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MARCH 29, 2009

Crime-busting needs people’s cooperation T

206 women brutalized in 3 months



rime busting in Dumaguete and going after the perpetrators of heinous crimes will fail, unless the people will cooperate and provide information leading to the arrest and whereabouts of criminals.

Part of the incentive will be a reward of P200,000 to anyone who can lead to the arrest of the mastermind. A city ordinance provides cash rewards and witness protection for those triggermen who will turn state witness and expose the mastermind of their crimes. For the information of criminals and citizens alike, Noble said that five basic steps will be taken: Increased police mobility, improved communications facilities, improved police capabilities, intensified firing skills training, proficiency in police service, increased police visibility, putting of police outposts in strategic area. And most importantly, the installtion of a POLICE HOTLINE where citizens can call Noble direct so he can immediately analyze the call and spring the police to action. The police, however, will continue to function as usual. They will be asked by Noble, who represents the mayor in this operation, to certain operations and task forces. Lt. Col Cabanag pledged support to Noble’s action and is in constant coordination with him and the city mayor. These were the initial overviews of retired Col. Nicolas Noble on what his thoughts are in accepting

ABORTING THE NEXT DISASTER in the city’s river, canals and overflows, the city disaster coordinating council is met by Col. Nicolas Noble and were briefed on the basics of disaster preparedness. In the last one, not even a single rope was extended to save those being carried by rampaging waters. the appointment as the city’s chief crime buster. However, he gave no assurances of success because much depends on the people and commuity support, and not entirely the police. “How can you prosecute a criminal if there is no witness against him? That is why there are summary killings and executions because

criminals too know that justice is usually delayed, and some politicians and even law enforcers are protectors of law violators,” quipped the veteran law enforcer. In analyzing the crime situation, Noble in a CHRONICLE-DYEM interview said that Turn to page 20


wo hundred six (206) women were brutalized, maltreated and inflicted with physical and psychological pain and injuries with violence during the first three months of the year of 2009, dubbed as the year of the Ox. The violence from their male partners, friends, paramours and spouses came in the form of bruises from boxing and use of blunt instruments, rape, slapping, and psychological tongue lashings. This developed as unusually more cases of violence against women ( is it because of the summer heat and economic slump?) have been reported to the Women’s and Children’s Concern Desk (WCCD) at the City Police Office here for the first quarter of this year, according to SPO3 Jovy Lacandula, outstanding policewoman of the Philippines awardee. SPO3 Jovy Lacandula is head of the

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Crimes dip here CHR told: be fair to right and left BY DRT DEMECILLO espite almost daily reports of killings and robberies, Negros Oriental appears to be the most peaceful place in this part of the country as it finds itself last among the seven police offices in Central Visayas ranked based on the aver Turn to page 2


Best trash collector award


ayawan City is awarded as the best garbage collector in this province. No wonder, it is overtaking Dumaguete in crime prevention and garbage collection. Soon it will be the capital city if Dumaguete does not improve its many lethargic ways.

This southern city has been cited recently as the Top Performer in solid waste management by the Philippine Environmental Governance Project or Ecogov among compo Turn to page 20

BY DEMS REY DEMECILLO egardless of affiliation of either protagonists, the Commission on Human Rights of Central Visayas were told by the four governors of Central Visayas, to be fair to both the right and the left. The issue is Human Rights. Any violator, regardless of whether they come from the right or left, the CHR must treat each issue and case with utmost impartiality. Noting the adversarial Turn to page 20


REGIONAL PEACE AND ORDER COUNCIL coordinating officials namely (from left) Dir. Pedro Noval, Jr.,Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia, NegOr District 2 Rep. George Arnaiz, and PNP Regional Director Chief Supt. Federico Terte, listen to fieldmen as they report their problems on imposing peace and order, the reason being, that justice is always denied the poor because they cannot afford good lawyers. They cautioned CHR to be wary in being used by politically opposing forces.




March 29, 2009

206 women brutalized . . .

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PNP women’s desk reported. Only women report as victims of violence, and hardly the men for fear of being embarrassed as the victims of violent women. But does the law also cover men, brutalized by women? Breaking down the 206 cases of violence against women, she said, in January this year, 72 cases were reported while in February, 56 and March, celebrated as Women’s Month, 80 cases of violence. If this statistical trend continues, women violence cases reported this year would reach 832, far more than the total 707 reported last Advocates of Women’s Rights Cecilia Hoffman and Cindy Uy of the G-WAVE year, said Police Chief Inspector Rosalinda listen as Chief Insp. Rosalinda Abellon delivers reports on cases of violence Abellon of the City’s WCCD during the against women during the recent PIA forum. Kapihan forum held to celebrate Women’s Month here. Abellon is now deputy chief of PHYSICAL ABUSE Aside from physical abuse, viopolice of dumaguete city. WCCD data also shows that lence against women also includes Abellon especially stressed the 80 cases physical abuse under RA9262 con- harassment, rape, emotional, psychoreported in the month of March, which does sistently tops the list of reported logical and economic abuse, and not cover cases reported from March 19 cases on women violence for the threats, among others. onwards. “This does not involve cases re- first quarter this year, with 43 in The WCCD has noted that adported from 19 until today, so sobra pa ni sa January, 32 in February and 37 in vocacy and the economic crisis both 80 ang mga kaso sa Marso,” she said. March Turn to page 20



Reps George & Josy buck Cha-Cha move

fter more than 12 months of combat operations, the Philippine Army in Negros Oriental headed by 302nd Brigade Commander Col. Cesar Yano reported that since February 24, 2008 up to present there have been sixteen armed encounter with members of the New People’s Army resulting to the capture of 14 red fighters. Nine other members of 28 firearms were seized. However, Yano also cited the underground communist group were arrested; 24 sur- non-combat activities of the rendered; 21 camps were Philippine Army such as discovered and overran and Turn to page 6


4 dads urged: Return unused travel funds

ertain employees at the City Hall are demanding that councilors who took the travel expense of P 23, 670.00 each for their supposed trip to Palawan for the convention of the Philippine Councilor’s League on March 10-14 but, who for one reason or another did not attend should, return immediately the unused funds to the city treasurer’s office. The amount is for travel expenses that include transportation and per diems at P800 a day.


hile Speaker Prospero Nograles is determined to file the draft resolution purportedly signed by 175 legislators calling for a Constituent Assembly to amend the Constitution, Negros Oriental District Representatives George Arnaiz (2nd District) and Jocelyn Limkaichong st (1 District) have refused to join the bandwagon. Both solons declare that “this is a very inopportune Charter Change should not time to propose Cha Cha be in the agenda when Con- especially when it is very gress resumes its regular unpopular as it is perceived session after the Holy to be designed to extend the Week. Limkaichong said Turn to page 6



It was learned that of the nine city councilors who committed to attend the PCL convention, only four actually pushed through with the trip. They are Councilors Manuel Chiquiting Sagarbarria, Noel De Jesus,

Canete maintains he would not accept security from the State anxious that such acts would gravely compromise his neutrality. He said that for the past few days he has observed the presence of suspicious looking characters stalking him. The CHR investigator

Amy Dicen and Franklin Esmena. Those who declined to attend early on were Councilors Rommel Erames, ABC President Raul Infante, SK Federation President Athena Turn to page 6

espite credible threats to his life, confirmed by no less than Negros Oriental Police Provincial Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez, Commission on Human Rights Special Investigator Jesus Canete has refused offers of protection from the Philippine National Police and Philippine Army. cannot state for certain who is behind the death threats. However, he has figured in heated confrontations with some militant organizations and has been subject to a number of administrative complaints due to his dismissal of several alleged Turn to page 6

Crimes dip here (From page 1) age monthly crime rate in the past seven years. In fact, Negros Oriental with 4.01 edged out tiny Siquijor with 4.94 from the distinction. Cebu City is on top at 20.98 followed by Mandaue City with 12.37; Cebu province with 8.08 and Bohol with 7.43. Newcomer Lapulapu City, which based its figures in 2008 and the first quarter of 2009, appears to be the most crime pron with an average monthly crime rate of 31.73 and 32.33, respectively. The figures presented by Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez dur-

ing the Regional Peace and Order Council meeting last Thursday show that the crime index of the province has been steadily decreasing since 2003. From a high of 789 crimes reported in 2003, the number has reduced since then with 771 in 2004; 701 in 2005; 566 in 2006; 431 reported crimes in 2007 and only 369 on 2008. Marquez said that the index crime distribution of the province from January 2008 to February 2009 is as follows: Murder, 104 incidents; Physical injuries, 108; homicide, 60; theft, 54; robbery, 48 and rape, 31 incidents.

P/Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez, Jr. Provincial Director

critical repor ting reporting



What makes you feel you’re senior citizen? urning sixteen or sixty is a matter of attitude of the mind and heart. One my be sixteen but has a full responsibility in running a full household which is an awesome task. On the other hand, one may be sixty but is an irresponsible lot who only sleeps, eats and watches TV the whole day and night. In short, the quality of one’s life is measured on how one makes of it, especially for others. Never minding self.


A friend asked the question: how does one know that he or she is now senior citizen? Setting aside the number of years, my friend told me of the following indicators. You can consider yourself already a full fledge senior citizen, regardless of age, when: In the office you are used to dialing two numbers simultaneously via cell phone and the land line. And just when the phones are ringing, you suddenly forgot whom you are calling on either line. You hurry to get something in the kitchen , but when you get there, you can’t remember what you intended to get. Many times, you feel down hearted because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. ( o’yeah? ) You ask everyone in the house to help you look for your eye glasses until you find out that you’re wearing it after all. You forgot to bring your senior citizen’s card and you always bring a foto copy because you already lost the original twice and which have been found by good souls and announced over the radio station’s lost and found section.

• • • •

LAST NIGHT’S: EARTH HOUR (*OF DARKNESS) At exactly 8:30 last night, Saturday, March 28, it was lights off in thousands of households in this city and province. For an hour, we joined millions of families, who were in solidarity with people in over 2,000 cities worldwide observing Earth Hour. Let that hour of darkness enlighten us of the need to change our lifestyles if we are to address the continuing degradation of our planet. Let it also remind us of the dark future we are facing if we don’t act now. Our participation in Earth Hour was a vote to put environmental protection in the national agenda.

• • • •

Young people tend to ignore you when you enter a fast food eatery, while customers with white hair notice you and smile at you. The fast food order taker always asks you if you want tea or milk not expecting that I would yet order a large regular coke. Waiters stare worriedly at you across the buffet table at Bethel when you partake of the lechon and humba. Doctors tell you not to eat food that are sweet, salty, oily, saucy or those with seeds and a lot of others which make life enjoyable, leaving you to wonder what on earth is left for you to eat. You encounter strange people who call you manoy, lolo or lola like tricycle drivers or easy ride conductors, when you just dyed your hair to medium brown (!) Your housemaid worry about letting you keep things away yourself, as they will have to ransack the whole house when you fail to recall where you placed them. Your grandson refers to your ladies’ make up kit as : lola’s disguise kit. You easily fend off credit card agents who pester you at the malls, by telling them how old you are. You call your housemaids and helpers by a different name You start putting your maintenance medicine and vitamins in pill boxes marked S M T W T F S. After dialing somebody’s telephone number, you cannot seem to recall whom to talk with, when the phone is answered. Long time visitors in your house ask you “who’s that?” upon seeing your portrait taken few years ago in your living room. Upon hearing “Tennessee Waltz” you can picture the singer but cannot seem to recall or utter the name Patty Page or Julie London. Your neighbors are not scandalized when friends drop you off at your gate late at night (because they know you simply had a nice time with some old friends.) There’s one thing I never forget to do, however. It is to pray day and night to the Lord and thank Him for the retirement years and then the bonus years to come, God willing. Plus the promise that you will use the senior years of your life to propagate and spread His Word further in the marketplace and to those who have not seen the light. We need his Grace to do all these. -o0oERRATUM: We stand corrected, in that the position of Ms. Ma. Jude Antoniette Enardecido, a psychologist and licensed teacher, is population officer 1 at the capitol, and not a child minder. By June , she will be happily relocated as guidance counselor at the South City High School, an advocacy that she loves doing the most.

• • • • •• • • • • •

March 29, 2009





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Jo’s chicken Inato


erhaps, Dumaguete’s most immediately recognizable dining place for your favorite chicken barbique is Jo’s Chicken Inato. Jo’s Chicken, located along Silliman Avenue, right at the back of Dumaguete’s version of the “White House” (official residence of the Silliman University president), still emits that alluring aroma around town. When my parents relocated to Dumaguete City from Tagbilaran almost forty years ago, we settled in a two bedroom apartment at the Flores compound along Silliman Avenue. The rent during that wonderful, and memoryfilled time was P250 per month. We resided there for around seven years.


Crime busting in the city


he assumption of retired Col. Nicolas Noble as chief crime buster planner courtesy of Mayor Perdices’ choice is not an assurance that those unsolved heinous crimes in the city during the last three years will be solved, soon, and if at all. There are many factors which are beyond Noble’s control. But many can be solved given the right environment. A given demand is: that Noble needs public support. Without public support, Noble and Perdices will fail. Noble cannot do it alone, the people must cooperate. And if we were to quantify, we say, crime busting is 40% people’s cooperation and only 60% pure police work. The police has nothing to work with if the people do not supply them with information. The classic example is the recovery of a five-day old infant who was kidnapped by an disillusioned woman. How would police have reached Azagra, Tanjay on a specific sitio if it were not through people’s neighborhood information? Impossible. But sometimes, the police can be lucky but not most of the time. Col. Noble should establish a quick response team who can respond to any call from the public 24/7 regardless of the call’s authenticity. So long as the police will react and go to the place, that is what you call confidence building. A quick response by the police within minutes is a big indispensable factor in crime busting and deterrence.

