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3 ex-cabs confirm Villaroyo links T hree former cabinet members of the Arroyo and Cory administrations have disclosed evidence and circumstances about the existence of the infamous “Villaroyo” alliance. This even as the Lakas administration party denied such linkage saying that it is only a figment of the imagination of a short-lived political ambition of certain candidates for president. Conducting a media information blitz in Negros Oriental for two days were: LP General Campaign Manager, and former Arroyo cabinet Secretary of Education Butch Abad

who is also a former DAR Secretary under Cory Aquino; Avelino Cruz, former Defense Secretary AVELINO CRUZ, BUTCH ABAD, Turn to page 19 EX-DEFENSE SECRETARY EX-DEPED SECRETARY

APRIL 11, 2010

P 12.00


ormer National Labor Relations Commissioner Atty. Ernesto Dinopol said that the provincial board should block the controversial P380 –million loan by the city government of Bayawan, or hold it pending, until after the May elections because it is full of VG PETIT BALDADO ATTY. ERNESTO DINOPOL suspicions that the FOR GOVERNOR FOR 2D BOARD MEMBER proceeds might be used for other purposes during the election campaign. (Turn to page 19)


AKAS Presidential bet GIBO TEODORO came to Dumaguete to proclaim his key people, namely, (L-R) Chikiting Sagarbarria for city Mayor; Mariant Escano Villegas for Vice-Governor; Rep George Arnaiz for 2nd district Congressman and Rep Henry Pryde Teves for 3rd district Congressman. Jing Paras is Gibo’s man in the first district. According to reports, the presidential fight here in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental is between NoyNoy Aquino and Gibo Teodoro. The Vice Presidential fight is between Mar Roxas and Loren Legarda.


Cool it!!

TWO ARCH RIVALS FOR THE FIRST DISTRICT Congressional seat, Rep. Josy Limkaichong and ex-Rep. Jing Paras extend a peace handshake during the Holy Mass held at the Guihulngan City church celebrated by San Carlos Bishop Msgr. Jose Advincula. The first district is being closely watched by the military as a possible hotbed during the coming elections.

(L-R) Chikiting Sagarbarria for Mayor; GIBO Teodoro for President; BM Mariant Villegas for Vice-Governor and Rep. George Arnaiz for 2nd district Congressman.




April 11, 2010

Rebel squeals red’s buried guns T

he army’s suspicion that he was indeed a member of the rebel forces in Negros was confirmed when he revealed the location which led to the army’s recovery of two more buried high power firearms in Brgy. Silab, Amlan long known to be a rebel-hotbed. Silab was the scene of the infamous ambush of a band of PC soldiers and PNOC personnel in the 80s. Army’s 302ND IB commander Col. Manuel Ochotorena, confirmed that arrested rebel suspect Fortunanto Jamilla, 39, of Talalak, Sta Catalina disclosed the locations of several buried arms cache . He is a member of the Ivoy Platoon in Sibulan, San Jose, and Amlan.He also disclosed that when there is a heavy army pursuit, the rebels lie low and bury their firearms, mix with civilians, and the guns will be retrieved later. Colonel Manuel Luis M Ochotorena (Right), Commander of 302nd Brigade, 3rd Jamilla is facing charges of murder and Infantry Division, PA and his Deputy Commander Colonel Christopher C Estella illegal logging. He took part in the Dec 28 en- (Left) present high powered firearms seized from the Communist Terrorists at counter in Sta Catalina.

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Sitio Cantalina, Brgy Silab, Amlan, Negros Oriental.


Pryde: Lakas rid of disloyal members


aithful members of the ruling party LakasKampi-CMD claim that they have successfully purged disloyal members from their ranks barely one month before the May 10 presidential polls.

Third District Rep. Pryde Henry Teves said that the party leadership was actually waiting for members whose loyalty are in doubt to bolt the party before releasing funds from the campaign kitty.

“We wanted to make sure that those who shall receive the funds from the party are of proven loyalty and will really work to ensure the victory of our standard bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Turn to page 19


is recent candid admission that he his now rooting for Manny Villar for president left many political watchers puzzled on how he can boost Villar’s votes in Negros Oriental when the entire Nacionalista slate is with arch rival Petit Baldado while his supposed allies in the NPC are working for the victory of different presidential candidates. former Re-electionist Governor prompting Emilio “Dodo” Macias II ear- Dumaguete City mayor Ipe lier claimed he was inclined Remollo to shelve his plan to to support Liberal Party stan- run for governor. dard bearer Noynoy Aquino, Turn to page 3

critical repor ting reporting



G1BO funds arrive; loyalty check strict earning from the lessons of past presidential elections that money did not reach to the farthest ward leader, the LAKAS party said that it is now prudent in controlling their funds. The windfall will come as Election Day comes closer. Loyalty check is very strict. The initial campaign funds are reported to have been distributed to loyalty-checked ward leaders for their sustenance until Election Day. This was confirmed by certain ward leaders in the third district of Negros Oriental under kingmaker Meniong Teves and grandson Rep. Henry Pryde Teves. True or not? Ask a typical ward leader of Lakas in the third district. - o0o But Dodo Macias is now an expert tactician. What with almost 40 years in public service. First he neutralized Ipe Remollo’s plan to run for governor, by saying that he is for Noynoy and was even seen with LP senatoriables in Jimalalud. Opps…later, Dodo announced that he is for Villar with all the reasons…okay. Thus, he claims to have neutralized Petit Baldado, the NP official candidate anointed here by Villar himself. But who in the three-district groups will deliver Villar votes thru Dodo? Of course those mayorables who are loyal to him, not necessarily to Villar. - o0o -


Hinterland: Dodo’s bailiwick?

Bets told: Don’t use public funds


ome exasperated voters are appealing to the candidates and their mouthpieces to avoid wasting time and effort in fighting over petty matters when there are more substantive topics that are foremost in the minds of Negrenses. Some businessmen forum, who is older and found it a waste of precious healthier when Negrenses air time when the spokesmen would be more appreciative of the rival candidates de- if the candidates themselves vote several episodes of their would discuss matters that radio programs in arguing would improve the quality of which candidate would win life of the people in Negros in a basketball game or in a Oriental. 100 meter dash sprint, who “Why should they devote snored during a candidate’s Turn to page 18

e it government vehicles, printers, copiers, typewriters, office supply and most of all government personnel are strictly prohibited from being used by candidates particularly the incumbents to further their candidacies. The Commission on the capitol posts are using Elections warn that this con- government vehicles in their stitutes an election offense, campaign sorties and in which carries a maximum transporting participants to penalty of 1 to 6 years im- their rallies. prisonment including disMajority of requalification. electionists are also reported A number of concerned to be using government ofcitizens have earlier com- fice supply for their posters, plained that in some towns government fuel for their and cities, incumbent may- sorties and government paid ors and even those seeking Turn to page 18


Candidates’ Forum reels off ...







CAMPAIGN SALVO GOES ON HIGH GEAR. Arch political rivals face each other in the PPCRV candidates’ forum held in major towns and cities in the province. (L-R): JOSY vs JING in the first district, DODO vs PETIT for governor and MEV vs PERDICES for vice-governor.

Governor Dodo Macias confers with Negros Army Commanders in the hinterlands where Macias claims are his bailiwicks. Supporters say if he loses in the lowlands, he can win in the highlands. True or False?

Up North, Jing Paras and his mayors are for Gibo and for Petit Baldado who is for Villar and his mayors; Josy Limkaichong, the incumbent congresswoman is for Noynoy and her mayors while Dodo her governor, is for Villar. But which mayor will Dodo tap? Why should Josy give her proNoyMar mayors to Villar, just because of Dodo? Second district: Rep. George Arnaiz is for Gibo and his mayors; Tata Villanueva for congress and from Bais city is for Noynoy and his mayors. Pro-Villar mayors are controlled and even financed by businessman Nilo Tam, the Villar campaign manager for Negros Oriental who is fully supporting Petit Baldado, not Macias. So which mayor will deliver Villar’s votes in the second district thru Dodo Macias? Renacia of Sibulan, and dela Cruz of Amlan are for Gibo. Third district: Teves country in the south is for Gibo and their mayors under the baton of Meniong and Rep. Henry Pryde Teves. The NP in the third district is under Nilo Tam who is for Petit Baldado for governor and their mayors. So as Dodo is NPC, which mayor will deliver Villar votes thru Dodo? The Adanzas of Zambo, Araulas of Dauin and Alviolas of Bacong? - o0o Warning: Incumbent candidates, some “secret marshals” are monitoring and taking pictures of your usage of government assets for your election campaign. Careful, you might be answering all these before the Ombudsman, regardless if you win or loss. Use of government assets include office equipment, Xerox machines, computers and printers, cars, vehicles, trucks of your towns, and most of all government casuals. An independent body is now monitoring your moves. A timely reminder from your friends


April 11, 2010

How will he ... (From page 2)

Then he suddenly announced he is for Villar of the Nacionalista Party even if Villar has already anointed Macias’ arch rival Vice-Governor Jose “Petit” Baldado as its official gubernatorial

bet in a bid, which according to some analysts designed to “neutralize” Baldado. Villar thinksthat getting Macias to his side will boost his numbers by getting the two rivals to endorse him. The NP camp is cautious that mayors and barangay leaders in the province might be

inclined to follow their solons than their governor. In the first district, Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong of LP, while a Macias ally, is of course working for an Aquino victory. The mayors are divided between those affiliated with LP and of former Rep. Jacinto “Jing” Paras of Lakas-KampiCMD party, who is a close associate of Baldado. Hence, observers ask, where will Dodo get the votes for Villar. In the second district, Dodo’s ally leading incumbent Rep. George Arnaiz of the Nationalist People’s Coalition along with his mayors from Mabinay to Dumaguete City have aggressively endorsed the candidacy of Gibo Teodoro. Arnaiz’ main rival, Bais City Mayor Hector “Tata” Villanueva belongs to LP of Noynoy Aquino. Finally in the third district, considered a Teves country, both ex-congressman Meniong Teves and incumbent Rep. Pryde Henry

Teves are stalwarts of the administration party LakasKampi-CMD of Gibo Teodoro while daughter-inlaw Bebot Laurel is for Villar. The Teveses and Maciases are fierce political enemies. Reports also indicate

that while there are existing local NP candidates in several towns and cities like in Tanjay, Dumaguete and Sibulan, these candidates are all aligned with Dodo’s arch rival Petit Baldado.




