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29 News & Features 8 Journey into the future of luxury

mobility: discover the visionary RollsRoyce 103EX

10 The new Falcon 8x is now clear for take off

12 The 2017 Met Gala Theme Will Be

Comme des Garçons's Rei Kawakubo

Travel 14 Katja Henke, the woman behind the glamorous Peninsula Paris

17 Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer

22 ME Ibiza, the place of total relaxation and endless parties

28 Discover the wonders of Burj al Arab 32 A city within a city - JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest

Lifestyle 38 Experience the thrill of an exclusive vacation

40 Travel in style - Business Travel and VIP Airport Services

46 Private Jets Europe - Always by your side

50 The private aviation giant - An interview with Vadim Horiszny

52 Fine dining - the most exquisite places in the world

55 Real Madrid – Discover the Santiago Bernabéu experience

56 RIMOWA - Ahead of its times Exclusive gifts 58 The quest to nd the perfect gift Events 65 IDEA EVENTS - Partners in communication






News & Features


ourney into the future of luxury mobility:

discover the visionary Rolls-Royce 103EX


Rolls-Royce's rst ever autonomous motor car is setting new standards of luxury and innovation. The vehicle envisions the future of driverless luxury vehicles and marks a different direction for the high end marque. Measuring over 19 feet long, Rolls-Royce 103EX is powered by a zero emissions powertrain, features no steering wheel, a door on one side only and a virtual assistant, ready to book the most exclusive hotels, make dinner reservations and choose your perfect outt for the evening. In addition to this, there is also a built-in red carpet and a special lighting system that announces the car's arrival to bystanders. Passengers in the driverless vehicle will also be able to enjoy the ample space created by the removal of the chauffeur and the extra privacy. Apart from all of these exclusive features, maybe one of the most exquisite one is related to the car's lower section. The area has a

unique colour scheme, reminiscent of the silky crystal waters, that surrounds the entire vehicle in a glistening light. Therefore, from whatever angle the Rolls-Royce 103EX is viewed, it seems to oat gently, in a manner that redenes the meaning of automotive Haute Couture. This new appearance is in line with the advanced suspensions used to create the sensation of the car skimming the surface of the road. All of the features could be customised for each owner, by means of interactive tools that would allow them to play a major part in the design of the car, before it is even built. Rolls-Royce has not announced when is the vehicle set to hit the streets, or how much it is expected to cost, but one thing is for certain: Rolls-Royce 103EX will redene the standards of luxury and prove once again that our imagination is the nal frontier.


News & Features


The new


The Falcon 8X is the latest innovation for Dassault. More range, more space, increased comfort and, as usual, the highest level of attention to details. The company's newest agship has the longest cabin in the Falcon family, provides more comfort and a stunning choice of more than 30 distinct layouts and thanks to its unique design, is every bit as fuel efď€ cient as the Falcon 7X. You can opt for a very comfortable three lounge cabin, or you can choose to go shorter on the entryway and add even more lounge space.


is now clear for take off

Everything from a full galley to a comfortable workspace to a restful night's sleep and a shower can be accommodated. The new Falcon 8X is all about your personal taste, with an entire design team ready to bring your vision to life.

More Range More Cabin Legendary Efď€ ciency

News & Features


R E I KAWAKUBO COMME DES GARÇONS The Met Gala, formally called the Costume Institute Gala and also known as the Met Ball, is an annual fundraising gala for the benet of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. Each year's event celebrates the theme of that year's Costume Institute exhibition, and the exhibition sets the tone for the formal dress of the night, since guests are expected to choose their fashion to match the theme of the exhibit. For its 2017 Costume Institute exhibition and gala, Metropolitan Museum of Art announced a new and exciting theme: “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons.” Opening on May 4, the show will be the rst monograph show at the museum to focus on a living designer since its Yves Saint Laurent exhibit in 1983. 12

News & Features

The exhibit will feature about 120 Comme des Garçons womenswear designs by Kawakubo, dating back to the label's rst runway collection in 1981, all the way to her most recent shows. The pieces will be arranged by contrasting themes (East/West, male/female, past/present). The mannequins featuring Kawakubo's designs will also be more accessible than ever, as they will be placed at eye-level without any glass or other physical barriers between them and the viewer. The Costume Institute Benet will take place, as is tradition, on May 1, the rst Monday of the month. The party will be co-chaired by Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, and Anna Wintour, with Kawakubo serving as honorary chair, and the exhibit will be sponsored by Apple, Conde Nast, Farfetch, H&M, and Maison Valentino.






