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Archives 10 years on

About the Society Need to know The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) is a leading world centre for geographers and geographical learning dedicated to the development and promotion of knowledge together with its application to the challenges facing society and the environment. Founded in 1830, it has been one of the most active learned societies ever since. Today, the Society supports and promotes geographical research, education, fieldwork and expeditions, and geography in society; it also advises on policy issues. The Society has substantial Collections, accessible to all. The Society is a charity with a broad-based membership that supports its mission and aims. The Society welcomes professional geographers, geography graduates and all those with an enthusiasm for geography, travel and exploration to join. Please contact the Membership Office E T +44 (0)20 7591 3080. To find out more visit W


A message From the President With so much going on in the Society it is always difficult to select which events and activites to report on. However, I must mention progress with the Society’s Field Research Programme.The call for proposals for projects covering migration, water or urban ecosystems has produced a good result with 13 full proposals submitted by the deadline. These are now being considered. I also want to comment on our flagship Monday night lecture series. The Spring programme is excellent, of high quality, varied and with topical issues discussed in accessible, balanced ways. The Summer programme looks equally exciting with lectures on climate, conservation, the Pole of Cold and much else, in London and beyond. Finally, I feel I should explain a small addition that is being made to the process for electing Council Members in June (details on the Society’s website). Council

has been very aware that the Charity Commission and others have been stressing the need for ‘fit for purpose’ governance. It wants to ensure that the Society’s governing body has an appropriate mix of skills, experience and expertise to allow the Trustees and the Society to discharge their duties in the best possible way. Therefore, following an analysis of the skills gap, Council has provided some guidance to those thinking of standing about the skills and expertise that it would be most helpful for new members to have, to complement existing member skills. While this does not preclude any Fellow from standing for the advertised Council positions in education, expeditions and fieldwork, research and higher education, finance and the regions, it is intended to be helpful guidance.

Professor Dame Judith Rees President



Unlocking the archives 10 years on

10 years ago, the Society ‘unlocked’ its entire archives. Our Collections of more than two million items were made public for the first time in our history. This momentous event on 7 June 2004 was the result of more than eight years of planning, fundraising and building work. Most importantly, it signalled the beginning of major developments in the Society’s work. Not only were our Collections of maps, photographs, books and documents made publicly accessible. But new activities were also established to continue advancing geography, to embrace new audiences and to deliver more fully our charitable status requirement of public benefit. Dr Rita Gardner, the Society’s Director, says: “The approach was clear. This new work would be in addition to, and not a replacement of, the Society’s traditional and strong support for geographical 2

research, fieldwork and expeditions. It was an immensely exciting time. The new developments were symbolic in many ways. Not only were the archives being unlocked, but the Society was being opened to the world.” The £7.2 million project, which put the Society’s new entrance on Exhibition Road, was delivered on time and on budget. Its concept, design and construction were recognised at the Building Construction Industry Awards in 2005, where it received the Judges Special Award for the most innovative project. Creating new spaces went hand-in-hand with a carefully managed strategy to reach new audiences in order to advance geography and raise wider awareness of the Society. Space was also released in the process, later allowing the building of the new Members’ Room.

The building developments of 2004 transformed the Society and its gardens © RGS-IBG

The new Exhibition Pavilion and Foyle Reading Room provided opportunities to develop the Society’s Collections-based activities, with a public reading room and the introduction of Showcases and Be Inspired events to the programme. For the first time, we began working in partnership with ethnic community groups to understand better our shared histories in Britain, drawing out new perspectives on our historic Collections.

Other newly created spaces – the Education Centre and a seminar suite (Sunley and Drayson rooms) – have enabled us to deliver a range of different training and professional activities. In cementing the building’s status as the home of geography, in signalling change and in the provision of rooms catering for 20 to 100 people, the project helped the Society develop an education department. Each year, the education 3

Students analyse mapping data on laptops in the Education Centre © RGS-IBG

Visiting school students learn about the history of the Carribbean at an exhibition © Ben Parfitt

Visitors view a display in the Foyle Reading Room © Ben Parfitt

Viewing hand-coloured slides in the Foyle Reading Room © Ben Parfitt


department now provides on-site professional development for more than 500 teachers and our online resources are used by around a million people. “The well-used RGS-IBG building on Kensington Gore is a centre of public education and community outreach… RGS-IBG is a most significant dimension of the institutional capacity of UK (human) geography, and is unequalled in any other country.” International Benchmarking Review of UK Human Geography

The new facilities have meant we can host small seminars, such as our Environment and Society policy series, and better handle large conferences, such as the Annual International Conference, which came to the building for the first time in 2004. The Society’s capacity to host external events and conferences has also changed remarkably, and building hire is now an important income stream. The new and refurbished interiors, as well as the redesigned garden, have proved invaluable.