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G1BO makes sense My policies when I am your President (Part III) BY G1BO TEODORO (Delivered at the Provincial Convention Center, Capitol area)


aybe we might have a program of cash for work for those farmers who are marginalized by El-Niño to dig those water catchments in every barangay where you can put fish, you can place water, and you can have an eco-system in itself per barangay. You know, they were very smart in 1967, when Tito Meniong was still member of the Congress, and they made that law. Unfortunately, we did not follow. I think we have to follow, so that goes for the environment. Thirdly, agriculture, I think its really important for Negros Oriental, so we’ve talked about education, environment, agriculture. Agriculture is important, why? Food security is the stability of the nation. It is essential to that, but we’re not securing food because we are not self sufficient particularly in rice and in corn. Sugar is a different matter. Tito Meniong is the expert, he can teach me what to do about it. So, I mean I won’t talk about that. Rice import, for me, I think the most important thing is we have to subsidize the farmer, and we have to subsidize the consumer, no choice, why? Because farmers will not survive with low prices because they can-

not have economies of scales in rice and corn. Until you can do that, you will have to take care of our farmers, particularly this year, we’re with El-Niòo now, and the aftermath of last year, where there was too much rain. Ok? So, price subsidies for farmers and price support for the consumers is something that the government cannot stop doing. Secondly, we have to continue the investments in support services for the farmers, no way can we stop the irrigation programs of the government must continue and post harvest facilities support to farmers must continue. Thirdly, naturally, we have to make seamless transportation that comes in infrastructure already, transportation and communications in all areas of the Philippines to have greater access. Ease of access of products to the market place, not only here but somewhere else. But there’s an important challenge that I brought forth to the Department of Agrarian Reform and the Department of Agriculture. We have to change our thinking on farming, with the current state of law, and all other paradigms regarding manguuma o mag-uuma, if you ask a farmer, Turn to page 16

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What is CAH?

I Editorial

Incredible Manila Surveys


he Dumaguete consortium of colleges and universities whose presidents comprise the core of the academic community of this university town of Dumaguete City are getting exasperated in the observation that the 2010 elections is now decided if not influenced by all kinds of Manila-based surveys. In this connection, the consortium of colleges and universities in Dumaguete plans to discuss the possibility of conducting its own credible and unbiased surveys in the coming elections with Dumaguete as its base. If successful, it will enlarge its coverage province wide, and later, to cover the Central Visayas and Northern Mindanao at least. The reason for this is because it would seem that the presidential election is now a battle of surveys, inuendos and character assassinations instead of a battle of issues. For instance, how can a Manila survey claim nationwide coverage when they only interviewed a few people in Metro Manila and suburbs? We are sure that the political situation in Manila and Luzon is far, far different from that of the Visayas and Mindanao. A scientist and a non-traditional presidential candidate, Nicanor Perlas, spoke to ENERGY FM and the CHRONICLE saying that


surveys are incredible and do not elect presidents. He cited that while his popularity is high as he goes through the provinces, the Manila surveys rate him as below one percent which is impossible. He admits that surveys are tailored to tilt in favor of the sponsors. Dr. Gerardo Maxino, National President of the Physics Society of the Philippines in a long distance interview in Cagayan de Oro where he is presiding as National Convention of Physicists in the country and his committee has been designated by Dr. Henry Sojor, President of the consortium of the private colleges and universities here to organize nononsense self-financed survey in order to get a clear picture of the political situation in Dumaguete, and soon in Negros Oriental. Other ranking officials of the consortium of colleges and universities here are Dr. Ben Malayang, president of Silliman University; Dr. Henry Sojor, President of the Negros Oriental State University or NORSU; Dr. Nilda Masirag, President of St. Paul University; Dr. Mira Sinco, President of Foundation University; Fr. Enrique Balongag, President of COSCA and Diocesan Schools Superintendent; Delma Manila of the Metro Dumaguete College and Gerry Maxino, President of the Maxino College.

The true measure of love

am currently attending the required Mandatory ContinuingLegal Education or MCLE in time for the deadline for the third compliance on April 14.

Lawyers in the Philippines are required to attend 36 units worth of legal lectures every three years, as a way to update them in current legal developments. I learned a lot in these MCLE seminars. I realized I have been missing a lot since then. In a lecture on recent Supreme Court decisions on family law, I learned a 2008 case decided on the basis of CAH. C.A.H. stands for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. People with CAH are very, very rare. About 1 in 10,000 to 18,000 children are born with CAH. There are people who claim to be male but “trapped in a woman’s body”. There are also people who claim to be female, but “trapped in a man’s body.” However, in the case of Jennifer B. Cagandahan, one of those born with CAH, she was a person trapped in both a man and a woman’s body. Jennifer has two sex organs— a vagina and a penis. Jennifer’s birth certificate indicated she was a female. However, when Jennifer got older she felt he was male. So Jennifer went to court to secure an order to change the entry in her birth certificate from “female” to “male”. Jennifer presented in court a physician from the psychiatry department of UP-PGH. In the witness stand the doctor confirmed Jennifer has CAH. He explained that genetically, the respondent is female. But because Jennifer’s body secretes male hormones, her female organs did not develop normally and she has two sex organs – female and male. The doctor testified that Jennifer’s uterus is not fully developed because of lack of female hormones, and that she has no monthly period. The trial court granted Jennifer’s wishes, and ordered that her birth certificate be changed to that of “male”. The court also granted Jennifer’s wish that her name be changed to “Jeff”. The government appealed the trial court’s decision, arguing that the change cannot be legally done. The Supreme Court agreed with the trial court’s decision. Turn to page 19

he true measure of love is to love without measure, the poet said. In our youth, we often joined the Lenten procession without knowing the meaning of the “floats”. We just hated the ugly Jew that scourged Jesus, the Roman centurion who crowned Him with thorns and the soldiers that crucified Him between two thieves on the hills of Golgotha.

Dateline Manila by Bingo P. Dejaresco

As we grew older, we felt our own father’s love to provide and protect us children from any harm. Becoming parents ourselves, we felt this nature to do almost anything - even sometimes, to kill - to protect our children. Then we began to understand the meaning of the Crucifixion and Death at Calvary. Imagine an Almighty Father allowing His only begotten Son to suffer the fate of ordinary mortals by becoming human and dying on the cross. In His lifetime, Jesus always told the crowd: Greater love than this no man has, that he lays down his life for his friends. Then Jesus gathered His friends. Then He died for them. There should therefore be no

complications in explaining the crucifixion of Jesus. It was an act of unconditional love - freely and totally given. Jesus’ love is unconditional - it does not depend on how good we are, the many prayers we utter, the church visits we make or the charitable acts we share - although these are all good by themselves. As humans, when we say “everything has been said and done,” it is almost always more said than done. But Jesus would not like to take chances like those. In His lifetime, people who came to Him and were sorry, were forgiven by Him in an instant - no ifs and buts, regardless of how great your sin was. But Jesus was not to take

chances that what He was preaching might be misunderstood. So He did something that even children would understand. He suffered horrible pains and died hanging on the cross like a common criminal, abandoned by many apostles and followers. Now we who wince at a wee bit of arthritic attack and weep over in-grown nails, better understand the kind of physical and mental torture Christ went through. Any love greater than His? Jesus knew that “action speaks louder than words”, long before the phrase became a favorite of the English language sayings. So He walked Turn to page 10


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Unused bully pulpit

Condom: has a higher trust-rating




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Politicians and the cursed fig tree

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A Different View

“Edukasyon ang solusyon?”



publican form of government and sovereignty resides in the people and all governmental authority emanates from them. In short the kind of government that we have established is just a reflection of the kind of electorate that constitute the sovereignty of this country. If we have a very corrupt administration and government, it is because we elected them into office in a free and honest election. But did we ever had a free and honest election? The last election we had was a CLEAN election because the Turn to page 13


123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456 123456789012345678901234567890121234567890123456 here was a time when the source of education was a school teacher in the classroom teaching students the ABC’s…filling their minds with information and knowledge which they can later use to find work or use in making a livelihood. This source of knowledge is limited to what the teacher can give and what the school library can offer or whatever personal experience they can have.

“What is happening to our country?”

That question reverberated until now, so many enlightened Filipinos are asking the same question. What is happening to our country? “NAUNSA NA MAN TAWON ANG AKONG MAHAL NGA FILIPINAS?” We have a beautiful people with a beautiful country blessed and endowed with so much natural resources, that in spite of the rampant corruption there is still progress being made and the Filipinos are resilient enough to adjust to their grinding poverty. We cannot blame anybody else but ourselves because ours is a Re-



Today, school and school teachers are becoming more a source of boredom than interest as even pre-school kids as young as three years old absorb a thousand times more information through the internet from their home computers. Before they hit school they would have played with home computer games and visited the internet. Modern technology has largely now taken over the task of educating our children but our educational system has not been able to cope with the speed at which it has transformed our learning culture. In its wake are thousands of educators and officials ending up

being taught by children to understand and use the tools of the digital age such as remote controls, cell phones, music players and computers. Indeed, as we mentioned in our last article, our educational system is in trouble and is in danger of becoming obsolete and irrelevant together with its teachers and officials unless they can quickly adjust to modern technology. Unfortunately a majority of them have become “technophobic” and are unable or refusing to adapt. They have become casualties of the digital age. So what do we do with them? In first world countries, Turn to page 19


Footsteps and Fingerprints

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Role Models Wanted


ho do you want your children to model their lives on? Would the candidate that you plan to vote for be a good role model for your children? Do you want your children to mold their morality and values after his/her morality and values?

During the 1970 campaign for ConCon, my husband, Jun, a candidate of District 1, was often asked for money for tuba or cigarettes, and to join in the men’s drinking He always replied, “I FR. ROY sessions. want to serve as an example for CIMAGALA your children so please don’t let me drink or smoke with you.” Then he would have a heart-to-heart talk with them about providing good role models for the future generation. Some listened, some didn’t; some thought about what he said, others just laughed at his “youthful innocence”. Young boys idolize their fathers, their uncles, or elder

brothers; young girls want to grow up to be like their mother, their aunties, or older sisters. Or, they look outside the family to community leaders, to T.V. personalities, to movie characters. As a reality check, I often ask myself: What do I want my children and grandchildren to learn from me? Am I a good role model for them? The fact is that the youth of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. Proper discernment and careful selection of candidates who can be true leaders is the direction of the advocacy “BUMOTO NG TAPAT, BUMOTO NG NARARAPAT” that the BCBP, Brother Turn to page 11






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GOD’S TIMING Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. Psalm 126:5 ike sands cascading down in an hourglass, time silently slips away, without the chance of retrieval, from almost everyone everyday. The misuse of anything as precious as time should be a crime. If someone steals your car, it would be an inconvenience but not a tragedy because you can easily acquire another. If someone snatches your wallet, it would be an annoyance but a few phone calls would salvage the majority of your concerns. But who can you call if you suffer the loss of time—and not just time, but your time? Who can afford to miss their time? I can’t, can you?



hese things dominate the thoughts of most people, but your Father already knows your needs. He will give you all you need from day to day if you make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.” Luke 12:30-31

Making the Kingdom of God your primary concern means making Jesus the Lord and King of your life. He must control every area---your work, play, plans and relationships. Is the Kingdom only one of your many con-

cerns, or is it central to all you do? Are you holding back any areas of your life from God’s control? As Lord and Creator, he wants to help provide what you need as well as guide you in using what he provides.



