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Basic fare now P6.50; drivers still ask for P8

BY DEMS REY T. DEMECILLO ity councilors passed on Tuesday the measure adjusting the minimum basic fare rate for motorcabs-for-hire from P 7.50 to P 6.50 with Mayor Agustin Perdices as Chair of the Local Franchising Regulatory Board approving it the next day following a series of rollback on prices of gasoline which now hovers between P 37-41 per liter. Students now upon pre- ery succeeding kilometer. sentation of their school Good news indeed! identification cards will only However, most commuters pay P6.00 while senior citi- remain skeptical if the Trafzens and the differently- fic Management Office will abled are to pay only P5.20 strictly implement the order with additional P.50 for evTurn to page 22





DECEMBER 7, 2008

P 10.00

Nation pauses as Pacman fights T

he whole nation and thousands of Filipino expats over the world will pause this morning from mid-day until late afternoon as Manny Pacquiao, the Pacman, the Philippines’ greatest boxing hero of all time will take on the biggest fight of his life in Nevada, Las Vegas, U.S.A., a match which will spell his boom or doom as a boxing legend. Streets will be virtually loneliest barrio, will be like a watch and listen the Pacman could spell the end of deserted like ghost towns, Good Friday, as people will tackle on ten time-world box- Pacman’s career, or just the from the plush commercial refuse to budge from their ing champion Oscar dela beginning of yet another era districts like Makati to the seats or radio monitors to Hoya of Mexico, in what Turn to page 14

Mayor accuser cross-examined


egal Counsel for NC Columnist Dindo Generoso, Atty. Jay Dejaresco, associate editor of this paper, asks Mayor Perdices to point out which specific part of the story in question is defamatory that he accused Generoso of such; Mayor’s counsel Atty. Miles Bejar, SU Dean of Law (left), guides Perdices as MTC Judge Antonio Estoconing looks like he is amused of JOURNALIST-LAWYER CROSS EXAMINES MAYOR, a scenario viewed something we don’t know. for the first time in the local journalists’ defense of Press Freedom. (More on page 4 )


Is balik-society worth it? s it worth for rebels to return to the main stream of society in his or the neighboring town? Of course it is, it should, at least economically first and foremost. But in doing so, he or she as a returnee must be aware that he is not returning to a perfect society. Philippine society has not yet fully removed nor eliminated the root causes of insurgency. But at least a returnee starts with full government attention and protection ---minus his gun. It is now up to him to carry on life with his family. For one thing, rebel returnees are instantly a lot richer than ordinary noncombatant civilians. But for how long? It all depends on his overall environment. What are the root causes why people resort or embrace the ideology of the left? Among these are: social injustice, justice for the rich, justice for the poor, graft and corruption in government, political patronage and injustice, absence of government services in the hinterlands, poverty,


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NPA returns La Lib stolen items BY DRT DEMECILLO ol. Franco Nemesio Gacal, Commanding Officer of the 11th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army believes adverse public reaction may have forced members of the Leonardo Panaligan Command of the New People’s Army to return the personal belongings of the policemen assigned in La Libertad town. The military official said the communist rebels also wanted to earn the sympathy of the Catholic Church by sending the box containing five cellular phones, two battery chargers, three knapsacks and other personal effects thru the Diocese of San Carlos City in Negros Occidental which turned over the said items to Mayor Lawrence Limkaichong. It can be recalled that the rebels along PART AND MOST OF THE LOOT of the LA LIBERTAD raid by the NPAs who returned


Turn to page 6 mostly personal effects of policemen, and kinds of stuff which were taken from PNPs.




December 7, 2008

Pasko sa “Bilanggoan”

Some of the finest Christmas lanterns made from indigenous materials are made by detainees and inmates at the provincial jail as displayed by some of its makers. In the markets these could cost over P1000. But buying it directly form the makers could only hit around P700. There’s still time to buy your Christmas lanterns while making its makers in jail happy this Christmas.



PNP to file motion for recon vs. lady activist


egros Oriental’s district representatives joined 183 other administration allies to uphold the Committee on Justice report dismissing the fourth impeachment complaint against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Only 18 members of the House of Representatives, mostly members of cause oriented groups voted to impeach the President while three others abstained. First District Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong of Lakas-CMD believes the

country cannot afford to waste time in another political exercise which would distract the lawmakers and the President from the urgent need of passing key legislation and policies that would shield the country from the Turn to page 6

on’t party yet. That seems to be the message of Negros Oriental Provincial Police Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr. to Karapatan Central Visayas Spokesperson and Henry Estrellanes, Chair of the Barangay Agricultural Development Center; Dobdob, Valencia after Provincial Prosecutor Diosdadop Hermosa dismissed kidnapping and serious illegal detention charges filed against them.


Marquez said the PNP will most likely file a motion for reconsideration especially since the dismissal was based mainly on technicality. In his ruling, Hermosa wonders why the PNP charged

only Arcilla and Estrellanes while their companions during the alleged abduction of Catalino Ortega were spared. He branded this as “selective prosecution.” Turn to page 6

critical repor ting reporting




DAR remembers to issue a statement ... etting a letter to the editor from DAR chief here for the FIRST TIME since she assumed office years back is news. DAR’s desire to inform by reacting to our editorial could only mean two things: either the DAR doesn’t give a dam about the need for consistent public MEDIA information, or it is content in dishing out expensive house organs which only contains the good news and hardly the bad news, and circulates it to their friendly neighborhood only.


But thanks to public mis-conception of DAR due to lack of effective public information system, we got our first letter from the local DAR chief called PARO. We hope she will continue to answer questions from the public in a regular forum we are proposing. We would like to acknowledge hereto the two page letter of DAR provincial agrarian reform officer Ms Grace B. Fua for explaining some points relative to our past coverage of the Caranoche agrarian case. Ms. Fua, is the wife of Siquijor Governor Shanne Fua, who is the son of Siquijor’s illustrious legend of anti-Marcos opposition now Congressman Orly Fua, She is now the PARO for Negros Oriental. She noted five points in her letter to the editor, written by her information officer namely: 1. That the Caranoche farm has been decided by the Supreme Court of which a write of execution was issued in 2006 and executed by the DAR last November 12. Fua continued that Sec 6 of RA 6657 considers null and void any sale of agricultural land in excess of five hectares and whose buyer is a landed owner.


Legal or not: Church to block lotto return

he Catholic Church will continue to oppose the establishment of lotto outlets her in Dumaguete City a position which was made clear during Tuesday’s public hearing at the City Council for the possible granting of franchise and mayor’s permit to two applicants for lotto operations here. Msgr. Gamaliel provisions of the ordinance, Tulabing, Vicar-General of but that does not change the the Diocese of Dumaguete fact that gambling in whatmaintains that gambling ever form is immoral,” the whether it is sanctioned by clergyman stressed. law or not is detrimental to Councilor Edion Catan the socio-economic and cultural development of the expressed his backing for the granting of mayor’s permit people. “As to its legality, there to operate lotto in the city so is nothing the Church can do that the people will no longer especially if the applicants have to travel far just to and operators follow the place their bets.



ome businessmen are not in favor of too many holidays being declared by the government especially for this month which now a totals six days. For them this will slow down production and most owners of businesses will be burdened by the provision mandating them to give extra compensation to those who will work on those holidays.

There are three regular working holidays: Dec. 1 for Bonifacio day; Dec. 25 Christmas Day and Dec. 31 Rizal Day. Declared special holiday are Dec. 31 and Dec. 26, while Dec. 29 is a special non-working holiday. Kenrick Villaluz, Labor Employment Officer ex-

plains that those who will work on a regular holiday will receive 200 percent of their daily wage provided that they are present or on a leave of absence with pay on the work day immediately preceding the holiday. Those who will work on a special non-working holiday will get Turn to page 20

Wayward bus hits 3 kids in parade BY: JULIAN SOLER


AIS CITY ---A Public Utility Bus rammed through a school marching band seriously injuring three students from the Bais City Pilot School – Special Learning Center, on Aguinaldo St. corner National Highway, Bais City last Dec. 5. The band was part of a parade that was marching down Aguinaldo St., on its way to the plaza when a Dowing Lines bus, plate number GVG 441, veered into the opposite lane colliding with the marching band. The wayward bus was unable to heed Traffic Aides Neil Javier and Mario Pileo’s frantic motions to stop, causing them to dive out of the way to avoid being crushed by the bus themselves. Police reports indicate that the bus, travelling around 70 km/h, had travelled another 200 meters after it had run over the children before coming to a stop, sending other shocked students, teachers and the watching Turn to page 24

Some of the Caranoche Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries who were installed recently in the former Teves estate. 2. That the Supreme Court has upheld the lower court in taking over the 17-hectare Polo Plantation while the Caranoche case is another case also decided by the Supreme Court covered by another CLOA; DAR admits there is still pending motion for reconsideration. 3. That DAR under RA 6657 or the CARP law covers all public and private agricultural lands idle or developed, regardless of crops planted including lands of public domain which are suitable for agriculture idle or otherwise. The DAR here has covered most of the idle lands in Negros Oriental which are mostly government-owned and DAR has so far covered 37,872 hectares of GOL alone; 4. That it is only a matter of perception that many people have a very low respect for DAR today unlike before. DAR people are risking their lives to implement the program, she said. The litany of difficult experiences she said, is done despite the risks involved by DAR people;

The offending wayward bus impounded at the Bais City Hall motorpool.

5. DAR is not a confiscatory agrarian agency; even the Supreme Court said that. The 1987 Charter calls for agrarian reform “which is why private agricultural lands are to be taken from their owners subject to retention limits by law. DAR gives just compensation after complying with twin re Turn to page 22

December 7, 2008



From: Offers Business Loans, Salary Loans, Equipment/Car Financing, Real Estate and Chattel Mortgages, SSS/GSIS Pension Loans, OFW Loans at very friendly rates from 1% to 3%. Visit us at our new office at the 2nd floor, JFT Building, Perdices corner Colon Streets, tel. nos. 226-1588/225-9675/422-6449. With branches in Bayawan City-228-3229; San Carlos City; Tanjay City; Toledo City; Sipalay City; Larena, Siquijor and Surigao City. WE HELP BUILD DREAMS AND MAKE THEM A REALITY, GROW WITH US AND SECURE YOUR TOMORROW.



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For FEEDBACK: email

Perdices debuts on witness stand


or the first time last Tuesday, December 3, 2008, the city mayor Agustin R. Perdices took the witness stand as complainant-witness in the sala of Judge Antonio Estoconing.

Perdices testified to prove how he was deeply hurt about an article published in the Negros Chronicle, written by columnist Dindo P. Generoso on May 20, 2007, after the May 14, 2007 elections.


(From page 1)

Is balik-society worth it?

mal-treatment of political prisoners, violation of human rights by both sides right and left, slow grind of justice for the poor, but swift justice for the rich, and many others. Of course there are many exceptions to these root causes. There are more good done by Government than harm point for point. The government's program, over the weekend, continued to gain headway with another batch of 25 returnees to the folds of society, from Negros Occidental, and another batch of returnees were welcomed in Guihulngan. Each of them got P50,000 to start off for their livelihood projects over the weekend. There are also reports of rebel returnees who are in, just for the money. However, the next thing you hear from them is that they’re back fighting in the mountains with new fire arms from god-knows where. So is it worth this good program? Held separately in Bacolod, and Guihulngan, more than five former NPA guerillas in both events, received an additional P50,000 each after they turned over to the military their M-16 assault rifles received. Previously it was only P18,000 for each surrendered rifle. The government's livelihood assistance given was in accordance to the preference of the former rebels themselves and their families, which include a choice of 17 carabaos, 13 cows, nine sari-sari stores, two motorcycles, one bicycle with sidecar (trisikad). Each returnee receives an average of P10,000 in cash benefits. This Social Integration Program (SIP)

aims to benefit returnees and their dependents who wish to reenter or reintegrate into mainstream society. The SIP involves the management of forces, arms, and ammunition of returnees as well as their transition into civilian life. "The program reconciles former rebels with their respective families and communities, as well as creates opportunities for change so that they become productive citizens in society." Among the latest returnees in Negros island, the government said, some beneficiaries opted for and received sari-sari store packages. Some of them got store items worth P40,000 each and others, worth P15,000 each. One received store items worth P20,000 and a package of rice sacks worth another P20,000. Some of those with P15,000 worth of store items also got a carabao worth P25,000 each. Other beneficiaries each received two of the four smaller working animals worth P20,000 each Over all, others made similar choices. At least two others received motorcycles worth P45,000 each. Another who got P40,000 in store items only received P4,000 out of his P10,000 allotted cash benefit since he also got a trisikad worth P6,000. This is as reported by the Philippine News Agency. The Social Integration Program SIP involves collecting, controlling, and disposing small arms, weapons, ammunition and explosives from the returnees. It provides a peaceful avenue for dissolving armed organizations and converting their military Turn to page 22

Perdices has accused Generoso of abusing his rights when he wrote the hurtful article. He accused Generoso of defamation. He is demanding that Generoso pay him P300,000 pesos in damages. In his testimony, Perdices said Generoso caused him damage when Generoso, in his column, attributed the loss of Atty. Arturo Umbac in the 2007 mayoral elections to a criminal conspiracy and felonious act of electoral fraud involving Perdices.

Clerk of Court swears mayor

Clerk of Court Jess Kadusale swears Mayor Perdices on the witness stand as he accuses Chronicle columnist Dindo Generoso of defamation before Judge Antonio Estoconing. Perdices also complained that Generoso had accused him (Perdices) of robbery, by robbing Atty. Umbac of his victory in the elections. It was a rare privilege to "baptize" Perdices as he debuted on cross-examination. I am not sure if he enjoyed it as I did. It was fun. Perdices struggled particularly when he was asked to point out where in the article he based his charges, so as to enable him to extract P300,000 from Dindo Generoso. He engaged in round-about responses. When pressed, his

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The Mumbai massacre

M Dateline Manila by Bingo P. Dejaresco

umbai, a fabled city of 18 million in ancient India last week was hit by a Pakistanbased terrorist militant group Lashkar-e-talba. Close to 200 people are dead and over 300 wounded. Ten young men (below 25 years old) used gunfire and grenades – hitting ten sites in Mumbai including two luxury hotels of Oberoi and Taj (Majal) and the famous Café Leopolde and brought the world face-to face with terror for 90 hours via CNN and BBC, among others.