By unlocking the archives in 2004, we embarked on a carefully planned journey in which we would engage much more with the public, schools and policy-makers, while strengthening our capacity to support the Society’s traditional areas of activity. The achievement of these plans was recognised in last year’s independent International Benchmarking Review of UK Human Geography, which noted: “The wellused RGS-IBG building on Kensington Gore is a centre of public education and community outreach… RGS-IBG is a most significant dimension of the institutional capacity of UK (human) geography, and is unequalled in any other country.” As for the future? “This just is the start,” Dr Rita Gardner says, “there remains much more we will continue to do to advance geography, promote the Society, and to widen knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the changing world in which we live. For now, we would like to thank all of those people who have made this journey possible, whether Fellows, members, donors, decision-makers or staff. Thank you.” 5


Fundraising Membership Appeal

This year the Society is launching a Membership Appeal for funds to support field research. Council has decided to focus this on two projects: the Field Research Programme and postgraduate fieldwork grants. The Society’s Field Research Programme will involve collaborative research outside the UK to advance geographical knowledge. The research will be carried out in partnership with UK and locallybased researchers and should also engage with wider audiences. Council will decide on the chosen project by June. The Society has committed to raise between £500,000 and £1 million to make it happen. Paul Rose, Vice-President for Expeditions and Fieldwork, says: “This speaks volumes about our commitment to geographical work in the field. If you feel passionately about expeditions and field research, 6

please do help us to fund it.” This Membership Appeal will also strengthen the Society’s ability to award postgraduate grants on a long-term basis. Our target is to create an initial fund of at least £500,000, the investment return on which will be awarded year-on-year in small grants. Professor David Thomas, Vice-President for Research and Higher Education, says: “Postgraduate grants provide a fantastic opportunity for the Society to contribute to the development of the next generation of research geographers. This is a fantastic way to fund the future of our discipline.” The Society has held one Membership Appeal in support of each strategic plan over the last 15 years. These calls for funds give all Fellows and members the opportunity to be involved and all contributions, whether large or small, are very much appreciated.


Sir Ernest Shackleton 100 years on

The Endurance was later crushed in ice and the 28 expedition members spent months in makeshift camps, before a small boat was rowed 800 miles to safety. Alasdair MacLeod, Head of Enterprise and Resources, says: “It is the inspirational story of Shackleton’s leadership that continues to capture the attention and admiration of all.” The Society will hold an exhibition and a series of events in 2015/16 to celebrate Shackleton’s achievements. These will draw on our Collections, most notably a set of glass plate negatives that were rescued from the sinking ship.

The crew of the Endurance taken on the bow © Frank Hurley

On 8 August 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail from Plymouth aboard the Endurance. In leading the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-17), he attempted the first crossing of Antarctica.

The glass plate negatives are the work of expedition photographer Frank Hurley and the hauntingly beautiful images provide a unique and lasting record of the expedition. The Society is proud to mark the anniversary by sharing these treasures with the world.



Open access A new journal

The Society remains committed to publishing and sharing geographical knowledge and we are pleased to announce that our first fully open access journal, Geography and Environment (GEO), is planned for launch in 2014. GEO, published in partnership with Wiley, will feature open peer-reviewed research from across the discipline and all content will be available online. Ahead of the launch, co-editor Professor Gail Davies says: “Growing imperatives for openness in science present both exciting opportunities and significant challenges for research.Openness has many meanings and the ethos of open access is still at issue. The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) is actively shaping these debates and I am delighted to be editing GEO.” She adds:“GEO will build on the expertise and reputation of RGS-IBG to maximise the 8

potential of open access, digital scholarship and innovative research across and beyond the discipline of geography.” All articles published in GEO will be paid for by authors, institutions or their funders. GEO complements our existing journals – Area, Geographical Journal and Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers – which are funded primarily through reader subscriptions, but also give authors the option of paying for their articles to be open access immediately. Co-editor Professor Anson Mackay says: “GEO is an online journal, first and foremost. This opens up new possibilities in terms of the format and media that can be published in a peer-reviewed journal. We hope that researchers will embrace and experiment with the opportunities offered by this new journal.” W

GEO complements our existing journals © Ben Parfitt

Area,Geographical Journal and Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers © Ben Parfitt



Rediscovering London’s Geography

The Society is launching a new education project to support the teaching of geography in London schools. Rediscovering London’s Geography is a 20-month project supported by the Greater London Authority and the Department for Education through the London Schools Excellence Fund. Work has already begun to establish a group of expert geography teachers in schools throughout London. These teachers are at the core of the project and they will play an important role in developing professional networks, bringing together teachers from across the capital. Expert teachers will lead Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions to support teaching of the new geography curriculum and local fieldwork in London. Teachers outside London can benefit from some of the CPD opportunities 10

and schools nationwide will be able to access online educational resources. Steve Brace, Head of Education and Outdoor Learning, says: “Rediscovering London’s Geography provides opportunities to work with teachers at different curriculum phases and in many different types of schools. We are also looking forward to showing off the great range of opportunities that our capital has for innovative local fieldwork.” The Society’s successful Geography Ambassador programme will also feed into the project, with Ambassadors giving presentations in schools. Speaking about the relevance of geography for further study and careers, they will enthuse the next generation of Londoners. E