John 20:19-31

Jesus Appears to His Disciples

t was late that Sunday evening, and the disciples were gathered together behind locked doors, because they were afraid of the Jewish authorities. Then Jesus came and stood among them. “Peace be with you,” he said. After saying this , he showed them in his hands and his side. The disciples were filled with joy at seeing the Lord. Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father sent me, so I send you.” Then he breathed on them and said, Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive people’s sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive then, they are not forgiven.


Jesus and Thomas One of the twelve disciples, Thomas (called the Twin), was not with them when Jesus came. So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord!” Thomas said to them, “ Unless I see the scars of the nails in his hands and put my finger on those scars and my hand in his side, I will not believe.” A week later the disciples were together again indoors, and Thomas was with them. The doors were locked, but Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and look at my hands; then reach out your hand and put it in my side. Stop your doubting, and believe!” Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my Turn to page 13

Beautiful gifts of Easter “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!” –– Luke 24:5-6 (Part II) n Jesus’ compassion, a story is told of the sculptor Thorwaldsen of Denmark. He molded a statue of Jesus and he called it “the powerful, majestic Christ” – im- Dr. PROCESO UDARBE posing, commanding, reigning Christ. After the sculptor was finished, he closed his studio for several days to allow the clay to settle. But there had been a storm. Water has seeped into the sculpture. The sculpture now looked different. Jesus’ whole physique has sagged. No longer were his arms stretching up with authority. And his head had now drooped. The sculptor looked at it and was disheartened. Then he invited a friend to view it, and together they saw something else. The drooped head was now full of compassion. The arms that had been raised to command were now hanging and extended, outstretched as if to say, “Come to me all of you who are heavy laden and burdened for I will give you rest. I understand your troubles.” The same Jesus was back to the disciples. He is back to us by his living


presence. This is the greatest gift of Easter to us. In his presence to his disciples, another truth is established for you and me – the resurrected Christ brings back to us our own beloved ones who have died ahead of us. St. Paul had written: “If Christ is not risen, then there is no resurrection, and our faith is in vain.” But Christ is risen indeed and he has become the first fruits of them that slept, of them who have died. So the resurrection is the answer to the question of Job: “If anyone dies, will he live again?” What did Jesus say to Mary? “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me shall never die.” Jesus also means that eternal life with God begins in our present life, at the point where we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior. The assurance, my friends, is that when our loved ones were with us, they had already tasted eternal life with Christ. Death to them was a swinging door from life to the life beyond. (To be continued)

Ask God to give you the patience you need to become empowered to perform. You may feel like a child waiting in line at a carnival. There will always be times when other people receive their dues and you are forced to wait your turn. This is not injustice; it is order. There is nothing unjust about order. But after I have waited my turn and paid my dues, there comes a time when it is all mine. Generally, somewhere on the other side of a tremendous test is the harvest of your dream. If you have planted the seeds of a promise and watered them thoroughly with the tears of struggle, then this is your time. Woe unto the person who has seeds without water. The tears of struggle become the irrigation of the Holy Spirit. It is through your own tear-filled struggles that God directs the waters of life to the field of your dreams. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Psalm 126:5 Greatness has tremendous thirst. This thirst 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 12345678901234567890123456789012123456 f I think that a candidate who is pro-abortion has better ideas to serve the poor, and the pro-life candidate has bad ideas that will hurt the poor, why may I not vote for the candidate that has the better ideas for serving the poor? Serving the poor is not only admirable, but also obligatory for Catholics as an exer- FR. GAMMY TULABING cise of solidarity. Solidarity has JCD, VG to do with the sharing of both spiritual and material goods, and with what the Church calls the preferential option for the poor. This preference means that we have the duty to give priority to helping those most needful, both materially and spiritually. Beginning in the family, solidarity extends to every human association, even to the international moral order. Two important points must be made. First, when it comes to the matter of determining how social and economic policy can best serve the poor, there can be a legitimate variety of approaches proposed, and therefore legitimate disagreement among voters and candidates for office. Secondly, solidarity can never be at the price of embracing a “disqualifying issue.” Besides, when it comes to the unborn, abortion is a most grievous offense against solidarity, for the unborn are surely among society’s most needful. The right to life is a paramount issue because as Pope John Paul II says it is “the first right, on which all the others are based, and which cannot be recuperated once it is lost.” If a candidate for office refuses solidarity with the unborn, he has laid the ground for refusing solidarity with anyone. What if none of the candidates are completely pro-life? As Pope John Paul II explains in his encyclical, Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), “…when it is not possible to overturn or completely abrogate a pro-abortion law, an elected official, whose absolute personal opposition to procured abortion was well known, could licitly support proposals aimed at limiting the harm done by such a law and at lessening its negative consequences at the level of general opinion and morality. This does not in fact represent an illicit cooperation with an unjust law, but rather a legitimate and proper attempt to limit its evil aspects.” Logically, it follows from these words of the Pope that a voter may likewise vote for that candidate who will most likely limit the evils of abortion or any


Pointers for Voters 3

Turn to page 16

is quenched in the tearstained struggle toward destiny. One thing I learned about life is neither fellowship nor friendship can lower the price of personal sacrifice. What I mean is, no one can water your dreams but you. No matter how many people hold your hand, you still must shed your own tears. Others can cry with you, but they can’t cry for you! That’s the bad news. The good news is there will be a harvest at the end of your tears! One the other hand, you must know when you have shed enough tears. It is important that you don’t overwater the promise! A certain amount of tears is necessary during the time of sowing. But when you have come into harvest, don’t let the devil keep you weeping. Tears are for the sower, but joy is for the harvester. Harvest your field with joy. You’ve paid your dues and shed your tears—now reap your benefits. It’s your turn. Reap in knee-slapping, teeth-baring, hand-clapping, foot-stomping joy!


A Man of the Church

orth quoting more from this illustrious alumnus of San Jose Seminary are also his further reflections on St. John Marie Vianney. Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo notes how the Cure of Ars, France acquitted himself as a BY: REV. FR. ROMAN C. man of the Church: SAGUN. JR. The missionary attitude of the Cure of Ars also marked him as a man of the Church. Intense activity filled his schedule which oftentimes started at one in the morning. The re-building of people’s moral values was for him more important than the construction of chapels and altars. When he arrived in Ars, he first worked on the young ladies, whom he first invited to eat berries in his garden, then he organized a little meeting with them, and finally established with them the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary. Later he organized the mothers whose help he solicited for the Orphanage. He gathered the men and with them reorganized the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament. In order that he might open a School for Girls, he sent at his own expense some young ladies to a bigger town for training. His occasional visits to the families were also opportunities to speak to them also about health, employment and crops. When the administration of Providence Orphanage was taken from him and transferred to the sisters of St. Joseph, he planned the founding of a Boy’s Boarding School to be run by the Brothers of the Holy Family. His interest in the education of youth went beyond the limits of his parish. From his own pocket he contributed whatever he could for the foundation of a number of schools in the Dioceses of Belley, Lyons and Valence. He made himself available for preaching mission in other parishes – an opportunity which he used to also invite other priests to preach mission in his own parish. He sent big amounts to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, whose founder, Pauline Marie Jaricot he had personally known earlier and who introduced him to the devotion of St. Philomena. From a population of 400 he recruited 100 associates for the Propagation of the Faith. He saved money in order to help the mis Turn to page 16


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The true ... (Bingo) From page 6

the talk. But, we humans, continue, to be good only in “lip service.” For instance, many of us swear that we want to see God, but none of us wants to die. When we speak to our loved ones that we love them above all else, cannot live without them and will do anything and even die for them, when the beloved says “go ahead, die”, we say “ayaw sa oy, ikaw sad ba” and so on. Jesus is perpetually leaning on our doorbells - waiting for us to hear and open the gate. His love is not dependent on whether we pretend to be deaf in not hearing the door bell or are too busy to open the gate. He leans on the doorbell anyway forever - till we let Him in. So how do we return the immeasurable love of Jesus, the Greatest Lover of Mankind? Let us all have faith, hope and love. How are those expressed? In a village suffering from drought - all the villagers decided to pray as a community. On the prayer day itself, only one person among the many thousand villagers brought an umbrella. He was the only one with faith. As innocent children of God, we must trust completely that God will do everything for our good. When a one-year old baby is thrown into the air, he just laughs, because he knows we will catch him. That is trust, without question or doubt. And love - well, to those who have given it to others, no words are needed to explain; to those who have not, no words will ever be enough. We can also start all our mornings by acknowledging our One True King through our prayers with the acronym: ACTS (adoration, contrition, thanksgiving and supplication). Notice that supplication comes last. Smile. God loves Us. Beyond words. SHALOM!

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Condom: has... (Romero)

The worst part about the insatiable greed on the part of the media for horror stories and scandals is is immediately suspected of that these are often accepted as fact abroad. As chief of mission, I alreceiving a royalty. Their aura of suspicion has of most hesitated to show the local course been engendered by a per- dailies to visitors to the embassy ceived anomaly that has pervaded afraid that after seeing our “scandal both public and private sectors. I sheets” they may be discouraged say both sectors because it takes to invest in the country. There are many reasons for two to tango. For every bribe taker, there is a corresponding bribe giver. this state of affairs. In this elecIn the next few weeks be- tion season, let we pick one fore the election, we have to item-election contribution. Many of our politicians are brace up to more “exposes” as opposing candidates throw ev- placed in a compromising situation erything including the kitchen because they become beholden to sink in an attempt to besmirch campaign contributors who will the reputation of rivals. Our more likely than not collect with high media, usually the bearer of bad interest their financial donations. This brings about the cycle tidings, will lap it all up. The worse the stink, the bigger the of corruption that has poisoned the electoral process. Special headline. Unfortunately, when charges hit the front pages the interest groups have mastered rejoinders are printed in the the practice of campaign contributions even as presidents back pages. 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 From page 7


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have succumbed to their undue influence resulting in regulatory capture and the skewing of state policies in their favor. If we are to believe the latest expose, it appears that no only the executive and legislative branches have fallen prey to the “aves de rapina” but even the judiciary at the highest level has been cast with a “shadow of doubt”! What a pity.

