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Labor Day: What’s in store for them?





Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (L-R) Felizardo Calimpong, Vivencio Lagahid, Don Ramas Uypitching and Ma. Soccorro Mira, guests during the public affairs talkshow Dumaguete Tonight over DYEM-FM.

The state of the nameless millions of poor, marginal workers continue to be confronted with a grim future because of extreme poverty conditions in the country.

6,000 jobs ready; why many jobless?


espite the availability of some 6,000 jobs here and abroad, the Provincial Employment Service Office (PESO) in the city forecasts that only and slightly above 10% will get hired on the spot during Tuesday, May 1’s Labor Day job fair at Robinson’s Place.

The reason, among others, is that most applicants’ qualifications do not match the jobs that are available. In short, PESO opines that there is a need for our education department, DepEd, to coordinate closely with the labor department so that courses to be emphasized in schools are those

whose educational trainings will match those jobs that are frequently needed during the times. The Tripartite Industrial Peace Council members were guests at DYEM Energy FM’s talkshow, Dumaguete Tonight, and

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Koko: helmet law needs flexibility BY DEMS DEMECILLO

enator Koko Pimentel proposes to introduce a simple amendment to the controversial national helmet law by providing for a provision, which allows Local Government Units to enact an ordinance that will make the national law suitable and flexible enough to suit local conditions.


On the other hand, former Senator Miguel Zubiri, whom Pimentel replaced as the eventual winner of the 12th place in the 2007 elections, defended the National Hel-

VOL. 38 No. 47 Dumaguete City, Philippines Sunday, April 29, 2012




ig guns of Negros politics, last Wednesday, emerged as they manifested their new affiliation to the 2016 powers-that-be in the next presidential elections in the person of Vice-Pres. Jejomar Binay, who visited the province with four other top legislators.

Those who decided to throw their support to the presidential bid of Binay for 2016 are NPC Rep. George Arnaiz, NPC Rep. Pryde Henry Teves, NPC City Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria, LAKAS Rep. Mitos Magsaysay, PDP Laban Sen. Koko Pimentel, NPC Gary Teves, and Rep. JV Ejercito. The gathering of about 5,000 political leaders last

Wednesday was held during the 92nd birthday anniversary of Herminio Teves, erstwhile dubbed as the political kingmaker of Negros Oriental. When asked why they are supporting Binay for President in 2016, they replied: George Arnaiz: I am for Binay for president because he

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met Law and expressed surprise that the enforcement of the said law has met intense resistance even among local officials prominent among

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L-R: Rep. JV Ejercito, former Finance Minister Gary Teves and Vice-President Jejomar Binay met the press last Wednesday during the occasion of the 92nd birthday anniversary of political patriarch Herminio G. Teves.

Degamo to put up own provincial slate Sen. Koko Pimentel supports the amendment of the Helmet Law to suit local conditions, guesting at DYEM-FM’s Good Morning Dumaguete show.


einforcing an image that he is slowly but eagerly seeking enough support among the grassroots’ leaders, Governor Roel Ragay Degamo will field a complete slate from vice-governor to board members in all three districts; congressional bets for the three

House seats; and mayors, vice-mayors and councilors in 25 cities and municipalities of Negros Oriental. He did not say under what party he will run. The electorate will expect a three-cornered fight between the administration bet 1st District Congresswoman

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April 29, 2012

UNA’s house bets: Paras, Arnaiz, Teves critical reporting


ice-Presi d e n t J ej o ma r Binay of the United Nationalist Alliance picked his formidable line-up for the three congressional seats of Negros Oriental. The three UNA bets were later presented before the huge Launching of the Binay bandwagon. L-R: Rep. JV Ejercito, former Finance crowd composed of Minister Gary Teves, VP Binay, Rep. Arnaiz, Rep. Magsaysay, Rep. Teves family members, political allies and supporters, who attended the 92nd Birth- re-election for their third and final terms. day of former Congressman Herminio “Meniong” Teves Expected to be fielded by the LP against Arnaiz would at the provincial convention center. be his former arch-rival Bais City Mayor Hector “Tata” Former Congressman Jerome Paras will retake the 1st Villanueva, while former Board Member Marcelo “Bubot” District from incumbent Congresswoman Jocelyn “Josy” Adanza is reportedly disinclined to seek the house seat in Limkaichong, who will seek the governorship under the rd the 3 district against Pryde Teves. Binay, in the same visit, Liberal Party. nd reiterated his commitment to support the candidacy of Gary Congressmen George P. Arnaiz (2 District) and Pryde Henry Teves (3rd District), so far undefeated, are seeking Teves for governor.

TOP OF THE WEEK P8M allotted for city market repairs esponding to the criticisms by the opposition councilors for allegedly prioritizing the beautification of the public market’s frontage instead of conducting rehabilitation of its interiors, Dumaguete City Mayor Chiquiting Sagarbarria announced that some P8 million has been allotted for the purpose sought by his critics, courtesy of Senator Chiz Escudero.


However, the mayor concedes that the appropriation applies only to the repairs of the roofing of Build-

ings 8 and 9 along Real St. In fact, P250,000 has already been released on the To page 13


Politics eyed in Uytico’s transfer


he upcoming 2013 local election is considered a major cause in the appointment, relief and eventual transfer of Dr. Ramon Uytico to the Manila head office of the Department of Education.

Members of the Provincial School Board have recommended the appointment of Uytico as the next Superintendent of the Department of Education Negros Orien-



So many jobs available but only 10% are hired


here is something wrong in the matching process of available jobs, vis a vis qualified workers. Why is it that with so many jobs available here and abroad for various categories of workers, only a few will meet even minimum requirements? This is a relevant question to be asked on Tuesday, May 1, as the nation marks LABOR DAY. -o0oGuesting at DYEM Star Energy FM on a pre-Labor Day show , the Tripartite Industrial Peace Board members can only surmise that there is an urgent need for our education department to FOCUS AND MATCH the subject courses offered nationwide to the ACTUAL needs of various industries, rather than offer useless courses that will only add more unemployment to the new graduates each year. -o0oIt was shocking enough to know from the PESO (Public Employment Service Office) management under local head Socorro Mira that out of the 6,000 jobs available on the May 1 job fair facilitated by the government with various employers here and


tal Chapter to replace Dr. Milagros Velez, who earlier retired. Uytico, then, was the Dumaguete City Schools Superintendent prior to his To page 13

Guv mourns pa as Quake faults are son turns 46 today nuclear dangers


overnor Roel Ragay Degamo turns 46 today, but all the planned festivities by his family, peers and Capitol employees have been cancelled to observe the period of mourning following the death of his father, Arturo V. Degamo, last Thursday afternoon. Degamo’s father succumbed to pneumonia as a complication to cancer of the throat while admitted at the Silliman University Medical Center. The death was so sudden that the governor needed a moment to

absorb and mourn the loss, considering that the family is close-knit. Like the governor, his father came from simple beginnings as a fisherman and a mechanic, the elder Degamo taught his To page 14


onsidering the presence of hundreds of quake faults, some even remaining undetected by government scientists, hosting nuclear plants would spell disaster of unimaginable proportions should a major earthquake similar to, if not more powerful than, the February 6, 2012 tremor that shook the first district of the province, would destroy any nuclear plant to be built here. Thus, despite the glowing assurances of its main proponent, Tarlac Congressman Mark Cojuangco, supported by no less than Gov-

ernor Roel Degamo, environmentalists remain unconvinced to the practicability of putting up nuclear plants To page 14

Degamo to put up own provincial slate

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Jocelyn “ J o s y ” Limkaichong of the Liberal Party, Former Finance Secr e t a r y M arga r it o “Gary” Teves of the United Na tionalis t Alliance and the incum- Binay before civic clubs: The federation of Rotary Clubs in Negros Oriental were given bent gover- a special audience by co-Rotarian VP Jejomar Binay in his visit last Wednesday. nor, who is convinced that his track record of per- Degamo confirmed that cian who makes things hap- town up north to Basay, the formance would propel him should there be no signifi- pen without being grounded last town of the province to a second term earned in cant development to the by debts of gratitude to king- down south. However, they his own right through the contrary; the incumbent makers. still bank on a very small ballot and not by circum- governor will seek re-elecHis allies maintain that possibility that Degamo will stance alone. tion by presenting himself they will field a complete still end up as the standard A very close aide of as a non-traditional politi- slate from Vallehermoso To page 16

It is not usual that the President keynotes the PPI annual forum. However, it was not also usual that the President castigated the press on such occasion. But the press has the last say. abroad, only ten percent are due for immediate employment. The rest of the thousands of applicants are due for rejection, according to track records of local job fairs. Why is that? -o0oIt is because the education department is teaching students those courses that do not have enough job openings. The country’s education system has not also gotten over the wrong concept that white collar jobs are no longer hotly hirable items, but the blue collar jobs are. Sad to say, we are back to our parochial mentality- in believing that there is nothing to worry because with their family connecitions and with Mr. Politiko, whom they supported last election, can help give them jobs. Well, not anymore. One has to be hired on their own merit, not from somebody else. -o0oOur Filipino applicants are not dull; they simply lack the proper training and actual exposure to the job they are applying for. How sad. -o0oIt’s time our education officials and policymakers think about offering courses that will match the need of labor here and abroad. The DepEd should now revamp, re-design and re-package our educational system starting from Grade One. Whoever coined the idea that K-12 or two more years in the elementary and high school would be good for our children has gotten it all wrong. The more the cost of education rises each year, the lesser students will enroll and the more the number of the unemployed will grow.

April 29, 2012





April 29, 2012


Adolf and Myrna Ortiz an Everlasting Love ongratulations to a blessed couple, lawyer Adolf and Myrna Ortiz, who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last April 13, 2012. They will celebrate their milestone with family and friends at the Makati Shangrila on May 5th. Adolf and Myrna, we call them Tito Adolf and Tita Myrna, are the most senior and wisdom-filled couple of our action group of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP). Our action group (AG) meets every last Thursday of


Editorial Two solons respond wo senators responded to the call of some 20, 000 Dumaguete motorcycle owners calling on senators to heed thei r pl ight i n seeking amendment to the Helmet Law under RA 10054, which seeks its mandatory enforcement nationwide. Dumaguete motorcycle owners, who are mostly family wage workers, want the l aw to be optional and not mandatory. At least, they want it to suit local conditions. Such conditions include the nonaffordability to buy one helmet each for all riders and users of the motorbike at home. Local conditions also say that destinations in small towns are so near, wearing helmets in school, park, church, and market is impractical, and downright expensive. The fine for failure to wear the right kind of helmet is higher (P3,000) than for failure to wear one, which is only P1,500. Latest to agree i s Sen. K oko Pimentel, following the comments of law author Sen. Bong Revil la. Pimentel’s comments are the following: That the law be amended with a provision that local Sanggunians be allowed to pass local legislation,


providing for matters that will suit local conditions in the course of impl ementi ng RA10054, provided further that such ordinance be consistent with existing laws. The City Sanggunian should pass a resolution addressed to the Senate calling for such an amendment. Senator Pimentel signified his desire to support such resolution. He commented that such is also the cl amor of hi s constituents in Misamis Occidental. The law is good. No question. But in its implementation, it should be held optional, especially in places where the motorcycle is the errand machine of the family. Three children plus the wife and husband cannot afford to wear one helmet each, and the destinations from home to market, church, home and school are very near, they said. A certain segment of the City Council is filing a class suit shortly before the RTC seeking such amendment. Pimentel suggested that this direct supplication for amendment in the Senate could be faster to resolve than a class suit, but he did not preclude the locals from filing such suit. In the meantime, however, Pimentel said the law is still valid until otherwise subjected to an approved amendment.

the month. We feel so blessed to be the youngest couple in this action group as we hear life’s experiences, and lessons and wisdom from those who came ahead of us. I look forward to every action group meeting. In our AG meeting last Thursday, Tita Myrna and

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“We are what we eat” e are what we eat” is about as sound a theory as the “world is round.” Of course, an 8-hour sleep, 8 glasses of water, 30 minutes-a-day exercise, supplements, and a lot of destressing can also define the quality of life that one leads. But in the 20th century, for been a cacophony of diets – famous “Three’s Company,” a most people, food is available in Atkins, the South Beach and stage four cancer victim, reabundance, unlike for the early the Paleo – each contradicting fused chemotherapy-cavemen – who were also gen- each other – and largely inef- switched diets and tried altererally shorter than most of us fective for most people in the natives –and lived to tell the and died in their 40’s. long run. Shattered myths tale. Obviously, the quality and about diet fads are plenty. On the other hand, Dr. Arnell quantity of food available then What, therefore, must man Chua (MD, DPBPM) who studaffected their short longevity. eat to be robust and healthy? ied “Pain Management” in China, Every disease, after all, is inThe Philippine Institute of says that to us humans, “pain is dicative of a deficiency in vi- Naturaphatic Sciences (0920- inevitable but suffering is optal substance or an excess of 9073075) believes that one’s tional.” Many of the diseases tothe wrong ones. body has its own healing system day, says he, can be prevented Modern man’s problem is and must not rely on traditional or even managed by switching having too many adults and chil- medication that merely masks to the right food (034-4334041). dren who are overweight – “an their symptoms. Among its best Dr. Chua believes that a — epidemic of obesity, heart dis- suggested antidote is choosing strict fruit and vegetable diet, ease and diabetes.” the right kind of food. while good, is not complete. Man’s answer to that has Suzanne Somers of the