The office of Col. Noble must tap immediate sources of forensic and medical investigation facilities. The quickest to find will be the Silliman laboratory and chemistry department. Without the basics of forensics, solving a crime is a needle in a haystack. Pallatives are tanod mobilization. We partly support that because tanods are political appointees. What we need is a mega central intelligence center which should establish a 24/7 kind of intelligence data gathering plus a data base. Without forensics and a good data base, crime busting will fail. We once visited Mayor Hagedorn of Palawan who has established a very good crime busting network. In their war room, each barangay has a data base of good and bad people. Each barangay has a call center that can link up with the data base and central intelligence room 24/7. And a quick response is ready to respond. People’s involvement is an indispensable factor in crime prevention. But if the people have lost confidence with their present leaders, and won’t cooperate, then that is the end of such crime busting business and such local government. What with all that money support of P5M from the city taxpayers, still those law enforcers cannot even protect nor produce their own witnesses against heinous crime offenders, what else can be done?

As I was growing up in that once pollution-free neighborhood, I happened to witness the beginnings of what is now that multi-million peso business of Jo’s Chicken Inato, beside that apartnment we lived along Silliman Avenue. From a very simple chicken barbique stand, then personally run by Jo Ng and husband Jesse (he has passed on), Jo’s chicken Inato has metamorphosed into a multi-branch barbique business. Having that rare privilege of witnessing how the industrious Ng couple built their “chicken-inato empire” through sheer hard work, I am not suprised at the breadth of its expansion. It was—as I saw it—literally a labor of love, as the couple diligently, tirelessly fanned the flames of a fruitful and flourishing enterprise. It has carved its own identity in the community that has made the place distinctly Dumaguete. Jo’s Chicken Inato’s latest, if not biggest outlet is now located along that cozy shoreline in San Jose town. I missed Jo’s Chicken, so in one of our simple gatherings with visiting, former Dumageuteno-friends, I insisted we have lunch Turn to page 20

Teodoro, a trial balloon

wo weeks ago, a sinister grapevine voice told the Chronicle. Alongside the announcement of Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro as a Palace 2010 trial pigeon for the presidency, would erupt a series of “demolition jobs” against presidentiables. No, of course, Teodoro had both in hiding in the United States. tarpaulins but was alleged to have nothing to do with that. He is a mere The latest Pulse Asia Sur- gifted the vice president with an idyltrial balloon. vey showed presidentiables lic island paradise off the Leyte Gulf True to form, the decaying tale Erap(16%) and Lacson (6%). area. De Castro, in a rare fit, has of the vicious murder of class-A po- Next on the list, we were told, been seen fuming. litical public relations man Bubby would be vice president Noli De The fourth alleged target Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Castro, an independent, who will be former senate president Orbito were brought to life. run with GMA in the 2004 - an Manny Villar (14%) in the surImplicated were former Po- election marred by allegations vey. His banking ownership of lice chief (then) senator Panfilo of fraud. Does the Palace not Capitol Bank and alleged unLacson and former President trust De Castro (Housing Czar) sound banking practices will be Joseph Estrada. who was known to be parcel of brought to the fore to destroy The infamous quote: “Ligpitin the so-called Wednesday Villar, also former speaker of the na natin si Delta (Dacer), sir Group of senators in the past? House of Representatives, (Lacson), kasi naiirita na si Bigote De Castro leads the survey pack whose wife Cynthia is still a (Erap).” The would-be-state wit- at (19%). regular member. nesses would be Lacson’s former Days after, not only was acOur Deep Throat has been wards at the Presidential Anti-Orga- cused plunderer (P12 billion) awfully accurate up to this point. nized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) Legacy owner Celso de los AngeMaverick, outspoken senator former police superintendents les linked as a contributor to de Lacson has been GMA and First Cesar Mancao and Glenn Dumlao, Castro’s electoral campaign through Turn to page 19


Dateline Manila by Bingo P. Dejaresco


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Repeated Nightmares


A Journey Through Cancer

HER story

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esterday, I had the pleasure of witnessing Eve Ensler’s A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and a Prayer staged at the Convention Center. The play was produced by Michele Joan Balbuena and directed by Dessa Quesada Palm - whose passion and creativity have made women’s issues a primary concern in our town. This play came from a selection of stories from different writers from all walks of life which was later compiled by Eve Ensler to highlight the many faces and forms of violence. One voice came from the soc- become embedded in a couple’s cer field - a young woman’s account lovemaking. When the definition of love of her first kiss which was contrary to what it was supposed to be - it crosses the border where you have was neither pleasant or wanted. to inflict pain to enjoy love, not only Another was on how overestimat- do you question whether you still ing the amount of groceries one can have the perfect marriage but you carry have resulted to a horrible also question who you have become. experience. This piece reminds us Some of the voices came all the way women not to put ourselves in situa- from Africa, the horrors of war which tions where we try to too much and always means the horrors of women too soon - at the expense of our - multiplied many times over. You safety and later our sanity. An en- hear of young girls being raped , a joyable yet thought-provoking piece mother whose child was borne out was on a recipe for a perfect mar- of six men - the six who raped her Turn to page 12 riage where the pleasures of pain

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wo prisoners looked out of the window. One saw the bars and the other saw the stars. I love pearls. They come in different array of colors like white, pink, blue or the rare ones which are the black pearls. They are magical and feminine, and the only gems which come from a living organism which is an oyster.

eventy-Eight percent of the American people feel the war in Iraq is wrong and that we should immediately pull the troops out and go home. They even elected an inexperienced President based largely on a promise to get America out of Iraq. Many of you share this view. People from their views, their public medical clinics, 15 hospitals, 83 opinions, their votes, based on the railroad stations, 22 oil facilities, 93 wainformation they are provided by the ter facilities, 69 electrical facilities. None media. If the people get all the infor- of these facilities existed prior to the inmation, they usually form an accu- vasion. rate and correct opinion; act in ap• Iraqi children under 5 years of propriate ways for the good of the age, 96% have received polio vaccinanation. The fallacy and danger is tions. that often the media violates its pub• Over 4.3 million Iraqi children are lic trust and does not provide the now enrolled and attending primary people with “all the information”. school. Many of you have followed • Cellphone use has gone up by the war closely. You have been over 158%. Prior to the invasion cell bombarded with information phones were mostly in the hands of govevery night and feel you have a ernment officials and the military. good grasp of the “facts” (?). • The Iraqi media now consists of Most of the facts I am going to 75 radio stations, 180 newspapers, and tell you are over a year old. They ten television stations. All of these news are facts gathered first hand by outlets are unfettered by government friends on the ground in Iraq restrictions. and official documents avail• Over 47 countries have reable on the internet. opened or established embassies in • The American forces have Iraq. over 1,100 new building projects in • Over 40,000 refugees have re Turn to page 14 Iraq. They include 364 schools, 67


But these lovely gems started as “irritants”. These irritants are mostly sand that gets inside the oyster shells. To protect itself, the oyster tries to cover these foreign bodies with layers of pearly substance known as “nacre” which gives the pearl a unique appearance and iridescent glow. As time goes by, these so called irritants become pearls. In life , we meet people or trials that may irritate us, yet somehow they produce life enduring values like patience, love, long-suffering humility or faith. I borrowed the term “gracegrowers” from someone who also borrowed this term from another. Gracegrowers refer to people or circumstances that are hard to understand or love yet they mold us positively or negatively depending on

what we are made of. I’m sure you have met this person sometime, somehow, or you may have encountered trials or problems beyond compare. Whether we like it or not they are part of our daily existence. They may be fleeting occurences or someone you have to live with for the rest of your lives. Have you breathed these words,” This person brings out the worst in me.” or “ I wish this ordeal ends.” Sometimes, these irritants are vital in our growth. God seems to allow them in or lives for some purpose. We only learn to be more patient with people who stretch our patience. We learn to love unconditionally to those who are hard to love. Trials produce fortitude, courage, endurance and faith. Gracegrowers may produce pearls someday. They say that success is not the real test of character, but give a man failure and you will know who he is.




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The War



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things, away from my usual intellectual work. It soothes nerves, relieves stress, dissipates tension. This type of activity has a peculiar and effective way of being united with others. I am getting convinced that this direct physical contact with people and with things gives one a different kind of communion that can’t be attained through ideas, words and arguments. I can’t explain this yet. I get a certain kind of satisfaction when I can let go of the usual amenities and savor again the handto-mouth way of life. One time when I gave a seminar to young altar boys, I realized I enjoyed dipping my fingers together with theirs in a com Turn to page 10

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Footsteps and Fingerprints

Resting and recovering

Tagaytay in summer is, I think, the perfect place to be. It certainly will make you forget about global warming. It’s like a lucky halfway house, right at the middle between urban and rural life. It’s got flowers, fruits, views, nice people, serenity and isolation. The activity is actually many things to me. First, it affords me a wonderful time to rest, a most welcome break from my usual work load. I get to wake up later than usual, I have time to do sports and exercises, and to go to excursions where I don’t worry about getting lost in the mountain, for example. This is still a mystery to me but I can’t deny the fact that I yearn for this change of regimen. Part of me pines for an occasion to rough it up with others, doing physical, even strenuous


Everyday Heroes

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Noise vs Silence


I grew up in a very rural area in the Vermont, USA, mountains where silence was a tangible thing and any loud noise was disturbing. We valued silence because in the silence we could hear the wonderful symphony of birdsong, wind breathing in the trees, our dog thumping his tail, raindrops on the windows, the tabby cat and her kittens murmuring contentedly in a sunny corner of the kitchen. And if one would listen close enough, sometimes you could hear the

grass grow! All too often the sounds of real life are obliterated by a ceaseless cacophony of senseless noise. We can grow so used to the noise around us that we feel lost without some sound, usually loud sound, surrounding us. Even students claim they can focus on their homework only if the TV is on, their ipod is playing their favorite tunes, and several classmates are talking at once. The younger generation Turn to page 9






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Making the city safe anew is everybody’s business!

email at:

Like most well meaning citizens, he wants to remain a productive member of the community despite having retired from active duty in the police force some six years ago. He was undoubtedly instrumental in shaping the nationally acclaimed anti-disaster preparedness scheme of Bayawan City and in helping to improve the anti-crime drive of the young but promising city in the South. Now, his own hometown, Dumaguete City is in need of his expertise and dedication to assist the local authorities in the fight against the seemingly unstoppable tide of criminality and the creation of a more responsive and effective anti-disaster management scheme. True to form and character, Col. Nicolas Noble, accepted the challenge of attempting to replicate his excellent performance of making Bayawan City, in partnership with Mayor German Sarana, as one of the best models for visionary and outstanding local governance. However, this ex-seminarian who has found his true “apostolate” in public service cautions us from thinking that he is the all perfect anti-crime buster this capital city has long been waiting for. In this interview, Noble does not fail to remind his expectant town mates: the job of making our city gentle and safe again is EVERYBODY’S concern and business.

DEMS: What motivated you to accept the offer of Mayor Perdices as Community Action Officer? Col. Noble: After a series of floods on New Year’s Eve and February 7, I surveyed the city and was shocked to see the extent of destruction. One councilor suggested that I be tapped to help the city in disaster management. This is my way of helping our city, we need to prepare so that we can mitigate future disasters.

DEMS: Many are suspecting government agents themselves are behind most of the extra judicial killings today, do you think there is any basis for this notion? Col Noble: It is difficult for me to draw any conclusions on this matter. I was absent from Dumaguete City for almost a year. I left the country following my resignation from Bayawan City on February 2008 and came back last January. All these killings are being

DEMS: Kindly define your job. Col. Noble: My job is simply to conceptualize projects and schemes that would help the Philippine National Police to attain a manageable peace and order situation through crime prevention, control and suppression and to develop a more effective anti-disaster scheme. My office is not a law enforcement agency, so people should not expect me to be the top anti-crime buster of the city, that role still belongs to the Philippine National Police.

DEMS: You were a seminarian, what made you leave and join the military? Col. Noble: I felt that serving the people as a military man and police officer is my true vocation. They say that many are called but few are chosen to be in the priesthood. But I have no regrets because I am still serving the people. DEMS: You were Chief of Police of Dumaguete City from 1995-98, were the killings before worse than today? Col. Noble: Most of killings before were based on personal grudges; we must keep in mind that crimes occur more frequently now due to the increase in population. As the city grows, we should expect serious peace and order problems. Others who migrated here found no jobs; some of them are forced to become criminals if only to survive.

Army captures...

Reps. George & ...

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school building construction, skills development seminars, livelihood trainings and others all designed to win over the hearts and minds of the masa. He vowed to continue implementing projects aimed to “improve the living conditions of the people.” The Philippine Army has deployed two battalions here in Negros Oriental. The 11th Infantry Battalion under Lt. Col. Nemesio Franco Gacal up north pursuing about two dozens of communist rebels believed to be operating in the tri-boundaries of Guihulngan, Vallhermoso and Canlaon. On the other hand, the 79th Infantry Battalion under Lt. Col. Erwin Bernard Neri in southern

term of the President.” “If we push for Charter Change now, people will doubt the intention of the members part of the province are hunting down some fifty-two highly mobile rebels in the towns of Sta. Catalina, Zamboanguita and San Jose. Co. Yano’s assessment is that the rebel armed groups are on the run and have splintered into smaller formations to avoid detection by government troops. The army official also claims that the arrests recently of top communist leaders in Central Visayas have created a leadership vacuum and demoralization in the ranks of the CPP-NPA.

