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JANUARY 25, 2009

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Gang-raped ! suspect nabbed BY DRT Demecillo

L A JOY TO HELP OTHERS, seems to be the expression of one Fil-Am medical volunteer. She’s among those who gave free medical services to the poor of Negros Oriental from Jan 18-21.

awmen, acting on citizens’ tip, and the quick response of the victim’s boardmates, collared, charged and detained one of the four suspects in what could be another celebrated case of gang-rape by four teenagers in this university town which happened before midnight of Wednesday.

This is now the FOURTH rape case that happened within this month of January in this capital city of “gentle people. ” The pattern: rapists lurking in the dark, waiting for hapless victims either returning from work as sales girls, or coming home late from parties or school. The latest victim was swooped down on board a plush Fortuner, allegedly owned by

a known family in the city. The police have already the names of suspects and in most likelihood, charges have been filed simultaneously upon the swift arrest of the first suspect, who was nabbed in less than 24 hours by the police. Witholding names in accordance to RA 8353, the police has gotten the names of

the four suspects, scions of known families in Dumaguete who were identified as the gangmate of the first arrested suspect who was positively identified by the victim The 19 year old victim narrated that she was waiting for a ride to her boarding house when the Fortuner suddenly materialized with four Turn to page 17

Poor get medical RB Bais hopeful for white knight L aid from Fil-Ams

BY: DEMS REY T. DEMECILLO eventy-seven doctors and nurses from the United States of America belonging to the Philippine Medical Association of Chicago completed the 5-day medical and surgical mission from Jan 18-22 to hundreds of indigent patients that included some detainees of the provincial jail at Lamberto Macias Sports Complex and the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital.


PMAC members said that this is their way of expressing gratitude for all the blessing receivedfrom God and a means to show concern for their less fortunate compatriots. The beneficiaries are those identified as among the poorest of the poor by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Services included free consultation, distribution of vitamins and medicines, surgeries for the eye, harelip, goiter, among others. Dr. Leo Avila, PMAC

President cited two reasons versity provided assistance for choosing Dumaguete to the volunteer US-based City and Negros Oriental this doctors. year: many patients here PMAC also expressed could not afford the services satisfaction to the assistance of doctors and the high se- and cooperation of the Rocurity risk if done in tary Club of Dumaguete Mindanao. Just very re- East, Governor Emilio cently, three Red Cross vol- Macias II, 1st District Rep. unteers were abducted in Jocelyn Limkaichong, 2nd Jolo province by suspected District Rep. George Arnaiz members of the Abu Sayaff and 3rd District Rep. Pryde group. Henry Teves. Nursing students from The Philippine Medical Silliman University, Saint Association in Chicago Paul University-Dumaguete, Dumaguete City medical Foundation University and Mission of Jan 18-21 at the Negros Oriental State UniTurn to page 17

ike the knight in shining armor in the likes of Sir Lancelot who will save the queen from all danger, the Rural Bank of Bais is scouting, inviting, and luring possible “white knight banks” who are willing to bail them out of their predicament and stand by their financial accountabilities before the Central Bank. Only then can they hope for coming back to business, with another name. This was the gist of the chairman of the RBBais legacy incident which triginterview with Paul which is now under receiv- gered bank holidays in sev Montenegro, president and ership with PDIC due to that Turn to page 2

SHARING THEIR BLESSINGS DESPITE RECESSION in the U.S., the Philippine Medical Association of Chicago headed by Dr. Pio Yanong, M.D. conducted five days of free medical mission here to hundreds of indigents. Governor Emilio Macias II and Rep. Josy Limkiachong played host to them at the Sidlakang Negros Tourism Village.




January 25, 2009

Crimes surge as city’s top cop took a break critical repor ting reporting


id the three-week break that Dumaguete City Chief of Police Supt. Leopoldo Cabanag Jr. take emboldened criminal elements to stage robberies and sexual assaults? Apparently so, as the city’s top cop noted the increase in the volume of crimes recorded by the PNP during his absence while attending his father’s funeral.

Even the Chair of the City Peace and Order Council Fernando Martinez also aired the same observation and stressed the need to review the crime prevention strategies of the PNP in the wake of shootings, robberies and four reported rape cases for this month

alone. With his return, Cabanag issued strict orders for his subordinates to “identify, locate and neutralize” the different criminal gangs responsible for the past incidents, adding that these suspects are not from Dumaguete City.



A Dream team of principled leaders


he truth is people are sick and tired of hearing and looking at the same faces in an election. But that is the reality, only a few people are called to the demands of such noble yet dirty process our kind of elections. Until we institute genuine electoral reforms, until traditional politics is rebuked totally, the same faces of government leadership will emerge.






SOCO welcomes probe on ‘lapses’ cene of the Crime Operatives head Major Josephine Llena is open to the investigation that will be conducted by the Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office to correct shortcomings in the collection and preservation of evidences by the SOCO elements, if any. Previously, Commission namely Reggie Vesda, 23, on Human Rights Special In- and John Weir Baybay, 23, vestigator Jess Canete criti- whose remains were found cized the Scene of the Crime respectively on December Operatives or SOCO for its 23 in East Balabag, Valencia, alleged lapses in the collec- and Bulak, Dauin. tion and preservation of eviCanete noted the failure dences related to the sum- of SOCO to recover from mary executions of two the Dauin crime scene empty known police characters Turn to page 12



he city council is considering the call of sorts of one city councilor who proposed that the ban on marijuana should be revisited because it has medicinal or herbal positive effects to human health, over and above the fact that marijuana is a drug addicting substance.

Kag. Noel de Jesus wants members of Congress and President Arroyo, who recently named herself drug czar, to conduct a study that may affirm his following assertions: that the government

is depriving patients of the benefits of the marijuana, a herbal medicine, out of paranoia that has been attached to its use; marijuana users should not be mixed with Turn to page 6

Militants’ plea rejected, Army to stay in NegOr hile officials are debating over the legal feasibility and implications of subjecting students in high schools and colleges to random drug testing, a student of Silliman University High School aired his unsolicited but timely reminder to authorities: hunt, prosecute and convict first the drug lords if they expect that the war on drugs can be won. Mr. Ramon Iso, Chair of drug testing not only for stuthe Committee of Discipline dents but teachers although Negros Oriental High School he believes this is not enough underscored the need for au- to curb the drug menace unthorities to identify the less the sources are deactisources of the illegal drugs vated. However, Mr. John supply so it can be signifiAnthon Credo, Adviser to the cantly reduced. Turn to page 6 He is in favor of random


embers of the militant farmers group KAUGMAON suffered another setback in their campaign to expel the Philippine Army here after the Provincial Board rejected their petition for the pullout of the two Infantry Battalions 11th and 79 th under the 302nd Brigade from Negros Oriental. The militant farmers ar- the problem of insurgency gued that the soldiers who remains unresolved in are deployed to combat the Negros Oriental, the Army New People’s Army have will remain. “Once the committed several human rebels are gone, the military rights abuses against resi- will leave,” underscored dents and farmers in far Macias. Col. Cesar Yano of the flung barangays. However, no less than 302nd Brigade has belittled Governor Emilio Macias II the demand of the militants declared that for as long as Turn to page 15


RB Bais hopeful for ... eral rural banks hereabouts. This developed as PDIC president Jose Nograles announced the MOA signing with an independent audit firmthe IKPMG Manabat Sanagustin & Co, to undertake selected activities of pre-settlement examination of deposit accounts of all sequestered banks under PDIC receiversip. This will let PDIC fast track their jobs of receivership, and possibly enable PDIC to start payout of deposit insurance claims by mid-February in the following rural banks recently closed: Rural Bank of Bais ( 3 branches Bais, Tanjay, Cebu) Rural banks of Paranaque, San Jose Batangas, Pilipino Rural Bank in Dumaguete, Bank of East Asia, First Interstate Bank, Phil Countryside Rural Bank, Dynamic Rural Bank, Nation Bank, Rural Bank of Carmen, Rurla Bank of DARBCI and

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San Pablo City Development Bank. They have some 130,000 depositors. Bais Rural Bank has deposits of around P700Million the bulk of which is CebuDIC and of these P 82 Million are non-insured with PDIC.

All of us have heard who are running, planning, doubting, and desperately wanting to be drafted. But see, they are the same faces, rolled over and recycled all over and over again. First, they have already saved much money for the coming elections, money they can buy votes of the people. If you do not buy votes , you lose. That is fact in Phlippine elections. A sad fact which has in itself, impoverished our nation. TAKE AGRICULTURE. In Dumaguete, we remember, we used to have Thais and Laotians and Cambodians as college classmates. They were sent to Silliman and Foundation Universities to learn how to plant and raise good rice crops. Today, we are importing rice from their countries. What a disaster! It only goes to show that agriculture has failed to develop fully in our country. Take Cebu. Cebu is importing 60% of its livestock and vegetables from Northern Mindanao and Luzon. It would take more than ten hours for meat and vegetables to reach Cebu, and yet, we in this part of Negros Island cannot see the golden opportunity. We are only three hours away from Cebu by land at any given time. No local administration has used its tremendous power and influence to develop agriculture in this part of Negros island so we can capture Cebu’s need of 60% of their vegetables and meat and fish requirements. We are the nearest neighbor of this barren province that can afford to buy its food needs from suppliers in Mindano and Luzon. Why is Negros Oriental, which is the nearest, ironically not doing business with Cebu? Because we have cut our trees and are starting to get barren too ourselves? And who is this person who wants us to be under Occidental Negros by joining as one province? Of course he is dreaming. Cebuanos and Ilongos are two lambings who can hardly get along together, just observe the dorms. Not unless their political godfathers are in Occidental. Obviously. By supplying 60% of Cebu’s agricultural needs, our farmers will be richer and not poorer. Definitely we will no longer be among the 20 poorest provinces in the country. Our farm to market roads will increase in number. Our poor farmers will no longer be busy occupying CARPable lands not for agricultural use, but for real estate speculation. Something is terribly wrong. And politics is a major culprit.

RBB & MONTENEGRO He is constantly in touch with PDIC to work out a viable rehabilitation plan. He reiterated that a white knight is needed to bailout RBBI from its present predicament. The PDIC is still valuating its assets and liabilities. He said that even if RBBI is found to be viable for rehabilitation, the PDIC meantime will pay back all insured deposits up to P250,000. The advances of PDIC will be paid by potential white knight intending to rehabilitate the bank. Montenegro has resisted liquidation out of deep concern for the depositors and investors.

But make no mistake, the kind of politicians we have in the city and province are not the hopeless type. Comparing them with other cities and provinces they are much better at least in terms of integrity, transparency and performance. You should see those in other places of corruption and neglect by its leaders. They look like sleepy and ghost towns. We have a few of those in Negros Oriental, just look around. Take a tour.


If only our local government leaders will realize that even by just starting to market vegetables, and livestock, to Cebu is already a big leap to prosperity because the market is steady. Cebu is dead agriculturally, yet it is the queen city of the south. Someone must supply her food, and we are not doing it. Our lands are idle. Something is terribly wrong. Most of our agricultural monthly statistics are doctored, reports say. Our city agriculture is in a terrible mess, Billy Ablong attests.

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January 25, 2009


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Celebrating the book of life


cjomartinez or Christians, the Bible is the source of inspiration and a guide to daily living. Many of my friends start their day with Bible reading and meditation on the Word. Today, January 25 is National Bible Sunday and National Bible Week is celebrated from January 19-25, 2009.

