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House Tribunal to decide on Josy Limkai’s disqualification Having already been pro claimed by no less than Pres. Arroyo in Malacanang, and RTC Judge Rosendo Bandal Jr in Dumaguete, the House of Representative’s Electoral Tribunal (HRET) will now have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over all contests pertaining to the disqualification charge of ex Rep Jing Paras against Rep.elect Josy Limkaichong. The remedies available now against her if any will be an electoral protest or a petition quo warranto within ten days after her proclamation. In a handwritten note over his signature on the en ban resolution of the Comelec on this case, chairman Abalos said that the Comelec has no longer any jurisdiction over the present litigation as it is now shifted to the HRET. As to the Comelec en banc Resolution of June 29, Turn to page 21

Dumaguete City, Philippines,


JULY 8, 2007


TATA extends peace; Boy V: ain’t over yet! B

AIS CITY — Reelected City Mayor Hector “Tata” Villanueva has extended the olive branch of peace to his political rival and detractors following his proclamation July 4, but his arch rival Francisco “Boy-V” Villanueva has vowed to pursue his “quest for justice” by filing a petition before the national Comelec en banc seeking the annulment of said proclamation.

Some described this as another political dejavu whereby such protracted case will linger until time knows when. In the previous elections, Mercy Goni’s protest was finished a few weeks before the May 14 polls. Upon orders of the Comelec, the late Bais proclamation followed a late canvass of election returns which gave Tata V a majority of 4,658 votes after garnering 19,998 votes as against BoyV’s 15,303 votes. Bais city RTC judge Ysmael Baldado administered the oath of the mayor and vice mayor Lucing

TERRA COTTA International


Benlota who got 17,916 votes or a majority of 1,692 over Angelo Teves who got 16l,224 votes. The councilors-elect in accordance to their rank were also sworn in by Judge Baldado. They are: Karen Villanueva ,17,844; Miguel Real, 15,883; Avel Macalandong, 14,841; Krislyn Repollo 14,673; Reboy Lasmarias, 14,575;Thirdy Bouffard 14,554; Arvin Cabio, 14,371; Jed Goni, 13,814; and Wington Chang 12,860; SENATORIAL SENSATION. Bais city’s votes for the th 12 senator could be the clincher in the current Zubiri – Pimentel close rivalry after the Maguindanao votes shall have been canvassed. Here Zubiri gotto13,378 Turn page 21

Reelected Bais City Mayor Hector “Tata” Villanueva witnessed by his family could yet be the only mayor who took his oath on bended knees with hand atop an open Bible onstage in front of his constituents.

Guihulngan City sets plebiscite B D R D Y




The biggest town of the province which is Guihulngan is now the fifth component city in Negros Oriental under Republic Act 9409 authored by former Rep. Jacinto Jing Paras who is a native of the same municipality.

Terra Cotta Festival International: Opens today, another tourist drawing attraction for Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. At left is Japan’s Rieko Matsubayashi, a ceramics expert.

With this development, the province will now have five component cities namely Canlaon, Bais, Tanjay, Bayawan and Guihulngan. Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental. The ratifying act of the people via a plebiscite should

have been made earlier if not for the last elections. The cityhood of Guihulngan is one of the last acts of out-going Rep. Jing Paras. But the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) has strongly opposed the creation of new cities because the In-

GPA: abolish SK, reset barrio polls

ternal Revenue Allotment share of the 118 existing cities will be drastically reduced. According to the Department of Budget and Management, The IRA, equivalent to 40 percent of the revenue

Contrary to the desire of many people that it is now time to change our long overstaying holdover barangay captains and councilmen, a neophyte congressman thinks

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Modern digital medical x-ray critical repor ting reporting equipment boost SUMCFI “Dirty Dicen” assigned to HOW MEDIA SEES IT, AND NOT OTHERS


The Silliman Medical Center augments the equipment and services offered in its Radiology Department as it acquires a new Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy System with an Overhead X-ray Ceiling Tube Support. A launching activity for this said equipment will be held on July 10, Tuesday at 1:00 to 4: 00 in the afternoon at the Silliman Medical Center to coincide with the Philippine College of Physicians- Negros Oriental Chapter’s celebration of July as the “Gastro-Intestinal Diseases Month.” With the new equipment that allows an informative or detailed examination, Dr. Jose Chiu, Head of the

SUMCFI Radiology Department, said that the doctors will now be more comfortable to make diagnosis. He said that the machine, which is a replacement and upgrade of the old X-ray machine, includes a feature that allows the user to “select an area of interest.” This is believed to serve the patients better by being able to offer additional procedures. The Digital R/F System, Turn to page 19

clean hilarious traffic mess


ayor Perdices called him “Dirty Dicen” to the surprise of many reporters at the mayor’s first press conference under his new term. A man of decency in his own right ,is now assigned anew to clean up the hilarious traffic mess in Dumaguete. You guessed it, it’s ex favorite councilor-legal adviser of Mayor Perdices , good friend Sammy Dicen. Cleaning up and putting order and decorum in the streets of Dumaguete which are now in the thick of being engulfed by a monstrous traffic is priority. You think he can do it? Surely, the mayor thinks so. The on-going construction of this soon-to-be compelted new medical building of the Silliman Medical Center Foundation Inc. The SUMCFI’s new acquisition is worth P14million piece of equipment.


Josy slams Jing for “deceiving the public” irst District Representative Jocelyn Limkaichong F accused former Rep. Jing Paras of spreading disinformation regarding the result of the disqualification case filed by a certain Napoleon Camero against her on the grounds that she is a Chinese citizen. Paras was telling the media that Limkaichong’s motion for reconsideration and urgent motion to Lift the Order Suspending Proclamation were denied by the COMELEC en banc with a 4-2 vote. He was quoted as saying “for being a Chinese citizen, Limkaichong has no business serving the government of the Republic of the Philippines.”The motions were filed after the Second Division

is a Chinese citizen, therefore, disqualified to run for public office.

of the COMELEC ruled that she

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However, Limkaichong argues that the COMELEC en banc failed to make a ruling after three of its members namely Resurreccion Borra, Romeo Brawner and Benjamin Abalos dissented to the decision of Florentino Tuason, Rene Sarmiento and Nicodemo Ferrer dismissing

Bais vote can help Zubiri get 12th slot Amidst reports that the Commission on Elections may only be able to proclaim the 12 th Senator of the Republic in August, the completion of the canvassing of votes in the city of Bais, Negros Oriental is expected to boost the chances of Team Unity candidate Miguel Zubiri who is locked in a bitter struggle with Genuine Opposition candidate Koko Pimentel. According to City ElecBased on the official results of the Bais count, tion Supervisor Atty. Juvenal Zubiri obtained 13,378 Tuale the certificate of canvotes while Pimentel got vass has been brought peronly 5,219 votes or a win- sonally by Provincial Elecning margin of 8,159 for the tion Supervisor Atty. Eddie Turn to page 18 Team Unity candidate.



Tata and Dodo kiss & make-up?


xpressing relief after his proclamation Wednesday night, reelected Bais City Mayor Tata Villanueva promised to support all the projects that will be initiated and implemented by Governor Dodo Macias. However, both intimated to keep a comfortable distance from each other. Villanueva said he will not solicit project assistance from the governor. The governor also intimated that he will leave Bais alone. In this way, both Bais and Capitol will have no reason to clash politically. During the elections,

Mayor Villanueva and Gov. Macias exchanged bitter words against each other, but now that the poll is over both have reportedly talked to each other and soothed things out. Yet, the Capitol should not expect the city of Bais to seek its assistance since according to Mayor VillanuevaTurn to page 18

First it was caused by the massive road asphalting during the past election. Now that elections are over, the cementing has also virtually stopped. We want more elections, so there will be more road cementing. Next to be tackled: FLOODS in Dumaguete. After just 15 minutes of real heavy downpour, many major streets of the city get flooded. Is this a result of poor drainage that’s blocking the canals? Here again, people are blamed for the floods, for recklessly throwing garbage into the canals, thus clogging these during heavy downpour. So, fire the people. Simple. And retain the workers of the canals and drainage. Without the people, there will be no more canal blockages of filthy garbage. WORKING COMMITTEES. There are 24 working committees in the city council whose job is to focus on certain aspect of

TRAFFIC in the City

Safety concerns risk city image


n the wake of the death of an Iranian SU student Rahman Zarei in a shooting incident by motor cycle riding men who remain unidentified up to this date, the small but very diverse community of foreign students expressed its concern on the perceived increase of assaults like muggings, shootings and burglaries not only against them but on local students and ordinary folks. Naoki Mayuzumi, the Silliman University who arhead of the campus-based ticulated the sentiments of organization Hi-SAW or his members said that most Higala International Student of them feel that “they are from Around the World in no Turn to page 18

TRAFFIC CLOG near Harold’s Mansion. File foto shows a beer drunken truck was tipsy enough to unload its cargo on the road, causing a long traffic jam. All kinds of traffic jam happen almost everyday in this area.

city life and welfare, and for this committee to meet separately and define policies that will redound to the people’s welfare.

Taking its cue from the realization of having abundant supply of clay in the island province of Negros, and its potential use as an art medium, serves as the platform for the launching of the 2nd Dumaguete Open Biennial Terracotta Art Festival and Competition starting today July 8-12.

The city council broke tradition during its inaugural session last Thursday and gave the sensitive peace and order committee chairmanship to independent councilor Atty. Allan Cordova, a West Point graduate. The city council has high hopes that Allan Cordova will design policies that will redound to the restoration of the peace and tranquility among the people in the city. People wonder whether Allan can lead investigators to the right roadmap in bringing to justice the killers in the unsolved murders in the city.We just would like to appeal to the majority in the council not to dump outright good ideas of the minority, because this time, we and the public will not stop hounding them if they ignore good ideas simply because it comes from the minority.

The 2nd Dumaguete Open Biennial Terracotta Art Festival and Competition 2007 will be launched today at the Quezon Park at 8:30 a.m. City and Provincial Executives headed by Hon. Mayor Agustin Perdices and Hon. Governor Emilio Macias III, Ambeth Ocampo of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, National

Example, when ex councilor Myrish CadapanAntonio brought up ,in a privilege speech the issue of the illegality of Tigbakay, immediately before she could even sit down, her move to abolish it was killed in the session. But the public took it up, this paper pursued the issue. It even earned us our first libel suit in 34 years of community journalism, which of course was dismissed. Until the issue was picked up by the provincial board, and eventually passed into a provincial ordinance. It was a big slap on the face Turn to page 19 of Dumaguete council

Terra Cotta Festival opens today

By Danilo L. Sollesta, Festival Director

Artists Napoleon Abueva and Dr. Edith L. Tiempo with Biennial Executive Director Glynda Descuatan leading the guests and contingents of the biennial in the official opening of the event. The event which has drawn interests from artists, cultural workers and art enthusiasts from all over the Turn to page 18

July 8, 2007

PAL, trade groups bat for ‘equal opportunity’ Philippine Airlines (PAL) called on the government’s economic managers and policymakers to adopt a civil aviation policy of equal opportunity, providing the country’s air carriers with the same access rights and opportunities that are given to foreign airlines. In a forum sponsored by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) held today (July 5, 2007) at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati, Ma. Socorro R. Gonzaga (PAL Senior Assistant Vice President for External Affairs), urged government to “liberalize wisely and responsibly”. Speaking for PAL President Jaime J. Bautista, Ms. Gonzaga said the national flag carrier is ready to take up the challenge of competition: “We are not asking to be coddled like a baby. What we need is a fair chance to compete… a level playing field. What we need is equal opportunity – equal access to the markets.” PAL believes the shared goal of everyone involved in the open skies issue is the growth of the Philippines. “Liberalization is not the goal – it is a tool,” said Ms. Gonzaga. PAL is therefore asking government to focus its liberalization policy on markets that need more access

to grow, while ensuring that Filipino airlines get equal opportunity to access international markets. PAL admits that foreign airlines play a role in the country’s growth, but “Philippine air carriers play a greater, more strategic, more permanent role than do foreign carriers,” said Ms. Gonzaga. At the same PCCI hosted forum, Robert Lim Joseph, chairman of the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies & Travel Cooperative of the Philippines, called on the PCCI to fully support Philippine industries in the same way that the chambers of commerce of the US and Europe support their own industries.

“I am not against a liberalized air policy or even open skies … I am against unilaterally granting access rights to foreign airlines without their governments granting the same concessions to Philippine carriers,” said Mr. Joseph. He cited the number of foreign airlines who have been granted landing rights to the Philippines yet are not utilizing the entitlements because “there is no demand, no market.” The prevailing openskies agreement between the Philippines and the US serves a proof that there is no demand, according to Mr. Joseph, “US carriers virtually enjoyed unlimited Turn to page 18

W ha hatt Do You Do Best? SPI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ePLDT, is a leading global BPO provider with numerous locations across the United States, Europe, and Asia. We are always looking for more of the right people to help us provide our worldwide clients with high quality, cost-effective content outsourcing solutions. Most of our employees are specialists in our various strategic business units, while others are well-educated generalists with excellent project delivery skills. All are computer literate, have a strong work ethic, want to keep learning, and are comfortable in our creative, open and flexible team atmosphere. Do you want to excel at what you do best? APPLY NOW. We are urgent need of:

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Qualified and interested candidates may asend their updated resumes to: OR submit personally or mail application to: SPI Technology Park, Km.7 National Highway Brgy. Sacsac Bacong, Negros Oriental 6216


Josy slams .. From page 2 Limkaichong’s motion for reconsideration. Limkaichong’s legal counsel, Atty. Dirkie Y. Palma explained that “the COMELEC being a collegial body must be governed by the majority.” In this case, there is no majority decision to speak of since there is a tie which could have been broken only if there was a seventh Commissioner. A replacement should have been named after Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano’s ignominious exit from the poll body which left the seventh seat vacant. But since the Commissioners are in a stalemate and in accordance to Section 6, Rule 18 of COMELEC rules of procedure which states: “When the Commission en banc is equally divided in opinion, or the necessary majority cannot be had, the case shall be reheard, and if on rehearing no decision is reached, the action or proceeding shall be dismissed if originally commenced in the Commission; in appealed cases, the judgment or order appealed from shall stand affirmed; and in all incidental matters, the petition or motion shall be denied.” This is the rule invoked by the lawyers of Limkaichong in filing a manifestation before the COMELEC praying that the two petitions for disqualification be considered dismissed. They also contend that since Jocelyn Limkaichong has already assumed office as the representative of the First District of Negros Oriental which was duly recognized by the House of Representatives, the COMELEC has lost jurisdiction over the case. The only remedy left for the camp of Paras is to file an electoral protest at the House Electoral Tribunal which “shall be the sole judge of all contests relating to the election, returns and qualification of their members.”

AD PAWNSHOP No. 13 San Juan St., Dumaguete City

Unredeemed pledges whose terms have expired will be auctioned on July 31, 2007 at our place of business.


