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Robert Gordon University Student’s Association Student Affairs Meeting 9th December 2013, 12pm Student’s Union, University Street Present:

Student Body Assembly General , including: Steve Mills, President (Education and Welfare) (Chair) Paul Greene, President (Communication and Democracy) Rachel Barber (1306317) Karin Danz (1306072) Lodovica Avidano (1301020) Elaine Campbell (1203309) Faizal Mohammad (1101249) Lukas Podhrazky (1203711) Union Staff: Michele Collie, General Manager Claire Hargaden, Student Development and Volunteering Coordinator (temporary)

1. Welcome Welcome from Steve Mills (SM). 2. Recap SM offered a recap of activities and events since the previous forum.

3. Minutes The minutes of the previous meeting were presented and approved.

4. Positive Comments SM briefly summarised the positive comments collated from the previous meeting.

5. Negative Comments SM briefly summarised the negative comments collated from the previous meeting, and any action that had been taken to address this negative feedback.

6. Meeting with the Deans SM offered a briefing on the Student Representative meeting with the Deans of Faculty, giving a general overview of the issues discussed, and conveying that the students’ voices are being heard, and that each of the issues raised are being systematically addressed.

7. Open Discussion 7.1

Karin Danz (KD) (1306072) raised the problem of students from different departments being required to work collaboratively on group projects in labs that cannot cater for each student’s needs – for example, a chemistry student cannot complete their work in the biology lab.


Lodovica Avidano (LA) (1301020) raised the concern of many students about multiple coursework assignments being given the same due date. LA also raised concern regarding the patchy wifi service and that the library lacks sufficient space and computers for the number of students using it. She also mentioned that sometimes computers lack the relevant software.


SM asked whether students were more inclined to work from home rather than use the library. The general response was that whether people worked in the library or from home tended to be a matter of preference and not due to any perceived lack of facilities at the library. Elaine Campbell (EC) (1203309) noted that there were advantages and disadvantages to working in the library: for example, while the wifi is poor, there are a lot of power outlets for laptops. Faizal Mohammad (FM) (1101249) agreed with KD, and suggested that a mini-lab could be provided for such group project work.


Lukas Podhrazky (LP) (1203711) commented that the labs tend to be full and noisy, but noted that most of the problems that had been previously raised have been successfully addressed.


SM asked how the quality was of assessment feedback, and the general response was favourable. When asked about the way in which they prefer to receive feedback (on paper or electronically) generally it was agreed that the students do not mind. Rachel Barber (RB) (1306317) said that feedback was useful but sometimes a little vague. There was a brief discussion about the possibility of obtaining anonymous feedback electronically and SM said that he would look into this.

8. AOB FM stated that he had circulated an email to all students bar first years regarding Faculty Quality Enhancement.

9. Conclusion SM thanked everyone for attending during such a busy period and stated that minutes would be circulated following the meeting. All were invited to stay for lunch and the business of the meeting concluded at 12.40pm.

Student affairs forum - 9th December  
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