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August 7, 2011

Young board member reveals all pork funds (From page 1) So where will the P1.1M pork barrel of Board Member Mel liemoore “Bo tcho y” Saycon go? To the following: Scholarship program for poor but deserving students in the 2nd District, P250,000; Cash Assistance for individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS), P300,000; Purchase of various medicines for the 2nd District, P100,000; Financial aid to Pal-ew, Tanjay City for the purchase of tables & chairs, P50,000; Financial assistance to Bais City for the construction of a water reservoir in the Bais City Pilot School, Bais City, P70,000; financial Assistance to the Municipality of Amlan for the installment of information and directional signages (Tourist Zone), P100,000; financial assistance to Brgy. Sta. Cruz Nuevo, Tanjay City for the purchase of one (1) unit television set, P15,000; financial Assistance to the Municipality of Amlan for the purchase of one (1) unit compu-

Six of ten ... From page 1 deaths in the province are: pneumonia with 858 fatalities; cancer, 486; sepsis/ septicemia, 277; renal diseases, 230; wounds, 162; tuberculosis, 151; accidents, 141; multiple organ failure, 121 and COPD with 115 recorded deaths. On account of its relatively higher population, the NOPH health district comprising the towns of Dauin, Valencia, Bacong, Si bulan, San Jose, Amlan and the city of Dumaguete had 1,579 deaths with 766 having medical attendance.

ter w/ accessories for the Bureau of Fire Protection, Amlan Station, P25,000; financial assistance to the Mu nicipality of Mabinay for the purchase of two(2) units computer w/ accessories for the Tourism Office & Mabinay Nat’l High School, P50,000; financial aid to Tanjay City for the construction of a wat er t ank at t he Lourdes Ledesma Del Prado Memorial National High School, P87,626; monitoring, research & development activities, purchase of office supplies, P12,374; financial aid to Balugo, Sibulan for the construction of a school stage at the Balugo Elementary School, P20,000; financial aid to Maningcao, Sibulan for the completion of the Maningcao El ementary School stage, P20,000. TOTAL Php 1,100 ,000. Pork barrel of BM Melliemoore “Botchoy” Saycon He said that he cannot touch a single centavo of these since the check will go directly to the treasurer of the agency concerned and after due bidThe towns of Pamplona, Manjuyod, Mabinay and the cities of Bais and Tanjay recorded 1,269 deaths with only 476 getti ng medical attendance; Ji malalud, La Libertad, Gu ihul ngan Cit y, Vallerhermoso and Canlaon City had 1,089 deaths with only 571 getting medical attendance; Basay, Bayawan City and Sta. Catali na healt h di stri ct accounted 815 deaths, 184 of which got medical attendance; Siaton and Zamboanguita had 45 1 deaths, t he Bindo y, Ayungon and Tayasan health district reporting 414 deaths with identical 5 cases or just 1 percent attended to by doctors. The towns whose deaths were not attended by doctors are

BM BOTCHOY SAYCON ding. Once encashed, however, the money could go to people where it should and is due. Other board members are challenged to reveal the beneficiaries of their pork barrels in pursuit of public accountability.

Basay, 64 deaths; Bayawan City, 461; Sibulan, 199; San Jose, 1 07; Pamplona, 192; Manjuyod, 132; Bindoy, 125; Ayungon, 156; and Jimalalud, 87. In contrast, the cities of Tanjay (37 8 deaths) and Canlaon City (285 deaths) and the towns of Dauin (187) and La Libertad (128 deaths) were all attended by medical practitioners. Cacaldo stressed the need to make medical services available even to the most remote villages but admitted that the government should also offer more incentives and higher compensation to attract more medical practitioners. She posits that doctors who grew up in rural areas are more inclined to serve in the communities.