3,400 sq.m., Clean Title Located at Bato, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental near Brgy. Road. Direct Buyers only, Euro currency preferred. Call Tel. No. (035) 225-6846 or email: EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF AN AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late ELEAZAR CADIZ BOHOL have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of An Agricultural Property on Lot No. 1037, PLS-146, covered by OCT No. HV-278, situated in the Municipality of Mabinay, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 102,887 sq.m., per Doc. No. 74, Page No. 15, Book No. I, Series of 2007 of Notary Public Atty. Felipe R. Pareja. The Negros Chronicle July 1, 8 & 15, 2007





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Fraud ridden Senatorial polls



have no interest in politics, but I was involved in the last elections for senator.I helped in the cam paign of Koko Pimentel.It has been a nervewracking experience considering what is going on in the canvassing. It was a fraud-ridden elections. At this stage we are filing petitions before the National Board of Canvassers (NBC) to exclude the certificates of canvass in many municipalities in Mindanao, particularly in the provinces of Lanao, and Sulu.And we are not mention the bigger fraud that has happened in Maguindanao. As of this writing, there is a big chance that Migs Zubiri might just overtake Koko Pimentel with the remaining uncanvassed votes. If Migs is proclaimed, he will be the senator representing the republic of Maguindanao. are expected to prepare them to go up the ladder Maguindanao is the place where his meteoric rise in of education and let them enrol in higher courses the count of votes can be attributed. later that will eventually lead them to finish colEveryone knows what happened in Maguindanao. lege. Koko Pimentel has been cheated of his victory as the There is a need to provide relevant foundation skills for higher learning, employment or entrepreneurship opportunities among the youth. Government is in the right track in strengthening our technical –vocational programs in high school by connecting this with the ladderization program of CHED and TESDA. High school dropout rates , poor students’ academic performance including jobs and skills mismatch can now be addressed with the technical –vocational trainings. Under this program, so long as the out- ofschooler is trained with skills and competencies which industries and companies require, getting a college degree will no longer matter. What is the use of getting a college degree and become jobless after graduation? Useless. But with speedy vocational and technical skills offered to non degree holders, this will change the landscape of higher education. Only then can we have graduates who will thrive and survive in a borderless economy. And the only way our vision for economic twelfth senator of the republic. We will keep on fightgrowth and stability be attained is to develop a ing on until the truth will be unrevealed. It will just be highly skilled and well paid workforce who shall a matter of time. I have already seen the source documents of these in the future serve as the backbone of developcertificate canvass immorally canvassed by the Abalos ment. Comelec, and one can vomit at the fraud that was insidi-

Skills for the jobless

LADDERIZED EDUCATION the novel concept of Philippine education could yet be the answer to the millions of jobless college graduates. Shocking it is to hear that out of 1000 applications less that 20 are usually accepted. The education department is revolutionizing the concept and policies in education by encouraging students who quit school in order to work and go up the ladder, and acquire certain skills while earning a living and eventually finish college later while practicing their acquired skill. This concept is called the Ladderized Education Program which trains out-of- schoolers to acquire skills and earn income thus help achieve the ambitious dream of 10-million jobs after three years. This program allows the students to ‘accelerate’ and finish a technical-vocational course of their choice in just six months. This Training to make a living while studying covers the areas of Tourism/Hotel and Restaurant Management, Health/Nursing/ Medical Services, Marine Engineering/Marine Transportation, Agriculture and Fisheries, Information and Communication Technology, Engineering and Technical Teacher Education and Criminology, it was learned. A student who opts to stop schooling to work for a while will not be labelled a “school drop-out” since the techinccal-vocational courses they take

“Visayas Oil Exploration” T

Dateline Manila

actically, Nor-Asian Energy Ltd. who wanted to do an oil seismic survey along Bohol Straits (sea between Cebu-Bohol Islands), may have won Round Two. Wearing an Honest Abe’s face asked for postponement of the case raffled which caused the and feigning lending its ears to the survey while they researched oppositors to lose four days. protesting stakeholders in the en- on vital data to protect the enThe wily schemers in that side vironmentally-threatening exercise vironment – the sea that pro- of Judge Court took the advantage (seismic survey), and behaving vides livelihood to the fisher- and than added another legal techexactly like many traditional politi- men and the tourism Industry nical block by saying they were not cians – the consortium promised that brings in dollars. informed of the raffle draw and Tagbilaran City, environmental- moved for the TRO request’s disthe angry crowd that it won’t do the survey in the Bohol Flank until all ists and people organizations op- missal. posed the survey and sought a issues are addressed. And even if the EnvironmenGovernor Erico Aumentado TRO (Temporary Restraining Or- tal Alliance do get a TRO someand 1st District Representative der) because that was the only “le- time late this week, by week-end Edgar Chatto assured they will gal” way to stop a “done deal” the calculating Nor-Asian shall stop the seismic survey other- agreement in Manila – apparently have been almost “complete” sanctioned by the Government with its seismic survey, perhaps wise, as well. But quick to the draw and an through the Department of Energy by Sunday this week. expert in double talk it seems, Nor- and the passive agreement of the The greatest disappointment of Asian M/V Pacific Sword and their Department of Energy and Natu- the Petitioners laid on the doors of support ships M/V Eagle, M/V C. ral Resources. the Public Officials who ConservaThat was tactically the tion Watch officer Jun Estrosas said Venture and M/V Southern Cross, started the seismic survey anyway proper thing to do. are only good in “press releases” Judge Fernando Fuentes, but behave like Invisible Men when last Thursday. Many fisher folks were not even knowing the urgency of the going gets rough. satisfied with the P111 compen- the matter since the Cebu Flank Even when the TWG asked sation package and the Techni- was already undergoing the for the survey postponement Turn to page 11 cal Working Group (TWG) had seismic survey, instead had the

ously employed. I will be posting the evidence here as the days come by.




MARLEN I. DEJARESCO Business Manager DEMS REY T. DEMECILLO Editorial Assistant JENNY B. DECIAR Legal Publications Officer

Pioneer BI-WEEKLY Newspaper in Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental. Address: E.J. Blanco Drive, Piapi, Dumaguete City. News and Advertising: (035) 225-4760 Fax: (035) 225-4760 E-mail: Entered as Second Class Mail Matter in Dumaguete City on July 1, 1973.


Philippine Press Institute National Press Club

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Everyday Heroes

1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 feel foreigners have got this undeserved and ugly reputation for speaking badly about the Philippines . The actual truth is the overwhelming majority of foreigners respect and honor their host. The crime here is you only hear about the few foreigners who do misbehave. One of the reasons I volunteered to write this column was to recognize and tell you about the “silent majority” you rarely hear about. Now it is time to point out anPhilippines run like hell by Filiother shame; Filipinos who speak pinos than a Philippines run like badly about their own country. The heaven by Americans”. Then the shame is not in their being critical blogger added, “….and we got of their own country. I am very critiour wish”. His entire blog is cal of my own country. As citizens one long rant on how bad it is in we have that right. What bothers the Philippines . I could not find me about much of the Pinoy self one positive or constructive criticism I have read is that most suggestion from this Pinoy exoffer no solutions and are often inpatriate living in Australia . accurate, even destructive. I challenged one Pinoy critic to One Filipino wrote on his come up with some solutions and blog quoting President Manuel all he could say was, “Kill them all Quezon. “I would rather have a Turn to page 14

HER story

Where are the women?






digestive track, like mouth, stomach, MUFFET esophagus and intestines. DOLAR Because of pain, helplessness, depression, anxiety or hopelessVILLEGAS ness, some cancer patients express themselves in different ways. Some self expression can be negative, like yelling or throwing things e-mail: out of exasperation or anger or pain. Others can be silent, keeping those fears, pain and depression bottled up inside. Others have the will to overcome depression and turn the negative circumstances into positive ones. Each one of us is unique. Sometimes our feelings can be ambivalent, sad yet joyful. Others have less

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A Different View Make Joblessness a Crime I would rather do this than spend P1M to “feed the poor children” on Christmas day! That is such a waste of taxpayers’ money. That is politicking no matter how one looks at it. The produce of the gov’t farms will be more than enough to feed the poor for a whole year! If the jobless refuse to work, the other option is prison! With a little political will, that, my friends, is a practical solution to joblessness in this province. The income from the farms will be more than enough to pay the workers so don’t give me the



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Atty. Joel Cadiogan Obar

Footsteps and Fingerprints

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Anybody living in the province between 16-65 years old, able to work and not in school must have a job, whether as an employee or self-employed. Those unable to find a job will be penalized by being forced to work in government sponsored productive initiatives like farming, planting fruits and vegetables. They will be paid the minimum legal rate until they can find a better job. There is no shortage of idle land in the province and the government can requisition them for productive farming by these jobless citizens.


Citizenship is in Heaven

Caring for Caregivers

She can grab sleep once in a while, but most of the time, she’s at his side, anticipating his needs. He undergoes radiation everyday for 28 days, after he had finished his extensive chemotherapy. His mood swings sometimes drives her crazy. She loves her younger brother, but there were times she wanted to give up. Shirley has been her brother’s caregiver since he started his treatment for cancer a year ago. “There’s no one else in our family to care for him except me.” She was in her early thirties, while her brother was in her late twenties. Shirley is one of the thousands of caregivers whose loved ones are suffering from cancer which took many lives. She’s one of those whose priority in life is the welfare of somebody close. If we love a person, we lose ourselves. But caregivers need to survive. They have lives to live. They get tired too, and their feelings need to be expressed. Since chemotherapy kills cancer cells, it also kills some normal cells such as blood cells, hair follicles, reproductive organs and

omen compose one-half of the world’s population and perform two-thirds of the world’s work hours. Sadly, we are seldom acknowledged, represented, heard or even seen . More than a decade after the adoption of the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action where the world acknowledged that women’s rights were central to development and peace and that women’s issues and global issues are one and the same, there is still a pervasive gap between principles and practices with respect to gender equality. Meanwhile, the endurIn the Philippines, at home in Dumaguete City and Negros ing lack of gender-sensitivity Oriental, the obstacles to real- in mainstream civil society izing women’s economic and so- groups, diminishing recial rights today are multiple, sources available for multifaceted and often intercon- women’s rights work, and the nected. The lack of effective po- lack of cohesion among litical participation of women, the women’s rights advocates difficulty in accessing informa- themselves have limited our tion, and absence of transpar- collective ability to place ency in decision-making have women front and center of combined to shut many women nation-building and sustain out of political processes. Turn to page 21

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his month of July three of our granddaughters are celebrating their birthdays. Right now they are all in high school, making new friends, experiencing new challenges, and widening their horizons. Happy Birthday Boni, Bernice and Brigette!


crap about not having the budget to make this happen. The bonus of all these is that crime rate will subside and the economy will grow. With money in the pocket, mainstream economy will benefit. Tell me if I am wrong! Have a nice day!!* * *

Then in August my mom will have her 99th birthday, a milestone in her life to be sure! It is when birthdays roll around year after year, that we realize that outwardly, we are not getting any younger. Physical strength and beauty decline with time; this is a fact of life. But inwardly, I believe that I am renewing myself little by little, day by day. I renew myself through new experiences, by reading a mind-expanding book, through chats with friends and making new

friends, by being creative in my leisure time, by learning a new office skill or computer program at work. I refresh my tiredness through exercising or taking a walk along the beach or trekking a mountain path in Valencia. I banish my stress as I sing a new song, dance to an old melody, and just enjoy listening to a selection of Mozart’s greatest hits. Problems and troubles will not last forever. They only last

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Care for ...


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side effects, others have more. It’s easy to say to a cancer patient “Think positive”, but when pain, financial problems, broken relationships, hopelessness take their hold on to us all at once, its hard to breath. And the nearest person whom we can express ourselves is the one who cares for us. Oncolink, the Web’s first Cancer Resource, lists ways to care for caregivers. One is planning a time away from the task of twenty four-hour care, sharing your problem with someone who will listen and those people who are familiar with the illness. Don’t be alone as much as possible because isolation may lead to depression. Cancer related activities should not be ignored. Find someone who can help you care for the patient, and chores around the house. A regular visit to the doctor is needed to have more information that you can get for the patient. A well deserved vacation should take place with the whole family, and cancer patients should be included in daily activities even if all they can do is watch. Positive attitude can help a lot. These tips and more helpful information about cancer can be found at . Information is important as much as support from people who care. My husband worries for me more than I do for myself. I often forget that I had cancer, but he keeps track with my adjuvant therapy to prevent any recurrence and a regular visit to the hospitals for scans and tests. It’s two years and a half now since surgery and God is faithful in healing other side effects of my treatment. Thank God for caregivers. They can be close to you, like your wife, husband, sister, brother, children, parents or friends. We journey with them, as they also fight the illness with us. They stick with us through thick and thin. They too, need encouragement and care.

DECL ARA TION OF HEIRSHIP DECLARA ARATION and DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE NOTICE is hereby given that Alma G. Moleta, the heir of the late GERONIMO GRAVADOR and Maria Bandoquillo have filed and executed a Declaration of Heirship and DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE on 1/18 share of Lot No. 3316, with TCT No. T-8645, situated in the Municipality of Tanjay, Negros Oriental, in favor to Herminigilda Ybias per Doc. No. 303, Page No. 62, Book No. I, Series of 2006 of Notary Public Atty. Anthony Ferrolino. The Negros Chronicle July 8, 15 & 22, 2007

EXTRA JUDICIAL SE TTLEMENT EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT AND SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late AGUSTIN LARENA have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement and Sale on Lot No. 5455, Cad. 903, C-2, Case No. 13, covered by OCT No. FV-41299, situated at Barangay Palinpinon, Municipality of Valencia, Province of Negros Oriental, containing an area of 2,964 sq.m., in favor to Salvinia Solidum-Pownall per Doc. No. 299, Page No. 61, Book No. 24, Series of 2007 of Notary Public Atty. Raymund J.A. Mercado. The Negros Chronicle July 8, 15 & 22, 2007

NO TICE OF L OSS NOTICE LOSS This is to inform the public that the following Official Receipts (OR) Numbers of Wilkris Appliance Corp., Bayawan Outlet of Stub No. 56 with Series Number 02751 to 02800 were lost July 5, 2007. Any transactions entered into us in the stated Ors shall not be honored by the company, if found please contact/return to: WILKRIS Appliance Corp., Bayawan Outlet, c/o Mylene Atienza/Edwin Lacquio, Magsaysay St., Poblacion, Bayawan City. Cell # 09219539652; Dumaguete: Tel. No. 422-1215, Danny dela Peña at 09197167597. Republic of the Philippines Local Civil Registry Office Province: NEGROS ORIENTAL City/Municipality: DUMAGUETE CITY

NO TICE OF PUBLICA TION NOTICE PUBLICATION In compliance with Section 5 of RA Act No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that NIDA M. RICAFORT has filed with this Office a petition for change of first name from “ MARIAN EMMANUEL MM “ to “ MARION EMMANUEL “ in the birth certificate of MARIAN EMMANUEL MM MIRA RUELO who was born on 6 December 1985 at Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and whose parents are WILMA ALONSO MIRA and HERMINIGILDO BALMES RUELO. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than 23 July 2007. (Sgd.) RUPERTA G. BAGUASAN, CCR City/Municipal Civil Registrar The Negros Chronicle July 8 & 15, 2007


Citizenship ...

NOTICE is hereby given that Romanita Cabasag Coot, the sole-heir of the late SIMEON CABASAG have filed and executed an Adjudication By Sole Heir with Sale Of A Parcel of Land Lot No. 2144, Pls-1049-D, with OCT No. FP-9862, situated at Olang, Maria, Siquijor, containing an area of 276 sq.m., in favor to Salvinia S. Pownall per Doc. No. 25, Page No. 5, Book No. IV, Series of 2007 of Notary Public Atty. Adam S. Duhaylungsod.

ficed in the altar of political greed and expediency. We the Filipino People should now join hands and proclaim our anguish and misery. We have before us, and people must realize, a political ordeal of the most grievous kind in this age of modernity. The Filipino masses have struggled and suffered for so long. I have nothing to offer other than my pen, blood, tears and most of all my faith in the righteousness of God Almighty, but these, I believe, are the most potent weaponry that could defeat the raging of the evils in our political system. The survival of the Filipino Nation’s democracy, liberty and justice is a paramount consideration that our individual sacrifices will be too little a cost to pay.

The Negros Chronicle July 8, 15 & 22, 2007


House and 475 Lot 2 bed insect security screened A/C mainbed, ceiling fans 2nd bed, lounge dining mod. int. Camanjac P3.2M. Cell No. 0928-7377-293.


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I think it was Ghandi who said: “there shall be no cooperation between justice and injustice” and let me add – there shall be no cooperation between the betrayer and the betrayed. Citizens’ cooperation and support is a duty only so long as the Administration upholds the Honor and sanctity of the People’s Will, and it is equally a duty of non-cooperation when Government robs you of your Honor instead of protecting it. We could not cooperate with an Administration whose “god is in their stomach and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is on earthly things, but our citizenship is in heaven” (Philippians 3:19-20).