Travel important French recognition with the Palace Award – which we just won. The next step would be to rise the recognition of the gastronomy served in our restaurants. But we will continue our day to day work transforming the hotel into a private house for our regular and loyal guests, moving hand in hand with them and their children for the next generations of travellers.

Quick questions Describe the Peninsula Paris experience in three words: interactive, ethereal, romantic (and “Rolls Royced”!) Favourite spot inside the Peninsula Paris: The Chocolate lab! We offer gourmands a chocolate class in the company of our Pastry Chef Antony Terrone. This is a fun culinary experience to share with junior family members, in our very own gastronomic laboratory to learn the Chef's secrets to make the best dessert. Favourite place in Paris: Hard question…I would say the Marché des Enfants Rouges, located in the heart of the trendy district Le Marais: 39 Rue de Bretagne. This covered market is the oldest in Paris, it was established in the early 1600s.




onte -


arlo SociĂŠtĂŠ des Bains de Mer

When luxury meets sustainability





The Monte-Carlo Beach also has its own guidelines comprising 35 actions in environmental management and certiď€ cation. The most noteworthy of these, "Beach goes Bio!", aims in the short term to provide hotel guests with a 100% organic experience. This is perfectly illustrated by Elsa, the Michelin- starred gourmet restaurant that was certiď€ ed a "100% organic restaurant". In January 2016, Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo became the third Monte-Carlo Societe des Bains de Mer establishment to receive the prestigious certiď€ cation. All of these actions are part of the Monte-Carlo Societe des Bains de Mer's sustainable development strategy, which echoes the principality's efforts to adopt an actively responsible approach. These actions demonstrate the group's commitment to sustainable development and promote this commitment to its clients and partners. 19


The place of total relaxation and endless parties



up while talking to our guests and employees. You've been General Manager at ME Ibiza for almost 2 and a half years. During this time, what has ME Ibiza come to mean to you? Me Ibiza is the unique Luxury Lifestyle Hotel in the Mediterranean. A new way of experiencing luxury. What's ME Ibiza's secret to maintaining a very relaxed and still high quality atmosphere? Our atmosphere moves away from the party places and offers a relaxing lounge music and Poolclub atmosphere. What's next for ME Ibiza? We are developing new Suites on our Rooftop which are still secret but will add a lot of value to our product and offer new stunning views.

We know that sustainability is a crucial ingredient of Melia Hotels International. Is Green the new Gold for luxury hotels? Absolutely. Our customers want to be assured that everything we do is transparent and sustainable with our environment and neighbours. Quick questions Describe the ME Ibiza experience in three words: Experience, Luxury, Lifestyle. A perfect night at ME Ibiza starts with a Cocktail at the Rooftop from Álvaro Martín, our award winning Bar Manager and ends with a luxurious dinner with fresh sh from the market enjoying stunning 360º views and the sunset over Santa Eulalia. Favourite place in Ibiza: Dalt Vila. 23








150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BR, UK +44 (0) 20 7493 8181 | enquire@theritzlondon.com www.theritzlondon.com


EXPERIENCE the thrill of an exclusive vacation

Whether you are traveling for vacation or just on business purposes, your experience should be one of a kind. This is where Private Luxury Travel can be of your service. We are always prepared with the most exclusive, custom tailored offers, so that your trip to be a truly luxurious one. Starting from accommodation bookings, commercial or private ights reservations and concierge services at the destination, we always ensure that your interests are well served.


Private Luxury Travel has an exquisite portfolio of destinations and properties, that includes gorgeous locations, breathtaking ocean views and the ď€ nest amenities around the globe. Our goal is to deliver the best in bespoke travel, therefore we work only with the very best and we keep our standards high. For all the international trips facilitated by Private Luxury Travel, you also have the possibility to book concierge services in advance. Whether you plan on having a special dinner, book a private jet or helicopter, surprise someone with a special gift or organize a private event, anything is possible. Private Luxury Travel is up for the most exclusive demands, because as we like to say, luxury is a lifestyle and we are committed to honour it.

PRIVATE LUXURY TRAVEL T: +40 722 10 10 90 oana.bica@theprivateluxurytravel.com



VIP Travel


Picture yourself in a luxury airport lounge usually reserved for VIPs and celebrities. Imagine you have access to unique and customised services, simplied passing through the airport and a smooth, exquisite feel along your journey. Your dream can now become reality with the help of our special travel cards. Be part of the exclusive RHAPSODY club and enjoy a host of privileges that start before your ight and extend beyond your arrival at the destination. Each of the four types of cards offer VIP passes through Bucharest airports, concierge services 24/7, benets at every hotel member of The Leading Hotels of the World network and other luxurious advantages. Plus, they all come packed up in a splendid leather box, that can be further customised according to your preferences.