The province’s historian: Mrs. Caridad A. Rodriguez, 87 B E A Y




ARIDAD, or C aring t o he r contemporaries, was born on March 22, 1924, the second child of Mr. Venancio G. Aldecoa, Sr. and Silveria Elmido Duran of Dumaguete City. She was enrolled in the East Central School and later transferred to the West Central School for her elementary education and graduated in 1937. She went on to enroll at the Negros Oriental High School where she graduated as Valedictorian in the Home Economics curriculum in 1941. CARIDAD was only a young lass of 17 when the World War Two broke out. As the Japanese Imperial planes bombed Pearl Harbor on December 8, 1941, Caring was a carefree freshman in college at Silliman University. Together with her parents, three sisters and two brothers, they evacuated to the mountains of Sibulan, Tayasan, and Zamboanguita. And when a shoot-to-kill order was declared on the family by the Japanese Army, the family decided to break into smaller groups and go in separate directions. Caring went with brothers Hoover and father Venancio to Samboan, Cebu whi ch was her father’s hometown. They only returned to Dumaguete when

it was liberated from the Japanese in 1945. HAVING missed almost four years of schooling due to the war, Caring pursued her college degree wi th a vengeance and graduated in 1948 with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education, Cum Laude. CARIDAD A. R ODRIGUEZ While in college, she met a handso me and soft-spoken City. She was also Acting Ilongo named Ricardo de Asis Director of Southern ChrisRodriguez who she later mar- tian College in Midsayap, ried and had five children with. Cotabato. She taught History As fate would have it, at the NOHS as well as in Caring became a widow at age Foundation College. 44, making her the sole support FROM 1967 to 1989, and bread-winner of her five Caring joined the History children. Having earned her Department of Silliman UniMaster of Arts degree, Major in versity, and was later granted History from Silliman Univer- the status of Professor Emerisity, she worked as Head of So- tus. In 1973, she cial Sciences Department of the West Negros College in Bacolod To page 18-A

If Josy ... From page 1 The NPC and LakasKampi-CMD alli ance also warned that sho uld Limkaichong throw her hat in the race for the governorship, all the mayors, vice-mayors and councilors under her banner will be up against complete and solid slates during the mid-term polls. Arnaiz’ possible run for the capitol ’s highest post against Limkaichong is putting their common allies in a fix, who will be forced to choose which side they will be on once the battle lines are firmly drawn sooner than expected. Like 3rd District Pryde Henry Teves, bo th Limkaichong and Arnaiz are still eligible for re-election in 2013 to end in 2016. All three indicated their strong preference to seek re-election. But the untimely deaths of Governors Emilio Macias II and Agustin Perdices upset the political timetables and fortunes of the province’s major players. If the NPC-Lakas-Kampi refuses to field Arnaiz, an undefeated three-term governor, Josy might win as Governor and it will be harder for them to retake the Capitol in 2016. However, an Arnaiz gubernatorial run would force his brother incumbent Vice-Governor Jun to consider other options for his political career to avoid an Arnaiz-Arnaiz tandem in 2016. On the other hand, the Liberal Party wing of the Department of Transportation and Communication Secretary Mar Ro xas needed Limkaichong at the Capitol helm to help his presidential run in 2016. It was learned that Roxas is not keen to support the re-election of Governor Roel Ragay Degamo with the LP mayors preferring him to be Josy’s tandem. Both Limkaichong and Arnaiz are aware that they would eventually end up contesting the Capitol’s highest post. Yet both still would love to postpone the political inevitable until 2016. Fate has intervened that they would be forced to make a decision now. Despite his spirited insistence of seeking re-election, some of Degamo’s well-meaning friends are urging him to run as Josy’s vice-governor. A Limkaichong-Degamo tandem would be a formidable one as the lady solon shall enjoy all the advantages granted to an incumbent Capitol occupant if she manages to win and keep Degamo in her tent.

