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August 7, 2011

DUMAGUETE CITY DEVELOPMENT BANK, INC. Cor. Cervantes & Dr. V. Locsin Sts., Dumaguete City




Cash and Cash Items Due from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Due from Other Banks Financial Assets at Fair Value through Profit or Loss Available-for-Sale Financial Assets-Net Held-to-Maturity (HTM) Financial Assets-Net Unquoted Debt Securities Classified as Loans-Net Investments in Non-Marketable Equity Security-Net ‘Loans and Receivables Loans to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Interbank Loans Receivable Loans and Receivables – Others Loans and Receivables Arising from RA/CA/PR/SLB General Loan Loss Provision Other Financial Assets Equity Investment in Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures-Nets (Net) Bank Premises, Furniture, Fixture and Equipment-Net Real and Other Properties Acquired-Net Non-Current Assets Held for Sale Other Assets-Net Due from Head Office/Branches/Agencies Philippine branch of a foreign bank) TOTAL ASSETS

P 6,222.512.46 217,464.220.05 287,007,631.49 5,253,467.71 147,748,804.20 327,950,148.81 330,636,148.81 2,686,000.00 24,344,458.90 2,396,107.66 37,907,173.10 23,059,837.07 4,567,922.80 22,299,026.86 —————————— P 1,106,221,311.11 ==================

L I A B IL I T I ES Financial Liabilities at Fair Value through Profit or Loss Deposit Liabilities Due to Other Banks Bills Payable a) BSP (Rediscounting and Other Advances) b) Interbank Loans Payable c) Other Deposit Substitute d) Others Bonds Payable-Net Unsecured Subordinated Debt-Net Redeemable Preferred Shares Special Time Deposit Due to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Other Financial Liabilities Other Liabilities Due to Head Office/Branches/Agencies (Philippine branch of a foreign bank)


————————P 911,567,643.86 ————————-

TOTAL LIABILITIES STOCKHOLDERS’ EQUITY Capital Stock Other Capital Accounts Retained Earnings Assigned Capital

898,903,396.44 449,473.69 449,473.69 411,635.49 2,702,101.39 9,101,036.85

P 86,784,550.00 5,207,521.05 102,661,596.20 ———————— P 194,653,667.25 ———————— P 1,106,221,311.11 ==============

TOTAL STOCKHOLDERS’ EQUITY TOTAL LIABILITIES & STOCKHOLDERS’ EQUITY CONTINGENT ACCOUNTS Guarantees Issued Financial Standby Letters of Credit Performance Standby Letters of Credit Commercial Letters of Credit Trade Related Guarantees Commitments Spot Foreign Exchange Contracts Securities Held Under Custodianship by Bank Proper Trust Department Accounts a) Trust and Agency Accounts b) Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) c) Other Trust and Fiduciary Accounts Derivatives Others


55,239.80 ------------------------P 55,239.80 ==============


Shootists group reap honors at competition

DCDB BOARD OF DIRECTORS JULIO O. SY, SR. Chairman And Predident GILBERT PAUL L. UYMATIAO Treasurer and Director SILVESTRE H. SUNG Director RODRIGO G. DIAZ Director LAWRENCE D. LIMKAICHONG, JR. Director NICOLAS S. RAMAS-UYPITCHING Director SUSANO O. SY Director CHRISTOPHER A. BELL-KNIGHT Director ALVIN Y. TAN UNJO Director GREGORIO L. UYMATIAO JR. Director DANFORD S. SY Director DIRKIE Y. PALMA Corporate Secretary EDGAR L. CALINAWAGAN Executive Vice-President The Negros Chronicle August 7, 2011

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) P 25,425,135.11 Ratio of Non-Performing Loans to Total Loan Portfolio (NPL to TLP) 7.43% Classified Loans & Other Risk Assets 204,759,000.00 Specific provision for loan losses 11,782,120.80 Return on Equity (ROE) 18.83% DOSRI loans and receivables 24,385,891.54 Past due DOSRI loans and receivables 0.00 Ratio of Past due DOSRI loans and receivables to TLP 0.00 Compliance with Magna Carta – 10% for Small and Medium Enterprises 0.00 a) 8% Small Enterprises 19.31% b) 2% for Medium Enterprises 14.46% Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) on Solo basis, under Cir. No. 538 or 0.00 Cir. No. 688, as applicable a) Total CAR 22.71% b) TIER 1CAR 22.37% deferred Charges Not Yet Written Down Unbooked Allowance for Probable Losses on Financial Instruments Received DCDB’s Affiliate: RB Sibulan Total Resources P27,819,466.59 REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ) DUMAGUETE CITY ) S.S. I/We, Gilbert Paul L. Uymatiao and Edgar L. Calinawagan of the above-mentioned bank do solemnly swear, that all matters set forth in the above statement of condition are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. (Sgd.) GILBERT PAUL L. UYMATIAO and (Sgd.) EDGAR L. CALINAWAGAN Treasurer Executive Vice-President SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 1st day of August, 2011 at Dumaguete City, Philippines affiants exhibiting to me his/their Residence Certificate No. 15706303 issued at Dumaguete City on April 1, 2011 and Residence Certificate No. 08742477 issued at Dumaguete City on January 27, 2011. (Sgd.) ATTY. DIRKIE Y. PALMA NOTARY PUBLIC

