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2017 Leading Energy Efficient Builders In this issue of the New Homes Guide, you will meet the builders who have stepped up to a leadership role in the construction of energy efficient homes in the Valley. They represent a small, select group of professionals leading today’s energy efficient construction by building high-performance homes in the BUILT TO SAVE™ program.

ABOUT THE BUILT TO SAVE™ PROGRAM Much like the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval,” a BUILT TO SAVE™ certification means that the home has been inspected and tested by a licensed, independent third party rater who guarantees that the home will perform better than a similar home built only to minimum code requirements. On-site visual inspections and specialized testing equipment are used to verify and guarantee that the requirements for certification are met. BUILDERS WHO DO THINGS RIGHT At a time when most companies focus on cutting costs and building to minimum standards to maximize profits, builders constructing high-performance homes certified by the BUILT TO SAVE™ program focus on investing more—not less—to build homes that are superior in every way. A home certified as a high-performance home features the following: Better indoor air quality; tighter construction with enhanced air sealing; correctly-sized HVAC system; consistent room-to-room temperatures; more comfort; more durability; less maintenance; and a better resale value. Most importantly, a BUILT TO SAVE™ certified home will save you money on utilities every month.

TODAY’S HOME SHOPPER Today’s smart home shopper is aware that the cost of a new home is not just the initial price of the home, but rather the total cost of homeownership that includes the home’s performance and its long-term utility costs. Smart shoppers know to look beyond the “lipstick” of a new home—the designer light fixtures, exotic granite countertops, beautiful wallpaper—and other cosmetic items that many mistake for quality construction. A smart shopper will appreciate that what is behind the walls—what cannot be seen— is more important in determining the quality of construction in a home. With a BUILT TO SAVE™ certificate, buyers can relax with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a third-party rater inspected the home before the walls were installed. Homes certified in the BUILT TO SAVE™ program are given a Certificate of Registration and a certification label, which can be found on the electrical panel box in a home. If a high-performance home label isn’t there, there’s no guarantee your home is energy efficient.


RGV New Homes Guide Vol. 25 #5 (Aug.-Sept. 2017)  

COVER FEATURE: "2017 Leaders of Energy Efficient Homes in the Rio Grande Valley."