IBP vice-pres. ... From page 10 parking attendants, they brought Martinez to the Holy Child Hospital. CCTV NO IMAGE: Investigators are still facing a blank wall as to the motive of the shooting, as nothing was recorded in the CCTV cameras. It was learned that three CCTV cameras were put in place the night before, but the software was yet to be installed. When reviewed by intel ligence operatives, no events were recorded so far. Atty, Martinez, a lawyer since 1989, has handled quite a number of cases, but wife Gina told the CHRONICLE that Archer is not handling dru g cases, nor unu sual ly high profile cases, aside of




Police hazing ... (From page 2)

standard. -o0oThe era of political healing is contagious. From the resignation of Senator Miggs Zubiri, the virus of delecadeza has seeped into the society, and down the provinces and cities. In Dumaguete, the electoral protest filed by defeated mayoral bet Woodrow Maquiling w as already w ithdraw n and both Maquiling and Mayor Sagarbarria are now talking of burying the hatchet of the May 2010 elections. -o0oLooks like if Alan Gel Cordova might run for mayor against Sagarbarria instead of being his vice mayor, dark horse Woodrow Maquiliing might be Sagar’s running mate in 2013. Cordova might give this a priority discernment before he jumps into the water. -o0oAccording to radio commentator Dindo Generoso, the so-called lollipop boys are actually the majority block in the provincial board. Lollipops are for children, who are mostly immature politically. Why, are there immature politicians in the board? We don’t know. We do have first timers though. -o0oCity Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria confirmed that there is at least P10 million in unliquidated cash advances among the city hall’s officials, both elected and appointed. He does not find this shocking. But what is shocking is that many of those involved have now retired. Question: why were they able to retire with unliquidated liabilities? Who cleared them and why? The taxpayers who owned the money advanced have the right to know and be refunded. -o0oTrouble with our Commission on Audit or COA is that although they have all the records of their findings of fiscal anomalies and irregularities, the COA does not initiate criminal nor administrative charges. Why? A law ought to be passed to this effect, otherwise, the ANTI-CORRUPTION motto of this PNOY administration will be nothing but a farce. -o0oBPI’s 106th ANNIVERSARY The Bank of the Philippine Islands will be celebrating its 106th year this August. As part of its anniversary celebration, it will have a nationwide launch of BPI BAYAN, a bankwide employee volunteerism/CSR program on August 6, Saturday. This is BPI’s way of reaching out to the community, with the participation of its employees. One of the activities will be the rehabilitation of Silliman Beach in Dumaguete City. Local partners are the Barangay SK Council/Youth, the Local Government Unit of Barangay Bantayan, the Silliman University Marine Laboratory, among others. The objective of the five-month long program is to establish permanent structures that would constantly remind beach users of the need to help preserve the marine environment, assist the local government unit in the establishment of the artificial coral reefs, among others.

Veggie growers... (From page 2) and anothe r in Luzon will be realized, will be good to the farmers. Meanwhile, Sec. Alcala course from the usual criminal and civil cases. He even lets his family receive his calls and text messages when busy. On that fateful date, Gina said, there was no pressure at all. They rode together to his office, left her at a boutique below while he had a quick meeting with a client. But the murder happened, and they could not fetch their kids at Don Bosco. Atty. Martinez is one of the ten children of the late Baldomero, Sr. and Mrs. Martinez . He is the brother of Siquijor State College President Dr. Baldomero Martinez, Jr. Continuous outpouring of sympathy among friends, lawyers, law students, professors, and clients is seen at the wake . Interment will be announced shortly.// jg

is toying the idea of reviving the food lane stickers for delivery trucks loaded with agricultural products to avoid delays. The c onc ern was also raised by farmers during the national vegetable congress, worse is when they are victimized by “kutong” cops along the highways. Sec Alcala is expected to coordinate with the Department of Interior and Local Government to check on alleged abuses of law enforcers, victimizing farmers who are transporting their products from the provinces. Rep. Teves intimated to invite the Departmnt of Transportation and Communications during the budgt hearing this month and to ask the DOTC secretary to reiterate its memorandum that calls for no delays in the transport of all livestocks and vege tables products by either traffic or PNP personnel.jg

The Negros Chronicle August 07, 2011 issue  

The Negros Chronicle August 07, 2011 issue

The Negros Chronicle August 07, 2011 issue  

The Negros Chronicle August 07, 2011 issue