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Dumaguete City,



ormer National Treasurer Prof. Leonor Magtolis Briones has lamented that millions of pesos of Internal Revenue Allotments for Negros Oriental this year are being used as collaterals by certain local government units intended for non-viable loans, which endanger taxpayers’ money of being foreclosed by government banks.


“Non-viable loans” mean borrowings made by local governments using their IRA’s as collaterals, which loans are non-viable and hard to pay, because LGUs concerned do not have enough extra income to repay their loans. Per DILG records, Briones said 70% of LGUs

in Negros Orieantal are dependent on IRAs as source of funds. So how can these LGUs repay loans if they have no other source of enough income? Professor Briones warned LGU’s that caution should be made on non-viable borTo page 19

AUGUST 12, 2012


Embarrasing video shows tourism flop, board mbs. lament


2012 Internal Revenue allotments (IRA) for NegOr

hat was initially intended as a showcase video for tourism promotion for Negors Oriental before the regional League of Board Members and tourism stakeholders turned out to be a big embarrassment for six NegOr legislators attending the regional BM meeting in Tagbilaran, Bohol last week. BM Jessica Villanueva taking the floor on the privilege hour told the provincial board that Negros Oriental took a step backwards in tourism presentation when the video they

2012 IRA

showed in Bohol (which was obviously not pre-viewed by them here) depicted mostly faces of the tourism staff waving and smiling, and less of

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Another gun-for-hire nabbed by enforcers BY: FLORENCE BAESA


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Where’s the City Disaster Preparedness Plan?

suspected member of the so-called TanasanLibron gun-for-hire group was arrested, Friday, August 10, in Brgy. Bacuyangan, Hinobaan, Negros Occidental by a joint police posse from provincial headquarters Bayawan and Basay PNP.

Arrested by virtue of an arrest warrant issued by Bayawan Judge Ananson Jaime of Branch 63 was one Alex Mayagma, 34, married and a resident of Bacuyangan,

Hinobaan. PNP enforcers took from him one KG9 machine pistol; one ingram machine pistol and ammunition like: 93 To page 2

Biggest dry & cold storage facility opens



ntil today, the City of Dumaguete has not yet completed its entire Disaster Preparedness Plan, despite the so many seminars and workshops conducted by the city government and barangays, including a P2-million lakbay-aral working visit to disaster prone areas, like Legaspi, Baguio and Manila cities. Anytime, flooding like this at the Banica River can occur, and people can just watch in dismay.


t took a native of Bogo, Cebu to discover and venture as first mover on the biggest dry and cold storage facility in Negros Oriental.

For several years, technical entrepreneur Wade Ortega and his wife, Estella, were convinced that the phenomenal economic growth of Dumaguete will bring big Manila food investors here. So, they thought of opening the biggest dry and cold storage facility (see page 3) under the Food Plant Corporation in Calabnugan, Sibulan, quite far from the madding crowd. Asked how he made his

lucky break in building a string of dry and cold storage facilities in the provinces, he said: “Everybody was flocking to the big cities, putting up dry and cold storage facilities. But I looked around the potential growing cities in the countrysides because these are the main suppliers of food commodities.” And Wade Ortega’s theory was proven right. Once

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NC Aug. 12, ISSUE p65.p65


1/1/2002, 2:47 AM

2 Degamo might settle as LP rep. in third? 39

August 12, 2012

Another gun-for-hire suspect ... (From page 1) rounds of 9mm ammunition; 7 ammos for .357 magnum; 10 pcs of imported 45 caliber bul-


here is a big possibility that a second option or “ Plan B” of Gov. Roel Degamo is to be drafted by the Liberal Party as its official candidate in the third district, Degamo being a resident of his hometown in Bonawon, Siaton. Right now, Degamo wants to run for governor against LP administration standard bearer Rep. Josy Limkaichong. Rep. Pryde Henry Teves, on the other hand, appeared unfazed by the report, saying that he has enough support in his 3rd district based on feedbacks from his leaders and constituents. Teves said his victory can only be also assured with the support of his grandfather, Meniong Teves, the acknowledged kingmaker of NegOr politicians. It was also Meniong Teves who helped both Limkaichong and Degamo start their political careers, until they parted ways when Degamo rose to the governorship, and Limkaichong won as the lst district representative.

lets and 10 ammo for M16 rifle. NO bail is recommended for him. M a ya g m a (left) is the suspect in the Manuel Lacson murder in 2011, wherein the businessman


was robbed of P250,000 and killed by the suspect and his group. He is also tagged as a strong suspect in the Alabastro slay-try case, said Lt. Col. Alet Vertucio, PNP Depurty PD for operations (right). Two other co-accused, Herman “Ricky” Escora and Remy Diocares, are now detained while they are now closing on the second john doe.



Tanjay trooper killed Eye marital issues by AbuSayyaf interred on lawyer’s murder? rmy Scout Ranger Private First Class Segundiano Tamayo, Jr., one of 10 soldiers killed during the encounter with Abu Sayyaf in Barangay Cabengbeng, Sumisip, Basilan, was laid to rest today in his home town in Tanjay City with a 21-gun salute.


Pfc Tamayo was among the 40-man patrol of the Army’s 11th Scout Ranger Company, 4 th  Scout  Ranger Batallion of the Special Op-

eration Command, which encountered at least 150 heavily armed members of the Al-Qaeda linked Abu To page 5

By Choy Gallarde

wo days before the death anniversary of a lawyer, another colleague in the legal profession was gunned down in front of his live-in partner and a fouryear-old son. Probers opine that marital issues could be be- the evening on August 3, 2012, two days before the hind.


Atty. Manolo Zerna, 46 years old, succumbed to several gunshot wounds in the body from a caliber 45 pistol on or about 11:45 in

Enforcers foil illegal recruitment for Davao BY RACHELLE M. NESSIA


uthorities in Mabinay town intercepted the illegal recruitment of 15 adults in Brgy. Samac after a legal recruiter tipped off police and local officials of the presence of an illegal recruiter in the area.

Romualdo Señeres of the Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc. (VF), said Mabinay police were able to foil the departure of 15 recruits, mostly males and none of whom were minors, who were

bound for Davao and Bukidnon to work in a Sacada farm. Señeres said the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) here To page 5

death anniversary of Atty. Archer Baldwin Martinez, Integrated Bar of the Philippines Negros Oriental ChapTo page 5

Limkaichong posts new Dep Ed Supt. or the second time, Department of Education Sec. Armin A. Luistro has designated an officer-in-charge in the division of schools in the province of Negros Oriental, and was succesfully installed today without hitches, unlike the designation then of Dumaguete City DepEd Division Superintendent of


Schools Dr. Ramir Uytico, which was withdrawn by an undersecretary on the same day he was supposed to assume office in the division of Negros Oriental. Dr. Salustiano Jimenez was installed by DepEd Regional Director Carmelita Dulangon at the DepEd diTo page 5

NegOr eyed smoke-free province in Yr 2013


NC Aug. 12, ISSUE p65.p65


According to Obial, their target is December 12, 2012. Meanwhile, Mayor Bentham dela Cruz, president of the Negros Oriental council of anti-smoking LGU’s, said that out of 27 local government units in the province, only four have yet to pass local legislations on anti-smoking. These are Vallehermoso in the first district, San Jose in the second district, and Siaton and

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Dear Editor, The time will come when those who are in first and second generation levels, meaning parents and grandparents, will soon hand over everything to the second and third generations, meaning their children and grandchildren. As simple wage earners, what can we bestow our next generation but the education and our good name that we provide our children, and luckily, if they make it to their respective professions. For us who do not have big tracks of land, commercial buildings, strings of businesses, stores, condominiums and even sugar centrals and factories, what can we hand down to our children but our good name and the example of our moral and spiritual lives. For those with big properties, as fathers and mothers, they would apportion on equal terms their properties to their children while still alive, so that when they are gone, their children will simply take over each assigned portion without any feud. If those with big properties want to enjoy peace for both the living and the dead, they better divide the properties while they live, if not, sell these properties and divide the cash among the children. Better still, if they have huge holdings, the family corporation can be so reorganized that these will be managed by non-family members so that the legacies and corporate mission and vision will be effectively handed down to the 3rd and 4th generations without much emotiona feud. Like the Ayalas and the Aboitiz, these huge families, now on their 3rd and 4th generations, have their holdings run by non-family members. Only two family heirs are members of their board. The rest of the heirs simply get their fair share in the corporation earnings with no questions asked. There is peace. In this manner, the heirs will have nothing to fight about when those in this present generation shall have crossed the threshold on to the next. Most of all, did you give God the fair share of your earnings? (CONTRIBUTED)

Tourism stakeholders: don’t compete, compliment

he Department of Health (DOH) is eyeing Negros Oriental as a smoke-free province by the end of this year.

This was disclosed by health Undersecretary Pauline Obial, who witnessed and graced the grand launching of the smoke-free ordinance of Bais City last Friday. Thousands of Baisanons from all walks in life joined the smoke-free parade bringing placards calling for a stop to smoking and verbalizing the ill-effects of smoking. Bais City Mayor Karen Villanueva said they are giving themselves three months within which to educate and inform the people about the smoke-free campaign.

Learning from the legacies of the Ayalas & Aboitiz


GOV. ROEL R. DEGAMO Negros Oriental

egros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo enjoins stakeholders in the tourism industry not to compete but to complement each other for the benefit of the province as it started today formulating a tourism roadmap that will align with the various tourism programs of the national government.

Until today, Negros Oriental has yet to define itself in the tourism map by a still elusive viable package tourist destination and road map. This developed as Board Member Jessica “Ikay” Villanueva reported that the six-man and women team, which presented a supposed tourism destination for Negros Oriental in a Bohol forum “turned out as a big embarrassment” because of what she claimed as a very poorly done video production, which did not give a definite destination route

1/1/2002, 2:47 AM

for tourists. Instead, what she described were video clips of tourism staff waving to the photographer, and the Canlaon and Twin Lake shots lasted only for a few seconds. It was one for free though, she was informed. Department of Tourism (DOT) officials from Manila and Region 7 are on hand to help craft the province’s tourism roadmap with stakeholders to include representatives from the group of travel and tours; resorts, hotels and restaurants, dive

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August 12, 2012


MAIN buildings

n, M sg r Be loy Tio ng so , M ay or Ga mm y Tu lab ing and Estella Marcela Bartoces, t. A. Ortega, presiden

Wade Y. Ortega, Paolo Ballo, and Jessie Mascardo

Msgr Gammy Tulabing, bishop administrator, holy mass celebrator

Dax Bracero, plant manager; Mr Yu of Korean technology and S.J. Hong, president Phil-Whashin Engineering. Guests and friends at Aug 10 inaugural

M r & M rs Wade & Estella Ortega, Corporate owners

NC Aug. 12, ISSUE p65.p65


1/1/2002, 2:48 AM



August 12, 2012


Local gov’t can’t prevent lotto


Editorial Disaster unpreparedness and embarrassing videos hile Manila and the rest of the metro were underwater during the entire week, we in Dumaguete, especially our leaders in the barangays, enjoyed the luxury of good weather, — plus the absence of their local disaster risk reduction management plan. In short, even as we enjoy good weather, the ABC president warns that “dark clouds are hovering in the horizon,” and anytime, heavy rains will come, and our barangays have not yet even submitted their disasterpreparedness plans. And we will have floods and evacuations again. The ABC president and the city mayor and his vice-mayor find this a relevant issue because, not too long ago, majority of the city’s 30 barangay captains and many of their kagawads, including city officials, trumpeted about their “educational and working trip” for a week to disaster prone areas of Legaspi, Baguio and Manila cities. This cost city taxpayers a whooping P2-million just to “widen their horizons” about disaster preparedness. Until now, they have not even delivered their much talked about plans on how to be prepared when disasters –like river overflows—and evacuations will occur God forbid. What is the matter with them? IN ANOTHER NOTE: This report of Board Member Jessica Villanueva about an em-


barrassing video presentation about tourism destinations in Negros Oriental is disheartening. It only goes to show that tourism travel and tours here, as an industry, is generally still a flop. This means we have not taken off really, and we need much room for improvement. Trouble is, not all our tourism officials understand what the industry is all about. Some think tourism means festivals and fiestas alone. It did not occur to them that tourism also means visitors flocking DAILY in droves to our natural attractions as they pour money to the local economy in terms of souvenirs, food, hotel, travel and the like. The gauge is when tourists come daily in full bus-loads! Far from it. Bohol has one major destination: the countryside tour. Simple. Cebu has the S.S.S.Suroy Suroy Sugbo. Simple. What about us? What is our signature destination? Some call it “kalanrakas,” or ‘sak sak sinagul,’ which simply is very confusing. No tourist will be attracted to this kind of destination, which is confusing, competing and inconsistent. We need one uniform, salable, attractive, uniquefrom-others destination. The sooner we have this signature destination, the better. The sooner we have this disaster preparedness plan, the better, too. The sooner they stop talking and start delivering, ahhh, so much the better!