Like 9-11 where less than fifteen men took the lives of close to 3,000 in two towers in New York and the Pentagon, it took only a few men also to terrorize the world to the edge of its seats – still amazed how a runaway ideology of Islam fundamentalism has corrupted such young men to die – with only the thought of going to heaven in exchange for their martyrdom. Is the world truly at the mercy of terrorists-ideologues who think all non-Muslims are infidels and deserve to be exterminated from the

face of the earth? The perverse terror attacks can spark new talks of war between the one-billion Indian nation and the belligerent Pakistan who just lost a former minister Benazir Bhutto last year in a car bombing assassination by Islam purists. Shudder, but both of then have nuclear arms. All but one of the ten assassins was killed in the counter-assault. Will the high-mileage, high-octane terror activity find copycats and assault the Philippines, a nation known for its allegiance to the United States and second to the global anti-

terrorist movement? AFP Chief of Staff Yano thinks the possibility has been heightened with the formal pullout of the foreign observers (including Malaysia and Japan) in the resolution of the Mindanao secessionist conflict with the MILF last Saturday. Peace Process Advisor former AFP Chief Esperon believes, otherwise – saying that peace is still at hand – even with the Supreme Court rejection of the Ancestral Domain MOA. In fairness, the Philippine Turn to page 15



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Everyday Heroes

HER story

1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 1234567890123456789012345678901212345678901234567890 efore I tell you about this week’s “everyday heroes” I want to tell you about the “Invisible People”. Invisible people are people you see everyday but never know their names. They are the boys that help you back out of that parking place or who guard your motorcycle while you shop. They are people you meet everyday but would not know them if they sat next to you in church.

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Invisible People



Invisible people have no future. They will never go to school or break the chains of poverty. As sad and bleak as their lives are, there is a group even more hopeless, the “Forgotten People”. They are the children crippled by disease or accident. Beautiful children, brilliant minds, loving hearts trapped in crippled bodies. They are often totally dependent on others and have no chance, no hope of escape. Unable to walk, they can not play or go anywhere. Their own brothers and sisters are afraid to play with them. Sometimes their own mothers will not

hug them for fear of hurting them. Without schooling they can not read. Often they are poor and have no TV or radio. Their life consists of laying in bed and watching others live, while they merely exist. This week’s everyday heroes are trying to help these “forgotten people”. The Great Physician Rehabilitation Foundation (GPRehab) is a group of dedicated professional Pinoy and Norwegian volunteers. They are providing physical therapy to im Turn to page 20



A Journey Through Cancer

Tragedies into Triumphs



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psyche that once again the search for truth had been suppressed. This is registered in the dark recesses of the minds of those who do not agree with the collective findings of the justice committee. ------------Graft and corruption. The ugliest phrase in our vocabulary that refuses to go away. In fact it has – since way back when – made its presence in every nook and cranny of the body politic – only this time with more sophistication and shameless magnitude. In recent times, it has attained a more sinister aura – dehumanizing many a public official in government – transforming the once-honest officials into vultures with insatiable appetite


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Dealing with Stress

T’S good that the Vatican has issued some guidelines, mainly to government and economic leaders, about how to handle the current financial crisis gripping the US and now affecting many other countries, including ours. be followed by leaders in the Church, government and civil society. As much as possible we have to avoid making agitated calls to action that are not thoroughly thought out, consulted and discussed. We have more than enough problems without creating new, unnecessary ones, highly disruptive and counter-productive. We have to avoid making reckless proposals whose outcomes and effects are not carefully researched. Calls for the socalled “People Power” are one


Footsteps and Fingerprints


Deserving to be lauded, the statements have so far been marked by both hope and restraint, optimism and realism, respect for the autonomy of our temporal affairs, with their inherent imperfections, and strong appeal to spiritual goodness that can always make do with anything no matter what. They contain enough economic data to depict the gravity of the situation, indicating that the authors did their homework. But more than this, the statements presented the needed points for reflection, the moral and social principles to follow. These are the values we need urgently these days, the template to

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t least 200 people were killed and more than 327 injured during the most recent terrorist attacks in India last November 26, 2008. Among them, the father of a colleague who led the anti-terrorism task force. She is a freshman and studying in the partner University in Germany so I haven’t really gotten to know her. But as part of the same program, we could not ‘not’ be affected. India in general is no stranger to terrorism although Mumbai has been the most preferred target for most terrorist organizations, primarily the separatist forces from Kashmir. Over the past few years a there were a series of attacks including explosions in local trains in July 2006. This time, however, was particuand the pain that they will cause larly alarming because the attacks were leaves us to wonder about the kind synchronized and deadly accurate. of terrorism in the world today. The They were conducted by trained comUnited States annual report on termandos and distributed on several acrorism asserted that the events of tion fronts simultaneously. The brilliance 11 September 2001 confirmed the of the plan coupled with the apparent intent and capability of terrorist orskill of the executioners made it all the ganizations to plan and execute more chilling. They were not only wellmass-casualty attacks. Recent adarmed and prepared to kill (and die), vances in communications and inthey also knew what they were doing. formation technology provides both This lack of deterrence and restraint Turn to page 25 despite consciousness of the damage


Fight Against Corruption

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etting in and out of the cancer institute is like living in two different worlds. When I am well, it is always a challenge not to grumble about trivial things like my hair should be a little bit and that, a little pain here and there, bills to pay and deadlines to meet. can these two feelings be possessed Until God has to give me a little by a man all at the same time? Joy that reminder when I see a glorious mornhe sees his son happy with a small ing, a smiley that appears in the sky toy, and sad because he is not sure few nights ago with two stars and a how long will this last. His little boy had moon that smile. Life is so beautiful, leukemia and he is poor. that having another day, is worth On the other hand, my sweet dancing and praising God for it. and beautiful friend, who just finEverytime I get inside that ished her six sessions of chemoglass door where cancer patherapy and a month of radiation tients sit and wait for their turns, will undergo another eighteen I see a different world. A young chemo sessions that will last for a girl wearing a scarf is looking year. beyond the glass wall staring at I can’t help but think of what if it nothing. Her mind is traveling never occurred to me? Am I going to thousands of miles away, in a see these experiences in another perworld free of the disease, the spective? What if my friend didn’t have once upon a time and the day breast cancer? What if this young lady when she will get married. Bedidn’t have lymphoma? What if this little side her, a worried mother is boy never had leukemia and he is trying to comfort her, asking how one of those healthy, energetic active she feels, holding her hand. children running and playing in the In another corner, a thin little park? boy playing with a red match box Everytime I’m on board my ra car, while his father was looking with Turn to page 20 joy and sorrow in his eyes. How




Other common symptoms are frequent headaches, insomnia, general uneasiness, constipation or diarrhea, blood pressure fluctuations, and lightheadedness. Many times we take these as part of living in the world today. We are daily bombarded with glaring headlines, angry faces on the TV news, air pollution, car crashes and plane disasters, ships being hijacked, urgent deadlines at the office, reports that should have been done yesterday, etc., etc., etc. Our cell phones are ever disturbing us with their incessant ringtones, emails shout “reply now

or else”. Noise is all around us, too, adding its chaotic voice to the mix. One Christian author believes that we need to “listen to life”. Not to the obvious noises. Not to the circus of events swirling around us. Not to the TV and radio soaps. Listening to life is the art of hearing the whisper of God instructing us in His ways, to listen between the noises to that still, small silence that speaks in peace to our heart. How do we do this? We can remain calm even in the middle of the marketplace. From the onset Turn to page 20





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email at:

At 82, Sir Loloy Maxino is still an active boy scout !

Wives and children dream and pray to have a good husband or father. Therefore one should count it a gift and a blessing from God to find a man who proved to be an excellent husband, father and mentor. The inspiring stories of successes of the legendary Maxino family can be traced all the way back to its patriarch, Sir Luciano Maxino, who at 82 years old, still possesses a keen intellect, sound judgment and zest for life as he carries on his duties while earning P 30,000 a month as if his official retirement did not happen almost 18 years ago. Sir Luciano, has gently but firmly and knowingly supervised his nine daughters and sons, molding them to be highly respected in their chosen fields as judges, high ranking government career officials, top company executives and medical practitioner. There is no question that he is a proud man but considering his accomplishments and the odds he had to overcome in his younger years, through sheer industry and brainpower, entitles him to talk big and loud so that those who will care to listen can derive valuable and practical lessons on a life that instructs how our families, communities and ourselves ought to be governed. many things for my family and the community.

DEMS: Briefly narrate your life as a student. Sir Luciano: I was valedictorian of our elementary and high school classes in Ayungon. As a teen, I worked as a camanero, I was incharge of clearing a 5-kilometer stretch of road. After the war, we constructed bridges from La Libertad to Manjuyod. I finished my Associate in Arts and AB Arts Law at Silliman University as an Uytengsu scholar with highest honors. I took the bar and wound up 12th with 92.05 percent, so far unsurpassed in Negros Oriental. I was a Fulbright and State scholar and studied at the University of Syracuse and University of Wisconsin, where I took economics. While in the US, I sell newspapers and painted fences to finance my stay.

DEMS: Describe your life after retirement. Sir Luciano: Using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I believe I have already reached the apex: gratification. But I am still working. I remain active as Rover Scout of the Boy Scout of the Philippines and Vice-Chair of the Philippine National Red Cross. I also serve as an independent Board of Directors member of the Rural Bank of Sta. Catalina by virtue of a Central Bank appointment.

DEMS: Tell us about your children and their respective careers. Sir Luciano: The eldest is Cynthia Joy, Chairman of the Department of Radiology at Manila Doctors Hospital; Carol M. Yorobe, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology; Roderick, Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 32, Negros Oriental; Pamela Ann, Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 51, Guagua, Pampanga; Dwight, Resident Manager, Energy Development Corporation; Lu, Manager, Commercial and Financial Department, Dumaguete City Water District; Carla, an executive of the Philippine National Bank, Tokyo Branch; Winston, Chief Operating Officer, Hooven Philippines and two other companies and the youngest, Shane, Human Re-

ably, these were taught in school but our students failed to internalize these values and apply them into their lives. DEMS: What is your message to the youth?

Sir Luciano: Be a problem solver. Use your brain and be productive. I am a person who does not accept can’t do excuses. Jesus himself said, nothing is impossible with God. Napoleon Bonaparte said, the word impossible is found only in the dictionary of fools. DEMS: Why is the Philippines poor?

Sir Luciano: Blame it on our give-me attitude. We always rely on dole-outs. Blame it on our crab mentality, instead of helping one another, we drag ourselves down. Blame it on our propensity to spend all the money as if there is no tomorrow. We don’t recognize the value of saving. Blame it on the lack of discipline and political patronage. For example, the city government deploys too many traffic enforcers and street sweepers. In progressive countries like Japan and Singapore, you can hardly find traffic enforcers on the street because the people follow traffic rules but herem, we employ dozens because these positions are created for political supporters. DEMS: What can be done to propel the nation to progress?

DEMS: At this stage, what is your priority? Sir Luciano: To transfer knowledge that I learn along the way in school and the school of life to anyone who would care to listen at at every opportunity.

SIR LUCIANO MAXINO Knights of Rizal and Rover Scout BSP


DEMS: What are you most proud of? Sir Luciano:I am proud of the accomplishments of my children. In fact, I am ready to die because I know that they can take care of themselves and my grandchildren. But of course, I still hope I will live long enough because I still want to do so

NPA returns ... From page 1 with some known local bandits attacked the La Libertad PNP station on November 2 and took with them four M16 rifles, ammunition and five .45 caliber pistols. The rebels denounced alleged abuses of the couple Mayor Lawrence and Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong. However, the lady solon believes the continued delivery of propoor projects to the villages in the 1st District might be hurting the communist movement since the people

source Director of Hubport Interactive Incorporated.

DEMS: Describe the youth of today. Sir Luciano: Most of the youths are bereft of the needed values and learning to succeed in life, among them independence, industry, honesty, entrepreneurship and self-discipline. Prob-

NegOr. ... From page 2 ill effects of the global financial crisis. “Impeaching the President would be a tedious and cumbersome political exercise which the country cannot afford at this time. Besides, the President is stepping down in about 17 months,” she added. Nationalist People’s

are beginning to feel that the government is truly reaching out and addressing their needs and concerns making them less susceptible to communist propaganda.

Coalition stalwart 2nd District Rep. George Arnaiz justified his stand by citing a Supreme Court decision in the Legarda versus De Castro case which ruled that there was no proof of widespread cheating during the May 2004 elections. “I believe in good faith that based on the impeachment compliant, there was no recital of facts. Their allegations are based on mere hearsay with no documentary evidences,” he concluded. The fourth impeachment complaint accused Mrs. Arroyo of betrayal of

public trust for alleged electoral fraud in the 2004 May elections, graft and corruption in the aborted NBNZTE deal and a host of others. Msgr. Gamaliel Tulabing, Vicar-General of the Diocese of Dumaguete said the dismissal of the impeachment complaint merely shows “that the people are now too numb to graft and corruption.” He adds that the solons have their own interests but whether it is for the country or not “no one knows.” Tulabing wonders how the congressmen could reject the allegations as simple hearsay.

Sir Luciano: Every Filipino must learn to be independent and autonomous. We must learn the value of hard work in order to earn. Government must invest in sustainable projects that will yield or p r o d u c e goods and services.

DEMS: Define success.

Sir Luciano: Success of a man is measured by the quality and accomplishment of the children he reared.

PNP to ... From page 2 But Marquez vows to exhaust all legal means to get a favorable ruling even if it reaches the Supreme Court. For her part, Arcilla welcomed the dismissal of the case and reiterated that Ortega went with her group on his own free will. She denounced the plan of Supt. Marquez as an attempt to really cover-up the June 11 abduction of one Calixto Alfente, which was witnessed by Ortega prompting her group to visit and persuade him to cooperate with the fact-finding mission that

Karapatan was undertaking then. Arcilla also branded the reported passage of a resolution in Barangay Imelda, Guihulngan, which condemned the communist rebel movement and banning Karapatan entry to the village as unconstitutional. “Under the constitution, we are all granted the freedom of mobility, this latest move will not deter us from doing what we believe is right,” she vowed. Only Barangay Chairman Avelino Denlaoso refused to sign the resolution. Imelda used to be a village under influence of the CPP-NPA.

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– Chairman of the Board – President – Vice- President – Director – Director – Secretary – Purchasing/Logistics – Plant Manager

(Customs Broker of the Year) The Bureau of Customs, Collection District VII gratefully acknowledge the invaluable endeavor of Dumaguete Coconut Mills, Inc., and B.R. Customs Brokerage & Cargo Handler to the revenue collection effort of the Sub-Port of Dumaguete for meeting the collection target in the previous years up to CY-2008 in the face of the global economic slowdown. DUCOM ranked No. 1 taxpayer (Top Importer of the Year) and awardee of “Best Oil Manufacturer of the Philippines”. Mabuhay Po Kayo!