Role models... (Catan) From page 7

hood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals, the PPCRV, and the COMELEC are undertaking during this campaign period. You may read more about this advocacy on the BCBP website: Their banners ask voters to discern candidates based on the following criteria: Iboto ang Maka-Diyos: May moral na batayan ang bawat kilos at gawa. Iboto ang Makabayan: Kapakanan ng bawat Pilipino ang saloobin. Iboto ang Marunong: Bihasa sa pamamahala. Iboto ang Masipag: Handang igugol ang pagod at panahon sa pag-ganap sa tungkulin. Iboto ang Marangal: Di nasisilaw sa salapi, matapang na lumalaban sa katiwalian. Jun, as a member of the PPCRV’s National Executive Board representing the BCBP says that their battle cry is to let every voter know not only the issues involved, but more importantly, the true character of the candidates they will be voting for or against come May 10 elections. We need voters and leaders who are honest, sincere and capable of taking the first step in transforming our towns, our province, and our country


“Fruits of TWO GOOD TREES” YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG into the paradise that God intended it to be, not for their own hidden agendas, but for the common good of the people. Does your candidate think clearly about important issues? Will he or she be a loyal, honest, and dedicated servant of his/her constituency? Will he or she work to make the best better for your town, the province, our country? Does he/she live a life of simplicity, following the Golden Rule? Is he/ she healthy physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually? Do you believe your candidate is sincere



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and trustworthy? Will he/she be a ence the future for good, by not good role model for our youth, for voting for those candidates your children and grandchildren to who espouse guns, gold and the power of goons, or whose emulate? lives reflect the bad side of huEvery vote counts. Make manity or are living examples of yours count by voting for can- dishonesty, lies, corruption and didates who can honestly influ- deceit. 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345 12345678901234567890123456789012123456789012345


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Door #4 South Pacific Bldg., Perdices St., Dgte. City PRODUCT LINE:(w/ Installation) • Automotive Windshields, Doorglass & Backglass • Automotive Rubber • Acrylic Plastic • Safety Glass • CarTinting (1pc. Windshield- no cut) All kinds of Architectural Glasses • Sliding door • Windows • Jealousy • Glass and Frame etc.

facial w/diamond peel, body massage, detox w/ foot massage, gluta injection, aromatherapy and more.



“As good as ORIGINAL”

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Ser vices/Pr oducts Of f er r ed vices/Products • Ink Refill Services for Hp,Canon,Epson,Lexmark Cartridges • Ribbon Refill • Cartridge Repair • Cartridge Reconditioning • Toner Refill PRINTER MAINTENANCE • Remanufactured Ink • Original Ink Tel. No. 226-1488 / 422-9695




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“Wellness” – A New Concept of Health “The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


s children, we were generally taught in school; that health is primarily the prevention of disease. The WHO conceptually proposed that “health is a state of physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This definition has been further improved in 1990 and added a new dimension, aside from physical emotional and mental components but also a spiritual element to produce a valuable and higher quality of existence in life.


Today, medicine approached health from a different perspective that is a Health Promotion concept. This means the effective efforts that help people change their lifestyles and thereby move towards to a higher state of wellness. Wellness means an attitude of looking at a person’s total health and engaging his innate behavior that enhances the quality of life and maximizes his personal potential. Wellness, therefore, implies working towards a highly developed level of health. It emphasizes the need to take responsibility of engaging in behaviors that develop optimal health. It requires clear decision in good nutrition, stress management, physical fitness, preventive health care, emotional, spiritual development and other significant aspects of health. EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT AND SALE NOTICE is hereby given that CHINKY MAY CAPILLA VDA. DE LARIOSA, the heir of the late JOSE KENT LARIOSA have filed and executed an Extrajudicial Settlement and Sale on Toyota Innova, Serial No. KUN405018972; Type of Body: Utility Vehicle; Plate No. YBS 599 in favor of Marcela C. Matildo per Doc. No. 76, Page No. 17, Book No. 26, Series of 2009 of Notary Public Atty. Raymund J.A. Mercado. The Negros Chronicle March 28, April 4 & 10, 2010

AGENCIA CIUDAD PAWN SHOP Main Branch JAT Building San Juan St., Dgte. City Branch 1, San Jose St., Dgte. City, Beside UCPB Tel. # 225-8543 / 225-7651

The important Components of Wellness are: I. PHYSICAL WELLNESS – the ability to carry out daily tasks, develop cardiovascular fitness, maintain adequate nutrition and proper fat level, and avoidance of abusing drugs, alcohol and tobacco smoking, and other harmful products. It is a valuable investment in positive lifestyle habits. II. INTELLECTUAL WELLNESS – the ability to learn and use information effectively for personal, family, and career development. It means striving for continued growth and learning to deal with new challenges effectively. III. EMOTIONAL WELLNESS – the ability to control stress and to express emotions appropriately and comfortably. It is the ability to recognize and accept feelings and not be defeated by setbacks and failures. IV. SOCIAL WELLNESS – the ability to interact successfully with people and the


Fellow, Phil. Psychiatric Association Diplomate, Phil. Board of Psychiatry

environment. It is the ability to develop and maintain intimacy with others and to have respect and tolerance for those with different opinions and beliefs. This is the hallmark of good interpersonal relationships. SPIRITUAL V. WELLNESS – this is the force that unites human beings which includes nature, religion, science, or a higher power – GOD. It also includes your morals, values, and ethics. The spiritual component provides meaning and direction in life and enables you to grow, learn, and meet new challenges in life. Spirituality is the quest for a higher value and quality of life. (A Christ–centered life is the best life that one could ever have in this world.) Remember: “Every abuse of health leads to illness and hastens death.” (F.S. Welch.) So, watch your health very carefully for the reward is great. “LIVE AND DIE PEACEFULLY WELL.” GOD Loves you!





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The Philippine Ports Authority, Port Management Office of Dumaguete invites applicants for the following additional unfilled positions: One (1) Business Development/Marketing Officer A SG-16 One (1) Chief Corporate Attorney SG(23) One (1) Environment Specialist SG (18) One (1) General Services Officer A SG (16) One (1) Principal Engineer SG (22) Two (2) Industrial Security Officer SG (11) Two (2) Statistician One (1) Division Manager SG (22)


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Politicians ... (Cimagala)

From page 7

simple people entrusted with the impossible job of working with Christ for the redemption of men. Their weaknesses were undisguised. Peter was impulsive. Matthew, being a tax collector, you can just imagine what shenanigans he was doing. Think of Judas. All apostles were easily affected by merely human and natural difficulties.

What is ... (Yap)

Unused ...


Erratum: NORSU’s pioneer BAR passer is Atty. RAMON Q. Carbo and not Atty. Felix Q. Carbo as inadvertently published on page 5 of the April 4 issue of this paper.

From page 7

rates of tree cover loss is most acute in Africa and South America. God didn’t penny pinch the Philippines. In 1575, forests blanketed 27.5 million hectares here. Rich flora and fauna led the UN to rank us among the world’s 17 “mega-diversity countries.” Not any more. Forests have been razed to less than 5.4 million hectares. Scattered patches of “virgin” forest do remain. But sterile cogon (imperata cylindrica) blankets over 1.79 million hectares of logged over areas. Overall, a sliver of 18 percent remains under tree cover, government claims. That raises eyebrows. Scientists peg adequate forest cover between 30 to 40 percent. The 18 percent figure hasn’t budged for years. Why? Government didn’t come up come up with reliable data, Antonio Carangdang writes in the Philippine country report for FRA. Reafforestation programs never coped with the drain. Replanting received dutiful lip service at best. There is not a single mango tree in a Cebu highway once named “Mango Avenue”. Since 2000, no less than 69 countries -primarily in Europe and Africa-enacted or amended their forest laws, FRA notes. But Philippine forestry still works by the obsolete PD 705. “There is no legislated forestry sector here.” Denudation’s effects cut across the board. More than half of groundwater today is contaminated,” Asian Development Bank notes. About 100,000 tons of critical topsoil is washed out to sea yearly. Discolored waters stain Davao, Lingayen and other gulfs. Have we breached the critical threshold where erosion rates exceed soil formation? The Philippines is ranked third (after Indonesia and Brazil which are 20 times larger) for severely endangered plant and animal communities,” Conservation International points out.

From page 7

cheating was really “clean”, the cheating was done with all the semblance of “clean” election until the “Hello Garci” tape was released to the media, wherein the conversation between Gloria Arroyo and Comelec Commissioner Garcillano was secretly recorded by the intelligence bureau of the military. In the “Hello Garci Tapes”, it was clear how Commissioner Garcillano and President Gloria Arroyo assured more than ONE MILLION MAJORITY VOTES OVER HER OPPONENT, THE LATE FERNANDO POE, JR. Because of this SCANDAL, President Gloria Arroyo came out on television and openly admitted that “SHE IS SORRY”. Later on, she succeeded in muzzling the media by threatening to cancel their franchise as radio or TV station if they will air the “Hello Garci Tapes.” Remember the SNAP elections between President Ferdinand Marcos and Cory Aquino, which resulted in the official proclamation of President Ferdinand Marcos as the officially elected and proclaimed winner of the Presidential Snap Election? Sure Marcos was the officially elected and proclaimed elected President by the National Assembly of the Philippines under the 1973 Constitution, BUT everybody knows there was rampant cheating in the so called “clean elections.” But the victory of President Marcos was abruptly taken back by people power through the EDSA People Power Revolution. That, ladies and gentlemen is only a partial answer to the question — “What is happening to our country?” We shall discuss further and search for the answer to our question what is happening to our country, in the next article of the OMALAHOKAN, the TOWN CRIER.