Doc. No. 319 Page No. 63 Book No. XVIII Series of 2011



he Dumaguete Shootists Association, in cooperation with the Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office, recently concluded the 7 PD.3G Shooting Competition, a PPSA Level Match I, which had 68 trophies at stake. This is a 3-gun match, mostly for pistols and 2 sidelights for rifles and shotguns. The handgun match was participated in by 191 shooters, 51 in the rifle, and 35 in the shotgun matches, totaling to 277 shooters. This is by far the largest attended match held at the DSA Shooting Range in Loo c, Sibulan in the h istor y of the Dumaguete Shootists Association. Listed below are the match results. Pistol Match: Open Aggregate Champion – JP Amadora Open Lady Champion – Macy Solon Standard Aggregate Champion – Michael Arada Standard Lawman Champion – Adonis Rosales Standard Junior Champion – Ivan Rivera Standard Senior Champion – Ernesto Dy Standard Super Senior Champion – Joel Chua Standard Range Officer Champion – Jomar dela Torre Standard Single Stack Champion – Miro Mediodia Standard Single Stack Lawman Champion – P/Supt. Renato Dugan Standard Single RO Champion – Mark Arada Revolver Aggregate Champion – Christopher Panes Revolver Lawman Champion – Christopher Panes Production Aggregate Champion –

Mark Ang Gobonseng Production Lawman Champion – P/ Insp. Keith Andaya Production Junior Champion – Howell Sia Production Senior Champion – Edmundo Diao Production Super Senior Champion – Roger Abugan Production Lady Champion – Mejora Pangilinan Production RO Champion – PO3 Ferdinand Abecia Team Lawman Visitor Champion – MAR-Q Team PRO7 Team Lawman Negros Oriental – SWAT NOPPO (Champion), Ayungon (1st runner-up), Dumaguete City (2nd runnerup) Rifle Match: Open Civilian Champion – Miguel Osmeña Open Lawman Champion – PO3 Norli Abelianosa Standard Civilian Champion – Kevin Cortes Standard Lawman Champion – P/ Supt. Crisaleo Tolentino Shotgun Match: Shotgun Pump Civilian Champion – Mark Castillo Shotgun Pump Lawman Champion – PO3 Banjun Lerio Shotgun Semi-civilian Champion – Kevin Cortes Shotgun Semi-lawman Champion – PO3 Edilberto Euraoba

Negros Chronicle August 7, 2011

CEBU BANTAY PANGLAWAS Gidumala ni Uncle Mar Lopez Schedule:

YMCA August 10 to 14, 2011 Piapi, Dumaguete City

Sta. Rosa St. Dumaguete City

Sabut-Sabut Lang !!!

LP Remollo ... From page 11 Sagarbarria’s camp has been courting Maquiling to renew his old friendship with the mayor and the latter has already indicated his openness to join Sagarbarria in the 2013 elections as a candidate under the latter’s banner. Earlier this ye ar, Councilor Nilo Sayson left his LP colleagues in the Council to join the mayor’s bloc. ViceMayor Alan Gel Cordova is also no longer considered a threat to Sagarbarria and is even considered to be his running mate in the 2013 polls. Maquiling’s decision de-

prived the former city mayor now Clark Development Authority he ad Felipe “Ipe” Remollo a valuable ally, who can be fielded anew in the 2013 mayoral race against Sagarbarria. With this development, the Liberal Party has to look for other alternatives against a stronger Sagarbarria candidacy and among those conside re d are Firs t Councilor Antonio “Tonyrems” Remollo or Atty. Myrish CadapanAntonio. (By Dems Demecillo)

The Negros Chronicle August 07, 2011 issue  

The Negros Chronicle August 07, 2011 issue

The Negros Chronicle August 07, 2011 issue  

The Negros Chronicle August 07, 2011 issue