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Archbishop’s installation Papal Nuncio and two cardinals and most bishops joined the big delegation from Negros Oriental in Archbishop John Du’s installation in Palo, Leyte on May 8. Elected Diocesan Administrator. Friday was Msgr. Gamaliel Tulabing, concurrent judicial vicar. (Story on page 2)

VOL. 38 No. 49

Dumaguete City, Philippines Sunday, May 13, 2012


Tourism destination finally shaping here? museum for culture and arts, an artifacts center, a music and heritage center, are among those being eyed in making Dumaguete a tourism and heritage destination in this part of the country.


This developed in the wake of the reinvigorated re-launching of Sta Cruzan which perhaps could evolve into the new major tourism destination for this capital city, particularly in the month of May which is summer and convention month in this university town. This was disclosed by the city tourism officer who is popularly known as “RR” Maquiling, a fitting descrip-

tion for his initiative in developing Dumaguete into a major “rest and recreation” destination. The launching of the “Handumanan” exhibit at Robinsons place this week is  part of activities lined up for the Santacruzan festival this month of May. City tourism officer Woodrow Maquiling Jr., said the exhibit could be the first step into having a muTo page 17

C.O.P. rules out Police anomally t may or may not be a far possibility of a police anomaly in the issuance of thousands of police clearances by a private firm lodged inside the PNP compound for a fee of P60. per clearance plus P30 regulatory fee. See editorial page 4.




and Transportation Office (LTO) provincial chief Rolando Ramos has resigned as member of the traffic management council in Dumaguete saying that he “cannot understand the politics among certain local leaders, some of whom compromise public service with their vested political interests.”

Ramos claims he has repeatedly failed to convince the Traffic Management Office TMO to meet as a council to discuss urgent possibilities such as the imposition of the no-parking rule in downtown highway roads which are; Perdices, Real, Silliman Ave and the Flores Avenue . Another is his proposal to split he 2,500 tricycles into two zones. The LTO chief believes his presence in the traffic management council is inutile because most of his recommendations to decongest traffic in the city are all pinned down. He made it clear that he is not resigning as LTO chief but as member of the traffic management council only.

He said the mayor as TMO chairman, can always find a replacement for his seat in the council, as he expressed surprise when an ordinance establishing the alternate day traffic scheme for motorcabs was already scheduled for a public hearing which is similar to his version. Th e pr op osed o rd in an ce is authored by Coun. Dan Leon, Vice Mayor Alan Gel Cordova, councilors Franklin Esmena, Jr., Jose Victor Imbo and Erwin Michael Macias. Ramos was referring to his recommendations to split and disperse the 2,500 motor cabs in different zones of the city, the first half of which To page 19

LTO’s ROLANDO RAMOS Resigns as TMO director Interviewed over DYEM’s “Good Morning Dumaguete.”

LP-NPC-UNA simply hard to coalesce


Lone LITUS SOFTWARE Inc. staff Arlene Cadeliña shows off the Police clearance software product within five minutes after an applicant filed such request. What is being paid for is quality service, a private sector initiative.

he Liberal Party, the administration party and the opposition like the NPC of Danding Cojuangco and the emerging umbrella opposition UNA under Vice Pres Jejomar Binay are simply hard to coalesce at least in Negros Oriental.

When interviewed over DYEM FM’s “Good Morning Dumaguete,” 6-9 in the morning, former finance minister Gary Teves said that the local people running the political parties are also running during the 2013 elections, therefore, it is almost impossible to coalesce a party of rival candidates. In the case of Rep Josy

Limkaichong of the first district, who is running as LP governor is hard to coalesce with the NPC where Gary Teves is also running for the same governorship. In the second district, it is hard for NPC and LP to form an alliance because Rep. George Arnaiz, NPC, is at loggerheads with Bais city’s Tata

Villanueva. In the third district, Gov Roel Degamo is running for governor but has not resigned from Lakas and wants to join the Liberal Party, but only if he runs as vice governor of Limkaichong. Rep Pryde Henry Teves is still Lakas officially and so is Gary. Gary wants to join the UNA

party umbrella of Vice Pres. Binay. Gary’s vice governor is VG Jun Arnaiz brother of George Arnaiz while the vice gov of Limkaichong is Mark Macias whose brother BM Erwin is closely running with NPC old party. Gary Teves forecasts that in the end, it could be the Liberal Party vs the UNA of VP Binay who will survive.




May 13, 2012



Govt won’t honor leased CARP lands s a sequel to our series on the failure of land reform under CARP, here comes the government telling farmer beneficiaries, FBs that the government will not honor any outside lease agreement between the FBs and third party lessee and would insist that the FBs are still expected to repay the government for the lands awarded to them. -o0oAs you know, lands taken by government from CARP land owners are paid in advance. The rule is that once given to the farmers, the latter are supposed to repay the government, out of the produce of the lands they till as farmer-beneficiaries. -o0oAnd just as we predicted, hundreds of hectares of Hacienda Luisita sugar lands have long been leased by future farmer beneficiaries to many rich sugar growers in arrangements called “ariendo.” Government served notice that this ariendo will not be honored


TOP OF THE WEEK Big diocesan delegation sends off Bishop John Du


big delegation of the diocesan laity accompanied outgoing Dumaguete Diocesan Bishop Msgr. John F. Du to Palo Leyte, as he officially assumed as the new archbishop in Palo, Leyte, leaving his duties as Dumaguete bishop to a soon-to-be elected administrator prior to the official appointment of the next bishop to be chosen by the Pope in Rome. Du leaves behind an administrator along with 11 other consulters until the appointment of a new bishop by the Holy Father. Archbishop Du made it clear there will be no vacuum in the Roman Catholic Church in the city with the presence of 12 consulters headed by an administrator, but cannot effect changes in the structure or transfer one from position to the other. Lik e in the case of local chief executives, all coterminous positions will be held vacant as soon as Archbishop Du assumes his new post, including the vicar general and chancellor, while a status quo is observed among the rector and the priests. In six-months time, Archbishop Du is hoping for a new appointment from his recommendations, of which he said is given more weight by the Pope. The 12 consulters chosen from heads of seven different vicarage, another consulter each will represent the senior and young clergy, from the rector of the seminary, president of the clergy, among others. During the 6-month period, a secret questionnaire will be sent by the Papal Nuncio to the priests and nuns in Dumaguete to inquire about the qualities and capabilities of would-be bishops to fill up the vacant position. A list of three who will qualify for the position will then be forwarded to the Pope who will make the final judgement. In the short list is Bishop Julito Cortez assistant bishop To page 7


PNP delivers before Robredo gave order

ven before Sec. Jessie Robredo of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) could reiterate his marching orders for the police to dismantle illegal gambling operations during a quick visit to the province last week, the Negros Oriental P rovincial Police Office (NOPPO) has already reported a significant accomplishment in the campaign against all forms of criminality, under the leadership of P/SrSupt Edward Esperat Carranza who took over the helm of the command in September last year.


Records show that NOPPO has put to jail 242 drug personalities and filed 236 drugs cases in court against them for violating provisions of RA 9165 otherwise known as the comprehensive drugs law of 2001 from September 2011 up to April this year. As a result of such operations, a total of 176.324 grams of shabu were confiscated, 3,284.87 grams of dried marijuana leaves , 3 marijuana plants uprooted with a total street value of P227,446.85. Of the 242 persons arrested, 183 are drug pushers, 56 are drug users and three are marijuana cultivators. On illegal gambling, 512 police operations were conducted which resulted in the arrest of 452 persons and confiscations of bet money amounting to P427,771.80 and the filing of 297 cases in court for violation of RA 9287. In today’s command conference, PSrSupt Carranza reminded chiefs of police all over the province of the “no take” policy, or be sacked if proven to have received payola or protection money from swertres financiers. During the same period, 379 wanted persons were arrested for various offenses while 68 persons were nabbed while in possession of 118 assorted and unlicensed firearms. One of the most significant accomplishments is the To page 19

Archbishop John Du

Archbishop John Du during the testimonial fellowship given in his honor, thanked all the flock and Christian laity during his ten years of shepherding in the Diocese of Dumaguete. This is his final interview with the CHRONICLE and DYEM FM before leaving for Palo, Leyte.

by government and that the farmer beneficiary continues to be the main debtor, not the lessee. -o0oThis is not only happening in hacienda Luisita, but all over. Farmer-beneficiaries find the lands given them too big a responsibility as owners. They have not been used to that role, but as tenants. These farmer beneficaries with a few exceptions, are no good financial and farm managers . So they end up leasing their awarded land by ariendo system to the former land owners. -o0oIn Thailand where land reform is very successful, the government owns the CARP lands. It simply “awards” lands to farmers who are willing and able to till the land and make it productive, no matter how big the hectarage. Once the FB fails to deliver, the government To page 19

May 13, 2012





May 13, 2012


Mother, the greatest blessing hat is God’s greatest, most significant gift to you? To this question, I never hesitate an answer. In my world, the greatest gift God has given me was that which I received the moment I was born--- my mother. My mother is Marlen Icamen Dejaresco, daughter of Christian missionaries, a teacher, government worker, and most of all, a loving, devoted and faithful wife and mother to me and four siblings. I have had brilliant, learned teachers, mentors all through my life, but none of them equals the knowledge and wisdom imparted to me by my mother. She taught me how to read the Bible at a very early age. The simplest things to learn in life is to know what is right and wrong. We make so many choices in life, some of them good, some bad, some right, some wrong. But that is the essence of our humanity—we are not without sin. Nevertheless, it sure has been helpful that many choices I made are guided by what was taught to me by my mother even before I entered kindergarten. I treasure those Bible stories of Joseph the Dreamer, Jacob the Deceiver, David the Goliath slayer, Daniel the lion-tamer, Zacchaeus the treeclimbing, reformed cheater. I learned of Jesus calming the storm in front of frightened followers. I first heard those true stories from my mother. I tell you, my mother tells true stories like no media person can. My mother is my greatest advocate. I am confident she would defend me, and be by my side no matter what. I tell you, she would defend me like no lawyer can. My mother is the ever-reliable physician. When I got sick, she was there to take care of me. She ensured I took my medicines. She even bought me an expensive ozonizer so that my family would be as healthy as we can be. I tell you, my mother cares for her children’s health like no doctor ever can. I was happy growing up with my mother. She bought me new shoes. She brought me to Maricar’s to eat that unforgettable spaghetti Turn to page 19


Editorial Police Clearance fuss t is a valid issue to raise questions about a certain private company doing business with the City PNP station by processing police clearance for every applicant, and for a fee of P60 per application. If there are 2,000 applicants for police clearance, the company called Litus Software, Inc. will earn P120,000 a month or more depending on how many will apply for police clearance. This is on top of the regulatory fee of P30 per police clearance payable to the city treasurer’s office for the usual use of space, electricity, etc. The questions of the City Vice-Mayor are valid: has the 2005 Chief-of-Police here, who contracted with Litus, have the authority from PNP Region 7 to sign such contract? Is Litus paying commission to anyone for such services? VM wants to know if Litus has a business permit, paying business taxes and income tax here, when its office is in Bulacan, is represented here by a single computer clerk, and holding office inside the PNP compound, but separately in the old guard house. The incumbent City Chief-of-Police has also valid reactions: first, he merely inherited the practice and does not even know the Litus history; second, he believes such software was a novelty in 2005 and surely saved the PNP time, effort and money in processing quality police clearance forms; but not today, when the software can be acquired by the PNP or city government and a special enocoder will be hired to do the


processing. Or, Litus Software, Inc. will have to pass the test of COA as to its “allowability” under COA rules. If not, then it has to be straightened and fine-tuned. Finally, our observation is that, we believe, what is being paid for is expertise. It’s like a government office hiring a janitorial agency to do the sweeping of its floors and comfort rooms. Otherwise, the office personnel will have to do janitorials, which is impractical. Another close analogy, perhaps, is: a private xerox machine, which is doing business inside a government office for the convenience of the public or a snack bar within a public school or building for the convenience of its workers. Naturally, a private receipt is issued. What is being offered is services and convenience for the taxpayers. So, the old PNP Chief was just perhaps trying to be practical without intention of violating COA rules or any law. We saw the product and it is a software-generated piece, especially in the matter of documenting and archiving the files, which is much needed in court proceedings. It is done professionally, fast, and the system is good. We believe it is only a matter of fine-tuning the deed. The practice is good, but it has to conform with the rules of the bureaucracy. If it has to be rectified, so be it. But let the system remain, and we don’t care who runs it, so long as the present quality of the product is maintained, if not improved. The city should go for better results, not for the worse.



A “New Philippines’ dawning


One Voice by Bingo P. Dejaresco

resident Benigno C. Aquino, in a CNN interview, challenged the world to visit and behold a “New Philippines”- in 2016, when he steps down from office.