Going back to its history, this yearly national celebration was declared by former President Ferdinand E. Marcos through Presidential Proclamation No. 2242 signed on October 27, 1979, “to encourage the reading of the Holy Bible as an instrument to develop moral character, personal discipline, understanding and unity among our people.” President Corazon C. Aquino issued Proclamation No. 44 in 1986, moving the celebration from November to every last week of January where she urged radio and television stations throughout the country to air, and the print media to feature, Bible readings everyday during the week. President Fidel V. Ramos later issued Presidential Proclamation No. 1067 which recognized that “national attention be focused on the important role played by the reading and study of the Bible in molding the moral fiber of our citizenry.” The Philippine Bible Society (PBS) has endeavored to introduce Filipinos to the transforming power of God’s Word through the Bible. Over the years it spearheaded the celebration of the National Bible Week and National Bible Sunday. It is note- The theme and logo for the National Bible Week 2009 worthy that this celebration goes back four emphasizes the Filipino youth and the 8 pillars of decades ago and the Bible is now part of society with the theme - May They be One, and the many Filipinos’ daily readings. mission to help put a Bible in every home. The National Bible Week 2009 theme is “May They Be One”, in response to the prayer of Christ for all His Anonymous — Mccosh The Bible is a book that children to “be one,” (John Most people are bothered 17.21). As a nation, the Phil- has been read more and ex- by those passages of Scripippines upholds the Bible as amined less than any book ture they do not understand, the true and lasting bind that that ever existed. —Thomas but the passages that bother unites individuals, families, Paine me are those I do understand. It is not at all incredible, —Mark Twain and communities, fostering harmony and national trans- that a book which has been The Bible is the greatest formation. This year’s theme so long in the possession of example of the whole being highlights the biggest sector mankind should contain greater thaN its parts. – of our society- the youth- as many truths as yet undiscov- Michael Phillips. Do you wish to find out the central force of the cam- ered. — Bishop Butler The letter of Scripture is the really sublime? Repeat the paign for unity and the logo — portrays the eight pillars of a veil just as much as it is a Lord’s Prayer. society that holds the coun- revelation; hiding while it re- Napolean The Bible is worth all try: Family, Church, Educa- veals, and yet revealing while other books which have ever tion, Government, Business, it hides.—Andrew Jukes The Bible is a harp with been printed. —Patrick Henry Media, Arts & Entertainment, Who decides what is right a thousand strings. Play on and Science & Technology. Quotes from famous men one to the exclusion of its re- and wrong in the world? Who has the authority to define lationship to the others, and about the Bible When you read God’s you will develop discord. Play morality for all of creation? It Word, you must constantly be on all of them, keeping them is not the courts, congress, the public opinion, the “posaying to yourself, “It is talk- in their places in the divine media, litically correct” police, the ing to me, and about me.” — scale, and you will hear heav- “tolerance” brigade or even enly music all the time. —Wil- the church. The only answer Soren Kierkegaard Bible reading is an edu- liam P. White has been, is and always will The book to read is not be Jesus Christ. You can find cation in itself. —Lord the one which thinks for you, His opinion on a great variety Tennyson Reading the Bible without but the one which makes you of subjects in His best seller... meditating on it is like trying think. No book in the world The Bible. — Jeffrey E. to eat without swallowing. — equals the Bible for that. Ramey EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE, PARTITION AND SALE


NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late ANGEL A. SARA have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate, Partition and Sale on Lot No. 1582, Pls-701 covered by TCT No. FT-509, situated at Butong, Manjuyod, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 14,391 sq.m. in favor to Mercy A. Casido per Doc. No. 229, Page No. 23, Book No. 30, Series of 2008.

NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late BASILIO BERGABERA SR. and GENOVEVA OGABANG BERGABERA have filed and executed an Amended Deed of Extra-Judicial Settlement and Waiver of Right on Lot No. 54, Gss-616, covered by OCT No. FV31866, situated in Dawis, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 130,981 sq.m., per Doc. No. 202, Page No. 41, Book No. XXII, Series of 2008 of Notary Public Atty. Elizur V. Umbac.

The Negros Chronicle Jan. 11, 18 & 25, 2009

The Negros Chronicle Jan. 11, 18 & 25, 2009



Sibulan mayor paid lot sans authority – Jariol

Branding the transaction as irregular and illegal, Sibulan Councilor Enrique Jariol (left) delivers a privileged speech criticizing Mayor Antonio Renacia for paying the owner of a lot in Barangay Looc without authority from the municipal council. The lot is meant to serve as the new dumpsite. Listening are Councilors Dinno Tanoy (right), Antonio Tan, Danilo Grapa, Christoffel Banquerego, Gil Genaro Concepcion, Nemesio Deser, Maximo Resturas and Vice-mayor Emmanuel Diputado (not seen).

ayor Antonio Renacia of Sibulan can be held liable for violating the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act for illegally paying a lot owner P1 million for the purchase of a lot in Barangay Looc that will be used as the new site for the town’s material recovery facility despite the absence of a resolution from the Municipal Council granting Renacia the authority to release the amount even as a partial payment, asserts Councilor Turn to page 17


Bayawan Auxiliary cops not for politics: Mayor trictly for peacekeeping and not for political ends,” assured Bayawan City Mayor German Sarana amid concerns that the Police Auxiliary Unit might be used as a private army during elections. The City of Bayawan has allocated an surgents. additional P 10-20 million for the training and He noted that for the past several arming of 50 additional members of the Po- years, no armed clash between the police Auxiliary Unit. At present, the strength lice and members of the New People’s of the unit stands at 140. Sarana under- Army has been recorded. “To attain ecoscored the need to augment the present force nomic development, peace and order due to the size of Bayawan City and the need must be maintained at all times,” conto secure the same from criminals and in- cluded Sarana.


Tanjay resident is first rabies fatality


early three months after having bitten by a dog, a Tanjay resident became the first casualty for rabies-infection this year according to Mardonio Mandela, Animal Health Coordinator at the Provincial Veterinary Office. In 2008, only three persons died of ra- the thousands of dogs in the province. bies, a slight decrease from 2007 figure which had four reported fatalities. Mandela attrib- This year, health authorities aim to vacuted this to the all out campaign to vaccinate cinate 80 percent of the dog population.

Rosebert Pawnshop National Highway Bayawan City

Unredeemed pledges whose terms have expired last December 2008 will be auctioned on February 02, 2009 at Rosebert Pawnshop – Main Dr. V. Locsin St., Dumaguete City.

Rosebert Pawnshop Dr. V. Locsin St. Dumaguete City

Unredeemed pledges whose terms have expired will be auctioned on February 02, 2009 at our place of business.

Out of more than five thousand municipal police stations nationwide, Negros Oriental’s own, Ayungon was cited as having the Best Municipal Police Station by the Philippine National Police. The recognition will be bestowed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to Ayungon Chief of Police Inspector Errol Besario and Vice-Mayor Edcel Enardicido during the PNP Day in Camp Crame, tomorrow, Monday.



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Understanding the budget


ne of the most interesting, yet dreadful, aspects of governance is the budgeting process. Government budgeting is one of the most important, yet one of the most controversial processes in the operation of the government. Many in public policy will say that budgeting is so complicated. However, there is also a way to simplify our understanding of the budget. Think of government budgeting, in the way the family does the budgeting.

Family, gov’t budgeting similar



Call for Moral Force

he issues surrounding us has reached a point when it is no longer a matter of right or wrong, legal or illegal, but whether it is moral or not. Therefore, more than just being legal, and right, things in this community and country for that matter ought to be geared to a new moral force. Thus, the call of our Supreme Court chief justice, the highest official of the third branch of government, Reynato Puno, and now being reverberated by a large sector of Philippine Society, the call for a new moral force in this country is needed if only to put things back to its proper order. Already, even in the local scene, political realignments are being discussed, as if these people are not the very same faces of leadership that have brought our country and communities to the point of perdition. It is high time that we seek a now moral order, a now moral force that should emerge as an alternative that will usher in, genuine reforms in our communities, and nation. It is unthinkable that even when the Chief Justice himself, who mans the last bastion of democracy in this country, is even called for impeachment, even as he

has always been pictured as having displayed genuine independence. In this country today, instead of a genuine leadership, they have developed an incredulous display of political gimmickry. Instead of courage among the ranks of our citizenry, they have developed timidity. Instead of risk takers, many people have chosen the path of playing safe in every issue that affect them. That is why politicians, who have been used to buying the votes of the poor and ignorant, want this country to remain as such, poor and ignorant, so that they will continue to be in power. It is high time that we harness the few remaining principled and incorrigible citizens and officials of this country to take a new lead, instead of being kept silent as honorable fence sitters. If dream we must, then let us create a DREAM TEAM who will lead our communities, if not our nation to greatness. The dream team are those people who are willing to serve, and are ready to lose in any rigged election. It is enough that this dream team will be able to send the message that there are still those principle and incorrigible citizens who if given a chance can institute genuine reforms . And the only way to put the dream team to power and reality is to rebuke traditional politics by denouncing vote buying and think ahead of 365 days of freedom and prosperity.

The fundamentals are similar. In the family, usually the father works to gain income for the family. When he received his salary he gives his income to the wife or mother. Often the mother is the one who budgets the family income. The income will be used to pay for the usual expenses of the family. The mother will then set aside part of the income to put food on the table. She will set aside part of the income to pay the utilities, like electricity, water bills. She will set aside money for the children’s education, and their ba-on and transpo fare. An amount is also set aside to maintain the family motorcycle, or car. A part of the income will also be set aside to pay for the househelp’s sweldo, if there is one. If the family has a loan (utang) from the cooperative, or the 56 (bombay), then an amount is also set aside for loan payment. That is family budgeting.

Balancing the budget What can be difficult for the mother is how to balance the family’s budget. In other words, the income must be sufficient to cover the regular monthly expenses of the family. This is the hard part. So it is important, that the father does not have many vices like smoking, drinking, bulang (cockfighting), mahjong, “good time.” If the income is channeled to the vices, then all the more, it would be difficult for the mother to balance the budget. If the income is not sufficient to cover the expenses, the result is what we call “deficit.” If the father’s income is way too low, that it cannot cover the family expenses, then the father may have to resort to “utang” from lenders and the loansharks or 5-6 (I am not talking about height here). It is important that there should be “responsible budgeting.” The idea is to have a “balanced” budget. One of the most effective ways to maintain a balanced budget is to cut-off on unnecessary expenses, eliminate the vices, and most significant, live simply or “simplified living.”

Next: Government budgeting.

P400-Billion “stimulus fund”


Dateline Manila by Bingo P. Dejaresco

ust a few weeks ago, the Government sounded euphoric that the Philippines (and some Asian nations) was faring well against the global financial meltdown. (Trumpets blaring!).

Then “The Banker Magazine” of London declares that Finance Minister Margarito Teves is the best Asian Finance Minister for 2008. Then we concluded the Philippine fiscal house must be in order. Well and good. Yet - oh so suddenly - in a seemingly orchestrated chorus it had the Palace, NEDA Director Ralph Recto, Senate Finance administration Senator Edgardo Angara, SSS Chairman Romulo Neri and perennial government ally PCCI (Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry) singing in blended voices: we must save RP from the global crisis. Let us have a Government-Private Sector

P400-billion “Stimulus Fund” to pump-prime the economy(?). Please say that again, Sam. Let me clarify, we have nothing against “clean” infrastructure that is labor-intensive and benefits many especially in the countryside. Let us just be sure that the “Stimulus Fund” does not only stimulate the salivating tongues of those who see “potential graft” in this humongous P400-billion infrastructure fund. Kindly don’t blame Filipinos for the skepticism. But just last week the World Bank just went slow with infra funding for RP by banning seven “corrupt” and conniving cartel of construction compa-

nies - three of them Filipinos and four Chinese. Don’t blame Filipinos for doubting because the prestigious US Millennium Challenge Corporation the other week with-held funds for anti-corruption moves in the Philippines because corruption pervades in this country like a leprosy over the national carcass. It was a sign of exasperation. There is an Ombudsman whose record in graft busting is shameful in its paucity and a DOJ that has just been accused of facilitating the “release” of the drugcrazed “Alabang Boys.” So even with pictures of the crooks’ hands’ Turn to page 7


ELY P. DEJARESCO Editor-Publisher ATTY. JAY I. DEJARESCO Associate Editor

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JENNY B. DECIAR Legal Publications Officer

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Elma gave Cerge the break to media work



t was a Sillimanian, the late Elma Abellanosa, long-time classmate of this paper’s editor who gave the country’s new press secretary a break to the world of mass media. Then PMS head Cerge Remonde, a true blue Cebuano, better known as the golden boy in the president’s cabinet, recalls that it was the late Elma Abellanosa (SU MassCom ’69) , then PNA bureau chief in Cebu, who saw the potential of this budding news reporter in the Cebu airlanes and got him as a stringer for the Philippine News Agency Cebu Bureau. More than three decades later, this news stringer became the newly appointed Press Secretary in the person of Cerge Remonde. And the rest is history.

Another Silliimanian masscom alumna, Gloria Baylon, who is now with the PNA Manila desk, writes about how Cerge rose from the ranks, and coupled with guts , charisma and determination, was given the task as chief defender of the palace.

BY: GLORIA BAYLON MANILA, Jan. 21 (PNA Feature) — In a while, just weeks after turning 50 years old last December 21, a golden opportunity to showcase his savvy and rapport with the mass media presents itself before Cerge M. Remonde, currently the Director-General of the Presidential Management Staff (PMS). Remonde prides in recalling that the road to the Cabinet post began with being a stringer of the Philippines News Agency in Cebu City. The late Cebu PNA bureau chief, Elma Abellanosa “believed in me and gave me a chance, and so I am here (in Malacanang) and I owe her and PNA a lot.” The true-blue Cebuano, or “Sugbuanon,” as Remonde himself would describe his ethnicity, has been appointed as Press Secretary, vice Jesus G. Dureza who received his new appointment as Chief Presidential legal counsel. This would be Remonde’s highest Malacanang position with a portfolio; he has held multiple tasks ever since joining the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2001, invariably as articulator and defender of the lady chief executive’s policies and thought-trends. Remonde is a relatively new find of the Palace for full-time press and media duties, despite his larger-

ALL EARS is the President when her long-time compadre Cerge Remonde whispers a situationer or an update, in any part of the country.

