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JANUARY 4, 2009

No fires but – six injured in pyro blasts

BY NEIL C. RIO o fire alarms had been received by the Dumaguete City Fire Station during the celebration of the New Year. However, a total of six youngsters have been injured from firecrackers as reported in the PNP Provincial Command from the cities of Dumaguete and Canlaon and the towns of Amlan and Jimalalud. Canlaon PNP Chief of unspecified firecracker acPolice P/Supt. Alet Virtucio cidentally hit him at about 2: said two boys got injured 45 am, Thursday. That same from firecracker blasts in morning, another youth idenBarangay Poblacion. They tified as Geonard Banagida, are Edgardo Caballeda Jr., 18, sustained a hand wound 11, and Francel Joseph Sen from a firecracker known as Maalat, 10, both sustained “piccolo.” He was rushed hand injuries and were taken to the Holy Child Hospital. to the Canlaon District Hos- Nineteen-year old Jessa Caballo of North Poblacion, pital. A 20-year old Jonel Jimalalud was brought to the Paragos of Poblacion, Dauin Guihulngan District Hospital Turn to page 12 was also injured when a still


SC orders

This house was literally swept by rampaging waters along the Banica River last New Year’s Eve. It was one of the 13 houses that were demolished away by the flash floods which occurred in several other waters in the province.

3 rivers sweep away 13 houses BY DEMS REY T. DEMECILLO

to investigate F leaked “draft”


upreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno has formed a 3-man panel to investigate the alleged leakage of a draft resolution that has never been, against the citizenship issue of Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong now pending before the High Tribunal.

Two broadsheets cited a certain Luis Veraogo, a known ally of former Rep. Jing Paras, as the source of the news. He reportedly called a press conference in Laguna. Paras’ wife Olive and brother Jerome lost convincingly to Limkaichong, who was then the mayor of La Libertad. The High Court ordered Veraogo to explain in 10 days why he should not be cited for contempt.

Limkaichong’s counsel, Atty. Dirkie Palma, clarified that the Supreme Court has yet to officially promulgate an en banc decision on the disqualification case against the lady solon. For her part, Limkaichong remains confident that the country’s justice system will affirm her Filipino citizenship. She also appealed to her district constituents to ignore the disinformation being Turn to page 3

lashfloods brought by long hours of heavy rains last December 31, greeted the New Year morning of many Negrenses as rivers breached their banks and swept approximately 13 houses in Dumaguete City and San Jose. The floods also submerged hundreds of houses just as families were preparing for the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

About eight houses in Barangay Batinguel and Bagacay, Dumaguete City were carried by raging

floodwaters of Banica River. Hundreds of families in the neighboring villages Candauay, Junob, Camanjac,

Motong and Calindagan evacuated their residences when the waters began to rise. In San Jose, five were

New Year’s Message of President Arroyo

NegOr marks 119th year

or 2009, first and foremost, I wish for peace, he province of progress and prosperity for the people of the Negros Oriental nation. The year 2008 was tumultuous for marked its 119 th the world due to the economic recession that, birthday in simple thankfully, has not become a crisis in the Philippines. rites at the So I pray for greater peace and stability.” Sidlakang Negros led by Governor Emilio Macias “I hope that we can all to improve the lives of our II. He urged Negrenses work together as a global people will continue to bear to pray for the province, community to weather these fruits and that these efforts especially with the full storms.” will pave the way to the cre- impact of the worldwide “Here at home, I hope ation of a more prosperous economic crisis expected that the efforts we are mak- Philippines. Happy New to hit hard this year. He also asked the ing to eliminate poverty and Year to all!” Turn to page 6


also swept by the Calo and Kamandagan Rivers in Barangay Sr. Ascion. The rains and floods triggered a Turn to page 2





January 4, 2009

3 rivers sweep ... From page 1 landslide in Vallehermoso. The town’s Chief of Police P/Insp. Alvin Futalan reported that a landslide occurred along a road in Barangay Bagawines caused by the floodwaters of Pinocawan River. Damage to property in this town alone was pegged at around P 8 million. The town of Dauin estimated damages to crops and property at about P 1 million from floods brought by the river in Malungcay, Dacu and Maayon-tubig. Instead of celebrating the New Year inside the warmth and comfort of their homes and loved ones, most

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NEW YEAR’S EVE TO REMEMBER: Banica River overflows in Dumaguete as hundreds of residents were held at bay even as 13 houses were swept by rampaging waters along the same river bay for those living nearby. It was indeed a New Year’s Eve to remember! of the victims had to seek higher grounds with only their wet clothes on. Feeling helpless, they deplore the destruc-

tion of their homes and other possessions and spent most of their time cleaning and recovering what can still be

salvaged. Some victims also lamented the seeming slow response of Turn the local govern3 to page



CV officials corrupt? unfair says Macias

overnor Emilio Macias II has taken strong exception over a report that Central Visayas appears to be second most corrupt among all the regions of the country. The seasoned politician branded the label as unfair as it is being based merely on the number of charges filed against public officials in Region 7 before the Sandiganbayan. Central Visayas in- Visayas. cludes the provinces of Governor Macias said Bohol, Cebu, Siquijor and the number of graft and corNegros Oriental. The Na- rupt charges filed against tional Capital Region has government officials should been tagged as the most cor- never be the basis for one to rupt, followed by Central Turn to page 13


ith the expected graduation of Dumaguete City Mayor Agustin Perdices from city hall in 2010 as his third and final term ends, local politicians are now busy consolidating their forces, hoping to take over the most coveted government position of the capital city. The most prominent of all Governor Emilio Macias II. Or aspirants is Councilor Escaño can finance a congresChiquiting Sagarbarria, who sional ticket one day. should not discount BM But did not Macias promMariant Escaño Villegas who ise Vice Gov Jose Petit Baldado, is also more than qualified to that Petit could run in the secbecome city mayor. But per- ond term as Macias is now tired haps she could be more as- of public life? After defeating sured of the vice-gubernato- Meniong Teves in the capitol rial slot under re-electionist Turn to page 3


“Blame CARP for low realty tax collection”


s far as Second District Rep. George Arnaiz is concerned, his goal hatched when he was still Governor to convert 10 percent of the 13,000 square kilometers or 1,300 sq km of Negros Oriental’s agricultural lands remains his top priority to attain food sufficiency and as his commitment to environmental protection. “The future is in organic how to make insecticide and farming, it is cheap, healthy organic fertilizer both in liqand environment friendly,” uid and solid form. reiterates Arnaiz who spoke Mabinay Mayor Piktoy before dozens of farmers in Baldoza and Vice-mayor Mabinay who completed the Django Uy thanked the so12-day training on natural lon for his continued support and organic farming system to the project as they vowed recently. to facilitate for the training of The training was de- more farmers in their local signed to teach the farmers Turn to page 13


or those seeking answers why a number of towns have lower than expected collection on real property tax, the local government officials and Provincial Treasurer Danilo Mendez agree on one answer: the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.

Mendez said that the lack of support services given to the CARP beneficiaries by the Department of Agrarian Reform caused many of them to default in the payment of real property taxes and most of them are even forced to sell the lots awarded to them. At present, the collectibles from real property

tax levied on lands, buildings and machineries amount to P 100 million. The towns of Vallehermoso, Mabinay, Jimalalud, Bindoy and Basay ranked lowest in real property tax collection among the 19 towns ranging from 4454 percent efficiency rate against the annual target set Turn to page 13

Vice-mayors told to help in tax collection Bindoy Vice-mayor Valente Yap (right) stresses a point while his colleagues are in rapt attention after Provincial Treasurer Danilo Mendez appealed for them to help their local chief executives in the collection of taxes and revenues. Mendez said this would translate to more funds to the government for projects which on the whole aids the economy. Some vice-mayors said that as heads of the local legislative bodies they have already enacted ordinances designed for the efficient collection of taxes and revenues but the implementation has been wanting. Mendez dared the officials to resort to the last best option albeit a bloody one: public auction of these properties. But to date only a couple of municipal treasurers have resorted to this extreme measure.

Preserving judicial independence t is very important to maintain and preserve the independence of the judiciary. In college political science, we learned that there are three branches of government, i.e. the executive department, the legislative and the judiciary. The basic political concept is that these three branches must be co-equal with, and independent of, each other. In other words, neither department is superior, or subordinate to the other. I like the way the Supreme Court put it when it spoke of judicial independence in Gualberto J. De la Llana versus Manuel Alba (G.R. 57883 March 12, 1982): “A public office is a public trust. That is more than a moral adjuration. It is a legal imperative. The law may vest in a public official certain rights. It does so to enable them to perform his functions and fulfill his responsibilities more efficiently. ….It is an added guarantee that justices and judges can administer justice undeterred by any fear of reprisal or untoward consequence. Their judgments then are even more likely to be inspired solely by their knowledge of the law and the dictates of their conscience, free from the corrupting influence of base or unworthy motives.”


Reality check But what is the reality? Last week, we reported that the local judiciary in Cebu has ranted against what they claim is the bullying by the local executive department, the provincial government of Cebu. The Cebu judges referred to the threats to cut off their allowances, if judges issued rulings not favorable to the local governments. I was in Bohol a few days ago, where I also got a glimpse of the state of the independence of the local judiciary there. Judicial independence in Tagbilaran The Bohol Chronicle reported that two regional trial court judges have already inhibited themselves in a case involving the Tagbilaran city government as the respondent. I don’t know if the judges there consider cases involving the city government like “hot potatoes”: Drop it at the first chance. Ngano kaha? Causes: Allergy? Why are some judges seemingly “allergic” to cases that involve the city or provincial government? Let’s try to search for possible causes. The story in Tagbilaran is that concerned citizens sued the city government alleging there is a “sweetheart deal” between the city and an investor of their public market complex. The concerned citizens are praying for a temporary restraining order against the city. But there is yet no T.R.O. because the case is passed from one court to another (like basketball: pasa-pasa). The latest RTC judge to inhibit in this Tagbilaran case is Judge Baudillo Dosdos, just minutes after the judge received a motion to inhibit by the concerned citizens-petitioners, according to the Bohol Chronicle. The first judge to inhibit was executive judge Fernando Fuentes III who also inhibited himself after receiving a motion to inhibit by the city government’s counsel. The city’s legal counsel cited the judge’s prior inhibition in cases involving the city government. Why does this good judge inhibit when a case involving the city government is raffled to him? Ah, I forgot. There was a motion to inhibit. So, inhibit. Inhibition: a Parachute? Sometimes, I can’t help but liken and “analogize” inhibition as a nice and convenient parachute. I don’t know why. Is the judiciary co-equal, or subordinate to the other branch of government? This question lingered in my mind during the holidays. From my end, I was concerned. So, I was prompted to write Judge Gabriel T. Ingles RTC Branch 58 of Cebu. Judge Ingles is the designated spokesman for Cebu judges, as they express their sentiments against moves to undermine judicial independence. I expressed my support and solidarity to Cebu judges against moves to threaten judicial independence. Next week: my letter to Judge Gabriel T. Ingles.


