s repl acement in t he coming days. The most popular of the choices is former Board member Mariant Escano-Villegas. (By Dems Demecillo)

Our Lady of Manaoag enshrined above the altar to petition her once more for more favors or graces, or simply to honor her. They co me to th e to wn o f Manaoag where the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is enshrined in a church dedicated to this name. The original image of the Our Lady of Manaoag was brought by the Augustinian friars who were the spiritual administrators of Manaoag from the year 1590 to 1613. In 1614, the spiritual leadership was transferred to the Dominicans. In the early 17th century, the ivory image was brought to the Philippines by Padre Juan de San Jacinto from Spain Documented accounts dating back to 1610 tell of a native who heard a lady’s mysterious voice and saw the radiant Lady with a Rosary on her right hand and a Child on her left as she stood on a cloud veiling a treetop. He

told the people about the apparition and a chapel was built on the spot where the Lady appeared. A town called Manaoag flourished around this area. Tradition has it that the town itself was born from the Virgin Mary’s call, thus the term “taoag,” meaning “to call.” The name Manaoag means “she calls,” a similar meaning to our Visayan term “Taoag.” Today, it is a bustling town. The month of May ushers in celebrations in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Our Lady is honored in many ways like the Santacruzan and festivities like the Feast of Ou r Lady of Manaoag. Now, when I see her image, I am reminded of that visit to Manaoag and the special Filipino devotion to our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Manaoag.

37 37

May 15, 2011




Service foremost; politics least of all

If the session boycotts by the Provincial Board members aligned with the Arnaiz-Teves camp were the first volley of political fire aimed against the sitting Governor Roel Degamo; Congresswoman Jocelyn Limkaichong (right of photo) urges both sides to overcome whatever differences to serve public welfare, at least for now. In photo are (left-right) Cong. Arnaiz, DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, Degamo and Limkaichong.

PNoy affirms Alalano’s Lakas BM nomination


auin Vice-Mayor Rodrigo Alanano finally received his appointment papers as the 12th member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan after President Benigno Aquino affirmed his nomination to take the seat vacated by Gov. Roel Degamo following the demise of Gov. Emilio “Dodo” Macias II. First District Rep . Jo celyn adding that she vouched for Alanano’s inLimkaichong, a ranking official of the tegrity and capacity as former mayor and Liberal Party, confirmed the news of his vice-mayor of Dauin before elevation to the provincial legislative Turn to pagev10

American poorer by P250K in house fire



Workaholic Syndrome “Essentially, work spares us from three evils: boredom, vices, and need.” – Voltaire


very living creature on earth knows the value of work for survival. Moderate, work, as Thomas Carlyle sayss is the grand cure of all the maladies and miseries that ever beset mankind. My late father, Alejandro, used to remind his growing children about the essence of work by quoting an old English saying, “He who does not work, shall not eat.” A lot of people may not be too aware that working beyond their normal capacity can lead to severe strain (stress) on their heart vessels that causes a fatal heart attack. The most vulnerable age-groups, as reported by studies, are the yo un g an d mid dle- aged adults (the prime of life). These are th e ambitious hard-driving people who always work overtime day and night, burning candles at both ends to get rich quick! This is commonly known as “workaholism” – or psychiatrists term as, “Workaholic Syndrome.” The personality make-up is described to be a person who is overambitious, the hurrying kind who is addicted to work. Two w ell- kn ow n American psychologists, Dr. Meyer Friedman and Dr. Ray H. Rosenman reported a fascinating research some years ago on the correlation be-

tween the personality type and coronary disease in their book – “Type A Behavior and Your Heart.” This book concerns about the harddriven person who becomes readily a victim (proneness) of heart attack (i.e. Coronary thrombosis or artery disease; myocardial infarction). Here are some major attitudinal characteristic features of a typical Workaholic or Type “A” personality: * When you are always in a hurry – when you talk, eat and walk rapidly, always loo king at yo ur watch, worrying about being late, etc. * If you feel guilty when you are relaxing and doing nothing at all * When you feel that vacations are a waste of time and not necessary in life * If you rest for a time and start to feel bored or feel psychosomatic headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure,

DR. ANGEL V. SOMERA Fellow, Phil. Psychiatric Association Diplomate, Phil. Board of Psychiatry

restless and constant fatigue * If you quantify everything – time wasted, money spent, or lost, etc. * If you are unable to say NO to people whom you want to show your capability * If you attempt to schedule more and more in less time * If you always feel a chronic sense of urgency and count the minutes wasted * If your personal relationships suffer because you are always too busy and put your projects above people. And finally, your wife says – “I’m missing my husband all the time…,” “He has no real friends!” etc. YOU ARE A CLASSICAL WORKAHOLIC and a strong candidate for Heart Attack! Please pray hard and see your health counselor before it’s too late.

residential building in Upper Batinguel, Dumaguete City caught fire last night, destroying properties, including appliances worth P250,000. The house is owned by an American, identified as Jack Jay Washington, 79 years old, who was alone when the incident took place. In an interview, Washington Initial investigation showed that the fire claimed he was at the other master’s started from the master’s bedroom that bedroom watching television when he spread to the nearby guest room. Washingheard a noise followed by a thunder ton said the master’s bedroom and at around 8:30 last night. Turn to page 18


Hussain to fellow SKs: Let’s personify reforms


mid reports that lawmakers are seriously considering the abolition of the Sangguniang Kabataan, Negros Oriental’s SK Federation President is appealing for his fellow officials not to be disheartened but instead show that they are worthy of the duties and responsibilities entrusted to them.

Turn to page 18

Summer nearing end, beaches crowded

AFFIDAVIT OF ADJUDICATION NOTICE is hereby given that Regina Cordova-Siason, the heir of the late RENACIO GAURAN CORDOVA have filed and executed an Affidavit of Adjudication on Lot 249-A-2-B-2, Psd-07-055666, being a portion of Lot 249-A-2-B, Psd-074610024079, TCT No. 33626 situated in Piapi, Dumaguete City, containing an area of 200 sq.m. per Doc. No. 96, Page No. 21, Book No. 69, Series of 2011 of Notary Public Atty. Herbert P. Timtim. The Negros Chronicle April 24, May 1 & 8, 2011

Hordes of families and friends are heading to the beaches with the Manjuyod Sandbar as one of those among the popular destinations even as they prepare for the end of the summer season and the start of classes next month along with the expected rains.



