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People on the SPOT: Dayoyo bridge, DOWN over 2 months now!

LR: 1st District Engr. Ramie Doroy; Rep. Josy Limkaichong; DPWH RD-7 Engr Ador Canlas; and RD-7Asst Dir Juvy Cordon jointly met to assess the options DPWH will take on private detour toll charges.

VOL. 38 No. 46 Dumaguete City, Philippines Sunday, April 22, 2012

ajor players in the total reconstruction of earthquakestricken major bridge in Highway Dayoyo, Pangaloan, Jimalalud met Tuesday evening in order to discuss options which the highways department DPWH will take in handling the controversial private detour road while the bridge is down.


C onsidering that per DPWH track record, it could take almost a year to construct this new P60-million bridge, the problem inbetween is the exorbitant toll fees collected by private landowners on all motorists passing by. HIGH TOLL FEES Latest report is that the toll fees collected by the (Edwin) Cimafranca family is P30 per vehicle per pass and another P30 per pass on the other end by the (Rico et al) Plagata family. In short, every passenger bus is collected P60 per pass.

Private vehicles are collected P20 per pass on one end, and another P20 per pass on the other end; habal habal is P10 + P10 for passing both ends. The Ceres Liner, the biggest major bus company which makes l00 passes every day (P60 x 100 = P6000 a day x 30 = P180,000 a month) has refused to pass the detour road. It has opted to just let their hundreds of passengers walk from one end of the bridge, cross it by foot and ride the awaiting bus at the other end, for the rest of


LGUs fail to avail of P92M core shelter

their journey. Ceres’ offer of P6000 BY JUANCHO RODRIGUEZ a month package toll fee Poor, uneducated, lazy or simply incompetent? was rejected by the ownan you imagine how this national government agency is disgusted ers. with some of Negros Oriental’s LGUs, or Local Govenrment Units, Rep JosyLimkaichong when P92Million in cash is now ready for release to different thousaid she refused to pay the toll fees , but was allowed sand victims of typhoon Sendiong of Dec l7, but the funds have remained idle to pass. because our LGUs have failed to completely comply with all requirements? LEGAL RIGHTS But in fairness, many Department of Social Macapobre, however, Basically it is right for mayors say, the hardest thing Welfare and Development said none of the LGUs private owners to charge vehicles for passing to comply is the availability regional director Ma. concerned was able to through their private prop- of land for sale for this pur- Evelyn Macapobre con- completely comply with erties. But in view of the pose. A suitable land settle- firms P92 million more or all the requirements, espeemergency and calamity ment site for the victims of less in core shelter funds is cially on the availability of situation, they should not Sendong is not easily and available for distribution to a lot where the core sheltax the passengers because readily available. That is why affected local government ter houses are to be conthe toll fees areTopassed on it is taking so much time. And units in Negros Oriental structed as their counterpage 17 P92Million is just waiting which are badly hit by Ty- part. around the corner. phoon Sendong. To page 17



Revilla, helmet law author replies enator Bong Revilla, author of the Mandatory Helmet Act of 2009 as embodied on Rep. Act 10054, admitted to stakeholders in Dumaguete that public hearings about By Dems Rey Demecillo helmet requirements or motorists were mostly held in the Senate and not in the heart he emerging powerhouse political alliance, of the provinces where motorcycles are a necessity and part of the lives of almost which serves as a formidable alternative to every family. the reigning administration Liberal Party, is Unlike in Manila where


Sen. Bong REVILLA Author, Helmet Law

VM Alan CORDOVA Leading Class Suit

motorcycles are mostly used for business trips, in the provinces, motorcycles are virtual errand machines where every short and long trips carry most members of the families, both to school, to places of work, to church and leisure. Sen Revilla who wrote a reply to businessmsan stakeholder Florante “Tengi”Vicuña said: helmets are life protectors considering that motorcycle-related deaths are usually caused by head injuries, thus the government simply wants people to make sure that they protect them-

selves with helmets when riding motorbikes. But Vicuña countered by saying that true, helemets are life proectors but these should be subject to the freedom of choice by motorists, and not rammed into their throats under pain of heavy fines. Revilla in his letter to Vicuña also said that it is only now that he received such kind of feedback, that the motorcycle is such an errand machine for the family. Revilla appeared to lend an ear to the plight of the countryside folks regarding the use of helmets. In his reply, Vicuña said that the

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casting its lot with former Finance Secretary Margarito “Gary” Teves as their best bet to thwart the first ever attempt of 1st District Congresswoman Jocelyn “Josy” Limkaichong to capture the governorship in 2013 under the LP banner. Vice-President Jejomar Binay, the undisputable head of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) is fully supportive of Gary Teves’ candidacy who will serve as the de facto head of UNA To page 2

Vice-Pres Jejomar BINAY Arrives Wednesday




April 22, 2012

Binay backs Gary governorship bid critical reporting (From page 1) here being its standard bearer in Negros Oriental. Binay arrives here on Wednesday as the special guest of the 92nd birthday anniversary of retied Rep. Meniong Teves, the father of Gary Teves. Should the alliance hold, the Liberal Party, which has only been in power for barely two years, will be facing its toughest test of keeping their incumbents in office and electing more to ensure that Transportation and Communication Secretary Mar Roxas or whoever the party anoints shall retain the presidency after President Benigno Aquino III steps down in 2016. Although Teves was once a

member of the Cabinet of former President Gloria MacapagalArroyo, serving as Finance Secretary, Binay, who was one of the bitterest political enemies of Arroyo, has decided to support Teves on account of his commendable and graft-free performance as a public servant. On the other hand, incumbent, albeit partyless, Governor Roel Ragay Degamo, who is considered the dark horse in the looming three-way race to the Capitol’s highest post, is being offered to challenge Cong. Pryde Henry Teves for the house seat in the 3rd District.  Liberal Party Chairman

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Positioning for 2013

Vice-President Binay talks to long-time friend Gary Teves about helping earthquake victims here. Binay is supporting Gary for governor.


NPC Mayors still intact; Liberals eye Cordova some Lakas jump to LP for city mayorship


on’t ever believe when politicians say that 2013 elections is yet too far away, because right now, from top to bottom, from Malacañang down to the last municipality, prospective leaders and their possible line ups are starting to form their 2013 political alliances. This is like how Filipinos prepare for their town fiesta , one year before the event. From the local to the national politicians, they are now starting to recruit their probable candidates. In the local scene, until there are more new developments, as we can expect, it’s a Sagarbarria-Cordova fight ; in the capitol, it’s a Gary Teves-Limkaichong-Degamo threecornered fight; but as we said, there is nothing final, and their chances could still even be affected in the the thick of the campaign period. There is that unconfirmed and undocumented announcement by Gov. Roel Degamo that he is the Liberal party standard bearer for the Mar Roxas wing while Rep. Josy Limkaichong will be governor bet for the PNoy wing. You mean to say, Roxas and PNoy have split? Hey, they even need to unite because of a fast polarization of the opposition under BinayErap-GMA, and even NPC and NP wings. Besides, it was in Bais city that I personally asked PNoy in a press conference that question, and he replied on-record as to who is his choice as LP standard bearer for Negros Oriental. PNOY categorically answered: It is Josy Limkaichong. Unless PNoy changes that announcement, then that is another story, but not until then.


TOP OF THE WEEK econd District Congressman George P. Arnaiz expressed confidence that none among the current mayors under the Nationalist People’s Coalition will ever move to the Liberal Party with 1st District Congresswoman Jocelyn Limkaichong as its standard bearer for the governorship. The NPC Provincial and are committed to supChairman doubts port the presumptive guberLimkaichong’s claim that natorial bet of United Namore mayors are joining her tionalist Alliance or UNA party aside from the 11 al- former Finance Secretary ready in her fold. Arnaiz Margarito “Gary” Teves. said that NPC mayors, parNPC mayors include ticularly in the 2nd District, Amlan Mayor Bentham will never abandon the party To page 17



n the words of Provincial Liberal Party Chairman Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo, Dumaguete City Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova is LP’s “best bet to defeat incumbent Mayor Manuel Chiquiting Sagarbarria,” who belongs to the Nationalist People’s Coalition. “First District to join us,” Remollo said. Congresswoman Jocelyn He also cast doubt Limkaichong, who is run- whether former city Vicening for governor, deter- Mayor Woodrow Maquiling mined that Alan Cordova will join Mayor would be the best person to Sagarbarria’s ticket as his challenge Sagarbarria and runningmate. Maquiling will most probably be was LP’s mayoral bet anointed as LP’s candidate against Sagarbarria in 2010. for mayor should he decide To page 16

PNOY declared Josy here

Jerome to retake 1D Doro rejoins Gonzalez’s congressional seat? camp as vice-mayor bet he old Liberal Party guard will try to retake the House seat in the first congressional district of the province, ironically through the United Nationalist Alliance of another LP original, Vice-President Jejomar Binay, should incumbent 1st District Congresswoman Jocelyn Limkaichong field any of her close associates. It appears that Jacinto Third District Cong. “Jing” Paras has all but ac- Pryde Henry Teves believes cepted that it is his brother’s that should Jerome finalize moment in 2013 and will his plans, he would be the support his bid to re-estab- frontrunner in the district lish the Paras family’s su- regardless of who premacy in the 1st District, Limkaichong would enwhich the clan ruled for dorse to fill the seat she will more than 2 decades before leave vacant to take on that Limkaichong emerged vic- long and treacherous camtorious in 2007. To page 17



iting the incumbent mayor’s alleged “sincerity to serve,” which was woefully absent in the previous administration prior to his departure, former Valencia Vice-Mayor Diodoro “Doro” Olasiman has decided to rejoin the Gonzalez camp amid heartfelt appeals by his erstwhile allies to reconsider; he consented to be fielded as vicemayoral bet of the Liberal Party against his former runningmate incumbent Vice-Mayor Marciano “Bito” Maravillas for the 2013 polls. Prior to his announce- Gonzalezes to no avail. ment, in the presence of the Joining Olasiman in Lakas-Kampi party stalwarts switching to the Gonzalez in the 3rd District, a number camp is incumbent of barangay officials, and Councilor Atilano Dagoy, even his relatives, tried to who cited his personal difprevail upon him to rethink ferences with Maravillas in and spurn the offer of the To page 16

Ipe steps down as Clark President to create more eco-tourism zones

BY DEMS REY D. ormer Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo forcefully brushed aside “wild speculations” on his imminent departure from Clark Development Corporation, which he serves as President and Chief Executive Officer, by stressing that he is leaving CDC to take on a more daunting but rewarding task of “creating tourism economic zones that will generate more jobs for Filipinos in the countryside.”



Remollo took exception to some reports that he was eased out from Clark to accommodate former AFP Chief-of-Staff Eduardo Oban, Jr. and that Transportation and Communication Secretary Mar Roxas was unable to keep him in the post. He clarified that Oban was never appointed to re-

place him, but rather, the former General replaced Cesar Villanueva as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Villanueva has been elevated to a Cabinet rank as head of the Commission on Good Governance for GOCCs.   Furthermore, Remollo also resigned as Vice-Chairman of the Clark International Airport Corpo-

ration. His superiors tried to dissuade him from leaving but failed. Hence, Oban was also designated as CDC’s Officer-in-Charge. The former city mayor, who is also the Liberal Provincial Party Chairman of Negros Oriental, said that his decision to resign effective this month was volunTo page 17

It was in this press conference with PNOY in Bais City that he personally answered my question that Rep. Josy Limkaichong is his choice as official gubernatorial, standard bearer of the Liberal Party in Negors Orienal. Also, last Friday night, Atty. Ipe Remollo (who just resigned as president of Clark Development Authority, read our story on page 2) told me on the phone that Rep. Josy Limkaichong is the LP standard bearer for governor in Negros Oriental. Well, if Gov. Degamo is to have said that he will run under the LP as standard bearer, he has the right to do that. But first, he has to become an LP member, I suppose. On the national scene; since PNOY has always indicated that he is not running anymore, nor can he be allowed to run, anyway, under the constitutional prohibition of one term without reelection. But both PNOY and Binay can switch places, he as vice-president of his present position. This PNoy/Roxas–Binay political unity will not last long, we believe. One thing is sure: Binay is running for President in 2016 against anybody. And Mar Roxas seems to be the logical choice of PNoy to whom Roxas gave way in 2010. Anyhow, they say that a vote for Binay is a vote for acquittal on Chief Justice Corona. And if senators as judges are too preoccupied with the impeachment case rather than finish urgent legislation, then they can also be branded on how they will probably vote on the impeachment, either for conviction or acquittal. HOW THEY WILL VOTE? Remember, it takes only nine votes to acquit Corona, but l6 votes are needed to convict the Chief Justice. It is obviously easier to get over nine votes. As of now, there is a report that going for conviction of Corona are 7 senators so far, namely: Drilon, Pangilinan, Recto, Guingona, (LP): Lacson , Osmeña and Trillanes. VOTING for acquittal according to the grapevine are senators Miriam Santiago, Joker Arroyo, Marcos, Legarda, and Villar. The rest, who have yet to make a decision, need their body languages to be clearly manifested, otherwise, they will be among the “undecided,” who still have to rightfully weigh the evidence at hand.

April 22, 2012





April 22, 2012


Despite power crisis, energy boss optimistic espite the bleak outlook of the crippling power crisis that has gripped parts of the country, specially in Mindanao, Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almendras has painted a rosy picture of the future of the nation’s energy sustainability. The DOE Secretary was the speaker of the monthly roundtable discussion of current issues faced by the nation, conducted by the Pimentel Institute for Leadership and Governance (PILG) and the Pimentel Center for Local Governance (PCLG) at the University of Makati last April 20, 2012. Despite the regular six-hour brownouts in Mindanao that has plagued many parts of Mindanao, and the unabated hike in the cost of petroleum products, Almendras said the country’s energy situation is not that bad. Secretary Jose Rene Almendras spoke before a cross section of society composed of the academe, the government, and private sector during a roundtable discussion here; he drew a favorable perspective of the nation’s future energy situation. Good news: The Philippines has sustainable energy. The good news is that the Philippines’ energy consumption is sustainable, Almendras said. The Philippines is able to supply 57.5% of our energy needs from its own resources, Almendras announced. After the oil crisis in the 1970’s, the Philippines was adversely affected when the price of oil skyrocketed, he said. This prompted the policy makers to promote self-sufficiency in terms of energy consumption, he explained. Because the Philippines did not have so much fossil fuels, like oil and gas, the Philippines had to develop green energy, like hydro and geothermal, he said. Now, battle cry for self-sufficiency has paid off since the Philippines has become the world’s largest geothermal electricity producer, he declared. Almendras disclosed that 46.3% of the country’s energy requirements are green, meaning non-polluting. In terms of renewable energy, 38.9% of the country’s energy requirements is fueled by renewable energy, he added. He also announced that the present use of renewable energy is over the benchmark set by the United Nations, which is 30% of the energy use should be renewable energy. The Philippines doesn’t depend on oil for energy. Contrary to what many may think, the Philippines has low dependency on oil as a sourceof energy. The energy consumption of the Philippines is only 7.52% dependent on petroleum, he said. Even if the straits of Hormus were closed due to armed conflict, thus blocking the flow of oil from the Middle East, although our vehicles will have problems, the Philippines will continue to have sufficient electricity. The Philippines has veered away from hydrocarbons, or petroleum from energy generation. The energy supply of the Philippines is 66% self-sufficient. Much of the country’s energy consumption is from geothermal, hydro and natural gas resources, which are green energy. The future resource: LNG The energy secretary expressed confidence that the future energy resource will no longer be oil, but liquefied natural gas or LNG. This is a resource that the Philippines has in abundance, he said. Petroleum, the traditional source of energy, is already in the decline, he bared. Technology has shifted to new types of energy resources, that the Philippines has in abundance, including liquefied natural gas. Today, there are 41 buses plying the Batangas-Manila route fueled by LNG, Almendras announced. The cost of fuel for these buses is 40% cheaper than the cost of diesel.