January 4, 2009


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“Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring happy bells, across the snow The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true. - Alfred Tennyson Let us ring out the old year that was and ring in the message of hope for the new year. We remember with grateful thanks the blessings of the past year and we look forward to another year of God’s faithful goodness. Let us believe that we can, with trust and faith in our hearts in God, overcome the difficulties ahead. As the world enters into a new year, media is full of dire predictions for 2009. While recent events point to difficult times ahead, we hold on to the message of Hope that God gives each one of us, in good times and in bad. Let us hope, as the poet Alfred Tennyson wrote in the last two paragraphs of his beautiful poem, to ring in the thousand years of peace and ring in the Christ that is to be: “Ring out old shapes of foul disease; Ring out the narrowing lust of gold; Ring out the thousand wars of old, Ring in the thousand years of peace. Ring in the valiant man and free, The larger heart, the kindlier hand; Ring out the darkness of the land, Ring in the Christ that is to be.” For all the difficulties of the past year, here are many things to be happily remembered from 2008. We are thankful for good health, for friends, old and new, prayers answered, storms in life that have blown out, blown over or

The Lord Bless you and Keep you; The Lord make his face shine on you; and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace. -Numbers6:24-27 May the new year be filled with blessings and bring joy, laughter and peace into our hearts and homes

Politicians ... The Elusive Star... From page 2

(From page 4)

race way back when, what more challenge does Macias want to achieve? From capitol, to Congress, to capitol, where else does he want to go? Surely, the capitol governess will attest that Macias needs to hang his gloves one day, with three “iron ladies” running capitol’s day to day affair. But Petit might still proceed with challenging Macias who might no longer take him as vice governor. Do not under estimate Petit Baldado, a lawyer, and maka-masa politician. He can conquer the lowlands and the highlands as well. Just recently, a convention of sorts was called ostensibly to select his vice-mayoral candidate with city barangay captains as “delegates.” They were asked to choose between Councilors Rommel Erames or Franklin Esmeña. Erames won the vote. Sagarbarria has been meeting political leaders almost regularly in an effort to woe them firmly to his side. However, political observers note that the mere presence of these village chieftains is not a guarantee that they would be solidly behind the Sagarbarria-Erames tandem. Who knows Iping Remollo might stage a come-back. Dumaguete has still remembers the short-lived golden years of the city under Remollo. Remollo can be back for he has the bucks. Former Board Member Arturo Umbac, who lost to Perdices in 2007 is said to be staging a come back is seriously eyeing for a vice mayoral tandem, one who does not have a bad record as a councilor. Too bad, Umbac did not take his former candidacy seriously

Marvin Bolt, of the Adler Planetarium in Chicago .. “You have to look at what people 2,000 years ago might have thought was significant to their lives. The more nuanced approach attempts to peer into the minds of ancient skywatchers. Herod and his court saw the Star. So did the high priests who even knew where the Messiah would be born. But they didn’t move out of their comfort zones. They did nothing. It was business-as-usual. . The same Star, however, led The Magi on a journey where they, like the shepherds, found the Child. And life could never be the same again. Old values, old ways were upturned. It was nothing less than a death, as T.S. Eliot was to write in “The Journey of the Magi.” “Were we led all that way for Birth or Death? There was birth certainly. But…this birth was death, our death. We returned to our places, these kingdoms. But no longer at ease here…With an alien people clutching their gods….” After glimpsing the Star of Bethlehem, this Christmas will be like our 2009 Herods and courtiers and return to business-asusual? Or did the Star lead us to birth through death? And like the Magi, as Matthew says, do we “return to their country by another way?” (E-mail: )

SC orders ... From page 1 spread about her loss in the disqualification case filed by the Paras camp. Limkaichong also expressed her desire to see that the case be decided before her term ends so that it will no longer be a campaign issue for her 2010 re-election bid.


RELIEF ARRIVES. Poblacion 8 Barangay Captain and Dumaguete City ABC President Raul Infante (right) directs relief efforts for flood victims at the barangay hall. Approximately 10 families saw their homes wiped out by the raging Banica River on New Year’s Eve.

Solons: More infra, livelihood this year

A young boy sells Christmas lanterns, Filipino symbols of joy and hope. passed us by. As we enter the new year, I am reminded of the Benediction, my favorite and the most beautiful blessing prayer in the Bible.

enough. He could already be city mayor by now. Well, Umbac is always back, as you can see. Two acknowledged mayoral timbers: Vice-mayor Woodrow Maquiling and City Administrator Dominador Dumalag have expressed openness to become candidates for the highest elected post of the city but refuse to discuss the matter since the 2010 elections are still about 17 months away. City Administrator Dumalag is an engineer, whose family owns a construction business. He is also chairman of the bids and awards committee of the city. What a combination. But Maquiling acknowledged that former Mayor Ipe Remollo is asking him to run and suggested that he pick his brother Jupert as running mate. Maquiling also ruled out the possibility that he will run in tandem with Sagarbarria since they belong to different parties. Dumalag confirmed that some groups are urging him to seek the post with former Vice-mayor William Ablong as running mate but abhorring the idea of mixing politics and public service at this stage, he said the mayorship is still far from his dreams.

3 rivers ... From page 2 ment of Dumaguete. Vice-mayor Woodrow Maquiling, who was one of those who first responded to the emergency, admitted that the city’s rescue team was unavailable at that time when the calamity struck. He also said that the City Disaster Coordinating Council did not meet but will likely convene on Monday. City owned heavy equipments such as pay loaders and dump trucks that can be used to clear the clogged spillways from debris and reduce the flooding were noticeably absent. Poblacion 8 Barangay Captain and ABC President Raul Infante and other village officials managed to secure immediate relief from Governor Emilio Macias II through the distribution of food provisions and clothes. (With Neil Rio)


ith the full impact of the global economic crisis expected to hit the country this year, the three district representatives vow that they will work vigorously to secure more infrastructure and livelihood projects for the province of Negros Oriental to create more employment opportunities. First District Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong concreting projects “worth billions” will said the livelihood programs are geared to- continue this year. Arnaiz added that the construction wards making the province increasingly selfreliant. On the other hand, 2nd District Rep. and repair of concrete roads will be conGeorge Arnaiz hopes that the collection of centrated at the hinterland barangays taxes and other revenues will not be affected and will complement the nautical high by global economic crunch so that the road Turn to page 14


P1.2M schoolhouse completed in Dauin ust before the year 2008 ended, the town of Dauin managed to complete two 2-storey school buildings with two classrooms to serve pupils in Barangay Bunga and nearby villages. The school named Froilan Alanano Memorial High School in honor of the Alanano clan, which donated the lot, also has a civic building that has four classrooms and a Science Laboratory. Its construction was made possible un- dered 10 percent of the cost, while the der the Education 104 program of Gover- provincial government took care of the nor Emilio Macias II with a total cost of P1.2 balance. Meanwhile, Dauin National million. The municipal government shoulTurn to page 14


Guihulngan can utilize city IRA

uihulngan can still utilize its Internal Revenue Allotment acquired when it was still a chartered city despite a Supreme Court decision which downgraded it back to being a municipality. Cities get bigger IRA share than municipalities. According to Second District Represen- Local Government Units. On Novemtative George Arnaiz the decision of the High ber 18, 2008, the Supreme Court in an Court is not yet final and executory. In fact, en banc ruling (G.R. No. 177499) dethere is a pending motion for reconsideration clared as unconstitutional Republic Act filed by Guihulngan and the other affected Turn to page 14


Capitol gets P23 million royalty

The province of Negros Oriental received P23 million from the Energy Development Corporation as its share from the royalty tax paid by the company to the LGUs hosting the geothermal power plant in Palinpinon, Valencia. Eighty percent of the amount will be used to lower the cost of electricity pursuant to the Local Government Code of 1991.



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New YEAR Message Agents of Hope & Poverty Alleviation BY: ARCHBISHOP ANGEL N. LAGDAMEO