May 15, 2011

P.E.P. (People, Events, Places)

BPI-DOST Science Awardees named


he Bank of the Philippine Islands Foundation, Inc. in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology has released this year’s BPI-DOST Science Awardees among only 10 recipient higher education institutions in the country known for their science and technology academic programs. For the past 22 years, awardees from Silliman University have joined the ranks of young scientists from Ateneo de Davao University, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, St. Louis University, UP Diliman, UP Los Baños, University of San Carlos, University of Santo Tomas, and Xavier University. This year, the awardees are Jonathan Andro Tan, Jason Coo, and Kaiser Josef Sedillo — graduates of BS Physics with Computer Applications, BS Civil Engineering, and BS Electrical Engineering, respectively. They were honored in fitting ceremonies recently in Dumaguete in the presence of officials from BPI and DOST, as well as the administration of Silliman University where they were given plaques of recognition, cash award of P25,000 each credited to a BPI ATM account, and a letter inviting them to join the roster of BPI officers, starting at the very least as assistant manager. Tan’s project thesis is “Light Attenuation by Sediment Suspension in a Water Column,” the idea of which is to know the amount of light that would be available for plants. “I chose this subject primarily because in many of my travels in the Philippines, I have observed many instances wherein bodies of

Soon to open CEBU SCIENCE OF WELDING AND SKILLS TECHNOLOGY, TESDAAccredited Training and Assessment Center

Courses Offered:



E.J. Blanco Extension, Daro, Dgte. City

For Reservations look for Tel. Nos. 422-1976

ABETH R. TOLIBAS Proprietress

SMAW – Sheiled Metal Arc Welding FCAW – Flux Cord Arc Welding GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding GMAW – Gas Metal Arc Welding, etc. Kilometer 3, Maslog, Sibulan, NegOr.

Call: 0918-622-5808 / 419-7462

water are vulnerable to sediment suspension. I am very much concerned about protecting the environment,” he reasons. The son of Mario and Sandra Tan of Dumaguete City, Jonathan revealed that he had been dreaming of becoming a scientist since he was a child. He remembers wanting to become a biologist in his third garde, a chemist in his fifth grade, and then an engineer. If he did not get himself into sicence, he would probably be in business, finding ways to improve the financial system of his community. In his leisure time, he prefers to play computer games, basketball, football, and takes time to appreciate visual art and the lessons he gets from traveling. He graduated magna cum laude and was this year’s Most Outstanding Student of the Year. The son of Engr. Benito and Therese Lim Coo of Iloilo City, Jason has a brother who was also a BPI-DOST Science


Awardee, Michael, in 2008. Coming from a family of engineers, the role that Jason sees for himself involves further studies abroad and establishing an engineering research and consultancy firm in Iloilo. His project is “Development of Precast Frame to Minimize Earthquake Effect that still Maintains Seismic Resistance Characteristics,” a timely and relevant thesis especially in these earthquake-prone times. “With this concept, I plan to make a structural frame that is safe from earthquakes. I chose this for my project because the Philippines is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and is susceptible to

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May 15, 2011


FilProducts go digital in more areas




SIQUIJOR-DUMAGUETE 5:55 AM 7:00AM 10:15 AM 12:30 PM 3:00 PM LARENA-DUMAGUETE Via Siquijor 5:35 AM

* every Monday and Saturday

Ticket Sales and Offices DUMAGUETE CITY: Pier 3, Delta Fast Ferries Passenger Terminal Tel. Nos. (035) 420-1111 / 420-0888 Cell Nos. 09214782794 Ang Bar ‘Ko Traveler’s Lounge. Flores Ave., Looc, Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-9432 DIMC Store: Taft St., Dumaguete City Tel. Nos. 422-9157, 225-4616 SIQUIJOR, SIQUIJOR: Port Area, Siquijor, Siquijor LARENA, SIQUIJOR: Port Area, Larena, Siquijor Bringing the islands closer to you.


DELTA Marine International Pty. Ltd. PLEASE CHECK-IN (1) ONE HOUR BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME. Schedules subject to change without prior notice

Do you love this JOB?


• Talented Electrician • Single and with experience preferred Apply personally at: Negros Chronicle Piapi, Dumaguete City

Arthur Louis Ong PROPRIETOR

EL CAMINO BLANCO ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION Come and feel the total relaxation…. Acoustics Jammin’ @ Barefoot Bistro Every Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 9:00 p.m. onwards

Great food…Great music…Great atmosphere….. Cor. EJ Blanco Dr. & Flores Ave., Piapi, Dumaguete City

Call us up at (035) 225-9428/ 422-5373



Real ESTATE Corner

2007 May 15, 9, 2011 14September LOT FOR SALE


Motong-4,464 sq.m. @ 1,500/sq.m., clean title, alon g the brgy. road with 50 full grown sweet mangoes, 34m frontage Contact: 0918-929-6047

Daro, Dgte. City (SUMC)

259 sq.m. at 7M Call: 0918-929-6047

FOR SALE Residential Lot 2,500 sq.meters at Bong-ao, Valencia, Negros Oriental Price: affordable and negotiable

COMMERCIAL LOT FOR SALE Banilad, Dgte. City, 2,772 sq.m., clean title, fronting the highway, wide entrance, suited for apartment, gasoline station and commercial spaces, P2,500 per sq.m. only

Call: 0918-929-6047

LOT FOR SALE 2,297 sq.m. @ P1,800/m2 J u no b/ re s id e n ti a l /1 block fronting Silliman Heights

Call: 0918-929-6047

Call: 0918-929-6047

COMMERCIAL LOT FOR SALE Airport Area, 1,744 sqms. clean title, 20 meters from the highway, suited for apartment and commercial spaces P2,200 per sq.m. only

LOT FOR SALE Lot adjacent to SUMC P14M, negotiable 859 sq.m. (CHET)

Call: 0918-929-6047

Call: 0918-929-6047


AMENDED ORDER Petitioner, through counsel, as representative and attorney-in-fact of Ricardo B. Yanson, Sr., the registered owner of Lot No. 196, Gss-1508, embraced by Original Certificate of Title No. FV-23987, filed the petition to replace the graphical description of Lot 196, Gss-1508 to the approved numerical Technical Description of Lot No. 1235, Cad. 961-D, which is allegedly identical to Lot No. 196, Gss-1508. Being sufficient in form and substance, let the same be heard on June 29, 2011 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. Any interested party may by filing a written opposition contest the petition and may appear on the date, time and place and show cause why the petition should not be granted. Let this order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five (5) component cities, at the expense of the petitioner for once a week for (3) consecutive weeks. Further, petitioner is directed to cause the posting of this order at the office of the Provincial Assessor, Dumaguete City, the Office of the Register of Deeds of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City, the Office of the Municipal Assessor of Basay, Negros Oriental and at the Bulletin Board of this Court. Finally, let copy of this order be furnished to the Office of the Solicitor General, 134 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Dumaguete City, the Commissioner, Land Registration Authority, Banaue, Quezon City, the Register of Deeds of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City, and the Regional Technical Director, Land Management Services, Department of Energy and Natural Resources, Regional Office No. 7, Banilad, Mandaue City. SO ORDERED. IN CHAMBER, April 26, 2011, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. (Sgd.) ANANSON E. JAYME Judge The Negros Chronicle May 1, 8 & 15, 2011

