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It’s MEV or Tuting for Vice-Governor



Sunday MAY 2, 2010

Gordon-Bayani here tonight


P 12.00

Life for killer of Judge Velasco


G1bo sprints in final stretch . . . BY DEMS REY DEMECILLO AND FLORENCE BAESA

OFFICIAL BALLOTS ARRIVE at the airport, Negros Oriental as broadcaster and senatorial bet Rey Langit instinctively went near to inspect the official ballot’s arrival. (Foto by Greg Morales.)


residential contender Gilbert “GIBO” Teodoro last Thursday declared that this 2010 campaign is about laying down the roadmap for the future of the Philippines and Filipinos.

A mammoth crowd estimated at ten thousand in the Quezon Park cheered and chanted his slogan as he Comelec has officially dis-enfranchized the top GIBO Teodoro hopping PNP and Army commanders of Negros Oriental, from two major cities gave meaning they cannot vote this election because a big leap to his bid for the their names were not listed in the local roster of Presidency as he sprinted voters. Turn to page 14 his way in the final stretch of the 2010 electoral campaign. G1bo was accompanied by Edu Manzano his vice presidential timber; six senatoriables Silvestre Bello, Rey Langit, Bong Revilla, Raul Lambino and t’s official: majority of the local government Lito Lapid (represented by officials of Negros Oriental under the Lakas boxing champ Gerry party is for GIBO Teodoro, according to po- Peñalosa). litical patriarch Meniong Teves during his 90th day anOn hand to give him niversary last April 25. Turn to page 18-C full provincial endorsement were political legendary

kingmaker retired Rep. Meniong Teves, Rep. George Arnaiz, Rep. Henry Pryde Teves, and former Rep. Jacinto “Jing” Paras of the second, third and first district, respectively. Turn to page 19



An estimated crowd of close to ten thousand filled up the historic Quezon Park in downtown Dumaguete City last Thursday April 29, Gibo, with VP bet Edu Manzano and Lakas senatoriables and officials proclaimed their candidates from various towns and cities.

Incumbents pump P8M dole outs,etc. hile they may have thought that nobody was looking, most incumbents during the city council’s two sessions on April 7 and 22, seemed to have enjoyed a heyday appropriating taxpayers’ money, and gave out almost anything they could think as “people’s need” and reached a staggering appropriations P8 million in just two sessions. Out of these, two barangays just passed their annual budgets. This was described by They did not question the leSpecifically, the getary financial legislations several voters and taxpayers gitimacy of the appropria- Sanggunian records show and in April 22, appropriated as a virtual election-timed tions, but the timing, which that in April 7, the council P3-million or a total of a dole outs in the guise of le- was made just 19days be- appropriated 5,044,030 in- whooping P8Million in two gitimate appropriations. fore the May 10 elections. cluding two barangay bud(Turn to page 10)


Meniong Teves, political kingmaker, at 90, with city mayoral bet Manuel Chiquiting Sagarbarria, and his VM Rommel Erames during the press conference.




May 2, 2010

Military absentee voters cast ballots critical reporting

Military personnel led by 302nd Brigade Commander Col. Manny Ochotorena filled up their respective ballots during the 3-day absentee voting last week as they will be assigned this week in various poll duties. Their ballots were collected by their field commanders in sealed envelopes and sent to the head office of the Commission on Elections. Some enlisted personnel and even some superiors failed to find their names in the official list thereby depriving them the opportunity to exercise their right of suffrage.



Eradicating corruption is, all but a eutopian dream on’t ever believe that they can eradicate corruption once elected to the presidency, congress, or as LGU head. Using a simple logic, one party says, if there is no corruption, there is no poverty. Therefore, if there is poverty, there is corruption. To further the logic, therefore, unless we eradicate poverty, we cannot eradicate corruption. Moreover, if there is corruption, then they cannot eradicate poverty. Please correct my logic if you think it is wrong. To be safe and not suffer from incredibility, please do not promise the moon. -o0oTHE PRIVILEGE. One of the great privileges of being reelectionist candidates, is that they have good access to public funds which, they can appropriate for legitimate use even during an election period, so long as they do not violate the public works ban on elections. And what are these privileges?



To use government vehicles to campaign without being obvious, like attending public functions as they usually do before, during and after elections. Everybody knows and sees them, yet no-

George denies spat with Dodo in Tanjay econd District Rep. George P. Arnaiz quickly dismissed speculations that he had a serious falling out with Governor Emilio “Dodo” Macias II. The latest episode reportedly erupted during the proclamation rally in Tanjay City recently. Accounts of those with the solon. The Macias present at the time of the in- camp maintains that Saraña cident recall that Arnaiz was even allowed by Mayor wanted Macias to go up on Ernesto Reyes to share the stage and deliver a speech stage with Board Member before their supporters but Mariant Escaño-Villegas the governor insisted to bring during a recent rally in along his running mate Guihulngan City without any Bayawan City Gerry hassle. Saraña, which did not sit well Turn to page 13



easoned political kingmaker Meniong Teves believes that fight for the vice-governorship is now only between Dumaguete City Mayor Agustin “Tuting” Perdices and Board Member Mariant Escaño-Villegas.

In Teves’ estimation, Bayawan City Mayor Gerry Saraña is practically out in the running. However, Provincial Atty. Erwin Vergara begs to disagree and maintains that Governor Dodo Macias’ running-mate is the


ormer 1 District Rep. Jing Paras declares his unconditional loyalty to Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party standard bearer Gilbert “G1bo” Teodoro Thursday, but in the same breath admitted that he met with Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar the next morning, Friday. Paras explains that he erations officer.” Nevertheless, Paras unmet with the wife of Nacionalista Party presiden- derscored his commitment to tial bet Manny Villar because remain with the Lakashe had to accompany his Kampi-CMD party and mayors to a conference with Teodoro. Initially, Teodoro Mrs. Villar, considered by was expected to go to political observers as Guihulngan City but did not Manny’s “chief financial op- materialize fueling speculations Turn to page 13


Manny Villar’s secret weapon

“man to beat” in this elections owing to his various accomplishments in his almost nine years as local-chief-executive. On the other hand, Perdices is also not con Turn to page 13

Bagumbayan bets campaign here



residential hopeful Dick Gordon and his running mate Bayani Fernando are here today for a dinner conference with the Philippine National Red Cross and the media at Bethel Guest House, 7PM.

Gordon, is also Chairman of the Board of Governors and Fernando, former Chair of the Metro Manila Development Authority have been campaigning under the Bagumbayan banner and is expected to meet their supporters at the Rizal Boulevard later in the night. GORDON


G1BO proclaims Lakas NegOr line-ups

Rep Cynthia Villar, hopping nationwide, visited Dumaguete and nearby provinces to talk with local leaders headed here by businessmn NILO TAM. Mrs Villar, dropped by DYEM ENERGY FM studios and was interviewed by station manager Ely Dejaresco on various national issues. body complains formally to the Ombudsman. So whose fault is that? Another, is appropriating public funds for a public purpose. Here, our city council even continues to donate thousands of pesos to private organizations even if it is for a public purpose. COA says this is not allowed; yet, nobody complains formally, so the privilege continues. Besides, the beneficiaries are selected sectors of the public, so why complain? Only a simple vote is impliedly asked in exchange. Is that wrong? Of course it is morally wrong. But is it legal? But of course. Such is our kind of government. Always loving, always accommodating, but mostly only to their loyal supporters. So get elected first before you enjoy this rare privilege. Is it ominous that the two top military and police commanders here were themselves disenfranchized by the Comelec in the absentee voting b ecause their names could not be found in the roster? They took it lightly because they knew that this was due to their frequent transfers of assignments. -o0oWell, people, this is now the final week of the campaign. As surely as the sun rises in the east, money will flow and it did, when Cynthia came over. Many mayoral bets confirmed this. The Liberals and Lakas people too with Ipe and Gibo playing santa.

GIBO TEODORO AND EDU MANZANO woo the record Dumaguete audience at the Quezon park last Thursday night. The record crowd at the downtown park was estimated at 9 to 10 thousand. Most people say they are going to prove national surveys wrong by voting on the right man who is Gibo, Manny Villar or Noynoy Aquino . Above: Gibo and Edu proclaim all NegOr Lakas line ups. (Foto by Jan Bitong)

As we said in our editorial, the top four of the presidentiables are also high risk factors for the national recovery. So you may choose one with the least risk but has the highest hope for the alleviation of our problems….

May 2, 2010

N A M Y D N A H n o s n i b Ro





May 2, 2010

JV Imbo for the city


he core LGU (Local Government Unit) of the Philippines is the barangay. Every barangay has a unique and special makeup of its place & its people. As a servant with a barangay level background, it is his desire to bring the delivery of government services closer to the people by empowering & strengthening every barangay in Dumaguete City. WITH A DREAM: That every barangay should be enhanced with the “EBARANGAY SYSTEM” (Electronic barangay); Health & Social welfare services must be fully implemented; Making all barangays peaceful & prepared to meet crisis; Create a MEDICAL & DENTAL MOBILE SERVICE TEAM that is accessible & available to all its barangay constituents; Create programs to support & facilitate speedy implementation of barangay infrastructure projects; Provide avenues for diversity in Barangay Sports development; Encourage active participation on the use & care of all natural re-


ORDER Petitioners in their verified petition alleges that they have no legitimate child and they desire to jointly adopt minor, Miyaka Jazmine Awa Impas who was born on April 17, 2009 to Spouses Manuel S. Impas and Fe Grace A. Impas who gave their consent to the adoption; and that they posses all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications. The petition being sufficient in form and substance, let the same be heard on May 26, 2010 at 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon, at the session hall of the court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Stree, Bayawan City, Bayawan City. Interested parties are hereby enjoined to appear on the aforesaid date, time and place and show cause why the petition should not be granted. The Social Worker of the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Dumaguete City, is hereby directed to conduct the required case study report over the minor, the biological parents and the petitioners, and to submit the required report and recommendation at least three (3) days before the scheduled hearing. Let a copy of this order be published immediately, at the expense of the petitioner, for once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five (5) component cities. Furnish copies of this order to the Solicitor General, the Social Worker, Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Dumaguete City, the petitioner and their counsel. SO ORDERED. GIVEN in Chamber this 11th day of January 2010 at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

The Negros Chronicle May 2, 9 & 16, 2010

(Sgd.) ANANSON E. JAYME Executive/ Presiding Judge

AD PAWNSHOP No. 13 San Juan St., Dumaguete City

All unredeemed pledges whose terms have been expired will be auctioned on May 31, 2010 at our place of business. DECL ARATION OF HEIRSHIP WITH EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTL EM ENT AND WAIVER OF RIGHTS NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late JULIANA GEMIRA VDA. DE TAPIS have filed and executed a Declaration of Heirship With Extra-Judicial Settlement and Waiver of Rights on Lot No. 821, with TCT No. T17173, containing an area of 10,905 sq.m.; while Teodoro G. Tapis, waives his right and share on Lot No. 445, TCT No. T-26693, with an area of 351 sq.m. to Lydia T. Tubillara and Manuela G. Tapis; both situated in Municipality of Tanjay, per Doc. No. 365, Page No. 73, Book No. I, Series of 2009 of Notary Public Atty. Julius C. Entila. The Negros Chronicle May 2, 9 & 16, 2010



DR. JV IMBO sources while taking steps to conserve them for future generations; Promote high degree of awareness of moral values & responsibilities at the barangay level; If all 30 barangays in Dumaguete City are healthy, safe, clean & God loving people we will surely have a Progressive DUMAGUETE CITY. To succeed in this DREAM he needs your votes on May 10, 2010. #17 IMBO, JOSE VICTOR “JV” CITY COUNCILOR


Before this Court is a verified petition for Correction of Entries in the Birth Record of Clotilde Lawa-an Luzuriaga Euraoba filed through counsel, Atty. Benjamin H. Lajaot, Jr., praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an order shall issue ordering the correction in petitioner’s birth certificate referring to the petitioner’s gender from MALE to FEMALE and directing herein respondent to make the necessary correction in the above-mentioned birth record before its office. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, the court sets the initial hearing thereof on June 28, 2010 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning, at the Session Hall of this court at which date, time and place, all interested persons may appear and show cause, if any, why thepetition should not be granted. Let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its component cities once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks, before the date of hearing. Petitioner is hereby directed to furnish the Municipal Civil Registrar of Tayasan, Negros Oriental of this order with a copy of the petition and its annexes and to the office of the Solicitor General with address at 134 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City and show proof of service thereof. SO ORDERED. Bais City, Philippines, April 6, 2010.