Democratic succession


One Voice by Bingo P. Dejaresco

NC Aug. 12, ISSUE p65.p65


he democratic succession to the Philippine presidency (beginning 1946) has been a plus factor for business investors here. Except for the (1972-1986) Martial Law interlude led by a strongman Ferdinand Marcos, the nation had seen democratic elections usher a series of presidents with various degrees of success,unlike “banana republics” who change leadership like women change clothes. What backgrounds did our a murdered hero, was a house- came presidents. presidential crop include: LGU wife, while FVR (Ramos), an Carlos P. Garcia (1957graduates, congressional lead-  anointed Protestant by a solid 1961) was a governor (of ers, businessmen, judiciary or Catholic, like Cory, was a Bohol), Secretary of Foreign businessmen? Defense Minister and an EDSA Affairs, congressman and Except for the immediate hero with (now senate presi- senator; Diosdado Macapagal post-EDSA presidents like dent) Juan Ponce Enrile. (1961-1965) was a congressCory Aquino (1986-1992) and Manuel Roxas (1946- man for (8) years of Fidel V. Ramos (1992-1998), 1948)  was a Speaker of the Pampanga; and Ferdinand all of the presidents of the House, senator and cabinet Marcos was a congressman republic  since 1946, Manuel secretary; Elpidio Quirino (10 years) of Ilocos Norte and Roxas (1946-1948) came (1948-1953) was a repre- senator (7 years ), and in fact, from either houses of Con- sentative, cabinet secretary a senate president before they gress or both. None coming and senator; Ramon led the country. straight from the private sec- Magsaysay (1953-1957) was Joseph Estrada (1998tor. a Defense secretary and con- 2001) was a San Juan mayor Cory Aquino, the widow of gressman before they beTo page 17

1/1/2002, 2:48 AM

he City Council of Dumaguete is setting a dangerous example and precedent when it effectively tries to prevent the entry of lotto operations, one of the legal forms of gambling sanctioned by law under Republic Act No. 1169, as amended. The city government is saying that it is not prohibiting lotto in Dumaguete City. It is merely preventing its entry. The city government cites Provincial Ordinance No. 4, passed by the provincial government, which, while supposedly not prohibiting lotto, is crossdressing as a regulatory ordinance. An ordinance that disguises itself as a regulatory legislation, but has actually a prohibitory effect, is void. It should be struck down. Local government ordinances cannot contravene a national law. This basic policy cannot be violated whether directly or indirectly. I have two points to raise why the local government is setting a dangerous precedent. First point. Our nation moves in a single direction. If the national law, crafted by our own elected representatives, has classified lotto as a legal form of gambling, it is assumed that all the legal and social aspects of such declaration have already been considered, and thus, should be followed. If a local government heretically goes against a national law, then the local government is no better than the old wild west, where people just took the law into their own hands. What will stop local governments from going against other national laws enacted by Congress? Relevant are the pronouncements of the supreme on this regard. “Municipal governments are only agents of the national government. Local councils exercise only delegated legislative powers conferred on them by Congress as the national lawmaking body. The delegate cannot be superior to the principal or exercise powers higher than those of the latter. It is a heresy to suggest that the local government units can undo the acts of Congress, from which they have derived their power in the first place, and negate by mere ordinance the mandate of the statute.” Second point: Freedom of choice. We still live in a backward society, where people in government are infected with the discred-

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August 12, 2012

Tourism ... From page 2

shops; group of divers; transportation sector; tourism police; the province’ island tour guides; mountain guides; tourism officers from all over the province, mayors, department of public works and highways; the Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce and Industry, among others. The governor believes that, with the right approach involving the appropriate intelligence and specifics, it will bring the province to greater heights in the tourism industry. Resource persons include Atty. Niño, who will talk on the Tourism Enterprise Zone, Atty. Lucas Nunag of the Bohol Tourism Council, who will talk on the Bohol experience and the role of the private sector in tourism development, and the provincial tourism officer of the province, Myla Mae Abellana. Warner Andrada of the DOT Central Office in Manila presented the current global and national tourism trends and issues in relation to the National Tourism Development Plan of the PNoy administration. DOT Regional Director

Enforcers ...

Rowena Montecillo was represented by Judilyn Quiachon during the workshop while the tourism operations officer of Puerto Princesa,   Rebecca  Labit, presented a case study on the role of local government units in tourism development,   which  resulted  in  it becoming an emerging tourism destination in the country. Andrada explained Gov. Degamo hopes to see a well-crafted and a comprehensive tourism roadmap with the support and participation of all the stakeholders, including the private sector, in believing that it’s not yet too late, even as the Sangguniang Panlalawigan had passed the Tourism Code of Negros Oriental in 2005 yet, of which Gov. Degamo was then a member of the provincial board. He stressed the provincial government never thought of moving backward after two destructive calamities affected almost all tourist destinations in Negros Oriental. In fact, on February 14, 2012, the governor requested DOT Manila to send an assessment team to evaluate the extent of damage on the affected tourism sites and services in the province.//jg


From page 2

From page 2

sought their assistance after a legal recruiter called, informing them of an illegal recruiter in Mabinay, who recruited workers for a Sacada farm. VF is a non-government organization that works to help combat human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. Señeres said that, on July 24, a legal recruiter contacted DOLE after she was not able to find potential recruits in Brgy. Samac because another recruiter, alleged to be operating illegally, offered better compensation for the workers. “The illegal recruiter promised the 15 recruits an advance payment of their salary amounting to around P3,000,” Señeres disclosed in an interview. The advance payment was scheduled to take place on July 26, with the recruits to leave for Davao and Bukidnon via Bacolod City on July 27. The Mabinay police force, together with Brgy. Samac officials led by village chief and local Association of Barangay Captains president Ma. Rosario Ocay, immediately located the 15 recruits based on a list of names submitted to the barangay captain for barangay clearance. Señeres said Brgy. Samac has earlier made it a policy for the barangay captain to personally meet residents seeking a barangay clearance.

vision office in Negros Oriental in the presence of the first district Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong and Gov. Roel Degamo. Movements at the DepEd helm were interpreted by political quarters as significant in the light of the coming elections next year. Public school teachers will be deployed as election watchers and canvassers all over the province. He takes over the helm in place of Dr. Marilyn Andales, who is expected to assume as city schools division superintendent of Guihulngan City . Sec. Luistro said Jimenez’ designation carries with it the authority to assume the powers, duties and responsibilities of a schools division superintendent, and

NC Aug. 12, ISSUE p65.p65


“Through that list, we were able to locate all 15 recruits, and we were able to convince them to stop from leaving for Davao and Bukidnon,” he said. The illegal recruiter, however, was not found nor identified. This is the second time local officials intercepted illegal recruitment activities in Mabinay town this year. In June this year, police rescued a minor from Mabinay, who departed for Bacolod City after being hired by an illegal recruiter, who used the iden-

Tanjay ... From page 2

Sayyaf Group (ASG) in almost 10 hours of fighting last July 26. In an interview after burial rites at the Serenity Garden in Tanjay City, his father, retired 2Lt Segundiano Tamayo, Sr., and other son, Pfc Richard Tamayo, who is presently with the 73rd IB in Maasin, Saranggani province, said they all understand the life of a soldier, and for them, the late Pfc Tamayo Jr. died a hero. They both thanked President   Benigno Aquino III for extending his personal condolences by sending flowers, aside from ensuring that all the benefits are received by the family. The battalion commander of the First Scout Ranger Batallion based in La Carlota, Negros Occidental and his men tendered military honors during the arrival and wake up to the cemetery. Lt. Col. Oriel Pangcog said Pfc Tamayo, Jr., is entitled to be laid to rest at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, but his parents and family’s choice was for him to be buried in his home city and province. According to Col. Pangcog, he was sent by the head of the Scout Ranger, Col. Bagasin, to represent him during the burial ceremony. He said that, aside from the insurance and other benefits ranging from P630,000 to P760,000 depending on their rank and length of military service, the scout ranger regiment is also extending a little amount through the “pass-the-hat” system of scout rangers all over the country. Also killed in that encounter are Pfc Rey Evangelista, Pfc Arnold Coresis, Pfc Cleto Algayan, Pfc Kenneth John Maribao, Pfc Jose Marvin Talamente Jr, Pfc Mark Ocampo, Pfc Arwin Martirez, Cpl Jerry Areglado and Pfc Erwin Alerta.jg

as such, he is authorized to sign communications and approve appointments delegated to schools division superintendents. As OIC, he is entitled to representation and transportation allowance, except the salary of the position. In her message, Director Dulangon enjoins the new DepEd division superintendent to be a good leader, one who takes care of his people, one who serves his people wholeheartedly.

tification card of a legal recruiter. Señeres noted that Mabinay has become vulnerable to illegal recruitment due to its proximity to Bacolod City. (RMN/ PIA-7 Negros Oriental)


OMALAHOKAN (The Town Crier)

Irresponsible parenthood


he big battle to pass or not the Reproductive Health Bill is now going on because most of the Bishops are opposing the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill. The BY: real issue is whether the RH Bill is for the A TTY. FRANCISCO D. YAP good of the country. If it is, then Congressmen should vote for it. If our representatives vote against the RH Bill because the Catholic Church is against it, then are they not imposing their morality on others.

Do not impose your “morality” on me so that I will not impose my “immorality” on you. If any Catholic is guilty of abortion, when he or she practices birth control methods other than the natural rhythm method, then there would be very

few Catholics left in good standing. In fact, if celibacy is strictly enforced, there would be very few priests who are gay. The passage of the RH Bill is constitutional, and it is for the best interest of the country. Now is the

time for our representatives to vote and represent the sentiment of the majority of the Filipino People. Let us not be hypocrites. The RH Bill is for the best interest of the Filipino people.

Eye marital ...

Arnel Zerna, brother of the victim, the family had little knowledge about the possibility his brother was killed due to work-related causes, being a lawyer himself, and that he can vouch for it. While Tanjay City deputy chief-of-police P/ Insp Deogracias Lorico stressed they’re looking at several angles, one of which is the “love triangle.” It was learned from the brother, who is an assistant prosecutor, that the victim was facing criminal charges from his original wife up to the Supreme Court, and with the family court. The original wife, with whom Zerna had three children, was also invited by the police to shed light on the incident. Zerna was laid to rest Tuesday, August 7, at the public cemetery in Tanjay City. Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate and Partition

NegOr eyed ...

From page 2

ter vice president at the time of his death on August 5, 2011. Zerna was on board his red Kawasaki motorcycle together   with  live-in  partner Evelyn Acas Martinez and son Onifredo, who was seated in front of him. Two suspects were invited for questioning based on the revelation of the witness, one of whom is a suspected gun-for-hire, and the other, somebody already known in the community. According to the live-in partner, upon arrival at the gate of Zerna’s residence along Legaspi Street, Barangay 9, she disembarked to open the gate, while the suspects, who were riding in tandem, appeared from behind and fired at Zerna twice in the head, but missed. The backrider disembarked and went near the victim and shot him in close range several times in the body. Seven spent shells for cal. 45 and a deformed slug were found at the crime scene, which is also at the vicinity of Tanjay Institute. According to Atty. Extrajudicial Settlement and Absolute Sale Notice is hereby given that Vilma Maputi; and Veronica Maputi and Susan Maputi; heirs of the late Arturo Maputi; have executed an Extrajudicial Settlement and Absolute Sale on a parcel of land, Lot No. 4085G-3, Psd-074610-028278 covered by TCT No. 24044, containing an area of Two Hundred Twelve (212) square meters, more or less, per Doc. No. 38, Page No. 8, Book No. XLV, Series of 2012, duly notarized by Atty. Elizur V. Umbac. The Negros Chronicle Aug. 12, 19 & 26, 2012

Notice is hereby given that Alberto P. Diego, Sr., widower; and Alberto C. Diego, Jr.; heirs of Asteria Catan have executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate and Partition on Lot No. 2107 covered by TCT No. 12426, containing an area of Eight Hundred Seventy-Two (872) square meters, per Doc. No. 69; Page No. 3; Book No. XVI, Series of 2012, duly notarized by Atty. Jeffrey T. Araula. The Negros Chronicle Aug. 12, 19 & 26, 2012

Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate Notice is hereby given that Iluminada At-at; Luis At-at; Librando At-at; and Fortunata A. Guillermo; heirs of the late Paula A. At-at, have executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate and adjudicate unto and among themselves one-half of the following bank accounts the deceased jointly deposited in an and/or capacity with her sister Fortunata A. Guillermo, to wit: a) Metro Bank Savings Account No. 110-3-02933036-0, Dumaguete City Branch in the amount of P183,240.54; and Metro Bank Time Deposit Account No. CTD No.1751637, under Dollar Account No. 110-0-11000490-9, Dumaguete City Branch in the amount of 4,339.07 per Doc. No. 165; Page No. 34; Book No. X; Series of 2012 duly notarized by Atty. Froilan Joseph B. Pinili. The Negros Chronicle August 12, 19 & 26, 2012

Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate Among Heirs Notice is hereby given that Sally B. Barillo; Merope B. Barillo; Maria Luisa D. Barillo-Olorvida, in representation of the late Hector B. Barillo; Maria Salud D. Barillo, likewise in representation of the late Hector B. Barillo; and Fritzie B. Pata-Raganas, in representation of the late Hernanita Barillo-Pata; sole heirs of the late Simeon B. Barillo and Leonarda Barillo-Barillo, have executed an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate Among Heirs on certain parcels of land, situated at Brgy. Malusay, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental, described as follows: OCT No. FV-14006, Free Patent No. 522677, Lot No. 3434, Cad-421-D, containing an area of Eight Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-Seven (8,497) square meters; OCT No. FV-14810, Free Patent No. 528016, Lot No. 3429, Cad 421-D, containing an area of Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty (16,950) square meters; OCT No. FV-24188, Free Patent No. 528359, Lot No. 3427, Cad-421-D containing an area of Nine Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety-Three (9,593) square meters; and OCT No. FV-24189, Free Patent No. 525741; Lot No. 3419, Cad-421-D, containing an area of Twenty-Thousand and Fifty Three (20,053) square meters; per Document No. 70; Page No. 14; Book No. II, Series of 2012; duly notarized by Atty. Maria Theresa V. Rizon. The Negros Chronicle Aug. 12, 19 & 26, 2012

1/1/2002, 2:48 AM

From page 2

Sta. Catalina in the 3rd district. Vallehermoso, Siaton and Sta. Catalina have already made initial steps, while San Jose has a unique set-up. Dela Cruz disclosed that while San Jose Mayor Carmelo Emmanuel Remollo is very passionate in attaining a smoke-free municipality, he also respects the decision of the Sangguniang Bayan. According to Mayor Bentham, anti-smoking advocates in the province are expected to sit down with the municipal council and the mayor’s office to iron out kinks in the adaptation of a smoke-free municipality.jg



August 12, 2012




alf a world and almost six centuries separate the two men: Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin of Shanghai in 2012 and Lord Chancellor of England Thomas More in 1535. Yet, they resemble each other in what matters. Both rose thru imprisoned. dedicated service. More “To defy the king served as King Henry VIII’s means death,” a messenger most trusted counselor. warned. “Is that all, my Father Da Quin towered in Lord?” More replied. “All the Patriotic Catholic that means is I will die today Association, Communist and you will die tomorrow.” China’s agency to leash His last words on the Catholics. scaffold in 1535 were: “I die More refused assent the King's good servant --to Henry VIII’s divorce but God's first." from the barren Catherine At St. Ignatius of Aragon to marry Ann Cathedral in Shanghai, Boleyn. For spurning the Da Quin said after his First Succession Act, ordination as bishop: which “anointed” Henry “Once you assume your VIII as the Church of pastoral job, your body England’s head, More was Turn to page 14



t all started with a poaching incident in the Scarborough Shoal claimed by the Philippines. In a knee-jerk reaction and the use of excessive force, the government sent a frigate to arrest unarmed Chinese fishermen. This was like stepping on the tail of a sleeping tiger. The next thing we know, that in a show of exaggerated response, China sends a small armada of fishermen escorted by men-of-war to scare away our only destroyer, which hightailed it back to base. Now, the Chinese are pressing their advantage, and according to latest of Washington reports, have cordoned displeasure, and even off the area from joint war games with the “outsiders.” Moreover, US, discouraged the it seems that no amount Chinese invaders. In of veiled threats of fact, it seemed to have possible US enraged the tiger, intervention, vague whose sabre-rattling statements coming out

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A Journey Through Cancer


Solution or Condemnation?


