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laiming political consistency, Rep. George Arnaiz (right of foto) is true to his affiliation when he announced his support for (MEV) Mariant Escaño Villegas for vice governor. This despite their differ- is supporting Noynoy ence with Gov. Macias who Aquino while Arnaiz is gois supporting Gerry Saraña ing Gibo Teodoro. (Turn to page 19) for vice governor. Macias

BY DEMS DEMECILLO arious sectors of the city of Dumaguete assert that the unabated crime incidents should be a top political issue for all those seeking elective positions this coming May. Some businessmen and file killings and robberies. members of the academe Only recently, a holder would like to hear from the of numerous beauty titles candidates their concrete was publicly executed while plans on how they will tackle an American national was the worsening peace and or- stabbed several times before der problem of the city after being robbed and left for a series of unsolved high pro(Turn to page 19)




FEBRUARY 21, 2010

P 12.00

Local mix up bothers nat’l candidates

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any national candidates have appeared to have been uncomfortable with local but formidable bets in Negros Oriental who are supporting one presidentiable, while their runningmates are siding with another.

In this regard, some tandems are seriously thinking of affiliating with their part-

ners if only to get a solid funding from their national counter parts.

Only last Wednesday, the Villar camp thru Rep. Cynthia Villar “was not pleased” and

expressed such feelings to NP-Villar standard bearer (Turn to page 2)

BY DEMS REY DEMECILLO ozens of candidates for the May 2010 from the 25 cities and towns of the province, including capitol and congressional bets, made a public vow not to resort to any form of cheating and violence to subvert the true will of the electorate. Spearheaded by the Roman Catholic


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Candidates took a solemn pledge before God and people to respect the sanctity of the ballot and abhor the use of cheating and violence. Top photo shows (left to right) Provincial PNP Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr., Msgr. Gamaliel Tulabing, COMELEC Provincial Supervisor Eddie Aba and 302nd Brigade Commanding Officer Col. Manuel Ochotorena symbolically joining hands vowing to work for a credible and peaceful May polls.

Rep. Cynthia Villar (center) barnstorms Negros Oriental for husband Sen. Manny with pro-Villar bigwigs Meniong Teves (left), VG Petit Baldado (right) and Bebot Laurel.

JBC hears OBAR


Beauty queen slay suspect known

iting a 21-year-old allegation, a lawyer objected to the nomination of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio as next (Turn to page 19)




February 21, 2010

Local mix up bothers ...

Petit Baldado whose vice- gov tandem Tuting Perdices is for NoyNoy. Perdices then intimated that his “being for Noynoy” is not as a partyman but because the Teves clan who is pro-Villar is not supporting him, but MEV Mariant Escaño Villegas for vice governor. Favorite Meniong grandson 3rd District Rep. Henry Pryde Teves is all out for Gibo Teodoro but his grandpa is pro-Villar. Another stalwart is NPC reelectionist Gov. Dodo Macias who is for Noynoy since his boss Danding is for Noynoy and not for Gibo. G.Saraña, who is a Lakas might go for Gibo in the final days. NPC Chiquiting Sagarbarria

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Coalition fever is OUT, corrambus syndrome IN EX-REP. MENIONG TEVES Lakas for Villar

GOV. MACIAS NPC for Aquino

umaguete City Mayor Agustin Perdices and 2nd District Rep. George Arnaiz are joining calls to investigate the management of the Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative 2 and the Cooperative Development Authority following the latter’s issuance of an advisory canceling the elections for the members of the Board of Directors scheduled this month. Both Perdices and too “weak and over-archArnaiz agree with the obser- ing.” Both wanted the vation of COOP-NATCO House inquiry to be held in Partylist Rep. Cresente Paez Dumaguete so that all that the stated reason for the stakeholders can participate issuance of the advisory is Turn to page 3



awyer Pedro M. De Leon Jr. will have to stand trial not for usurpation of authority as the original complainant demanded but for the alleged illegal use of alias when he signed as counsel for the petitioners seeking a Declaratory Relief against the city of Tanjay.

REP. ARNAIZ NPC for Teodoro

MAYOR PERDICES Kasaligan for Aquino

REP. PRYDE TEVES Lakas for Teodoro


peared before RTC Branch 43 and signed as counsel for petitioners Vincent Villarin, Turn to page 19


olice investigators have already pinpointed the gun for hire suspect, who shot and killed former Ms. Dumaguete Ann Rose Bernadette Neri. Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr. and Dumaguete City Chief of Police Supt. Leopoldo Cabanag predict an impending arrest and charges soon. The Criminal Investiga- and believed to be residing tion and Detection Group has in the north of the province completed the cartographic and allegedly financed by a sketch of the hired gunman, businessman with a Japawho was allegedly involved nese or Chinese descent. in other shooting incidents Turn to page 16


Foreign firm to turn wastes into energy ocal government’s major dilemma on how to dispose solid wastes in compliance to environmental laws may soon be decisively solved at near zero cost to taxpayers and can be a potential steady source of revenues.


That is the cure-all solution offered by foreign privately owned firm to the seven towns and city comprising the Metro Dumaguete in a rare joint session of their local legisla-

tive bodies last Thursday. True Green Energy Group Corporation (TGEG) thru its counsel Atty. Jose Samonte presented before the assembled local legisla Turn to page 3

25 journalists join first Christian media cruise





TOP OF THE WEEK George, Tuting back Noreco House probe

Atty. De Leon was charged for usurpation of authority by Atty. Manolo Zerna after the former ap-

critical repor ting reporting

wenty-five journalists, ten of whom are from Dumaguete City, participated in the first ever four-day Christian media cruise from Manila to Bohol discussing on board MV San Paulo their work experiences and means in order to inculcate a Christian slant in their news and commentaries in the never-ending pursuit for truth and excellence. Conceptualized under They come from different places near and far, yet united in the enduring Christian values of the Media Project of Nor- service for truth and excellence. IN photo are: Arne Fjeldstad, Ben Cal, Joe Pavia, Lyn Resulta, wegian Rev. Dr. Arne Xu Hong, Sun Huixia, Xue Long, Zhao Jie, Neil Rio, Dems Rey Demecillo, Indira Requiron, Fjelstad, the program spe- Ely Dejaresco, Antonio Marlon Eric Dejaresco, Alex Pal, Rene Genove, Titus Cerina, Florence cifically aims to enjoin jour- Felice Baesa and Noelito Ramirez. nalists to focus on the role of the Christ-centered religion based media practitioners are of China, who have been trying lure of money, gifts, governin public affairs. fifteen top journalists from Ma- to inculcate their Christian val- ment censorship and other Joining the Dumaguete- nila and the People’s Republic ues in their works despite the forms of threats. (By Dems Rey Demecillo)

here was a time in Negros Oriental that there were no opponents to speak of because most if not all of the candidates—at least the winnables –have decided to form a temporary coalition, only to part ways after the elections.


Not anymore. In today’s local elections side by side with the May 10 Presidential elections, hardly anybody winnable is doing it solo, nor is there any coalition to speak of. Result is a merry mix-up of candidates of different political colors, who simply file their COCs together, but on condition that they run their own organization, to each his own, and fund his own campaign. This uneasy set up may be convenient for the locals under the formula that election is addition (of supporters) not subtraction. In fact most of the winnable locals we asked say that nothing is permanent, they can switch horses even a week before elections, because there are really no FORMAL commitments to a particular political party. In fact there is no political party to speak of, in the real sense that there are party ideologues, except those members of the communist party. Better for them, their loyalties and parameters are defined. Unlike in a free democracy, one can think anything, believe anything and lie about anything. So which party is now better?

CHURCH CATALYST Thanks to the Catholic and Christian churches, they are acting as election catalysts. Without them, the conduct of elections will not be the same. Thank you Church people for initiating the peace pact among candidates. At least there is a deterrent to cheat, and to stir the hornet’s nest so to speak. If the candidates misbehave, there is the Church who will denounce them in the pulpit. And even if most of them will violate their peace pacts if only to get an edge over the other, at least, there was a deterrent to do the fraud wholescale.


February 21, 2010


Something for the next mayor

Look at those mix-up of telephone and electric wires crisscrossing all city streets reminiscent of our parochial way of running things. We hope the next city mayor will dismantle these ugly dangling wires around the city, and install some modernity in our street wiring connections. Please do not pass it on to telephone companies and Noreco2 again. JUST DO IT. Otherwise our votes for you will go to waste.

George, Tuting ... From page 2 in the discussion. In canceling the scheduled elections this month, NORECO 2 cited the January 4 advisory of Atty. Fulgencio Vigare Jr., CDA Oversight Administrator for Electric Cooperatives, which counseled that in accordance to COMELEC Resolution

NO. 8716 electric cooperatives are obliged to provide uninterrupted power supply before and on Election Day until the end of the canvassing of votes, therefore all scheduled district elections should be held in the first quarter of 2011. Had the CDA Advisory not unanimously adopted by the members of the NORECO 2 Board, three of


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whom are supposed to stand for election, the schedule would have been as follows: February 6 for District 2 (San Jose and Sibulan) incumbent Director James Fontelo, February 14 for District 8 (Sta. Catalina) incumbent Director Marie Cheryl Nalam and February 27 for District 6 (Valencia, Bacong, and Dauin) incumbent Director Lennie Joy Alviola, BOD Chairperson. However, Perdices noted that the reason given “does not hold water” and apparently invalid. Arnaiz stressed that Fulgencio issued the advisory unilaterally or without knowledge, consent and authority of the CDA Board. He added that the terms of the members of the Board of Directors have been overextended particularly that of Director Jordan Salma. Like Paez, Perdices and Arnaiz assert the February district elections for NORECO 2 cannot remotely affect the preparations of the electric cooperative in ensuring uninterrupted supply of electricity for the May 10 polls. The House inquiry will establish whether the CDA

Foreign firm ... From page 2 tive bodies how to convert the solid wastes collected from the municipalities of Amlan, Dauin, Bacong, Valencia, Sibulan, San Jose and the city of Dumaguete into electricity through the technology invented and developed by advisory is a correct and sound interpretation of COMELEC Resolution 8716 and granted that it is, can a Comelec resolution and CDA advisory supersede a national law, particularly the Cooperative Code of 2008, which expressly limited the term of office of BOD members to two years.

Irish Ronald Shane Flynn, who also serves as the firm’s own Chief Executive Officer. Samonte said that Dumaguete City will host the four hectare $ 13.5 million biosphere gasification facility that can initially process 172 tons of solid waste to generate 7 megawatts per hour. The proponent stressed that the project will eliminate solid and liquid wastes, will reduce volume for sanitary landfill dependence by 93 percent, distills 53,000 gallons of drinkable water and provide employment opportunities. Under the proposed 25 year Joint Venture Agreement between TGEG and Dumaguete City, the firm will develop, finance, construct, install, operate and maintain

the facility while the city will provide an adequate project site, right-of-way, supply of solid wastes and assistance in securing governmental consents. Both the participating LGUs and the TGEG will share in the revenues derived from the sale of electricity, tipping fees and other by-products. Most, if not all of the mayors, vice-mayors and councilors present welcomed the proposal but deferred granting authority to their respective local chief executives from entering into a memorandum of agreement with TGEG until indepth deliberations by the local legislators can be completed.(By Dems Demecillo)



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ocated 30 kilometers away from Guihulngan proper is a barangay composed of 12 sitios with an estimated population of 2, 500 people. This humble barangay of Linantuyan maybe reached through a habal-habal ride costing P300 pesos, one way, or a four-wheeled off road vehicle during dry season. However, this barangay is on track with its education system, that having an elementary school with more than 300 pupils, 18 high school students and approximately 10 collegiate students. Residents of Linantuyan turn to farming as their means of living while others seek better future as construction workers and laborers in the nearby province of Cebu. Barangay Linantuyan is a the communist terrorist personaliformer hotbed of insurgency being ties. They fought for their right by the guerilla base of the New exposing to the media and ComPeople’s Army in Central Negros. mission on Human Rights the It used to be the traditional mobil- abuses they suffered from the comity corridor or highway of the NPA munist terrorists and their allies. that connects the north and south They fought for the general well of Central Negros. Being the gue- being of their community by bondrilla base, the NPAs used to coling together for the common good. lect their logistical requirements in Barangay Linantuyan is a rethe barangay. It also provided safe haven to NPAs when they evaded cipient of development and outreach programs of the military, logovernment forces. Linantuyan provided warm cal government partnered with nonbodies during anti-government ral- government organizations. It also lies organized by legal front orga- houses the only elementary school nizations. Due to its remoteness in the hinterland with cable TV and Also, under and sad economic conditions, 5 desk top computers. th Linantuyan became a victim of the former 11 Infantry Lapu-Lapu NPA’s propaganda and deceptions. Battalion Commanding officer Lt. No less than the Commander Col. Franco Nemesio Gacal, the of the Central Command Major General Ralph barangay received one school buildVillanueva wants Linantuyan to be a model for peace, ing and potable water system facility from the military plus numernot only in the Negros Island but in the Visayas. Why? Because despite numerous security threats ous books, slippers, food items and by alleged NPA’s, the people made the stand to fight school supplies. More projects are in the for their right to self determination. They chose to follow established government authorities and sys- pipeline for Linantuyan as a retems. The people risked personal safety so real peace sult of improved peace and orand development could be attained. Under Barangay der situation. For the first time, GovCaptain Elpidio Vilar, the residents cooperated with ernor Emilio Macias the II visited the government forces so that the shadow govern- Linantuyan Tuesday, February 16 ment established by the communist terrorists would together with General Villanueva; be destroyed. The people chose a peaceful path to- Major General Vicente Porto, wards community development and fought for their Commander 3rd Infantry Division, right by filing appropriate criminal charges against Turn to page 6



Barangay Linantuyan today shows development compared to two years ago when it was like a ghost barangay. The houses before were mostly shanties built out of light materials with nipa roofing. Today, Linantuyan as shown in this photo has newly built two-story houses that even Guihulngan Mayor Ernesto Reyes was amazed at the rapid development of the barangay. EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF EST ATE, PPARTITION ARTITION & SPECIAL ESTA POWER OF AATTORNEY TTORNEY

NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late FELICISIMO V. JOROLAN, have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate, Partition & Special Power of Attorney on Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) Bonds with Serial No. AR0026050 issued on January 31, 2000 with a face value of P51,282.40 before the Land Bank of the Philippines, Bais City Branch, and that the parties hereto name, appoint and constitute Eufrecina D. Jorolan as their true and lawful attorney-in-fact per Doc. No. 815, Page No. 82, Book No. 34, Series of 2009 of Notary Public Atty. Joseph Ray S. Valencia. The Negros Chronicle Feb. 7, 14 & 21, 2010


WHY NOT TRAVEL AND SERVICES # 70 RIZAL BOULEVARD, DUMAGUETE CITY TEL. # (035) 225-9028 / TEL FAX # (035) 422-9210 CEL # 0919-840-2069 EMAIL:

JM Poultry & Livestock Supply Branch 1 Mabini St., and Branch II, Real Street, Dumaguete City Tel. No. 035-421-0378. Republic of the Philippines Local Civil Registry Office Province of Negros Oriental City of Dumaguete


NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late TEODORO REGALADO have filed and executed a Deed of Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate and Sale on Lot No. 5441, Pls-759, OCT No. FV14585, TD No. 99-07-019-09368, situated in Masaplod, Dauin, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 3,853 sq.m. in favor of Lurli B. Teves per Doc. No. 397, Page No. 81, Book No. 8, Series of 2009 of Notary Public Atty. Andre O. Villasis.