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April 29, 2012





April 29, 2012




alapating mababa ang lipad” translates loosely into rooftop skimming pigeons. It is Pinoy shorthand for harlot. The axiom resonated at the Philippine Press Institute’s conference Monday. “Attempts at self-regulation and ad revenues are involved?, are failing”, Center for Media CMFR asked. Belatedly, networks Freedom and Responsibility’s Luis argued: government did not set limits Teodoro warned. Media's ethical of coverage. In so doing, they lapses court heavy handed jettisoned self-regulation. Yet, this is the only option for a democratic government interference. This threat emerges in society. As late as August 2011, RMN spillover from August 2010 coverage of eight Hong Kong insisted: they were “just doing tourists and a hostage taker (our) job.” “We are sometimes killed at Luneta. CMFR says. factually reckless,” Washington Reporters and istambays Post’s Meg Greenfield once said. jostled with cops for vantage On other instances, “we’re morally posts in the 10-hour standoff. smug. On our worst days, we can From initial denial, networks be both.” Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster argued the police didn’t set the limits of media coverage, ng Pilipinas clapped P30,000-fines on ABS-CBN’s Channel 2, Radyo Mo Teodoro noted. Journalism ethics stipulates Nationwide and TV5. They leaked care to prevent harm. Was this operational details and compromised beyond networks, once ratings Turn to page 9

A Journey Through Cancer

Mothers are God’s Love in Action




(E-mail: )


shield you from the storm, and chases the shadows away that threaten to dampen your day. A mother knows that she’s not perfect, yet she struggles to be one. Her home is where her children find comfort and love. Her love is unconditional even if her children reject her. Her tomorrow depends on what she plants today. Her touch can spell magic. It has healing powers. She disciplines, teaches, feeds her children but always with a loving touch. Her children emulate her, and she is the beacon in her home. When she grows old, she is so blessed if she spends her last remaining days with her loved ones and not in the care of strangers. She’s not certain of tomorrow but she must go on loving. No one was born into this world Turn to page 9


Bread of life


temporal concerns and plans to the task of seeking Christ. We have to be wary of being influenced mainly, if not solely, by the standards of practicality, convenience and other worldly values. That’s our problem. God is often left behind in the play of our competing interests. As our Lord said: “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life?” (Mt 16,26) We should not lose the spiritual and supernatural character of our life, and do everything to keep ourselves from being dominated by a purely worldly and temporal outlook in life. We need to seek Christ and be close to him always. This intimacy is what we have to build up and maintain. Thus, we have to learn to make seeking Christ a permanent attitude and disposition in our life. Whatever we may be doing, whatever situation we may find Turn to page 9

THE GET-AWAY BAG he resent tragedy in Japan got me thinking. We sit on the edge of disaster. Going directly under Dumaguete City is a portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire. We have a potentially active volcano in our backyard, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and a host of other tragedies that could hit us at any time. Most of us are not prepared and many of us do not even know how to start to prepare for disaster. Here are a few thoughts. First, away bag. Take an old empty have a plan. If you have prepared in suitcase and put in a change of advance, you and your family have a clothes, some non-perishable food, much greater chance of survival. plenty of water, candles and In the U.S.Army Special matches, possibly even some filter Forces, commonly referred to as masks and other first aid supplies. the Green Berets, the average Do not forget the children. They will deployed trooper carries around be terrified, include a small stuffed 100 lbs (50 kilos) in his rucksack. animal; you will be surprised how Obviously, it is impossible to sleep it will comfort them. or perform other menial tasks with Green Berets also use “rally this much weight on our back. Yet points.” A rally point is a safe place to go if we lay it down, we run the risk of and wait for other family members. My being permanently separated from south rally point is the cockpit in Dauin. the equipment we need to If no one shows up in 48 hours, you accomplish our mission or even continue with your emergency just to survive. So we developed evacuation plan. We have relatives what is called a “Get-Away” bag. In south of Siaton. That is our southern a smaller bag, we have enough emergency sanctuary. food and supplies to survive three After a natural disaster, there days. In those three days, we can is usually chaos. Food, water and usually get our pre-planned emergency supplies often become emergency resupply. A Green Beret scarce. The smart thing to do is never is voluntarily separated from stock your sanctuary with his weapon or get-away bag. You everything you might need to can create your own emergency getTurn to page 10

JAMES “KOJAK” HUGHS U.S. Army, Cpt (ret)

Footsteps and Fingerprints

MYSELF am the bread of life. No one who comes to me shall ever be hungry, no one who believes in me shall thirst again.” (Jn 6,35)

We need to enliven our belief that in Christ we have everything, we have what is truly and ultimately needed by us. Many of our needs are passing, are of a temporal nature. It is Christ who we truly and ultimately need. And he gives himself so completely to us as to make himself bread to be eaten by us. Although he is like air since we can not truly live without him, he compares and makes himself bread, because unlike air, he as bread has to be deliberately sought. This duty of seeking him is what we have to be more aware of. In the Gospel itself, we hear our Lord saying, “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.” (Mt 6,33) We have to learn to subordinate our earthly and



hy did God create mothers? I think God created mothers because she is God’s love in action.

A mother is always there when the whole world turns against you. Her shoulders are broad for you to lean on when you are sad. Her eyes see beyond what others see. You are the most beautiful creature in her sight. She listens to you with her heart. She dies to her wants and her rights so that you may have abundant, happy life, and yet she finds joy in doing it. A mother cries because God gave her tears to shed when life is hard. She doesn’t give up. She was born with conflicting emotions--to lose herself or to give you the best of life. Every night and day, she thought about you. She worries about your food, shelter, comfort and those whom you love. She wants to

resident Theodore Roosevelt used to say “speak softly but carry a big stick.” What we did recently in pursuing our claims against China with regard to the Scarborough Shoal was quite the opposite – we spoke loudly but carried a small stick! Fortunately, we did not suffer the fate of a contingent of the Vietnamese navy which was nearly wiped out when they tried to engage the Chinese Navy some years ago over the same territorial claims as ours. On hindsight, we believe we encouraged by the Americans over-reacted by engaging in a little looking for a casus belli against gunboat diplomacy by sending our the Chinese. This sentiment biggest warship to catch some was recently editorialized in unarmed Chinese fisherman out the Chinese Red Army to catch some fish and collect newspaper which normally seashells. This was followed by echo the Chinese government the Balikatan exercise involving position in foreign affairs. This is not to say that the US and Filipino forces which the Chinese are innocent victims of Chinese must have considered a recent incidents in South China bit of saber-rattling. Against a background of Sea. It is well known that the Sino-American rivalry in the Chinese have intruded into China Sea, the Chinese are of Philippine territory for ages. We can the belief that this incident even go back to Limahong. In above must have been Turn to page 9

THE JOYS IN COMMUNITY ave you experienced the uplifting joy of worshiping and praising the Lord in unity with 4000 people? Have you felt your anxieties fade away as they are overcome by the smiles, happy greetings, and joyous friendship of the people around you? We have just come Commitment to the Lord’s Philippines. And dancing … let’s Work. We are able to draw on not forget the dancing! And the the strengths of each member raffles! And the food! and we learn to benefit from Why do we celebrate one another’s unique gifts and anniversaries with such joy? talents, even as we nourish For me, it is a time to renew and are nourished by the care friendships, to tangibly feel the and concern of brothers and Spirit moving among us, to put sisters in Christ. my life back into properly This nourishment, this focusing on the Lord. I caring, encouragement and remember that “community” support among brothers and comes from the Greek word sisters in community, the inspiration koinonia that means unity of we get from one another – this is heart and mind in the Lordship the essence of community! When I of Jesus Christ. When likeshare my story in BCBP breakfasts, minded people band together I always proclaim that it was only for a common purpose, there when I joined the BCBP, became results a sharing of values integrated into community, that I such as the BCBP’s Core really felt at home in the Philippines. Values: Love for God, Love for Thank you, Lord, for community! Country, Love for Others, and






April 29, 2012


For SALE: House & Lot

Brand New Semi-furnished

• Sta. Aguida, Pamplona, 10 hectares @ P30.00 per sq.m. • San Jose, 29 hectares with coconut trees and sugarcane plantation @ P50.00 per sq.m. • Sta. Catalina, 4.3 hectares with sugarcane plantation ready for harvest @ P25.00 per sq.m. • Northern Junob, Dgte City, 19,900 sq.m. @ P1,500.00 per sq.m. • Candau-ay, Dgte City, 12,782 sq.m. @ P500.00 per sq.m. • Junob, Dgte City, along the road with fruit-bearing coconut trees @ P2,000.00 per sq.m. • Jimalalud, Neg. Or. 6,844 sq.m. with fruit bearing, coconut trees P60,000 only

CALL: 0918-929-6047 NEW LOTS FOR SALE  Bayawan City, located in the heart of the city, near City Hall, 349 sqms at 3,500.oo/sqm  Bacong Negros Oriental located at the National highway, wide frontage, 1,308 sqms at 1,500.00/sqm  Meciano Road, Dgte City, interior lot, suited for boarding house and restaurant, 525 sqms at 1,500.00/sqm

CALL: 0918-929-6047




Banilad, Dgte. City, 2,772 sq.m., clean title, fronting the highway, wide entrance, suited for apartment, gasoline station and commercial spaces, P2,000 per sq.m. only

Lot adjacent to SUMC P14M, negotiable 859 sq.m. (CHET) Call: 0918-929-6047

Call: 0918-929-6047


For Lease

BODEGA Ideal for storing stocks. Bantayan, concrete road Fully fenced lot, all concrete Good parking space, with 24/7 resident guards.

Airport Area, 1,744 sq.m., clean title, 20 meters from the highway, suited for apartment and commercial spaces P2,200 per sq.m. only

Call 0918 929 6047

Call: 0918-929-6047

For sale Malabo lots

For Sale

8,000 sqm. Malabo, Valencia @ 300 Coconut, lanzones, mango, marang trees nice view of Sibulan and Dumaguete-“Zipline” 8429 sqm. Malabo, Valencia @ 600 Fruits trees and Residential good for firing range shooting Resort Along the Roads near a creek Melodinah

3,337 square meters clean title rice field irrigation P220.00 per square meters Banilad Call 419-82-73

Residential Lots for Sale Total Lot Area 2,829sqms 2,800sqms 6,998sqms 1,400sqms 1,000sqms 845sqms 425sqms 135qsms 198sqms 2,884sqms

LOCATION Balayag-manok, Bacong Balayag-manok, Bacong Bong-bong, Valencia Neg. Or Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg.Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Bong-aw, Valencia Neg. Or.

PRICE P300K P300K P500/sqm P1,600/sqm P1,300/sqm P1,900/sqm P1,900/sqm P1,900/sqm P1,900/sqm P3M

Contact: 0918-929-6047

OCEAN VIEW LOTS FOR SALE Liptong, Valencia Neg. Or., 911sqms, w 2-storey cottage, situated 650 feet above Dumaguete City, overlooking, along the brgy road, clean title @ P1.2M only Liptong, Valencia Neg. Or., 910sqms, situated 645 feet above Dumaguete City, overlooking, along brgy road, clean title @ P900K only Balili, Valencia Neg. Or., 1.6hectares, located 700 feet above Dumaguete City, ocean view, with road right of way, clean title @ P500/ sqm Palimpinon, Valencia Neg. Or., 975sqms, located 750 feet above Dumaguete City, ocean view, along the road, fully fenced, clean title @ P2M only

Contact: 0918-929-6047

* Along the road * Aircon, cable-ready * Fenced with garage * Hot & Cold shower Price: P5M negotiable Call: 0918-929-6047

PRIME LOT SALE: El Pueblo 475 sq.m., clean title, near the new club house, has a good view of Mt. Talinis Two sides adjacent to good neighbors, two sides free, negotiable

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LOCATION Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Fatima Village Dgte City Fatima Village Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City San Jose St.,, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave.,, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Talay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Sacsac, Bacong, Neg. Or. San Jose St., Dgte City Cadawinonan, Dgte City Balugo, Dgte City Balugo, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Balugo Valencia, Neg. Or. Palimpinon Val., Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Balugo, Valencia Neg.Or Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. Talay, Dgte City Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. East Balabag, Val. Neg. Or. East Balabag, Val. Neg. Or. West Balabag, Val Neg. Or. Bantayan, Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Bagacay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City

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APRIL 29 2012

DAILY COURAGE And Jonathan had David reaffirm his oath out of love for him, because he loved him as he loved himself. I Samuel 20:17



Ephesians 6:10-20

inally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In

On the dignity of work ork is a human vocation. To work is indeed a calling. Through work, man must earn his daily bread. Without work, it is not possible to sustain life in order to reach the full development of one’s personality. Work is the duty of man which arises from the very needs of man’s ULABING life. Only work that is well FR. GAMMY TJCD, VG done and lovingly completed deserves the praise of the Lord. It is no good offering to God something that is less perfect than what our human limitations permit. It is not true that man’s duty to work is a consequence of original sin. From the beginning of creation, man had to work. We remember that God commanded Adam and Eve to “conquer the earth.” He put them in the garden of Eden to cultivate it, that is, to work on it and make it productive. (cfr. Genesis 2:15). Work binds man to man. Work teaches us mutual service and gives us a chance to perform it. Through associating with our neighbors, we come to feel the need of service—to want to serve others. This means to want to serve our family, our neighbors, our fellow workers, our country. Work, which teaches us love, leads us to a sense of our need for one another. Work also teaches us the feeling of dependence and humility. The sense of our need for one another in a human society somehow brings us to new possibilities of development through the adjustment, division, and intensification of combined human efforts. This is the social bond and the brotherhood of people through work. We also remember that the Son of God became one of us and worked like us. He did the humble work of a carpenter. And in doing so, our Lord Jesus Christ ennobled all human work. Our work contributes not only to our material wellbeing. It also contributes to the salvation of the world. It is not only paghahanapbuhay; it is also pagbibigay-buhay. It helps not only in the salvation of the economy but also helps the economy of salvation. We can translate the Gospel in carrying out our everyday tasks and responsibilities in our respective line of work. It


addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for the entire Lord’s people. 19 Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, 20 for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.