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Concern for the Mahihirap


central focus in our country today is the plight of the mahihirap (poor) . Let me quote what I have written in my new book. Biblical Foundations of the Faith. The Church and The Poor: Of all the realities in the life of Asia, there is nothing more overwhelming than the gnawing and ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor. If the Church were to preach the Good News in the middle of Asian life, it would Dr. PROCESO UDARBE have to learn how to be in solidarity with the poor both in Word and in deed. In the Philippines, one only has to read the statistics with real compassion to Council of churches, this descripknow in depth the plight of the poor. tion of the poor was adapted. To be poor is to have to exFor instance, it is a well-known fact that 75% of Filipino children are perience lack and deficiency, malnourished about the same rate the poor are the “little ones” of the population lives on a poverty (Mt.11:25), the insignificant people of no consequence. level. Who are the poor of Asia? At They are powerless, voiceless the meeting in Melbourne, Austra- and at the mercy of the powerlia in 1981 of the Commission of ful… The dynamics of being World Evangelism of the World Turn to page 10



Are you willing to be sent out to proclaim the Gospel to others? If not, why not? This is a part of the life of any follower of Jesus. Our willingness to become the evangelizer is a sign of a maturing faith that is seeking to bring to others that which we ourselves have received. It is the sign that I look for when trying to assess how well a person has internalized the teachings of the Gospel. It is the goal that I am praying for when I begin the work of evangelization in a group of people – that there will come the day when they will be taking the Gospel to others. ———————————

Luke 10:1-12, 17-20


fter this the Lord appointed seventy [-two] others whom he sent ahead of him in pairs to every town and place he intended to visit. He said to them, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest. Go on your way; behold, I am sending you like lambs among wolves. Carry no money bag, no sack, no sandals; and greet Turn to page 10 no one

(Part III) The Church in politics? What does the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP-II) say about the Church in politics? When we speak of the involvement of the Church in politics, therefore, we are referring first of all to the laity, the mass of people that portion of the Church which constitutes more that 99% of its membership. It is through the laity that the Church is directly involved in political affairs. But that does not mean that the clergy have no role in political activity. They can teach moral doctrines even in matters political. PCP-II proposes, as a good rule of thumb, “That pastors have competence in the moral principles governing politics and that laity have competence in active and direct, partisan politics.”(PCP-II,p.62) PCP-II has greatly encouraged the Church to devoted to “The Church and the Political Community” followed by paragraphs on the “Laity’s Involvement and Leadership in Politics.” In this latter section, the Council participants declare “In the Philippines today given the general perception that politics has become an obstacle to integral development, the urgent necessity is for the lay faithful to participate more actively, with singular competence and integrity, in political affairs.” (p.63) Hence, “Our Plenary Council stands on record to urge lay faithful to participate actively and lead in the renewing of politics in accordance with values of the Good News of Jesus.” (PCP-II, p.63) But PCP-II itself points out that the rule is not an absolute one. The more basic principle is that “politics like all human

be more involved in the political life of our country. The second section of Part III (A Renewed Integral Evangelization) was entitled “Announcing a Message of Liberation.” Here it was made abundantly clear that while evangelization and salvation cannot be reduced to the task of temporal liberation, nevertheless, “evangelization is not complete without temporal liberation.” (PCPII p. 46) The Plenary Council cites the words of the 1971 Synod of Bishops: “Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel.” (PCPII, p.46) A sizable portion of PCP-II document is

activities, must be exercised always in the light of the faith of the Gospel; and the requirements of the Gospel in regard to human dignity, justice, charity, the common good, cannot be sacrificed on the flimsy pretext that ‘the Church does not engage in politics’ Concretely this means both clergy and laity must be involved in the area of politics when moral and Gospel values are at stake.” (PCP-II, p. 62) Given this orientation, it should not be surprising that one of the resolutions of PCP-II states: “Lay men and women in responsible positions in our society must help form the civic conscience of the voting population and work to explicitly promote the election to public office of leaders of true integrity.” (Art. 28, #1). PCP-II has drawn up a clear delineation of roles in the

Church’s participation in politics: That pastors have competence in the moral principles governing politics and that the laity have competence in active, direct, partisan politics is a good rule of thumb to follow (PCP-II, p.62). Bishops, priests and religious, commonly identified as “the Church”, must refrain from partisan politics, avoiding especially the use of the pulpit for partisan purposes, to avoid division among the flock they shepherd. (PCP-II, Art. 28, #2). In other words, while the lay faithful are urged to engage in political activity, and can with full freedom participate in partisan politics, pastors can teach moral principles and issue moral guidelines regarding political activity but cannot engage in partisan poli-

FR. GAMMY TULABING JCD, VG tics. Religious too are not allowed to engage in partisan politics. This is the general rule. It is not however an absolute rule. When in the judgment of a competent ecclesiastical authority, moral and gospel vales are at stake, the prohibition against clergy involvement in partisan politics may have to yield to the necessity of upholding the rights of the Church, the common good, and the cause of human dignity and peace. Even as they are fully entitled to lay down moral guidelines regarding elections, bishops and other members of the clergy have no special competence to indicate the best persons to vote for. They cannot oblige the faithful to vote for a certain candidate. Ordination does not confer a special gift of discerning the right candidate to vote for. Indications Turn to page 10



BY: REV. FR. ROMAN C. SAGUN. JR. In September 2006, the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos (UNOR ) launched a book “dedicated to all known, less known and unknown Recollect friars who came to the island of Negros and indefatigably sowed the seeds of the Catholic Faith.” The coffee-table book is entitled Handurawan: Visita Iglesia Negros y Recoletos. It is a showcase of the Recollects’ presence in sharing the faith and building up lives of the Negrenses as unfolded in history. Special thanks to the editor-in-chief, Dennis V. Madrigal, this writer has a copy in hand. This coffee-table book is remarkable for reproducing old photos of churches. What makes it more impressive is that there are some 125 old photos of the Recollects who came to the Island since 1848 when its evangelization was entrusted to them. The handsome book also contains a number of scholarly articles written

by various historians on Negros. They include three Recollect Fathers Angel Martinez Cuesta (the official historian of the Recollect Order based in Rome), Emilio Edgardo Quilatan and Vicente Ramon. They are joined by lay persons like Emmanuel Luis Romanillos, Modesto Saonoy, Dennis Madrigal, Faraon Lopez, and Jorge Mission. The article by Father Angel Martinez Cuesta is captioned “The Augustinian Recollection: Origin, History and Spirituality.” This Spanish Recollect historian points out: “The (Recoleto) Order, obliged to dedicate it-

Also for Businessmen and Professionals:

Our Counselor



But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. –– John 14:26

First Parish Priest of Siaton (1848-1849) self to the Philippines, identified itself with the archipelago and attained therein a splendor and a socio-religious importance as it has never attained in any part or period of its history. The religious residing in the archipelago quintupled in number, increasing from 58 in 1820 to 86 in 1837, to 209 in 1878 and to 330 in 1898.”

I was driving down the interstate feeling discouraged from an appointment I had just had. A former employee’s company was seek ing to displace me, and my company, as their source for our services. It had been one of many difficult events during those months. As I was driving, some words popped into my mind, No weapon formed against you shall prosper. I could not tell you where those words came from other than I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking them to me; I knew they were in the Bible. I knew they were in the Old Testament. When I returned to my office that day, I searched for the key words in my concordance and found the verse. “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you” (ls.54:17a). Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would remind us of the things He desires us to know. There are times in our lives when the Holy Spirit speaks into our spirit words designed to encourage us or give us what we need at the moment. That is just one of the roles of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. The more you know God’s Word, the more often you’ll recall verses the Holy Spirit will bring to mind for a given situation. Study God’s Word and allow the Holy Spirit to remind you of the things He desires you to know.

JULY 2007

Enrolment increases by 2.77%

OVERALL ENROLMENT IN Silliman University for the first semester of school year 2007-2008 increased by 2.77%, from 7,877 students in the same semester last year to 8,095 students this year. College enrolment rose by 2.2%, from 6,005 to 6,139, while enrolment at the School of Basic

Education – made up by the Early Childhood, Elementary and High School departments – rose by 4.5%, from 1,872 to 1,956. Registrar Ms. Annabelle Paa attributed the increase in enrolment to the efforts of the University to further enhance the quality of education and improve its facilities.

She added that growing scholarship (12.6%), College of Arts and Sci- College of Mass Communication opportunities have also paved the ences (9.2%), College of Engineer- and College of Performing Arts. The way for more students to pursue ing and Design (7.9%), College of decrease, Ms Paa explained, may be studies at Silliman. Increases in enrolment were registered in the School of Medicine (42.9%), College of Agriculture (16.7%), Divinity School (15.2%), College of Computer Studies

Alumni gather in Canada ALUMNI FROM AROUND North America gathered in Toronto, Canada from June 27 to July 1 for Tipon 2007, a biennial meeting of Silliman alumni, family and friends. Hosted by the Ontario Silliman University Alumni Association, through the leadership of the Silliman University Alumni Council of North America (SUACONA), Tipon 2007 provided a venue for old classmates, alumni and friends of Silliman to renew bonds and share their wonderful memories of life on the campus by the sea. This year’s theme was “Making Difference: Leadership, Empowerment and Relevance.” In her message, Tipon Silliman 2007 Committee Chair Betsy Jackson said, “this conference provides an opportunity to bring together Silliman alumni leaders and members in attaining a higher standard of leadership that will result in a sustainable change in the 21st century.” Attending the event from Silliman were President Ben Malayang III with wife, Mrs. Gladys Malayang, Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairperson Prof. Leonor Briones,

BOT Vice Chairperson Atty. Noel Tan, Trustee Mrs. Roselyn Delloso, former SU President Agustin Pulido, Alumni Affairs Director Prof. Jocelyn dela Cruz, and Silliman Alumni Association, Inc.’s National President Judge Candelario Gonzalez, Vice President Judge Cresencio Tan Jr. and Executive Secretary Yolanda Maxino. On the opening day, President Malayang delivered his keynote address, updating the alumni of developments on campus related to its academic performance, institutional achievements, and operations. He also shared his five-year development plan for the University under his administration, and the role of the alumni in helping develop the University further. Professor Briones, on the other hand, delivered her talk on June 30, informing the alumni of the functions of the Board in relation to the development plan of the University. One of the more important projects that she presented and discussed was the Portal West Building, a P52 million project due completion in August this year. Among others, her talk was to en-

courage alumni to help realize the Portal West Building through a concept of giving dubbed “Tree of Life”. Tipon 2007 was also graced by Dr. Patricia Stranahan, President of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, an organization that takes charge of receiving donations from Silliman alumni and friends abroad. She spoke about “Alumni Giving and Communications”. This year’s Tipon, a Cebuano term for gathering, is the fourth to be conducted, with the three hosted by different chapters: Chicago (2001), New Jersey (2003) and California (2005). SUACONA is composed of alumni from the following areas: Alaska, Central Coast California, Chicago, Hawaii, Georgia, Houston, Las Vegas Valley, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Montreal, National Capital Region, New England, New York, New Jersey, North Central Florida, North Texas, Northern California, Pacific Northwest, San Diego Southern California, Southern Florida, Southeast Texas, Louisiana, Ontario, Washington and Washington State.

Research Director attends HK conference NEWLY-APPOINTED DIRECTOR of Research of Silliman University, Dr. Enrique Oracion, participated in the First Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning in Lingnan University in Hong Kong last month. The conference was organized by the Office of ServiceLearning of Lingnan University and was co-sponsored by the Lingnan Foundation and the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (UBCHEA). About 170 delegates from various universities and colleges in Asia and the Pacific region participated in the conference, which was divided into three parts: pre-con-

ference workshop, conference proper and post-conference activity. The pre-conference workshop that dealt with the ethical issues and cross-cultural dimensions in service-learning was conducted by UBCHEA. The conference proper served as the venue for paper and poster presentation, while the postconference activity involved visits to the different service-learning host agencies of Lingnan University and some heritage sites in Hong Kong. During the pre-conference workshop, Dr. Oracion shared some of the ethical issues experienced by the service-learning program of Silliman University and

the mitigations it had introduced. He also read a paper entitled, “Impact of Intercultural ServiceLearning on Students: A Quantitative Self-Evaluation”. This paper drew lessons from the results of the International Service-Learning Model Program (ISLMP) held in Silliman University in August 2006 where 20 students from six Asian countries participated. The participation of Dr. Oracion in the Lingnan Conference exposed him to the different service-learning programs and experiences in the Asia-Pacific regions, and provided Silliman opportunities for possible collaboration in the area of evaluative research of service-learning programs.

VPAA shares expertise in Thailand SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY VICE President for Academic Affairs Dr. Betsy Joy Tan was the resource person for the training in “Integrated Curriculum and Learning Module Development” late May at the Mekong Institute (MI), Khon Kaen University in Thailand. The training sought to demonstrate the knowledge of curriculum development system / integrated curriculum principles, and in turn help review and enhance the existing integrated curricula at MI, among others. She facilitated the

training through a lecture-discussion / experiential learning approach among members of the MI program and academic staff. MI is an independent Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) organization chartered to provide specialized learning programs for key public and private sector personnel in the areas of leadership, development and regional cooperation. MI’s residential learning facility is located on the campus of Khon Kaen University in Northeast Thailand. It serves the coun-

tries of GMS: Cambodia, Lao P.D.R., Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Yunnan Province of China. The Director of MI is Dr. Suchat Katima, a Silliman alumnus who obtained his Doctor Education in Educational Management from the University in 2005. Dr. Tan was among his mentors and his adviser for his dissertation, “Core Competencies for Riparian Officials in Developing the Mekong River: A Delphi Study Toward a Modular Training Program”.

One of the features of campus life at Silliman is the opportunity to continue learning and building relationships beyond the classroom.

Business Administration (7.2%) and College of Law (4.3%). Enrolment in the following academic units slightly decreased: College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, College of Education,

due to: (1) the students shift in interest in other courses, and (2) the higher grade and admission exam results requirement of some programs.

Silliman welcomes new Pastor Silliman University has a new pastor in the person of Rev. Noel Villalba, who also sits as a member of the Board of Trustees of Silliman University in a holdover capacity. He replaces interim University Rev. Pastor Jonathan Pia who will be teaching at the Divinity School. Rev. Villalba, whose term will end in 2009, was born on December 18, 1949 in Manila. He graduated with the degrees of Bachelor of Mass Communication and Master of Divinity from Silliman University. Prior to his appointment, he served as: Head Pastor of the United Church for Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) in Davao, Director of the Mindanao Institute in Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte, and Coordinator

of the Asian Committee for People’s Organization of the Urban Rural Mission in Hong Kong. He was also a researcher-writer at the Ibon Facts and Figures in Quezon City. Rev. Villalba has also been invited to deliver speeches in the country and abroad: “Defending Workers Rights in Melbourne, Australia” at the International Trade Union conference organized by the Australia-Asia Workers Link in Australia, and “Crossing Borders for Justice” at the People’s Plan for the 21st Century in Bangkok, Thailand. As a journalist, he has attended the journalist exchange program in East and West Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland sponsored by Dienste in Ubersee.