DEMS: Do you favor extra judicial killings between and among alleged police characters like many Dumaguetenos? Col. Noble: Extra judicial killings ought to be condemned and discouraged. People behind these should be prosecuted. Investors would refrain from doing business in a city with serious peace and order situation problem. DEMS: Name three things needed by the local police to be effective in the anti-crime drive. Co. Noble: We need to improve police communication, mobility and visibility. We urgently are in need of force multipliers like civilian volunteers and even a police auxiliary unit, which greatly helped the city of Bayawan.

DEMS: What do you think is the reason why Mayor Perdices offered this job to you? Col. Noble: Probably on account on my long service in the military, police and local government, plus I showed interest of taking the challenge. It is said that for “evil to triumph, it takes good men to do nothing.” Another factor could be my performance during my stint as Action Officer of the City Disaster Coordinating Council of Bayawan, which earned national recognition Gawad Kalasag in 2008 for having one of the best CDCC among component city.

seek protection from the PNP and other law enforcement agencies while denying would be killers the opportunity to carry out their plans.

DEMS: What about in the area of disaster management?

Retired Col. Nicolas Noble City Development Officer IV

Co. Noble: The city must create an annual disaster management plan utilizing the 5 percent calamity fund particularly for pre-disaster projects. Activate the Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council all the way up to the City Disaster Coordinating Council. For the long term, we must ask those who reside along the riverbanks to vacate to safer grounds. But of course, this will entail huge amount of funds since we need a relocation site for those who will be displaced. IN the meantime, we can dredge, silt or rechannel the Banica River to minimize the risk of the people near it.

investigated but no clear pattern has yet emerged to pin the blame on government agents.

DEMS: The people have high expectations of you; do you feel comfortable with it?

DEMS: So what do you think is the main reason for the deaths of individuals tagged as police characters?

Col. Noble: The public should not expect me to solve criminality and come up with a very effective antidisaster scheme immediately. As far as I am concerned, I will do my part to the best of my ability, but I would like to emphasize that the sectors of our community particularly the schools, churches, local governments and Non government organizations must also do their part. This must be a concerted effort between the authorities and people. I am confident that with their full support and cooperation and with the aid of God Almighty, we can make our city a truly safe place to live.

Col. Noble: Based on my observation, these so called police characters involved in illegal transactions were murdered because of some disagreements with other underworld figures and organized crimes seeking revenge over disputes. So it is best for everyone to refrain from engaging in illegal transactions to avoid putting our lives in danger. Finally, if one thinks that his life is in danger , they must

of the House of Representatives,” said Arnaiz. The two neophyte solons however swear that the President or Malacanang has never called nor pressured them to support the move to amend the constitution even if presidential son and Pampanga Representative Mickey Arroyo was leading the charge. Arnaiz also doubts whether the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the House alone Charter Change by reminding his colleagues that even the creation of laws mandates for the Senate and the House of Representatives to vote separately because this is the essence of bicameralism.

4 dads urged ... (From page 2) Gene Duran, hence, the City Treasurer did not issued checks for them. Those who committed earlier and were issued their checks but later decided against attending the PCL gathering were Councilors Rotelio Lumjod, Nilo Sayson, Alan Cordova, Antonio Remollo and Esperidion Catan. Cordova returned his check but the four others did not prompting some city hall employees who refused to be identified to call on them to return and liquidate the cash

advance. Those who pushed through with the trip must liquidate their expenses and return the excess amount. Reached for comment, Remollo branded the matter a non-issue. “We can always liquidate the money at the end of our terms, so I don’t understand why they are complaining.” “These people don’t even realize, we are using the money now to help some of our constituents who are in need of financial assistance because we councilors don’t have PDAF. I have been to so many official trips to help the city but oftentimes I don’t ask funds to finance them

CHR probers ... (From page 2) cases of human rights violations against the Philippine Army. “I want to maintain my neutrality and these threats will not deter me from pursuing my job,” Canete declares during the Regional Peace and Order Council meeting, Thursday. unlike others,” he added. He dared those who are complaining to file charges of graft and corruption against them if they feel that failing to return the cash advance immediately is illegal.

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ENDING SEXUAL HARASSMENT You shall not commit adultery. –– EXODUS 20:14



ome to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke fits perfectly, and the burden I give you is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

A person may be carrying heavy burdens of (1) sin, (2) excessive demands of religious leadership, (3) oppression and persecution, or (4) weariness in the search for God. Jesus frees people from all these burdens.

The rest that Jesus promises is love, healing, and peace with God, not the end of all labor. A relationship with God changes meaningless, wearisome toil into spiritual productivity and purpose.


GOSPEL John 12:20-33


ome Greeks among those who had come up to worship at the feast. They came to Philip, who was from Bethsaida in Galilee, and asked him, “Sir, we would like to see Jesus.” Philip went and told Andrew; then Andrew and Philip went and told Jesus. Jesus answered them, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. Amen, amen, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit. Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will preserve it for eternal life. Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there also will my servant be. The Father will honor whoever serves me. “I am troubled now. Yet what should I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? But it wads for this purpose that I came to this hour. Father, glorify your name.” Then a voice came from a heaven, “I have glorified it and will glorify it again.” The crowd there heart it and said it was thunder; but other said, “An angel has spoken to him.” Jesus answered and said, “This voice did not come for my sake but for yours. Now is the time of judgment on


“To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna, and a white stone with a new name on it.” Revelation 2:17b et me put alongside all of these illustrations of reward the inspiring words of our passage from Revelation: “To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna, and a white stone with a new name on it.” Dr. PROCESO UDARBE What are the rewards of faithfulness? From this promise of rewards for faithfulness comes this not too curious phrase hidden manna. To him who is faithful is given the hidden manna. Manna is a symbol that is reminiscent of the story of the Exodus. Remember that when the Israelites were in the wilderness of their long journey to the Promised Land, there were days of scarcity of food. And God would send them manna on the ground for them to pick up. It was a breadlike type of nourishment to meet their physical need. Manna could not be stored for the following days the way we preserve food in a refrigerator. It was only good for any particular day. What is the hidden manna in the book of John of Patmos? The clue is


this world; now the ruler of this world will be driven out. And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself.” He said this indicating the kind of death he would die. ———————— Again we are invited to reflect upon the nature of human suffering. It is only through living the pattern of death and resurrection in this life that we will be able to share in the definitive death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus’ example is one closely associated with suffering even though He had never sinned. It is only by faith that we can learn to embrace this pattern of life, death and resurrection and thus begin to participate in the eternal drama and dynamic of our salvation. in the words of Jesus in the Gospel of John: “Your fathers ate manna in the wilderness, but they are now dead. I am the bread of life; he who partakes of me has eternal life.” I believe that the word hidden means that the manna that is promised the faithful ones is that there is something everlasting about it, something secure about it, such as when St. Paul in Colossians 3:3 speaks of our life as hidden with Christ. Or, as the Book of Revelation puts it, “he who is faithful to the end shall receive the crown of life.” One beautiful line from the hymn is this: “Be thou for us in life our daily bread; Our hearts’ true home when all our years have sped.” There are Christians I have known described by their friends as having a direct line to God. It does not mean that their spirituality is limited to the vertical relationship with God. The vertical is important of course. And this comes about by giving time for conversation with God. But this direct line to God also means that one is a channel through which God’s blessings flow to others. So the hidden manna is not something we live by ourselves; it is something we live by for others in the hereand-now. (To be continued)

word familiar to people today is machismo. To them it signifies a man who is virile and masculine, sparkling with charisma and sex appeal. I discovered in Venezuela that the word has a less distinguished meaning than our youth suspected. In Spanishspeaking countries, it stems from the word macho, which means “animal”. Thus, machismo really means “the sexual license” to use the woman, obligating her to care for the children while he lives to the satisfaction of the flesh. Down there one encounters a male-dominated world. In fact, a man may marry one woman but maintain four or five others on the side. Not only do men fulfill this role, but women expect it! In actuality, a man’s machismo seems related to how many women he keeps on his string-children and all. In Mexico, a man automatically gains control of the children in a divorce unless he is caught in the act of adultery. Machismo, then, serves as the current term for “Don Juan” or “Casanova,” but it distinctly does not correspond with masculinity. A truly masculine man has a streak of chivalry in him that causes him to control his sex drive and, instead of using a woman, protect her. In days of old, knights actually fought to defend a woman’s virtue, honor, and life. Such 1234567890123456789012345678901212345 1234567890123456789012345678901212345 1234567890123456789012345678901212345 1234567890123456789012345678901212345 1234567890123456789012345678901212345 1234567890123456789012345678901212345 1234567890123456789012345678901212345 1234567890123456789012345678901212345 1234567890123456789012345678901212345 1234567890123456789012345678901212345

The Bishops and Birth Regulation

here are many inaccuracies in the understanding of many regarding the Catholic Church’s teaching on birth regulation. In his capacity as a bishop and theologian, Bishop Teodoro Bacani tries to explain and clarify issues that concern the Church’s position, through a series of FR. GAMMY TULABING JCD, VG questions and answers.


1. Does the Catholic Church in the Philippines recognize a population problem? The bishops recognize a population problem in the Philippines . By this is meant that the high growth rate of the Philippine population presents obstacles to genuine development. They admit “the seriousness and complexity of the population problem and the common obligation of all sectors of society to understand well and resolve this problem” (CBCP Pastoral Letter “Love is Life”). Many of our lay faithful also recognize a population problem. 2. Do the Church consider our high population growth rate as the major obstacle to development? While the Philippine bishops do admit that our high growth rate is an obstacle to genuine development, they nevertheless see injustice in society, graft and corruption, inefficiency in the management of our resources as more fundamental causes of our underdevelopment. Our high growth rate is only one (and not the biggest) contributory factor to our underdevelopment. 3. Are the Church against the deceleration of our population growth rate? The bishops allow freedom for the advocacy of the deceleration of our population growth rate, provided this is achieved in a morally acceptable way. Anybody can advocate for a deceleration of our growth rate, for example, from 2.1% yearly to 1.5% yearly. 4. Are the Church against population control? The bishops do not object to rationalizing our approach to population and regulating our growth rate though they would prefer “population management” to “population control.” The bishops will object to any government

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actions should characterize our society today—but they are becoming rare. Redbook magazine published an article describing the shocking things some married men do to working women (against their will but under threat of job loss). The article reported that nine out of ten working women surveyed claimed that they had been molested, humiliated, or subjected to lurid or insulting remarks against their will by male employers. Rather than genteel masculinity, such deplorable treatment seems more like barbarity or misogyny. The age of chivalry is not dead. In fact, an engineer recently jeopardized his job in a spontaneous show of it to a superior. He had watched his attractive secretary repeatedly being embarrassed and humiliated by their lecherous department superintendent until he could stand it no longer. He went into the boss’ office, closed the door, very calmly objected to these unprovoked advances, and warned that if they didn’t stop, he would meet the superintendent outside and teach him “some respect for womanhood.” Now that’s masculinity! You may say, “What if he’s bigger than I?” Organize a task force! You will find others who agree with you, but don’t shirk your responsibility. Something inside you will begin to die if you do.


Arms of the see of Dumaguete (1) t has almost been two months ago, February 3, The Albert Faurot Lecture Series for Arts and Culture had Lorna Pena-Reyes Makil as speaker. A good writer and sociologist with a Master of Arts degree from the University of Hawaii, Makil said in her lecture on the streets BY: REV. FR. ROMAN C. SAGUN. JR. of Dumaguete: “Bishop (Epifanio B.) Surban served as Bishop of Dumaguete Diocese from 1955-1989… In the early 1960s, Bishop featured very strongly in the emergence of a wider ecumenical spirit between Dumaguete Roman Catholics and Protestants.” Among the rare collections in the library of the late Bishop Epifanio B. Surban is the entire set of Encyclopedia Americana (1946). Volume 24 on pages 518-519 is one of the sources for his coat of arms as the first Bishop of Dumaguete. The free encyclopedia Wikipedia traces coat of arms or armorial bearings (often just arms for short) in European tradition and describes it as a design belonging to a particular person or group of people. We are reproducing here the arms of the See of Dumaguete as published by the Philippine Studies in 1958: A red field. On chief is a gold St. Catherine’s wheel with silver spikes. On a rocky mountain covered with sharp spines is a secretary bird drawn in natural colors throttling a snake with its right talon. On base is a white long-stemmed lily. St. Catherine of Alexandria is the titular of the cathedral; she is represented by her wheel. St. Joseph is the secondary patron saint of the diocese. He is symbolized by the long-stemmed lily. The name Dumaguete is represented by the secretary bird throttling a snake on a spine-covered mountain. For the word Dumaguete comes from the word manalaguit, a word which has the same meaning in Moro, Tagalog and Cebuano. It means to swoop down on a prey. Dumaguit therefore means “it snatched its prey.” The old serpent, the devil, the enemy of human nature, must be always placed under control by the min Turn to page 15


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Occupational Theraphy For Intervention & Rehabilitation of Your SPECIAL Children

Call: Jeffrey Real, OTRP

Tel: 0919-898-8858 0921-238-1924



A verified petition having been filed by petitioner through counsel and it appearing that the same is sufficient in form and substance. Set the hearing of this case on APRIL 21, 2009 at 8:30 in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court, Regional Trial Court, Branch 45, Bais City, inviting any interested person to appear on said hearing and to show cause why the petition shall not be granted. Let this order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and the Cities of Bayawan, Dumaguete, Tanjay, Bais, Guihulngan and Canlaon once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks before the date of hearing. Furnish copy of this Order to the Local Civil Registrar of Tayasan, Negros Oriental and to the Office of the Solicitor General with address at 134 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. SO ORDERED. Bais City, Philippines, February 20, 2009. (Sgd.) CANDELARIO V. GONZALEZ The Negros Chronicle Judge March 15, 22 & 29, 2009

Noise vs ...