In compliance with Section 5 of R.A. Act No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that MIMI I. SITONES has filed with this Office a Petition for Change of First Name from “MARIA ELENA” to “MIMI” in the Certificate of Liver Birth (COLB) of MARIA ELENA LASOLA, who was born on 22 OCTOBER 1950 at DUMAGUETE CITY, and whose parents are ULDARICO ICALINA and ISIDRA LASOLA. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his/ her written opposition thereto with this Office, not later than MARCH 8, 2010.

The Negros Chronicle Feb. 7, 14 & 21, 2010

The Negros Chronicle Feb. 21 & 28, 2010

(Sgd.) RUPERTA G. BAGUASAN City Civil Registrar

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Take your presidential pick! For FEEDBACK: email

CoCs must be sworn in accordance with law ertificates of Candidacy are required to be sworn in accordance with existing laws. A certificate of candidacy that is not sworn in accordance with law renders the candidate ineligible for election. CoCs must be sworn, to be eligible as candidate Section 1, of Comelec Resolution No. 8678 mandates that No person shall be elected President, VicePresident, Senator, Member of the House of Representatives, Provincial, City or Municipal officials unless he files a sworn certificate of candidacy in the form prescribed by the Commission. Sec. 73, of the Omnibus Election Code provides that “No person shall be eligible for any elective public office unless he files a sworn certificate of candidacy within the period fixed herein.” By being “sworn” means the certificate of candidacy must be notarized in accordance with the new rules on notarization. Six years ago, the Supreme Court laid down the new notary rules of documents, in Administrative Matter No. 02-8-13-SC dated July 6, 2004. (This is not exactly “new” because it is a six-year old rule.) Certificates of candidacy must be sworn or duly notarized to transform it into a public document. A candidate is required to swear and subscribe to the truth of the contents of his certificate of candidacy before a notary public. This is what the Comelec rules and omnibus


Editorial Hiatus or holdover possible?


his unthinkable scenario might happen after the May 10 elections: a hiatus and a possible holdover, hopefully not a coup —unless the situation is nipped in the bud NOW.

Legal luminaries including our own Rep. George Arnaiz and Atty. Ipe Remollo, LP provincial campaign manager, are in agreement that the Supreme Court MUST decide now, acting on a petition for declaratory relief, as to whether or not, the incumbent president can effectively and legally appoint a new Chief Justice after May 17. The most interested party to file should be the Office of the President, or any taxpayer for that matter.

Thus, there must be filed a petition for declaratory relief before the Supeme Court NOW. If the SC decides that the president CAN appoint legally a Chief Justice before June 30, then the new CJ can sit as interim president after June 30 in case there is a failure of election. There is failure of election if 15% of the votes cast will be invalid. Invalid because of the cumbersome and tedious new method of automated voting, whose electronic machines can just reject thousands if not millions of invalid and stale ballots without any provision for spare ballots.

Consider this: After June 30, the terms of the President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House, and most of all the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, shall have expired. In case there is a failure of election, who then will lead this nation?

Without a new Chief Justice after June 30 under a failure of election nationwide, there will be a HOLDOVER of the incumbent president. And who will believe that this is a legitimate consequence? Suppose the critics of the administration can muster enough protest, there will be anarchy, and without a president, the military can take over. Just imagine the scenario!

There will be a hiatus, a political vacuum, unless a new Chief Justice shall have been sworn in by July 1. But how can there be a CJ if the president today does not appoint one before her term expires on June 30?

Solution: someone better file that petition for declaratory relief (Article 30 Rules of Court) if we do not want this country to fall into chaos and anarchy and worse, Martial Rule by virtue of an armed mutiny.

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Gov’t unites ... From page 4 Camp General Macario Peralta Jr. Jamindan, Capiz; Col. Maximo Caro, 303rd Infantry Brigade based in Murcia, Negros Occidental, former 11th IB CO Lt. Col. Gacal; Negros Oriental Provincial Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr., the first Provincial Director to reach the remote mountain barangay; 1st District Congresswoman Josy Limkaichong; Guihulngan Mayor Ernesto Reyes; Lt. Col. Ramil Bitong, CO of the 11th IB together with members of the media from Negros Oriental and Occidental. The military distributed more than 300 pairs of slippers to the school children. Governor Macias gave free tooth-

brush, toothpaste and soap while Cong. Limkaichong gave popsicles to the pupils. In an interview, Gov. Macias promised to build a high school building in Linantuyan. Whereas the construction of the P 1M worth of barangay roads in the area is ongoing with funds coming from Cong. Limkaichong. Lt. Col. Bitong pledged to sustain the gains of the military and government in Linantuyan. Bitong said similar development projects will be implemented in other NPA-infested barangays in his area of responsibility. These and many more are enough reasons why Linantuyan experience is a model of the success in counter-insurgency drive. (FSB)

“Sugar is not sweet”


Dateline Manila by Bingo P. Dejaresco

hile the presidentiables battle one another as to who is the more “Pro-Poor” among them, no one seems to offer any solution to a crisis that threatens an almost staple food item on the tables of many Filipinos: bread. Bread is usually present dur- weekly suggested retail price is- of 15% from the previous Fiscal ing breakfast and merienda for Juan sued by the SRA (Sugar Regula- Year. de la Cruz and prices this week tory Authority). This was a direcThe Government, of course, went up P2 for a loaf of bread and tive issued by Agriculture Secre- is in a dilemma. by P1 for 10 pieces of pan de sal tary Arthur Yap, who is seeking It had just authorized the (salt bread) in Mang Tasio’s cor- unopposed the third district con- duty free importation of 150,000 ner bakery. metric tons of sugar to stabigressional seat in Bohol. Next to rice and even more World sugar prices had lize supply but has done noththan corn, bread affords Juan shot up and our (food) supply ing to stop the sugar importade la Cruz to get by the day for situation could now be endan- tion of sugar to the United his carbohydrates or calorie in- gered by the prolonged first States of about the same quantake for every day common liv- quarter El Nino that has affected tity of 158,000 metric tons uning. already 19 provinces including der the low TRQ. The culprit for the bread price some sugar producing Visayan The USA has a total allocated hike is sugar, not as sweet this time, and Luzon provinces. low tariff commitment to buy from which once retailed (refined sugar) With the onset of the hot sum- countries about 1.1 million metric from September 2008 to August mer months, RP may not be able tons of raw sugar for 2010, 13% of 2009 at an average of P37 per kilo, to duplicate the FY 2008-2009 which or about 142,000 (estimated) shot up by P19 after Ondoy and is sugar production of 2.1 million met- metric tons is mercifully granted to now doing P60 per kilo despite the ric tons - which was already a drop Turn to page 13


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“Dirty Finger”

Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao’s population sprinted by 3.7 percent. None of 19 Asian countries bloated like ARMM. Is this “vodoo demography?” we wanted to ask. We have today a glut of 10 presidential candidates. As in the 1992, 1998 and 2004 elections, the next President will get,at best, a plurality of votes, political scientist Jose Abueva notes. Will ARMM phantom 18-year olds tip the scales? Recent headlines postponed those questions. “Military Defies SC Court on 43,” Inquirer’s banner read. “Despite a writ of habeas corpus, issued by the Supreme Court, military and cops didn’t present 43 detained

health workers.” “We had no time to coordinate security measures for the transfer,” Col. Aurelio Baladad claimed. Haha-ha-ha. Excuse me. The gall and implausibility took your breath away. Would a lowly colonel “dirty finger” a High Court order on his own? Were you born yesterday? “Inexcusable,” snapped presidential candidate Gilberto Teodoro. Human Rights Commission probers, meanwhile, reported detaines were tortured. Military shilly-shallying Turn to page 10

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Learned helplessness


The number of cases of persons killed in Dumaguete City are so numerous, that honestly we cannot anymore remember all of these killings. And after being placed in such situation for several times, we have come to accept t as part of our learned helplessness. Must we continue with the same kind of leadership in the government, which seems to be inutile in the face of this killing of our fellow citizens? That is why we have elected our city officials so that they can have a government that can protect us from

these criminals and an outlaws. Now, that we are going to have an election, it is very important that we elect officials to our government who can at least maintain peace and order in our society. We are tired of excuses and passing the blame on others and some even blame the victims or the public for being victims of the crime. GANITO NA LANG BA? HAVE WE ACQUIRED THE STATE OF “LEARNED HELPLESSNESS”?

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Productivity unbound


HENEVER we talk about productivity, we almost always frame it in the context of management, business and economics. Actually there’s nothing wrong there, as long as we don’t stop there either. Productivity in those terms alone sonous. looks interested only in the fruits without We thus need to unbind our idea its roots, the end result without looking of productivity from that very restricinto the effort it needs, and its ultimate tive understanding. Truth is producsources and purposes. tivity can only have its ultimate source It’s notorious for its being meaand objective in God. sured always. It’s helplessly bound This reality is not meant to to the external and material aspects hamper economic productivity, of things. It seems averse to any but rather to enhance it, purify it entanglement with its internal and and put it in its proper orbit. Far spiritual requirements. from undermining the practical It diminishes our personhood and and immediate requirements of tends to convert us into automatons. It productivity, this truth of faith shuts out our spiritual self and just builds enables us to understand and live up our material and economic self. This them better. is, of course, impoverishing us. God can only be the source and With this frame of mind our own purpose of our productivity, since work becomes a hindrance to our everything comes from him and also own proper development, even if we belongs to him. Even our only consider the human side of our development. It can bear fruits that can taste sweet but actually are poiTurn to page 13


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Smaller populations can cause economic collapse


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No borders for compassionate heart


Footsteps and Fingerprints

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The faces of love


his month is the month for LOVE. We are bombarded with media programs, advertisements and songs bringing the worldly aspects of love to our attention. Yet seldom do we hear about the real and true faces of love.

Faces of love … my mom and dad embracing each other after a disagreement, Mom has made a pie, Dad has brought her some wildflowers … Mama Nanie, Jun’s FR. ROY mother, caring for Papa Catan durhis last illness … the Golden CIMAGALA ing Wedding anniversary of our dear friends Philip and Elsa Anievas … Mama Nanie shepherding 13 of her apo during their summer vacation in Palinpinon … the laughing faces of our children and their children during family gatherings … the wonder and excitement on the face of our great granddaughter when she took her first solo steps … a loving embrace with my husband … so

many, many faces of love … I’d like to share a few thoughts on love from my scrapbook of clippings that I’ve kept for years hoping that these verses will help us focus more on the true meaning of LOVE, instead of just the commercialized version of this emotion of the heart. Love It can’t be hidden on a shelf. It can’t be bought. It can’t be sold. It can’t be kept within one’s self and it can’t be put just on hold. Love must be ready for worthy




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THE PERPECT INVESTMENT Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live only holy and godly lives… II Peter 3:11


hose who obey my commandments are the ones who love me. And because they love me, my Father will love them, and I will love them. And I will reveal myself to each one of them.” John

Jesus said that his followers show their love for him by obeying him. Love is more than lovely

words; it is commitment and conduct. If you love Christ, then prove it by obeying what He says in His Word.

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Luke 4:1-13

esus returned from the Jordan full of the Holy Spirit and was led by the Spirit into the desert, where he was tempted by the Devil for forty days. In all that time he ate nothing, so that he was hungry when it was over. The Devil said to him, “If you are God’s Son, order this stone to turn into bread.” But Jesus answered, “The scripture says, ‘Human beings cannot live on bread alone.’” Then the Devil took him up and showed him in a second all the kingdoms of the world. “I will give you all this power and all this wealth,” the Devil told him. “It has all been handed over to me, and I can give it to anyone I choose. All this will be yours, then, if you worship me.”


Jesus answered, “The scripture says, ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve only him!’” Then the Devil took him to Jerusalem and set him on the highest point of the Temple, and said to him, “If you are God’s Son, throw yourself down from here. For the scripture says, ‘God will order his angels to take good care of you.’ It also says, ‘They will hold you up with their hands so that not even your feet will be hurt on the stones.’” But Jesus answered, “The scripture says, ‘Do not put the Lord your God to test.’” When the Devil finished tempting Jesus in every way, he left him for a while.

Perils of thoughtlessness “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.” Luke 23:24


Devotion to God is not only the central magnetic pull to God, it is also our commitment. Christians are convinced that God is great and good. It’s not that God is overpowering us and we are being dragged along, kicking and screaming against His pull. We want our lives centered on Him; we enjoy having our lives centered on Him. We are committed to God. You might compare this to a soldier during wartime. When the United States entered World War 1 and World War II, the government drafted young men to fight. On the one hand, it could be argued that those soldiers were on the front lines because the government was like a giant magnet pulling them there. They had no choice. It was almost impossible to resist. But the records from the past and the testimonials of survivors report that they wanted to be there. They were fiercely patriotic and welcomed military service. They were even willing to die for their country. To these veterans “patriotism” is one of the most wonderful and

ut I have had a full share of thoughtlessness in regard to gratitude for what not my person, but my positions, have yielded as benefits. It is immodest of me to cite these ex- Dr. PROCESO UDARBE amples, but I only wish to let you realize that many more than one out of ten think and, therefore, thank. Examples: The Casocot family has been thankful for my recommending to the treasurer that their payments for tuition would be delayed (all six children have finished college). A colleague, Professor Cleonico Fontelo, is thankful that he got admitted into Harvard with a larger scholarship than mine, when I spoke for him to Dean Ylvisaker. Gabriel Atega gave me copy of his new book, Evolution Deception, and he wrote: “You have made the difference in my Life.” Recently, I asked him why. He said I helped him through his CPA studies by suggesting to his dean to “keep watch on Gabby.” The Samuel and Naomi Velez family (he and she were missionaries in Apayao) has been grateful that, because of the hospitality of my late wife Leonora and mine,

their three daughters (Phoebe, Suzanne and Marietta) lodged in the basement of our V.P.A.A. house on campus during their college years. They are now committed nurse, teacher of children, and doctor, respectively. They have continually been thanking me more than I deserve. Recently, at the Holy Thursday service, a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Munding Dato, greeted me most warmly with gratitude. She reminded me that years ago, when my friend, then Secretary of Justice Neptali Gonzales, came to Silliman University to speak, Dr. Dato asked me to recommend Arlene to Neptali for a job in the judiciary. I remember slipping a note into the pocket of the busy Neptali about Arlene. Two days later she was given a position as fiscal in Bacolod. Just see how richly blessed we are when we are thanked! But also see how surprised and kind of disappointed we are when people miss out on expressing thanks. The main thing is gratitude to God for all

(To be continued)

emotional words in their vocabulary. They believed wholeheartedly in the cause and the country. They were committed. That’s the way it is with Christians who value godliness. Our lives are centered on God and we are committed to Him. We would die for Him because we believe God is worth our lives. It’s far more than submitting to the power of God, although it is that. Godliness is like patriotism only more so—an enthusiastic and wholehearted allegiance to God. Committed Christians are convinced nothing else really matters or lasts. God is the only permanent value to be committed to… We could also compare this to investments. If you were convinced that every other investment would fail except gold, you would commit everything you have to gold. Christians who value godliness are convinced that God is the only investment that will last, so we commit everything we have to Him. We are fully invested in God.