Nat’l conference for philosophy scholars held at SU More than 30 philosophy teachers, scholars, and enthusiasts attended the 30th Philosophical Association of the Visayas and Mindanao (PHAVISMINDA) National Conference on May 28-30, 2007 at the Silliman University Multi-Purpose Room. The theme of this year’s conference was “Doing Philosophy in the Philippine Context.” SU President Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, a philosophy scholar himself, delivered the keynote address titled, “When Philosophers Play Soccer” (click link to access speech). Several presentors presented their papers, followed by open forums. Those who presented were: Dr. Charito J. Pizarro of the University of San Carlos on “Postmodernism: The Filipino Philosopher’s Edge,”; Dr. Jane D. Gallamaso of Xavier University on “The Philosophical Approaches to

Environmental Preservation,”; Dr. Florentino H. Hornedo of the University of Santo Tomas on “The Historic Roots of Our Traditional Values,”; Dr. Reynaldo Y. Rivera of Silliman University on “What Is Called Doing Philosophy in the Philippines?,”; Dr. Eddie R. Babor of Holy Name University on “Heidegger’s Philosophy of ‘Authentic Existence’ and the Filipinos,”; Fr. Dr. Michael D. Moga, SJ of Ateneo de Zamboanga University on “The Obligation to One’s Self,”; Dr. Rolando M. Gripaldo of De La Salle University on “The Making of a Filipino Philosopher,” and Prof. Christopher Ryan B. Maboloc of Ateneo de Davao University on “Ideology, Perspective, and Social Reality in the Aesthetic Theory of Georg Lukacs.” The 31st PHAVISMINDA National Conference was targeted to be hosted by the University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City.

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Priestly ...

Around Negros


From page 8


Majority flexes muscle, minority takes “crumbs”


embers of the minority in the Dumaguete City Council bewail the apparent haste in the approval of its internal rules and the manner with which the committees were distributed. Maquiling also lamented the fact that Councilor Nilo Sayson was incensed that the majority bloc composed of Coun- the minority councilors were only given cilors Manuel Sagarbarria, Rommel committees which are “non performing.” Both deplored the propensity of the maErames, Noel De Jesus, Urbano Diga, Franklin Esmeña, Edion Catan, Amy jority to use its numbers to get what they Dicen, Faye Tolentino, Harrison Gonzales want. In so many instances, the minority and erstwhile Independent Councilor was always outvoted even in the proposal Allan Cordova first met in a caucus at un- to amend certain provisions in the internal disclosed place before their first session rules. Sayson warned that the administralast Thursday and excluded the minority tion must respect the minority and not to bloc made up of Vice-mayor Woodrow ignore their rights as members of the City Maquiling, Councilors Rotelio Lumjod, Council. Lumjod who stuck it out with the miNilo Sayson and Antonio Remollo. Sayson believes that the caucus merely nority was even stripped of the chairmancemented the plan for the majority to ships he used to hold previously. Antonio Remollo who wanted the Com wrest most if not all of the important committees in the council. Turn to page 19

Zambo Parish taps water line?


he camp of Third District Board Member Bubot Adanza accused the Catholic Church of Zamboanguita of depriving the residents of Poblacion Purok 3 of water for one year after it illegally tapped water from the mainline by using a pipe connected to an underground water tank and electric pump with a capacity of 60 barrels a day. Per record from the police blotter on June 6, 2007, shows that municipal plumbers with a certain SPO4 Jeremias C. Palubon went inside the premises of the Catholic Church to “conduct ocular inspection and verification on the reported illegal connection from the main pipe along Magsaysay Street.” The party reportedly obtained the consent of Rev. Fr. Lyndon Zerna. During the inspection the plumbers discovered the il Turn to page 18

“Gang war” worries city hall; vigilance up


ayor Agustin Perdices noted with concern the occurrence of alleged gang war between members of the “BLOODS” and “CREEPS” in this city. Perdices claims that he has already called the attention of school administrators in order for them to investigate the existence of these gangs and to take appropriate actions. Based on some reports, youths would oftentimes gather near the Piapi Elementary School after they have been prohibited by owners to converge in their establishments. However, the police is keeping an eye on these groups and has even kept an open communication line with them. Meanwhile, Supt. Dionardo Carlos, the Dumaguete Chief of Police, also called the residents of this city to remain vigilant since criminal elements have reportedly shifted to burglary after their nefarious activities Turn to page 19

What’s in a name, Dodo & George?


rankly the poor doesn’t care. How much more the rich? Only two people are making a big issue about the provincial name of this island province. And their names are Dodo and George. Governor Emilio “Dodo” Macias II will use Negros Oriental as the official name of the province while Second District Congressman George Arnaiz insists to continue the use of Oriental Negros when referring to the province in the halls of Congress. Macias told the public not to get confused regarding the official name of the province because if ever it has a “birth certificate” one can find its name as Negros Oriental. Earlier, the National Historical Commission junked the proposal to rename the province as Oriental Negros and ruled that it Turn to page 10

Capitol to open 12 hours a day


his might prove to be a boon for folks who need to transact at the Capitol but live far from the provincial capital city of Dumaguete. Governor Emilio Macias II during his inaugurals vowed to accomplish 11,884 working hours during the next three years of his administration which would require that the Capitol will be opened from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. He said that this would enable those people coming from areas far from Dumaguete to complete their transaction at the Capitol in a day and return home in the evening. Capitol executives are now trying to finalize a two shift working schedule. The first shift is slated to start from 7:00 am to 4 p.m. while the second shift will be from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Governor Macias clarified that this setup won’t require the hiring of additional employees or for the existing ones from Turn to page 18

given by particular members of the clergy must be taken as expressions of opinion. The credence given to such opinions should be based not on their Church position or authority but rather on their perceived reliability in assessing the competence and character of persons. In the matter of choosing candidates, lay people should know that they enjoy and should exercise their Christian freedom. Vatican II reminds pastors to “respect and recognize the liberty which belongs to all in the terrestrial city.” Is it possible for a bishop or priest to be allowed by the Church, and perhaps even obliged to campaign against a particular candidate or party? If the election of a particular party clearly endangers seriously the rights of the Church or the common good, then members of the clergy, like all other citizens are not only allowed but are obliged to prevent the victory of such candidate or party. However, there is nothing either in Philippine or Church law against a priest or bishop encouraging a good and competent person to run for public office. Neither is a priest or a bishop forbidden to mediate the withdrawal of a worthy candidate in favor of another worthy candidate when the candidacy of both may result in the victory of a third but unworthy candidate. CONCLUSION: The Philippine clergy, whether they have intended it or not, have been a significant factor in the political development of our country. These men of God, with all their shortcomings and virtues, while working for the Kingdom of heaven, have helped build the earthly city. And they will doubtless continue to do so in the years to come. In the future, Church involvement in political activity may increase rather than wane until everyone recognizes that the Christian faith is to be exercised in all the dimensions of human living and that the Church has also been entrusted with a mission to renew the temporal order. The Church in the Philippines will not rest content until the whole Filipino nation becomes a disciple of Christ even in its political activity.

July 9

Aventis Topic: Basic Cardiac 13 * Sanofi Seminar 8:00am-5:00pm Joshua 2 * DCC Fellowship 8:00pm-10:00pm Jordan 3


* Sanofi Aventis Topic: Basic Cardiac Seminar 8:00am-5:00pm Joshua 2 * AVON PHILS. Semestral Sales Meeting 9:00am-2:00pm Jordan 1&2

of Neola Josh Bungcasan 15 * Christening 11:30am-1:00pm Joshua 1


GOSPEL (From page 8)

along the way. Into whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this household.’ If a peaceful person lives there, your peace will rest on him; but if not, it will return to you. Stay in the same house and eat and drink what is offered to you, for the laborer deserves his payment. Do not move about from one house to another. Whatever town you enter and they welcome you, eat what is set before you, cure the sick in it and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God is at hand for you.’ Whatever town you enter and they do not receive you, go out into the streets and say, ‘The dust of your town that clings to our feet, even that we shake off against you.’ Yet know this: the kingdom of God is at hand.’ I tell you, it will be more tolerable for Sodom on that day than for that town. The seventy [-two] returned rejoicing, and said, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us because of your name.” Jesus said, “I have observed Satan fall like lighting from the sky. Behold, I have given you the power ‘to tread upon serpents’ and scorpions and upon the full force of the enemy and nothing will harm you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice because the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice because your names are written in heaven.”

Sunday ...


From page 8

poor are such that the oppressed poor finally accept the inhumanity and humiliation of their situation, in other words, they accept the status quo of theirs as the normal course of life. Thus, to be poor becomes both a state of things and an attitude to life, an outlook, even a worldview. As far as the attitude towards the poor is concerned, there has been a gross misunderstanding of one saying of Jesus. In the narrative concerning the anointing of Jesus by a woman of the city as recorded in the Gospel, the disciples complain that precious money is wasted on the expensive perfume when such money could have been used for the poor. To this remark Jesus, according to the

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* DSRT Orientation 8:00am-5:00pm Joshua 2

Call us up at (035) 225-9428/ 422-5373

record in Mathew, retorts: “The poor you always have with you, and you will not always have me” (26:11; cf. Mk 14:17) In the Matthean version, it seems to mean that our Lord confirms the continuing presence of the poor in the world as a law of human life and that therefore there is nothing that can really be done about poverty. On the other hand, the Markean version allows no such supposition. For in his Gospel, Jesus says: “For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you will, you can do good to them; but you will not always have me” (Mk 14:7). If this Word of our Lord is viewed in the light of the statement in Deuteronomy to which our Lord apparently is alluding, then it is perfectly clear that we are not free of the responsibility of caring for the poor in the world. For in Deuteronomy, it says: For the poor will never cease out of the land: therefore I command you, you shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor in the land. You shall remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt and the Lord your God redeemed you (15.11.15).

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(Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)


Ladies in Green

here are many different civic organizations here in our city and province; one organization that is highly respected is the Girl Scouts of the Philippines . The Negros Oriental –Siquijor Council was chartered on Feb 21, 1951 with the late Genoveva Bernardez as the first Council President. Among the original charter members, Mrs. Montserrat Magbanua, Mrs. Anita Villaester and Mrs. Gloria Teves continue to be actively involved with the girl scout movement here. It is heartening to see the emphasis on patriotism that is part of the movement. Each program or meeting starts with the Colors, singing of the Pambansang Awit and recitation of the Panunumpa sa Watatat, followed by the rededication to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. The present Council President, Dr. Profetiza S. Lim assumed office from Atty. Lucy A. Villegas who served two six year terms as Council President. Ms Rosario B. Rosales, fondly called Ms. Oz by everyone runs and supervises the office and Camp Lily Gamo. The other members are all active civic GSP Council President Dr. Profetiza Lim leads the recitation of leaders and successful professionals who take their roles and the Panumpa sa Watawat. Seen in front are Past President Atty Lucy Villegas, Treasurer Baby Amasula, Charter member Anita responsibilities seriously. The Council owns and Villaester and the other members of the board. manages Camp Lily Gamo, a 5hectare land of hills and flatland point challenge”, a merit-badge 1. A Girl Scout’s honor is to with ponds amongst thick ver- program. The girl scouts are be trusted. dant trees located in Pancil, classified according to age: 2. A Girl Scout is loyal. 3. A Girl Scout is helpful. Looc, Sibulan. This camp was Twinkler Scout - ages 4 to 6, 4. A Girl Scout is a friend to all the site of the 33rd National en- Star Scout - ages 6 to 9, Junior campment last October 23 – 30, Girl Scout - ages 9 to 12, Se- and a sister to every other Girl Scout. 2006 where 563 girl scout nior Girl Scout - ages 12 to 15 5. A Girl Scout is courteous. campers enjoyed the camp fa- and Cadet Girl Scout - ages 15 6. A Girl Scout respects living cilities and amenities amidst its to 21. things. natural environs. Last June 29, the girl scouts 7. A Girl Scout is disciplined. The Girl Scouts of the Phil- from the Negros Oreintal8. A Girl Scout is self-reliant. ippines (GSP) is the national Siquijor Council paticipated in 9. A Girl Scout is thrifty. 10. A Girl Scout is clean in guiding association for our girls the simultaneous tree planting

Boy Scouts Council President Arturo Umbac joins GSP Council Vice Pres. Marilyn Victoriano, Pres. Profetiza Lim and Past Pres. Lucy Villegas on the presidential table during a council meeting and young women. Its mission is “to help girls and young women realize the ideals of womanhood and prepare themselves for their responsibilities in the home, and to the nation, and the world community.” Girl Scout troops were organized in the Philippines as early as 1918 by American missionaries directly registered with the Girl Scouts of the USA, Pilar Hidalgo-Lim and Josefa Llanes Escoda spearheaded the organization of a Scout movement for girls and on May 26, 1940, the GSP was chartered under Philippine Commonwealth Act No. 542.The GSP’s program focuses on “well-being, family life, heritage and citizenship, world community, preparedness, economic self-sufficiency, arts and environment.”[3] Center of the program is the “eight-

program of the Department of Education. These young girls, even at their young age, learn to appreciate and protect nature as part of their training and value formation. THE GIRL SCOUT PROMISE On my honor, I will do my duty To God and my country, To help other people at all times And to live by the Girl Scout Law

Visayas Oil ...

washed ashore in some areas; definite lowering of catch of fisher folks noted and a celebrity diver Holger Horn documented via underwater camera how the “biodiversity” of some Bohol waters has been reduced since the seismic surveys started. Dumaguete City-based geologist Angel Alcala categorically stated in a newspaper article (not the Chronicle) that the oil seismic survey done with a series of volley guns underwater (of over 200 decibels) sounds like volcanic eruptions. This is because under the sea the pressure is stronger and amplifies greatly auditory disturbances that can make “humans and fish” significantly deaf because of it. History and seismology-geology professor Jess Tirol (columnist) theorized there is probably “no oil of commercial value” in the spots surveyed. So what was this exercise that damaged the sea habitat and

From page 4 last Saturday night, the Gov-

ernor departed for another more important matter and left the discussion to Congressman Chatto, Chair of last Congress’ Committee on Tourism. Chatto reportedly flew to Manila yesterday to meet with DOE officials. One wonders how that can stop the ongoing seismic oil survey raging near Cabilao Island in Loon. This exasperating “betrayal of trust” on the stakeholders in this episode made many observers lament that this convening of varied interests was merely for political mileage propaganda while the consortium plotted devious ways to go on with the survey anyway. A veritable moro-moro? Meantime, stranded deep sea fishes and uncommon marine life were

thought, word and deed. My thanks to the readers of my column for their kind regards. I hope I have brought some joy into your Sunday. Below is a short email from Rev. Fr. Patrick O’Connell, who was one of the first Redemptorist priests assigned at Our Mother of Perpetaul Help Church here in 1958. Dear Lele, I read your column on the Fiesta at the Redemptorist Church . It was very nicely done with good photos. It brought back a lot of memories from the past. It was in June 1958 that the Redemptorists started in Dumguete, so 2008 will be the golden jubilee. I am hoping to be able to join that celebration. Pat Patrick O’Connell, C.Ss.R.

THE GIRL SCOUT LAW Star scouts from Calindagan Elementary School plant seedlings as part of their tree planting activity for the KAHOY Festival last June 29.

prejudiced commerce and trade in the area for? More than that, the bigger moral question is – during the elections their votes were needed and courted – now are the people’s voices seem to be no longer important to public officials today? Are public consultations on public affairs today really just Consuelo de bobos but the deals are really sealed behind the people’s backs? Look at the proposed Albur landfill project. Before an Environmental Certificate of Clearance (ECC) is issued by the DENR and the people of Albur were extensively and democratically assessed – the roads leading to the landfill area are allegedly finished already. Another “done deal” and then more “press releases” in the offing on this one? For Comments: email to or

Birthdays ... (Nancy)

From page 6

as long as we will let them. The big problems I try to make friends with; the small problems many times solve themselves without much of my help. It is the worry and anxiety that cause the deep wrinkles in our face and aches in our bones, joints and nerves. Each birthday is a day to start over, to forgive and forget, and to remember that life is a gift that God has given us. It is a day to set aside time to discover our true self, to reflect on what we have learned during the past years, to embrace the present, to rejoice in the gift of another day, to dream, and to look forward with eager anticipation to the future. One quotation that I have jotted down in my journal, author not noted, says, “I believe that God has a dream for each of us, and our greatest challenge and joy lies in finding and following that dream wherever it may lead.” Now that I think about it, each day in life should be celebrated as a birthday. When we awake in the morning, we wake to the birth of a new day. Happy Birthday to all of us!


Contact person: Julia at 225-2561.