Events Lectures at a glance London lectures Monday night lectures 6.30-7.45pm at RGS-IBG, 1 Kensington Gore, SW7 2AR Date


7 April


Supper Title Climate change and human futures

Speaker Professor Neil Adger

14 April


The Nile

Dr Toby Wilkinson

28 April


An explorer's tale

Jason Lewis

12 May


Saving the last cheetahs of Iran

Dr Luke Hunter

19 May


Pole of Cold: a journey to chase winter

Felicity Aston

2 June


Gentle giants of the Galapagos

Jonathan Green

London City lectures 7.00- 8.15pm at The Clothworkers’ Hall, Mincing Lane, EC3R 7AH 29 April


An explorer's tale

Jason Lewis

20 May


How we think about climate change

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky


London & South East Society London events RGS-IBG members are reminded to bring their membership cards to gain entrance to RGS-IBG events. For non-balloted lectures in the City or Monday night series, doors open one hour before advertised start time and places will be on a first-come, first-served basis (no advance booking). Please show current membership card to gain entry. Please arrive with your guest or meet them at the venue entrance for evenings designated M+G Event booking Event bookings can be made via telephone, post and online. All tickets are non-refundable and nontransferable. T 020 7591 3100 W Suppers Come and enjoy a two-course candlelit supper at the Society following selected Monday night lectures – a great opportunity to meet other members and their guests.Supper is served at 8.00pm, finishes by 10.00pm, and is £30 per person (two courses, two glasses of wine and coffee). Please book by midday the preceding Friday (please advise of any dietary requirements). Any cancellations must be received by 11.00am on the preceding Thursday otherwise a full charge will apply. Please refer to the booking form on page 34 or T 020 7591 3100 W


Accessibility Wheelchair spaces are available in the Ondaatje Theatre. A personal assistant or carer can usually be accommodated. Please contact the Events Office in advance on E Registered assistance dogs welcome. The Ondaatje Theatre has an induction loop for those with hearing impairments. An accessible toilet is provided. Key to events B Ticketed event (advance booking recommended) M Members only M+G Members plus one guest S Supper to follow lecture (advance booking required) FR Fundraising event Continuing professional development for the Chartered Geographer scheme Opportunity to meet other members The Younger Members’ Committee hosts an informal get-together in the Map Room following the first Monday night lecture of each month. All welcome. M+G Monday 7 April at 6.30pm S Supper available after this lecture Lecture – RGS-IBG members + one guest Climate change and human futures Professor Neil Adger A changing climate poses risks for people, ecosystems and economies. The latest understanding of the choices and dilemmas we face are considered by an author of the 2014 IPCC report on climate change Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability.

Monday 14 April 5.30pm - 8.30pm Lecture-related Collections display The Nile Visit the Foyle Reading Room for a lecture-themed display of maps, artefacts, archive material, photographs, watercolours and other highlights from the Society’s collections relating to the history of Nile exploration. M+G Monday 14 April at 6.30pm S Supper available after this lecture Lecture – RGS-IBG members + one guest The Nile Dr Toby Wilkinson The Nile is the constant thread that runs through Egyptian history. Toby takes us downriver through the past and present of a conservative yet rapidly changing land. M Monday 28 April at 6.30pm Lecture – RGS-IBG members only An explorer’s tale Jason Lewis Jason shares his extraordinary circumnavigation of the Earth using only human power; and the insights that 12 adventurous months at sea in a tiny boat offered to understanding global sustainability. M+G Tuesday 29 April at 7.00pm City lecture – RGS-IBG members + one guest An explorer’s tale Jason Lewis See previous entry for lecture description. Venue: The Clothworkers’ Hall, London, EC3R 7AH. This is a repeat of the lecture held at the Society’s premises in Kensington on 28 April.