Special Feature



very Christmas reignites an ancient argument. What really was the “Star of Bethlehem?” It led the Magi, as Filipino historian Horacio de la Costa put it, “to go on a fool’s errand, to a Prince they have not seen, in a country they do not know.” This Christmas was no exception. The old questions rising and have come to worship came up again. Was the Star a comet? Perhaps, a super- Him.” nova? Maybe an alignment of planets? Or just a myth? Matthew provides few details. “Star of wonder, star of might/ Star of royal beauty bright…”, Inheriting Spanish tradition, Filipinos we sing in the 1857 carol. call them Gaspar, Melchor and Today, “modern science is unraveling the mystery Baltazar. They were probably asbehind one of the most famous astronomical stories in his- trologers from Persia . The Magi tory, says a British Broadcasting Corporation special recombined science with faith to preport. “New technology allow astronomers to map ancient dict the birth of a new Messiah. night skies with extraordinary accuracy. They’re looking In the process , they upset the elite of that day . “When at “several unusual astronomical events that the wise men Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusacould have seen. lem with him,” Matthew adds. The Star continues to do upExperts now challenge a traditional claim: that the set today. star was a comet. Chinese and Korean stargazers, around The Star of Bethlehem could have been one of a 5 BC, did report a blazing object. For over 70 days, it didn’t rare “triple conjunction” of planets in 7BC, says Dr. David budge. Was that over Bethlehem ? Halley’s Comet ap- Hughes of University of Sheffield . Jupiter and Saturn came peared about 12 BC. Was this what the Nativity story together thrice over several months that year.This happened referred to?. during the constellation of Pisces. Mark wrote the sparsest of the Gospels (circa AD “There is evidence that Persian astronomers predicted 60). But his account begins with an adult Jesus baptized in this conjunction. An ancient clay tablet, now in the British the Jordan . John’s Gospel (circa AD 90) goes before Museum, describes this merging,” BBC’s Rebecca Ellis Bethlehem – into eternity. “In the beginning was the Word, adds. and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” “A particularly striking conjunction occurred in June Luke’s Nativity account makes no mention of a star. 17, 2 B.C,” Ed Krupp of Griffith Observatory in Los Ange“Behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem les told Andrew Fazekas of National Geographic. “For , saying, “Where is He who has been born King of the skywatchers at the time, it looked like a massive, single Jews?,” Matthew wrote. “For we have seen His star at its starlike object in the western evening sky.” Today’s astronomers grapple with two other theories. One is an eclipse of Jupiter. And the other is a supernova explosion. Few things are more stunning than the explosion of a star. European Space Agency astronomer Dr. Mark Kidger pinpoints a candidate: DO Aquilae. This erupted as late as 1927. It had erupted several times previously. Radio telescopes, in the future, may detect a faint bubble of expanding gas around Aquilae and calculate when exactly it erupted If Aquilae erupted 2,000 years ago, “the Magi would have seen it just above the horizon, in the east. “A star entering its supernova phase, rather than unusual planetary movements, would have persuaded seasoned astronomical experts to travel to Judea.” On the second theory, The Magi may have seen “an occultation, or eclipse, of the moon with Jupiter on 17 April 6BC,” speculates Dr. Mike Molnar of Rutgers University. “Jupiter would have risen in the east, just as Matthew wrote. “Then, as the moon passed directly between Earth and Jupiter, the kingmaker planet was hidden from view.” A 2,000-year-old coin, minted north of Judea , buttresses this theory, BBC adds.The coin depicts Aries the ram leaping across the sky and looking back at a star. Aries then ruled over Judea, with Jerusalem as the capital of the Near East . Astronomers looking for a spectacular event that modern technologies can pinpoint. Are we “completely missing the cultural impact and importance of the story itself?,” asks Turn to page 3

ith the advent of the New Year 2009, everybody wants to think positively, and hopes that the New Year will be, as everybody greets, “Happy New Year” or “Prosperous New Year.” Prayerfully, 2009 will be as we wish and dream it will be: happy and prosperous. But especially for whom? The Biblical Greeting is “Rejoice in the Lord Always” (1 Thess. 5/10; Phil. 4/4). In our Christian context, the reason for rejoicing at any time is not something we have done or received from our fellow humans. The fundamental reason for our rejoicing always is that in Jesus Christ, God and Man, God has become “God with us – Emmanuel.” So that in the midst of many human negativities, accidents, cruel poverty and broken promises, we still have countless blessings to be merry and happy about. With God hope springs eternal. Unfortunately, God’s countless blessings have been and are obstructed or hindered from reaching their respective targets. The realities: according to one study, for every 100 pesos of our national budget, 40 pesos go to debt servicing, 15 pesos for education, 1 peso and 40 centavos for health services, and only 18 centavos for housing. For every 100 pesos , sadly 43 pesos and 42 centavos become the object of greed, fraud, plunder and corruption. Recently it was said that the 23 million “poorest of the poor” have increased to 27 million, most of whom are victims of their neighbors’ greed. There is so much to be hoped for, or there is much to be worried about in the New Year 2009. Where should New Year’s Resolutions go? While poverty alleviation is one of the Church’s social action programs with restricted funds from charity for charity, there is much to be expected from large government appropriations, not as acts if charity only, but as acts of justice and honesty. The

extreme poverty of the poorest of the poor is neither natural nor normal: it is man-made and can be overcome or eradicated by acts of justice, honesty, compassion and charity. God’s blessings are unlimited and countless. What is unfortunate is that they become limited through selfishness, injustice and corruption. Pope Benedict XVI said on Christmas Day that it is GREED that destroys the world and its peace, unbridled and criminal greed of individuals and institutions. The evil effects of greed are worse and more widespread than the evils of war. Will the New Year 2009 be a better year for the “poorest of the poor” because they are better looked after by Society, the Church and Government? Only the future will tell! “In 2009, will someone be less poor, less hungry, better educated, because of what I shall have done?” A challenging and appropriate question to ask if we want to become agents of hope for 2009.

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Everyday Heroes


HER story

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t was fine when a Pinoy lady I admire and respect, complained that I “painted too rosy a picture of life in the Philippines”. She said there was an ugly side to life here and I was not being honest. I admitted there is an “ugly” side to life no matter where you live but that I felt that the ugly aspects of life in the Philippines have been exaggerated. I went on to explain that as a guest in this country it was not my place to criticize my host. If she wanted to see the ugly side of life here she had only to read the rest of the newspaper. While she is a critic, I admire and respect her forthrightness and courage to speak her mind to my face.

have a friend who hates the adage, the children are our future. She absolutely abhors this phrase because she says it robs children of their identity today. She explains that society, because of this phrase, forces children to be the solvers of the world’s problems. The danger here is that children are used as an excuse for the adults to continue to make mistakes. Because anyway, in the future, the children will take care of it. I do not comApletely agree with Remember, the story of her theory. In fact, we have debated Jesus and the children? There are two versions which I would over it many times. However, I do see like us to revisit: Luke 18:15-17 her point. The problem with society tosays, ‘People were bringing even day is that we only see children for infants to him that he might what they could be and often we forget touch them; and when the disthe contributions that they have already ciples saw it, they sternly orgiven. We are so caught up in our adult dered them not to do it. But world that most of the time, we forget Jesus called for them and said, that we are able to see things clearly in “Let the little children come to the eyes of the child. What we forget is me and do not stop them; for it that oftentimes, it takes a child to point is to such as these that the kingout a wrong. It takes a child to see the dom of God belongs. Truly I tell cracks. It takes a child to have the couryou, whoever does not receive age to speak out. It takes a child to rethe kingdom of God as a little member to calm down. It takes a child to child will never enter it.” While, put things in perspective. Matthew 18:1-5.



It was fine when a South African challenged me to write something “intelligent”. I pointed out I have written about the unhealthy aspects of public urination. I have written about teaching and ethics. I even gave my views on local traffic. While he was never specific in what was or was not “intelligent”, his honesty was refreshing.

It began to bother me when my best friend for over 30 years, a man I had served with in the Green Berets, accused me of being antiAmerican. He said people were saying I was “bashing America”. His concern was that I was alienating the for Turn to page 12

A Journey Through Cancer 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789


Build them up !

ome of us are living on the edge. A little push and we go plummeting into the abyss of discouragement, hopelessness or even death. There were days that we feel stronger, but so fragile in other times. can change our perspective in life. Three years ago, I was sitting Hope can fuel dreams, provide next to a woman inside the doctor’s wings to fly, places a smile on a clinic who talked about the hopechild’s lips, and can make today lessness of those who have canbetter than yesterday. Hope springs cer. She was healthy and a vegfrom faith in God who can do the etarian, and the rest of us around impossible. Where there is hope, her were either bald, or about to there is joy. lose hair in a matter of days through The world is hungry for encourchemotherapy. I was there to have agement. More people are walking my first chemo session, and I down the valleys of hopelessness, bitshifted in my chair, not wanting to terness and discouragement today than hear more negative stories. Yet I ever before. Instead of pushing people wanted to know the rest of her stoto the edge, let’s build them up, in a ries which left me awake for the world that tears them down. coming more nights, and even Here’s a short encouragement for now. those who might need it today. In life, we are blessed if we “I am the only one, but still I am meet someone who is a source of one. I cannot do everything, but still wisdom and hope. I can do something. And because I Hope may not lower today’s cannot do everything, I will not high prices of commodities. It refuse to do something that I can may not even change the fact do.” that cancer is terminal. But hope -Edward Everette Hale 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901

The spiral of egoism


GOT into singing very early in life. As kids, my brothers and I would just pick up any song we would hear over the radio, and start singing it, often with fractured lyrics.

My father would be most amused. I remember a younger brother singing his version of Matt Monro’s “Born Free.” Completely without shame, he would sing, “Born tree, as tree as the window,” instead of “Born free, as free as the wind blows.” I, of course, had my own blunders, but I’m not in the mood now to talk about them. But there was one song that I immediately fell in love with. I think it was sung by Sammy Davies—those in their 50s may still remember him— and its title was, “What kind of fool am I.” It had a very soft, soothing melody, just right for my taste at that time, just enough for me to fly to the moon, and I must have sung it a

million times. But there was a line there that always struck me—I remember relishing those words in my lips so much I’d go OA singing it—for it gave me an idea of what a fool is. The line was: “It seems that I’m the only one that I’ve been thinking of.” I found the words very relevant, since I could relate them to my problem then. If I thought always of myself, I would end up quarreling always with the brothers, that’s 7 of them. If I thought less of myself, the quarrels also lessened. Our clashes often erupted on the heels of the usual forms of egoistic foolishness—lazi Turn to page 7




It takes a Child

12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678 ecently I met a highly regarded corporate personality at the pre-departure area of the Dumaguete-Sibulan airport. Shaking my hand and looking at me straight in the eyes, this friend of mine said: “Art, don’t give up!” Before I could get from him what it was that I shouldn’t give up, he boarded his flight which was to takeoff minutes ahead of our airbus. ———————MUFFET I was left perplexed. I have you believe sincerely that DOLAR three very important things in what you are going to do is VILLEGAS my mind – then and now – right, go ahead. Do it.” ———————none of which I am about to During the Korean War in give up. I am not the giving-up type of person. When I decided the early fifties, the United Naon something I stayed focused. tions forces crossed the 38 th And I don’t take cognizance of Parallel into North Korea. Sudthe zig and zag of events and denly fresh hordes of Chinese e-mail: circumstances along the way. troops crossed the Yalu river But I stayed focused. My wife and drove the UN forces back (whom I am not giving up ei- to the south. Among the hardest ther) says that I am hard- hit by the Chinese troops was headed. So there you are di- the 1 st Marine Division of the United States contingent. The rect from the kitchen. proud marines had to fall back. ———————— This matter about going When asked whether America’s ahead and never giving up. fightingest unit was retreating, I remember this advice from the commander made this clasthen Congressman Dodo sic statement of the war: “ReMacias of the 2nd District of treat, hell! We’re attacking in our province. He said: “If Turn to page 6


Don’t give Up !