Editorial Media and politics (don’t mix) hen opposing sides in the world of politics accuse a working journalist of being bias, then take heed, this journalist is on the right track, because being accused by both sides as bias means you are in the middle. Why? Because media and politics don’t mix. When a journalist accomplishes yet another public service that makes a mark, immediately, the usual tempting offer to run for public office is raised before him. If the journalist falls into the trap, that is the end of his journey as a media man, the moment the journalist enters politics. Again, because media and politics simply don’t mix. Our intervention in the issue of toll fees in the Dayoyo Bridge disaster is motivated by nothing but our desire to serve. More than what our report said, the issue of politics has again squeezed an attempt to brand media’s involvement in service as a political demolition job. For politicians who brand such


move of media as politically motivated, it is a manifestation of their political insecurity. Our fight is for a just and fair compensation in order to help both vehicles and passengers alike passing the Dayoyo detour point, to continue their journey without being robbed by opportunists. Where else have you heard of a toll fee being collected as one enters, and another fee , as he exits? — only in Dayoyo, said the DPWH. The pictures that we took since day one until the present, observing some of those taking advantage of the slow bureaucracy, is our simple gesture in trying to helping make life a little better, not for ourselves, but for others. But while our motives are born out of our desire to serve, some politicians use our minor pitfalls to their advantage. Yet, needless to say, media has always the last say. And sorry, but it’s true, media and politics simply don’t mix. Have a nice day.

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The senate race of 2013 he 54 million Filipinos will vote 13 new/reelected senators in May 2013the 13th slot to be vacated by elected Senator Miriam Santiago who will be sworn in as part of the prestigious International Criminal Court (ICC).

T One Voice by Bingo P. Dejaresco

They will replace outgoing senators Edgardo Angara, Juan Ponce Enrile, Manny Villar, Panfilo Lacson, Kiko Pangilinan, Joker Arroyo and Santiago. We forecast that party lines will become irrelevantand name recall, media visibility and personal charisma will be the deciding factors. Who will make it? The main protagonists will be the administration Liberal Party (Aquino), the UNA or United Nationalists Alliance (Binay –Estrada coalition) of the PDP and PMP respectively, and perhaps a “small and lean” team of the Nacionalista Party.

Will the endorsement of the senatoriables by any credible person matter? An interesting Pulse Asia recent survey (FebruaryMarch) showed that people will vote senate candidates endorsed by the following: Binay (7 of 10), Aquino (6 of 10), Estrada (5 of 10) and GMA (1 of 10). GMA -now detainedwoefully continues to bring with her the so-called “kiss of death.” But the closeness of the endorsement strengths of Binay, Aquino and Estrada would make the “common candidate endorsed by all three” as having the

edge. Right now (based on initial listings), that would be good for senators Chiz Escudero (Independent), Allan Cayetano (NP) , Koko Pimentel (PDP) and Cynthia Villar (NP) ( who appear acceptable to the UNA and the LP. The problem with those in the rest of the 24 or so (remaining)candidates-outside the “common candidates”- is that they will be hard pressed to fight for the remaining 10 or so slots in the 2013 winner circle. The latest Pulse survey showed initial top three rankings To page 13

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April 22, 2012





April 22, 2012




ow are your Chinese lessons?”, we asked our grand daughter, Kristin, 8. “So, so,” replied this International School second grader, “Why?"

“You and Kathie will need Mandarin,” we replied. Katarina, 5, is in kindergarten. Both grapple with Swedish, their mother’s language. Their playmates and nanny speak Cebuano. " China will irresistibly shape our future," writes Martin Jacques in Observer. He op- updates his 2009 book, When China Rules the World, that foresaw Beijing ’s economy overtake US after 2020. That proved an underestimate. Economist projections assert China will pull ahead in 2018. International Monetary Fund’s world economic outlook imply 2016, the Guardian claims.

Beyond crystal-bowling are hard facts. China dislodged Japan as the world's secondbiggest economy in 2010. Flush with cash, housewives made China ’s grocery shopping the world’s largest. The surge started in 1978. Chiina’s economy was a 20th that of the US. Not anymore. At 21st century’s start, China had behind it years of “growing 9-10% annually.” Overall size rose to a quarter of America 's economy. China chipped at US dominant global power status, notably in trade. In 1990, no country had China as main trading partner. By 2000, you counted a few on your fingers. Most clustered in east Asia. Turn to page 11

A Journey Through Cancer



(E-mail: )


The Stranger in the Sea


To be born again

DAVID AND GOLIATH ast week I opened a “Pandora’s Box”. No less than two Philippine government agencies and a Philippine Congressman descended on my narrow butt. Even my best Filipino friend turned on ecology/fishing industry. No me. matter what I or the people think My initial agenda was to or want, that just “ain’t” going to have my editor talk quietly to happen. the people behind the artificial FIRST, this is not my place reef project and have them do as a guest here in the some additional research Philippines. As a foreigner, I before they had an ecological have no chance to win this disaster on their hands. “war”. Even if overwhelming Instead, my research ended up facts support me, I am an in my column and brought outsider and many will side about a firestorm. against me for that reason I have been encouraged to alone. “fight back”. I am supposed to fight SECOND, why should I fight? these powerful Filipino politicians, If Filipinos do not care about the who are protecting their destruction of their ecology, the reputations and the money they destruction of their fishing industry, have already spent, by why should I? When disaster discrediting me. I have been strikes, I can take my family to encouraged to take the fight to the America. More probably when Filipino people. It is silly to even disaster strikes, I will be dead. It think I could lead a second EDSA will be my grandchildren who will against the power structure here, suffer. especially over an abstract issue I mentioned I knew a safe like the future destruction of the Turn to page 11

JAMES “KOJAK” HUGHS U.S. Army, Cpt (ret)

Footsteps and Fingerprints


SIDE from being a season of joy because of our Lord’s resurrection, the culminating event of his redemptive work, Easter time is also for preparing ourselves for the coming of the Holy Spirit, since our life is supposed to be Life in the Spirit. And so in many readings of re-enter his mother's womb and be born this season’s Masses, together again, can he?" with the alleluias that we sing with Jesus answered, "Amen, amen, I gusto, a lot of references are say to you, unless one is born of made to the Holy Spirit. Typical water and Spirit he cannot enter the of such readings is the gospel Kingdom of God. What is born of about the meeting of Nicodemus flesh is flesh and what is born of with our Lord, as recorded in the spirit is spirit.” To be born again is, Gospel of John, Chapter 3. as our Lord said, to be born of water There we have the famous and Spirit. Our first birth, our natural lines about being born again, birth, is God’s first creation of us, an a phenomenon we have to be event where we did not have any part. very familiar with, because we But since we have been made in have a big part to play in our God’s image and likeness, we are supown rebirth. Sad to say, this posed to be free and do things knowingly need for being born again is and lovingly, we need to correspond to not yet known to many. God’s will in creating us, and so there is Our Lord said, “Amen, the second birth, our rebirth, our being amen, I say to you, unless one born again, where we willingly should go is born from above, he cannot along God’s designs for us. see the Kingdom of God." To be born again is to willingly Nicodemus said to him, "How link ourselves with God who in the can a man once grown old be Spirit continues to be with us, always born again? Surely he cannot Turn to page 11




ore than twenty years ago, in the middle of the sea, I found myself staring at a strange old man. He was sleeping on the floor near the open railing of the boat, while other passengers including myself were having a paid cot to sleep on. A glimmering light showed a fraction of his old unshaven face, his gray head lying on a sack fashioned as a pillow. He must have not eaten a decent meal for months. His frail body was barely clad with ragged shirt and pants that Dawn came, and the boat docked may not have tasted soap for at the pier. Life began to stir inside weeks. the boat as the passengers were preI barely slept, feeling guilty paring to leave. that I have better sleeping acSuddenly, a slight commotion was commodation than this old taking place. I could hear raised voices man who needed it most. from the passengers and angry tones First, it was my curiosity as a coming from the crew. journalist that prodded me to talk My newfound friend was in to this strange old man. I started trouble. He was 80 years old, and was a friendly conversation. His eyes not able to control his bowel and twinkled as he related to me that pooped (I’m sorry if you are eating at he was looking for relatives on this point) right on the floor at the the other side of the island be- passage area. cause he has lost his own family I heard voices threatening to throw in Mindanao. I had to raise my him overboard if he would not clean up. voice to a higher level for he had My heart was beating hard. How could I hearing problems. I promised to help this man without drawing attention to help him find his relatives through Turn to page 11 a radio station in Cebu.

ith the coming elections next year, we are again treated to the spectacle of traditional politicians with dynastic ambitions trying to preserve their places in the politic and ideology. It is the same spectrum by forming rainbow changing of the guards with the coalitions that look more like politically- entrenched economic an ill-designed quilt. elite waging an intra-elite war. It is Politicians bypassed in the last a winner take-all where the losers elections as well as those of yesterday are the gainers of fighting for survival have tomorrow. It is the same cast of decided to link arms regarded characters and dramatis of previous party affiliations. personae of the Philippine political Indeed given that politics is theatre who change their addition in this country, the costumes regularly to suit the enemies of yesterday are political backdrop. today’s friends. It seems that Once elected to office, the today political acrobatics has trapos spend a lot of time become the norm. I still recall reinforcing their political base that in the past, political and preparing the next chameleons were treated like generation to take over. This outcasts. in turn are conditioned to Media is lapping it up cross party lines anytime cooperating with the trapos to whenever it suits their preserve the politics of personality convenience. in favor of the politics of philosophy Turn to page 11

The values of friendship and family



ince I arrived here in upstate New York to spend time with my US family, I have been reflecting on the value of family and friendship. I have also been reading The Prophet authored by the Lebanese philosopher, Kahlil Gibran. Some of his thoughts on friendship have a direct congruence with family relationships. I would like to share his thoughts on friendship with you. "And let your best be for your "Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you friend. If he must know the ebb of sow with love and reap with thanks- your tide, let him know its flood also. giving. When your friend speaks For what is your friend that you his mind, you fear not the "nay" in should seek him with hours to kill? your own mind, nor do you with- Seek him always with hours to live. hold the "ay." For without words, in For it is his to fill your need, but not friendship, all thoughts, all desires, your emptiness. “Family” for the all expectations are born and word “friend,” thus giving further shared, with joy that is depth to the meaning of relationships within the family. unacclaimed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful "And let there be no purpose in friendship save the if siblng brothers and sisters, deepening of the spirit. For love parents and children, and famthat seeks aught but the dis- ily relatives could answer this closure of its own mystery is not definition of real friendship if love but a net cast forth: and they could experience the wononly the unprofitable is caught. Turn to page 11




April 22, 2012


For SALE: House & Lot

Brand New Semi-furnished

• Sta. Aguida, Pamplona, 10 hectares @ P30.00 per sq.m. • San Jose, 29 hectares with coconut trees and sugarcane plantation @ P50.00 per sq.m. • Sta. Catalina, 4.3 hectares with sugarcane plantation ready for harvest @ P25.00 per sq.m. • Northern Junob, Dgte City, 19,900 sq.m. @ P1,500.00 per sq.m. • Candau-ay, Dgte City, 12,782 sq.m. @ P500.00 per sq.m. • Junob, Dgte City, along the road with fruit-bearing coconut trees @ P2,000.00 per sq.m. • Jimalalud, Neg. Or. 6,844 sq.m. with fruit bearing, coconut trees P60,000.000 only

CALL: 0918-929-6047 NEW LOTS FOR SALE  Bayawan City, located in the heart of the city, near City Hall, 349 sqms at 3,500.oo/sqm  Bacong Negros Oriental located at the National highway, wide frontage, 1,308 sqms at 1,500.00/sqm  Meciano Road, Dgte City, interior lot, suited for boarding house and restaurant, 525 sqms at 1,500.00/sqm


COMMERCIAL LOT FOR SALE Banilad, Dgte. City, 2,772 sq.m., clean title, fronting the highway, wide entrance, suited for apartment, gasoline station and commercial spaces, P2,000 per sq.m. only

Call: 0918-929-6047

For Lease

BODEGA Ideal for storing stocks. Bantayan, concrete road Fully fenced lot, all concrete Good parking space, with 24/7 resident guards.