Truth = Charity


U.S. Army, Cpt (ret)

WE ARE ALL OLYMPIC WINNERS hese past weeks, most of us have been watching the Olympic games taking place in London. I love to watch the swimmers, the gymnasts, the volleyball games and the divers, especially. I marvel at how they keep their bodies in shape for such strenuous competed in the last 4, or sports! The hours they was it 6, I disremember, must spend in practice… Olympics, also in that event! the attention to their It seems that age matters diets… the hours at the less than determination to gym getting themselves keep in shape! in shape! WOW! I watched a man, As I viewed t he whose legs had been different Olympic contests amputated at ll months and listened to the stories old and fitted with metal behind some of the athletes, legs, run in the 400-meter I was amazed to learn that event. Even though he a 39-year-old man was only a few seconds competing in the Lord of slower than the winner of the Rings event had



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NC Aug 12 ISSUE NEW.p65.p65


Footsteps and Fingerprints


E need to make adjustments in our common understanding of truth. For many of us, truth is a matter of what we see or witness, how we feel, what we know and understand. Truth, in this sense, is some cold data perceived by the senses and processed by our intellect and will. So, we come out with a phenomena of our life. It variety of man-made ignores the spiritual truths—scientific truth, legal aspects, let alone, the truth, social, economic or need to refer everything political truth, etc.—with to God, who is, after all, varying degrees of precision, the Author of all reality. depending on whether the It’s a truth that depends truth is empirically observed mainly on our perceptions, and gathered, and can be discernments, judgments measured, etc. and reasoning. In short, in The problem with this the way we are. It tends to conception of truth is that be self-established and it mainly focuses on the developed. It’s a truth that material aspects of the is often held captive by world, or at best, on the one’s subjective ways, and natural and human

hy has the Philippines never gotten a gold medal at the Olympic Games? I refuse to believe we do not have the talent. You simply have to look at Manny Pacqiao. Manny is not only a great boxer, but he is arguably, pound for pound, the greatest boxer of all time. The talent is here, so why have we not won a single gold medal? I heard not long ago chance for a gold medal. that we once had a world Then, I heard about class boxer, but we never Marie Crizabelle D. sent him to the games. The Merto, a student at rumor was he did not go Silliman University. Ms because of politics. I was Merto is a world-class shocked. Why would we archer. She recently send a lesser talent when competed against the best we have top quality archers in the available? I did not want to Philippines, including believe the Philippine those we were sending to people would tolerate the Olympic Games. Ms. partisan politics degrading Merto not only won the our best, brightest and finest. match, but did so with They could not possibly points to spare. She is allow politics to cheat this listed as one of the 80 best nation out of their best Turn to page 7



hen calamities happen, it is easy to point a finger rather than praying for those authorities that can be instrumental in promulgating laws to minimize disasters and those who are presently affected by circumstances. Godly wisdom, change of heart, will power and a lot of support are needed for leaders and citizens of a nation. We have solved half of the problem as we pray. The rest is to do our part. Flooding in Manila and Criticism is good nearby provinces generate when it carries different reactions and solutions to the opinions. I was amazed problem. If we cannot how faceless people, be part of the solution, cloaked by anonymity in then we are also part of the web, can give harsh the problem. comments to anyone. Flooding happens There are those who give anywhere in the world, not constructive opinions, but only to third-world, but others seem to comment e v e n t o firs t -wo r ld anything, as if paid to Turn to page 14 criticize.


8/13/2012, 5:48 PM



July 8, 2012

37 39

August 12, 2012

We are..

courage, stamina and perseverance! It’s a real challenge for us “normal” human beings to meet the daily challenges in our livesto eat properly, to exercise regularly, and in general, to feel good about ourselves in the face of all the media messages spotlighting our flaws. Advertising campaigns point out that we are either too fat or too thin, that our hair is either too straight or too frizzy, that our faces have too many wrinkles or too many age spots, that our waists and hips are either too skinny or have too many bulges in the wrong places, that

News Briefs (Catan)

from page 6

the heat, thus not making the finals. He was such an inspiration to everyone who watched him, sending the strong message that being handicapped (whether physically or otherwise) doesn’t matter if one is determined to overcome such disability. Then, I watched the story of the elderly man, who pedaled his rickshaw all the way from somewhere in China across the continent of Asia, passing through 16 countries to London, just so he could watch the Olympic games in person. He spoke no English, only his native language, and yet, reached the games on time. What

we would look better, younger and sexier if we used this or that lotion, cream or soap, that we either have too much or too little energy. But after watching the Olympics, I realized that what is most important is not our age, or what cosmetics we use, or what we eat, or the vitamins we take. What is more import ant is our attitude, our willingness, det ermination and perseverance to achieve our dreams, our goals in life. None of us is perfect. None of the Olympic medal winners was perfect, but they all attained their goal of representing their countries in the games through their determination, their willingness to discipline themselves, their perseverance despite difficulties, and their

Gold... (Kojak) from page 6 female archers in the world, but she was not allowed to go to the Olympic Games. Admittedly, I do not know the reason for this injustice. We should always send our best. Whatever the reason or reasons, it is too late now. The Philippines did not even place in the top ten in archery. Who can say what would have happened if we had actually sent our best.

attitude of seeing obstacles as a challenge to overcome. We can all be medal winners in the arena of our own lives … if not the gold, then silver or bronze. It is our choice – to compete for the medals or to sit back and watch others. As for me, I am striving for the gold.


60 K

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NC Aug 12 ISSUE NEW.p65.p65


8/13/2012, 5:48 PM

On December 8th and 9th, the World Archery Cup will be held in Singapore. Singapore has invited Ms. Merto to compete. They recognized her talent, even if the PANNA does not. The Manila-based PANNA (Philippines Archers National Network Alliance) will not sponsor Ms. Merto to any international events. I do not understand their attitude. Does a provincial talent not deserve a chance? Should we not field our best, not just the ones we like? I spoke personally to Mayor Sagabarria, and he assured me Ms. Merto would be sent to Singapore.


He did not go into detail, but I think, we, as a community, should stand behind our own. Ms. Merto has worked hard to perfect her skills. I encourage my readers to contact Silliman University or the office of the mayor and actively support this fine, young woman. Talent needs a chance. Maybe next Olympic games, Ms. Merto can bring home the gold.


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August 12, 2012

TIME FOR OUR CHILDREN I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. Ecclesiastes 3:12

E John 14:21 New International Version (NIV)


hose who obey my c om m andm e nt s are the ones who love me. And because they love me, my Father will love them, and I will love them. And I will reveal myself to each one of them.” Jesus said that his Science Facts on Homosexual Unions



here’s no doubt that what might define the Aquino a d m in is t r a t io n goes beyond the final resolution and execution of Luisita Hacienda in Tarlac. Yet, to get a broader perspective of the issue of land reform REV. FR. ROMAN C. SAGUN, JR. during the Hispanic times, one may consult the book titled History of Negros (1980) by Fr. Angel Martinez Cuesta, OAR. In part III of his book captioned “Reforms, 1800-1898” (original: “Por el Camino de las Reformas, 1800-1898”), the Recollect Spanish historian writes in this fashion: In the last years of the decade of the seventies, a Philippine agrarian policy began. Up to then, the government due to lack of means and personnel had taken no part in the movement which was transforming the agriculture and economy of the country. But it was becoming more urgent to put an end to the destruction of the forests by the hacenderos and to protect public lands from private capacity. The hacenderos themselves began to agree that it was better to obtain titles over their property. At that time, Ramon Jordana y Moreno, a bright competent and diligent engineer from Lerida became the Philippine Director of Forestry. As soon as he had taken possession of his post he ordered his authorities to persuade people that it was better to stop usurping public lands and to follow legal processes so as to provide against future To page 14 unfavorable contingencies. To page 14


large body of scientific e v i d e n c e suggests that hom osexual marriage is a defective counterfeit of traditional marriage and that it poses a FR. GAMMY TULABING JCD, VG clear and present danger to the health of the community and children’s well-being. This is a summary of a paper from the Family Research Council, entitled Getting the Facts: Same-Sex Marriage. Fact #1: Homosexual unions are short-lived. The plea for legal homosexual marriage is less about marriage than the push for legitimacy. Most gays and lesbians are not in monogamous relationships, and in fact, often live alone by preference. Survey of 8000 couples: The average number of years together was 9.8 for the married, 1.7 for cohabiting heterosexuals, 3.5 for the gay couples, and 2.2 for the lesbian couples. Most gays desire variety in their sex partners, not the monogamy of traditional marriage. In 1994, the largest national gay magazine reported that only 17% of its sample of 2,500 gays claimed to live together in a monogamous relationship. At any given time, less than a third of gays and approximately half of lesbians are living with a lover. Because the relationships are so short, the average homosexual can anticipate many, many ‘divorces.’ Fact #2: Studies show homosexual union

NC Aug 12 ISSUE NEW.p65.p65

followers show their love for him by obeying him. Love is more than lovely words; it is commitment and conduct. If you love Christ, then prove it by obeying what he says in his Word.


very man lives in two different worlds: a positional world and a personal world. Most of the mistakes males make in fathering are due to a lack of balance between the two. In the positional world, men develop clout. They flex

their authority, title or buying power and crave respect, particularly among a group of men. This explains why many men drive a certain car, sign their name with a special pen, join certain clubs, or carry prestige plastic. Establishing status symbols is instinctive in the world of men and is part of their competitive nature. Most men thrive in the positional arena—it’s what they’re wired for, and they typically enjoy the game. That’s why they get up early for work and put in overtime at the office. That’s also why they buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. All those actions reflect a man’s bent toward success and peer approval. The personal world is where a man develops meaningful relationships and has a potential to become a good friend, an adored husband, and a hero to the kids. But it’s also in this world that men struggle the most. Unlike the positional world, the personal world doesn’t come naturally…Because the personal world doesn’t come naturally to men; it’s easy to see why it often gets neglected. Years ago,

a little boy got a new plastic ball and bat from his aunt. He ran out to the garage where his dad was working on the car. “Daddy, Daddy, I got a bat and a ball! Would you come out and play ball with me?” The father straightened up, gave the boy a piercing look, and said, “Let’s get something straight. I’m your father, not your friend.” Forty years later, that incident is still the son’s most vivid childhood memory. How tragic. Men need to wake up to the unthinkable damage they are doing by failing to develop their personal skills. Every day, thousands of children are exasperated by their father’s insensitivity to, or abandonment of, their personal world. It all comes down to this: What’s in the positional world doesn’t ultimately matter; what’s in the personal world is what really counts. Lee Iacocca was absolutely right when he said, “No one on their death bed wishes they spent more time at the office.” Even so, millions of men just keep right on pushing themselves in the positional pursuits. Cheered on by ego, success literature and seminars, men are driven…


GOSPEL John 6:41:51 New International Version (NIV) A Living Sacrifice


he Jews murmured about Jesus because he said, “I am the bread that came down from heaven,” and they said, “Is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph? Do we not know his father and mother? Then how can he say, ‘I have come down from heaven’?” Jesus answered and said to them, “Stop murmuring among you. No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws

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him, and I will raise him on the last day. It is written in the prophets: ‘They shall all be taught by God.’ Everyone who listens to my Father except the one who is from God; he has seen the Father. Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life. Your ancestors ate the manna in the desert, but they died; this is the bread that comes down from heaven so that one may eat it and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.” Jesus wants to assure us that He does not seek His own glory but the glory of His Father in

Sunday Thoughts NO WRINKLES ON THE SOUL(2)

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.”Ecclesiastes 3:11


ur biblical passage says something relevant to the elder citizens. That it is possible and appropriate to praise God at every

stage in the total span of our earthly life. It says: God has made everything beautiful in any DR. PROCESO UDARBE particular time.” Like many old people, I’ve caught myself saying: “I wish I were young again.” But there is also beauty and excitement in being old. That is why Robert Browning did write: “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.” We had a prominent campus guest once - Dean Liston Pope of Yale. I overheard him tell Dean Gaudiel, Acting President then, about an old retired Yale professor who would look at the obituary section of the newspaper after waking; and if his name was not among the dead, he’d go back to sleep. Yes, many of us oldsters do the same thing; we look at the obituary section and either go back to sleep or get to the rocking chair. Well, some of you have been asking me: “What have you been doing?” (Often with a note of

8/13/2012, 5:48 PM

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sympathy.) My experience is not unique. There are retired people whose careers have been redirected or enriched. There is a retired professor of industrial arts; he continues to make beautiful things in his shop. A scientist writes textbooks. A farmer produces more crops from his mango plantation by giving it his personal attention. A retired judge serves his indigent clients with his legal mind. A doctor continues to be sought for help by elderly women. But to answer the question about myself, let me state a few things. Aside from attending to my sick wife (now deceased), I’ve written five books – distributed them for free (with the help of friends) to some 1,900 pastors. I learned from some who came for the centennial that my newspaper column is read by hundreds on the internet in America, Europe and

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August 12, 2012 ALKALINE WATER (PH 9.5)


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“Everyday Hero” columnist of this paper James “Kojak” Hughs, retired U.S. army green beret captain , has flown back to Florida U.S.A last week to undergo some medical tests by way of seeking second opinion of what Philippine doctors suspect as throat cancer. He sends his best to his readers and to his media gang here. He promised to continue writing via email for his fans.