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Footsteps and Fingerprints

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Don’t Forget to Remember






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Soldier-Judge speaks email at:

on judicial reforms

Whether in the military or in the judiciary this gentleman has proven to be a reliable and efficient worker who justly demands the same level of dedication and discipline from his subordinates. As a soldier-engineer, he risked his life in rebel lairs just to bring power in hinterland villages of Mindanao. As a dispenser of justice, most prominently as a drugs court judge, not a single decision has been reversed by the higher courts,which shows that these were well-thought of and legally sound. He shares a blissful family life with wife Dr. Betsy Joy Tan, currently the Vice-President for Academic Affairs of Silliman University and two daughters, MJ and Mia, both professionals. For personifying probity and integrity, Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynaldo Puno appointed Negros Oriental’s former Special Drugs Court Presiding Judge Rafael Crescencio C. Tan Jr., as head of the Regional Court Administration Office for Central Visayas managing administrative matters of some 148 courts. The office is a pilot project of the High Court geared towards decentralization; hence his success or failure will be one of the deciding factors whether to replicate this noble project in other regions of the country. As this column’s first guest for 2009, Tan shares his family life, career and desire to be a leading agent for judicial reforms in his capacity as administrative overseer of all courts in Region 7.

DEMS: Did you always want to be a lawyer? Judge Tan: Becoming a lawyer and more so as a judge was never part of my dream as a child; I have always wanted to be a soldier like my father. But, when I was assigned at Silliman University as ROTC Commandant, and my wife Betsy was faculty member, I decided to take up law and avail of the tuition fee discount afforded to dependents of university employees. I graduated in 1988 and took the bar on the same year and with God’s blessing passed it. I went to private practice very briefly before joining the Department of Justice.

DEMS: Tell us about your job as Regional Court Administrator. Judge Tan: This is the first time that the Supreme Court established a Regional Court Administration Office, a pilot project part of the Action Program for Judicial Reforms aimed at decentralizing the judiciary. This is also tied up to a $300 million loan from the Asian Development Bank. I was designated as the Regional Administrator, with four Assistants. Some of our duties include updating the employees’ service records, leave credits, application for travels, and preparation of payrolls and any financial and administrative matter that can be decided at the regional level with regional impact.

DEMS: What was the basis for Chief Justice Puno to choose you? Judge Tan: Chief Justice Puno was looking for somebody with impeccable integrity. I did not fully expect to be chosen; one Cebu judge was lobbying strongly for it and even selected her staff in advance after ostensibly receiving information that the appointment was in the bag. With me at the helm, she now appears to be one of the most vociferous critics of the office and has led some judges and court employees in signing a petition calling for the abolition of RCAO. But, I told them that even if they would consume hundreds of bond papers to express their opposition; our office is here to stay. But I had an edge over this judge because I have a Master’s degree in Public Administration, which I obtained on a scholarship from the Local Scholarship Program of the Civil Service Commission. I had attended also a seminar on New Public Management at the International Academy for Leadership at Gummersbach, Germany sponsored by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Besides, I had been an Outstanding Municipal Trial Court Judge of the Philippines awarded to me by the Supreme Court of the Philippines and the Foundation for Judicial Excellence in 2002.

DEMS: Are you confident that this will work? Judge Tan: Like any new venture, we will experience birth pains and commit some mistakes but if we will follow strictly the Supreme Court resolution creating our office and which provided for our authority and responsibilities, plus given the right budget based on our work and financial plan, I am sure this will work.

DEMS: What are your priorities this year? Judge Tan: We intend to accomplish three major projects: physical assets, personnel and revenue audits of all the 148 courts under my jurisdiction.

DEMS: What is an ideal judge? Judge Tan: He is supposed to hear, try and decide on cases. He should be oblivious to kinship and friendship and must possess independence, integrity, industry and remain faithful to the Code of Judicial Ethics.

DEMS: What is the average take home pay of a judge? Judge Tan: Basic pay plus all the allowances, a Regional Trial Court Judge can get a total of P 83,000 monthly.

DEMS: Is this enough for decent living? Judge Tan: It is more than enough for the family’s needs, especially if you have no vices. One should remember

that if you are in government service, do not expect to get rich. In public service we need to practice simple and decent living.

DEMS: So, there is no reason for judges to accept bribes? Judge Tan: Even seasoned lawyers attest that all of our judges here in Negros Oriental are upright and honest. Unlike in other places, there are no judges in Negros Oriental currently facing complaints for corrupt practices.

DEMS: How do you turn down those who attempt to influence your decision? Judge Tan: I have never experienced on people who call and come to my house to discuss certain cases; except for one or two instances when I was called by telephone at the house and someone came to my house. But I immediately told the one who called to stop talking when he introduced himself and told him that I don’t discuss matters of the court over the telephone. The one who went to my house was shoved away by our helper when I was told that they came to ask for my help about a case. Generally, when this kind of things happen, I always tell them pointblank to just see me in my chambers with the lawyers of the other parties present.

DEMS: Are you armed and how do you handle threats? Judge Tan: I don’t carry any firearm; I firmly believe that the Lord is my Shepherd and I shall fear no evil. I have not received any death threat. I believe that the best deterrent to any death threat is conducting your trial fairly and to come out with a just decision.

minor. After a deep soul searching I decided to resign as a PMA cadet. I returned to Silliman University and finished my ROTC advance course and a degree in Mathematics. I underwent training in the Probationary Officers Training Course and graduated number 1 out of 40 advance ROTC graduates. I then took an examination for direct commission in the Philippine Army. I topped the exam and was the basis for sending me to the Officer Cadet School in Australia for one year officership training. I graduated number 6 among a class of 61 scholars from 14 countries, the first Filipino to graduate in the top ten. Until now the feat is unsurpassed. I also received a bronze medal for soccer playing. I was also a cadet officer in the cadet corps. My failure from PMA was a blessing in disguise. I was trained better in a foreign country.

DEMS: Among the present crop of presidentiables, who is most ideal to lead the country? Judge Tan: None, they are all traditional politicians who will win the elections by spending billions. There is no guarantee that they will serve the interest of the country first, but will most likely accommodate their political and financial backers.

DEMS: As a nation, what do we lack? Judge Tan: We lack discipline. If we have discipline, everything will fall into their right places.

DEMS: How would you know if you made the right decision? Judge Tan: My decisions are always guided by applicable laws and based on the evidences, whether testimonial, documentary or object, presented. During court hearings, I always light a candle before the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary so I can be guided spiritually, as well. After I write my decision on a certain case, days before the promulgation, I let it “sleep” inside my drawer. If I get a sound and peaceful sleep and wake up levelheaded that surely means I have made the right decision.

DEMS: Was there any instance when the higher court reversed your decision? Judge Tan: So far, none, to the best of my knowledge. As a drugs court judge, my conviction rate is only about 60 percent. But the lawyers from both parties normally accept my decisions and consider them fair enough.

DEMS: How do you impose discipline in your courtroom? Judge Tan: I impose fines on those who are tardy and against those who disrupt court proceedings. When I write decisions, I make them by my lonesome. Not even my staff can read them until the day of the promulgation. In this manner, there will be no leakage.

DEMS: If you were an elected official, would you handle drug cases? Judge Tan: Out of delicadeza, I will not. But that is without prejudice to the guilt or innocence of the accused. My point is that the government has declared an all out war against drugs yet it won’t look good if elected government officials represent those who are suspected of involvement. However, it depends on the viewpoint of each lawyer, those who favor taking drug cases would say that they are not about to deny an accused his constitutional right to be represented by a counsel of choice. It is a matter for the lawyer to accept or not to accept a drug case, guided only by his firm belief that the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty and that he is entitled to a cousel of his own choice.

DEMS: Do you believe judges should be open to the media? Judge Tan: Absolutely, the public is entitled to information from the courts. I believe it is a form of deterrent and part of propaganda against would be law breakers. In fact, authorities note a decline in drug menace when we render almost weekly decisions against illegal drug offenders that were well covered by the media.

DEMS: What is your biggest disappointment in life? Judge Tan: I failed to graduate from the Philippine Military Academy. I was twice a victim of hazing. We were repeatedly mauled and I almost choked to death at one time. One of my classmates died due to the physical injuries inflicted on him. Fearing for my safety, my mother threatened to withdraw her consent as I was then a

DEMS: How did you meet your wife Betsy? Judge Tan: It all started in a NETRAN bus in 1970; there was no CERES yet that time. I was then a Tactical Officer of the Silliman University ROTC Unit and was on my way, along with some ROTC Advance Cadet Officers to attend a wedding in San Carlos, Negros Occidental, of one of the advance ROTC cadets who wanted his batch mates to cross sword during the wedding. She captured my attention when she, along with her parents boarded the bus in Guihulngan. It turned out we were attending the same wedding. When we came back to Dumaguete, I told my subordinates to conduct “background” check and also deliver flowers to her. A number of intervening events happened between us but in 1979 or after nine years we got married.

DEMS: Describe your family life? Judge Tan: It is a blissful thirty years (almost) of family life. I consider my family a blessing. I have an equally successful wife, who is Vice President for Academic Affairs of Silliman University, and two daughters, both professionals: Maricris Joy who works with China Bank. Dumaguete City Branch and Mia Crisanee presently working with GlobeTelecom, Dumaguete City Branch also.

DEMS: What is your New Year’s Message? Judge Tan: It seems that the global economic crisis tells us to tighten our belts as we continue to pray for peace and prosperity. For my fellow court workers, with enough budget, we shall try to manage our resources judiciously and give you more fringe benefits but in return we should offer honest and efficient services to the people.