Basically, the two theses surrounding his reform program are called “matuwid na daan” (the straight path) and “inclusive growth” (progress that includes the uplift of the poor). Three years ago- people and balikbayans did not see what they are witnessing today. The Marcoses, despite international and local court rulings against their ill-gotten wealth, had strutted back into the political mainstream as governors and congressmen. The Aquino government is not going to tolerate that for the Arroyos in the present dispensation. Former president GMA is

under hospital arrest for electoral fraud –and may face graft charges soon. Her main election hatchet man, Ben Abalos (COMELEC Chair), is behind bars. The congressman son of the Arroyos (Mikey) is facing tax evasion charges and the former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo has been charged, along with his wife and others, in the botched dirty deal called the NCN-ZTE Broadband multi-billion deal. Several firms and professionals are facing tax charges in various courts. Many members of the Ampatuan family, accomplice- PNP and private army members and civilians,

are locked in jail (without bail) for the Maguindanao Massacre. Retired Major General Jovito “The Butcher” Palparan, who is pointed as mastermind of most of the 2,000 extrajudicial killings and disappearances during GMA’s wake, is hiding-wanted with bounty on his head. Former Governor Joel Reyes of Palawan (wanted for a journalist’s murder) and Congressman Ecleo (for murder of his wife) are on the run- tails between the legs- having been found guilty by our courts. More and more- government positions are no longer an immunity from To page 9

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May 13, 2012





May 13, 2012

Inclusive Growth Doable by Excluding Politicians

“Tipping Points” oint of no return.” --That’s how defense lawyers tag Chief Justice Renato Corona’s decision on Day 36 of his impeachment trial to appear before the court. Senatorjudge Francis “Chiz” Escudero says it’s a ‘make or break move.” Others prefer the classic defense panel shilly-shallyed, over “tipping point.” Malcolm Gladwell seven grueling weeks, whether titled his best selling book (Little Corona would testify. Brown / 2000) that way.. Ideas to Two days earlier, Roy and behavior “spread like viruses do” colleagues declared at a highand shove institutions to the brink, profile Country Club press Gladwell wrote. A “moment of conference: our man will go to critical mass, the threshold, the the Senate. Court rules were boiling point” is reached. skewed , “As defense counsel, “The defense (won’t) skirt I can not, in good faith…leave this issue,” counsel Jose Roy him unprotected on the witness III announced , Tuesday. If the stand,” Roy stressed. court is inclined to make the “A man does not live by chief justice’s testimony, words alone, although sometimes, specially on padlocked dollar he must eat them,” the late accounts, “form part of (for Ambassador Adlai Stevenson the) verdict rendered here,” why once cracked. Court rules haven’t sure --- Corona would oblige. changed. So what triggered this Then, why didn’t the Capo 180-degree turn? Turn to page 13 say so on Day 1? Instead, the




(E-mail: )

he buzzphrase in the recently concluded ADB meet was inclusive growth. What exactly does this mean? Simply, poverty eradication in the context of economic growth. This term is also interchanged with broad-based growth, shared growth, growth with equity, or the more popular pro-poor growth. Christian Democrats and the social doctrine of the Catholic Church talk about preferential option for the poor as one of its principal platforms. In this country, The re i s no dir ect economists, especially those correlation, however, between trained in the US or other countries economic growth and full that espouse economic liberalism emp loyment or p over ty with its reliance on market reduction. This disconnect is mechanisms to solve not only ob viou s by the fac t th at economic but impliedly social increases in GNP has not problems (as if this was the gotten rid of the pesky problem unemploy ment or automatic result of economic of growth), focus mostly on the underemployment – the direct multiplication or addition of goods causes of poverty. Is it not obvious that the and service in the economy, as hustle and bustle of city life is in measured by such indicators as stark contrast to the pastoral peace GDP or GNP, that is gross in the countryside, has the domestic or gross national bi gges t co ncenwhich trat ion of products, respectively. Turn to page 13

A Journey Through Cancer




f we live for 70 years, we have actually spent quite a lot of time talking. They say that women are capable of more or less 25 thousand words a day, and men are about half of that. Maybe that’s the reason why men fall asleep while women are still half way through the conversation.


The most eloquent words I have heard being said about someone are when I attend a funeral. But it is sad that the recipient of these heartwarming words is now lying deaf and cold. Cancer taught me that life is too short to hold back appreciation to people who deserve it. All of us need words that nourish our hearts and actions that speak our good intentions. Words are free. We don’t have to worry about our bank accounts if we say kind or encouraging words to others. It doesn’t cost anything to make a person feel important. We will not miss an inch in height if we tell a person that she or he did a good job. Our salaries will not

be deducted if we praise our coworkers. Our house helpers need sincere praise as much as we do. We won’t appear less attractive if we boost others’ self-confidence. We don’t become less a parent if we tell our children that they are great. My mother, like most mothers, was always full of praise for her children. But in spite of that, I grew up believing that I was an ugly duckling. Other children used to tease me “Tikling,” a Philippine heron which is tall, thin and has very long legs; I was tall for an average Filipino and too thin. Half of my life, I always heard these words, “You should eat well, you’re too thin.”


War and peace

am a very emotional man. Some things touch my heart. Doctors say my sensitivity is the result of my experiences in the war. The destructive rages, with the help of my loving wife, I can control, but the tears are a force beyond my control. Usually, I understand the reason for these emotions. A few months ago, the General’s stars and wrote three Chief of Naval Operations retired. simple words; “These are yours”. This Marine General had a long Even now, I can feel the pain that and heroic career. He was a Navy was in his heart. I too have a debt SEAL in Vietnam. For those that I can never pay; I too left friends may not know a SEAL is the on the battlefield. I understand why this Navy’s equivalent of the Army’s “Green Berets”. We were event moves my emotions. I “Brothers at Arms”. Before he left understand why, even now, Washington DC, he paid one last there are tears in my eyes. It is visit to the Vietnam War memorial. simple, I have been there. This As people watched from a is my pain; this is my life. But respectful distance, they saw this there are times when I do not my emotions. huge man place his hand on the understand This little Filipina’s story black marble wall and bow his is not new. It is repeated a head. After a few minutes of thousand times in a thousand silence, he slowly bent down and barangays. She is not tall, placed a small white card on the curvaceous and ravishingly ground. After he left, people went beautiful; she is just a simple, to the spot and found he had small, sweet-faced little girl. touched the carved names of Her family was poor and some of his fallen comrades. On struggled to keep food on the table. The the white card, he had pinned his Turn to page 13

JAMES “KOJAK” HUGHS U.S. Army, Cpt (ret)

Footsteps and Fingerprints


S peace elusive these days? I refer more to peace of mind more than anything else, though we cannot discount the fact that we can get the sensation that peace is also slippery in the social, political, ideological, and even religious spheres. We just have to look too. We need to understand what around to see that some trouble true peace is, because there are and disturbance are erupting in now many ideas, and many parts of the world, and even descriptions beingdefinitions attached to it, in our own country, our own and frankly, they sound more nice province, town or city, and even than true, more feel-good and in our places of work and in our subjective than objective, more homes. false and illusory than real. Of course, we know that There is peace offered by even in our own selves, we can dr ugs, or by s ome esca pe not have peace. We can also mechanisms like sex, exercise and see tension and conflicts body cult, and other forms of panacea among the different parts and and psychological conditioning. These aspects of our own selves— are Faustian bargains that, sooner or the mind warring against the later, will just fall through. heart, reason against feelings, Peace in society or in the etc. political and ideological fronts is This is unavoidable, and often an artificial, plastic product therefore, understandable, given of all kinds of consensus and the delicate status of our human deterrents to war that are at best condition, assailed as it is by shaky and volatile. It’s a peace built human frailty, mistakes and on sand, not on solid rock. failures, if not sin and malice True peace can only come pursued with hellish intentions. Turn to page 13 Yes, we can go to that extreme,


What Makes a Good Mother? oday, we celebrate Mother’s Day. We celebrate not only the lolas and nanays, but womanhood in all its glory! I would like to share with you some thoughts in my email this morning received from one of my friends about moms and womanhood, interspersed with my own thoughts. What makes a good walking to school alone for the mother? Is it patience? very first time? The jolt that Compassion? Broad hips for takes her from sleep to dread, easy childbearing? Asexy body? from bed to crib at 2 a.m. to The ability to nurse a baby, cook calm a fretful, crying baby? dinner, keep track of son’s The panic, years later, that exuberant soccer practice in the comes again at 2 a.m. when she living room, and help daughter with just wants to hear their key in her school project, all at the same the door and know they are time? Is it the ability to soothe her safe again in her home? The husband’s business-related ache in her heart for her 17-yr anxiety, comfort a heart-broken daughter who announces she teenager, while making soup for is engaged to be married? the toddler who is in bed with a The emotions of fever, all at the same time with a motherhood are universal and so smile on her face? our thoughts are for young Or is it in her heart? mothers stumbling through diaper Is it the ache she feels when changes and sleep deprivation … she watches her 7-yr-old baby for mothers-to-be who are waiting disappear down the street, Turn to page 13






May 13, 2012

Santacruzan Festival update

Banda Mangga wins Drumbeat Competition


he Banda Mangga bested other eight contestants and received the first prize of P8,000 plus trophy during the Festival Drumbeat Competition on the opening salvo of the Santacruzan Festival held Friday evening at the Quezon park. Second place went to Rajian Drumbeaters, who received P6,000 plus trophy, and the thir d prize was garn er ed b y th e Dauin Dwarf Ban d, w ho also received P4,000 pot money an d a tr op hy. Other contingents were Zildjian Tribe, Bo mb sq uad Percussion Group, Bacong Drumbeaters, Tribu Tinago, Tribu Ritual, and La Coast Tribe. No n- winn er s received a consolation prize of one thousand pesos each. Meanw hile, the City Tourism Office continued with the line-up of activities, which includes, on May 12, I nter -b ar an gay Dance Competition at Quezon park at 7:00PM; Ginang n g Tahanan Competition for

Mo th er ’s Day, May 13, 7:00PM; Santacru zan Kayak Festival, May 20, 8:00AM at the Boulevard; A Kasalang Filipino Fashion Show, May 18-20, 10:00AM at Rob in so ns Place; Heritage Month: Indigenous Cultural Show, May 25, 2:00PM at Robinsons Place; the I naugur atio n of Du magu ete Por t Island Sign age, Kasik as sa Boulevard and Festival of Lights, and the Display: Suga sa Panaghiusa on May 25, 5:00PM at the Boulevard of the City; Globe and TM Night, May 25, 7:00PM at the Boulevard; a city-wide Santacruzan Parade and Str eetd an ce, May 26, 3:00PM, f ollow ed by a Grand Festival Showdown

an d th e op en in g of the Philippine National Games, 5:00PM at the Macias Sports Comple x; GMA Kapus o Night, May 26, 7:30PM at Quezon Park; a city-wide Sa ntac ruza n Grand Procession on May 31 at 3:00P.M.; 2GO Travel Variety Show, May 31, 7:00PM, at Quezon Park. A novena mass at the Catheral is scheduled for the whole month on the following dates: May 7-11, 14-18, 2125, and 28-30. There is also going to be a Quezon Park Music and Food Festival on May 11-13 a nd 25-27, 6:30PM at the Quezon Park. Woodrow Maquiling, City Tourism Offic er, invite s Dumagueteños, tourists and neighboring towns in Negros Oriental to come take part and celebrate the Santacruzan Festival.


P.E.P. (People, Events, Places)

1st ‘Handumanan sa Dumaguete’ opens


he first-ever “Handumanan sa Dumaguete” photo exhibit to launch the celebration of the National Heritage Month formally opened to the public last Monday, May 7, at the Robinsons Place Main Atrium attended by government officials, dignitaries, guests and above all, representatives of the various families, who graciously agreed to share old photos and other mementoes that best depicted their respective lineage.


As many of the photos revealed, some of which were reproduced from the or igin al b ecau se o f its delicate state, these were the so-called buenafamilia of yore whose descendants today have continued the legacy handed down to them by their pedigreed forebears. The p ho to exh ib it, spearh eaded by th e city government of Dumaguete, the City Tourism Office, and the City Tourism Council, is also part of the month-long

means sweet remembrance, the vintage photos in the exh ib it also in clud e a commemoration of 25 years of the Salesian Fathers of Don Bosco who run the St. Louis School-Don Bosco in Du maguete, th e Negr os Revolution of 1898, past mayors of Dumaguete, and the centennial anniversary of the History and Political Science Department o f Silliman University this year. What sp ur red th e realization of this milestone

spo nsor an or dinance tow ar ds h er itage con serv atio n an d preservation of our history. “A heritage and historical co un cil in the city government to look into these concerns would likewise inspire our youth to get to know more about the city’s glo riou s past,” Lar en a added.

Santacruzan Festival whose th eme th is year is “A Celebration of Virtues.” As Mayor Manuel “Chiquiting” Sagarbarria expressed when h e welcomed everyon e during the opening, “This year, we have gone back to the original name of this May festival. If you may all remember in the previous years, the festival was called the Kabulakan Festival. This year, we have decided, once and for all, to return to the name many people have been used to, which is the Santacruzan Festival, and to rightfully partner with the Church in the celebration.” Acco rd in g to Pen n Larena, chairperson of the Heritage Exhibit Committee, it is hoped that through the photos on exhibit until next week, people will learn to appreciate the glories of the past, as well as emulate the h isto rical figu res an d person ages w ho h av e helped develop Dumaguete to become what it is today, making a mark in public service, arts and culture, go od gov ern ance, civ ic involvement, religiosity, academe, to ur ism an d hospitality, entertainment, business, and community endeavors. Adapted f ro m th e Visayan wo rd , “h an du manan,” wh ich

of a photo exhibit is the actio n plan o f th e Du magu ete To ur ism Council as a result of its Lakbay-Aral this year. “In our visit to four historic towns in Southern Cebu – Bo ljoo n, San tand er, Samboan and Oslob – it was such an amazing feat for their people to be able to p reserv e th eir age- old h er itage th ro ugh th eir buildings and churches, and other landmarks. To top it all, for such a small, obscure town like Samboan, it has a museu m th at is bein g main tain ed b y pr iv ate citizens whose passion for cultu re and h isto ry is something we can all learn fr om,” shared Bo ar d Memb er Erw in Macias, chairperson of the City To ur ism Co un cil an d SangguniangPanglungsod Committee on Tourism, and himself a descendant of one of the influential families in the city and Negros Oriental, being the grandson of former CongressmanLambertoLajato Macias and son of former Congressman and Governor Emilio C. Macias II. Although it may be quite ambitiou s to p ut u p a museum soon in the city, Lar en a – an other descendant of illustrious families in Dumaguete – hopes that legislators would

This sentimen t was sh ar ed b y Wo od ro w Maquiling, Jr., city tourism officer and Santacruzan Festival director, wh o in to ned th at h is o ff ice intends to do a follow-up exhibit by next year with the support and cooperation of the other pioneering families of achievers in the city. Maquiling observed, “This exhibit is yet the f ir st. Through this initial venture, we ar e p raying th at we would be able to feature many more families because truly, Dumaguete is such a rich sou rce of cultu ral heritage as proven by the many Dumaguetenos who have become well-known in their fields not only here, but also abroad.” The families featured in th e exhibit ar e: Absin , Aldecoa, Alfabeto, Arrieta, Bejar, Flor es, Larena, Lo csin, Macias, Pasto r, Perdices, Pinili, Romero, Teves, and Uymatiao. Doing their share, too, in contributing to the success of the exhibit, aside from the major stakeholders, were the Provincial Tourism Office, City Gen er al Ser vices O ff ice, Fou nd atio n University, Silliman University, Negros Oriental State University, Saint Paul University Dumaguete, and Asian College.