LOT FOR SALE Lot adjacent to SUMC P14M, negotiable 859 sq.m. (CHET) Call: 0918-929-6047

COMMERCIAL LOT FOR SALE Airport Area, 1,744 sq.m., clean title, 20 meters from the highway, suited for apartment and commercial spaces P2,200 per sq.m. only

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Call: 0918-929-6047

For sale Malabo lots

For Sale

8,000 sqm. Malabo, Valencia @ 300 Coconut, lanzones, mango, marang trees nice view of Sibulan and Dumaguete-“Zipline” 8429 sqm. Malabo, Valencia @ 600 Fruits trees and Residential good for firing range shooting Resort Along the Roads near a creek Melodinah

3,337 square meters clean title rice field irrigation P220.00 per square meters Banilad Call 419-82-73

* Along the road * Aircon, cable-ready * Fenced with garage * Hot & Cold shower Price: P5M negotiable Call: 0918-929-6047

PRIME LOT SALE: El Pueblo 475 sq.m., clean title, near the new club house, has a good view of Mt. Talinis Two sides adjacent to good neighbors, two sides free, negotiable

Call: 0918-929-6047 House and Lots for Sale Daro, Dgte City, 65sqms, 1BR, 1CR, w road right of way, clean title @ P350K only Pulangtubig, Dgte City, 211sqms lot area, 1BR, 1CR, fully fenced, w car park, w road right of way, clean title @ P1.1M only Junob, Dgte City, 190sqms lot area, 3BR, 2 CR and bath, fully fenced, w car garage, w 3 available commercial spaces, along the road, clean title @ P1.5M only Junob, Dgte City, 396sqms lot area, 170sqms floor area, 3BR, 2 CR and bath, maids quarter, w garage, spacious lawn, w road right of way, clean title @ P2M only Pulangtubig, Dgte City, 360sqms lot area, 3BR, 2CR and bath, spacious living rooms both at the 1st floor and at the 2nd floor, w garage, fully fenced, spacious lawn, along the road, clean title @ P3M only. Bantayan, Dgte City, 300sqms lot area, 3BR, 2CR and bath, fully fenced, w garage including the car, with road right of way, clean title @ P3M only Junob, Dgte City, 250sms lot area, 3BR, 2CR and bath, w extended dining area, fully fenced, w car garage, wash area, along the road, clean title @ P1.7M only Motong, Dgte City, 360sqms lot area, 2 storey, 1MBR, 2BR, 2CR and bath, fully fenced, w maids quarter, spacious living rooms, w car garage, along the road, clean title @ P3.8M only Bantayan, 210sqms lot area, 2 storey, spacious living room, 5BR, 3CR and bath, maids quarter, dirty kitchen, 2-wheel vehicles passage only, clean title @ P2.2M only Cantil-e, Dgte City, 1,000sqms lot area, 240sqms floor area, spacious living room, dining area, kitchen, w native living room, 1MBR, 2BR, 2 CR and bath, maids room, CR outside, fully fenced, well maintained spacious lawn, w car garage, phone line, cable ready, high-speed broadband, w road right of way, clean tile @ 5.5M only Bantayan, Dgte City, 600sqms lot area, 2 storey, 3BR, 2CR and bath, w car garage, fully fenced, with road right of way, clean title @ P3M only Motong, Dgte City, 300sqm lot area, 1MBR, 2BR, landscaped lawn, w car garage, w road right of way, fully fenced, house newly built, clean title @ P4.8M only Camanjac, Dgte City, 300sqms lot area, 2BR, 2CR and bath, maids quarter, w covered car garage, house built w native design, situated in an interior but cool place, w road right of way, clean title @ P2M only. Bagacay, Dgte City, 800sqms lot area, 1MBR, 2BR, 2CR and bath, maids quarter, laundry area, spacious lawn, w car garage, w road right of way, clean title, @ P6.5M only Banilad, Dgte City, 225sqms lot area, 3BR, 2CR and bath, fully fenced, along the national highway, clean title at P850K only Cantil-e, Dgte City, 890sqms lot area, 1MB, 3BR, 2CR and bath, maids quarter, CR outside, spacious living room, well-designed garden, spacious lawn, car garage, fully fenced, along the road, clean title @ P8M only Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or., 1,211sqms lot area, 275sqms floor area, 1MBR, 3BR, 3CR and bath, 1 in-suite bathroom, 2 living rooms, 2 covered outside patio downstairs, dining area, kitchen, outside utility room, upstairs balcony, abundant water supply, phone line, high speed broadband, cable ready, centralized hot water systems, fully furnished, fully fenced, 65sqm swimming pool, outside shower room for swimming pool user, matured garden, welllandscaped lawn, includes 3 dr pajero and a motorbike, along the road, clean title at P12M only (negotiable).

Cantil-e, Dgte. City 200sq.m floor area; 1000 sq.m lot area; 5 bedrooms; 3 aircon; 3 bathrooms; 1 Storage room, covered parking lot; fully fenced; landscaped lot; fully furnished P5.8M Contact: 0918-929-6047

Beach Lots for Sale 250sqms, Cangmating, Sibulan Neg. Or.,beach front, along the road, tax declaration @ P450K only 500sqms, Cangmating, Sibulan Neg. Or., beach front, along the road, clean title @ P2M only 478sqms, Bacong, Neg. Or., beach front, w cottages, along the road, clean title @ P2M only 4,000sqms, Bacong Neg.Or., beach front, w fence, along the road, clean title @ P5M only 3,700sqms, Bacong Neg. Or., beach front, clean title @ P4M only

Beach House for Sale Cangmating beach, 430sqms, 2BR w CR and bath, shower rooms, CR and bath outside, w car garage, spacious lawn and playground, along the road, clean title at P4.5M only

Contact: 0918-929-6047


Residential Lots for Sale Total Lot Area 300 sqms 226 sqms 310 sqms 339 sqms 320 sqms 600 sqms 150 sqms 268 sqms 300 sqms 336 sqms 402 sqms 400 sqms 306 sqms 225 sqms 200 sqms 240 sqms 250 sqms 207 sqms 251 sqms 252 sqms 517 sqms 621 sqms 1072 sqms 936 sqms 1000 sqms 1200 sqms 1000 sqms 6270 sqms 1270 sqms 472 sqms 468 sqms 400 sqms 500 sqms 600 sqms 1000 sqms 3020 sqms 1000 sqms 1000 sqms 2000 sqms 3000 sqms 500 sqms 1,000 sqms 2,000 sqms 3,375 sqms 1,000 sqms 1,500 sqms 2,000 sqms 200 sqms 1,000 sqms 500 sqms 987 sqms 3,500 sqms 759sqms 200sqms 742sqms


LOCATION Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Fatima Village Dgte City Fatima Village Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City San Jose St.,, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave.,, Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Hibbard Ave., Dgte City Talay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Locsin, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Sacsac, Bacong, Neg. Or. San Jose St., Dgte City Cadawinonan, Dgte City Balugo, Dgte City Balugo, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Batinguel, Dgte City Balugo Valencia, Neg. Or. Palimpinon Val., Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Bong-aw Valencia, Neg. Or. Balugo, Valencia Neg.Or Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. Balugo, Valencia Neg. Or. Talay, Dgte City Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. Jawa, Valencia Neg. Or. East Balabag, Val. Neg. Or. East Balabag, Val. Neg. Or. West Balabag, Val Neg. Or. Bantayan, Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Motong, Dgte City Bagacay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City

P800K P2,300/sqm P1.5M P2,500/sqm P1.5M P4,000/sqm P850K P1.6M P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm P6,000/sqm 400K P2,300/sqm P2,300/sqm P2,300/sqm P850K P1.4M P1.5M P1.5M P2,000/sqm P1M P1,120/sqm P1,000/sqm P1,000/sqm P1,200/sqm P1,000/sqm P5,000/sqm P1,500/sqm P1 ,500/sqm P1,500/sqm P2,000/sqm P2,000/sqm P2,000/sqm P500/sqm P500/sqm P800/sqm P350/sqm P350/sqm P350/sqm P500/sqm P500/sqm P500/sqm P800/sqm P2,000/sqm P2,000/sqm P2,000/sqm P380K P800/sqm P1,000/sqm P4.5M P3,500/sqm P1,350/sqm P550K P600/sqm

Contact: 0918-929-6047

Commercial Lots for Sale 487 sqms 1,149 sqms 1,150 sqms 5,000 sqms 3,540 sqms 3,000 sqms 8,917 sqms 15,457 sqms 700 sqms 525 sqms 499 sqms 3,336 sqms 1,400 sqms 150 sqms 500 sqms 116 sqms 259 sqms 169 sqms 298 sqms 241 sqms 306 sqms 642 sqms 2,423 sqms 530 sqms 6,270 sqms 268 sqms 5,222 sqms 1,104 sqms 672 sqms 650 sqms 1,179 sqms 1,205 sqms 951 sqms 1,325 sqms 4,300 sqms

Bantayan, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Daro, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Piapi Beach, Dgte City Piapi, Dgte City Cervantes, Dgte City Locsin St., Dgte City Sta. Rosa St., Dgte City Near Ceres Term. Dgte City Cervantes St.,, Dgte City Cervantes St., Dgte City Meciano Rd., Dgte City Bantayan, Dgte City Bantayan Dgte City Daro, Dgte City San Jose St., Dgte City San Jose St., Dgte City Sibulan highway, Neg. Or. Banilad, Dgte City Banilad, Bacong Neg. Or. Banilad, Bacong Neg. Or. Taclobo, Dgte City San Jose St., Dgte City Real St., Dgte City Colon St., Dgte City North Natl Highway

P2.8M P5,000/sqm P5,000/sqm P5,000/sqm P5,000/sqm P5,000/sqm P5,000/sqm P4,500/sqm P3M P20,000/sqm P10M P10,000/sqm P15M P850K P8M P2M P10M P5M P6M P8M P4M P4.5M P15M P20,000/sqm P 5,000/sqm P1.6M P12M P4,000/sqm P1.5M P1.2M P7M P35M P50M P40M P20M

Contact: 0918-929-6047

Subdivision Sites for Sale Lot Area 1.5 hectares 5.5 hectares 12 hectares 4.7 hectares 1.4 hectares 1.2 hectares 1.3 hectares 1.6 hectares 4.9 hectares 7 hectares 2 hectres 4.1 hectares 1.7 hectares 5.8 hectares 2.3 hectares

Location Cantil-e, Dgte City Cantil-e, Dgte City Cantil-e, Dgte City Banilad, Dgte City Tubtubon, Sibulan Neg. Or. Balayag-manok, Bacong Bong-aw, Valencia Neg. Or. Bong-aw, Valencia Neg. Or. Candau-ay, Dgte City Candau-ay, Dgte City Junob, Dgte City Isugan, Bacong Neg. Or. Isugan, Bacong Neg. Or. Isugan, Bacong Neg. Or. Talay, Dgte City

Price P700/sqm P700/sqm P700/sqm P500/sqm P800/sqm P120/sqm P350/sqm P600/sqm P400/sqm P400/sqm P1,500/sqm P400/sqm P400/sqm P400/sqm P12M

Contact: 0918-929-6047


APRIL 22, 2012

Godliness with contentment And Jonathan had David reaffirm his oath out of love for him, because he loved him as he loved himself. I Samuel 20:17


Mark 13:5-11


Christ’s resurrection claiming to know exactly when Jesus would return. No one has been right yet, however, because Christ will return on God’s timetable, not ours. Jesus predicted that before his return, many believers would be misled by false teachers claiming to have revelations from God. According to Scripture, another clear sign of Christ’s return will be his unmistakable appearance in the clouds, which will be seen by all people. In other words, you do not have to wonder whether a certain person is the Messiah or whether these are the “end times.” When Jesus returns, you will know beyond a doubt, because it will be evident to all true believers. Beware of groups who claim special knowledge of Christ’s return because no one knows when that time will be. Be cautious about saying, ”This is it!” but be bold in your total commitment to have your heart and life ready for Christ’s return.

on’t let anyone mislead you, because many will come in my name, claiming to be the Messiah. They will lead many astray. And wars will break out near and far, but don’t panic. Yes, these things must come, but the end won’t follow immediately. Nations and kingdoms will proclaim war against each other, and there will be earthquakes in many parts of the world, and famines. But all this will be only the beginning of the horrors to come. But when these things begin to happen, watch out! You will be handed over to the courts and beaten in the synagogues. You will be accused before governors and kings of being my followers. This will be your opportunity to tell them about me. And the Good News must first be preached to every nation. But when you are arrested and stand trial, don’t worry about what to say in your defense. Just say what God tells you to. Then it is not you who will be speaking, but the Holy Spirit.” Mark 13:5-11 What are the signs of the end times? There have been people in every generation since

Election of Diocesan Administrator


rchbishop-Elect John F. Du will be installed in his new ecclesiastical see on May 9, 2012. The Board of Consultors of the Diocese of Dumaguete is mandated by Canon Law to elect the new diocesan administrator within eight days from Archbishop ULABING John Du’s installation in FR. GAMMY TJCD, VG Palo, Leyte. The election is scheduled on May 11, 2012. All twelve (12) members of the Board of Consultors must be officially summoned. Nobody should be absent. If more than one-third of the group is absent, the election is invalid. Votes cast by letter or by proxy cannot be admitted. No one is allowed to vote who does not belong to the college or group. For a vote to be valid, it must be secret, certain, absolute, and determinate. Before the election begins, at least two (2) scrutineers are to be appointed from among the college or group. The scrutineers are to collect the votes, and in the presence of the one who presides at the election, to check whether the number of votes corresponds to the number of electors. The scrutineers examine the votes and announce how many vote(s) each person has received. All the proceedings of the election are to be accurately recorded by the one who acts as notary. They are to be signed at least by that notary, by the person who presides, and by the scrutineers, and they are to be carefully preserved in the archives of the college. Unless it is otherwise provided in the law or the statutes, the person who has received the requisite number of votes is deemed elected and is to be proclaimed by the person who presides over the college or group. What is decided by an absolute majority of those present has the force of law. If there have been two inconclusive scrutinees, a vote is to be taken between the two candidates with the greatest number of votes, or if there are more than two, between the two senior by age. After a third inconclusive scrutinee, that person is deemed elected who is senior by age. We exhort the people to pray for the best man to be elected. Thank you.

n the morning of Easter Monday, on 1 April 1521, the first king asked Magellan to send men ashore to help with the harvest. But no work was done that whole day because the two kings were sleeping off their drinking bout of the night before. pregandolo manda(ss)e alguni homini p(er) ajutareli acio piu pre(s)to (s)e (s)paza(ss)e et q(ue)luy mede(s)imo voleua REV. FR. ROMAN C. e(ss)ere lo n(ost)ro piloto. lo Cap° SAGUN, JR. mandoli alguni homini ma li Re tanto mangiorono et beueteno q(ue) dormiteno tuto il giorno He asked the captain-general to send him some men to help him, so that it might be done sooner; and said that he intended to act as our pilot himself. The captain sent him some men, but the kings ate and drank so much that they slept all the day. alguni p(er) e(s)cu(s)arli dicero q(ue) haueuano vno pocho de malle p(er) q(ue)L giorno li no(s)t(ri) nõ fecero niente ma neli alt(ri) dui (s)eguenti lauorono. Some said to excuse them that they were slightly sick. Our men did nothing on that day, but they worked the next two days. Vno de que(s)ti populi ne porte force vna (s)cudela de rizo cõ octo o dieze figue ligaty in(s)ieme p(er) baratarli in vno cortello q(ue) valeua iL piu tre catrini eL cap° vedendo que que(s)to nõ voleua alt° Senon vno cortello lo chiamo p(er) vedere piu co(s)e One of those people brought us about a porringer full of rice and also eight or ten figs [i.e. bananas] fastened together to barter them for a knife, which at the most, was worth three catrini. The captain, seeing that that native cared for nothing but a knife, called him to look at other things. mi(ss)e mano a la bor(s)a et li volce dare p(er) q(ue)lle co(s)e vno realL lui noL vol(s)i lui mo(s)tro vno ducato mancho lo accepto al fine li volce dare vno dopionne de duy ducati nõ volce mai alt° q(ue) vn corte lo et cu(ss)i li lo fece dare He put his hand in his purse and wished to give him one real for those things, but the native refused it. The captain showed him a ducado but he would not accept that either. Finally, the captain tried to give him a doppione worth two ducados, but he would take nothing but a knife; and accordingly, the captain had one given to him. Andando vno de li n(ost)ri in terra p(er) tore acqua To page 11



faithful man will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished. - PROVERBS 28; 20 If you're either participating in state-sanctioned gambling or you want to, my question is, why do you want to play it? For instance, do you want to play

the lottery because you want to contribute to the educational program of your state? Is your motivation to help put more police on the street, or whatever the lottery people say will happen with the money? Or do you want to play the lottery because the government has come up with a way for you to get rich quickly? If that is your motivation, then you have fortified God's biblical means to wealth, because He says that those who participate in get-rich-quick schemes will not go unpunished. Don't misunderstand. The problem is not being rich. The problem is the greed mentality you used to get there. Now, let me ask you something else. Let's say you win twenty million dollars in the lottery. Do you think that winning represents God's plan for your life? Can you honestly say you took that step in obedience to God's leading? Well, I suppose it is possible.