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Don’t; give up ! (Umbac) (From page 5)

another direction!” ———————On a personal note. We were seven siblings in the family; orphaned of a father at very tender age. But our dear mother never gave up on us. Neither did we – her children in our quest for a better life. Except for a dear sister who left us very young, all of us later finished college as working students, helping each other. ——————— The case of my beloved brother Percival is classic in staying focused and not giving up. He always wanted to be an architect. And I was fully with him in this – his dream of a lifetime. Unfortunately, I was earning very little and could not afford to send him to Cebu where the course was offered. I advised him to take a course right in Dumaguete which could qualify him for employment. He took up education, graduated, passed the civil service exams, got employed as a public school teacher. ——————— After three years of teaching he resigned to enroll at the Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) for a degree in architecture. I was the proudest brother during his graduation. Later he took and passed both the Master Plumber and Architect licensure examinations. It took him a long time to realize his dream. But he never gave up, this beloved brother of mine. ———————A weakening in our resolve could reveal a flaw in our leadership quality. In the movie “The Bridges at Toko-Ri” based on the novel by James A. Michener, a young commander of an air group of the United States Navy was against the running of the engines of this propeller planes while still on the deck of the aircraft carrier. He failed to convey this to his captain. In desperation he went to the admiral who was in command of the flat top. The admiral while lamenting the violation of the chain of command but fully cognizant of the valid apprehension of the young commander said: “What would you think if one of your pilots went over your head and came to me? You are

coming up for promotion. Suppose I did talk to your captain what kind of fitness report do you think he’d give you.” The young commander did not anymore pursue his purpose saying: “I guess I was only looking at it from my point of view. I was thinking of what is best for my pilots.” ———————After the young officer left the admiral, the latter told a fellow commander: “There are two things I don’t like to see – a young officer going over somebody’s head. But once he does, I hate to see him back down so quickly from something he believes in. He’ll be all right for some job but as far as higher command goes I’ll have to tell him so.” Thus the young commander so concerned about the lives of his pilots was seen as not fit for higher leadership not because he went over the head of his captain, but because he did not pursue what he believed to be for the best interest of his pilots. ———————This year we have lined up the things that we would like to do and accomplish for 2009. We must proceed boldly. The general rule is: Never give up. The exception: If God wills it that we have to give up. For His is the only force that could keep us away from the path of our focus. EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE WITH DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late SERVILLIANO E. ELVINIA JR. have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate With Deed of Absolute Sale on onefifth (1/5) share on Lot No. 1203, Pls-847, OCT No. 7545, situated in Barangay of Mayabon, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 128,960 sq.m. in favor of Agnes Gono Rico, Bowyn M. Gono and Jackielu Gono Farinas, before Notary Public Atty. Florence A. Tangente on December 12, 2008 and known as Doc. No. 442, Page No. 92, Book No. II, Series of 2008. The Negros Chronicle Dec. 21, 28, 2008 & Jan. 4, 2009

LOT FOR SALE 7600 sq.m. besides H y p e r m a r t , Dumaguete City. Please call 09228201047


ELY P. DEJARESCO Editor-Publisher ATTY. JAY I. DEJARESCO Associate Editor

MARLEN I. DEJARESCO Business Manager

GEROME JUMALON News Photographer

DEMS REY T. DEMECILLO Editorial Assistant


JENNY B. DECIAR Legal Publications Officer

Pioneer BI-WEEKLY Newspaper in Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental. Address: E.J. Blanco Drive, Piapi, Dumaguete City. News and Advertising: (035) 225-4760 Fax: (035) 225-4760 E-mail: Entered as Second Class Mail Matter in Dumaguete City on July 1, 1973.

Member: Philippine Press Institute National Press Club Dumaguete Press Club



The Spiral ...


(From page 5) ness, greed, envy, etc. Reflecting on those years, I find it amazing that these culprits didn’t come to us. They just seemed to have sprung from us—really, an intriguing aspect of our human condition. So, eureka! I saw some connection, before I learned its original and distilled form from the Gospel or from any priest or nun in school. The secret to a more peaceful life for me, I sort of concluded, was to think less of myself! Years passed quickly, and that seed of an insight also grew and developed. Of course, now it’s like an old acacia tree that looks like it will last till time’s end itself. Now as priest, this is the advice I often give to many people who come to me telling me of their conflicts. Forget yourself, I would say. No matter how right you think you are and no matter how wrong you think the other party is, you have to think more of him or her, and love them, the way Our Lord loves all of us! Of course, this is easier said than done. So I have to give some concrete indications with more immediate and direct effects. My favorite is to hold one’s horses, to control one’s emotions, to restrain one’s provoked feelings, to delay reacting to a problem until one is in better control of his senses. And then to pray hard, think, study and try to discover those points in the conflict that can help in bridging the gap. There must be those points. Not everything can be bad and negative. Then offer sacrifices. Ask the intercession of saints, etc. In short, go to our Lord. I think that idea is born directly from our Lord’s words: “Come to me, all you that labor and are burdened, and I will refresh you. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek and humble of heart…” (Mt 11,28-29) I think these words are not meant to apply only on some occasions. They are meant for all spells of diffi-

Don’t forget ... (Catan)

(From page 5) sharing – our resources, our time, our skills and talents with those who need most our help, with those who have less in life than we have. Lots of good advice comes our way. One of my radio program listeners sent me this short verse that I’d like to share with all of you. To me this short piece of advice seems like the ideal way to meet the New Year head on. It goes like this: Remember to forget things that make you sad; Don’t forget to remember things that make you glad. Remember to forget those who are untrue, Don’t forget to remember those who stood by you. Remember to forget troubles that come your way, Don’t forget to remember the blessings of everyday. I was struck by this message … yes, the New Year is a time to look forward, a time of anticipation, but it is also a time to remember

culty we may find ourselves in. In the first place, our nature and constitution, what with our spiritual aspect, requires us to set our sights and thoughts outside of ourselves. The moment we look too much into ourselves, we spin a spiral of egoism that can be very dangerous, even fatal, to us. And then our Lord himself commanded us to love God with all our might and others as ourselves. We cannot remain simply loving our own selves. The home where we truly can lay our hat, feel secure and most happy, is not in ourselves. It’s in our communion with God and with others. We need to get out of that spiral that plunges us deeper into ourselves, poisons our thoughts, and detaches us from others, and especially from God, the ultimate Other. and forget. But most of all it is a much needed reminder to take time out to treasure the happy moments, to thank the people who are our friends, and to thank God for the blessings received during the past year. Most of all, I like to think that the new year opens wide a new door for me as it does for each one of us. The new year offers us a fresh path to travel on, an exciting mountain to climb with storms and rainbows along the way. Yes, today is always the first day of the rest of my life. And I resolve to make the most of it, today and every day. Jun and I extend our warmest wishes to all of you for a Joyous and Prosperous New Year 2009!

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Area: 900 sqmtrs. Price: P1.5M Location: Combado, Negros Oriental (Bacong) Description: Accepts 2 payments, 3 bedrooms, with underground, Garage, lawn, 3 rooms of piggery and respectful neighbors.


Contact Nos.

Location: Sibulan; Area: 400 sq.m.; Price: P2M (negotiable) Clean Title



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10 M w/ clean title 1.5 M w/ clean title 2.5 M w/ clean title 15 M w/ clean title 15 M w/ clean title 40 M w/ clean title 2.3 M w/ clean title 3 M w/ clean title 9 M w/clean title

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Being Still “Be still, and know that I am God…” –– Psalm 46:10A


ach person who wishes to be creatively Christian must learn the discipline of silence. He must learn to get his body still and he must learn to get his mind still. Apart from this the deeper messages of the still small voice will not be heard. In countless churches, services of worship begin with the words, “The Lord is in His holy temple; let all earth keep silence before him,” and then, instead of obeying these sacred

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On Civic Responsibility in 2009

he Philippines is a Christian and a democratic country. In the light of contemporary events, however, we begin to wonder if this is truly and fully so. One has just to need the daily newspaper to know that it is not all well on the national scene. Although the FR. GAMMY TULABING media of mass commuJCD, VG nication cannot always give reports accurate to the minutest detail, we believe that a great many of the happenings reported are, at least in substance true. Certainly there are good honest government officials who are doing their utmost to afford the opportunity for redress to those who suffer from injustice, to alleviate the burden of those who live in poverty, and to protect those who cower under the shadow of fear caused by armed terrorism. We know that our courts of justice have sent to prisons and even condemned to death criminals who have brazenly and shamelessly flaunted our laws. We are also aware that our lawmakers have passed wise laws for the social amelioration of the masses, like, to cite just one example, the Land Reform Law, though far from perfect. But, despite these laudable efforts, there still remain to be righted a great many wrongs, and serious ones, too. In early days of our democracy when there was more delicadeza among us, the mere exposure of the slightest irregularity was sufficient to pressure for a remedy. But in these times, more than mere exposure is needed to awaken and sensitize consciences. That is why we, as Pastors of the people of God in this country, we must speak out against these ills, or be derelict in our duty. Christianity and democracy have one basic principle in common: the respect for the dignity and value of the human person, the respect of those means, which people require to be more fully human. For the democrat this respect springs from the re


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words, the congregation immediately does something noisy. We say, “Be still and know,” and then proceed to talk. It is not likely that we can cultivate the art of listening apart from silence. One danger is that we tend to become restless and make the silence brief. It is important to recognize that “a moment of silence” is almost worthless. Long experience indicates that an hour is required for the emergence of the best, which this method makes possible. HISTORICAL NOTES

Diocese Timeline 21 May 1866: By virtue of a royal decree, the town of Zamboanguita became a parish independent of Dauin. Erected on 5 October that same year by Bishop Romualdo Jimeno of Cebu, the first Recollect mis- BY: REV. FR. ROMAN C. sionary to administer SAGUN. JR. the parish was Fray Faustino Sanchez from December 30, 1866 until his death in September 1867. 2 July 1868: By a decree of Dominican Bishop Mariano Cuartero of Jaro, the missionparish of Bayawan was established. Its first Recollect missionary was Fray Valentin Casamayor when Bayawan had only 291 inhabitants. 21 November 1872: The town of Bais was constituted an independent parish from the mother town of Manjuyod. The Recollect Friar Benigno Jimenez was the first pastor. 1880: Approved by a royal decree on 6 August, the town of Maria was canonically erected a parish by a decree of Cebu Bishop Benito Romero de Madridejos, O.F.M. Separated from the town of Canoan on 16 October that same year, the parish was under the patronage of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Divine Providence. Fray Ramon Cavas was the first Recollect pastor. 6 June 1894: A royal decree established the mission in Hibaiyo (now a barrio of Guijulngan). The missionary assigned to this settlement was Fray Pedro Jimenez. 10 July 1894: Another royal decree created the missions in Pamplona, Basay, and Bonbonon (now a barrio of Siaton) with Fray Silverio Perez, Inocente Lamata, and Angel Sanchez as their respective trailblazers. 14 November 1894: Still another royal decree authorized the missions of Vallehermoso, Giligaon (now a barrio of Siaton), Ayuquitan (San Jose) having Fray Pedro Bengoa, Juan Lorenzo, and Julio Espierrez as the pioneers respectively. 26 November 1894: The last of royal de Turn to page 13

“You are the light of the world – like a city on a mountain, glowing in the night for all to see. Don’t hide your light under a basket! Instead, put it on a stand and let it shine for all. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” –– Matthew 5:14-16

If we live for Christ, we will glow like lights, showing others what Christ is like. Be a bea-

con of truth – don’t shut your light off from the rest of the world.