B May (date and time TBC) 21st Century Challenges For full details including booking, please visit W B Thursday 1May 7.00pm - 9.00pm (Kensington Gore doors open at 6.30pm) Discovering Jordan Our expert panel will inspire your next trip off the beaten track. Opportunities for Q&A and networking with exhibitors and fellow travellers at this informative evening for first-time travellers to Jordan. Tickets: RGS-IBG members £10, non-members £15, includes wine and an information pack. W M+G Monday 12 May at 6.30pm S Supper available after this lecture Lecture – RGS-IBG members + one guest Saving the last cheetahs of Iran Dr Luke Hunter Luke explores the plight of the critically endangered Asiatic cheetah; from its ecology and life history, to its precarious existence in the face of widespread threats, to optimism arising from successful conservation efforts. M+G Monday 19 May at 6.30pm S Supper available after this lecture Lecture – RGS-IBG members + one guest Pole of Cold: a journey to chase winter Felicity Aston Land Rover Bursary recipient Felicity traces her 30,000km journey across northern Europe and Siberia as far as the Pole of Cold, the coldest inhabited place in the world, to explore differing perspectives on winter. 13

M+G Tuesday 20 May at 7.00pm City lecture – RGS-IBG members + one guest How we think about climate change Professor Stephan Lewandowsky Stephan draws on his research in cognitive science to explore how we think about climate change and other global challenges and how some people remain sceptical in light of much scientific evidence. M+G Monday 2 June at 6.30pm S Supper available after this lecture Lecture – RGS-IBG members + one guest Gentle giants of the Galapagos Jonathan Green In a beautifully illustrated talk, Jonathan tells how the Galapagos Whale Shark Project is starting to unravel some of the mysteries of the world's largest shark, but just how do you investigate a 17m long, 20 ton fish? B Monday 9 June Open afternoon, Annual General Meeting, medals and awards, annual reception Come along to our open afternoon from 1.30-4.00pm to discover more about the Society, meet staff and tour the building. The AGM starts at 4.30pm, followed by the medals and awards celebration hosted by the President in the Ondaatje Theatre from 6.15 -7.30pm. Entry to all three events is free to Fellows and members; please bring your membership card along on the day. Tickets are required for the annual reception from 7.30 -9.15pm. Tickets priced £17.50 should be booked in advance (max two per RGS-IBG member). Further details will be posted on the website in April and sent out with the AGM mailing in May. W


B Tuesday 17 June 7.00pm - 8.00pm Joint lecture with Trailfinders The walker’s guide to outdoor clues and signs Tristan Gooley Natural navigator and Trailfinders Vice Chairman Tristan Gooley reveals intriguing new ways to enjoy the outdoors, as he discusses the subject of his new book. Tickets: RGS-IBG members plus one guest free. Booking E B Wednesday 18 June at 7.00pm Discovering People Professor Richard Dawkins This conversation with the evolutionary biologist, author, documentary maker and atheism advocate will give a fascinating insight into Richard Dawkins’ life and the events that have helped shape his views. Tickets: RGS-IBG members £7, non-members £10. W B Friday 27 June at 7.30pm Commonwealth Games summer party and ceilidh Warm up in style for this summer’s Commonwealth Games with our Scottish-themed party, dinner and ceilidh. Who needs a javelin or a racket to get in the swing? Organised by the Younger Members’ Committee. All welcome! Tickets: Early bird rate (book by 6 June) RGS-IBG members £40, non-members £44. Late bookings (from 7 June) RGS-IBG members £44, non-members £49. Carriages at midnight. Dress code: Scottish sporting/black tie/smart. W

Courses and conferences Unless otherwise stated, the courses and conferences listed below are held at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), 1Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR. For the latest information on courses and conferences for teachers, visit W Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 April Workshop (Leeds) Writing transport geography Transport Geography Research Group event An opportunity for postgraduates and early career researchers from a wide range of disciplines with research interests relating to transport geography to meet and develop their writing skills for publication and other media. Venue: University of Leeds. Tickets: contact Joanna Elvy E W Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 April Conference (Loughborough) Postgraduate Forum mid-term conference Hosted by the RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum A supportive and friendly event for PhD students at any stage of their research to present their work, meet others working in related fields and gain valuable research skills. Venue: Loughborough University. Tickets: £50. Booking/information W

Friday 9 May Careers workshop Opportunities in the non-governmental organisation (NGO) sector Developing Areas Research Group event An opportunity for postgraduate students to hear expert panellists speak about career opportunities and progression in the NGO sector, and ways of bridging the academic and international development sectors. W Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 May 9.00am -4.00pm Fieldwork and expeditions event (near Ledbury) Land Rover driver training Land Rover in association with Geography Outdoors provide a two-day practical driver training course covering key driving and safety techniques for people undertaking expeditions or fieldwork in remote areas. Venue: Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury. Cost: £228 incl. VAT. Accommodation not included. Booking T 020 7591 3030 E W Wednesday 4 June 10.00am-5.00pm Teachers’ conference Exciting geography: strategies and content for Key Stage 2 in prep schools Andrew Lee This course is for teachers who are new to teaching geography, or those who require ideas for making topics within the curriculum at Key Stage 2 more exciting and relevant. Tickets: RGS-IBG members £100, nonmembers £180 incl. VAT. Booking E W


Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 June 9.30am-5.30pm Fieldwork and expeditions event Off-site safety management course A must for those involved in planning visits in the UK or overseas, this course looks at the safety management issues involved in planning, managing and evaluating local visits, fieldtrips, and exchanges. Cost: RGS-IBG members £216, non-members £240 incl. VAT. Includes lunch. Accommodation is not provided. Booking T 020 7591 3030 E W Thursday 12 June 9.30am-5.00pm Fieldwork and expeditions event Off-site safety management: training the trainer For those trainers with relevant previous experience in managing a wide range of visits in the UK and overseas who wish to deliver the off-site safety management course to their own groups. Cost: RGS-IBG members £171, non-members £190 incl. VAT. Includes lunch. For further information T 020 7591 3030 E W Tuesday 17 June 9.30am-4.30pm Fieldwork and expeditions event Educational visits: policy update, scenarios for EVCs and emergency contact training An opportunity for independent school EVCs to update their school policy following new national guidance, discuss any concerns, and develop the formal training needed for those who handle calls during critical incidents. Cost: RGS-IBG members £190, non-members £209 incl. VAT. Includes lunch. Booking T 020 7591 3030 E W 16

Wednesday 18 June 4.00pm-6.00pm Teachers’ seminar (Nottingham) Update me: creative approaches to developing inspirational geography David Rogers The session will explore a number of practical strategies that encourage independent and collaborative enquiry, a key skill for the 21st century. Venue: Brackenhurst Campus, Nottingham Trent University. Tickets: free but advance booking required E W Monday 7 July 5.00pm -7.00pm Teachers’ seminar Update me: creative approaches to developing inspirational geography David Rogers The session will explore a number of practical strategies that encourage independent and collaborative enquiry, a key skill for the 21st century. Tickets: RGS-IBG members £35, non-members £45 incl. VAT. Booking E W Tuesday 8 July 10.00am-4.00pm Teachers’ workshop Introduction to Esri ArcGIS Online Jason Sawle and Shireen Gardee Find out what Esri ArcGIS Online can do during this hands-on tutorial and take home some ideas and resources for embedding GIS into your teaching and fieldwork. Tickets: RGS-IBG members £100, non-members £130 incl. VAT. Booking E W

Friday 18 July 10.00am-4.00pm Teachers’ workshop Ready, set, teach! CPD day for trainee geography teachers This conference for current trainee teachers and those starting teacher training later in the year will be fundamental in preparing delegates for life in a busy geography department. Tickets: RGS-IBG members £25, non-members £40 incl. VAT. Booking E W Tuesday 26–Friday 29 August Conference Annual International Conference: geographies of co-production Chair: Professor Wendy Larner, University of Bristol The perfect opportunity to find out about the latest research in geography and related fields whilst networking with over 1,200 delegates from around the world. E W

Tuesday 26 August Workshop Participatory methods training day Participatory Geographies Research Group event An exploration of practical and theoretical questions about participatory methods, this full-day workshop will include keynote speakers, interactive workshops and a help session. W Tuesday 26 August Networking/training workshop Postgraduate Forum annual conference training symposium (PGF-ACTS) Supported by the RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum A symposium for postgraduate conference delegates, which includes workshops, panel discussions and opportunities for Q&A led by established professional geographers and other experts, developing transferable skills and enriching the experience and value of attending the conference. Tickets: £20 when booked with conference registration W

Tuesday 26 August Workshop Generating research impact: ethics, politics and practices Economic Geography Research Group, with the Developing Areas, Social and Cultural Geography, and Political Geography Research Groups event Researchers, especially postgraduates and earlycareer researchers, are invited to critically consider how the impact imperative shapes the research we do and the researchers we are. W


Exhibitions Unless otherwise stated, the exhibitions listed below can be found in the Pavilion of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG),1Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR. Please use the Exhibition Road entrance. All exhibitions are free and open to members of the public from Monday to Friday, 10.00am-5.00pm unless otherwise stated. For special events, including Society Collections displays linked to exhibitions, please visit W Monday 31 March – Friday 11 April Also open at weekends Image, instinct and imagination: landscape as sign-language Jay Appleton and Simon Warner A photographer’s introduction to prospect-refuge theory, first described in The experience of landscape (1975). Appleton’s evolutionary theory of landscape appreciation is brought to life in a wide-ranging display of British landscape photographs. Monday 19 May – Friday 23 May Pole of Cold: what does winter mean to you? Expedition sights, sounds and objects from the 2013 Pole of Cold Expedition (Land Rover/RGS-IBG Bursary recipients) as they chased winter to Siberia and the coldest inhabited place in the world. Monday 26 May – Friday 30 May Trailfinders annual photography exhibition A selection of photography by Trailfinders staff with stunning imagery which will inspire you on your travels.