Seven days of Mazaua


e remained there seven days,” Pigafetta says. The Magellan expedition was there from March 18, Holy Thursday, to April 4, Easter Thursday, when they were bound to Cebu. Having re-examined the evidence, the late Jesuit historian and prolific writer, Fr. Miguel A. Bernad, clearly makes a point: “Every day is accounted for. The Mass on Easter Sunday was REV. FR. ROMAN C. SAGUN, JR. celebrated on that island of Mazaua, and not in Butuan or elsewhere.” At present, that island is better known as Limasawa. For the Italians like Pigafetta, the adverb Li means there. Hence, for seven days, “we remained” there in Mazaua. Que(s)ti populi (s)onno gentili vanno nudi et de pinti portano vno pezo de tella de arbore intorno le (s)ue vegonie Sonno grandi(ss)imi beuitori le (s)ue femi ne vanno ve(s)tite de tella de arbore de la cinta in giu cõ li capili negri fina in terra anno forate le orechie et pienne de oro. Those people are heathens, and go naked and painted. They wear a piece of cloth woven from a tree about their privies. They are very heavy drinkers. Their women are clad in a tree cloth from their waist down, and their hair is black and reaches to the ground. They have holes pierced in their ears which are filled with gold. Que(s)ta gente (s)empre ma(s)ticanno vno fruto q(ue) Lo quiamano Areca e como vno pero lo taglianno in quat° parti et poi lo volueno nele foglie deL (s)uo arburo q(ue) le nominano betre (s)onno como foglie di moraro cõ vno poco de calcina et quando le anno be(n) ma(s)ticate le (s)putano fora fanno diuentare la boca roci(ss)ima Tucti li populi de que(s)ta parte deL mondo le vzanno p(er) che rinfre(s)cali molto eL core Se re(s)ta(ss)eno de vzarle morirebenno Those people are constantly chewing a fruit which they call areca, and which resembles a pear. They cut that fruit into four parts, and then wrap it in the leaves of their tree which they call betre [i.e., betel]. Those leaves resemble the leaves of mulberry. They mix it with a little lime, and when they have chewed it thoroughly, they spit it out. It makes the mouth exceedingly red. All the people in those parts of the world use it, for it is very To page 9 To page 10

e on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love. I Corinthians 16:13-14 I have a close friend whose father, Jim, didn’t set out to be a success. He didn’t plan on being a hero either. He turned out to be both. He did it with courage.

The world was at war. Red flags with swastikas and white flags with a red sun in the middle flapped in the breeze over lands they had no prior claim to. German soldiers were entrenched on islands in the South Pacific. The United States joined the other countries of the world to do something about it. That’s how Jim found himself on the inside of amphibious landing equipment—four times. The battles to liberate the islands of the South Pacific started offshore as terrified young men climbed down into the insides of these attack vessels. Some went once, and a few went twice, but seldom did anyone hit the beach four times. They usually didn’t live long enough to have the privilege. Jim joined thousands of men like him facing a common enemy. He shared their fears and anxieties. He wanted to succeed in overcoming the enemy, but knew that the outcome of the battle was not under his control. He could neither manipulate the enemy nor wield a great deal of control over his fellow marines. But he did have control over himself. So he brought to the battle the vital necessity

for personal calm and ultimate victory. He brought courage… When I think of men like Jim, I realize that they were successful because they were courageous, not courageous because they were successful. It took courage to run into the exploding guns of the enemy, and it took courage to keep your mind on your mission when all you had to do was sit around cleaning your gun and counting your ammunition. A soldier’s inner calm came, therefore, not from the outcome of the battle, from his ability to maintain courage. Calm on the workplace requires the same factor as calm on the battlefield. Those who choose to be courageous are those who are going to enjoy inner rest at their jobs. Courageous people are those who subordinate their fears to the task before them. They don’t let the heat and anger of the battle distract them from their ultimate purpose. With this in mind, let me ask a crucial question: Is it possible to be a success at home and at work? I believe it is. But I believe it will only happen if we are willing to be courageous enough to make some daring decisions about our work. Men, who take these steps of courage, can enjoy confidence in the middle of the boredom and calm in the middle of the battle.


GOSPEL Romans 14

The Weak and the Strong


ccept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters. 2 One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. 3 The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them. 4 Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To their own master, servants stand or fall. And they

will stand, for the Lord is able to make them stand. 5 One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind. 6 Whoever regards one day as special does so to the Lord. Whoever eats meat does so to the Lord, for they give thanks to God; and whoever abstains does so to the Lord and gives thanks to God. 7 For none of us lives for ourselves alone, and none of us dies for ourselves alone. 8 If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. 9 For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living. 10 You, then, why do you judge your

Sunday Thoughts All things work together for good Part II

Romans 8:28


he supreme illustration of our biblical passage from Romans, as we now understand it, is the suffering of Jesus on the cross. There was that perfectly good man, Jesus of Nazareth, who came healing people, preaching the Gospel of salvation DR. PROCESO UDARBE and teaching them how they might live. Not only was Jesus good. He was innocent of all the accusations leveled against him by the high priests, by the Romans, by the mob shouting “crucify him” at the foot of the cross. Well, as the gospel tells us, the hour came when the most gruesome form of murder was inflicted upon him. We look back to the event on Calvary as the bleakest day in all human history when that good man was compelled to carry his cross, and was nailed upon it. Jesus endured a hell in his body, mind and spirit; he felt so terribly hurt that he cried out: “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachtani!” (“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”) But in that most excruciating of all human pains, the truth of our passage was confirmed. Evil was at that time claiming victory, and there was no sign from heaven that Jesus would experience relief. A biblical interpreter has described the tragic event: The hands that had healed people were mercilessly pierced

To page 10

with nails; the eyes that had been lifted to the Father in thanksgiving were clouded with pain and desolation; the tongue that had blessed people was swollen in fearful thirst. And where was God then in that time of pain and sorrow? The God of Love was working in the cross; and he was working for the good of all mankind. This is the Good news that, as St. Paul puts it, “while we were yet helpless, Christ died for us.” For God worked through the worst evil on Calvary to bring out of it the greatest good. One of my favorite hymns to celebrate the cross is where the hymn-writer wrote: There was no other good enough to pay the price of sin; that we might go at last to heaven, saved by his precious blood. O dearly, dearly has he loved, and we must love him too and trust in his redeeming blood, and try his works to do. Which leads us to one inescapable truth: since “things” just do not mechanically work together for good, but God’s love does, there is a human response that is expected. If we are to follow the drift of our passage, St. Paul says that “in everything God works for the good of those who love him who To page 9

37 38

APRIL 29, 2012 book, “Marcos and Martial Law.” (Cornell University). But “the Council had only a brief history… Complaints were few.” And martial law aborted this initiative. After People Power One, a Press Council was reconstituted. But it didn’t command similar broad support of publishers, as did the earlier Council. Some members ignored a Council request: Publish rejoinders, by Marian School academic supervisor Antonio Calipjo Go, to criticisms for his campaign against flawed public school textbooks. “A cabal of columnists (went) hammer and tongs against Go after his campaign… resulted in the Department of Education banning (some) materials,” Inquirer’s Fernando del Mundo recalled, "The torrent of invectives in op-ed pages… came in the midst of refiling of an alleged extortion case that a court dismissed earlier….” Most criticism didn’t rebut textbook errors. Instead, they zapped Go’s bonafides. “The columnists’ campaign to shoot the messenger…killed [Go’s] message,” Del Mundo wrote, “Defective textbooks are one of the root causes of the decline in Philippine education.” President Aquino and Education Secretary Armin Luistro publicly supported Go. By then, kalapating mababa ang lipad had strangled Manila ’s post-EDSA press council. Only Cebu has a functioning press council today. Organized in 2011, Cebu Citizens Press Council acts on complaints against media. It addressed issues ranging from coverage of minors in conflict with the law, anti-obscenity,

decriminalization of libel, etc. CCPC protested against mandatory –and unconstitutional– “right of reply” four years before SB2150 and HB3306 almost slipped thru Congress. Is an oversized kalapati roost finally being dismantled at the Bureau of Customs? “Our membership lists remain porous,” a 2004 Press Freedom Week editorial admitted, “We’ve still have to flush out hao-shaios who flash oversize self-printed press cards or blocktime microphones…, notably in Customs.” Commissioner Ruffy Biazon signed this year, Memorandum Order 37, to ferret out “fake journalists who engage in illicit activities” in customs. BOC issued 55 IDs to legitimate media. It rejected almost double that number, mostly from tabloids or radio blocktimers. Those shut out asked the Supreme Court (a) zap Biazon with a Temporary Restraining Order; and (b) strike down Memo Order 37. Reason? “It curtailed press freedom.” “A claim of press freedom is tainted when right to information is misused for personal requests or sleaze,” Sun Star’s Public Standards editor Pachico Seares snapped, “Access to information is unimpeded. It’s only the number of people covering BOC that is reduced." No TRO has been issued. Apparently, the Court doesn’t see “clear and imminent danger to press freedom.” That liberty can be used as a “last refugee for scoundrels.” Or if you prefer: kalapatis.

ourselves in, let us always seek Christ. Our Lord himself tells us to seek him with insistence. “Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you…” (Lk 11,9) We have to understand that to lead a truly upright and moral life, we need to be existentially close with Christ. And Christ is actually very close to us. He is actually very accessible to us. He does not play hard to get. He is at the very core of our being, because he is the main cause of our existence. Besides, his overpowering love for us makes him truly close to us. It’s us rather who tend to ignore him. We have to understand that our moral life does not depend so much on our knowledge of moral principles as on our living relationship with God. It’s this intimate relationship with God that would effectively guide us as to how to think, speak and act. It’s this relationship that would enable us to live charity all the time in spite of difficulties. This intimacy is attained when we develop this Eucharistic mind frame, that abiding belief based on Christ’s teaching, that in the Eucharist we have the real presence of Christ and, in fact, the very bread of life, the bread that gives us the

true, ultimate life, and not just biological, physical and material life. We need to bolster our Eucharistic devotion. Do we, for example, go deep into the study and knowledge of the doctrine about the Eucharist, allowing its truth to sink deep into our consciousness and to bear fruit of many practical expressions? Do we have a longing for the Holy Mass, a yearning to receive our Lord in Communion? Do we believe in the real presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, and because of that, are we eager to visit him in the Blessed Sacrament, bringing all our thoughts and desires to him? When we pass by a church where we know the Blessed Sacrament is kept, do we spontaneously feel something special, like at least greeting our Lord from a distance, and telling him things, including pouring out our concerns? Do we feel good just to be in front of the Blessed Sacrament? We actually need to ask, even to beg, for grace for us to be able to have this attitude toward the Eucharist in its various forms of presence (Blessed Sacrament), sacrifice (Holy Mass) and food (Communion). Let’s pray for one another for this purpose. But let’s also do our part. We should never waste what our Lord is giving us—and that is he himself.

Sunday thoughts.... from page 8 are called according to his purpose.”