Matthew 2:1-12 he kings came from a long way to visit the child Jesus. This demonstrates a level of commitment that we need to emulate if we are going to be successful in revealing the truth of the Gospel to our world. Let us all pray for the grace to live the Christian life to the full and then for the courage to share what we have received with others. Let us pray for the grace to be the lights of truth shining in the midst of a world where so often darkness and untruth reign.


When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of King Herod, behold, magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, saying, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage. When King Herod

GOLD, FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH (Part II) “Then the wisemen opened their treasures and presented them (to the baby Jesus) gifts of gold, incense and myrrh.” –– Matthew 2:11b

hile the names of the three are not in the story in Matthew, let us identify them Dr. PROCESO UDARBE according to what have been customary to call them – Gaspar, Melchor and Balthazar. Since the Feast Day of the Wisemen symbolizes mankind’s giving of our human best, what do the gifts symbolize? Gaspar’s gift to the Savior is gold. Gold represents for us our dearest worldly treasure whether we be rich or poor. It is with respect to gold that Jesus says in the Gospel: Gather not for yourself treasures on earth where moth and rust corrupt, and where thieves break in and steal … For where your treasure is, there your heart be also.


heard this, he was greatly troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. Assembling all the chief priests and the scribes of the people, he inquired of them where the Messiah was to be born. They said to him, “In Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it has been written through the prophet: ‘And you, Bethlehem, land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; since from Turn to page 13

One line from a hymn that I wonder whether we can sing with all sincerity is: “Take my silver and my gold, Not a mite would I withhold.” What does it mean “not a mite would I withhold”? I believe it simply means that we shall not make our material possessions our God. Gold is one of those in the Ten Commandments that we could easily make a “graven image” of and bow to. And, by the way, to offer gold to Jesus, we should earn it honestly – never by fraudulent means – and spend it in the name of Christ; for “the whole earth is God’s and the fullness thereof.” What about the gift of Melchor which is not easily understood in our modern evangelical vocabulary? What was Turn to page 13

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& , 304 ., Philippines 6200, Tel. No. 225-9625

NO TIME? I knelt to pray but not for long, I had too much to do, Must hurry off and get to work, For bills would soon be due. And so I rattled a hurried prayer, Jumped up from off my knees. My Christian duty now was done, My soul could be at ease.

This Breakfast could yet change

All through the day I had no time, your Life. To speak a word of cheer. NO TIME to speak of Christ to friends, They’d laugh at me I feared. NO TIME, NO TIME, so much to do, That was my constant cry. NO TIME to give to those in need;

At last, t’was time for me to die…. And when before the Lord I came, I stood with downcast eyes, With his hands He held a book, T’was the BOOK OF LIFE. Brotherhood of He looked into the book and said, Christian Businessmen “Your name I cannot find, and Professionals I once was going to write it down But never found the TIME.”

FREE BREAKFAST for First Timers Cell No. 0917-314-0701


Just cut out and present this invitation to: Bethel Guest House: 1st Saturday 7:30 a.m.



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New Year’s Prayer


The dead body of Earl Fontanilla, a suspected bukas-kotse gang leader, lies along the street minutes after he was gunned down by still unidentified suspects in Bagacay, Dumaguete City. A resident of Tinago, the victim was implicated in a number of robberies in the past. Police authorities believe he was murdered by his subordinates.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation.” –– Psalm 27:1 ur Father in heaven, as the year draws near to an end, we look back and give our heartfelt thanks and praise to you for all our daily blessings you have bestowed on us and in helping us to endure the trials and difficulties of our lives through the year. Father God, as we face needs and desires of our sufthe daily challenges of the fering neighbors – the homeNew Year, our troubled hearts less, jobless, the old and need the light of your Holy infirmed, the victims of disasSpirit to humbly place our ters and who perished in varianxieties and fate in your ous tragedies and the loved hands and help us continue to ones they left behind. O, Merciful God, forgive do good and fight evil in our our iniquities since childhood earthly pilgrimage. Divine Master, make our up to present moment and cut Home a true sanctuary of the evil familial bondage that love, peace, unity and happi- tied and beset each generation that put them to shame in this ness. O Compassionate Healer, life. Lord God, we incesgive us relief and comfort when we suffer from the santly pray that in this times agony of painful afflictions of troubles and continuing and incurable maladies in this conflicts in our land and in the whole world, bring enlightenlife. Lord, grant us the grace ment and true understanding to continue to consider the among your people to walk


Critics ... (Kojak)

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eigners here and making enemies. During the discussion, I found out he had never even read one of my articles. I offered him my copies to read. If he found just one incident where I had “bashed Americans”, told one untruth or even distorted the truth, I would publish an apology and a retraction. He backed off and said, “truth did not matter”, I was hurting America’s image and creating enemies. I pointed out that there are hundreds of thousands of Pinoys living and working in America. Did he really think there was any negative aspect to the American lifestyle that the Philippine people did not already know? As a writer I need credibility. How can I expect the reader to believe anything I say if I am not honest about my own country? If you have read my column you will note I never criticize other countries. I will vaguely refer to “some other Asian country” or a “prominent European country”, but I avoid naming them. It is true; I only name my own country. Am I

being “anti-American” or just honest? Do I hate America? Do I even have a right to criticize my own country? While many of my critics were watching television in the comfort and safety of their home, I was loading the body of my demo man into a MedEvac helicopter watching little red bubbles form as he tried to breathe through the mess that was once his face. While they were swimming in their backyard pool, I was pulling 12 dead soldiers off the bottom of the Saigon River. While they were decorating their Christmas tree, I was pulling pieces of nine of my men out of trees after the bomb went off. While they were laying around getting a sun tan in their backyard, I was crawling in the Grenadian mud with 50 cal. bullets bouncing off the rocks. I put my life on the line for America more than once. That is more than most of my critics can say. I think I paid my dues. I earn, with my blood, the right to say what I want about MY America. I am so proud of my country as any Pinoy is of the Philippines. I am an American. I am an HONEST and proud



(Formerly Hassarams Arcade) Tubtubon, Sibulan, Negros Oriental Tel. No. 4198171




low 21 t ns be o Perso old are n years ed to play allow

AVT ONLINE CASINO Khan Commercial Arcade

Aladdin’s Black- Treasure Wishes Chamjack ber

DR. ANGEL V. SOMERA (Dr. Angel V. Somera) Fellow, Phil. Psychiatric Association Diplomate, Phil. Board of Psychiatry

in the path of love and peace to make this world a better place to live in. Merciful Lord, grant eternal relief to our departed relatives and loved ones who dies ahead of us. May they rest in peace. And finally, when we draw our last breath, give us the grace of meeting you at the end of the tunnel and be our guiding light in entering Your Heavenly Kingdom to live with you forever. We ask these through Jesus Christ, AMEN. A Blessed New Year To All!!!

No fires ... From page 1

after the stick of a “kuwitis” struck her right eye around 12:15 January 1. Authorities attributed the very low number of casualties and injuries caused by firecracker blasts to the foul weather which brought intermittent rains. Meanwhile, Negros Oriental Provincial Director S/ Supt. Augusto Marquez is asking the public to inform authorities of any person who fired his gun during the New Year’s celebration, policemen who shall be caught will be facing administrative charges and may also be booted out of the service. On the other hand, civilian violators will be charged with illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

American. The source of most of these false rumors of my being antiAmerican originated from one critic. Son, I am 67 years old. I have a back broken in two places and both my knees are damaged. I got all this from serving my country, something you never did. If you and your friends decide to carry out your threat be sure to pack a lunch. You are going to have a long day’s work. You can continue your anti-Pinoy rants. I won’t even tell you to shut up and sit down, as I should. Eventually some Filipino will put a stop to your ugly diatribe; but this vendetta stops here. You will leave me and my wife out of your conversations. Unlike you, I do have the cajones to face you. You do not want a war with me. I will beat you with the TRUTH not lies. You are NOT my Everyday Hero.