Mindoro’s tamaraw is endangered. There are only 200 of the new-to-science gail discovered in Babuyan Islands. Only four of the Cebu flowerpecker are left. That makes the dicaeum quadricolor the world’s most endangered species. “I haven’t seen birds that will never sing again,” Cebu Daily News columnist Roy Lu wrote. But corpses bobbing in flashfloods of denuded Quezon, Aurora, Leyte, Surigao and recently from Storm Ondoy, underscore what dull statistics tell. “The Philippines was effectively the first Asia-Pacific country, in the post World War II era, to extensively liquidate it’s forest wealth,” noted FAO earlier. “Quickie” concessions were recklessly parceled out. Log exports crested, in the late 60 – and never recovered. Yesterday’s timber prima donna is today’s wood-pauper. We buy wood from countries invested in tree plantations, in the 1970s. Wood imports now exceed 584.8 cubic meters yearly. Lumber mills were designed for large-diameter logs that now vanished rain forests once supplied. Retooling hasn’t been addressed. Legitimate timber licenses authorize cutting of 5,000 hecatres annually. The actual cut is many times that, FRA notes. Migrants



Except for Judas, they did the impossible, simply because they trusted Christ in spite of their defects. And what was impossible to them was always possible to God. Going through the lives of saints will yield the same lesson. In the Letter to the Hebrews, we have this beautiful hymn of what faith can do for us: “By faith, they conquered kingdoms, wrought justice, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, recovered from weakness…” (11,33-34) We need to make adjustments in the way we think, feel and react to all kinds of events, especially the difficult ones. Faith and trust in God should always dominate. We need to detach ourselves from our own selves. Otherwise, how easy for us to fall into doubts, fears, cowardice, self-pity, sadness and then hypocrisy, deception, infidelity, despair, etc.! This point is, of course, meant for everyone. But we can apply it today most especially to our beloved politicians who in their line of work might be tempted to lose trust in God because of certain difficult issues. We pray that they use the faith given to them as a gift, and that they don’t throw in the towel just because

of the pressures. They have to be consistent to it but respectful always of the requirements of truth, justice and charity, especially in the public arena. One of our modern scourges is to find Christian politicians who suspend, ignore and even go against the faith for political expediency. Some have invoked the widespread foolishness of the doctrine of Church-state separation. That doctrine is terribly twisted by all kinds of people. In its original version, no word, no line in it ever teaches a Christian believer in public life to set aside his faith just because he is a politician, or a businessman, etc. Others say they have to be politically correct. They need to flow with the times. Still others are simply confused or are in error and may not even know it. This is the case of the invincibly ignorant. But that’s unlikely, what with all the information we have. I appeal to those Christian politicians who are for the RH Bill and the condoms, etc., to be consistent to their faith. Otherwise, Christ, not I, will curse them: “May no fruit grow on you henceforward forever.” Now is the time for them to stand up for the faith. Be brave, be consistent!

Gospel ...

In his disciples’ presence Jesus performed many other miracles which are not written down in this book. But these have been written in order that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through your faith in him you may have life.

From page 8 God!” Jesus said to him, “Do you believe because you see me? How happy are those who believe without seeing me!” The Purpose of this Book

Maalagaron, matinud-anon sa pangatungdanan, economic manager, tried & tested public servant, makiangayon, paglaum sa mga kabus.

flood into uplands where poverty incidence can reach over 90 percent. The “land’s carrying capacity” is exceeded. The writ of government does not run throughout the land. In remote areas, underpaid ill-equipped forest guards face encroachers who brandish AK15 rifles and say: “Here’s my logging license.” “Philippine forestry sector is continuously declining in terms of it’s biophysical, economic and environmental aspects,” FRA concludes. So did conservation ethics – the very values that needed by future governments to reverse the current slide into disaster. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo served as president for the de-

cade analyzed in the FRA 2010. She failed to use her powers, and the bully pulpit of the presidency, to regreen the Philippines. The President of Brazil did. Luiz Inacio “Lula” Da Silva confidently sets reduction of Brazil deforestation by 80 percent, come 2020. The post Arroyo regime will inherit an interlocking crisis of forests, soil, water, energy and population. If massive response is not forthcoming, today’s stresses will become self-reinforcing. And Filipinos of the 21st century will, like it or not, become the latest clutch of impoverished ecological orphans. (



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(Civic clubs and organizations are welcome to submit their articles and pictures about their services and activities. It is free of charge. Deadline for submission is Wednesday. You may send by email to: – EDITOR)

Arbor Haven T


he voting field for G I B O TEODORO got the biggest boost when two very powerful politicians, namely, Rep. Cynthia Villar, wife of Sen Manny Villar and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, son of another presidentiable Erap Estrada, both virtually gave GIBO Teodoro a giant endorsement although in an indirect manner.

alay is a barangay just a few minutes away from the Dumaguete City Poblacion. One sees beautiful houses and spacious spaces with a lot of greenery in this area.

Jinggoy Estrada said if voters decide not to vote for his father, Puwersa ng Masang G1BO TEODORO JINGGOY ESTRADA Pilipino standard-bearer and former President Joseph Estrada, as their presidential candidate, then of One Cebu, which has emerged since Jinggoy Estrada said categorically that they its establishment in 2004 as the most domishould then vote for Lakas-Kampi- CMD bet nant power bloc in the over 400-year hisGibo Teodoro in the May 10 elections. tory of the province. Sen Jinggoy Estraeda made the statement “One Cebu is for Gibo, so Cebu is during a proclamation rally in Bogo City and Gibo country,” said the lady governor. Her Daanbantayan town in Cebu that was also brother said, on the other hand, that 49 of attended by Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, the 51 mayors in the province are backing founding head of the local party One Cebu Gibo. that is backing Gibo’s presidential bid. The Gibo, who is a former defense secreyounger Estrada described Gibo as brilliant tary and 1989 bar topnotcher, has mounted and qualified to be the country’s next presia positive campaign anchored on issues, dent. and has never resorted to mudslinging or Like the young Estrada, Las Piñas Rep. criticizing his opponents to make himself Cynthia Villar also said earlier she would vote look good during presidential forums and for Gibo if her husband, Nacionalista Party other public gatherings. standard bearer and senator Manny Villar, Besides his unblemished track record were not running in the May polls. Mrs. Villar in serving government, Gibo’s impressive said he would choose Gibo because “he is list of credentials include his Master of better than the others.” She also pointed out Laws at the Harvard Law School, his that she liked Gibo because he was “campaigning on a more professional level.” term of nine consecutive years as conDuring Gibo’s latest sorties in Cebu, Gov. gressman from the first district of his home Gwen Garcia and his brother, Rep. Pablo John province of Tarlac and his skills as a liGarcia, announced the full support for Gibo censed commercial pilot.

Know what is “Partylist”


he Party-list system was in troduced in the 1987 Consti tution to give representation to marginalized and underrepresented sectors in Congress. It was formulated to foster “political pluralism” in a Congress dominated by traditional parties and political dynasties, and to further encourage participation in the formulation of enactment of appropriate legislation that will benefit the nation as a whole. What are the basis for the party-list representation? There are certain provision in the 1987 Constitution that directs on the state’s responsibility which would then encourage the creation of independent people’s organizations, non-government associations and party-list groups. The House of Representatives must be composed of 20 percent of legislators coming from party-list groups duly elected by the people. A certain provision states that “the state shall respect the role of independent people’s organizations to enable the people to pursue and protect, within the democratic framework, their legitimate and collective interests and aspirations through peaceful and lawful means.” The number of representatives in every partylist depends on the number of votes cast on the partylist. For every two percent of votes cast for each party list is entitled to one seat in Congress and those garnering more than 2% of the votes are entitled to additional seats in the House of Representatives proportionate to their total percentage of votes but not more than 3 seats. During elections, the voters vote for the partylist and not the nominees to represent the partylist.



he concept of Party list in dependent representation of marginal groups in Congress is a very laudable concept. But again, resilient Filipinos in the legislature have taken advantage by organizing their own “marginal” groups and even to the extent of financing them this election to secure votes. This has defeated the noble purpose of the party list system. Our very own vested interest groups have taken over and destroyed its purpose. However, as the concept shows, Party list system is for the marginalized sectors, meaning the poorer sectors like fishermen, vendors, drivers, farmers, senior citizens, overseas workers and the like. These groups marginalized as they are, cannot finance or mount a campaign. Thus, they go to politicians who are only willing to finance them, but this time, subject to the politicians’ whims. Of course, there are a few party list exceptions which have really become a fiscalizer in Congress, like the militant groups, even if they also have their own private agenda. So the Party List system has failed. It better be abolished because it is a big drain to our national treasury. Records will show that the Party list representatives in Congress have not passed nor principally authored a single legislation, except as being co-authors.

Nestled just about two kilometers from the highway in this barangay is a government facility called the Talay Mental Rehabilitation Center that has evolved from a half way house opened in the ‘70s into the Psychiatric Ward of the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital . At the last count this week, the admitted patients number about 60 persons of The Arbor Haven - A spacious hall different ages. About 30 to 40 patients from all over Negros over to Dr. Felix Sy who Oriental and neighboring represented the Negros Oriprovince and islands come ental Provincial Hospital . The Multipurpose Hall for consultation with attending Psychiatrist Dr. Angelo which is named ARBOR HAVEN has been put in Arias on out-patient days. Many private individuals good use since it was comand civic organizations have pleted. The hall is purposely helped the Center with designed to be open to let in meals, medicines, toilet fa- light and keep it airy. Inside cilities, a native gazebo and the hall are strong wooden other support. Through the benches which were love years, one can see the im- offerings from different priprovements and changes vate donors, a long table

ready for use

patients sit inside the hall to relax or stay out of the sun. On out patient days, family members and patients sit in the hall while waiting for their turn to see the doctor. This Hall can easily accommodated a hundred persons at a time. It gladdens my heart that private individuals and groups have made different contributions into making the hall more comfortable. Hopefully, one day in the near future, the whole hall will be painted. T h e name ARBOR HAVEN appropriately describes the intent and the donors of the Multipurpose Hall. A r b o r The Blessing and Dedication Stream hangs over the gate of the Talay brings to Mental Rehabilitation Center compound. mind a cool and refreshthat has taken place. from the nursing students of ing place; it also represents The latest contribution to Andres Bonificio College the donor group from Ann this Center is a spacious class 2008 – 2010 and sound Arbor, Michigan. Haven sigMultipurpose Hall with a system installed by Mr. nifies refuge, a place of rest, floor area of almost 150 sq. Roger Lovell, an American a safe place, shelter or anmeters. Built through the missionary. Religious ser- chor, cover or harbor. For support from the members vices, meetings and other many of the patients staying of the Philippine Task Force activities have been held in- in the center, this place is of Ann Arbor First Presby- side the spacious hall after it their refuge at the time of terian Church, the local was completed. Visitors and their illness. Prison Ministry here, the Sy Family (Aning Sy and Danford Sy) and friends, the building was turned over to the provincial government last April 5 after the blessing of the Hall by Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Arnaiz, NOPH Chaplain. On hand to accept the turn over of the Multipurpose Hall was Governor Dr. Emilio Macias II in behalf of the provincial gov- Gov. Emilio Macias II, representing the provincial gov’t turns over the Multiernment. The Hall purpose Hall to Dr. Felix Sy, Head of Hospital Operation- NOPH. Beside him was in turn turned is Dr. Angelo Arias, Psychiatrist

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MetroPost turns 10



Presidential bet Nick Perlas


MetroPost founder Manuel “Chiquiting” Sagarbarria and wife Maisa, MetroPost Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Alex Pal and Managing Editor Irma Faith Pal and some of the columnists: Rev. Bernie Amistoso Morales, John Stevenson, Dr. Perry Mequi, Rev. Fr. Enrique Balongag, and Atty. Gilbert Arbon, blow the candles on the MetroPost 10th Anniversary cake.


he Dumaguete weekly newspaper MetroPost celebrated its 10th anniversary with a small party last Wednesday at the El Camino Blanco bar and restaurant in Dumaguete City, attended by MetroPost columnists, Dumaguete media practitioners, heads of the academe in Dumaguete and some friends. Founded on April 7, vember 2002. the Philippine Press Institute The MetroPost has had a in the 2007 Community Press 2000 by businessman Manuel “Chiquiting” colorful existence. At one Awards. This year, the Sagarbarria, the MetroPost point, it was on the verge of METROPOST is again a fiwas initially managed by the closing down in July 2006. MetroPost Newspaper Upon its “rebirth” and nalist, along with the Corporation for two makeover one week later, the NEGROS CHRONICLE, in years. Its present publisher, MetroPost went on to win the the 2009 Community Press Alex Pal, took over on No- Best Editorial Page award from Awards.