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has taken multi-tasking listening to a new level! To maintain our sanity we learn to “tune out”, or immerse ourselves in white noise. But does this help? Medical journals and doctors tell us that such constant loud noise usually results in gradual loss of hearing, many times so slowly that we don’t realize it. And as our hearing lessens, oftentimes we ignore its reality and just turn up the volume! Although I have learned to tolerate most noise for a limited period of time, as often as possible I seek out and enjoy the sounds of silence: our great granddaughter’s gurgling smile, the mother bird ministering to her babies in the nest outside my window, the thump of a coconut falling to the ground, the swishing of the incoming tide, the breeze whispering in the bamboo grove. Have you ever stopped by the side of a small

mountain stream to enjoy the gentle rushing of water making melodies among its stones? I have. Every day we make a choice as to what we listen to or what we tune out. We can decide whether to listen to the world’s noise or to the sounds of real life. We can decide to listen to what others say, or to our own thoughts. We can make loud restless noises, or we can listen to the silent sound of quiet contentment. We can lose ourselves in the bustle of media hype, or we can be individuals who think original thoughts. As long as we insist on hearing with our ears, the disquiet and disharmony will continue to be deafening. When we begin to listen with our hearts, it is then that the meaning of life will become clearer as we will, like Elijah who fled to the mountain, be able to hear the still, small voice of God whispering His love songs to us and guiding our way.

AGENCIA CIUDAD PAWN SHOP Main Branch JAT Building San Juan St., Dgte. City Branch 1, San Jose St., Dgte. City, Beside UCPB Tel. # 225-8543 / 225-7651



Ready for occupancy Furnished

Lot - 340 sqm. Floor - 100 sqm.

CEBU BANT ANGL BANTAAY PPANGL ANGLAA W AS NI UNCLE MAR LOPEZ May 4, 5, 6 & 7, 2009 YMCA, Dumaguete City Tel. Num: 419-8480 Telefax: 226-6243

REMAN Automotive, Residential and Commercial glass Supply, Car Glass Tinting, Roll up doors, etc.... Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

CADAWINONAN 200 meters after Silliman Heights

Call: 0918-929-6047 50% downpayment

50% upon completion



Resting and ...


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mon bowl of food. I also get the chance to indulge in my hobbies—reading, singing, and just allowing my thoughts free-range movement. I feel like a child who suddenly gets scot-free to play under the rain, or a prisoner who manages to escape. And it’s amazing what thoughts and insights one can get out of this situation! Truly, many mysteries of life get revealed in these occasions. A certain lavishness bursts out amid the Spartan conditions. Of course, the yearly activity provides me with precious moments to go deeper in my spiritual life. I seem to discern more clearly the enigmatic ways of Providence and to feel more keenly the inexplicable stirrings in the heart and soul. These will always remain intimate and personal. But there’s also a serious part of this affair. I get assigned to teach something. This year, the class I give is on ecclesiology, a discussion about the nature of the Church. This is always a very fascinating subject to me. The students are all professional men who already know a lot of things. What they need to have is to get an organized over-all understanding of the subject. The usual problem is that their knowl-

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edge is often one-sided, and not very systematically theological. It’s more anecdotal. But they are quite aware of the problems and the issues in current Church life, and some are conversant of the historical background. Thus, the classes end up in very animated exchanges of thoughts. I just have to worry a bit about seeing to it the bare essentials of the subject are well taken up. Another blessing of this activity is the chance to mingle with more people and to know new ones. At this stage, I am becoming more conscious of the inter-generational, inter-regional and even inter-racial wealth the activity provides. It warms the heart that in spite of the variety and differences of temperaments, backgrounds, characters, professions, etc., one can still notice a certain unity of spirit and continuity of the same vocation. The joy this gives me is indescribable, and it can only lead me to an outburst of thanksgiving, and a more ardent resolution to be ever faithful, eager to find ways, big and small, to be such. I think this is the real beauty, importance and relevance of our need to rest. We get to act out God’s rest after the creation of man and the world. We get to realize more deeply that true rest is when one is with Christ, who said: “Come to me all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Mt 11,28) Once rested, one is raring to return to ordinary work.

The Bishops ... From page 8

dictation to couples regarding the number of their children. They will also object to the use of compulsion, pressure or manipulation to achieve government population targets. 5. Are the Church against family planning? Family planning, in the sense of planning the number and spacing of the children, is an act of responsible parenthood and is laudable when done according to the law of God. 6. Do the Church teach that couples must intend to procreate each time they engage in the marital act? The bishops do not teach that married couples should intend to procreate each time they engage in the marital act. They can engage in the marital act while not desiring to have a child, or during the infertile period of the woman, or when either or both of the spouses are sterile. Couples should seek to procreate only those children whom they can raise up as good human beings. 7. What is taught by the Church to be forbidden? The Church teaches that there are


INVITATION TO APPLY FOR ELIGIBILITY AND TO BID The City Government of Bais invites interested bidders to apply for eligibility and to bid for the supply and delivery of the following items, for hereunder requirements: ITEM 1. PR #

73-09 – 1 unit Digital Photocopier with scanner and printer; to be used in the City Mayor’s Office. To be taken from the Gen. Fund.

This is to inform the public that MR. RICARDO VOCAL VILIRAN II, 37 years old with city address at Purok Chico, Palinpinon,

Valencia and with provincial address at Burgos St., Bais City, whose picture appears below is no longer connected at SURERBIGHT MAINTENANCE AND MANPOWER SERVICES located at South Road, Dumaguete City and one of its client the SKYCABLE. In view thereof, Mr. Viliran II is no longer authorized to enter into any transaction for and in behalf of SUREBRIGHT AND SKYCABLE. two aspects in the marital act – the procreative and the unitive. While the couple are allowed not to intend to procreate with each marital act, they should not

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244,000.00 97,602.78

4. PR # 298-09 – various construction materials for the Repair & Maint. Parks, Plaza & Monument (Phase II) to be taken from the Gen. Fund.


6. PR # 04-09 – 13 units Ozonizers Portable-Multi-Purpose Ozonizer 2c., 220 Volts, 960 liters/day minimum capacity 1 year warranty period for the Elementary and Secondary Schools of Bais City to be taken from the SEF. TOTAL

to obstruct the procreative aspect from being realized. Thus, the Church objects to directly willed contraception, sterilization, and abortion.

Jeffrey V. Real OTRP for Your SPECIAL CHILDREN

P 76,000.00

3. PR # 297-09 – various construction materials for the Repair and Maint.Office Building (Phase II) to be taken from the Gen. Fund.

5. PR # 299-09 – various construction materials for the Repair and Maint. Of City Streets/Local Roads and Drainages (Phase II) in conn. with Repair & Maint. Roads, Highways and Bridges; to be taken from the Gen. Fund.

directly frustrate by an action before, during, or after the marital act, the procreative aspect of the marital act. One cannot morally do an action intended directly



2. PR # 293-09 – various medical supplies to be used in the Bais Dist. Hospital, Bais City to be taken from the Gen. Fund.


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Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically rejected at bid opening. In order to qualify, bidders should conform to the eligibility criteria as prescribed under Sec.23.11 of the IRR-A of R.A. 9184. Bidding will be conducted through open competitive bidding procedures using non-discretionary “pass/ fail” criteria as specified in the IRR-A of R.A. 9184. As such non-submission of the required documents will result in the disqualification of the bidder. All other particulars relative to the procurement process shall be governed by the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9184 otherwise known as the Government Procurement Reform Act. Bid documents can be obtained upon payment of a non-refundable fee equivalent to the total amount of the ABC of the items in which interested bidders intend to bid, in accordance with the following rates: Below P50,000.00 P50,000.00 but not more than P100,000.00 P100,001.00 but not more than P200,000.00 P200,001.00 – P350,000.00 P350,001.00 – P500,000.00 P500,001.00 –P1,000,000.00 P1,000,001.00 and above



- 0.5% but not less than P100.00 - 0.45% but not less than P250.00 - 0.4% but not less than P450.00 - 0.35% but not less than P800.00 - 0.3% but not less than P1,225.00 - 0.2% but not less than P1,500.00 - 0.1% but not less than P2,000.00 and not more than P10,000.00

Bid documents can be obtained at the BAC Secretariat c/o Office of the City Mayor or Office of the City General Services, this city, Tel. Nos. (035) 402-3182, or 402-8115, anytime during office hours; and can also be inquired for further information or particulars. The bidders shall drop their duly accomplished eligibility, technical, and financial documents each in separate sealed envelopes duly marked as such in the bid box at the Conference Room at the Office of the City Mayor on April 2, 2009 at 1:30 P.M. at which place, date and time said envelopes shall be opened in the presence of the members of the BAC, the attending bidders, the observers, or their duly authorized representative. Late bids shall not be accepted. The City Government of Bais reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the bidding process and reject all bids at anytime prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders. (Sgd) CARMELINO L. MORALES (City General Services Officer) The Negros Chronicle BAC Chairman March 29, 2009

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(From the CHRONICLE Files)



(From page 5) and murdered her husband. You hear tales of beauty becoming a curse and how a woman’s sacrifice is a normal experience. Yet you also hear time and time again of a woman’s bravery, of her cunningness, of a mother’s resolve to save her children and a woman’s will to live and to fight back. And yet

pril 1, 1979—Governor Lorenzo G. Teves signed a memorandum of agreement with the Ministry of Local Governments and USAID to undertake a massive and province-wide tax mapping program in Negros Oriental in order to boost the real property tax collection in all towns and cities of the province.

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance which is undertaking the project all over the country has frowned on the seeming reluctance of some key city officials in undertaking the project because of some unclarified reasons. This was revealed by Regional Finance Ministry Director Atty. Cipriano Caballona who expressed this appreciation for the enthusiastic support given by capitol to the nationwide project while confiding his

disappointment on the city’s seeming reluctance to support the same. Atty. Caballona explained that the real property tax collection in Dumaguete is only 50 to 60% efficient. Most of those who are religiously paying real property taxes are the middle income group. He stated that the remaining 40% are mostly avoiders coming from the affluent sector.



just when you mount feelings of disappointment and even rage towards men, they speak out as well. You hear them too, how they see violence, how they react to it, how they feel responsible for it and how they resolve to change the way things are. The play reminded me of a good friend proclaiming in a jampacked auditorium: I am a feminist! Everyone stared at him with the women completely confused

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arch 30, 1989—Two cases of ballot box snatching, a kidnapping of an elected barangay councilor and the strafing of the house of a barangay captain marred what was described as a peaceful barangay election.

In Inapoy, Mabinay, seven armed men grabbed the ballot boxes from poll officials while on their way to the voting center. In barangay Villegas, Guihulngan, armed men believed to be rebels strafed the house of a barangay captain, killing his son and daughter according to the governor’s office.

In another incident, an elected barangay councilor was allegedly kidnapped while his two sons were reported missing. The victim was identified as one Santos Lacadman. Troops were sent to pursue the perpetrators.

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arch 28, 1999—The people of Dumaguete City, capital of Negros Orienta welcomed the visit of Jimmy Carter, the first and likely the only former US President ever to and in the local territory. He was joined by former US First Lady Rosalynn Carter. Carter made history by leading local low cost houses in various countries all over volunteers and officials from Dumaguete the world. and abroad in helping build low cost houses And for the first time in the history of for the poor. Habitat For Humanity Inter- this city, a former president of the United national volunteers are helping build houses States, the World Bank, millionaires in Eusimultaneously for one week in six other ropean and American countries humbled areas in the country, 32 houses in themselves and came over to help build Dumaguete and some 60,000 other similar homes for the poor.








Aladdin’s Black- Treasure Wishes Cham jack

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and the men shocked beyond measure. You see my friend is Pakistani, he is male and he is a devout Muslim. He told me that in Pakistan, a woman’s ‘place’ is rarely questioned - it is decided for her. Her life depends on how she is defined by the people around her. He felt he needed to voice out because he said his mother and his sister showed him what true love and compassion really is. Here’s hoping that our examples will inspire the men in our lives to take up the case - until the violence stops.

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Around Negros

(Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)

Achieving the dream

Col. Cesar Yano (center), Commander of the 302nd Brigade, congratulates one of the 133 graduates of the CAFGU training in Nagbalaye, Sta. Catalina recently. They will be detailed in Tamlang Valley, MiIagrosa and Buenavista, Sta. Catalina. The Philippine Army is training additional CAFGU members primarily for community defense.