Petitioner, in her verified alleges that she was born on January 9, 1987 at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental and her fact of birth was duly recorded before the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. However, in her record of birth, her sex, family name, complete name of mother, complete name of father were erroneously entered as MALE instead of FEMALE, SUBARDIAGO instead of SUBARDIAGA, BIBIANA instead of BEBIANA , MATTHEIS GALVES SUBARDIAGO instead of MATTHIAS GALVEZ SUBARDIAGA respectively. Thus, this petition. The petition being sufficient in form and substance, let the same be heard on May 7, 2010 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City. Interested parties are hereby enjoined to appear on the aforesaid date, time and place and show cause why the petition should not be granted. Let this Order be published immediately at the expense of the petitioner for once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental, and its five (5) component cities. Furnish copies of this Order to the Solicitor General, the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, the petitioner and her counsel. SO ORDERED. IN CHAMBER, this 20th day of March , 2009 at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental.

The Negros Chronicle May 2, 9 & 16, 2010

The Negros Chronicle April 18, 25 & May 2, 2010

FIELD WORKER 20-23 years old; Female for product presentation/ servicing/report. Submit requirements or contact Cellphone No. 0933-5807-858 for more info. Email address:

(Sgd.) RODERICK A. MAXINO Acting Presiding Judge

May 2, 2010

So YOU want NoyNoy to be President: o ahead, make my day! Manny Villar must have learned about the C-5 factor from the SCTEX factor. The SCTEX is that long stretch of highway from Manila to Clark and Subic. But records show that Noynoy’s mother’s Cojuangco family lobbied strongly and successfully for the SCTEX to be diverted , passing thru 8 barangays of Hacienda Luisita making a longer route, and much more, the government paying the Cojuangcos P176-million for the right of way alone, and in effect ballooned the project from P442-million to P646-million in taxpayers’ money. Good! Noynoy deserves to be President! NOYNOY AQUINO


BOY IN BOSTON. Quote from Carmen Pedrosa, the Filipina US-based columnist who wrote the infamous “Untold story of Imelda” who got hunted by Marcos, this time, wrote something about Noynoy as a Boston boy where the family was exiled during Martial Law. Pedrosa (no relation to Eddie or Rolly Pedrosa) wrote that Noynoy as a boy in

Boston “received treatment form a renowned psychiatrist there upon the request of the late Ninoy Aquino and how Noy has been on maintenance on anti-psychotic drugs... (See PDI April 29, 2010 column of Belinda OlivaresCunanan.) But Noynow is well now. Good! Then let’ them elect him as President. Remember he is now well.

ADMISSION. He admitted that Mar Roxas is his only vice president adding “ gusto kong iliwanag sa aking kandidato, kaisaisa kong partner sa laban na ito, is Mar, dahil segurado akong ipagpatuloy ni Mar KUNG SAKALING DI KO NA KAKAYANIN.: Good! There is Mar to save Noynoy just in case he becomes incapacitated. So, elect him President! (Concerned citizens)






May 2, 2010

risk tors

facFor FEEDBACK: email

Act of God: Defending God



Gibo: no-mud slinger


e have covered so many presidential elections even dating back during the infamous bloody elections of Marcos vs. Serging Osmena in the 70s down the line to the present. But we have never encountered any presidential candidate , who in the many times we heard him in person or on nationwide television, has ever thrown mud into the faces of his opponents in order to gain his good image. For this, Gibo Teodoro has our respects. He was campaigning in Dumaguete last Thursday April 29, and the second presidential candidate to set foot in Siquijor last Friday. People , —meaning, thinking citizens of this country,—- and hopefully more than the majority, believe that Gibo’s style of campaigning could yet, set the new pace, in the new politics of the future. Highly professional, strictly on issues, and never never deploying below-the-belt tactics. To do otherwise would be an insult to his respectable career as a Harvard-trained lawyer, a commercial pilot, a seasoned legislator, and a re-

served officer of the Armed Forces. For even his very own opponents have only high respects on his qualifications. They have nothing to hit Teodoro with, except that he is the choice of the (some say unpopular) outgoing president. We believe, that does not erase Gibo’s good qualities. Admittedly each presidential candidate is a potential high risk for the country. Noynoy who leads in the so-called surveys is a high risk of being a future victim of inside-manipulation by his inner circle. If he wins, we foresee a Mar Roxas who might soon be relegated to the background by Noy’s handlers, as what his late mother’s handlers did to VP Doy Laurel who eventually resigned. Some say, it is easier for the CIA to handle and manipulate his kind. Manny Villar is also a high risk of being a realistic more astute, and shrewd businessman as he is now, and hopefully not a corrupt president. Only a stupid businessman, however, who spent billions in getting elected president will sit, without recovering his personal expenses. Villar could easily do that,— but, Turn to page 13

“Philippine Justice System Stinks”


Dateline Manila by Bingo P. Dejaresco

hoever invented the phrase “act of God” must hate God. The inventor refers the phrase “act of God” to natural calamities, disasters, mayhem, perils, damages. This is unfair because it creates a mis-impression that everytime there is a natural disaster, it is a result from God’s intervention. We— as Christians— believe that God does not desire to harm His own children. Besides, if there is a natural calamity, there is no evidence, nay eyewitness, that God really was principal by direct participation in causing such calamity. Neither can there be evidence that God masterminded the perpetration of such calamity. So by blaming natural disasters, and human sufferings to “acts of God” is a product of human imagination. It is hearsay. It is a conclusion that has no basis. So I do not know why human sufferings resulting from natural causes like volcanic eruption, lightning, landslides, flooding, are attributable to “acts of God”. The phrase “acts of God” is even accepted as part of the legal language. The Supreme Court recognizes the phrase acts of God. For example, the case Philippine Bar Association versus Court of Appeals (October 3, 1986) defines an act of God this way: “An act of God has been defined as an accident, due directly and exclusively to natural causes without human intervention, which by no amount of foresight, pains or care, reasonably to have been expected, could have been prevented”. I disagree with this. In the first place, if it is an accident, then how could it be an act of God? To legally recognize the phrase “act of God” is, to my mind, illegal. Even the Bible clearly states that God’s plans are not for man to suffer but to prosper. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).” On the other and, and to be fair, I think reference to an “act of God” is equated with an event caused by natural causes, as opposed to events attributable to acts of man. But this is no excuse. We should not bring God into the picture as a cause, when natural disasters occur. There are other more appropriate words like “force majeure” (fuerza mayor) for “fortuitous events”. Kawawa naman si Lord. The Supreme Court should be the one to remove the phrase “acts of God” from the annals of jurisprudence. God must be rolling in anger everytime a natural disaster happens, and people refer to it as an “act of God”. It’s unfair to God.

he Philippine justice system seems so rotten - it stinks to high heavens. The angels and saints there had to cover their noses over an olfactory scent so repugnant. If you want any further proof about this pungent system, consider the most celebrated crime in modern Philippine history - the assassination of folk hero Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

The accused soldiers at the airport - rot, became blind and died in jail - but the “Mafia don” who ordered the “murder so vile” never served a day in prison. The Marcos’ family - Imelda, Bongbong and Imee are now seeking elective positions in Ilocos and the senate almost 30 years after Aquino’s murder. Ninoy’s death drew 2 million people to his funeral in 1981, the second biggest burial procession in history next to that of India’s revered Gandhi. Fast forward November 3, 2009. The Ampatuan family with their private armies and paid hacks in the police - massacred 57 unarmed civilians, including 30 media men, in the worst political killing incident in the na-

tion. This happened in Maguindanao, where political power and economic monopoly were allowed with the blessings of the Palace. But despite direct testimonies, a ton of circumstantial evidence, and clear motives pointedly determined - it seems, as the Philippine Star so sarcastically, yet so correctly described - the Nov. 23 massacre was nothing but a “case of mass suicide”. It started with a Quezon City Court clearing Andal Amapatuan Sr. for “rebellion charges”. Then in the cover of a quiet weekend, the Acting Justice Secretary Alberto Agra, suddenly exonerated from murder charges - two others, Zaldy (governor of ARMM) and his

uncle (Akmad), mayor of Mamasapona because “conspiracy was not established”. The fact that the accused were not at the scene of the crime, to us, appears to be a worn-out alibi to disguise one’s involvement. It’s not just elementary, Watson, it is kindergarten stuff. Who are you kidding? Atty. Harry Roque, an outspoken law professor of the University of the Philippines says “alibi is weaker than direct witness testimony” which the NBI presented in a certain Mr. Dalakdan, alleged member

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May 2, 2010

“Hello Garci” clone

Figures do not lie but statisticians often figure


e’re hobbled by shortages of jobs, water, rice, power to medicine. But if the foot-and-a-half long ballot for May 10 elections is any indication, we have a surplus of would-be “saviors.” Our newsroom handed us a bal- lar residence in California? lot photocopy.Tailored for clustered Leftist groups earlier leverprecincts, the ballot list of candidates aged the party list system to get for local positions vary. But national Bayan and others into Concandidates are similar. gress. Malacanang today coThere are 10 who’d be presi- vertly funds party list aspirants. dent. Eight seek to become vicepresident. For 12 senatorial chairs, That’d expand the Palace clout there are 61 aspirants. Will the new in the Lower House where the faces like Sonia Roco, Juan Nereus .next candidate for Speaker will Acosta, Adel Tamano to Yasmin be Mikey’s mother. Who else?. Voters in 80 provinces Bursan Lao supplant the cynical trapos? are to elect a governor, vice Meanwhile, 158 jostle to become governor and board memparty-list representatives. That qua- bers Each district selects druples today’s 31 party list members. a representative for the 269How do you explain this “implosion”? member Congress. We Consider Rep. Mikey Arroyo. vote for mayor and councilIf elected, the President’s son ors in towns and cities.. claims he’ll represent “security Sixteen of today’s 136 cit guards.” As “secu”, what will Turn to page 19 Mikey guard? His multimillion dol-




“People Power May 10, 2010”



E have to revisit our understanding of truth and our attitude towards it. I’m sure we are going to discover new aspects, even crucial ones, that we have been ignoring for a number of reasons, usually the limitations, not to mention, the deformities of our culture. We have to look at the bigger picture. So far, what seems common is the reductive idea of truth whose bad effects, accumulated through the ages, are now tionship of love between God and us, starting to blow up. between others and us, between all things Like, truth is often held as any and us. cold piece of fact, data and informaIt cannot but be an organic part of our life, tion that we can use in any way we which in the end is a life shared with God, want. We even consider that kind of others and all things. It cannot just be an extruth as the objective truth, incontropendable part, to be used only for purely pragvertible, infallible and immutable. As matic if not selfish purposes. long as we are in possession of this Understood in this way, we can kind of truth, we feel we are already in readily realize that truth is something that the right. has to flow from God who, in the end, is Just look at some of our politicians the creator of the world, the author of now, throwing mud at each other, each one what is real, what is true and false, what saying he has the truth about the other. The is good and evil in this world. same predicament takes place when one It cannot and should not be sequestered uses the legal system, for example, purely by us, as if we now make ourselves the to seek revenge and satisfy spite, instead ultimate arbiter and even author of reality itof attaining justice. self, the original maker of what is true and That would be like using a knife, false, what is good and evil. meant to cut meat, to stab and kill a Rather, it has to be sought by makfellow. ing an effort to know and love God, and But this cannot be truth. Truth, to with that knowledge and love, to also be entirely objective, complete and fair, should be a product of a living relaTurn to page 19

cratic primaries which showed Obama leading Hillary Clinton by 13 points the day before the New Hampshire contest, Clinton beat Obama by 2.5 points on Election Day. Indeed there are other cases in other countries where pollster failed to hit the mark miserably. As a student of statistics moons ago, my professor used to say that figures do not lie but some statisticians often figure. He used a couple of ex Turn to page 19


Working with leaders

True color of candor

edia has placed so much trust and confidence in recent polls and talk about the results as if they were gospel truth. I sincerely hope that the faith is not misplaced. In recent memory one of the two famous pollsters predicted a decisive win for a candidate in the 2004 election pitting GMA vs. Fernando Poe Jr, using an exit poll. The result was the opposite. But it is not only in this country that pollsters commit a faux pas. In the US using more extensive and sophisticated models, pollsters have delivered wrong results placing their credibility on the line.