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n his university days, Perlas was one of the key organizers of a univer sity-wide education reform movement that resulted in changes in university policies. During this time, he founded the first ecological society in the Philippines. After graduation, he co-organized a successful large scale global campaign, the first of its kind during his time, to halt 12 nuclear plants in the Philippines. Perlas subsequently become a technical adviser to the Presidential Commission on the Philippine Nuclear Power Plant, Office of the President of the Philippines, where he was instrumental in stopping the operation of the fully constructed and operational Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, a $2.2 billion project plagued with design, construction, location, and corruption problems. Shortly thereafter, Perlas was appointed member of the national technical panel overseeing the regulation of pesticide use in Philippine agriculture. While in this capacity, he simultaneously mobilized and headed a national effort that resulted in the banning of 32 hazardous pesticide formulations in the Philippines. The ban triggered the creation of a P750 million gov- Independent Presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas interviewed ernment program to over DYEM Energy FM by station manager Ely Dejaresco. reduce the use of pesticides in Philippine ag- culture in the Asian context. operation or APEC. He Together with colleagues at successfully introduced riculture. In parallel with these the International Alliance for strong sustainable developefforts, Perlas pioneered the Sustainable Agriculture or ment language in the Leadintroduction of large scale IASA, he coined the term ers and Ministerial Declaracommercial organic and bio- sustainable agriculture in tions in APEC, and condynamic agriculture in many 1983, a term which has re- strained the Individual Acprovinces in the Philippines. ceived wide use and cur- tion Plan of the Philippines to abide by sustainable deAll these efforts were the rency until today. Perlas was the chief velopment principles. The fruition of early advocacies in sustainable agriculture negotiator for a network of successful negotiations prewhen he was still an agricul- national networks, which vented the premature expotural journalist and columnist involved 5000 organizations, sure and economic decline at the Modern Agriculture that successfully stopped of 3 million Philippine rice and Industry-Asia, where he the agenda of radical and farmers to subsidized and pioneered the first monthly one sided liberalization in the artificially cheap rice comarticles on ecological agri- Asia Pacific Economic Co- ing from other countries.

Atty. Alex Lacson, born in January 1965, worked during daytime and studWe are calling on the winner of the city mayoral elections to please prioritizing the fixing of a ied at night until he became a lawyer. traffic bottleneck by widening the intersection of EJ Blanco and Route 7 extension because this He then planned to live abroad but is the scene of a daily traffic bottleneck because its occupants have not yet given way to the road opening even as the donors have already given the city the right to use the road. changed his mind and decided to stay in the country. In his desire to help every Filipino, he wrote the book entitled “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country” which became a national bestseller. BY JOY G. PEREZ Lacson was also a columnist of the he Negros Oriental State University (NORSU), held a 4-day “Seminar-Workshop on BusinessWorld Newspaper and trustee Curriculum Design, Instructional Processes, and Syllabi Writing” at South Sea Re of the World Vision and Alay Buhay sort Hotel, Bantayan, Dumaguete City, April 7-10, 2010. which helps indigent children and famiSome 150 selected faculty members of the NORSU System in the province attended the seminar-workshop. lies. Atty. Alex Lacson believes that the Dr. Henry A. Sojor, lowed by a workshop, then pre- by Dr. Violeta B. Taring, dean, Filipinos are a family who needs to NORSU president said re- sentation of outputs. Lecture 1, College of Arts and Sciences; source speakers come from the “Curriculum and Development Welcome – by Dr. Dinopol; work together where no one will get left Research and Development Process;” behind and where there is no corrupReading of the Rationale – by Lecture 2, “Curriculum DeFoundation College of EducaDr. Ma. Elsa Ilona A. Bulado, tion. He invisions the rich assisting the tors, University of the Philip- sign Model;” Lecture 3, “Instrucindigents while the strong protects the pines, Diliman, Quezon City tional Design Process;” Lecture vice president for administrawith Prof. Jose Q. Pedrajita, 4, “Instructional Planning;” Lec- tion and special concerns; Preweak. sentation of Participants – by Ph.D., leading the team. His ture 5, “Nature of Teaching and This senatorial candidate is promotDr. Ester V. Tan, director, Center members are Liza Marie C. Learning in Higher Education;” ing truthful service, employment for of Instruction, Development Olegario, Greg T. Pawilen, and and Lecture 6, “Learning Theoevery family, education for every child, and Accreditation; and Mesries.” Elenita N. Que. Activities during the open- sage – by NORSU President protection for the environment, support to Overseas Filipino Workers and The 4-day gathering has six lectures. Each lecture is fol- ing program were: Invocation – Sojor. enrichment of the Filipino culture.

NORSU holds curriculum design,

instructional processes, syllabi writing




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G1bo’s policies ... From page 4 bakit siya magsikap, sasabihin niya “para yung anak ko ‘di na maging farmer.” Tanongin mo siya, ayaw niya anak niya maging mang-uuma dahil mahirap ang buhay, the only way napadali ang buhay ng mag-uuma is to reduce the physical component labor, physical labor component, to make it more attractive. And the only way to do that is to mechanize and to modernize your farming, and the only way to do that is to have economies of scale. So, our agrarian program reform program must be approached in a new light, that is to make our farmers beneficiaries, agricultural entrepreneurs. So that they will become rich, they will earn money, they will want there children to continue, that’s the only way na ang food security natin, makamit natin. Pero ang problema ng CARP natin was its uniformity. Tingnan niyo ha, isang hektarya ng banana ibigay mo sa agrarian reform beneficiary, mayaman na yan, pero sa humay? Sa mais? Sa tubo? Cannot, cannot meron nang structural deficiency, so ang proposal ko, remedyohan natin ang plight agrarian reform beneficiaries, nabigay na yung lupa ehh.

A Man of ... (From page 8) sions and other parishes. It was for such as these that he sold everything he could lay his hands on. ‘I love the mission so much that if I could sell my body to found one more mission, I would sell it.’ When Bishop Chalandon decorated him with the cape of an Honorary Canon, he was very uncomfortable, but later he was happy not because of the honor, but because he got 25 francs (half the real price of the cape) for the mission. His buyer later gave him another 25 francs. He mischievously wished that the Bishop would give him another cape. The same was the fate of the Medal of the Legion of Honor which was decorated on him; he sold it for the missions. In that way he showed his love for the Church, a love that was notably keen and intelligent, not a passive submission to an institution but a lively participation in the life of a living body from which he drew life and to which he gave his life. Because he was a pastor, it was for him a matter of living in the Church, with the Church and for the Church. His love for the Church derived its value from his respect for the Hierarchy, his complete obedience to his bishop. Vianney told his bishop once: ‘If you want the entire diocese to be converted, all parish priests must become saints.’ Kneeling before him at the confessional, a bishop was told only this: ‘Love your priests.’ His bishop refused to give him permission to make what he felt was a much needed holy retreat with his fellow priests. Deeply disappointed, he nevertheless silently obeyed. Without consulting him, his bishop gave the administration of the school he founded to a congregation of sisters. This made him suffer much interiorly, but he obeyed instantly. It was not at all very cozy for him all the time to be a man of the Church, a man for the Church. Yearly the Parish Priest of Ars drew more and more crowds around him. In 1827 as many as 20,000 pilgrims came to see the Parish Priest of Ars which by that (Sagun)

time had no more than 400 parishioners. In the last year of his life –he died on August 4, 1859- some 80,000 pilgrims came in public conveyance, excluding those who came in their private vehicles. For countless people the road to Ars became the road to Damascus, the road to conversion and reconciliation. Crowds were simply attracted to the holiness of its Parish Priest. It was not so much his great penances and temptations from the devil which attracted them to him as his extraordinary intuition and pastoral sensitivity, which made him understand the events and depths of man’s heart and his deep peace where he kept his spirit. He who found interior peace has found the best means of apostolate. The greatest good one can do for others is to remain beside them with a peaceful heart despite all the disturbances and troubles around. This man of the Church was also a man of peace, a man with peace. ‘By day,’ he said, ‘it was people who tormented me; at night, the devils assailed me. Yet, I remain in great peace.’

Pointers ...


(From page 8) other moral evil at issue. What if one leading candidate is anti-abortion except in the cases of rape or incest, another leading candidate is completely pro-abortion, and a trailing candidate, not likely to win, is completely anti-abortion. Would I be obliged to vote for the candidate not likely to win? In such a case, the Catholic voter may clearly choose to vote for the candidate not likely to win. In addition, the Catholic voter may assess that voting for that candidate might only benefit the completely pro-abortion candidate, and, precisely for the purpose of curtailing the evil of abortion, decide to vote for the leading candidate that is antiabortion but not perfectly so. This decision would be in keeping with the words of the Pope quoted above.