Coll. RICARDO R. BELMONTE, CESO VI District Collector of Customs Port of Cebu

Coll. MEDOLIT A N MEDOLITA N.. CAB CABAN ANA AN AG Port Collector of Customs Sub-Port of Dumaguete

Coll. D ATU CAMAD M. ALI DA Port Deputy Collector for Administration, Assessment, and Operations




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An Easy Yoke

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. –– Matthew 11:29-30

H “I saw Satan falling from heaven as a flash of lightning! And I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you. But don’t rejoice just because evil spirits obey you; rejoice because your names are registered as citizens of heaven.” Luke 10:18-20 The disciples had seen tremendous results as they ministered in Jesus’ name and with his authority. They were elated by the victories they had witnessed, and Jesus shared their enthusiasm. He helped them get their priorities right, however, by reminding them of their most im-

portant victory---that their names were registered in heaven. This honor was more important than any of their accomplishments. As we see God’s wonders at work in and through us, we should not lose sight of the greatest wonder of all---our heavenly citizenship.



Mark 1:1-8 ohn the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for Jesus’ ministry. Likewise, we are called to do all we can to prepare the way for the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those whom we know. Let us be on the lookout for any opportunity we might be able to use to open people up to the possibilities of a life of faith. This is what it mean, at least in part, to be on mission in today’s world. ---------------------------------------


The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God. As it is written in Isaiah the prophet: “Behold, I am sending my messenger ahead of you; he will prepare your way. A voice of one crying out in the desert: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.’” John the Baptist appeared in the desert pro-

WE ARE CREA TED IN CREATED GOD’S IMAGE (Part III) “What is man that thou art mindful of him and the son of man that thou carest for him…For you have made him a little lower than the angels… (Psalm 8:4)


et us summarize what the Christian faith means by man as made Dr. PROCESO UDARBE in the image of God. One, to be in the image of God, humankind has dominion over all of creation.

In the creation of Adam, God says that he would have authority over the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, the beasts of the field. Feliciano Cariño puts significance on man naming the animals in the garden of Eden, that to name creation gives man the authority to give creation direction and form, to provide it with spirituality, to make of the world into a civilization. Consequently, the image-of-God concept is crucial for our stewardship of the universe, for seeing to it that there be no environmental destruction, that there be man’s enjoyment of God’s gift not just by certain segments of mankind. Are we imago dei with respect to our natural resources and the environment? Are not many people sick because of our pollution of the air? Don’t we experience

is yoke is easy because his yoke is my yearning. It gives me the very thing I’m made for—creative activity. When I surrender to him, it is the same surrender a wire, unattached and noncreative, makes when it surrenders to a dynamo: it throbs with light and power. The same surrender which paint makes when it surrenders to an artist: mere color becomes a living picture which ink makes when it surrenders to a writer; mere color becomes words that burn and bless enlighten. When you surrender to Christ, you surrender to the most creative and dynamic Person on this or any other planet. You begin to be alive with his life, enlightened with his light, loving with his love. You have surrendered to creativity. Therefore his yoke is easy, for you are made by the Creator for creation. His yoke fits you. You are made to belong, and when you belong to him, you know instinctively that this is the right belonging…. When Jesus came to the disciples as they were distressed in rowing, bucking a heavy headwind and getting nowhere, they were frightened, thinking he was a ghost---something alien. But finally, after his assurance, “It is I,” they gladly took him into the boat; and “immediately the boat was at the land whither they were going.” They were going nowhere until they took him in, and then the boat was “immediately at the land whither they were going.” You

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as imago dei. (To be continued)

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strive to get to the land of self-realization and can’t, and then you take Jesus in as Lord, surrender to him, and immediately you are at the land whither you were going---the land of self-realization. You have been striving to get to the land of total meaning and can’t get there. You take Jesus in, and immediately you are at the land whither you were going--you’ve found the land of total meaning, the Kingdom of God. You have arrived at the land of fulfilment when you are in him. You don’t have to travel---you’re here!


Humanae vitae

ifty years ago, Pope Paul VI issued the encyclical Humanae Vitae. On 25 July 1968, the Pope declared that “Marriage, then, is far from being the effect of chance or the result of the blind evolution BY: REV. FR. ROMAN C. of natural forces.” SAGUN. JR. Now as then, of the many points worthy of reflection for Roman Catholics, let this one do: “Married love, therefore, requires of husband and wife the full awareness of their obligations in the matter of responsible parenthood, which today, rightly enough, is much insisted upon, but which at the same time should be rightly understood.” “Responsible parenthood is exercised by those who prudently and generously decide to have more children, and by those who, for serious reasons and with due respect to moral precepts, decide not to have additional children for either a certain or an indefinite period of time.” “Responsible parenthood … concerns the objective moral order which was established by God, and of which a right conscience is the true interpreter. In a word, the exercise of responsible parenthood requires that husband and wife, keeping a right order of priorities, recognize their own duties toward God, themselves, their families and human society.” “The sexual activity, in which husband and wife are intimately and chastely united with one another, through which human life is transmitted, is, as the recent Council recalled, ‘noble and worthy.’” “The fact is, as experience shows, that new life is not the result of each and every act of sexual intercourse. God has wisely ordered laws of nature and the incidence of fertility in such a way that successive births are already naturally spaced through the inherent operation of these laws.” From this positive note, Pope Paul VI went on to say: “There We base Our words on the first principles of a human and Chris


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he Negros Oriental Wildlife Conservation Council celebrated Wildlife Conservation Month last November 2008. Themed as “Ihalas nga Kahayupan ug Tanaman sa Kalasangan tinubdan sa Katubigan”, to highlight the critical importance of our island’s fauna and flora to the preservation of ecosystems and thus, the security of basic needs such as food, water and shelter The Month of November kicked off with a “Pulong-pulong with PEDO” at Bethel Guest House last November 4, 2008. Led by P/S Superintendent Augusto Marquez, Jr. who himself authored the creation of the PEDOs, Chiefs of Police from all over Negros Oriental and Police Environmental Desk Officers were the target audience of this activity intended to enlighten them on existing laws and remind our police force of our environmental responsibilities. Guest Speaker was Mr. Marlito Guidote, Policy and Enforcement Adviser of USAID who spoke on methods of detection of wildlife smuggling, apprehension of violators and enforcement. The following week was the first Animals of Negros Parade , where 7 schools were dressed in different costumes depicting the animals of Negros. A flurry of inter-school contests, such as Inter-Elementary School Comic Strip Making Contest, Junk Art Innovation Contest, InterHigh School Essay Writing Contest, Inter High School Extemporaneous Speaking Contest,Inter –College Extemporaneous and

Inter-College Mural Making Contest. The Wildlife Month culminated with a Tree Planting Activity at Baslay Dauin sponsored by Dauin Municipal Mayor Rodrigo Alanano. It was participated in by the Tau Gamma Phi Int’l, GTZ Water Program, Living Word Christian School,

Vice Governor’s Office, DENR, Centrop, the Mt. Talinis People’s Organization Federation, Inc., the Baslay Farmer’s Association and PENAGMANNAK. The pet project of our outgoing Vice Governor Jose Baldado, we have seen the participation of schools and the different sectors in the Province, we are hoping that our people will be more mindful of the importance of wildlife conservation. Much effort had been exerted and last but not least, we would like to thank our sponsors for our activities, namely: PNOC-EDC, Veteran’s Bank, Cang’s Inc., Shakey’s, Vallacar Transit, Ang Sandigan, Bio-Society and the Student Government of Silliman University.



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I knelt to pray but not for long, I had too much to do, Must hurry off and get to work, For bills would soon be due. And so I rattled a hurried prayer, Jumped up from off my knees. My Christian duty now was done, My soul could be at ease.

This Breakfast could yet change

All through the day I had no time, your Life. To speak a word of cheer. NO TIME to speak of Christ to friends, They’d laugh at me I feared. NO TIME, NO TIME, so much to do, That was my constant cry. NO TIME to give to those in need;

At last, t’was time for me to die…. And when before the Lord I came, I stood with downcast eyes, With his hands He held a book, T’was the BOOK OF LIFE. Brotherhood of He looked into the book and said, Christian Businessmen “Your name I cannot find, and Professionals I once was going to write it down But never found the TIME.”

FREE BREAKFAST for First Timers Cell No. 0917-314-0701


Just cut out and present this invitation to: Bethel Guest House: 1st Saturday 7:30 a.m.

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hatever you call this mega-fight, a farcical or a mismatch, between Pound-for-pound King Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Pay-Per-View King Oscar de la Hoya, it surely sets the world stage for what could be a crucial moment in the history of boxing.

So, the tectonic shift in boxing continues. But, let us not forget that this meritorious fight between these two great men serves as a lens through which we can see how the human mind responds to this entertainment stimulus despite economic turmoil. To understand this is to immediately lift the clouds in our minds about our present condition, that for the Maharlikan nation, the Philippines, in particular. Philippines has been in a vacuum of inspiration and truism of heroic life for many centuries now. What Manny Pacquiao did in the ring of violence evolves into a romantic interplay between politics and inspiration, nay, religion and lifestyle sophistication. And, whatever condemnation you would have about this man, such may not fit into his aura that the Creative Power of the Universe has given to him. In fact, no purported hero in the history of Philippines has ever made it in the hearts of every living Filipinos except Pacman. Even my twenty-two month old niece knows who Pacman is, at least in her own intimation. Meanwhile, the name “Pacman” adds distinction to the lives of the Filipinos, at least in terms of outlook. Inspirations emitting from the life of their post-modern icon has brought out their imprisoned minds from the bondage of economic depravity and debility in the lack of inspiration. Rightly so, when we think of Manny Pacquiao, we think: construction worker, baker, cigarette vendor, philanthropist, the legendary Asian boxer, descendant of Lapu-lapu - - - in short one of the greatest men of the Maharlikan na-

tion. But alongside that list stands another: a man of God. However, while it is true that Pacquiao exhibits in his personal story a controversial past, he makes no effort to hide his own failures. Yet, he will always be remembered and respected for his heart of God. Knowing how much more we share in Pacman’s failures than in his greatness, we should be curious to find out what made him as a man after God’s heart. Pacman, like David of old, has an unchangeable belief in the faithful and forgiving nature of God. He is a man who lives with great zest. He sins many times. But, he is quick to confess his sins. In fact, he never takes God’s forgiveness lightly or his blessings for granted. True, Pacman stands firm basking the limelight of giving glory to his Creator, a direct contrast of what De la Hoya gears up into. De la Hoya resorts to making his fight against Pacman a personal revenge of what he perceives to be an easy way to avenge the withdrawal of the latter’s intent to establish contract with him. And for De la Hoya, he feels it necessary to demolish Pacman in the realm of his own power and strength. What a difference perspective can make! As to the intricacy of this fight, most boxing pundits only see the physical and boxing skill advantages of De la Hoya. But, Pacman sees a mortal man defying almighty God. He knows that he would not be alone when he faces De la Hoya. Because Pacman sees this clearly, he can fight him more effectively. Criticisms,

of boxing spectacle. Oscar is bigger than Pacman both in size and category. Pacman wants to move up to 147lbs when he should only be fighting under the 120lbs category. Will he make it? We will know by lunch time today or a bit later when the 12-round fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas shall have been over before sunset today. Pacman is perhaps the last of the country’s pride in sports who has tickled the imagination of millions of sports fans over the world. Will there be another if not better than Manny Pacquiao in the future? We will never know. It is his drive and never-ending spirit to win that drives people to his side. And usually ----he wins! But today, he is the underdog. Pacman knows that, so that all the more he will fight to the finish. His being underdog is enough challenge to the victor. Pacman does not only want to win for himself, but he wants to win to please the Filipino nation . He will only be happy if his people are happy. What a rare motivation to win! nonetheless, couldn’t stop Pacman. In fact, he is unafraid to make his own trail. And, it’s nevertheless about the heart of the True Maharlikan from the bloodthirsty aorta of Mindanao versus La Raza from the gang-infested section of East Los Angeles . Sure enough, this fight itself is about bypassing the yardstick of economic restraints to the amazement of entertainment attractions, which, in this case, centers on “The Dream Match.” Conversely, as for Pacman, the time is now for his greatest call on December 6, 2008 - to subdue the cockiness of Oscar de La Hoya, the Golden Boy. But, leave it all to his Mighty Fortress who bolsters his aura of invincibility. It is He who is always ready to defy human logic, to which, of course as to this matter, I would keep my case open.

Even if others are not. Even if others will not. Even if others can not. walk alks walk alks securely ely.” “He who w alk s honestly w alk s secur ely .” A message from:

Proverbs 10:9

Brotherhood of Christian Businessman & Professionals

Fight Against ... (Umbac)

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for the carcasses of an impoverished population. ------------The fight against corruption for all its noble and sublime dynamism is fraught with seemingly insurmountable odds. In a country where good example is hard to come by from many of our public officials, abetting graft and corruption is a very difficult and – many even say – an impossible undertaking. -------------Our frustration to zero in on the grafters and make them account for their corruption, are best articulated by Bishop Socrates Villegas of Balanga, Bataan who said that those who violated the trust reposed on them by the people are hardly punished. ------------We can empathize with the young bishop’s frustration. He was with the late Cardinal Sin during those dramatic and historic moments of the 1st EDSA People Power Revolution. He lamented and seemingly ineffective fight against the scourge of corruption, thus: “Vigilance is lacking. Political will is weak. Prosecution plays favourites. The penal system is flawed. Pardon and clemency is cheap. Among our people, there is an increasing level of tolerance for corrupt officials. Corruption does not seem to anger many of us anymore. We are not outraged enough by graft and corruption. Widespread graft has sadly numbed our morals.” ------------The worst thing that can happen to us is to lose hope – to abandon our resolve that – with God’s help in his own time, and within the rule of law – we can cleanse our country of its demons of graft and corruption. Easier said than done. But remember, there is a season of everything under the sun. ------------Nobody stays in power forever. Look back into our country’s history – the lives of those who were once the powerful and the mighty, so were perched in the lordly splendour in their pedestal of power – where are they now? Remember this – those who are now burning bright with their ill-acquired power and wealth will in due time be consumed by their own fire.