To our candiLetter from dates Dumaguete in 1899 et me share with you my message given to


our candidates in the province during the signing of the peace covenant last Sunday, Feb. 14, 2010:

ew scholars are aware of letters of petition for the return of priests after the Spanish colonial period. Written in Spanish, one such petition letter emanating from Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, is dated 16 NoBY: REV. FR. ROMAN C. vember 1899. SAGUN. JR. This writer is in possession of a copy of such a letter. Here’s the petition as translated by Fr. Jose Arcilla, SJ in a book he edited, entitled Unknown Aspects of the Philippine Revolution (2006): Very Reverend Father Superior: The undersigned, residents of the town of Dumaguete, capital of the island province of Negros Oriental, in their own and in the name of the residents of the same, with deep respect, manifest before Your Reverence: That, with the reestablishment of order and normalization of the situation disturbed by the recent past events, the causes that impelled the departure of the friars from their respective parish how having disappeared, in my judgment, and considering, Very Reverend Father, the veritable anguish of these devout towns finding themselves bereft of spiritual help, they therefore respectfully come before Your Reverence today asking that you be good enough to provide for this town, in need of spiritual help, Jesuit priests who will see to satisfy their spiritual needs. In this same spirit, the petitioners address themselves to His Excellency, the Most Reverend Bishop of Jaro, to whose diocese these parishes belong, at the same time submitting a petition to the Supreme Authority of the Archipelago that he might restrain his subjects lest they raise an obstacle, that they instead favor as far as it is on their part the coming of the priests to take charge of these parishes, since this decision would be very beneficial to the towns and redound to the good and progress of their inhabitants. Be kind enough, then, Your Reverence, to listen to the supplication of the petitioners, in the measure that they hope from the greatness of soul and charitable sentiment of Your Reverence.


When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan (Proverbs 29:2). To all candidates in the May 10, 2010 national and local elections: Are FR. GAMMY TULABING you righteous? Or wicked? JCD, VG That’s my first question. And when you answer yes, I already expect that answer. My second question to all of you is: Do you believe in God? To this question I also expect all of you to say Yes. What else can I expect? But I ask the same question with more emphasis now: Do you REALLY and TRULY BELIEVE in God? Remember that I am not asking you whether you are Catholic, Protestant, or Muslim. I am asking you now whether you really and truly believe in God. Belief in God and following God’s Laws are not only for a particular faith but for all faiths. Just the same, I expect all of you to say the same Yes answer. And I sincerely hope WE ALL HAVE THE SAME GOD. I say this because some people make themselves their own gods. Some people believe that there is no God outside of them. And these people are very dangerous. If a simple man, an ordinary man, does not believe in God, though he pretends he does, yet really and truly does not believe in God, and thus making himself his own god and he does whatever he likes or wants, that man is very dangerous. And yet he is an ordinary man. Can you imagine if somebody like you who wield political and economic powers do not believe in God though he pretends he does but actually he does not believe in God and does whatever he wants, he is most dangerous. To all candidates in the May 10, 2010 national and local elections, if you really believe in God, you will respect the rights of others. If you really believe in God, you will respect the choices of others. If you really believe in God, you will not use guns, goons, and gold in order to win in this election. If you believe in God, please dismantle your private armies, if you have any. Those who use guns, goons and gold show their fear and insecurity, so they resort to vote-buying and Turn to page 11

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10 Dirty Finger ... (Mercado)

From page 7 “goes against ‘immediacy’, the very essence of habeas corpus,” HRC chair Leila de Lima said. Belated presentation of detainees only adds insult to earlier “dirty finger” injury. Worse, it sets “dangerous precedents,” Associate Justice Normandie Pizzaro fumed. “You’re the biggest armed group in the country. Produce the living bodies.” End of lecture?, asked Sun Star’s Frank Malilong. “Such insolence would have earned swift and severe sanctions from the Court in other jurisdictions.” Was this the hoary “goodcop-bad-cop” drill? AFP commander-in-chief Gloria Macapagal Arroyo didn’t whimper. The writ, after all, is not like Pampanga’s jueteng. England’s Magna Carta enacted the privilege in 1215. It has become part and parcel of law in democratic countries. “Follow court orders,” Gen. Victor Ibrado muttered. He didn’t phone that order to habeas corpus shredders at the 2nd Infantry Division. Instead, he stapled a “towhom-it-may concern” address. Did the general wink? The writ enables any person to break free from illegal detention. “( It ) secures for every man here, alien or citizen, against anything that is not law,” Thomas Jefferson wrote. Thus, habeas corpus has been a keystone in all our constitutions. Not so with North Korea and Iran. So, why do some AFP officers clone Pyongyang and Tehran? Even the dictator Ferdinand Marcos dared not shaft publicly the writ. In 1972, 20 newsmen, detained under martial law, were hauled to the Supreme Court for habeas corpus hearings. In a “Black Maria”prison van, we were wedged, between co-detainees Amando Doronila of Daily Mirror and Philippines News Service Manuel Almario. Cowed pedestrians wouldn’t lock eyes with us. “Are we contagious?” Evening News’ Luis Beltran joked. Ferried to the Court earlier were Joaquin Roces and

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Press and other journalist-detainees. Senators Benigno Aquino, Jose Diokno, Ramon Mitra, plus constitutional delegates like Tito Guingona came in separate vans. Despite threats, National Press Club president Eddie Monteclaro and others lodged habeas corpus petitions. Among our pro-bono lawyers were: Sen. Lorenzo Tanada, Sedfrey Ordonez and Joker Arroyo. “You can’t trust most of them,” Joker Arroyo whispered, as the Marcos Court justices filed in. “But the writ may provide a shield, however thin.” He proved right on the button. Marcos selectively released detainees. His court dismissed the pleas as “moot and academic.” (See GR No. L35546 to 35567) Marcos Supreme Court legitimized actions of the President, constitutional scholar Joaquin Bernas, SJ wrote. With suspension of habeas corpus “claims of denial of a speedy trial were unavailing.” The writ’s suspension also spiked “the right to bail.” Before he could speak at the Manila International airport, an assassin cut down Benigno Aquino Jr. Today’s writ shredders should read his undelivered speech. “It is most ironic, after martial law has allegedly been lifted, that the Supreme Court last April ruled it can no longer entertain petitions for habeas corpus for persons detained under a,” Ninoy wrote. “(This) covers all so-called national security cases. And under present circumstances (that) can cover almost anything.” Since then, Filipinos chased the dictator into exile. Corazon Aquino fired supine Supreme Court justices. People Power restored suppressed rights, including habeas corpus. Failing to learn from history, today’s military would shot craps with this critical human right. Will Commander-in-Chief Arroyo play along? Habeas corpus shredding would be added to her legacy. And that’s messy enough, as it is.


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To our candidates ... (Tulabing)

(From page 8) should not be voted for. The Maguindanao massacre happened not mainly because there were two conflicting political dynasties which try to defeat each other. The Maguindanao massacre happened not mainly because there were journalists and the perpetuators of the crime wanted “to teach them a lesson”. The Maguidanao massacre happened not mainly because the Ampatuans wanted to reign without opposition. The Maguindanao massacre happened not mainly because one political group wanted to prove that they are superior in force than the other group and the rest of the people. The Maguindanao massacre happened not mainly because some military and police authorities did not do their job as mandated by law. The Maguindanao massacre happened MAINLY BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE THESE DAYS WHO HAVE LOST RESPECT FOR THE RIGHTS OF OTHER PEOPLE, AND THERE ARE PEOPLE THESE DAYS WHO HAVE LOST RESPECT FOR LIFE. We seek good and not evil that we may live (Amos 5,14). The call of God to transform our society is addressed not only to our voters but in equal manner also addressed to you, candidates. This is part of our mission as People of God. The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines is reminding once again the Catholic Laity that it is their right and duty to support candidates that are qualified and have a record of striving for the common good. The CBCP is encouraging our people in the Church not to hesitate to engage in principled partisan politics. We have this kind of politics wherein the Gospel values form the bases of our choice of candidates, and not



New house design to HEALTH IS WEALTH address global warming


asements are out—raised living rooms are in! A local architect is introducing a design that will maximize the opportunity to construct a sprawling house in Negros Oriental’s vast agricultural lands. Ned Carlos, principal ar- Carlos said, is that Negros chitect of CARLOS & AN- Oriental has high water table. TIQUE ARCHITECTS He also prescribes the con( h t t p : / / struction of living rooms on, the second level and sets of says attics will be a thing of in-line windows along lowthe past because global overhanging roofs. The ground floor accomwarming has made attics too modates service rooms and hot. sleeping quarters, as this loThe reason for doing cation is cooler at night, he away with basements, says. party or family loyalties. We ask the candidates to start serving the nation being honest and sincere in educating the people on the situation of our cities, towns and the whole province of Negros Oriental in their campaign. Candidates should not campaign to manipulate the perceptions of the people but to help them to make good choices for the sake of society. They are to present their platform and convictions rather than attack others. It is very sad that mudslinging and name-calling and character assassination has already started in the north. I tell you, this is very unprofessional, very unchristian. And I tell you it is counter-productive. Let’s not put Delicadeza on leave. Let’s have Delicadeza alive and active in politics and in government service. May I suggest to the candidates a way of campaigning: 1. Present your agenda and your platforms of government to the people. 2. Tell them what you intend to do when elected, how you will do

it, and convince them of your capacity to fulfill what you have promised them. 3. If possible, tell the people also what you cannot do and what you cannot promise. What is most important is to tell the people not only “what you are fighting against” but “what you are fighting for”. 4. Tell the people you are offering an alternative to the existing kind of governance. 5. Convince the people to the best of your ability to vote for you. Ingna ang mga katawhan “mao kini ang akong mga gi-planong kaayohan alang sa tanan. Ug kung dili mo ganahan nining akong plataporma, o dili mo motuo nako…mamutos ko ug mopauli ko… kay daghan ko’g trabaho sa amoa. So, ayaw pamugos. Ingon lang unta niana sa? Ang nakadaot kay dili man ingon niana. Naa ma’y mga kandidato nga manghadlok sa katawhan og moingon: “Kung dili mo mobutar kanako…no vote…ibot…tangtang ang sugang dagitab, tangtang ang tubig, tangtang sa trabaho” . This is bad politics.

This is dirty politics.

(Continued next week)


Qualities of a Good Leader

“Action, not words, distinguishes the good leader from the bad.” – Adrian Cristobal


he different political bandwagons have just started rolling at key places of the country. Again, as practiced in the past elections, each party will zero in its campaign tactics persuading (“fooling”) gullible voters to their sides likened to greedy “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Definitely, they will utilize all conceivable gimmicks and even “play dirty” just to garner votes at any cost. If our people have not yet learned any bad lesson from the traumatic past elections, then our people will be blamed and definitely they will again suffer the same fate when corrupt officials still rule and govern this country of ours. The only hope is for all ences. A well-bred person. law-abiding Filipino citizens · Brainpower: Knowlto wake up and take arms edgeable and adept at probagainst these calloused and lem-solving. Service-oripower-hungry politicians in ented. Possesses moral and our midst and to finally eradi- intellectual virtues. cate them through a clean · Temperament: Calm and credible suffrage. This and rational in tense situais the only way to root-out tions shown by grace-under those ravenous vultures for pressure. good and make our country · Courage: Willing to a better place to live in for take a stand and accept all. risks. Here are reliable qualities · Vision: Promotes large for presidentiable candidate gains for his country and based on judicious and de- make sound policies to fulfill pendable psycho-social them. Optimistic. abroad. · Communication: Can The Criteria: articulate well and able to · Family and personal “sell” a vision for the counbackground: Good rearing try to every people in all practices; no known family walks of life. stigma. Sound education, so· Charisma: Shows dycial, and cultural experi- namism and concern that en-

DR. ANGEL V. SOMERA Fellow, Phil. Psychiatric Association Diplomate, Phil. Board of Psychiatry

courage others to follow. · Spirituality: Has great faith in God. God-fearing. Practices his religion well. An Appeal: It is our fervent prayer and hope that morally-conscious electorates will hold a firm stand and strongly reject any attempt by any deceitful politician to buy your sacred votes and use other fraudulent means. Let us then vote honestly and wisely once and for all. We all love our country. May God save us from all evil politicians! Remember, “Don’t ever throw your basic duties and rights to the dogs!”



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OCEAN FAST FERRIES INC. Pier 1 CPA Bldg., Cebu City, Philippines Tel. #: 255-7560 Fax #255-0115; 416-6670 E-mail: Website:



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Ticket Sales and Offices DUMAGUETE CITY: Pier 3, Delta Fast Ferries Passenger Terminal Tel. Nos. (035) 420-1111 / 420-0888 P MART Tel. No. (035) 422-9292 SIQUIJOR, SIQUIJOR: Port Area, Siquijor, Siquijor LARENA, SIQUIJOR: Port Area, Larena, Siquijor

Bringing the islands closer to you. DELTA Marine International Pty. Ltd.


Schedules subject to change without prior notice

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Productivity ... (Cimagala) From

page 7 him and belong to him. We have to acknowledge this truth always. For this, we need to live our faith, and consistently apply it to all aspects of our life, including our professional life and the endless little and ordinary things that make up our daily life. We need to overcome the initial awkwardness involved in living this reality. Given the temper of the times and the character of the current culture we have, we may have to exert some effort to recover the original role this truth of faith about our productivity plays in our life. It’s time we relate our interest in productivity with our faith. This particular aspect has long been neglected. It’s usually taken for granted, then set aside, and then rejected and ridiculed. We need to correct the situation. With this underlying understanding of our productivity, we expand its coverage not only in the area of business and economics but also in all aspects of our life— when we are alone or with others, when we are at home, in the office or with friends, when we have diffi-

Sugar is not ... (Bingo)

From page 6

the Philippines. Mercifully, since the inefficiency of our sugar industry makes it competitive only in a regime of low tariff like the allotted low TRQ (tariff rate quota) of Washington. The government is, of course, not gagged or bound to comply with the quota commitment - but only to her own future peril. A favor from the Mighty America turned down might become a favor never to be offered again to RP in the future. But it is , of course, well known that rice producers like India and Thailand - at the height of the food crisis recently - did not blink. They chose food security for the greater masses over trade terms (exportation) which, largely, will primarily benefit private businessmen, acting as exporters. They suspended their rice importation for a while. But even with the massive importation, prices of sugar seem to stubbornly fly northwards still. Because, if government imposes price ceilings, supermarkets will pull out sugar off their shelves if their profit margins are negatively eroded. Exporters, likewise, will follow the law of supply and demand - i.e. the supply flowing to where the price is higher. Right now, world market prices are soaring. So there. The way it looks, a pro-poor government should look at “subsidized” retail sugar prices (refined sugar) like how the NFA rice operates. Government intervention must come in when food security becomes a burning issue. A hungry people are an angry people, one must note. Medium-term -wise, the efficiency of the production process of refined sugar can only come from an improved water or irrigation system to counter this brat called Mr. El Niño (The Child) and put the milling and production process (equipment and storage, transportation) into world-class status. There are no short -cuts to food sufficiency but the imperatives of socio-economic welfare dictate that solutions to the sugar crisis be marshalled today. “Now na”, as they say.

culties or when we enjoy a good time, etc. Let’s remember what St. Paul said: “I know how to live humbly and I know how to live in abundance (I have been schooled to every place and every condition), to be filled and to be hungry, to have abundance and to suffer want. I can do all things in him who strengthens me.” (Phil 4,12-13) We are told also that it is God who really knows how to guide us always, including in our work, because he knows what is best for us. “We know not what we should pray for as we ought. But the Spirit himself asks for us with unspeakable groanings.” (Heb 8,26) We should try to keep this truth in mind always, but especially in our work, making the necessary adjustments and adaptations so that even in our mundane activities, we can always remember it and allow it to shape the way we work. This truth can even greatly help us when we have to tackle with difficulties and our own weaknesses plus the temptations around. It will keep us going in spite of whatever, and doing it with gusto and sense of purpose, understanding why things are the way they are. For example, with respect to our weaknesses and temptations, this truth will tell us that these events and elements in our life actually indicate where we have to struggle. Putting us to the edge, they actually invite us to go beyond ourselves and to always go back to God. We should never depend on ourselves alone. We are nothing without God. These weaknesses

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PRIME LOT SALE: El Pueblo Genovivo 475 sq.m. Clean title, near the New club house Good View of Mt. Talinis

Two sides adjacent to good neighbors two sides free. Negotiable

Call: 0918-929-6047 and temptations, in fact, are clear occasions when God tells us he is very close to us. This truth about the real source of productivity will help us to be serene and cheerful always, optimistic in spite of whatever.