But if you'll pardon the pun, I'll have to say the odds are against it. What I mean is that most people who play the lottery simply grab for the pot of gold because it's there. God's leading or His plan doesn't enter the picture at that particular moment. What's the problem with that? It means winning the lottery is not tied to anything but a thirst for wealth. It is not tied to God's leading or plan for you; it's not even tied to your needs. So what you are doing is asking God to bless nothingness. You are asking Him to bless getting money for money's sake. That's greed. I don't mean that you shouldn't want to move forward, but God wants you to be content where you are until He decides to give you more. And even when it becomes obvious that God does not want you to have more, He still wants you to be contented.


GOSPEL Gospel Lk 24:35-48


he two disciples recounted what had taken place on the way, and how Jesus was made known to them in the breaking of bread. While they were still speaking about this, he stood in their midst and said to them, "Peace be with you." But they were startled and terrified and thought that they were seeing a ghost. Then he said to them, "Why are you troubled? And why do questions arise in your hearts? Look at my hands and my feet, that it is I myself. Touch me and see, because a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you can see I have." And as he said this, he showed them his hands and

his feet. While they were still incredulous for joy and were amazed, he asked them, "Have you anything here to eat?" They gave him a piece of baked fish; he took it and ate it in front of them. He said to them, "These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the law of Moses and in the prophets and psalms must be fulfilled." Then, he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. And he said to them, "Thus, it is written that the Christ would suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and that repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be preached in his name to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things."

Sunday Thoughts All things work together for good 8:28is put in he Romans title of this reflection quotes because it is the way it is written in the King James Version of the Bible. We have been brought up quoting from this 1611 version. It is a phrase we often spontaneously utter when we undergo some sad occurrences in our lives, such as an accident, failure in love or in business, or the loss of a DR. PROCESO UDARBE loved one in death. We say it is a word of comfort. “Don’t worry too much about it,” we say, “all things work together for good.” However, in the kind of world we live in, does everything work together for good automatically? Can we sit before our TV set, look at all the heinous crimes reported and we say “all things will work together for good”? I do not think so. I do not think that an evil thing will just work itself out into something good. You see, the Bible doesn’t portray to us a perfect world where all happens for the best, but a fallen world where God is active as Redeemer, the One who is able to bring good out of evil. If we don’t quite accept the wording of the King James Version, what then we can make of the words of St. Paul?


First of all, we must read our text in such a way that it is theologically correct to be understood according to our Christian faith. It is better read not in the King James Version, but in the

new versions. The intended meaning of St. Paul is illuminated by this one translation: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. (NIV) By placing God as the subject, it becomes clear, from our knowledge of biblical truth that, while God does not will everything that happens, it is he who causes something good to come out of evil. It is not difficult to see the hand of God in the good things that happen, but what about in those that shame us, that make us grieve, whether they be personal or social. One of the most stirring stories that we read in the Old Testament is about the three young men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who were thrown into what we call today an incinerator because they held fast to their religious convictions. Then as Nebuchadnessar looked into the fiery furnace, he cried out with surprise: “Did we not throw three men into the fire? But I see four men…and the appearance of the fourth is like the son of the gods.” To page 9

APRIL 22, 2012

37 38


National Architects Congress here

BCBP 32nd National Anniversary

The United Architects of the Philippines-Student Auxiliary, or UAPSA, held its 19th national congress in Dumaguete City from April 10 to 13, 2012. Architecture students from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao convened with prominent United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) officers and members, including APEC Architect Mike Guerrero, UAP National President Ramon Mendoza and UAP-Dumaguete Chapter President Ned Carlos. UAPSA is the student supplementary and support of the United Architects of the Philippines.

The country’s premier Christian renewal group of businessmen and professionals, numbering around 4,000 strong, met at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia, April 13-15, to respond to the Lord’s call for massive evangelization and heed His call: “GO! I am with you.” At a dinner fellowship at SMX, some of the BCBP North Chapter participants are (seated, L-R) Tessa Vanslembrouck, Yen-yen Basas, Bobot Teves, Collete A. Campanale, Linda Tero; (standing, L-R) Ria Diputado, Henry Tan, Landy Philips, Cora Insisto, Cesar Recto, Babes Cabrera, Ester Recto, Jeremia Perez and Becky Diputado.

All things.... from page 8 This has been the faith of Christians through the ages – that God’s presence in our tribulations can work something good out of an evil thing that happens to us. And you will recall the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. His brothers had become envious of him for being the favorite of their father, Jacob. So they sold him to Egyptian merchants; they soak his robe of many colors with the blood of animal, and told their father that Joseph had been gorged to death. But at that very moment, God had begun to do something good out of evil. In the course of time, Joseph had become governor of Egypt; and during a time of severe famine in

Judea, his brothers, who had wronged him, went to Egypt to seek relief for their family. And wonder of wonders, it was Joseph who had come to their aid! The forgiving Joseph said to them: “It was not you who sent me here (in Egypt), but God.” The point is that in Joseph’s adversity, God worked out something good not only for Joseph, but for his entire family. Wasn’t Paul speaking of his own experience when he wrote Romans 8:28? It is often said that Paul, who had been persecuting Christians, began to see the meaning of the Gospel when he witnessed the stoning to death of the martyr Stephen. In that gory scene of stoning of an innocent man, God spoke to the soul of Saul (who was named later Paul), which led to his conversion and to the evangelization of the world.

The Negros Chronicle April 22, 2012


Benny , the silent friend


en and I have been friends for many years. I never knew how little I really knew about my friend until today. He was a typical Filipino, slight of build with a quick smile. We had spent many a pleasant afternoon discussing religion, but never discussing life. This morning, while doing what he loved most, sharing his love of God with others, Ben collapsed from a massive heart attack. Heroic attempts by friends and doctors were to no avail. Ben was finally going to find out which of us was correct about God and His blessings. I rushed to his family’s side to do what I could. While gathering his personal effects for shipment to his son in California, I discovered my friend for a second time. "Ben's" real name was Silvino D. Canceko, 65. While he was an American citizen, he never gave up James " Kojak " Hughs

Cpt ( ret )


Benny Canceko True servant of GOD

his Filipino citizenship or his love of this beautiful land. Ben not only served proudly in the US Navy for ten years during Vietnam. He was in the Navy's elite submarine service. The Navy calls the submarine service the "silent service" and Ben stayed true to the code. He never told me how he won those three Bronze Stars. You get a bronze medal for

valor and bravery. The Philippines lost a good man this morning. Simple words can not express how much I will miss my silent friend. I hope when it is my turn to find out the answers to those questions we shared about God, my friend will be there with his smile and say, "I told you so."

SPUD Students Shine Globally


t. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD), the first Paulinian educational institution in the Philippines, recently received various grants and recognitions for its students’ outstanding achievements in Sports Development, Exceptional Leadership, Community Involvement and Academic Performance.

Paulinian Supreme Student Government (PSSG) President Eduard Joseph V. Narciso have been accepted to participate the 2012 Study of the U.S. Institute for Student Leaders on New Media and Journalism in Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, USA, organized and sponsored by the Embassy of the United States of America on June 24-July 29, 2012. Narciso is also one of the participants of the recently concluded Ayala Young Leaders Congress in Manila under the Ayala Group of Companies and recipient of the Best Speaker & Best Debater awards during the Inter-University Debate in Dumaguete City. Aside from that, he is also one of the official participants - Batch 3 of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (Philippine-Tohoku Goodwill Ambassadors), which is scheduled to visit Japan on May 6-17, 2012 under the Japan International Cooperation (JICE) and the Embassy of Japan. On the other hand, three Paulinian graduates of Batch 2012, namely, Regina Clarina Elmaco (Education), Angelica

P.E.P. (People, Events, Places)

Dumagueteño is PCG Commandant


U.S. Army


APRIL 22, 2012

Dwayne Young Ricardo (Nursing) and Joshua Eleazar Domen (Information Technology) were chosen to be part of the top 20 finalists of the Central Visayas Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP). The TOSP Region VII Week will be held in Dumaguete City on April 28-May 1, 2012 under the RFM Foundation, CHED and other partners. Domen is the former president of PSSG, former editor-in-chief of the Paulinian Student Publication, official delegate to Malaysia’s Conference on Youth Volunteerism, and also part of the Batch 2 of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (Philippine-Tohoku Goodwill Ambassadors). While Elmaco graduated Cum Laude, recipient of various academic & extracurricular awards, like YMCA and Campus Leadership, and the only student delegate from Negros Oriental to the 38th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program under the National Youth Commission that visited various Asian countries. In addition, Young Ricardo is the former president of the Paulinian

Student Nurses Association and recipient of various awards, such as the YMCA Outstanding Student of 2012, Departmental Leadership, among others. Blanche Ferrolino, a consistent honor student & an incoming third year BS Accountancy, is also part of the Batch 4 of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (PhilippineTohoku Goodwill Ambassadors). On Sports Development, Sara Francine T. Olendo, a consistent honor pupil of the SPUD Grade School Department, was awarded second place during the 2012 National Age Group Championship (12 & Under Girls Category – Visayas Leg) held in Kalibo, Aklan last April 7-10, 2012. Olendo will again play on April 23-30, 2012 in Batangas City after earning a slot to the NCFP Age Group Grand Finals, which will be the qualifying tournament for the country’s official representatives to the Asian Youth Chess Championship in Sri Lanka and the ASEAN Age Group Championship in Vietnam. (PR/SPUD – External Affairs)

Dumagueteño was appointed recently as the 24th Commandant of the Philippine Coast Guard, the major maritime organization of the country, the first to have occupied such position.

Vice-Admiral Edmund Angel Alvin Castor Tan received his appointment from President Benigno Aquino III and was accorded formal turnover rites last January 24 at the PCG Headquarters in Port Area, Manila, which was attended by his immediate family members. VADM Tan reports directly to Secretary Mar Roxas of the Department of Transportation and Communications, where the Philippine Coast Guard is an attached agency, the third armed service in the country after the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police. The position of Commandant is equivalent to that of the Chief-of-Staff and the Police Director General, all four-star positions, the highest there is in the armed services. In a thanksgiving dinner held in his honor on Easter Sunday at Bethel Guest House, Dumaguete, VADM Tan equated the story of God’s passion, death, and resurrection to our own life stories – the sufferings we encountered before we reached the pinnacle of our success. Similarly, whereas the major player in the story of Easter is Mary, the mother of Christ, VADM Tan likewise acknowledged the immense support of his mother,Dr. Rosalina “Sally” Amor Castor Tan – former vice-president for academic affairs and dean of the Graduate School of the Central Visayas Polytechnic College (now Negros Oriental State University), the first to hold such positions – in the celebration of his own story of Easter, which he referred to as the “story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise.” In fact, Christ’s Resurrection is a guarantee of our own, VADM Tan expounded. He also paid tribute to his late father, Navy Officer Crescencio Laingo Tan -- a testament for the one person who first molded him into the service of the country and the profession of arms. The city government of

Dumaguete sponsored a resolution congratulating VADM Tan on his appointment, which was presented during the thanksgiving dinner by its main author, Councilor Nilo Sayson, together with Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova representing Mayor Manuel “Chiquiting” Sagarbarria. The resolution, among others, highlighted VADM Tan’s being a multi-awarded and seasoned officer with superior leadership qualities, as well as possessing the aptitude for academic excellence starting from his elementary years until his ascent in the military hierarchy. A member of “Mapitagan” Class of 1980 of the Philippine Military Academy, he was bestowed the 2011 UlirangAma Award by the National Mothers Day and Fathers Day Foundation, Inc. A check donation of P531,800 was turned over by VADM Tan to the provincial government of Negros Oriental from the officers and men of the Philippine Coast Guard for the earthquake victims of the province. “The Coast Guard personnel set aside P100 from their subsistence allowance specifically to help our fellow Negrenses,” he informed as Provincial Administrator Arnel Francisco accepted the check on behalf of Gov. Roel Degamo. The same gesture of support was extended last year during the term of Admiral Ramon Liwag, his predecessor, to the victims of Typhoon Sendong, which was then coursed through the Department of Transportation and Communications. Among those who expressed their well wishes to VADM Tan was Atty. Zerlina Abella, his former English teacher at the East Visayan School of Arts and Trades, which later became CVPC, and now, NORSU. “Edmund was my student in fourth year high school. I can still remember the soft-spoken, very polite boy in the second row of my


class. At first, I thought he was just one of the ordinary students in my class, but as the lessons progressed, I saw the alertness in his eyes and then I knew that this was one smart kid I was dealing with. He was smart, that’s why he qualified as an American Field Service scholar and studied as a senior at Whitnall High School in Greenfield, Wisconsin, USA in 1973 to 1974. He graduated valedictorian of his high school class here,” Atty. Abella enthused. Calling his being at the helm of the Philippine Coast Guard as his destiny, VADM Tan reiterated his stewardship as a “sacred trust, protecting it much more than my life, with deep humility, and the greatest of determination, to give my best in service to God, country, and people,” adding that “he will not bring disgrace to the people of Dumaguete and Negros Oriental.” The presence of his family, former classmates, relatives, and friends during the thanksgiving dinner was a motivation for him to be “good, do good, and stay good, and a reminder, too, that God is good all the time.” Also present during the thanksgiving were VADM Tan’s wife, the former Ma. Theresa “Nini” Mercado of Manila (they have five children and one granddaughter), brothers and sisters-in-law Judge Rafael Crescencio and Dr. Betsy Joy Tan, Engr. Reynaldo and Architect Angelita Tan with their respective families. Also sending their well wishes are brother Lorence and his family in Australia, and only sister Maritess Tan Valencia and her family in the US.

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APRIL 22, 2012


Mandarin... A decade later, the list grew to include Japan , Africa, Australia, Chile, Brazil, India, Pakistan, the US and Egypt. Beijing emerged as the world's largest producer of manufactured goods last year. America yielded a standard it bore for 110 years. These are tectonic shifts. “The global effect is of an entirely different order,” adds Observer. “The world is tilting on its axis in even more dramatic style” than when Europe ruled the roost ---until dislodged by an upstart colony of then 13 states. “We no longer have any alternative but to abandon our western parochialism,” Jacques argues. But the shift in mindset that faces us is colossal… During the 19th and 20th centuries, every non-western country was compelled to understand the west in its own terms. “Now, it is now our turn to make sense of a country so different from our own. It will be a Herculean task. We always look west, hardly ever east." The result is we “insist on living in a world that was rather than is. We are so far behind the curve.” Why? Does part of this hang-up stem from ill-fitting prisms? Ascendancy bred, first in Europe, then the US, a westerncentric mentality. The west is the fount of all wisdom. The only universal model of modernization that worked was westernization, “Our sense of superiority closed our minds.” Few entertained the idea that a backward China, shorn of democracy and bereft of Enlightenment principles, would flourish. “We were not even curious,” Jacques recalls. We insisted “on seeing China through a western prism. We refused to understand China in its own terms. Our arrogance bred ignorance.” Ever heard of China Development Bank and China Exim Bank? Few have. Yet, they lent more to developing nations than the World Bank in 2009 and 2010, “just as the Rothschilds funded much of Europe's industrialization in the 19th century.” China made the renminbi available for settlement of trade. Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation foresees half of China 's trade, with the developing

from page 6 world, will be paid in renminbi by 2015. “Is this a process where the renminbi could dislodge the dollar as the world's dominant currency?” Overall figures can mislead though. China’s huge population base whittles down per capita income. Well-being is reflected better in modern human development indices. These factors are education, health, justice, etc. Other equity measures include political freedoms and human rights. Norway tops 187 countries in human development ranking, gauged by UN. The next four are: Australia, Netherlands, US and New Zealand. China is in slot no. 101. Given the massive poverty, Beijing won't break into the magic circle of 47 countries with very high human development anytime soon. In the Philippines, we’re wedged between Moldove and Egypt at slot 112. Like China, we huddle with 47 other countries with middling “medium human development.” The west has primarily been shaped by its experience of nation, the analysis claims. In contrast, China is not even primarily a nation state. It is a civilization state. China has been moulded by its sense of civilization. “Unlike Europe, China never sought to acquire overseas colonies. Instead, Beijing established a tribute system in east Asia. The Chinese state bears a fundamentally different relationship to society compared with any western state… (This) lies at the heart of the Chinese pysche. The Bo Xilai scandal rocks a China set for a leadership change in November. Tibet 's rash of immolations contiune. ASEAN countries are edgy over Chinese claims that butt into seas within their exclusive economic zones. US stationed troops in Australia, November, for a “region has some of the busiest sea lanes in the world,” President Obama said. "Learn Mandarin," we prod Kristin and Kathie. As a Chinese proverb says: “When the sea is wide, the mountains are high ---and the emperor is far away, my heart is at rest.”