INVITATION TO APPLY FOR ELIGIBILITY AND TO BID The Department of Agriculture-Provincial Agricultural Technology Coordinating Office (DA-PATCO) through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), invites suppliers/distributors/contractors to apply for eligibility and to bid the hereunder requirements: PR NUMBER 10-379-2008



Cauliflower (albarich) – 0.5 grms Php 393,835.00 Broccoli (Lucky miracles) 11 grms Lettuce (fame) – 1 gm Eggplant (sikat) – 1 gm Amplaya (Megaton) – 2 gms Sweet pepper (king Solomon) 1 gm Tomato (Agatona) – 1 gm Mush melon (hiles best) – 3gms Carrots (terra cotta) – 2gms Water melon – 3 gms Pole sitao (mega green) – 8 gms Hot pepper (Hot lady) – 8 gms Fruit fly trap with methyl agent


545 100 170 900 900 360 360 360 40 400 800 400 20 TOTAL: Php 393,835.00

Prospective Bidders should submit the following documents: 1. Company Profile (Track Record of Customers, references and their addresses) 2. Business License Permit-Certified true copy 3. DTI/SEC Registration License-Certified true copy 4. Audited Financial Statements-Certified true copy 5. BIR-Tax Clearance – Latest – Certified True copy Interested parties should submit the above mentioned requirement for eligibility and pre-qualification on or before December 09, 2008 together with the Letter of Intent addressed to the Chairman of the Bids and Awards (BAC), DA-PATCO, Lo-oc, Dumaguete City. The information of bidders and other pertinent data maybe obtained from DAPATCO, Lo-oc, Dumaguete City. All particulars relative to Eligibility screening, bids Security, performance Security, Pre bidding Conferences, Evaluation of Bids, Post Qualification and awards of contrast shall be governed by the pertinent provisions of R.A. 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). The complete schedule of activities is as follows: ACTIVITIES 1. Submission of Bid Documents for the requirements of eligibility and pre-qualification.

SCHEDULE On of before December 09, 2008 (Office hours) DA-PATCO (2:00 pm)

2. Issuance of Bid Documents

December 10, 2008 (Office Hours) DA-PATCO

3. Opening of Bids & Deadline of submission of bids

December 12, 2008 (2:00 pm) DA-PATCO

Bid documents will be available only to prospective bidders upon payment of a non-refundable amount of 0.1% of the ABC whichever is higher, per bidding schedule to DA-PATCO. Complete set of bids documents be obtained from the BAC Secretary. The Department of Agriculture, reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to declare a failure, to waive any required formality in the bids received or to accept such bid most advantageous to the Government. Furthermore, the cost of bid preparation and submission shall be borne solely by the bidder. The Office assumes no obligations whatsoever to complensate or indemnify the bidders for any expense or losses that maybe incurred in connection with the preparation of their bids. The Negros Chronicle December 7, 2008

(Sgd.) JOSE ANDRO S. VENDIOLA Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee

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The Mumbai...




Ready for occupancy Furnished

Lot - 340 sqm. Floor - 100 sqm.

CADAWINONAN 200 meters after Silliman Heights

Call: 0918-929-6047 50% downpayment 50% upon completion

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military has been quite effective in the anti-terror attack. We must remember that the plan to kill Pope John Paul II and the World Trade Center was busted in the Philippines by the raid on an apartment in Quirino Avenue in Manila sometime in the 1990s. The group then was led by former PNP Chief Avelino Razon, who retired last September. The United States had always acknowledged RP’s lead role in nipping terrorism in the bud in this part of the globe. It was Erap’s “search and destroy” mission that obliterated the massive training camps of terrorism in Mindanao, too. When we see sporadic terror attacks in public places in Mindanao and elsewhere since 2006, these are mere acoustic attacks with no large damage. They were meant to state their mere presence in our midst and keep the panic mindset alert among the people. The Department of National Defense had claimed that for every one “successful” terror gimmickry, they foiled nine others – which are not necessarily detailed before the public eye for security reasons. The Manila PNP had outlined a three-pronged anti-terror attack: intelligence emphasis, penetration of fronts and cells and a well-rehearsed combat preparedness for terror attacks and hostage taking. Of the 15,000 PNP men in Manila, 90% are out in the field now for more visibility and reconnaissance.

Civilian community cooperation has also been very effective. Undercover agents now prowl areas of convergence: malls, bus terminals, airports and seaports, MRT/ LRT, hotels and public markets – at least in Manila. Thus terrorist can now only make sporadic attacks in the provinces with limited damage, that is our guesstimate. Since 2000, only 900 deaths and 1,500 wounded have been established as related to Jihad-type of attacks in the country. It is comparable to the 900 extra-judicial killing numbers and is certainly much lower than the casualties in the war of attrition against the Muslims and the NPAs. There were only three major terror attacks we can recall in the country from 2000: 16 dead in the Rizal Day bombings in many parts of Manila in 2000, the 166 dead in the Super Ferry destruction in 2004 and six dead in the Valentines Day Feb 13 2005 station deaths in Manila. That is less than 200 deaths over 7 years now. These statistics that appear small to deaths by terrorism in Israel, Iraq and Middle East countries, still appears to be small comfort. Because the mind of the terrorist is beyond analysis – and they operate as small independent cells, not easy to detect. They also strike when least expected. So let us still beware. Deranged copycats may still be in our midst trying to emulate the havoc and the publicity the Mumbai terror had generated and duplicate – replicate them in the country. An ounce of prevention therefore is still better than a pound of cure. For comments: email to or

EL CAMINO BLANCO ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION Come and feel the total relaxation…. Acoustics Jammin’ @ Barefoot Bistro Every Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 9:00 p.m. onwards

Great food…Great music…Great atmosphere….. Cor. EJ Blanco Dr. & Flores Ave., Piapi, Dumaguete City

Call us up at (035) 225-9428/ 422-5373



December Seminar 10am-12pm Jordan 2 9 ** AVON Philippine National Oil Corporation Meeting 8am-

11 12 13


5pm Jordan 3 * Pastors’ Fellowship 9am-12pm Joshua 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------* Philippine National Oil Corporation Seminar 8am5pm Jordan 2 * Integrated Bar of the Philippines Seminar 8am5pm Joshua 1&2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------* Integrated Bar of the Philippines Seminar 8am5pm Joshua 1&2 * Social Security System Seminar 1pm-2pm Jordan 1& 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------* LR Health & Beauty System Party 2pm-5pm Joshua 1&2 * Herbalife Seminar 3pm-7pm Jordan 3 * Southern Mindanao Christmas Party 5pm-7-pm Jordan 1 * Kinetics Philippines Meeting 6pm-8pm Agape * DG Tech Christmas Party 6:30pm-9:30pm Jordan 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------* Mary Reyes Baptism 1am-1pm Jordan 1 * Oikodomeo Fellowship 9am-12pm Jordan 3 * Living Hope Fellowship 9am-12pm Joshua 2 * Solidrock Fellowship 5:30pm-7:30pm Agape

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(Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)


Around Negros Books for schools

FEDERICO EPARWA, teacher in charge of the Mantiquil Masaligon High School together with his co-teacher in the same school receive donated books solicited by the Army as part of their charm offensive to win the hearts of the people. Yet government has to be consistent, not just occasionally present. Giving the books are Major Gen Nestor Ochoa, 3ID Cmdr and Lt. Col. E. Neri, Cmdr 79IB.


our Sundays into Christmas Day, the Advent season begins. This year Advent begins on 29 November 2008 and ends on 24 December. For four Sundays, the Advent wreath, decorated with four Advent Candles representing the four Sundays of Advent, is prominently displayed in Churches and each Sunday one candle is lighted. There are three purple candles and one pink candle in the Advent wreath. Usually the Advent wreath is put up on the side of the church altar; this year however, I saw a giant advent wreath displayed at the Redemptorist Church grounds, an interesting show of Filipino ingenuity. It is always interesting to go around the churches and see the different Advent wreaths beautifully displayed in different ways. While Christmas is associated The Advent wreath is beautifully displayed at the side of the Altar. with the birth of Beside it is the statue of Our Blessed Mother who’s feast of the Jesus, the Advent Immaculate Conception will be celebrated on Dec. 8 Season is closely intertwined with the celebra- as the waiting by Christians Christ. For the first Sunday, tion of the Nativity. Advent the second coming of Christ. For the Christian the lighting of the first is the season of waiting, preparing and celebrating the Church it is the period of ex- candle, the message is for pectant waiting and prepa- us Christians to be prepared coming of Jesus. Advent, from the ration for the birth of Jesus. spiritually as Jesus explains All over town, we that no one knows the time Latin word adventus, of the Second Coming. For the Second Sunday, John the Baptist preaches repentance to prepare for the coming of the Lord. The third candle for the third Sunday, John explains that he is not the Messiah as he explains how people should repent. The fourth candle is pink, and the Sunday message is joy the birth of the Son of The giant Advent Candles displayed under the Christmas tree like god is foretold by setting at the Redemptorist grounds the angel Gabriel to Mary. Mary goes to means "coming" and is the see people prepare for the Elizabeth and expresses her translation of the Greek coming holidays; the exter- joy (the Magnificat). When I see the Adword parousia, commonly nals – gift buying, food wreath, I know Christused in reference to the shopping and Christmas vent mas is just four Sundays Second Coming. The Ad- decorations. In the away. Jesus is the vent season serves as a dual churches, the Advent season reminder of the original wait- ushers in the time the ing by the Hebrews for the Churches exhort the people birth of the Messiah as well to prepare the coming of the


Taclob dodges critics; defends alleged lapses pparently, it is anybody’s fault but Taclob. Despite some instances when the authorities and the public note that Engr. Ephraim Taclob should be taken to task for possible wrongdoing, the controversial NORECO 2 General Manager always manages to impute these offenses to somebody else but his own. This was the collective opinion of pun- tric cooperative. When confronted by DYEM-FM dits who followed Taclob’s brush with law and the subsequent controversies on his Dumaguete Tonight anchor Florence conduct as General Manager of the elecTurn to page 22


Capitol dads junk Guihulngan budget uihulngan officials can’t seem to get it right, a few weeks after being demoted back as a town by the Supreme Court; it was the Provincial Board who delivered another bitter lesson: it disapproved, for the third time, the annual budget and investment plan ostensibly for the failure of the local officials to enact these measures in accordance with existing laws and regulations. At present, the town is operating un- their counterparts in Guihulngan to exder its previous budget which will prevent it ercise prudence in their expenditures from undertaking new projects that would and refrain from using taxpayer’s money be responsive to their constituents’ urgent on items and projects not yet sanctioned needs. Certain Capitol officials also warned by the higher authorities.


Manjuyod desperately needs P3M PNP stn. How can one possibly defend the literally indefensible? The public and PNP officials wonder how can the local policemen defend a police station described in quite gentle term as “dilapidated” and withstand attacks by the New People’s Army and other lawless groups?


eacting to the comments of Region 7 Police Director General Ronald Roderos urging the local officialdom of Manjuyod to follow the lead of the Local Government Units of Ayungon, Tayasan and Amlan that provided funds for the rehabilitation and building of new police stations, Vice-Governor Jose Petit Baldado, who has served as mayor of Manjuyod for so many years, reminded Roderos of the PNP pledge of P2M for the construction of the town’s police station. “Even when I was still mayor, the Poblacion Barangay Hall which is supmunicipal government already has a posed to be the site of a new separate Turn to page 22 sizable donated lot located behind the

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Fuel distribution runs well


ecember 9, 1978— The local headquarters of the Philippine Constabulary has distributed ration cards to over 50% of all motorists in the province. This was revealed by the special section created by Lt. Col. Honorato Galan, Provincial Commander, charged with implementing fuel rationing regulations in the distribution of ration cards in the wake of the oil crisis.

There is an estimated 4000 motor vehicles in the province of Negros Oriental. Upon application of each motor vehicle owner and upon approval of the provincial commander, the owner of the vehicle is issued a ration card for individual vehicles. The move is intended to maintain order and sobriety in refueling at respective gasoline stations. It was observed that with the implementation of the ration card system, gasoline stations are devoid of the long

lines of motorists. Gasoline stations in Dumaguete city only accept refueling services from motorists who can present their ration cards. Upon presentation and filling up of allocated number of liters, his ration card is marked indicating that he has refueled on that particular day. He is only allotted a certain number of liters per day. He cannot buy more.


P14M unpaid electric bills


ecember 4, 1988—Unpaid electric bills of more than P14 million have delayed the improvement of electric services in Negros Oriental. This was revealed by the chairman of the Committee on Human Resources and Energy Provincial Board Member Jaime Ponce de Leon.

Lawyer Arturo Umbac, General Manager of the Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative 2 said the unpaid accounts come from the northern towns of Pamplona to Basay in southern Negros Oriental. De Leon conducted a public hearing to determine the cause of the frequent brownouts in Negros Oriental. Umbac pointed out that the plan to rehabilitate the main electric trunkline was temporarily shelved because of lack of funds. He added that the electric cooperative has also no funds

to purchase transformers. He lamented that many electric subscribers have failed to pay their bills despite the 30-day disconnection notice. Atty. Umbac disclosed that the electric cooperative has revised its disconnection notice from 30 days to 15 days. This means that the electric cooperative will disconnect the electric line of any subscriber who fails to pay his long-standing accounts in 15 days.


Council turns down tax appeal


ecember 7, 1998— After months of discussion, the Sangguniang Panlungsod turned down the request of local movie houses operators for a 40 percent reduction of their amusement tax dues.

The debates culminated with a division of the house which saw two councilors abstaining and 9 councilors against. Those who abstained were Councilors Espiridion Catan and George Sy. Interviewed right after the SP vote, local movie industry spokesman Edward Du said he respects the decision. He ad-

mitted and apologized that the movie house operators should have amended the request into a petition for a prompt payment discount instead of a 40 percent tax reduction which is illegal. Du indicated that Park and Ever theatres may be permanently closed as recommended by the meeting of the city’s five movie houses operators.




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Lot NO. 5721, Situated at Apolong, Valencia, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 2,953 square meters. - price: PhP1.8M Neighboring residences are owned by foreigners - Clean title with only two registered owners. ———————————————


2. One property, with two separate titles, being separated by a barangay road passing through them: LOT NO. 4529, Situated at Valencia, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 1,189 square meters and LOT NO. 4528, Situated at Valencia, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 633 square meters - price for the whole property: PhP1.6 M. With more than a hundred standing matured lanzones trees. - Clean title with only one signatory to the deed of sale. ———————--——————-


3. BEACH LOT Situated at Dauin, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 7,081 square meters. - Negotiable Price: PhP 15.5M. - Only one signatory to the deed of sale LOT-D

4. LOT NO. 6805, Situated at Opao, Seit Siaton, Negros Oriental, containing an area of 22,432 square meters - Price: PhP60.00 per square meter. Elevated property with scenic view of Tambobo Bay where the Yachts can be seen being docked. Just a road away from the river - Clean title. With proper documents. ——————————------—— Contact: 0918-929-6047.



Real Estate Call: 0918-929-6047

1. Commercial Lot Location: Looc Area 194 sq.m. K-10 Clean title P6 M negotiable 2. House & Lot Location: Bantayan Area 1,852sq.m. K-11 6 bedrooms, garage, lawn huge sala, kitchen fence P10M negotiable Clean title

HOUSE & LOT FOR SALE 200 sq.m. P1M Mango Avenue Piapi, Dumaguete City

Contact: 0918-929-6047

FOR SALE Sprawling 4.1 Has. of land Ideal for Downtown Subd., Sulodpan, Bacong Contact:


FOR SALE 1 unit aircon Carrier Ultima with Timer 2 double deck steel beds. Contact Nos.