FOR SALE House & Lot, New

2 storey, 3 BR, 3 bath, 225 sm floor space. Location: Fatima Village Price: P4.9 million Security fence, landscaping. Call: 0929-662-3078/ 0929-568-4711.

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* Happy 1st Birthday & Happy Baptism Jaid Adriel 5:30pm-7:30pm Joshua 1 —————————————————————— * Dumaguete Baptist College Bible Study 5:30pm8:30pm Jordan 3 —————————————————————— * Globe Seminar 9am-5pm Joshua 1 * Globe Seminar 9am-5pm Joshua 2 * Dumaguete Baptist College Bible Study 5:30pm8:30pm Jordan 3 * Reliv Seminar 6pm-8pm Agape —————————————————————— * GTZ Meeting of Water Service Providers of NegOr 9am-3pm Agape * Globe Seminar 9am -12pm Joshua 1 * Mary Kay Seminar 6pm-8pm Jordan 3 —————————————————————— * AVON Meeting 1pm-3pm Jordan 3 * Jardine Distribution Product Presentation 6pm-8pm Jordan 2 * Literature 21 Presentation 6pm-8pm Joshua 2 —————————————————————— * Globe Seminar 9am-12pm Joshua 1 * Globe Seminar 9am-5pm Joshua 2 * Globe Seminar 9am-12pm Agape * Southdale Gala 5pm-9pm Joshua 1 * The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Youth Post Valentine Ball 7pm-10pm Jordan 1&2 —————————————————————— * Enhance Immigration Visa Services 9:30am-11:30am Agape * Enhance Immigration 9:30am-1:30am Jordan 3 * Simon Montessori Pre-School 10am-12pm Joshua 1 * Simon Montessori Grades 2 to 6 6pm-8pm Joshua 1 * Business Presentation Uni Power Make Life Better 2pm-4pm Agape * Lifestyle Seminar 2pm-6pm Jordan 1&2 * LR Health & Beauty Products Seminar 6pm-8pm Joshua 2 * School of the Word 7pm-9pm Agape —————————————————————————— * Oikodomeo Fellowship 9am-11am Jordan 3 * Victory Christian Fellowship 10am-12pm Jordan 1&2 * Victory Christian Fellowship 10am-12pm Agape * Living Hope Fellowship 10am-12pm Joshua 1 * Forever Living Products Product Demo & Marketing Plan 2pm-5pm Agape * Living Word Fellowship 3pm-5pm Jordan 3 * Ang Gobonseng & Tenebroso Wedding Ceremony 4pm-6pm Jordan 1&2 * Solidrock Worship Service 5:30pm-7:30pm Jordan 3


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PRICE (Negotiable)

750 sq.m.

P1.3 Million

1,100 sq.m. 2,000 sq.m. 2,500 sq.m. 3,000 sq.m. 525 sq.m.

P800.00 per sq.m. P1.5 Million P900.00 per sq.m. P900.00 per sq.m. P1.5 Million

930 sq.m. 419 sq.m. 500 sq.m. 1,123 sq.m. 733 sq.m.

P1.4 Million P2,000 per sq.m. P1 Million P1.5 Million P2,000 per sq.m.

1,000 sq.m. 2,500 sq.m. 3,000 sq.m. 525 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m. 2,000 sq.m. 730 sq.m. 419 sq.m. 22 hectares 5,000 sq.m. 700 sq.m. 4,500 sq.m. 9,531 sq.m. 4,000 sq.m. 5,138 sq.m. 1,757 sq.m. 3,080 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m. 1,062 sq.m. 300 sq.m. 4 hectares 330 sq.m. 1,600 sq.m. 2,339 sq.m. 924 sq.m. 617 sq.m. 200 sq.m. 300 sq.m. 500 sq.m.

P500,000 P2,250,000 P2,700,000 P1,500,000 P850,000 P1,200,000 P1,800,000 P838,000 P15,400,000 P4,000,000 P3,500,000 P3,150,000 P4,765,500 P6,000,000 P7,193,200 P2,500,000 P4,620,000 P700,000 P5,000,000 P700,000 P24,000,000 P1,000,000 P1,600,000 P1,000,000 P1,386,000 P5,000,000 P750,000 P900,000 P1,500,000


Valencia going to Tajero, Apolong Apolong West Balabag West Balabag Poblacion (Valencia)


Cantil-e Mangnao Talay Camanjac Poblacion, Amlan (back of the municipal hall) East Balabag Val. Calayugan, Val. Calayugan, Val. Pob. Valencia Calayugan, Val. Calayugan, Val. Apolong, Valencia Mangnao, Dgte. City Camanjac, Dgte. City Balugo, Valencia Bantayan, Dgte. City Dauin, Highway Cangmating, Sibulan Junob, Dgte. City Camanjac, Dgte. City Dauin, Neg.Or. Junob, Dgte. City Bacong, Neg.Or. Banilad, Dgte. City Motong, Dgte. City Cangmating, Sibulan Motong, Dgte. City Cangmating, Sibulan West Balabag, Valencia Junob, Dumaguete City Sibulan, Highway Calobihan, Dgte. City Calobihan, Dgte. City Calobihan, Dgte. City

Call: 0918-929-6047

The faces of ... (Catan)



From page 7 It must help people with special needs, and act like a guiding light. Love should forgive, to be forgiven, from God’s presence it must not stray. Its name is LOVE – a gift from Heaven. But love is nothing till it is given away. By John and Edna Massimilla Love and Care The greatest thrills of life and love that fill us with content Are gifts of grace we give away and ask no compliment. It might be just a helping hand we give to one in need, Or just a gift of caring grace … when nothing else succeeds. A little bit of love and care that comes from you and me Can lift a heart of grief and tears from days of misery; And it is heavenly ordained that we, of faith, impart The love and care God gives to us to share with crying hearts. By Michael Dubina And perhaps the most important Love is God’s Love for us as penned by Bess Fountain in this verse: God’s love is like an ocean or a calm and peaceful sea, His love dates from creation, it envelopes you and me. We can never overtake it, we can never use it up, It is boundless, it is endless, and it overflows our cup. This Valentine month of LOVE I challenge you to look around you to see how many faces of love you can see … 10, 100, 1000 … How about your own face … is it a face of LOVE?



500 sq.m. 660 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m.

P1.5 Million P3.5 Million P4,000,000

5,000 sq.m.


700 sq.m.


660 sq.m.


400 sq.m.


800 sq.m.


1,005 sq.m.


1,000 sq.m.


3,000 sq.m.


2,024 sq.m.


500 sq.m.


300 sq.m.


880 sq.m. 2,000 sq.m.

P5,500,000 P7,000,000

1,000 sq.m.


660 sq.m.


300 sq.m.


450 sq.m.


300 sq.m.


430 sq.m.


400 sq.m. 397 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m.

P2,500,000 P2,200,000 P9,000,000

780 sq.m. 644 sq.m. 500 sq.m. 3000 sq,n. 6000 sq.m.

P6,700,000 P7,500,000 P4,500,000 P4,000.00 P5,600.00


Northern Junob Upper Pulantubig Cantil-e, Dgte. City 2 house, 3 bed rooms, 2 CR Esogan, Bacong, 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms 3 CR w/garage, nice garden Claytown, Dgte. City, 4 Bedroom, 2 CR w/garage nice lawn Piapi, Dgte. City, 4 Bedrooms, 2 CR, w/ carage Colon Extension, Dgte. City 3 Bedrooms, 2 CR, w/carage Poblacion Valencia, 4 Bedroom 2 CR, w/ garage Valencia, Hawa, 4 Bed room 2 CR, garage, nice garden Valencia, Bacong, 3 Bedrooms, 2 CR w/ garage Hawa, Valencia, Beautiful House, Nice garden, 6 Bed rooms, 3 CR, garage Sibulan, Neg. Or., 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/ garage Motong, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/ garage Bantayan, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms Banilad, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 3 CR, nice garden w/ garage Bantayan, Dgte. City, 5 ed rooms, 3 CR, car park, nice lawn Pulantubig, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 3 CR, w/ garage Candau-ay, Dgte. City, 5 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/garage Dumaguete City, 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR, 2 garage, spaceious garden Motong, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/ garage Clay town, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR, w/garage Pulantubig, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR Junob, Dgte. City, 3 Bed rooms, 2, CR Camanjac, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 3 CR, w/garage Mang-gatos, Sibulan 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR Calindagan, Dgte. City, 4 Bed rooms, 2 CR Air Port Area, Sibulan, 3 Bed rooms, 2 CR Bantayan near ABC Gym Motong, (Tennis Court)

BEACH LOT 800 sq.m. 700 sq.m. 552 sq.m. 2,000 sq.m. 1,000 sq.m. 1,300 sq.m. 3,000 sq.m.

P1,200,000 P5,000,000 P1,500,000 P7,000,000 P3,500,000 P5,000,000 P13,000,000

Zamboanguita, Neg.Or. Sibulan, Neg.Or. w/ House Banilad, Dgte. City Ahong, Sibulan, Neg.Or. Ahong, Sibulan, Neg.Or. Dauin, Neg. Or. w/ House Dauin, Beach House

OVER LOOKING 8,000 sq.m. 2,000 sq.m.

P2,800,000 P800,000

Tampi, San Jose, Neg. Or. Bais City

Call: 0918-929-6047



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Energy’s Valentine Winners The Iron Man strikes again


In celebration of Valentines Day, 96.7 DYEM Energy FM held a “Wanted Pangga” promo wherein listeners find a date for Valentines Day through aired telephone calls. Female searchers asks certain questions to male searchees and the searcher then decides who she wants to date on Valentines Day with special treats. Six pairs made a perfect match during last February 13’s actual promo which proceeded to a movie and dinner date on Valentines Day itself. The pairs were Jeralyn Galera and Rope John Salvoro, Arshell Bendijo and John Bulat-og, Liza Libaton and Joemar Amistoso, Anisita Grefaldia and Noel Yeng, Princess Gramatica and John Bert Lood, and Reneboy Tano and Jennifer Rubas. The winners had a wonderful Valentine experience through the generosity of the following sponsors: Ka Waway, Hi-Way 10, Big Jake BBQ, Le Sheve, Glands Beauty Salon, Neva’s Pizza and Pasta, Big J’s Burger, AVF Pharmacy and Grocery, Panying’s Flower Shop, HBC Home of Beauty Exclusive, Ai-Shem Special Buko Pie and Mindanao Machine Shop.

he province’s Iron Man, Pio L. Salvador, 60 years old, has once again proven his prowess after finishing the Condura Skyway 42-Kilometer Marathon in Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila last February 7, 2010. Pio Salvador Jr. has also finished the Sinulog 42 Kilometer International Marathon at the IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City last January 10. At 60, Negros Oriental’s Iron Man has listed several competitions where he emerged triumphant. He placed third during the Subic International Triathlon Championship at the Subic Freeport in May 2009 for the 60-64 years age group. He also placed fifth during the 70.3 Iron Man Philippines in Camarines Waterfront Complex, Camarines Sur on August 23, 2009 also for the 6064 years age group. IRON MAN PIO SALVADOR

Katkat pahinungod 2010


limb, Camp, Clean. This is the theme of the Mt. Talinis Rehabilitation Drive sponsored by the Cuernos de Negros Mountaineers Inc. which aims to rescue and restore Mt. Talinis, one of the Province’s favorite haven for mountaineers and

outdoor fanatics. Cuernos de Negros, in partnership with the Office of Vice Governor Jose “Petit” Baldado have apparently the same vision—that of restoring our wildlife habitat and protecting our watersheds which falls in line with his Wildlife Conservation

Program and the Integrated Water Resources Management of the Province. Ms. Jesah Poculan, Jimbo Bendijo and Paul Pesigan, CNMCI Secretariat, say that the “Mt. Talinis Rehabilitation Program would include refores Turn to page 17


any Filipino women –and we do not mean all; we mean many— seem to get their sense of pride from being attached to a white man. Or from becoming whiter by putting on whitening cream. Our grocery and super- boriously wipe her cheeks day reflects back to us who we were market store shelves are flooded in and day out with whitening before the white man ever with whitening products—from cream to remove the brown. reached our shores. It shows soaps, creams, to powders, lo- Strange… us the early Filipino’s undertions and deodorants. A study And doesn’t the Filipina standing of his own culture, his was done in 2004 by market re- know that most of these creams search company Synovate that contain a drug called hydro- own heritage, his own undershowed that the Philippines had quinone-now considered a standing of honor and dignity the highest usage of whitening possible carcinogen, known to and art and theatre before the creams among five countries cause leukemia in mice first Spaniard ever came. Watch Hinilawod and studied —including Hong and linked to a skin-disfiguring see for yourself whether or not Kong, Malaysia, South Korea condition called ochronosis? and Taiwan. One out of two Or corticosteroids which the Filipino has something to Filipino women in the survey thins out the skin? be proud of! HINILAWOD will said they use skin whitening Or mercury which can be be shown on February 27, 2010 products. absorbed through the skin and at the Luce Auditorium, Silliman Why? Is the Filipino damage the nervous system University. For tickets and dewoman ashamed of being and the kidneys? tails contact these numbers: brown? Isn’t brown beautiful? We are not proud of who In temperate countries we are because we think we Landline 422-9235. Mobile 09228709975. Or between Febthe women will lie in the sun for have nothing to be proud of. hours or under a UV light simAnd that’s why ruary 23 -26 tickets will be available at Cang’s Department ply to become brown, while the Hinilawod is coming! brown Filipino woman will laHinilawod is a mirror that Store.