12 • Dumaguete Bible College 5:30pm-9:00pm Jordan 3 Branch Managers’ Meeting 9:00am5:00pm Jordan 2 13 •• M-Lhullier Dumaguete Bible College 5:30pm-9:00pm Jordan 3 Agape 14 • Living Word 7:00pm-9:00pm Jordan 3

• Career Service Exam Review 6:00pm-8:00pm

1&2 15 • Pfizer NORVASC Round Table Discussion

• Archie and Amy Wedding 5:00pm-7:00pm Jordan 6:00pm-8:00pm Joshua 2 • Career Service Exam Review 6:00pm-8:00pm Agape

/ NOMS – Seminar Workshop on Outcome 16 • PAFP Driven Diabetes Management 8:00am-5:00pm Joshua 1&2 • PAFP / NOMS – Seminar Workshop on Outcome Driven Diabetes Management 8:00am-5:00pm Joshua 1&2 Jordan 1&2 17 • Welcome to Theresa’s 18 Birthday 7:00pm-

• Delon and Sheanne Wedding 12:00pm-2:00pm th

9:00pm Jordan 1&2 Fellowship 9:00am-11:00am Jordan 3 18 •• Oikodomeo Living Hope Fellowship 10:00am-12:00pm Joshua • Sun. Org Fellowship 8:00am-2:00pm Agape

2 • Living Word Fellowship 3:00pm-5:00pm Jordan 3

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As an individual, Arbas was involved in livelihood projects of the community. Being a lawyer and a volunteer of LAPIL of the IBP, he holds free legal service to indigent litigants. If ever elected in the council, the following are some of the programs he intends to push for: One Barangay, 1 Industry Program which, apart from providing livelihood for mothers, has an objective of producing products which are used everyday like vinegar, toyo, oil, uniforms, etc. through industrial cooperatives of the barangays,; Business Ecology to promote healthy relationship with and cooperation among businesses in the city and to improve and increase the buying power of the poor and increase the city’s income; Rationalization of Local Taxation—asking big businesses to improve their paying of taxes and help small businesses to pay their taxes; Job Classification in the Barangays which will involve the listing down of the available skills in each barangay and which targets to increase the capability, skills and technology of our people in every barangay; Preventive Health Program in the Barangays which involves employing doctors and nurses in the barangay. Among the objectives are to cater to poor families so that they may be able to afford health care and hospitalization.

Youth Development—This has been Saceda’s life advocacy. Although not in public office, as an individual, he accomplished numerous programs which are recognized by DepED, CHED, and NYC such as the establishment of Leadership Training Programs which has been existent for the past 11 years; establishment of the First Leadership High School in Dumaguete which caters to the holistic development of the students; Holding series of Faculty Developing Programs all over the Philippines recognizing that teachers are equally important to the development of our country and prime educators of the youth; Having linkages with international NGOs and schools in the ASEAN Region to advance the cause of the Filipino youth; and the Values Formation and Character Development for all the students involved in their leadership training programs.


More than 20 years in the field of education, Sedigo helped train professionals both in the field of education and business. As vice-chair of the TIPC attached to the Department of Labor and Employemnt (DOLE), he has been involved in assisting in technical skills training programs and jobs fairs during Labor Day (May 1).He believes that the government should have a strong political will in matters on corruption, the environment and education. The fight against corruption should come as the center stage for any officials running for the elections to eradicate or minimize corruption and it’s about time that the government come into the picture and provide scholarships and ensure that students finish their course because we have to have a steady stream of professionals who can take on the challenge of nation-building.



Voters to ... (From page 2)

so much air time as to who is physically fit or not? It is up for the voters to decide. Why can’t they discuss what are the problems besetting our health system, tourism industry, the prevailing business climate and offer so-

Recognized as the No. 1 Councilor in Taclobo, Aranas during his term managed to implement the following programs: Resolution on Hospitalization Assistance—medical assistance worth P 500 of medicine and consultation; Livelihood Projects for Women since he recognize the fact that women, the very mothers of our youth who are the future movers and shapers of our nation are vital, and plays an important role in national development,; Youth Aid especially in sports equipments like basketball balls, nets, rings, and courts; Medical Mission—Free medicine and consultation in the community with the help of certain donors; Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS) Program which involves feeding projects for poor children who are mostly malnourished; and Budget sourcing for schools with the help of NGOs and private donors. Most of the programs mentioned are still on-going.

lutions to the same, asked one entrepreneur who refused to be identified. Members of several environmental groups also would like to see a clear and sustainable program to minimize environment degradation in particular on how to revive the rivers of Banica, Novallas, Siaton and many others.

There are also essential matters related to peace and order, education and food security yet they take a backseat as the candidates and their mouthpieces use their paid radio programs as a venue to attack the character of their adversaries who reciprocate in kind. Both are then trapped in a never end-


A first-timer in the political arena, Quial hopes to push for the following programs if elected into office as city councilor: Youth Employment Training Program for the less unfortunate which is an avenue for the youth to improve their abilities and learn more productive skills. This aims to prevent the youth from doing vices and crimes which are mostly brought about by the lack of education and employment; A sustainable Anti-Substance Abuse Program which involves information dissemination and education to promote awareness about drug abuse and addiction, and includes lectures on effective parenting by a mental health professional (nurse). Every barangay will be obliged to send participants to the program in order to once and for all prevent and stop the “menace of society” which is plaguing the youth of today; Creation of the City Planning Commission which will consist of retired citizens appointed by the mayor “who have the skills and the passion to look into things more thoroughly” in order to secure the city during calamities and prevent accidents due to indiscriminate construction of buildings. This will be in coordination with the City Planning and Development Office.

NOTE: This space is free of charge. Featured are city councilor first-time bets. Those candidadates (old or new, running for any position) who wish to have their platform known, may submit the same to the email address below. (Subject to space limitations.) Email to:

ing cycle of name-calling and character assassination, which does not do their listeners justice. Nevertheless, the local electorate still hopes that with just 30 days to go before May 11, the candidates and their mouthpieces can move on to the more substantive issues of this election and not dwell on how to diminish their egos. (By Dems Rey Demecillo)

Bets told: ... (From page 2) personnel to mount their election materials and to run campaign errands. Provincial COMELEC Supervisor Atty. Eddie Aba said incumbents or candidates are strictly prohibited from using public funds and assets in their political cam-

paigns. While some believe that this is just an accepted advantage of the incumbents yet the COMELEC reiterates that any aggrieved party can avail of the legal remedies available by filing charges in the Prosecutor’s Office or before the poll body itself. “They have their lawyers, they know what to do,” said Aba. ( By Dems Rey Demecillo)

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Pryde: Lakas ... (From page 2) Teodoro,” Teves said. “We don’t want to give funds to members who are inclined to leave the party anyway,” he added. Teves attended last week’s meeting of the Lakas-KampiCMD party, with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo making an unannounced appearance to boost the party morale and deliver her clear marching order for the Lakas officials to campaign and ensure the victory of Teodoro. Prior to the meeting, a number of administration allies including Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson, Cebu Rep. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz, and Bukidnon Governor Jose Zubiri defected to the Nacionalista Party of Manny Villar. Confusion also briefly rocked the administration party following the high profile resignations of Teodoro as Chairman and other top party officials, which had political analysts predicting the near collapse of Lakas. Teodoro had to reassure the party he is not leaving and that he only wanted to focus on his bid to win the presidency. After the Lakas meeting, 50 of the 86 governors re-affirmed their commitment to work for a Teodoro victory. Teves declares that the support of these governors is good enough since the opposition parties have to deal with the remaining 36 governors. He added, this week it will be the turn of the congressmen to be summoned for a loyalty check. The re-electionist solons like 2nd District Rep. Goerge Arnaiz remain confident that Teodoro would win the presidency despite a series of surveys showing him to be consistently stuck in fourth place. Arnaiz thinks that Gibo is getting stronger by the day particularly in the poblaciones and has instructed his barangay leaders to campaign hard for him in the upland barangays. Teves’ optimism is grounded on the strong possibility that no less than former President Fidel V. Ramos will take over Teodoro’s campaign in the homestretch. “It should be noted that Ramos managed to win despite the fact that he was up against the then extremely popular Senator Miriam DefensorSantiago and House Speaker Ramon Mitra and was then carried by the newly-formed Lakas party,” said Teves. He cited the reasons why Teodoro will prevail in the end: Ramos acting as his lead cam-

Trees are ... (From page 18-A) Provincial Commission on Elections Supervisor Atty. Eddie Aba said that trees have life too and they ought to be spared. “We are doing our best to remove as many posters that have been illegally placed by the candidates’ supporters,” he said. However, Aba admitted that they cannot devote all their time, effort and personnel in removing posters that are illegally mounted as they are still preoccupied with the preparations of the first ever automated polls. Meanwhile, Aba also clarified that candidates are allowed to put up their campaign materials on motorcabs-for-hire because while these are considered public utility vehicles yet they are privately owned.

Edukasyon ... (Dindo)

(From page 7)

such as the United States and Australia, etc. Many have been offered redundancy retirements and are eased out of the system. Should we be doing the same? I believe we should if they are unable to cope with modern technology. I also believe we do the same with old politicians and officials who are unable to comprehend the digital age otherwise they will only become a pain in the ass and a great burden to our modern society. So “Edukasyon ang Solusyon”? Whose education? Not the kids’ for sure! In their digital world today education is already part of the culture. They are bombarded by artificial intelligence everywhere they turn and in whatever they do. Hv a nce day evry1!! C u ltr frn…

Seek board ... (From page 1) However, Dinopol, who is running for LP board member in the second district said, that the city council of Bayawan which gave the approval is now stooped from reversing its decision because, otherwise, things will not get moving in the LGUs if they keep changing their minds. As this developed, gubernatorial bet Atty. and Vice Gov. Petit Baldado said that the provincial board will not take up the Bayawan loan until after the elections. He even hinted that the loan needs further scrutiny by the provincial board. The city is now headed by Mayor Gerry Saraña who is running for Vice-Governor of Dodo Macias. The loan is a pet project of the Bayawan mayor. DEED OF EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT AND ABSOLUTE SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the heirs of the late Spouses Jose P. Almazan and Eufrocina de Almazan have filed and executed a Deed of Extra-judicial Settlement and Absolute Sale on Lot No. 1041B-1, TCT No. 2140, with an area of 319 sq.m. situated in Poblacion, City of Dumaguete in favor to Ryan James Elnar Sy, Wednesday Elnar Sy, and Ramon Charles Elnar Sy, Jr., per Doc. No. 125, Page No. 26, Book No. XXV, Series of 2010 of Notary Public Atty. Edwin B. Abil. The Negros Chronicle April 11, 18 & 25, 2010

paigner, Lakas now being the monolith ruling party, Gibo’s excellent packaging and various military figures expected to work for Teodoro. (By Dems Rey Demecillo)

Tanod shot ... (From page 18-B) Meanwhile, two children were found dead with stab wounds in different parts of their bodies in Barangay Mabolod, La Libertad, recently. According to their mother, the victims aged 10 and 9 years old were asked a day earlier by their stepfather to fetch some water from a well one kilometer away from their residence. Their decomposing bodies were found a day later. The municipal health office conducted an autopsy of the cadavers before they were buried.