09298214829 09185003366

BEACHLOT – 2nd lot from seashore Area: 1497 sqmtrs. Location: Mayabon, Zamboanguita Rush Sale Package Price: P1.6M (M2)HOUSE FOR SALE –FULLY FURNISHED Area: 1132 sqmtrs. Location: Camanjac, Dgte. City Price: P3.7M (M3) BEACHLOT -W/ BEACH HOUSE Area: 1000 sqmtrs. Location: Campaclan, Sibulan Dgte. City Price: P5M

STOCKS OCKS Contact 0918-929-6047 NEW ST HOUSE AND LOT (K 1) LOT FOR SALE (K 8) Area: 160 sqmtrs. Location: Casa Alicia Subd., Candau-ay, Dgte. City Price: P2.5M Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, with good neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 2) Area: 320 sqmtrs. Location: Casa Alicia Subd., Candau-ay, Dgte. City Price: P4M/ negotiable Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, with good neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 3) Area: 250 sqmtrs. Location: Casa Alicia Subd., Dgte. City Price: P4M Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, with good neighbors.


(K 1)

Area: 14,700 sqmtrs. Location: 120 coconuts at Combado, Bacong, Negros Oriental, with Price: P4.5M negotiable Right of way and good neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 4) Area: 900 sqmtrs. Price: P1.5M Location: Combado, Negros Oriental (Bacong) Description: Accepts 2 payments, 3 bedrooms, with underground, Garage, lawn, 3 rooms of piggery and respectful neighbors.

HOUSE AND LOT (K 5) Area: 1,200 sqmtrs. Price: P 2M Location: Upper, Cantil-e Description: 3 bedrooms, garage, lawn, right of way and good Neighbors.


(K 2)

Area: 2,280 sqmtrs. Price: P500 Thousand Location: Lutao, Bacong, Negros Oriental Description: 4 coconut trees and sources of wood trees.


Call 0918-929-6047

(M1)FARM LOT Area: 1.6 hectare Location: Mayabon, Zamboanguita


(M4) BEACHLOT (1) Area: 4 hectares@450/sqmtrs. (2) Area: 1 hectare@1500/sqmtrs. w/ seawall and w/right of way from highway to the Beach Lot. Location: Malatapay, Zamboanguita

Location: Northern Junob, Four Bedrooms, Open style living area 2 CR’s (inc. ensuite to main bedroom) Sari-Sari Store possible fifth bedroom Under Cover Parking, approx 8 minutes to downtown (4 mins. to Lee Super Plaza)


(M6) HOUSE & LOT Area: 365 sqmtrs. Location: Bogo, Dgte. City Price: P2.5M

OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT P5000/month Taft Street, Dgte. City

COMMERCIAL BUILDING FOR RENT -1ST Floor Only P20,000/month Taft Street, Dgte. City

BEACH LOT FOR SALE (K 9) Location: Sibulan; Area: 400 sq.m.; Price: P2M (negotiable) Clean Title


Lot : area 220 sqmtrs. , ideal for simple residence, near Silliman Heights subdivision, has a huge barangay road and there is a short cut roads if ever there is a road renovations someday, clean tilte, price ; 160, 000


House and lot : area : 200 sqmtrs. bungalow house, landscape, has a right of way, clean title, descent neighbors, price : P350, 000 still negotiable, place: Combado, Bacong, Negros Oriental, 15 minutes going to Dumaguete City.

BEACH LOT FOR SALE (K 12) Beach lot : area : 1,000 sqmtrs. place: Bacong, negros oriental , goodneighbor, price 2.5 m, ideal for mini resort, clean title


House and Lot : area 300 sqmtrs. near the beach, clean title, descent neighbors, very near to municipal public market, police stations, elementary and highschool area,


House and Lot , area : 500 sqmtrs. fenced, near health center, with huge right of way that can be accessible road that connects to Bagacay, Rosario Heights and even going to valencia, near highway, with two bearing mango fruits, huge garage, still have enough space for landscapes or even building a rest house, 3 bedrooms, clean title, price : 1.6 m but still negotiable.


House and lot, area 450 sqmtrs. bungalow house, 4 bedrooms, fenced, with garage and landscape, near daycare center, near highway, huge right of way, price: 2.6m, clean title and the price is still negotiable, it is 8 minutes going to Dumaguete City. Location: Northern Junob near Silliman Heights


House and Lot , 580 sqmtrs, 2 storey, with garage, landscape , in front of the way, 4 bedrooms, fenced, friendly descent neighbors, price 2.6 m, clean title. Location: Northern Junob near Silliman Heights



Beach LOTS for Sale Call: 0918-929-6047

(M5) LOT FOR SALE Area: 649 sqmtrs. Location: Highway, Camanjac Price: P900T

Northern Junob, Area: 4,908 sq.m. Products: 100 coconut, Hundreds of corn plantation Price: P4.9M. Accept 2 payments, with Clean Title

Code Area B1 B2 B3 B4

3,400 sq. mtrs 1,200 sq. mtrs 1,085 sq. mtrs 1.4 hectare



South Poblacion, Bacong 10 M w/ clean title Buntis, Bacong 1.5 M w/ clean title South Poblacion 2.5 M w/ clean title San Miguel Bacong 15 M w/ clean title (Near Ducomi) B5 20,000 sq. mtrs Bulak, Bacong 15 M w/ clean title B6 40,000 sq. mtrs Boundary Near Beach: of Bacong & Dauin 40 M w/ clean title B7 2,100 sq. mtrs South Poblacion, Bacong 2.3 M w/ clean title B8 2,900 sq. mtrs South Poblacion, Bacong 3 M w/ clean title B9 3,400 sq.mtrs San Miguel, Bacong, w/House 9 M w/clean title

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DOT accredits 17 travel agencies Saceda Youth Lead

bares ’08 top mentors



he Department of Tourism has accredited yesterday 17 more tours and travel agencies in Dumaguete city after their owners and managers finished the grueling three-day operations and management seminar for travel and tour agencies, yesterday.

This was run by the First Global Organizational Learning and Development Center and supervised by the DOT Region 7 headed by Director Dawnie Roa who was represented by Rowena Montecillo, Supervising Tourism Officer for Central Visayas. The workshop was held at the PHCCI convention center. The newly accredited tours and travel agencies here are : Coast to Coast under Miriam Villegas; Global Friends, Veda Pamelaga; Island Life Adventure shop, Antonio Wenceslao; KingA Travel, Joni Rodriguez; NegOr Travel & Tours, Pamela Florentin; Paradise Travel, Annalee Reyes; Pinepack Travel &Tours, Marissa Sarabia; Seat Travel & Tours, Rina Dingal; Shaman Air Travel & Tours, Duane Villegas; Sidlakan

Tours and Travel, Ely Dejaresco; El Dorado Beach Resort, Francisca Kalberer; Comfort and Leisure Travel Agency,Lee Baby Torres; Anayana Beach Resort, Federico Carmona of Bohol; Coordinates Tours and Travel, Boni Mejares, of Bohol. Qualified lecturers include veterans in the tourism industry such as Alice Quiblatin, of Southwind and Rajah tours Cebu; Chonita Cejas, chief strategist, multi manpower services; Kit Toral, regional manager of Amadeus; Paul Lim So, Action Holiday Tours, Manila; Bien Claraval, UP Inst of Tourism; and Cookie Chan, of IATA. Coordinating for the provincial and city tourism offices were Maritoni Mascardo, Jessica Dayak, Lindy Mae Alar, Dawn Duran and Aidalyn Arabe.

PAL resumes Bangkok Flights following seige


ANILA – Philippine Airlines resumed yesterday (December 6) its regular daily service to Bangkok, following the reopening of Suvarnabhumi Airport to commercial flights after a week-long shutdown. PAL’s first turnaround flight to Suvarnabhumi after its reopening, PR 730 / PR 731, will utilize a wide-body, 264-seater Airbus A340-300 aircraft in order to accommodate spillover passengers who had to defer their trips due to the eight-day closure of Thailand’s main gateway. Thereafter, from December 7 until further notice, the service reverts to the narrow-body, 156-seater Airbus A320 jet. Previously published, regular flight times will be observed, with PR 730 departing Manila daily at 10:30 a.m. Arrival in Bangkok is at 1:00 p.m. The return service, PR 731, departs Bangkok at 2:00 p.m. and lands back in Ma-

nila at 6:25 p.m. PAL canceled flights to Bangkok on November 26 when anti-government protesters overran Suvarnabhumi, forcing the airport management to close the facility out of concern for passengers’ safety. When the standoff dragged on, PAL chairman Lucio C. Tan ordered the deployment of the flag carrier’s largest aircraft, the 433seater Boeing 747-400, on a special flight to the secondary gateway of Chiang Mai on December 1 to ferry home stranded passengers. A second special flight on December 2, utilizing a wide-body Airbus A330-300, brought home 302 stuck passengers.

aceda Youth Lead, a Youth Serving Institution of the Philippines honors 23 teachers form Negros Oriental, Siquijor and Bacolod on its 2008 SYL Outstanding Teachers Awards today, December 7, 2008 at SYL Center, Candau-ay Likod, Dumaguete City. Ma. Del Pilar Limas, Principal of the University of St. La Salle Integrated School, Bacolod City is the top awardee this year. She is the 2008 SYl Outstanding MA. DEL PILAR LIMAS Teacher for her incredible PRINCIPAL, USLS contribution to student and INTEGRATED SCHOOL teacher development in Bacolod City. ognized today for their exemSYLOT aims to recog- plary efforts for teacher denize, commend and encour- velopment. They will be honage intangible contributions ored with the Award of Exmade by our teachers to the cellence in the Field of strengthening of moral val- Teacher Development. The ues that will spark progress awardees are Dr. Lyn to our society. It will also Bulahan and Mrs. Arlene honor new breed of teach- Buhian, Education Superviers whose achievement will sor of Dep Ed Siquijor and serve as an inspiration to oth- Dr. Yvonne Cruz, District ers. Three teachers are recTurn to page 24

Tabo sa PAO nominated for Galing Pook Award


abo sa PAO” of the Provincial Agriculturist Office is one of the 18 choices all over the country for the “Galing Pook Award.” This was disclosed by Adrian Sedillo, spokesperson of the Provincial Capitol. Last December 5, Primary Hospital-CommuGovernor Emilio Macias nity Nasud Resource Manwill give the briefing to a 15- agement Program last 1995, man search committee in Barangay Agricultural DeManila. The provincial gov- velopment Center and ernment is hopeful that the Gulayan in 2004 and the Galing Pook Award will be Palaisdaan Alay sa given to Negros Oriental Kabataan in 2005. since the province has conThe province has also stantly bagged the Galing received the Award for ConPook Awards in the past. tinuing Excellence in the said These are the Community years.

Christmas at Sidlakang Negros


ten-day series of activities by the Local Government Units and the Provin- local settings, and Christmas cial Government employees will bring to life the spirit of Negros Oriental lanterns crafted from indigenous materials. Christmas at Sidlakang Negros Village this month.

Myla Mae B. Abellana, Senior Tourism Operations Officer, said the Negros Oriental Culture and Arts Council, cochaired by Governor Emilio C.

Macias II and Board Member Mariant E. Villegas, will launch the celebration with the Pinaskuhan Parol and Sayawit competitions on Saturday, De-

cember 13. Abellana said the Pinaskuhan contest entries consist of choreographed choirs rendering Philippine carols in

Board Member Mariant Escano Villegas (center) fields questions from members of the press regarding the staging of this year’s Pinaskuhan, Parol and Sayawit competitions.

Pinaskuhan will be followed by “Gasa,” organized by the Provincial Tourism Office, comprising nine days of varied events daily ranging from bingo socials to gay boxing, free veterinary clinic, medical mission, horse riding, and ukay-ukay, concluded with nightly cultural programs. “Gasa” is produced by the Provincial Government employees as their Christmas present to the people of the Province. The series concludes with games, food fair, ballroom dancing and other exciting activities on Monday, December 22. Meanwhile, the DayanDayan or Christmas décor competitions among the LGU booths in Sidlakang Negros Vil Turn to page 24

CUP PATID Opens. Silliman University Elementary School defeated Piapi Elementary School 3-1 during the opening day of the football tourney on Saturday at the SU Ballfield. Other schools are participating in the secondary and collegiate divisions for the three-day event. This is the second day of the tournament which will wrap up on Dec. 20.



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Perdices debuts ... (From page 4)

answer was "You have to read the whole article," or "It is implied." In other words, one has to resort to imaginations to see the complained defamation. That is the theory according to Perdices. He miserably failed to point out in court the defamatory language and words he was accusing Dindo Generos of having written. The defense here is quite simple: Res Ipsa Loquitor. The article will speak for itself. Just to recall, here again is that very article itself. Kindly read and see if you can find the defamatory and abusive imputations that Perdices is accusing Dindo Generoso of. "When trends are established in canvassing election returns, it is unlikely that it will change much. It didn't change much for the councilors as much as it did not for the vice-mayoralty race TO THE VERY END. BUT IT DID FOR THE MAYORALTY RESULTS! From LESS THAN ONE HUNDRED VOTES AHEAD, the incumbent's lead streatched to more than FOUR THOUSAND VOTES AFTER THE COUNTING WAS ILLEGALLY STOPPED FOR AT LEAST TWELVE HOURS WITH A QUICK BROWNOUT TO BOOT. As if it had no connection to how the people voted for councilors and vice-mayor, it assumed a life of its own. Sec. 231 of the Comelec's RULES OF CANVASSING VOTES is very SPECIFIC in stating "It shall meet CONSINTUOUSLY...until THE CANVASS IS COMPLETE..." offering no allowable excuse why it should be stopped other than running out of votes to be canvassed. Elections are not ordinary democratic exercises and stopping the canvassing "BECAUSE THE CANVASSERS ARE TIRED..." constitutes no less than the choking of democracy and the violation of the sacred right to vote. It needs to be addressed and the perpetrators prosecuted for this criminal offense of desecrating the people's democratic voice and the mockery of the electoral process. The COLLECTIVE GUILT rests on those canvassers who "became tired..." and the COMELEC officer who allowed the stopping of the canvassing, specifically Sec. 231. Under this rule CANVASSING SHOULD NEVER BE STOPPED! If canvassers get tired, they should be replaced. "Until this can be sufficiently EXPLAINED, this columnists believes, that Mr. Arturo Umbac has been ROBBED of his apparent road victory in the last elections. The people's VOICE has been clear from the very start of the canvassing; establishing a likely loss of the incumbent mayor. it didn't change much for the councilors and the Vice-mayor; IT DID ONLY FOR THE MAYORALTY RESULTS.