Are you an editorial cartoonist? A manga or comics artist? Can you handle social accountability? Ready your pens and sketch pad! You are cordially invited to the Social Accountability(SAc) Artshop: A Young Artist’s Journey to Social Accountability. The SAc Artshop will bring together young editorial cartoonists/manga/comics artists from the Philippines and other EAP countries to jointly journey in deepening their understanding of SAc and capacitating themselves to amplify SAc in the arts. The SAc Artshop, a three-day learning event and art-workshop, is designed to provide young artists with an in-depth view of SAc concepts and tools through inputpresentations that provide possible triggers for and contexts to ideas on editorial cartoons/manga/comics strips. These ideas will be brought to the sketch pad during every artshop session. Every after artshop, shar-

ing sessions give artists time to talk about their learning and explain/expound on their art-pieces. Each artist will be contributing to the SAc Artshop Portfolio that will showcase the best art pieces during the Artshop. The SAc Artshop will take place in Antipolo City, Philippines. The organizers will provide for lodging, artshop materials, meals and transportation (land fare / airfare expenses). Interested? Send in your resume/curriculum vitae and portfolio on or before Feb. 15, 2010 to: Ninian Sumadia SAc Artshop Project Coordinator +63.908.123.3528 / +63.917.582.2082 / / / For more info, visit:

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ay Apel, who claims to be an ex-American GI and has been residing in Lutao, Bacong for the past five years, was stabbed sixteen times, robbed of his P 22,000 and left for dead in a ditch but has survived and is now on a mission to exact justice from the two still unidentified men who assaulted him in Calindagan two weeks ago. The victim was walking his way to the Ceres Bus Terminal en route to Cebu at around 3:00 AM when he was waylaid by the suspects armed with bolos. He sustained 16 stab wounds including one in his upper right Turn to page 16


awmen belonging to Task Force 24 arrested one suspected drug pusher while his cohort managed to escape after a buy bust operation in Barangay Looc last week. The authorities identified the apprehended suspect as 23-year-old Basilio Morales of Balugo, Dumaguete City but his alleged companion Raymund Caro of East Balabag, Valencia was able to elude arrest. (Turn to page 16)

EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEATE AND SALE ESTA MENT OF EST NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late Spouses Nemesia Infante and Alfonso Sinco have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate and Sale on Lot 1799-E, under Psd-07-015524, covered by TCT No. 16739, situated at Buñao, Dumaguete City, in favor of Michelle N. Cabanag, per Doc. No. 311, Page 64, Book 04, Series of 2009 of Notary Public Atty. Jose G. Hernando, Jr. The Negros Chronicle Feb. 21, 28 & March 7, 2010

RUSH CAR FOR SALE MB 100 Wagon Korean, white color, 14 place, Diesel 99.000 km., 4 Zylinder, good looking, P760,000.00, 2,500 Euro. Call 0906-5700463; 09159111787 Jonny. EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF EST ATE WITH ESTA WAIVER OF RIGHTS Notice is hereby given that the heirs of the late spouses Ricardo Tubilla Siglos and Cristina Palomares Siglos have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate with Waiver of Rights on savings deposit with the Philippine Veterans Bank, Dumaguete City in the amount of P196,600 under Savings Account No. 04702-004243-4 and Lot 2547-B, Psd. 107719 being a portion of Lot 2547-B-2 situated in Taclobo, Dumaguete City per Doc. No. 3, Page No. 67, Book No. IV, Series of 2010 of Notary Public Atty. Eliezer C. Bacho. The Negros Chronicle Feb. 14, 21 & 28, 2010

AUCTION SALE AGENCIA BELEN Main Office Legaspi Street In Front of Holy Child Dumaguete City

cting on complaints by concerned residents, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group apprehended a 19-year-old Muslim vendor last week for allegedly selling pornographic CDs and DVDs at the Barter Trade Center along Sta. Rosa Street. The complainants said that the venillegal tapes, Tan, with the assistance of dor is openly selling pornographic videos P03 Rowino Bayuna, announced his areven in the presence of minors. SP02 rest. The police said the suspect, a naTommy Tan then proceeded to the store tive of Marwi City, will be charged in vioand pretended to purchase some of the lation of the Revised Penal Code. porn CDs, when Acmad Baco handed the


NBI arrests murder suspect in Bayawan

All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on March 16, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. at this office.

AUCTION SALE AGENCIA BELEN Branch I Noblefranca Street Dumaguete City All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on March 17, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. at this office. AUCTION SALE AGENCIA BELEN Branch II Cor. Perdices & Sta. Rosa Sts., Dumaguete City All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on March 18, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. at this office. AUCTION SALE AGENCIA BELEN Branch III Dr. V. Locsin St., Dumaguete City All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on March 19, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. at this office.

Murder suspect Christopher Babor (right) was presented by the agents of the National Bureau of Investigation before the Bayawan PNP following his arrest in Barangay Maninihon. The NBI team arrested Babor armed with an arrest warrant issued on March 30, 2001 by RTC Judge Rosendo Bandal Jr. No bail was recommended for Babor and his alleged conspirator Ruel Mendoza, who was arrested before him, for their temporary liberty.

AUCTION SALE AGENCIA BELEN Branch IV Twin Arcade Bldg., Dumaguete City All unredeemed and unrenewed expired items will be auction on March 20, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. at this office.



e-comments From our readers worldwide via e-mail

“SU HELPS SLAY PROBE” E-mail : Comment: I think all these killings will only stop if people will accept the fact that things not intended to us by God will never ever be in our hands and if we keep pushing it we will end up like a dead rat on the street or slain like dogs.Life is precious and money is not a good cause to put up arms and start bragging like stupid idiots.We can smile and laugh and hide our true feelings but the truth is if we value money more than our lives, we will lose our loved ones, our friends, our sisters, brothers and hell the worst thing to lose is our parents. =========================== “PIONEER NURSING BATCH POSTS 100% PASSING” E-mail : Comment: What happened to NORSU is nothing but spectacular! What a way to go! A government-run school beating all the fancied expensive private schools in the city. This would only show that NORSU is the university to be in Dumaguete today! Parents for years have been spending lifetime savings and some even to penury to send their children to college, just to earn a nursing degree. Shamefully, some private religious schools have mercilessly milked their students by imposing scandalously high tuition fees. As a result, only the rich and those with financiers from abroad are the ones who can afford to pay. If you are an ordinary public employee and you have a child, you can kiss good bye to your dreams of giving your child an expensive education. It is so ridiculously expensive to enroll your child in its pre-school program, how much more of trying to send your child to their nursing program? But now, all that have changed, you now can see a bright future for your child especially if he also has the intelligence to back up your dreams. We no longer have to worry like crazy before because NORSU is now offering the realization of our dreams. What has happened is that NORSU, par by par has beaten the big named schools in the city, not only in the excellence of its academic standards but also in its affordability in matters of tuition fees. Where can you get a nursing degree where you will only spend a fraction of what you will spend in other schools? This is actually the result if we have a person who has the vision of a genuine leader to give a better future for his fellow citizen. A man who truly serves the public and that is what Dr. Henry Sojor has done and in fact is still doing! He truly deserves these accolades! It is just unfortunate that we only have one of his kind in our lifetime. On the other hand, we are also unfortunate and must have been cursed by the Gods because what we have instead are bonehead politicians across the province and they are breeding like flies! They sure are beginning to look like they are the second coming of the seven plagues mentioned in the bible. And with them all around, we sure need another Moses fast, to keep us safe and away from these plague infected politicians. And possibly perhaps, a leader who can lead us to the promise land! What a stupid wish!



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American stabbed... From page 15

CoCs must be... (From page 6) election code require.

Competent Evidence of Identity Under the new notary rules, a candidate must present what is called “competent evidence of identity”. Competent evidences of identity are those identification cards of a person swearing before a notary public. Under the new rules on notarization, a competent evidence identity must be a government-issued card, bearing a photograph. The Supreme Court has listed down these identification cards that are sufficient to become competent evidence of identity (with photograph). They are drivers’ licenses, passports, SSS cards, GSIS cards, Senior citizens’ cards, Tax identification cards, IBP, PRC cards, among others. If ID’s are government-issued, and bear a photograph, it should be a competent evidence of identity. Cedula is not a competent evidence of identity. A community tax certificate or a cedula was once commonly used as evidence of identity before a notary public. But it no longer is—since 2004, the promulgation of the new Supreme Court notary rules. The Supreme Court in cases has categorically ruled that community tax certificates are no longer competent evidence of identity because they are unreliable for purposes of identification. In a case, the Supreme Court said: “As a matter of fact, recognizing the established unreliability of a community tax certificate in proving the identity of a person who wishes to have his document notarized, we did not include it in the list of competent evidence of identity that notaries public should use in ascertaining the identity of persons appearing before them to have their documents notarized”(Charles B. Baylon v. Jose A. Almo A.C. 6969 June 25, 2008). Similarly, the Supreme Court imposed sanction against notarizing documents without using competent evidence of identity (Dolores L. Dela Cruz, et. al. v. Jose R. Dimaano, A.C. 7781 September 12, 2008). Effect on certificates of candidacy If certificates of candidacy executed by candidates for the coming May 2010 elections did not make use of competent evidence of identity, this would affect their eligibility for election in May. A certificate of candidacy that did not make use of competent evidence of identity——example: using a cedula—is a document that is NOT SWORN in accordance with law. Thus, such a defective certificate of candidacy renders the candidate ineligible for election in the May 2010 elections. The Comelec rules and the omnibus election code require certificates of candidacy must be sworn in accordance with law. If you would notice, the prescribed form for certificates of candidacy issued by the Comelec is already updated in accordance with the new notary rules. Instead of using “CTC” for community tax certificate, the Comelec forms indicate “identification card” already. This only means that the proper identification card, or competent evidence of identity must be presented, and not the “CTC” or community tax certificate or cedula. Ground for disqualification Candidates who filed defective certificates of candidacy, or those who filed CoCs which are not sworn in accordance with law, face disqualification because they are no longer eligible for election. Candidates who filed defective CoCs have just acquired grounds for their disqualification under existing law, i.e. the omnibus election code and Comelec rules. So candidates, please review the certificates of candidacy you filed before the Comelec last November. Did you use cedula when you swore before a notary public for your CoC? If you did, you can be disqualified and rendered ineligible for election, for having filed a CoC that is NOT SWORN in accordance with law.


VEHICLES FOR SALE Available for sale in Cebu:

1 unit Ford Chateau Wagon 1 unit Toyota Hi-Ace Passenger Van 6 units Mitsubishi L300 Passenger Type/PUJ (converted to LPG) Available for sale in Bacolod: 2 units Mitsubishi L300 Passenger Type/PUJ (converted to LPG)



quadrant inflicted by a steel file. Left for dead, Apel struggled to walk and reached Luke Wright Street seeking aid but no one offered to help until a young Samaritan hailed a tricycle and brought him to the hospital where he was confined for four days. Like most of city residents and visitors, Apel shares the paranoia that the city is being lorded over by criminal elements who can strike anytime, unchecked by authorities. If the trend continues, he wagers, Dumaguete will become the most violent city in this part of the country in two years time. He appeals for the citizenry to elect the right candidates who have sound strategies to bring back the peace and order that this “City Gentle of People” had once known and is desperately trying to regain. Finally, Apel has a message to his assailants: I am alive and out for justice. I am asking you to do the most honorable thing you will ever do in your life, and if I get your names (because I will get them!) and you have not turned yourselves in, then you will face me again.

1 nabbed ... From page 15 The Task Force composed of theNational Bureau of Investigation Dumaguete Agents Miguel Dungog and Marlon Manzaneres, Provincial PNP intelligence operatives SP02 Allen Germodo and P02 Glenn Corsame and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Chief Special Investigator Ferdinand Kintanar, who acted as poseur buyer seized from Morales a total of four sachets believed to contain shabu and the P 300.00 marked money.

PNP: Beauty ... From page 2 While investigators refused to state the angle they are pursuing, police insiders said that the initially suspected mastermind, a politician and reputed lover of the victim has been cleared for now. However, a close relative of the said politician, who was believed to have acted on his own, is now being considered as the possible brains behind the public and cold blooded execution of a young lady who was well loved by her friends and family for her wit, compassion and generosity. Prior to her murder, Neri has sought police assistance after her two cars were damaged; the last one was set on fire by the same persons who are believed to be responsible for her untimely demise. Neri, a holder of numerous beauty titles, was shot twice at close range by the lone gunman armed with a .45 caliber pistol at the steps of the Kiwanis stage at the Quezon Park.


Alternative income for Candabong loggers Local veterinarians conduct its regular immunization and vaccination of the livestock dispersed by the Department of Agriculture to Candabong residents. Manjuyod Mayor Amor Baldado and Vice-governor Jose “Petit” Baldado said the project is aimed to provide alternative livelihood opportunities to discourage the residents from resuming their illegal activities of cutting trees inside the Candabong forest reserve.


onvinced that there is indeed an imminent danger against the life of Jimalalud Mayor Dodoy Tuanda, the police and the military granted his request for security escorts to be detailed during the entire duration of the campaign period.

After completing the threat assessment requirement, Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr. and Brigadier Gen.


Cesar Yano approved his request for security detail. Tuanda, who has Turn to page 19


ayawan Mayor German Saraña delivered his final State of City Address as mayor of this promising city of the south and cited the gains of his administration, which according to his supporters is reflective of the kind of leadership that would propel him to capture the vice-governorship in May. (Turn to page 17)


randing the national Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) as the best anti-poverty program of the government to date, Bindoy Vice-mayor Valente Yap urged local officials to avoid using the program for political ends. some confusion among the beneficiaries,” “It saddens me that just because said Yap. some politicians cannot lay claim 4Ps He adds: The program is not dole-out as their own, they are now spreading disinformation to the public causing Turn to page 17

Army charm offensive continues

Determined not to give an inch to the rebels, the Philippine Army is apparently cementing its hold on former communist lairs by consistently pouring various forms of aids to the people in the hinterlands, some of whom have sympathized with the rebel movement. In Linantuyan, Guihulngan last week (see photo), a pair of two-star Generals, Major General Ralph Villanueva Commander of the Central Command and Maj. Gen. Vicente Porto of the 3rd Infantry Division, and Col. Maximo Caro, 303rd Infantry Brigade Commander, joined their personnel in distributing slippers to children.

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Readers’ Views A disgusted Spanish-

Filipino at NegOr. Tourism Village Dear Editor: his is just to inform you how disappointed and disgusted I am during the International Festival. We went to an event near our place called International Festival at the Sidlakang Negros where all kinds of booths presented different parts of the world. After doing my shopping in one of the biggest shops there, we decided to eat.With very empty stomachs, we went to a Spanish booth where most of my cousins were.