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August 12, 2012

The Reproductive Health Bill 3 FOR YOUR INFORMATION • Judge for YOURSELVES: is it pro ABORTION? SEC. 16. Mandatory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education Age-appropriate Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education shall be taught by adequately trained teachers in formal and non-formal educational system starting from Grade Five up to Fourth Year High School using life skills and other approaches. The Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education shall commence at the start of the school year immediately following one (1) year from the effectivity of this Act to allow the training of concerned teachers. The Department of Education (DepEd), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), the DSWD, and the DOH shall formulate the Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education curriculum. Such curriculum shall be common to both public and private schools, out of school youth, and enrollees in the Alternative Learning System (ALS) based on, but not limited to, the psychosocial and the physical wellbeing, the demography and reproductive health, and the legal aspects of reproductive health. Age-appropriate Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education shall be integrated in all relevant subjects and shall include, but not limited to, the following topics: · (a) Values formation; · (b) Knowledge and skills in self protection against discrimination, sexual violence and abuse, and teen pregnancy; · (c) Physical, social and emotional changes in adolescents; · (d) Children’s and women’s rights; · (e) Fertility awareness; · (f) STI, HIV and AIDS; · (g) Population and development; · (h) Responsible relationship; · (i) Family planning methods; · (j) Proscription and hazards of abortion; · (k) Gender and development; and · (l) Responsible parenthood. The DepEd, CHED, DSWD, TESDA and DOH shall provide concerned parents with adequate and relevant scientific materials on the age-appropriate topics and manner of teaching Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education to their children. SEC. 17. Additional Duty of the Local Population Officer Each Local Population Officer of every city and municipality shall furnish free instructions and information on responsible parenthood, family planning, breastfeeding, infant nutrition and other relevant aspects of this Act to all applicants for marriage license. In the absence of a local Population Officer, a Family Planning Officer under the Local Health Office shall discharge the additional duty of the Population Officer. SEC. 18. Certificate of Compliance No marriage license shall be issued by the Local Civil Registrar unless the applicants present a Certificate of Compliance issued for free by the local Family Planning Office certifying that they had duly received adequate instructions and information on responsible parenthood, family planning, breastfeeding and infant nutrition. SEC. 19. Capability Building of Barangay Health Workers Barangay Health Workers and other community-based health workers shall undergo training on the promotion of reproductive health and shall receive at least 10% increase in honoraria, upon successful completion of training. SEC. 20. Ideal Family Size The State shall assist couples, parents and individuals to achieve their desired family size within the context of responsible parenthood for sustainable development and encourage them to have two children as the ideal family size. Attaining the ideal family size is neither mandatory nor compulsory. No punitive action shall be imposed on parents having more than two children. SEC. 21. Employers’ Responsibilities The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) shall ensure that employers respect the reproductive rights of workers. Consistent with the intent of Article 134 of the Labor Code, employers with more than two hundred (200) employees shall provide reproductive health services to all employees in their own respective health facilities. Those with less than two hundred (200) workers shall enter into partnerships with hospitals, health facilities, or health professionals in their areas for the delivery of reproductive health services. Employers shall furnish in writing the following information to all employees and applicants: · (a) The medical and health benefits which workers are entitled to, including maternity and paternity leave benefits and the availability of family planning services; · (b) The reproductive health hazards associated with work, including hazards that may affect their reproductive functions especially pregnant women; and · (c) The availability of health facilities for workers. Employers are obliged to monitor pregnant working employees among their workforce and ensure that they are provided paid half-day prenatal medical leaves for each month of the pregnancy period that the pregnant employee is employed in their company or organization. These paid pre-natal medical leaves shall be reimbursable from the Social Security System (SSS) or the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), as the case may be. SEC. 22. Pro Bono Services for Indigent Women Private and non-government reproductive health care service providers, including but not limited to gynecologists and obstetricians, are mandated to

provide at least forty-eight (48) hours annually of reproductive health services, ranging from providing information and education to rendering medical services free of charge to indigent and low income patients, especially to pregnant adolescents. These forty-eight (48) hours annual pro bono services shall be included as pre-requisite in the accreditation under the PhilHealth. SEC. 23. Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) The cities and municipalities must ensure that barriers to reproductive health services for PWDs are obliterated by the following: · (a) providing physical access, and resolving transportation and proximity issues to clinics, hospitals and places where public health education is provided, contraceptives are sold or distributed or other places where reproductive health services are provided; · (b) adapting examination tables and other laboratory procedures to the needs and conditions of persons with disabilities; · (c) increasing access to information and communication materials on sexual and reproductive health in braille, large print, simple language, and pictures; · (d) providing continuing education and inclusion rights of persons with disabilities among health-care providers; and · (e) undertaking activities to raise awareness and address misconceptions among the general public on the stigma and their lack of knowledge on the sexual and reproductive health needs and rights of persons with disabilities. SEC. 24. Right to Reproductive Health Care Information The government shall guarantee the right of any person to provide or receive non-fraudulent information about the availability of reproductive health care services, including family planning, and prenatal care. The DOH and the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) shall initiate and sustain a heightened nationwide multi-media campaign to raise the level of public awareness of the protection and promotion of reproductive health and rights including family planning and population and development. SEC. 25. Implementing Mechanisms Pursuant to the herein declared policy, the DOH and the Local Health Units in cities and municipalities shall serve as the lead agencies for the implementation of this Act and shall integrate in their regular operations the following functions: · (a) Ensure full and efficient implementation of the Reproductive Health Care Program; · (b) Ensure people’s access to medically safe, legal, effective, quality and affordable reproductive health supplies and services; · (c) Ensure that reproductive health services are delivered with a full range of supplies, facilities and equipment and that healthcare service providers are adequately trained for such reproductive health care delivery; · (d) Take active steps to expand the coverage of the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP), especially among poor and marginalized women, to include the full range of reproductive health services and supplies as health insurance benefits; · (e) Strengthen the capacities of health regulatory agencies to ensure safe, legal, effective, quality, accessible and affordable reproductive health services and commodities with the concurrent strengthening and enforcement of regulatory mandates and mechanisms; · (f) Promulgate a set of minimum reproductive health standards for public health facilities, which shall be included in the criteria for accreditation. These minimum reproductive health standards shall provide for the monitoring of pregnant mothers, and a minimum package of reproductive health programs that shall be available and affordable at all levels of the public health system except in specialty hospitals where such services are provided on optional basis; · (g) Facilitate the involvement and participation of NGOs and the private sector in reproductive health care service delivery and in the production, distribution and delivery of quality reproductive health and family planning supplies and commodities to make them accessible and affordable to ordinary citizens; · (h) Furnish LGUs with appropriate information and resources to keep them updated on current studies and researches relating to responsible parenthood, family planning, breastfeeding and infant nutrition; and · (i) Perform such other functions necessary to attain the purposes of this Act. The Commission on Population (POPCOM), as an attached agency of DOH, shall serve as the coordinating body in the implementation of this Act and shall have the following functions: · (a) Integrate on a continuing basis the interrelated reproductive health and population development agenda consistent with the herein declared national policy, taking into account regional and local concerns; · (b) Provide the mechanism to ensure active and full participation of the private sector and the citizenry through their organizations in the planning and implementation of reproductive health care and population and development programs and projects; and · (c) Conduct sustained and effective information drives on sustainable human development and on all methods of family planning to prevent unintended, unplanned and mistimed pregnancies. To page 11


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August 12, 2012



The Reproductive Health Bill 4 FOR YOUR INFORMATION • Judge for YOURSELVES: is it pro ABORTION? SEC. 26. Reporting Requirements Before the end of April of each year, the DOH shall submit an annual report to the President of the Philippines, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HOR). The report shall provide a definitive and comprehensive assessment of the implementation of its programs and those of other government agencies and instrumentalities, civil society and the private sector and recommend appropriate priorities for executive and legislative actions. The report shall be printed and distributed to all national agencies, the LGUs, civil society and the private sector organizations involved in said programs. The annual report shall evaluate the content, implementation and impact of all policies related to reproductive health and family planning to ensure that such policies promote, protect and fulfill reproductive health and rights, particularly of parents, couples and women. SEC. 27. Congressional Oversight Committee (COC) There is hereby created a Congressional Oversight Committee composed of five (5) members each from the Senate and the HOR. The members from the Senate and the HOR shall be appointed by the Senate President and the Speaker, respectively, based on proportional representation of the parties or coalition therein with at least one (1) member representing the Minority. The COC shall be headed by the respective Chairs of the Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations of the Senate and the Committee on Population and Family Relations of the HOR. The Secretariat of the COC shall come from the existing Secretariat personnel of the Senate’ and the HOR’ committees concerned The COC shall monitor and ensure the effective implementation of this Act, determine the inherent weakness and loopholes in the law, recommend the necessary remedial legislator or administrative measures and perform such other duties and functions as may be necessary to attain the objectives of this Act. SEC. 28. Prohibited Acts The following acts are prohibited: · (a) Any healthcare service provider, whether public or private, who shall: o (1) Knowingly withhold information or restrict the dissemination thereof, or intentionally provide incorrect information regarding programs and services on reproductive health, including the right to informed choice and access to a full range of legal, medically-safe and effective family planning methods; o (2) Refuse to perform legal and medically-safe reproductive health procedures on any person of legal age on the ground of lack of third party consent or authorization. In case of married persons, the mutual consent of the spouses shall be preferred. However in case of disagreement, the decision of the one undergoing the procedure shall prevail. In the case of abused minors where parents or other family members are the respondent, accused or convicted perpetrators as certified by the proper prosecutorial office or court, no prior parental consent shall be necessary; and o (3) Refuse to extend health care services and information on account of the person’s marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal circumstances, or nature of work; Provided, That, the conscientious objection of a healthcare service provider based on his/her ethical or religious beliefs shall be respected; however, the conscientious objector shall immediately refer the person seeking such care and services to another healthcare service provider within the same facility or one which is conveniently accessible who is willing to provide the requisite information and services; Provided, further, That the person is not in an emergency condition or serious case as defined in RA 8344 otherwise known as “An Act Penalizing the Refusal of Hospitals and Medical Clinics to Administer Appropriate Initial Medical Treatment and Support in Emergency and Serious Cases”. · (b) Any public official who, personally or through a subordinate, prohibits or restricts the delivery of legal and medically-safe reproductive health care services, including family planning; or forces, coerces or induces any person to use such services. · (c) Any employer or his representative who shall require an employee or applicant, as a condition for employment or continued employment, to undergo sterilization or use or not use any family planning method; neither shall pregnancy be a ground for non-hiring or termination of employment. · (d) Any person who shall falsify a certificate of compliance as required in Section 15 of this Act; and · (e) Any person who maliciously engages in disinformation about the intent or provisions of this Act. SEC. 29. Penalties Any violation of this Act or commission of the foregoing prohibited acts shall be penalized by imprisonment ranging from one (1) month to six (6) months or a fine of Ten Thousand (P 10,000.00) to Fifty Thousand Pesos (P 50,000.00) or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the competent court; Provided That, if the offender is a public official or employee, he or she shall suffer the accessory penalty of dismissal from the government service and forfeiture of retirement benefits. If the offender is a juridical person, the penalty shall be imposed upon the president or any responsible officer. An offender who is an alien shall, after service of sentence, be

deported immediately without further proceedings by the Bureau of Immigration. SEC. 30. Appropriations The amounts appropriated in the current annual General Appropriations Act (GAA) for Family Health and Responsible Parenting under the DOH and POPCOM shall be allocated and utilized for the initial implementation of this Act. Such additional sums necessary to implement this Act; provide for the upgrading of facilities necessary to meet Basic Emergency Obstetric Care and Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care standards; train and deploy skilled health providers; procure family planning supplies and commodities as provided in Sec. 6; and implement other reproductive health services, shall be included in the subsequent GAA. SEC. 31. Implementing Rules and Regulations Within sixty (60) days from the effectivity of this Act, the Secretary of the DOH shall formulate and adopt amendments to the existing rules and regulations to carry out the objectives of this Act, in consultation with the Secretaries of the DepED, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), the DOLE, the DSWD, the Director General of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), and the Commissioner of CHED, the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), and two NGOs or Peoples’ Organizations (POs) for women. Full dissemination of the IRR to the public shall be ensured. SEC. 32. Separability Clause If any part or provision of this Act is held invalid or unconstitutional, other provisions not affected thereby shall remain in force and effect. SEC. 33. Repealing Clause All other laws, decrees, orders, issuances, rules and regulations which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed, amended or modified accordingly. SEC. 34. Effectivity This Act shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in at least two (2) newspapers of general circulation. The following principles constitute the framework upon which this Act is anchored: 1. Freedom of choice, which is central to the exercise of right, must be fully guaranteed by the State; 2. Respect for, protection and fulfillment of reproductive health and rights seek to promote the rights and welfare of couples, adult individuals, women and adolescents; 3. Since human resource is among the principal asset of the country, maternal health, safe delivery of healthy children and their full human development and responsible parenting must be ensured through effective reproductive health care; 4. The provision of medically safe, legal, accessible, affordable and effective reproductive health care services and supplies is essential in the promotion of people’s right to health, especially of the poor and marginalized; 5. The State shall promote, without bias, all effective natural and modern methods of family planning that are medically safe and legal; 6. The State shall promote programs that: (1) enable couples, individuals and women to have the number and spacing of children and reproductive spacing they desire with due consideration to the health of women and resources available to them; (2) achieve equitable allocation and utilization of resources; (3) ensure effective partnership among the national government, local government units and the private sector in the design, implementation, coordination, integration, monitoring and evaluation of people-centered programs to enhance quality of life and environmental protection; (4) conduct studies to analyze demographic trends towards sustainable human development and (5) conduct scientific studies to determine safety and efficacy of alternative medicines and methods for reproductive health care development; 7. The provision of reproductive health information, care and supplies shall be the joint responsibility of the National Government and the Local Government Units (LGUs); 8. Active participation by non-government, women’s, people’s, civil society organizations and communities is crucial to ensure that reproductive health and population and development policies, plans, and programs will address the priority needs of the poor, especially women; 9. While this Act recognizes that abortion is illegal and punishable by law, the government shall ensure that all women needing care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner; 10. There shall be no demographic or population targets and the mitigation of the population growth rate is incidental to the promotion of reproductive health and sustainable human development; 11. Gender equality and women empowerment are central elements of reproductive health and population and development; 12. The limited resources of the country cannot be suffered to be spread so thinly to service a burgeoning multitude making allocations grossly inadequate and effectively meaningless; 13. Development is a multi-faceted process that calls for the coordination and integration of policies, plans, programs and projects that seek to uplift the quality of life of the people, more particularly the poor, the needy and the marginalized; and 14. That a comprehensive reproductive health program addresses the needs of people throughout their life cycle. ? UN: Philippines Needs a Reproductive Health Law Authors’ Amendments to HB4244 ?


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Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Fatima Village Dgte City Fatima Village Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City San Jose St.,, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave.,, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Talay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. San Jose St., Dgte City Cadawinonan, Dgte City Balugo, Dgte City Balugo, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Balugo Valencia, Neg. Or. Palimpinon Val., Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Balugo, Valencia Neg.Or Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. Talay, Dgte City Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Junob, Dgte. City East Balabag, Val. Neg. Or. West Balabag, Val Neg. Or. Bantayan, Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Bagacay, Dgte City Valencia, Neg. Or.