Who’s driving residents away? Silliman University Nursing graduates Tashi Fernandez and her classmates prepare for their graduation march.


e always hear the cliché : Life is what you make it, or only you can make your dreams come true ! March is graduation month, and the graduation ceremony takes on many meanings; it could be the beginning of the step into primary school, as with my grandnephew Neo

Dereck and his classmates graduating from Kindergarten at Holy Cross High School, or the start of a career ahead like with Natasha “Tashi” Fernandez and her friends who graduated with their degree in Nursing from Silliman University, or the fulfillment of a dream with my friend Rhoda Perez who finished her Ph.D in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Silliman University. Rhoda is from Bacolod City with 2 Masters Degree in Literature and Languages from the University of St. La Salle Bacolod and De La Salle Manila, and is a lecturer, Instructional materials Writer and graduate school professor at the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod. She is primarily a TESOL teacher training Professor that handles training Seminars and is also connected with West Negros University, aside from her other academic connections. How she manages her time to finish her Ph.D is beyond me. She had been traveling to Dumaguete City, specifically to Silliman University the last three years on weekends to attend her classes and do research. At one time she was a classmate in one of my English major course in my graduate studies, and I marvel at her energy after the weekly long bus ride from Bacolod to Dumaguete. However, life is made up of dreams, and Rhoda was at her happiest when she achieved

her dream of finishing her Ph. D in TESOL. She had achieved this with the loving support of her family and relatives. Her only sister, her daughter and grand daughter, her friends rejoiced with her on her special day. Her family and specially her only sister had traveled from Bacolod to Dumaguete to attend her graduation and rejoice with her on her special

and kindergarten. It is a big deal for the parents, as I see the parents jostling to get good pictures of their little ones in their cute little togas and caps. This is a little step up the academic ladder, but it will be long remembered by the little ones, even as I remember with nostalgia at my own kindergarten graduation a long time ago. College graduation, ah…


ocal government officials and the Philippine Army criticized the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army for the displacement of some residents who asked the people to leave their homes after being allegedly suspected as government spies in Sta. Catalina.

Nagbalaye Barangay Captain Maro Agbon said that two families were uprooted from their homes and farms when the rebels allegedly warned the heads of the family to leave.


Lt. Col. Erwin Bernard Neri, Commanding Officer of the 79th Infantry Battalion further claims that similar incidents also occurred in Barangay Turn to page

f only women have a choice, they would naturally prefer to have less number of children,” thus declared Prof. Phoebe Tan of the Silliman University Center for Women Studies.

She explains that women are the ones mainly carrying the burden and discomfort of frequent and unwanted pregnancies as well as in making both ends meet for the family to survive. However, women have little or no voice at all in family planning because of deeply ingrained

cultural mindset that only husbands can dictate the number of children or even when to get pregnant. Tan finds this very ironic after noting that based on the Functional Literacy Education and Mass Media Survey in 2003 by the Turn to page

he suspects in the kidnapping and rape cases failed to submit their respective counter affidavits during the preliminary investigation last Monday at the Hall of Justice. Assistant City Prosecutor Leonardo fant of Teojenes and Elvira Aurea of Doldol Mandajoyan said Kathleen Canolas, the Bacong on March 13. suspect in the kidnapping of a baby boy On the other hand, the two suspects in inside the Provincial Hospital recently, did the alleged rape of a 30-year-old housewife not submit her counter affidavit and her from Cagayan De Oro City also asked counsel Garry Tabios of the Public Mandajoyan for more time to prepare their Attorney’s Office was also absent forc- counter affidavits. The two, Arnovio Pakilit ing the fiscal to reset the prelim investiga- Jr. and former Biology professor Glenn Donato of Barangay Daro lured the alleged tion. Canolas was arrested in Tanjay City victim into a drinking spree before taking after she allegedly stole the newborn in- turns of raping her.

T Dr. Rhoda T. Perez with her new Ph. D in TESOL from Silliman University

college graduation, how wonderful the feeling was to be bestowed the bachelor’s degree of your chosen course. Deep within, I am sure each college graduate felt the pride of finishing the degree honorably. The happy faces of the lines of graduates reflect their joy at achieving their dream, as they look forward to their dream of a successful future in their chosen field. The joy of those who have hurdled the challenges of the collegiate and graduate levels of the academe take on special meaning. It is not the fresh outburst of joy of leaving the University or college; it is the joy of having Starting them young: the pre school graduates of Holy Cross High School achieved a life perform a special number during their Commencement Exercise. long dream ! day. With all her achievements in Bacolod, she had still another laurel to claim, and this year she has added another feather to her cap. Life is a series of successes, too; starting with the little ones who entered school for the first time and is given the acknowledgement of finishing the preparatory nursery

Bayawan’s center for wastes

Required only to establish a sanitary landfill, Bayawan City with technical assistance provided by the German Development Service is going an extra mile by working to establish a 27- hectare Bayawan City Waste Management and Ecology Center which includes a septage management facility, sludge beds, digesters, composting facility, and materials recovery facility. The proposed center is situated in Sitio Omod, Barangay Maninihon with an initial funding of P 2.5 million and will be operational in June or July, 2009.


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And that out there in the madding crowd of 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 employs over 1.2 million Iraqis. people and machines are hidden dangers for which many 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 • The education system has been of us are unmindful or are taking for granted? How do we 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 completely renovated. Over 4,765 cope to pre-empt and sanitize ourselves from these hid- 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 schools have been refurbished. Women 123456789012345678901234 den threats to life and limb? 123456789012345678901234 can now go to school and hold political 123456789012345678901234 ———————office. There are now 20 universities, 46 I was in Manila last week to at- our communities – whether urban 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 colleges and 4 research centers in Iraq. tend the regular meeting of the YMCA or rural? And that every time we 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 * Haidy-Aichuan Wedding 12pm-3pm Jor• Business is so good Baghdad national board. Our taxi got stuck in leave our homes either as passen- 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 dan 1&2 has opened a stock exchange. a traffic jam. “You are used to this gers or drivers of our own vehicles, 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 * Natasha Seminar 8am-11am Joshua 1 • Iraq has its own Navy, Air Force kind of life?” I said to the taxi driver. we are exposed to – heaven forbid! 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 * UCCP Dumaguete Graduation Exercises and “Green Beret” style Commando “Yes, Sir! After years in this kind of – threats to life and limb? Not neces- 123456789012345678901234 123456789012345678901234 2pm-4pm Joshua 1&2 Battalion. work, I have developed a very sarily through our own fault but * SU Extension Office Seminar 5pm-8pm • Iraq has 5 Police Academies pro- strong sense of self-control, to take through the recklessness of others? ducing of 3,500 trained police officers things in stride, not to get mad any- I have had several instances of Agape BY: ART every 8 weeks. They currently have more. I even developed this atti- these. Consider this one. * Universal Robina Corp. Meeting 5pm-8pm UMBAC over 55,000 fully trained police officers Jordan 2 tude of courtesy to other motorists to ——————— on patrol. -------------------------------------------------------be considerate of them even if they At one time I was going • There are 23 playgrounds scat- are not courteous or considerate down the concrete overflow over * SU Extension Office Seminar 8am-5pm tered around the city giving children a towards me. This is the only way to Banica river. Coming up from Agape safe place to grow and play. keep myself, my passengers and the opposite direction in my left * CVCIRRD Quarterly Meeting 11am-1pm • Texas A & M along with a SSG other people safe in this kind of work. was a truck. Suddenly a speedJordan 2 st Cav Div have helped Iraqi in the 1 At least from my end.” ing motorcycle driven by a man headed, very rich, very proud. * Polytechnic Medical College Graduation farmers increase farm production to the ——————with a woman and two very small Nobody was willing to back-off. 2pm-4pm Joshua 1&2 point where they not only feed the nation Gems of thought! Coming children on board emerged from Do you know how they solved * STI Commencement Exercises 2pm-5pm but now have exports. from a taxi driver at that! He behind the truck. I swerved to their problem? One fellow Jordan 1&2 I have a lot more facts to pro- gave me three magic words to the right and stopped to avoid * STI Graduation Dinner 5pm-7pm Jordan bought the expensive vehicle of vide but my question for you is, why live by: self-control, courtesy a head-on collision and to give 3 is the media not giving you this and consideration. By being the motorcycle driver enough the other and drove it down the -------------------------------------------------------cliff. Tall tale. “good” news? Why do they only 35

The War ...


March 30


April 1

2 3 4


Coping with our Madding Crowd

* SU Extension Office Seminar 7am-3pm Agape * Oriental & Motolite Battery Seminar 5pm7pm Joshua 2 -------------------------------------------------------* US Embassy Public Affairs Seminar 8am5pm Joshua 2 -------------------------------------------------------* US Embassy Public Affairs Seminar 8am5pm Joshua 2 * Negros Oriental High School Night Class Baccalaureate 8am-12pm Jordan 1&2 -------------------------------------------------------* Maurice-Daisy Jane Wedding 12pm-2pm Joshua 1 * Lifegiver Christian Academy Graduation 2pm-6pm Jordan 1&2 * Solvay Pharma RTD 12pm-2pm Joshua 2 * Herbalife 5pm-7pm Jordan 3 * Concert w/ Pastor John Liu 8pm-10pm Jordan 1&2 -------------------------------------------------------* Oikodomeo Fellowship 9am-12pm Jordan 3 * Living Hope Fellowship 10am-12pm Joshua 2 * Solidrock Fellowship 5:30pm-7:30pm Jordan 3 * Metro Dumaguete College Graduation 3pm6pm Joshua 1 * Family Dinner c/o Mrs. Bueno 6pm-8pm Jordan 1

give you the bad news? In fact even the bad news they give you is often distorted. At one point, the media gave the impression that no military convoy could travel without being ambushed or blown up by an IED. During that same time frame the 1st Cav Div ran daily convoys of highly flammable gas tankers through Baghdad every day. They did highly flammable gas tankers through Baghdad every day. They did that for an entire year without even one loss. Obviously the media gives you only the facts that support their hidden anti-war, anti-Republican agenda. A bias media violate the public trust and endangers democracy. Bias editorials are fine but the news should be the facts, all the facts. HOTEL AMENITIES – TH SOAP BATH PESONALIZED BA Hotel Bathroom Fixtures * Auto Aerosol, Jumbo Roll Tissue/ Paper Towel with Dispenser, Housekeeping & Cleaning Supplies.

Call FEMCARE: 422-1712 / 2262822 * 0929-5553619 * 09228237454.

focused and proactive we have to be cleansed against the negative stimuli that abound in our streets and highways. ——————-My lawyer-son who drives to his office everyday is a very focused, disciplined and systematic young man. Before he starts the engine he checks on his brake and its fluid, the clutch and its fluid, the lights, the oil level, the water in the radiator, the air in his tyres, and, of course, his fuel. He shuts off his cellphone when he drives. ——————And he is a stickler in complying with traffic signs, rules and regulations. At one time we stopped before a red light. The junction was clear. Many vehicles went ahead in spite of the red light. I suggested to my son that we, too, should proceed. “No, Papa, we have a red light. We wait until it turns green. Never mind the other motorists.” ——————— Do you realize that our streets are the most dangerous places in

space not to be squeezed in. The reckless driver – probably the husband of the woman and the loving father of the two children on board, waved his hand in gratitude and I waved back but my heart was pounding like mad. Luckily for me I don’t have any problem with my blood pressure. ——————What I did here is what we call in law as the Doctrine of Last Clear Chance. Simply stated. When you are confronted with a threatening dangerous situation and you have the right of way, don’t persist on that right. Give way. Do everything necessary to avoid a collision. A collision is a collision. Even if you are right you will end up wrong just like the reckless. You lose likewise. ——————— To enliven our subject let me share a light side involving motorists. There was this story about two very rich, very proud fellows who met on a mountain road so constricted it could only accommodate one vehicle at a time. Both men were hard-

———————When I was graduating from the UP College of Agriculture in Los Banos, Laguna with a course in community development, we were told of this story about that beautiful, rustic island province of Batanes up north. During the early years of the presidency of Ramon Magsaysay there were only two vehicles in the entire island province – a jeep of the Presidential Assistant on Community Development (PACD) and the Rural Health Unit (RHU). Would you believe it? The two vehicles collided head-on in one of the barangay roads! Tall tale? That’s what our UP professors told us. ——————— It is very important that when we are operating our vehicle our mind should be on our driving especially on the socalled defensive driving. Here we are always on guard on the other vehicle and the pedestrians along our path. We always assume unpredictable behaviour of motorists and be prepared for these.

Plaza Maria Luisa Suites Inn Legaspi St., Dumaguete City

Tel. 225-7994

WANTED: Office Manager Qualifications:

For Free Deliveries & Inquiries:


“The Pawnshop with a Heart” Along Sta. Rosa St., Dumaguete City Tel. No No.. 225-9841 & their Newest Branch at Silliman Ave., Dgte. City Tel. #422-9002

All Memorial Plans are accepted except St. Peter Plan Inc.


Camanjac, Dumaguete City Day & Night Service, 24 Hours a Day Tel. Nos.: (035) 225-8777 6580


EL CAMINO BLANCO ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION Come and feel the total relaxation…. Acoustics Jammin’ @ Barefoot Bistro Every Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 9:00 p.m. onwards

Great food…Great music…Great atmosphere….. Cor. EJ Blanco Dr. & Flores Ave., Piapi, Dumaguete City

Call us up at (035) 225-9428/ 422-5373

• accounting major or unemployed CPA • experience in accounting and office work • experience in managing a store or office • has a good business go-getter acumen • mature male or female, responsible • knows to drive motorcycle or car APPLY WITH YOUR RESUME AND FOTO AT: NEGROS CHRONICLE, EJ Blanco Road, Piapi Dumaguete City



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Achieving true happiness


“We are looking in the wrong place for happiness.”