Eager to dine, we formed our lines even if we were sweating, tulo gyod ang singgot, made our orders (Spanish ways of cooking) whom the waiter just took notes coz we didn’t get any card which states the cost of the food we should pay for. Then came a Spanish lady, a lady telling us to get out please coz we didn’t have the card for only 150 pesos. Hungry as I was, I told the lady I am so disgusted with that coz we never heard of it before. 150 pesos was surely nothing for us and as customers she should welcome us. Seeing all other guests were Spaniards, even my cousins were all seated, naturally, we might not look one but, still they should welcome us. We were told food isn’t enough for those guests who paid though looking at it, it could feed a lot of people and I am 100% sure that not all who got a ticket could come to some reasons of their own. In fact my cousin was seated outside already to reserve a seat which was out of their area. Fascinating indeed coz the waiter was willing to give us food and that lady told us to go. Gosh, I have been all over different places or say some parts of the world coz we love to travel and could afford such but it was the very first time I have experienced that horrible thing and that in my very own native land. Get out after that terrible heat forming a line and at the end???? Awful indeed ....nothing can describe our feelings that time. We were humiliated by that lady. I should say she has no manners and conduct, being a great grand daughter of the first governor of the city who was 100% Spanish. What happened to the city of gentle

people??? Was that event only for them? How about those others? 63 years of my existence and that was my first experience for such event. I couldn’t sleep well that night thinking what to do. An international event with some exemptions?? Funny, maybe one day that lady wants to be attended by a doctor and my husband being alone wouldn’t handle her, what then???? This happened 2x while we were on board a plane and somebody needed medical attention. My husband, who is an anesthesiologist, while eating, can’t hear well so I told him to stand up and help and he did. Who knows she might need us, not that we are Spanish but, what we are!!! Crazy and I leave that as a bad experience in life. Some people are like that. We just proceeded to the German booth but then they only had displays and we landed at the Austrian booth that they gave us extra table and chairs not knowing what happened before. Wow, I should say it was a great service they rendered to us. I don’t think this would happen in Spain Mainland coz we are always driving there before just to eat their Paella in Barcelona and buy longanesa which takes us 12 hrs to drive in our Benz. Naturally, am not showing off but telling you my honest and humble experience in our very own native land Dumaguete City which my grandson who is half German and Filipino is very proud of. At 3 1/2 yrs old, he is proud of our native land. “The City Of Gentle People” makes me laugh though??? It was indeed unforgettable and a slap on my face. God Bless everyone. (Almabella Alvarado)



Before this Court is a verified petition for Correction of Entries in the Birth Record of Daryl Gabas Gordoncillo filed through counsel, Atty. Benjamin H. Lajot, Jr., praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an order shall issue ordering the correction of the gender of said petitioner from FEMALE to MALE. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, the court sets the initial hearing thereof on April 5, 2010 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning, at the Session Hall of this court at which date, time and place, all interested persons may appear and show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. Let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its component cities once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks, before the date of hearing. Petitioner is hereby directed to furnish the Local Civil Registrar of Bais City, Negros Oriental of this order with a copy of the petition and its annexes and to the Office of the Solicitor General with address at 134 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City and show proof of service thereof. SO ORDERED. Bais City, Philippines, January 18, 2010. (Sgd.) CANDELARIO V. GONZALEZ The Negros Chronicle Judge Feb. 14, 21 & 28, 2010

Letter from ...


From page 8 Local President Dumaguete, 16 November 1899 Juan Teves – Genaro Periquet – Rufino Osoa – Juan Pucol – Alejandro Catada – Martin Masias – Timoteo Regalado – Catalino Pinili – Alfonso Sendiong – Manuel Teves – Blas Amistad – Emilio Diaz, Jose V. Teves – Bernabe Amor – Mariano Amor – at Cornelio Moncopa’s request – at Pedro Bucad’s request – Emilio Diaz – Bernabe Ines – Marcos Tamad – Pastor Valencia – Vicente Amor – Pedro Orbeta – Elpidio Amor – Juan Lasola – Doroteo Teves – Feliciano Noble – Benigno Teves – Magno Generoso – Juliano Sa(la)tan – Ramon


Mayor cites... Yap appeals... From page 16 Saraña took pride in the fact that most of his projects are aligned with the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. Among them are: skills training to some 2, 355 stakeholders; scholarship programs to 884 students; strengthening of food security with the distribution of rice seeds, organic fertilizer, dispersal of 88, 490 tilapia fry and dispersal of hundreds of livestock; 11 school buildings providing 18 classrooms were completed in 2009 alone, four elementary schools and the Bayawan City Science and Technology Center were recently opened; six barangay lying-in centers were also established; 190 hectares were planted with permanent crops like coffee, rubber, banana, among others. The city’s disaster risk management plan was acclaimed nationally after having been accorded the Gawad Kalasag Award by the National Disaster Coordinating Council as Best Component City Disaster Coordinating Council. In a sign of a healthy partnership between the executive and the legislative departments amid the feverish preparations for the May 10 elections, Saraña acknowledged the accomplishments of the city council headed by Vice-mayor Rene Gaudiel who presided over 46 sessions that adopted 683 resolutions and enacted 36 ordinances in 2009. With just a little four months left in his term, Saraña still expressed his desire to see the completion of some projects that include the concreting of the access road to Danapa Watershed, Bayawan City East Central School Library hub, Construction of the Waste Water Treatment Facility at the Bayawan District Hospital, among others. Despite embarking in major projects and initiatives, Saraña will leave the city in a healthy financial state with a certified total surplus of

Katkat ... From page 14 tation, clean up, documentation of flora and fauna and community orientation of the importance of saving and developing what is left of our forests.” This is a long term goal which would not only focus on the Talinis area but would include the areas of Sta. Catalina to Canlaon. This is one of Vice-Governor Petit’s vision—to develop patches of forests in every municipality and establish a forest corridor. This endeavor would assure the environment loving Negrenses that we are doing everything we can to show we love our province, not to mention our planet. It’s one way we could help cool the earth, the first few steps towards restoring our Godgiven resources. (Y.

From page 16 per se because each beneficiary has to comply first with certain conditions, which actually complement the health and educational goals of the government. Bindoy alone has 3, 285

Mayor YAP


recipients in 22 barangays. Beginning March 8 the Order of Payment covering the months of September to December 2009 will be released to the beneficiaries who will encash at Landbank or DBP. A candidate for provincial board in the first district is reportedly telling people to bypass the municipal government in claiming their financial aid. But Yap said this is not possible because under the memorandum of agreement between the DSWD and the LGU, the latter must provide logistical support and provide the necessary assistance to the beneficiaries so that the former can efficiently implement the program as desired.


AMENDED ORDER Petitioner, in her verified petition, alleges that she is the biological mother of Jenifer Gador Diniay who was born on December 2, 1992 at Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, and whose fact of birth was duly recorded before the Office of Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. However, the sex of her son was erroneously entered as Female instead of Male. Thus, this petition. Being sufficient in form and substance, let the above petition be heard at the Session Hall of the Court along Severino “Nene” Martinez Street, Bayawan City on March 15, 2010 at 2:00 in the afternoon. Interested persons are enjoined to appear on the aforesaid place, date and time, and show cause why the petition should not be granted. Petitioner is directed to cause immediately the publication of this order once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five (5) component cities. Furnish copies of this order to the Solicitor General, the Office of the City Prosecutor of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, the Local Civil Registrar of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, the petitioner and his counsel. SO ORDERED. IN CHAMBER, December 15, 2009, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental. The Negros Chronicle Feb.21, 28 & March 7, 2010

(Sgd.) ANANSON E. JAYME Presiding Judge

P105 million, total assets stand at P 1.158 billion with fairly manageable liabilities at P 351 million. Bayawan received a total IRA share of P 498.7 million in 2009. In concluding his address, Saraña acknowledged the city hall officials and

employees for their dedication and trust in his leadership for the past nine years while he appealed to his fellow politicians to sincerely be of service to the people and work to make Bayawan the “Agriculture Capital of the Province.”


Arnaiz patriarch passes away at 85


rniaz patriarch of the province, Board Member Apolinario “Enar” Arnaiz, 85, long-time president of the Liga Ng Mga Barangay for nine years and 24 years as mayor of his hometown Pamplona, succumbed to a lingering ailment last Feb. 7 at the Silliman Medical Center. Father of Rep. George Arnaiz, BM “Enar” Arnaiz the patriach of the Arnaiz clan, as a board member, will have his remains lie in state at the Capitol Sanggunian Hall on Monday and will be brought to Pamplona where he will lie in state in their ancestral home. His remains will be buried on Feb. 28 at the Datagon Cemetery in Pamplona. Board member Arnaiz is survived by his wife Dasing, children Congressman George; Mayor Jun of Pamplona; Mary Ann Mendoza, Councilor Apollo Arnaiz; Marivic Ramirez and Geraldine Arnaiz; children-in-law, 27 grand children and nine great grand children.



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Smaller populations ... (From page 7)

labor force, SSS contributions expand to take care of the there will also be a com- security system. In brief what hap- needs of the old timers in the pens is that the social pyramid future. In effect this country’s mensurate number of old folks retiring, that is, stopping to pro- shapes up like an inverted one, with favorable demographic profile duce goods and services caus- the top getting heavier and the bot- is like a lantern rather than an ing a heavier burden on the so- tom getting narrower making the inverted pyramid, which means burden on the young heavier over a bigger and productive labor cial security system. force which can, provide a bigUnder the situation, social time. In the case of this country, ger market for the products of costs like health increase in the face as more of the young enter the enterprise unlike contributing of less contributions to the social 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789 Arnaiz backs ... 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789 From page 16 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890123456789012123456789 (Romero)


(Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)

Velez Angels 40 years after


hile Dumaguete is known as a University town, many locals also send their children to school outside of Dumaguete. Some of my friends and relatives went to school in Cebu City and the popular courses taken were Engineering, Architecture, Accounting, Nursing or Medicine.

Retired nurses don their Hawaiian garb for a grand party. Alma, who is a graduate of Cebu Velez General Hospital College of Nursing, sent in this article to share their joyous 40th Ruby reunion. These Velez Angels, many now retired, came home from all over the world for this special occasion. Alma and husband Boy, popularly known as DocBoy, commute regularly between Germany where they had resided for many years and Dumaguete

over the world, from as far as Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the US. They started their program with a get-together party at the hotel followed by a special mass at the chapel of the Velez General Hospital compound the next morning. These Angels then took a tour of their former compound dormitory to reminisce their college days there. Lunch was served at the

the group then split into 2 after where some decided to go to Barili, Cebu on the invitation to visit Josie Arcay’s place and some went to Bohol for an island tour. The group that toured Bohol proceeded to Dumaguete City upon an invitation of one of the Velez Angels’ members, Alma Alvarado and stayed at their residence in Bantayan, Dumaguete City. The group

The Velez Angels, 40 years after their graduation from college. where they keep a beautiful home. Alma was a nurse in Germany and Boy is a medical doctor still doing medical consultancy work in Germany . – By Ms. Almabella Cunanan Alvarado Class 70 of CVGH School of Nursing “Velez Angels” held their Ruby Reunion (40 years) last Jan. 19 to 21 at the Cebu Waterfront Hotel, Lahug. A Great attendance of 32 former nursing classmates came from all

Cebu Casino Espanol where reminiscences of good old days was the main topic. This event was followed by a Hawaiian party at the Cebu City Lights organized by Dr. Edgardo Ong, the husband of one of the angels. Simultaneously with this event was a mini-reunion of the Cebu Institute of Medicine Class 71 attended by 10 doctors including Dr. Boy Alvarado, my dear husband. The closing event of the reunion was an organized picnic at the Mactan Blue Waters Resort. On the third day,

spent the afternoon in Dauin enjoying the cool sea breeze and the scenic view of Apo Island. Everybody was truly convinced that the Ruby Reunion of the Velez Angels Class 70 was a complete success. Although some members of Class 70 could not attend, the majority was enthusiastic about the almost perfectly organized event, thanks to the able and untiring organization talent of Nitz Soontit Stein and the able support by Amy Estabaya.

more to taxes and social security. The case of India and China are cases in point, where labor surpluses were transformed into factors of production propelling their economies forward. Indeed in terms of growth rates these two countries have left Europe and the US behind. Among the presidential candidates, sad to say, only Manny Villar appreciates the demographics in this country. As he explains in the debates he sees population as an incentive to greater production. It is a big yawning market for goods and services. If foreign investments are rushing to India and China it is because they see a huge market of almost twenty percent of the world’s. This country being the 13th biggest in the world in terms of population is also a huge market for the world’s producers. Perhaps Senator Villar sees a huge market for his houses. Queried as to how incomes of Filipinos can be increased, the senator pledged that when elected, a big drive for infrastructure development and for increasing levels of productivity in agriculture, a sector of the economy that has been neglected by past administrations, could do the trick. We might point out in this discussion on population that were it not for our OFW’s who represent our expanding population, who bring in almost eight hundred billion pesos a year or about half the nations budget, this economy would have sunk years ago. Imagine if we started birth control a few decades ago, these OFW’S would not have been born! As an envoy to Italy and watching the Italian population shrink, it saddened me to see empty churches, closed kindergarten schools and lonely young couples who adopted pets to keep them company at home. It was apparent that all those gadgets that they filled up their homes with where not enough to cheer them up. When my Italian friends visited the country and saw all the smiling faces in the barrios, they wondered why this was the case. Why indeed do we rate high in the international happiness index than the most financially secure countries in the world like Sweden and Japan, who also have the highest rates of suicide? This is not a brief for unbridled irresponsible and runaway population growth. It is just taking a page from the past when Filipinos were better off because there was honesty and integrity in government. In sum as the total fertility rates (TFR) in about a hundred countries today are declining, falling below replacement rates, they begin to face socio-cultural, political and economic dislocation as well as security problems. This is because an ageing workforce like that of Japan and others cannot be replaced nor can it support a large number of retirees. In the face of this, governments are frantically encouraging families to reproduce through all kinds of incentives. This is most obvious in Singapore and France. In this country, a combination of factors like late marriages, working housewives, immigration, urbanization and increasingly responsible parenthood through education has impacted on fertility rates to the point that this country’s fertility rates is expected to sink below replacement levels by 2025. In the meantime the message to the government is simply to stay out of the bedroom and let couples decide their family size according to their formed consciences.

Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT OF NEGROS ORIENTAL 7th Judicial Region Branch 63 Bayawan City OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF COURT & EX-OFFICIO SHERIFF

NOTICE OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SALE Upon extrajudicial petition/application for sale under Act No. 3135 filed by the Rural Bank of Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental, Incorporated against Marie Estela Elnar Buscato (as mortgagor with Attorney-infact of Fortunato Elnar and Eustaquia Elnar) of legal age and Filipino, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of March 15, 2009 amounts to ONE MILLION THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE AND SIXTY CENTAVOS (P1, 365, 569. 60), with the daily interest of P1, 609. 46, excluding other charges incidental to foreclosure. The undersigned or its duly authorized deputy will sell at public auction on March 12, 2010 at 2:00 o’ clock in the afternoon at the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Branch 63, Bayawan City to the highest bidder, for cash or manager’s check and in Philippine Currency, the following real property. TCT No. FT 10070 4 LOT NO. 451-D Psd 07 039783

A parcel of RESIDENTIAL land, registered in the name of FORTUNATO ELNAR and EUSTAQUIA ELNAR, with residence and postal address at Poblacion, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Island of Negros bounded and described as follows: NE, along line 3-4 by Lot 451-E; on the E along line 4-5-6, by Lot 451-F of the subdivision plan; & on the S along line 7-1 by Lot 451-F of the subdivision plan; on the S along line 7-1 by Lot 451-B of this subdivision plan; line 1-2 by Lot 451-C of this subdivision plan and on the W along line 2-3 by Road Magsaysay St. containing an area 594 square meters covered by TDN 2004-01-0186-R, 5 with Market Value of P287, 000.00. This Notice of Extrajudicial shall be posted in Bayawan City, Negros Oriental in four (4) conspicuous places where the above-mentioned property place is situated and one copy shall be posted in the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Branch 63, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental where the public auction shall be conducted and another copy shall be published in a local newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its five (5) component cities. Prospective bidders/buyers may investigate for themselves the tax declaration or titles of the above-described property and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be. All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date, it shall be held on March 27, 2010 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon without further notice. Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, January 12, 2010.