Pinoy.... (Mercado)

from page 6

rescue efforts. RMN staff butted into negotiations. “Slap on the wrist”, critics scoffed. “The press is free, like the air,” U.K. prime minister William Pit (1759-1806) once sneered. “It is a chartered libertine.” In today’s English, that would read “constitutionally protected prostitute.” Kalapating mababa ang lipad becomes more problematic as Internet, cellphone and Facebook, etc., move truth—or falsehood—at “warp speed.” In the past, a scoop stood until the next edition. Today, it lasts only until the next click of a mouse. “News organizations are abandoning the race to be the first to break the news,” Economist notes. “[They’re] focusing instead on being the best at verifying. The need is for more, not less, of hard-nosed reporting of facts and commentary anchored on values.” CMFR’s paper did not include print’s experience with selfregulation. It is longer but just as mixed as that of broadcast. Recall the 1965 Philippine Press Council. One of its first rulings skewered the yearly awards to “Ten Outstanding Congressmen,” by journalists on the Lower House beat. Business reporters quietly junked similar awards on their beat. “It was the first significant attempt to establish a system of professional control…” notes the

Bread.... (Cimagala)


from page 6

from page 6

recent years they have built structures very close to home and been fishing in our grounds with impunity. They have also made it known to all and sundry that they claim the whole of the South China Sea to the consternation not only of this country and our neighbors in ASEAN like Vietnam. The territorial ambitions of China is obviously triggered by their desperate search for energy to maintain the fast pace of their development. Their search for precious oil has brought them to the Middle East and even Africa where they have poured a lot of investments if only to win friends and influence governments in these regions. In this country their hegemonic intentions have been camouflaged by opening up their market to our exporters and investing in local projects. Incidentally, in that item appearing in the red army paper above, there was an open threat that if this country will not stop its “provocations,” military threats will be accompanied by economic sanctions. Now that our precipitate police action in Scarborough has been met head on by the Chinese which has forced us to beat a hasty retreat, what do we do next? Apart from eating humble pie, the government has opted to “jaw-jaw” and engages the Chinese in debate.

from page 6 without a mother. If you are not a mother, you must have a mother. (Villegas)

Mother’s day was proclaimed in the 1890 by Julia Ward Howe. Mother’s day is celebrated in different days and months in different countries worldwide. The most popular mothers day celebration here in the Philippines is every second Sunday of May. Your mother is God’s wonderful gift. She is only here today, and gone tomorrow. Unfortunately, the Chinese, confident of their armed superiority, are not in the mood for legal tussles. This country has invited China to submit to arbitration in the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. This body created by the United Nations Conference on Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) adjudicates conflicts arising from territorial disputes. So far, China has demurred. Back to square one, the last recourse is diplomacy and this will not work if we appoint to Beijing a diplomat whose only claim to fame is proximity to the Aquino family! Remember the scandal surrounding the Jabidah Massacre when the Marcos administration tried to infiltrate Sabah with army-trained Tausug warriors? It’s best we forget that unfortunate incident and not resort to the same kind of international adventurism.

“To those who love him”? “Working together for good” is illustrated in the parable of the prodigal son. It is in the wayward son’s decision to return to his loving father that something good that reconciliation, he lived according to God’s purpose for his life. I have known stories about people that began with sorrow, disillusionment, despair, shame, or failure. But God did work out something good to those who loved him and who shaped their lives according to God’s purpose. And these are stories about ordinary people. I know a couple who had only one child. Due to an accident, they lost their child in death, which of course, led to their almost inconsolable grief. Eventually, their trust in and love of God and their social concern led them to setting up an orphanage. Their loving care of dozens of children not their own they came to know was God’s way of redeeming them out of their earlier sorrow. I have a very good friend who was my student in seminary. Not many know that he was born out of wedlock. His mother and he himself, to begin

to page 10

On the.... (Tulabing)

from page 8

is faith in God, faith in ourselves, and faith in the government that can move us to be productive. Our efficiency in work can contribute much to the credibility of our efforts. Though we should humble ourselves, we can also take a legitimate pride in ourselves and in our work. No matter how small our part is in the great undertaking of rebuilding this nation, still without us, the whole system will not work properly. It is through the small contribution of each one of us that we can complete our task. Man is made to be in the visible universe an image and likeness of God Himself, and man is placed in the world in order to subdue the earth. (Genesis 1:28). From the beginning, therefore, man is called to work. Work is one of the characteristics that distinguish man from the rest of creatures, whose activity for sustaining their lives cannot be called work. Only man is capable of work. Only man works, at the same time by work he occupies his existence on earth. Thus work bears a particular mark of man and of humanity, and it is the mark of a person operating

to page 10


Reader’s Views

Under climate pressure Dear editor I would like to thank the Editor and Publisher of Negros Chronicle in bringing out my comment again on the news On Disaster Management Council Under Pressure today. It’s not only Negros Oriental that was recently hit by both typhoon and earthquake just recently, but other provinces in the Philippines that has never hit by typhoons for a very long, long time now that climate has changed. With this news, I hope the government of Pres. Benigno Aquino III will do something about it and prepare for the future so next time a disaster will come, the Philippines will be prepared. I am here to assist them in my humble capacity so we all Filipinos not only here abroad but way

back home can help each other for the love of our Mother Country. My next move now is for the Philippine Government of c o n s i d e r i n g ambulances from Canada to be tied up with the fire trucks as its part of search & rescue operation. I am in the process of talking with few manufacturing of ambulances here in Canada. I have made my recommendation to the Government of the Philippines through the Philippine Ambassador to Canada, Amb. Leslie Gatan, and to Mr. Ed Fast , our International Trade Minister of Canada & Minister for ASIA Pacific, a direct free trade between Philippines & Canada be considered. Pres. Benigno Aquino III with some of his Cabinets including Budget Sec. Florencio (Butch) Abad and my associates headed by Gen. Carlos F. Malana

will come over here in Canada to sign the Trade Agreement. The Philippine Government, as I read from the news in the Philippines, are planning for a trade with Russia this year. I have informed them that since they are to go to Russia then why not consider also Ukraine, a former member of the Russian Federation. Philippines has just ordered 8 Socol new helicopter from Poland. I ask my good friend Dr. Alex Titov here in Vancouver, B.C. to help and assist. He is a Russian-Canadian. Dr. Titov is well connected with this two countries. I will be meeting Dr. Titov this week before he goes to Europe next month. Yours truly, Arch. Angel (Lito) L. Mallonga



APRIL 29, 2012

Philippine Press Institute forum

P.E.P. (People, Events, Places)

Justice Aldecoa at 86


Top journalists of the country, led by PPI Lifetime awardee Columnist Johny Mercado (2nd from left), co-awardee Atty. Pacheco Seares, editor of Cebu Sunstar, and former press secretary, now PPI trustee, Atty. Jesus Dureza, exchanged pleasantries with local editors Alex Pal and Ely Dejaresco at the PPI forum last Tuesday at the Traders Hotel in Manila.

Sibulan bolsters Okoy Riverbank periphery By Rachelle M. Nessia


ollowing the destruction left by Tropical Storm Sendong in its wake when it battered Negros Oriental with heavy rains in December last year, the Sibulan municipal government is now repairing its infrastructure facilities ravaged by the storm.

Sibulan is one of the worst-hit towns in Negros Oriental by the storm. Part of the repair work undertaken by the municipal government is the

On the.. (Tulabing)

Seven.. from page 9

within a community of persons. When man, who had been created “in the image of God…,” hears the words: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it,” even though the words do not refer directly and explicitly to work, beyond any doubt, these words indicate that work is an activity for man to carry out in the world. Man is the image of God partly through the mandate he received from his Creator to subdue and to dominate the earth. Work then presupposes a specific dominion by man over the earth, and in turn, it confirms and develops this dominion. As man, through his work, becomes more and more master of the earth, and as he confirms his dominion over the visible world, again through his work, man nevertheless remains in every case and at every phase of this process within the Creator’s original ordering. Indeed, work is a human vocation.


bolstering of the periphery of Okoy R i v e r b a n k amounting to over P2 million. Okoy River, according to Sibulan Information Officer

from page 9

brother or sister[a]? Or why do you treat them with contempt? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat. 11 It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’”[b] 12 So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God. 13 Therefore, let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister. 14 I am convinced, being fully persuaded in the Lord Jesus, that nothing is unclean in itself. But if anyone regards something as unclean, then for that person, it is unclean. 15 If your brother or sister is distressed because of what you eat, you are no longer acting in love. Do not, by your eating, destroy someone for whom Christ died. 16 Therefore, do not let what you know is good be spoken of as evil. 17 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, 18 because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and receives human approval. 19 Let us, therefore, make every


Concepcion Rosales, is the town’s catch basin of water bodies from the hinterland village of Enrique Villanueva and mountain areas in to page 11

Sunday thoughts.. from page 8

cooling to the heart, and if they ceased to use it, they would die. in que(s)ta izolla (s)onno cany gati porci galine capre rizo gengero cochi figui naranzi limoni miglio panizo (s)orgo cera et molto oro (s)ta de Latitudine in noue gradi et dui ter(s)i aL artico et cento et (s)e(s)anta dui de longitudine della linea de La ripartitiõe et vinti cinque legue longi de la acquada et (s)e chiama Mazaua There are dogs, cats, swine, fowls, goats, rice, ginger, cocoanuts, figs [i.e., bananas], oranges, lemons, millet, panicum, sorgo, wax, and a quantity of gold in that island. It lies in a latitude of nine and two-thirds degree toward the Arctic Pole, and in a longitude of one hundred and sixty-two degrees from the line of demarcation. It is twenty-five from the Acquada, and is called Mazaua. Ste(s)semo sette giorni quiui poi piglia(ss)emo la via deL mai(s)trale pa(ss)ando fª cinq? y(s)olle cioe Ceylon bohol canighan baybai et gatighan in que(s)ta y(s)ola de gatigan (s)onno barba(s)tili grandi como aquille p(er) q(ue) era tardi ne amaca(ss)emo vno era como vna galina aL mangiare We remained there seven days, after which we laid our course toward the northwest, passing among five islands, namely, Ceylon, Bohol, Canighan, Baybai, and Gatighan. In the last-named island of Gatighan, there are bats as large as eagles. As it was late, we killed one of them, which resembled chicken in taste.

effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. 20 Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean, but it is wrong for a person to eat anything that causes someone else to stumble. 21 It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother or sister to fall. 22 So whatever you believe about these things, keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves. 23 But whoever has doubts is condemned if they eat, because their eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin. [c]

from page 9 with, had to endure some ridicule because of the nature of his birth. But both mother and child soon became devoted Christians; the boy was brought up as a robust Christian layman by a devoted mother. He has now become a deeply committed church layman and most respected executive of a company that has seen hundreds of students finish college through an insurance plan. There are many examples of God’s love piercing through life’s sad experiences; God takes the initiative, yes; we respond in love and commitment to a high purpose. So, what does our passage say to us in term of God’s loving involvement in the unfortunate things that happen to us? One, we believe that it is God who is able to do something good out of anything that grieves makes us hopeless. Two, the greatest demonstration of God’s love piercing through the world’s darkness is the story of the cross. And three, God calls us to love him and to live according to his purpose for our lives as our response to his loving initiative.

The get ... (Kojak)

from page 6

survive a month. Be sure to include any medications someone might need. I suggest you reserve your birthday as the day you check or replenish your emergency supplies. Look for any spoiled, damaged or outdated items. The other day, a man was shot in the leg. Before he could be carried to the hospital, he bled to death. That never should have happened. A basic knowledge of first aid could easily have prevented that tragedy. Learn the five Life Saving Steps, CPR and how to apply a tourniquet; then teach them to other family members. The life they save may be yours.

ow does one make someone’s 86th birthday extra special and memorable, in the process, paying tribute to the person not only for having reached that age, but recognizing as well the significant contributions he has made to society? Such – and more – was how the family of retired Justice Venancio Duran Aldecoa, Jr. “conspired” to make his natal day more than the ordinary celebration they used to have. That his children were able to also keep the whole shebang a secret up to the very last minute was a marvel. As daughter, Assistant Court Administrator of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Hon. Jenny Lind AldecoaDelorino, shared: “Papa kept on asking us what we would do for his birthday. We would deliberately answer him in an uncle he does not need to do or worry about anything. All he needed to do was just to stay alive!” Thus, to perpetuate the legacy of this gentle and genteel man of the Bar and of the Bench, the Moot Court/Multipurpose Hall of the Silliman University Aldecoa College of Law located in Villareal Hall is now named affairs, as “the academic Justice Venancio D. Aldecoa training equivalent for law Jr. Moot Court/ students to cultivate and turn Multipurpose Hall, which into razor-sharp legal eagles.” was dedicated right on his Recalling the 20 years that birthday on March 11. Justice Aldecoa devoted to As Atty. M. Mikhail Lee teaching law, she also called Maxino, dean of the College of him a legal eagle himself. Law, stressed, whose idea it Then a boy of 17, Dodong – was to name the Hall after as family and associates Justice Aldecoa, who served as fondly call him – already had the seventh president of an inclination toward law and Silliman University: “Names are order when in World War II, of high importance, and very he was assigned to the Intelligence Section of the 75th Infantry Regiment during the Resistance Movement. Less than a decade later, at 26, he had graduated from Silliman University with a law degree in 1952. He became a senior lecturer at the Silliman College of Law for 20 years, was an elected member to the City Council of Dumaguete for four consecutive terms, and a member of the Silliman University Board of Trustees for 15 years, functioning as Board secretary when martial law was proclaimed in the Justice Aldecoa country. He eventually with Mik Maxino became president of Silliman University, the seventh and the often, the rituals and fourth among Filipino ceremonies are elaborate. It is presidents. a bestowal of soul on the one He fulfilled a who receives the name. It gives succession of legal identity and a place of the appointments, namely as person within society. In fact, it presiding judge of the is a symbolic contract between Juvenile and Domestic Court of society and the individual. This Relations is not just a ritual for show, but Dumaguete and Negros we are being true to the same Oriental, Regional Trial ideals and principles our Court Judge of the National Capital Region in honoree holds dear.” Going by its motto Quezon City, and as of “law with a conscience” Associate Justice of the vis-à-vis the motto of Court of Appeals, the first Silliman University, “Via, among three today who Veritas, Vita,” university come from Negros president Dr. Ben Malayang Oriental. III acknowledged that the Calling such feats as soul and spirit of the “multiple intelligences at university lie on the people work,” Dr. Tan said that Justice who struggled to create the Aldecoa, likewise, did not anathema of the kind of leave out his faith and his personalities that being a family man. represented many other Comprising part of the Sillimanians. “Let this Hall Aldecoa Family Singers with bear witness to reason with his wife, the late voice clarity, with dignity, and with teacher, Nelly Romano, and integrity. Let the arbiter of their four children, the family what is the truth be the Word won first place in a national of God, the highest arbiter competition at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and of justice.” The Moot Court was performed in concerts here referred to by Dr. Betsy Joy Tan, and abroad, thus earning for vice-president for academic them the title of “Philippine