Error ...

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they earn it but the negative aspects of their conduct is totally your purview. If you found the column funny and entertaining I am happy. Only this time I hope the actual writer will receive appropriate credit. Again I apologize for my error and promise to take a more active role in monitoring items published in Everyday Heroes under my name.

than-life presence in the broadcast industry as a long-serving and highly-esteemed head of the influential Kapisanan ng Brodkasters ng Pilipinas (KBP). This portfolio job would allow Remonde to disentangle sometimes perceived conflicting statements on behalf of President Macapagal-Arroyo and Malacanang on many issues, including her so-called “sinister” role in appointing members of the Supreme Court as well as what she plans to do for or after 2010. If only media does not spin and pretend it does not know that whether PGMA likes it or not, it is her constitutional duty to appoint all Supreme Court justices while she is the President, Remonde admits to having the easier job of being Press Secretary. If only the “political decibels” are toned down, and media supports nation-building, he would tell editors of a Cebu newspaper. Born in 1958 in Argao, Cebu province and quite close to another Argao native who made it big in the national/ world scene (retired Supreme Court Chief Justice and now Philippine ambassador to the United Nations in New York Hilario Davide Jr.), Remonde earned his baccalaureate from a university in Cebu City, graduating magna cum laude. He had undertaken postgraduate projects in Japan and Tel Aviv and as a grantee of the U.S. International Visitors Program. But the “doctorate degree in political science” from

JUST APPOINTED PRESS SECRETARY Cerge Remonde, a true blue Cebuano and seasoned broadcast and print mediaman, we claim, is responsible for sobering up the once noisy Cebuano news media not only in the Visayas but in Mindanao as well because of his good PR and charisma. This achievement has gained him the crown of the ‘golden boy’ in President Arroyo’s cabinet. His nationwide leadership was tested when he was reelected KBP president and chairman for many years. God knows that the most difficult sector to unite is the media.

being in government service is what fascinates him more, he asserts. It’s a job that sucks, he said with candor, but the more the President is attacked, the more Remonde wants to defend his job. “The more vicious the attacks against the President, the more committed you shall be in defending her. You set aside your own misgivings in the process. I guess this is very Cebuano. We value loyalty as we detest treachery.” The self-deprecating “promdi” (from the province) married to European Marit Stinus who so understands Philippine culture and society, she can write about it with aplomb and credence in her columns for a Manila daily. Because she has a column, his wife is about the only privacy Remonde lets out in public. He is known to most simply as “Cerge,” itself a name with easy recall because he is the only one. Coupled with a charismatic demeanor and a decidedly Visayan diction, “Cerge endears himself to associates and would come across as approachable and easy to talk with,” says columnist Domini Torrevillas, a dear friend. To capitalize on his broad knowledge of print and media work, and his winning ways with reporters as well as government critics, Remonde was tasked in 2004 with heading what is known as the Government Mass Media Group (GMMG). He looked after the government-owned Philippines News Agency, NBN-TV 4, RPN-9, Bureau of Broadcast, Bureau of Communications Services, PNA and IBC-13. It was a short-lived assignment as Remonde had to take over the PMS when then Director-General Rigoberto Tiglao received appointment as ambassador to Greece. A key factor in the incoming Press Secretary’s rapport with the press is that he can defend his principal, specifically the President, in a way reporters themselves would understand and can put in context. “May masa-appeal siya, hindi siya defensive (he is folksy and not) defensive and irritating and he is candid about the weak points but then buttresses it with the stronger overwhelming points of his principals or of the issues,” said a critic, “actually a secret admirer,” who asked to remain anonymous.

Hunt drug ... (From page 2)

Student Council of Silliman University High School wants the issue brought to the Supreme Court to ascertain if the random drug testing for high school and college students does not violate their constitutional right against self-incrimination. While he concedes that the aim of the government is laudable but the rights of the minors should not become a casualty.

De Jesus: ... (From page 2)

common criminals as medical researchers found out that the users must be treated for personality disorders; and alcohol has done more harm than marijuana use. However, Councilor Rotelio Lumjod vigorously opposed De Jesus’ ideas and dared the latter to make a

definite stand lest the august chamber becomes a laughingstock. Association of Barangay Councils President Raul Infante and Vice-mayor Woodrow Maquiling also branded De Jesus statements as dangerous and without logic. Both Infante and Maquiling said that De Jesus’ presentation creates an impression that marijuana use is more acceptable than drinking alcohol. After the spirited ex-

“Kahit alam na natin na medyo tagilid yong mga pinaggagawa or pinagsasabi ng taga-Malacanang, pag si Cerge na ang trouble-shooter, ayon nahaplos na kaming lahat and we give him credit for being such a professional without being boorish and stand-offish,” volunteered a former Malacanang reporter who was a colleague at the KBP. (Even if the issue or statement at hand is lopsided, we give it to him.) “It is as if he has the golden touch, oh this golden boy of the Palace,” sighs a publishing executive in mock exasperation. Though very much a public persona, Remonde treasures privacy, little talking even about family life, but “broadcasting” only why he loves Cebu so much that for some time he thought it was his universe. It has since expanded, he admitted, since becoming part of the core of President Macapagal-Arroyo’s men fending off antigovernment criticisms that could sometimes be unfair, untrue and hurtful. Rather, he told the Cebu-based Sun Star daily, Cebu has become “the anchor of my dreams.” He would always turn to Cebu for comfort and connect with other Cebuanos with whom he was recently listed as among its 23 influential people. The honorees were credited for their “influence and capacity to make a difference in other people’s lives.” Among Remonde’s treasured non-political links in Cebu is Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop of Cebu; the rapport between God’s man and the government man helps soften and smoothen the President’s programs and policies, thanks also to Remonde’s natural charm. “One of the most powerful insights I have had since I joined government is that it was really so easy for us in media to criticize, but it terribly hurts when the shoe is on the other foot. Since I am planning to return to media after this stint in government, I hope this experience will make me a better media man,” he had said. “It’s easier to kick the barn door down than to build one. Our culture loves show horses,” he said. (PNA Feature) dct/V3/GJB changes, De Jesus moved to lay on the table his proposed resolution and is expected to resurrect it after a power point presentation designed to convince the skeptics of its wisdom during the regular session this Thursday. Previously, De Jesus’ fellow medical practitioners have also voiced opposition to his stand for the decriminalization of marijuana use. He said then that “violent and criminal incidents are primarily caused by alcohol

use while marijuana can be found at the bottom of the list.” Dr. Milagros Uy Chief of the Hematology Department of the Holy Child Hospital, Mrs. Aurora Flores, head of the Philippine Mental Health Association and Dr. Kenneth Co, President of the Negros Oriental Medical Society disputed De Jesus’ assertion and maintained that marijuana is “addictive, harmful to the brain and removes the inhibitions of an individual making him more capable of doing harm to others.”

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Power without ...


(From page 5) and confidence of the common people,” the sage replied. “Suppose one of these three must to be dispensed with,” the disciple persisted: “What should it be?” The sage replied: “Weapons.” “But what if two must be let go?”, he asked.. “Then, let the food go,” Confucius said. “From of old, death has been the lot of all men. But if people have no confidence in the government, the state can not stand.” Indeed “what better summary can we find of all that we are learning today from bitter experience than this simple statement spoken 25 centuries ago?” Wait. That’s not Puno’s comment.. That’s historian Horacio de la Costa addressing University of the Philippines graduates in the late 60s. “Power independent of the people is an illusion… made possible by boundless patience of people,” Father de la Costa said. “People are slow to move. But they do move. ( Benito ) Mussolini was “one of the most powerful men of our time...And we saw what Mussolini was without the people. They took pictures of it — a corpse hanging from a clothesline. Fr De la Costa died in 1977 age 60. He did not see how, nine years later, “one of the most powerful men of our time” Ferdinand Marcos found himself without the people. Marcos shriveled into a lupusafflicted exile. The Jesuit historian titled his UP address: “The Eastern Face of Christ”. He takes off, as Puno did, on what Confucius taught almost 26 centuries ago “on the function of example in society”. They remain “perhaps (Confucius) most

original contribution to the science of government.” Today, they resonate for a government sapped by decadence. “If one tries to guide the people by means of rules and keep order by means of punishments, the people will merely seek to avoid penalties without having any sense of moral obligation,” Confucius said. But if one leads them by virtue, and depends upon propriety to maintain order, then people will feel their moral obligation and correct themselves. Would we dare apply this standard the own social order?, De la Costa asked. Yes, Puno said in his speech to the Anvil Business Group in Oritgas. We must apply those yardsticks to our social order in 2009, Let religious leaders step forward as a “moral force”. No, no, no, deputy presidential spokesman Anthony Golez protested. The Arroyo regime already tackles corruption and other ills, even without Puno or Confucius. Golez brandishes the dubious claim of “high conviction rates” by an Ombudsman. This officer hasn’t even brought the MegaPacific election computer thieves, fertilizer and ZTE broadband grafters to book. “Confucius told us about virtue in the ruler,” De la Costa added. “Jose Rizal ( told ) us about virtue in the people….There is an objective norm of justice to which all human acts must conform.” “There is also an elemental will of people to live together, to constitute a nation,” De la Costa notes in his analysis of “El Filibusterismo.” But this will, on surface, is rocked by “shifting gales of partisan strife…It is capable of being distorted by unworthy leadership.” “Thus, the leader must…show people what in their aspirations is

The P400Billion ...


(From page 4) clearly inside the cookie jar, do you think we can really prosecute grafters in this country? The P400-billion “Stimulus Fund” must really be thought of scrupulously - not because we don’t want that jobs to be created but that the transactions must be above board. For instance, unlike the National Budget appropriations which have to be scrutinized by both Houses of Congress and administered by the DBM - who will choose the projects to be funded by the P400-billion “Stimulus Fund?” Who will accredit the qualified contractors? The Projects will have the sovparamount. ( He ) must lead them, by degrees to will in each particular crisis what their own best interests demand.” But what if repudiated leaders refuse to relinquish power? Marcos refused. An often soused Estrada never got the time. And Arroyo is bent on clinging, kapit tuko, to the Palace. “Then, the people have only one course: to resist,” de la Costa said. India ’s Mahatma Ghandi, put his finger on one formidable quality of Asians: “a granite face that will shatter anything that can be hurled against it – patience, the capacity to endure.” “We ought never to forget the great lesson of ( non-violent resistance ) that Ghandi taught. We may have the occasion to use it in the very near future.” This year and 2010 perhaps, as Justice Puno and others fear? (E-mail: )

ereign guarantee of the Government which means that even if the projects fail, the Filipino people (through calling of the Government guarantee) will have to pay up for them. DTI Secretary Peter Favila said the sovereign guarantee will not be automatic but will apply only to those projects qualified under the Ten-Point Medium Term Development Plan. The P400-billion Fund will be financed P 300-billion by Government Financial Institutions and Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GSIS, SSS, Land Bank, DBP etc) while P100-billion will come from the private sector group. Former senate president Manny Villar, for some reason, endorsed the P400-billion Fund because he said that it will pump - prime the economy without incurring further deficit (or more borrowings). But since Government does guarantee the projects (up to 85%), it has created a P340-billion in contingent liabilities by the issuance of guarantees. Maybe not directly, but it is still a government’s risk. It is for these financial and economic considerations that while we look at the P400-billion with neutral eyes at the outset, it leads us today to pause and perhaps say: let’s make haste slowly on this one. The first question really is does the country need this P400billion Projects? Can the country and the taxpayers afford it? Or is the timing just suspicious because 2009 happens to be a year that precedes an election year - in 2010? Were we not told last year by Government that this country is immune from the global meltdown? So why this P400-billion Fund now? Just asking.



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The Just for the Unjust For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit. –– I PETER 3:18


o and announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!” Matthew 10:7-8

Jesus gave the disciples a principle to guide their actions as they ministered to others: “Give as freely as you

have received.” Because God has showered us with his blessings, we should give generously to others of our time, love, and possessions.