New Stocks

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May 15, 2011

Is our culture ... (Romero)

From page 6

positions in government, even as the crony capitalists of Marcos are hailed as patron of sports and the arts and honored by business chambers. Less understandable is the electorate’s penchant for electing ex-putschists and movie stars in national offices and perpetuating the rule of dynasties and warlords in the provinces. More irritating is the tendency of the youth to ape their seniors in playing traditional politics in the halls of the Sangguniang Kabataan. Now comes the recent investigations that are the daily fare of newspaper headlines. Sometimes, one is tempted to think that the blindfolded lady, the icon of objective justice, has taken a peek and seen only a few. If we are to raise the bar of the justice system, for example, by considering as betrayal of the public trust the delay in the administration of justice, well and good, but for justice sake, let us get rid of impeachable and non-impeachable members of the pillars of the justice system-- the investigators, prosecutors and adjudicators who have not only delayed but denied justice to the Filipino people in many cases. Those who have failed to nail the assassins’ of Ninoy Aquino, or persecute the plunderers in the Marcos regime, or failed to give justice to the coconut farmers in the coco levy cases must now also be charged with betrayal of public trust or worse.

The Cultural ... (Cimagala)

(From page 6)

is getting faster and more complex, there’s now a greater need for us to take fuller responsibility over it. We have to do things in such a way that we can say we make our own culture, even if culture, also to a certain extent, makes us. Our problem now is that we seem to be falling for a mindless lifestyle of activism, guided mainly by values that are not deeply rooted enough on our true human dignity. In fact, this reference of what our true human dignity is has become impertinent to many people. For many of us, the main principle that shapes our lifestyle seems to be pragmatism, and all its cohorts—popularity or fame, wealth and power, vanity and pride, etc. The inputs of faith and religion, so indispensable in figuring out who we really are, that are supposed to be the basis of our culture, are hardly considered. We need to c orrect this anomaly. We have to dismantle the so-called tyranny of relativism that a priori disposes anything that has to do with religion. That’s unfair. That’s completely undemocratic. With this defective attitude, we cannot help but generate a thoroughly secularized culture that is allergic to spiritual and supernatural realities. That would compromise the flowering of a culture that is proper to us. That is why these days, many people find it hard to relate what they are doing professionally, socially, politically, etc., to God. Their activities do not bring them closer to God. In fact, the reverse is true. Their activities bring them farther away from God.


AMENDED ORDER Petitioner, through counsel, as representative and attorney-in-fact of Ricardo B. Yanson, Sr., the registered owner of Lot No. 178, Gss-1508, embraced by Original Certificate of Title No. FV-23988, filed the petition to replace the graphical description of Lot 178, Gss-1508 to the approved numerical Technical Description of Lot No. 1236, Cad. 961-D, which is allegedly identical to Lot No. 178, Gss-1508. Being sufficient in form and substance, let the same be heard on June 29, 2011 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. Any interested party may by filing a written opposition contest the petition and may appear on the date, time and place and show cause why the petition should not be granted. Let this order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five (5) component cities, at the expense of the petitioner for once a week for (3) consecutive weeks. Further, petitioner is directed to cause the posting of this order at the office of the Provincial Assessor, Dumaguete City, the Office of the Register of Deeds of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City, the Office of the Municipal Assessor of Basay, Negros Oriental and at the Bulletin Board of this Court. Finally, let copy of this order be furnished to the Office of the Solicitor General, 134 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Dumaguete City, the Commissioner, Land Registration Authority, Banaue, Quezon City, the Register of Deeds of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City, and the Regional Technical Director, Land Management Services, Department of Energy and Natural Resources, Regional Office No. 7, Banilad, Mandaue City. SO ORDERED. IN CHAMBER, April 26, 2011, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. (Sgd.) ANANSON E. JAYME Judge The Negros Chronicle May 1, 8 & 15, 2011

There ensues a growing awkwardness in our relation with God. Religion becomes frozen in some formalistic rituals and customs, emptied of its vital substance. With that predicament, what can we expect? For sure, the temptations to deception, injustice, etc., cannot be avoided. The stronger ones in worldly terms simply dominate the others. Our weaknesses, like our laziness and our concupiscence, cannot be properly addressed and healed. They tend to fester. We need to create a culture that is proper to us as persons and ultimately as children of God. It is a culture that embraces both the spiritual and material dimensions of our life, our temporal affairs and eternal goal. Nothing less is needed. For this, we need to help one another. The creation and development of culture is a universal concern. It has to involve all of us. Thus, we need to be more aware of what we call here as the cultural front of our life’s struggles. We should avoid being indifferent to it. At the moment, we can ask, for example, if we know how to place this new phenomenon of the Internet technology in the pursuit of developing a culture proper to us. Has our fascination for it led us closer to God and to others? Has it built up more solidarity, justice, and charity?

Are Mini ...


The get-away ...

The “big fish”...



(From page 6)

you will be surprised how it will comfort them. Green Berets also use “rally points.” A rally point is a safe place to go and wait for other family members. My south rally point is the cockpit in Dauin. If no one shows up in 48 hours, you continue with your emergency evacuation plan. We have relatives south of Siaton. That is our southern emergency sanctuary. After a natural disaster, there is usually chaos. Food, water and emergency supplies often become scarce. The smart thing to do is stock your sanctuary with everything you might need to survive a month. Be sure to include any medications someone might need. I suggest you reserve your birthday as the day you check or replenish your emergency supplies. Look for any spoiled, damaged or outdated items. The other day, a man was shot in the leg. Before he could be carried to the hospital, he bled to death. That never should have happened. A basic knowledge of first aid could easily have prevented that tragedy. Learn the five Life Saving Steps, CPR, and how to apply a tourniquet; then teach them to other family members. The life they save may be yours.

From page 6

Without the thick foliage and deep root systems that trap the rainwater and allow it to soak into the ground to replenish our subterranean water supply, the rain waters just gather momentum and soil as they swiftly seek out routes to the sea. This deprives us of two precious resources: clean water and fertile topsoil. Last Sunday, I read in this paper about the plan for the creation of mini-forests in all the 570 barrios in Negros Oriental. Proposed by Association of Barangay Captains President Arnulfo Teves and supported by Gov. Roel Degamo, every barrio will be instructed to set up and maintain pocket or mini-forests in the barrio. A truly laudable project! Imagine if every barrio resident would plant at least one tree and care for it! What a forest that would be! Are these mini-forests the answer to climate change? Yes, inasmuch as each miniforest can help clean the air in its respective area, trap rain water to help insure better water supply, provide a shelREPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 7TH JUDICIAL REGION BRANCH 33 Dumaguete City SP. PROC. NO. 2011-4965 IN THE MATTER OF CORRECTION OF ENTRY AS TO SEX FROM MALE TO FEMALE IN THE RECORDS OF BIRTH OF GENIE CERIALES ECHANES, DIOSCORA C. ECHANES, Petitioner, THE LOCAL REGISTRAR OF SIATON, NEGROS ORIENTAL Respondent. x————————————————/