Naming Ambassadors of Goodwill” (as souvenir for the guests, the family gave away the CD version of a tape recording of the Aldecoa Family Singers during their concert tour of the United States in 1979, which daughter Jenny was able to preserve). Justice Aldecoa has been recognized as the Outstanding Dumagueteño Awardee for Public Service in 1998, the Outstanding Oriental Negrense Awardee for Law in 2004, and the Presidential Trophy Awardee for Meritorious Government Service in 2005. Officiating in the naming and dedication ceremony was the Rev. Jonathan Pia, Minister of the Parish of Silliman Church. Being a musically inclined family, daughter Jenny, a coloratura soprano, rendered song tributes befitting the occasion – “Dela Fantasia” and “Because We Believe,” as well as granddaughters Jemina Carina Aldecoa Delorino and Jessica Ann Aldecoa (daughter of the Justice’s son, Michael, and wife Diolie), with the former playing the ukulele and the latter singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Claiming to be “bereft of words” and assuring everyone that “conspiracy is not a crime in the Philippines,” the honoree confessed that everything that happened in his career were all unplanned. “Being the person that I am today and all that I have accomplished were not even a figment of my imagination. It just happened; things just happened. God made it happen,” said this humble boy from Daro, Dumaguete. Son-in-law Chito Delorino, a bank executive in Manila, said it succinctly on behalf of the family: “Indeed, the Lord provided, delivered, and protected. To our great relief, our secret was safe up to the very last minute! Papa’s surprised reaction and happiness is the best reward we could ever hope to get for the fruit of our labors and voluntary vow of silence.”

37 38

APRIL 29, 2012

VP BINAY meets local media


Army encourages rebel returnees to use cash aid wisely By Rachelle M. Nessia Philippine Army colonel based in Negros Oriental urged rebel returnees, who received their livelihood assistance from the government, to use their money properly. Col. Francisco Patrimonio, 302nd Brigade Commander of the Philippine Army, said the former rebels should wisely utilize their cash aid for their livelihood undertakings. The colonel issued the statement after five rebel returnees, who recently surrendered to the 79th Infantry Battalion in Siaton, Negros Oriental, each received their livelihood aid of P50,000 under the government’s Social Integration Program (SIP). Before receiving their livelihood package, the former rebels were made to attend a socio-economic training conducted by different government agencies, like the Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, Provincial Veterinary Office and the Department of Agriculture, said Capt. Anacito Naz, information officer of the 302nd Infantry Brigade based in Tanjay City. “The training aimed to prepare them psychologically and socioeconomically as they make their way to the mainstream society,” said Naz in a statement. This was followed by a series of dialogues, trainings and seminars for the former rebels conducted by the concerned local government agencies to further motivate them to work hard and improve their living condition, he added. The rebel returnees will be monitored and assisted as they carry out their livelihood projects. Naz said the SIP will also be disseminated to communities in the affected hinterland areas “to put a strong social pressure to the rebels to convince them to abandon the armed struggle.” (RMN/PIA Negros Oriental)


VP Jejomar Binay and local officials supporting his presidential bet for 2016 answer tough questions from the local media, whom he described as intelligent and frank. This was during a press conference last April 25. (Photo By: Jamie Tan)

Sibulan bolsters... From page 10 Valencia town. “When the heavy rains come, the water volume in Okoy River, as the collection basin, swells and causes the river water to spill over the sides,” said Rosales. Other watersheds and rivers cited in Sibulan’s Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) map that contribute to Okoy River’s water volume are: Marulay River Watershed in Valencia town; Dungcalang River in Brgy. Tubigon of Sibulan; and the Southern Negros Watershed comprising Sibulan, Valencia and Sta. Catalina. Romie Diputado, Sibulan’s FLUP incharge, said the Southern Negros watershed is a vast body of water covering the watersheds of Hinotongan River, Valencia, and Amlan River. “All the water from these watersheds run off to Okoy River,” said Diputado. When Tropical Storm Sendong struck on December 17, 2011, Okoy River’s water level rose, washing away houses and killing people due to the strong currents. A total of 268 homes were eventually reported totally damaged and 349 partially damaged, said Rosales. “The river lived up to its name because Okoy literally means ‘stalker.’ It caught the nearby residents by surprise, because without warning, the river rose and turned rapid and turbulent,” explained Rosales. The provincial government of Negros Oriental also set aside P20 million, while Second District Rep. George Arnaiz gave P2 million to fortify the sides of Okoy River with the installation of boulder dikes. (RMN/PIA Negros Oriental)

SG Bank

Jeep & PUJ loan Residential lot loan

Pick up Loan Commercial loan

Auto & Van Loan Pension Loan

a.k.a. Central Visayas Rural Bank Real St., Dumaguete City Tel. No.: 225-4304; 422-6192 Mobile No.: 0910-931-6504 e-mail:



April 29, 2012

Net take-home pay for housing loaners


ag-IBIG Fund members in the govern ment sector shall bear the new policy that the Fund implements, pursuant to the General Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2012, effective April 18, 2012.



Notice is hereby given that the heir of the late Pedro Balderas, namely, Erlinda Mora RebanteBalderas has filed and executed an Adjudication of Sole Heir with Absolute Sale upon a parcel of land situated in So. Tubod, Brgy. Piniabonan, Mabinay, Negros Oriental, thereinafter described by Original Certificate of Title No. FV4657, Lot No. 4893, Pls-609-D, containing an area of 48,600 sq. m. more or less per Document No. 669, Page No. 67, Book No. 40, Series of 2011 notarized by Atty. Joseph Ray Valencia.

Notice is hereby given that the heirs of the late Rodulfo F. Maypa, namely, Remedios T. Maypa, Dwight T. Maypa, Daphne M. Taduran, and Darryl T. Maypa have filed and executed a Declaration of Heirship, Quitclaim and Partition upon a parcel of land situated in Barrio of Pagatban, Bayawan City, Province of Negros Oriental, thereinafter described by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-36325, containing an area of 14,600 sq. m. more or less per Document No. 526, Page No. 103, Book No. 31, Series of 2012 notarized by Atty. Edmund F. Dy.

The Negros Chronicle April 15, 22, and 29, 2012

The Negros Chronicle April 15, 22, and 29, 2012

DEED OF DONATION Notice is hereby given that Remedios T. Maypa has filed and executed a Deed of Donation in favor of Darryl T. Maypa, Daphne M. Taduran and Dwight T. Maypa upon a parcel of land situated in Barangay Pagatban, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, thereinafter described by Original Certificate of Title No. FV-37687, containing an area of 40,971 sq. m. more or less per Document No. 527, Page No. 103, Book No. 31, Series of 2012 notarized by Atty. Edmund F. Dy. The Negros Chronicle April 15, 22, and 29, 2012

COMMERCIAL LOT FOR SALE Banilad, Dgte. City, 2,772 sq.m., clean title, fronting the highway, wide entrance, suited for apartment, gasoline station and commercial spaces, P2,000 per sq.m. only Call: 0918-929-6047

HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE Clean Title 714 sq.m. 5 bed rooms 3 doors raw apartment Situated at: 302 L. Rovera St. Pulantubig Dgte. City Contact: 422-8641 or Cell No. 09152143152

We are what ... (Bingo)

From page 4

For instance, the human body requires fat (10-15%) of daily diet which can come from mixed nuts, flax seed oil and eggs (boiled not fried). ———Accordingly, “good” food is kimchi, yogurt and taho (soya) while green tea is a great antioxidant. Other literature point to carrots and papaya as good anti-cancer food. To recover and repair cells, Dr. Chua recommends food with copper, zinc, calcium, and

FOR SALE Residential Lot 2,000 sq.meters at Bong-ao, Valencia, Negros Oriental Price: affordable and negotiable

Call: 0918-929-6047

The following policy for the standard and uniform procession of housing and short-term loan applications of government employees is hereby issued. For ShortTerm Loan (STL) purposes and for Housing Loan (HL) borrowers who will be paying their HL amortization through Salary Deduction, the Net Take Home Pay

must not fall below P5,000.00 after deducting statutory deductions, computed monthly amortization of loan applied for and other obligations. For details, you may visit our office or call Mr. Julio Carmel P. Alfarero, Jr. – Chief of Division (Dumaguete Extension Office 225-7713/ 422-8199).

those with vitamins B and E (strained nerves) and vitamin C (correct inflammation). He recommends a glass of red wine a day but the September issue of TIME magazine says it has too little reservatrol that one has to imbibe 60 liters of red wine in order to get the benefits. But common food can never bring in all the nutrients our body needs so he recommends people to take supplements (organic type). One avid disciple of supplements is Boholana actress host Giselle Sanchez who today hardly eats anything but drinks Mellilea soya milk, fruit juice and botanical powder of various vegetables and grains and is energetic, healthier and slimmer than ever before. Preacher-communicator Bo Sanchez, however, disagrees – “supplements are just that, that’s why they are called supplements.” For breakfast, Bo, therefore, takes local fruits like watermelons, melons, star apples, mango, guyabano, papaya, etc. He believes in local fruits since the imported ones are probably “sprayed with chemicals” to preserve them while in transit. Bo Sanchez’ lunch and dinner are filled with vegetarianbased recipes although he classifies meat from fish, cows, goat, sheep and chicken as “clean” – never pork. In her provincial sorties, Senator Loren Legarda can sur-

vive with the (potassium-filled) banana and Gatorade (NBA’s official energy drink). A Boholana doctor now based in California describes the lowly banana as a “complete food.” No wonder. Dieters avoiding the sugar found in white rice instead take camote, (saba) banana, and unpolished red rice. A local herb called “Ashitaba,” on the other hand, has reported medicinal value – by just munching two leaves a day – like a caterpillar does. Berries and broccoli are known to have such powerful substances – but are rather expensive for the common man. Recently, “Dr. Coconut” or Dr. Bruce Fife had confirmed that feeding two tablespoons after meals of the miraculous VCO (Virgin Coconut oil) had cured a case of dementia and is now the supposed answer to the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease affecting the aged. Earlier, VCO was hinted as a pain-killer, cholesterol-basher and AIDs cure. This wonder cure comes from oil of the coconut meat. Dr. Mehmet Oz, meantime, a practicing heart surgeon in the USA who had done 5,000 heart operations, emphasized the merits of certain food, heretofore avoided like poison by health freaks and dieters. He wrote in TIME magazine that fat like those found in camela, olive and omega oil are To page 13


April 29, 2012


Pinili Clan Reunion The Pinili Clan held their annual reunion last Sunday, April 15, at the Dumaguete City High School gym attended by some 750 descendants of Mariano, Bernardo, Cornelio, Pedro and Narcisa Pinili. The Pinili family tree and reunion was initiated by the late Benicia Pinili de Mira in the eighties. Lilius Pinili y Pinili revived the reunion and drafted a constitution in 2008. There were lots of hudyaka “getting to know you,” dancing, games, raffle prizes, and singing. Outstanding students and achievements were recognized. Protocol award scholarship to deserving students was introduced. Medical help for needy family members is still being ironed out. Former finance Sec. Gary Teves and Mayor Manuel Sagabarria, who are Pinili kin, graced the gathering with their presence. The event was organized by the officers headed by Pamela Teves.

LAW EACH WEEK SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY A public service of the Sen. Jovito R. Salonga Center for Law and Development.

Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 1. What is the basis of this law? It is based on “Article XIII, Section 11 of the Constitution, which provides that the State shall adopt an integrated and comprehensive approach to health development which shall endeavor to make essential goods, health and other social services available to all the people at affordable costs, especially for the needs of the underprivileged, sick, elderly, disabled, women and children. 2. What are the privileges for the Senior Citizens based on Section 4 of RA 9994? The senior citizens shall be entitled to the following: (a) the grant of twenty percent (20%) discount and exemption from the value-added tax (VAT), if applicable, on the sale of the following goods and services from all establishments, for the exclusive use and enjoyment or availment of the senior citizen: (1) on the purchase of medicines, including the purchase of influenza and pnuemococcal vaccines, and such other essential medical supplies, accessories and equipment to be determined by the DOH. (2) on the professional fees of attending physician/s in all private hospitals, medical facilities, outpatient clinics and home health care services; (3) on the professional fees of licensed professional health providing home health care services as endorsed by private hospitals or employed through home health care employment agencies; (4) on medical and dental services, diagnostic and laboratory fees in all private hospitals, medical facilities, outpatient clinics, and home health care services, in accordance with the rules and regulations to be issued by the DOH, in coordination with the PhilHealth; (5) in actual fare for land transportation travel in PUBs, PUJs, taxis, AUVs, shuttle services and public railways, including LRT, MRT, and PNR; (6) in actual transportation fare for domestic air transport services and sea shipping vessels and the like, based on the actual fare and advanced booking; (7) on the utilization of services in hotels and similar lodging establishments, restaurants and recreation centers; (8) on admission fees charged by theaters, cinema houses and concert halls, circuses, leisure and amusement; and (9) on funeral and burial services for the death of senior citizens; (b) exemption from the payment of individual income taxes of senior citizens who are considered to be minimum wage earners in accordance with Republic Act No. 9504; (c) the grant of a minimum of five percent (5%) discount relative to the monthly utilization of water and electricity supplied by the public utilities: Provided, That the individual meters for the foregoing utilities are registered in the name of the senior citizen residing therein: Provided, further, That  the  monthly  consumption  does  not  exceed 100 kWh of electricity and 30 m3 of water: Provided, furthermore, That the privilege is  granted per household regardless of the number of senior citizens residing therein; (d) exemption from training fees for socioeconomic programs; (e) free medical and dental services, diagnostic and laboratory fees such as, but not limited to, x-rays, computerized tomography scans and blood tests, in all governTo page 15

P8M from ...

Kenrick Villaluz (2nd from right) of DOLE in Negros Oriental tells the Dumaguete media about Labor Day highlights at the Kapihan forum held April 24. He also discussed the upcoming May 1 Labor Day celebration all over Negros Oriental.

From page 2 condition that the second tranche will be made available only after the work completion of the first release. Sagarbarria maintains that there are not enough local funds to rehabilitate the public market and that the funds for the repairs now undertaken by the city came through the generosity of Sen. Escudero. Meanwhile, Mayor Sagarbarria also acknowledged the difficulty of the city government to halt the small-scale quarrying mainly by residents along the Banica River. Task Force SAGAR initially tried to enforce the prohibition to no avail. Nevertheless, since quarry activities are regulated by the provincial government, he is urging the Capitol to take an active role instead of the city government.

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From page 12

in fact, good for the arteries and the heart. Physicians are now comfortable with a single egg (with yolk) taken in a day – just avoid ice cream and muffin later – items that are loaded with egg. Salt, according to Dr. Oz, does not really aggravate the blood pressure of those who have it below 140/90. A Philippine natural healer even prescribes unadulterated “rocksalt” with plain tap water taken four times a day for five days to eliminate some diseases and discomfort. ”Rocksalt” reportedly retains the many nutrients lost in the processing of table salt. Gallstones found in bladders are known to be no match to a diet that includes several apples a day for five days capped by an oil taken on the last day. Many believers have been healed. Dr. Oz also destroyed the myth that chocolates are bad – the darker, the better antioxidants they are, says he. So with a mixture of nuts (walnuts and almonds) and coffee remains to be the West’s best antioxidant. How many people have tried to scare us off regarding the “insidious” caffeine found in coffee? Finally, the wit Dough Larson had quoted: “Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if only green vegetables smelled more like bacon.” Oh well. Dr. Oz concluded that anything taken in excess is always bad. So, therefore, have faith, hope and charity, they say, but the greatest virtue of them all is still moderation.

Politics eyed ... From page 2 appointment, which was signed by no less than the DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro. But a DepEd Undersecretary issued an order instructing Uytico to return to his old post in the City DepEd and reinstated Dr. Marilyn Andales as Officer-in-Charge. Governor Roel Ragay Degamo protested pointing out that the appointment of Uytico was signed by the DepEd Secretary and no order from an undersecretary can countermand the same. However, Provincial Administrator Arnel Francisco acknowledged receiving a let-

ter from Lusitro himself affirming the order issued by the undersecretary. Uytico was later summoned to Manila and he has been ordered to stay in the head office but is trying to convince his superiors to assign him in Cebu instead so he would be close to his family. Uytico is identified as the one who conceptualized the MagDegamo Ta! slogan. This did not sit well with the various political groupings opposed to Governor Degamo, aside from the fact that as DepEd Supt. Uytico will sit at the provincial election board of canvassers and has the power to deploy the public school teachers to the precincts all over the province in

the upcoming elections of 2013. Curiously, no one among Uytico, Andales and the present crop of DepEd officials in Negros Oriental are allegedly qualified to head the provincial DepEd district for they lack one paper required for the post. Apparently, there is a lady superintendent, who does qualify and traces her roots in Tanjay City but a certain politician there would not let her go. It is the belief of the Capitol that a politician close to the Aquino administration lobbied for Uytico’s relief and eventual transfer. Thus, Uytico stepped down the way he assumed, albeit briefly, the DepEd Negros Oriental Division’s highest post: through political horse trading. (By Dems Demecillo)


The Essence of Good Communication “The dog has many friends because the wag was put in his tail instead of his tongue.” oday, we are living in the “Age of Communication.” The world is getting smaller because of communication. But the problem is there is no perfect communication. Communication is a complex and difficult process, especially for those who do not know how to communicate. Communication is sim- articulated or misproply defined as the activity of nounced; or muffled. conveying information. It is • Message was sent derived from the Latin word very softly or inaudible or it “communis,” meaning to was too far away. share. Communication re• Too many interrupquires that the communicat- tions, too noisy an environing parties share an area of ment. c ommu ni c a t i ve Receiver’s fault: • His hearing is imcommonality. The communication process is complete paired (full of earwax), or once the receiver has under- eardrum is busted. stood the message of the • Too weak to hear. sender. • Poor listener; not inThere are factors that terested to listen. • Receiver may be affect communication. These defects may come ei- mentally or emotionally disther from the sender or the turbed, etc. receiver. We have to develop For example, flaws good speaking, as well as lisfrom the sender: tening, skills to make a fruit• His message is not ful conversation, as well as clear or it is vague because to avoid embarrassment and the message is not well-or- misunderstanding in our perganized; or not well said or sonal and professional life.



Fellow, Philippine Psychiatric Association

A good command of communication has a better chance of getting a good job, as well as an early promotion in work. The worse negative communication often practiced by narrow-minded and disgruntled individuals in our society are gossips and charlatanism. These forkedtongue prejudiced people in our midst love to blab and destroy the reputation of others. Someone has fittingly quipped that – “In this world, there are more people who got ran down by gossips than by automobiles.” Let us never forget that the best verbal and silent communication is prayer, which is directed toward our merciful Creator and Redeemer.



April 29, 2012


Labor and management during the April 24 Kapihan share a light moment before the open forum. The forum was held by PIA in cooperation with DOLE and the Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (TIPC) to mark the upcoming Labor Day celebration on May 1, 2012. (L-R:) PIA NegOr ICM Jennifer Tilos, Felizardo Calimpong of TIPC-Labor Sector and ALU-TUPC, Dumaguete PESO Manager Socorro Mira, City Legal Officer Atty. Neil Ray Lagahit, Don RamasUypitching of TIPC-Management sector, and Kenrick Villaluz of DOLE.

Guv mourns ... From page 2 son valuable lessons in life that came handy after he assumed the highest political post of the province. Nevertheless, his allies and aides maintain that Degamo is very much in control of himself and will carry out his duties with the same vigor as demonstrated so far by his young administration. Barring any last minute changes, the family will bury the governor’s late father in Bonawon, Siaton in a Roman Catholic rite on Tuesday, but the body will be moved from the family’s residence in Bantayan, Monday after-

noon, so that the people in Siaton can attend the wake before the funeral. Capitol employees and family friends have trooped to the wake to offer prayers, services and holy mass. In lieu of flowers, the family of the governor is asking those who want to pay their respects to instead deposit any amount to the Arturo V. Degamo Memorial Scholarship Fund as a fine tribute to a man who made sure that his four children, despite the hard times, would have a good education so they can be successful and productive members of the community. (By Dems Demecillo)

UK MART Pinili St., Dumaguete City

Quake faults ... From page 2 all over the country as the panacea to the energy crisis. Engr. Trellly A. Marigza of the Friends of the Environment of Negros Oriental (FENOR) asserts that it is not a debate whether nuclear energy is environmentally friendly or not but rather an honest question whether the country has the means to ensure that the nuclear plants that will be built can withstand an earthquake. There is also serious doubt if an earthquake does strike, can the country manage its aftermath. Cojuangco, who recently visited the province, is trying to convince the public anew of the need to build nuclear power plants and the benefits that can be derived, like steady supply

Are you a U. S. Retiree living in the Philippines? If your answer is yes, most likely, you will need to file a U.S. income tax return to keep your U.S. tax status intact. In addition to filing an income tax return, there are numerous IRS forms that may need to be filed. Most of these IRS forms are informational, meaning that you will pay NO tax; however, the fact that you filed fulfills the reporting requirements and avoids a whole lot of problems associated with not filing. The workshop is free. It will be presented by U.S. Attorney Robert L. Wolff as a guide to the various tax forms U.S. retirees living in the Philippines may need to file with the IRS to stay in compliance with the U.S. Tax Law. The workshop is on May 16, 2012 from 12 nn to 1:30 pm at the Bethel Guest House, Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City, Philippines 6200. Lunch will be provided. Reservations are required. The number of attendees attending the workshop is limited to 25 individuals. For reservations, call 0926-587-0404, ask for Kristine. The contact information is Robert L. Wolff, Esq. P. O. BOX 381, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines 6200. Phone-NY 518-328-6015, PH-Cell 09266485273.

of electricity and lower power bills. However, taking into account the experience of the Feb. 6 earthquake that occurred in the areas never thought to have faults before, some citizens are asking if we are willing to trade our safety and future to address a power crisis, which many more are suspecting to be artificial. Instead of playing with the idea of building nuclear plants that may spell a catastrophe that not even an industrialized country like Japan can effectively manage, the government is being asked to actively seek new investments or rehabilitate and work to increase the capacity of existing plants producing renewable energy from air, water and geothermal sources. (By Dems Demecillo)


SP. PROC. NO.2011-5027

R.JOHN BUCZEK & MARICEL GUIAYA BUCZEK, Petitioners. x—————————————————————————/

ORDER Petitioners, claiming to be spouses, American and Filipino citizens respectively, of legal age and residents of Liptong, Valencia, Negros Oriental, desire to adopt Sophia Marie Guiaya Taras, a relative within the fourth degree of consanguinity of the Filipino spouse, and living with them in the above-given address. Petitioners further pray that upon the grant of this petition, the name of the child be changed to SOPHIA MARIE GUIAYA BUCZEK. The petition is set for hearing on June 26, 2012 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the Session Hall of this court in the Hall of Justice, Piapi, Dumaguete City, on which date, time and place, any person may appear and show cause why the petition should not be granted. The Court Social Worker to whom this petition will be assigned to is directed to conduct a child and home study and submit a report thereon at least one month before June 26, 2012. The petitioners are directed to cause the publication of this Order once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in this province and in Dumaguete City. Furnish copies of this Order to the Honorable Solicitor General, the Municipal Civil Registrar of Lapuyan, Zamboanga del Sur, the City Civil Registrar of Dumaguete City, and the petitioners at their known addresses. SO ORDERED. Given this 11th day of November, 2011 in the City of Dumaguete, Philippines. (Sgd.)NOEL P. CATACUTAN The Negros Chronicle Presiding Judge April 29, May 6 & 13, 2012


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• RN Tutorial - 8:00am-12:00pm - Agape • 10 Outstanding Students of the Phils Interview & Judging - 8:00am-12:00pm Jordan 3 • Happy Birthday Riley & Viola Villegas - 5:00pm7:00pm - Jordan 1 ----------------------------------------------------------• RN Tutorial - 8:00am-12:00pm - Agape • KAPIHAN sa PIA - 9:00am-11:00am - Joshua 2 ----------------------------------------------------------• RN Tutorial - 8:00am-12:00pm - Agape • EDC Seminar - 8:00am-5:00pm - Joshua 1 • Hector & Cathy Duran Wedding - 12:00pm2:00pm - Jordan 1&2 ----------------------------------------------------------• EDC Seminar - 8:00am-5:00pm - Jordan 2 • RN Tutorial - 8:00am-12:00pm - Agape ----------------------------------------------------------• Ronald & Julieta Wedding - 12:00pm-2:00pm Joshua 1&2 • Mark Te & Fern Gador Wedding 4:00pm7:00pm - Joshua 1&2 • Gerard Flores & Jungie Guazon Wedding 5:30pm-7:30pm - Jordan 1&2 ----------------------------------------------------------• Living Hope Family - 10:00am-12:00pm Jordan 3 • Living Word Fellowship - 3:00pm-5:00pm Jordan 3 • Family in Christ Ministry - 3:00pm-5:00pm Agape • Church of Christ - 6:30pm-8:30pm Joshua 2 • Ms. Silka Talent Night - 7:00pm-9:00pm - Joshua 1