Residential lot loan Commercial loan

Pension Loan

from page 6 This happens in the absence of authentic and genuine political parties, which has been mimicked by groups surrounding popular political figures that have ample logistics or are supported by powerful vested interests and lobby groups. Our so-called political parties are really loose alliances with very narrow sectoral interests, be this business or political. Who is to articulate the national interest or that of the alienated and marginalized members of society? Historically, it has been the Church and the left. Who is to blame for the sad state of affairs – this immature political set-up that has perpetuated this country’s underdevelopment? It is the citizenry themselves in a society that only cares for its extended family system and cannot seem to reconcile this with the common good. Filipinos who only vote for popular figures, relatives and neighbors do not really participate in the political process, neither do those citizens who sell their vote for a mess of potage. In politically advanced nations, their citizens belong to and support political parties. They even contribute a portion of their tax payment for their party affiliation. Moreover, they are active in partisan activities and make their voices heard in important local and national issues in regular referenda. Party members provide the parties with fresh blood and future leaders. In some countries, party scouts scour the countryside to look for the best and brightest candidates to field during elections. These parties even have foundations for the training of future leaders. I recall having been invited by a European political foundation to observe the training of future political leaders. I was ushered into an imitation hall of parliament, where future party parliamentarians would be trained to speak for the party. It was equipped with cameras to record the performance of the trainees. The same also underwent a rigid course in political economy so that they could keep abreast with developments in the country and abroad. In stark contrast, our fledgedling future leaders, mostly belonging to political dynasties, are trained at an early age in family mansions to protect the family’s political and business interests.

The value.... from page 6 ders of laughing and crying together? If they could be friends as well as caring family members through thick and thin, through disagreements and accomplishments, through hurts and joys? I especially like Gibran's phrase, "Seek him always with hours to live, not with hours to kill!" Being together with family and/or friends is in itself a prayer of presence, a way of nourishing caring, loving relationships, a way of strengthening the bonds of friendship and family oneness. We must treasure such times of togetherness and use them for good, for uplifting activities, rather than for drinking bouts, gambling, or other unproductive, time-wasting, health-damaging, unprofitable pursuits. Family and strong relationships are the anchor of our social system and culture. We need to remember that when we grumble and complain and point a finger at others, our three other fingers are pointing right back at us. It is to the family, it is to us, it is to true friendships within and without our families that we must look if we desire to improve and transform our society.

To be born..

from page 6 intervening in our life, showing us his will and ways, in manners both discernible and understandable, as well as mysterious and inscrutable. This is what is meant to be born in water and Spirit. Water refers to the sacrament of baptism that signifies that we are willing to link up with God in the Spirit, and everything that is involved in such a link-up—fidelity to Christ, following his teachings, etc. That’s why our Lord told Nicodemus, “Do not be amazed that I told you, 'You must be born from above.' The wind blows where it wills, and you can hear the sound it makes, Sometimes, one is tempted to dismiss our political situation with a shrug of the shoulders accompanied by that favorite expression, “Well, that’s politics.” But lest we forget, our political immaturity has produced our weak state and is also responsible for our state of economic underdevelopment with its sad socioeconomic consequences. Gising Pinoy! Tama na! Sobra na!

David... from page 6 and ecologically friendly way to create artificial reefs. Did these powerful politicians and agencies ask me how? No, instead, they attacked and tried to destroy my credibility. Obviously, their agenda is not creating ecological friendly reefs but to protect themselves and their program. YOU WIN. A good soldier knows when the battle is lost. I am outgunned and outmanned. When those tires wash upon Mindanao, when they destroy coral reefs just as they have every other place this has been tried, remember, I tried to warn you.

The stranger...


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from page 8 vno de que(s)ti li volce dare vno corona pontina de oro ma(s)icio gra(n)de como vna colona p(er) (s)ey filce de cri(s)talino ma iL cap° non volce q(ue) la bara ta(ss)e acio que in que(s)to principio (s)ape(ss)ero q(ue) pritiauamo piu la n(ost)ra mercantia q(ue) Lo (s)uo oro. When one of our men went ashore for water, one of those people wanted to give him a pointed crown of massy gold, of the size of a colona for six strings of glass beads, but the captain refused to let him barter, so that the natives should learn at the beginning that we prized our merchandise more than their gold.

from page 6 myself? I asked one of the crew quietly where to get a pail, cloth and some soap. I was directed down at the lower portion of the boat where I found the items. There were times when we had to do strange things. It only took few minutes and my new friend was clean and happy with the help of the crew and some kindhearted passengers. We were offered coffee and a free ride. I dropped him off at the nearby radio station, introduced myself as a media person, and asked their help for the old man to find his relatives. My one-man show at CAP Art Center, where my husband brought my paintings days earlier and arranged with curator Mary Abad, was all set when I arrived. The ribbon was cut and blessings poured. I later found out that the old man was found and cared for. He was actually a well off man with hearing and memory problems. Sometimes, God brings us opportunities in disguise, so that He can open the door to bless us.

but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit." It is the Holy Spirit who will guide us, and all we have to do is to be docile to the Holy Spirit, a relationship that does not undermine our freedom, but rather enhances it. Let’s remember that our freedom is never absolute, since we as man, as persons, are not absolute beings, but creatures, who receive our exist-

ence and everything in it, like our freedom, from God. We need to be clear about this point, because many times, we believe that we just have to live our own life, in complete and absolute autonomy from God and from others. We often consider our relationship with God and others as purely optional, developed at the instance of our own convenience, etc. And we often depend only on what we have—our intelligence, our talents, our privileges, our looks, our wealth and fame, our earthly powers. These endowments, without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, can go anywhere and nowhere. The only way we can be on the right track is when we are living and doing things with the Holy Spirit. This point may still sound strange, and even outrageous, to many. That’s unfortunate, because it simply shows a gaping ignorance of some fundamental truths about ourselves that can come only from our faith. It’s faith that enlarges and completes the picture, that gives us the ultimate dimensions of our life. Our sciences and other human knowledge can only cover so much, and if not guided by the Holy Spirit, again, can go anywhere and nowhere. We need to be born again and cultivate a Life in the Spirit. Are we beginning to develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, in deeds more than in words and intentions?

SG Bank

a.k.a. Central Visayas Rural Bank Real St., Dumaguete City Tel. No.: 225-4304; 422-6192 Mobile No.: 0910-931-6504 e-mail:



April 22, 2012 Republic of the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources Community-Based Forest and Mangrove Management Project (CBFMMP) Panay and Negros Project Management Unit – Negros Oriental Tel/Fax: 035-225 0670

Job Opening for Position as Information Officer The Community-Based Forest and Mangrove Management Project (CBFMMP) Panay and Negros is a special project between the Philippine and German government implemented through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) promoting sustainable management of forest land. The Project Management Unit (PMU) within PENRO Negros Oriental is now looking for a qualified applicant for the position as Information Officer to support documentation and IEC.

Expected tasks:



Notice is hereby given that the heir of the late Pedro Balderas, namely, Erlinda Mora RebanteBalderas has filed and executed an Adjudication of Sole Heir with Absolute Sale upon a parcel of land situated in So. Tubod, Brgy. Piniabonan, Mabinay, Negros Oriental, thereinafter described by Original Certificate of Title No. FV4657, Lot No. 4893, Pls-609-D, containing an area of 48,600 sq. m. more or less per Document No. 669, Page No. 67, Book No. 40, Series of 2011 notarized by Atty. Joseph Ray Valencia.

Notice is hereby given that the heirs of the late Rodulfo F. Maypa, namely, Remedios T. Maypa, Dwight T. Maypa, Daphne M. Taduran, and Darryl T. Maypa have filed and executed a Declaration of Heirship, Quitclaim and Partition upon a parcel of land situated in Barrio of Pagatban, Municipality of Bayawan City, Province of Negros Oriental, thereinafter described by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-36325, containing an area of 14,600 sq. m. more or less per Document No. 526, Page No. 103, Book No. 31, Series of 2012 notarized by Atty. Edmund F. Dy.

The Negros Chronicle April 15, 22, and 29, 2012

The Negros Chronicle April 15, 22, and 29, 2012

DEED OF DONATION Notice is hereby given that Remedios T. Maypa has filed and executed a Deed of Donation in favor of Darryl T. Maypa, Daphne M. Taduran and Dwight T. Maypa upon a parcel of land situated in Barangay Pagatban, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, thereinafter described by Original Certificate of Title No. FV-37687, containing an area of 40,971 sq. m. more or less per Document No. 527, Page No. 103, Book No. 31, Series of 2012 notarized by Atty. Edmund F. Dy. The Negros Chronicle April 15, 22, and 29, 2012

Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT 7th Judicial Region Branch 33 Dumaguete City CAD PLEAD NO. 3900 PETITION FOR THE ISSUANCE OF SEPARATE TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLE NO. 14665 FOR LOT NO. 1891-B, PSD-07-03- 000987 BACONG CADASTRE FORTUNADA P. PAJULAS, Acting as Attorney-in-fact of CERILO VENDIOLA, , ET AL, Petitioners, X————————————————————————/

AMENDED ORDER A verified petition for the Issuance of separate Transfer Certificate of Title NO.14665 for Lot No. 1891-B, PSD-07-03-000987 Bacong Cadastre has been filed with the Court by Cerilo Vendiola, et al., who are represented herein by their attorney-in-fact, Fortunada P. Pajulas, praying for this Court, upon due notice and hearing, to direct the Registrar of Deeds of the Province of Negros Oriental to issue a Transfer Certificate of Title for Lot No. 1891-B, PSD-07-03-00987, upon payment of required fees. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, it is hereby ordered that said petition be heard at the session hall of this court on 3 May 2012 at 9:00 o’clock in the morning, at which place, date and time any interested person may appear and show cause why the prayer in the petition should not be granted. At their expense, petitioners are hereby directed to have this order published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its component cities, which publication should be accomplished at least a week before the scheduled date of hearing. Let copies of this Order be furnished to the solicitor General, the Land Registration Authority, the Registrar of Deeds of the Province of Negros Oriental, and Ms. Fortunada P. Pajulas SO ORDERED, Given in open court this 7th day of December 2011 at the Hall of Justice, EJ Blanco Drive, Piapi, Dumaguete City, Philippines. The Negros Chronicle April 8, 15, & 22, 2012

a. Document project activities, produce training and awareness raising materials b. Document and edit lessons learned, success stories and good practices c. Manage IEC and material production contacts d. Manage project library and reference materials e. In addition, perform other tasks assigned by Project Management Officer in support of the implementation

QUALIFICATION: 1. University degree in Dev. Com, Mass Com, Social Sciences, English or other related courses 2. Excellent writing and editing skills 3. At least one year working experience in documentation and IEC material production 4. Good computer skills and able to use documentation gadgets 5. Excellent team worker with patience and good communication skills 6. Ability to work under pressure and with tight timeframe All applications with CV, cover letter and at least two references with contact information should be addressed to Charlie E. Fabre, PMO CBFMMP, PENRO, Larena Drive, Taclobo, Dumaguete City not later than April 27, 2012. Only shortlisted candidates will be informed on the interview.


COMMERCIAL LOT FOR SALE Banilad, Dgte. City, 2,772 sq.m., clean title, fronting the highway, wide entrance, suited for apartment, gasoline station and commercial spaces, P2,000 per sq.m. only Call: 0918-929-6047

FOR SALE Residential Lot 2,000 sq.meters at Bong-ao, Valencia, Negros Oriental Price: affordable and negotiable

Call: 0918-929-6047


April 22, 2012



Assisting flood and earthquake victims By: Princesita (Precy) Almendras Fiscus


n December 2011, the lives of residents of the islands around the Bohol Sea were ravaged by Typhoon Sendong. They awoke to rag ing rivers sweeping away homes, sleepers and families who never awoke. In February 2012, a 7.0 earthquake destroyed roads, bridges, homes and took lives up and down the eastern Coast of the island of Negros Oriental. In a span of 3 months, the region was overwhelmed. The prospect of helping the less fortunate is something that appeals to me. I always wanted to be a social worker but for some reason, I ended up being an accountant. My ‘penny donation’ fund drive turned out to be very successful! The result is 3 times more than what I have expected. For several weeks, I was rolling pennies and other change denominations on

the train as I commute to work. Words are not even enough to describe how I feel. I am so blessed to have so many good friends who have faithfully supported my outreach mission for flood and earthquake victims which benefited thousands of Filipinos. I am really grateful to those who have shared what they have; everything was very much appreciated no

matter how small or big the donation was, from a penny to a couple of hundreds of U.S. dollars. Some friends have actually asked acquaintances to help out. I would like to give my special appreciation to one of my long time good colleagues, Diday Noay Marchan, who not only donated generously but also has done extra ordinary effort by asking financial support from her comrades,

The seemingly endless food line

Reader’s Views Dear Father Gammy: With all due respect, please forgive me for saying that you continuously condemn Pres. Nonoy on the RH Bill and now on the impeachment of CJ Corona. It does not matter if you are on Corona’s side politically, but questioning the President’s sanity to lead, who has the support of the vast majority of our citizens including myself, has offended me and makes me feel very sad. I am referring to your Negros Chronicle article “Pinoy Scared of Corona Acquittal” dated March 11/12. But be that as it may, now that Corona’s dirty linens being washed publicly, do you think the Chief Justice still has an ounce of moral standing sitting on the chair of the highest Judge of our country? On RH Bill, we millions of simple minds, do not understand the church equating prevention to abortion. Ang among pangutana: Unsa may koha-on kon dili pa nabdos? But we are all sinners and none of us is sacred enough to be quoting God’s words to condemn another. Father, I am praying for enlightenment and hope that God almighty will forgive me if I have committed sin. ( FRANKIE FERRER, Bais City, 402-8359)