ORDER Petitioner, through counsel, filed a verified petition for correction of entry in the certificate of live birth of Herbert A. Querubin appearing in his birth records in the office of the Local Civil Registrar of Canlaon City, Oriental Negros, praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an Order be issued directing the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Canlaon City, Oriental Negros and Administrator and Civil Registrar General, National Statistics Office to cause the correction of petitioner’s gender or sex from “FEMALE” to “MALE” and his Last Name and that of his Father from “QUERUBEN” to “QUERUBIN” which is indicated in his Certificate of Live Birth under Local Civil Registry No. 88-996. WHEREFORE, finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, and in compliance with the jurisdictional requirements of publication, let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Oriental Negros once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks before the date of hearing, at the expense of the petitioner. Any interested party is hereby directed to appear on September 4, 2007 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court and show cause why the petition should not be granted. SO ORDERED. June 18, 2007, Guihulngan, Oriental Negros, Philippines.

The Negros Chronicle June 24, July 1 & 8, 2007


MARIO O. TRINIDAD Presiding Judge


NOTICE is hereby given that ALEJO CABASAG have filed and executed a Deed of Absolute Sale on Lot No. 2139, Pls-1049-D under OCT No. FP-9858, situated at Olang, Maria, Siquijor, containing an area of 172 sq.m., in favor to Salvinia S. Pownall per Doc. No. 20, Page No. 4, Book No. IV, Series of 2007 of Notary Public Atty. Adam S. Duhaylungsod. The Negros Chronicle July 8, 15 & 22, 2007



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WISH FURNITURE DEPOT 521 South Pacific Building Perdices Street, Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-5643


Teacher, drunken man injured after stabbings

C & L Suites Inn

Perdices St. Dgte. City Tel. No. 225-6219 / 422-9671


male teacher in Piapi High School was in jured after he was stabbed by a resident of the said place early Tuesday afternoon. Investigation showed that the 53-year old victim was parking his unit outside the school on his way to re

Residencia Maximo

Along E.J. Blanco Drive, Dgte. City Tel. No. 422-2361 “Ideal haven for visitors to unwind in a

Turn to page 19

Two ladies held up near Bishop’s Palace


he two ladies were already going home to their respective residences in Southern Junob on board a motorcycle, Dumaguete City when upon reaching near the Bishop’s Palace in barangay Bagacay past 11:30 pm two motorcycle riding men suddenly appeared from behind and pointed their guns at them. Almost paralyzed by grabbed them causing one fear the victims slowed of the victims to fall on the down as the unidentified pavement. The suspects fled with suspects demanded for their bags. When they re- their loot which include, fused, one of the men Turn to page 19

American fugitive held for child abuse olice and an agent from the Bureau of Immi


gration and Deportation arrested a suspected American fugitive from justice inside a hotel last Monday. The United States Embassy sought the assistance of the Philippine authorities since the suspect was charged with child abuse back in his home country. Supt. Dionardo Carlos, Forty-two year old, Stanley Dan Reczko from the Dumaguete PNP chief, Henderson Hauburn, New is also looking into the posYork was nabbed by virtue sibility that Recsko will of an arrest warrant issued also be held accountable by Immigration Commis- for marrying a 16-year old sioner Marcelino Libanan. Turn to page 19

Cellphone robberies continue unabated hree people lost their mobile phones to rob-


bers in three separate incidents. Emmelou Calumba accused a certain Mark Ennumerabellon and three other men of snatching her cellular phone while she was standing at the old bridge in Calindagan. The suspects forcibly took her unit and fled into the interior part of Purok Canday-ong of the said barangay. Meanwhile, a fifteen- cellphone to unknown susyear old student also lost pects who took her unit her Nokia 6070 when she moTurn to page 19

Motorcycle carnapped; lodger’s room ransacked


student of AMA Computer Center lost his Honda Wave motorcycle while being parked in front of Ever Mall Building at around 11 in the morning, Wednesday. The victim Joffet Ebrasabol discovered the loss after attending his classes at the upper floor of the said building. Meanwhile, thirty-two assistance after she lost her year old Flordelis mini component worth Turn to page 19 Montefalcon sought police Php

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Send your biodata to: Jay Rm. 306 Check-Inn Pension House Locsin St., Dumaguete City

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Garden of Saints MEMORIAL CHAPELS Camanjac, Dumaguete City Day & Night Service, 24 Hours a Day Tel. Nos.: (035) 225-8777 225-6580


Barangay 9, Magallanes St. Tanjay City Oriental Negros Tel. # (035) 527-1461 # (035) 415-9789 Branch:

DAL S GENERAL MERCHANDISE DALS # 24 San Jose St., Dumaguete City


“Attending to your financial needs is our business.” Offers: Real Estate Loans; Vehicle, Tricycle, Motorcycle Loans; SSS,AFP,US, GSIS Pension Loans; Teachers’ Salary Loans with 1.5% interest rate per month.

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n May 10, Acelfa Galera rushed to the office of Bais City election officer Juvenal O. Tuale, Jr. to ask for the disqualification of 412 nominees for the 3-member Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) who will oversee the voting in Bais’s 234 precincts. Word had earlier reached the NPC-Unity mayoralty camp of Francisco “Mayor Boy” Villanueva that the opposing party of the incumbent, Laban reelectionist Mayor Hector “Tata” Villanueva, a distant cousin, had reviewed the DECS list from Superintendent Mario C. Andong and replaced a majority of the names with his own “casuals,” in violation of the requirement that “only public school teachers with permanent appointments” will serve.

Despite letters from lawyers plus personal visits from “Mayor Boy” himself, Tuale brushed aside the request. May 13 came. Totally ignoring the retired public school teacher-turned-volunteer for free, clean and honest elections, Acelfa Galera’s face fell with Tuale’s haughty pronouncement that the list was final. The “casuals” from Mayor “Tata’s” office stay. Finding its way into the 234 precincts, the list produces only four (4) legitimate BEIs. The other 230 precincts had to contend with illegally constituted BEIs. Consequently, the canvassing saw only 30 election returns (ERs) pulled through for the counting. Despite the fact that “Mayor Boy” was leading over the incumbent in the initial rounds, “Mayor Boy’s” lawyers moved for the suspension of the canvassing due to the illegal composition of the Board of Canvassers. Deciding as chairman of the Board of Canvassers, and much to his chagrin and absolute disappointment, Atty. Tuale ordered the suspension. No resumption is in the offing as the COMELEC has its hands full with the Mindanao dilemma.

BAIS CITY BOARD OF CANVASSERS resumed on July 4, 2007 a marathon canvass of votes and proceeded to proclaim its “winners.” At right, Francisco “Boy-V” Villanueva said he will continue the quest for justice, until the case reaches its finality regardless of time.

grounds as basis of the election failure, the causes ranged from the partiality and oppression of the election officer, rampant vote-buying, violence and terrorism characterized by the serious illegal detention of several illiterate IPs (Indigenous Peoples) days before election day in a maneuver to get their votes, unexplained murders, a late-afternoon massacre on November 21, 2006 now pending before the Ombudsman, and other petty, trivial franks resulting from skirmishes among followers and watchers of both camps. Poster destruction, pretended accusations of alleged fake I.D.’s just to distract watchers, disruption of the voting flow, switching of functions among the chairmen, poll clerks and third members of the BEI, mishandling of ballot boxes, candidate’s meddling with the voting process, etc. Badges of fraud started emerging with the filing of a certificate of candidacy for mayor predeterminedly set up as a “nuisance candidate.” Warlito “Boy” Culi was put up as an “independent” candidate to confuse the voters because the NPC-Unity mayoralty candidate is known as “Boy” or “Mayor Boy.” Then the locks in the Treasurer’s office were broken and replaced. Take a look at this scenario. A precinct chairman from far-off Barangay Cambagahan reads the name “Francisco Villanueva” from a ballot and decides to credit the vote in favor of the incumbent. Watchers protest. The chairman argues that in the certificate of candidacy of Francisco Villanueva, his nickname is “Mayor Boy” or “Boy V.” Since the family name is “Villanueva” and the incumbent is a “Villanueva,” therefore the vote goes to incumbent Mayor “Tata.” The voter’s intention is ignored. If you were a watcher of “Mayor Boy,” wouldn’t you be indignant?

On June 5, a petition for “declaration of failure of election” under Section 6 of the Omnibus Election Code was subsequently filed with the COMELEC. It’s been 20 days since, but respondents Tuale and “Tata” Villanueva have not 1989 when Francisco opposed the petition. The COMELEC “Boy” From G. Villanueva became Mayor en banc will hear this. The million- of Bais upon the death of then Mayor dollar question is when? Genaro Goñi, he stayed in that position until 2000, serving his flock afAnchored on multiple ter victories in the elections of 1991,

1994 and 1997 against Mayor “Tata” Villanueva, with just a margin of 1,000 in 1991, a little over 1,000 in 1994 and 1997. In the 2004 elections, the margin of votes between Mayor “Tata” Villanueva and his then opponent, Merci Goñi, was just “69” votes. Don’t scream but hold your breath, in this election, the margin of votes between Francisco “Boy” Villanueva and Hector “Tata” Villanueva is an amazing, statistically improbable 4,700 votes.

Under the doctrine of statistical improbability, consonant to the provisions of Section 42 of R.A. 9369 amending Section 27, par. (b), item (2) of R.A. 6646 in relation to Section 261 of the Omnibus Election Code, “when the tampering, increase or decrease of votes, or the refusal to credit the correct votes and/or to deduct such tampered votes are perpetrated on a large scale or in substantial numbers, the same shall be considered not as an ordinary election offense under Section 261 of the Omnibus Election Code but a special offense to be known as ELECTORAL SABOTAGE and the penalty to be imposed shall be LIFE IMPRISONMENT. Affidavits of witnesses tell horrendous stories of what the legal circles here term the “rape of the election process” in Bais City. In effect, what the petitioner prays for is the annulment of all the ERs and have the COMELEC order a “special election.” Aren’t they done yet with Maguindanao? –– Space paid by supporters of Boy Villanueva



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All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ================ AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Lupega Bldg., Dr. V. Locsin St., Dumaguete City


THANK YOU FIL-PRODUCTS MANAGEMENT AND STAFF FOR SALE: House & Lot Along Highway Cadawinonan, Dumaguete City, 115 sq. meters, Asphalted Road, P900T.



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San Jose St. Dgte. City Tel. 225-8298 / 422-9571

and start over”. That is hardly a realistic or practical solution. A local leader in this community said to a room full of people, “Filipinos have never produced anything for the world except pretty women”. Wrong. History is written by those in power and those in power almost never acknowledge the work of those subjugated or without a voice. The Philippines has been dominated by other nations for almost all of its history Prior to Philippine colonization by Spain , the Philippine people carried on a thriving trade with other countries, including Java, Sumatra and even China . Beyond normal exchange of food items, Filipinos were known for their textiles and gold craft. They mined their own metals, when much of the world barely knew what metal was and how to process it. Early Filipinos not only had their own language, they also created their own alphabet. The letter in the center of the Philippine Katipunan flag is pronounced “ka” and means “freedom” in pre-Spanish Filipino. Early visitors to the Philippines found her people to be highly cultured and literate. There is evidence that early inhabitants of Palawan practiced trepanning (drilling holes in the skull to relieve pressure). This medical practice is still used today to relieve cranial pressure. The high percentage of healed patients indicates an early knowledge of how to fight or prevent infections. Despite the early indications of Filipino medical skills, the Spanish would not allow the people to learn or practice medicine until the mid 1800’s. Who knows what Filipinos might have been able to contribute if only the ruling powers had allowed them to develop to their full potential?

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Aldea Bldg., San Juan cor. Perdices St., Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office =================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Magallanes St., Tanjay City All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office =================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Quezon Street, Bais City


O R D E R A verified petition for the correction of entry in the birth certificate of Jan Francis Bautista Roa having been filed in this court represented by his mother

Supreme Court of the Philippines Judicial and Bar Council Manila



27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52.


The public may submit sworn complaint, written report, or opposition against any of the aforesaid applicants NOT LATER THAN JUNE 15, 2007, to the JBC Secretariat, 2nd Flr., Centennial Bldg., Supreme Court, Padre Faura St., Manila (Tel. No. 552-9812; FAX No. 5529598 email address; June 4, 2007. (Sgd) MA. LUISA D. VILLARAMA Clerk of Court & JBC Ex Officio Secretary

Most people know that Magellan was killed by Chief Lapulapu when he “invaded” this country. This example should have been emulated by other Asian nations. It would have prevented the rape of Asia by western powers. What many people fail to appreciate is that the Philippines was the first Asian nation to revolt against colonization and the first Asian country to establish a republic. It is hard to historically match the determination and courage exhibited by the Filipino people in their quest for free-

dom. The American Department of Defense estimates that 217,000 Americans lost their lives fighting for their Independence and freedom. In just this single insurrection against America , Filipinos lost over 600,000 lives. Their 100 year struggle for freedom against four modern nations is unmatched in bloody courageous sacrifice. They led Asia , by heroic example, in the overthrow of empirical tyranny. (NEXT WEEK: Filipino Achievers)

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ==================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Claro M. Recto Street Bayawan City

public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ===================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Canlaon Branch Blk. 3 New Bus Terminal Canlaon City

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ==================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS H. Villanueva St., Siaton, Neg. Or.

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ==================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Corner Pinili & Mabini Sts. Dumaguete City

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ==================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Guihulngan Branch Quezon St., Pob. Guihulngan, Neg. Or.

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ==================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS North Poblacion, Jimalalud Negros Oriental

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office =================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Sta. Catalina Branch P. Villanueva St., Sta. Catalina, Neg. Or.

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ==================== AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Tanjay Branch 2 Nono, Limbaga Drive Tanjay City

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to public auction on July 15, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. at this office Anna Jana C. Bautista Roa, praying that, after due notice, publication and hearing,

All unredeemed pledges from February 1-28, 2007 will be sold to

the Local Civil Registrar of Dumaguete City, be directed to make corresponding correction in the petitioner’s Certificate of Live Birth; Finding the foregoing petition to be in due form and substance, let the said petition be initially heard by this court at its session hall in this Court, RTC Branch 31, Hall of Justice, Piapi, Dumaguete City, on July 30, 2007 at 8:30 in the morning, and all interested persons who may be minded to oppose the petition are hereby enjoined to come, appear and show cause why the petition shall not be given due course. The petitioner is hereby directed to cause this order to be published in a newspaper of general publication in the Province of Negros Oriental and in its five (5) component cities, once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks before the initial hearing. And, let copies of this order be posted at the bulletin boards of the Local Civil Registrar of Dumaguete City, and of this court, and other conspicuous places. Issue summons to the Local Civil Registrar of Dumaguete City and in this light petitioner is hereby directed to submit to this Court more copies of his petition. Furnish the Office of the Solicitor General with a copy of this order. SO ORDERED. Given this 28th day of May 2007, at Dumaguete City, Philippines.