Big Diocesan ... (From page 2) of Cebu , but hails from Siquijor. The Pope has the freedom to choose from a list of three qualified nominees.jg

HOUSES FOR POOR For the third time , stronge r ties betwe en the church a nd the c ity government of Dumaguete is manifested through a joint undertaking in building shelter for the homeless families, espe cially victims of the December 17, 2011 floodings in the city. Las t we ek, groundbreaking rites were held at the housing site in Bajumpa ndan with Archbishop John F. Du and City Mayor Manue l Sagarbarria. The blessing of one mode l hous e las t Monda y, May 7, wa s conducted. T he outgoing Dumaguete bishop stressed the desire and aspirations of the church and the city to help the poor acquire homes they c an c all their own wa s planned even before Typhoon Sendong washed away 388 houses along the river banks of Banic a and pa rtia lly damaged hundreds more. Du recalled that when Sagarbarria ran for mayor, he (Sagarbarria) has consulted the church about plans of an investor to put up a casino in Duma gute with monthly revenues of P1 million for the c ity. But the offe r wa s refused by the mayor if only to preserve family ties and the community. This cooperation and collaboration was concretized and strengthened when both the church and the city had agreed to jointly celebrate the Santacruzan festivities this month of May, removing the Ka bula ka n fe stival of Dumaguete from the list of yearly activities.//jg


May 13, 2012



hose who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. Like sands cascading dow n in an hourglass, time silently slips away, w ithout the chance of retriev al, from almost everyone everyday. The misuse of anything as precious as time should be a crime. If someone steals your car, it would be an inconvenience, but not a tragedy, because you can easily acquire another. If someone snatches your w allet, it w ould be an annoyance but a few phone calls would salvage the majority of your concerns. But who can call if you suffer the loss of time- and not just time, but your time? Who can afford to miss their time? I can’t, can you?

Colossians 4:2-6 New International Version (NIV)

u r t h e r Instructions 2 D ev ot e y our s el v es to prayer, being watchful and t h ank ful . 3 And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we m ay pro cl ai m th e mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. 4 P r ay t hat I m ay


DORMC Resolution Against Gambling DIOCESAN ORGANIZATION OF RENEWAL MOVEMENTS AND COMMUNITIES (DORMC) DIOCESE OF DUMAGUETE Dumaguete City Excerpt from the minutes of the General Assembly of the FR. GAMMY TULABING Diocesan Organization of JCD, VG Renewal Movements and Communities (DORMC) held during Pentecost Sunday on June 12, 2011 at the St. Paul University Gymnasium, Dumaguete City. RESOLUTION NO. 01-11 Series of 2011 A RESOLUTION URGING OUR POLITICAL LEADERSHONORABLE GOVERNOR ROEL R. DEGAMO, HONORABLE VICE-GOVERNOR APOLINARIO ARNAIZ, JR. ALL CITY AND MUNICIPAL MAYORS, ALL MEMBERS OF THE SANGGUNIANG PANLALAWIGAN, ALL MEMBERS OF THE SANGGUNIANG PANLUNGSOD/BAYAN/ PAMBARANGAY AND ALL BARANGAY CAPTAINS IN NEGROS ORIENTAL – TO EXERCISE THEIR POLITICAL WILL TO BAN OR STOP THE OPERATION OF 'SWERTRES', BINGO MILYONARYO, AND ALL FORMS OF GAMBLING IN ALL CITIES, MUNICIPALITIES AND BARANGAYS IN THE PROVINCE OF NEGROS ORIENTAL. WHEREAS, the Diocesan Organization of Renewal Movements and Communities (DORMC), a Catholic Christian community of faith composed of the different renewal movements and communities in the Diocese of Dumaguete that share the same spirit and aims to contribute to the renewal of individuals, families and communities for total human development and social transformation; WHEREAS, the tidal wave of gambling in our To page 13

proclaim it clearly, as I should. 5 Be wise in the way you act t o war d outsiders; make the m os t of ever y opportunity. 6 Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, s o t h at y o u m ay know how to answer everyone.

The Geography of “Mazaua”


ere’s more from Fr. Miguel A. Bernad, SJ in his essay titled Butuan or Limasawa: “The question may be asked: If ‘Mazaua’ is the little island of Limasawa, why did Magellan go there? Why go to an insignificant little island; why not instead to the larger islands? The answer must be sought in geography. He was coasting southward REV. FR. ROMAN C. down the eastern coast of Leyte SAGUN, JR. (Albo’s ‘Seilani’; Pigafetta’s ‘Ceylon’) with Hibuson Island on his left. This took him down to the southern tip of what looks like a part of Leyte but is really a separate island, the island of Panaon. When his ships rounded the tip of Panaon, the wind was blowing westward from the Pacific. It was late March: in March and April in this part of the Philippines, the east wind is strong. It is what the people of Limasawa call the ‘Dumagsa’, the east wind. Sailing with the wind, Magellan’s vessels would find themselves going west or southwest, toward the island of Limasawa. Having seen a light on the island one night, they decided the following day to anchor off it. A visit to Limasawa will convince the traveler that here, indeed, is the place circumstantially described by Pigafetta. The island is shaped like a tadpole, running north to south. The northern portion is almost all hills, with the slopes dropping steeply to the sea, leaving only a narrow coastal strip. But the southern portion of the island is almost level land with a few hills. It has a good harbor, protected on the west by Panaon Island and on the east by Limasawa. The fields in this portion of the island are fertile. It is easy to understand why an expedition should wish to stay a week anchored off this fertile island, where the natives were friendly and there was enough food, water and wood. Here, the Mass could be said with solemnity. Here, on one of the hills, the cross could be planted, which everyone could see from the plain. And from the top of that hill could be seen the islands to the south, to the west and to the east. It is unfortunate that in the controversy that To page 13

Ask God to give you the patience you need to become empowered to perform. You may feel like a child waiting in line at a carnival. There will always be times when other people receive their dues and you are forced to wait your turn. This is not justice: it is order. There is nothing unjust about order. But after I have waited my turn and paid my dues, there comes a time when it is all mine. Generally, somewhere on the other side of a tremendous test is the harvest of your dream. If you have planted the seeds of a pro mise and watered them thoroughly with the tears of struggle, then this is your time. Woe unto the person who has seeds without water. The tears of struggle become the irrigation of the Holy Spirit. It is through your own tear-filled struggles that God directs the waters of life to the field of your dreams. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Psalm 126:5 Greatness has tremendous

thirst. This thirst is quenched in the tea r-staine d stru gg le toward destiny. One thing learned about life is neither fellowship nor friendship ca n lo we r th e pric e of p erso na l sacrifice. What I mean is, no one can wa te r yo ur d re am s bu t yo u. No matter how many people hold your hand, you still must shed your own tears. Others can cry with you, but they can’t cry for you! That’s the bad news. The good news is there will be a h arv e st a t th e en d of you r tears! On the other hand, you must know when you have shed enough tears. It is important that you don’t overwater the promise! A certain amount of tears is necessary during the time of sowing. But when you have come into harvest, don’t let the devil keep you weeping. Tears are for the sower, but joy is the harvester. Harvest your field with joy. You’ve paid your dues and shed your tears--now reap your benefits. It’s your turn. Reap in knee-slapping, teeth-baring, handclapping, foot-stamping joy!


GOSPEL 1 Thessalonians 5:1-15

The Day of the Lord ow, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, 2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. 3 While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not


escape. 4 But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. 5 You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. 6 So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober. 7 For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, gets drunk at night. 8 But since we belong to the day, let us be sober, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet. 9 For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. 10 He died for To page 13

Sunday Thoughts THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES PART 2 here is more to Jesus’ lordship than his divinity. We also acknowledge his immediacy. Through our Lord, we have direct access to the awesome power and love of God. As we live our lives from day to day, we must make sure that Jesus is our Lord, for when he is, we are assured that we have an DR. PROCESO UDARBE all-powerful Lord, who goes with us through the darkness and through the light, through the unforeseen events and the happenings that we can predetermine. As we go into the coming years, we can put our hand into the hand of our Lord, who will be leading us all the way. There are nail marks in his hands---a sign that he has suffered for us. The immediacy of the Lord in our lives has been the personal testimony of Christians between the events of Calvary and the emptying of the tomb, and in the lives of Christians across the ages. It is true whether one is in a legislative body, when a Christian must make a decision on how to vote on an issue, or when one is in the classroom. It is true in a time of success when one utters a prayer of thanksgiving and gives glory to the Lord. It is true when, like in the home in Bethany, he is an Unseen Guest in our homes. It is true in our times when we are sick. I’ve visited many who have been ill in the hospital and in homes—and my wife and I have been sick ourselves. A stanza of the


hymn that tells the truth about the immediacy of our Lord in times of illness is where it says: The healing of his seamless dress Is by our beds of pain; We touch him in life’s throng and press, And we are whole again. So, as we live in the third millennium, we must fully commit our lives to our Lord God Jesus in whom we live and have our being, who guides us all the way in our decisions and our way of life, who is closer to us than hands and feet, who is more present to us than every breath we take. We all agree, I’m sure, that we live in a world which we are to be dependent on Someone (Someone with capital S). In my informal discussions with lay people, and as I look into my own inner conflicts, we are in need of the Help of the helpless. A pastor friend of mine tells me his way of understanding the immediacy or closeness of Jesus, our Lord, to those who depend upon him for the serenity of their spirit in the face of life’s bewilderments. He told of being taken by his father when he was twelve years old to a very crowded section of an Asian city. To page 14

May 13, 2012






May 13, 2012

For SALE: House & Lot

Brand New Semi-furnished

• Sta. Aguida, Pamplona, 10 hectares @ P30.00 per sq.m. • San Jose, 29 hectares with coconut trees and sugarcane plantation @ P50.00 per sq.m. • Sta. Catalina, 4.3 hectares with sugarcane plantation ready for harvest @ P25.00 per sq.m. • Northern Junob, Dgte City, 19,900 sq.m. @ P1,500.00 per sq.m. • Candau-ay, Dgte City, 12,782 sq.m. @ P500.00 per sq.m. • Junob, Dgte City, along the road with fruit-bearing coconut trees @ P2,000.00 per sq.m. • Jimalalud, Neg. Or. 6,844 sq.m. with fruit bearing, coconut trees

CALL: 0918-929-6047 NEW LOTS FOR SALE  Bayawan City, located in the heart of the city, near City Hall, 349 sqms at 3,500.oo/sqm  Bacong Negros Oriental located at the National highway, wide frontage, 1,308 sqms at 1,500.00/sqm  Meciano Road, Dgte City, interior lot, suited for boarding house and restaurant, 525 sqms at 1,500.00/sqm

CALL: 0918-929-6047


For Lease

BODEGA Idea l fo r st oring stocks. Bantayan, concrete road Fully fenced lot, all concrete Good parking space, with 24/7 resident guards.

Call 0918 929 6047

For sale Malabo lots 8,000 sqm. Malabo, Valencia @ 300 Coconut, lanzones, mango, marang trees nice view of Sibulan and Dumaguete-“Zipline” 8429 sqm. Malabo, Valencia @ 600 Fruits trees and Residential good for firing range shooting Resort Along the Roads near a creek Melodinah

For Sale

LOT FOR SALE Lot adjacent to SUMC P14M, negotiable 859 sq.m. (CHET) Call: 0918-929-6047

3,337 square meters clean title rice field irrigation P220.00 pe r square meters Banilad Call 419-82-73

Residential Lots for Sale Total Lot Area 2,829sqms 2,800sqms 6,998sqms 1,400sqms 1,000sqms 845sqms 425sqms 135qsms 198sqms 2,884sqms

LOCATION Balayag-manok, Bacong Balayag-manok, Bacong Bong-bong, Valencia Neg. Or Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg.Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Bong-aw, Valencia Neg. Or.