There was the celebrated case of the Dewey-Truman PresiBY: JOHNY dential contest in 1948 when media MERCADO relying mostly on polling results predicted a Dewey win by a landslide. In fact a national daily front paged Dewey the day before the election calling him the winner. The (E-mail: ) rest is history. Of recent vintage was the 1996 republican primaries where ABC, CBS and CNN predicted that Bob Dole would finish third in Arizona when he in fact placed second. In the 2008 demo-

A Different View alk is cheap and it is easy to come up with beautiful plans for public consumption specially just before elections when promising the moon is the name of the game but it is another matter to implement the plans. This is where true leaders are separated from the charlatans. candidate Jose “Petit” Baldado. This columnist has the unique But I suppose memories are opportunity and privilege of working short because I am also more with leaders such as Cong. George closely “identified” with Cong. Arnaiz, Vice-gov. Petit Baldado and George Arnaiz and of course, Gov. Emilio Macias II MD. It is inGov. Emilio C. Macias II, MD. deed a rare opportunity to feel the difPartners and contenders in the ferences on the working of the minds coming elections. That they are between leaders. all my friends is indeed a unique Dindo Generoso, your colprivilege. umnist has of lately been maThe truth is, I am an inligned and personally attacked dependent player in the through the media because of the game of public service and I differences in ideas and opinion. am lending whatever talent I But that is precisely why this colhave for the benefit of the umn is called “A Different View”. people of the province. My It only shows that democracy is love for our province is over alive and well in this part of the and above my associations world. My comrades in the media, with leaders. The only reason we should be congratulating ourwhy I work with these leadselves for having kept the flames ers is my belief on what they can do for the betterment of of press freedom burning. our province and people. There is a lot of talk that I am “closely identified” with gubernatorial Turn to page 19



he coming May 10, 2010 elections is another landmark in Philippine history because it is the beginning of the people’s revolt against corruption and an exercise of people power over traditional Philippine politics of vote buying, political warlordism on where the results of the election is determined by the politicians.

The people are tired and angry at the state of our country where corruption pervaded almost every branch or instrumentality of the government. The ordinary voter is now asserting their independence, they are voting for NOYNOY AQUINO, because he is the one perceived to be the Filipinos hope for better governance. Foremost, among the minds of the Filipino people is that they want NOYNOY AQUINO to win so that he will send corrupt officials to jail and appoint only men of integrity who wants to serve the people and not to enrich themselves in office. People hope for a new government where public office is not

given as a reward or political patronage. People hope that Noynoy Aquino will lead this country to a better Philippines, May 10, 2010 will be remembered as the People Power revolution through the ballot. The so called political machinery and money politics has finally been toppled by people power through the ballot on May 10, 2010. It is indeed a historical event marking the start of the people’s power through the ballot . That’s the beauty of democracy.


Footsteps and Fingerprints

New Places, New Faces


e have just returned from a week in the City of Davao where we attended the National Anniversary Celebration of the BCBP, Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals. The BCBP celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year of bringing Christ to the marketplace and winning the marketplace for Christ. More than 2,100 delegates from the tip of Luzon to the southern shores of Mindanao, from Palawan to the Bicol region, gathered at the Ateneo High School in the city for worship, fellowship, sharing, and an anniversary concelebrated Holy Mass. FR. ROY During the entrance parade of the interaction is always a time of grace, CIMAGALA chapter and outreach banners, more and as we exchange family updates, than 120 in all, there were some marketplace challenges, our experiplaces where the BCBP had activiences in the Lord’s service, as well ties that I had never heard of before. as our email or cell phone addresses, Certainly there were many new we look forward to keeping in touch faces. A national gathering such as now and then throughout the coming this allows us to widen our horizons, year until the next time we meet. both geographically and in terms of For the several days before friendships … making new friends the BCBP activities Jun and I, toand renewing previous friendships. gether with our MAPECON Davao This kind of warm, caring and loving Turn to page 14







May 2, 2010


THE JUST FOR THE UNJUST For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit. – I PETER 3:18



assure you, those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life.” John 5:24

Eternal life —living forever with God—begins when you accept Jesus Christ as Savior. At that moment, new life begins in you. It is a completed



John 13:31-35 fter Judas had left, Jesus said, “Now the Son of Man’s glory is revealed; now God’s glory is revealed through him. And if God’s glory is revealed through him, then God will reveal the glory of the Son of Man in himself and he Will


transaction. You will still face physical death, but when Christ returns your body will be resurrected to live forever with him in heaven.

do so at once. My children, I shall not be with you very much longer. You will look for me, but I tell you now what I told the Jewish authorities. You cannot go where I am going.’ And now I give you a new commandment: love one another, As I have loved you, so you must love one another. If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples.”

The Prayer of Jabez Jabez called on the God of Israel. ‘If you truly bless me,’ he said, ‘you will extend my territory, your hand will be upon me, you will keep harm away and my distress will cease.’ I Chronicles 4:10. (Part II)


ne of the petitions of Jabez to God sounds kind of selfish: “Oh God, I pray that you place your loving hand upon me and protect me from all harm.”


Is it a selfish prayer? A friend of mine who writes a lot of devotional literature, Harold Sala, says it is not a selfish prayer nor a wrong kind of prayer. He says when we pray thus, it is surely a reminder that if you are God’s child, you trust that God will protect you, that He will never leave you not forsake you. Sala reminds us of the prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane when He was anticipating the pain of the cross: “Father, if it is possible, let this evil pass from me,” but of course he added something we know well: “Nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.” To be sure, there are selfish prayers and wicked ones too—that your enemy gets killed in a plane crash (I’ve heard people say this), that someone’s health goes from bad to worse, that a friend we are envious of fails in a

national board exam. These are selfish prayers because their motivation is for you to go up while others suffer a downfall. But in our kind of world, is it not natural for us to pray for ourselves? The weather is kind of inclement, but I have to take the boat to Mindanao. Should I not pray for God’s traveling mercies? My son’s wife is about to deliver a baby. Should I not pray for an easy delivery and for the baby to be normal? I am faced with a surgical operation (as I once was); wasn’t it the proper thing for me to pray for it to be successful? Even hundreds of my friends were themselves praying for me. Again Sala says: Prayer isn’t cajoling God to get you what you want. It’s communicating between you and god. It brings you into harmony with what God wants in your life and clears out the rubbish so He can fill you with Himself. (To be continued)

ow then does the cross reconcile man to God? For long centuries God sought to humble man and get him to accept the blame of his sin in order that God might then forgive him and restore him to Himself. He brought many and grievous disciplines upon the race to that end, but all to no avail.

Man would not be broken— persistently refused to take the blame and return to the Lord. At last it was as if God said, “If man will not be broken, I will be. If man will not take the blame, I will take the blame.” That is what happened at the cross; it was God in Christ taking the blame, He the just for us the unjust. This was the divine strategy to bring man back to Himself. And it worked in a way no other way had! For whenever

Active lay participation ere is the continuation politics of in the Pastoral State-


ment of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines on Lay Participation in Politics and Peace: While we train our sight towards the 2010 elections we cannot close our eyes to the lingering problem of human rights abuses. The participation of the laity is particularly urgent FR. GAMMY TULABING in the area of pro-active peaceJCD, VG making. Our situation of unpeace is not only distressing. It is also disturbing and even tragic. A culture of violence and death seems to have taken over our society! In the past year more than 50 bombings in Central and Southern Mindanao have caused senseless deaths and created insecurity, if not terror. Ambushes, kidnappings, extortions, and “revolutionary taxes” are taking place without any end in sight. Unexplained killings and disappearances of journalists, labor, peasant and political leaders, and even of petty criminals take place apparently with impunity as only few perpetrators are brought to justice. Torture and fear tactics are being perpetrated. No armed group, left, right and center, is absolved from crimes of violence. Even the law is being manipulated to harass people by filing baseless court cases esp. against the poor, and on the other hand, to let the guilty go free. Deeply saddened and bothered by this deplorable situation we cannot remain silent. The sanctity of Life in all circumstances must be defended. “God proclaims that he is the absolute Lord of the life of man who is formed in his image and likeness. Human life is thus given a sacred and inviolable character…God will severely judge every violation of the commandment ‘You shall not kill.’ (Ex. 20,13)” (Evangelium Vitae 53). The government has the primary responsibility to bring to justice the perpetrators of human rights abuses from whichever sector of society they may come from. “The authority of every human institution…. is sent by God to punish those who do wrong and to praise those who do right.” (1 Peter 2, 13-14) Hence we implore government to fulfill its obligations to its citizens. We ask all citizens not to take violence, killings, and abuses in our society as something normal and no longer manifest indignation over abuses of the basic rights of fellow human beings. In the light of this tragic situation of unpeace, 1. We strongly call on government to seriously heed Turn to page 11

a man is given a real sight of the Cross, of God taking the blame that was his, he is broken, melted, finished, and cries out, “Oh my God, that is my place; Thou art not the wrongdoer, I am! Mine the blame, Thine the love!” And immediately there is reconciliation between them; man surrenders and God forgives. The brokenness of the Deity has provoked the brokenness of the creature!


Landong sa paglaum

n the day of Pentecost in 1845, Gertrude Frank in a deep contemplation of the Divine Savior, scourged and covered with wounds, received a message from God for her to give to Frances Schervier an instruc- BY: REV. FR. ROMAN C. tion “to leave her SAGUN. JR. parent’s home and together with other likeminded souls care for the poor sinners who want to return to me. This will ease my pain.” Amidst doubts and fears, Frances followed the will of God when on the eve of the feast of St. Francis of Assissi she started a community with four women, including her friend Gertrude Frank. In 1858, Mother Frances sent her first missionary sisters to the United States of America to minister to the needs of poor German immigrants in Cincinnati, Ohio. From this first mission, sprang other missions in Italy, Brazil, and Senegal. On August 25, 2009, three Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, composed of two Italians and one Filipina, arrived in Dumaguete City. They are here to continue the mission given to Frances Schervier almost 165 years ago. It is not surprising that the sisters chose to open a “soup kitchen” as their first ministry where “hot meals” are served to the street children and the poor, particularly, the blind and lame, who beg at our street corners. It was on the death anniversary of Mother Frances on December 14, 2009 that the “Landong sa Paglaum” (Shelter of Hope) was launched. As of the latest count last Friday, April 30, 2010, there have been already about three thousand seven hundred sixty meals being served three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). In addition to these efforts, the services of the sisters also have been expanded to giving of showers and change of fresh clothes, extending nursing care to those who have wounds, and teaching young children basic prayers. What they are bringing to the poor in our city is God’s healing presence with a message of hope. Wherever they are stationed in the world, they con Turn to page 10



May 2, 2010



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May 2, 2010

Incumbents ... From page 1


AFFIDAVIT OF CLAIM WITH W AIVER OF RIGHTS NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late GUILLERMO S. RETADA, namely, Carmelita Retada, Edmund Retada and Geraldine R. Barbac have filed and executed an Affidavit of Claim With Waiver of Rights on Savings Deposit Accounts with the Philippine Veterans Bank, Dumaguete Branch under Savings Account No. 04702-0011661 per Doc. No. 223, Page No. 46, Book No. XVIII, Series of 2010 of Notary Public Atty. Oscar I. Bokingkito.

NOTICE is hereby given that HADJA SITTIE MUHMINA S. MANGACOP have filed and executed a Deed of Absolute Sale on Lot No. 4577-K-4, TCT No. 40459; Lot No. 4577-K-5, TCT No. 40460; Lot No. 4577-K-6, TCT No. 40461, and the residential building constructed under Tax Declaration No. 93-030-2790, all situated at Talay, Dumaguete City; in favor to Oscar Abella Torres and Rosario Yutangco-Torres per Doc. No. 38, Page No. 09, Book No. XXXVI, Series of 2010 of Notary Public Atty. Arturo M. Dupio.

The Negros Chronicle May 2, 9 & 16, 2010

The Negros Chronicle May 2, 9 & 16, 2010

Association Agricola de Bais y Tanjay Inc.

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that in conformity with the bylaws of this Association, the annual general meeting of members has been scheduled by the President on Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 3:00 P.M. at the Recreation Hall (Badminton Court), Bais Central, Oriental Negros.

The Negros Chronicle May 2, 9 & 16, 2010

(Sgd.) LUISA A. VILLEGAS Directory- Secretary

E.T. PRINTING PRESS The best printer of office forms and campaign materials Tabuk-Tubig, Dumaguete City Tel. # 422-9363 • 225-3989 Managed by: Councilor ELVIS TINGUHA of Bacong, Negros Oriental

Landong ... (Sagun)

From page 8 tinue to spread this healing charism as daughters of Blessed Frances. The call of the times is obvious: “words are not enough.”