December for ... Dealing with ... (Catan) From page 2

30 percent more of their daily compensation. Unlike regular and government workers the daily paid workers are also unhappy because their incomes for the month will be significantly reduced following the “no work no pay principle.”

From page 5

of every stressful situation there is always a brief second or two to allow us to choose either to react or to respond. To react is to take action instinctively, usually without thinking about it, usually resulting in escalation of the stressful situation. However, we can choose to pause just a moment, take a deep breath, have a quick think, and then act calmly in such a way to defuse the stressful situation. Never let your work manage you, you should be in

control of your work. Other ways to deal with stress include making a conscious choice to be happy each day, to choose to look at things positively instead of negatively. We can learn to say “no” to adding yet another appointment or meeting in our already busy schedules. We can take instant meditation breaks, instead of coffee breaks, by visualizing a peaceful scene in nature (like a lazy river flowing by, or the hush as the dawning sun sends you its first morning rays) for a few moments. Nourish upbuilding friendships with caring persons who will encourage and support you when you are down. Exercise, take a walk in early evening with your dog, eat healthy meals, and get enough sleep. Listen to life. Listen to the pauses between the incessant noises. Listen when God whispers He loves you in the sweet songs of the birds, in the laughter of children, in the warm hug of a loved one, even in the angry criticism of your boss. God is always with us, we need to take time to listen to Him, to listen to life. Then, say “good-bye” to stress.

EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE & SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late DANIEL K. DIAZ namely: Antonia V. Diaz, Jasmin Chrysa V. Diaz and Joseph V. Diaz have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate & Sale on Lot 1, Psc-07002000, covered by TCT No. 18126, situated in the Barrio of Piapi, City of Dumaguete, Island of Negros containing an area of 436 sq.m, more or less; Lot-2-C, Psd-07-034538, covered by TCT No. 24603, situated in the Barrio of Piapi, City of Dumaguete, Province of Negros Oriental, containing an area of 108 sq.m., more or less in favor of Demetrio S. Nochefrranca per Doc. No. 427, Page No.88, Book No. II, Series of 2008 of Notary Public of Atty. Florence A. Tangente. The Negros Chronicle Dec. 7, 14 & 21, 2008


Dealer of all kinds of Japanese surplus appliances and more . . .

Dr. V. Locsin St., Beside DCDB Dumaguete City Tel. # 225-9748

Strange huh? It might be good to hear from the father and son team, Lagahit & Lagahit, mayor's sidekick and city legal officer on how this can possibly happen! Will the people of Dumaguete have the political will to correct this apparent choking of democratic rights? Mr. Umbac's resigning not to fight for his rights puts this issue on the people's court. After all it was the people's voice which was blatantly stifled. We can only have what we deserve, right? Have a nice day!"

Invisible people ...


From page 5

prove the children’s health and strength. This not only gives them some mobility but also builds their self confidence. They also give special occupational therapy training helps the children improve their behavioral and cognitive skills. This additional special training which helps them improve their learning abilities and prepare for school. Adult wheelchairs are not suitable for children so the GPRehab builds child size wheelchairs. Many of their wheelchairs and other assistive devices are built by their own students. They also educate the families on how to live, work and play with their challenged children. They help prepare schools to accommodate handicapped students. They now have over 23 challenged children attending school. Many of the special children now have a chance for a life and possibly even a career.

America had a President who led us in war while confined to a wheelchair. Maybe one of these children will one day find a cure for cancer or even lead this great nation. If that happens the Philippines will have to thank everyday heroes like Director Susan Analou, and her volunteer therapists, teachers and support staff. I was impressed with this generous and dedicated band of professionals. I asked them how could I help. Did they need more volunteers? No, they have plenty of volunteers. Many of those volunteers were so dedicated they have to be reminded to go home and take care of their own families. I asked if they needed money. Everyone needs money. But they said what they “needed” was for me to help them change the heart of the public. To let the public know that while these children are crippled they have beautiful hearts and minds just like normal children. They need a chance at life and most important they need our love and understanding.

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Just 2 Genders “The best chefs in the world are men who derived their culinary art from their mothers.” – Anonymous he most controversial conflict concerning sex gender role started when Sigmund Freud dichotomized man strictly into masculine and feminine figures. Any deviation from these two models are considered abnormal. Hence, sexism has flourished and influenced the minds of people whose attitude or philosophy underscores the sexual differences as the basis of social discrimination. And so, a double standard value has emerged causing ambiguity, confusion and antagonism among the sexes.


I was invited once to attend a “World Mental Health Conference” in Manila sometime ago. One of the major significant topics was on psychological androgeny. Let me then share to you the essence of this revolutionary concept to erase some erroneous attitude on sex gender role. Acceptably, most of our people today have formed a strong and biased attitude toward certain behavioural pattern among men and women. For instance, when an ordinary man goes to market bringing a basket or doing a feminine task like cooking, washing, sewing or stitching, people would usually conclude that he is like a woman, a gay person (homo-

sexual). On the other hand, if a woman wears pants, drivers a jeep, plows the field, does carpentry or any manly job, people would think she is most likely a tomboy. Both genders are examples of a normal androgenous behaviour. Of course, we are not talking about the confirmed behaviour of homosexuals and lesbians for they are truly deviants by psychiatric standards. Other sexual abnormality like “Don Juanism” and “Casanova Complex”, their promiscuity are driven in proving their masculinity through sexual conquest of women and dropping them like hot potatoes. Psychological androgeny is based on the assumption

FOR SALE Call 0918-929-6047

Code D1


Kind House & Lot

Location / Area Price Pulantubig 2689 sq.m. along highway, near SPUD concrete fenced, 6BR w/ basement + 2 maids quarter, spacious lawn P12M

CommercialBldg. and Lot plus

Locsin St., near PNP along, negotiable

next Lot

634 sq.m.

House & Lot

Near Batinguel Elem. School, 454 sq.m. 3 BR, 1 maids quarter spacious, fully furnished P3M

negotiable D2

P17M negotiable





Looking for a house and lot to rent, 3 bedrooms, 2 toilet and baths, about 5 minutes to Silliman University, fully fenced, with yard, in a quiet and nice neighborhood. Our contact numbers are: 053-255-5995/ 0918-2532584/email me (Elenita) at



Suspect in Frenchman murder turns witness

(Dr. Angel V. Somera) Fellow, Phil. Psychiatric Association Diplomate, Phil. Board of Psychiatry

that it is possible for a single normal person to embody both masculine and feminine characteristic traits which come up during certain needed situations or circumstance. Androgeny comes from a Greek word, ANDRO (male) and GYN (female) which are properly blended to be able to be used at certain moments and survive the dire needs of life. Physical hermaphroditism are only found in lower forms of organisms like the earthworms. It possesses both reproductive sex organs and can reproduce by itself.

Claiming he is bothered by his conscience, one of the suspects in the murder of an 82-year old Frenchman Glen Francois who was killed inside his residence Purok Sawali, Barangay Sacsac, Bacong decided to turn state witness. But his identity is being kept under wraps because his three alleged accomplices remain at large. Photo shows members of the Bacong PNP headed by Police Insp. Leopoldo Ijan in conference with provincial fiscal Demetrio Dingal (left) along with the other witnesses of the murder case.


PNP rules: German committed suicide


From page 8

anymore. We are not outraged enough by graft and corruption. Widespread graft has sadly numbed our morals. The public money that goes to graft is money stolen from the poor. Because of graft and corruption, school buildings cannot be constructed and teachers are not paid; public hospitals cannot protect us from untimely death; soldiers are deprived of their just wages. Our biggest problem in our country is graft and corruption. This problem must be faced courageously now. We are risking the life of our nation if we continue to ignore it. I appeal to the consciences of our countrymen. Do not leave the solution of graft and corruption to corrupt officials. Our problem cannot be our solution. Let us come together as Catholic faithful to fight the sin of graft and corruption. We cannot profess faith in God and not get angry at widespread graft and corruption. Faith in God and outrage at sin go together. Outrage is not enough; it must lead to action. If we are not outraged by the sin of stealing happening all over our once beautiful land, could it be that our faith has turned cold and uncaring? If your faith has turned cold and uncaring, how can you be saved? Fight corruption or lose your soul! I place this appeal at the feet of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. From the Cathedral of Saint Joseph , Balanga City , November 27, 2008

ased on the autopsy report conducted by P/Supt. Owen Jaen Lebaquin of the PNP Crime Laboratory, forty-three year old Daurerer Guido was not murdered but committed suicide. The German national described as a loner by employees of Harold’s Mansion where he stayed beginning Nov. 21 inside Room 308 died of hemorrhage or loss of blood due to about four incised wounds in the left forearm. It can be recalled that his naked remains forced entry. In fact, most if not all of his perwas found by a 15-year-old housekeeper insonal belongings, ATM Cards, including cash side the bathroom on Nov. 28 after he failed amounting to P18, 400.00 were all recovered to check out on Nov. 26 but the investigainside the rented room. tors noted that there was no evidence of


CARP recipient shot dead in Caranoche


lood spilled anew in the disputed land formerly owned by the Teves family in Barangay Caranoche, Sta. Catalina with the death of Arnaldo Hoyohoy, 40, who was shot early evening, Wednesday in front of his house about a hundred meters away from the barangay hall housing a police detachment tasked to secure the beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.

After hearing the gun shot, his brother Alexander saw the bloodied Arnaldo collapsing to the ground. Two unidentified suspects escaped unhurried on foot towards the NORSU Sta. Catalina campus. The victim sustained a gun shot wound in the face he was described as the more outspoken member of Task Force Mapalad. A certain Wilfredo Beljot who was the last person whom the victim conversed with before the incident claims he can identify

the two suspects because they are among those who allegedly demolished his house last July. Meanwhile, Arnie Teves, the grandson of former Congressman Herminio Teves rejected insinuations that he is behind the death of Arnaldo who was working under him as a mechanic. He believes that the farmers are fighting among themselves for the division of spoils of the land “owned by his family.”

Stabbings injure 5 including suspects wo unrelated stabbing incidents occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday which resulted to injuries not only of the victims but those tagged as suspects as well. Three of them were injured in a somewhat bizarre situation outside Milagring’s Eatery Tuesday dawn. Policemen arrested a certain Mario Ruiz, who himself had one stab wound in the right shoulder but was also tagged as responsible for the knife injuries of his two drinking bodies identified as Adones Pasigna, 23 of Batinguel Dumaguete City and Khirshy Sarita of Banilad. Investigation showed that the three inThe following day, policemen also responded jured men along with Jemwel Argoncillo were to another stabbing incident this time in Northern Junob. The victim who sustained a stab wound in having a drinking spree when they were assaulted by about 10 persons. Ruiz drew his the stomach was identified as 21-year old Edgar Escorial of Cadawinonan. Lawmen arrested a cer11-inch long knife to ward off the attackers tain Celso Olano, 23, who was the alleged susbut managed to injure not one of their foes pect, yet he too was taken to the hospital for his but those he was supposed to defend, in- own head injuries apparently from a severe beating. cluding himself.




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Is balik-society ... (From page 4)

structures and facilities into productive

units, Finally, the Social Integration Program addresses the legal, economic, and psycho-social needs of former guerrillas in their transition to peaceful civilian life, adding that the program sustains the genuine social and economic interventions benefiting exclusively the returnees. Since the new policy was launched in October this year, streams of NPA guerillas, including 60 Red fighters operating in provinces of Davao and Agusan del Sur, had returned to society. In turn, the government gave 49 of the returnees in various provinces livelihood assistance amounting to P2.45 million. Eleven other former NPAs acquired eight hectares of land and farm implements, including hand tractors and working buffalos to enable the ex-guerillas to live a new life of peace and tranquility. But in many peace loving people’s observation, there is still a big risk factor here, in terms of one’s personal security and safety. Just as the government and people at large have not reformed itself as to remove the conditions which are the root causes of insurgency, some rebels who remained in the other side have also taken the option of liquidating those who returned to the law, now specially that the returnees have no longer the luxury of keeping weapons for themselves. How can the government assure the returnees with full protection and for their lives, and for how long? This is the greatest risk in the balik-society program and the biggest obstacle to full and lasting reconciliation. (With reports from PNA sources)

critical repor ting reporting




DAR remembers ... (From page 2) quirements of notice and hearing. DAR is simply implementing a social legislation, concluded the DAR provincial officer or the PARO. We thank the DAR of airing their side.We have treated all their five points in full. We hope they will continue sharing the public with vital information all the time, not just during times of controversy, even as this is the FIRST TIME the PARO issued a statement on land reform to us since she assumed office. We pose this challenge: give-out accurate information about DAR regularly; listen to the people’s complaints and questions thru the media, and please answer them correctly in writing like what PARO did. Thanks to the Caranoche and Polo Plantation controversies, otherwise perhaps we would not have heard from DAR at all.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the estate of the late JOSEFA PASTOR, MARIA PASTOR, PAZ PASTOR, ROSARIO PASTOR, SOCORRO PASTOR with respect to a parcel of land situated at Poblacion 004, Dumaguete City, known as Lot No. 1102, Dumaguete Cadastre, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. 16401 with an area of (260) square meters is the object of Declaration of Sole Heirship and Deed of Absolute Sale executed by the Sole-Heir Vendor PASTORA PASTOR in favor of the Spouses, DEMETRIO T. LARENA and MILAGROS ANTONIA P. LARENA, re: Doc. No. 146, Page No. 42, Book No. 03, Series of 2008, ratified by Atty. Jose G. Hernando, Jr. of the City of Dumaguete. The Negros Chronicle Dec. 7, 14 & 21, 2008

dinance Establishing a Fare Rate Adjustment Scheme for All Motorcabs-For-Hire Plying Within the Territorial Jurisdiction of Dumaguete City” he authored to “make it comprehensive by including factors not only prices of gasoline but also the costs of spare parts and other items to determine future basic fare rate adjustments.”

Taclob dodges ...

Manjuyod ...

(From page 16)

(From page 16)

Baesa about a report from San Jose that a certain Cobra Truck with plate number YAZ-245 owned by Noreco2 was seen used for his personal and business activities in poultry farm in Maningcao, San Jose on Dec. 1, a holiday, in spite of his public vow to refrain from doing so, Taclob acknowledged it but blamed his driver. During his arrest by the military in Naiba, San Jose for carrying a KG-9 machinegun pistol with an expired license, Taclob blamed an aide for allegedly failing to follow his instructions to renew its license. However, during the preliminary hearing of his case, Taclob has since disowned the gun found in his vehicle and was intimating that military could have planted the firearm. When he was criticized for shortcutting the very process he is supposed to up-

building for the PNP,” the Vice-Governor said. “We also set aside P 1M for the project but we are still waiting for the P 2M counterpart from Camp Crame,” he continued. Nevertheless, the ViceGovernor said that his brother, Mayor Amor Baldado has decided to start the project in the first quarter of 2009 with the hope that funds from the PNP will be released soon.

hold before granting electrical connections to some 41 residents of three San Jose villages namely Sra. Asuncion, Naiba and Basak, Taclob blames their poverty the tedious process that the local government requires and his all but genuine and saintly intention to help!