GOSPEL Mark 1:14-20

fter John had been arrested, Jesus came to Galilee proclaiming the gospel of God: “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.” As he passed by the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting their nets into the sea; they were fishermen. Jesus said to them, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Then they abandoned their nets and followed him. He walked along a little farther and saw James, the son of Zebedee, and his brother John. They too were in a boat mending their nets. Then he called them. So they left their father Zebedee in the boat along with the hired men and followed him. ————————————————


TOTAL MOUNTAINTOP EXPERIENCE (Part II) “Master, it is good for us to remain here. Let us put up three shelters…’ (Peter did not know what he was saying.) The next day as they came down form the mountain, a large crowd met Jesus.” Luke 8:33,37. eflecting on the transfigura- Dr. PROCESO UDARBE tion event, there are great spiritual truths that leap out of the narrative. First of these is that our acts of worship, our spiritual retreats, our devotionals (personal or communal) are to be such that we behold God in all his glory. They should be both intelligent and emotional confrontations with God. While the place of our worship experience should be conducive to an emotional experience, the more important thing is what happens in the soul. I remember that before the new millennium there were those who wanted to go to some mountaintop to have a sight of the sunrise of the first day of a thousand



ow then does the cross reconcile man to God? For long centuries God sought to humble man and get him to accept the blame of his sin in order that God might then forgive him and restore him to Himself. He brought many and grievous disciplines upon the race to that end, but all to no avail: man would not be broken—persistently refused to take the blame and return to the Lord. At last it was as if God said, “If man will not be broken, I will be. If man will not take the blame, I will take the blame.” That is what happened at the cross; it

was God in Christ taking the blame, He the just for us the unjust. This was the divine strategy to bring man back to Himself. And it worked in a way no other way had! For whenever a man is given a real sight of the Cross, of God taking the blame that was his, he is broken, melted, finished, and cries out, “Oh my God, that is my place; Thou art not the wrongdoer, I am! Mine the blame, Thine the love!” And immediately there is reconciliation between them; man surrenders and God forgives. The brokenness of the Deity has provoked the brokenness of the creature!

Civic Responsibilit Responsibilityy



years. Such mountains as Mt. Makiling, Mt. Arayat, the Chocolate Hills and Mt. Apo were attractions. I recall reading a column in one of the newspapers relating that the writer’s daughter wanted to go to far and high Mount Apo so that she would forever treasure the emotional experience of seeing that first sunrise. Her father discouraged her from going, for as he said, “The first sunrise is more of a matter of the heart than of the eyes.” Which is what we can say about the disciples’ “seeing” Jesus in the transfiguration. It indeed was more of a matter of the heart than of the eyes. This was true of my Christmas Youth Conference and my experience with that Assembly Hall evangelistic message of Dr. Laubach. What has happened in the mountain is not a purely spiri

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n downtown Dumaguete, there is a street named after Luke E. Wright. It was in virtue of a decision of the Municipal Council of Dumaguete on 15 September 1906 that its original name BY: REV. FR. ROMAN C. SAGUN. JR. called Larga be made Luke E. Wright. Having served as a member of the second Philippine Commission, Luke E. Wright was appointed vice-governor general of the Philippines in 1901. It was in this capacity that Luke E. Wright was in capital town on Negros Oriental in August 1902. Earlier, Fr. Gervacio Gallofin as parish priest of Dumaguete had complained on 16 March 1902 that “the municipal authorities of Dumaguete and other towns have not yet returned to him the church property, such as cemeteries, etc., taxes on which are being collected, and the canonical books.” The Vice-Governor General came to the capital town to settle some religious controversies in the province. While in Dumaguete, Wright arranged this matter to the satisfaction of Fr. Gallofin, “but, as this was done verbally, the record shows nothing further than the above.” Luke E. Wright became full GovernorGeneral of the Philippines from 1 February 1904 to 1 April 1906. Under his watch, the Catholic Church continued to become embroiled in many controversies over its properties. In the papers of Theodore Roosevelt in the Library of Congress, Governor Wright wrote the U.S. President admitting that there was a “possible ground for Bishop Rooker’s complaint that we winked at seizures of church property in the fact that in cases where a municipality was in peaceable possession of property which had been abandoned by the priests of the Roman Catholic Church and in cases

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Jesus lays before us the fundamental Gospel message, “Repent and Believe.” And then we have the story of the call of the first two apostles. This is the power of the Gospel at work in the lives of men and women. This is what can happen if the Gospel is proclaimed with conviction and sincerity — the lives of men and women will be transformed! There is nothing more exciting than watching a person undergo conversion and see the way that God reveals Himself to them. They accept Him, and then the real work of change is begun and goes on and on…

Luke E. Wright


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Looking with...

A shinning moment in Washington DC


sell at public auction on February 16, 2009 at 9:00 o’clock A.M. to 4:00 P.M. at the Office of the Clerk of Court, Hall of Justice, Guihulngan City to the highest bidder, for cash or manager’s check and in Philippine Currency, the following property with all its improvements to wit:

TAX DECLARATION NO. TITLE NO. FV-16179 Lot No. 1879, Cad-421-D A parcel of Residential Land (Lot 1879, Cad-421-D), situated at Barangay Poblacion, Municipality of Guihulngan, Province of Negros Oriental, Island of Negros. Bounded on the North, along line 5-1 by lot no. 1883; Cad-421-D on the East, along line 1-2 by lot no. 1880, Cad-421-D, on the South, along Line 2-3 by Lot No. 1874, Cad-421-D on due West, along line 3-4 by Lot No. 1878, Cad-421-D, and along line 4-5 By Lot No. 1876, Cad421-D. Containing an area of Two Hundred Sixty Six (266) Square Meters, more or less. Declared under Tax Declaration No. 2008-07-001-04287 (99-08001-02431), in the name of Leonides Vergara Amoma Dael. Only the rights, interest and participation of Leonides Vergara is covered by this mortgage. TAX DECLARATION NO. 2006-07-001-04285 A residential house with all the existing improvements thereon and those that may be introduced in the future, constructed at Lot 1879, Cad421-D, located at Barangay Poblacion, Guihulngan, Negros Oriental. This house with a floor area of 110.88 square meters, is made-up of galvanized iron for its roofing and concrete wood for its wall and tiles for its flooring. Declared under Tax Declaration No. 2006-07-001-04285, in the name of the applicant, Leonides Vergara. This Notice of Extra-Judicial Sale shall be posted in the City of Guihulngan, Negros Oriental, where the property is situated, and in the Hall of Justice, Guihulngan City, where the sale takes place, and another copy shall be published in a newspaper, to be awarded by raffle. Prospective bidders may investigate for themselves and the declaration herein above-described and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above stated time and date. Guihulngan City, January 16, 2009.

The Negros Chronicle Jan. 25, Feb. 1 & 8, 2009

(Sgd.) ANTHONY P. PEREZ Sheriff IV & Executing Sheriff



The verified petition respectfully prays of this Honorable Court that after due notice, publication and hearing, judgment be rendered: I. Ordering the correction of entry as to sex from MALE to FEMALE in the records of birth of the petitioner in the Office of the Local Civil Registrar, Siaton, Negros Oriental; II. Directing the respondent to make an entry in the appropriate space for the date and place of marriage of parents which are May 7, 1969 at Siaton, Negros Oriental in the records of birth of the petitioner in the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Siaton, Negros Oriental; III. Directing the respondent to effect the judgment of correction by entering the decision of this Honorable Court in the records of birth of the petitioner in the Office of the Local Civil Registrar, Siaton, Negros Oriental; IV. Finally, affording the petitioner such other relief and remedy just and equitable under the premises. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, the petition is hereby set for hearing on March 9, 2009 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning, at the sala of RTC, Branch 32, located at Hall of Justice, E.J. Blanco Drive, Piapi, Dumaguete City, at which time and place any interested person may appear at the hearing and oppose the petition. This Order shall be published at the expense of the petitioner once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental, and its five (5) cities, namely: Dumaguete City, Bais City, Canlaon City, Bayawan City and Tanjay City, pursuant to Section 4 of Rule 108, Revised Rules of Court. SO ORDERED. Given this 12th day of January, 2009, Dumaguete City, Philippines. The Negros Chronicle Jan. 25, Feb. 1 & 8, 2009

refrigerator door is a souvenir of a special occasion, a birthday, a family picnic, our annual Christmas reunion, Jun’s trip to India, my visit to my sister in the states, a remembrance from a friend. There is even a maple leaf magnet from Vermont state where I was born. Everything I saw became an adventure down Memory Lane. That morning as I gazed at the mango tree just outside my upstairs window, I saw five little birds holding a breakfast songfest on one branch, a small butterfly sheltering from the brisk breeze on another, and I marveled at the dawning sunlight playing hide and seek with its shadows among the leafy branches. That morning I made a New Year’s Resolution to open my eyes to the everyday wonders that surround me by seeing life anew with new eyes. I am discovering that this simple daily exercise in awareness is adding excitement and joy to the commonplace things in my life. I urge you to begin looking around you with new eyes, ‘the better to see God’s blessings’ amidst the concerns and challenges of life. PRA YER TO SAINT CL AIRE PRAYER CLAIRE Ask St. Claire for three favors, one business, two impossible, say nine Hail Mary for nine days with a lighted candle. Pray whether you believe or not. Publish on the 9th day. May the sacred heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified and loved today and everyday throughout the world forever and ever. Amen. Your request will be granted no matter how impossible it may seem.

Luke E. Wright ...


(From page 8)

(Sgd.) RODERICK A. MAXINO Judge Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 7th Judicial Region Branch 45 SPL. PROC. NO. MJ-08-42

IN THE MATTER OF CORRECTING THE ENTRY OF THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE OF MARJHON ROMANO BAJAR IN THE OFFICE OF THE MUNICIPAL CIVIL REGISTRAR OF MANJUYOD, NEGROS ORIENTAL, represented by her mother Janet Romano Bajar, MAR-JHON ROMANO BAJAR as represented By her mother JANET ROMANO BAJAR, Petitioner, – versus – ANTONIO Z. ACADEMIA in his capacity As THE MUNICIPAL CIVIL REGISTRAR of Manjuyod, Negros Oriental, Respondent, x—————————————————————————/


A verified petition having been filed by petitioner through counsel and it appearing that the same is sufficient in form and substance. Set the hearing of this case on FEBRUARY 3, 2009 at 8:30 in the morning at Session Hall of this Court, Regional Trial Court, Branch 45, Bais City, inviting any interested person to appear on said hearing and to show cause why the petition shall not be granted. Let this order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the province of Negros Oriental and the Cities of Bayawan, Dumaguete, Tanjay, Bais, Guihulngan and Canlaon once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks before the date of hearing. Furnish copy of this Order to the Local Civil Registrar of Manjuyod, Negros Oriental and to the Office of the Solicitor General with address at 134 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. SO ORDERED. Bais City, Philippines, November 24, 2008. The Negros Chronicle Jan. 11, 18 & 25, 2009


LUKE E. WRIGHT where the Roman Catholic priest had joined Aglipay, being in possession of the church and other property, the Insular Government has not administratively changed the possession by ousting the municipal authorities or the apostate priest and putting in the priest of the Roman Catholic Church.” It was further shown: “This was in fact the main grievance of Bishop Rooker whose view that these properties belonged to the Catholic Church was finally sustained by the Philippine Supreme Court despite all the quibbling of Governor

his life to give full meaning to the God-given inalienable rights of man to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – the preservation of the American union, the freedom of an enslaved colored people – Obama must have felt great rejoicing in the once dark corridors of time. ——————— It took America nearly four (4) centuries, three hundred ninety years (390), to dramatize the inherent greatness of its people to this shinning moment unparalleled in the history of presidential inaugurations. ———————You will recall that it was in the year 1619 that the first slave ship, a Dutch man-of-war, brought its human cargo from Africa to the New World that was America. The world since then has turned millions of times on its axis. From that moment on man’s inhumanity to man reigned from the dockyards of the Mississippi to the cotton fields of the deep south. ———————— Gradually- because of the achievements of the colored in the various fields of American life bringing honour to the country – the African-Americans, most especially, broke the barriers that have isolated them from the mainstream. This reached its crescendo when Barack Obama took his oath of office as president of the United States on January 20, 2009. ———————Who is Barack Obama? Why has he created so much excitement not only in his country but the world over? He is the son of a Kenyan father and a white mother from the state of Kansas. He is thus halfblack, half-white – a beautiful mix that drew the adulation of people from both rose-colored glasses. ————————— A lawyer by profession he was elected United States senator for Illinois, a state that produced two presidents – Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant. Only in his first term in the senate he announced his quest for presidency. This was

Wright “that in cases of this character the rights of the parties should be determined by the courts and that pending a judicial investigation the party in possible possession should be allowed to remain.” His predecessor, Gov. William H. Taft, had issued in January 1903 an executive order for all provincial governors: “The questions of ownership of title, and even the right of possession, are questions to be decided by courts which are open to all parties in interest for the purpose of settling just such questions... Whatever you may think of merits of such a question, it is your duty to preserve the possession of the Roman Catholic priest by arresting any person who attempts forcibly to dispossess him or actually succeeds in doing so and allow the priest having had peaceable possession to resume it; but beyond this, you cannot go.” Without winking at all, the Philippine Supreme Court took a long and hard look at the true facts. On 24 November 1906, the Court intervened in the issue

mountable ————————For unlike the Kennedys of Massachusetts and the Bushes of Texas – billionaire political families – Barack Obama comes from humble roots. And to add to the risk, he is black belonging to the multi-colored sector of the population of this American nation of immigrants. ————————— Was the color of his skin something to be ashamed of? Was it a hindrance in his quest for the presidency? Was it a major factor that would restrain him to burst out from the cocoon of his strong and dynamic personality? From his rich intellectual gifts? ————————— If ever there were some apprehensions on his being an AfricanAmerican his mother put this to rest. In his autobiography, “Dreams of My Father”, his mother the free-spirited Stanley Ann Dunham told him “To be black was to be the beneficiary of a great inheritance, a special destiny.” How prophetic. How true. —————————Indeed Obama is a man of destiny, the right man at the right time in a right country, among the right people pursuing the right time for change. —————————It is to the credit of the maturity and collective greatness of the American electorate that an AfricanAmerican like Barack Obama can aspire for the presidency of his country, generate so much excitement, break the color barrier and get elected. —————————The American people, the majority at least, never allowed the highly delicate and sensitive color of one’s skin to overshadow Barack Obama’s great persona. In fact it is said that BATAMA FARMERS’ MARKETING COOPERATIVE BAIS CENTRAL, NEGROS ORIENTAL TO: ALL MEMBERS:

January 12, 2009



Please be advised that notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of the Cooperative, through a resolution duly passed during its meeting last December 17, 2008, has decided to call a General Assembly Meeting of all members on Wednesday, January 28, 2009, at 3:00 PM at AABT Recreational Hall, Bais Central Negros Oriental. The Agenda of the meeting will be as follows: 1. Roll call and proof of quorum 2. Proof of due notice 3. Report of the President 4. Elections of Officers a)to serve for one (1) year * six (6) nominees 5. Unfinished business. Please be guided accordingly. Very truly yours, BATAMA FACOMA, INC. (Sgd.) JOSE EDMUNDO GAITAN Corporate Secretary The Negros Chronicle Jan. 25, 2009

of parish ownership by ordering the Philippine Independent Church to return all properties it had seized and occupied from the Roman Catholic Church. The Supreme Court declared: “… the Government of the United States has no lawful right to deprive the Roman Catholic Church of the possession and control thereof under the terms and conditions upon which that possession and control were originally granted. Judgment affirmed.”


even if the entire black population of America voted for Obama he would not have the numbers to win. But it was the American people, white, black, yellow, brown, who voted for him who, while predominantly white, were color-blind. More mature. More objective. More patriotic. Very American. —————————The new U.S. president is a product of a wonderful political culture which makes it possible for the less-moneyed to aspire for public office. In the United States, the electorate donate funds to the candidates to enable the latter to run a decent campaign to ventilate the issues. So unlike in the Philippines. —————————— Here generally, it is the other way around. Here the traditional politicians “donate” to the voters before and during elections! An Obama without money can never be elected president here. But in the United States the voters donate and contribute funds to support a less-moneyed candidate for public office. Only in America. And Obama who started with nothing was supported by donations from the American electorate. The rest is history.

Sunday ...


From page 8

tual experience after all. For the following morning, as Jesus and his disciples descend to the valley below, they are immediately met by a jostling and worried crowd of people. Among them, a father brings to Jesus, his son seized again with convulsions arising, they claim, from being possessed by a demon. The story has a good ending. Jesus heals the child, and he and his father and the crowd leap with joy and amazement. The question is often raised: Is the healing of the epileptic just a side detail of the transfiguration story? Or is it rather the climax of the total experience? You see, the healing, Jesus’ meeting with the crowd, makes a spiritual experience complete. (To be continued)

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Major causes of marriage failures

Illegal recruiter?

(Part II) “Matrimony – the high sea for which no compass has yet been invented.” – Heine


ersonality defect. Generally, the culprit here redowns to the immature husbands who are egocentric, impulsive and oversensitive. A lot of males always try to prove their masculinity and pursue a life of pleasure (hedonism). Many of them never give up their adolescent peer which Filipinos call “barkada”, indulging in drinking, smoking, drug abuse or even womanizing. This last element, often leads to infidelity. They become promiscuous to reinforce their lack of true masculinity.

DR. ANGEL V. SOMERA (Dr. Angel V. Somera) Fellow, Phil. Psychiatric Association Diplomate, Phil. Board of Psychiatry

tremely hostile or cruel towards their wives battering them. They become very irresponsible and eventually abandon their families. They blame the whole world and justify all their failures. Sensible wives called them, “dull, dumb, and good-for-nothing.”

When marital partners utter lack of love, affection and respect for each other, then marriage is bound to fail and shipwreck into the rocks of despair.

when the SOCO personnel arrived at the scenes of the crime, these were already “contaminated” and the local policemen were the ones who collected the spent shells while a doctor was already examining one of the bodies. Canete conceded that with SOCO’s declaration, the integrity of the evidences have already been compromised and may become inadmissible in court. Earlier, Provincial Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez described the decision of Canete to archive the investigation on the deaths of Vesda and Baybay as unfortunate since it will not completely free policemen from doubts that they are in any way involved in the summary killings.

On civic ...

SOCO welcomes... From page 2 shells from 9mm pistol, failure to retrieve an empty slug from a .45 caliber pistol inside the body of Vesda and SOCO”s lack of initiative to subject the cadavers to an autopsy. But, Llena maintains that DEED OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT WITH PARTITION


From page 8

complices for the present social ills affecting our dear country? Could we have been ourselves participants in dirty politics either by actively taking part in electing undeserving public leaders or by passively looking at election anomalies? Could we ourselves have engaged in dishonest business transactions, corrupt financial agenda? But we are not helpless. We are not hopeless. Each one of us in our little ways and means can and should make our community better, our society safer, our country more promising. We owe this to your children, to the Filipino generations yet to come. Hopefully when the youth of today inherit the land, they will find this less depressing and oppressing.

AVT ONLINE CASINO Khan Commercial Arcade MES

The Negros Chronicle Jan. 25, Feb. 1 & 8, 2009

(Formerly Hassarams Arcade) Tubtubon, Sibulan, Negros Oriental Tel. No. 4198171




low 21 t ns be o Perso old are n years ed to play allow

NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late Spouses DEMETRIO CATAN and LOURDES GARCIA CATAN have filed and executed a Deed of Extrajudicial Settlement With Partition on Lot No. 3016, covered by TCT No. 252, situated in the City of Dumaguete, containing an area of 7,410 sq.m. per Doc. No. 478, Page No. 97, Book No. 45, Series of 2008 of Notary Public Atty. MARIVIC Z. PINTOR.


Other husbands may show that they are still the “Mama’s Boy” who are still “attached” to their protective mothers. Some husbands may turn to be “Sociopaths” – pathological liars, joining delinquent groups and become ex-

Aladdin’s Black- Treasure Wishes Chamjack ber


Radiowealth Finance Co. Inc. Unit Year Description model YAMAHA MC HONDA WAVE HONDA WAVE KIA PRIDE SD KIA SPORTAGE MITS. PAJERO REAL ESTATE (Residential )

1992 2003 2007 2003 2000 2005 BRGY. BONTIS, MUN. OF

After three years in hiding, authorities finally nabbed Veronica Crone,38, a resident of Independencia St., Bayawan City Tuesday evening at Sta. Monica Beach Resort. The suspect is held for three counts of large-scale illegal recruitment. Armed with an arrest warrant issued by Judge Felix P. Reyes of Branch 272 National Capital Judicial Region, a team from the 705th Mobile Group led by Chief Inspector Julius Munez and P/Inspector Errol Garchitorena arrested Crone and brought her to Camp Fernandez, Agan-an Sibulan. No bail bond was recommended for her temporary liberty.

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Two lady drug pushers nabbed in Luke Wright


lements of the Task Force 24 arrested two women who are suspected of illegal drug pushing during a buy bust operation Monday afternoon in Upper Luke Wright, Barangay 2, Dumaguete City. Authorities identified the suspects as the watch list of drug personalities and have Evangeline Abella, 37, of Cervantes Street been repeatedly warned before to stop their and 38-year old Mae Ann Sendiong of Taft illegal activities. Sanchez confiscated from Street. Philippine Drug Enforcement Abella and Sendiong two plastic sachets Agency Chief SPO2 Manuel Boy containing shabu and the marked money Sanchez said that the two women are on used in the buy bust.

American beats wife, maltreats own infant


n the end, their marriage did not work out. An American national and his Filipino wife decided to separate indefinitely after the latter reported to the local police that she has been physically and mentally abused by her 60-year old husband on several occasions over certain disagreements. Turn to page 17

Businessman shot by daughter’s robbers


riends of businessman Ernesto Dy, who was shot in the left hip while trying to aid her daughter Kristine when she was being robbed by two unidentified men right in front of their residence in West Drive Daro, Dumaguete City on January 11, are appealing for information from concerned citizens for the identification and arrest of the suspects who remain at large. Roy Cang, a noted civic leader and of Dy’s friends asked the public to volunteer Turn to page 17

Suspected NPA cadre nabbed in Sta. Catalina

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Soldiers belonging to the 79th Infantry Battalion led by Col Henry Somoza Modesto recently arrested Julieto Quirante, a suspected member of the New People’s Army in Barangay San Pedro, Sta. Catalina. Upon his arrest a cal. 9mm pistol was also seized. He was charged for illegal possession of firearms last Monday at the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 January 25, 2009 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456 Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 7th Judicial Region BRANCH 36 Dumaguete City CIVIL CASE NO. 13991 FOR: SUM OF MONEY WITH MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY ATTACHMENT

January 26


* AVON Seminar 9am-12pm * Bethel Chinese New Year Food Festival 9am-9pm Joshua 1&2

– versus – SPOUSES REMEGIO LERIO AND MENCHITA C. LERIO, Defendants, x————————————————/

27 * Reliv Phils. Seminar 6pm-8pm Jordan 3 & Rhea Engagement Party 6pm-9pm 28 * Harold Jordan 1&2 29

* Department of Trade & Industry Seminar 8am5pm Joshua 2 * Erwina @ Debut Party 7pm-10pm Jordan 1&2


* Department of Trade & Industry Seminar 8am5pm Joshua 2 * Job Fair 9am-5pm Jordan 2 & 3 * Job Fair 9am-5pm Agape


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Job Fair 9am-5pm Jordan 2 1 ** Job Fair 9am-5pm Agape * Oikodomeo Fellowship 5:30pm-7:30pm Jordan 3 * Solidrock Fellowship 5:30pm-7:30pm Jordan 3 * Living Hope Fellowship 9am-12nn Joshua 2 * Amega Global Seminar 3pm-9pm Jordan 1 * Focus Group Discussion for UNICEF-PIDS Study 8am-4pm Joshua 2


NOTICE OF SALE ON EXECUTION ON THE RIGHTS, INTERESTS AND PARTICIPATION OVER A REAL PROPERTY WHEREAS, by virtue of a Writ of Execution issued by this Court on December 9, 2008 in the above-entitled case, levy was made by the undersigned Sheriff on December 24, 2008, thru the Register of Deeds of Negros Oriental, on the rights, interests and participation which the above-named defendants may have in the realty described below by virtue of a Deed of Conditional Sale made and executed by and between the DEVELOPMENT BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES and the Spouses REMEGIO LERIO and MENCHITA C. LERIO, to wit: TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLE NO. FT-7532 “A parcel of land (LOT No. 1-B, of the subdivision plan, Psd-07016941, being a portion of Lot 1, Psu-1200835 (Lot 1591, Pls-666), situated in the Barrio Tiguib, Municipality of Ayungon, Province of Negros Oriental, Island of Negros. Bounded on the SW., along line 1-2 by Lot 1A of the subdivision plan; on the NW., along lines 2-3-4 by National Highway (20.00 m. wide); on the NE., & NW., along lines 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 by Lot 1573, Pls-666 (Property of Gavino Dallobar); on the SE., along lines 11-12-13 by Property of Mrs. of Amador Barrica, Pls-07-03-000060 (Formerly Tañon Strait); on the SW., & NW., along lines 13-14-15-16-171 by Lot 1-A of the subdivision plan: NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of said Writ of Execution and in accordance with Section 19, Rule 39 of the 1997 Rules of Civil Procedure, the undersigned Sheriff will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, for CASH and in Philippine Currency, on January 27, 2009 from 9:00 o’clock in the morning up to 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Dumaguete City, the rights, interests and participation of the defendants, Spouses REMEGIO LERIO and MENCHITA C. LERIO, in the above-described real property in order to satisfy the money judgment which as of December 10, 2008 amounted to P3,020,438.60, excluding sheriff’s fees and the expenses of this sale. Dumaguete City, Philippines, January 5, 2009. (Sgd.) FILOMENO V. GONZALES, JR. Sheriff IV Noted by: (Sgd.) LEAH P. VILLARUBIA The Negros Chronicle Clerk of Court V Jan. 18 & 25, 2009

ANTONIO Z. ACADEMIA in his capacity As THE MUNICIPAL CIVIL REGISTRAR of Manjuyod, Negros Oriental, Respondent. x———————————————————————/



A verified petition having been filed by petitioner through counsel and it appearing that the same is sufficient in form and substance. Set the hearing of this case on FEBRUARY 9, 2009 at 8:30 in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court, Regional Trial Court, Branch 45, Bais City, inviting any interested person to appear on said hearing and to show cause why the petition shall not be granted. Let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and the Cities of Bayawan, Dumaguete, Tanjay, Bais, Guihulngan and Canlaon once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks before the date of hearing. Furnish copy of this Order to the Local Civil Registrar Manjuyod, Negros Oriental and to the Office of the Solicitor General with address at 134 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. SO ORDERED. Bais City, Philippines, November 18, 2008. (Sgd.) CANDELARIO V. GONZALEZ The Negros Chronicle Judge Jan. 18, 25 & Feb. 1, 2009

MARJORIE’S BOUTIQUE 3rd Floor, EBT Building Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete City, Tel no. 225-7214

Call 0918-929-6047

Code D1


Kind House & Lot

Location / Area Price Pulantubig 2689 sq.m. along highway, near SPUD concrete fenced, 6BR w/ basement + 2 maids quarter, spacious lawn P12M

CommercialBldg. and Lot plus

Locsin St., near PNP along, negotiable

next Lot

634 sq.m.