Monday 2 June – Friday 20 June Also open at weekends Reclaiming Hitler’s Atlantic Wall: marking the 70th anniversary of D-Day Stretching from the Arctic to the Pyrenees, Ianthe Ruthven’s photography captures the surprising aesthetic of these weather-ravaged and graffitistrewn bunkers to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Monday 23 June – Friday 4 July Also open at weekends Environmental Photographer of the Year 2014 Images from the CIWEM (Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) annual photographic competition. Friday 11 July – Sunday 17 August Also open at weekends Travel Photographer of the Year Be inspired by some of the world’s most stunning contemporary travel images from the TPOTY competition in this annual collaboration with the Society, alongside images from the Society’s own historic photographic collections.

Foyle Reading Room Showcases and workshops A popular range of daytime courses and showcases open to all and providing an ideal way to learn more about the Society’s unique Collections. All events start at 2.30pm and last approximately two hours. Tickets: free to RGS-IBG members and educational users, non-members £5, payable in advance. Meet at the Exhibition Road reception. These events are led by a member of the Collections team. Booking essential, refreshments provided. T 020 7591 3044 E B Mondays 28 April and 19 May The Great Game Exploration and espionage in High Asia with the surveyors, soldiers and spies who lived and died at the point where the British, Russian and Chinese empires met. B Mondays 16 and 23 June Great War maps War-related work of the Society during WW1 illustrated with maps from the Society’s Collection portraying all aspects of warfare from wider political issues to specific details of military operations. B Monday 30 June How to use the Foyle Reading Room workshop An excellent introduction to the Foyle Reading Room, showing users how to get the best out of the Society’s Collections.

Be Inspired Join us for the latest series of afternoon talks given by speakers whose work is closely connected to the Society’s Collections and inspired by travel, exploration, people and places. These talks are intended to kindle interest from members and non-members alike in using our rich resources for study or enjoyment. Tickets: free to RGS-IBG members and educational users, nonmembers £5 payable in advance. Venue: Education Centre or Ondaatje Theatre, RGS-IBG, 1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR. Booking essential T 020 7591 3044 E B Monday 14 April 2.30pm-4.00pm Britain’s first disaster in Afghanistan Jules Stewart Examining the lessons of history, this is the story of a British catastrophe in Afghanistan, the 1838 invasion and subsequent 1842 retreat from Kabul, which saw a 16,000-strong force annihilated in one week. B Monday 12 May 2.30pm-4.00pm The Camargue – wilderness of space and dreams Alexander Maitland The members of gardian societies still maintain the Camargue’s famous bulls and white horses. Alexander Maitland explores the reclusive world of horse-men poets and their traditions, vital to the delta’s survival.


B Monday 2 June 2.30pm-4.00pm Geographical projections: bringing to light the RGS magic lantern slide collections c.1880-1960 Emily Hayes, AHRC-funded RGS-IBG/University of Exeter postgraduate researcher This talk explores the history of the Society's illustrated lectures and offers a window onto how late19th century RGS audiences, geographical storytelling and scientific knowledge-making shaped geography and the RGS-IBG.

Regional events Apart from lectures in the Regional Theatres Programme, events listed are organised by the Society’s Regional Committees, unless otherwise stated. RGS-IBG members are reminded to please bring their membership cards to each event. A bar serving drinks and/or tea and coffee is available at some regional lectures. As a variety of venues are used, please contact the venue directly to ascertain the level of facilities available and disabled access. W We have regional CPD networks for teachers throughout the country, for more information please contact Claire Wheeler E For events in Singapore please contact Pete Read E W For events in Hong Kong please contact Rupert McCowan T+852 2583 9700 W 20

Cheshire & North Wales Regional contact: Professor David Parsons, 1 Kent Drive, Congleton, CW12 1SD T 01260 271596 E W Monday 19 May at 7.30pm Lecture (Chester) The two faces of Russia: Moscow and St Petersburg Dr Rosamund Bartlett Dr Bartlett, writer, lecturer, translator, and visiting Fellow at St Anthony’s College, Oxford, will explore the different characters of these great cities, examining how and why their importance has changed over time. Joint meeting with the Society of Thirteen. Venue: The Grosvenor Museum, Grosvenor Street, Chester, CH1 2DD. Tickets: RGS-IBG members free, non-members £5 donation requested. T 01260 271596 Sunday 15 June at 10.00am for 10.30am -3.30pm Field day (Alderley Edge) Exploring the Alderley Edge Mines Derbyshire Caving Club A fascinating exploration into these historic copper mines, examining the geology, mining techniques and history of discoveries in the Engine Vein mine, followed by a surface walk to observe the remains of this historic site. Venue: meet at the National Trust car park, Over Alderley, Macclesfield, SK10 4PY. Tickets: RGS-IBG members and guests £10. Places limited; advance booking only with John Spawton T 01625 522049 E