PRICE P300K P300K P500/sqm P1,600/sqm P1,300/sqm P1,900/sqm P1,900/sqm P1,900/sqm P1,900/sqm P3M

Contact: 0918-929-6047

OCEAN VIEW LOTS FOR SALE Balili, Valencia Neg. Or. 20,575sqms, w more or less 130 fruit bearing sweet mango trees, w electricity and water access, along the road, clean title @ P500/sqm only Liptong, Valencia Neg. Or., 911sqms, w 2-storey cottage, situated 650 feet above Dgte City, overlooking, w electricity and water access, along the brgy road, clean title @ P1.2M only Liptong, Valencia Neg. Or., 910sqms, situated 645 feet above Dgte City, overlooking, w electricity and water access, along brgy road, clean title @ P900K only San Antonio, Sibulan Neg. Or., 16,279sqms, located 700 feet above Dgte City, ocean view, with road right of way, w electricity and water access, clean title @ P400/sqm Palimpinon, Valencia Neg. Or., 975sqms, located 700 feet above Dgte City, near Tiera Alta, ocean view, with water, electricity, internet, cable and phone access, along the road, clean title @ P2M only Palimpinon, Valencia Neg. Or., 1,000sqms, situated 780 feet above Dgte City, near Tiera Alta, ocean view, w electricity, water, cable, phone and internet access, along the road, clean title @ P1,500/sqm Palimpinon, Valencia Neg. Or., 1,800sqms, situated 780 feet above Dgte City, near Tiera Alta, ocean view, w electricity, cable, water, internet and phone access, along the road , clean title @ P1,500/sqm Ugahong, Valencia Neg. Or. 3.2hectares, located 400 feet above Dumaguete City, along the road, two sides attached to the road, w electricity and water access, clean title @ P500/sqm only Ajong, Sibulan Neg. Or., 1,000sqms, overlooking, along the national highway, clean title @ P3,000/sqm only

Contact: 0918-929-6047

* Along the road * Aircon, cable-ready * Fenced with garage * Hot & Cold shower Price: P5M negotiable Call: 0918-929-6047

PRIME LOT SALE: El Pueblo 475 sq.m., clean title, near the new club house, has a good view of Mt. Talinis Two sides adjacent to good neighbors, two sides free, negotiable

Call: 0918-929-6047 HOUSE AND LOTS FOR SALE Pulangtubig, Dgte City, 211sqms lot area, 1BR, 1CR, fully fenced, w car park, w road right of way, clean title @ P1.1M only Upper Cantil-e, Dgte City, 1,200sqms lot area, 280sqm floor area, 5BR, 3 CR and bath, fully fenced, w car garage, w servants quarter, spacious lawn, along the road, clean title @ P2.5M only Junob, Dgte City, 396sqms lot area, 170sqms floor area, 3BR, 2 CR and bath, maids quarter, w garage, spacious lawn, w road right of way, clean title @ P2M only Pulangtubig, Dgte City, 360sqms lot area, 3BR, 2CR and bath, spacious living rooms both at the 1st floor and at the 2nd floor, w garage, fully fenced, spacious lawn, along the road, clean title @ P3M only. Bantayan, Dgte City, 300sqms lot area, 3BR, 2CR and bath, fully fenced, w garage including the car, with road right of way, clean title @ P3M only Junob, Dgte City, 250sms lot area, 3BR, 2CR and bath, w extended dining area, fully fenced, w car garage, wash area, along the road, clean title @ P1.7M only Motong, Dgte City, 360sqms lot area, 2 storey, 1MBR, 2BR, 2CR and bath, fully fenced, w maids quarter, spacious living rooms, w car garage, along the road, clean title @ P3.8M only Bantayan, 210sqms lot area, 2 storey, spacious living room, 5BR, 3CR and bath, maids quarter, dirty kitchen, 2-wheel vehicles passage only, clean title @ P2.2M only Cantil-e, Dgte City, 1,000sqms lot area, 240sqms floor area, spacious living room, dining area, kitchen, w native living room, 1MBR, 2BR, 2 CR and bath, maids room, CR outside, fully fenced, well maintained spacious lawn, w car garage, phone line, cable ready, high-speed broadband, w road right of way, clean tile @ 5.5M only Bantayan, Dgte City, 600sqms lot area, 2 storey, 3BR, 2CR and bath, w car garage, fully fenced, with road right of way, clean title @ P3M only Motong, Dgte City, 300sqm lot area, 1MBR, 2BR, landscaped lawn, w car garage, w road right of way, fully fenced, house newly built, clean title @ P4.8M only Camanjac, Dgte City, 300sqms lot area, 2BR, 2CR and bath, maids quarter, w covered car garage, house built w native design, situated in an interior but cool place, w road right of way, clean title @ P2M only. Bagacay, Dgte City, 800sqms lot area, 1MBR, 2BR, 2CR and bath, maids quarter, laundry area, spacious lawn, w car garage, w road right of way, clean title, @ P6.5M only Junob, Dgte City, 80sqms lot area, 2BR, 2CR and bath, fully fenced, along the road, clean title @ P900K only Cantil-e, Dgte City, 890sqms lot area, 1MB, 3BR, 2CR and bath, maids quarter, CR outside, spacious living room, well-designed garden, spacious lawn, car garage, fully fenced, along the road, clean title @ P8M only Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or., 1,211sqms lot area, 275sqms floor area, 1MBR, 3BR, 3CR and bath, 1 in-suite bathroom, 2 living rooms, 2 covered outside patio downstairs, dining area, kitchen, outside utility room, upstairs balcony, abundant water supply, phone line, high speed broadband, cable ready, centralized hot water systems, fully furnished, fully fenced, 65sqm swimming pool, outside shower room for swimming pool user, matured garden, well-landscaped lawn, includes 3 dr pajero and a motorbike, along the road, clean title at P12M only (negotiable). Cantil-e, Dgte. City 200sq.m floor area; 1000 sq.m lot area; 5 bedrooms; 3 aircon; 3 bathrooms; 1 Storage room, covered parking lot; fully fenced; landscaped lot; fully furnished P5.8M Contact: 0918-929-6047

Beach Lots for Sale 250sqms, Cangmating, Sibulan Neg. Or.,beach front, along the road, tax declaration @ P450K only 500sqms, Cangmating, Sibulan Neg. Or., beach front, along the road, clean title @ P2M only 478sqms, Bacong, Neg. Or., beach front, w cottages, along the road, clean title @ P2M only 4,000sqms, Bacong Neg.Or., beach front, w fence, along the road, clean title @ P5M only 3,700sqms, Bacong Neg. Or., beach front, clean title @ P4M only 807sqms, Dauin Neg. Or., beach front, along the brgy road, clean title @ P1.6M only 2,425sqms, Zamboanguita, Neg. Or., beach front, along the national highway, clean title @ P2.3M only 3,444sqms, Bacong Neg. Or., beach front, along the cemented road, clean title @ P1,400/sqm only 587sqms, Banilad, Dgte City, beach front, along the road, clean titile @ P1.5M only

Beach House for Sale Cangmating beach, 430sqms, 2BR w CR and bath, shower rooms, CR and bath outside, w car garage, spacious lawn and playground, along the road, clean title at P4.5M only

Contact: 0918-929-6047

Residential Lots for Sale Total Lot Area 300 sqms 226 sqms 310 sqms 339 sqms 320 sqms 600 sqms 150 sqms 268 sqms 300 sqms 336 sqms 402 sqms 400 sqms 306 sqms 225 sqms 200 sqms 240 sqms 250 sqms 207 sqms 251 sqms 252 sqms 517 sqms 621 sqms 1072 sqms 936 sqms 1000 sqms 1200 sqms 1000 sqms 6270 sqms 1270 sqms 472 sqms 468 sqms 400 sqms 500 sqms 600 sqms 1000 sqms 3020 sqms 1000 sqms 1000 sqms 2000 sqms 3000 sqms 500 sqms 1,000 sqms 2,000 sqms 3,375 sqms 1,000 sqms 1,500 sqms 2,000 sqms 200 sqms 1,000 sqms 500 sqms 987 sqms 3,500 sqms 759sqms 200sqms 742sqms


LOCATION Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Fatima Village Dgte City Fatima Village Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City San Jose St.,, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave.,, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Talay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Sacsac, Bacong, Neg. Or. San Jose St., Dgte City Cadawinonan, Dgte City Balugo, Dgte City Balugo, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Balugo Valencia, Neg. Or. Palimpinon Val., Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Balugo, Valencia Neg.Or Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. Talay, Dgte City Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. East Balabag, Val. Neg. Or. East Balabag, Val. Neg. Or. West Balabag, Val Neg. Or. Bantayan, Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Bagacay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City

P800K P2,300/sqm P1.5M P2,500/sqm P1.5M P4,000/sqm P850K P1.6M P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm 400K P2,300/sqm P2,300/sqm P2,300/sqm P850K P1.4M P1.5M P1.5M P2,000/sqm P1M P1,120/sqm P1,000/sqm P1,000/sqm P1,200/sqm P1,000/sqm P5,000/sqm P1,500/sqm P1 ,500/sqm P1,500/sqm P2,000/sqm P2,000/sqm P2,000/sqm P500/sqm P500/sqm P800/sqm P350/sqm P350/sqm P350/sqm P500/sqm P500/sqm P500/sqm P800/sqm P2,000/sqm P2,000/sqm P2,000/sqm P380K P800/sqm P1,000/sqm P4.5M P3,500/sqm P1,350/sqm P550K P600/sqm

Contact: 0918-929-6047

Commercial Lots for Sale 487 sqms 1,149 sqms 1,150 sqms 300 sqms 336 sqms 402 sqms 400 sqms 250 sqms 700 sqms 525 sqms 499 sqms 3,336 sqms 1,400 sqms 150 sqms 500 sqms 116 sqms 259 sqms 169 sqms 298 sqms 241 sqms 306 sqms 642 sqms 2,423 sqms 530 sqms 6,270 sqms 268 sqms 5,222 sqms 1,104 sqms 672 sqms 650 sqms 1,179 sqms 1,205 sqms 951 sqms 1,325 sqms 4,300 sqms

Bantayan, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Piapi Beach, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Cervantes, Dgte City Locsin St., Dgte City Sta. Rosa St., Dgte City Near Ceres Term. Dgte City Cervantes St.,, Dgte City Cervantes St., Dgte City Meciano Rd., Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Bantayan Dgte City Daro, Dgte City San Jose St., Dgte City San Jose St., Dgte City Sibulan highway, Neg. Or. Banilad, Dgte City Banilad, Bacong Neg. Or. Banilad, Bacong Neg. Or. Taclobo, Dgte City San Jose St., Dgte City Real St., Dgte City Colon St., Dgte City North Natl Highway

P2.8M P5,000/sqm P5,000/sqm P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm P3M P20,000/sqm P10M P10,000/sqm P15M P850K P8M P2M P10M P5M P6M P8M P4M P4.5M P15M P20,000/sqm P 5,000/sqm P1.6M P12M P4,000/sqm P1.5M P1.2M P7M P35M P50M P40M P20M

Contact: 0918-929-6047

Subdivision Sites for Sale Lot Area 1.5 hectares 5.5 hectares 12 hectares 4.7 hectares 1.4 hectares 1.2 hectares 1.3 hectares 1.6 hectares 4.9 hectares 7 hectares 2 hectres 4.1 hectares 1.7 hectares 5.8 hectares 2.3 hectares 3.2 hectares 1.6 hectares 2.1 hectares

Location Cantil-e, Dgte City Cantil-e, Dgte City Cantil-e, Dgte City Banilad, Dgte City Tubtubon, Sibulan Neg. Or. Balayag-manok, Bacong Bong-aw, Valencia Neg. Or. Bong-aw, Valencia Neg. Or. Candau-ay, Dgte City Candau-ay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Isugan, Bacong Neg. Or. Isugan, Bacong Neg. Or. Isugan, Bacong Neg. Or. Talay, Dgte City Ugahong, Valencia Neg. Or. San Antonio, Sibulan Neg. Or. Balili, Valencia Neg. Or.

Price P700/sqm P700/sqm P700/sqm P500/sqm P800/sqm P120/sqm P350/sqm P600/sqm P400/sqm P400/sqm P1,500/sqm P400/sqm P400/sqm P400/sqm P12M P500/sqm P400/sqm P500/sqm

Contact: 0918-929-6047


May 13, 2012 Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT OF NEGROS ORIENTAL 7th Judicial Region Branch 63 Bayawan City




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UK MART Pinili St., Dumaguete City AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Real St., Independence St. Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Lupega Bldg., Dr. V. Locsin St., Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from December 1–31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office —-------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Dumaguete V Branch Ang Tay Bldg., Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office -----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Aldea Bldg., San Juan cor. Perdices St., Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office

AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Magallanes St., Tanjay City All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office —---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Quezon Street, Bais City All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office -----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS H. Villanueva St., Siaton, Neg. Or. All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Guihulngan Branch Quezon St., Pob. Guihulngan, Neg. Or. All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office —----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Sta. Catalina Branch P. Villanueva St., Sta. Catalina, Neg. Or. All unredeemed pledges




SP. PROC. NO.2011-5027

R.JOHN BUCZEK & MARICEL GUIAYA BUCZEK, Petitioners. x—————————————————————————/



Petitioner, in her verified petition, alleges that she was born on July 2, 1965 at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental and her fact of birth was duly registered before the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. However, in the said records of birth of the petitioner, the entry as to her complete name was erroneously entered as PORUSA VILLANUEVA instead of PROCESA TAÑAQUIN VILLANUEVA. Likewise, in the said birth certificate of petitioner, the entries as to the maiden family name of the mother was erroneously entered as TANIAQUIN instead of TAÑAQUIN, first name of the father as FELECIMO instead of FELICIANO and date of marriage of parents as APRIL 1955 instead of APRIL 12, 1955. Thus, this petition. The petition, being sufficient in form and substance, let the same be heard on September 03, 2012 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City. Interested parties are hereby enjoined to appear on the aforesaid date, time and place and show cause why the petition should not be granted. Let this order be published immediately, at the expense of the petitioner, for once a week for three(3) consecutive weeks at a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five component cities. Furnish copies of this order to the Solicitor General, the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, the petitioner and her counsel. SO ORDERED. Given in Chamber this 1st day of February 2012 at Bayawan City Negros Oriental, Philippines. (Sgd.) ANANSON E. JAYME Executive Presiding Judge The Negros Chronicle May 6, 13 & 20, 2012

Petitioners, claiming to be spouses, American and Filipino citizens respectively, of legal age and residents of Liptong, Valencia, Negros Oriental, desire to adopt Sophia Marie Guiaya Taras, a relative within the fourth degree of consanguinity of the Filipino spouse, and living with them in the above-given address. Petitioners further pray that upon the grant of this petition, the name of the child be changed to SOPHIA MARIE GUIAYA BUCZEK. The petition is set for hearing on June 26, 2012 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this court in the Hall of Justice, Piapi, Dumaguete City, on which date, time and place, any person may appear and show cause why the petition should not be granted. The Court Social Worker to whom this petition will be assigned to is directed to conduct a child and home study and submit a report thereon at least one month before June 26, 2012. The petitioners are directed to cause the publication of this Order once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in this province and in Dumaguete City. Furnish copies of this Order to the Honorable Solicitor General, the Municipal Civil Registrar of Lapuyan, Zamboanga del Sur, the City Civil Registrar of Dumaguete City, and the petitioners at their known addresses. SO ORDERED. Given this 11th day of November, 2011 in the City of Dumaguete, Philippines.