The Negros Chronicle February 14, 21 & 28, 2010

(Sgd.) RAY STEPHEN T. LOGRONIO Clerk of Court VI & Ex-Officio Sheriff


EJFREM = 2009-3048


FOR: EXTRAJUDICIAL FORECLOSURE SPS. RAMON H. DIAZ & MARY ANN OF REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE N. DIAZ Mortgagors, x———————————————————/ NOTICE OF EXTRAJUDICIAL SALE Upon petition for sale under Act No. 3135, as amended, filed by YUSAY CREDIT AND FINANCE CORPORATION, mortgagee, against SPS. RAMON H. DIAZ & MARY ANN N. DIAZ, mortgagors, with residence and postal address at # 1 Doña Juliana Drive, Sharina Hts. Taculing, Bacolod City, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of November 6, 2008 amounted to Five Hundred Eighty Thousand Pesos (P580,000.00), the Clerk of Court & Provincial Sheriff of Negros Oriental or her duly authorized deputy will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash and in Philippine Currency on March 16, 2010, from 9:00 o’clock in the morning until 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the Office of the Clerk of Court & Ex-Officio Sheriff, located at Hall of Justice, E.J. Blanco Drive, Piapi, Dumaguete City, Philippines, the hereunder described property of the mortgagor, together with the building(s) and other improvements existing thereon, to wit: (1)


“A parcel of land (Lot 17-B-2 Psd-07-049928, being a portion of Lot 17-B, Psd-07-037476, situated in the Barangay East Balabag, Municipality of Valencia, Province of Negros Oriental, Island of Negros. Bounded on the North and East, along lines 1-2-3 and 4, by Lot 17-B-5, (Road Lot) of the subdivision plan; on the South; along line 4-5, by Lot 16 Psu-07-03003171; along line 5-6, by Lot 17-A, Psd-07-037476; on the West, along line 6-1, by Lot 12, Psu-07-03-003171; containing an area of FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTY FOUR (474) SQUARE METERS, more or less.” (2) TRANSFER CER TIFICA TE OF TITLE NO CERTIFICA TIFICATE NO.. FT -8125

“A parcel of land (Lot 17-A, of the subdivision plan, Psd-07-030374476, being a portion of Lot 17, Psu-07003-003171, LRC Cad. Record No.) situated in the Barrio East Balabag, Municipality of Valencia, Province of Negros Oriental, Island of Negros. Bounded on the NE., along line 5-1, by Lot 17-B, of the subdivision plan, along line 1-2, byt Lot 14, Psu-07-03-003171; on the SE., along line 2-3, by a Provincial Road; and on the SW., and NW., along lines 3-4-5, by Lot 12, Psu-07-03-003171; containing an area of SEVEN HUNDRED SIX (706) SQUARE METERS, more or less.” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the said date and time. In the event that the public auction sale will not take place on said date, it will be held on March 23, 2010. Dated this 31st day of January, 2010 in the City of Dumaguete, Philippines. (Sgd). MA. ANTONIA L. BULADO Clerk of Court & Ex-Officio Sheriff

The Negros Chronicle February 14, 21 & 28, 2010


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JBC hears OBAR ... (From page 1)

as next chief justice. Joel Obar, a former law dean of Foundation University in Dumaguete City and a columnist of the Negros Chronicle, accused Carpio of



“soliciting votes and electioneering” during the Integrated Bar of the Philippines election in 1989. Carpio, who will be the most senior member of the Supreme Court when Chief Justice Reynato Puno retires on May 17, is among the six nominees being considered by the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) to replace Puno. Carpio could not be reached for comment but his former law partner, Arthur Villaraza, said in a text message to the Inquirer: “Carpio was not charged or penalized in that case. He was not a candidate in that IBP election.” Lawyer’s claims Obar said Carpio’s name cropped up in a Supreme Court inquiry in 1989 “where it was revealed that candidates for the IBP presidency as well as their supporters have used government property and resources and even extravagantly spent for the solicitation of votes and electioneering in clear contravention of the mandate of the IBP By-Laws that the body should at all times remain apolitical.” Obar claimed Carpio was one of the supposed “conspirators who treated the sanctity of such elections with ignominy.” “From the records of the aforementioned case, it was clearly established as a fact that Antonio Carpio spent P20,000 in hotel accommodation in the Philippine Plaza hotel to billet the delegates,” Obar alleged in his letter. “This has been adjudged by the Supreme Court as a conscious and deliberate act to influence the outcome of the elections, in clear contravention of the IBP laws.” ‘An Old Case’ Supreme Court Administrator and spokesperson Jose Midas Marquez said: “It’s an old case which happened

more than 20 years ago. But just the same the letter may be included on the agenda of the JBC on Monday.” Obar gave reporters copies of a two-page letter he filed before the eight-member JBC. The council has started its process to come up with a final short list of three nominees to succeed Puno. The Supreme Court has been asked to rule on whether President Macapagal-Arroyo would still have the authority to appoint the next chief justice when the appointments ban during the current election period kicks in on March 11. Article VII of the Constitution states that “two months immediately before the next presidential elections and up to the end of his term, a President or Acting President shall not make appointments to executive positions when continued vacancies therein will prejudice public service or endanger public safety.” Other Nominees Obar told the JBC that Carpio “should not be allowed to tarnish even by mere perception the last bastion of decency in this country...” “We should stand guard against the appointment of Mr. Antonio Carpio to the highest position of the Court lest we endanger its integrity and shatter beyond repair the very foundation of our democratic institution,” the lawyer said. The other nominees for the chief justice post are Associate Justice Renato Corona, Conchita Carpio-Morales, Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, and Arturo Brion. Sandiganbayan Acting Presiding Justice Edilberto Sandoval is the sixth nominee. Rumored Choice Last week, a complaint of impropriety was filed by lawyer Fernando Campos against Corona, Ms Arroyo’s former chief of staff, who is rumored to be Ms Arroyo’s choice for chief justice. Campos, chair of InterPetal Recreational Corp. (IPRC), the developer of the first online cockfighting or sabong, told the JBC that Corona acted with undue haste in dismissing their petition for certoriari against the Securities and Exchange Commission, Philweb and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. Corona called Campos’ accusations “totally false, malicious and outright lie” and hinted that Campos was being used by some people to jeopardize his bid for the chief justice post. Carpio later denied Corona’s allusion that he had a hand in that complaint. (PDI Dona Pazzibugan)

Kasing-kasing Medical Mission SIATON District Hospital Feb 14-18


onducted by 54 members of the UP Medi cal Alumni Society in America UPMASA , they treated some 2,256 poor beneficiaries and gave free medicine; they did 510 dental extractions; 212 minor surgeries; and 162 major surgeries. Local manpower com- 2 local doctors. The event pliment included 203 volunteer doctors, nurses, aides was initiated by Rep Henry and staff; 35 volunteers and Pryde Teves and visiting.

Jimalalud’s ... From page 16 been ironically credited of restoring peace and order in his hometown, has been reportedly receiving death threats in vari-

ous forms including through the SMS. One particular threat allegedly came from the New People’s Army but Tuanda himself is doubtful since he has never committed abuses against his constituents.



Norway, China, Manila, and Dumaguete Journalists cruise meet


Ben Cal



Xu Hong

Sun Huixia

Xue Long

Zhao Jie

FIRST Christian-Journalists’ cruise conference from Manila to Bohol on board the M V San Paolo, was attended by journalists from Norway, China, Manila and Dumaguete city. This new world group called “the Media Project.Org” seeks to give a new slant to the NEWS, in fulfillment of the journalists’ role of spreading the Word of God thru the Good NEWS of the day. TOP PHOTOS: Arne Fjeldstad, CEO, the Project Media based in California and Norway; Ben Cal, managing editor PNA; Joe Pavia, Mabuhay News; Lyn Resulta, Far East Broadcasting Company; Xu Hong, free lance journalist; Sun Huixia, Caijing Magazine; Xue Long, editorial department director Guangzhou Daily Group Win Weekly; Zhao Jie, China Business News. BELOW PHOTO: Neil Rio, Fil Products Cable TV; Dems Rey Demecillo, Negros Chronicle; Indira Requiron, anchorwoman DYWC; Florence Baesa, Anchorwoman DYEM Energy FM; Antonio Marlon Eric Dejaresco, DYEM Energy FM radio announcer; Alex Pal, Metropost; Rene Genove, Dumaguete Bureau Chief Visayan Daily Star; Titus Cerina, free lance radio reporter; Noelito Ramirez, free lance radio announcer, and ELY DEJARESCO, Dumaguete Press Club chairman emeritus who took the picture on board the M/V Don Paulo, Manila to Bohol where they ended with a countryside tour.

Fiscal okays ... From page 2 Edwin Mansueto, Pablito Cena and Rogelio Cerina seeking a Declaratory Relief with Prayer for a Writ of Preliminary Injunction or TRO against Lawrence Teves, in his capacity as city mayor and member of the City Council. However, De Leon signed the petition papers as Atty. Pedro C.M. De Leon when he was enrolled in the Roll of Attorneys as Atty. Pedro M. De Leon Jr. with roll number 40893. Assistant City Prosecutor Alejandro D. Jovellar ruled that respondent De Leon must be charged for violating Commonwealth Act Number 142 as amended by RA 6085 for using an alias without securing “an appropriate authority from a competent court to use any other name different from the one with which he was registered at birth in the office of the local civil registrar.” Nevertheless, De Leon’s counsel Atty. Anthony Ferrolino considers Jovellar’s finding a victory albeit a partial one because in effect it has establish the fact that De Leon is indeed a legitimate legal practitioner as opposed to the assertions of Zerna.

Issue: unsolved ... From page 1 dead in Barangay Calindagan. Even Mayor Agustin Tuting Perdices has already expressed alarm over the unsolved crimes and has called upon the Philippine National Police to apprehend and prosecute the suspects in the murder of former Miss Dumaguete Ann Rose Bernadette Neri before the May 10 elections. The city is still reeling over the murder of a Mass Communications student of Silliman University whose body was dumped in Barangay Isugan, Bacong when the Neri was boldly executed at the public plaza. Friends and relatives of other murder victims that include businessmen, students and some civil servants continue to clamor for justice not only for their own peace of mind but also to put an end to the prevailing climate of impunity reinforcing that notorious adage that in this part of the country crime does pay.


Area: 3,491 sq.meters – P500/per sq.meter Location: Cantil-e, Dumaguete City. Titled, with 50 Guimaras mangoes bearing. Call: 0919-3629677

Peace Pact ... From page 1 Church with the full backing of the Commission on Elections, Philippine Army and Philippine National Police, the candidates made the following pledge to the voters: not to corrupt them with money and not impose their will by way of force or violence, threat or intimidation or in any manner, destroy their power and freedom of choice. To their fellow candidates, the poll bets who attended the activity also vowed to: conduct a campaign by the law and the rules in the spirit of good grace and friendly rivalry and to personally participate in debates in defense of their platforms and positions on relevant national and local issues. Monsignor Gamaliel Tulabing, Vicar-General of the Diocese of Dumaguete who presided over the gathering urged the military and the police to dismantle armed partisans of politicians reportedly harassing residents of remote villages especially in the north.

Local mix ... From page 2 for the city with Rommel Erames tandem say that they are still making their options open for their support for the best presidentiable. They have no presidential bet yet, they said. The LP slate in the city led by Woodrow Maquiling and Myish Antonio is solid yellow for Noynoy. Josy Limkaichong who used to be Lakas chairman, is now LP pro-NoyNoy even if Meniong Teves (for Villar) esnured Josy win in Manjuyod, which is a Baldado territory. Josy who used to be Lakas lst district head, had to go NoyNoy and Macias because Jing Paras was taken as Lakas Kampi official bet, But reports say Paras is now going Villar. George Arnaiz, who is NPC is for Gibo and so is his disciple MEV Mariant Escaño Villegas. Here is another original Lakas Tata Villanueva who is now for LP Noynoy in Bais. The merry mix up of the affiliations of top political leaders could affect the national funding from national presidential bets for the province unless they go solid for the presidentiable, reports say. But what can the presidentiables do? They need the locals to carry them through the towns and barrios. So they seem to say to each other: take it, or leave it.

Arnaiz backs ... From page 1 MEV Villegas is acknowledging massive support for her in the north with Meniong Teves carrying her in the Baldado and Paras territory. MEV despite her being an avid supporter of the provincial government projects, was not supported by Gov. Macias. Villegas is also gaining support in the second district be-

No borders ... (Umbac)

From page 7

money I addressed a situation but I could have done more had I used my medical assistance program. ————————This matter was settled by Gov. George Arnaiz. When he learned what I had done he told me that I could have extended help with funds from our government. It would be alright because the officials of Zamoboanga del Norte will surely help us if and when we have problems in their area. There should be no borders to prevent us from reaching out to help others. ———————— In another situation. My son Adrian, who was then Assistant City Fiscal of Bais City, requested me to help a man who was bitten by a rabid dog. It was an emergency situation. I dispatched a member of my staff to the Provincial Hospital where the patient was waiting treatment only to be told that the victim comes from Manjuyod town in the First District while my Medical Assistance Program was for our constituency in the Second District. ———————— “This is no time to be talking about districts. We have an emergency situa-

ing the bailiwick of George Arnaiz. Saraña is weak in the second and first districts. But then MEV is gathering votes in the third district thru Rep Henry Pryde Teves. Supporters of Villegas acknowledged that MEV has the most exposure and experience among the three provincewide. \Her two opponents Perdices and Sarana were both city mayors in Dumaguete and Bayawan. tion here. Please treat that person now and charge the cost to my medical assistance program. If this will not pass audit, I will pay the whole amount personally myself.” I told the concerned hospital staff over the phone. They attended to the patient and saved his life. ———————— I agree with former Gov. George Arnaiz, now incumbent congressman of the Second District of Negros Oriental, that there should be no borders or boundaries that prevent the reaching out of helping hands across and beyond the frontiers of political subdivisions. ———————— PostScript Remember the four harelip patients we sent to Cebu last week? Pres. Jon Llanos of the Rotary Club of Metro Cebu text us that the operations have been successful. The four are now with their families in the mountain barangays of Bayawan, Amlan and Pamplona. In this connection – and this is very important – I urge, request and enjoin barangay officials and public school teachers to keep a list of people especially children with physical defects who can still be given a new lease to live normal lives by medical mission not only from within our country but also from abroad. Civic organizations may conduct medical missions anytime. The milk of human kindness abounds. Let’s take advantage of it.