Philippine ... (Bingo)

From page 6

murder, that today howls for justice, not only for the number of innocents killed, and the brutality of the execution but especially with the impunity with which it was perpetrated. “We are Murder. Inc” - catch us if you can, the vile murderers seemed to taunt the public. We demand that DOJ Secretary Agra, accused of once being a past election lawyer of the Ampatuans, to resign without haste, if he has any shame left in him. The Chief Prosecutor Claro Arellano and his team already vocalized their protest. All lawyers and judges should stop working for one day to protest this travesty of justice. Media and human rights organizations, should shout hard - so that the whole world who is watching the “Maguindanao case”, will take some kind of pressure action. It is a known fact that the present administration benefited immensely from the Ampatuan’s imposing presence in ARMM that made GMA (2004) and the senatoriables in Team Unity (2007) “win” in a ridiculously high-margin fashion during elections. The DOJ is of course, an appendage of this government. You therefore cannot blame people getting the “chills” and anger. This is the kind of Philippine justice system that drives people to the hills to become rebels and turns people into monsters by taking the law into their own hands. It is this kind of judges and Ombudsmen personnel on the take and their bribe-givers who are the real “subversives” in this nation. “Subversives” being defined as those who undermine people’s faith in democracy and their belief in the

sessions. We do not know if city treasurer in charge KC Merced would certify as to the availability of such instant P8-million in various appropriations knowing fully well that the city government could have better use of the P8 million in people’s money, to fund and cushion the impact of another impending loss of revenues in the central market this year. Earlier, Dumaguetenos were told by the Commission on Audit in its report, the central market has been losing an average of P2 million each year for the last ten to fourteen years, because of low-rate rentals, and because of a poor sense of political security that incumbents might lose votes this elections if market rentals were raised this year. Mayor Perdices told media outright that market stall rate rentals will remain the same this 2010 election year for obvious reasons. According to the April 22 official records of the Sanggunian, the following incumbent councilors sponsored the following financial appropriations for their constitutents, which political analysts believe, were virtual election dole outs in order to gain political mileage. Observers also added that incumbent councilors were taking advantage of their access to government resources which would please the voters, to the prejudice of their political nonincumbent opponents, who claim that the playing field in this aspect is not level. The sponsors were : Esmena-Sagarbarria and Tony Remollo sponsored P27,000 from the share (pork barrel) of outgoing Councilor Frank Esmena (now replaced by his younger son-newcomer Esmena Jr in the polls) to buy ten (10) jetmatic pumps for their barangay communal water pro-

gram; no specific barangays were mentioned; S a g a rb a r r ia - R e mo l lo Esmena appropriated P54,000 from the pork barrel share of Sabarbarria to buy another 20 units of jetmatic pumps for the barangay communal water program; no specific barangay was mentioned in the minutes; ABC’s Raul Infante and SK’sAthena Duran sponsored the approval of Pulangtubig’s P1.6Million appropriation (exactly P1,665,928.93) without mentioning any specifics from Pulangtubig in the printed minutes of the session and for the public to know; Infante-Duran-Remollo sponsored the approval of Looc’s appropriation of P31,948 for Looc’s cash gift for barangay officials worth P25,000 without mentioning in the session’s minutes as to what to do with the P6,000 balance; Rotelio Lumjod and Tony Remollo sponsored and appropriated P192,000 from their pork barrel thus: P62,000 of Councilor Lumjod; P10,000 of Councilor Infante; and P120,000 of Councilor Alan Cordova under the program “aid for component barangay” without specifics and purpose that were mentioned in the minutes; Sagarbarria-Remollo sponsored the appropriation of Plmillion “for projects and activities of Dumaguete Veterans Federation for 2010 (a private organization), and for programs that may be identified by the local finance committee”; it was then that they asked the Federation to submit a list of their specific needs at the instance of Councilor de Jesus. Sagabarria-Remollo caused the reversion of P37,000 from “other capital outlays for the fabrication of counter-type table and benches at the city treasurer’s office’s” cidula section. Luckily, or unluckily, nobody seconded the motion of Sagarbarria and Remollo and

the following motion was killed : P30,000 appropriation for the general repair, repainting and overhaul of hummer vehicle which is used to monitor illegal vendors by the market task force under the city economic enterprise which amount was to have been taken from the “underestimated revenue-rental fee” in the losing public market. Overall appropriation in one afternoon of April 22 session was P3,007,876. (P3-million) by the said incumbents most of whom are running for election in various positions. The details of the April 7 session of P5M included the legislations of Poblacion 6 under chieftain Bern Sun, Jr., for Pl.08M and Bantayan under Bgy. Capt. Albert Aquino, the highest at P2.378-million which are their annual barangay budgets. The SP appropriated only Pl,580,327. Many constituents say the appropriation may be truly needed by the people. But the timing was poor in fairness to other candidates who are nonincumbents who have no access to public funds during this election season. Naturally, the beneficiaries of these P8millioin appropriation taken from taxpayers money will be inclined to vote for those who gave them this bonanza. It would have been wiser and more prudent for our kagawads concerned to exercise a little delecadeza by refraining from appropriating millions of pesos which can easily be described by decent taxpayers and VOTERS, as nothing but an election dole out passed under a legitimate appropriation. We hope that under the new city administration of whoever will be elected, we will have a more discreet and frugal set of city councilors who will feel and think prudently and timely, in putting people’s money for public use, especially with only two weeks before the coming elections.


May 2, 2010




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Active lay ... (Cimagala)

From page 8

the recommendations of investigative bodies and not dismiss them as mere propaganda or being simply misinformed. 2. We exhort the Philippine Government, the MILF and the CPP/NPA to return to the negotiating table to find solutions that would lead to lasting peace, thus preventing further violence, death and displacement of innocent people. 3. With prayer in our hearts, we appeal to the God-given humanity of death dealers from any side to listen to the voice of God in their hearts and end the taking and abuse of human life because no one is so wrong as to be judged unworthy to live. 4. As we commit ourselves to peacemaking we likewise urge all religious leaders not to cease bringing out any abuse and to untiringly teach our people about the commandments on killings, lying and stealing. 5. We strongly recommend the establishment of multi-sectoral groups at various levels to monitor the implementation of laws as well as the prevention of criminality, graft and human rights abuses. 6. Finally, we ask everyone to follow the path of peace. This means the path of dialogue and

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openness. This means the path of repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation. This means the path of development and equitable distribution of goods. Together let us intensify the signs of hope regarding politics and peace that we observe such as: young people, members of civil society, mothers even children organizing themselves for peace; military groups participating in formation towards a culture of peace; lay organizations, faith communities, BEC’s, and NGO’s spreading the good news of principled politics and organizing themselves to reform our political culture; politicians who pursue reform. Let such signs of hope flow as streams of cleansing and renewal. In this Year of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, let our love for Our Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother intensify and sustain our efforts at building a just and peaceful society. Peace is both our commitment and a gift of God. Let the hope and the prayer of the Scriptures then be ours: I will listen for the word of God; surely the LORD will proclaim peace To his people, to the faithful, to those who trust in him. Near indeed is salvation for the loyal; prosperity will fill our land. Love and truth will meet; justice and peace will kiss. Truth will spring from the earth; justice will look down from heaven. (Ps 85: 9-12) Ink Refilling Station

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September 9, 2007 May 2, 2010

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Suicide – A Preventable Death “Often the test of courage is not to die but to live.” – Conti Vitterie Alfieri mong people, the word “suicide” commonly connotes different less serious implications. In daily usage a lot of persons casually express suicide to mean: “I’ll go ahead and take the risk. “Bahala na” (come what may); to an avid gambler, it could mean, “I’ll bet this game win or lose.” But to a bad politician – “siguradong mananalo ako for I have Goons, Guns and Gold. No need for suicide for he already lives comfortably in “hell” (hell side.)


Let us now focus on the serious meaning of suicide. Apparently, most people are appalled when they hear that someone has committed suicide. Definitely, suicide is a gruesome way to die. Questions are always raised. Why? What happened? And so on and so forth. Each victim has his/her own story to tell (if he still lives after an attempt.) Most often than not, an episode of depression is always behind the self– destructive process. The victim is said to be suffering from an affective (mood) disorder. As to its prevalence, it is estimated that in an adult population, 3% is believed to have committed suicide. The incidence of suicide before was common among the elderly. However, the picture today has drastically changed because at the present time, suicide is apparently increasing among the younger aged group involving the adolescence from 15 to 19 years old. Sui-

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is planning to commit suicide, then, watch him very closely and keep away all potential deadly objects, i.e. ropes, wires, knives, poisonous solutions, gun, etc. · Refer him/her to any psychiatrist for treatment. (Hospitalize him or put him on close watch at home.) The doctor can prescribe antidepressants and give psychotherapy to finally resolve the deep seated conflicts which cause the miserable depression. Anyone who commits this “Judas Complex” is tantamount to jumping to hell – for only the Creator, GOD, can take the life of his creatures. Those who negates this truth is already doomed! Never gamble your only life, man. Otherwise, you burn in the Lake of Fire, forever.




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cide attempts generally are related to depression, alcoholism and drug dependency. Elderly males with serious chronic illness have greater risk of suicide. Statistics show that persons who truly possess a very strong faith and practice his spiritual program consistently well are less prone to resort to self– destructive process. But however, being “religious,” as researchers discovered, will never prevent anyone from committing suicide. Reports abroad have confirmed that even some priests, ministers and a bishops have already committed suicide. Cause: their serotonin level dropped too low.


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May 2, 2010

Novallas ...

Be an Active Leader on Climate Change. Be a Part of the Solution. Join the Movement Contact Nos. : (02)384-0490 / (02)470-5464

It’s MEV ... From page 2 vinced of Meniong’s assessment and vowed to campaign harder. He urged the electorate to choose only those candidates with a long and excellent record in public service for the province’s steady march to progress. Saraña, who has been estranged from the Teves clan for choosing to side with Macias, is virtually unheard of in other parts of the province particularly in the first and second districts. On the other hand,

TWO WORLD CLASS BALANCERS, the disciple, Nicky Viva from Switzerland and the mentor, Franco Ferrer of Bais city, now retired, met each other in Bais city this week to renew old ties. Ferrer spent half of his prime in life performing his famous 15-minute balancing act mostly in Europe. Nicky asked Franco to teach him the tricks, and now, Nicky is continuing the show in Europe after Franco. Franco is the pride of Negros Oriental being the only Filipino who has made it to the international balancing acting solo.

Jing affirms ... From page 2 that his loyalty to the party has been put in doubt. He was not present during Gibo’s visit Villegas has won the admiration of many of her peers and constituents as a moving force of culture and the arts in Negros Oriental as well as her track record in public service. Perdices enjoys some degree of name recall as the son of former Gov. Mariano Teves and being the long-time mayor of the capital city.

in the cities of Bayawan or Tanjay and was only seen at the Quezon Park in the evening. But Paras said that he was only informed of Teodoro’s Thursday sorties in Negros Oriental 24 hours before the exact arrival of Gibo. “Guihulngan was never part of the itinerary, Teodoro does not rely much of his campaign with politicians alone, his sorties from what I know is coursed and planned through his Green Team volunteers,” he stressed.(By Dems Demecillo)

From page 18-A operations in their area. Barangay Councilor Gaga Dumao hopes that the Friends of the Environment of Negros Oriental will push through with its probe on the alleged massive extraction of sand and gravel in Novallas despite protests by residents. The Barangay Council has already submitted a resolution last year to City Mayor Lawrence Teves in order for him to call the attention of Governor Dodo Macias to their sad plight but was rebuffed several times. Now, the people of Novallas intend to seek the aid of environment advocates so they can provide them with the other means to compel Governor Emilio Macias II or his top aide Provincial Attorney Erwin Vergara to justify and halt the issuance of permits to quarry to private contractors whose continued operations are weakening the foundations of the village’s bridge, widening riverbanks and deepening the river bed while their hauling trucks cause damage to the barangays roads causing much inconvenience to the residents. They are also seeking Vice-Governor Jose “Petit” Baldado, also a known environment advocate, to take a bolder stand against the massive quarry operations of the province with no proper and visible monitoring mechanism in place. The same sentiment has been aired many times over by Siaton Mayor Bingbing Arbolado, Sibulan Vice-mayor Maning Diputado and Dumaguete City Vice-mayor Woodrow Maquiling. The Friends of the Environment of Negros Oriental along with some representatives of government agencies vowed to meet with the residents and listen to their complaints for proper evaluation and recommendations. (By Dems Rey Demecillo)

We remember ... From page 18-A hope one day I could see some of these relics of the war. For those interested, there is a small World War II museum in Valencia set up by the Catalan family. There you can see relics of the war. While we abhor war, it is good to remember the heroes who fought for our city that we may now live in peace. I reminisce if the liberation of Dumaguete had been bloody I wonder if many of us would be around today. Let us all remember to thank God for saving our city and remember our war veterans with grateful hearts for their service to country.

George ... From page 2 Arnaiz reportedly told Macias to honor their earlier arrangement that if one of them is in the bailiwick of the other, he should defer to the wishes of the hosts. Tanjay City being part of the second district is acknowledged to belong to Arnaiz, therefore his preferred candidate Board Member Mariant Escaño-Villegas should rightfully be the one to stay on stage and not Saraña, who was handpicked by Macias against the wishes of Arnaiz.