PRAYER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT Holy Spirit, Thou who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideal. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and who are in all instances of my life with me. In this short dialogue want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires maybe. I want to be with and my love ones in your perpetual glory. AMEN. Pray 9 times this prayer for 3 consecutive days. Ask 3 favors or wishes to the Holy Spirit intention for this prayer. Your favors will granted no matter difficult. Promise to publish this prayer as soon as your favors will be granted./A.P.V.

from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office —----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Canlaon Branch Blk. 3 New Bus Terminal Canlaon City All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office —---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Corner Pinili & Mabini Sts. Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office —---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS North Poblacion, Jimalalud Negros Oriental All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office —---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Tanjay Branch 2 Nono, Limbaga Drive Tanjay City All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office

PRAYER TO SAINT JUDE O Holy Saint Jude Apostle and Martyr. Great in virtue, rich in miracle near kinsman in Jesus Christ. Faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need. To you I have resource from the depth of my heart. I humbly beg your great power to come my assistance. Help in my present and most urgent need. In her return, I promise to make your name known. And cause you to be invoke. Saint Jude, pray for us and all who invoke thine aid. Pray this 9 times a day for 9 consecutive days. On the eight day your prayers will be answered, for this prayers has never known to fail. Please don’t forget to published this once your wish is granted./A.P.V.

AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Sibulan National Highway Negros Oriental All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office --------------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Manjuyod Branch Nat’l. Hi-Way Poblacion, Manjuyod All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ------------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Nat’l. Hi-Way Poblacion, Zamboanguita All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office -----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Poblacion, Mabinay Negros Oriental All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office -----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Bais II Branch, National

The Negros Chronicle April 29, May 6 & 13, 2012

(Sgd.)NOEL P. CATACUTAN Presiding Judge



Dr. Seeress Mae R. Heniel General Dentistry and Orthodontics Clinic Address: No. 53 Pinili St., 2 nd Flr., Cornelio Bldg., Dumaguete City 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines

Notice is hereby given that Lee V. Fabro, Eugenio V. Fabro, Jr. and Tess V. Fabro, heirs of deceased Eugenio Fabro have executed an Extrajudicial Settlement on a personal property of the deceased described as an Easement with the amount withheld by the Land Bank of the Philippines, Cebu City Branch, subject to the provisions of Sec.4 of Rule 74, duly notarized by Atty. Camelo D. Pidor Jr. per Document No. 515, Page No. 104, Book No. 23, Series of 2011.

Contact us through: Phone: 035 422 4159 Mobile: 0923 8849495 Highway Barangay Hangyad, Bais City, Negros Oriental All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office --------------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Bayawan, Branch II Tangente Building, JP Rizal St., Barangay Boyco, Bayawan City, Neg.Or. All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Canlaon 2 Branch FATC Bldg., Mabini St., Brgy. Mabigo, Canlaon City All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Poblacion Pamplona Negros Oriental All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office

The Negros Chronicle May 13, 20 & 27, 2012

AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Tayasan Branch Fabugais St. Pob., Tayasan All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Basay Branch Valencia Drive Pob. Basay All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ________________

AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Robinson Branch South Road Calindagan All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ------------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Valencia Branch South Pob., Valencia Neg. Or. All unredeemed pledges from December 1-31, 2011 will be sold to public auction on May 15, 2012 at 9:30 A.M. at this office



May 13, 2012

the CIVIC circle

BY LELE MARTINEZ (Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)

The Lowly “Lansang”

M Army’s 302nd Brigade, led by COL. FRANCISCO M. PATRIMONIO, INF (MNSA) PA, conducts Medical and Dental Civic Action Program (MEDCAP) to the unit’s personnel, CAAs/SCAAs, their dependents, as well as the indigent residents living near the camp to highlight the brigade’s 36th Founding Anniversary Celebration, 09 May 2012, at Hqs 302nd Brigade Camp Leon Kilat, Brgy Sta. Cruz, Viejo, Tanjay City. The MEDCAP benefitted a total of 492 beneficiaries broken down into 11 for circumcision, 19 for therapeutic massage, 13 for haircut, 107 for medical consultation, 19 for blood sugar, 183 for blood pressure, 30 for tooth extractions and 44 for pediatrics services.

A New ... (Bingo)

From page 4

suit and arrest, these days. President Aquino won a tremendous majority of over 5 million over his next rival in the 2010 elections on the basis of putting an end to corruption- he fingered as the cause of the poverty. The economy only grew by a marginal 3.7% GDP growth in 2011–due to overseas weakness and the Aquino policy on the budget spending of “di baling mabagal, huwag lang manakaw” causing principled under spending. A GDP growth of 4-5% this 2012 is not a surprise number, however. The DBM (Department of Budget and Management) has institutionalized reforms under Secretary Butch Abad and the scandalous 40% (tongpats) or ov erpr ice of gove rnme nt projects is now a relic of a dirty past. Present reports say there is still a 5-15% overprice in some government projects. One step at a time, then- greed being somewhat mitigated now. The P21-B “Cash Transfer” to the poorest strata of society, on the other hand, after its success in Latin America- was praised for its effectiveness in the Philippines during the recent Asian Development Bank Governors Meet in Manila last week. Asia’s own economic goal has been parallel to that of RP: inclusive growth to embrace the poor. The economy continues to be buoyed up by the about US$21-B in remittances from overseas and the US$12-B from

the BPO industry (call centers and the like) in RP, now second to India in BPO receipts. Miningan industry that exposed how wealthy our resources under our land and sea is –is a dark horse and the US$650-B mining invest ments last y ear should triple in no time at all. Tourism, with “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” is the dark horse with P17-B allocated by the DPWH for tourism infrastructure projects aside from that programmed by the DOT (Tourism) and DOTC (Transportation and Communication). “RP placed back into the international radar” was the proud pronouncement of Finance Secretary Purisima after the ADB meeting. That basically means that the “confidence” in RP’s governance and future is high. That should translate into private sector investment to create jobs here; multilateral and bilateral loans and aid for the sorely needed infrastructure to make the country globally competitive. In the election front- the notoriously dirty polls in RP- has been largely solved, saved for a few glitches to address, by the “automated elections” first experimented in 2010. After the “Executive Reforms”, the time for judiciary clean up is ripe. After the Corona trial, the Supreme Court justices are expected to be even more circumspect in their actions and rulings- being largely maligned by the watchful public by their court misrules, misbehavior and image. The entry of new Ombudsman Carpio Morales should soon

see a sweeping of the dirty graft courts in the country –often pampered by erring LGU officials with money, privilege and gifts (lechon for staff including) to buy decisions or prolong trials. The Lower Courts will also be watched with vigilant eyes –and the person of feisty Justice Secretary Leila De Lima lends confidence to many that Lady Justice will remain “blind”. In the Legislative- the senate has remained an independent, swashbuckling body, although the Lower House is now aligned with the agenda of reforms of the president-almost to the man. On the military front- the extent of the whip employed by reformist DILG chief Jesse Robredo will define the pace in the reforms of graft-ridden PNP. The AFP, with the air tight case versus its former comptroller, Gen. Carlos Garcia, is now tip-toeing its way into approval of major purchases and administratively. Internally, the MILF issue remains open to final discussion and the NPA is almost a spent force. The other leftists had decided the parliamentary and LGU struggle politically. Externally, PNoy had played his cards well. Acknowledged now as one of the respected leaders in the ASEAN, Aquino visited China last year and will toast wine glasses with President Barack Obama this year in Washington. In sum, the Philippines has now acquired a new face –in just less than three years- and confident of facing the dawning of the New Philippines. Welcome aboard!

y friends have different hobbies: some do crochet, cross stitch, sudoku, painting, gardening, beading and the like. I think everyone of us have a hobby at one time or another. I love gardening and do reading as a pastime. I am not adept with crafts and arts.

The quaintest hobby I have seen is the artwork of Maribel Rono Scheiwe. She is a local Dumagueteña from the FurbeyreVillamil f amily, w ho gr ad uated fr om Silliman University College of Nursing decades ago, worked and lived in Canada with her husband, Tjebbe, and they are now retired here in Dumaguete City. One time, when I visited her at their home, I saw different beautiful artwork hanged around the house.   There  was  a  Mother  of  Perpetual Help image done on wood shimmering in the soft evening light, a Japanese Geisha beautifully posing with a harp, another Geisha holding an umbrella, and many others. I admired the different hue and shimmer of the images that looked like cross stitch or handpainting from a distance, but did not quite look like any of those up close. It was a big surprise when Maribel told me that she used nails and screws to create the images on fine wood. Who can imagine that a graciously feminine artist would use a hammer on nails and Maribel:   Creative Artist  Maribel  with screws to create such beautiful artwork? She husband Tjebbe in their beautiful home used those lowly nails that we call “lansang” filled with her artwork. to create a fantastic tapestry of colors and and serious conversations that speaks of a happy relationship. Tjebbe is actually a tropical agriculturist. He had his degree in Holland and now lives in tropical Dumaguete. He loves gardening and had a beautiful garden and a productive vegetable farm back in Canada. He has a big workshop in their house here and he is very handy with carpentry tools. He shipped his power tools from Canada to here and now he’s able to avail of their usefulness.  He is an avid reader and he shipped his book collections here, too. You will find him content with a book in a corner of the house or anywhere he is left on his own. His love for soccer will never fade. He may be retired but he could still dribble and kick a soccerball or two. He played in his you nger days and coach ed f or years when their kids were in school till college. He is quite knowledgeable about History, especially European history, and I have spent some time talking about history and war time history with him. Th eir ho bb ies have k ep t this happy couple busy and contented.  Life Maribelperpetual:   Maribel’s special version of Our Mother of Perpetual Help and should be fun and happy; hobbies are one Child  artfully  done with  special nails  of of those things that add fun to our life; and once in a while, one gets the privilege to various sizes see and enjoy someone’s special hobby. What’s your hobby? Share it with design th at came o ut so f inely friends ! crafted, one wonders where she got the creative inspiration to use nails and screws. Maribel said she saw nails in display hammered into simple circles or squares on plain wood in hardware and home depot stores abroad.  She was then inspired to try more artistic designs with nails and screws and she improved them by painting the nails, thus, creating unique and one of a kind artwork. Maribel also does wood etching; she has sceneries of the Dumaguete boulevard, the Campanario, and many others that she did on fine wood.  She also did wood etching as fancy border on her nail art so she did two different kinds of work on one piece. The Scheiwe couple has a good sense of humor and it is always fun to be with them. Maribel says they Etchnail: A charming Japanese Geisha with a never have a dull moment between beautiful umbrella captured in a pose, done in nails. them and I have witnessed their light Note the wood etching border.

37 38

May 13, 2012

Tapping Points (Mercado)

from page 6 “Little things can make a big difference”, says “The Tipping Point.” Picayune things like stalled legislation. Trial court expenses ballooned. And Senator Miriam Santiago’s blood pressure rollercoastered. The defense trotted out 18 witnesses... Quezon City Sheriff Jose Bisnar evoked the legend of Robin Hood and the less-thanexemplary Sheriff of Nottingham. “You did not check values or urged Carla Corona Carpio to increase her bid of P28,000 for 4,839 Basa Guidote shares to satisfy other court approved claims?”, asked an incredulous Senate President Enrile. “No sir,” Bisnar replied. It took him nine years to even file a report on the sale. BGEI property, paid for by sole bidder Carla Corona-Castillo, fetched P34.7 million in a Manila City sale, former mayor Lito Atienza testified.. Isn’t that an over 1,239 windfall profit? Eat your hearts out, Investment tycoons Manuel Pangilinan of Meralco and PLDT and Ramon Ang of San Miguel. Drip-drip-drip requests by one senator-judge after another that Corona quit ducking behind technical objections ratcheted pressure.. Defense counsel Serafin Cuevas lobbed legal spanners, explaining in case you forgot: “We taught law for 30 years”. We’re happy you are now cooperating, ” an often testy Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile told

War.... (Cimagala)

from page 6

from God. “Peace is my farewell to you, my peace is my gift to you,” Christ says. “I do not give it to you as the world gives peace.” (Jn 14,27) We have to understand these words well, accepting them first of all by faith, and then analyzing them with all the resources of our God-given human powers. We should never depart from this peace of Christ. All our efforts to come up with an estimation of peace for our personal health or for social, economic or political wellbeing, should always be inspired by this peace Christ gives us. It cannot be any other way. Christ is the prince of peace. He knows how to tackle any and all sources and causes of trouble, conflict and war. He meets them head-on, not escaping from them, and in fact, converts these causes of evil and war into paths to goodness and human redemption. He goes straight to the very core of evil, the malice that can spring in the hearts of men, the primal source of all our troubles, conflicts and wars. And he does the ultimate to annul the effects of evil, by assuming them himself, killing them with his own death, and conquering them with his own resurrection. He always has the last word. While in pursuing and trying to gain peace, we may have to do some practical and temporary things. We should never forget that the ultimate source of peace is Christ, himself, who is God who became man for our sake. We should always go to him, praying and asking for his help. We should never set him aside. Following him will indeed involve effort and sacrifice, but

Corona ’s lawyers. “We may ask (Corona) to tell the bank to release his foreign currency bank accounts… Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel crafted another “tipping point”. He yanked back support for a Senate decision to comply with a Feb 9 Supreme Court “temporary restraining order” to bolt Corona ’s dollar accounts. He had hoped Senate statesmanship would be reciprocated by judicial wisdom. Those hopes were dashed”. The Court has not decided on the TRO. Will it rule after Senate adjourns on June 7? “I vote to enforce our order for PSBank and others to divulge…all foreign accounts of the chief justice,” Pimentel declared. His shift will whittle down the original 13-10 vote to a razor thin 12-11. Is “temporary” for this Court six months? Maybe one year? Or two? Or is temporary perpetual? Will Corona dollar account TRO wither into “moot and academic” status when trial ends May 30? “I will obey the Senate,” said Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, subpoenaed to appear, Monday. She’d answer questions, including those on her order to Corona: Explain within 72 hours charges of stashing $10-million. No, interjected Supreme Court spokesman Midas Marquez. “Suppose someone questioned Morales’ order before the SC on the ground of grave

abuse of discretion?”, Midas asked. The high court may rule on legality of the Ombudsman’s order. “Is Midas speculating?,” Inquirer asked. “Or is he soliciting?” Spokespersons are not hawkers who peddle wares in red light districts. They are supposed to work by a finetuned sense of delicadeza that’d rule out trolling for petitioners. Harry Roque of UP Law Center, meanwhile, skewered Midas “blatantly blurring” his role as Court spokesman with that of Corona apologist. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales’ track record shows a jurist who does not suffer fools gladly. Recall her dissent from majority of justices who approved Corona’s midnight appointment as chief justice: It was jerry-rigged “on drafting trivialities that has the weight of helium.” She acted on the proforma waiver that Corona, like other filers of SALNs, signed. It authorized the Ombudsman to look into all his financial records in connection with SALN. Now, the impeachment court asked a constitutionally independent Ombudsman to share its findings. Our take is Caprio-Morales won’t be silenced. She’ll display the “burnished steel” of previous decisions, as in the ancestral domain case involving the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. “Who shall find a valiant woman?,” asks the Book of Proverbs. “Far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her.”

