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Societies are a great way to meet like minded people and socialise during your time at university! Have a look through this handbook and see if there are currently interested in, if not follow the three simple steps to create your own. Get involved!

For more information about any of our societies, or to find out how we can help you start your own soticety or student group, contact our VP (Societies) or our Student Development & Volunteering Co-ordinator

Vice President of Societies

Student Development & Volunteering Co-ordinator 01224 262 265

Association of African Students

The Association of African Students –RGU (AAS-RGU, established January 2013) is a students’ society organisation registered with the Robert Gordon University and whose membership is open to all students at the university. Our key objective is to provide career development support and help open opportunities for African Students in Aberdeen and beyond during and after their studies.

Law Society

RGU:LawSoc are here to make your time at RGU Law School even better. Nights out, Annual Law Ball and some academic stuff too we aim to offer support where needed and make your studies more enjoyable.

Timothy Generation

Timothy Generation is a student’s society that nurtures and harnesses the leadership potential in young people with the sole aim of positively impacting the society. We do this by; • Creating social and interactive gatherings. • Organizing seminars and workshops on leadership, career, finance/management and relationship issues • Volunteering to help members (especially new students) enjoy their campus experience. • Planning and executing activities that are guided by Christian principles • Making donations to charitable organizations.

Christian Union

We are the RGU Christian Union. We are a group of students at RGU who simply want to tell people about Jesus at Uni. We are from all denominations and backgrounds, living and speaking for Jesus. We meet together weekly at H408 in the Health & Social Care Building on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. However we are really here for the rest of the students in Aberdeen, so we hold events that any student would feel comfortable coming along to, for example acoustic nights.

You are welcome to come to any event that we hold, as well as our weekly meeting. Everything is free of charge!

Forensics Society

The Forensics Society aims to bring together students who study Forensics and those who are interested in it, through both social and academic events. It is a society great for meeting others who study your course and is a great way to make new friends through this common interest. The society will host guest lectures and CSI workshops as well as fun social nights out.

RGU Singers

We’re the RGU:Singers, singing for fun, pleasure and the occasional gig. We are a group that comprises both students and staff. You don’t have to be a professional singer! All you need is a passion for singing! Don’t hesitate and join us today! You can also visit our facebook website

League of Anime & Co

League of Anime & Co. is a gathering for those loving Japanese Animation! We watch anime of all genres, popular or obscure. Whether you want to discuss your favourite shows or discover great anime, you’re sure to find yourself at home with our laidback group! We meet up on Sundays, find us at our blog or on facebook page.

First Aid Africa

First Aid Africa (FAA) is a humanitarian charity which aims to educate people in rural and remote areas of South Africa in basic first aid knowledge, where they have little or no access to first aid treatment or equipment. FAA can provide students with the amazing and exciting opportunity of volunteering on expedition in Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania to teach individuals valuable life saving knowledge, such as treating a burn with no running water, how to splint a broken leg with locally resourced material and more. Interested in becoming a volunteer then drop by are stall at the fresher fare on the 26th September or come along to the RGU Union on 7th October at 6pm on the first floor to find out more about what the charity does and how to volunteer.


Deeper Life Campus Fellowship

DLCF an assembly of saintly scholars heartily welcomes you to RGU. You are free to join us in out meetings every week on the following days Monday and Friday 7-9pm and Sunday 10am -1pm

Shooting Stars A fairly new society to RGU, Shooting Stars brings together people with an interest in drama, whether it be on stage or backstage. Throughout the year, we offer drama workshops and rehearsals with the intention to perform and produce a final performance towards the end of the university year (we presented ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in April 2013 as our first production). We also offer social events to bring the society together and show it’s not all work and no play! So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced thespian, everyone is welcome to join! If you would like any further information get in touch!

RGU CompSoc RGU CompSoc is here to promote advances in technology, organise events, run competitions, improve our software skills and above all have fun. RGU CompSoc is the society for the geek in all of us! Anyone who is willing to learn, will find themselves at home in this social, fun and computer minded society. As a member of the society, you will attend lectures on interesting topics and contribute to discussions that enhance your knowledge and technical skills. You can also arrange your own presentations and workshops on topics of your own interest. As well as learning, we all need to time to relax and chill out. We get away from those pesky computer screens and have fun by playing pool, basketball, bowling and hill walking, to name but a few activities. We of course love testing the limits of our computers by taking on each other in LAN gaming sessions.

International & Erasmus Exchange Society The International and Erasmus Exchange Society has been recently regenerated, with a fresh committee and plenty of new members both here in Aberdeen and abroad. Our goal is to help promote the exchange options offered by RGU to students who wish to study abroad, as well as ensure that incoming exchange students have the best possible time in Scotland by organizing nights out, day trips, weekends away, and lots more. We also look to provide support and help to any incoming students who are feeling a bit lost, as well as advice and guidance for any home students thinking about spending time studying abroad.

Toast Appreciation Society

Like Toast? The Toast Appreciation Society is the place to kick back, grab a few slices of toast with a mug of tea or coffee and have a chat. We stock a variety of spreads and hot drinks and cater to allergies. Stay for the people, card games, laughs and generally have a banter! We meet up every Tuesday in the Student union at 5pm and offer unlimited toast for just a £5 yearly membership fee.”