BOSTON CAFE Sta. Catalina Cor. Noblefranca Streets Dumaguete City

MARJORIE’S BOUTIQUE 3rd Floor, EBT Building Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete City, Tel no. 225-7214


AVT ONLINE CASINO Khan Commercial Arcade (Formerly Hassarams Arcade) Tubtubon, Sibulan, Negros Oriental Tel. No. 4198171




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after it has been observed that it never vigorously penalized or fined tricycle drivers who continued to collect P8 from commuters despite its reduction to P 7.50 basic fare, P 7.00 for students and P 6.50 for the differently-abled and senior citizens more than a month ago. Worse, many of these drivers refused to display the fare matrix reflecting the adjustments with practically all traffic enforcers turning a blind eye of the violation. For weeks, TMO Operations Officer Danny Atillo has been pleading the riding public to be considerate to the tricycle drivers even as he predicts that the basic minimum fare may go down further at P 6.00 if the prices of gasoline continue their descent. Meanwhile, Councilor Alan Gel Cordova wants to revisit the provisions of Ordinance No. 92 or the “Or-



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Basic fare ...

Aladdin’s Black- Treasure Wishes Chamjack ber

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tian doctrine of marriage when We are obliged once more to declare that the direct interruption of the generative process already begun and, above all, all direct abortion, even for therapeutic reasons, are to be absolutely excluded as lawful means of regulating the number of children. “Equally to be condemned, as the magisterium of the Church has affirmed on many occasions, is direct sterilization, whether of the man or of the woman, whether permanent or temporary. “Similarly excluded is any action which either before, at the moment of, or after sexual intercourse, is specifically intended to prevent procreation, whether as an end or as a means. “Neither is it valid to argue, as a justification for sexual intercourse which is deliberately contraceptive, that a lesser evil is to be preferred to a greater one, or that such intercourse would merge with procreative acts of past and future to form a single entity, and so be qualified by exactly the same moral goodness. Consequently, it is a serious error to think that a whole married life of otherwise normal relations can justify sexual intercourse which is deliberately contraceptive and so intrinsically wrong.” “On the other hand, the Church does not consider at all illicit the use of those therapeutic means necessary to cure bodily diseases, even if a foreseeable impediment to procreation should result therefrom – provided such impediment is not directly intended for any motive whatsoever.” Half a century ago, Pope Paul VI set high and ideal standards of responsible parenthood. In the light of the today’s realities, husband and wife are required to form a good conscience. Vatican II itself “teaches us that the final arbiter of moral decision is one’s informed and responsible conscience.”

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NORSU faculty, staff get P25T X’mas bonus each!



egros Oriental State University (NORSU) President Dr. Henry A. Sojor has recently released 12million pesos for all faculty and staff (P25,000 each) of the whole NORSU System in the province for their economic relief assistance (ERA). This is unprecedented in the annals of academe history in the province. Sojor said the amount comes entirely from the savings of NORSU. Each regular faculty/staff receives P25,000. Each part-time instructor or guest lecturer receives P5,000 serving for at least two consecutive semesters; and P2,500 for each part-time faculty or guest lecturer who serve for one semester this school year 2008-09. The amount received by each faculty and staff of the NORSU System is referred to as the Christmas bonus. The cashier started to give the ERA on Wednes-

day afternoon, December 2 after the fellowship luncheon of the faculty/staff and administrators with the retirees, alumni, the board topnotchers, and members of the Federation of University Parents Teachers Association (FUPTA) at the Provincial Convention Center. The fellowship luncheon was part of the 6-day Founders Day Celebration of NORSU from November 28 to December 3, 2008. In 1927, NORSU was then known as Negros Oriental Trade School

the intersection and rammed through the unfortunate chilFrom page 2 dren. crowd to run from its Traffic police investigapath. tor PO3 Restito Abanto, of The driver of the bus, Bais City Traffic Division, Norodum Cadalin says Rodriguez is responRodriguez, 54, reportedly sible for the incident since he admitted that he had first is both the driver and the noticed his brakes were not person in charge of maintefunctioning a few kilometers nance of the vehicle. The prior to reaching the city bus, which is old and dilapiproper. However, instead dated, is owned and operof trying to stop before he ated by spouses Rogelio reached the city proper he and Adoracion Menguito, of continued on, prompting the Palanas, Tanjay City, with an passengers to panic and authorized route from scream. He allegedly Dumaguete City to Tayasan swerved to avoid hitting the and vice versa. vehicles which had stopped In what was supposed in front of him as the parade to be a day of joy and celhad already been crossing ebration, the injured stu-

Wayward bus ...


(NOTS); it was changed to East Visayan School of Arts and Trades (EVSAT) in 1956. In 1983, it became Central Visayas Polytechnic College (CVPC); and in 2004, it became NORSU, created through R.A. 9299 on June 25, 2004.


From Greed to Creed


dents, Edcel Re Justin Quiteves, Jamaica Llera, and Rika Marie Sapio, were immediately rushed to Silliman University Medical Center following the incident. None of the passengers of the bus were hurt. Shocked eyewitnesses are still in distress by the incident. The bus driver was quickly arrested by the traffic aides before the angered and shocked crowd could maul him. PO3 Abanto, fur- Saceda Youth ... From page 19 ther disclosed that Mr. Supervisor of Dep Ed Rodriguez is currently being charged with Reckless Im- Dauin, Negros Oriental. teachers will reprudence resulting in serious ceiveEleven the Award of Excellence physical injuries. in the Field of Student Devel-

MONTHL Y SUPER REPO SALE!!! MONTHLY FROM NOV. 19 TO DEC. 09, 2008 ONLY Radiowealth Finance Co., Inc.

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Joel the Book of Romans stating that we have to submit to the duly constituted authorities because they are ordained by God. Cadiogan Obar The spokesman from the cal and material, the other is Palace may have forgotten that God SPIRITUAL and is a matter of is TRUTH, not the SUPPRES- the fulfillment of the CHRISSION OF TRUTH. The dismissal TIAN HEART - wealth with a of the impeachment complaint by conscience, abounding with the sheer power of numbers is the empathy and love. The marketsuppression of truth and certainly driven faith is thus motivated by It is about time to bring contrary to the teachings of Christ competition for the larger num- back Christ to Christianity and regarding humility, love, truth and ber of the faithful thereby lead- fix the world with love, empaempathy. The Arroyo Government ing to GREED rather than thy, compassion and forgiveincluding its military cohorts could CREED. Even the determination ness in exchange of the culture certainly not be God-Ordained un- of truth is no longer based on of hate, war and greed. The der its deceptive and manipulative MORALITY, HUMILITY and Good Samaritan did not simply character. The Arroyo Government CHRISTIAN SACRIFICE but demonstrate love and compasis a great blunder as it espouses rather by sheer power of the sion, he displayed uncondiPOLITICS WITHOUT PRIN- numbers. Look at the manner by tional and an unending love and CIPLES; KNOWLEDGE WITH- which the impeachment com- compassion. He did not care OUT CHARACTER; PLEASURE plaint against PRESIDENT even if the other person is an WITHOUT CONSCIENCE; GLORIA M. ARROYO had been enemy, a poor man or an atheWEALTH WITHOUT A HEART; dismissed by congressmen who ist. He even assured the innand RELIGIOSITY WITHOUT profess to be God-fearing. It keeper to pay the unpaid exTRUE COMPASSION. was decided not by the dictates penses of the other person who It is even sadder that of a Christian-Heart but by is a stranger to him. Indeed, a Christian Churches nowadays GREED OF THE GREATER true Christian is not merely a behave become market driven and NUMBER. liever, he is likewise a doer. Inthus they are dictated by the I once read from a book writ- deed, Christianity demands the modern rules of consumerism. ten by a modern philosopher, he extraordinary things that bring Accept Jesus Christ as your said: “Religion itself is in need of us out from the dungeon of LORD and SAVIOR then pros- salvation.” Religion is merely a human frailty, human guilt and perity will surely abound, they product of human society. Jesus prejudices. If we have no desire proclaim. The laying of hands Christ, for example, did not com- to do the extraordinary, let us upon you in the name of Jesus mand the establishment of a reli- stop calling ourselves as Chriswill make all sickness, even the gion. He exemplified himself in the tians. Learning the teachings of most dreaded one, disappear. story of the Good Samaritan. The the Bible begins with the desire This is the selling points of heal- true “neighbor” was not the priest to OBEY followed by the desire ing and prosperity ministries. or other official of our religion who to READ and not the other way Do not get me wrong. I am not failed to do the right thing, but the around. saying that believing Jesus as member of the despised tribe who In the past I have been in the a LORD and SAVIOR is not a did as Jesus would have wanted violent struggle for justice, freedom requirement. However, the man- us to do. “Go and do likewise”, and democracy. Maturity however ner by which the Churches are Jesus instructed. That to me is brought me to a higher plane. If we competing for dominance is Christianity. Of course it is difficult to want a revolution, we begin with the giving the wrong signals or immolate unless Jesus resides in fight and the struggle to bring back wrong motivations. People are our hearts as our Lord and Savior. Christ to Christianity and move onmissing to understand that Hu- We do the right things simply be- ward from GREED to CREED. man prosperity is not equivalent cause they are right and not beGodbless all the nations to PROSPERITY IN CHRIST cause of a bribery of prosperity and of the World. (email: JESUS. The first one is physi- good health.


Unit Year Minimum Bid Description model Sale Price PUO# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hyundai STRX 2007 263,920.00 27266 MITS PAJERO 2005 215,920.00 27267 KIA PRIDE SD 2003 39,920.00 27270 YAMAHA MC 1992 9,520.00 27275 KIA SPORTAGE 2000 191,920.00 27277 HONDA WAVE 2003 19,120.00 27278 HONDA WAVE 2007 30,510.00 27279 REAL ESTATE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BONTIS, REAL ESTATE BARANGAY MUNICIPALITY OF BACONG, (Residential) NEGROS ORIENTAL-500 SQ.M. 380,000.00 28147 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For other automotive and house and lot units for sale, please get full list at Catalina Building 12 Mabini Street, Dumaguete City. You may also call/text our Head Office at 09186623867 (Ronald), 0918-3128169 (Rochell) and 0927-498-8895 (Edwin) from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm on Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. TO SUBMIT YOUR BID PLS. CALL OUR HEAD OFFICE. FINANCING AVAILABLE – FOR EASY INSTALLMENT

opment. These teachers have contributed significantly in the lives of their students by en-

Christmas at ... From page 19 lage will continue until January 2, 2009, Abellana At added. present, there are 8 municipalities and cities which showed interest to join the contests. These are Tanjay City, Dumaguete City, Mabinay, Bayawan, San Jose, Sta. Catalina, Sibulan and Siaton. The cash prize for the champion will be P60, 000, P50, 000 for the second prize and P40, 000 for the third placer. However, all participants have nothing to worry since there will be a consolation prize of P10, 000 for the non-winners. On the Parole competition, the first placer will receive P10, 000 while the second and third placers will receive P5, 000 and P3, 000 respectively. There will also be a consolation prize of

couraging them to undergo leadership programs and with this they have enhanced the character development of their students. The collegiate awardees: Mr. Pio Supat, Instructor at the College of Technological Education, NORSU, Prof. Aloha P. Tolin of NORSU Bayawan-Sta. Catalina Campus, Dr. Cesar Estrope, Dean, College of Business Administration of NORSU Bayawan-Sta. Catalina Campus, Mrs. Yancy Lou Sojor, PE Instructor, Silliman University, Mrs. Lilian Pla Sumagaysay, Dean, College of Arts and Science, Foundation University, and Dr.Batchiba Lacdo-o, Vice President for Academic Affairs, St. Paul University Dumaguete. Secondary Awardees: Wilma Villanueva and Jane Pinuto (Mabinay National High School), Judilyn Valencia (Sta. P2, 000 for the non-winners. For the Dayan-dayan Competition which will be held at the Sidlakang Negros booths, the cash prize at stake for the champion is P50, 000, P40, 000 for the second placer and P30, 000 for the third placer while the consolation prize is at P10, 000.

Agueda National High School) Agnes Taub (Tayasan National High School), Evelyn Cena (Vallehermoso National High School), Fidelita Sienes (Demetrio Alviola National High School), Arnold Jungco (Basay National High School), Rustica Imbo (Valencia National High School), Denma Kinkito (Education Supervisor, Dep Ed Neg. Or.) Evelyn Tejada (Batinguel Elementary School) Orlando Cadano (RTPMDumaguete Science High School) and Lea Janice Sicat (ABC Learning Center). SYL also recognizes the full support of the following persons and institutions: Silliman University- Chemistry Department, Philippine Ports Authority and Mr. Edsin Culi.

WANTED Bookkeeper Part-time Call: Call:0918-929-6047 0918-929-6047 Submit biodata, resume to: NEGROS CHRONICLE

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Terror ...

Tragedies ...



assistance to the terrorists and an opportunity for zeroing in on industrialized societies as these countries place greater reliance on information infrastructures. The US National Security Strategy has recognized terrorism today as being in “the crossroads of radicalism and technology” and it is important that we are not only well-informed but that we are also vigilant in our small communities. Our government, our military and our police have to keep themselves abreast with the latest anti-terrorism strategies but we also have to recognize that they cannot do this alone. Our country needs its active citizenry to protect it from security threats. And no man or woman is born a terrorist but conditions around him or her might have either persuaded or pushed her to become one. Hence, it is necessary that we not only educate the next generation but also to spend time to find out what their fears are, what they want their future to be and what their dreams are too. Violence never solves anything but we shouldn’t wait until people think they do not have any other means to make their voices heard. We should start listening now.

dio program, or preparing for my midday news and surfing the internet, I instinctively look for anything about health. I want to search for hope, for a cure, for comfort. Not only for me but for those who are candidates for having cancer and those who in one way or another are part of the “other” world. Today, I watch a news video at yahoo, about an 8-year old boy who is battling cancer and still trying to raise funds for a cancer center. His name is Jack. He is a young chef, preparing healthy, delectable foods for those who are helping raise funds for cancer victims. He had raised 36,000 dollars and he and his mother intends to raise more next year. This little boy had leukemia since he was 2 years old. He is on remission and he spends his precious time doing what he loves. These are cooking and helping others. It is amazing how people even children can turn tragedies into triumphs. The basic lesson I learned from this is that, instead of asking God “why”, I would rather ask, “How can I turn this into a blessing?”