Poll spending ... (From page 18-A) tion houses, printing press, radio and television stations will be checked so that the BIR can assess the candidates of the exact amount of their tax obligations to the government. (With Neil Rio)


3 ex-cabs confirm Villaroyo... of Arroyo; and Cesar Purissima, former Arroyo Finance Secretary. Bringing them over is LP General Campaign Manager for Negros Oriental former city mayor Atty Felipe “Ipe” Remollo. They barnstormed big areas like La Libertad, and Dumaguete yesterday, informing the people about the dangers and costly mistakes of a failure of automated electoral process. The failure of the Comelec to provide election stakeholders with the access code for the servers and those related to such process is loaded with fears and suspicions according to Abad. VILLAROYO LINKS. 1. Joc Joc Bolante, the administration star of the fertilizer scam, instead of being charged by the Ombudsman for plunder, is now running for governor in Capiz under Villar. 2. GSIS president Winston Garcia is now supporting Villar, how come? 3. Lakas Chair before Joe Zubirri is now running for governor in Bukidnon under Villar while son Sen Migg Zubirri is now Lakas chairman. No connection? 4. The persistent report that first gentleman Mike Ar- municating with the Villar royo has been allegedly com- camp is another. Abad explained that the Arroyo administaton is playing safe. In case Gibo loses, (From page 2) Ochotorena cited the ad- they make sure that Villar wins vantage though, of surrender- so that a post-2010 case ing a rebel’s firearm because of against Arroyo will not push the cash incentive given by through. government such as: But GIBO Teodoro is now P50,000 for an M-16 pow- being backed up by veteran erful rifle; P20,000 immediate maverick stalwarts like former cash assistance; and another President Ramos and Jose de P50,000 working capital for a Venecia who feel that unless livelihood income-generating they make Lakas win, they project, to jump start the ex- will be relegated to the backrebel’s economic life.

Rebel squeals...


(From page 1)

ground after 2010 with a dead party. Meanwhile, Ipe Remollo made a fearless forecast by saying that an LP sweep will dominate the 2010 elections even in the local level. He predicts that Woodrow Maquiling’s party will win in Dumaguete. The trio also attended several public rallies of their party in the barrios Friday night.

What is CAH? ...

(From page 6) The Supreme Court concluded that Jennifer displayed “inappropriate” appearance of male characteristics. The Supreme Court explained that a person, like Jennifer, with this condition produces too much androgen, a male hormone. A newborn who has XX chromosomes coupled with CAH usually has a (1) swollen clitoris with the urethral opening at the base. Such a person has an “ambiguous genitalia” often appearing more male than female. Normal internal structures of the female reproductive tract are present, such as the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. But as the child grows older, some features start to appear male, such as deepening of the voice, facial hair, and failure to menstruate at puberty. In allowing the change of entry in the birth certificate from “female” to “male”, the Supreme Court is of the view that where the person is biologically or naturally intersex, the determining factor in his gender classification would be what the individual thinks of his/ her sex. Jennifer thinks of himself as a male and considering that his body produces high levels of male hormones (androgen), there is preponderant biological support for considering him as being male, the Supreme Court ruled. In so ruling, the Supreme Court gives respect to the diversity of nature. The Supreme Court gives respect on how an individual deals with what nature has handed out. In other words, the Supreme Court respects Jennifer’s congenital condition and his mature decision to be a male. “Life is already difficult for the ordinary person.” “We cannot but respect how Jennifer deals with his unordinary state and thus help make his life easier, considering the unique circumstances in this case,” the Supreme Court said. Here, the Supreme Court upheld a human and natural right to pursue happiness.

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Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office -------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Lupega Bldg., Dr. V. Locsin St., Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Dumaguete V Branch Ang Tay Bldg., Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office -------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Aldea Bldg., San Juan cor. Perdices St., Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Magallanes St., Tanjay City All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office -------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Quezon Street, Bais City All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office --------------------------

AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Claro M. Recto Street Bayawan City All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS H. Villanueva St., Siaton, Neg. Or. All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Guihulngan Branch Quezon St., Pob. Guihulngan, Neg. Or. All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ----------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Sta. Catalina Branch P. Villanueva St., Sta. Catalina, Neg. Or. All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Canlaon Branch Blk. 3 New Bus Terminal Canlaon City All unredeemed pledges from November 115, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Corner Pinili & Mabini Sts. Dumaguete City All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office —------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS North Poblacion, Jimalalud Negros Oriental All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office



Around Negros

AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Tanjay Branch 2 Nono, Limbaga Drive Tanjay City


All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Sibulan National Highway Negros Oriental All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office

Alarmed visitors and residents of Ticala, Caidiocan, Valencia who are exposed to the sulfur gas emitted from the cracks on the ground are anxious to know if this is putting their health at high risk noting that the vegetation of immediate environs where the cracks that emit sulfur gas have dried up.

---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Manjuyod Branch Nat’l. Hi-Way Poblacion, Manjuyod All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Nat’l. Hi-Way Poblacion, Zamboanguita All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ---------------------------AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Poblacion, Mabinay Negros Oriental All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office ---------------------------


everal residents and visitors are asking the municipal government of Valencia and the administration of the Lopez-owned Energy Development Corporation in Ticala, Caidiocan, Valencia if they are exposed in short term or long term serious health risks if they are continually exposed to the sulfur gas emitted from the cracks on the ground near their residen (Turn to page 18-B)

nvironmentalists and the Commission on Elections are reminding the candidates that their posters are prohibited from being nailed on the trees.


Lily Raymundo, a local green advocate, urges candidates and their supporters that they should “not sacrifice the trees for their egos. The nails will kill the trees.

It’s a slow and painful death.” The Holy Week is already over, she quipped. (Turn to page 19)

ureau of Internal Revenue District 79 Officer Cresencio Agad predicts an increase in tax collection due to the expenditures of local candidates for May 10 elections this year. In fact, for the first quarter of 2010 compared to just P 193.9 million in 2009. He said that all candidates and politialone, the agency noted a 27.43 % increase in its tax collection compared to cal parties are obligated to pay the taxes the same period in 2009. Records show for their propaganda materials in radio, print that from January to March 2010, the and television. Receipts from the publica local BIR has collected P 247.9 million (Turn to page 19)


Melodia confident to win re-election

AUCTION SALE M. LHUILLIER PAWNSHOPS Bais II Branch, National Highway Barangay Hangyad, Bais City, Negros Oriental All unredeemed pledges from November 130, 2009 will be sold to public auction on April 15, 2010 at 9:30 A.M. at this office

Incumbent Sta. Catalina Mayor Ruben Melodia (in photo with barangay health workers) and his allies are confident of his victory come May 10 on account of his track record of building more schools, opening more roads and better health care delivery than his predecessors. However, the low-key mayor, a lawyer by profession, is not taking any chance and is campaigning like he is about to lose.



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No cops failed in random drug test

From page 18-A cies and along the roads. Those who live near or pass by the sulfur-emitting land cracks complain of difficulty in breathing and sometimes dizziness and are AFFIDAVIT OF HEIRSHIP NOTICE is hereby given that TOMASINO ALAS-AS, the only surviving legal heir of the late AIDA ALAS-AS have filed and executed an Affidavit of Heirship on Lot No. 583, Bgss-07-02-000041, containing an area of 798 sq.m., situated in District III, Poblacion, Dauin, Negros Oriental and covered by Katibayan ng Orihinal Na Titulo Blg. FV-44076; and a deposit account opened and maintained with the Metrobank, Dumaguete City Branch, under Account No. 110-3-11052586-0 per Doc. No. 49, Page No. 11, Book No. I, Series of 2010 of Notary Public Atty. Erwin B. Vergara.

Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr. (right of photo) said that after a series of surprise random drug tests last year not a single policeman was found to have used illegal drugs. More than 80 chiefs-of-police and personnel underwent drug tests last year with Marquez (right of photo) supervising and leading his men in taking these tests.

The Negros Chronicle April 11, 18 & 25, 2010.

increasingly anxious of their well-being particularly of the children. Reached for comment, Energy Development Corporation Resident Manager Dwight Maxino said that these were “old natural surface manifestations which happened 2 years ago and not cracks.” Although Maxino admitted that “there are various health hazards if residents are exposed to different levels of gas concentrations” but he did not specify what AGENCIA DE EXQUISITE of Dumaguete, Inc., Cor. Ma. Cristina & San Jose Sts., Dumaguete City Tel. 422-1062

are these health risks. He further explained that the residents near the natural surface manifestations have been relocated through the efforts of EDC and the municipal government. “Our company’s environmentalists are continuously monitoring the levels of gas concentrations. Levels at the perimeter are safe. Our safety teams also placed warning signs at the perimeter manifestations and are in constant coordination with the LGU to ensure that the community is aware of the risks in the area,” assures Maxino. (By Dems Rey Demecillo)

All unredeemed and unrenewed pawn items for the month of October 2009 will be disposed by way of auction sale on April 19, 2010 at our business office.

ismayed owners and employees of a popular jewelry store in Dumaguete City reported to the police the loss of millions worth of jewelry items displayed in the store and kept at the store’s vault upon their return after a long holiday break in observance of the Holy Week, Monday. Belciña Pawnshop, situated at the wall of the store and the pawnshop’s vault using acetylene. The suspect or suspects then discorner of San Juan and Maria Cristina abled the CCTV cameras before taking all jewelry Streets, was burglarized by unidentiitems found in the store including the several fied suspects who gained entrance by hand guns issued to the security guards of the destroying a portion of the concrete establishment.



everal men pretending to be soldiers ambushed a village watchman in Barangay Basak, Guihulngan after attending a fiesta in the company of his wife and younger brother last week. The victim, a resident of Barangay Tacpao, was on his way home when he was ambushed by the suspects who shot him several times as his wife and brother watched in horror. Turn to page 19

Top of the Line:

Innova Van 2007 Strada Pick up – 2009 model 2 units Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter – 2009

Tel. Nos. 225-7452 / 422-8450 Cell. No. 09283264555 / 09062708575 09228597701 / 09228597702


our female students of Silliman University were robbed by still unidentified suspects of their cash and valuables while they were sleeping in their boarding house along Silliman Avenue, Monday evening. The heist was discovered the following Tuesday morning when one of the victims woke up to find their room violated.

The suspects managed to enter the room undetected by destroying the screen cover of the window and detaching several jalousie blades. The victims identified as Kimberly Mira, Anna Luz

Maturan, Abegail Mendoza and Tiffany Mira, all students of Silliman University and residents of Tanjay City lost four mobile phones and approximately P 23, 000 in cash.

More than a dozen persons were arrested by authorities conducting checkpoints in various towns and cities to implement the COMELEC’s total gun ban policy said Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director Sr. Supt. Augusto Marquez Jr., who also assured that checkpoints in strategic areas will continue. Various sectors are urging authorities to impose permanent total gun ban as a means to boost the anti-crime drive.

April 11 2010