The senate ... (Bingo)

From page 4

(in order) of Loren Legarda, Escudero and Mar Roxas (LP president). Since the party lines may of little consequence, we can just batch the senatoriables into descriptive categories. Senator Pimentel said that this “ long list” will be reduced into a “short list” and into a “final list.” Here goes. Reelectionists (Escudero, Legarda, Cayetano, Gringo Honasan, Pimentel and Antonio Trillanes IV); Old Guards (Ernie Maceda, Jun Magsaysay and KitTatad) LP Political (Roxas, Erin Tanada, Sonny Angara) LP.Cabinet and Allies (Risa Hontiveros,Ruffy Biazon, Danny Lim, Neric Acosta, Leila de Lima, Joel Villanueva, and Grace Padaca). PDP (Pimentel and Joey de Venecia) PMP (Jackie Enrile, JV Ejercito) NPs (Cynthia Villar, Ace Barbers) Lakas Crossovers (Mitos Magsaysay and Migz Zubiri). Interesting sidelights would be the fact that Pimentel does not want Zubiri in. Zubiri would therefore have to swear in as PMP to be part of the coalition. JV Ejercito does not want Mitos Magsaysay in which means she can come in as PDP. The late entry of “Jun” Magsaysay seems like a foil for Mitos’ candidacy and confuse the electorate. Cynthia Villar’s popularity among the parties could be her To page 14

of NEGROS ORIENTAL Author with victims

which lead to such an encouraging percentage of 100%. Delightfully surprised, some have even delivered buckets, jars and ziplocks of pennies for which this kind gesture brought tears of happiness in my eyes. I feel truly touched! It is amazing to know that there are lots of good people around. I thank God for the gift of friendship and I pray that the following donors will be blessed many times more: Members of the ‘Bisaya Kami Club’, Pittsburg, CA; Ramsey Purchasing Team, San Francisco, CA; EVSAT High School Class

of 1977, Dumaguete, Philippines; Office of David Burr, DDS, Concord, CA; Filipino Catholic Society, Pittsburg, CA; Fil-Am Group, Pittsburg, CA; Parishioners of St. Patrick’s, San Francisco, CA; Nazario Macaraeg; Suzanne Serrangeli; Richard Wortman, Sery Razo; Mardie Kincheloe; Donna Walton; Tess Castro; Lala Segismundo; Elyssa Match; Ruby Kinkennon; Elma Malloy; Margie Consulta; Kerima (bart commuter); Tony Guevarra; NicNic Brown; Linda

Mercader; Nina Cromer; Marc Dennis; Leny Teves; Luisa Pabalan; Marcy Estoque; Jenny Travers; Clea Chatto; Howard Hahn; Zeny Sarmiento; Sonny Yang, Chris Beal; Monette Valencia; Michael Pattison; Bing Bing Bautista; Elenita Cabrera; Remy Albertsen; Fidela Onyejekwe; Beverly Woods; Marilou Viray Mosley; Megan Kelly; Michael Chinn; Lina Danieles; Rosalie Bonifacio; Robert To page 15


HEART ATTACK – The No. 1 Killer “Death is like a thief in the night.” – Holy Scripture


Fellow, Philippine Psychiatric Association

very man should know about this sudden and unpredictable killer that only few survive. Studies have shown that heart attack is the leading cause of death for men. It is also reported that one in every 5 persons can expect to suffer heart attack before the age of 65. Between the ages of 25 to 75, men’s death rate from heart attack is 2 to 5 times greater than from that experienced by women in the same age group. Studies reveal that majority of heart disease cases are related to diet, stress, smoking and a hectic lifestyle. Heart attack is also tight or heavy crushing or ucts of the heart damage known as “myocardial inf- grip-like squeezing pain felt The basic principles of arction” or MI for short. This in the middle of the chest treatment. occurs when an artery in the area behind the breastbone • Don’t delay. Rush heart is blocked or ruptured. (sternum), the pain radiat- victim to the nearest hospiAs a result, an area of the ing to the neck, jaw, shoul- tal (emergency section). heart muscle is totally dam- ders, back or left arm or • Admit to the CCU aged or injured because it both. Other accompanying (Cardiac Care Unit) does not get enough blood or signs are weakness or fa• Common heart medioxygen. tigue, difficulty breathing, cations: strong pain killer Factors that increase the cold clammy perspiration, (e.g. opiates), anti-coaguchances of heart attack are: nausea, vomiting, pallor lant, anti-arrhythmic, antihigh blood pressure, eating and occasional fever, may angina, beta-blockers, high saturated fats, low fiber accompany this extreme omega-3 vitamins, etc. diet, smoking, birth control pain. • Special diet: low fat, pills, sex stimulants, sudden Cardiologists diag- low salt, high fiber and prostrenuous activities, stress, nose heart attack victims by tein. uncontrolled anger, fear, and the use of ECG (electrocar• It pays to learn and lack of moderate regular ex- diogram). Today, they use apply CPR (Cardio-Pulmoercise, have been linked to “Boise Monitoring Ma- nary Resuscitation) at home the incidence of heart attack. chine” (BMM) which is for immediate application. The characteristic symp- more accurate. Plus other • See your cardiologist toms include: sudden attack laboratory examinations to regularly to prevent heart atof the chest pain triggered by determine the presence of tack. exertion, described as severe protein and other by-prodPray always man!




April 22, 2012

MEV Dance Company goes International

Arnaiz backs ...

the CIVIC circle From page 16


(Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)

Laughter – The better medicine The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. –  E.E. Cummings


ilipinos are known for their friendliness and charming ways. We are known as a happy people and the smiles and laughter that abound are proof of the resiliency and happy nature of the Filipino.

Ballet: Kneeling (L-R): Patty Opsimas, Glydel Ilarcosa, Kim Balfiños, Joy Curso Standing (L-R): Justine Racal, Ricamae Barandog, Alana Vicente, Marya Inocencio.


he MEV Dance Company will perform during the Interna tional Dance Exchange on April 26-30, 2012. They will be performing with international dance companies from China, England, Japan, Hongkong, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singa-

The senate ... (Bingo)

From page 13

“winnable” name and let’s face it –her billions of wealth. Former Senator Maceda stirred a hornet’s nest recently when he was quoted on national TV as saying that an acquittal of Chief Justice Renato Corona in the senate impeachment case would be a boost for Binay. He explains that with Corona back in the SC saddle- there is no more chance for the electoral protest of Mar Roxas involving 3 million invalidated votes versus current VP Binay, to prosper. The case is being heard at the PET (Presidential Elec-

pore, South Korea and Thailand. Other local dance companies performing are Bayanihan, Ballet Philippines, Powerdance Halili-Cruz Ballet Company, Malengas Dance Ensemble, SLU Dance Company, and Kagan Dance Collective.

toral Tribunal), which is headed by CJ Corona. Binay’s continued stay as VP –and his high ratings- will strengthen his presidential bid in 2016. Maceda’s logic extends further-saying that a Corona conviction would boost the political stock of President Aquino and a stronger Aquino would have a more telling endorsement effect of whoever PNoy will endorse for president in 2016. PDP head Binay and PMP top honcho Erap Estrada, however, downplayed Maceda’s take as merely his opinion as a political analyst. Is the parting of ways between Aquinoand Binay in 2016 inevitable? Spokesperson Abi Valte says their belonging to different powerful parties will make

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the parting of ways hard to stop (as we editorialized as well last Sunday). The president, playing statesman, said a “split” may not be necessary –in terms of advocacy- but Binay was realistic enough to qualify that different party platforms could divorce the two top country leaders by 2016. Binay, however, waxed sentimental, stating: “but everything I am now –I owe to the Aquino family. We have many happy memories together that will be hard to forget.” In 2010, Binay narrowly escaped with 750,000 lead over LP’s Roxas (Aquino’s running mate) when a “yellow vote” from the LP cause apparently switched to an Aquino-Binay war chant in the last minute which upset Roxas no end.

A friend told me this email has been going around and though the author is unknown, this article is worth sharing. I hope this will brighten up your Sunday. f you are a Filipino, you will see the humor in this list and relate to the jokes. Non-Filipinos may not get the humor or understand this inside joke. Read on and have a hearty laugh! Ten Reasons why a Filipino-American cannot be a US President in the White House: 10. The White House is not big enough for in-laws and extended relatives. 9. There are not enough parking spaces at the White House (for 2 Honda Civics, 2 Toyota Land Cruisers, 3 Toyota Corollas, a Mercedes Benz, a BMW, and a Pinoy van). 8. Dignitaries generally are intimidated by eating with their fingers at State dinners. 7. There are too many dining rooms in the White House – where will they put the picture of the Last Supper? One of the visible leaders here was Senator Escudero who is both equally close to the president and vice-president. The senatorial list above, admittedly, is a strong field- so difficult to choose just 13 of them from a distinguished assembly of veterans and newbies.

6. The White House walls are not big enough to hold a pair of giant wooden spoon and fork. 5. Secret Service staff won’t respond to “psst…psst...” or “hoy, hoy, hoy!”    or “mouth pointing gestures.” 4. Secret Service staff will not be comfortable driving the presidential car with a Holy Rosary hanging on the rear view mirror, or the statue of the Santo Niño on the dashboard. 3. No budget allocation to purchase a karaoke music-machine for every room in the White House. 2. State dinners do not allow ‘Take Home’. AND THE NUMBER 1 REASON WHY THERE COULDN’T BE A FILIPINO-AMERICAN U.S. PRESIDENT IS…… 1. Air Force One does not allow overweight Balikbayan Boxes. Share this with your friends and have a good laugh!   HAPPY  SUNDAY!!!

Since endorsements (Binay, Aquino, Estrada) will just cancel out each other- it is important for the candidates to be their own brand name. What makes them different from the rest. They should have specific (not generic) advocacies and must let the people know, of course, through the media

and pressing flesh in the provinces. And the venerable survey groups -SWS and Pulse- should do an every two months survey tracking the destiny of those who will be senators in 2013. After all, one month in politics is like eternity. An interesting senate race in 2013- we tell you.


SPL. PROC. NO. MY-12-08

CHEZEL R. CAÑAVERAL., PETITIONER. -versusCATALINA L. GARCES in her capacity as the ICO-MUNICIPAL CIVIL REGISTRAR of Mabinay, Negros Oriental, Philppines. Respondent. X—————————————————————————/

ORDER Before this court is a verified petition for Correction of Entry in the Birth Records of CHEZEL R. CAÑAVERAL, praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an order shall issue directing the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of Mabinay, Negros Oriental, to correct the entry in the birth record of herein petitioner particularly her date of birth from March 30, 1975 to March 30, 1977 and to direct herein respondent to make the necessary correction in its office. Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance, set this case for initial hearing on June 6, 2012 at 8:30 0’clock in the morning, at the Session Hall of this court at which date, time and place, all interested persons may appear and show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. Let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Negros Oriental and its component cities once a week for at least three (3) consecutive weeks, before the date of hearing. SO ORDERED Bais City, Philippines, February 21, 2012. The Negros Chronicle April 22, 29, & May 6, 2012




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April 22, 2012

Tierra Alta launches the Clubhouse with Aquatica and Tierra Cafe


fter its soft opening last February, the Tierra Alta Clubhouse, Aquatica Pool and Restaurant, and Tierra Café will hold its grand opening and inauguration at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 29 at the Tierra Alta Residential Resort in Valencia, Negros Oriental. Tierra Alta lives up to its being dubbed as the premier residential estate and the ultimate events destination in this part of the province. This exclusive, master-planned community boasts of a Greek-inspired Clubhouse and pavilion, enormous lagoontype infinity swimming pool, restaurant, lighthouse view deck, cliff-side boulevard, picnic and bonfire areas, spacious open parks, sports facilities, and the latest craze, the zipline adventure ride. This The Tierra Alta Residential Resort Complex which houses the Club33-hectare mega-de- house and Pavilion including the Aquatica Swimming Pool and velopment project of Tierra Cafe. Philsouth Properties and Development Corporation to free entrance to Aquatica and above), and women (open). A offers 24-hour security and ac- discounts at the restaurant, registration fee of P350 is recessibility being just 12 min- function rooms and other quired, which is inclusive of a utes from the city proper. amenities inside the clubhouse. meal, shirt, race number, and Tierra Alta is situated 800 feet  Membership to non-landown- a certificate. Registration site above Dumaguete City thus ers is available at promotional is at the Spyder Store, giving its residents unob- rates. Robinsons Place Dumaguete structed panoramic view of the Moreover, that day will at 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. from April entire city and neighboring also be a red-letter day for 23-28. Last day of registration towns and is the only residen- Tierra Alta Residential Resort is on April 28 until 6 p.m. tial subdivision with fully-func- and Philsouth Properties and Online registration is also actional facilities and amenities. Development Corporation, the cepted on Facebook. Summer revelers will have pioneer real estate developer in Spectators will be treated a different outdoor experience Negros Oriental, as they launch to a skydiving exhibition at 10 as Aquatica opens its doors to several activities collectively a.m. and 3 p.m.; RC airplane the grandiose, awe-inspiring known as Tierra Alta Chal- and helicopter exhibition at 10 and child-friendly swimming lenge. Organized primarily for a.m.; and buy 1, take 1 on all pool in a unique setting. En- those who love adventure Zipline rides starting at 9 a.m. trance fee is P500 while part of sports and fitness buffs, the ac- to 10 p.m. it is consumable in the restau- tivities are perfect for family or Sponsors are Spyder, Murant. group bonding this summer. nicipality of Valencia, San Meanwhile, Tierra Cafe is It will start with the first Miguel Corporation, Cocathe newest dining destination, Tierra Alta XC National Circuit Cola Bottlers Phils Inc, offering Mediterranean cuisine Mountain Bike Race sponsored Steeltech, Davies, and the infused with Asian and Ameri- by Spyder, and organized by Rush Zipline. Media Partners can flavors. The restaurant the Dumaguete Mountain Bik- are Fil Products, Negros makes its signature ice cream, ers (DUMB) at 7:30 a.m. at Chronicle, Metropost, DYEMoperates its own bakery, assur- Tierra Alta, Valencia, Negros FM, Killer Bee, and DYGB. ing clients of freshly-baked Oriental. Attractive cash For this event, Tierra Alta breads and pastries prepared prizes, including medals for will have a one day Open daily. These, in addition to the those who will finish up to the House, with incredibly low monthly specials, are sure to fifth place, await those who price packages with discounts tickle the discriminating tastes will join in the following cat- up to 25% on select lots. For of the Negrenses. It has diver- egories: elite (open), novice inquiries and other details sified into accepting catering (29 years old and below), in- about all the events, you may services for special occasions. termediate (30-39 years old), call 422PHIL (7445) or text Club members are entitled veterans (40 years old and (0917)3145578.