The geography ... (Sagun)

from page 8

has arisen between the supporters of Butuan and those of Limasawa, this question of geography has been given little notice. If the island of Limasawa is the ‘Mazaua’ of Pigafetta and the ‘Masava’ of Albo, why then is it now called Limasawa? We do not have the answer to that question. Except to state that in the southern part of Leyte, the island is still referred to by the fisher-folk as ‘Masaoa’, not Limasawa.” we have to look at the bigger picture, the long-range vision. We will be asked to deny ourselves and to carry the cross, we will be asked to undertake a continuing ascetical struggle, but all these come with the territory. The peace Christ gives us is the peace he himself won for us on the cross. It is a peace that comes with some war—against our weaknesses, our temptations, and sins in all their forms and variety. We should be wary when we are presented with an easy program of life that can give us instant advantages but will certainly lead us nowhere but disaster. This is the kind of peace the world gives us, as our Lord hinted. Its perks and advantages are actually only ephemeral, short-lived and shallow. We have to strengthen our faith in Christ and hope in the promises he made for us. We can use these words contained in the prayers of the Mass: “Father, make our faith strong and our hope sure. May we never doubt that you will fulfill the promises you have made. Amen!”

DORMC Resolution ... (Tulabing)

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country and the province of Negros Oriental has left in its wake pain and destruction in the lives of countless people, especially the children, the poor and the elderly; WHEREAS, Lotto, “Swertres” and Bingo Milyonaryo are currently operating in Negros Oriental; WHEREAS, Bingo Milyonaryo, a numbers game, similar to lotto operated via the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes (PCSO) after it was recently turned over by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), has been introduced in Negros Oriental purportedly to reduce the illegal numbers games “swertres” in the province; WHEREAS, making illegal legal is an open admission of government, the PNP and other law enforcement agencies that they are WEAK; WHEREAS, law enforcement agencies, such as the PNP, are being paid by taxpayers' money to enforce the law; and not being able to eradicate “swertres” and other illegal gambling is just a waste of money from taxpayers who are paying for their salaries and cost of operation; WHEREAS, local governments, by tacit or expressed approval of the socalled benefits of gambling, become a predator rather than a protector of its constituents; WHEREAS, the national and local government units must always respect the integrity of public morality and take into account both the common good and the dignity of individuals. The government cannot and should not sacrifice the morale of its citizens in the name of economic

What.... (Catan) from page 6 to experience the pain and joy of giving birth to a new life… for mature mothers learning to let go…and for even more mature mothers, now lolas, who look forward to every visit from their apo. We celebrate working mothers and stay-at-home mothers, single mothers, married mothers, and abandoned mothers, moms with money and moms who make do with what little they have. This day is for all the mothers who go hungry so their children can eat, for those mothers whose heads turn automatically when a little voice calls “Mom?” in a crowd, even though they know their own offspring are at home, or even away at college, or have their own families. Some people try to separate womanhood from motherhood. But, I believe, at heart, each woman is a mother (although there are one or two women I’ve met that don’t seem to have the mothering instinct). Even those women who are not married yet, who may choose to remain single, yet they are “mothers-at-heart” to their nieces, to the neighbor’s kids, even to those who are just passing by. When we take time to chat and interact with “children of all ages”, including those adults entering their second, or perhaps third, childhoods, we are sharing our motherly psyche. Today is for all the mothers who taught their children to be peaceful, and now pray they come home safely from a war. It is for mothers whose children have gone astray, who can’t find the words to reach them. And for all the mothers who bite their lips until they bleed, praying for God-given patience, when their 14-yr-olds dye their hair green. Mother’s Day is for all of us. In the end, we can only do the best we can and trust God to do the best He can. We can tell them every day that we love them. And pray that we will never stop being a mother at heart. Because where would civilization be today without us mothers?

development; WHEREAS, government efforts be focused on more productive and moral means to attain economic growth. Those that destroy public morality should not be implemented. Gambling of any sort destroys public morality; therefore, it should not be permitted; WHEREAS, those who have been mandated to run public offices should make the people aware of the evil which gambling brings to each life; NOW THEREFORE, on mass motion, the Diocesan Organization of Renewal Movements and Communities (DORMC) RESOLVES, AS IT HEREBY RESOLVES, to urge our political leaders- Honorable Governor Roel R. Degamo, Honorable Vice-Governor Apolinario Arnaiz, Jr., all City and Municipal Mayors, all Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, all members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, Sangguniang Bayan and Sangguniang Pambarangay, and all Barangay Captains in Negros Oriental to exercise their political will to ban or stop once and for all, the operation of “SWERTRES,” BINGO MILYONARYO and all forms of gambling with audacity and to execute them with might, without fear or favor in all cities, municipalities and barangays in the province of Negros Oriental.


Emotions.... (Kojak) from page 6 last time she saw her drunken father, he was trying to kill her mother. Only the intervention of some neighbors prevented a complete tragedy. After her father abandoned them, this little girl and her mother were drawn even closer together. It was them against an indifferent world; it was them against starvation. Her mother worked hard but it was never really enough. Fortunately, this little girl was blessed by God with a great gift. She took this gift and competed in small karaoke contests, winning P1, 000 here and P2, 000 there. They managed to survive together. Every time I hear Charice sing, my heart swells and my eyes fill with tears of joy. It is not just the purity and beauty of her voice; it is more complex than just that. It is her. She is a pure Filipina. She is open, honest and vulnerable. There is nothing “plastic” about her. She loves her mother. She loves her audience. She loves to sing. I do not understand why my eyes fill with tears when I hear her. They just do. “Because You Love Me” is now my favorite song; Charice is now my favorite singer. More than that, next to my wife, Charice is my favorite person. God bless you, Charice, and may you never shed another tear in pain.

Gospel The Day of ... (From page 8) us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him. 11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 12 Now we ask you, br oth ers an d sister s, to acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you. 13 Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work. Live in peace with each other. 14 And we urge you, brothers and sisters, warn th ose wh o are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone. 15 Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and fo16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 19 Do not quench the Sp ir it. 20 Do no t tr eat prophecies with contempt 21 but test them all; hold on to what is good, 22 reject every kind of evil. 23 May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do RESOLVED, FURTHER that copies of this resolution be furnished to all concerned. U N AN IM O U S LY APPROV ED by all DORMC member movements and communities.



from page 6 poverty, and which in turn, has been the breeding ground for insurgents like the NPAs and MILFs? The question to ask then is why this is so. The short answer is maldistribution of incomes and employment opportunities. The next question is why the disparity? Again, the quick answer is little access to physical and social infrastructure. When a student has to walk miles to get to school traversing mountains and hills; when barrio folk have not seen doctors in their lifetime; when rural homes are not connected to water or electricity and the popular form of transportation is still the carabao – it is small wonder that these folks have been bypassed by development. So what to do? First and foremost are public works and social services. So there is not enough money? How come billions are spent in the countryside by candidates every election? How come government officials receive so much that legislators can travel all over the world every time congress is in recess? How come PAGCOR has so much money to spend that is at a loss at how to spend the billions that it rakes in daily from inveterate gamblers here and abroad? Does the government want development to trickle down to the masa? Let’s take a few steps to start with. First off, release the billions of coconut levy fund frozen in the ice cream factories of San Miguel so that 68 of the 80 odd provinces in the country can begin to give livelihood to a fifth of the population directly or indirectly dependent on the tree of life – the lowly coconut. Second, pass the sin taxes and stop the spread of cancer in the community and the rape of housewives by intoxicated husbands. Thirdly, cut out all that unnecessary spending by public officials. Frankly, if they close Congress as Marcos did during martial law, the economy will continue to float since we already have too many laws. Moreover, if we revive the citizen army or mobilize the reserve force as in other countries, we could save all that pabaon involving hundreds of millions for retiring generals. Finally, and this is not the last, go after the tax evaders with crowded garages in Makati Villages whose BMWs, Mercedes Benzes and Porsches fight for space. Prevent them from hiring top accounting firms that provide them with tax umbrellas even when it does not rain. In a moment of despair, one is even tempted to pray for a benevolent dictatorship with an angel on the throne. That is your shortcut, dear readers, to elusive but attainable inclusive growth. Incidentally, why not eliminate the elections next year? This will save the economy billions which could be used for social services. Beside, the elections next year will not insure better governance anyway. it. 25 Brothers and sisters, pray for us. 26 Greet all God’s people with a holy kiss. 27 I charge you before the Lord to have this letter read to all the brothers and sisters. 28 Th e grace o f our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.



May 13, 2012

GSIS offers educational loan until Dec. 28 BY JENNIFER C. TILOS

Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is offering its Theeducational assistance program until December 28 of this year. GSI S Du magu ete branch manager Cercilia Ten aja said the GSI S lau nched th is w eek its edu cation al assistance program following President Benigno Aquino’s Labor Day announcement on the availability of a joint P11.2 billio n Ed ucatio nal Assistance Fund from Social Security System (SSS) and GSIS. Un der this p rogram,

Sunday Thoughts

The name ... (From page 8 To keep the boy from getting lost in the crowds, he held his father’s finger. But after a while, the boy’s legs had grown tired, his fingers had begun to lose their grip, and he looked up to his father and said, “You’ll have to take hold of my hand now, for I can’t hold on much longer.” And the testimony of my friend is that what he needed as a boy was the feel of a father’s grip to hold and save him. That’s what we all need—our Lord’s loving grip. This is of the kind of immediacy our Lord Jesus Christ offers us and let us submit our lives to him. For as the hymn puts it, But warm, sweet, tender even yet A present help is He; And faith has still its Olivet And love its Galilee. (To be continued.)

Ten aja said all activ e members of the pension fund, regardless of salary grade, are entitled to P4,000, payable in five years at six percent interest rate. The monthly payment is only P20.00 through salary deduction. The first payment of the loan will start three months after the grant. The pension fund will neither require electronic cer tification f ro m th e employer nor charge any service fee. “This means that members will get the fu ll loan amo unt,” said

Vergara. Memb er s may file their application through any GSI S of fice, designated agency liaison officer, and the GSIS w e b s i t e ,, where the f or ms can b e downloaded. For any inquiry about th e GSI S education al assistan ce p ro gr am, members may call the GSIS hotline at 479-3645 or visit the nearest GSIS office. (MBCN/JCT-PIA 7, Negros Oriental)

169 expected to be hired in the Labor Day job fair in Dumaguete BY JENNIFER C. TILOS hundred and sixty-nine applicants are scheduled for final interview, while two were hired on-the-spot at Robinsons Place-Dumaguete during the May 1 Labor Day jobs fair in Dumaguete City.