PRICE P850K P2,300/sqm P1.5M P5,000/sqm P1.5M P4,500/sqm P850K P1.6M P5,700/sqm P5,700/sqm P5,700/sqm P5,700/sqm 400K P2,300/sqm P2,300/sqm P2,300/sqm P850K P4,200/sqm P4,200/sqm P4,200/sqm P4,200/sqm P7,000/sqm P1,120/sqm P1,000/sqm P1,200/sqm P1,400/sqm P1.2M P5,000/sqm P1,500/sqm P1 ,500/sqm P1,500/sqm P2,500/sqm P2,500/sqm P2,500/sqm P2,500/sqm P500/sqm P800/sqm P450/sqm P450/sqm P450/sqm P500/sqm P500/sqm P500/sqm P800/sqm P1,900/sqm P1,900/sqm P1,900/sqm P2,000/sqm P800/sqm P1,000/sqm P4.5M P3,500/sqm P7,000/sqm P2,500/sqm P2M

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Commercial Lots for Sale 1,149 sqms 1,150 sqms 300 sqms 336 sqms 402 sqms 400 sqms 250 sqms 700 sqms 250 sqms 363 sqms 3,336 sqms 1,400 sqms 150 sqms 500 sqms 116 sqms 279 sqms 169 sqms 298 sqms 241 sqms 306 sqms 642 sqms 2,423 sqms 530 sqms 6,270 sqms 268 sqms 5,222 sqms 1,104 sqms 672 sqms 650 sqms 1,179 sqms 1,205 sqms 951 sqms 1,325 sqms 4,300 sqms 400 sqms 1,037 sqms 1,000 sqms 252 sqms

Piapi, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Piapi Beach, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Cervantes, Dgte City Locsin St., Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte. City Near Ceres Term. Dgte City Cervantes St.,, Dgte City Cervantes St., Dgte City Meciano Rd., Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Bantayan Dgte City Daro, Dgte City San Jose St., Dgte City San Jose St., Dgte City Sibulan highway, Neg. Or. Banilad, Dgte City Banilad, Bacong Neg. Or. Banilad, Bacong Neg. Or. Taclobo, Dgte City San Jose St., Dgte City Real St., Dgte City Colon St., Dgte City North Natl Highway Pob. Valencia, NegOr. Pob. Valencia, NegOr. Pob. Valencia, NegOr. Locsin St., Dgte. City

P5,000/sqm P5,000/sqm P5,700/sqm P5,700/sqm P5,700/sqm P5,700/sqm P5,700/sqm P3M P4,200 /sqms P7,000/sqm P10,000/sqm P15M P850K P8M P2M P7,000/sqm P5M P6M P8M P4M P4.5M P15M P20,000/sqm P 5,000/sqm P1.6M P12M P5,000/sqm P1.5M P1.2M P7M P35M P50M P40M P20M P1.8M P2M P2M P4200/sqm

Contact: 0918-929-6047

Subdivision Sites for Sale Lot Area 1.5 hectares 5.5 hectares 12 hectares 4.7 hectares 1.4 hectares 1.2 hectares 1.3 hectares 1.6 hectares 4.9 hectares 7 hectares 2 hectres 4.1 hectares 1.7 hectares 5.8 hectares 2.3 hectares 1.2 hectares 3 hectares 3.2 hectares 1.6 hectares 2.1 hectares

Location Cantil-e, Dgte City Cantil-e, Dgte City Cantil-e, Dgte City Banilad, Dgte City Tubtubon, Sibulan Neg. Or. Balayag-manok, Bacong Bong-aw, Valencia Neg. Or. Bong-aw, Valencia Neg. Or. Candau-ay, Dgte City Candau-ay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Isugan, Bacong Neg. Or. Isugan, Bacong Neg. Or. Isugan, Bacong Neg. Or. Talay, Dgte City West; Balabag, Valencia Palinpinon, Valencia Ugahong, Valencia Neg. Or. San Antonio, Sibulan Neg. Or. Balili, Valencia Neg. Or.

Price P700/sqm P700/sqm P700/sqm P500/sqm P800/sqm P120/sqm P350/sqm P600/sqm P400/sqm P400/sqm P1,500/sqm P400/sqm P400/sqm P400/sqm P12M P400/sqm P500/sqm P500/sqm P400/sqm P500/sqm

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August 12, 2012

P.E.P. (People, Events, Places)

Beginning of Knowledge



umaguete City has many community programs that are supported by local and foreign donors and volunteers. One of these programs is the Dumaguete City Habitat for Humanity, Inc., or known simply as Habitat; it has built over 850 houses in Dumaguete and continues its vision and mission to build more houses for those in need.

Dumaguete Habitat Board Members Leo Elmaco, Engr. Pori Loo, Don Uypitching, Chairman Greg Uymatiao, Jr., Vice Chair Marilou Kho, Secretary Lele Martinez and Program Administrator Dr. Joven Elmira welcomed Prof. Nobu. One consistent group of volunteers for Habitat are students from Kwansei Gakuin University in Myogo, Japan led by Prof. Nobu Imaizumi, who, himself, had made over 30 trips to Dumaguete, specifically to build houses for the Habitat community. Last year, about this time, I wrote about the Japanese students who came with their Sensei Professor Nobu Imaizumi to help the Dumaguete City Habitat community build decent low cost houses for

heartening to see that though Japan had experienced a serious crisis last year – we remember the massive earthquake and tsunami, these Japanese students have come during for almost two weeks during their summer break to volunteer in house building for two Filipino families in need. These students have continued the legacy of their retired professor, Sensei Nobuhiro Imaizum. Professor Nobu has been here over 30 times and have

houses in Candau- ay in 4 days for two Filipino families they do not know. As Prof. Nobu is officially retired, though he remains connected with the University, his students’ continued visit and volunteer work with Habitat is his lasting contribution and legacy to his students and to Dumaguete Habitat. It is heartening to see the Japanese students’ interest in helping our community; their interest in the different community programs of Dumaguete


cursory reading of the book, The Beginnings of Knowledge, by eminent philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), made me ponder and realize that, somehow, philosophy has ramifications in practically anything that we do, not to mention the way our elected officials run the affairs of government and whether they are conscious of good governance or not. For one, equating these to what is happening in our midst today, appearance is what things seem to be, while reality is what things are. Since time immemorial, this has been one of the distinctions that has caused most trouble in philosophy as we relate it to our everyday lives. Russell argues about the back and forth from a solid nature of matter when he state to a liquid state to a used the table as an example gaseous state. Are these – its color, texture, shape and three states to be treated so on. He posed two very as completely different, to difficult questions: Is there a be described in different real table at all? If so, what terms, or are they to be sort of object can it be? brought under one We might ask: Why is explanation? there a problem here? Why Third and last, we can not just accept physical contact or experience objects as physical objects particular physical objects and let it go at that? Why by means of our various should a tree or a stone or a sense organs, but matter human hand or a table be itself seems to be anything different from a tree something different. or a stone or a hand or a Matter is an abstract term, table? a concept, which is applied First, particular things like to any or all conceivable trees, stones and hands seem physical things. to change. At least, they The conclusions in undergo alterations in their philosophy are always outward form. The table on tentative and are set forth which I am using to lay my in the form of hypotheses, laptop, for example, was once theories, or possibly laws, part of a growing tree or which, after further trees. Before that, the tree observation and research, was once elements in the soil may need to be modified or and the atmosphere. Even changed. The process of seemingly permanent things building up the great body like rocks and minerals are in of scientific knowledge is the process of being built up a slow process which or broken down. Through involves the labor of weathering or erosion, the countless persons in many stone may become dust and parts of the world. This blow away. These processes knowledge enables us to are going on about us all the exercise considerable time. control over our world, and Second, physical objects it is of constant service in undergo or are affected by our daily lives. inner transformations of How do we know that various kinds. They may pass water will freeze or that it


will revive the drooping plant? How do we know that it is better to be courteous than discourteous or that democratic governments can be successful? We may say that we know these by means of our sense organs or by our past experiences. What we see, hear, touch, smell and taste – that is, our concrete experiences – constitute the realm of knowledge. The view that knowledge comes through the senses is empirical in nature. This means that we have to “look and see” rather than “stop and think,” which is rationalizing. We put emphasis on observation or what the mind receives from the environment. To put it simply, we know what we have found out from our senses. In some situations in life, intuition appears to be of great value. Some persons will insist that every experience includes an intuitive element. Total situations are grasped by intuition or gut feel. However, if these are uncontrolled and unchecked by reason and the senses, intuition may lead to serious errors. Sometimes, this may even lead to abuses and to protests.

Reader’s Views The Habitat board members hosted a welcome dinner for the 25 Japanese students after a short orientation program families in need. The last two weeks, the Dumaguete Habitat Board and office was again kept busy with their visitors from Japan. Last week, Professor Nobu came for a short visit a week before his students arrived. This week, 25 Japanese students came to help build 2 houses with the Dumaguete Habitat. The students came from Kwansai Gakuin University in Hyogo, Japan. Some of the students have been here 3 times, with a few coming for the first time. The Japanese students usually come twice a year, about March and August of each year. These are University students who make use of their summer break to do volunteer work in communities where they feel they could learn more about people, culture and help other communities. It is

NC Aug 12 ISSUE NEW.p65.p65


brought over 600 students through the years to visit Dumaguete and work with Habitat in house building. What motivates these students to volunteer in a foreign country, work under blazing sun and sudden rain to build a house for a family they don’t know? They pay their fare, food and accommodation while staying here and spend their holiday working. Perhaps, the students see the joy of the new family as they see their house slowly taking shape one brick at a time, until the house is completed and the family can move into their new home. Perhaps that is enough compensation, knowing that they have helped a family fulfil its biggest dream. For this trip, the students will build two

Habitat is an inspiration to the Dumaguete Habitat Board. One of the students’ interest, aside from house build, is the feeding program for the patients at the Talay Mental Rehabilitation Center. The students are fascinated by the linkage that has connected the foreign and local donors with Dumaguete Habitat through the Habitat mothers who prepare the daily breakfast for the patients in Talay. This daily breakfast program has been going on for 4 years and will hopefully continue as long as there are donors. I have previously written about the mission of Dumaguete City Habitat for Humanity and its impact on the lives of our poor who needs decent housing; the other part of the equation, the volunteers, play a big role in this program.

Condoms are for animals Dear Editor:


s a Filipino, Christian & priest privileged to journey with other Filipinos from other sectors, as well as with out-ofschool youth and street kids, I stand solidly behind the animals. Church's position the family. The solution is Those who on the RH Bill issue. D i s t r i b u t i n g promote the RH for various sectors to condoms and forcing Bill impose a come together to employees to pay for foreign ideology. I reach out to the somehow neediest in our instruments of am of society- which a population control reminded will not result in someone who once good number of poverty reduction or said: “Let them eat Catholics, Christians development, nor cake,” only this and other Filipinos will sex education time, it is “Let of good will already have do- not introduce a with a secular face. them Maternal health care condoms.” This is a mindset that leads to should be addressed, shortcut approach more old people than but not at the expense that treats people young. -Fr. Carmelo O. ordinary of public morals and like Diola

8/13/2012, 5:48 PM


14 Not the ... (Mercado)

from page 6

and heart should be completely focused on pastoral things.” He quit PCA. “The congregation broke out in loud applause,” Washington Post reported. “Beijing’s attitude toward all faiths has been hardening, particularly as the once-in-adecade transition of the ruling Politburo approaches. The bishop disappeared. Ceasar demanded for itself what should be rendered to God. Fast forward to “International Religious Freedom Report 2011” just released by the US State Department. Today, more than a billion live under governments that systematically repress liberty to worship. “New technologies have given repressive governments additional tools.” They range from use of antiblasphemy laws or terrorism as excuse to curb religious groups. There was marked deterioration in China where only five state-sanctioned “patriotic religious associations” may legally hold worship services in state approved sites: Buddhist, Taoist, Muslim, Catholic and Protestant. But Catholics professing loyalty to the Vatican are not permitted to register. Shut out too are Baptists, etc. Catechizing or

Solution... (Villegas)

from page 6

countries. Disasters happen in urban and rural areas alike. If some people are spared from flood caused by garbage clogging and indiscriminate logging and mining of our natural resources, others can be devastated by earthquakes or tsunamis. Fire and volcanic eruptions are part of other calamities too. Even high taxes in welldeveloped countries have caused others to seek refuge in other places like our third world country. Part of human nature is to blame others because it helps to make them feel better. Someone has to take the ax. If we are short of people to blame, then God is the easy target. As I watch the news of flooding, others are also complaining of hot weather here where I live in the Philippines. You see, we can complain about anything. When life is so smooth and everything is so easy, then we are bored. We live in an imperfect world, but we can make the best of what we have. Let us take pleasure in swimming at the beach when the weather is good. Let us give thanks for the air that we breathe that is tax-free, praises for people who have made us feel a little better. Most of my friends who

NC Aug 12 ISSUE NEW.p65.p65


14 August 12, 2012

preaching in “unregistered” places of worship is proscribed. Spiritual groups, like Fa Long Gong, are outlawed. Crackdowns on Christian house churches, such as the Shouwang church in Beijing, continue. Communist Party members must be atheists. Muslims living in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region encounter severe interference. Similarly suppressed was the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Intrusion into Buddhist monasteries and nunneries sparked at least 12 self-immolations by Tibetans. “Religious freedom does not exist in any form” in North Korea. Pyongyang has four statecontrolled churches. One is designated Catholic. The government-established Korean Catholic Association (KCA) supposedly serves Changchun Church. “It has no ties with the Vatican, nor are there Catholic priests residing in the country. Missionaries are arrested. Scarcity of information makes it difficult to confirm reports on imprisonment of believers. In contrast, religious freedom is “generally respected in law and practice” by Buddhist Thailand, Catholic Philippines

Confucian Singapore and Muslim Indonesia. But Jakarta, recently, detained and imprisoned individuals under its blasphemy law. Burma released Buddhist monks arrested in 2007 “Saffron Revolt,” but others continued to serve long prison sentences. Government refused to recognize the Muslim Rohingya ethnic minority as citizens and imposed restrictions on movement and marriage. Christians faced challenges in Vietnam. Government held religious prisoners. Hundreds of churches await registration by local authorities in the Northwest Highlands. Hanoi has not allowed publication of the Bible in the modern H’mong language, despite pledging to do so Governments increasingly used blasphemy, apostasy and defamation of religion laws to suppress liberties. In Pakistan, individuals who called for reform of blasphemy laws continued to be killed. A Christian woman Aasia Bibi is awaiting an appeal of her 2010 death sentence for blasphemy handed down against a woman. The verdict touched off a debate within the country.