Gibo: no-mud ... (From page 6)

he could yet be the first president who promised not to recover his personal billions spent, if you care to believe that promise. Erap Estrada is a high risk in enjoying the unprecedented return of an ousted president, convicted yet pardoned for the great economic plunder of the nation’s wealth. Erap if elected, will truly be one of his kind in history. Gordon, Bro Eddie, Prof Nick, have risks you can supply yourselves. Finally, Gibo Teodoro’s only high risk is to become a blind and loyal follower of a former president who catapulted him from legislator to defense minister to president; and who could yet dance to the tune of cha cha ( Charter Change) and follow the dictates of a future speaker of the Lower House. It’s a risk we take on a Gibo-vote for president. But how do you read his body language? Yet, in whichever way we choose our president, he will surely be the kind leader, whom the Filipino voters deserve. Everything depends on YOU, the voter. After the elections, everything will depend on the President. Better choose wisely, Mr. Voter, and be either happy,— - or miserable in the next six years. See you in 2016!

Poll security plan for NegOr in place


he top brass of the Philippine National Police, Philip pine Army and Commission on Elections have firmed up the Joint Tactical Security Plan for the May 10 elections for the entire province of Negros Oriental. In what was dubbed by Sr. Supt. Vicente Loot, R7 Deputy Director for Operations, as the “most comprehensive plan in the entire Central Visayas,” Negros Oriental has been divided into three districts for better monitoring and increased mobility of concerned agencies to act on poll-related incidents. Comelec Supervisor Atty. Gerome Brillantes heads the 1st District with Lt. Col. Ramil Bitong as the Army’s Task Unit Commander and Chief Inspector Herminio Tucaling as the PNP’s counterpart. Atty. Ian Macaraya heads

the 2nd District with Lt. Col. Antonio Nafarete of the Scout Ranger Battalion and Inspector Petronilo Gracia while Atty. Jovenal Tuale heads the 3rd District with Lt. Col. Erwin Bernard Neri of the 79th IB and Senior Insp. Domenciano Distrito Jr. for the PNP. Camp Fernandez in Aganan Sibulan is designated as the command post with Atty. Eddie Aba of the Comelec acting as over-all head, Negros Oriental Police Provincial Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr. and Col. Manny Ochotorena of the Philippine Army.

No wage ... From page 18-A At present, workers in Negros Oriental are supposed to receive a minimum daily wage of P 237.00 and P 267.00 for those in Cebu. However, some labor leaders are urging DOLE to take stronger actions against

many companies that are not following the minimum daily wage for workers as required by law. International Workers’ Day or Labor Day is observed worldwide to honor the working class and drumbeat their struggles for better working conditions and fair pay.

For a moment, there seemed to be an impasse. In the end, Macias decided not to show up on stage to address the crowd and stayed with Saraña below. They left Tanjay City before the rally concluded. However, Arnaiz tried to downplay the incident and maintains that all is well between him and Macias. The two have been trying to put up a united front being long time allies. Their political alliance was believed to be at its strongest at the time when Macias was then the 2nd District Representative, Arnaiz was still Governor and Tuting Perdices, the mayor of Dumaguete City.

Hence, they coined the term MAP. However, over the years a series of disagreements led to political realignments and the eventual break up of MAP. Macias, a Nationalist People’s Coalition stalwart, opted to enlist a Lakas-CMD member Bayawan City Mayor German Saraña as his runningmate which further strained his relationship with Lakas chieftain Meniong Teves; Arnaiz stood by fellow NPC member BM Villegas while Perdices opted to run as vice-governor under Jose “Petit” Baldado, who is Macias’ serious challenger in his re-election bid. (By Dems Demecillo)



New Places ...

PNP, Army ...

(Catan) From page 7 manager Randy Daumar, visited several of the largest banana plantations in the area where he arranged for the initial field tests of our organic formulations for the control of pests of bananas. In connection with Jun’s mandate as a member of the PRC Board of Agriculture, we visited the University of Southeastern Philippines where we met with the faculty and visited some of their campus and field areas. I was particularly impressed with the faculty members that we talked with. They had grown up in Davao and had returned to Davao to teach, full of enthusiasm with the mission to share with the students their passion and their vision for Philippine agriculture. In my opinion, they demonstrated the ideal of the teacher; they saw their teaching jobs as their apostolate to help build a better future, a better citizenry, and a better country. New places. New faces. New ways of seeing things and new things learned. Truly a time of grace and enrichment. I look forward to trips like this, but I also look forward to coming home.

Both PNP provincial director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez and Army brigade commander Col. Manuel Ochotorena took their first disenfranchisement lightly saying, it could be due to their frequent change of assignments that made the merry mix up happen. Yet, some 227 army personnel and 33 PNP headquarters officers and men including men in uniform from the south have starting filling up their ballots in advance last Thursday in implementation of the advanced and absentee voting provisions. This is because they will be busily engaged in their official peace keeping duties during and after the election day. In what many fear could be a prelude to the possible glitches on the May 10 automated polls, no less than the

From page 1

September 9, 2007 May 2, 2010

provincial director of the Philippine National Police and the commander of the 79th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army failed to cast their votes during Wednesday’s absentee voting exercise after they failed to find their names in the Commission on Elections’ official list of registered voters. The 3-day absentee voting ended Friday in four centers, namely, Camp Fernandez, Agan-an, Sibulan, 79th IB headquarters in Siaton, 11th Infantry Battalion in Guihulngan City, Alpha Company of the Scout Rangers in Janay-Janay, San Jose town and 302 nd Brigade headquarters in Tanjay City. About 33 out of 38 policemen and 227 out of 400 soldiers of the 79th IB were able to cast their votes. The applications of the rest have been disapproved by the poll body.

Highway East Balabag, Valencia, Negros Oriental Tel. No. (035) 423-1241

Top of the Line:

Innova Van 2007 Strada Pick up – 2009 model 2 units Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter – 2009

Tel. Nos. 225-7452 / 422-8450 Cell. No. 09283264555 / 09062708575 09228597701 / 09228597702


May 2, 2010





May 2, 2010

May 2, 2010



Rural entrepreneurship law key to alleviating poverty in countrysides – Lacson


ore than sixty percent of the poorest Filipino families live in the rural areas and Liberal Party senatorial candidate Atty. Alex ‘Pinoy’ Lacson believes that government should extend a bigger budgetary allocation to this sector through modernizing agriculture, promoting education and training, and widening the number of entrepreneurs among the ranks of the poor. In the latest SWS survey, more than 43% of Filipinos are still living below the poverty line. Based on the survey, rural-based families or those living off the land through farming are the ones sorely affected by extreme poverty. Sixty percent of Filipinos who experienced hunger for the past couple of months live mostly in rural areas. Hunger incidence rose from 47% to 60% due to farmers’ inability to earn more income from the sale of their products and poor productivity due to natural disasters, such as El Nino and massive flooding caused by typhoons. Lacson says recovery is slow in the affected areas due to lack of emergency financial assistance. Lacson, who came from a humble family in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, has seen the face of hunger and poverty especially in the rural area where he lived. He believes that one of the best ways to alleviate poverty in the rural areas is by extending financial or microfinancing as well as technical assistance to small farmers who comprise 78% of the poorest of the poor families. Government must also ensure that the Department of Agriculture (DA) provides farm inputs on a regular basis particularly to small farmers.

HEIDI’S PAWNSHOP “The Pawnshop with a Heart” Along Sta. Rosa St., Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-7735 & their Newest Branch at Silliman Ave., Dgte. City Tel. #422-9002

School & Office Supplies, Photo Copying 304 Perdices St., Dumaguete City Philippines 6200, Tel. No. 225-9625



May 2, 2010


May 2, 2010

the CIVIC circle

Arnaiz backs ... From page 16


(Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)



Teves’ Zambo bets work for Petit win

We remember


5 years ago, the residents of Dumaguete rejoiced on a special day, April 26. It was the day Dumaguete was liberated by the combined forces of the Filipino guerillas (7rth and 77 Infantry Regiment) and the US Army (q64th Regiment, American Division, 8th Army. 65 years after, not that many people in Dumaguete remember this event and date. I was born much after the war and my generation knows very little about World War II and specifically the Japanese occupation of Dumaguete. As I heard stories told by the war veterans who survived the war I savor every tidbit of the stories they tell. I am aware that many of them are old and frail and The heroes: Lorenzo Cimafranca, Salvador Laspinas and many each story told is history un- other veterans, now in their senior years, come together to celfolding. ebrate a momentous date April 9, 1942 is written ian blood in the Philippine history Emma Elvina Monares, Ernesto soldiers and guerillas defendwith the surrender of Bataan, “Buddy” Ravello and others ing the city and province. with many parts of the Philip- who were sons and daughters In a conversation with Juspines , including Dumaguete, of veterans actively involved in tice Venancio Aldecoa, Jr., a surrendering to the Japanese the celebration. young guerilla soldier during Imperial army thereafter I saw many of the veterans, the war, he related that the JapaThe little bits and pieces of now in their late eighties and nese army was ready to burn war stories from my parents nineties, who must have been and destroy Dumaguete until about the war and life during young men in their early twen- the guerillas and FilipinoAmerican Army allowed the Japanese forces to retreat to Valencia , where the Japanese forces made their last stand, Dumaguete was liberated with little damage on April 26, 1945. He expressed the great joy of the citizenry He emphasized that we who now live in Dumaguete should appreciate that WWII Veteran Justice Venancio Aldecoa Jr with sons of Veterans Dumaguete was Atty Joel Llosa-President and Judge Crescencio Tan Jr.-Guest speaker spared from destructhe war years have interested ties when they went to war. tion by the Japanese army. me. They also talked about the Fresh out of high school or just Many of the landmarks of resistance movement and the going to college, they fought Dumaguete now standing, like liberation of Dumaguete, so I hardcore and well trained Japa- the many buildings inside the now remember April 26 with in- nese soldiers for over three Silliman University Campus – terest. years until the liberation of the Guy Hall, the Silliman Hall, This year I saw the April 26 Dumaguete and the country. I the old Medical Hospital and celebration of the 65th year of have often wondered what they many others were not damaged the liberation of Dumaguete up looked like as young man. A during the war. Many buildings close. I attended the 65th anni- veteran approached me, and in in the university campus were versary celebration of the Vet- his Ilonggo accent told me he used as Japanese quarters durerans and the Sons and daugh- was 22 years old when the war ing the war. Other landmarks in ters of the Veterans at the broke out. He proudly told me the City were also spared.

While laboring to win their respective bids to dislodge the entrenched Adanza clan in Zamboanguita, Vice-mayor Mario Pinili (left) and Councilor Glenson Alanano, Lakas-Kampi-CMD mayoral and vicemayoral candidates, respectively, have also committed to campaign for Vice-governor Jose “Petit” Baldado against re-electionist Gov. Dodo Macias. For casting his lot with the Teveses and Baldado, the municipal council was deprived of a service vehicle, which was ordered pulled out by Macias ostensibly for use in another department. Board Member Bobot Adanza was fielded by Macias to challenge Rep. Pryde Henry Teves, while his son, Mayor Kit is seeking re-election.


ovallas barangay officials and residents are hopeful that various advocates of the environment will finally come and offer them feasible options consistent with their long-running demand from the City of Tanjay and the provincial government for the immediate halt of quarry Turn to page 13

ncumbent Siaton Mayor Vincent “Bingbing” Arbolado casts doubt as to the feasibility of his rival’s plan to invite businessmen to build a mall and an airport in the town. will build a mall, an airport and a seaport Challenger Albert Ator has been for Siaton. going around town telling the people (Turn to page 18-H) that if elected his businessmen friends


orkers are subdued during the Labor Day celebration yesterday after it was made clear that their requests for wage increase before the Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board has not been decided upon up to this time. The Department of Labor and although the Labor sector has yet to Employment served notice that most present their case before the RTWPB. employers are against any wage hike (Turn to page 13)


2D LP stalwarts to pull an upset? The celebration of the Liberation of Dumaguete is remembered with the banner of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines-Province of Negros Oriental and the banner of the VFP Sons and Daughters Assn Inc. Dumaguete City Post. Lamberto Macias Center on that day. The guest speaker for that event was Judge Rafael Crescencio Tan Jr., himself a son of a war veteran. Atty Joel Llosa, a friend and father of my godchild Jill is the President of the Veterans Federation – Sons and Daughters Association Inc of the Dumaguete Post and he gave the closing remarks for the program. I saw many other friends, Chitty Dominado,

he is now 90 years old and from Bayawan. His family name Parcon is embroidered on his hat. I saw old men now in their nineties and I wonder what they went through. Perhaps the most important part of remembering the liberation of Dumaguete is that many of the landmarks that now stands in the city was not destroyed by the Japanese soldiers due to the decisions and actions of the

We talked of the shelters where the Dumaguetenos hid during when there were threats of bombing. I remembered my parents talked about the shelters during the air raids and Justice Aldecoa talked about the pillbox located along Silliman Avenue near the Amigo Subdivision. He said that was where the Japanese soldiers hid. He mentioned tunnels that were made by the Japanese army. I Turn to page 13

Although achievers in their own right, the Liberal Party slate in the second district led by (from left) Bais City Mayor Hector “Tata” Villanueva, who is running for a seat in the House of Representatives, for Board member (all lawyers) Lando Remollo, Nivino Cardiente, (not in photo) Pinky Garces, Ernie Dinopol are up against incumbents Cong. George Arnaiz, Saleto Erames, and hopefuls Melimore Saycon Jr., Pamplona Mayor Jun Arnaiz and Dumaguete City Councilor Rotelio Lumjod. However, their chieftain (Villanueva) citing simple arithmetic vows to pull a political upset.