The Department of Labor (DOLE) in Negros Oriental reported that 138 jobseekers may be hired fo r lo cal employment and 29 for overseas. There were a total of 1,326 applicants that day. In his message during the opening program, Governor Roel Degamo lau ded the organizers for providing better employment and livelihood opportu niti es for t he jobseekers in the province.

offers Jeep & PUJ loan Pick up Loan Residential lot loan Commercial loan

Auto & Van Loan Pension Loan

SG Bank a.k.a. Central Visayas Rural Bank Real St., Dumaguete City Tel. No.: 225-4304; 422-6192 Mobile No.: 0910-931-6504 e-mail:

Degamo said t he activi ty i s part of his flagship program to provide livelihood as his centerpiece dubbed HELP or Health Educat ion Liveliho od program and Projects for Peace and Development. Meanwhile, City Mayor Manuel Sagarbaria encouraged the applicants for their passion and to be patient while looking for the right job. (MBCN/JCT-PIA 7, Negros Oriental)

New Diocesan Administrator


onsignor Gammy Tulabing, JCD, who has be en J udic ia l Vica r of t he D io ce se o f Dumaguete since 1991 for 21 years now, has been selected to temporarily lead the Catholic Church of the Diocese of Dumaguete following the inst alla tion o f fo rmer D io ce se o f Dumaguete bishop Most Rev. John F. Du, as Archbishop of Palo, Leyte. In accordance with Canon Law of the Catholic Church, the College of Consultors met last May 11, 2012 and elected Msgr. Gammy Tulabing as Diocesan Administrator for the Diocese of Dumaguete until a successor to Bishop John F. Du, DD is selected by the Vatican. Monsignor Tulabing has been serv ing as the Vicar General of the Diocese of Dumaguete under Bishop Du for six years since 2006. Msgr. Tulabing has also been the Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of Dumaguete since 1991 under the watch of Bishop Angel N. Lagdameo, DD, now Archbishop of Jaro, Iloilo, until the watch of Bishop John F. Du, DD. He is Judge in the Diocesan Ecclesiastical court. As admin istr ator, Monsignor Tulabing will be responsible for the day-to-day op er atio n of the d io cese. During this interim period, no major changes are to be made. The liturgical functions of the bishop, if and when they occur, except ordaining a deacon or a priest, will be performed by him. Mo nsigno r Gammy Tulabing, originally from Sta. Cruz, Tanjay City, Negros

Oriental, gr aduated cum laude for his Theology from th e ro yal and p ontif ical University of Santo Tomas, as well as finished magna cum laude, completing his doctoral studies in Canon Law fr om the same university. He was ordained a priest in 1988 in his own parish in Sta. Cruz, Tanjay City, Negros Oriental. He was recently made Papal Chamberlain with the title of Monsignor last December 7, 2011. Previous assignments of Monsignor Gammy Tulabing include Chaplain of St. Paul University- Dumaguete from 1990-1993, Dean of Students at St. Jo seph Semin ar y College from 1996-2000, Vicar Forane of the Vicariate of St. Peter on these same years, Rector of St. Joseph Seminary from 2000-2002, Parish Priest of Bais City from 2002-2006, and Parish Priest of Balugo, Dumaguete City from 2006 up to the present. Since 1996, he is the spokesperson of the Diocese of Dumaguete on Faith and Moral Issues. He is also engaged in Evangelization Programs th rough Radio DYWC, the Diocesan Radio Station of the Diocese of Dumaguete. He also writes for Negros Chronicle for four years now. As memb er o f th e Canon Law Society of the Philippines since 1993, he is now the Vice-President for the Visayas of this Society. He also served as Chairman of the Membership Co mmittee o f CLSP f or eight years.


Congratulations Following Monsignor Tulab in g’s election as dio cesan admin istrator, besides his duties on the diocesan level, he continues to be the parish priest of Balugo, Dumaguete City, and h is p resence an d pastoral support has been a great b lessin g fo r Ou r Mother of Perpetual Help Parish in Balugo. It is now a blessing for the Diocese of Dumaguete that Msgr. Tulabing, working with the rest of the presbyterium in the diocese, can enable the Diocese to con tin ue to serv e the n eeds of the People of God. Let us pray for him as he assumes this new responsibility. Upon learn in g ab ou t his appointment as diocesan administrator, Monsignor Tu labing stated, “I am grateful for the support shown to me by the College of Consultors and the whole clergy of the Diocese of Dumaguete. With their help, I will do my best to serve the Church in this diocese and to maintain and develop the many excellent qualities of our diocese in anticipation of our next bishop.”



May 13, 2012

U.S. RETIREE WORKSHOP Are you a U.S. Retiree living in the Philippines? If your answer is yes, most likely, you will need to file a U.S. income tax return to keep your U.S. tax status intact. In addition to filing an income tax return, there are numerous IRS forms that may need to be filed. Most of these IRS forms are informational, meaning that you will pay NO tax; however, the fact that you filed fulfills the reporting requirements and avoids a whole lot of problems associated with not filing. The workshop is free. It will be presented by U.S. Attorney Robert L. Wolff as a guide to the various tax forms U.S. retirees living in the Philippines may need to file with the IRS to stay in compliance with the U.S. Tax Law. The workshop is on May 16, 2012 from 12 nn to 1:30 pm at the Bethel Guest House, Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City, Philippines 6200. Lunch will be provided. Reservations are required. The number of attendees attending the workshop is limited to 25 individuals. For reservations, call 0926-587-0404, ask for Kristine. The contact information is Robert L. Wolff, Esq. P. O. BOX 381, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines 6200. Phone-NY 518-328-6015, PH-Cell 09266485273.

AGENCIA DE EXQUISITE of Dumaguete, Inc.,


Cor. Ma. Cristina & San Jose Sts., Dumaguete City Tel. 422-1062 All unredeemed and unrenewed pawn items for the month of December 2011 will be disposed by way of auction sale on May 18, 2012 at our business office.

LOT FOR SALE 3,337 – Square meters 150 per square maters Rice Field irrigation Banilad, Bacong Negros Oriental Price negotiable Clean Title

Call: 419 – 8273 DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE


The Negros Chronicle May 6, 13 & 20, 2012

Notice is hereby given that spouses Rogaciano Labrador and Agustina Inoferio Labrador, hereinafter referred to as vendors, have executed a Deed of Absolute Sale in favor of Spouses Alberto Baldado and Dalmacia Acebis Baldado, herein after referred to as Vendees; over a parcel of land located in Tara, Mabinay, Neg. Or. under Title No. OCT HV. -704 with an area of One Hundred Forty-Seven Thousand One Hundred Eighty Nine (147,189) sq. meters more or less for Doc. No. 948, Page No. 101, Book No. IV, Series of 1983 duly notarized by Atty. Jesus S. Echavez. The Negros Chronicle April 29, May 6 & 13, 2012

LOT FOR SALE 2,297 sq.m. @ P1,800/m2 Junob/residential/ 1 block fronting Silliman Heights

Call: 0918-929-6047

AD PAWNSHOP No. 13 San Juan St., Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges whose terms have expired will be auctioned on May 31, 2012 at our place of business.

FOR SALE Residential Lot 2,000 sq.meters at Bong-ao, Valencia, Negros Oriental Price: affordable and negotiable

Call: 0918-929-6047

COMMERCIAL LOT FOR SALE Banilad, Dgte. City, 2,772 sq.m., clean title, fronting the highway, wide entrance, suited for apartment, gasoline station and commercial spaces, P2,000 per sq.m. only Call: 0918-929-6047


Healing Power of Music “Music hath charms that soothe the savage breast…” – William Congreve


ndoubtedly, without music this lonely world will be a very sad and lifeless place to live in. Music is said to be a universal language that binds and unites mankind together.

Our Christian religion uses music as effective medium of worship, prayer, and prai se to Alm ighty God. Here is a beautiful quotati on from Psal m 95:102 _”Come let us sing for joy to the Lord. Let us come before Hi m wi th thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song.” The Oxford Encyclopedic Dictionary defines music as _”an art of combining sounds for reproduction by the voice or various kinds of musical instruments in rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic form so as to express thought or feeling that affect the emotion.” So, any melodious or harmonious sound is perceived as music to our ears. In Psychiatry, we include Music Therapy as a sup-

portive treatment for the mentally and emotionally disturbed person. It is effective for the physically handicapped like the blind, the crippled, cerebral palsied, mentally retarded and even Alzheimer’s disease. Music sti mulates the endorphins, “the happy hormones” in the brain. For instance: Depressed patients need stimulating music (i.e. marching tune) to make them alert and happy. Aggressive patients need mellow or soft music to make them calm and relax. Psychol ogi sts claim that music plays a vital role in the development of a pleasant personality makeup. They observed that mothers who regularly sing lullaby to their babies will result in the development


Fellow, Philippine Psychiatric Association

of happier and music-loving children when they grow-up. Infants and children who are constantly exposed to listen to classical or any melodious music consequently result to a great tendency to musicality Music has played a tremendous role in my life: It kept me awake during my medical studies; it drove away the boredom in my work; it kept me relaxed in my travels; it provide relief when I’m in pain; and today when I’m alone and unhappy I would always play my favorite CDs. Music to me is a Godgiven panacea of a stressful world. We will always praise and thank the Good Lord for the best gift of music in our life.



AMENDED ORDER Before this Court is a verified petition for Correction of Entry in the Birth Record of MELQUI O. MAGAYA, praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an order shall issue directing the Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar of Manjuyod, Negros Oriental, to correct the entry of gender in the petitioner’s birth certificate from FEMALE to MALE, and to direct herein respondent to make the necessary correction in its office. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, set this case for initial hearing on June 5, 2012 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning, at the Session Hall of this court at which date, time and place, all interested persons may appear and show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. Let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its component cities once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks, before the date of hearing. SO ORDERED. Bais City, Philippines, April 11, 2012. The Negros Chronicle May 13, 20 & 27, 2012


TALAN HERBAL PLUS CAPSULE Food Supplement dunay 6 ka sangkap na sama sa Malungay, Gotocola, Ampalaya, Banaba. Walay lain ng giaprobahan sa FDA-RDI-RX-FW-06. Ug adunay Saluyot nga mayo sa Fatty Liver, Kidney, Colon Cleansing, AntiOxidant ug mayo usab sa kababainhan ug kalalakin-an kay aduna usab sangkap na Panax Ginseng. Mao kana ang TALAN HERBAL CAPSULE PLUS.

ALKALINE WATER (PH 9.5) Available at

Pure drinking Water Reffiling Station # 147 Hibbard Ave. Piapi, Dumaguete City Tel. Nos. (035)225-8742 & (035) 422-0911


Tourism ... Vista Land is the (From page 1) seum or a heritage site for Dumaguete, where vintage pictures from old families that helped shaped the city to what it is now, are kept. During the opening ceremony, descendants and present generations of old families in Dumaguete were given recognition, to include among others the Pinili clan, the Teves generations of leaders, Alfabeto, Macias, Pastor, Romero, Uymatiao, Larena, Flores, Locsin, Bejar, among others. Also featured during the “Handumanan” exhibit are the history of different educational institutions in the city, former mayors, vintage pictures of old landmarks and structures in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental. Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria was hoping it will be a matter of time for the city to have a repository of its rich heritiage in trying to revive the past through culture and arts. Sagarbarria disclosed that a retired and famous professor in Silliman is willing to donate plenty of books and reading materials about the city’s past. He said such donations will only be accepted as soon as the museum is established. The mayor also said, efforts are also undertaken to make Dumaguete the music capital of the Philippines with the holding of a big event in November this year. Dubbed as “Dagsa”, all Filipino musicians will be coming to Dumaguete to sing Original Pilipino Music (OPM) in a one week activity. Sagarbarria said “Dagsa” is tentatively set on November 9-13, 2012 where Filipino musicians will sing all OPM tunes at the Rizal boulevard for free.

Philippines Largest Homebuilder


anuel B. Villar-led Vista Land & Lifescapes is the Philippines’ largest homebuilder, this was confirmed by a market report pre pared by Colliers International Philippines Inc.

“Based on a mar ket scan of various vertical and h or izon tal residential projects in the Philippines developed by 14 major players in the real estate industry, Vista Land has captured 22% of the over 80,000 units of reservation sales in 2011 with the middle-income as their primary market,” Colliers said in a report dated March 2012. According to the said report, “The advantage of Vista Land is that they have a good track record in developing livable commuties in the country even before the other players came in.” Vista Land has condominium and subdivision projects in over 50 cities and municipalities. With this wide coverage, the company is the largest homebuilder in the country. Company President and Chief Executiv e Officer Manuel Paolo Villar stated that the company expects continued strong performance in 2012. “We are projecting around 20% revenue and earnings growth for 2012 which should result in

another record year for our company.” Villar said. “Demand for housing in the Philippines continues to be very strong so we are expecting robust growth in reservation sales given our planned project launches countrywide.” he added. Vista Land’s planned capital expenditure outlay is projected to exceed PHP15 billion for 2012. Vista Land is the holding company of five business units, namely, Brittany, Cr ow n Asia, Camella Homes, Communities Philip pines an d Vista Residences. The company generated PHP13.5 billion in revenues and PHP3.5 bil-

lion in net income in 2011. Its consolidated assets totalled PHP67.6 billion compared to PHP60.5 billion in 2010. The company has also recently successfully raised PHP 4.5 billion pesos through the issuance of unsecured domestic corporate notes. Vista Land is recognized for its themed and masterplanned communities that offer quality housing across all market segmen ts. Its stock ( tick er :VLL), w hich is listed on the Philipp ine Stock Exchange, has increased about 50% since the beginning of the year.


He said the Filipino artists will be brought to Dumaguete through Tao Foundation of Jun-jun Sy, in hoping that it will be a beginning of converting Dumaguete, into a music capital of the country. On the other hand, the mayor said the city is also coming up with another version of the Dumaguete Hymn.  He said the present one is not a hymn but a lullabye. It will be revived through a contest among local musicians, through the city tourism office.jg

FURNITURE SHOWROOM 2nd Floor of Uymatiao Trading Corporation Gov. M. Perdices St., Dumaguete City

Tel. No. 226-5555 / 422-9999

HEIDI’S PAWNSHOP “The Pawnshop with a Heart” Along Sta. Rosa St., Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-7735 & their Newest Branch at Silliman Ave., Dgte. City Tel. #422-9002


May 13, 2012




May 13, 2012

LAW EACH WEEK SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY A public service of the Sen. Jovito R. Salonga Center for Law and Development.



he Silliman University College of Law and its Sen. Jovito R. Salonga Center for Law and Development express deep regret over the unfortunate turn of events relating to the service of an alleged warrant of arrest for the country’s icon of democracy and former Senator, Dr. Jovito R. Salonga.

Dr. Jovito R. Salonga’s living legacy cannot be overlooked in the midst of this circumstance. As a topnotcher in the 1944 bar exam, Dr. Salonga could have chosen to lead a comfortable and lucrative legal career. Yet, he risked his career and wielded his brilliance to win cases for political prisoners during the Marcos years. He even risked his life, narrowly surviving a critical injury at a bombing incident a year before Martial Law was declared. For these and for many other undertakings, Dr. Salonga is internationally recognized as a human rights champion.