ORDER In a verified petition, the petitioner, Dioscora C. Echanes, seeks to correct the entry of her daughter’s gender in the Certificate of Live Birth from male to female.

ter for birds of the air, and a sanctuary of peace and refreshment for residents away from the noise of the roadways and city congestion. But these mini-forests should not be looked at as the only viable solution. They are only one of many alternative actions that should be taken. Individually and in small groups, there is much that we can do: plant trees in our own lots and backyards, clean up our barangays and dispose or recycle all trash and waste materials, help clean up the nearest waterways. I am sure that you can think of many other positive things to do if you only put your mind to it. Remember – change always starts with us, with each one of us. As one columnist remarked: “These climate calamities are just the sum of all our mistakes.” We need to correct these mistakes now while there is still time. And growing and nourishing miniforests wherever we can is one excellent way to begin. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, let this case be set for hearing on 27 May, 2011 at 9:00 o’clock in the morning. Any person(s) having or claiming interest under the entries sought to be corrected may, within fifteen (15) days from notice of this petition, or from the last day of publication of the Order, file his opposition thereto. At the expense of the petitioner, let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its component cities once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks. Let a copy of this Order be furnished to the Solicitor General and the Local Civil Registrar of Siaton, Negros Oriental. SO ORDERED. Given this 15th day of April 2011 at the Second Floor, Hall of Justice, EJ Blanco Drive, Piapi, Dumaguete City. (Sgd.) FE LUALHATI D. BUSTAMANTE Judge

The Negros Chronicle May 1, 8 & 15, 2011

(From page 4)

months later in March 2010 when a plea bargaining agreement was entered into. What changed hands between those three months – aside from the improbable descent of the fire of wisdom from the Holy Spirit falling upon the heads of the justices at the Sandiganbayan – one can only speculate. It is clear that the remnants of the “judicial” supra force – out to shield certain powers-that-be – made up of the three like the per ceiv ed “ Arro yo Supre me Court,” the Ombudsman and its bevy of OMG’s midnight appointees, and the Sandiganbayan are entrenched enough to – checkmate, that word again – the antigraft efforts of PNoy. Poor PNoy is the one taking the beating. President Aquino’s satisfaction rating, in fact, plunged nine percentage points in a quarter. In a scale of 100% (perfect score), Global Integrity, a Washington-based pollster, rate RP at a poorer 57% compared to 71% in 2007 in anti-corruption effort. Thi s co nfir med Hong kong ’s PERC, Political Economic Research Consultancy’s recent findings of corruption edging up to 8.9% in the PNoy era from a previous 8.25% This is a serious cumulative validating confluence of survey results that should make Noynoy worried. When one considers the evil triumvirate above, the disapproval of the Supreme Court of the “Truth Commission,” and the lackluster support for the “Freedom of Information Act” from both the executive and legislative branches, one gets this feeling that the election slogan of “No Poverty with No Corruption” may just remain as but spin memories of the May 2010 polls. Nothing more. It is also clear to many Filipinos that the cabal that protects General Garcia is far larger than his family – because many benefited from the corruption with AFP, not just the men in uniform. A Pulse Asia survey indicated that 83% of Filipinos think Garcia is guilty of plunder and that he should be jailed. Even the independent IBP (Integrated Bar of the Philippines) asked OMG earlier to resign as Ombudsman for approving the SadiganbayanGarcia plea bargaining agreement. To the teeming ordinary laymen, there are simple basic que stio ns a sked of the Sandiganbayan today: First, if there is a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty between the USA and RP, why did they not secure a notarized written statement of Clarita Garcia made before American authorities about the bribes received by her husband and made it part of the evidence in court? Second, why was Gen. Garcia able to withdraw P100 million more from the banks


even while the anti-money laundering cases were in process against the Garcia family? What are these banks? Third, if the Garcias were able to turn over P130 million in assets to government, how were they able to amass so much wealth given the salary of a Comptroller and the lack of a major business endeavor that would have enabled the Garcias to accumulate such level of riches? Legal luminaries, on the other hand, cannot equate the Garcia plea bargain deal with legal precedents. In one case, the accused returned the entire loot issue of P19,000, and in the matter of Atong Ang, his testimony was necessary to legally pin d own former presi dent Estrada for corruption. In Garcia’s case, he already returned even less than half of the alleged loot and the plea benefited no one else bu t the suspect (Garcia), a clear case of Garcia having his cake and eating it too. Our gut feeling tells us that the PNoy government must win this “Big Fish” Garcia plunder case – or all bets are off that the anti-graft crusade will ever succeed. What can still be done? The new Ombudsman (from a short list from the Judicial Bar Council), to be chosen by Noynoy, must immediately withdraw the plea bargain invoking, as Senator Franklin Drilon described, that the “government cannot be bound by the inco mpet ence of its agents”. He was referring to the government players that led to the plea bargain and Garcia’s freedom. Garcia had gloated earlier that he cannot be charged for the same offense again (after the plea approval) as he is allegedly protected by the law against “double jeopardy.” The Government can also file a Motion for Reconsideration, under the rules of court, otherwise, it can face the potential accusation of “not having exhausted all legal remedies” by bringing immediately the matter to the arbitration of the Supreme Court, instead of an M.R. Alternatively, people can file a case of betrayal of public trust, dereliction of duty or incompetence against the justices in the Sandiganbayan before the Supreme Court, who has the administrative hold over them. If the Supreme Court malici ousl y ab solv es t he Sandiganbayan for political or other consideration, any or all of them can be impeached by a Congress. There is that window of hope that thi s Government must use to convict the erring AFP Comptroller. Letting this Big Fish get away will confirm the worst fear of many Filipinos, that in this country, the arm of the law and the gavel of justice will bang only on the heads of the small fries. Then Preside nt Aqui no’s anti-graft advocacy will go bust. It is a saddening thought to even ponder on. PNoy must remove his gloves on this one.