House & Lot

Near Batinguel Elem. School, 454 sq.m. 3 BR, 1 maids quarter spacious, fully furnished P3M

negotiable D2

P17M negotiable




OVAL REVIEW CENTER E.J. Blanco Drive, Daro, Dumaguete City

Tel. # 225-9922

Cel. # 0918-7076-144

Review for Teacher (L.E.T.) Nurses (N.L.E.)

EL CAMINO BLANCO ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION Come and feel the total relaxation…. Acoustics Jammin’ @ Barefoot Bistro Every Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 9:00 p.m. onwards

Great food…Great music…Great atmosphere….. Cor. EJ Blanco Dr. & Flores Ave., Piapi, Dumaguete City

Call us up at (035) 225-9428/ 422-5373


Theology and ... (Cimagala) From page 5

gion, there are also influences that tend to reinforce people’s faith and beliefs. In either case, theology is needed for us to get a good understanding of these developments. I personally feel happy that this growing public interest in theology is taking place. For long, we have been neglecting this. The new development only shows how the world of faith and religion, one way or another, sooner or later, has influence even on our mundane and temporal affairs. I believe that theology plays a very important role in understanding and resolving our current issues, even those that seem to have strictly natural dimensions. Our faith has something to say about them, if not directly, then indirectly. It just cannot be ignored. But for all that, we need to know the true nature and purpose of theology. For sure, theology is not a social science that mainly if not purely takes on social developments. It’s not as much about us as it is about God. It’s not essentially a natural science since it deals with supernatural truths and mysteries of faith. Understanding theology that way would contradict and undermine theology itself. It will give out doctrines detached from their proper moorings. Morality will turn to moralism. Dogmas to dogmatism. Religion can spawn bigotry and fanaticism. Theology ends up rootless and headless. Theology has to be animated by a living contact with God. It just


cannot be an exercise of reason alone wanting to understand religious phenomena, or to explain certain spiritual experiences. It has to develop in the milieu of prayer and personal relation with God. In theology, reason has to flow with faith. Of course, theology can engage and should embrace all human concerns. But this should be done in the context of their relation to God. In short, God has to be the beginning, end and center of theology. Though we may not be able to clearly establish the connection, or worse, that we can come out with a wrong nexus, the effort to link things with God should be an abiding interest. We cannot remain in the purely temporal and natural where human affairs are involved. My prayer is that we develop an unceasing sense of relating everything to God. This attitude should not be seen as a big deal, as something extraordinary. It should be natural to us. We have to overcome the prejudices and clumsiness involved in this concern. A relevant point is what Pope Benedict told some theologians recently. “The first priority of theology is to speak of God, to think of God,” he said. “It speaks of God because God himself speaks with us.” Let’s hope we can find a way to translate this ideal into reality.

BOSTON CAFE Sta. Catalina Cor. Noblefranca Streets Dumaguete City



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(From the CHRONICLE Files)

LPG shortage even in 1979

anuary 21, 1979—Energy Minister Geronimo Velasco cited the chaotic situation in Ran, the world’s top supplier of LPG and the break down of tanker carriers as the major causes of the shortage of supply of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas which is felt all over. Velasco cited that the government will of production of LPG because of its curshortly acquire a 7000-ton tanker and sev- rent political trouble. eral smaller ones which will become a floatMinister Velasco was also briefed ing storage of some 6.3 million cylinders of LPG for nationwide use. He also said that of the present evaluation phase of the the shortage of Tankers from Iran, the main Geothermal wells in Palinpinon in the producer, is due to the mad scramble for LPG wake of the temporary suspension of in Western countries to augment the winter drillings. It will resume following the season there. Velasco said Iran has run out evaluation made in New Zealand.



Thieves board vessels

anuary 22, 1989—It is embarrassing to hear the announcement by inter island vessels about to dock in Dumaguete exhorting passengers to watch out for thieves at the Dumaguete Port. But per his investigation, Dumaguete City Mayor Agustin Perdices revealed that the thieves are not only on the port but they are also actually on board these inter island vessels posing as passengers. On that score, the city mayor has told ing as passengers. The PPA under Prudencio Mercado the Confederation Interisland Shippers to correct the misconception that thieves Jr. as port manager has streamlined the abound the port of Dumaguete. Instead, operations at the port area by systematizMayor Perdices told the shipping compa- ing the flow of incoming and outgoing nies to help catch the thieves who are on passengers and the vendors who are inboard their inter island vessels who are pos- side the pier.



Last January 11, 2009 at about 9:30pm, Ernesto Dy, a local businessman was shot by snatchers who took the belongings of her daughter right in front of their residence in Daro. We appeal to our concern citizens who may have some information related to the crime, to share them with the Dumaguete Police Station or the NBI. Any information will be treated confidential.

(Sgd) ROY T. CANG Concern Citizen, Businessman Civic Leader

(035) 422-8450 (035) 225-7452 (63928) 326-4555

Tel. Nos. 225-7452 / 422-8450 Cell. No. 09283264555 / 09062708575 09228597701 / 09228597702

Tel Tel Mobile

Unit 201, The QC Pavillion, Gorordo Avenue Lahug, Cebu City (032) 232-6861 Tel (032) 232-4715 Fax

Businesswoman murdered anuary 26, 1999—The gruesome killing of the lady owner of a Shell gasoline station in Dumaguete City early morning was believed solved by the police within 20 hours following the positive identification of the suspect and the recovery of most of the stolen money and jewelry in what was described as the most brutal crime committed on the first month of the year. At about past 6 in the morning, when gas namely, Efren Morada to his employer, station owner Norma Chiu-Lim, 56, widow, Jonathan Madrazo to his common law was about to open her gas station along Real wife and Romeo dela Cruz to his 11St. alone, she was believed held up by the month old daughter’s registration was waiting suspect, a dismissed worker armed able to elude arrest after he told his wife with a 23-inch steel bar and led the victim inside the comfort room of the station and in Sibulan that he was leaving for Cebu thereupon, the victim was clubbed to death to look for another job. The suspect left hitting her fatally at the back portion of her behind his live-in partner a money-filled head. This was the police’ theory. After kill- plastic bag estimated to be several thouing the victim, the suspect dropped the mur- sands and a bunch of jewelry which the der weapon and left with the money and jew- suspect said was a loot he won in a gamelry of Mrs. Lim placed inside a plastic bag. bling spree. He immediately left the The suspect identified with three aliases, house saying he was on his way to Cebu.


Even if others are not. Even if others will not. Even if others can not. “He who walks honestly walks securely.” A message from:

Proverbs 10:9

Brotherhood of Christian Businessman & Professionals


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Province honors medical volunteers from Chicago, USA

Governor Emilio Macias II and Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong led the local officialdom in acknowledging the invaluable contribution of a group of medical doctors and some nurses who are members of the Philippine Medical Association of Chicago who rendered free medical services for five day to hundreds of indigents last week. Among the ranking officials of the association present are Dr. Pio U Yanong, Head Surgery Division; Dr. Emma Salazar, Head of Anesthesiology Division; Dr. Jose R. Guevara, Head of Medical Division; Optometrist Dr. Leticia Tuason; Dr. Anita Torion of the Pediatrics Division; Dr. Jesse Corres, plastic surgeon; Doctors Teresita Avila-Varona and Ester Pimentel, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Faye Mendiola, Head of the Operating Room Nursing Staff and Linda Guevara who leads the clinic nurses.

Children with autism need parental love and support

In observance of Autism Month, DUMAGUETE TONIGHT DYEM-FM Energy FM guested representatives from GP Rehab who underscored the need for parents to accept their children with autism. A malady considered as the most common condition in a group of development disorders charcaterized by limited social interaction problems with verbal and non verbal communication and unusual, repetitive or limited activities and interests. The panel included (from left) a teacher, Mrs. Jong dela Cruz, who has an autistic child and US Peace Corp Volunteer Robert Eisenhort said having an autistic in the family could be a challenge but therapists can help families to deal with such situations.

Out There ...


From page 5

what could be the reason that a state kills children. To protect its citizens? Could it be the incoming elections? Could it be the Hamas rockets? I don’t think that these are the answers. Learning from its mistakes in 2006, Israel now implements a passionate public relations campaign to convince the world that its actions are mor-

FOR RENT Sol Y Mar Bldg., Office Spaces (2nd floor) Dolores – 0915-5500660/ 422-9402.

ally justified. Unfortunately, it is not enough to follow PR campaigns to silence the conscience. And for the Hamas: I don’t understand what kind of motivations are behind in throwing blind rockets which kill “civilians” and sending suicide bombers to Israel. I know that civilians can not be killed under any condition in Islam. I was surprised when I had to convince a pious Muslim friend who studies Palestinian / Israel conflict regarding suicide bombing and rockets that are incompatible with the Sharia. I am aware that daily life is different from abstract rulings. However, I am also aware that Sharia law regarding war has been formed through practical cases. So there is a lived experience in Islamic context for someone who claims a “just” war. I can only explain the discrepancy by looking at the life conditions in

Gaza. During the last six months ceasefire process, there was an Israeli blockage on food and medicine. And it was the main reason that Hamas was firing rockets into Israel. Hamas hold responsible Israel by breaking the truce, by not allowing entrance of the food and medicine aid into the city. So it was part of the deal that Israel would open the borders. However, since the first day of the raid, Israel announced that it is Hamas that broke the ceasefire. It should be noted that Israel is a militarist society. (It is easy to observe the general characteristics of such a society, since Turkey is also a militarist country) For an average Israeli citizen, there is a constant threat of extermination. To keep the anxiety laden consciousness

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship

Left to Right: Seating: 1) Mr. Solano M. Balucan - President 2)Atty. Jose G. Gutierrez, Vice-President; 3) Engr. Miguel B. Caballes, Secretary; 4)Guest Speaker, Mr. Evacueto Elman, Greater New York Area Secretary, FGBMFI; 5) Mr. Santiago B. Caballes, Treasurer, Proprietor, Caballes Printing Press.6) Mr. Constantine S. Guaza RN-Auditor; Faculty S.U. College of Nursing; 7) Mr. Baltazar B. Camomot, former President, General Manager BBC PRAS, S.U.General Services STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: 1) Ptr. Vick Arbas - The Good News of Christ Global Ministries, Motong, Dumaguete City; 2) Mr. Silas Lacson-member; 3 Mr. Francil Martinez-Former President 4)Ptr. Warley Ocon, Christ Jesus Our Life Church, EJ Blanco St., Dumaguete city.5) Ptr. Pdejeto Job D. Panoy, World Vision Mission Church, Bagacay, Dumaguete City and 6) Mr. Eric Villahermosa, Asst. Manager, Banko De Oro, Colon St., Dumaguete City.

of the Israeli society, the state pays millions to media agencies and Hollywood studios. Consequently, it is not hard for an average Israeli citizen to believe that Arab is the enemy and Iran will destroy the “sacred land” at first given opportunity: The “fact” is in front of us, there are hundreds of rockets in our gardens, and Ahmedinejad says that Israel must be destroyed. Is it possible for someone who has grown in a social formation that strong communitarian belongings carry the utmost importance, to go beyond the everyday realities which are presented to him/her? The answer is partly in the lyrics of a song called “my body is a cage’’ by Arcade Fire, yet I would replace the mind with the conscience.

