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MONTHLY REPORT (Ref.001) NAME: Elena Daniela Stanica ELECTED POST: Vice President Environmental and Ethics DATE: 12.11.2013 Update and achievements from previous month

Last month I have managed to meet with prof Peter Robertson and had a very fruitful meeting. He introduced me to the Sustainability Advisory Group and I will be attending their meetings. Outline and plan, with timeline, for current month

- This month I will start collaborating with Joanneke Kruijsen from CUSP who previously tried to obtain the Fairtrade status for the entire university but without any success.Prof Peter Robertson mentioned that the proposal wasn’t successful because they wanted to see more student engagement .This time by working together with Joanneke towards achieving the Fairtrade status I am aiming to show more student engagement within the cause. This month I will try and arrange a meeting with her and learn more about what needs to be done and the whole process for applying for the Fairtrade. -Moreover, I have just met with Judith Logan from RGU Transport and together with her I am going to take part in the February Sustainability event that she is planning on organising. I will get involved with the event and aim to have support from the Union. The Sustainability event should be a great opportunity for Rgu Union to promote their Bike Hire scheme. There is a lot of potential at the event and I will be suggesting my ideas to Judith. In the upcoming weeks I will liaise with Judith Jogan to decide upon the final date and who is going to be present at the event. So far I was thinking that it would be great if the People and Planet society can be present at the event and that it would be good for the event to take place in the new Riverside building as this is where the majority of the students studying environmental related degrees are based and they will be interested to attend. Personal objectives/Manifesto update -Getting involved in my first sustainability event together with Judith Logan. A potential separate smaller campaign within the bigger event might be planned. -Continue keeping in touch with CUSP while working with Joanneke towards the Fairtrade status

Team objectives/progress update

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Vp environment and ethics monthly report 2 11 13  
Vp environment and ethics monthly report 2 11 13  

VP Environmental and Ethics - November report.