Elecronic Gaming Society

The RGU Gaming Society is a place for gamers of all walks of life to congregate, play games, drink, make friends and then immediately fall out over a game of Soul Calibur. We have consoles new and old, a massive pile of games, awesome gaming-related events and a great community. Meetings take place every Wednesday at 4:00, in the Union.

People & Planet It’s our campus part in the largest student network in Britain, campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. We are taking action in Aberdeen and making change on a global scale, hosting events, lobbying, networking with other NGOs and using all our skills to shout about gradually making the world a better place. Last year we have: • stopped RGU from being economically involved in a war crime in Israeli-Palestinian conflict • put on cardboard boxes to condemn garment sweatshops • contributed to a 2-year long global campaign to make Adidas pay $1.8 million in legallyowed redundancy pay to their former workers in Indonesia AND WE WON • convinced thirty major brands to sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord following the Rana Plaza factory collapse in April • been named the best new society of the year As Guardian wrote, “Students: it’s your duty to have fun and to save the world!” What will you help us achieve this year? Sky is the limit!

Research Student Association

The Research Student Association (RSA) is a society which allows researcher students to network, meet other research students and get support from fellow researchers. Our community of RGU research students are based in Aberdeen and all round the world, studying in a multitude of disciplines. Our activities range from social to academic and we were crowned “Best Improved Society 2013”. This year we plan to have numerous events to blow your mind and entice and thrill you! Follow us on Facebook and watch us on YouTube.

RGU:LGBT+ We are the Robert Gordon University Society for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* people, in Aberdeen. We welcome along any defining, questioning, friends of LGBT+ students, teachers, and members of the Aberdeen community into our society and our events! Celebrating our 1st birthday on the 10th November, we have had a great success in this small amount of time, including winning the ‘RGU Society of the Year’ award and the ‘RGU Student Voice’ award! You’re guaranteed to have a great laugh with our members, regardless of which event you come to! Remembering, our society is a safe space for all LGBT+ people, for you to feel totally comfortable as yourself and with your sexuality.

RGU Islamic Society The RGU Islamic Society (RGUISOC) is dedicated to catering for the needs of Muslims students at RGU. The aim of RGUISOC is to create a positive atmosphere about Islam on campus and to encourage interaction and discussion about Islam. The society wishes to promote true Islamic values, encourage Islamic knowledge and foster mutual and friendly relations and cooperation with Muslims and non-Muslims in the University. RGUISOC also aims to organise social functions of particular interest to Muslims Events we hope to have include Islam Awareness Week, Charity Week, sports, discussion sessions, lectures and much more

Association for BME Engineers Society

AFBE-UK (Association for Bme Engineers) is a registered not-for-profit organisation that aims to challenge and inspire people of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) origin to make enhanced contributions in their respective fields, and also to add value to the community, using engineering as a platform. Founded in London in 2007, the goals of the organisation are achieved through our conferences, leadership training, professional development, career seminars and our mentoring programs. For students; this presents a rare opportunity to network with Industry Professionals who have experienced similar challenges while in school. In addition, AFBE aims to contribute to the discussions on sustainable development in Third World Countries. We currently have three chapters: London, the Midlands and the Scottish arm (currently based in Aberdeen). To find out more about AFBE-UK and the work we do visit our website

57’10 Architecture Society

The 57’10 Architecture Society began in 1988 and is a non profit organisation run by students. The society hosts a weekly lecture series each year with the aim of creating a link between architectural education and architectural practice. Guests in recent years include Caruso St John Architects, O’Donnell and Tuomey Architects, Rural Design Architects and Stanton Williams. This year we are trying to create a critical discussion and dialogue based around the major themes affecting contemporary architecture.

Interprofessional Education Society Interprofessional Education is now a mandatory part of most of our courses. Our society takes a fun, practical approach to learning about IPE and provides students with an opportunity to enhance their CV. Our events are based on clinical scenarios where students from each profession discuss their role in the care of the patient. This is followed by a taster of relevant clinical skills. Want to try: Suturing, Venipuncture (taking blood), Nasogastric Tube Insertion, IV Cannulation, Injection Technique, Arterial Blood Gas and More?? Is there something more fun you want to try? Then sign up and get involved in making it happen!


Start your own society in 3 easy steps...

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Send a quick email to the VP (Societies) and the Student Development and Volunteering Co-ordinator letting us know your ideas. Then an informal meeting can be arranged.

Paperwork - You need a minimum of 10 interested students to start a society - Aims and objectives, put down as much detail as possible, making it clear what the society is all about and what it aims to achieve - A brief overview of planned society activities for the year will aid any applications for financial support you make as it will show you are organised and focussed on what you want to achieve

- Organise your first meeting and invite students to come along - Make sure that they are able to discuss any ideas that they may have for the society - Ask if anyone would be interested in committee positions

RGU:Union Societies Guide - Sept 2013 Edition  

The Societies Guide - Sept 2013 Edition