The Safest ... From page 5 chose life for you, fought for you, clothed you, and made you who you are. You are blessed because, no matter what they say to her that bearing you will give her sleepless nights, heartaches and financial troubles, she chose It is painful to read the news and reader comments to the news in Haaretz and Jerusalem Post. People are so eager for the continuation of invasion after so many innocent people have died. I think it is not a coincidence that Hamas and Israel use the same language.

you to be born. Look back. Watch her eyes. They are full of joy, and whatever it was that made her cry, was worth it. She gave up her life for you. Because she thought you deserve to live, and give others a chance to live too. We cannot choose our mothers. But no one came out of this world without one. Even those who occupied the highest position of the land. Thank God that He gave us a mother who did not snap the life out of us when we were defenseless inside her womb. This is not about policies. This is not about the color of our skin or political affiliations. This is about the heart and the womb, and the choices we make.


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Lot NO. 5721, Situated at Apolong, Valencia, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 2,953 square meters. - price: PhP1.8M Neighboring residences are owned by foreigners - Clean title with only two registered owners. ———————————————


2. One property, with two separate titles, being separated by a barangay road passing through them: LOT NO. 4529, Situated at Valencia, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 1,189 square meters and LOT NO. 4528, Situated at Valencia, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 633 square meters - price for the whole property: PhP1.6 M. With more than a hundred standing matured lanzones trees. - Clean title with only one signatory to the deed of sale. ———————--——————-


3. BEACH LOT Situated at Dauin, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 7,081 square meters. - Negotiable Price: PhP 15.5M. - Only one signatory to the deed of sale LOT-D

4. LOT NO. 6805, Situated at Opao, Seit Siaton, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 22,432 square meters - Price: PhP60.00 per square meter. Elevated property with scenic view of Tambobo Bay where the Yachts can be seen being docked. Just a road away from the river - Clean title. With proper documents. ——————————------—— Contact: 0918-929-6047.



Estate Real Esta te Call: 0918-929-6047

1. Commercial Lot Location: Looc Area 194 sq.m. K-10 Clean title P6 M negotiable 2. House & Lot Location: Bantayan Area 1,852sq.m. K-11 6 bedrooms, garage, lawn huge sala, kitchen fence P10M negotiable Clean title

HOUSE & LOT FOR SALE 200 sq.m. P1M Mango Avenue Piapi, Dumaguete City

Contact: 0918-929-6047

FOR SALE Sprawling 4.1 Has. of land Ideal for Downtown Subd., Sulodpan, Bacong Contact:


FOR SALE 1 unit aircon Carrier Ultima with Timer 2 double deck steel beds. Contact Nos.

09298214829 09185003366

BEACHLOT – 2nd lot from seashore Area: 1497 sqmtrs. Location: Mayabon, Zamboanguita Rush Sale Package Price: P1.6M (M2)HOUSE FOR SALE –FULLY FURNISHED OLD Area: 1132 sqmtrs.S Location: Camanjac, Dgte. City Price: P3.7M (M3) BEACHLOT -W/ BEACH HOUSE Area: 1000 sqmtrs. Location: Campaclan, Sibulan Dgte. City Price: P5M

Area: 160 sqmtrs. Location: Casa Alicia Subd., Candau-ay, Dgte. City Price: P2.5M Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, with good neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 2) Area: 320 sqmtrs. Location: Casa Alicia Subd., Candau-ay, Dgte. City Price: P4M/ negotiable Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, with good neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 3) Area: 250 sqmtrs. Location: Casa Alicia Subd., Dgte. City Price: P4M Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, with good neighbors.


(K 1)

Area: 14,700 sqmtrs. Location: 120 coconuts at Combado, Bacong, Negros Oriental, with Price: P4.5M negotiable Right of way and good neighbors.


Area: 900 sqmtrs. Price: P1.5M Location: Combado, Negros Oriental (Bacong) Description: Accepts 2 payments, 3 bedrooms, with underground, Garage, lawn, 3 rooms of piggery and respectful neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 5) Area: 1,200 sqmtrs. Price: P 2M Location: Upper, Cantil-e Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, right of way and good Neighbors.


(K 2)

Area: 2,280 sqmtrs. Price: P500 Thousand Location: Lutao, Bacong, Negros Oriental Description: 4 coconut trees and sources of wood trees.


Call 0918-929-6047

(M1)FARM LOT Area: 1.6 hectare Location: Mayabon, Zamboanguita

STOCKS OCKS Contact 0918-929-6047 NEW ST HOUSE AND LOT (K 1) LOT FOR SALE (K 8)

(M4) BEACHLOT (1) Area: 4 hectares@450/sqmtrs. (2) Area: 1 hectare@1500/sqmtrs. w/ seawall and w/right of way from highway to the Beach Lot. Location: Malatapay, Zamboanguita

(M5) LOT FOR SALE Area: 649 sqmtrs. Location: Highway, Camanjac Price: P900T

(M6) HOUSE & LOT Area: 365 sqmtrs. Location: Bogo, Dgte. City Price: P2.5M

OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT P5000/month Taft Street, Dgte. City

COMMERCIAL BUILDING FOR RENT -1ST Floor Only P20,000/month Taft Street, Dgte. City

Location: Northern Junob, Four Bedrooms, Open style living area 2 CR’s (inc. ensuite to main bedroom) Sari-Sari Store possible fifth bedroom Under Cover Parking, approx 8 minutes to downtown (4 mins. to Lee Super Plaza)


Northern Junob, Area: 4,908 sq.m. Products: 100 coconut, Hundreds of corn plantation Price: P4.9M. Accept 2 payments, with Clean Title

BEACH LOT FOR SALE (K 9) Location: Sibulan; Area: 400 sq.m.; Price: P2M (negotiable) Clean Title


Lot : area 220 sqmtrs. , ideal for simple residence, near Silliman Heights subdivision, has a huge barangay road and there is a short cut roads if ever there is a road renovations someday, clean tilte, price ; 160, 000


House and lot : area : 200 sqmtrs. bungalow house, landscape, has a right of way, clean title, descent neighbors, price : P350, 000 still negotiable, place: Combado, Bacong, Negros Oriental, 15 minutes going to Dumaguete City.

BEACH LOT FOR SALE (K 12) Beach lot : area : 1,000 sqmtrs. place: Bacong, negros oriental , goodneighbor, price 2.5 m, ideal for mini resort, clean title


House and Lot : area 300 sqmtrs. near the beach, clean title, descent neighbors, very near to municipal public market, police stations, elementary and highschool area,


House and Lot , area : 500 sqmtrs. fenced, near health center, with huge right of way that can be accessible road that connects to Bagacay, Rosario Heights and even going to valencia, near highway, with two bearing mango fruits, huge garage, still have enough space for landscapes or even building a rest house, 3 bedrooms, clean title, price : 1.6 m but still negotiable.


House and lot, area 450 sqmtrs. bungalow house, 4 bedrooms, fenced, with garage and landscape, near daycare center, near highway, huge right of way, price: 2.6m, clean title and the price is still negotiable, it is 8 minutes going to Dumaguete City. Location: Northern Junob near Silliman Heights


House and Lot , 580 sqmtrs, 2 storey, with garage, landscape , in front of the way, 4 bedrooms, fenced, friendly descent neighbors, price 2.6 m, clean title. Location: Northern Junob near Silliman Heights



PRIME LOTS FOR SALE • CADAWINONAN • BANILAD Z2 Z1 3,210 Sqm. @P3,000/ 9,821 Sqm. @P800/ Sqm. or more (along Sqm. (along the the National Highway) barangay road, with with concrete wall all 91 meters around the property frontage)

Call: 0918-929-6047

1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121 January 25, 2009 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345678901234567890121

critical repor ting reporting




A Dream team of ... (From page 2) DREAM TEAM. Let us have a dream team for the next elections. Say, we ask our readers to submit names of those who are non-tradpols, who are principled, and has the leadership skill. Once the dream team is formed, let the team enter the race, state their programs of reforms, and not buy votes. They can fully utilize the media. They should be ready to lose in a dirty election. It is enough that this dream team be able to send the message that there are still those principled men and women who are willing to serve, institute genuine reforms, if the people are willing. If not, then, with no strings attached, be joyful and willing enough to go back to their jobs in case they lose. This time, it will be clearly the people’s choice, and the people’s fault.

Gang-raped ... From page 1 men alighting one of whom put a handkerchief laced with a liquid drug to her nose that caused her to lose strength and consciousness. However, before she passed out, the victim managed to randomly dial the number in her mobile phone and contacted her board mates asking for their help. She identified one of the suspects as the ex-boyfriend of one her board mates, who at the time of the phone call also identified the unmistakable voice of her ex-boyfriend in the background while arguing with his companions where to bring the victim. After one hour or past 11pm the same evening, the victim found herself lying in the front gate of her boarding house. All her personal belongings were already lost. She was brought to the hospital and the medico-legal report indicated that the victim was indeed sexually as-

American ... From page 12 For a long time she endured these assaults yet when her husband started to also abuse their eight-month old child, she decided to seek assistance from the police who endorsed her case to the Department of Social Welfare and Development. During the hearing the couple decided that the wife will go back to her hometown in Leyte province along with the child while the American husband will remain in Bacong town.

saulted by the suspects. In a follow-up operation, the PNP arrested one of the four suspects charges have already been filed against them, including those who remain at large. Meanwhile, authorities warned women to deny bad elements any opportunity to carry out their evil designs. Dumaguete City Deputy Chief of Police C/Insp. Baby Abellon said that three previous rape cases involved women who worked in establishments that close shop at the wee hours of the night. However, she claims that all the suspects of these cases have already been charged.

Businessman... From page 12 information to either the Philippine National Police or National Bureau of Investigation. Dy tried to help her daughter who was robbed of her bag containing three cellular phones, ATM cards and other valuables in front of their house when he was shot by one of the robbers armed with a .45 caliber pistol before escaping.

WANTED Bookkeeper Part-time Call: Call:0918-929-6047 0918-929-6047 Submit biodata, resume to: NEGROS CHRONICLE

MOTHER’S WAY OVERSEAS MONPOWER SPECIALIST CORP., 2nd Floor, District Building, Cervantes St., Dgte. City Telefax (035) 226-3210. For more details pls. contact Mr. Sam 0919-484-5312/


ROASTER’S HAVEN Aldecoa Road, Daro, Dgte. City In front of Brix Tailoring.



Poor get ... From page 1 NOPH was composed of the following medical practitioners : GENERAL SURGEONS all M.D.s: Pio Yanong, head surgery, Luis Mangubat, Reynaldo Sarmiento, Francis Tapia, Meneleo Avila ; ANESTHESIOLOGISTS, all M.D.s: Emma Salazar, head anesth divison; Delilah Tapia, Manuel Sanchez, Evalinda Andaya and Phoebe Tan. Plastic surgery: Jesse Corres; Ob-Gyn: Teresita Avila, Ester Pimentel; INTERNAL MEDICINE all M.D.s: Jose Guevarra, head; Cesar Maniquis, Eulogio Andaya, Myrlie Larena Casco, Nunilo Rubio, Elenita Rubio, Aurora Allarde, Norma Mercado, Rogelio Cave, Gloria Flores, Natividad Bernardino, Fe Cruz, Benjamin lumicao, Cecilia kwan, Oscar Millare, Efren Estrella; Pediatrics all M.D.s : Anita Torion Avila, Leonardo Malalis, Evan Bomediano; Optometry Leticia Tuason.

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Sibulan mayor ... From page 12 Enrique Jariol. He also questions why Renacia paid the lot owner when there are still unresolved matters like the absence of a right of way to the lot and the passage of a barangay resolution posing no objections to the planned relocation of the town’s dumpsite in Looc when their was no public hearing conducted which would have afforded the stakeholders a venue to discuss the hosting of the material recovery facility.

Militants’ ... From page 2 adding that even local government officials cannot force the military to leave. 11th Infantry Battalion Lt. Col. Franco Nemesio Gacal branded the demand of KAUGMAON as bereft of any legal and moral bases. Meanwhile, Dennis Abarrientos of KARAPATAN Central Visayas issued the following press statement: The human rights umbrella in Cebu has raised before the United Nations the AFP practice in Negros Oriental of using civilians as guides and shields in counter-insurgency operations. In a complaint addressed to the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights of the United Nations yesterday, KARAPATAN protested “the AFPs utter lack of concern with and total disregard for the safety of civilians and civilian population” in violation of the Protocols of the Geneva Convention. KARAPATAN raised the issue to the UN after it was able to secure sworn statements of 2Lt. Romano Laab and Sgt. Alan Alinday admitting the participation of one Robin Balili, alleged president of a so-called barangay defense system, in a patrol of the 79th IB in Brgy. Buenavista, Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental on Oct. 5, 2008. In fact, Balili in a separate affidavit confessed being wounded later that day when the said patrol was fired upon by suspected rebels.