Tata urges: Abhor poll fraud, violence tressing that as good Christians, all candidates for the 2010 elections should seek and secure the blessings of the Roman Catholic Church, Bais City Mayor and second district congressional bet Hector “Tata” Villanueva urged everyone to avoid violence and uphold the sanctity of the ballot consistent with the public vow they made last week in the presence of Bishop John Du. The last-termer mayor, who has survived attempts to his life before, is confident that majority of the local and national candidates will not resort to violence and expressed satisfaction over the performance of the officials of the local Commission on Elections. Meanwhile, Villanueva extended his sincere condolences to the family of incumbent Rep. George Arnaiz, whose father Board Member Apolinario “Enar” TATA VILLANUEVA Arnaiz who died on February 7 after a lingering illness. “BM Enar has been a close friend to my father and I deeply mourn his death and will attend his wake as soon as I can,” said Villanueva.




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CONGRATULATES THE FOLLOWING SUCCESSFUL EXAMINEES Nursing Licensure Examination 2009 (SU Passing Rate 96.97% | National Passing Rate 39.75%) Abanggan, Devon Rey C. Abarca, Karen G. Abestano, Ma. Analiza E. Abordo, Lady Joanne D. Abrea, Ace Bryant C. Acain, Ryan Rems A. Acibo, Aldinah A. Adiong, Gerard Anthony C. Aguilar, Christine C. Aguilar, Indira L. Aguilar, Karen Kuki A. Alaban, Janice Mae A. Alas, Aubrey A. Aldecoa, Johanna Mae O. Almorato, Maria Fatima G. Alpeche, Jenuary Faith A. Alpuerto, Jamantha C. Amoguis, Kennth James S. Amorcillo, Rhallyne Eve E. Amorin, Kleah Lou G. Andaya, Harold Daryl B. Angay, Gleciela B. Angeles, Maria Lavenia T. Angeles, Cristina Cyra Ansok, Jr., Teofanes K. Antony, Arjohn M. Apole, Kris Domenick L. Arsulo, Ma. Gabrielle Xy-za J. Auditor, Gladys D. Bacay, Marie Rochelle G. Baguio, Mariecris M. Bajar, Kinneth A. Balladares, Kim Donna B. Bangcal, Phoebe Lou E. Bangcal, Tejay S. Bañgis, Rana Chrizza C. Banogon, Kwince’ C. Banogon, Ron Mikhail P. Banua, Adeline P. Barcelon, Elwyn Jason L. Baroy, Jesan A. Benedicto, Aichia Jai T. Betinol, Cindy Mae A. Biclar, Chenani M. Borja, Karlou R. Briones, Lehra Sol M. Buaron, Sheryl Mae Q. Buenavista, Maria Nicasana L. Buenavista, Jillian U. Buma-at, Kim Stephen D. Bungcasan, Eva C. Buquiran, Kristine Marie G. Buscato, Claire Therese J. Bustamante, Lester Ron S. Cabrera, Iradine P.

Cabusao, Gay Milkieth C. Caincay, Jose Rolando S. Calibo, Ciarra Gwynn P. Callejas, Floranova C. Cantoria, Djozyl R. Carabal, Lenly S. Carreon, Arick Brandon C. Carrera, Jan Catherine G. Cascon, Heinz Reinnhard D. Castardo, Cilla B. Catan, Karla Kristen P. Catubig, Airish M. Catubig, Jeana R. Catulong, Djarah Faye E. Chiong, Aimee Lizbeth T. Chiu, Vicmore M. Chua, Kristine T. Cielo, Paul Micah G. Cinco, Desse Jane E. Cirunay, Ivy Hope J. Conde, Mary Gladeese A. Consing, Joanna Frances M. Corsame, Ray Anderson B. Corsame, Paula Dawn S. Dagudag, Stephanie Ann P. Dales, Marie Angela D. Davad, Humprey S. Daymiel, Maria Floribeth Z. de la Peña, Ina Vick T. de la Plaza, Aurum Monica A. De la Torre , Glynnes Frances Q. Degamo, Keith Ronald E. del Mar, Jihan D. Dela Cruz, Emmanuel F. dela Cruz, Korina Weangilou B. dela Cruz, Krizyl Anne R. dela Cruz, Jr., Pio Julio A. Denoyo, Elizabeth Ann C. Destacamento, Reina Rose T. Diamante, Ma. Linda Pearl A. Diao, Daphne Marie A. Digal, Darrel S. Dispo, Eva Rhea M. Divinagracia, Eden Mae D. Dizon, Karl Vincent T. Dizon, Kareza Rea T. Dones, Donnah Laizabeth A. Doneza, Rica Kathrina B. Ducante, Faith Joy A. Dumat-ol, Kirsty M. Duran, Cyril Marie B. Duran, Jaimee Alexandria M. Duran, Leah Aleeza C.

Durana, Jan Paolo C. Edrial, Hillton John V. Elhag, Thamir Q. Elnar, Brigette D. Enriquez, Michelle Joy A. Espancho, Kyle Kyle Estoque, Julius Jefferson S. Estornino, Raziel B. Estrebello, Darl Desiree Z. Etcubañas, Rica June S. Felicio, Micah Kristine D. Fernandez, Natassia Maria O. Ferolino, Ayla Gayle Q. Flores, Krystle Kassandra R. Flores, Shynne L. Fontilla, Lady Jaizelle Daphne L. Froilan, Judette Blythe Z. Fua, Katherine M. Fuentes, Nancy Joan P. Galanido, Ayesha Fe Guellen M. Galisa, Sonnabell V. Gamallo, Ignace Claire P. Gapasin, Francis Ariel R. Garbanzos, Clint Christian T. Gayo, Cynthia Marie M. Gemira, Sharheyll C. Gioca, Karen Claire D. Godmalin, Lexie Rose G. Gonzalez, Katrina G. Gonzalo, Winston Terence I. Gravador, Evelyn O. Gravador, Krisdael M. Griño, Josanne E. Guarin, Katrina Paola B. Gubantes, Christine Jane L. Hagape, Hasa Mee S. Inding, Ritzelle Marie G. Init, Aileen Gale J. Inoferio, Lumen Cristy S. Jala, Dessa Faye B. Jao, Russel Gee C. Jarad, Rannia C. Javier, Joan D. Javier, Johanna B. Jawadil, Christian D Nikolai N. Jucom, Wilnelia P. Jumuad, Shyne M. Jurlano, Joy Marie E. Justol, Raiza N. Khan, Daphnie Zyra B. Kong, Claribel A. Lado, Ena Vittoria V. Lano, Kathleen Mae L. Lañohan, Iris C. Laspiñas, Solomon V.

Lauronilla, Phelyn Frances P. Ledesma, Levien Gail B. Ledesma, Marie Adeline M. Legaria, Vincent L. Leong, Jull Mark R. Leyva, Mayumi A. Lico, Lea Mae C. Ligutom, Jairus Joseph B. Lim, Karen Faye L. Lim, Naomi Ruth A. Lim, Gia S. Lim, Jhesel J. Lim II, Christian Emmanuel Limbaga, Dhaliecar S. Liza, Kevin Sam M. Llamas, Lady Mae P. Lugatiman, Liezl C. Lulu, John Albert B. Macahig, Giselle T. Macambac, Steffi Martina D. Macapili, Paulo Lorenzo H. Macatiguib, Marynel I. Macaya, Jenevee A. Machica, Carmela L. Macias, Francis R. Maderazo, Thessa Zarrah D. Magan, Lynette Alexine A. Magno, Kristina D. Malinao, Kristine Joy C. Mañago, Havana C. Mangubat, James Edward O. Mansayon, Marites P. Mimis, Angeli Marie S N. Monte de Ramos, Mia Montebon, Marion Lia U. Montes, Dianne Leslie D. Morales, Jocelyn K. Morales, Mitzie Cale R. Morito, Lucile Lou B. Mosot, Mejurette Q. Mox, Brenda A. Nalo, Evan Faith B. Nicolas, Maja O. Noblefranca, Jr., Robert E. Nodado, Judee L. Norton Doyle, John Eric S. Nuico, Cape Jazz A. Nuique, Jr., Delwin A. Ocampos, Vicent Christine B. Ocay, Jan Albertson L. Ocupe, Ma. Cindy J. Odango, Jaycel B. Ollague, Louielyn Publico Olores, Lovenia Anne C. Omoso, Raymond A.

Ondangan, Ranzel V. Ong, Mishelle A. Ong, Maria Jennelyn G. Ong, Nariz Suzy E. Oracion, Dino Enrique M. Orbeta, Marian Celeste S. Orevillo, Alphard C. Oropesa, Joycee S. Otaza, Allexis Danielle D. Otod, Marie Joy A. Pablico, Clint B. Pacana, Angela Celeste R. Pacaña, Twinkle Tracie G. Pacarro, Kharl C. Paderanga, Efil Mar M. Paeste, Decemarie N. Paglomutan, Cornelius Ryan P. Pagunsan, Kenneth G. Palacio, Mary Kris A. Paladar, Eunice Camilla R. Palma, Trisha R. Panzo, Mark C. Parrilla, Marlow John A. Patangan, Shaira Athalia A. Patiño, Kristie Joy I. Pe, Cassandra Nelcie M. Peñaranda, Jan Philip T. Perdido, Arniel P. Petersen, Lesley E. Pinili, Isabel S. Plantilla, Cyril Jaymes N. Poculan, Goldie Love I. Poculan, Rhea Felina C. Ponce de Leon, Mara A V. Pono, Altrexia Marie E. Puracan, Raelyn Mae B. Que, Michelle Mae C. Quilantang, Alex J.r. B. Quinicot, Czarinna Mae Ebora Ramas-Uypitching, Raisha S. Real, Justine Chiara G. Real, Maria Patricia Camille T. Realiza, Catherine P. Remoticado, Eve Rapunzel D. Retes, Augmer Ray J. Reyes, Rem Lace B. Roa, Jr., Marvi Manuel S. Roda, Sheena Marie C. Rodriguez, Jr., Roland S. Rollan, Joy L. Rubias, Ann Colyn D. Sabandal, Jane Diane J. Salas, Yekatirina Marie A. Salva, Jonathan E. Samson, Roxan G.

Santos, Florevin L. Sauro, Lily Rose E. Sayson, Earl Dwight R. Sedillo, Karen Joy V. Siao, Karlyle Mae C. Sibul, Jeizan Neil A. Singalivo, Amerleah H. Solitario, Clint Leoncio P. Suarez, Sherrie Lynn R. Tabada, Leizle Anne A. Tacoyo, Dana Meacarla A. Tagal, April Rose B. Tan, Lorna Marie M. Tebio, Lea Jed A. Tebio, Susanne Gayle M. Tecio, Hazel T. Teves, Hannah Margarette E. Teves, Rebecca Jean B. Teves, Abba N. Teves, Charles Angelo B. Tia, Czarina Ann R. Tindugan, Christone John G. Tingne, Miko I. Tolentino, Kurl Loughnane R. Tolin, Rowena Marie T. Torremocha, Marie Kris D C. Trasmonte, Brenda Jane D. Tupas, Anna Jeanblythe N. Tuquib, Charmagne E. Ucang, Deborah Caroll T. Umadhay, Leah Grace B. Undag, Ellyn Mae A. Uymatiao, Cathleen A. Velasco, Cyndi Frans H. Vendiola, Crispin Irving P. Vendiola, Meluna S. Vidal, Rescil B. Villahermosa, Odell Lyn F. Villahermosa, Germaine M. Yana, Rachelle P. Villaluz, Jemari G. Yap, Rea Francine B. Villamor, Jo Anne G. Yrad, Jane R. Yuson, Agnes Villaverde, Jeemah V. Yulores, Pel Carmen D. Visorro, Joneth Jane R. Zacal, Melchizedek L. Walayat, Jr., Charles L. Zerna, Marianne S.

Chemistry Licensure Examination (SU Passing Rate 62.50% | National Passing Rate 53.68%) Bangay , Pearl Michelle T.

Bolestana , Janice J.

Cantila, Kristine Jea S.

Elmido , Ernison M.

Flores , Jennifer T.

Medical Technology Licensure Examination (SU Passing Rate 80.00% | National Passing Amante , Jonathan K. Jr. Rate 56.91%) Ayunting , Jonatha Mae R. Batausa , Prince A.

Bolasa , Ma. Cielo T. Cadayday , Cherie Chariz G. Cruz , Jezril B.

Cubangbang , Ralph B. Magusara , Mercedes L. Dano , Shirmela N. Novaluna , Arlyn Marie B. Honculada , Anne Moonyeen H. Neo , Marjorie R.

Sinda , Stephanie May J. Suarez , Marie Chris I. Tantano II , Philip Javier E.

Zamora , Lester Floyd D.

Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination (SU Passing Rate 94% | National Passing Rate Acahy, Jun Anthony 60.46%) Aday, Hardeley Avanzado, Wilmark

Bad-an, Francisco Jr. Buquiran, Alden Cabale, Dan

Duran, Jose Marlon II Fabugais, Ramon Jr. Jarabe, Maxuel

Litorja, Matthew Van Moreto, Mark Bencer Palafox, Christopher Bhrent

Picardal, Franz Joseff Rubia, Ulysses Salon, Eugene Allan

Villariza, Clifford

Civil Engineering Licensure Examination (SU Passing Rate 61% | National Passing Rate Anqui, Mae Shel 46.26%) Arbas, Brendo Baniqued, Orland Jay

Borromeo, Christian Carlota, Ian Luis Fernando Dales, Desiderio Dexter Jr.

Fortin, Ray Amado Ginlo, Marphy Jorillo, Kraisak

Lajato, Emmanuel Lambiquit, Erika Maghanoy, Ida

Marcial, Fernan II Sieras, Leizley Jen –9th Placer Tamarion, Cyril

Uy, Carla Eunice Villegas, William Carlos

Licensure Examination Teachers - BEED (SU Passing Rate 100%) Credo, Sherily Joy G.

Faburada, Amy W.

Garcia, Mary Jane G.

Mabulay, Cathleen C.

Paltingca, Karen F.

Soriano, Rizza Jane S.

Licensure Examination Teachers - BSED (SU Passing Rate 83.33% ) Busmion, Kristine N.

Ferolino, Jena P.

Lagman, Jhan Carl R.

Pasague, Joven Don Vincent A.

Regalado, Ressa Angela J.

Certified Public Accountant Board Examination (SU Passing Rate 82% | National Passing Rate 41.67) Andaya, Mark Lowell P. Aujero, Charelyn L. Barote, Arianne G.

Bontia, Mar Joh N I. Daniel, JC Pearl M . Delos Santos, Gretel Kelly M.

Dumat-ol, Cyndi May M. Fernandez, Mark Joseph T. King, Belton S.

Nolasco, Therese Claire V. Omaguing, Gerswane E. Pino, Marvin Carlo A.

Pis-An, Phillipp Jhune D. Serato, Kristine R. Ungab, Diogenes G.

Yu, Joana Jael M. S I L L I M A N U N I V E R S I T Y, D U M A G U E T E C I T Y 6 2 0 0 P H I L I P P I N E S | + 6 3 3 5 4 2 2 6 0 0 2 | www

Feb 21 2010  

Dumaguete City, any national candidates have appeared to have been uncomfortable with local but formi- dable bets in Negros Oriental who are...

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