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MONTHLY REPORT (Ref.001) NAME: Rachel Sanders ELECTED POST: RAG Chair DATE: 8.11.13 Update and achievements from previous month • Attended Childreach Student Awards Ceremony • Kicked off Movember across campus • Launch of the sale of the Doric Dictionaries • Working on RAG guidelines and procedures • Continue to promote challenge events • Met with individual students participating in challenge events Outline and plan, with timeline, for current month • • • • •

Continue with Movember (bake sale and end party on 30th) Promotion of Food donation drive across campus (25th Nov to 13 Dec) Planning for all Festive Events Meeting with Aberlour Childcare Trust – 22nd Nov Roll out the RAG guidelines

Personal objectives/Manifesto update Growing RAG Continued success at meetings, excellent achievement at the Childreach Awards More Local Volunteering and Community Engagement Planning Christmas Volunteering project at a local homeless shelter within Aberdeen International Challenges and Volunteering Rome Marathon with Breast Cancer Campaign – promoting and encouraging sign ups (10spaces) Big Build Morocco – Team leader in place – sign ups open (20 spaces) recruitment going well Climb Kili 4 Kids – looking for a team leader – sign ups open – 10 people signed up Trek the Great Wall of China – AICR have been nominated as the partnered charity – looks to be a positive relationship. Sign-ups open now

RAG Recognition Approached by Anna from Comms for an article re the Childreach Award – story covered by the Evening Express Continuing Relations with Charities and RAGs Planning for Charity reps to visit during meetings Team objectives/progress update

Campaign(s) proposal outline (Please remember to submit your completed campaign form.)

Future Training Course(s)/Conferences details (Please remember to submit your completed Training Course/ Conference form.)

Are there any points you would like raised at the next Executive Board (Please attach any relevant papers for circulation)

Monthly report nov  

RAG Chair report - November 2013