Extrajudicial killings continue

– Robert J. McCracken ndoubtedly, people in this planet Earth are seeking for happiness in a variety of ways. Most mundane people are finding instant happiness in “wine”, women, and song” and still others generally find happiness and satisfaction tangibly in food, sex, drugs, wealth, power and popularity. However, minority of spirituality-oriented people seek true contentment in their religious belief. Hence, perception of happiness differs greatly in many people depending on their experiences, orientations and motivations.


For instance, Jaqueline Kennedy said, “I’m the happiest woman when I’m alone.” Og Mandino believes that, “The only source of happiness is within me and I will begin to share it.” This saying is true for this was concurred by someone who said: “A joy that’s shared is a joy made doubled.” Og Mandino aptly said: “There is no happiness in having and getting, but only in giving.” Very true indeed. A successful research finding by an American psychologist, Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, found 8 essential steps toward achieving a more satisfying life, which include the following: 1. Count your blessings – Write down 3 to 5 things weekly which you are currently thankful – “ a gratitude journal”. 2. Practice acts of kindness. For instance, bring on a Sunday to supper an elderly neighbor. Be kind and generous to friends or strangers, etc. who are in need.

FOR SALE House & Lot, New

2 storey, 3 BR, 3 bath, 225 sm floor space. Location: Fatima Village Price: P4.9 million Security fence, landscaping. Call: 0929-662-3078/ 0929-568-4711.

3. Savor life’s joys. Pay close attention to momentary pleasure – the warmth of the sun, the sweetness of a ripe mango, a beautiful sunset, and all of God’s creations. 4. Thank a mentor. Express sincerely your appreciation personally or in writing to someone whom you owe a debt of gratitude. 5. Learn to forgive. Let go of anger or resentment by writing a letter of forgiveness to a person who has hurt or wronged you. Forgiving allows one to go on living peacefully. 6. Invest time and energy with friends and family. The biggest factor that affects your satisfaction with life is the strong ties or personal relationship that closely binds people. 7. Take care of your body (Health). Getting plenty of sleep, exercising, stretching and laughing can all enhance your mood in the short term. Practicing regularly can help make your daily life more satisfying.

DR. ANGEL V. SOMERA (Dr. Angel V. Somera) Fellow, Phil. Psychiatric Association Diplomate, Phil. Board of Psychiatry

8. Developing strategies for coping with stress and hardships. Strong faith in God has been shown to help people cope, and so do with the secular beliefs enshrined in axioms like, “The too shall pass” and “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.” The trick is that you have to believe them. As a person with a high emotional quotient (EQ), you must develop your happiness habit by accepting your shortcomings and the harsh realities of life and enhancing your social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual potentials. Happiness is your pristine birthright. So, take it and share it with others. Follow well the “8 steps” and you’ll never fail. It’s guaranteed, man. Alleluia!


Pls. contact this No. 4224979; Cell No. 09267243383.

Deed of Extra-Judicial Settlement and Waiver of Rights NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late DIONISIO TEVES and MAGDALINA SALVADOR have filed and executed a Deed of Extrajudicial Settlement and Waiver of Rights on Lot No. 648, Pls-244 , TCT No. HV-983, situated in Manduao Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 78,331 sq.m. per Doc. No. 279, Page No. 56, Book No.XVII, Series of 2007 of Notary Public Atty. Elizur V. Umbac. The Negros Chronicle March 29, April 5 & 12, 2009


uthorities still need to come

up with more effective means to curb the continued spate of extra judicial killings in the city with the recent deaths of two more alleged police characters. The victims were Johnrell Moreno (top photo) who was slain on March 20 and Rey Quijano (below) on March 23. Both died of multiple gun shot wounds from a 9mm millimeter guns by suspects who were on board motorcycles who attacked the victims who were on their way home. Moreno, who was with a friend, was waylaid in Purok Mabungahon 7:45 in the evening March 20. He was shot in the back by the suspects on board a Honda XRM motorcycle. His companion escaped unharmed. Investigators recovered eight 9mm empty shells from the crime scene. Three days later Quijano, 35, who was driving a motorcycle at about 12:30 am, but was ambushed by suspects who were also


motorcycle bound in Barangay Pulantubig. A witness saw the incident and narrated that the victim was being tailed by the suspects and upon reaching Calapan Road was shot several times in the back. The victim fell off from his motorcycle and landed in the drainage canal. He died on the spot. All suspects managed to elude arrest.

wo gangs figured in another clash after some members of BLOODS were shot upon by alleged members of the Virus gang at around 3:45 am Saturday near Tocino Country in Barangay Looc, Dumaguete City.

Investigation showed that some BLOODS members were walking along Flores Avenue when a member of the Virus gang opened fire hitting two youngsters twice in the legs. Both were rushed to the

hospitals for immediate treatment while the suspect and his companion fled. Victims swear they will be able to recognize the assailant if they see him again.


hey appear to be the modern day Cain and Abel. An argument over missing chickens resulted to the death of a man in the hands of his own brother in Barangay Bagawinis, Vallehermoso town on March 21 past 5 o’clock in the morning. The victim Nazario Bisangkay was Bisangkay died instantly while the suspect shot dead by his younger brother is still at large. Meanwhile, a 23 year old Crisostomo, a former security guard dur- mother identified as Janet Tano of ing a heated altercation. The elder (Turn to page 20)

Murder victim’s remains unearthed SOLD


O1. overlooking the bay Location : Dauin, negros oriental, area : 2 hectares, possibly cutting for a maximum of 1 thousand sqmtrs., has a huge barangay road, possibly view the siquijor and apo island, ideal for subdivisions, hotel, mini golf or bar and restaurant businesses. O2. overlooking the bay Location : Valencia, negros oriental area: 1,000 sqmtrs, Price : 1,500 per sq. still negotiable, has a barangay road, a few minutes going to valencia p[ublic pool or tejeros, a walking distance to the cockpit and can possibly view the city of dumaguete. there is an access road going to the forest and even to the casaroro falls. O3. House and lot for sale locaion : Sibulan, negros oriental, 3 bedrooms, mini jacussi, 1,500 sqmtrs., landscapes with lemon trees. Price : 3.2 m Call: 0918-929-6047 1. House and lot for sale Location : Sac, sac Bacong negros oriental, 3 bedrooms,garage, landscapes, near SPI call center, near the beach, Price: 3.6 m, clean title, newly paint and huge , cemented barangay road. 2. Beach lot for sale Location : Dauin, negros oriental near el Dorado. Area: 1,000 sqmtrs . Price : 1.8 m, clean title and negotiable

Call: 0918-929-6047


fter five years of wrestling with their consciences Poncio Camporedondo (sitting second from right of photo) and Romulo (standing right of photo), the father and son suspects in the death of Tomas IIumbra, recently guided authorities to the site were they buried the victim in Sitio Cabalunusan Barangay Dobdob Valencia. Elements of the Scene of the Crimes Opera(Turn to page 20)

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EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late CARLITO D. ZERNA have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate on Lot 2, Block-9, Pcs-074620002898, being a portion of Lots 1212, 1217, 1230 and 1231, TCT No. T-28219, all of Sibulan cadastre, situated in

Barangay Maslog, Municipality of Sibulan, Province of Negros Oriental, containing an area of 147 sq.m. per Doc. No. 12, Page No. 04, Book No. II, Series of 2009 of Notary Public Atty. Arthur P. Tolcidas. The Negros Chronicle March 29, April 5 & 12, 2009

OVAL REVIEW CENTER E.J. Blanco Drive, Daro, Dumaguete City

Tel. # 225-9922

Cel. # 0918-7076-144

Review for Teacher (L.E.T.) Nurses (N.L.E.) MOTHER’S WAY OVERSEAS MONPOWER SPECIALIST CORP., 2nd Floor, Distrito Building, Cervantes St., Dgte. City

Telefax (035) 226-3210.

For more details pls. contact Mr. Sam 0919-484-5312/


EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT WITH ABSOLUTE SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late FRANKLIN LAQUINON have filed and executed an Extra-Judicial Settlement With Absolute Sale on Lot No. 1843-A, Csd-07-002768, being a portion of Lot No. 1843, Pls-321, covered under OCT No. FV-44126, situated at Barangay Talayong, Municipality of La Libertad, Province of Negros Oriental, containing an area of 10,309 sq.m. in favor to Cayo Degracia per Doc. No. 84, Page No. 99, Book No. XXII, Series of 2009 of Notary Public Atty. Edward S. Manzano.

The Negros Chronicle March 22, 29 & April 5, 2009



CAR SALE No. 1 dealer of Surplus Cars and SUVs Best Buy! Best Condition! Prices Negotiable









JULIUS, owner

Tel. 225-8912 Rizal Boulevard Tinago Area



123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 March 22, 2009 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456





Lot NO. 5721, Situated at Apolong, Valencia, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 2,953 square meters. - price: PhP1.8M Neighboring residences are owned by foreigners - Clean title with only two registered owners. ———————————————


2. One property, with two separate titles, being separated by a barangay road passing through them: LOT NO. 4529, Situated at Valencia, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 1,189 square meters and LOT NO. 4528, Situated at Valencia, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 633 square meters - price for the whole property: PhP1.6 M. With more than a hundred standing matured lanzones trees. - Clean title with only one signatory to the deed of sale. ———————--——————-


3. BEACH LOT Situated at Dauin, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 7,081 square meters. - Negotiable Price: PhP 15.5M. - Only one signatory to the deed of sale LOT-D

4. LOT NO. 6805, Situated at Opao, Seit Siaton, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 22,432 square meters - Price: PhP60.00 per square meter. Elevated property with scenic view of Tambobo Bay where the Yachts can be seen being docked. Just a road away from the river - Clean title. With proper documents. ——————————------—— Contact: 0918-929-6047.



Estate Real Esta te Call: 0918-929-6047

1. Commercial Lot Location: Looc Area 194 sq.m. K-10 Clean title P6 M negotiable 2. House & Lot Location: Bantayan Area 1,852sq.m. K-11 6 bedrooms, garage, lawn huge sala, kitchen fence P10M negotiable Clean title

HOUSE & LOT FOR SALE 200 sq.m. P1M Mango Avenue Piapi, Dumaguete City


Earn up to P750T +/year

• Enjoy 52-day free room nights in major Philippine Tourist destinations & around the world • Estimated 7-yr full return of investment • Guaranteed fix annual income of 12% • With buy back program five (5) years after condotel operations. ALSO AVAILABLE ULTIMA RESIDENCES • Fuente Tower 3 • Ultima Condo Business Units • Club Ultima • Ramos Tower • Ultima Prime Residences (Fuente Tower 4) Prime Location at Osmena Blvd. (near Fuente Osmena), Cebu City ===============


Makati Condominiums PreSelling: Best Location / very near Corporate & Business District / Reputable Developer. Studio, 1 BR, 2 BR, Loft, Penthouse Units. 3M+ - 15M+. Financing available. For More Information Pls. Contact: 0915-826-3261 / (035) 226-2941 Look for Boy Merto Email: /

Call 0918-929-6047

(M1)FARM LOT Area: 1.6 hectare Location: Mayabon, Zamboanguita BEACHLOT – 2nd lot from seashore Area: 1497 sqmtrs. Location: Mayabon, Zamboanguita Rush Sale Package Price: P1.6M (M2)HOUSE FOR SALE –FULLY FURNISHED OLD Area: 1132 sqmtrs.S Location: Camanjac, Dgte. City Price: P3.7M (M3) BEACHLOT -W/ BEACH HOUSE Area: 1000 sqmtrs. Location: Campaclan, Sibulan Dgte. City Price: P5M

(M4) BEACHLOT (1) Area: 4 hectares@450/sqmtrs. (2) Area: 1 hectare@1500/sqmtrs. w/ seawall and w/right of way from highway to the Beach Lot. Location: Malatapay, Zamboanguita

(M5) LOT FOR SALE Area: 649 sqmtrs. Location: Highway, Camanjac Price: P900T

(M6) HOUSE & LOT Area: 365 sqmtrs. Location: Bogo, Dgte. City Price: P2.5M

OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT P5000/month Taft Street, Dgte. City

COMMERCIAL BUILDING FOR RENT -1ST Floor Only P20,000/month Taft Street, Dgte. City

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OCKS STOCKS Contact 0918-929-6047 NEW ST HOUSE AND LOT (K 1) LOT FOR SALE (K 8) Area: 160 sqmtrs. Location: Casa Alicia Subd., Candau-ay, Dgte. City Price: P2.5M Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, with good neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 2) Area: 320 sqmtrs. Location: Casa Alicia Subd., Candau-ay, Dgte. City Price: P4M/ negotiable Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, with good neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 3) Area: 250 sqmtrs. Location: Casa Alicia Subd., Dgte. City Price: P4M Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, with good neighbors.


(K 1)

Area: 14,700 sqmtrs. Location: 120 coconuts at Combado, Bacong, Negros Oriental, with Price: P4.5M negotiable Right of way and good neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 4) Area: 900 sqmtrs. Price: P1.5M Location: Combado, Negros Oriental (Bacong) Description: Accepts 2 payments, 3 bedrooms, with underground, Garage, lawn, 3 rooms of piggery and respectful neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 5) Area: 1,200 sqmtrs. Price: P 2M Location: Upper, Cantil-e Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, right of way and good Neighbors.


(K 2)

Area: 2,280 sqmtrs. Price: P500 Thousand Location: Lutao, Bacong, Negros Oriental Description: 4 coconut trees and sources of wood trees.