Assisting flood ... From page 13 From page 4 Energy and economic viability Almendras also explained that economics is a vital component in determining the use of energy. Even if energy is cheap, but the costs of transporting it from one place to another is high, then it may not be economically practicable to use that type of energy resource, he explained. It may also not be practical to set up a coal-fired power plant in a province that has low energy demand. A coal power plant, to be economically viable, requires a minimum threshold in energy consumption, he added. Social dimensions of energy Almendras said the social dimensions of energy sourcing cannot be ignored. It is not socially acceptable to uproot and dislocate people, and move them in the name of creating an energy source, he said. W hile nuclear energy

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might be cheap, but society does not consider nuclear energy as an acceptable energy source, especially with the experience in Fukushima after the massive earthquake in north Japan a year ago. Environmental factor We must accept the fact that we need to be responsible to be sustainable in our energy resources. If we consider these factors, then the country will have a sensible direction in channeling its energies towards sustainability for future generations, he said.

Orthodontics Dr. Seeress Mae R. Heniel General Dentistry and Orthodontics Clinic Address: No. 53 Pinili St., 2nd Flr., Cornelio Bldg., Dumaguete City 6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines

Contact us through: Phone: 035 422 4159 Mobile: 0923 8849495

Castagneri; Emilie Bague; Ruby Nelson; Josephine Jurado; Fatima Rubio; Leonielyn Donohue; Percy Marchan; Flor Herce; Leenee Marchan; Leonard Marchan; Josie Ferrer; Nilva Marchan; Sofia Viray; Oliver Ybanez; Craig Smitheram and Arleen LaroManos, who donated hundreds of bottled water which were distributed to towns that did not have drinking water


Is sugar industry now on its sunset years?

FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS feature the memo agreements between stakeholders and the Dep’t of Trade held at the Silliman function room. L-R: Atty. Froilan Alcantara, moscuvado developer and exporter; Eduard Du, NOCCI president; Senen Peralda, Phil. Trade Training Center; and Ramon Vicent Kabigting, ASEC of DTI.



ndustry players focusing on the sugar trading business foresee the sugar industry as a sunset industry if nothing is done to nitch its marketing strategies here and abroad.

The main reason is that producing sugar in the Philippines has so high a cost, plus CARP or land reform which can easily switch the scenario of the playing field anytime. This is not to mention sugar smuggling, and the entry of militants who entice farmer beneficiaries to grab every opportunity to gain land, yet there are no real prospects of prosperity unless they bond together and go back to where it started: a new oligarchy of farm beneficiaries. Here comes the entry of moscuvado sugar and the organic sugar which comes more expensive but more healthfriendly compared to the traditional centrifugal and brown raw sugar. Sugar industry players in Negros Oriental therefore, are apprehensive about the implementation of the Free Trade Agreements (AFTA) with members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The apprehension was raised by members of the Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce and Industy (NOCCI) even as an agreement was signed for them to be part-

ners with two agencies under the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) including Silliman University and the national government in the awareness campaign to educate the people about the AFTA. The memorandum of agreement was signed Thursday between the Bureau of Export Trade Promotion (BETP) headed by director Senen Perlada, Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) headed by Asec Ramon Vicente Kabigting, Cleonico Fontelo, vice president for finance representing Silliman University Ben Malayang III and NOCCI president Eduardo Du. The fear of farmers is anchored on the fact that even before the implementation of AFTA, rampant smuggling of sugar has been reported, how much more when the tariff will be 5%. According to the chamber president, Thai sugar for example is much lower than Philippine sugar due to a high cost of production, unlike in Thailand and other ASEAN countries, where fertilizer is highly subsidized. Contributing to the high

cost of production is the unabated increase in fuel prices and transportation costs from one port to another. Du said “Santa Claus is coming but is not bringing the good news, especially to the sugar industry.” PTTC and BETP is partnering with Silliman and NOCCI to educate the farmers and the planters about AFTA. However, the businessman said there is nothing that we can do being part of the global community. In fairness, Du said that with AFTA, local exporters can also make good in importing their products, like Atty Florian Alcantara who has been importing moscovado sugar to the markets in Japan and Korea. Alcantara had been a traditional sugar planter for 15 years, but had to find ways to diversify in order to be competitive. Even without the AFTA, imported agricultural and poultry products are already coming in, the chamber president confirms.  In supermarkets here, a locally produced carrots from Canlaon obviously cannot compete with the carrots or camote coming from ASEAN neighbors due to the size.jg

for several days right after the earthquake. I sincerely extend my heartfelt thanks to the dozens of helpful volunteers who bagged and distributed more than a thousand sets of goods and travelled with me from town to town. It breaks my heart to see some of the seriously affected victims who have lost their homes and the members of their household as well. While receiving the goods, teary eyed victims have made some nice comments; one of the phrases which still lin-

gers in my mind and give me goose bumps as I doze off to sleep every night is this “...The Almighty God will know how to thank you and your generously thoughtful friends...” The aftermath of the calamities still looks devastating and seeing the long lasting effect saddened my whole well being. Visiting thousands of vic-

tims and giving them goods (rice, sardines, noodles, clothing and candies) during the Holy Week and after Easter Sunday is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. It feels wonderfully good to be doing something for the Lord. Just like what Jesus said… “Whatever you did to the least of my brethren, you did it for me”.

HYBRID PIGLETS FOR SALE See to appreciate at #217 Colon Extension, Lupa Brgy 8, Dumaguete City.

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ROZZANO GREGORIO RAMON AGUSTIN C. LOCSIN, Petitioner. X——————————————————————————/


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SP. PROC. NO. 2012-5058

ORDER Petitioner, single, Filipino, of legal age, a resident of Bantayan, Dumaguete City, and having all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications to adopt, filed an amended petition to formally adopt minor Carlo Christopher Luis L. Bollos and for the change of the child’s name to Carlo Christopher Luis Locsin. The Amended Petition is set for hearing on September 26, 2012 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at the session hall of this Court in the Hall of Justice, E. J. Blanco Drive, Dumaguete City. Any interested person may appear on said date, time and place and show cause, if any, why the petition should not be granted. The Court Social Worker to whom this petition is assigned is directed to conduct a child and home study and submit a report thereon at least one month before September 26, 2012. Furnish copies of this Order to the Petitioner, the Solicitor General, and the City Civil Registrar of Dumaguete City at their given addresses. SO ORDERED. Given this 27th day of March 2012 in the City of Dumaguete, Philippines. The Negros Chronicle April 15, 22 & 29, 2012

(Sgd.) NOEL P. CATACUTAN Presiding Judge



April 22, 2012

Henry, Gary officially Green enhances Life! with NPC party now W


ep. Pryde Henry Teves of the 3rd district  in  Negros  Oriental has confirmed that he has switched his political affiliations long time ago.

Teves, who is head of the Lakas-CMD political party in the 3rd district, however, clarified that he may have changed political party lines but has not taken his oath officially, along with his uncle, former Finance Sec. Margarito “Gary” Teves. From Lakas-CMD, the Teveses are now affiliated with the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC). He said proof of this is that his chairmanship of an important committee in congress was supposed to be intended for an NPC stalwart. Teves said he and Cong. Gorge P. Arnaiz and former Sec. Gary Teves will be working as a team in the province, but the final lineup will depend on the results of a survey and consultation to be conducted next month. As to the vice-gubernatorial tandem of Gary Teves, the young legislator said

Gary TEVES former NORSU president Dr. Henry Sojor can be a good legislator aside from being a good executive. Teves believes that there can only be two major political forces in next year’s elections so that a number ofpolitical parties are already signing up with the

Rep. Henry TEVES United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) to fight against the Liberal Party in 2013. He stressed that he has no choice but to align with the NPC, and its but natural that those who believe in his leadership will follow their leader, referring to Lakas stalwarts in the province.jg

Optical media raids pirated DVDs outlet By JUANCHO RODRIGUEZ.


surprise raid by the Operatives of the Optical Media Board in Manila (OMB) confiscated eight boxes of pirated compact discs and DVDs in a raid, Wednesday night, in Dumaguete City in violation of exist-

ing laws.

First, the raiders did not coordinate with the local PNP, they put off the CCTV cameras during the raid, they also confiscated other non-DVD items, drank and bought cigarettes without paying, then blottered the raid five hours after the raid. Armed with an Inspection Order No. 121105 issued by Roland Ronnie Rekitts, chairman and chief executive officer of OMB in Manila, the raiding team swooped down at RM Commercial along Pinili Street and consficated what they believe are pirated CDs and DVDs for alleged violation of RA 9239. RM Commercial is owned and operated by a certain Jeff Tan, represented by the caretaker identified as Chawa Wu, a Chinese national who was arrested by a certain OMB agent Arturo U. Bulic. A sales lady, however, said they were surprised because the agents also confiscated other

Liberals eye ... From page 2 He had to absorb a stinging defeat by just over 50 votes, which he tried to contest but was later withdrawn. Later, Maquiling’s son was appointed as City Tourism Officer by Mayor Sagarbarria. Following the alleged offer made by the incumbent mayor to Vice-Mayor

items, including shoes, mats, children’s wear, bags, among others. A certain Mitch Sarvida, single, 24 years old, claimed one of the agents put off the CCTV camera while they were scooping the items inside. She said, at first, the raiding team did not notice the presence of the CCTV camera as soon as they entered the store premises, but when they noticed it, it was put off. She further claimed that some of the agents ordered softdrinks and did not pay, and another agent summoned one of the store employees to buy cigarettes without giving money. According to the ladies, they did not notice the presence of any policeman of the city. They were also surprised because the raid was conducted at or about 6:00 in the evening, but was only blottered past 11:00 in the evening. According to Mitch, the agents used a white van in bringing the care-

Alan Gel Cordova, which the latter spurned, Sagarbarria floated that idea of Maquiling as his vicemayor. If taken by the former vice-mayor, this would mark a major political development in the city, which Remollo refuses to buy until he is able to have a serious talk with Maquiling. Cordova, who is in-

taker and the confiscated items around the city, but they were tailing them with the use of a motorcycle sensing something different is going on. According to Dumaguete City PNP chief PSupt Crisaleo Tolentino, the OMB operatives merely informed the PNP front desk that they are conducting an enforcement operation to be headed by a certain Nerissa Enopia and 20 members and such is signed by a certain Manuel Mangubat, chief Economic Intelligence Bureau. Tolentino said he was only informed by the office on duty about the operation but did not tell their subject and did not request for any backup. It will be recalled that a similar operation was conducted by the OMB without the knowledge of the city. They were only informed that it was conducted and brought the confiscated items to the City Hall on board a tricycle, which is highly suspicious.

creasingly perceived to be siding with the LP bloc in the City Council on many issues confronting the legislative body, is currently weighing his options, but some of his allies in the civil society are asking the young vice-mayor to drop the idea altogether as he is still “not ripe for the mayorship and may lose his independence.” (By Dems Demecillo)

e all know plants and trees offer many benefits, but have you seen actual figures to prove this? Camella Dumaguete shares with you these facts that prove that greens enhance life! Workers with a view of natural elements, such as trees and flowers, experienced less job pressure, were more satisfied with their jobs and reported fewer ailments and headaches than those who either had no outside view or could only see built elements from their windows. In one study of college students under stress from an exam, views of plants increased positive feelings and reduced fear and anger. Dumaguete raises the bar in jestic mountain range. Green spaces also contrib- terms of community standards Completing the picture are ute to a healthier environment of living. Pine trees will soon model houses, a grandiose gate and foster a abound in this pleasant and with CCTV security system, sense of community, making peaceful community. jogging trails, basketball court, them particularly valuable in Trellises will soon be awash c h i l d r e n ’ s inner-city neighborhoods. with lush vines and blooms. playground and Pavilion One tree can remove 26 And all over the neighborhood These extraordinary pounds of carbon dioxide from are beautifully landscaped gar- amenities will make the atmosphere annually, dens. Dumaguete City not just a desequaling 11,000 miles of car These serve as perfect tination hub, but more so as a emissions; and releases enough backdrops to the new Ready pleasant environment to retire oxygen each day to supply a For Occupancy (RFO) in and settle. family of four. houses that will soon rise in this Camella Dumaguete is a Landscape plants, includ- beautiful community. part of Vista Land & ing shrubs and turf, remove As Dumaguete City’s new- Lifescapes, Inc., the country’s smoke, dust, and est tourist attraction and pre- largest homebuilder with other pollutants from the air. mier address, Camella 250,000 houses in 21 provinces One study showed that 1 acre Dumaguete along Palinpinon in 48 cities and municipalities. of trees has the ability to re- Road is dotted with Carribean Visit the Camella Dumaguete move 13 tons of particles and pine trees, lush gardens, pocket office at G/F Plaza Milagros gases annually. Landscaping is parks and meditation ponds set Bldg., Gov. Perdices St., a must in any home develop- against a magnificent view of Dumaguete City (035) 421ment. See how Camella the Cuernos de Negros, a ma- 0911

PPI confab goes live streaming by Ariel Sebellino


or the first time since 1997 when the first press forum was organized, the Philippine Press Institute will cover live its 16th National Press Forum on Media Accountability and Public Engagement via video streaming on April 23 and 24 at Traders Hotel Manila. This is the annual gathering of community newspapers, who are members of the Philippine Press Institute (PPI). Local PPI members here are the Negros Chronicle, Metro Post and the Dumaguete Star Informer. This is made possible by the Information Capital Technology Ventures (ICTV), which offered its services and technical resources for free. Considered as one of the most anticipated annual gathering of publishers and editors from the 72 member newspapers of the institute, the Press Forum will be accessed via, to specifically cater to audiences who will not be able to attend the conference. This year ’s exclusive broadcast partner, TV5, will also cover the event from start to finish. Speeches from the main forum and industry forum will be made available in the P P I we b s i t e , President Benigno S. Aquino III is keynote speaker in the opening ceremonies. He is the first head of state to grace the annual event. Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales is guest of honor in the Civic Journalism Community Press Awards, which will honor outstanding community newspapers for excellence in various categories. The PPI is celebrating its 48th founding year and 25th year since reactivation in 1987. Dubbed as “PPI: Legacy of a Free Press,” the celebration recognizes the restoration of democracy in the country through the historic People Power that eventually reinstated social institutions, the media included. The slogan also allows for re-examining media today as the fourth estate and watchdog. As in 2008 and the succeeding years, this year’s National Press Forum and Com-

munity Press Awards are being supported by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation through the civic journalism sustainability project that has been extended until December 2013. Guillermo Aponte, president and general manager of Coca-Cola Philippines, has been invited to give a message in the awards program.

Pres. PNOY AQUINO Keynote Speaker

Doro joins Gonzalez ... From page 2 his decision to transfer allegiance from the party whom he fought with alongside the local opposition in 2010. It can be recalled that Olasiman was the loyal ViceMayor of Rodolfo Gonzalez, Jr., who allegedly promised him the mayorship once the latter relinquishes the post after his three terms have elapsed in 2010.  But the elder Gonzalez handpicked his younger brother, Enrique, instead, leaving Olasiman’s political career and future in limbo. He later transferred to the camp of old

time oppositionist Maravillas and was anointed their standard bearer against Enrique Gonzalez, while Maravillas was pitted against Rodolfo, Jr., who slid down to the vicemayorship. Olaisman lost in the threeway fight against former Mayor Edgar Teves and then neophyte Enrique Gonzalez. Maravillas defeated former Rodolfo Gonzalez by a comfortable margin. With this development, the camp of Cong. Teves under the United Nationalist Alliance of

Vice- President Jejomar Binay is expected to finalize a slate with former Mayor Edgar Teves as the standard bearer, incumbent Vice-Mayor Maravillas seeking re-election and the full slate of municipal council ticket to be revealed later.   The  Liberal  Party  will field re-electionist Mayor Enrique Gonzalez and Olasiman as the vice-mayoral bet against Maravillas. The partial slate for the LP Municipal Council will be composed mainly of incumbents.