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Ticket Sales and Offices DUMAGUETE CITY: Pier 3, Delta Fast Ferries Passenger Terminal Tel. Nos. (035) 400-6043 Cell No. 09214782794 / 09175323588 / 09237380348 Ang Bar ‘Ko Traveler’s Lounge. Flores Ave., Looc, Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-9432 DIMC Store: Taft St., Dumaguete City Tel. Nos. 422-9157, 225-4616 SIQUIJOR, SIQUIJOR: Port Area, Siquijor, Siquijor LARENA, SIQUIJOR: Port Area, Larena, Siquijor Bringing the islands closer to you. DELTA Marine International Pty. Ltd. PLEASE CHECK-IN (1) ONE HOUR BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME. Schedules subject to change without prior notice


April 29, 2012


Arnaiz backs ...

the CIVIC circle From page 16


(Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)

Celebrating History


pril 26, Thursday, was just an ordinary day for many in our city, but 67 years ago, it was a special day for the whole Dumaguete populace, who welcomed the liberation of the city from almost three years of brutal occupation by the Japanese imperial forces. The new generation has no memories of the war that reached our shores; many of those who fought and survived have died and the remaining veterans are now old and frail. Dumaguete is now a bustling city, but 67 years ago, Dumaguete was the site of bitter fighting before the Japanese retreated to the mountains of Valencia as combined forces of the American regiment and Filipino guerillas fought to liberate the city. What should be celebrated on April 26? We, who now enjoy the

freedom and democracy, should remember the many civilians who suffered during the long years of war. There was great deprivation and violence and brutality inflected by the invading and occupying forces. Let us remember those who joined the resistance movement to fight the enemy, Let us remember those who suffered and died in the hands of the enemy, Let us remember those who made sacrifices during the war to assist the resistance movement and survive, whose efforts are now for-

LAW EACH WEEK From page 13 ment facilities, subject to the guidelines to be issued by the DOH in coordination with the PhilHealth; (f) the DOH shall administer free vaccination against the influenza virus and pneumococcal disease for indigent senior citizen patients; (g) educational assistance to senior citizens to pursue post secondary, tertiary, post tertiary, vocational and technical education, as well as short-term courses for retooling in both public and private schools through provision of scholarships, grants, financial aids, subsides and other incentives to qualified senior citizens, including support for books, learning materials and uniform allowances, to the extent feasible: Provided, That senior citizens shall meet minimum admission requirements; (h) to the extent practicable and feasible, the continuance of the same benefits and privileges given by the GSIS, SSS and the PAG-IBIG, as the case may be, as are enjoyed by those in actual service; (i) retirement benefits of retirees from both the government and the private sector shall be regularly reviewed to ensure their continuing responsiveness and sustainability, and to the extent practicable and feasible, shall be upgraded to be at par with the current scale enjoyed by those in actual service; (j) to the extent possible, the government may grant special discounts in special programs for senior citizens on purchase of basic commodities, subject to the guidelines to be issued for the purpose by the DTI and the DA; (k) provision of express lanes for senior citizens in all commercial and government establishments; in the absence thereof, priority shall be given to them; and (l) death benefit assistance of a minimum of Php2,000.00 shall be given to the nearest surviving relative of a deceased senior citizen, which amount shall be subject to adjustments due to inflation in accordance with the guidelines to be issued by the DSWD. In the availment of the privileges mentioned above, the senior citizen, or his/her duly authorized representative, may submit as proof of his/her entitled thereto any of the following: (1) an identification card issued by the Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) of the place where the senior citizen resides: Provided, That the identification card issued by the particular OSCA shall be honored nationwide; (2) the passport of the senior citizen concerned; and (3) other documents that establish that the senior citizen is a citizen of the Republic and is at 60 years of age as further provided in the implementing rules and regulations. In the purchase of goods and services which are on promotional discount, the senior citizen can avail of the promotional discount or the discount provided herein whichever is higher. The establishment may claim the discounts granted under subsections (a) and (c) of this section as tax deduction based on the cost of the goods sold or services rendered: Provided, That the cost of the discount shall be allowed as deduction from gross income for the same taxable year that the discount is granted: Provided, further, That the total amount of the claimed tax deduction net of VAT, if applicable, shall be included in their gross sales receipts for tax purposes and shall be subject to proper documentation and to the provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code (NICR), as amended. (Ihra Faith C Magno, Contributor)

gotten. The generation born after the war do not remember nor are they reminded that once upon a time in the not so distant past, this city was forcibly occupied and it’s endured much suffering. The old generation, who underwent the war years are now fading away and their efforts and heroism will not be remembered. Many towns and cities in our province were also liberated within the months of April and May, 67 years ago. It will be good for our young to know and remember these historic dates with grateful hearts for those who suffered and risked their lives that others may live in freedom. Freedom did not come free. A country must remember its heroes, living and dead. The past is remembered for the lessons it gives to the present.

Orthodontics Dr. Seeress Mae R. Heniel General Dentistry and Orthodontics Clinic Address: No. 53 Pinili St., 2nd Flr., Cornelio Bldg., Dumaguete City 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines

Contact us through: Phone: 035 422 4159 Mobile: 0923 8849495

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Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria inspires and encourages rural-based organizations after their oathtaking of the officers of the farmers’ sectors, Rural Improvement Club, 4-H Clubs, Fishermen’s Association and Dumaguete City Bantay Dagat Association, Tuesday afternoon, held at Little Flower Hall, COSCA. Also present were Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova, City Administrator William Ablong, and City Councilors JV Imbo, Dan Leon and Franklin Esmena.

Expedition marks Earth Day on Mt. Kanlaon Summit BY RACHELLE M. NESSIA


team of government and non-government workers marked this year’s Earth Day celebration on the summit of Mt. Kanlaon in Canlaon City, the tallest peak in Central Visayas and among the tallest in the country at over 8,000 feet. The party was composed of staff from the Provincial Tourism Office, Canlaon City Tourism Office, Mountain Tigers Rescue Team based in Canlaon City, and troopers from the Philippine Army’s 11th Infantry Battalion stationed in Guihulngan City. The expedition was led by Provincial Tourism Officer Myla Abellana, Canlaon City Tourism Officer-Designate Dr. Marissa Cornelia, and 11th IB Commander Col. Willy Isaac. Abellana, in a statement, said the expedition kicked off from Sitio Mapot, Brgy. Malaiba in Canlaon City on April 20. Three days later, the team wound up in Guintubdan, La Carlota in Negros Occidental,

DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE Notice is hereby given that spouses Rogaciano Labrador and Agustina Inoferio Labrador, hereinafter referred to as vendors, have executed a Deed of Absolute Sale in favor of Spouses Alberto Baldado and Dalmacia Acebis Baldado, herein after referred to as Vendees; over a parcel of land located in Tara, Mabinay, Neg. Or. under Title No. OCT HV. -704 with an area of One Hundred Forty-Seven Thousand One Hundred Eighty Nine (147,189) sq. meters more or less for Doc. No. 948, Page No. 101, Book No. IV, Series of 1983 duly notarized by Atty. Jesus S. Echavez. The Negros Chronicle April 29, May 6 & 13, 2012

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covering a total trek stretch of 18.5 kilometers. “As planned, the party arrived at Mt. Kanlaon’s summit on Earth Day,” said Abellana. The trek team also collected trash along the trails aside from familiarization and documentation, said Abellana.  “Our expedition was necessary due to a recent upsurge of interest in Negros Orien-


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FOR SALE Nissan Power Eagle Good condition Porter Hyundai for Cargo

SPL. PROC. NO. MY-12-08

CHEZEL R. CAÑAVERAL., PETITIONER. -versusCATALINA L. GARCES in her capacity as the ICO-MUNICIPAL CIVIL REGISTRAR of Mabinay, Negros Oriental, Philppines. Respondent. X—————————————————————————/

ORDER Before this court is a verified petition for Correction of Entry in the Birth Records of CHEZEL R. CAÑAVERAL, praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an order shall issue directing the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Mabinay, Negros Oriental, to correct the entry in the birth record of herein petitioner particularly her date of birth from March 30, 1975 to March 30, 1977 and to direct herein respondent to make the necessary correction in its office. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, set this case for initial hearing on June 6, 2012 at 8:30 0’clock in the morning, at the Session Hall of this court at which date, time and place, all interested persons may appear and show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. Let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its component cities once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks, before the date of hearing. SO ORDERED Bais City, Philippines, February 21, 2012.

(Sgd.) Candelario V. Gonzalez Judge

The Negros Chronicle April 22, 29, & May 6, 2012


SP. PROC. NO. 2012-5058

ROZZANO GREGORIO RAMON AGUSTIN C. LOCSIN, Petitioner. X——————————————————————————/



tal’s ecotourism sites, including Mt. Kanlaon,” Abellana added. The climb came on the heels of a seminar on Mt. Kanlaon visitors protocol conducted by the Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park office on March 1, at the Sidlakang Negros Village Conference Hall in Dumaguete City, which was attended by tourism officers, tour operators, and other stakeholders. (PIA) 

ORDER Petitioner, single, Filipino, of legal age, a resident of Bantayan, Dumaguete City, and having all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications to adopt, filed an amended petition to formally adopt minor Carlo Christopher Luis L. Bollos and for the change of the child’s name to Carlo Christopher Luis Locsin. The Amended Petition is set for hearing on September 26, 2012 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the session hall of this Court in the Hall of Justice, E. J. Blanco Drive, Dumaguete City. Any interested person may appear on said date, time and place and show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. The Court Social Worker to whom this petition is assigned is directed to conduct a child and home study and submit a report thereon at least one month before September 26, 2012. Furnish copies of this Order to the Petitioner, the Solicitor General, and the City Civil Registrar of Dumaguete City at their given addresses. SO ORDERED. Given this 27th day of March 2012 in the City of Dumaguete, Philippines. The Negros Chronicle April 15, 22 & 29, 2012

(Sgd.) NOEL P. CATACUTAN Presiding Judge


Adolf and Myrna ...


From page 4 Tito Adolf retold their colorful married life that spanned half a century. Tita Myrna said she thought of a simple celebration, but realized that to reach fifty years of married life, they owe it to no one else but the good Lord, who has been with them through thick and thin, through good times and bad. Tita Myrna said they intend to just have a mass and dinner with friends and family on May 5th. They do not intend to renew their marriage vows, because as she says, there is nothing to renew. ‘Nothing expired, so there’s nothing to renew,’ was how it was lawyerly explained. Indeed, a love that is everlasting, manifested by fifty years of blissful togetherness, does not have any expiry date.It’s like a never-ending rosary, as what my late grandfather Jun described his own marriage with my late grandmother Charing when they marked their golden wedding anniversary. Perhaps I can introduce Tito Adolf and Tita Myrna—specially to the middle age generation— as the parents of Moy Ortiz, the lead singer of the group, The Company, which sang hits in the 1980’s like Everlasting Love and Now That I Have You. If you have forgotten these songs, I would suggest you go to Youtube and refresh and reminisce The Company’s beautiful love melodies that to me, seem to aptly describe Tito Adolf and Tita Myrna’s love life. As Tita Myrna recounted her partnership with Tito Adolf, it was so colorful, controversial with traces of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet “but with a happy ending.” To begin with, they eloped (nag-tanan). Both their families had been close, good friends. Both their fathers were judges. In the beginning, they seemed to have been paired by their elders. But when Tita Myrna’s uncle and Tito Adolf’s brother ran against each other for congress, politics reared its ugly head and divided their families. Since then, their fami-

April 29, 2012

lies no longer favored their love team. “I don’t want to see that boyfriend of yours,” Tita Myrna, an unica hija, recounted being told by her father. Since they felt their romance was no longer welcomed by their families, one day they decided to elope. Tita Myrna was 23 while Tito Adolf was 25. “The picture you see in our golden anniversary invitation, that’s our wedding picture taken on our wedding day,” Tita Myrna told us. That white polo shirt of Adolf was borrowed because he didn’t have any formal clothes. They escaped from Manila to Negros where Tita Myrna had aunts. They married before a municipal judge in Canlaon City, without the presence of their parents. The following day, they were married before a priest in La Castellana because according to her aunts, “they would be living in sin if they didn’t.” Now fifty years after, they look very well like a happy couple. In many ways, they complement each other. Tita Myrna’s advice for a lasting relationship is to inject humor into the marriage. It is a beautiful sight to see a couple marking fifty years of married life. It is truly God’s blessing one can see. There must be something right in a marriage that lasts half a century. A lot, actually. Congratulations to Tito Adolf and Tita Myrna Ortiz. We wish you many more years of happiness in your everlasting love.

Degamo to ... From page 2 bearer of the Liberal Party. Limkaichong has reportedly tried to convince Degamo to join LP and run for any position except the governorship, which Transportation and Communication Secretary Mar Roxas and other party officials wanted to be won by the lady solon.

Degamo’s allies also shared that Limkaichong first offered the vice-governorship. It was rejected. The second offer was for him to run as congressman of the 3rd district against the incumbent Pryde Henry Teves, but this, too, was rejected. Limkaichong later announced her bid for the governorship and named Dr. Mark Macias as her runningmate. (By Dems Demecillo)

Army confident more rebels to surrender by Rachelle M. Nessia high-ranking Philippine Army official here expressed confidence that more rebels will give up their arms and return to the fold of law following the recent surrender of five rebels in Negros Oriental.