May 2, 2010 DUMAGUETE CITY DEVELOPMENT BANK, INC. Cor. Cervantes & Dr. V. Locsin Sts., Dumaguete City







Life for killer of Judge Velasco

RTC JUDGE JESUS TINAGAN (left) rendered his verdict of life imprisonment on Gilbert Caballero (right),who was proven by the RTC beyond reasonable doubt as the killer per evidence, of Bayawan Judge Orlando Velasco last July 25, 2007. Sobbing heavily is Mrs. Bernadette Velasco with daughter Maya and son Michael.

Financial Liabilities at Fair Value through Profit or Loss Deposit Liabilities Due to Other Banks Bills Payable a) BSP (Rediscounting and Other Advances) b) Interbank Loans Payable c) Other Deposit Substitute d) Others Bonds Payable-Net Unsecured Subordinated Debt-Net Redeemable Preferred Shares Special Time Deposit Due to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Other Financial Liabilities Other Liabilities Due to Head Office/Branches/Agencies (Philippine branch of a foreign bank)


Investigators recovered from the crime scene an empty shell from a .45 caliber pistol and note ostensibly from the Pulang Mt. Talinis Front of the New People’s Army which accused

the victim of being an asset of the 79th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army. Montaños remains were brought to Green Pasture Funeral Homes with Dr. Delia Futalan conducting the autopsy.

TOTAL LIABILITIES & STOCKHOLDERS’ EQUITY CONTINGENT ACCOUNTS Guarantees Issued Financial Standby Letters of Credit Performance Standby Letters of Credit Commercial Letters of Credit Trade Related Guarantees Commitments Spot Foreign Exchange Contracts Securities Held Under Custodianship by Bank Proper Trust Department Accounts a) Trust and Agency Accounts b) Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) c) Other Trust and Fiduciary Accounts Derivatives Others TOTAL CONTINGENT ACCOUNTS

uihulngan City policemen armed with a warrant of arrest issued by Regional Trial Court Branch 64 Judge Rosendo Bandal arrested Naldo dela Rama while being treated for stab wounds at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital in Dumaguete City last week.


Dela Rama, a resident of Basak, Guihulngan City, was rushed to the hospital after he was earlier stabbed in Barangay Tandayag, Amlan. Having coordinated with the Dumaguete PNP, Dela Rama was informed of the

arrest warrant for robbery. Bandal has recommended bail of P 100,000 for his temporary liberty albeit after his recovery. He remains confined in the hospital and closely guarded by his arresting officers.

Cops probe series of Motong burglary Police investigators are hot on the trail of some suspects who are said to be responsible for a number of burglary incidents in Barangay Motong Dumaguete City. One of the recent victims is Marlon Alejado, whose house was forcibly entered upon and the master’s bedroom ransacked while he and his family attended a wake. The family returned home to find their room (shown in photo) in disarray. Some cash and jewelry have been carted away but the bigger bulk of their valuables stashed in an ordinary looking bag was

2,115,310.66 38,316,113.36 52,557,274.61 25,897,391.62


—————————— P1,079,271,496.46 SUSANO O. SY ================ Director


STOCKHOLDER’S EQUITY Capital Stock Other Capital Accounts Retained Earnings Assigned Capital


P 6,327.307.21 183,965,195.80 275,466,576.63 36,959,111.99 30,900,000.00 158,266,110.86 255,164,450.49 257,850,450.49 2,686,000.00 13,336,653.23



orty-five year old Willie Montaño of Pulangyuta, Zamboanguita was allegedly summarily slain by a group of three men in their early 20’s and believed to be members of the New People’s Army. The victim was killed by the suspects with single gunshot in the head. Montaño died on the spot.


Cash and Cash Items Due from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Due from Other Banks Financial Assets at Fair Value through Profit or Loss Available-for-Sale Financial Assets-Net Held-to-Maturity (HTM) Financial Assets-Net Unquoted Debt Securities Classified as Loans-Net Investments in Non-Marketable Equity Security-Net ‘Loans and Receivables Loans to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Interbank Loans Receivable Loans and Receivables – Others Loans and Receivables Arising from RA/CA/PR/SLB General Loan Loss Provision Other Financial Assets Equity Investment in Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures-Nets (Net) Bank Premises, Furniture, Fixture and Equipment-Net Real and Other Properties Acquired-Net Non-Current Assets Held for Sale Other Assets-Net Due from Head Office/Branches/Agencies Philippine branch of a foreign bank)


887,736,539.56 699,181.29 699,181.29 148,836.70 3,689,899.79 8,160,231.03 ————————P 900,434,688.37 ————————P 86,784,550.00 24,429,032.18 67,623,225.91 ————————— P 178,836,808.09 ————————— P1,079,271,496.46 ============== P

CHRISTOPHER A. BELLKNIGHT Director LILY V. THE Director GREGORIO L. UYMATIAO, JR. Director DANFORD S. SY Director DIRKIE Y. PALMA Corporate Secretary EDGAR L. CALINAWAGAN Executive Vice-President\ DCDB’s Subsidiary ·Rural Bank of Sibulan Total Resources: P26,082,886.25

167,948.17 ———————P 167,948.17 ===========

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) P 19,934,563.14 Ratio of Non-Performing Loans to Total Loan Portfolio (NPL to TLP) 7.14% Classified Loans & Other Risk Assets 204,759,000.00 Specific provision for loan losses 21,329,911.02 Return on Equity (ROE) 3.72% DOSRI loans and receivables 9,704,847.95 Past due DOSRI loans and receivables 0.00 Ratio of Past due DOSRI loans and receivables to TLP 0.00 Compliance with Magna Carta – 10% for Small Enterprises 0.00 a) 8% Small Enterprises 20.11% b) 2% for Medium Enterprises 9.86% Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) on Solo basis, under Cir. No. 538 or 0.00 Cir. No. 280, as applicable a) Total CAR 21.97% b) TIER 1CAR 21.61% Deferred Charges Not Yet Written Down Unbooked Allowance for Probable Losses on Financial Instruments Received REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ) DUMAGUETE CITY ) S.S. I/We, Gilbert Paul L. Uymatiao and Edgar L. Calinawagan of the above-mentioned bank do solemnly swear, that all matters set forth in the above statement of condition are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. (Sgd.) GILBERT PAUL L. UYMATIAO and (Sgd.) EDGAR L. CALINAWAGAN Treasurer Executive Vice-President SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 28th day of April, 2010 at Dumaguete City, Philippines affiants exhibiting to me his/their Residence Certificate No. 08690152 issued at Dumaguete City on February 26, 2010 and Residence Certificate No. 08685625 issued at Dumaguete City on February 10, 2010. (Sgd.) DIRKIE Y. PALMA NOTARY PUBLIC Doc. No. 296 Page No. 69 The Negros Chronicle Book No. XIII Series of 2010 May 02, 2010


May 2, 2010


n o m a R i n a L d A l a c Politi

Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 7th Judicial Region Branch 64 Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental EX-REM No. 10-02-C EXTRAJUDICIAL FORECLOSURE REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE (Under Act 3135 As Amended)

NOTICE OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SALE Upon extra-judicial petition for sale under Act No. 3135/1508 filed by BOSTON FINANCE & INVESTMENT CORPORATION with Office address at6th Street, Bacolod City as the mortgagee against Spouses JOSEPHINE B. VIDUYA and FERNANDO P. VIDUYA, with postal address at Mercedes Subd.,Panubigan, Canlaon City as the mortgagor to satisfy the indebtedness in the amount to ONE MILLION THREE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED FIFTY THREE 33/100 (P1,350,853.33) representing principal balance, inclusive of penalties and other charges, and other charges, and 25% of the total amount of indebtedness as Attorney’s Fee also secured by said mortgagee; the undersigned duly authorized deputy will sell at public auction on May 21, 2010 at 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. or soon thereafter at the Hall of Justice Building, Regional Trial Court of Guihulngan, Branch 64, Guihulngan, Negros Oriental, to the highest bidder, for cash and in Philippine Currency, the following property with all its improvements to wit:

Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-2848 A parcel of land (Lot 1, Block 7, of the subdivision plan (LRC) Psd-159294, being a portion of Lot 2-B-1, described on plan Psd-33598, LRC Cad. Record No. 133) situated in the Barrio of Panubigan, City of Canlaon (Now), Island of Negros. Bounded on the NE, point 2 to 3 by Lot 9, Block 7; on the SE., points 3 to 4 Lot 2, Block 7, on the SW., points marked “1” on the plan being N. 85deg. 40’E, 941.77 m. from B.L.L.M. No. 1, Municipality of Canlaon, Negros Oriental; thence N. 21 deg. 56’E., 17.17m to point 2; thence S. 68 deg. 04’E., 15.00 m. to point 3; thence S. 68deg. 04’E., 15.00m to point 3; thence S. 21 deg. 56W., 20.00m. To point 4; thence n. 68 deg. 04’W., 12.17 m. to point of beginning; containing an area of TWO HUNDRED NINETY SIX (296) SQUARE METERS, more or less, including improvements thereon. Prospective buyers may investigate for themselves the title herein above-described and encumbrances thereon if any other the subject mortgage. All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event that the public auction should not take place for whatever reason, the sale of public auction of the above-described reality will be made on Wednesday May 26, 2010, at the same time and place without further notice. Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines, April 30, 2010. The Negros Chronicle May 2, 9 & 16, 2010

Meniong solid ... From page 1 In a press conference last Sunday at Ang Tay Golf and Country Club, Teves made a fearless forecast saying the LGU in Negros oriental will support Petit Baldado for Governor; George Arnaiz , Pryde Henry Teves and Josy Limkaichong for congressmen of the three districts here. Teves reiterates that Teodoro is the best among all the present crop of presidentiables but emphasized the need for his party to release funds for their leaders on the ground to

mobilize his supporters on Election Day. Otherwise, the seasoned politician predicts G1bo would lose the elections. Later in the evening, Meniong was in his element entertaining his guests composed of politicians, family, friends and supporters. To further dramatize his support for Teodoro, Teves showed up along with incumbent Rep. Pryde Henry Teves during the proclamation rally of G1bo at the Quezon Park, Dumaguete City, Thursday evening.



New Stocks AREA


PRICE (Negotiable)

750 sq.m.

P1.3 Million

1,100 sq.m. 2,000 sq.m. 2,500 sq.m. 3,000 sq.m. 525 sq.m.

P800.00 per sq.m. P1.5 Million P900.00 per sq.m. P900.00 per sq.m. P1.5 Million

930 sq.m. 419 sq.m. 500 sq.m. 1,123 sq.m. 733 sq.m.

P1.4 Million P2,000 per sq.m. P1 Million P1.5 Million P2,000 per sq.m.

1,000 sq.m. 2,500 sq.m. 3,000 sq.m. 525 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m. (Udarbe) 2,000 sq.m. 730 sq.m. 419 sq.m. 22 hectares 5,000 sq.m. 700 sq.m. 4,500 sq.m. 9,531 sq.m. 4,000 sq.m. 5,138 sq.m. 1,757 sq.m. 3,080 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m. 1,062 sq.m. 300 sq.m. 4 hectares 330 sq.m. 1,600 sq.m. 2,339 sq.m. 924 sq.m. 617 sq.m. 200 sq.m. 300 sq.m. 500 sq.m.