Get what you deserve. AT DEPARTURE


- Passengers welcome and escort; - Privileged check-in, security and border formalities; - Accommodation in the Ofď€ cial Lounge; - Boarding assistance with priority access; - Transport to the aircraft by VIP limousine/minibus (if necessary);

- Passengers welcoming and escorting; - Transport from the aircraft (if necessary) by VIP limousine /minibus; - Accommodation in the Ofď€ cial Lounge; - Border formalities and baggage delivery in the lounge;


VIP Traveling Packages

SAPPHIRE package







PLATINUM package



Always by your side

All you have to do is call or email and we will have a team member ready to help you start your journey. 46

Lifestyle The world is your oyster On a commercial ight, you generally have to follow some strict rules, you have to deal with unpleasant sitting, various restrictions when it comes to using electronic devices or moving

sitting areas, serve exclusive drinks and chef prepared courses while listening to your favourite music without headphones, reading a book or why not, discussing an important business. Just tell us in advance if you have certain preferences and we would be more than happy to offer you the right solution. The pleasure of security

We, at Private Jets Europe, put your safety on top of our priorities list. This is the reason why we only work with carefully selected partners, who can commit to the highest standards on the market. The strict maintenance procedures and superior technology on board. You can just place your request by sending an email to charter@privatejetseurope.com or by calling at +40 722 10 10 90 Visit our website to ď€ nd out more about fractional ownership: www.privatejetseurope.com around the cabin. When you are on private plane, you get to experience a new sense of freedom. You can enjoy the comfort of top of the line 47


private aviation giant the A look inside

NETJETS An interview with Vadim Horiszny

to y privately. They don't have to worry about all the issues associated with whole aircraft ownership – stafng, hangar fees, ight logistics etc… as all of this is taken care of by NetJets with as little as 10 hours' notice for a jet. What are the main advantages of ying on a private aircraft?

Please tell us a few words about NetJets? NetJets is the global leader in private aviation and the pioneer of fractional aircraft ownership. NetJets Europe has 100 jets in its eet and can access over 900 airports across Europe – and up to 5000 around the world. Customers buy a share in an aircraft based on the amount of ying they need – making this the most efcient way 50

Flying privately allows you to set your own schedule. You avoid the hassles of commercial travel – delays, queues, navigating airports, and instead can maximise productivity by being smarter with your time. It is also an incredibly comfortable way to y and NetJets is proud to say – an incredibly safe way to y. Many of our pilots come from top military roles and each and every one of them carries out advanced safety training, above and beyond what the regulators require.

NetJets has one of the world's largest private eet and we know that you have recently also unveiled your rst Cessna Citation Latitude. Please tell us a few words about it and what it brings new to the market. The Latitude is a super midsize jet and has really revolutionised that section of the market. It seats 8 in comfort and has range of 7 hours meaning it can comfortably travel to the Middle East or Africa. NetJets' Latitude jets have been custom built to meet our Owners requirements. Important elements such as WiFi is included on board as we know how instant it us for our customers to stay in touch with the ground when ying.

dinners with ambassadors such as Roger Federer, private concerts with Andrea Boccelli and meals behind closed doors with Massimo Bottura. What are your future plans for NetJets? NetJets continues to retain market share in the industry and has plans to take delivery of further Latitude aircraft over the next 12 months. Many more aircraft in the eet will be equipped with WiFi to enhance connectivity and a new In Flight Entertainment is being introduced on board for Owners to enjoy some down-time when ying.

Is the Latitude your strongpoint on the European market? NetJets' entire eet is our strong point in Europe. Our scale is unmatched by anyone else in the industry and that is one of the reasons customers choose NetJets. Our safety standards are incredibly important as we set industry benchmarks that others then have to try and emulate – which is only a good thing for the industry as a whole. Outside of ying, our Owners have access to our host of elegant events that take place around the world. These include 51



ine dining: The most exquisite places in the world

There are some places in the world that during time have established themselves as truly luxurious. Whether we are talking about Paris or the dreamy streets of Provence, the mysterious London boulevards or the never sleeping city of New York, the reasons are simple: exquisite locations, top services and perhaps the most important, top of the line cuisine.

started on planning your next trip.

We made a list of some of the most luxurious Michelin starred restaurants in the world to get you

His agship restaurant at palace-hotel Plaza Athénée is certainly a wonder. Wherever you

Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée Hotel One of the most celebrated chefs in the world, Alain Ducasse owns 23 restaurants in seven countries with a total of 19 Michelin stars and he is constantly in the kitchen seeking ways of reinventing French cuisine.

apricots from the Landes region served with avocado and fresh almond tofu.