Location: Northern Junob, Four Bedrooms, Open style living area 2 CR’s (inc. ensuite to main bedroom) Sari-Sari Store possible fifth bedroom Under Cover Parking, approx 8 minutes to downtown (4 mins. to Lee Super Plaza)


Northern Junob, Area: 4,908 sq.m. Products: 100 coconut, Hundreds of corn plantation Price: P4.9M. Accept 2 payments, with Clean Title


Location: Sibulan; Area: 400 sq.m.; Price: P2M (negotiable) Clean Title


Lot : area 220 sqmtrs. , ideal for simple residence, near Silliman Heights subdivision, has a huge barangay road and there is a short cut roads if ever there is a road renovations someday, clean tilte, price ; 160, 000


House and lot : area : 200 sqmtrs. bungalow house, landscape, has a right of way, clean title, descent neighbors, price : P350, 000 still negotiable, place: Combado, Bacong, Negros Oriental, 15 minutes going to Dumaguete City.

BEACH LOT FOR SALE (K 12) Beach lot : area : 1,000 sqmtrs. place: Bacong, negros oriental , goodneighbor, price 2.5 m, ideal for mini resort, clean title


House and Lot : area 300 sqmtrs. near the beach, clean title, descent neighbors, very near to municipal public market, police stations, elementary and highschool area,


House and Lot , area : 500 sqmtrs. fenced, near health center, with huge right of way that can be accessible road that connects to Bagacay, Rosario Heights and even going to valencia, near highway, with two bearing mango fruits, huge garage, still have enough space for landscapes or even building a rest house, 3 bedrooms, clean title, price : 1.6 m but still negotiable.


House and lot, area 450 sqmtrs. bungalow house, 4 bedrooms, fenced, with garage and landscape, near daycare center, near highway, huge right of way, price: 2.6m, clean title and the price is still negotiable, it is 8 minutes going to Dumaguete City. Location: Northern Junob near Silliman Heights


House and Lot , 580 sqmtrs, 2 storey, with garage, landscape , in front of the way, 4 bedrooms, fenced, friendly descent neighbors, price 2.6 m, clean title. Location: Northern Junob near Silliman Heights



PRIME LOTS FOR SALE • CADAWINONAN • BANILAD Z2 Z1 3,210 Sqm. or more 9,821 Sqm. @P800/ @P3,000/Sqm. (along Sqm. (along the the National Highway) barangay road, with with concrete wall all 91 meters around the property frontage)

Call: 0918-929-6047

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Republic of the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. VII Greenplains Subdivision, Banilad, Mandaue City 6014 Tel. Nos. 346-2275; 346-1689; 346-9309; 344-3046 Fax No. – 346-9167 E-mail address:

NOTICE OF APPLICATION OF CEBU ORE MINING AND MINERAL RESOURCE CORPORATION FOR EXPLORATION PERMIT Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 3 of DENR Administrative Order (DAO) No.2007-15 which further amended DAO No. 96-40, as amended, or the “Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 7942, otherwise known as the Philippine Mining Act of 1995”, CEBU ORE MINING AND MINERAL RESOURCE CORPORATION with office address at 415 Countryside Village Lipata, Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines has filed an application for Exploration Permit, for the exploration of certain magnetite sand (iron), copper, gold and other mineral resources and particularly described as follows: I. Application Number II. Date of Filling III. Area Location Barangay/s Municipality/City Barangay/s Municipality/City Barangay/s Municipality/City Province

: EXPAOMR003VII : April 24, 2008 : No available data : Basay : No available data : Bayawan City : No available data : Sta. Catalina : Negros Oriental

omm odati ons Bette r pass enge r-acc Bette r servi ce Cleanest Consistently awarded Marina and Ships of the year by e Bureau of Quarantin

IV. Technical Description of the Area* #. LATITUDE CORNER Degrees 1 09 2 09 3 09 4 09 5 09 6 09 7 09 8 09 9 09 10 09 11 09 12 09 13 09 14 09 15 09 16 09 17 09 18 09 19 09 20 09 21 09 22 09 23 09 24 09 25 09 26 09 27 09 28 09 29 09 30 09 31 09 32 09

Minutes 23 25 25 23 23 23 23 22 22 22 22 21 21 21 21 20 20 20 20 22 21 20 19 15 12 12 12 12 15 17 19 19

Seconds 30.0000 00.0000 00.0000 30.0000 30.0000 00.0000 00.0000 30.0000 30.0000 00.0000 00.0000 30.0000 30.0000 00.0000 00.0000 30.0000 30.0000 00.0000 00.0000 00.0000 00.0000 00.0000 00.0000 00.0000 30.0000 00.0000 00.0000 30.0000 00.0000 30.0000 30.0000 30.0000

Degrees 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122 122

LONGTITUDE Minutes Seconds 35 30.0000 35 30.0000 36 30.0000 36 00.0000 36 30.0000 36 30.0000 37 00.0000 37 00.0000 37 30.0000 37 30.0000 38 00.0000 38 00.0000 38 30.0000 38 30.0000 39 00.0000 39 00.0000 39 30.0000 39 30.0000 46 00.0000 46 00.0000 49 00.0000 50 00.0000 52 00.0000 52 00.0000 52 00.0000 53 00.0000 50 30.0000 50 30.0000 49 30.0000 49 30.0000 46 00.0000 39 30.0000

Exceptions: The Applied Area shall be subject to Section 19 of RA 7942 and Section 15 (“Areas Closed to Mining Locations”) and Section 16 (“Ancestral Lands”), of DENR Administrative Order No. 96-40, Series of 1996. Among other things: a) The following shall be closed to mining locations: areas with valid and existing mining rights; existing mining applications; and areas expressly prohibited by law; b) The following shall also be closed to mining locations except upon written consent of the concerned government agency or private entity subject to the evaluation and validation by the Bureau: areas near or under public or private buildings, cemeteries, archaeological and historical sites, bridges, highways, waterways, railroads, reservoirs, dams or other infrastructure projects, public or private works including plantations or valuable crops. c) Applications for mineral agreement or financial or technical assistance agreements covering; small scale mining areas; civil or military reservations; areas covered by Certificate of Ancestral Domain claims; or areas of ancestral land as may be defined by law shall require prior written consent of concerned individuals, groups or other government agencies having jurisdiction over the area (s) applied for. # Note The Notice must be accompanied by a map/sketch plan with index map showing the nearest municipality(ies) and any major environment feature (s). V. Size of the Area: 12,149.5867 hectares VI. Duration of the Permit The permit shall be for a period not exceeding two (2) years from date of issuance, renewable for a term of two (2) years each but in no case shall the total exceed six (6) years. VII. Extent of Operation to be Undertaken Exploration (Reconnaisance, Semi-Detailed, and Detailed Surveys) of magnetite sand (iron), copper, gold and other mineral resources.u Any and all persons having adverse claims, protests and/or opposition to the above mentioned application (s) are hereby notified that their adverse claims should be filed directly within ten (10) days from the date of publication or from the last date of posting/radio announcement, with the Regional Office or through any Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer (PENRO) or Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO) concerned of the DENR for filing in the Regional Office concerned for purposes of its resolution by the Panel of Arbitrators pursuant to the provisions of Republic Act 7942 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, Adverse claims, protests or oppositions should be accomplished in accordance with Sections 203 and 204 of DENR Administrative Order No.9640, Series of 1996, as amended, and a copy thereof shall be furnished to the applicant by the adverse claimant. For further particulars, apply or course your inquiries to The Regional Director, Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Regional Office No. VII Greenplains Subdivision, Banilad, Mandaue City, Philippines. (Sgd) ROGER A. DE DIOS The Negros Chronicle OIC – Regional Director March 29, 2009

Republic of the Philippines Province of Negros Oriental Municipality of La Libertad

INVIT ATION T O BID INVITA The Municipality of La Libertad through its bids and Awards Committee (BAC) invites dealers to apply for eligibility and submit BIDS for the followings: Name of Contract

Unit Service Vehicle (Brand New, Diesel, Current Model ) 1 Unit Service Vehicle (Japan Surplus, Brand New Tires, Battery, Diesel, Model 1998 Up) 3 Units Truck (Japan Surplus, Brand New Tires, Battery, Diesel, Model 1998 Up) Approved Budget of Contract: Php 3,000,000.00 Source of Funding:


Priority Developed Assistance Fund (PDAF)

Bidding will be done through open competitive bidding using nondiscretionary pass/fail criteria as specified in the IRR-A of RA 9184. The Schedule of BAC Activities is as follows: ACTIVITIES Issuance of Bid Documents Pre-Bid Conference Submission and opening of Bids Evaluation of Bid Documents

SCHEDULE April 8, 2009 April 14, 2009 April 27, 2009 April 28, 2009

Bid documents will be available only to eligible bidders at the office to the treasurer. The Municipality of La Libertad reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid, to annul the bidding process, and to reject all Bids at anytime prior to the awarding without thereby incurring any liabilities to the affected Bidder or Bidders. Contact Person: Mrs. Elenita Caballero The Negros Chronicle Contact Number: (035) 409-4020 March 29 & April 5, 2009 Address: Municipal Hall, La Libertad, Negros Oriental

# 14 G.L. Lavilles Street, Corner M.J. Cuenco Ave., Tinago, Cebu City Tel. Nos. (032) 255-1721 to 26 / 256-1410 / 254-0383 / 414-9001 to 03 253-7776 / 253-6857 Fax Nos. (032) 255-1724 / 414-9990 c/o Bohol Pensioners Financing Corporation, 149 Hibbard Ave., cor. Amigo Subdivision, Tugas, Piapi, Dumaguete City. Tel. No. (035) 422-5993

Repeated ...


From page 5

took longer “I would not have believed nightmares repeated themselves. But early this month, Joseph Estrada confided to a rally in Liloan ( Cebu ) that he’d be forced to run for the presidency if no other leader would unite the national opposition.” “(He) vowed to save again the country, as the son of the dictator did, as will others,” Tabada added. “To live long enough to witness this is to realize how valuable the lessons were, —— and how forgettable.” Ms. Tabada today is experiencing what Ateneo University president Bienvenido Nebres, in 1999, called “our very special problem,” He told the Ateneo-Wisconsin University University conference on Memory, Truth-Tellling and the Pursuit of Justice: “We have very little collective memory of the past. We tend to live in a perpetual present…and get by on feeling, without a national memory and historical perspective.” “Many find it difficult to distinguish between movies and reality,” Fr. Nebres noted in 1993. “They fuse into one. So, we can not see very well into the future.” This is true. Worse, this blurring cuts across issues: Japanese collaboration, Marcos loot, nailing masterminds in the murder of Benigno Aquino to ZTE broadband scandals. Thus, there are few closures here. Surveys tell us that most students today barely recall Benigno Aquino. Fewer know what he died for. For many born in the 1980s, martial law abuses are a blank slate.. Who recalls that Marcos’ brother-in-law, Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez, took over Manila Elec-

Teodoro, a trial ...


From page 4

Gentleman’s nemesis, detonating bombs of exposes since the time he donned a senator’s vest. His latest linked the First Gentleman to the World-Bank road project scandal that resulted in the suspension of three Filipino contractor-firms. The latest SWS survey had identified three new flagships of corruption today (in order): (1) DPWH (2) PNP and (3) Department of Agriculture. In the past the all-time winners perennially were: the BIR and Bureau of Customs. Last week, the second highest man of DPWH (Undersecretary Manuel Aquino) was ambushed and murdered near his office. Lacson who hounded the Jose Pidal issue up to America is also remembered to have been linked with the rubout/shootout of the Kuratong Baleleng gang-prisoners, where

tric Company with a P10,000 “down payment.” Or the “Tasaday” hoax? The late Manuel Elizalde peddled the Tasaday tribe of Mindanao as “people living in isolation since the Stone Age” Swiss anthropologist Oswald Iten and other scientists proved the Tasadays were manipulated local tribe members. . By then, land had been grabbed. In sleaze, the Arroyo regime is giving the Marcos dictatorship a run for it’s money. Will tomorrow’s students also be ignorant of the Arroyo regime’s gross abuses? They will, if this perennial amnesia persists. How does one explain this collective erasure of memory? There’s no one simple reason. The main concern for 26.7 million Filipinos is getting the next meal. “They want solutions with the least pain.” Many schools don’t educate, flawed textbooks, for one, distort history. Those who expose mis-education are skinned in media by paid hacks. The Marcoses, for one, bankroll revision of history. Amnesia serves the entrenched oligarchs just fine:The “ins” loot with impunity . And they take turns with the thieving “outs.” No one is jailed for fertilizer scams or overpriced Asean street lamps. The rot mutates into more repeated nightmares. Truncated memories of his track record permit Senator Panfilo Lacson to posture as a reformer. That record stretches from Military Intelligence Security Group torture chambers to the Kuratong Baleleng rubout — and now the Dacer-Corbito murders. “In this country, it seems everything is infinitely negotiable,” Ateneo vice president Alran Bengzon has noted. “Truth frequently becomes whatever pleases the powers that be…The struggle against forgetting is never ending…The impulses towards tyranny and forgetting...persist in any age.”

millions of pesos in robbery loot disappeared in the aftermath. Estrada, has maintained his innocence vehemently and declared that the word “Bigote” could mean anyone, Erap quips, including former GMA Cabinet secretary Hernando “Nani” Perez. From out of these darkening shadows - flew a new political trial tandem last week in non-traditional candidate Pampanga Governor (priest) Among Ed Panlilio and (polio stricken and broadcaster awardee) Isabela Governor Grace Padaca. It has divided the Catholic hierarchy. Panlilio bucked GMA country politics by defeating the symbols of Pampanga’s ills: provincial board member Lilia Pineda (wife of suspected jueteng lord Bong Pineda) and then incumbent quarry king Governor Mark Lapid (son of senator Lito Lapid). Padaca, in turn,