The Negros Chronicle June 24, July 1 & 8, 2007


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Main Office Legaspi Street In Front of Holy Child Dumaguete City

INVIT ATION TO BID INVITA JBIC Loan PH-P200 SECONDARY EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT AND IMPROVEMENT PROJECT SCHOOL FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT 1. The Government of the Philippines (GOP) through the Department of Education has received an Official Development Assistance (ODA) Loan from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) towards the financing of the Secondary Education Development and Improvement Project (SEDIP) last December 28, 1999. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this loan, together with the GOP counterpart funds, will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for Construction of Single-Storey, Science Laboratory Building in Bais National High School – Calasgaan Annex, Calasgaan, Bais City, Oriental Negros. Disbursement of the ODA Loan from JBIC will be subject in all respects to the terms and conditions of Loan Agreement PH-P200. No party other than the Department of Education shall derive any rights from the Loan Agreement or have any claims to loan proceeds. 2. The City Local Government Unit of the City of Bais now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders to enter into contract based on award for the Construction of Single-Storey, Science Laboratory Building which is envisioned to be completed within 65 calendar days. 3. Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the JBIC’s Local Competitive Bidding procedures and is open to all Bidder’s from eligible source countries as defined in the “Guidelines for Procurement under JBIC Loans.” 4. A complete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased by interested bidders upon submission of the Letter of Intent (LOI) and payment of a nonrefundable fee of Php2,000.00 from the SEDIP NPMO, DepED Division of Oriental Negros and the BAC Office of Bais City. The Bidding Documents shall be received personally by the bidder or his authorized representative which will be issued on July 2, 2007 and not later than July 10, 2007; 5:00P.M. 5. The BAC-City of Bais will hold a Pre-Bid Conference open to all Eligible Bidders on July 11, 2007 @ 1:30 PM at the City Hall of Bais. 6. Eligible Bidders must submit their Bids at the City Hall of Bais on or before July 24, 2007 @ 1:30 PM. All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid security in either of the following forms, cash, certified check, cashier’s check, bank draft, irrevocable letter of credit or a bank guarantee in an amount equivalent to Bid Security Amount

Construction of Single-Storey, Science Laboratory Building



Republic of the Philippines PROVINCE OF ORIENTAL NEGROS City of Bais

Project Name



Late Bids will not be accepted. The Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) will only be disclosed by BAC after the opening of bids in accordance with the instruction to Bidders. Bids will be opened in the presence of the Bidder or its authorized representatives who choose to attend the opening of bids. 7. JBIC requires that all bidders and contractors as well as the LGU and DepED-SEDIP shall observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of contracts. In pursuance of this policy JBIC. a) will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the bidder recommended for award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question; b) will recognize a contractor as ineligible for a stated period of time if it, at any time determines that the contractor has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for, or in executing another contract financed in part from JBIC ODA Loans or other Japanese ODA. 8. The BAC of City of Bais reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid to annul the bidding process and to reject all Bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Bidder or Bidders.

All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on July 13, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. at this office.

AUCTION SALE AGENCIA BELEN Branch I Noblefranca Street Dumaguete City

All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on July 14, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. at this office.

AUCTION SALE AGENCIA BELEN Branch II Cor. Perdices & Sta. Rosa Sts., Dumaguete City

All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on July 16, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. at this office.


SCHEDULE OF TRIPS AND RATES EFFECTIVE MAY 19, 2007 TOURIST BUSINESS DESTINATION ETD ETA ACCOMMODATION CLASS CLASS DAPITAN 6:00AM 11:40AM TOURIST/BC 1,100.00 1,550.00 DUMAGUETE 6:00AM 9:40AM TOURIST/BC 800.00 1,150.00 6:00AM 7:40AM TOURIST/BC 500.00 800.00 CEBU 9:30AM 11:20AM TOURIST/BC 500.00 800.00 TAGBILARAN 2:00PM 3:50PM TOURIST/BC 500.00 800.00 6:20PM 8:00PM TOURIST/BC 500.00 800.00 CEBU 12:20PM 6:00PM TOURIST/BC 1,100.00 1,550.00 DAPITAN DUMAGUETE 12:20PM 2:00PM TOURIST/BC 520.00 820.00 TAGBILARAN 12:20PM 4:00PM TOURIST/BC 730.00 1,080.00 CEBU 2:20PM 6:00PM TOURIST/BC 800.00 1,150.00 DUMAGUETE DAPITAN 10:00AM 11:40AM TOURIST/BC 520.00 820.00 TAGBILARAN 2:20PM 4:00PM TOURIST/BC 520.00 820.00 7:15AM 9:05AM TOURIST/BC 500.00 800.00 11:50AM 1:40PM TOURIST/BC 500.00 800.00 CEBU 4:20PM 6:00PM TOURIST/BC 500.00 800.00 TAGBILARAN 5:30PM 7:20PM TOURIST/BC 500.00 800.00 DAPITAN 8:00AM 11:40AM TOURIST/BC 730.00 1,080.00 DUMAGUETE 8:00AM 9:40AM TOURIST/BC 520.00 820.00 ORIGIN

Branch III Dr. V. Locsin St., Dumaguete City


All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on July 17, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. at this office.



Branch IV Twin Arcade Bldg., Dumaguete City

All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on July 18, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. at this office.

TAGBILARAN OFFICE: (038) 235-3562 (038) 501-9023 0922-317-8314

HILONGOS OFFICE: (053) 567-8010 0918-536-5704 0917-325-6299

TUBIGON OFFICE: (038) 508-8007 0917-320-7492

BACOLOD OFFICE: ILOILO OFFICE: DAPITAN OFFICE: DUMAGUETE OFFICE: (Super Bullet Terminal) (Supercat Terminal) 0918-285-9924 0919-744-2648 (033) 337-9914 0922-692-9618 (035) 226-1085/ 0922-957-6249 (034) 433-5359 CEB-CEBU BAC-BACOLOD DAP-DAPITAN



(Sgd) CARMELINO L. MORALES BAC Chairman Bais City, Oriental Negros The Negros Chronicle July 1 & 8, 2007

Telefax No. (035) 402-3182

MO VING? MOVING? Call: Lipat-Bahay Francis TRUCKING SERVICES 225-2365 0920-779-7378 Colon Ext. Taclobo, Dumaguete City

School & Office Supplies, Photo Copying 304 Perdices St., Dumaguete City Philippines 6200, Tel. No. 225-9625









12:00 NOON 01:00 PM 04:30 AM 07:00 AM 12:00 NOON 01:00 PM 09:00 AM 10:00 AM 04:30 AM 07:00 AM 08:30 PM 11:00 PM 12:00 NOON 01:00 PM 04:30 AM 07:00 AM



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City to ...

Battered ...

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(From the CHRONICLE Files)

Supervisor- teachers exchange charges


uly 3, 1977 —- Some twenty-five public school teachers assigned at the Bayawan Central Elementary School pleaded not guilty to the charge of perjury filed against them by their own district supervisor, formally bringing to court an administrative feud which has existed for several months now. The accused teachers represent half of the teaching force of the said school with a student population of 1,000. Lodged as Criminal Case No. 2290 be- of discretion, favoritism, acts tending to difore the court of First Instance Branch V, vide the loyalty of teachers, nepotism and like. In retaliation, the district supervithe case stemmed from a petition filed ad- the sor, disclaiming all the teacher’s adminisministratively by these teachers against trative charges, filed said perjury case their district supervisor citing alleged abuse against the 25 mentors.



“Sweeping land reform makes new enemies”


uly 5, 1987 —- Negros Occidental Gov. Daniel Lacson Jr. has cautioned the government against implementing a sweeping land reform program, saying that it will be creating new enemies if it goes ahead. Lacson was addressing a mainly-planter audience at the El Oriente Hotel in Dumaguete City. He said that the country cannot afford to have a new bunch of enemies when it is already facing battles against the NPA, MNLF, Marcos loyalists and cronies who lost their opportunities. For his part, Negros Oriental Governor hectares in hinterlands of the province which Meniong Teves said government lands can be placed under land reform. The govshould first be placed under the land re- ernment, he said, is willing to subdivide the form program. The Department of Agrar- lots among land farmer, including the conian Reform has identified some 50,000 struction of the farm-to-market roads.


Ipe Remollo to form city “dream team”


uly 6, 1997 —— Lawyer Felipe Antonio Remollo said he will try to form a “dream team” for Dumaguete during the 1998 elections, under his ticket. The young lawyer who announced that he is still partyless, was one of those who met President Fidel Ramos at the airport during his brief visit to the province. However, if he is to choose a party, he would prefer the party of the president. In explaining the “dream team,” Remollo is scouting all the best candidates in the locality to join him to further the progress of Dumaguete. However, Art Pinili, who is calling the shots of the Lakas party in the city

said Remollo should first join the Lakas so that a convention can be called to determine who will be the common candidate for the mayoral post in the city.

JOB OPPOR TUNITY OPPORTUNITY RPRP Ventures Management & Development Corporation RPRP Ventures Management & Development Corporation urgently needs the ff. applicants: • • • • •

Computer Programmer Marketing / Sales Representatives Customer Service Representatives Technical Support Representatives Bookeeper / Accounting Clerks

QUALIFICATIONS: • College graduate not more than 30 years old • Of good moral character

Be Honest EVEN IF OTHERS ARE NOT EVEN IF OTHERS WILL NOT EVEN IF OTHERS CANNOT A message from The Brotherhood Christian Businessmen and Professionals FOR SALE

HOUSE AND LOT 1,000 sq. mts. Big, house, high fence, fully screened, semi furnished within Dgte. City. P4.5M. Cell No. 09198216098.

Plaza Maria Luisa Suites Inn Legaspi St., Dumaguete City

Tel. 225-7994

Email your resume to: Previous applicants need not to apply.

Sta. Rosa, Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-7384

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e wanted Amazing Grace sang at his funeral. He wanted that to be his message to all. He also wanted the song that goes – “hold your head up high. .. and don’t be afraid of the dark…”. And since he was no longer afraid of the dark, he wanted the Lord as his Shepherd -Psalm 23 - to be read during the rites. That would be perfect, he said.

The diminutive man whose huge, generous heart, always compassionate especially to the underprivileged and downtrodden, could no longer bear the pain and burdens of the earthly plane. The afterlife, with no sense of time and space, and the comforting presence and guidance of loved ones who went ahead, was a welcome choice. “Coffee!”, would be his peremptory order everytime a visitor arrived – whether that visitor was the project manager for the construction of the new city market arriving at 6 a.m to confer or a farmer with squawking chickens in hand to give in exchange for legal advice. If it was the latter, the coffee should come with a full breakfast. It was a given: no visitor, especially the poorly-clad should go home on an empty stomach. This generosity certainly rubbed off on us—we like feeding people! He asked for forgiveness for being controlling. He said he was obsessed with making sure all his 9 children would be able to finish college. It’s not hard to visualize him looking at his list – Maria Fatima, Maria Carmen, Passed CPA exam, Maria Isabel, Maria Katrina - all graduated! My boys Patricio Emmanuel, Epifanio Jr., John


To a great yet, humble man, a loving father and husband ... a public servant

R.: S O G I D E S J. O I N A F I P E ATTY. e m o H g n i d Hea

The diminutive man that was my father , Atty.Epifanio Jorolan Sedigo, Sr. – brilliant lawyer and public servant; controlling father and reliable spouse; stalwart uncle and loyal friend – is “heading Home”.


Dominic, Jose Antonio and Mario Paul – Done! And he certainly wanted all of us to be lawyers but was satisfied with checking two. Nine educated children, nine check marks. He wished he were more demonstrative. He wished he told us he loved all of us. He didn’t want to make a choice – his sons? his daughters? He never made that choice, never loving the five sons more than the four daughters. He loved all his children. Perhaps he played the role of overbearing father because he probably felt if he was too gentle and less firm; too emotional and less logical - where will the 9 of us end up? Indeed, a lesser man would have given up a long time ago. Working by day, studying by night, raising 9 children... a dedicated and determined man. God has been kind to my father. Or perhaps He was simply indulgent to an earthly son who thought he could always brilliantly argue and debate his way to get anything he wanted. Perhaps he made a compelling argument then. And perhaps when Toting was preparing to argue again as to why he should be made to live longer, God very gently told him that this time, because He loved him so, it was time to “come Home” and rest from having to carry the earthly burdens almost single-handedly. God indeed has been kind. My father loved serving the city of

Dumaguete. He had a dream and a vision. He was hardworking and felt equally relaxed welcoming visitors from the American Navy or grilling fish at the beach with the fisher folk. I think he was happiest when he was discharging his responsibilities as Secretary to the Mayor for many years and then as City Coordinator. With focus, leadership and honesty. Lest one thinks he was perfect, he had his own very human traits. But one couldn’t fault the strength of his character. None of us his children can ever come close to having that. This we can all agree on. Oh, he was doggone stubborn! Even when he learned he had cancer, he was not about to let that stop him from wanting to live. He so very much wanted to live because he didn’t want to leave his spouse, Teodora, behind. But he was told that in the same way he came into this world – alone; he will leave this world – alone. My older sister, Maria Fatima, asked him in February Papa, where is your faith? When it looked like he already wanted to let go then. Perhaps this spurred him on to want to live. A while longer. When one considers his greatest achievement –sending all 9 of us to college – perhaps he had the most faith! His mahjong buddies will miss him. He liked mahjong because he said it kept his brains sharp. I think he just wanted to compete. He liked competition. He liked winning and until a few months before his death, he was still practicing law. Even when he suffered this most recent “defeat”, he was gracious about it and still felt he won. After all, he is now free. Truly free. As he moves towards the light; as we, the living, grieve, I hope that in God’s own, hopefully short time, our whole family will leave this dark place of indescribable sorrow and move towards the light of peace and true harmony. We pray for God’s Amazing Grace and that from being blind, we will now see. For everything there is a time and a season. Goodbye, Papa. We love you. We can never thank you enough for what you have done for us. We can never even hope to emulate what you have done for the City of Dumaguete. Such tireless, selfless public service will not go unrewarded in the realm where it matters most. Please kiss our blue-baby sister, Maria Carmela for us.

– from your loving Children and wife



Terra Cotta ... country, has also gained


Safety ...

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Tata and ... Bais vote ...

From page 2 From page 2 From page 2 Aba to COMELEC Mathe LGU has a budget longer safe anymore.” 2 forsurplus of about Php 60- 80 nila. supportFrom from page respected Others are alarmed that million that can be tapped As of last count, Zubiri eign artists—Dr. Skeff Thothe unresolved murder of to provide the basic services is reportedly ahead already mas of U.S.A., Dionisio Zarei would signal an open of his constituents and of Pimentel by 1,086 votes Cimarelli of Italy, Meri Anicin Pejoska of the Re- season for foreign students. implementing his initiatives. after the election results Hence, they were told by Villanueva said that no from Maguindanao, Shariff public of Macedonia, Toushin Maruyama of Ja- their worried families to go one can actually oppose the Kabunsuan and Tamparan home early and stay inGovernor’s aim for food se- have been canvassed. pan, Peter Bevan of U.K., curity, livelihood and emEntang Wiharso, Andita doors. By now, Zubiri has ployment opportunities, in- 10,973,797 votes compared However, there are still Purnama Sari Adita, and frastructure, relevant educaJenny Lee of Indonesia and some foreign students, even to Pimentel’s 10, 972, 711 Iranians, who “continue to tion, improved health pro- votes. Joyce Fan of Singapore. gram, peace and order and These artists will be here party and hang out until the Team Unity claims that not only to participate in the wee hours of the morning.” many others. “This is what local offi- once the votes of Bais City special traveling exhibition Naoki laments that they are at Mariyah Gallery and the apparently unconcerned cials have been doing, so and Bogo, Cebu are included, Zubiri would lead exhibit and competition at about their safety and well- there is no point that by 17,000 against Pimentel. the Foyer Gallery, Luce Au- being. The inclusion of the Bais ditorium, Silliman UniverBased on forecasts, this tial of the city and of the sity , but will also lecture so-called university town is country to become an excel- COC was delayed after a and share their expertise on slowly becoming one of the lent alternative destination pre-proclamation protest the terracotta medium to lo- favorite destinations of for- for students who are seek- was filed by the camp of cal artists, educators, stu- eign students from countries ing quality education at Boy Villanueva questioning dents and cultural workers. the composition of the like Korea, Japan, United lower costs. Maruyama will also conduct Board of Canvassers, but States of America and Iran. The tourism of the provfree workshops specially to COMELEC Manila orSilliman University hosts ince also stand to benefit under privileged youths and dered the resumption of the some 251 foreign students since these students can alschool children. He is supcounting and Boy’s rival ported by Japan Foundation, from 19 countries while ways become our own pro- Tata Villanueva was promore than a dozen Koreans moters to their respective Manila. The Terracotta Biennial are enrolled in Foundation family and friends who will claimed as mayor of Bais. Tomorrow, the National be lured to come and visit which will run from July 8- University. These foreign students Dumaguete City and 12, 2007 will also feature Tampo Lapuk, an art exhi- usually enroll in language Negros Oriental. bition of paintings, video, courses while most Iranians Mercifully, authorities and installations by artists take up engineering and in- have recognized the threat foreign students. In fact, from all over the country at formation technology. posed by the criminal ele- Naoki, a Japanese national, Foundation University. A Government and school ments to the bright pros- noted with relief the inpre-biennial activity, officials expressed elation pects of this city and have creasing police presence in KUYUG: an art exhibition over this development since taken steps to guarantee the the campus and streets. at Turn to page 21 it only highlights the poten- security of its visitors and

What’s in ...