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To Solve Graft Dear Editor


ne of the most important consideration in Charter Change is the revamp of Congress; abolish the House of Representatives, increase the number of senators, upgrade the qualifications of senators and relegate the control of pork barrel. This modest idea, if carried out and properly implemented, will not only free ourselves from the shackles of graft and corruption but also provide us with economical operation and justifiable performance of every member of Congress. The process of change is conceivable thru constitutional convention. I subscribe to the consensus idea that the root of graft and corruption emanates from the House of Representatives because of its tenacity on the power of the pork. Pork barrel creates a domino effect on corruption. It encroaches in all sectors of government bureaucracy: Executive and Judiciary, BIR, DPWH, LGU, LTO, Customs, PNP-Military, DepEd, Dep of Agr. and ordinary employees. Officers and staff, aware of how lawmakers dissipated the pork barrel, become emboldened to commit similar pernicious acts: overpricing of government purchases and contracts, bribery, tax credit scam, kickbacks, money laundering, illegal registration of imported motor vehicles, release of imported goods and motor vehicles w/o payment of correct taxes, extortion, receipt of commission of tongpats, fertilizer fund scam, embezzlement and padding of payroll. They feel having the carte blanche granted by their superior to assuage themselves from fear of apprehension. After the abolition of the Lower House, the remaining Upper House (Senate) becomes leaner and inexpensive to operate, it would be relevant to increase the number of Senators

say equivalent to the number of provinces in the country. It is also suitable to upgrade the qualifications of all senatorial candidates by requiring them to be members of the Bar or its equivalent to enhance their worthiness and skills. For those representatives who are qualified may join with the senators. Effectively, as a result, we are capable of producing once again the renowned and distinguished legislators of the past, the likes of Manuel L. Quezon, Sergio Osmena Sr, Manuel Roxas, Laurel, Jose W. Diokno, Tanada, Sumulong, Manglapuz, Pelaez, Jovito Salonga, Ferdinand Marcos, Diosdado Macapagal, Roco, Ople, etc., who had shown sterling performance in Congress up to the hilt. On the other hand, if there is no charter change in 2010 or in the near future to revise the composition and operation of Congress, we would just be complacent with the inept and self serving performance of the current legislators. Indefinite postponement further may make our country not only the most corrupt but also has the most notorious legislature in the whole world— composed of “dim-wits and obnoxious” character. In my humble opinion, corruption will cease only if no sector in the bureaucracy holds an uncontrollable power especially involving financial matters, otherwise, it will proliferate as others follow suit. And if delegates to the constitutional convention would find deeper meaning than this proposal of reconstructing the House of Congress, then we will have greater chance of freeing ourselves from the fetters of graft and corruption. (Sgd. Mardonio D. Credo, Retiree: Former employee of Silliman U and PNB, Bunao Road, Lower Camanjac, Dumaguete City, Tel. No. (035) 225-6585, December 19, 2008)



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(as delivered by Gov. Emilio Macias II) (Conclusion) 4. Education Basta NEGOR—Education 104 Program which aims to construct a total of 58 school buildings and a total of 116 classrooms provincewide. The Provincial Government entered into a P64 million loan package, sourced from the Special Education Fund, with the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) to implement the program. DEP-Ed has committed to provide one teacher for every classroom built by us. To date, a total of 18 schoolbuildings or 36 classrooms have been completed, 11 schoolbuildings are on-going and another 11 units are scheduled to be constructed this week. EDUCATION 104 uses the counter-parting scheme between the Provincial Government and the local government unit of the town or city where the proposed school building will be built. The cities put up 25 percent of the project’s total cost while the recipient municipalities contribute only 10 percent. We continued to help the Department of Education in promoting “education for all” by providing salaries and wages for 291 teachers province-wide in the total amount of 10.3 million pesos. Our scholarship program sent a total of 291 poor but deserving students to college including medical and nursing scholars. We continue to support the Gulayan at Palaisdaan Alay sa Kabataan (GPAK) school gardening program not only to instill “love of soil” and introduce agricultural technologies like, composting and organic production, among our schoolchildren but also to supplement their nutritional requirement. This complements the NEGORGANIC NOW program which we have initiated. We have also introduced an income-generating scheme to encourage our school children to produce organic fertilizer whereby we pay them 50 percent of what they produce. We hosted the Visayas Regional Philippine Olympic Festival Qualifying Games where our province emerged as over-all champion. This resulted in sending a 48-man contingent to the Third Philippine Olympic Festival National Games in Cagayan de Oro.

5. ENVIRONMENT The first Island-wide Summit on Climate Change was held to address the growing concerns on global warming. The summit on climate change resulted in the crafting of an Island-Wide Memorandum to jointly address global warming and in our issuance of an Executive Order creating the the Negros Oriental Advisory Council on Climate Change (NOACCC). We further helped Local Government Units develop their respective integrated solid waste management plans to comply with the mandate of Republic Act 9003 for the implementation of Solid Waste Management Program including the establishment of sanitary land fill. We also entered into an agreement with the Province of Negros Occidental for the establishment of the Negros Island Integrated Water Resources Management (NIIWARM) Council which intends to unify efforts to conserve and protect the water resources of the entire Negros Island. We initiated talks for the development of Tambobo Bay in Barangay Bonbonon, Siaton to address unregulated entry of foreign-owned yachts and fishing vessels in the Bay area. Due to strict implementation of environmental laws, our income from the collection of fees from sand, gravel and other mineral extraction reduced by 30 per cent over 2006 figures (from P3.4 M in 2006 to P2.4 in 2008). This is also because of the closure of some quarry operations. We have also continued our efforts to protect our marine resources by maintaining 37 Marine Protected Areas. Nineteen LGU’s have maintained patrol boats and two have functional Bantay Dagats.

6. Peace and Order We maintained our coordinative efforts with the different law enforcement agencies to address lawlessness in the urban areas, the insurgency problem in the hinterlands, and other forms of criminality by maintaining our intelligence network in these areas. I am pleased to report that during the last Regional Peace and Order Council meeting, we were cited as one of the most peaceful provinces in the country for the last five or more years. It has continued to record the lowest crime rate among the Provinces in Region VII. It is also with a happy note that I inform our people that our Farmers Field’s School (FFS) is being used as a tool to

push for total peace and development in some barangays in the Province. The Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process (OPAPP) has adopted the program and had tied up with the Provincial Government in implementing the same in the five barangays of Santa Catalina, which are under the peace process agreement. These barangays are Nagbinlod, Talalac, Buenavista, San Miguel and San Jose.

7. Budget Management In order to maximize delivery of services to our people, we have continued the implementation of Basta NEGOR—9124, which increased the number of working hours to 13 with our workforce reporting on a 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 12 Noon to 8 p.m. schedule without necessarily increasing or hiring new personnel. This assures the public of longer service hours for them to do business with the Province. May I remind the different departments of the Provincial Government to maintain strict compliance with this program for which we have been receiving good feedbacks. We added 10 more LGUs to the Integrated Taxation System (iTAX) developed by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), which is aimed at improving the tax collection efficiency of our local government units. The Province’s collection from local resources and net share from real property taxes in 2007 amounted to P131 million pesos. As of the 3rd quarter of 2008, total receipts amounted to P92 million pesos. The 2008 collection is expected to exceed the 2007 collection by seven percent. For Calendar Year 2008, we operated with a budget of P975,353,536 to include income from the operation of our hospitals and public utilities. The biggest bulk of the budget representing 39 per cent or P382 Million went to Health and Social Welfare Services; 38 per cent or P368 Million was utilized for Economic Services. 16 per cent of P156 Million was allocated for General Services. Debt servicing accounts for two per cent or P20 Million of the Budget. Because of sound budget management, the Provincial Government was able to grant our officials and employees with all the benefits due them during the year.

8. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT As I have mentioned earlier, we continue to improve the production of organic feeds for our upland fishery projects. We are now on the verge of perfecting the formulation and production of this floating organic feeds.

9. Infrastructure The Provincial Engineer’s Office implemented a total of 270 different infrastructure projects amounting to P399.3 Million. These projects include 90 road projects and three bridges totaling P139.6 Million and the construction of the 55-unit 2classroom school buildings under BASTA NEGOR-EDUCATION 104. We also have 32 waterworks projects amounting to P15.5 million and 90 other structures costing P177.4 million. Our infrastructure development was also highlighted with the completion of the Sidlakang Negros Village, Showroom and Trade Center which houses the 25 LGU booths including the booth of the Province of Siquijor and the new Legislative Building, beside the Provincial Capitol. The latter provides a permanent home for the Legislative Branch of the Provincial Government. The building also houses the individual offices of the three Representatives of Negros Oriental to the House of Representatives and the Office of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP)-Negros Oriental Chapter. We completed the installation of the rubberized all weather track and field oval in the Gov. Mariano Perdices Memorial Coliseum. The 19-year old wooden hard court of the Lamberto Macias Sports and Cultural Center has now been rehabilitated.

10. Information Dissemination We adopted all forms of media in order to reach and inform the public about the programs and projects of the Provincial Government. We have the longest-running weekly TV Program of the Province, the “Provincial Report” which is aired over the three local TV stations, free of charge (for which we would like to thank them), a quarterly newsletter, “Sidlakang Negros Balita,” which contains news and features about the Province and press releases. We are also maintaining our presence in cyberspace through our website, .

11. Spiritual Development We strengthened our relationship with the different religious organizations by inviting them to participate in ecumenical events. We have responded to requests coming from the Catholic Church to provide inputs on the proposed Reproductive Health Bill. We also extended financial assistance for the renovation of the historical Bacong Church.

12. Social Welfare Under the supervision of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), we continued to provide assistance and services to various sectors such as the Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities, Children and Youth, including Child Minding. Total assistance amounted to P1.250 million pesos. Our Provincial Child Minding Center served a total of 322 children of government employees making an income of P33, 770 thousand from the daily fee of P30 per child We also extended Emergency, Relief and Rehabilitation Assistance to a total of 8,839 individuals, families, and communities in crisis situations or an increase of 12.3 per cent in the number of clients served as compared in 2007. Total financial assistance extended reached P7 Million. This was used for medicines, medical related expenses, transportation, burial and other needs. We strengthened the campaign against trafficking in persons through the Provincial Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking in Persons (PIACAT) which provided technical assistance to local government units in the creation of a City or Municipal Council against Trafficking in Persons. It also assisted in the prosecution of cases involving child pornography, cybersex and other violations enumerated under the Republic Act 9208. Through our Barangay Population Development Officers (BPDO’s), we extended the needed facilities for our population management program. It is our obligation in a democracy to provide these services to our people, especially if they are in the minority. All these, were possible because we worked together as a team. Allow me to thank all of you for your invaluable contributions towards the attainment of our goals. I would like to recognize and thank this august body for being supportive of the projects and programs that we have initiated. This is evident by their prolific passing of 964 resolutions and 160 ordinances. During the next 12-months, I suggest that we should devote our time, efforts and resources towards firming up these different on-going programs. However, having said that, we should always open our eyes to opportunities that will present additional “doable” projects to the 12 components of our target development plan—to improve the quality of the lives of the Oriental Negrense family.

Plans for 2009 For this year, we intend to strengthen our hospital services and improve health care delivery system by— a) Pursuing the acquisition of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine and other needed medical equipment. b) Implementing the computerization of the hospital system. c) Upgrading the various LGUs Health Centers into Infirmaries and making our District Hospitals more functional. d) constructing a four-storey building behind the main hospital to house the Charity, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department together with the Surgical Ward. A third and fourth floors to be constructed later to accommodate private rooms that would support our Charity Ward expenditure. 2. We will make government services more accessible to our people by bringing these to the different barangays of the Province under the “Paningkamot Caravan.” The Caravan is patterned after the medical mission concept where various services are brought together in one event. During the Caravan, vital departments of the Provincial Government will visit the different barangays, hold dialogues, conduct on-site livelihood trainings, and other services. 3. Establish the Economic Enterprise Office, under the Office of the Governor, to manage the various revenue-generating activities of the Provincial Government. 4. On Education, we will continue the construction of classrooms to reach a goal of 116 rooms and pursue the pledge of the Department of Education to provide one teacher for every additional classroom. 5. We will reset the perspective of our sports development program (NOSDEP). 6. Develop Tambobo Bay to maximize the potential of the area. Listening to this year’s SOPA, one might think that Negros Oriental would be one of the most progressive provinces in the country. And yet, this is not so because we have been informed otherwise. I am not sure if we should be thankful or be angry that the Department of Social Welfare and Development has cited Negros Oriental as amongst the 20 poorest Provinces in the country. There must be a basis for them to say this, and I intend to find the root cause. I have been to other provinces and found that we are not any poorer than they are. For being considered as one, we will receive a total of 1.8 billion pesos in five years to be given to what they call as “the poorest of the poor.” This is certainly not a bad deal. As Rhett Butler would say in Gone with Wind, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” After all, Juliet’s Romeo was right when he said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Thank you and God Bless Negros Oriental.

Jan 25 2009  
Jan 25 2009  

VOL. 35 No. 33 SHARING THEIR BLESSINGS DESPITE RECESSION in the U.S., the Philip- pine Medical Association of Chicago headed by Dr. Pio Yano...