WANTED Bookkeeper Part-time Call: Call:0918-929-6047 0918-929-6047 Submit biodata, resume to: NEGROS CHRONICLE

Stabbings in 2 towns kill 1, injure another


wo hacking incidents occurring almost at the same time but in different towns resulted in one death and the wounding of another last Monday. The first incident was reported in Barangay Poblacion, Mabinay at 6:30 PM when two drunken brothers got into an argument for still unknown reasons. The trouble ended with the elder Alberto Dinglasa sustaining a stab wound in his lower left armpit. Police identified his brother assailant as 28-year old Donny who voluntarily surrendered while the victim was rushed to the Mabinay Community hospital. In Bindoy, Danawan Barangay hack wounds, Tuesday morning. The vicCaptain Lope Palomar sought police as- tim, a resident of Candabong, Manjuyod, was sistance after the dead body of Vicente walking on his way to visit his farm in Rodriguez, 41, was found with multiple Turn to page 14

Cop dies in mishap caused by drunkard


police officer detailed at the provincial headquarters in Camp Francisco Fernandez, Agan-an, Sibulan died last Sunday, December 28, after an accident in Barangay Lipayo, Dauin. P/Insp. Canuto Balneg, Jr. 53, resident of Barangay Poblacion, Dauin was on his way home on board his Honda motorcycle when a drunken man identified as Lucino Alabata, 51, of Barangay Bagacay, Dauin suddenly crossed the road and was hit by Balneg’s vehicle. Due to the impact, the police officer was thrown off the road and was pinned under his motorcycle. Both were rushed to the hospital for their serious injuries. Balneg expired after 16 hours inside the Intensive Care Unit of the Silliman Medical Center. In view of the accident, the provin- cycles in line with the guidelines issued cial command reminded its personnel to by the higher headquarters on October use helmets when driving their motorTurn to page 14

Cop seizes hundreds of pyros, vendors escape undreds of assorted kinds of firecrackers and pyrotechnics were confiscated by a policeman detailed at the Dumaguete PNP from vendors who displayed them at a prohibited area. Police Officer Rolando Gonzaga said that while he was patrolling Real Street, Tuesday, he chanced upon a group of vendors selling firecrackers. However, sensing his presence, the vendors scampered to different directions leaving behind their merchandise. Seized were twenty boxes of piccolo, ignated Lawrence Teves Street formerly tail crossfire, etc. The items are now de- Colon Street near the Dumaguete Fire posited at the PNP headquarters. As part Station and Ceriaco Espina Street near Turn to page 13 of its Iwas Paputok Program, the city des-


CHR starts probe on summary executions Commission on Human Rights Special Investigator Jess Canete has already started the investigation over the deaths of two suspected drug users who were believed to be summarily executed two weeks ago by policemen as alleged by their companion. The two were murdered separately; photo shows one of the victims identified as Regie Vidas whose body was found with gun shot wounds in East Balabag, Valencia.

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Cop seizes ... January


* Vina Pinero 1st Death Anniversary 5:00pm7:00pm Jordan 1&2

Wedding 11:00am-2:00pm 10 * Garcia-Salera Jordan 1&2 * Pfizer Round Table Discussion 11:30am1:30pm Agape * Alfred & Aimee Wedding 12:00pm-2:00pm Joshua 1&2 * Serna-Agadier Wedding Ceremony/Reception 5:00pm-8:00pm Joshua 1&2 Fellowship 9:00am-12:00pm 11 * Oikodomeo Jordan3 * Living Hope Fellowship 9:00am-12:00pm Joshua 1 * Solidrock Fellowship 5:30pm-7:30pm Jordan 3 DEED OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late RIZALINA TEVES, the mother of the late Dominador T. Regis, Jr., have filed and executed a Deed of Extrajudicial Settlement on Lot No. 4416-A, being a portion of Lot 4416, covered by TCT No. T-7757, situated in the Barrios of Pamplona and Azagra, Municipality of Tanjay, Province of Negros Oriental, containing an area of 81,859 sq.m. per Doc. No. 122, Page No. 36, Book No. I, Series of 1996 of Notary Public Manuel R. Arbon. The Negros Chronicle Dec. 21, 28, 2008 & Jan. 4, 2009

Blame CARP... From page 2 by the LGUs. A number of vice-mayors also scored the practice of lumping the lots awarded to agrarian reform beneficiaries into one tax declaration when the estate have already been divided to the ARBs. This practice causes delay in the payment of taxes since even those who can afford to pay the taxes levied on their awarded lots; they still have to wait for their poorer counterparts to find the means to pay for their tax obligations.


Dealer of all kinds of Japanese surplus appliances and more . . .

Dr. V. Locsin St., Beside DCDB Dumaguete City Tel. # 225-9748

On Civic ... (Tulabing)

From page 10 alization of the value of the person. For the Christian, it is that and more. The Christian sees the value of the human as a person created to the image and likeness of God. However, the Christian believes in what Christ said: “What you did to the least of my brethren, you did to me” (Mt. 25:40). And this indeed, is the test of the Christian, to what extent will he or she follow and put into practice the words of Christ. It is precisely these words of Christ that impel us to speak to our Christian people. While we praise and encourage the many honest and conscientious public officials in Negros Oriental, and support their efforts to preserve our democratic and Christian society, we strongly denounce: bribery and extortion in other parts of the country, for they are the root of graft and corruption in government; the illegal traffic in arms and the use of them to oppress the weak and defenseless, for this is destructive of the freedom from fear; the exploitation of the poor and the deprived of life, for it is a violation of their dignity as persons and children of God; the unjust and sometimes violent dispossession of farmers of the land that for long years they have made fruitful by the sweat of their brows, for it is tantamount

Diocese Timeline ... From page 10

AD PAWNSHOP No. 13 San Juan St., Dumaguete City Cell No. 0917-314-0701


Unredeemed pledges whose terms have expired will be auctioned on January 31, 2009 at our place of business.

ebration. Policemen were reminded that they can only fire their service firearms when necessary in the event that a crime is happening. Officials said that any personnel guilty of indiscriminate firing will be facing administrative raps. to depriving them of their only means of livelihood; the wanton destruction and pillage of homes as a display or vendetta , for this is a sadistic method of victimizing the innocent and desecration of the sanctuary of homes; the miscarriage of justice through political stratagem, for it deprives the citizen of his or her last recourse for redress. When we, Christians and citizens, who have the power to remedy the evils that surround us and yet do nothing who can improve the sorry state of affairs and yet choose to be indifferent, who can speak out, and yet remain silent, we act like people who have lost their Christian heart. We deny Christ. We leave Him to be crucified again. On the other hand, we highly commend the exemplary courage of those concerned citizens, young and old, who, guided by true democratic and Christian principles, have championed the cause of good government and just social reforms. We must not wait for the State to do everything for us. It is true that the primary obligation to maintain public order, promote the public welfare and correct social injustices rests on the State. But the State alone, without the cooperation of the citizenry, cannot attain these ends. In the final analysis, in a democracy, the responsibility for good govern-

At North Poblacion, Larena Siquijor (8:30 am) • North Poblacion, Larena, Siquijor • Atad Street Public Market, Siquijor, Siquijor


crees for this year opened the mission in Calagcalag (now a barrio near the town of Ayungon). The young Recoleto to go on missionary outreach to this small settlement was Fray Eusebio Valderrama. 17 November 1898: On board the ship SS Lourdes, Recollect missionaries from Siquijor and Negros Oriental left the province because of the brewing Revolution against Spain that year.


ment rests on every citizen, and the failure of good government is the failure of every citizen. The duty of establishing a just regime does not rest on the shoulders of the politician alone. It rests on the shoulders of all citizens. And for the Christian citizen this duty is more binding because it is a duty not only to another citizen, but also to Christ Himself. And so it is the duty of the Christian citizen to stand up and be counted in all matters affecting the public welfare. It is the duty of the Christian citizen to conscientiously partici-

pate in the political life of the country. It is his or her duty to break the silence of the “silent majority” when injustice is committed. We recall the words of Christ: “Happy the peacemakers; they shall be called children of God. Happy those who are persecuted in the cause of right; theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. (Mt. 5:9-10) The Christian must follow Christ, even in suffering, to bring about the reign of justice; and through justice, peace and love.

Gospel ...

star that they had seen at its rising preceded them, until it came and stopped over the place where the child was. They were overjoyed at seeing the star, and on entering the house they saw the child with Mary his mother. They prostrated themselves and did him homage. Then they opened their treasures and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed for their country by another way.

From page 10 you shall come a ruler, who is to shepherd my people Israel.’” Then Herod called the magi secretly and ascertained from them the time of the star’s appearance. He sent them to Bethlehem and said, “Go and search diligently for the child. When you have found him, bring me word, that I too may go and do him homage.” After their audience with the king they set out. And behold, the

NOTICE OF AUCTION All unredeemed pledges left during the month of August 2008 of the ff CEBUANA LHUILLER PAWNSHOP branches will be sold at Public Auction on January 13, 2009.

Sunday ...


From page 10

frankincense in the religious life of the first century? It is by general agreement that frankincense, in contrast to gold, represents the less tangible values of life – our education, our knowledge, our music, the richness of our culture. I think we can lump all of these in a general term which means our talents and abilities. One gift we could desire is the talent of encouragement. As others did encourage me in my own dedication of my talents to the Lord, so I have done my best to inspire young people

3rd Floor, EBT Building Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete City, Tel no. 225-7214

OVAL REVIEW CENTER E.J. Blanco Drive, Daro, Dumaguete City

Cel. # 0918-7076-144

Review for Teacher (L.E.T.) Nurses (N.L.E.)

EL CAMINO BLANCO ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION Come and feel the total relaxation…. Acoustics Jammin’ @ Barefoot Bistro Every Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 9:00 p.m. onwards

Great food…Great music…Great atmosphere….. Cor. EJ Blanco Dr. & Flores Ave., Piapi, Dumaguete City

Call us up at (035) 225-9428/ 422-5373

to do so. There are professionals now who express gratitude that sometime ago, I pointed to them the way – some bishops and pastors, businessmen, teachers, physical therapists, doctors and a good number of others. One such person who has the talent of encouragement is Dr. Edith Tiempo, national artist in literature. She spoke to the honorees on Honor’s Day of the wholeness of the giving of talent. She said that: The anatomy of honor is not isolated expertise or power intellect… Honor demands the commitment of the whole being to human ends…that go beyond self-aggrandizement. (To be continued)

CV officials ... Arnaiz: 10% ... From page 2

Tel. # 225-9922



(From page 12)

the Muslim mosque in Barangay Taclobo as areas where pyrotechnics can be sold. Meanwhile, the PNP provincial command has not received any reports of policemen who fired their guns during the New Year’s Cel-


conclude that a given region with the highest number is also the most corrupt. “There are times that these are harassment cases only. They should instead base their conclusion on the

From page 2

ity. They also asked the farmers to practice what they have learned and impart the knowledge and skills to their fellow farmers. number of decided cases,” he stressed.



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(From the CHRONICLE Files)

Crime rate slightly down in ‘78


anuary 7, 1979—The incidence of criminality in the province has slightly gone down in the year 1978 compared to the crime rate in the year 1977 according to the constabulary.