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May 15, 2011


May 15, 2011

BPI-DOST ... (Genove)

From page 12

earthquakes,” he explains. He said that if he could be a great scientist, he would choose to become Karl von Terzhagi, the father of soil mechanics, because he admires how this scientist prevailed in groundbreaking research despite having to deal with a lack of equipment. With his project, “Biological Grid Energy Storage System Utilizing Algae Cultivation,” Kaiser Sedillo combined the best elements of his two areas of interest, biology and engineering. The son of Elizabeth Torres Sedillo, a medical doctor who single-handedly supported her son through school, he hopes that the award would motivate him to continue doing research and inspire others to do their part in nation building. “As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions. In our current situation, it is necessary that we can find solutions to our energy problems. Most energy sources, even renewable energy technologies, are very expensive. I felt a new kind of renewable energy source is needed, that is why I chose this subject to do research on,” he explains. “Science is an important component of economic and social development. By recognizing these young aspiring scientists and researchers at this early stage, we hope to provide a platform for scientific thinking to thrive beyond laboratories and classrooms,” intoned Fernando Zobel de Ayala, chairperson of BPI Foundation, Inc. In his acceptance speech on behalf of the awardees, Jonathan Andro Tan acknowledged the efforts of BPI and DOST for being in the forefront of the development of science and technology through the country’s young, inquisitive minds for them to showcase their ingenuity and creativity. “Tomorrow, we shall wake up and continue to be proud as Filipinos, and continue to work for the betterment not only of ourselves, but also for the country and for the whole world,” Tan enthused. In attendance during the awards ceremony held at the Multipurpose Room, Multimedia Center, Silliman University were: Emmanuel Herbosa, senior vicepresident of BPI; Florendo Maranan, vice-president and executive director of BPI Foundation, Inc.; SU VPAA Dr. Betsy Joy Tan; Dr. Tessie Cabije, dean, SU College of Engineering and Design; Dr. Hope Bandal, chair, SU Physics Department; Annabelle Pa-a, SU Registrar and Admissions Officer; Rev. Jonathan Pia, Minister of the Parish, Silliman Church; Vella Chi, senior manager, BPI Perdices Branch; Gary Rosales, senior manager, BPI San Jose Branch and former BPI Science Awardee; and Raymond Piñero, manager, BPI North Road Branch and also a former BPI Science Awardee. Chair of the BPI-DOST Science Committee at Silliman University is Prof. Mirasol Magbanua, who is also chair of the Biology Department.

Murder or ... thousands(From page of innocent (Mercado)

6) noted. An people,” Inquirer  economist poll detected a “general distaste” for  postBin Laden celebrations.   “It feels odd to rejoice in a man’s death, even someone as heinous as Mr. Bin Laden,” wrote an economist staffer who left Twin Towers an hour before the planes  hit. “But were the crowds rejoicing in a man’s death, or rejoicing in that this man can no longer cause death? ‘We did it’ was the common refrain, not ‘we killed the bastard.’” “Sombre reflection may have been more in order, (still,) revelers were not pumping themselves up for some future aggression. Instead,  there  was a satisfying sense of closure to an era of mass discomfort caused by our fears.” “That this era is not actually over is perhaps a good reason to be more staid. But even if it is merely the beginning of the end, that seems like some cause for celebration. A fist pump, at least.” We  recall  being  shaken awake in Manila, by

Dispelling ... (Tulabing)

From page 8

involved with either of these forms of sterilization. Natural Family Planning is the process of abstaining from sexual intercourse during the time a woman is fertile and able to conceive. To determine when ovulation occurs, the woman observes changes that occur within her body. There are two methods of natural family planning. One is the process of observing changes in cervical mucus. During ovulation, the mucus becomes stretchy, clear and slick. The other method is a daily monitoring of the woman’s temperature, which will slightly rise during ovulation. Natural family planning has no abortifacient function. Hopefully, we’ve clarified the myths and misconceptions regarding fertilization, the first days of life, and abortion’s role in some forms of contraception. Recently, Laura Wershler, executive director of Sexual Health Access Alberta (formerly known as Planned Parenthood Alberta), lamented the lack of knowledge in her field regarding natural family planning. She says more women are looking for alternatives to hormonal contraception. She cites a trend toward natural products, better health, and environmentalism. There have been several reports on adverse side-effects of synthetic estrogens on fish in the world’s water systems. And there are particular health concerns regarding the third- and fourthgeneration hormonal contraception products that have been introduced into society.

our visiting son, Francis, a Delta Airlines pilot. “Look at that,” he  urgently  pointed to ou r ro om’s  TV scre en. It displayed the burning Twin Towers. As the first hijacking reports came thru, we could see forming, on his tensed face, a thought: “What  if I were  the flight officer on that plane?” What came thru gritted teeth was the curt remark: “Someone has to pay for this.” A decade later, Francis’  president was to say in a White House address: “Justice has been done.” Following the  slaughter,  the anxious  wife and I made repeated  futile calls to New York. Our daughter worked there for the United Nations. Larry, our son, was  also there on a visit. “The UN was cordoned off,” recalled   Marixie,  now  UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva. “ We were told to evacuate. Streets were crammed with screaming fire engines and police cars. Moving in the opposite direction, on foot, were people, thousands of them.” “Tel ephone lines were dead,” she added. “The subway  had locked  down.  We hoofed  over 30  blocks home in the Lower East  side, burdened with a sense of  dread and threat.” Larry was stepping out of the apartment to board the subway for a station near World Trade Center when the telephone rang. It was the wife, Annika, calling from Cebu. By the time they finished talking, the planes had hit Twin Towers. A   fr iend wav ed h im back.  “We wanted to search for Marixie and  help. But suddenly, the Towers came crashing down. Everyone was a potential target,”  he recalls. “It was scary.” The indiscriminate nature of the attack is the point that President Obama underscored in his May 1 address: “Our war

is not against Islam. Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader; he was a mass murderer of Muslims. Indeed, Al-Qaeda has slaughtered scores of Muslims in many countries, including our own.” Bin Laden’s fingerprints surface in Filipino terrorist groups, notably  Abu Sayyaf. Initial funding for the Abu Sayyaf came from Al-Qaeda, through the brother-inlaw of Osama Bin Laden, Mohammed Jamal Khalif. This man also  funded Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who planned “Operation Bojinka,” a plot to destroy airplanes in mid-Pacific flight using explosives. From a  Manila  apartment, they tested their attacks on malls in Cebu and Greenbelt.  In  December 1994, Yousef slipped a test bomb inside the life jacket under his seat (26K) before he got off at Cebu. The PAL 747 flew on from Manila to Narita as Flight 434 with 273 passengers abroad. The bomb exploded near Okinawa. Japanese businessman Haruki Ikegami was killed and 10 wounded. The crippled plane made an emergency landing at Naha airport. Future plots against Pope John Paul II and 10 US airliners were  scrubbed when an  accidental fire in Room 603 of Josefa Apartments tipped police. Remember  the  Superferry  14 bombing on February 27, 2004?  A  TV set,  crammed  with  four  (4) kilograms  of TNT,   had been placed on board the 10,192ton ferry before it lifted anchor in Manila. Ninety minutes later, the bomb went off killing 116 in the world’s deadliest terrorist attack at sea. So, was the Bin Laden shooting a murder, as radicals claim, or was it self-defense?