The two are vying for supremacy in the region. The US, for example, has lately announced that it is moving more than half of its military assets in the region to back up its bid for control of the China Sea through which precious energy from the west that powers the industrial drive of the US and non-Chinese East Asian communities, like Japan and South Korea, passes through. This is not to mention the rich energy resources underneath which are up for grabs. It must be emphasized that the energy requirements of the Middle Kingdom, given its feverish drive for development is huge – a fact that has forced it to forage high and wide for the precious black gold. In the Chinese thinking, if they go all the way to the Middle East and Africa to search for oil, why not just grab all that energy which is just under their nose, so to speak, in the bottom of the China Sea. So, again, what are the options for neighboring claimants to the treasures of the China Sea? These are these countries: Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. In recent months, it has been clearly shown that the ASEAN, whose members are effectively client states of the great

from page 6 Now, let us try to put all of these in context. Let us start with the exaggerated claims of China that the sea named after it is hers. Very serious about this claim, the Chinese repulsed Vietnamese claimants to the territories violently. In international fora, they have not minced words about their claim and their desire to keep them through hell and high water. This is to say that the Scarborough incident was not exactly unexpected and no amount of warning to the Chinese that this country will bring this claim before international arbitration bodies will discourage the Chinese from occupying the claimed areas. Since the military option is obviously out of the question pitting our galleons against the Chinese blue fleet is absurd – (Romero)

have remissions in cancer are just too happy when we can make a long-term plan. Life is short and we are all living in a borrowed time and a borrowed place. God is so good and gracious. When there are problems, let us help think of solutions instead of condemnation.

Sugbahay sa Camella

Sugbahay sa Camella proved successful and fulfilling as friends and colleagues gathered for a traditional Pinoy barbecue. Camella encourages you to hold barbecues with family and friends as often as you can. Camella Dumaguete is the perfect venue for barbecues at the Pavilion. And the backdrop is to die for Carribean pine trees, lush gardens, pocket parks and meditation ponds set against a magnificent view of the Negros Oriental Twin Peaks or Cuernos de Negros – a majestic mountain range. Camella Dumaguete is a part of Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., the country’s largest homebuilder with 250,000 houses in 21 provinces in 48 cities and municipalities. Visit Camella Dumaguete office at G/F Plaza Milagros Bldg., Gov. Perdices St., Dumaguete City (035) 421-0911

other than what God, our creator and father, has willed and designed for us and the world. There should therefore be a deliberate effort to refer our perceptions, discernments, judgments and reasoning to him before we dare to make any declaration. The problem sometimes is that some people invoke their freedom and independence to make their own judgments without referring them to God. To them, their conscience is not where they hear the voice of God, but rather where they hear their own voice in its clearest form. Lost to the them is the truth that our freedom and independence are Godgiven qualities and properties that need to be lived and used according to God’s will, which, for us, is summarized and perfected in charity, charity being the

essence of God of whom we are the image and likeness. Our freedom and independence are not of our own making. They come from God. They are precisely what make us the image and likeness of God. They can only be lived and exercised with him and in him. No wonder that when Christ was asked what the greatest commandment was, he simply said, to love God with all your might, etc., and the second greatest, to love your neighbour as yourself. Later on, he perfected these two commandments by giving us a new commandment: to love one another as he has loved us. We are meant for loving. And the whole truth of our existence is contained in this loving. In other words, for truth to be truth, it has to go all the way to knowing and living it in love.

NO PLACEMENT FEE. 6. Do not pay any placement fee unless you have a valid employment contract and an official receipt. This is actually a no-brainer. Why would you pay someone a big amount of money if he can’t even present a valid employment contract and even an official receipt that you can use as a proof of payment? You should know your rights as an individual and don’t be afraid to doubt once you smell something fishy in the middle of your transaction. 7. Do not be enticed by ads or brochures requiring you to reply to a Post Office (P.O.) Box, and to enclose payment for processing of papers. Don’t ever buy this kind of transactions because it will only direct your money to illegal recruiters. Always prefer direct and face-to-face

transactions in a licensed recruitment agency with a good POEA standing. You should also be careful with other illegal schemes like house-to-house recruitment or those who require referrals for faster processing of your travel documents. 8. Do not deal with training centers and travel agencies, which promise overseas employment. A lot of illegal recruiters are disguising themselves as part of a particular travel agency or training center just to win your trust, but the fact that they are using these institutions to recruit people is already wrong in the first place. Always make sure that you are dealing with trustworthy recruitment agencies that have good to excellent track records. 9. Do not accept a tourist visa. You want an easy way out? Then try a tourist visa. However, using a tourist visa

to secure employment abroad is illegal, both in the Philippines and in the host country where you will do the job search. Always remember that cutting corners is not advisable, especially if you want to get a job overseas. In addition to that, this method is one of the leading strategies used by illegal recruiters to convince hapless victims to try their luck abroad. 10. Do not deal with fixers. Here is the list of reminders on how to avoid dealing with fixers: *Prepare all the needed requirements for your application. You inquire at the NSO, POEA, DFA assistance hotlines a. NSO 737-1111 (for birth, marriage, death, CENOMAR certificates) b. DFA 737-1000 (for passport appointment and application) c. POEA 737-7777 (for OFW OEC applciation)

tiger economy, that is China, is a eunuch that is even afraid to place the Scarborough issue in its agenda despite strong prodding from Washington. The reason for this is that many of our friends have opted for accommodation rather than confrontation.

There is what professor Huntington of Harvard calls bandwagoning. Given the dramatic surge in the Chinese economy, which has allowed some impressive firepower that includes aircraft carriers, submarines etc., why step on the tails of the wide-

awake giant in the north. Just ride on it, make the

Truth... (Cimagala)

from page 6

averse to anything pertaining to the truth that can go against how we are. It cannot be denied that truth, sometimes, and in fact, also many times, hurts. That’s simply because it can go against our own liking. It can also go beyond our own capabilities, as when we talk about mysteries which are truths that surpass our power to understand. Before mysteries, we simply believe, though we can always try to understand them. And so, wit h this subject ive kind of understanding of truth, we tend to have at best only a partial grasp of reality, or a tentative one, if not a distorted one, that is most vulnerable to be used by the many ulterior motives we can have. The reality, however, is that truth cannot be

Ten ways... from page 15

8/13/2012, 5:48 PM

most of the journey and hoping that they will not be eaten along the way. This seems to have been the mood in Cambodia during the la st mee ti ng of ASEAN.



from page 8 When Industry Week surveyed managers across the country and asked what they worried most about, the answers revealed a twisted agenda. The number one worry was personal health; second was a lack of time. Number five was personal investment; number six, estate planning. Number seven on the list was their relationship with their children, and number ten was their marriage. Only two of the top ten worries related to a man’s personal world—and they ranked number seven and ten. No wonder our children are in crisis. The myth of youthful resilience is nonsense. The heart of every little boy and girl lies within a father’s hand. Every broken promise and abusive word tears a hole that may never be mended.

Sunday thoughts.. from page 8 Australia. To my surprise, I was invited recently to give the Hibbard lecture sponsored by the College Assurance Plan. And I have a new self-discovery; I can write the lyrics of hymns. Justice Elbinias saw me after the Covenant Choir sang a song. I’ve been called a late bloomer as a hymn writer! And I sense an improvement in the quality of my preaching. I seem to be saying what an old retiree said: With old age creeping upon me, With all its troubles. I’m resigned. My joints may be stiff, But I’ll have no arthritis in my mind. There is one more truth imbedded in Ecclesiastes 3. It is written for all of us, but it has special poignancy for the old. He says that God has set the sense of eternity in the hearts of men. We do have intimations of immortality. The old man St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthians that: While

Land reform.. from page 8 Every occupation of public property should be preceded by an administrative petition describing the lands chosen before the provincial delegate of the Bureau of Forestry. The Bureau would then survey the area and assess it by means of an official expert and would immediately thereafter endorse the petition to its central office. Final decision would be rendered by the Department of Finance. The Bureau of Forestry lacked personnel and means of coercion and hence resorted to persuasion and advice even though it foresaw that they would not be too effective. There were however some who were persuaded and who commenced to title their lands even though the process was extremely slow. The number of petitions for registration of public lands formerly nil came to

from page 8

Todays Gospel.. from page 8 Heaven. This is an important lesson for us to learn as it is exactly the opposite to what the world teaches when it tells us to seek the acclaim and reward due our efforts. All we accomplish for the Kingdom of God is done through the grace of God, and thus, the glory truly belongs to God. It is a lie to claim it for ourselves, and the last thing we want to do is live a lie against the generosity of God! we do live today, we could say: “While our bodies are wasting away (due to illness or old age), our inner spirits are renewed day by day.” You see, there could and will be wrinkles on the forehead and on the face (I’ve just noticed some new wrinkles on my temples), but we should be cleansed of wrinkles on the soul. That is what is meant by growing old in a graceful way. (To be continued).

. NC Aug 12 ISSUE NEW.p65.p65



he Renaissance Youth Leaders Forum (RYLF) of Silliman University coordinated the promotion of the concert-for-cause of Mr. Ryan Calvin Villanueva Friday, August 10, at Sofia Hall in Foundation University. It featured his own compositions. The singer/ songwriter from Maryland, USA has been capturing audiences with his own music.

seventeen in 1875, covering a total area of 2,474 hectares valued at 2,886.00 pesos. In 1876, twenty-three petitions with an area of 3,277 hectares valued at 7,046.00 pesos were granted. The process was accelerated, and in 1877, fifty-five petitions with an area of 5,091 hectares valued at 6,886 pesos were granted. In the first seventy-five days of 1878, twenty-eight petitions are granted covering an area of 7,267 hectares, sold for 7,534.00 pesos. We will never tire writing about this subject! More next week.

Science facts..


Singer-Songwriter at benefit concert

to his apartment, he saw the grill doors already open and the main door unlocked; that upon entering he noticed that his personal belonging were scattered and the doors and drawers in the bedroom were open; that the items missing in the apartment were various documents, and titles to properties, among others, including the owner’s duplicate copy of TCT No. 12732; that despite diligent efforts to locate the same, it could no longer be found, hence, it is now deemed lost and beyond recovery; and that petitioner executed an affidavit of loss and su mitted it to the Register of Deeds of Dumaguete City for annotation on the original copy of the said certificate of title. WHEREFORE, finding the petition sufficient in form and substance, the same is given due course. Set the initial hearing of this case on August 31, 2012 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning. Any interested party may appear and show cause, if any, why BRENDA GAERLAN-PERNIKAR, represented the petition should not be granted. By her Attorney-in-Fact, MA. TERESA P. Let this Order be published at the petitioner’s expense, VILLEGAS, in a newspaper duly selected by raffle, of general circulation in Petitioner the Province of Negros Oriental, once a week for three (3) X - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -/ consecutive weeks. The Sheriff assigned to this Court is ORDER directed to post copies of this Order at the entrance of this A verified petition was filed before this Court by Brenda Court and in the bulletin boards of the Capitol Building and the Gaerlan-Pernikar, herein represented by her attorney-in-fact, City Hall of Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. Ma. Teresa P. Villegas, praying that the Court issue an order SO ORDERED. directing the Registrar of Deeds of Dumaguete City to issue a new owner’s duplicate copy of Transfer Certificate of Title No. Given this 3rd day of July 2012 at Dumaguete City, 12732, in lieu of the lost one. Petitioner alleged that she is the registered owner of Lot Philippines. No. 6287-B-2-B-2-A situated in Buñao, Dumaguete City, with an area of Nine Hundred (900) square meters, covered by Transfer (Sgd.) ROSENDO B. BANDAL, JR. Certificate of Title No. 12732; that petitioner’s husband kept the Presiding Judge owner’s duplicate copy of the said in his apartment in Block 0 No. 8-01, Aloha Towers Condominium, JLN Kolam Air Johor Bahru, The Negros Chronicle Malaysia; that on July 1, 2007, when petitioner’s husband returned August 5, 12 & 19, 2012

Promises to keep..


Ryan is the youngest son of Dr. Romulo Villanueva, an Outstanding Sillimanian awardee in the field of Medicine. Ryan is so proud to be a Filipino and he even expressed his gratitude to the heritage that molded his music. The last time he performed in Dumaguete was in Hayahay a few years back, the audience loved his version of the Visayan song “Usahay.” In Estudio Damgo,

senior architecture students lead a community project. By the end, the community gets a well-designed building while students get valuable hands-on experience with design and construction. This year’s project is a daycare center for Barangay Malaunay of Valencia. With guidance from instructors and input from community members, FU senior

Ryan Villanueva students are preparing their final design for permit by the end of this month! Construction begins November.