P500,000 P2,250,000 P2,700,000 P1,500,000 P850,000 P1,200,000 P1,800,000 P838,000 P15,400,000 P4,000,000 P3,500,000 P3,150,000 P4,765,500 P6,000,000 P7,193,200 P2,500,000 P4,620,000 P700,000 P5,000,000 P700,000 P24,000,000 P1,000,000 P1,600,000 P1,000,000 P1,386,000 P5,000,000 P750,000 P900,000 P1,500,000

May 2, 2010


Valencia going to Tajero, Apolong Apolong West Balabag West Balabag Poblacion (Valencia)


Cantil-e M angnao Talay Camanjac Poblacion, Amlan (back of the municipal hall) East Balabag Val. Calayugan, Val. Calayugan, Val. Pob. Valencia Calayugan, Val. Calayugan, Val. Apolong, Valencia Mangnao, Dgte. City Camanjac, Dgte. City Balugo, Valencia Bantayan, Dgte. City Dauin, Highway Cangmating, Sibulan Junob, Dgte. City Camanjac, Dgte. City Dauin, Neg.Or. Junob, Dgte. City Bacong, Neg.Or. Banilad, Dgte. City Motong, Dgte. City Cangmating, Sibulan Motong, Dgte. City Cangmating, Sibulan West Balabag, Valencia Junob, Dumaguete City Sibulan, Highway Calobihan, Dgte. City Calobihan, Dgte. City Calobihan, Dgte. City

NOTICE is hereby given that ADELA T. ESLER and LAURA T. CARINAL the surviving heirs of the late MERCEDES D. TIMTIM have filed and executed an Affidavit of Claim With Waiver of Rights on her Savings Deposit Account with the Philippine Veterans Bank, Dumaguete Branch under Savings Account No. 0047345581100 per Doc. No. 216, Page No. 45, Book No. 39, Series of 2009 of Notary Public Atty. Santiago B. Samson V. The Negros Chronicle April 25, May 2 & 9, 2010

Parcel lot & house for sale

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LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that the Legal Heirs of the late GENOVEVA T. LOMOLJO, has executed an Extra-Judicial Declaration and Settlement involving Savings Deposit Account with Philippine Veterans Bank, Dumaguete City Branch under Savings Account No. 0047-346518-100 on December 5, 2009 and entered as Doc. No. 492, Page No. 100, Book No. 437, Series of 2009 before Notary Public Atty. Rolando C. Grapa. The Negros Chronicle April 25, May 2 & 9, 2010



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Door #4 South Pacific Bldg., Perdices St., Dgte. City AREA


500 sq.m. 660 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m.

P1.5 Million P3.5 Million P4,000,000

5,000 sq.m.


700 sq.m.


660 sq.m.


400 sq.m.


800 sq.m.


1,005 sq.m.


1,000 sq.m.


3,000 sq.m.


2,024 sq.m.


500 sq.m.


300 sq.m.


880 sq.m. 2,000 sq.m.

P5,500,000 P7,000,000

1,000 sq.m.


660 sq.m.


300 sq.m.


450 sq.m.


300 sq.m.


430 sq.m.


400 sq.m. 397 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m.

P2,500,000 P2,200,000 P9,000,000

780 sq.m. 644 sq.m. 500 sq.m. 3000 sq,n. 6000 sq.m.

P6,700,000 P7,500,000 P4,500,000 P4,000.00 P5,600.00


Northern Junob Upper Pulantubig Cantil-e, Dgte. City 2 house, 3 bed rooms, 2 CR Esogan, Bacong, 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms 3 CR w/garage, nice garden Claytown, Dgte. City, 4 Bedroom, 2 CR w/garage nice lawn Piapi, Dgte. City, 4 Bedrooms, 2 CR, w/ carage Colon Extension, Dgte. City 3 Bedrooms, 2 CR, w/carage Poblacion Valencia, 4 Bedroom 2 CR, w/ garage Valencia, Hawa, 4 Bed room 2 CR, garage, nice garden Valencia, Bacong, 3 Bedrooms, 2 CR w/ garage Hawa, Valencia, Beautiful House, Nice garden, 6 Bed rooms, 3 CR, garage Sibulan, Neg. Or., 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/ garage Motong, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/ garage Bantayan, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms Banilad, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 3 CR, nice garden w/ garage Bantayan, Dgte. City, 5 ed rooms, 3 CR, car park, nice lawn Pulantubig, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 3 CR, w/ garage Candau-ay, Dgte. City, 5 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/garage Dumaguete City, 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR, 2 garage, spaceious garden Motong, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/ garage Clay town, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/garage Pulantubig, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR Junob, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms, 2, CR Camanjac, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 3 CR, w/garage Mang-gatos, Sibulan 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR Calindagan, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR Air Port Area, Sibulan, 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR Bantayan near ABC Gym Motong, (Tennis Court)

BEACH LOT 800 sq.m. 700 sq.m. 552 sq.m. 2,000 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m. 1,300 sq.m. 3,000 sq.m.

P1,200,000 P5,000,000 P1,500,000 P7,000,000 P3,500,000 P5,000,000 P13,000,000

Zamboanguita, Neg.Or. Sibulan, Neg.Or. w/ House Banilad, Dgte. City Ahong, Sibulan, Neg.Or. Ahong, Sibulan, Neg.Or. Dauin, Neg. Or. w/ House Dauin, Beach House

OVER LOOKING 8,000 sq.m. 2,000 sq.m.

P2,800,000 P800,000

Tampi, San Jose, Neg. Or. Bais City

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Lot - 340 sqm. Floor - 100 sqm.

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Atty. Ernie

DINOPOL for 2nd District Board Member (Former NLRC Commissioner and IBP NegOr. President)

May 2, 2010



Daghang Salamat

Ellery Flores Quial





May 2, 2010


May 2, 2010


e-comments Why G1bo –


orry, but I dont’ agree that just because Gibo served the public well under the hated ad ministration, that he is as corrupt as the president herself. Noynoy is simply the most incompetent candidate and without any track record to back up his claims that he is not corrupt. You say Noynoy has not been charged with corruption, and neither is Gibo. Noynoy has not been charged but what about BSA, Kamag-anak Inc.? Hacienda Luisita controvery, and slacking off as senator and congressman, milked the country for his living expenses, but has not passed a single law. Do you think the electorate can be duped to vote GIBO TEODORO for such a loser politician? The race is still wide open, we are not believing these bogus surveys, sorry, it is now the 21st century and the internet is revolutionizing our political system, the youth will speak louder this coming election, and their choice for president will not be as bigoted and short-sighted as the ideas you put forward here. G1BO IS THE BEST for the presidency because he does not deny the existence of many problems , nor does he just complain about them. Instead, G1BO studies the problem, works on it

with the resources he has, and does his best to contribute to its solution. He doesn’t pose the illusion of a smooth country ahead, but allows people to understand what we are up against and what the journey is going to be like — long and hard, but doable in time if we all work together. G1BO LAYS OUT HIS PROGRAMS, no rhetoric, no drama, no nonsense. And oh, who can compare to his style of positive, dignified campaigning this election time? None. (Miriam Quiambao)

Why Villar –


y moral choice is Manny Villar for the following: pro-lifer, experience and competence in government and successful run in private sector. The other frontrunner is a blank page in Congress, has not articulated a viable program of governance, is for reproductive health bill, financially backed by anti-life elements here and abroad), is associated with the Hacienda Luisita Scam leading to the Mendiola and hacienda massacre, the First United Bank (now UCPB) swindle of coco farmers in collusion with cousin Danding, the SCTEX MANNY VILLAR which reaped oodles of cash for the hacienda (Manny cry your Makati elite to be the “careeyes out in envy because the takers” of his administraso-called C-5 is nothing tion as happened in Cory’s compared to this 88 kilome- time. The same cast of the ter diversion to Luisita In- characters—the politically dustrial Zone which fortifies entrenched plutocrats that is the claim of the Cojuangcos responsible for the state of that the farmers are not suspended animation of this Sacadas entitled to land re- economy even as the titans form because they are just of Makati get listed in employees of this massive Forbes list if the world’s industrial estate… I can say richest men. God have more except that this will mercy for this country as we never come out in the Daily enter into a possible class Inquirer or Star. The worst war pitting Makati vs. the case scenario is a proxy rest of the country. Will the presidency of NoyNoy (even Guillotine take care of the better if he has mental prob- problem? I hope it does not lems which will allow the come to that. Best wishes. (Joe Romero)

Why Noynoy –


sn’t it what the trend/survey says that Noy and Mar are leading? So OF COURSE THEY will then only say that they will only lose when cheated RIGHT??? They base their words from that, right?? And then saying this would mean to you that they’re insulting us? dahh ... I don’t really think so.. sino ba talaga Candidate mo? Why don’t you just campaign for your candidates hoping that they can beat Noy and Mar team...IF THEY CAN!! Well, NOYNOY epitomizes honesty, sincerity, and NOYNOY AQUINO well-meaning in public service. In many times, ability, skill , experience and track record may carry good and bad connotations. But Noynoy is a virgin, as far as the vast- Trust and Faith in God is ness of the presidency is a rare commodity now in concerned. He has also our public servants. And displayed his utter trust in NOYNOY gave God a God, in that he asked for priority, before his own Divine intervention and decision. For me, this enlightenment before he man is chosen by God. So made this crucial decision. , NOY, you have my vote…. ( ERLYNDA GOZUM.)

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May 2, 2010

Bing cites ... From page 18-A Arbolado concedes that this is everybody’s dream and nice to hear but the harsh reality is that even if Ator sits as mayor for nine years, these will never be realized. “The municipality only has a population of 67,000. It is too early for a mall to be built, a businessman will surely lose big time if he is lured to invest, when the capital city of Dumaguete only got its first mall with a national recognition just recently,” stressed Arbolado. He also said the same thing to the planned airport for Siaton, which is bound to fail because it entails a huge investment but with a very low market as there are existing airports in Dumaguete and nearby Dipolog City. As to the planned seaport, Arbolado favors that it must be built and operated by the government and not by a private entity so that the Local Government Unit can derive revenues from such an important installation. The re-electionist mayor maintains that the top priorities of the people of Siaton based on his consultations remain to be food security, farm-to-market roads, livelihood assitance, health, education and employment opportunities.

May 3 4 5 8 9

* Daycare Division 2 Moving-up Ceremony 9am-4pm Jordan 1& 2 * Daycare Division 1 Moving-up Ceremony 9am-4pm Jordan 1& 2 * Daycare Division 3 Moving-up Ceremony 9am-4pm Jordan1 & 2 * Living Word 7pm-9pm Agape * AVON 9am-1pm Jordan 1 * Herbalife Opportunity Meeting 3pm-5pm Jordan 3 * Tupperware Brands Meeting 3pm-5pm Agape * Isagani & Yvonne Wedding 5pm-7pm Joshua 1& 2 * Oikodomeo Fellowship 9am-11am Jordan 3 * Living Hope Fellowship 10am-12pm Joshua 2 * Bible Study 2pm-4pm Agape * Living Word Fellowship 3pm-5pm Jordan 3 * Solidrock Worship Service 5:30pm-7:30pm Jordan 3

Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 7th Judicial Region BRANCH 63 Bayawan City, Oriental Negros SPEC. PROC. NO. 313 IN THE MATTER OF THE PETITION FOR THE ADOPTION OF MINOR VANESSA A. PASIGNASIGNA SPOUSES MATTHIAS M. MALANA & NILFA L. MALANA, Petitioners. x———————————————————————x

ORDER Petitioner spouses, of legal ages, Filipinos, and residents of Barangay Ubos, Bayawan City, through counsel allege that they are childless, and have been bona fide residents of the Province of Negros Oriental for more than three (3) years now. They further allege that they desire to adopt minor Vanessa A. Pasignasigna, who was born on March 18, 2008 and who was in their custody and care since birth. That unfortunately the mother of minor Vanessa A. Pasignasigna died during childbirth and the father, Lito Pasignasigna, had executed an affidavit giving his consent to the adoption; That they are more than sixteen (16) years than the minor and possess all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications to adopt minor Vanessa A. Pasignasigna. They further alleged that the adoption is for the best interest of the child. Being sufficient in form and substance, let the above petition be heard at the Session Hall of the Court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City on June 14, 2010, at 8:30 in the morning. Interested persons may by filing a written opposition contest the petition in order that they same be heard. The Social Worker in the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Dumaguete City, is hereby directed to conduct the required study report and submit its study and recommendation at least three (3) days before the schedule hearing. Let this Order be published immediately for once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five (5) component cities, at the expense of the petitioner. Furnish copies of this order to the Solicitor General, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Province of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City, the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Dumaguete City, the petitioners and their counsel. SO ORDERED. IN CHAMBER March 1, 2010, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. The Negros Chronicle May 2, 9 & 16, 2010


S Maalagaron, matinud-anon sa pangatungdanan, economic manager, tried & tested public servant, makiangayon, paglaum sa mga kabus.