Tampi in San Jose & Bato in Cebu


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Killer of three ... (From page 10) Dapitan City Police Office by virtue of Alias Warrants of Arrest dated December 28, 2001 for Multiple Mu rd er d ock eted u nd er Criminal Case No. 14900, 14902 and 14903 with no b ail reco mmen ded an d Criminal Case No. 14617 dated February 2, 2001 for Frustrated Murder with recommended bail bond in the amount of Php120,000.00, all issued b y Ho norable Rogelio L. Carampatan, Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 31, Negros Oriental. According to the operating troops, they were acting on information given by a concerned informant regardin g th e pr esence of the wanted person in the area. Th ey coo rd in ated w ith

Zamboanguita Police Station, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental regarding the veracity of the information particularly on the fictitious name used by the wanted person as REY MONOPOLIO. After gathering the information pointing out that Rey Mo no po lio is actually Cresenciano Bustamante alias “Olpok,” they immediately composed the team and effected the arrest. PSSUPT Rey Lyndon Lawas, the Provincial Director of Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office, lauded the joint and coordinated efforts of his men and the Negr os O rien tal CI DT, 7RCIDU led by PCI Rene Kyamko, for the successful arrest of Enojo. (By P03 Edilberto Euraoba III)




Before this Court is a verified petition for Correction of Entry in the Birth Record and Marriage Contract of MILAGROS NICOLAS TARING, filed through the office of the Public Attorney’s Office on March 25, 2011, praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an order shall issue directing the following: 1. The Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Manjuyod, Negros Oriental to correct the birth certificate referring to: a. The petitioner’s date of birth from October 23, 1953 to October 23, 1954; b. The petitioner’s middle name from blank to Acabal; 2. The Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Mabinay, Negros Oriental to Correct the marriage contract referring to the date of birth of petitioner from December 23, 1954 to October 23, 1954. and to direct herein respondent to make the necessary correction in its office. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, the court sets the initial hearing thereof on July 20, 2011 at 8:30 o”clock in the morning, at the Session Hall of this court at which date, time and place, all interested persons may appear and show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. Let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its component cities once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks, before the date of hearing. Petitioner is hereby directed to furnish the Local Civil Registrar of Manjuyod and Mabinay, Negros Oriental of this order with a copy to the petition and its annexes and to the office of the Solicitor General with address at 134 Amorolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City and show proof of service thereof. SO ORDERED. Bais City, Philippines, March 29, 2011 (Sgd.) CANDELARIO V. GONZALES Judge The Negros Chronicle May 15, 22 & 29 2011


ORDER Petitioner in his verified petition alleges that he was born on September 27, 1989 at Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental and his fact of birth was duly recorded before the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental. However, in his record of birth, the entries as to his sex was erroneously entered as FEMALE instead of MALE, the maiden middle name of his father was entered as R instead of Monton and the maiden middle name of his mother was entered as S instead of Sangilan. Thus, this petition. Being sufficient in form and substance, let the above petition be heard at the Session Hall of the Court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City on June 9, 2011 at 10:00 in the morning. Interested persons are enjoined to appear on the aforesaid place, and time, and show cause why the petition should not be granted. Let this Order be published immediately, at the expense of the petitioner, for once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five (5) component cities. Furnish copies of this Order to the Solicitor General, Negros Oriental, the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City, the petitioner and his counsel. SO ORDERED. IN CHAMBER, April 25, 2011, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. (Sgd.) ANANSON E. JAYME Presiding Judge The Negros Chronicle

May 15, 2011

Tomas Leonor of STEP JUAN BAI 2011 together with Nicky Dumapit led the Dumaguete to Tanjay Walk. They started at around 10 in the morning and arrived at about 6pm, May 6, 2011. They were accompanied by Dumaguete City Vice-Mayor Allan Cordova, Dondee Siñeres of the Negros Oriental Bikers Association, police heads and officers from different towns and municipalities (Dumaguete, Sibulan, San Jose, Amlan, and Tanjay), and the AFP 79 IB militaries. The advocacy for their walk is to help children with cancer.

Massive ...

Hussain to ...

(From page 10)

(From page 11)

encounter with NPA rebels in Sta. Catalina last week, before the remains was brought to the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Manila. Negros Oriental First SR Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Francisco Ariel Felicidario said that it’s not unusual for a scout ranger to be killed in an encounter, “hindi lang madalas.” He believes that the enemy is still holed up in the Sta. Catalina area, and the death of Capt. Montenegro even gives them more reason to pursue the mission of clearing the province of the rebel movement. (By Juancho Gallarde)

Fifteen-year-old Scott Wayne Hussain, who also serves as SK Regional Chairman, acknow ledged that there are grounds for the negative review of SK’s performance but it is not enough to abolish the only possible venue where the youth can voice out their preferences and initiatives at various levels of the legislative chambers. “I urge our fellow SK officials to persevere and refuse to become part of traditional politics but instead be instruments and agents of reforms,” he stressed. There are currently four bills seeking to abolish SK being a waste of taxpayers’

DEED OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT AND WAIVER OF RIGHTS NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late LEODEGARIO BALASABAS and SILVERIA ROSALINA have filed and executed a Deed of Extra-Judicial Settlement And Waiver of Rights on Lot 741, HV-1870, situated in Dawis, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 63,714 sq.m. in favor of Co-Heir Alfredo Balasabas per Doc. No. 204, Book No. XX, Page No. 51, Series of 2008 of Notary Public Atty. Elizur V. Umbac. The Negros Chronicle May 15, 22 & 29, 2011

DEED OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late Purificacion A. Dela Cruz and Estelita E. Dela Cruz have filed and executed a Deed of ExtraJudicial Settlement on Lot 45, plan Csd-1025, HV-2455, situated in Manduaw, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 118,641 sq.m. per Doc. No. 210, Book No. XXXV, Page No. 42, Series of 2011. The Negros Chronicle May 15, 22 & 29, 2011

CANADA PROVINCE OF QUEBEC DISTRICT OF MONTREAL NO: 500-12-308656-119 SUPERIOR COURT (Family Division) Teresita Santillan Applicant Vs Veronico Catadman Duran Defendant ________________________________________ Order is given to Veronico Catadman Duran to appear on before the Clerk of this Court situated at 1 Notre Dame street East, room 2.17 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada within 60 days of the Publication of this present notice in the newspaper Negros Chronicle. The present introductory proceeding in divorce (art. 11 and 813 C. c. p.) will be presented before the Court on August 11, 2011 at 9:00 am in Room 2.17 of the Superior Court in Montreal. If your fail to file an appearance within the date indicated, a judgment by default may be rendered against you without further notice. A copy of the present introductory proceeding in divorce was filed with the clerk of this court to the attention of Veronico Catadman Duran. Place: Montreal Date: 2011 April 28

EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE, DONATION AND PARTITION NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late Roberto S. Bito-on, Sr., have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate, Donation and Partition on Lot No. 101, Pls-764D, TCT No. F-T-580, with an area of 72,925 sq.m. and Lot No. 103Pls-764-D, with an area of 22,466 sq.m. per Doc. No. 69, Page No. 14, Book No. XXXVI, Series of 2011 of Notary Public Atty. Elizur V. Umbac. The Negros Chronicle May 15, 22 & 29, 2011

money and five bills introducing reforms to the same. Hussain is advocating for reforms like raising the age bracket for membership to SK from 15-17 to 18-25 years old; making the budgets of SK independent from that of the barangay, which is sometimes used in politicking; among others. Bo th Governo r Ro el Degamo and 1st District Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong reiterated their continued support to the SK officials and their projects. Hussain was pleasantly surprised with the turnout of the first-ever graphics design contest and the summer Sepak Takraw tournament, recently. (By Dems Demecillo)

ANNIE OUELLETTE Greffiere adjointe J.O. 0309 The Negros Chronicle May 15, 22 & 29 2011

American ... (From page 11) th e gu est ro oms ar e empty because his wife and two daughters are in the United States and the third daughter is in Bacolod. Washington is pleased that his music room, where instruments and important items are stored, was spared by the fire. Aside from the two rooms, the rest of the rooms, the sala, and the dining room sustained water damages. City Fire Marshall Major William Tacaldo said that arson probers are gathering for more evidences to determine the cause of the fire. He said that the building is insured at P2 million, and that thorough investigation is being conducted to really pinpoint the cause of the blaze. (By Juancho Gallarde)

City won’t ... (From page 2) th ree months with in which to make substantial compliance of the provisions in the MOA. Under the agreement, TGEG will put up the plant costing US $13 million payable in 25 years, the LGU’s counterpart of which is to deliver 80 tons of garbage everyday, enough to produce 9 megawatts of energy.(By Juancho Gallarde)

Mayor to ... (From page 2) government has allocated P2 million for the purpose. The city government has 623 regular and 557 casual employees. The mayor added that the employees can expect the 4th round of pay increase next year in compliance to the Salary Standardization Law, which will require P28 million additional appropriations.


May 15, 2011

NegOr 2012 ...


LGUs undertake training to meet MDG


o help achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), three local government units in Negros oriental will undergo another round of capability-building seminarworkshop conducted by La Liga Policy and Social Watch Philippines this May 31 to June 1 at the El Oriente Beach Resort. Led by Prof. Carlos Magtolis, Dean of Students Silliman University, the workshop will be attended by government officials fom Sibulan, Dauin and La Libertad. The said workshop will focus on localizing and financing MDG. This will also be attended by representatives from European Union, the funding agency of the two NGO organizers. Sibulan Information Officer Concepcion Rosales said that the upcoming workshop comes in the heels of a series of MDG trainings conducted earlier by said NGOs to help LGUs meet the poverty alleviation goals. The said LGUs have been chosen for the workshop due to efforts at meeting the development goals. “These LGUs have tried religiously to implement the MDG in consonance with the national goal of uplifting the lives of its constituents,” Rosales said in an interview with the Philippine Information Agency.

Farm-market roads approved by DOE


he construction of farm-to-market roads in various barangays in Valencia has been approved by the Department of Energy (DOE), with the direct supervision in the utilization of funds generated from geothermal operations under Energy Regulation No. 1-94. The road concreting projects, worth P5.7 million, include the Malaunay-Dungga Road; Apolong-Campisa farm-to-market road, and Bong-bong-Mampas farm-tomarket road. Valencia Mayor Enrique Gonzalez said that the issuance of notice to proceed will hasten the construction of the said projects which is hoped to benefit the farmers especially in the transport of their farm produce. Valencia is host to the Palinpinon I and II geothermal power plants.

NegOr jail to strengthen deteriorating perimeter fence


he provincial government of Negros Oriental has recently released P4.5M to strengthen the perimeter fence of the Negros Oriental Detention and Rehabilitation Center (NODRC). Retired Col. Nicolas Noble, who sits as the provincial jail warden, said that the construction work on the fence is seen to start around the first week of June as the provincial government is now in the procurement process for the fence materials. The new and improved fence, which will feature security barriers and steel gates, will be built around the old fence that has slowly deteriorated over the years. “The jail’s perimeter fence right now is already dilapidated and this poses a big risk to our security,” said Noble in an interview with Philippine Information Agency. The jail warden also fears that the current fence will collapse in the event of an earthquake. There is currently a total of 206 inmates incarcerated inside NODRC. (RMN/PIA Negros Oriental)

What the ...

(From page 1)

(From page 1)

of DepEd and heads of government agencies in attendance to seriously consider Negros Oriental as the next host, which shall also be a fitting tribute to his uncle, Gov. Macias. Degamo enumerated the venues that are more than capable of hosting the various sports disciplines of Palar on g Pamb an sa: Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Center, Olympicsize Lorenzo Aqua Center, Mariano Perdices Coliseum with its rubberized oval, Praxevilla Tennis Court, and the other sports facilities owned and maintained by the schools and universities of Dumaguete City.

requests and annual investment plans. As of press time, the Provincial Board Secretariat has not received any communication for a special session next week. The 68 pending measures include the implementation of various electrification pr ojects f or Bagaw ines, Vallehermoso; Bantolinao, Manjuyod ; Balaas, Manjuyo d; water w or ks pr ojects f or Bar an gay Poblacion and Kabulacan, Sta. Catalina; construction of a community primary hospital in Dawis, Bayawan City; construction of a health center in Minaba, Bayawan City; donation of 4 multicabs to the municipality of Valencia; financial assistance to the 11 families affected by calamity in Caidiocan, Valencia; construction of a Box Culvert for Barangay Narra, Bayawan City; and appropriation ordinances, annual investment plans and budgets of the towns and cities of Dauin, Zamboanguita, Bais, Amlan , Siaton , Tanjay, Guihulngan, Sta. Catalina, Jimalalud , Baco ng, Mabinay, Bindoy, Valencia, Sibulan and the Province of Negros Oriental. Annual Investment Plans are required of every Local Government Unit in the formulation of their respective budgets, which shall identify their proposed projects and budgetary requirements for a more responsive and efficient delivery of basic services.

Tie red ribbons ... (From page 2) The Bishops remain undaunted despite statements f ro m so me Pro testan t churches and the Iglesia ni Cristo supporting the measure’s passage. To underscore their displeasure with President Benigno Aquino III, the Roman Cath olic pulled out from the talks with the administration officials. The RH Bill main auth or Alb ay Rep . Ed cel Lagman is confident that even with just 13 days left before the House adjourns and more than 50 lawmakers expressing desire to interpellate, the measure will be passed by a comfortable majority. Ex- Pr esid en t Fidel Ramos and celebrity Lea Salo nga have r ecen tly joined high-profile gatherings to generate support for the bill condemned by the Church as anti-life, but prolife groups are expected to mount fresh mass actions to pressure Congressmen to drop the proposal.