verseas employment is becoming more of the rule rather than a career alternative for Filipino nurses nowadays. And with the employment crisis that Filipino nurses experience in the country today, it seems that there are no reasons for them to stay longer. However, while more and more people are enticed to secure a fulfilling employment abroad, several carpetbaggers are also creating more bogus schemes to let Filipino aspirants fall into their traps. For this reason, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has released a list of 10 essential information

that any OFW wannabe should remember to avoid becoming victims of illegal recruiters nowadays. 1. Do not apply at recruitment agencies not licensed by POEA. Checking the status of the recruitment agency where you will submit your application is one way to decrease your risk of ending up to an illegal recruiter. Every recruitment agency, be it land-based or seabased, is required to secure a license from POEA before it can start its recruitment. The status of this license can change anytime and can be a good basis to determine whether a particular recruitment is hazardous to one’sagency has been performing good or health. not. You can check the ‘Committed’ or status of a recruitment agency ‘coupled’ homosexuals through this link or by arePOEA more apt thancalling hotline numbers at 722‘single’ engage To 1144 gays and to722-1155. in determine highly risky and if a recruitment biologically unsanitary agency is reliable, you need to sexual Asstatus a and knowpractices. two things: its consequence its license validity. of With thisregard to Status, be wary of agencies activity, they increase whose current their chances of standing getting with the POEA Delisted, AIDS and areother Cancelled, Preventive sexually transmitted or Suspension,diseases. or Forever blood-borne Banned. However, an agency The a good evidence is won’t with standing strong thatyou bothofgays assure an and excellent lesbians more to status serviceare all the timeapt as the

take biological risks when U nwith m a partner r r i e d , having sex heterosexuals thancohabiting when having casual higher rates of The evidence is also violence rate of strong that— agays d i sabout p r o p o20% r t i o ntoa t25% e l y per year. more disease, contract In 1987 Georgia, especially AIDSin and the 48% of 43forms lesbian couples, and various of hepatitis, 39% 39‘partners’ gay couples from sex of with reported domestic violence. than they do from sex with strangers. Fact #3: Homosexual union has the highest rate of domestic violence. 8/13/2012, 5:48 PM

of agencies stored in the POEA database can change anytime. This is the reason why you have to check it regularly. 2. Do not deal with licensed agencies without job orders. Some illegal recruiters might advice you to take medical examinations without even presenting a proof that a valid job order or employment contract is available for you. This is a big no-no because in order for you to work abroad, a valid job order from a licensed recruitment agency is required. You can check the current job orders approved by POEA through this link. 3. Do not deal with any person who is not an authorized representative of a licensed agency. A lot of people have been fooled by illegal recruiters disguising as legal representatives of POEA. They can even present to you some of their fake identification cards so you will buy every thing that they will tell you. Usually, they are those people who prefer transactions outside their make-believe offices and won’t give the details about the fake job order unless you

give a down payment for the expensive placement fee. Avoid being victims of these kind of illegal recruiters by choosing legal transactions through POEA offices rather than backdoor negotiations with unknown strangers. 4. Do not transact business outside the registered address of the agency. If recruitment is conducted in the province, check if the agency has a provincial recruitment authority. Never trust a person who introduces himself as a representative of a recruitment agency and mostly prefers meetups in public places like fast-food restaurants or coffee shops for an important transaction involving money. The legal way of securing a job is through POEA and not through questionable out-of-office transactions. 5. Do not pay more than the allowed placement fee. It should be equivalent to one month’s salary, exclusive of documentation and processing costs. A placement fee that is equal or equivalent to your one month’s salary is the only fee mandated by law and should not be more than that. In addition to this, new OFWs should also remember that a job offered in Canada requires Turn to page 14

In 1988, 70 lesbian and gay students participated in a study: an estimated 29% of gay and 56% of lesbian couples experienced violence in the past In 1990, nearly half of 90 lesbian couples in Los Angeles reported

domestic violence yearly. The physical threat to homosexuals from samesex domestic violence is at least twice as great as the physical threat they experience from "gay bashers"



August 12, 2012


DISCIPLINE “Self-discipline is the bedrock of all successful pursuits in life.” – Anonymous

F EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT INVOLVING SHARES IN PARCELS OF LAND WITH DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE Notice is hereby given that an Extrajuidicial Settlement involving Shares in Parcels of Land With Deed of Absolute Sale was executed by CO-OWNERS/SELLERS, namely: Emmanuel A. Torreda; Arlene Catherine A. Dato; Raymundo A. Dato, Jr.; Miguelito Luis Amores, for himself and as Attorney-In-Fact of Co-Owner/Sellers Maricar Amores Fletcher and Maria Victoria A. Mitchell; Michael K. Amores, for himself and as AttorneyIn-Fact of Co-Owner/Seller Maria Bella Amores Brown; Myrna A. Yuson; Rebecca Amores; Leticia A. Tan, for herself as Co-Owner/Seller and as Attorney-In-Fact of Co-Owner/Seller Hilda Tisell; Diolinda C. Amores, for herself as Co-Owner/Seller and as Attorney-In-Fact of Co-Owners/Sellers’ Heirs of Romeo Amores; Neca A. Caingles, for herself as Co-Owner/ Seller and as Attorney-In-Fact of Co-Owner/sellers’ Heirs of Milagros Abaya; over a parcel of land known as Lot 3 of the consolidation subdivision Plan, PCS-07-00494 containing an area of Three Hundred Thirty-Nine (339) square meters, more or less, in favor of ALANO & SONS CREDIT CORPORATION herein referred to as the BUYER per Doc. No. 44, Page No. 10, Book No. III, Series of 2012 duly notarized by Notary Public Atty. Mark Christoffel L. Banquerigo.

LOT FOR SALE Lot adjacent to SUMC P14M, negotiable 859 sq.m. (CHET) Call: 0918-929-6047

ilipinos have varied traits – some are too unreasonably strict and rigid, some are so laxed, egocentric and unruly, while others are humble, kind and well-adjusted. Why is this so? Let us learn the factors that made them so.

No nation can ever become progressive and successful in its goals without the basic element of discipline among its people. Discipline literally means “to learn”. Discipline is the process of learning to adapt one’s behavior to the requirement of society. Naturally, the child cannot be relied on to teach himself to curb his impulses

The Negros Chronicle July 29, Aug. 5 & 12, 2012

and to conform to rules and regulations. He has to be taught by others. This teaching, however, satisfies many of his own inner needs. It helps him what is expected of him, protects him from his own destructive urges and gives him a sense of security by letting him know how far he can go and what he must do to win the approval of others. Psychologists claim that there are three major types of discipline: 1. The Authoritarian Approach. This kind pf discipline is characterized by a demanding, strict rule and regulation, enforced by severe


Fellow, Philippine Psychiatric Association

punishment. The end result of this type of discipline is it rises to rankling resentment and the child becomes timid, apathetic, as well as rebellious, hostile and vindictive. This is not a good discipline. 2. The Permissive Approach. This kind could hardly be called disciapline at all since the parents make little attempt to set limits to the child’s behavior or even give him the guidance he needs. This over permissiveness will lead to feelings of insecurity and resentTo page 17


Want to STOP drinking?

Respondents. X-------—-------------------------------------/

ORDER In a verified 25 May 2012 Petition, petitioner Edgardo S. Patigayon prays that the Local Civil Registrar of Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental and the Civil Registrar General be mandated by this Court to correct his date of birth from September 25, 1953, as allegedly erroneously indicated in his birth records, to September 1, 1953, claiming that the latter is his actual birth date. Being sufficient in form and substance, set the hearing of the petition on 27 September 2012, starting at 8:30 o’clock in the morning, at the sala of this Court located at the 3rd Floor, Hall of Justice, E.J. Blanco Drive, Piapi, Dumaguete City, at which time and place, any interested person may appear and show cause why the Petition should not be granted. Let this Order be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental, duly chosen by raffle, at the expense of the petitioner. Post copies of this Order at the main entrance of this Court and on the Bulletin Board, Office of the Clerk of Court, Hall of Justice, Dumaguete City. SO ORDERED. 2 July 2012. (Sgd.) NECIFORO C. ENOT Judge The Negros Chronicle July 29, Aug. 5 & 12, 2012

Tel. # 225-7114

NC Aug. 12, ISSUE p65.p65


SUNDAY 6pm Redemptorist Perpetual Help Church rectory classroom - small building to the left of the main Church. Look for small yellow sign of the rectory door. Reza 639358561111 • Henry 09461743560 FRIDAY 10:15am Cafe Antonio 3rd floor Upper Room. Sta. Catalina at San Jose. Jack 09169663565 • Ray 09206970557

*GSIS/SSS loans

1/1/2002, 2:54 AM


August 12, 2012

Democratic ...

LAW EACH WEEK SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY A public service of the Sen. Jovito R. Salonga Center for Law and Development

Legitimate and Illegitimate Children 1. Who are considered as legitimate children? Under the Family Code, there are two kinds of legitimate children: a. Children naturally born through the marital union within a valid marriage between the parents; b. Children born out of artificial insemination or otherwise called as test tube babies. These are the children who are conceived through the aid of science and technology. However, in order for test tube babies to be considered as “legitimate children,” there are 3 essential requisites the parents must comply with. These are: i. the insemination process must be authorized or ratified ii. the insemination process must be recorded in a written instrument or document iii. the written instrument or document must be signed by the parents before the birth of the child

2. What are the rights of legitimate children? The rights of legitimate children are as follows: a. They have the right to bear or use the surnames of the father and the mother in conformity with the provisions of the Civil Code on Surnames b. They have the right to receive support from their parents, their ascendants, and in proper cases, their brothers and sisters, in conformity with the provisions of this Code on Support c. They have the right to be entitled to the legitime and other successional rights granted to them by the civil code.

3. Who are considered as illegitimate children? Under the Family Code, children conceived and born outside a valid marriage are illegitimate.

4. What are the rights of illegitimate children? The following are the rights of the illegitimate child: a. The illegitimate child shall use the surname of the mother b. The illegitimate child shall be under the parental authority of the mother and shall be entitled to support. c. Each illegitimate child shall get ½ of the legitime of each legitimate child.

5. What are the grounds on challenging the legitimacy of a child? The legitimacy of the child can only be questioned or challenged on the following grounds: a. Physical impossibility of the husband to have sexual intercourse with his wife within the first 120 days of the 300 days which immediately preceded the birth of the child because of : i. physical incapacity of the husband to have sexual intercourse with his wife; ii. the fact that the husband and wife were living separately that made sexual intercourse impossible; or iii. serious illness of the husband which absolutely prevented sexual intercourse. b. That it is proved that for biological or other scientific reasons, the child could not have been that of the husband, except in the instance provided in the second paragraph of Article 164 of the Family Code; c. That in the case of children conceived through artificial insemination, the written authorization or ratification of either parent was obtained through mistake, fraud, violence, intimidation or undue influence (Contributor, Iresse Patricia Bulos).

EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF THE ESTATE OF SPOUSES RICARDO BALDADO Y PYPONGCO AND VICTORINA BALDADO Y MAMERTO WITH ABSOLUTE DEED OF SALE Notice is hereby given that the heirs of Ricardo P. Baldado and Victorina M. Baldado have executed by an Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate with Absolute Sale namely: Fe M. Baldado-Gravador; Helen M. Baldado-Lin and Alvin M. Baldado on a parcel of land situated at Brgy. Poblacion, Manjuyod, Neg. Or. containing an area of Five Hundred Seven (507) square meters covered by Tax Declaration No. 99-12-001-00066 in favor of spouses CESAR F. BALDERAS and ROSETESSIE Y BALDERAS; on a parcel of land situated at Brgy. Tupas, Manjuyod, Negros Oriental containing an area of Six Hundred Fifty (650) square meters covered by Tax Declaration No. 9912-029-00494 in favor of HAZEL B. PALENCIA –GUEVARRA; and a parcel of land situated at Brgy. Poblacion, Mabinay, Negros Oriental containing an area of Six Hundred Fifty-Eight (658) square meters covered by Tax Declaration No. 99-11-0011751 in favor of Spouses JAIME F. TAGUIBULOSAN and VILMA A. TAGUIBULOSAN; per Doc. No. 023, Page No. 005, Book No. XI, Series of 2012 duly notarized by Notary Public Atty. Adrian C. Borromeo. The Negros Chronicle July 29, Aug. 5 & 12, 2012

NC Aug. 12, ISSUE p65.p65



From page 4

(16 years), Cabinet secretary (as VP) and a senator (7 years); Gloria Arroyo (20012010) Cabinet officer (DTI and DWSD) and senator; and Noynoy Aquino (2011present) was a three term congressman and senator before they were elected president. Only two of them: the late Diosdado Macapagal and Ramon Magsaysay did not become senators, only representatives of the republic. It is not a falsity to state that the senate has often been a fertile ground for future presidents; the remarkable number of senatoriables-to-be attest to this. Even presidents prior to 1946 were of the same mold. Manuel L. Quezon (19351944) was a governor, assemblyman and representative; Sergio Osmeña (19431944) was a congressman and senator and governor, while Jose P. Laurel (19441946) was a Cabinet secretary and senator before they were considered presidents.  What is interesting to note is that six of the twelve vicepresidents of this country from 1935 onwards eventually be-

came elected presidents. They are Sergio Osmeña (VP 19341944), Elpidio Quirino (VP 1946-1948), Carlos Garcia (VP 1953-1957), Diosdado Macapagal (VP 1957-1961) Joseph Estrada (VP 19921998) and GMA (1998-2001). The vice-presidents who did not ascend to the Palace are: Fernando Lopez, Arturo Tolentino, Emmanuel Pelaez, Salvador Laurel, Teofisto Guingona and Noli de Castro. Historians are still debating when the country savored a truly independent president. From 1565 to 1898, the King of Spain, and from 1898 to 1946, the president of the United States were considered the sovereign rulers in the country. Even the so-called Philippine presidents during the Commonwealth period were under the rule of the USA. In the Second Republic of the Philippines during World War II , the nominal RP presidents were under the puppet government of the Japanese. Foreign investors who do create jobs in this country are pleased with our presidential form of government where succession is clearly defined: the senate president and Chief Justice-after the president and vice president.

Intellectual Disability: Its Causes and Signs Intellectual Disability, also known as mental retardation, is a term used when a person has certain limitations when it comes to mental functioning, has limited skills in communicating taking care of oneself and social skills. These limitations hinder the child to develop normally the way a typical child does. Children with intellectual disability develop slower and may take them longer to learn to speak, walk, take care of their personal needs, like eating, dressing and going to the bathroom or comfort room. Moreso, it will take them longer to learn the lessons in school. Intellectual disability is mostly caused by a condition which the child genetically inherits from his or her parents. One of the most common genetic conditions is Down Syndrome. This condition develops before birth. Another cause would be problems during pregnancy. The baby may not develop properly during conception because the mother drinks too much alcohol or gets sick with rubella during pregnancy. Another cause is problems at birth. A newly-born baby may not have enough oxygen at birth because the mother has problems during labor. This condition may develop mental retardation. Other causes of intellectual disability may happen after a child is born or until he or she is older. Diseases like whooping cough, meningitis, measles, extreme malnutrition and deprivation of medical care can lead to this disability. Head injury, stroke and forms of serious infections may cause retardation. How do we know that a child is intellectually disabled? There are many signs which could tell. Children with intellectual disability may sit up, crawl or walk later than other children; talk later or have difficulty speaking; find it hard to recall and remember things; do not understand how to pay for anything; do not understand social rules; have difficulty understanding the results of their actions; have trouble solving simple problems or thinking logically. Parents who have noticed that these signs are evident in their child may see a developmental pediatrician or other specialists, or may contact any SPED centers in their locality, so that the child would be given early intervention. Although there is no cure for this condition, intellectually disabled children could learn to do many things like other children, only, it takes them more time. BY: WENERITA A. MIRAFLOR Source:

AGENCIA DE EXQUISITE of Dumaguete, Inc., Cor. Ma. Cristina & San Jose Sts., Dumaguete City Tel. 422-1062 All unredeemed and unrenewed pawn items for the month of February 2012 will be disposed by way of auction sale on August 18, 2012 at our business office.

EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE, PARTITION AND SALE WITH PETITION FOR ISSUANCE OF SEPARATE TITLE Notice is hereby given that Teodora Santos, Prudenciana Ramos, Flora Babor, Ricardo Libelo, Camelita Erolon and Nonita Javillonar, heirs of Faustina Imbo Inquig,have executed an Extra Judicial Settlement of Estate, Partition and Sale with Petition for Issuance of Separate Title on two (2) a parcel of Land namely: Lot 5148A-PSD -07-033669, TCT 35262 situated in Barrio Cantil-e, Dumaguete City, containing an area of Three Thousand Three Hundred FiftyTwo (3,352) square meters, more less, per Documents No. 123, Page No. 26, Book VI Series of 2011 duly Notarized by Notary Public Atty. Rilt Renart G. Dorado. Negros Chronicle Aug. 5, 12 & 19, 2012

1/1/2002, 2:54 AM


AUGUST Seminar - 8:00am - 5:00pm 13 •• EDC Joshua 1 IKTHUS Life Group - 6:00pm - 8:00pm -

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Joshua 2 --------------------------------------------------------• EDC Seminar - 8:00am - 5:00pm - Jos hua 1 • Toastmasters Seminar - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Jordan 3 --------------------------------------------------------• EDC Seminar - 8:00am - 5:00pm Joshua 1 • Department of Agriculture Live-in Seminar 8:00am - 5:00pm - Jordan 1&2 --------------------------------------------------------• EDC Seminar - 8:00am - 5:00pm Joshua 1 • Department of Agriculture Live-in Seminar 8:00am - 5:00pm - Jordan 1&2 --------------------------------------------------------• EDC Seminar - 8:00am - 5:00pm - Joshua 1 • World of Adventures Breakfast / Dinner 5:00am - 7:00am - Joshua 1 --------------------------------------------------------• Happy 18th Birthday Princess Aariel 6:00pm - 10:00pm - Jordan 1&2 --------------------------------------------------------• Sun.Org - 8:00am -2:00pm - Agape • Living Hope Family - 10:00am-12:00pm Jordan 3 • CCF - 10:00am - 12:00pm - Jordan 2 • Metro Dumaguete Christian Church 10:00am - 12:00pm - Joshua 2 • Family in Christ Ministry - 3:00pm - 5:00pm - Agape • Living Word - 3:00pm - 5:00pm Jordan 3 • Church of Christ - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Joshua 2


FURNITURE SHOWROOM 2nd Floor of Uymatiao Trading Corporation Gov. M. Perdices St., Dumaguete City

Tel. No. 226-5555 / 422-9999

DISCIPLINE (From page 16)

ment for there is no consistent guidance, and the child feels that his parents do not care about him. So, he becomes confused what

to do. He becomes egocentric, self-assertive and spoiled. This is a ls o not a good method to adapt. 3. Th e De mo cr at ic Te ch niq ue A pproach. This kind of discipline is from an educational point of view. Parents make use of explanation, discussion and reaso ning to help t he child understand why he is expected to conduct himself in certa in wa ys . Go od behavior is generally rewarded with praise and encouragement, and bad behavior is punished only when it is willfully done. The pu nishm ent, ho wever, is never harsh, and usually takes the form of scolding or reprimanding, deprivation of privileges, or a quick slap, or whipping at the buttocks with a slipper or belt not to be accompa nied with na me calling like “stupid” nor a threat of total rejection. This type of discipline encourages self-discipline and a better adjusted person in the society.


NC Aug. 12, ISSUE p65.p65



August 12, 2012

1/1/2002, 2:54 AM


August 12, 2012

allotments (IRA) for NegOr

IRAS collateralized...

(From page 1)

From page 1

2012 Internal Revenue 2012 IRA

By: Atty. Jay I. Dejaresco

Know where your taxes go.


he table below are the respective shares in the Internal Revenue Allotments (IRA) for this year beginning with the share of the province, the municipalities, and citie so Negros Oriental. This was gathered by our reliable and constant source on local government data, Prof. Eleuterio Dumogho, who has devoted much of his professional life on local government matters. Under the local government code, local government units (LGUs) receive a share in the taxes that we all pay to the BIR. Presently 40% of all taxes collected by the BIR will be allocated to local government units, like the provinces, cities, municipalities and the barangays. The local government units use these shares that they received to fund the operation of their respective government units, like paying salaries of government employees, maintain operational costs,a nd fund projects. A great majority of our local government units in the country rely

on their respective shares from these internal revenue taxes. Taxes, as has been said, are the lifeblood of a nation. This cannot be more manifested among the local government units. Without these internal revenue taxes, there will be no life, no blood for many local government units. Among the cities in Negros Oriental, receiving the largest IRA share is Bayawan with P500M. Among the municipalities in Negros Oriental, it is Santa Catalina receiving the largest IRA share with P118M. Receiving the lowest share is the town of San Jose with P35M. There is a formula in the law that determines the amount that each local government unit will received. It is based on the population and the geographical size of an LGU.

Local gov’t... (From page 4) (Jay)

ited “big brother mentality”, and dictate to the people what is moral and what is not. The operation of lotto is being prevented purportedly “on moral grounds” We live in a free society. The law has declared and classified lotto as a form of legal gambling. On what legal ground is the local government now contending that people cannot choose to participate in a legal form of gambling because it is “immoral”? These local government officials should be the last people to say what is moral or not. Many of them are the very same people who prostitute the electoral processes by buying votes, during elections. And they talk of morality? I think it is better to refrain from legislating morality, and also from acting more popish than the pope. Leave it to the sovereign people who have been furnished with God-given brains to decide what to them is moral or not.

NC Aug. 12, ISSUE p65.p65


rowings made by local governments because next year is election season and loaned money might be used for election expenditures and the in-coming elected officials might not be able to repay such loans causing irreparable financial hemorrhage on the local treasuries concerned. She observed that in many LGUs in the country, huge borrowings are made during election season. These loans which are not viable are also accepted by certain government banks using the IRAs as collaterals. After elections, the projects are not paid up, the LGU’s local elected officials will be over-burdened in repaying huge loans whose intended projects were not finished or are not viable. Having no other source of extra income, the LGU concerned will have difficulty in repaying their loans. In such eventuality, the payable loans will be charged to the next year’s IRA, and so on, until the loans become bloated in unpaid principal and interest plus bank charges——to the detriment of the tax paying public. Briones alerted the DBM Dept of Budget and Management to go easy on huge non-viable LGU loans especially on election season. She suggested that a competent private outsider accountant and auditors should first be appointed by the Sanggunian to check and pre-study the viability of such loans before launching into a risky financial misadventure.

Embarrasing ... From page 1 tourist destinations in Negros Oriental. The embarrassing presentation was openly indicative of the flop in the tourism program in Negros Oriental by domestic and international standards. There is a need to upgrade and professionalize our presentation and marketing of our local tourist destinations if we have to land in the tourism map of the country and the world, said BM Jessica Villanueva. The NegOr presentation was in great contrast to Bohol and Cebu’s showcases which depicted their prime tourist destinations for domestic and international consumption. The two videos were fit for international presentation while NegOr’s video became a laughing stock which embasrrased the six board members, according to BM Ikay Villanueva. The Six BMs attending were Board Members Erwin Macias, Edmund Dy, Lieland Estacion, Villanueva, Sanaria and Rod Alanano.

a y o r Bentham dela Cruz, of Amlan president of the antismokers advocate council in Negros Oriental disclosed that members of the smoke-free council are requesting the authors of anti-smoking ordinances to delete the “reprimand” provision for first offenders, and fix the penalty at P100 for the first offense.



Even before the full implementation of the SmokeFree Ordinance of Dumaguete, implementors are also eyeing amendments to the ordinance, particularly in the penalty clause as well as on the enforcement aspect. Bernie Maniego of the Seventh Day Adventist said the council is recommending the amount for practicability reasons in situations where the violator is not from Dumaguete. Under said provision, first offend-

Where’s the ... From page 1 Both presiding officer Vice Mayor Alan Gel Cordova and ABC barangay council president kagawad Albert Aquino lamented that it has been 5 months since the barangay officials traveled into distant cities in order to observe and work to attain a decisive direction and action against unpreparedness during disasters. But it would seem that until now, after promising for 60 days , Cordova said, the commitment is merely lip service so far, until each barangay and as a council will come up with a definite and locally iniuiated disaster risk reduction management strategy. ABC president Albert Aquino challenged his barangay captains to come up with “intelligent recommendations coupled with scientific course of action” in meeting crisis situations during disasters. He cautioned them to brace themselves and heir constituents in the next four months because dark clouds ase hovering as If big rains are coming to the visayas from the north. After spending P2-Million on a lakbay aral to Legapsi, Baguio and Manila cities, just to gain wider horizons on disaster preparedness, Aquino said there should be no more reason to be empty with facts and figures after such educational “working tour.” The people will blame the barangay captains if after “working with leisure” and spending P2-million on a one-week lakbay aral they will still fail to come up with a viable, enforceable disaster risk reduction management program for Dumaguete City.

1/1/2002, 2:54 AM

Mayor Bentham dela Cruz, president of the anti-smoking advocates of Negros Oriental LGUs , stresses a point in the healthful avoidance of smoking during an international conference in Bangkok with their counterparts. To his right is Bayawan City Mayor Rene Gaudiel who expresses conformity.

ers are required to undergo a lecture about the ordinance. They’re hoping such amendments will be certified as urgent by the mayor and approved by the city council before its implementation in September 1 this year. Another area that needs amendment is on the matter of barangay tanods as deputized enforcers. Smoke-free council

members are proposing that deputized barangay tanods be given incentives after evaluation of their performance, funds of which will be taken from the fines. This was raised due to apprehensions the set-up is prone to graft and corruption.  It was clarified, however, that the deputies cannot collect the fines, they can only issue citation tickets.jg

RH bill will lose in final vote: George BY DEMS DEMECILLO


wo Negros Oriental congressmen downplayed the recent “procedural victory” of the advocates of the Reproductive Health bill and expressed confidence that the bill will be defeated once the final voting of the proposed measure is called on the plenary. Both Arnaiz and Teves joined the majority in a procedural vote to terminate the debates so that both camps can begin to introduce amendments, which is equally contentious but less time consuming before voting again whether to pass the bill on second reading. Arnaiz wanted to end the debates and the final voting to proceed soon since the anti-RH bill

Biggest dry ... From page 1 opened, the big food suppliers like the fast food chains in Manila patronized him because it would save on transport frequency costs. His storage facilities can stock food items for one month and still come out fresh because of the scientific methods used. He has also contracted most of the chicken growers and is dressing all their chickens ready for delivery to the groceries. He will also stock the supplies of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and other perisheables at a cheaper price in order to attract entrepreneurs. Ortega is a man with a vision. He is a civil engi-

solons have the numbers both in the House and in the Senate with no less than Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Majority Leader Tito Sotto leading the opposition. “Based on our last count, 142 congressmen from different parties, will surely show up in the plenary and vote against the measure. We have the numbers to defeat the RH bill” Arnaiz said. neer. He worked for 30 years under an Australian investor who constructed dry and cold storage plants. He builds dry and cold storage plants before the suppliers come because the suppliers need him. Now he is building his own for a more competitive construction package price. He will also b uild the biggest mineral and water purifier plant and ice cube plant for the restaurants. The barrio is his kingdom. He hires all those qualified in the neighborhood. He is loved by the people because he gives jobs to them and right in their doorsteps. Indeed, it takes talent, guts, vision and faith in what one dreams and does. The realization of such dream comes next.



August 12, 2012



t. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD), through the Office of the Vice-Presi dent for Christian Formation, lately launches its Pro-Life Advocacy last Wednesday, August 8, 2012, within the Eucharistic Celebration presided by Diocesan Administrator, Msgr. Gamaliel Tulabing, JCD, PC, anchored on the theme “My Life, Your Life: God’s Gift, Be a Pro-Life Advocate.” A distribution of green ribbons took place after it was blessed, green symbolizes life. It is the color of spring, growth, renewal & birth, and it is related to harmony & balance, to preserve the culture of life. The said Pro-Life ProLast June 2012, during On July 23-27, 2012, gram is one of the three ma- the Celebration of the Phil- SPUD also celebrated its jor advocacies of the univer- ippine Environment Month, Christian Formation Week sity under the main umbrella SPUD also officially of Peace Advocacy. Aside launched its Environmental with the theme “PAfrom Pro-Life, the university, Protection & Conservation DAYON: A response to the also, is working on Disaster Advocacy, while the Disas- call of stewardship,” wherein Management & Risk Reduc- ter Management & Risk Re- various activities were held, tion and Environmental Pro- duction Advocacy will also such as series of talks with tection & Conservation. follow within this semester. Msgr. Glenn Corsiga.

Inter-School Chess Champ

Two meted life for drug trade T

wo drug personalities were sentenced Friday for pushing and for possession of prohibited drugs in violation of RA 9165, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, after almost three years of court hearings. Meted a stift penalty of life imprisonment was Rengie Mananquil, who was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt for selling 0.02 grams of white crystalline substance, commonly known as shabu, to a police-poseur buyer. Mananquil also tested positive for use of the prohibited drugs. Regional Trial Court Branch 30 Judge Crescencio Tan, Jr., said, as usual, the defense of the accused is predicated on bare denial, which is

considered as an inherently weak defense because it can easily be concocted and is a common standard line of defense in drugs cases. Mananquil was also ordered to pay the fine of P500,000. The other convict is Jefferson Bravo Cruz, whose arrest was a consequence of entrapment proceedings inside Robinsons mall for a swindling case. Cruz, who is a native of Malabon City, Metro Manila, came to Dumaguete in 2009 upon

the invitation of a certain Michael Santos, who offered him a local assignment as promoter of a detergent in a laundry challenge. After the entrapment, a body search was conducted, and Cruz yielded two sticks of handrolled marijuana cigarettes. He was found guilty of the offense for possession and meted a maximum of 14 years in jail and was fined P400,000 by Judge Tan.jg

Conserve Energy a friendly reminder

The Olendo siblings, Sara Francine and Alfonzo Louis Olendo, brought home the bacon for St. Paul University-Dumaguete, as they bested out twenty-nine (29) teams in Category A and seven (7) teams in Category B from public and private (Open Elementary) schools coming from the cities of Dumaguete, Tanjay and Bais and from the town of Valencia in Negros Oriental in the 7th Don Teroy Memorial Inter-School Chess Team Championships last July 2829, 2012 at the Negros Oriental Convention Center.

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