Lt. Colonel Marion Sison, commanding officer of the 79th Infantry Battalion (79th IB) camped in Siaton town, said he is optimistic that there will be more rebel returnees to follow. “The snowballing of surrendering rebels to the unit is not far from real,” said Sison in a statement released by the Army. Sison based his optimism on the success of the government’s Social Integration Program (SIP) and how the New People Army’s (NPA) Komiteng Rehiyonal Sentral Bisayas-South East Front (SEF-KRSB), which serves as its front operating in central and southern Negros Oriental, has be-

come a “spent force now due to continuous operational setbacks.” SIP grants livelihood assistance and provides an option for rebels who abandon the armed struggle and return to mainstream society. The five rebels who surrendered to the 79th IB each received P50,000 under the SIP.  The cash was personally given by Gov. Roel Degamo and Col. Francisco Patrimonio of the 302nd Brigade on April 13 at the Governor’s Office in Capitol, this city. (RMN/PIA Negros Oriental with reports from Capt. Anacito Naz)


April 29, 2012


DUMAGUETE CITY DEVELOPMENT BANK, INC. Name of Bank Cor. Cervantes & Dr. V. Locsin Sts. Dumaguete City Address

STATEMENT OF CONDITION (Head Office and Branches) As of March 31, 2012 A





Cash and Cash Items Due from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Due from Other Banks Financial Assets at Fair Value through Profit or Loss Available-for-Sale Financial Assets-Net Held-to-Maturity (HTM) Financial Assets-Net Unquoted Debt Securities Classified as Loans-Net Investments in Non-Marketable Equity Security-Net Loans and Receivables Loans to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Interbank Loans Receivable Loans and Receivables - Others Loans and Receivables Arising from RA/CA/PR/SLB General Loan Loss Provision Other Financial Assets Equity Investment in Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures-Nets (Net) Bank Premises, Furniture, Fixture and Equipment-Net Real and Other Properties Acquired-Net Non-Current Assets Held for Sale Other Assets-Net Due from Head Office/Branches/Agencies (Philippine branch of a foreign bank) TOTAL ASSETS L I A B I L I T I E S Financial Liabilities at Fair Value through Profit or Loss Deposit Liabilities Due to Other Banks Bills Payable a) BSP (Rediscounting and Other Advances) b) Interbank Loans Payable c) Other Deposit Substitute d) Others


11,094,933.05 211,486,178.47 231,912,250.52 5,720,223.67 30,829,814.06 113,037,819.80 354,315,283.83 357,001,283.83 2,686,000.00 24,736,342.80 2,396,107.66 38,484,458.95 22,085,544.37 3,024,234.23 22,277,327.46 -




839,322,471.55 299,649.13 299,649.13

Bonds Payable-Net Unsecured Subordinated Debt-Net Redeemable Preferred Shares Special Time Deposit Due to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Other Financial Liabilities Other Liabilities Due to Head Office/Branches/Agencies (Philippine branch of a foreign bank) TOTAL LIABILITIES S T O C K HO L D E R S’ E Q U I T Y Capital Stock Other Capital Accounts Retained Earnings Assigned Capital TOTAL STOCKHOLDERS’ EQUITY TOTAL LIABILITIES & STOCKHOLDERS’ EQUITY C O N T I N G E N T

397,636.00 17,835,677.00 6,029,902.22 P



83,995,200.00 20,979,527.60 102,540,455.37 -


207,515,182.97 1,071,400,518.87


Guarantees Issued Financial Standby Letters of Credit Performance Standby Letters of Credit Commercial Letters of Credit Trade Related Guarantees Commitments Spot Foreign Exchange Contracts Securities Held Under Custodianship by Bank Proper Trust Department Accounts



a) Trust and Agency Accounts b) Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) c) Other Trust and Fiduciary Accounts


Derivatives Others




417,565.06 30,004,580.97

Ratio of Non-Performing Loans to Total Loan Portfolio (NPL to TLP) Classified Loans & Other Risk Assets Specific provision for loan losses Return on Equity (ROE) DOSRI loans and receivables Past due DOSRI loans and receivables Ratio of Past due DOSRI loans and receivables to TLP Compliance with Magna Carta - 10% for Small and Medium Enterprises

8.08% 204,759,000.00 14,182,120.80 4.22% 24,056,064.22 0.00 0.00 0.00

a. 8% Small Enterprises b. 2% for Medium Enterprises

23.66% 13.49%

Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) on Solo basis,under Cir No. 538 or Cir No. 688, as applicable a. Total CAR b. TIER 1CAR

0.00 25.14% 24.79%

deferred Charges Not Yet Written Down Unbooked Allowance for Probable Losses on Financial Instruments Received DCDB’s Affiliate : RB Sibulan Total Resources P27,985,280.39 REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ) DUMAGUETE CITY ) S. S. I/We, Gilbert Paul L. Uymatiao and Edgar L. Calinawagan of the above-mentioned bank do solemnly swear, that all matters set forth in the above statement of condition are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. (Sgd.) GILBERT PAUL L. UYMATIAO Treasurer


(Sgd.) EDGAR L. CALINAWAGAN Executive Vice-President

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 26th day of April 2012 at Dumaguete City, Philippines affiants exhibiting to me his/their Social Security Nos. 06-0614235-9 and 03-2289608-6 respectively. Doc. No. 456 Page No. 91 Book No. XXI Series of 2012 The Negros Chronicle April 29, 2012


The city government, through the DSWD, started the distribution of the P2,500 financial assistance to city Sendong victims, Wednesday, for the  partially damaged houses brought about by the typhoon last December 17, 2011.

Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III (4th from left) answering a question from the media during the press conference held prior to the 92nd birthday luncheon of former Negros Oriental Third District Rep. Herminio Teves on April 25 in Dumaguete City. With Sen. Pimentel, who flew in to join the birthday celebration of former Finance Secretary Gary Teves’ (2nd from left) father, are Vice-President Jejomar Binay (3rd from left), San Juan Cong. JV Ejercito (extreme left), Zambales Cong. Mitos Magsaysay (2nd from right) and Negros Oriental Second District Rep. George Arnaiz (extreme right).

Top NegOr ... From page 1 has proven himself to be an effective link between the palace and the local governments and the people, since he rose from the ranks of the LGUs. His persistent win in the Makati LGU is because of his close touch with the masses. His popularity ratings only show that he is very acceptable to the Filipinos. Mayor Sagarbarria:

Koko: helmet ... From page 1 them are Dumaguete City Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova, Councilors Joe Kenneth Arbas, Manuel Arbon, Antonio Remollo and Association of Barangay Councils President Albert Aquino. The city officials are leading a campaign to derail the imposition of the national helmet law citing certain infirmities rendering the measure impracticable to local situations. Pimentel said that the amendment he is contemplating would allow local sanggunians enough latitude to enact an ordinance that will address the concerns that may be unique to the localities, provided that the counterpart measures will not betray, but instead, enhance the letter and spirit of the law to serve its ends. Nevertheless, both Zubiri and Pimentel, who visited Dumaguete separately, are urging the public to respect and obey the National Helmet Law until such time that the amendments and the relief being sought before the courts have been resolved with finality. Zubiri stressed that Dumaguete City can never be exempted from the Na-

Binay is definitely my next president of the Philippines. We all agree that he is most capable, most available, and we know he is the best. Rep. Pryde Henry Teves: Binay is the one who can lead this country. He leads by example. He is the man who can bring his country back to greatness. Binay is the man. Rep. Mitos Magsaysay: Although Binay and I belong to different political spectrums in the last administration, I believe that VP

tional Helmet Law, and local officials, therefore, whether they agree or disagree to its provisions, have no other choice but to honor and implement the same. Meanwhile, Pimentel expressed pleasure that the Senate Electoral Tribunal has finally ruled in his favor forcing Zubiri, who was accused of benefiting from electoral fraud in Maguindanao, to resign from the Senate paving the way for Pimentel’s elevation. Although it took many years for the SET to settle the case, “the ruling renders Zubiri’s senate stint as void from the start, it is as if there was no Senator Zubiri at all,” Pimentel said. Zubiri has already sought Pimentel’s understanding and pleaded him to forget the sad episode maintaining that he had no knowledge or participation to the alleged fraud that benefited him being one of the then administration Team Unity candidates of President Gloria MacapagalArroyo. Both Zubiri and Pimentel are being considered as candidates under the United Nationalist Alliance of Vice-President Jejomar Binay for the 2013 midterm elections. (By Dems Demecillo)

Binay has all the qualities of the kind of leader that we need these days. He is a result-oriented person. Binay can more unite this country than divide it further. Sen. Koko Pimentel: When VP Binay becomes president, we know that this will be the golden age of local autonomy, and development of local communities. Binay speaks the language of the people and so all local governments will rally for him. Hon. Gary: A good decision maker, he has vast experience in local governance. He has a good touch with the people. Other sectors of the economy can vouch that Binay can answer the needs of the people. Most of all, he listens, and does not rely on his own set of mind, but he is a consensus-builder, not to mention his continuous promasa stance. Rep JV Ejercito: Coming from the ranks of LGUs nationwide, he knows the terrain in local governance and is simply the kind of leader that we need these days. He leads among the hard working employees of Makati’s rank and file. That is why Binay is a consistent winner. Binay took special time out to meet with over 5000 LGU workers in Negros Oriental during lunch, April 25, at the provincial convention center in marking the 92nd birthday anniversary of the known king-maker of Negros Oriental in the person of Meniong Teves, retired congressman of Negros Oriental.



April 29, 2012

6,000 jobs ... From page 1

ALKALINE WATER (PH 9.5) Available at

Pure drinking Water Reffiling Station # 147 Hibbard Ave. Piapi, Dumaguete City Tel. Nos. (035)225-8742 & (035) 422-0911

HEIDI’S PAWNSHOP “The Pawnshop with a Heart” Along Sta. Rosa St., Dumaguete City Tel. No. 422-7735 & their Newest Branch at Silliman Ave., Dgte. City Tel. #422-9002

Good Morning Dumaguete. The guests included Vivencio Lagahid, DOLE provincial OIC head; Felizardo Calimpong, ALU TUCP leader; Ma. Socorro Mira, PESO city head; Ernie Jorbina, DOLE info officer. There is also a need to update course-labor relations so that labor and education can mutually venture on viable employment opportunities for graduates every year. PESO office observed that most graduates and applicants have qualifications for white collar jobs, which are no longer viable. Vocational tranings and short courses are more viable and pays good in dollars even abroad. The reason for blue collar jobs available is that these are jobs that are also available abroad like wielders, drivers, caregivers, cooks, crane operators and drillers. These jobs pay good dollars that a commerce, nursing or computer graduate will most likely be “overqualified” and could get rejected. On the other hand, Kenrick Villaluz, DOLE labor officer, said those talented undergraduates also have not enough minimum educational trainings that they could also be rejected. That is why there is a need to focus and match educational trainings vis-a-vis with jobs available. These have to be updated regularly as the demands vary from time to time in various places. LABOR DAY ACTIVITIES: Fun Walk is slated in Canlaon city on Labor Day. Motorcade and rural workers fellowship gathering are slated

in Zamboanguita. Job fair in Bayawan City is slated on May 1 or 11. Labor Day consultations in Dumaguete. Available jobs also include accountants, nurses, caregivers, wielders,family drivers and hotel crew, among others. There is a petition for a P90 wage increase, which is still up for deliberation in the regional and provincial wage boards. DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA) —The Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (TIPC) of Negros Oriental is expected to offer more than 6,000 job positions in local and overseas companies during the simultaneous job fair on May 1, in celebration of the 110th Labor Day at 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Robinson’s Place Dumaguete. Dumaguete City is one of the 200 job fair venues conducted nationwide organized by TIPC and PESO in cooperation with private sector employers and local government units. The PESO targets that at least 20 percent of registered applicants find jobs during the event. Dumaguete City Public Employment Services Office (PESO) Manager Socorro Mira, focal person of the jobs fair, said that of the 18 companies that signified participation in the event, ten (10) will offer overseas employment and eight (8) will hire workers for local employment.  According to DOLE labor and employment officer Kenric Villaluz, participating companies from various industries need various skilled workers such as hotel crews, nurses, dental assistants, caretakers, factory workers, among others.

BOHOL WATER UTILITIES, INC. Ramon Enerio St., Poblacion III, Tagbilaran City

NOTICE OF JOB HIRING Bohol Water Utilities, Inc. (BWUI) is in need of one (1) Laboratory Chemist Minimum Qualifications:

1.) Must be a Chemist or a Chemical Engineer 2.) Preferably male, not above 35 years old. 3.) With at least two (2) years experience in laboratory and field operation related to water quality control. 4.) Must possess good moral character 5.) Proficient in oral and written communication 6.) With valid driver’s license and must know how to drive four-wheeled vehicle Interested applicants may submit their application at the Administration Department, BWUI Office, located at R. Enerio St., Pob. III, Tagbilaran City, not later than May 10, 2012. For inquiries, you may call our office at (038)412-3154, 501-8790 and look for Mr. Victor L. Tambis.

Operation & Administration Office Tel. Nos. (038) 412-3154 / 501-8790/235-5782 Fax No. (038) 501-7062

The Negros Chronicle April 09, 2012 issue  

The Negros Chronicle April 09, 2012 issue

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