Josy distances ... (From page 2) for the second time just to attend the meeting called by their party leaders in Manila. One of those who attended, who asked not to be identified, claimed that among the topics discussed are the winning chances of Gary Teves against Degamo for the governorship and the possible merger of LakasKampi-CMD and NPC. Limkaichong, a pillar of the administration Liberal Party, said that the failure of the provincial board to hold two consecutive regular sessions is detrimental to the swift and smooth implementation of the projects of Governor Roel Degamo, which needed legislative action.


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Gen. Garcia’s ... (From page 4)

Please bargain allowed Fortunately or unfortunately, we follow American law in allowing plea bargains. The rules of court provide: “At arraignment, the accused, with the consent of the offended party and the prosecutor, may be allowed by the trial court to plead guilty to a lesser offense which is necessarily included in the offense charged.” After the arraignment but before trial, the accused can still be allowed to plea to a lesser offense after withdrawing his plea of not guilty. Consent of offended party required A main requirement of plea bargain is the consent of the offended party. The offended party must agree and must be willing to live with the fact that the accused will be convicted of a lesser offense, and penalized with a lighter penalty. After all, the offended party is the victim of the crime.   Who is the offended party? In General Garcia’s case, the offended party is the People of the Philippines . You and I are the victims. That is why the case is entitled “People of the Philippines versus Carlos Garcia”. More specifically, it is the Armed Forces of the Philippines which is the agency that represents the offended party because it is there that Gen. Garcia was able to play around with his nefarious deals, as AFP comptroller. The head of the Armed Forces is the President being the commander-in-chief. At the same time, the President is the human face of the multitudes of the Filipino people (the offended party), being their elected leader and representative.   No consent from the offended party. The trouble is, the President has adamantly maintained he has not given his consent to such plea bargain deal. In fact he President said he has been kept in the dark. The Armed Forces hierarchy has also maintained it has not given its consent to the plea bargain. Paulinian ... The secretary of justice, the President’s legal alter-ego is (From page 2) also shaking her head. So it is interesting to ask the Ombudsman and her special agencies. Maadil completed her prosecutors: Who gave the consent to the plea bargain deal, Doctor in Philosophy in Edu- as required by the rules of court? If indeed, the Sandiganbayan proclaims that the plea cation (Ph.D.) at the Univerbargain deal is not yet approved, then the court should strike sity of San Carlos in Cebu it down for lack of consent by the offended party, as required City and worked in the teachby the rules. ing profession for almost 30   years. Ombudsman merely an agent A soft-spoken, humble It must be stressed that the Ombudsman and her special and model teacher, she is very prosecutors are merely the legal counsels of the victim. grateful and thankful to God They are merely agents, representatives of the offended for the numerous blessings party. and to the entire Paulinian They are not the real party-in-interest. The people are. community for the opportuSo the ombudsman and prosecutors cannot, by nity entrusted to her for the themselves, give consent, much less enter in a plea bargain past year. deal without approval of the offended party. Borromeo was selected It is laughable that it is only now that the real-party-inas one of the Top 5 Outstandinterest has gotten wind that there is a plea bargain deal. ing Paulinian Students of the In ordinary cases, a lawyer can be disbarred if he does Philippines (SOP) under the not inform his client that he has entered into a plea bargain program of St. Paul Univerwith the accused. sity System in the country;   she was awarded as YMCA Effect if no consent Outstanding Student, and reIf there has been no consent from the client or the ceived various awards in offended party, to enter into a plea bargain, the plea bargain Campus Leadership, Service, is defective. and Clinical Efficiency. Retired Supreme Court Justice Florenz Regalado in her Aside from Borromeo, book  on remedial law says that  “for a plea of guilty to a lesser Argie A. Pina nona ng of offense, the consent of the prosecutor as well as of the offended SPUD College of Arts and party must be obtained.” Education, and who gradu“Where   these  requirements   were  not observed,  the ated Cum Laude with a de- accused cannot claim double jeopardy if he should be charged gree in Secondary Education anew with the graver offense subject of the original information was also fortunate to be part or complaint” the justice says. of the said TOSP VII Re  gional C ompe tition. No double jeopardy Pinanonang is also a member Justice Regalado’s position finds support in the rules of of the SPUD Student Govern- court (Sec 7© Rule 117). ment and one of the official The effects or benefits of the double jeopardy rule cannot delegates to the 18 t h be invoked if the plea of guilty to a lesser offense was made ASEACCU Conference in without the consent of the prosecutor and of the offended Bangkok, Thailand. party.In effect, assuming that Gen. Garcia’s conviction of the lesser offense of bribery pushes through, he can still be charged with the graver crime of plunder.


2013 battle ... (From page 2) pointed out that not a single penny from the government coffers were used during the trip. Both said that they were


merely summoned by their party leaders Arnaiz for the Nationalist People’s Coalition and Teves for the LakasKampi Party amid talks of a merger in the run up for the 2013 polls and openly wondered why the issue has been

May 15, 2011

blown out of proportion when the Provincial Board can always meet for a special session if the majority or if Governor Degamo decides. WINNERS, LOSERS?

Pundits are divided as to who won or lost during the first major political skirmish between Degamo and the Teves-Arnaiz camps. However, they agree that both miscalculated their moves. Degamo for failing to win over the disenchanted Board

members and the Arnaiz— Teves camp for failing to foresee the negative publicity that their boycott would generate. Capitol old-timers believe that Degamo at least earned extra political points and sympathy from the public while the absentee board members must not squander

the chance to ably explain the no-shows if they want the p ub lic to p ar do n th em. Friends of both sides have arranged a meeting early next week to possibly forge a political ceasefire and devise ways to reconcile or promote amity.



NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late LEONOR QUILNET have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement, Partition inter vivos & CONFORMITY OF SUBDIVISION PLAN on Lot No. 12, Pls-659-D under O CT No. FV-5467, con taining an area of 8,266 sq.m., per Doc. No. 298, Page No. 60. Book No. IX, Series of 2010 of Notary Public Atty. Kim P. Diocos. The Negros Chronicle May 8, 15 & 22, 2011

NO TICE is he re by given that the heirs of the late EMILIANO MONTE DE RAMOS have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate and Deed of Absolute Sale on Lot No. 432, with OCT No. 17973, situated in Sacsac, Bacong, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 330 sq.m. in favor to Elvira G. Sipalay per Doc. No. 419, Page No. 81, Book No. 05, Se rie s of 2010 of Notary Public Atty. Jose G. Hernando Jr. The Negros Chronicle May 8, 15 & 22, 2011

Association Agricola de Bais Y Tanjay Inc. NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that in conformity with the bylaws of this Association, the annual general meeting of members has been scheduled by the President on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 3:00 P.M. at the Recreation Hall (Badminton Court), Bais Central, Oriental Negros. Atty. LUISAA. VILLEGAS Secretary The Negros Chronicle May 1, 8 & 15, 2011

The Negros Chronicle May 15, 2011 issue  

The Negros Chronicle May 15, 2011 issue

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