East Anglia Regional contact: Michael Hand T 01603 616427 E W Monday 28 April at 7.30pm Lecture (Norwich) Recent approaches to saving the world’s forests Adrian Martin Visionary or myopic? Adrian’s research focuses on Africa and the relationship between poverty, forest management and conservation of the rich biodiversity of the rain forests. Venue: Lancaster House 6th Form Centre, Norwich High School for Girls, Newmarket Road, Norwich, NR2 2HU. Norfolk GA event, RGS-IBG and GA members free, non-members £3 on the door. Sunday 11 May at 2.30pm Field visit (Walsham le Willows) Green and pleasant land Dr Rita Gardner Join the Society’s Director for this two-hour guided walk around the picturesque Suffolk village which can trace its history back over 1,000 years, and discover its surprising links with over 50 different countries. Further details of this Discovering Britain walk can be found at W Venue: meet in the Walsham le Willows village hall car park. Places are limited, please book by 1 May E

Tuesday 27 May at 7.30pm Lecture (Norwich) Baghdad: city of peace, city of blood Justin Marozzi Over 13 centuries, Baghdad enjoyed cultural and commercial pre-eminence as well as suffering famines, floods and foreign invasions. Justin brings to life the tumultuous history of what was once the greatest capital on earth. Venue: Kent Room, Assembly House, Theatre Street, Norwich, NR2 1RQ. Open to all, RGS-IBG and GA members free, non-members £3 on the door. Wednesday 28 May at 7.30pm Regional Theatres Programme (Stamford) Sailing the line Emily Penn Environmentalist Emily Penn explores how remote island communities are adapting to change, and how tackling global issues on an island scale can help solve problems in our own society. Venue: Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St Mary’s Street, Stamford, PE9 2DL. Tickets: RGS-IBG members and one guest £9 each (quote membership number). T 01780 763203 W Wednesday 16 July at 7.30pm Regional Theatres Programme (King’s Lynn) Maplines Nicholas Crane Drawing on journeys ranging from the Hindu Kush to Tibet, the Pyrenees to the Pennines, writer and broadcaster Nick Crane explores the way maps open the door to geographical enlightenment. Venue: King’s Lynn Arts Centre (as part of the King’s Lynn Festival), 2729 King Street, King's Lynn, PE30 1HA. Tickets: RGS-IBG members and one guest £11 each (quote membership number). T 01553 764864 W 21


Northern Ireland

Regional Chair: Martin Haslett, 16 Beverley Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 6PJ T 01926 429254 E W

Regional Chair: Steve Royle E W

Thursday 24 April at 7.45pm Lecture (Lichfield) Meteorological extreme events and related impacts: analysis and potential future changes Gregor Leckebusch, Birmingham University Severe weather is a major cause of financial loss. This presentation will concentrate on winter storms and estimate future changes in their severity or frequency. Joint meeting with Lichfield Civic Society. Venue: St Mary’s Centre, Market Square, Lichfield, WS13 6LA. Free, all welcome. Further information from Susan Lupton T 01543 416144 Sunday 20 July at 2.00pm Field visit (Leamington Spa) Discovering Britain: Leamington Spa Martin Haslett will lead his Discovering Britain walk in Leamington Spa and tell the story of how the town has developed from a little village to a thriving spa. Further details of this Discovering Britain walk can be found at W Venue: Leamington town centre. Tickets: £5, to include refreshments after the walk, from Martin Haslett at the above address. Please book by 14 July.


Wednesday 21 May at 7.30pm Lecture (Belfast) Our fiery hearts: travels in Central Asia Diana Gleadhill Gleadhill talks of her travels across the Silk Road trade routes, the Akhal-Teke horses of Turkmenistan, the lakes and dangerous passes of Pakistan and Tajikistan, and the burning gas crater of Darvaza. Venue: Room OG-029, School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Elmwood Building, Elmwood Avenue, Queen’s University Belfast, BT7 1NN. Tickets: free, please email to indicate attendance E

North West Regional Chair: Tim Foster, Blencathra Centre, Threlkeld, Keswick, CA12 4SG T 017687 79601 E W Thursday 3 April 5.00pm-6.45pm Lecture (Ambleside) The carbon cycle: crossing the Great Divide Kate Rawles Author and University of Cumbria lecturer Kate Rawles cycled 4,553 miles from Texas to Alaska along the spine of the Rockies, exploring North American attitudes to climate change – and fabulous mountains! Venue: The Percival Lecture Theatre, University of Cumbria, Rydal Road, Ambleside, LA22 9BB. Tickets: RGS-IBG members and university staff and students free, non-members £3 on the door.