April 22, 2012

Delays denied ... From page 1 to their fares. But the question is what is the fair price or the just compensation? GOV’T DUTY Basically, it is the duty of DPWH as the front liner agency to pay the passage or toll fee on a fair and just price. The DPWH has two options: to agree with the owner on a just and fair “disturbance fee” meaning, fee for disturbing the owners’ privacy in view of the natural calamity. The DPWH is still consulting the DPWH Secretary Singson on how much disturbance fee is to be paid to the private lot owners. LAST RESORT: But if negotiation fails, then there is the last resort of expropriation proceedings to be filed in the RTCourt , to be initiated by the DPWH legal department, or volunteer legal work by the provincial attorney’s office being a matter of provincial and public concern. No decision yet as of deadline time of this paper. So the private toll collection continues. FARE PASSED ON But it is now the riding public and taxpayers who are paying for the cost of passing by the private detour road. Consider the increase of the fare rates to Jimalalud: just several days ago. The fare from Dumaguete to Jimalalud passing that toll fee entrance is now P107 per passenger from the old P98 fare. The rest of the smaller public utility vehicles have also implemented such a new charge. Is Ceres Liner raising its fares just because of this untimely incident? VALID OPTION The valid option is that private owners whose detour road had been constructed by the DPWH may charge

passers one time, and not twice, upon entrance and exit. We recommend P25 paid once per pass, not twice, upon entering, and exiting. But if the owners cannot agree with DPWH, then the government will initiate expropriation proceedings (which is mandatory if there is an urgent public need). Here, the court will determine what amount is to be paid in just compensation, the owner cannot refuse, but can appeal, yet , the passage starts immediately even if the case is still pending. This is because , like a TRO, the need is immediate. TAX DELINQUENCY The land owners’ real tax property payment, or delinquency, will be computed. If found out to be in arrears, the unpaid real property taxes will be charged to the computation of just compensation. If the owners insist in charging P10 to P30 per pass, per every end; then the BIR will impose and demand the issuance of an official receipt by the owners, and require their business to be registered with the Dept of Trade in accordance with law, plus equip them with a mayor’s permit, with the payment of appropriate business taxes. NO POLITICS Meanwhile, the media took exception to the claim of Limkaichong that she was being maligned over the air; that she interpreted some inaccurate reports as a demolition job by her political rivals, about her integrity. Being aluded to, the radio arm of the CHRONICLE immediately issued a clarification and interviewed Limkaichong on the air where she clarified the fact

LGUs fail ... From page 1 Macapobre told the CHRONICLE that the DSWD has set aside P92 million for Negros Oriental alone as emergency core shelter assistance since December 28, 2011. Unfortunately, it cannot release the money unless concerned LGUs are able to purchase lots where the housing units will be constructed. It will be recalled that DSWD has extended a core shelter assistance of P4.5 million for victims of the floods in 2009 yet, but was only implemented this year when the lot is available. Construction of 60 core shelter houses is expected to be completed in June this year at a 5,000-square meter lot in

Ipe steps down ... From page 2 tary to join a group of volunteer master planners and focus on his passion to help local and foreign investors to establish new tourism economic zones all over the country by securing the approval of his good friend, Mark Lapid, who heads the Tourism Infrastructure Enterprises Zone Authority. New tourism economic zones enjoy 12 years of income tax holiday and the investors, especially the foreigners, can get to own the lands where the zones are erected, unlike in Clark where locators can only lease the lots. He stressed that by establishing new zones in the provinces for medical and sports

Bajumpandan, near Habitat 4. INDICATORS This is indicative of how incompetent many of our LGU staffs are. This effort of the national government is already intended toimprove their lot, yet, the very LGUs affected have failed to do their part. This millions of pesos ready is more than poverty alleviation. This is progress laid down before their doorsteps. We recall that during the Marcos regime, all mayors and lower executives cannot be promoted without being trained at the Development Academy of the Philippines. Call it brain washing, but this is professionalism. Many of our LGUs are just high school level in mentality, even if some have college degrees. It is important that they be trained professionally so that they can improve their kind of governance, from rural and parochial, to modern and contemporary. jg tourism, hotels, theme and ecological parks, Metro Manila will be decongested of squatters as there will be more job opportunities in the countryside. Remollo said that the most persistent Local Government Units wanting to establish such zones are the provinces of Tarlac, Pampanga, Siquijor and Butuan City. However, he maintains that Negros Oriental and Bais City will not be left behind provided that the local leaderships would show adequate reception to the idea.

that she never negotiated for the toll fees by the private owners.In fact she said, she never paid a centavo as toll fee, but she was allowed to enter the detour road. URGENT MEET She met with major players of the reconstruction work namely: 1st District Engr. Ramie Doroy; DPWH new regional director Engr. Ador Canlas; and Asst. Dir. Juvy Cordon. They decided to make a full report to the DPWH secretary by way of “consulta” and sought counsel on what options to take: agree on a “disturbance fee” with the owners, or conduct expropriation proceedings against the same owners. TWO FAMILIES Two families are collecting toll fees: the Edwin Cimafranca family who collects toll fees at one end of the detour road. While the Rico et al Plagata family also collects the same toll fees at the other end of the detour road. In short, the motor vehicle owners have to pay twice upon entrance, and exit, of the detour road. Ceres bus Liner, the biggest company, refused to pay P180,000 a month for its l00 daily passes at P60 per pass from both ends. STATUS: WAITING The latest status at the Dayoyo bridge is: to await the verdict of the DPWH secretary Singson, plus his approval on the bridge plans, and the negotiated contract without bidding in the regional office for the construction to follow. QUESTION: So what is the purpose of having a regional director of the DPWH who cannot make his decision in the face of an urgent problem on the ground?

Binay backs ... From page 2 Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo said that the position for Congressman in the 3rd District is open for Degamo should he decide to join the administration party. Teves continues to visit local communities and is encouraged by the warm reception he is getting thus far, and the survey that will be conducted will not be used to answer whether he will seek the governorship or not, but merely to determine which localities is he deemed weak so as to devise a means to re-establish his presence and rekindle the people’s memory of his outstanding track record as a solon before being recruited to join LandBank and the presidential cabinet. (By Dems Demecillo)

NPC mayors ... From page 2 Dela Cruz, Sibulan Mayor Marcela Bartoces-Grampon, San Jose Mayor Melo Remollo, Tanjay City Mayor Lawrence Teves, Mabinay Mayor Ernie Uy, Dumaguete Under his leadership, Clark Development Corporation was able to double the revenues remitted to the national coffers by P200 million; increased its exports by 161% while the rest of the country decreased by 6%; 207 new contracts were sealed translating to P34 billion new investments; he also presided over 14 expansion projects and transformed Clark into a major sports tourism hub, thereby eclipsing the popularity of Subic. Nevertheless, while


Political “king-maker” turns 92; Vice Pres. Binay is special guest


he presence as special guest of the Vice-President of the Philipines, Jejomar Binay, no less, on the occasion of the 92 nd birthday anniversary of Herminio “Meniong” Guevelondo Teves, which will be marked on Wednesday, April 25, is a simple indication that the next generation of this grand political clan will continue to live up to its passion in perpetuating the family’s legacy of service. Herminio G. Teves, better known to all as “Meniong” to the high and lowly, is a man of long political track record and experience who has served as a model of what a Congressman or a Meniong TEVES Vice-Pres. BINAY Governor can be—“experienced without being abusive, responsible and rether continuing his son’s work Negros Oriental, Meniong at sponsive, and has accom(Eldest son Margarito had just 92, continues to serve his felplished much without wanting served his third and last term low Negrenses, most espeto or needing to, hog the headin Congress then). This made cially the farmers, by advocatlines by hook or by crook,” Meniong Teves the only Coning the planting of jatropha, wrote the Philippine Free Press gressman to have served all which can be used as biodiesel, when it declared him Outstandthree districts of the province. and its by-products as pestiing Congressman of the Year It was during this incumcides, fertilizer or soap, resultin 2002. bency, as Chairman of the ing in additional income for Negros Oriental’s “grand House Special Committee on farmers. Ultimately, jatropha ole man” had his first foray in Globalization and Senior could ease the country’s burpolitics in 1970, when he repVice-Chairman, then eventuden of importing high-cost dieresented the First District of ally, Chairman of the Commitsel fuel. Negros Oriental, then comtee on Ways and Means, that “I didn’t graduate from any prised of the current First and he advocated practical policies school of economics, but ecoSecond Districts, from that Filipinos in all walks of nomics, to me, is just a matter Canlaon to Dumaguete. It was life—be they farmers, smallof common sense,” he’d often th during the 7 Congress that time businessmen or taxpayers say. Meniong is also a seaMeniong authored a law that in general—could relate to. soned businessman, perhaps authorized the Bureau of Lands The subject of revenue one of the province’s most sucin the provinces to issue titles generation has always encessful. However, he made to lands five hectares and begrossed Meniong Teves. In sure to legislate policies that low so poor landowners would fact, he has spent long years would serve the interests of the not need to spend precious of careful study on taxes and people, not the interests of big money in going to Manila to systems and prompted him to businesses, and promote the have their lands titled. write a book published as well-being of the people, not This term as legislator was “Ways & Means for Tax Colto advance the greed of the cut short with the declaration lection Efficiency.” In addihigh and the mighty. of martial law in September tion, he has called for imIn short, Meniong Teves 1972. He would later organize proved tax collection and has the experience, the integthe grand coalition of all opmore transparency in the afrity and the priceless memory position groups in Negros Orifairs of the Bureau of Customs of what has come before. It is ental, even if his brother, then and other revenue collection no wonder that politicians, Senator Lorenzo Teves, was in agencies. civic leaders and businessmen, the Marcos camp. This coaliAgriculture is another subto this day, still respect and turn tion would later contribute to ject very close to Meniong’s to him for sound advice, makthe victory of Aquino, who heart, being a farmer himself, ing him truly, the grand old then appointed Meniong Govalbeit a very successful one man of Negros Oriental. ernor of Negros Oriental. who has managed a sugar millIt is commendable how the As the chief executive of ing company and raised livenext generation of Teveses in the province, he started the sostock. Given his first-hand exgovernment service— called “pulong-pulong,” perience in agriculture, it is uncouncilors, mayors, congresswherein he visits each municiderstandable that he laments men—have shown to have the pality to interact with his conthe misguided premise by same passion for helping the stituents, learn about their conwhich the government has province, ensuring that the cerns, and have these immedibeen carrying out land reform. Teves legacy of service is alive. ately addressed by the heads of The government, he believes, It is no wonder that no less line agencies (both from the seems to operate on the hasty than Vice-President Jejomar national and provincial levels) logic that once farmers are Binay himself is gracing he brings to these meetings. given their own land, they Meniong’s birthday celebraThese “pulong-pulong” have would automatically improve tion this coming Wednesday at since become Meniong’s tradetheir earning capacity. “Land the Convention Center. His mark way of getting familiar ownership is not a guarantee past, present and future conwith the public pulse. of productivity or food secustituencies join the Teves famHe made a comeback in rity,” he often says. “The farmily in celebrating yet another the House in 1998 at age 78, ers must have the capital to enyear in their patriarch’s life. once again became Congressable them to be productive.” man—this time of the Third Happy birthday, Meniong! In his relentless desire to District—in a rare case of fa(Contributed) take care of the people of City Mayor Manuel Chiquiting Sagarbarria and Sta. Catalina Mayor Leon Lopez. Meanwhile, the erstwhile dominant Lakas-Kampi-CMD party in the 3rd District is also certain that the exodus of their mayors to LP has come to an end.  At present, Basay Mayor Dandilgust Abrio, Bayawan City Mayor Rene Gaudiel, Dauin Mayor Neil Credo and Manjuyod Amor Baldado Remollo leaves Clark as one of its most dynamic Presidents, he hints of returning in government service through the intercession of DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas while remaining active in using the unique and promising opportunities of TIEZA, which if fully harnessed, would propel local communities to greater economic heights.(By Dems Demecillo)

have retained their party membership. Arnaiz is committed already to support Gary Teves’ candidacy for governor against Limkaichong. He also sought to put an end to any speculations that he would aim to return to the Capitol by asserting that he really wanted to complete his term as a congressman. When Limkaichong declared her intention to run for governor, she counted 11 mayors as among her allies, namely: Kit Adanza of Zamboanguita, Lenin Alviola of Bacong, Enrique Gonzalez of Valencia, Albert Ator of Siaton, Lawrence Limkaichong of La Libertad, Karen Villanueva of Bais City, Bindoy Mayor Valente Yap, Tayasan Mayor Santiago Sameon, Guihulngan City Mayor Ernesto Reyes, and Jimalalud Mayor Reynaldo Tuanda.(By Dems Demecillo)

Jerome to ... From page 2 paign to capture the Capitol under the LP banner. There is no guarantee that whoever Josy anoints for her house seat, the mayors who are generally supportive in her second term would transfer the same level of loyalty to the LP bet or commit to the comeback of their old and familiar patron in the Paras family. Seeing the necessity for Limkaichong to consolidate her hold to the party, LP Provincial Chair former Clark President and CEO Felipe Antonio “Ipe” Remollo indicated his willingness to step down for Limkaichong and give her all the latitude to come up with complete slates from governor to mayors and councilors in all 25 cities and towns, who enjoy her trust and confidence. (By Dems Demecillo)



April 22, 2012

Sen. Revilla ... From page 1 Motorcyle Philippines Federation which support the current helmet law has missed the fact that in the provinces, the motorcycle is not for pleasure, but a necessary companion to help transport the family and the children to school, to work and to leisure trips which are usually nearby areas. Most motorcycle users, Vicuña said, do not go on long trips, but short stops to the markets, church, school, socials and to the park. Loaded motorbikes with children make helmets impractical. That is why he is opting for optional and not mandatory use of helmets as a possible amendment to the law. Under the law, wrong helmet used has a bigger fine than the failure to use helmets at all. He described it as “oppressive and inappropriate.” Vicuña suggested that under an optional mandate, and under the principle of freedom

of choice, those who do not wear helmets and meet accidents, may not be covered by insurance, and so also when the user is drunk and driving. Finally, Vicuña said that it is only now that the LTO is implementing the law. It breeds corruption because silent arrangements can be made between LTO and violators who might settle for a lesser fine “areglo” without official receipt. There is an estimated 20,000 motorcycles in the city and province. Even”areglos” for P100 among l,000 motocyclist-violators daily means P100,000 every day in kotong income by unscrupulous enforcers. There is a move by stakeholders to invite Senator Bong Revilla to Dumaguete to give his reactions on the forthcoming class suit which stakeholders are filing shortly in the hope of getting amendments to the helmet law , notably in making it optional rather than mandatory.

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The Negros Chronicle April 22, 2012 issue  
The Negros Chronicle April 22, 2012 issue  

The Negros Chronicle April 22, 2012 issue