May 2, 2010

Helo Garci ... (Mercado)

From page 7

ies didn’t meet standards for population and income. But they sneaked in through backdoor anyway The Supreme Court somersaulted on it’s decision demoting the 16 back to towns. By then, it’s judgement had “become final and executory,” as Entry Nos 176951 and 177491, in the Judgement General Record, show. All candidates pledge to lead us to a land of milk and honey. Few bother to explain what a radically different world is out there. Today’s population of 94 million could crest at over110 million by 2015 . Institutions from Congress, Ombudsman, the military and even courts have slowly crumbled . A financially strapped government bears .an onerous foreign IOU burden. Corruption is compounding the drain. ”, There are 11 million Filipinos in over 160 countries. . What the Filipino diaspora will look like by then?. How many more will scatter in what will be a cyberspace world?. We still have to cast our votes But our unsolicited “liberators” are clawing at each other. They “ bicker over where they’d march us. Presidential front runner. Sentaor Benigno Aquino’s lead is partly due to the “Villarroyo” issue, rival Senator Manuel Villar fumes. This is the perception that the President, handicapped by a -69 approval rating, surreptitiously undercut official candidate Gilberto Teodoro to back Villar. Villar is still reels from the C-5 road scandal. In the crucial homestretch, the last thing he needs is another major scam. Ex-President Joseph Estrada and Senate President Juan Ponce obliged. They uncorked the “Hello Fe” and “Hello Francis” rip-off.. Estrada was convicted for plunder. Now. he accuses Villar of plunder. Villar repeatedly called Fe Barin, Securities and Exchange Commission chair , and then president of the Philippine Stock Exchange Francis Lime , between May and June 2007, Inquirer reported. Villar wanted SEC and PSE “to throw

True color ... (Cimagala) From

page 7

know and love others and all things. Relevant to this point, the Catechism teaches: “It is in accordance with their dignity that all men, because they are persons…are both impelled by their nature and bound by a moral obligation to seek the truth, especially religious truth. “They are also bound to adhere to the truth once they come to know it and direct their whole lives in accordance with the demands of truth.” (CCC 2467) Truth has an objective and a subjective part. Its subjectivity demands that it ultimately has to be lived and loved, and not simply known. And it has to be lived not only by oneself, but also by us and always with God and with others. In other words, truth has to involve our whole person in our

Leaders and ... (Dindo)

From page 7

That is my only motivation. Make no mistake! That is the reason why I have not hesitated to berate and criticize leaders who fail to come up with expectations as much as I have equally appreciated and admired leaders who genuinely serve the needs of the people. My loyalties lie not with leaders but with the people. That should be apparent by now for those who are watching me and my activities.

the exchange rules out the window” to favor his companies: Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc. Estrada and Enrile amplified that Villar even appeared, in person, before SEC to seek release from escrow of about 1.2 billion of the 5.3 billion secondary shares of the companies and put them on the market This is a prohibited within 180 days of initial offering. But Villar got approval in rushed SEC meetings. The sale impoverished thousands of OFW buyers, Estrada and Enrile claimed. . But the Villars pocketed P6.75 billion from the secondary offering of 985.9 million shares . “Hello Fe” and “Hello Francis” clone the “Hello Garci” tapes. These bugged President Arroyo’s conversations on Mindanao poll results with then Comelec commissioner Virgilio Garcellano in 2004. They haunt her to final days in Malacanang .days. Will these haunt Villar in the crucial election countdown? That depends on whether Villar will jettison his earlier strategy of ignoring earlier scams eruptions from: C-5 to Pagibig housing loans … Graft here is endemic. Global Economic Report 2009-2010, for example, states the most crippling constraints on doing business here : Corruption (24.%), Inefficient Government Bureaucracy (21%), Inadequate Infrastructure (15%), Policy Instability (13%), Access to financing (5%).Yet, Filipinos respond to the issue most. In their perceptive document “The State of the Filipino Nation on the Road to 2010 Elections And Beyond ,a group of bloggers with Inquirer’s Manolo Quezon spell out crucial concerns; Count on the expiring Arroyo regime to conduct a “scorch earth policy “ they say. It will lay down every obstacle. Don’t be surprised to win a palace that has no value other than the title home of “President of the Philippines.” The story of 2010 isn’t about, if an Aquino is fit for the job of President. The story is “Do you want another six years of Gloria MacapagalArroyo? The day after the election it will be President versus Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her legislative Army she raises to continue to be the power in the Philippines.” ( Email: )

over-all and unavoidable connection with God and with everybody and everything else. That’s why truth cannot be truth alone, but always truth in charity. Without charity, we cannot help but deform truth, since any piece of objective fact, data and information will tend to be cut off from its vital relationship with God and with others. It will be a truth held captive by our own limited understanding of things, a tool to our biases and personal designs. It will fail to comply with the requirements of the common good. Without charity, truth gets unhinged from its proper moorings and purpose. And when it gets on the loose, it can cause a lot of trouble. It can turn out to be a loose cannon, a floating mine at sea, posing great danger to anyone. Sad to say, this is what we are seeing often these days. Reading the blogs in the Internet regarding some issues, I get the impression that though there are some objective data brought out, there is lack of charity. Bad manners, insulting words so dominate that someone said Internet civility seems to be an oxymoron. We need to reinforce this crucial aspect of truth as an organic fruit of our relationship with God and others in the minds of everyone. Let’s pray that this true color of candor can “go out and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it.”

K n’ C Lechon Manok 91 Cervantes St., Dgte. City Tel. No. 422-7989


G1BO sprints ... (From page 1) The complete slate of the component towns and cities were also formally proclaimed that night, which was also attended by Board Member Mariant EscañoVillegas, who is running for Vice-Governor. They Chiquiting Sagarbarria-Rommel Erames tandem represented Dumaguete City; Rene Gaudiel and Pimpo DUMAGUETE GIBO CROWD estimated at 10,000 was overflowing at the Quezon Park, Martinez duo from Bayawan city and Lawrence Teves even as the rally was covered by DYEM ENERGY FM live and DYGM plus the two cable TV stations. and Dr Boy Tabalaoc of Tanjay City.

MOTORCADE along the city with GIBO had one of the longest motor vehicle participation obviously joining on their own.

The towns slates proclaimed also came from Dauin, Zamboanguita, Valencia, San Jose, Sibulan, and Amlan. They were headed by Vice-mayor Niel Credo, Vice-mayor Mario Pinili, ViceMayor Doro Olasiman, Vice-mayor Melo Remollo, Mrs.Grampon and Mayor Bentham dela Cruz, respectively. In his speech, Teodoro cited at least four major issues that the next president should address: Education, health care, TANJAY mobbed the GIBO / EDU team 52% of the food security and quality infrastructure voters who are among the youth are said to vote to boost the tourism industry. for GIBO.

Teodoro vows to push for a program that means at least one college graduate in every Filipino family particularly the poor, who shall enjoy free education through a system that invests heavily on research and development to produce quality graduates that are competitive in the global market. He also plans to introduce reforms in the health care system that mandates the enrollment of every Filipino, rich or poor, so they could obtain proper health care. His future administration intends BOY AND JAPI LEE , Anabelle and Edu Adriano and daughter hosted GIBO to supply more doctors and health workers to the barrios. dinner party; while little Nicole ,6-yrs old, who was carried by GIBO in his The administration stanarms said, if she could only vote. we termed captive votes in the past dard bearer also recognized the lar with them, almost all the house- which are less and less. This is true of need to re-study the agrarian wives did not even remember the students and overseas workers etc. Moreover logistics can often (Romero) reform program, so that farmername of the program. From page 7 Which brings us to the recent swing votes at the last minute. When beneficiaries can improve their amples. If I shoot a man and local candidates most of them fightliving standards. He also under- miss him one yard to the left, shoot polls? So a candidate is leading in the ing for survival are offered support surveys. Is it possible that this was due again and miss him one yard to the from national candidates, these are scored the need to battle the dry name recall? Given a few names to capable of trading controlled votes spell by providing water im- left, on the average he is dead. An- to choose from the knee-jerk reaction is to such support. Indeed the last two pounding facilities to boost other was the statement that a man choose somebody whose name is re- for minutes can count a lot with all of drowned in a river that averaged 2 food security. inches (of course he drowned in the membered. Aquino would be popular the three- pointers getting into the Finally, he vowed to con- deep end needless to say!)Finally with the older folks who remember Edsa hoop. As the saying goes battles are by tired soldiers. All it takes is tinue the strong partnership of there was the finding of a Nielsen Dos but may not register with the won that lucky KO punch even in the last the national and local govern- rating that the top program in a par- younger ones. Survey results are snap- round. Unfortunately our poor pollment units to launch more farm- ticular TV channel was a vintage shots of the moment and may differ with sters cannot anticipate all these. But taken weeks or even days not to worry the false prophets to-market roads, improve the cowboy series. A closer investiga- photographs later. It is indeed dangerous to extrapo- among the pollsters can always oftion revealed that housewives norexisting Dumaguete-Sibulan late when the dynamics on the ground fer the lame excuse like Gary Langer airport to develop the mally turn on the TV as soon as the changes perceptions of the present. With ,director for polling of ABC news family leaves the house, not because after the 2008 democratic primaries province’s tourism potentials. they are watching but because they media now reaching the remotest areas Teodoro said that there are feel alone in the house. When que- which report events live and fast, re- that ‘it is simply unprecedented for many polls to have been so other priorities enough to pre- ried why the program was very popu- spondents can and will change their so wrong!” Amen. minds just as fast, unless they are what occupy the candidates than indulging in name-calling and mudslinging. He urged the people to ask whether his rivals bared their platforms of government and judge whether they proved to be superior to his. “However, if you believe that we have the best roadmap, then it is your obligation as a thinking Filipino to vote for our ticket,” Teodoro stressed. The Harvard-trained topnotch lawyer paid tribute to the everyday poor Juan Dela Cruz, who, despite life’s hardships continues to toil in order to bring food to the table and send his children to school. He then concluded his speech by heaping praise to his Cebuanospeaking audience who sent a an opposition delegation to the Batasang Pambansa that actively repudiated the Marcos dictatorship. Teodoro then challenged SIMEON ROLLY DODO CHARITA PURIZA ANTONIO SELWYN PEDRICO DESPOJO REMOLLO RENACIA RUBIA the people of Central Visayas ARCE RAMIREZ PIALAGO TABUENA Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor Councilor particularly, Negros Oriental, to defy the surveys, which placed Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT EX TRAJU DICIAL him consistently at fourth spot, 7th Judicial Region S E T T L E M E N T and vote according to what BRANCH 43 Tanjay City, Negros Oriental they believe is right for their Stationed at Dumaguete City NOTICE is hereby given children’s future. Earlier in the SP. PROC. No. 365 In the matter of correction of entry of sex from female to male in the Records of Birth that Francisco P. Bad-an, Sr. day, Teodoro and Manzano Of Gene Pilongo Vallega and Nestoria P. Bad-an, the drew large and screaming GENE P. VALLEGA, Petioner, heirs of the late Ignacio N. crowds in their whirlwind sorVersus Bad-an have filed an exties in the cities of Bayawan and CIVIL REGISTRAR OF PAMPLONA, NEGROS ORIENTAL, Respondent. ecuted an Extrajudicial Tanjay on board a chopper pix——————————————————————/ Settlement on Lot No. 7262, loted by the former. He arrived ORDER Cad. 903-D, covered by OCT Filed before this Court is a verified petition for correction of entries in the Birth Cerat the Dumaguete-Sibulan airtificate of Gene P. Vallega, through counsel, praying that after due notice, publication and No. FV-40926, situated in hearing and order be issued changing his entry as to sex from FEMALE to MALE. port past 12:00 noon on board Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, the petitioner is hereby Casoso0an, Sagbang, his private jet, went to Bayawan directed to cause the publication of this Order in a newspaper of general circulation in the Valencia, Negros Oriental, Province of Negros Oriental and in the Cities of Dumaguete, Tanjay, Bais, Canlaon and Bayawan and Tanjay City before going at least once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks. containing an area of 1,825 back to Dumaguete City. He The Local Civil Registrar of Pamplona, Negros Oriental or any person having or sq.m. per Doc. No. 40, Page claiming any interest under the entries whose correction and change is sought, may file then led a motorcade, which was within fifteen (15) days from notice of said Petition or from the last publication of said notice, No. 9, Book No. 27, Series of an opposition thereto. Any interested persons may appear before this Court at the scheduled participated by dozens of cars 2010 of Notary Public Atty. hearing of this case on June 30, 2010 at 9:30 o’clock in the morning and show cause why the and motorcycles, and was met petition should not be granted. Raymund J.A. Mercado. SO ORDERED. by cheering multitudes that Given this 23 day of March, 2010, Dumaguete City, Philippines. lined the streets and green conThe Negros Chronicle (Sgd) WINSTON M. VILLEGAS The Negros Chronicle fetti showered by construction Judge April 25, May 2 & 9, 2010 April 18, 25 & May 2, 2010 and government workers.

Figures do ...




May 2, 2010

May 2 2010  

It’s MEV or Tuting for Vice-Governor “SURVEY AND POPULARITY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MORALITY SO, VOTE WISELY.” No. 46 Dumaguete City, Philip...