Church in ...

From page 10

From page 10

should remain as Negros Oriental. Meanwhile, Rep. George Arnaiz will prioritize the repair and widening of roads in his district in a bid to reduce traffic congestion. It is expected that he will use the bulk of his Countrywide Development Fund (CDF) also known as pork barrel estimated at Php 35 million for the repair of the major roads before widening them.

legal connection and the concreted underground water tank with 12 cubic meters of water in it but with no water meter reader attached. Adanza further alleged that the water will be used for consumption of the parochial school, churchyard and convent. The local government is preparing charges against the priests or for those who are involved for violation of the Anti Water Pilferage Law and the local ordinance on the management, operation and maintenance of the water system of Zamboanguita. Msgr. Gamaliel Tulabing, who is the Vicar General of the Diocese of Dumaguete, appealed for a cessation of attacks against the clergy in the said town since Fathers Lyndon Zerna and Jay Enriquez have chosen to stop criticizing the Adanza family.

PAL trade ... From page 2 access rights to RP market. Yet until now they are only able to mount 20 weekly flights to the Philippines and only to Manila because of the absence of passenger demand.” Meanwhile, the Fair Trade Alliance, represented by its lead convenor, former Sen. Wigberto Tanada, also agreed with economic liberalization. “However, we are for an economic liberalization that is calibrated, measured, progressive and synchronized with our own development priorities.” The group firmly opposes the unilateral opening up of Philippine skies without any equal reciprocity. “There should be a level playing field for Filipinos and foreigners alike,”

Capitol ... From page 10 taking overtime. He said that if he will follow the office hours of his predecessor which total some 40 working hours a week, then they can only manage to accomplish 6,248 working time in the next 36 months of his term.

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This is not about rumors and gossips peared and attacked him. BY ELY P. DEJARESCO of attention-hungry celebrities. Sad to say, the word apThe said incident was re- pears to be more associated with the latter than with the former. (From page 2) portedly witnessed by a puThe sacrament and the virtue and leads us to our true destinamen who had to bow down to the embarrass- pil. ment of being exposed of having secretly inserted Meanwhile, another per- appear to be falling into oblivion. Ag- tion. He handles the most intimate gravating this is the anomaly that part of a person. the illegal portion into the city tax code. son who was reportedly unWe have to remember that der the influence of liquor was while the number of penitents is stabbed in his left breast by dwindling, the number of commu- the sacrament is such a prePUBLIC TRUST LOST? is increasing. cious treasure in Christian life First, the city leadership must stop paying those an unidentified youngster. nicants The situation should move that neglecting it constitutes a FR. ROY CIMAGALA barangay captains their honoraria if they have not yet The victim, identified as all of us to drastic action. big, culpable waste! liquidated fully their cash advances, even way back in Wilmar Indoc, 29 years old, Priests should talk more about The sacrament is nothing less 2005. This is provided by law, and the COA has de- and who hails from Sta. these topics to clarify and en- than a tribunal of divine justice and manded it. The city executive did not budge and in- Catalina, Negros Oriental was courage people. Everybody else mercy. Something in it makes us God when he feels no contrition stead asked the COA to file charges. Hey, the COA just standing along Hibbard should really try to develop the closest to God. That’s because for his sin? This, of course, presumes does not file charges, they just find out anomalies, and Avenue near the Silliman appropriate knowledge, atti- mercy is God’s most radical form of love for us, and asking for mercy that one still has some sense of sin, ask the proper executive office-in-charge to file University overpass, while tudes and habits. Of course, priests should not is our extremest form of love for because in actuality many have rewaiting for a motorcab for charges. duced sin to what is only externally hire when a group of youths only talk about them. Now, they God. have to give a more overt example. The Gospel speaks elo- offensive, not necessarily to God. Second, having published the Transaction passed by. But one of them They—we—have to be the first to quently of this. Christ on the reconciles man Guidelines, and even bragged about action in min- came back and pricked him go to confession. We should also Cross, about to die, asked his withConfession God, recovers lost grace or utes, the city government must first prove, make with an icepick without make ourselves more available for Father to forgive “them for they increases grace if one still is in a pilot situation, and document how fast and h provocation before escaping. this sacrament. know not what they do.” His that state. It also builds up fraow slow government transaction goes through the The suspect’s companion One aspect of the problem whole redemptive work culmi- ternity in the Church, since sin merely stared at him while he is precisely the lack of priests nated in forgiving sinful man- is not only an offense against mill. In this manner, after testimonials in real-time, God, but works to weaken people will start believing and trusting in the sin- managed to hail a motorcab or, worse, their unwillingness to kind. and proceeded to the PNP administer this sacrament. Of And the sinner of a woman Christ’s body, the Church. cerity of LGUs here. station. course, that in itself is reflective who gate-crashed into Simon’s Confession heals our indiof a still deeper problem that’s party for Jesus was considered as vidual conscience of its many deWhen you write any government office or lodge a crying for urgent relief. loving Jesus more than did Simon, fects, and makes it at once more complaint, it is supposed to reply within 15 days unA priest should have a clear because of her many sins for which sensitive to sin and resistant to From page 12 der the law. How many government offices do that? sense of priority, and realize that she repented and asked for mercy. temptation. It knocks the devil witReply is imperative, whether the problem is solved or ATM cards, Php 2,000 hearing confessions is one of his (Lk 7,36-48) less. not under pain of an ombudsman case. But indeed, cash, cellphones, wallets, first priorities. He should hang out In short, God is happiest Confession even has very many gov’t offices do not even bother to reply. That is digital camera, white gold a lot in the confessional. when we ask for forgiveness. healthy natural, as in psychoIf he were to choose, for ex- “There shall be joy in heaven logical, effects. If understood public trust for you. earrings and several identiample, between being a parish upon one sinner that does pen- and done properly, it truly fication cards. office manager and a confessor, ance, more than upon ninety- makes us feel light and happy, Third, the need for multi-tasking among city hall he should choose the latter, be- nine just who does need pen- free and unburdened. It makes employees. Meaning, if one clerk is absent, or “out cause the former can be well ance,” Jesus said. (Lk 15,7) us simple yet knowledgeable, on field work” or out on “official business,” the done by a layman, while as a One reason we see a lot of transparent yet prudent. From page 12 remaining clerks should be able to entertain and he is religious indifference and even We should do everything to Filipina girl. Under Phil- confessor, serve the public. The usual case is that governunsubstitutable. hostility nowadays not only against promote the habit of going to conment transactions are delayed because the work ippine laws, if a marriage is As a confessor and spiritual God but also against one another fession. The same with its required is passed on from one table to another. Speedy contracted by a minor, it is adviser, a priest is at once a father, is the neglect of the sacrament of virtue of penance, the abiding delivery of services is the key to the restoration of considered null and void. judge, doctor and pastor. In Christ, confession and its virtue of pen- sense of our sinfulness leading us The suspect, escorted by he forgives sins, tells us what is ance. public trust. to always ask for forgiveness. Delausan Monon of the BID, wrong, heals us of our illnesses, How can one feel close to was flown to Cebu where deFourth, solve the unsolved murders, bring the culportation proceedings shall prits to justice, and then restore public trust. begin.


critical repor ting reporting

Teacher ...



Two ladies ...

American ...

Modern ... From page 2 aside from the radiographic procedures also offers “real time” observation through a TV monitor for Fluoroscopic procedures like Common Bile Duct (CBD) stone removal. Two (2) gastroenterologists trained in Therapeutic ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography) will conduct a lecture and live demonstration on ERCP procedure to about thirty SUMCFI staff composed of selected nurses and all their radiology staff. This is said to help prepare the Hospital staff on the procedural and technical aspect of the new technology. The lecturers/demonstrators are Doctors Gaspar Nazareno, who is based in California, USA and Glimar Carriaga, the only doctor in Negros Oriental trained in Therapeutic ERCP. A sponsored actual demonstration of therapeutic ERCP procedure participated by two (2) patients will be conducted on that said launching. This procedure is non-invasive hence, limits if not avoids the surgical procedures and would mean less expense to the patient. Dr. Carriaga said that though this system is not the first in the province, the Hospital has the better version and that the unit has a “higher camera speed and better resolution”. The pictures, according to him, would come out as a continu-

ous image because with one shot or click, it will produce 32 slides. According to the SHIMADZU Technical Service Engineer, Wendell de Dios, the Hospital’s Digital R/F System is the first of its model to be installed in the Philippines. De Dios said that the model DAR8000 RS-50A with CH200M is also compatible with Digital Communication in Medicine (DICOM), a software that allows the machine to transmit images through the Hospital network. The user can also choose not to use X-ray films and have the diagnostic image saved in a diskette or have it printed. On top of this, de Dios said that users will also be exposed to less dosage of radiation with this type of machine. Dr. Elizabeth G. HecetaMoleta, IM-gastroenterologist and the Vice-President of the PCP- Neg. Or. Chapter also said that the acquisition of this machine is very helpful to their patients such that local doctors can now refer them to SUMCFI’s radiology department rather than in Cebu or in other hospitals. On the other hand, the Overhead X-ray Ceiling Tube Support, which is the first in Negros Oriental, is a movable machine attached on metal railings on the ceiling. This can carry out X-ray procedures with less movement of the patient because it is easy to maneuver. This is especially helpful when the condition of the patient is either difficult to

“Gang War” ... From page 10 were checked due to increased presence of the police in the streets. Authorities have been primarily conducting checkpoints and patrols. Carlos said that snatchers, pickpockets and robbers have trained their sights on residential units left unattended by owners who are out for work or recreation. The owners are advised to make sure that their residences are secured and that all points of entry are blocked. transfer or when movement of patient is discouraged. In addition, a Cardiac Dedicated Ultrasound was also recently acquired by the same department which is currently operational. There are lined up activities set by the PCP- Neg. Or. Chapter for the whole month. According to Dr. Heceta-Moleta, the launching of the new machine was just timely that it coincided with the celebration to which they invited Dr. Nazareno. These series of activities that is spearheaded by the group of specialists in IM started this February and is expected to continue on a monthly basis, with different sub-specialty area to focus each month. Dr. Heceta-Moleta said that their new chapter of 19 members has been active in carrying

Cellphone ...

Majority ...

Motorcycle ...

From page 10

From page 12

From page 12

mittee on Tourism was assigned to the Committee on Good Governance. Sayson who is a professor and an agriculturist was not even included in the Committees of Education and Agriculture. He was assigned to head the Committee on Labor and Employment. Nevertheless, he vowed to pass two priority measures in education for the scholarship of interested but based on academic performance labeled as “average students” and the establishment of a non-uniformed group in every barangay called Bantay Katilingban to fight and prevent crime. The Peace and Order Committee went to Allan Cordova, who insisted that he has not compromised his independent stance just to chair it. On the average, administration councilors get to chair at least 2 committees and are senior members to about three others. To the consternation of Sayson, even ABC President Harrison Gonzales who is expected to step down from the council after the October barangay elections is chairman to two committees.

15,000 and DVD player worth Php 5,000 inside her rented rooms along San Jose Street Dumaguete City. The victim, a resident of Cebu City and temporarily staying in this city, reported that she left her room at around 7:00 pm Wednesday and came back at 7:30 am Thursday when she noticed that the said items were already gone. The suspect is sill unidentified but the room showed no signs of forced entry.

mentarily left it inside an eatery along Rovira Road. The third victim was a vendor along corner Independencia and Cervantes Streets who claim that he was merely charging his Nokia 1600 when an unidentified suspect stole the unit while he was busy tending his business.

out the initiative which was started by their group president, Dr. Jonathan C. Amante. (SUMCFI)


for GOD ?

I knelt to pray but not for long, I had too much to do, Must hurry off and get to work, For bills would soon be due. And so I rattled a hurried prayer, Jumped up from off my knees. My Christian duty now was done, My soul could be at ease.


All through the day I had no time, To speak a word of cheer. This Breakfast NO TIME to speak of Christ to friends, could yet change They’d laugh at me I feared. your Life. NO TIME, NO TIME, so much to do, That was my constant cry. NO TIME to give to those in need; At last, t’was time for me to die…. And when before the Lord I came, I stood with downcast eyes, With his hands He held a book, T’was the BOOK OF LIFE. Brotherhood of He looked into the book and said, Christian Businessmen “Your name I cannot find, and Professionals I once was going to write it down But never found the TIME.”

FREE BREAKFAST for First Timers Just cut out and present this invitation to: Bethel Guest House: 1st Saturday 7:30 a.m. Nerisse: 2nd & 3rd Saturday, 7:30 a.m.



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“Hari ng Negros” winners

“Orient gifts” in Laos gab

SU Professor attends ASEAN confab in Laos Dr. Stella F. Lezama, a faculty of the College of Business Administration, Silliman University and proprietor of Orient Gifts, attended a seminar in Vientiane, Laos P.D.R. from June 26-28, 2007. BY IAN LIZARES


ilfred Placencia Jr., a freshman Information Technology student of Silliman University, was declared First Prince in the Hari ng Negros tilt held last July 1 at Canlaon City. He represented the municipality of Sibulan. Bacolod’s Paulo Mirasol, a University of St. La Salle student, won the title, while Canlaon City’s Joven Gil Magbanua, from Negros Oriental State University rounded up the Top Three with a Second Prince finish. Bacolod’s win marks which has consistently gone Guihulngan, Paul Brett the first time a representa- to Negros Oriental since Orozco of Dumaguete, and tive from Negros Occiden- 2003. Previous winners in- Mark Xander Fabillar of tal garnered the top prize in clude Emmanuel Labirua of Jimalalud. the five-year old pageant, Canlaon, Reiven Bulado of

Barangay officials attend gab on disaster management


he City Disaster Coordinating Council has re cently conducted a 1 day Disaster Risk Reduc tion Management Seminar Workshop for barangay officials last July 4, 2007 at the City Session Hall. One of the objective of the seminar is to give more awareness of barangay officials on natural and man made calamities such as what had happened where a fire conflagration occured last May 23 at Sitio Canday-ong in Brgy. Calindagan. Topics being discussed Allen Cabaron II of the Ofduring the lecture proper are fice of Civil Defense -Departthe following: Tropical Cy- ment of National Defense. Other objectives of the clone, Flash Flood and Tsunami presented by Mr. Edcin seminar are to provide the Culi, Chief of Pag-asa; Ter- participants with general inrorism by: Dumaguete Chief formation on the organization of Police P/Supt. Dionardo B. and implementation of disasCarlos; Fire Prevention by: ter preparedness measure and Fire Marshal, F/Cinsp. to protect and preserve their Arnulfo D. Sayson; Philip- lives and properties in whatpine Disaster Management ever calamity that occur and System, Emergency Ma- to activate their respective nagement Framework, Emer- Barangay Disaster Coordinatgency Powers of LGU, ing Councils. Majority of the Barangay NDCC 4Point Action Plan, NDCC Financial Assistance Captains were present during and Criteria for Declaration of the workshop others were State of Calamity by: Mr. represented by their Barangay Kagawads or Brgy. Secretaries.

Perdices family donates lot for Habitat homes


n response to the city’s housing for the poor pro gram, the Perdices family is donating over half a hectare lot to the Habitat for Humanity. The property is located especially to the less fortuat Barangay Candau-ay val- nate in the community. Mayor Perdices is also ued over a million pesos. This was bared by Mayor asking those who have been Agustin R. Perdices in his blessed with material wealth message during their oath to also possibly support the taking rites last Friday at the Housing Projects of the City Dumaguete in partnership City Session Hall. This is in of with the Habitat for Humanaccordance to the city’s ity, Mother Rita Housing trust to embark on a more Project and the Gawad aggressive housing program Kalinga.