Alain Ducasse and his chefs focus on a healthy trio of sh, vegetables and cereals, trying hard to shed a new light on these regular ingredients. What's more important is that they have a noble purpose to make people be more aware of their eating habits and the planet's natural resources. The vegetables used for the intricate dishes are produces locally, some of them in the actual chef's picturesque garden. The restaurant is famous for its crisp blue Cotentin lobster, lentil caviar in a delicate smoked jelly, eshy Atlantic sea bass with clementine cont and white asparagus or the

Hotel du Castellet Overseeing a wide Mediterranean garden and the beautiful valleys of Provence, this restaurant is home for two starred Michelin chef Christophe Bacquié. Fresh products are brought daily from local farmers and shermen, to ensure the rich avours of each dish on the menu. The beautiful villas, the relaxed lifestyle and the delicate scent of lavender complete the scenery and make this an experience of a lifetime. Waterside Inn In the old charming 16 th century village of Bray, close to the banks of the Thames, a delightful restaurant serves one of a kind dishes since 1972.


The welcoming ambience, the elegant surroundings and the impeccable services are world renowned. The culinary experience is without aws, chef Alain Roux making sure that his family's reputation is taken further. Eleven Madison Park, New York Situated in an art deco building just of Madison Park, Eleven Madison Park is owned by Will Guidara and Daniel Humm. The place is renowned for the relaxed

feeling, the service that becomes an art and, obviously, the food. The perfectly cooked honey and lavender roast duck and other reinterpreted classics best describe the type of food being served here: contemporary American with a twist. What sets it apart? A visit here is truly an experience. The menu was shortened to only 7 courses, so that the entire staff can become intimately familiar with the dishes and the chefs to be able to tailor everything to the individual diner.




Discover the Santiago BernabĂŠu experience



Ahead of its times Thanks to the latest RIMOWA innovation, the RIMOWA Electronic Tag, travellers can now use their smartphone to check in their smart bag from the convenience of their own homes, and hand it in within seconds at the airport. The RIMOWA Electronic Tag is based on digital technology that is directly integrated into selected RIMOWA suitcases. The RIMOWA Electronic Tag replaces the usual paper label with a digital data module integrated into the suitcase. It displays digital luggage data in the same size and with the same appearance as today's paper labels. The switch from analogue to digital is therefore quite simple. The same applies to its use: in future, in addition to a digital boarding pass, airlines will also provide their passengers with digital luggage data for their booked ights. 57

The quest to nd the perfect gift


When it comes to gifts, it is mandatory that you choose something unique and out of the ordinary. Whether it's a special present for you loved one, for your business partner or your best friend, you want to show devotion, respect and importance. Thanks to eLuxury-Gifts, nding the right gift it's easier than ever. We offer a large selection of luxury products, from handmade French chocolates and sizzling champagnes to leather agendas and one of a kind writing instruments. Our portfolio is specically designed to t even the more pretentious needs and more important, each product can carry a relevant emotional weight, since it can be customized according to your liking. Therefore, not only are they owned by very few people, they can also become truly one of a kind.

But by far, one of the strongest reasons why one should invest in a luxury gift is simply because you get a level of quality that is hard to obtain in other circumstances. Also, these types of presents can last for a lifetime and perhaps even more important, they can bring someone the joy of a lifetime. So, next time you think of buying a present for your signiď€ cant others, or maybe just treating yourself as you deserve, take a look at our portfolio and we guarantee that you will ď€ nd what you expected.

Get what you deserve www.luxury-gifts.eu 59









Events Among the speakers were top of the line names, both national and international, specialists with high degree of expertise in their eld. Some of our events included debates and discussions on subjects that are highly related to sustainability, environmental causes and the technologies of the future: - Ecological Cars – The Future Now; - Sustainable Building – A Step into the Future; - Non-nancial reporting, the key to a sustainable business; - e-Mobility Weeks Bucharest 2016; - Best before and useful after. PUBLIC EVENTS Since one of our aims is to actively contribute to the process of informing, educating, changing mentalities and raising awareness on the topic of climate change, we also concentrated our activity on events that would target children, young adults and adults. This is how the project e-Mobility Weeks came to life, giving start to a series of events dedicated to electric mobility and reducing pollution. The Ofcial Ambassadors of the event were schools, ofce parks and commercial centers in Bucharest. Because we believe that with small steps one can achieve great results, we are going to continue each of our projects during the year of 2017. We thank all our partners for their support and hope that many others will join us in this cause. For more details about our future events and projects, please contact: gabriela@idea-events.com oana.bica@idea-events.com


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