Biggest Clan ... From page 20 size to what it is today. Notable contributions of the Flores family include the donation of land where the original Silliman Hall of then Silliman Institute is now standing. Many Flores family members became community and political leaders, most notably are Laureano and Froilan Flores

who where among the first fifteen students of Silliman. Laur eano later b ecame Dumaguete Mayor in 1909. The Flores family of Negros Oriental is one of the biggest supporters of the catholic chuch, offering many of its members to the priesthood, notable of which are Reverend Fathers Andres, Jesus, Clyde, Leonard, and present COSCA president, Rev er en d En riqu e Balongag.

ERRATUM In the Statement of Condition of Dumaguete City Development Bank, Inc. published on April 29, 2012, Capital Accounts and Other Capital Accounts under Stockholders Equity should be as follows: Capital Stock P86,784,550.00 Other Capital Accounts P18,190,177.60

MAY Tutorial - 8:00am-12:00pm - Agape Happy 65th Birthday Conching 14 •• RN 6:30pm-8:30pm - Jordan 1

15 16 17 18 19 20

----------------------------------------------------------• RN Tutorial - 8:00am-12:00pm - Agape • Kim & Kristina Wedding - 6:00pm-8:00pmJordan1&2 ----------------------------------------------------------• RN Tutorial - 8:00am-12:00pm - Agape • US Retirees’ Workshop - 12:00pm-2:00pm Joshua 2 • Happy 7th Birthday Nathalie Santillan 4:00pm-6:00pm - Jordan 1 ----------------------------------------------------------• RN Tutorial - 8:00am-12:00pm - Agape ----------------------------------------------------------• RN Tutorial - 8:00am-12:00pm - Agape • Franco & Colette Wedding - 12:00pm2:00pm - Jordan1&2 ----------------------------------------------------------• BCBP South Fellowship - 7:00am-11:00am Joshua 2 • BCBP North Men & Ladies Fellowship 7:00am-9:00am- Agape • Erwin & April Wedding - 5:00pm-7:00pm Joshua 1 ----------------------------------------------------------• Jeremiah Christian Center - 9:00am11:00am - Joshua 1 • Living Hope Family - 10:00am-12:00pm Jordan 3 • Living Word Fellowship - 3:00pm-5:00pm Jordan 3 • Family in Christ Ministry - 3:00pm-5:00pm - Agape • Church of Christ - 6:30pm-8:30pm Joshua 2

Dr. Jovito R. Salonga is an epitome of integrity and substance. These are foremost of the many reasons why Silliman chose to employ his name as a meaningful banner for the university’s Center for Law and Development, launched by no less than the good Senator himself on August 26, 2006 at the College of Law, Silliman University. Nothing can blemish Dr. Salonga’s personal character, national contribution, and living memory. The College and Center continue to beam with pride to have Dr. Salonga as patron, and wish to extend to him and his family utmost fervour any and all legal aid and assistance in whatever way. The Center further calls on appropriate government agencies concerned to exercise prudence in the performance of its functions so that an incident of like nature will not be repeated.


May 13, 2012


LTO brass ... From page 1

COP reports accomplishments


he Dumaguete City Police Office highlights several significant ac complishments in the campaign against all forms of criminality in the city, under the leadership of P/Supt Crisaleo Tolentino, who took over as OIC Chief-of-Police, August 12, last year, then on December 14, on the same year, was designated as the Police Chief of PNP Dumaguete. Supt. Tolentino, on his report to the members of the city council during the regular sessi on o f the Sangguniang Panlungsod, Wednesday afternoon, as he was invited to give the update on the city peace and order situation. Accomplishment on Antiillegal gambling from August 2012 to May 9, 2012. Police co nducted 60 o perations, which resulted to 60 persons arrested and confiscation of bet money amounting to P24,647.90 and filing of 50 cases in court for violation of RA 9287. On illegal drugs, Police conducted 48 operations and arrested 59 persons, with 36.63 grams of shabu confiscated and 15.42 grams of dried marijuana, with 64 cases filed in court for violating  provisions of RA 9165, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Drugs Law of 2001.

Of the 59 perso ns arrested, 33 are pushers and 25 are ushers. Tolentino said, they al so served warrants of arrest and  search warrants  issu ed by Acting Executi ve Judge Rosendo Bandal, Jr., which resulted to the recovery of 21.09 grams shabu. The illegal drugs were sent through a package at LBC Real St. Branch, Dgte City by a certain Rica Rose T. Merced of National Highway, Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna addressed to a certain Rellen T. Merced of Brgy. Calindagan, Dumaguete City. A case was filed at the Dumaguete City Prosecution Office for violation of Sec. 5, Transportation of Dangerous Drugs. On the campaign on loose firearms, Police conducted 20 operations and arrested 22 persons with 22 firearms confiscated, one firearm recovered and 9 firearms surrendered to

the Police with 19 cases filed in court from August 2011 to  April 2012.    Accompl ishment on wanted persons from August 2011 to April 2012. Of 110 person arrested, 94 are bailable and 16 are non-bailable. Operation on anti-armed roberry/carnapping. Police arrested Dennis Baldado, 23 years old, a nati ve of   Manjuyod, Negros Oriental and temporarily residing at Purok 4 , Brgy. Bati nguel, Dumaguete City. A pending warrant of arrest of robbery case was issued by Hon. Ju dge Joseph Elmaco of  MCTC  Bindoy, Bindoy, Neg. Or. dated June 29, 2011. The suspect was also arrest ed for robbery and carnapping, March this year, in Purok 4 , Brgy. Bati nguel, Dumaguete City. Police recovered from t he suspect, Baldado, nine (9) pieces of cellphones, six (6) pieces of

Australian Education Exhibition opens R

epresentatives of over 40 Australian schools and universities are participating in the Australian Education Exhibition to be held at the Cebu City Marriott Hotel from 12 noon to 5 p.m. on Friday, May 18, 2012, presenting a wide range of options for individuals wishing to enter the territory as students. Institutions like the Uni- styles, admission procedures, Ltd Philippines, the country’s versities of Canberra, New tuition and documentary re- leader in student placement England, New South Wales, quirements will be readily abroad. This exhibition will Newcastle, Queensland, South available. also be in Makati City on May Australia, Sydney, Sunshine The exhibition presents 19 and 20. Admission is free. Coast and Western Sidney, short-courses and full under- The exhibition is open to all Perth Education City, Queens- graduate and post-graduate interested students. land University of Technology, programs. IDP, a multinational comBrisbane North Institute of The Australian Embassy pany with headquarters in AusTAFE, Carrick Institute of Edu- in the Philippines will also be tralia, gives free counseling and cation and Charles Darwin joining the free seminars at 12 enrolment services, assisting University have sent repre- noon, 1:30 and 3:00 p.m. to students from the initial steps sentatives to the exhibition for discuss the requirements for of choosing a course and unifree consultations during the student visa applications. versity, to applying for the event. The Australian Education course and enrolling for it. Information on program Exhibition is an annual event Visa applications, pre-deparoffers, campus facilities, life- hosted by IDP Education Pty ture briefings, student arrival

will be allowed to ply the commercial district, and the other half of the units to operate in the outskirts of the city. “As odds and evens as they will be numbered, these tricycles will switch routes daily or weekly. A dry run for one month will not affect much, but why are city officials blocking his good proposal? Is it because some elective local officials might get the ire of tricycle drivers and lose votes in 2013?” Ramos asked. Another recommendation of the LTO chief is for the conduct of a dry run of a traffic scheme along the main highway, which is Real Street. Ramos was merel y requesting the city to disallow motorcabs from plying Real Street, out of four national highways inside Dumaguete — -and if not doable, it can be shelved. However, Ramos’ recommendation was held in abeyance since it was presented in September last year, prompting him to believe that his ideas are not anymore needed in the traffic management council.//jg wristwatches, thirty three (33) pieces of VCD/DVD, three (3) pieces of LTO MC plates plate nos. OS2234 , N7 999 and G4454. Update on the Botica Real ro bbery incident. Supt. Tolentino said, they already identified the suspect as Michael  Garsula  ali as “Marcus Pasculados,” a resident of Brgy. Malaunay, Valencia, Negros Oriental. A case was filed at the City Prosecutors Office for roberry, including John Does. With 114 total number of po lice personnel in P NP Dumaguete to serve and protect the 130,015 population as of 2011 National Statistic Office Census with the ratio of  1:1,140 night time, according to Supt. Tolentino. requirements and settling down in the chosen university are carefully supervised by IDP counselors. It represents in the Philippines the most number of Australian institutions through its partnership with over 700 quality education providers across the territory. IDP also provides the same service for prospect students who wish to study in USA, UK and Canada. IDP is an International English Language Test ing Syst em (IELTS) administrator as well. Australia is widely preferred by foreign students be-

Mother, the...

From page 4 after her work. We ate ice cream at Dainty (where Jollibee Alfonso XIII is now located). I remember those ice cream pints sliced into half. Or we went to cool off at Snow White (with no dwarfs) beside the bell tower. I’m blessed I felt a mother’s love. She loves us, her children, like no person ever can. No doubt, God’s greatest gift to me is my mother. So, it would be fitting to say thanks to my mother for all things good and happy. Happy mother’s day, Mama.



Gov’t won’t honor ... (From page 2) simply takes back the land and gives it to others who can effectively till the land, but with full government support like a good irrigation system, farm implements and equipment, fertilizers, and marketing of the goods. -o0oThe Thailand Government makes sure that the farmer becomes a successful entrepreneur. If he fails, government will simply take the land back and give it to others who can deliver. That is why land reform in Thailand is successful. Before, Thailand used to send students to the Philippines, like in Silliman Unviersity here to study agriculture. Now, they are exporting the rice to the country where they studied agriculture. -o0oLet’s amend the CARP law and let only those farmers who are willing and able to learn and till the land themselves be CARP awardees. The rest will have to find other livelihood that will suit their talents. But you will be surprised how our Filipino farmers become overnight experts if only given the proper incentive and support.

PNP delivers ... From page 2 neutralization of at least six gun-for-hires in the province, according  to  P /SrSupt Carranza. cause it offers world-class education at internationally recognized schools with modern facilities and effective support services. Annual tuition fees are lower compared to similarclass universities abroad and the government is committed to keeping college standards high. A total of 400,000 international students are received in Australia yearly. Graduates from Australian schools are sought-after byboth Australian and international employers, ensuring a clear path for career growth.

Carranza identified the six as Herman Escora and Renny Deocares for their alleged involvement in the robbery with homicide incident last January 19, 2011. Also arrested were Jasper Tanasan and Pacito Libron, who were accused in the shooting of Bayawan City first councilor Atty. Victoriano Alabastro in June of last year and Jerry Ino cierta and Espedita Inocierta, who were accused of killing businessman Demetrio Larena III in October 2011. Also, NOPPO has intensified the campaign against illegal logging to preserve the remaining forest of the province. As a result, nine persons were arrested and the confiscation of four cargo trucks loaded with sawn lumber and 261 sacks of charcoal, among other evidences//.jg



May 13, 2012

Geology top choice of DOST scholars


ix, or 27.3 %, of the 22 new DOST scholars from Negros Oriental intend to enroll in the BS Geology course at the Negros Ori ental State University (NORSU) this coming new academic year.

he Flores Family Clan celebrated it’s 77th Annual Grand Reunion last May 6, 2012. Close to 500 members from all the clan families of the Province attended the whole day affair at the Umbac beach house in Cangmating, Sibulan. The clan is now estimated to have more the 5000 members since it’s organization back in 1935. The family clan was started by family patriarch capitan Cecillo Flores, detailed in Dumaugete City as a guardia civil of the Spanish colonial governrment during the mid 1800’s.


He was a originally from Jaro, Ilo-Ilo. Cecillo was a contemporary of the legen dary Gen . Pantaleon Villegas popularly kn own as Leon

Kilat in o ur p ro vincial history.Current clan president Dind o Flor es Patrimo nio Generoso attributes the huge size of it’s clan to the fact that Capitan Cecillo Flores origi-

nally had ten sons and one daughter from which the eldest son, Laureano Flores himself had eight sons further increasing the family To page 18

The rest are distributed among eight other courses, ranked as follows: BS Mechanical Engineering (4 or 18.2%), BS Information Technology (3 or 13.6%), BS Chemistry (3 or 13.6%), BS Geodetic Engineering (2 or 9.1%), BS Electrical Engineering (1 or 4.5%), BS Education-Physics Teaching (1 or 4.5%), BS Computer Science (1 or 4.5%), and BS Computer Engineering (1 or 4.5%). The Department of Science & TechnologyScience Education Institute (DOST-SEI) has been promoting enrollment in certain top priority courses, such as BS Phys-

ics, BS Geology, and BS Mining Engineering. Scholars who choose any of these courses receive higher subsidies, i.e. P5,000 monthly allowance. Other scholars who opt for other courses get only P4,000 monthly allowance. Scholars may study in a state university or college, or otherwise in a private academic institution if the courses are offered by a center of excellence or center of development (COE/COD). NORSU offers BS Geology but not BS Physics. Silliman University (SU) only has a COD in Information Technology, a COD in Biology,

and a COE in Teacher Education. Only two of the local scholars are enrolling in Silliman University—one in BSIT and one in BS Education-Physics Teaching. The rest or 90% are going to study in NORSU. However, they will all be joined by 10 scholars from other provinces, including six from Siquijor, two from Surigao del Norte, and two from Region 6. A total of 32 DOST scholars are thus expected to study in NORSU and SU. They are currently undergoing a 20-day Summer Orientation and Enrichm ent Program (SOEP) at NORSU.

The Negros Chronicle May 13, 2012 issue  
The Negros Chronicle May 13, 2012 issue  

The Negros Chronicle May 13, 2012 issue