The seminar “Business Enhancement Seminar and Training (B.E.S.T) Program” for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) was sponsored by Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF). It covered topics such as “Nature of SME’s within the Context of the ASEAN Region, SME’s in the Context of a Globalized Environment and

SME policies in Japan. The purpose of the seminar was to prepare ASEAN SME’s for export to Japan and the world. The delegates, numbered forty (40) in all, came from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines. The Philippine delegation was composed of Tiboli

Trade and Crafts, South Cotabato, Grachi International, Metro Manila and Orient Gifts, Negros Oriental. They were selected on the basis of potential for export and upon recommendation by the Center for International Trade, Expositions, and Missions (CITEM). The event was hosted by the Laotian Government.

Radio Clinic on colon cancer

Dr. Glimar Y. Carriaga, Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology of Silliman University Medical Center and Holy Child Hospital, talks about colon cancer during the lecture series radio clinic of DYEM-FM’s DUMAGUETE TONIGHT Public Affairs program, Thursday. The activity was in line with the Gastro-intestinal Month Celebration” by the DOH.

City celebrates nutrition month The City Government of Dumaguete through the City Nutrition Committee will conduct a Nutri-Fit Walk with the theme “Healthy Lifestyle ng Kabataan, Landas sa Kinabukasan.” All city government employees are required by Mayor Agustin Perdices to participate in the said activity to be held today. The participants will be led by Mayor Perdices, City Council members, teachers and students from diff. public and private schools, colleges and universities, Senior Citizens, Academe, business Sector, NGO and other organizations.

From left: Mr. Takehide Teranishi Director, Trade Division ASEAN-Japan Center; Ms. Nenita Ganlai Kinan, Vice Chairperson, TBOLI Trade & Crafts; Ms. Grachi Bautista Nuval Proprietor, Grachi International; Dr. Stella Flordeliz Lezama Proprietor, Orient Gifts and Mr. Bounmy Maniyong Director General, Department of Production & Trade Promotion

Cebu Pacific expands domestic ck-in counters


ebu Pacific (CEB), the country’s leading domestic airline, with the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), is adding five check-in counters to its eight existing counters in the Manila Domestic Terminal beginning July 15, 2007. CEB announced that this initiative has been taken in conjunction with MIAA to cope with the airline’s increasing passenger volumes at the domestic terminal. CEB expects to continue with this growth trend as it aims to carry more than five million passengers for 2007. Candice Iyog, CEB VP for Marketing and Product said, “We know that the airport experience is critical to CEB and we are constantly providing MIAA with feedback from our guests and

together looking for ways to improve their experience at the domestic terminal. The additional check-in counters will definitely help us shorten queuing time.” CEB and MIAA are also working closely together for other possible infrastructure developments to the Manila Domestic Terminal. “We are very happy that MIAA has been very supportive of our growth and that they are open to working with us in looking at ways to expand the capac-

ity of the terminal. We hope that further enhancements to expand the domestic terminal are completed by the end of this year,” Michael Shau, CEB VP for Airport services added. Now in its 12th year, CEB has the youngest fleet in the Philippines at just over one year. CEB operates 14 brand new Airbus aircraft to its 20 domestic and soon to be 12 regional destinations with the addition of Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou , and Macau in the next quarter.

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TATA extends ... From page 1 votes which is credibly the sugar bloc votes while Pimentel got 5,210 votes or a difference of 8,168 votes which is very crucial for the two senate contestants as this might affect their national tallies. Lawyers of both Zubiri and Pimentel are closely monitoring the canvass results which was already brought to Manila by Comelec provincial OIC Atty Eddie Aba. OLIVE BRANCH’ OF PEACE….. Mayor Villanueva has extended the olive branch of peace to balik-Gov Emiliol Macias II while his gesture was politely refused by rival Boy Villanueva. The balik-governor was welcoming the political reconciliation. Tata V has served notice that those who used government equipment against him during the last elections will face prosecution and if found guilty, might be stripped off their city hall jobs. INFRASTRUCTURE. On projects, he told Dumaguete Tonight Energy FM anchor Florence Baesa that he will pursue the snail culture project, install more street lights in Bais City, and boost agri-business projects in the hinterlands.Tata Villanueva also added that he does not need to secure assistance from the provincial government since Bais City has as surplus of 60 to 80 million pesos last year.”

Boy Villanueva: “it ain’t over yet” BY COLETTE ARANAS-CAMPANALE

Hours after reelected Bais City Mayor Hector “Tata” Villanueva was sworn into office, in his customary kneeling down swearing with his hand atop an open Bible on the Book of Philippians before RTC Judge Ismael O. Baldado of Branch 45, NPCUnity mayoralty candidate from the opposite camp, “Mayor Boy” Villanueva filed before the Commissioners en banc in Intramuros, Manila his petition to unseat “Tata” by seeking the annulment of

his proclamation. Main ground for the petition is the pendency of an earlier petition for the declaration of “failure of elections” before the six-member Comelec Commissioners who had been sitting on it since June 5 when the 36-page document was filed personally by “Mayor Boy’s” lawyers in Manila. According to the Omnibus Election Code, the Commissioners have until August 5, 2007 to rule upon the petition for a special election due to “failure of elections.” Senatorial candidate Koko Pimentel had called to announce that he was joining in the June 5 petition calling for a special election in Bais through his Quezon City counsel Lilia de Lima, a nationally acclaimed election lawyer of the caliber of Attorneys Romulo B. Macalintal (lawyer of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) and Sixto Brilliantes. Other grounds included the questionable June 27 “Order” of the two commissioners, Resurreccion Borra and Romeo Brawner, upon which the administration candidates anchored the drive to resume the suspended canvassing. Notice to the parties and counsels had not been done, a stringent requirement which affected the validity of the whole proceedings because it violated the constitutional gurantee of due process of law. A motion for reconsideration was filed on July 2, 2007 before the Comelec, a copy of which was received by the election officer on July 3, the date that he set for the resumption of canvassing. This motion was supposed to have further stopped the canvassing and suspend the June 27 Order, but election officer Atty Juvenal O.Tuale again chose to ignore the motion. Within two (2) days of frantic and frenzied counting of ballots supervised by election officer, Atty. Tuale, a rapid proclamation was executed. Opposition candidates waved this as a swing of unscrupulous politicians’ “grabbing the proclamation and prolonging the protest.”

House tribunal ... From page 1 it was a divided decision 3:3. Those how decided to disqualify Rep. Josy were Commissioners Tuazon, Sarmeinto and Ferrer. Those who favored the dissenting opinion of Commissioner Brawner were Com. Borras and Chairman Abalos himself who said, the ball is now in the HRET, no longer with the Comelec. This is based on Sec 6 Rule 18 of the Comelec Rules of Procedure which states that “ when the Commission en banc is equally divided in opinion, or the necessary majority cannot be had, the case shall be re heard and if no re hearing , no decision is reached, the action or proceeding shall be dismissed if originally commenced in the Commission.”

GPA: abolish ... From page 1 otherwise. For plain folks, most barangay captains have grown too old to rule, many council members no longer attend sessions, many barrio officials have thousands of unliquidated cash advances from people’s money. It’s time to change for the better. However, Second District Congressman George Arnaiz expressed his support for the postponement of the scheduled barangay elections this coming October for the sole reason that it would mean additional expenses on the part of the government. He continued that it would even be better that barangay officials will only be appointed

Guihulngan ... From page 1 collected by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for the third preceding fiscal year, is divided among provinces (23 percent), cities (23 percent), towns (34 percent) and villages (20 percent). LCP President Iloilo Mayor Jerry Treñas said that the towns that have applied for cityhood did not comply with the amended requirements set by the Local Government Code of 1991. Under the said law, for a town to be a full-fledged city, it must have at least Php 100-million in annual income, a population of at least 150,000 and a land area of 10,000 hectares. Nevertheless, Paras is hopeful that with the cityhood of Guihulngan, its Intrenal Revenue Allotment will increase by as much as Php 300 million from just Php 70 million and would translate for more basic services being extended to the constituents.



IMELDA: No DEAL! ha! ha! After 10 years of legal battle, the government has lost its claim over P220 million deposited with the Security Bank and Trust Co. because the Presidential Commission on Good Government failed (what?) failed , to present enough evidence that the money was illgotten wealth from the Marcos family. NO DEAL? Can you believe that ?

Where are ... (Jenny) From page 6

able development. Add this to the persistent patriarchal sys tem that relegates

women to the background and the conditions of life that deny life-changing chances and choices for women. Women have one biological gender, but by virtue of being women they have multiple social genders. We are mothers, sisters, friends and more importantly, mentors. When you educate a man, you educate an

because it will be easy to change non performing barrio administrators. Being elected spoils them and would compel higher officials to court their support instead of replacing the inefficient ones via appointment. Congressman Arnaiz also wants the abolition of the Sangguniang Kabataan since this only served as training ground for the youth to become highly politicized. This many people agree because the SK has become nothing but a rubber stamp of the local chief executives. The SK is a Marcos creation, during those times of student activism where militant students wanted to share power of governance. However, when granted such power, most of them became rubber stamps and relatives of barrio officials. The former governor also said that the SK elections have also involved a great deal of money to buy votes a practice which has betrayed the main purpose of its establishment. Besides it is seldom to find 17 year olds capable in discharging the functions of the office. However, when asked if he would sponsor measures to effect the postponement of the barangay elections and the abolition of the Sangguniang Kabataan, Arnaiz appears noncommital. (By Dems Rey Demecillo)

individual but when you educate a woman, you educate a generation. Therefore, in order for development and progress to become a reality, a recognition of this is indispensable. Negros Oriental has never had a shortage of women movers and shakers. My good friend and mentor, Myrish Cadapan-Antonio, is a principled leader in the political and legal field. Then there is Mrs. Filomena Cang who is very active in social services. Dr. Betty Abregana excels in the

Terra Cotta ... From page 18 Coco Amigo, Rizal Boulevard will open on July 7 at 5 in the afternoon. This activity has been organized the artists of Dumaguete and other artists of Negros island headed by Susan Canoy, Visayas Islands Visual Artists Exhibit and Conference coordinator for Negros Oriental. The competition component of the Biennial will hold two separate events. These will be the competition on terra cotta sculptures which will be participated in by foreign and local artists and the competition on large jars which will be participated in by potters from the different localities of the Negros island. The city has

Inaugural ... From page 22

academe. Karen Villanueva, my batchmate, is a young idealistic public servant and I am proud to see that her projects in Bais City are geared towards the empowerment of women. Of course, I derive inspiration from my mother, Leonida Elmaco, who not only succeeds in her career but more

importantly as the light of our simple family. All of these women are inspirational and we can learn a lot from them. And there are many of them in our province.

raised Php150,000.00 for the terracotta sculpture open competition and Php 30,000 for the Local Potters Jar Making Competition, respectively. The city will be witnessing performances at the Quezon Park on the Biennial’s opening day. These performances will be contributions from the cultural sectors of the province, notably Silliman University Dance Troupe, Foundation University Cultural Committee, Barangay Cangmating Cultural group, Negros Oriental State University Cultural Committee, and St. Paul University Cultural Committee, Barangay Cadawinonan Kabulakan Festival Entry, with special participation of the PAHUKOT Ritual of the town of Zamboanguita.

officials promise and commit to strive and work more and harder for the betterment of your welfare – and for the city. Free from control and domination, we shall move forward to a bright tomorrow for Bais City and Baisanons.

As a celebration of victory of the political will of the Baisanons – Therefore, we should shout together to high heavens Mabuhay ang Baisanons! Mabuhay ang Bais! With this victory of the Baisanons, you Mayor and the rest of your elected

This – we promise This – we commit With your cooperation – and using the strong and Independent Political will we used in repulsing the political invasion and with the aid of the divine providence we shall not fail. We cannot and we shall not fail. Thank you.

Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region VII, Central Visayas DIVISION OF CITY SCHOOLS Dumaguete City VACANT POSITIONS ELEMENT AR Y LEVEL ELEMENTAR ARY

Carmine Pece Owner-


1.4 DepEd, Region VII, 2) DepEd, Division of Dumaguete City; 3) TEACHER III-SG-12, Item No. OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-526230-1998; 510043-1998; 5) Educ. Qual. – Bachelors degree in Secondary/Elementary Education or its equivalent, 6) Experience: 3 yrs. as T2 for T3; 6) Eligibility: LET/PBET/TCHRS EXAM, (PRC License/PRC Certification). ` (Sgd.) DR. EMIGDIO B. OMICTIN The Negros Chronicle OIC/Office of the Asst. Schools Div. Supt. July 8, 2007 Chairman, PSB



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Mga kauban sa Trabajo ug Haring Lungsod: T

oday (July 4) is a Memorable Day for two important and unforgettable events. First, four scores and one year or 61 years ago today, our Philippine Flag was raised in the hollowed grounds of Luneta – alone and aloft to signal the era of the complete Independence or our country and people from Foreign Domination. Second, this evening, your Mayor, Negros Oriental – shall enter and inVice-Mayor and ten (10) City Councilors vade our city and impose their political were proclaimed by the City Board of will with the use of their Governmental Canvassers as duly elected City Officials and Financial Powers. Their mission and a few minutes after, they took their was to “Massacre” the political will of oaths of office, and thus pronouncing the Baisanons. Independence of the Baisanons from The Provincial Political Warlords of domination, and even coercion or intimidations from the governmental and finan- Negros Oriental likewise invaded other cial powers of the Provincial Political War- towns of the Province – to impose their political will – if not their personal amlords. bitions. The July 4, 1946 raising of the PhilipBut come, May 14 – the Baisanons pine Flag in Luneta was the culmination of the struggle of our forebears – the fruit withstood this invasion – and showed of the blood, sweat and tears and the su- to them and the whole province – that preme sacrifice of lives of our countless Baisanons have exercised Independence of their political will – you elected heroes. me with an overwhelming and unprecThe proclamation and oath taking to- edented majority of 4,685 votes, elected day is also the culmination of the struggle your Vice-Mayor and 8 Councilors of – the sweat and tears of Baisanons – to our ticket. But, in the rest of the other attain Independence from Interference of towns of Negros Oriental – the political warlords of the province successfully our Provincial Political Leaders. imposed their will – political and perMonths before this year’s election, dark sonal – and “Massacred” political opclouds hovered over Bais City – by the ponents of their candidates. resounding beating of wardrums that the Only the Baisanons survived the political warlords of the Province of

ON BENDED KNEES, Mayor Hector Tata Villanueva swears before an open Bible and before RTC Judge Ysmael Baldado, his family as witness.

VICE MAYOR LUCING BENLOTA , swears before Judge Baldado. “Political Massacre”. For, in the reverse, political warlords of Negros Oriental, were the ones “Massacred” in this City. This occasion therefore calls – Not for a proclamation of the victory of your Mayor, Vice-Mayor and Councilors. Not a celebration of the victory of your Mayor, Vice-Mayor and Council-

ors. But, this occasion should fittingly be – recorded in indelible ink and remembered by future generations. As a proclamation of the victory of the Baisanons from the onslaught of the invasions of the political warlords of the province; Turn to page 21

BAIS CITY COUNCILORS TAKE THEIR OATH before Judge Baldado: LR KAGAWADS Wington Chang, Avel Macalandong, Teddy Tam, Miguel Real, Crislyn Repollo, KAREN VILLANUEVA (No.l councilor) Reyboy Lasmarias, Ar vin Cabio, Jed Goñi and Thirdy Bouffard.

July 8 2007  

JESUS SAID WEAR LOYALTY AND KINDESS IN YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS ALWAYS. Turn to page 21Turntopage21 tor “Tata” Villanueva has extended the oliv...

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