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Cebuana Lhuillier

NOTICE OF AUCTION All unredeemed pledges left during the month of July 2008 of the ff CEBUANA LHUILLIER PAWNSHOP branches will be sold at Public Auction on December 16, 2008 at Satellite Public Market, Bais City (8:30 am) • Aguinaldo Street, Bais City • Satellite Public Market, Bais City at National Hi-way, Tanjay City (8:00am) • National Hi-way, Tanjay City • Magallanes Street, Tanjay City • Poblacion Amlan, Negros Oriental at Rizal Blvd., Dumaguete City (8:30 am) • Public Market, Sibulan, Negros Oriental • North Road Bricktown Daro, Dumaguete City • 149 Gov. M. Perdices St., Dumaguete City • Mabini Cor. Pinili Street, Dumaguete City • Cor. Cervantes & Independencia Street, Dumaguete City • # 57 Silliman Avenue, Dumaguete City • Building 5, Public Market, Dumaguete City • Sta. Catalina Street, Dumaguete City • Rizal Blvd., Dumaguete City • Cor. Maria Cristina & Legaspi Street, Dumaguete City • Cor. Perdices & Sta. Rosa St., Dumaguete City • San Jose St., Dumaguete City at National highway Siaton, Negros Oriental (8:30 am) • National highway Siaton, Negros Oriental • Poblacion Basay, Negros Oriental • 1160 Rizal St.., Tinago Bayawan, Negros Oriental at Poblacion Jimalalud, Negros Oriental (8:30 am) • Poblacion Jimalalud, Negros Oriental • Corner S. Villanueva St., Guihulngan, Negros Oriental • Door 3, Public Market Tayasan, Negros Oriental • 295 Lumbangan Mabinay, Neg. Or.


All unredeemed pledges left during the month of July 2008 of the ff CEBUANA LHUILLIER PAWNSHOP branches will be sold at Public Auction on December 12, 2008 at North Poblacion, Larena Siquijor (8:30 am) • North Poblacion, Larena Siquijor • Atad Street Public Market, Siquijor, Siquijor

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Coping ...


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of them. We already had it before, giving us euphoria for a while, but look at what happened soon after that! It’s very disconcerting to hear some Church leaders making this kind of calls, placing themselves captives to a minority and militant group. They seem to specialize in developing wedge issues out of our problems. In contrast, it’s nice to know that the Pope has called for a healthy secularity to approach this financial problem, calling for a spirit of collaboration, respect and dialogue with everyone no matter how sharp the differences. Other Vatican officials have highlighted the proper relevant social doctrines, like the priority of the person, family and labor over capital and profit. They’re giving positive guidelines, not fuel for anger and division . Even some laymen, experts in economics and finance, have more sense in proposing, for example, to give special attention to the poor since they will be the most adversely affected by the global crisis. Concrete proposals were made to do this, not just a declaration of good intention. We have to understand that in our temporal affairs, as in our business and politics, there are no perfect situations, nor perfect solutions to problems. It’s good to be an idealist, but that should not be at the expense of being a realist too. We have to learn to be flexible, to develop the knack of knowing when to be tolerant and intolerant, patient and impatient, what things to take seriously and what with a grain of salt. We have to learn to be broadminded, and not simplistic, to look at the bigger picture, rather than to get stuck with some irritating details. Prudence is the virtue to learn urgently and to live well these days. We cannot, for example, propose for a sudden change of government without giving a clear alternative of what government to replace it with. We have to be realistic enough to give due consideration to the way we are, given our culture and history, our national traits, both good and bad. If we are true Christians, we will strive always to be charitable and merciful, in our pursuit for truth and justice. We need to be respectful of the systems—legal, juridical, economic-that are in place. No matter how imperfect, they just cannot be set aside without a workable alternative and the proper way to effect the transition. We have to continue consulting and dialoguing with all parties, in great patience and magnanimity. Far be it from us to sow intrigues, if not hatred and bitterness around! These have strong corrosive and toxic effects on society. For Church leaders especially, the need to set high and clear standard of charity and justice is a must. And to guarantee this, the usual way to do is to practice collegiality among themselves and always in union with the Pope. It’s when one or some dare to stick to their own guns, no matter how wellintentioned, that we can expect far graver harm on everyone. That’s the way to weaken the Church, to undermine their own credibility and capability to lead and perform their prophetic mission.




Owned Lands (GOL), and the record shows that we have already covered 37,872.8291 hectares of GOL alone.


Fourth, it is unfair to say that “people now have very low respect for DAR today, unlike before.” That is simply a matter of perception, and the perception of the writer is not necessarily the perception of his readers. No respect for people who worked hard in implementing the program despite the added risk to their lives? Our field implementers, the Municipal Agrarian Reform Officers and personnel, not to mention the non-DAR stake holders, the Barangay workers, the People’s Organizations (POs), the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), the coordinating government agencies, and the local government officers and men have their litany of difficult experiences when they covered and documented vast landholdings owned by influential people. Hard as it may, but we need to implement the program despite all risks. Agrarian reform implementation may be risky to the lives and limbs of its implementers, but it is the law!

We would like to correct five impressions: First, it is quiet incorrect to say that the DAR tolerated the virtual take over of the Caranoche farm. The merits regarding the rights of the CLOA awardees to take over the Caranoche farm has long been decided by the DARAB and by the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court, albeit on technicality, has sustained them. Hence, the case became final and executory in 2004, a writ of execution was issued in 2006, which was eventually executed by the DARAB Sheriff last November 12. The sale of an agricultural farm (in excess of the five-hectare retention limit of the seller, and whose supposed buyer is a landed owner) after the effectivity of the CARP law is considered a null and void transaction pursuant to Section 6 of R.A. No.6657. Second, the case filed against the identified beneficiaries of the 17hectare portion of Polo Plantation was already dismissed by the Regional Trial Court. It is for this reason (not the Caranoche takeover) that the beneficiaries had started to take over this particular 17-hectare portion. The case which was decided by the Supreme Court in favor of the DAR and the beneficiaries pertains to the 393-hectare portion (covered by another CLOA), and we have no idea how the Motion for Reconsideration would be resolved by the Supreme Court. Third, you stated that “agrarian reform people go for already-developed lands and leave the idle lands rot with elements”. R.A. No. 6657, particularly Section 4, mandates to cover under CARP ALL public and private agricultural lands (idle or otherwise), regardless of crops planted and tenurial arrangement as provided in Proclamation No. 131 and Executive Order No. 229, including other lands of the public domain suitable for agriculture (idle or otherwise). In other words, the DAR has also covered idle lands. Most of the idle lands of Negros Oriental are Government-



Ms. Grace Fua should not be onion-skinned. You did not hit her personally but the flaw of the CARP law. How then can a law be amended if the defects are not brought out in the open.


How can she say it is incorrect to say that DAR tolerated the virtual take over of the Caranoche farm? They closed their eyes on the illegal acts committed by the alleged ARBs. 1. Alleged ARB’s hostaged the Maro’s of Sta. Catalina and Bayawan which is an illegal act. Their information officer Aileen Alaban identified the hostaged DAR personnel last November 4, 2008. They had a dialogue with Mr. Quindo (Grace Fua failed to go there) and agreement was reached that they will wait to be installed. (Detaining Maro’s were the agenda that day as it also happened in Bacolod, 2. It is a fact that at 12:00 midnight of November 5, 2008, that they entered the Caranoche farm and “self-installed” themselves usurping the official function of the DAR, which again is an illegal act despite the dialogue they had late in the afternoon of November 4, 2008 with Mr. Quindo who went to Bayawan because Grace Fua failed to go there to talk with the alleged beneficiaries. This was announced by them in the news. 3. Disarming the security guards, which is again an illegal act because the security guards have the authority to guard the area and they disrespected the authority of said guards. I do not know what they did with the security guards and where they surrendered the guns taken from said guards. (Maybe the reason Grace Fua did not go to Bayawan to dialogue with the hostage takers is because in Nov. 5 she went to San Carlos and again in Nov 13, with Region VII Regional Director Inson who signed a deal for Bio-Energy project with San Carlos Bioenergy Inc. (SCBI) – please see photo gallery of DAR and also Nov. 13 issue of Balita-dot-ph). I do not know why Region VII people went to Region VI which is not their jurisdiction? How come only DAR people were at San Carlos?Is this the real reason of the recent domino? What happens now to their mandate of food security? Grace Fua mentioned a Supreme Court Ruling of 2004, please ask her to furnish you a copy, because I could not find any in the internet. DAR’s action is akin to a man in the electric chair. The guards rushed the electrocution, a few minutes ahead of scheduled, the prisoner was already dead by the time the call from the President was received condoning the prisoner. Grace Fua cited Section 6 of RA 6657 and said any sale after the effectivity of the CARP law is considered null and void. She failed to explain that what is considered null and void are sale purposely done to violate the law (How can DAR interpret the sale to have been done to avoid CARP? Had it been HGT who offered the property on VOS after buying the property, would DAR still consider the sale null and void?) Why did DAR not consider the VOS as null and void when it was done by one not authorized? If I sell you a property, belonging to a relative, but I do not have the power of attorney to enter such transaction, is the sale not null and void? Why the double standard? If the VOS was considered null and void then the property in question would not be considered under Phase I of the Schedule of Acquisition but Phase III. How come Grace Fua did not cite Section 4 (wherein private lands only rank number 4) and why she did not cite Section 7 (priorities of land acquisition of distribution by phases) and 16 (identifying land, land beneficiaries and compensation with landowner) - for them to know who are the qualified farmer-tillers– they have to also recognize other farmers which is why there is the inclusion-exclusion proceedings – which unfortunately she did not act on the order of Regional Director Mama to correct the CLOA).


The total land holding of Polo Plantation is over 400 hectares of which

Fifth, it is quite misleading to say that the “DAR has now become a confiscatory agrarian agency.” The term confiscatory presuppose seizure or forfeiture of property without notice and just compensation. But as early as the ASLAP case in 1989, the Supreme Court has already settled that CARP is not confiscatory in nature. In that case, the Supreme Court further held that the requirement of pubic use has already been settled by the Constitution itself. It noted that “[n]o less that the 1987 Charter calls for agrarian reform which is the reason why private agricultural lands are to be taken from their owners, subject to the prescribed retention limits.” Besides, the DAR does not acquire properties without giving just compensation to the landowners, and without following the twin requirements of notice and hearing. We are just implementing a social legislation. It maybe harsh but it is the law. (Sgd) AILEEN C. ALABAN Provincial Information Officer Mobile No. 09216132345 Noted by: (Sgd) GRACE B. FUA Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer II the 17 hectares she mentioned is part of. There are two sets of beneficia-

ries led by two “leaders”. The beneficiaries of the 17 hectares were led by the “Mara”, which Grace Fua said was dismissed by the RTC – the landowner can still ask for reconsideration or file an appeal. With reference to the 393 hectares, Grace Fua admitted and stated “and we have no idea how the Motion for Reconsideration would be resolved by the Supreme Court.” DAR’s action is akin to a man in the electric chair. The guards rushed the electrocution, a few minutes ahead of scheduled, the prisoner was already dead by the time the call from the President was received condoning the prisoner. How can you revive a “dead man”?


It is true Section 4 of the RA 6657 mandates to cover under CARP all public and private agricultural lands but the order of priorities per section 7 should have been followed. One of our dollar earner are the export of sugar which is why I cannot understand why developed sugar lands are the target of DAR considering that HGT have a sugar central to support with sugar canes – an industry giving income to people in the area. What is the difference between prawn farms (exempted from CARP) to sugar farms? Anyway she should publish the list of municipalities where the 37,872 hectares had been apportioned to the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries and who these ARBs are and what happened to the Government Owned Lands given to them.


She mentioned no respect for people who worked hard in implementing the program despite the added risk to their lives? The litany of difficult experience when they cover and document vast landholdings owned by influential people but they had to do it because it is the law. Whatever litany of difficult experience she is saying are their own doing – especially when they do not follow the criteria set forth by Section 16 -(identifying land, land beneficiaries and compensation with landowners) - for them to know who are the qualified farmer-tillers– they have to also recognize other farmers which is why there is the inclusion-exclusion proceedings. The request for re-valuation filed by HGT with the DARAB in 2001 had not yet been acted upon by them to date. They have different set of valuation as mentioned before with regards to the Aboitez property in Lapay pegged at P180,000 per hectare to that of Caranoche pegged at P5,600 per hectare. She herself admitted that the valuation pegged on “Former Congressman Teves properties was really very low and that she will help him get a better value for his property and she admitted having spoken to some qualified beneficiaries not included in the CLOA” which was featured in the Visayan Daily Star. Several Supreme Court Ruling cited Justice Isagani Cruz …social justice or any justice for that matter is for the deserving, whether he be a millionaire in his mansion or a pauper in his hovel. It is true that, in case of reasonable doubt, we are called upon to tilt the balance in favor of the poor, to whom the Constitution fittingly extends its sympathy and compassion. But never is it justified to prefer the poor simply because they are poor, or reject the rich simply because they are rich, for justice must always be served, for the poor and the rich alike, according to the mandate of the law. Another ruling stated “…… Evidently, the law recognizes that the land’s exact value or the just compensation to be given the landowner cannot just be assumed; it must be determined with certainty before the land titles are transferred. Expropriation of landholdings covered by RA 6657 take place, not on the effectivity of the Act on June 15, 1988, but on the payment of just compensation”.


On the issue of being confiscatory agency – she cannot deny the fact that DAR are actually doing this by not adhering to Section 16 and the twin requirement of notice and hearing as well as the issue of allowing retention limit to the landowner. She was just assigned recently to DAR so it is possible that those before her just made a “table survey” as to the “qualified beneficiaries”. They are immune to suit thus they can confiscate at their whims and pleasure. Let her show you the notices DAR sent to HGT who is the possessor of the property and considered the landowner.



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Passion, Hardwork Love and Service Passion, Hardwork, Love and Service, are virtues said Nonoy and lawyer-CPA wife Florence Tangente which resulted in the ‘resurrection’ of the name OBDULIA, in the latest addition to the Dumaguete skyline to honor the legend and pioneer lady in the local hotel industry, their late mother, Lady O, Obdulia Tangente, in whose name the JFT BUILDING above is named after and will be inaugurated tomorrow 9:30 A.M. , Dec 8th 2008. OPEN HOUSE at 10:30 a.m. will follow the merienda snacks. OWNERS: JACINTO “Nonoy” and wife Atty. Florence Tangente, CPA, beam as they will welcome new and old customers at the lobby of OBDULIA BUSINESS INN which formally opens tomorrow.

Dec 7 2008  
Dec 7 2008