O R D E R Petitioner, through counsel, filed a verified petition for correction of entry in the birth records of Jessierem E. Dayoha-Gio appearing in her birth records in the office of the Local Civil Registrar of Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental, praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, the National Statistics Office-Manila and/or through the Municipal Civil Registrar concerned be ordered to change the entry for sex from MALE to FEMALE; insertion of the middle name of “BONGANCISO” in her mother’s name; and the insertion of the middle name of “SUMILAO” in her father’s name. WHEREFORE, finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, and in compliance with the jurisdictional requirement of publication, let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks before the date of hearing, at the expense of the petitioner. Any interested party may appear on June 4, 2009, at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court and show cause why the petition should not be granted. SO ORDERED. March 10, 2009, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

The Negros Chronicle March 29, April 5 & 12, 2009

(Sgd.) ALEJANDRO S. BAHONSUA, JR. Acting Presiding Judge

Why bother with memory then? Only justice based on truth heals a nation, says McGill University ’s Louis Bickford. Democracy seeks a foundation of truth and therefore demands accountability. “The past is impossible to ignore.” And memory creates deterrence. Inquirer reader Cathy Quiogue welcomes newspapers and broadcast “developing checklists.” “A monthly update of scams would be a good start,

leading up to next year’s elections. she writes. It’d give more meaning to all the work that went into uncovering these cases.”. “All of us must remember and open our hearts to human memory, the Nobel Laureate Elie Weisel insisted at Auschwitz-Birkeneau death camp rites. “I do not want my past to become the future of our children’s generation.” ( E-mail: )

shocked Philippine politics, by knocking out the powerful Dy dynasty out of power. The political experiment could yet take off the ground the groundswell coming from discontented Filipinos here and abroad - of the traditional politicians running the country to the ground. So says, Joey Bermudez, current president of the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), himself a political activist turned banker - who spent some weeks inside the bartolina for his political views in the Martial Law era. Palace barker Cerge Remonde wisely welcomed the Panlilio Possibility -saying the more candidates, the better. Which is actually true - in that in a multi-candidate election, a lone administration candidate can sneak

into the 2010 presidency. After they fall to an Administration ruse? For a Panlilio candidacy will certainly eat into the Opposition vote. But some people are seriously taking his candidacy starting with an Internet-based fundraising campaign like that done by president-elect Barrack Obama (USA). Come to think of it if some 2 million of overseas and middle class Filipinos contribute P2,000 each, that would translate to P2 billion, the amount needed to launch a realistically competitive presidential battle. Don’t look too far to 2010 the headline news these days are telling the whole story already.



Best trash ... From page 1 nent cities along with Bais. The towns of Sta. Catalina, San Jose and Dauin also earned the same distinction in the other category. May Ibanez, Ecogov Coordinator explains the five local government units were acknowledged during the Provincial Solid Waste Management Board Meeting for successfully reducing the volume of their wastes by operat-

Crime busting... From page 1 everything boils down to money and economics. Most of the victims have business conflicts and dealings as their background. Drug peddlers kill themselves because they cannot go to the law and ask for payments due form illegal drugs. In love triangles, or conflicts in business and personal dealings, some protagonists do not rely on civil and criminal courts knowing how justice is delayed, and sometimes, can be bought somewhere between the time of arrest and the dismissal stages. So they just kill their rivals to get speedy justice and break even, one lawman said. “So witnesses are vital. And only the people, through police surveillance and sleuthing, can bring out the culprits to justice . The police cannot become witnesses, they only facilitate the filing of charges. It is always the people who will face each other in court. That is why it is called “People of the Philippines versus so and so….in criminal cases.” Noble emphasized. Only lately, Mayor Perdices was given Sanggunian imprimatur to handle P5M in crime prevention. The SP urged that part of the budget should be set aside for the bounty for informants who can lead to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of criminal masterminds.

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ing a sound and efficient sold waste management scheme. Meanwhile, Amancio Dongcoy, OIC Education and Information Division and Regional Solid Waste Management Coordinator vowed to impose the strike 3 policy against local government units that will continue to dump their garbage in open dumpsites in violation of Republic Act 9003 which mandated the establishment of an open landfill. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is expected to conduct inspections to different LGUs to asses their compliance to the law and after three warnings administrative charges will be filed against local authorities who will fail. All towns and cities of Negros Oriental except Bais City have been give their first warning with the second one to be served this April. However, Jimalalud Mayor Boy Tuanda also President of the League of Municipalities criticized the DENR’s policy and urged the agency to consider the inability of financially less endowed fourth class municipalities to comply with the mandate of establishing a sanitary landfill that would cost P 8 million. Dongcoy retorted that municipalities can actually resort to clustering so they could jointly create and maintain a common sanitary landfill.

CHR told ... From page 1 at titude of the present leadership of the Commission on Human Rights, the Regional Peace and Order Council Central Visayas, on mass motion, has requested the Chair of the rights body to show fairness by filing charges of human rights violations against all violators regardless of their affiliations. Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, Chairman


NOTICE OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SALE Upon extrajudicial petition/application for sale under Act No. 3135 filed by Rural Bank of Sta. Catalina, Incorporated against Floyd O. Jordan and also signed by his wife Elvie E. Jordan, (they as A.I.F.) of Josefa O. Jordan to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of December 31, 2008 amounts to ONE MILLION SIXTY-TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED THIRTEEN PESOS AND TWENTY-EIGHT CENTAVOS (P1,062,713.38, with daily charges of One Thousand One Hundred Fifty-Three Pesos (P1,153.00) excluding attorney’s fees, and expenses of foreclosure, the undersigned or his duly authorized deputy will sell at public auction on April 16, 2009 at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Branch 63, Bayawan City to the highest bidder, for cash or manager’s check and in Philippine currency, the following real property.


A parcel of agricultural land (Lot 451-C) Psd 07-039783 situated at Poblacion, Bayawan City, Province of Negros Oriental registered in the name of JOSEFA JORDAN (married to Delco Jordan), with residence and postal address at Poblacion, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, who give a SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY to Floyd O. Jordan and Elvie Jordan to mortgage this property. Lot 451-C, is described and bounded as follows: NE., along line 4-1 by Lot 451-D, on the SE along line 1-2 by Lot 451-B of the subdivision plan, on the SW along line 2-3 by Road Buenavista Street and Independencia Street (now Magsaysay St.; containing an area of THREE HUNDRED NINETY-TOW SQUARE METERS (392 SQ.M.) more or less, covered by OCT No. FT-10291 TDN 2005-01-024-R with Market Value of P196, This Notice of Extrajudicial shall be posted in the Bayawan City, Negros Oriental in four (4) conspicuous places where the above-mentioned properties places are situated and one copy shall be posted in the Office of the Clerk of Regional Trial Court-Branch 63, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental where the public auction shall be conducted and another copy shall be published in a local newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five (5) component cities. Prospective bidders/buyers may investigate for themselves he titles and the tax declarations of the above-described properties and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the abovestated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date, it shall be held on May 4, 2009 without further notice. Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, February 17, 2009. (Sgd.) ATTY. RAY STEPHEN T. LOGRONIO Clerk of Court VI And Ex-Officio Sheriff

The Negros Chronicle March 29, April 5 & 12, 2009

206 Women ... From page 2 play a role in the surge of women violence cases here. According to SPO3 Josefa Lacandula, the increased awareness among women about their rights due to increased advocacy has led to more women reporting cases of violence against them. “Nakahibalo na sila kung asa mu-duol aron mureklamo,” she said. Lacandula also noted a link to the economic slump. “Nabantayan namo nga ang krisis nato mi-augment sa mga kaso, kay mitaas pud ang mga kaso sa pagdagmal sa mga kababayen-an,” she observed. In their interaction with the women victims, the policewomen learned that violent arguments in the homes stem from the wives refusing to give money to their husbands who only wish to spend it on their vices. “Ang mga bana mangayo ug kwarta para sa ilang mga bisyo unya dili muhatag ang mga asawa, mao na nga mag-away na sila,” said Lacandula. (‘Rachelle M. Nessia/PIA) of the Central Visayas Peace and Order Council is reminding CHR Chair Leila De Lima that “everyone is entitled to human rights and not only the so called legal fronts of the terrorist New People’s Army.” She adds that “today it seems only the leftists have all the rights,” while the soldiers and policemen have none. Siquijor Governor Shane Fua also deplored the CHR after hearing Negros Oriental CHR Special Investigator Jesus Canete saying that De Lima supposedly instructed her subordinates in a close door conference to “go slow with their legal offensive” against left leaning organizations like Karapatan, PCPR, Bayan Muna etc. which showed her bias towards these groups. However, Canete explains that when De Lima said to “go slow” it was merely are reminder for him to be less confrontational with Karapatan and its allied groups which so far filed approximately five administrative raps against him. The Department of Interior and Local Government and even the city government of Dumaguete has set aside funds for legal assistance to policemen who will be subject to criminal and administrative charges which militant groups are apparently inclined to resort in order harass the law enforcers who actively prosecute leaders and partisans of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army. Promotions of PNP personnel facing harassment charges will no longer be held in abeyance if and when Congress approves a measure to that effect. Garcia underscored the need to give all out support and assistance to the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police. She said “soldiers and policemen are open targets or sitting ducks for enemies masquerading as civilians aided by legal fronts to raise funds and conduct leftist activities.”

World Theater Week Awardees



German Moreno eteran comedian Dolphy, multimedia artist Willie Nepomuceno and MasWillie Nep

ter Showman German Moreno will be among the artists to be honored at the Malacanang Palace on Friday, March 27, 2009, together with “culture friendly” local government units (LGUs), presided by Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, representing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), led by Chairman Vilma Labrador and Executive Director Cecile Guidote Alvarez, will be honoring 22 artists with a World Theater Day Recognition by the Philippine Center of ITI, in cooperation with UNACOM and OPAC, for their commendable support of, achievements in and contributions to Philippine arts and culture. On the other hand, 21 “culture friendly” LGUs for their dedication to the advancement and promotion of heritage, arts and culture in their respective areas of jurisdiction. They will be bestowed the sarimanok trophy designed by National Artist for Sculpture Dr. Abdulmari Asia Imao.

This is in line with the celebration of the World Theater Week, highlighted by the Creativity Summit on the Kalahi Cultural Caregiving Services on the UN MDGs held from March 24 to 29, 2009. The awarding ceremony will be aired as part of the weekly educational and cultural program Sining Gising: Ugnayan ng DepEd at NCCA on NBN 4 on March 29, 2009, from 4 to 6 p.m. Aside from Dolphy, German Moreno and Pitoy Moreno, awards for being outstanding artists will also be given to the Mabuhay Singers (for music), Rafael “Paeng” Pacheco (dubbed as the “Father of Philippine Finger Painting”), Tony Fabella (for dance), Josefino

Cenzal (for music), Eduardo Castrillo (for sculpture), Ramon Orlina (for sculpture), Ben Farrales (for fashion), Pitoy Moreno (for fashion design), Virginia Moreno (for literature), Juan S.P. Hidalgo (for literature), Dr. Alfredo S. Buenaventura (for music), Leonardo Cruz (for visual arts), Willie Nepomuceno (for broadcast arts), Dr. Antoon Postma (for cultural research in Mindoro), Rosalinda Orosa (for criticism), Tony Espejo (for theater), Nolyn Cabahug (for music), Tony Mabesa (for theater), Onofre Pangsanghan (for literature and theater) and Hamzah Marbella (the eight year old visual artist).

Brother shoots... From page 16 Barangay Bonawon Siaton was hacked to death in front of her two children after she figured in an argument with the suspect Celso Macalipay over alleged nasty rumors being spread by the victim in their community. Investigation showed that the victim was walking along a trail on her way home with her children aged seven and four years old when the suspect confronted her for allegedly spreading malicious rumors about him. An argument broke out between the two and the enraged suspect took a long bolo and hacked Tano several times. The victim was pronounced dead on arrival at the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital while the suspect fled.

Murder victim’s ... From page 16 tion headed by Supt. Owen Lebaquin unearthed the skeletal remains of IIumbra, who ironically is also the father in law of Romulo. From what was gathered, the death of IIumbra, who was a member of the Barangay Intelligence Network appears to be principally motivated by a family spat. The suspects who yielded to the Valencia PNP will be charged with murder according to the town’s Chief of Police Senior Insp. Angelito Ramada once the Crime laboratory report is completed.

Jo’s chicken ...

(From page 4)

at Jo’s. It’s always nostalia when you return to something pleasurable, after a long absence. The chicken barbique tasted the way it was. We enjoyed eating good old chicken inato, while recounting the days of our childhood. It was more peaceful, a lot simpler, then. Stress was a stranger. But time moves fast and steady like the ticking clock. Stress is a stranger no longer, but a dreaded companion. We always want to go back to simpler times. But now we are only left to savor the food, while we cherish the memories. We enjoyed while it lasted...

March 29 2009  

“RICHES, IF ACQUIRED BY VANITY VANISHES, IF GATHERED BY LABOR, INCREASES.” Dumaguete City, Philippines, Sunday MARCH 29, 2009 VOL. 35 No. 42...

March 29 2009  

“RICHES, IF ACQUIRED BY VANITY VANISHES, IF GATHERED BY LABOR, INCREASES.” Dumaguete City, Philippines, Sunday MARCH 29, 2009 VOL. 35 No. 42...