Lt. Col. Francisco Fernandez said there were about 2338 crimes recorded in 1978, mostly traffic incidences, throughout the province. Fernandez reported that Bais City registered the highest density of crime with 61.8% per 10,000 population in 1976 but plummeted down to 12.6% in 1977 and to a much lower level of 9.4% in 1978. On the other hand, Dumaguete registered the highest density of crime in 1977 skyrocketing to 46.2% more in 1977. Then from its 102.9% in 1977, it slumped down to 90.7% in 1978.

Meanwhile, in a command conference held in Tanjay, Fernandez told station and INP commanders to emphasize on civilianmilitary cooperation. He noted that there is no substitute for the bayanihan spirit in maintaining peace and order in the community. He noted economic productivity, religious practices and weather conditions as vital factors in crime incidence. He said that when times are hard, people are tempted to commit felonies for economic survival.


P1.2M ...

Guihulngan ...

From page 3

From page 3

High School Principal Mrs. Carmelita Alcala landed 6th place during the recent Principal Qualifying Examination administered by the Department of Education. She has also been instrumental for the various achievements of DNHS students and the ongoing expansion of the school. (With Neil Rio)

No. 9409 which lapsed into law in March 23, 2007 converting the municipality of Guihulngan into a city. But the League of Cities vehemently opposed the cityhood of Guihulngan and 15 other towns and filed a petition before the Supreme Court to declare their cityhood as unconstitutional, therefore null and void. The cities are protesting because with the entry of 16 more cities, their share in the IRA will be significantly reduced. Officially, the League said that the laws violated the 1987 constitution when it exempted the towns from complying with the income requirement in the Local Government Code of 1991. However, Arnaiz clari-

Solons: More ... From page 3

way being envisioned by President Gloria MacapagalArroyo. Some of these roads are those linking PamplonaSta. Catalina, BayawanMabinay road and AyungonJimalalud.

From page 12 21, 2008. Those who fail to observe the policy will be liable for neglect of duty. Penalties for violation include suspension and forfeiture of salary. Repeated offenders are to be handed “maximum penalty.”

Stabbings ... From page 12 Danawan Monday night at about 6:00PM when he was waylaid by the still unidentified assailant. Investigators found a bolo and a black t-shirt at the scene of the crime. fied that when the decision of the Supreme Court becomes final, the IRA share of Guihulngan will also be reverted.


Jail breakers recaptured anuary 1, 1989—Two detainees who bolted the Sibulan Municipal Jail on December 24 eve were recaptured shortly after noon on December 25 by elements of the Sibulan PNP. The two escapees were identified as Lim the door of the prison jail taking along with Sacao of Jolo, Sulu and Gilbert Catayas of them the armalite rifle which was issued to Tubtubon, Sibulan. Both are facing separate a certain Pat. Rico Gravador. charges, the former charged of stealing a The Christmas Eve jailbreak in Sibulan betamax owned by a certain Mrs. Bernadette apparently came in timely, as most of the Agir while the latter is facing charges of qualified theft. According to Sibulan police residents of the town were celebrating the sources, the two detainees took along with Christmas Eve in a public dance nearby. them one armalite rifle with four magazines However, they were captured by the police which reportedly was an issue to the jail at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon of guard on duty. Police said the escapees broke December 25, less than 24 hours later.



Cop dies ...

Sta. Catalina Cor. Noblefranca Streets Dumaguete City

(035) 422-8450 Tel (035) 225-7452 Tel (63928) 326-4555 Mobile

Tel. Nos. 225-7452 / 422-8450 Cell. No. 09283264555 / 09062708575 09228597701 / 09228597702

Unit 201, The QC Pavillion, Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City (032) 232-6861 Tel (032) 232-4715 Fax

Governor blasts DECS anuary 3, 1999—The provincial government recently called on the urgency to sanitize the Education Department to once and for all end the age-old government image of corruption and save the reputation of those sticking to the ideals and the entire system from the stain which their rotten colleagues have spread. The governor said that some comGovernor George Arnaiz recently confirmed reports on rampant corruption in the plained to him that he won in a bidding Education Department here and challenged but the DECS denied the privilege in fathe public’s vigilance. The governor disclosed vor of another supplier. It is from this the report during the joint year-end press point that Arnaiz challenged those who conference with Second District Represen- have information regarding corruption, tative Emilio Macias II. Arnaiz, who chose not only in the education department but not to mention names, said that the corrup- all government agencies to report to his tion ranges from anomalous purchase of edu- office the matter so that proper action cational equipment to playing politics in the can be taken to cleanse the system from scalawags. biddings.


Even if others are not. Even if others will not. Even if others can not. “He who walks honestly walks securely.” A message from:

Proverbs 10:9

Brotherhood of Christian Businessman & Professionals


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Energy fans X’mas party PRESS takes a break

To commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ the savior and to welcome the coming year 2009, hundreds of ndividuals all throughout the city and province who belong to the Energy and Kuya Vher Friends Forever converged at the Dumaguete City Press Club Building last December 28 and everyone had a great time.

Members of the Dumaguete Press Club grouped at the Press Club Building located at the Rizal Boulevard last December 29 where they took a break and had fun doing games and activities to celebrate the Christmas Season.

Model student rallies for transparency RP’s Rizal Youth National Awardee and Silliman University Student Government President Stacy Danika Alcantara was chosen to speak on the 112th Rizal Day Celebration at the Quezon Park, Tuesday. Ms. Alcantara, who was second among the 2008 Most Outstanding Jose Rizal Model Student of the Philippines recently, spoke before a crowd that included the province’s VIPs like Governor Emilio Macias II, Second District Rep. George Arnaiz, BM Mariant Escano Villegas, Dumaguete City Mayor Agustin Perdices, ViceMayor Woodrow Maquiling, NORSU President Dr. Henry Sojor and Councilor Nilo Sayson. She urged everyone not to wait for another Rizal to materialize in our midst but instead become heroes themselves and appeal for government transparency and accountability.

Members of the St. Louis High School batch 1988 held their reunion at the residence of Katherine Morito-Banua in Taclobo. Seated from left: Mario Cual, Francis Delfino, Glen Villareal, Romeo Borja, Ross Tayko, Ned Pulido, Jovencio Enojo (partly hidden), Marlon Fua, Emiliano Ono-on. Standing from left: Yvette Gonzales-Gamora, Dax Xenos Macay, Edwin Ebao, Jonathan Lincoln, Lee Zerna, Ruby Vendiola-Dejaresco, Analiza Alviola-Ybanez, Katherine Morito-Banua, Rachel Maturan, Flavia Aranas.

Rural BANK of BAIS

High Hopes for a happy ending


ast December 8, 2008, the 30-year old Rural Bank of Bais declared a temporary bank holiday because of liquidity problems and subsequently was put under the receivership by the Bangko Sentral with the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) as


Whatever the reason of the bank’s downfall, is not yet material to solve this problem in the here and now. Stories circulate that the bank cannot rise up from its impending death and liquida-

NegOr marks ... From page 1 people to start planting to ensure food security and prevent hunger and batted once more for the use of organic fertilizer in view of the high cost of commercial and chemical farm implements. Macias also reiterated his belief that even Congress cannot change the name of Negros Oriental to Oriental Negros as this would violate the provisions of the 1973 and 1987 Constitution. He said that on October 29 1889, Spain issued a Royal Decree partitioning Negros Island into two political units. It was promulgated on Jan. 1, 1890. When the Americans took over the Royal Decree formed part of the laws of the Philippines.


Barangay Poblacion 3 Christmas Tree Making Contest Major: First Prise: Mora’s Eatery – P20, 000 donated by New Bian Yek Commercial Second Prize: Maria Conchita Somoza – P10, 000 donated by Matiao Realty Corporation Third Prize: Ricky’s Bakery and Grocery – P5, 000 donated by Catherine Lu Block Special Awards: Most Indigenous Most Unique Most Creative Most Attractive Most Artistic Judges:

– Virgie and Sylmart – Holy Child Hospital – Mora’s Eatery – Plaza Maria Luisa Suites Inn – Ma. Conchita Somoza

1. Mr. Bobby Villasis 2. Mr. Pride Sirilan 3. Mrs. Catalina Amasula

NS ! O I T A L RATU ew Year G N CO appy N H

The Punong Barangay and the entire Brgy. Council would like to thank all the sponsors, donors and most especially to all those who joined the said competition. For without you this endeavor would not have been successful. Looking forward to a more bigger competition next year.

– JV IMBO, Poblacion 3, Punong Barangay

tion will follow through. That is why many of my co-depositors have asked me when the PDIC will start serving them its insurance coverage. The answer will have to wait on the efforts made by the stakeholders. In my opinion, the solution to such problem is always to solve it for the best interests of the stakeholders. Who are the stakeholders? They are the bank owners, the depositors and the government. The bank owners, if they are sincere enough, will always avail of what is provided by law. The law provides them 90 days after takeover by the PDIC to present a sound Rehabilitation Plan so that the bank can be given a chance to operate again subject to the prior approval of the banking authorities. The owners will have to do this for pride, honor, integrity, legacy and redemption of reputation. On the other hand, the depositors will pray for the bank to resume operations so that they will not be hassled with the claims in the PDIC and even the claims in the liquidation court if it turns out

that the insurance coverage is not enough to compensate the totality of their deposits in the bank. They know that their claims in the liquidation court are not a preferred claim. Lastly, it is the policy of the government not to close banks easily; it always wants to give a second chance to deserving, sincere and competent bank owners. It wants these people to redeem themselves. To do otherwise will send a bad signal to the banking community which the government abhors. The recent turn of events of the Rural Bank of Bais will be an epitome of the shape of things to come. It will surely make heroes out of people. The stakeholders must cooperate to achieve one goal: that is to give the Rural Bank of Bais a resurrection. It is a happy ending after all. (Name withheld upon request) ERRATUM: In last week’s story, Paul Montenegro should have been written as the rural bank President and Chairman of the Board, not the manager who was one Alexis Petralba.



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Jan 4 2009  

P 10.00 Dumaguete City, Philippines, Sunday JANUARY 4, 2009 VOL. 35 No. 30 NegOr marks 119th year “THE WORLD’S RESOURCES ARE FINITE. MAN CAN...

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