Thursday 10 April at 7.00pm Networking event (Underbarrow) Show and tell and mission to Mars RGS-IBG has always pushed the frontiers of scientific exploration, so propose a candidate (historic or currently active) to join the first expedition to Mars. Venue: The Punchbowl, Underbarrow, LA8 8HQ. A ‘hot pot’ supper will be provided, £6 per person, please contact Bev Holt E or Mike Cambray E Saturday 17 May 1.00pm -4.00pm Field visit (Bolton) The Halliwell experience: 100 years of planning Trevor Roberts, former President of the Royal Town Planning Institute In the centenary year of the RTPI Trevor Roberts will delve into the key aspects of planning that have shaped Halliwell. The field visit will start at Bolton Town Hall and finish in a suitable hostelry. Venue: meet at Bolton Town Hall,Victoria Square, BL11RU. Tickets: RGS-IBG members free, non-members £3. For more information and to register contact Tim Foster T 017687 79601 E Tuesday 3 June 6.00pm - 8.00pm Exhibition opening preview (Coniston) The mirror’s magic sights: John Ruskin and the daguerreotype An exhibition of Ruskin’s large and important collection of daguerreotypes of European landscape and architecture, including some of the earliest images of the high Alps ever taken. Venue: Brantwood, Coniston, LA21 8AD. Tickets: RGS-IBG members free on 3 June only; thereafter normal admission applies (exhibition runs to 21 September). T 01539 441396

Thursday 12 June at 7.00pm (drinks) for 7.30pm Film screening (Coniston) The epic of Everest Jan Faull, British Film Institute On the 90th anniversary of Mallory and Irvine’s final, fateful attempt to summit Everest, Jan Faull will introduce and talk to this digitally re-mastered John Noel film about the ground breaking 1924 Everest Expedition. Venue: Brantwood, Coniston, LA21 8AD. Tickets: RGS-IBG members free, non-members £5. Advance booking essential. T 01539 441396 Sunday 22 June at 7.30pm Regional Theatres Programme (Keswick) Sailing the line Emily Penn Environmentalist Emily Penn explores how remote island communities are adapting to change, and how tackling global issues on an island scale can help solve problems in our own society. Venue: Theatre by the Lake, Lakeside, Keswick, CA12 5DJ. Tickets: RGS-IBG members and one guest £9.50 each (quote membership number). T 01768 774411 W Wednesday 2 July at 7.00pm (drinks) for 7.30pm Opening the archive (Coniston) Shackleton Eugene Rae A century after Sir Ernest Shackleton embarked on his bold Imperial Trans-Antarctic Endurance expedition, the Society’s archive provides unique insights and evidence of his earlier participation in the Discovery and Nimrod expeditions. Venue: Brantwood, Coniston, LA21 8AD. Tickets: RGS-IBG members free, non-members £5. Advance booking essential T 01539 441396 23

Saturday 19 July 7.00pm-9.00pm Demonstration/talk (near Keswick) Using GIS and GPS with the West Cumbria Rivers Trust Charlie Poate, Environmental Consultant (GIS Systems) Charlie Poate works on major infrastructure projects for Amec. He volunteers with the West Cumbria Rivers Trust in his spare time and will demonstrate some cutting edge geography in practice.Venue: FSC Blencathra Centre, Threlkeld, Keswick, CA12 4SG. Tickets: RGS-IBG members free, non-members £3 on the door. Early evening (6.00pm) dinner optional £7 extra. To book contact Janet Elliott T 01768 779601 E Wednesday 20 August 4.30pm- 8.30pm Field visit and dinner (near Keswick) Glenderaterra Valley Tim Foster, Head of FSC Blencathra and Hydro Engineer An opportunity to visit and discuss the recently installed hydro turbine and weir in this unique valley of historical and geological interest. Venue: meet at FSC Blencathra Centre, Threlkeld, Keswick, CA12 4SG. Tickets: RGS-IBG members £10, non-members £15. To book contact Janet Elliott T 01768 779601 E


South Regional contact: John Leonard CBE, 15 Elan Court, Kings Worthy, Winchester, SO23 7LN. E T 01962 886 380 W If paying for tickets in advance, please enclose s.a.e. and make cheques payable to ‘RGS-IBG’. Thursday 24 April at 8.00pm Regional Theatres Programme (Southampton) Sailing the line Emily Penn Environmentalist Emily Penn explores how remote island communities are adapting to change, and how tackling global issues on an island scale can help solve problems in our own society. Venue: Turner Sims, University of Southampton, Highfield Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ. Tickets: RGS-IBG members and one guest £12 each (quote membership number). T 023 8059 5151 W Thursday 15 May at 7.00pm Social (Romsey) Members’ evening A revival of this popular event! Share your experience: 10 minute presentations with a maximum of 12 slides on a specialist subject or a traveller’s tale. Non-speakers also very welcome. Venue: King John’s House and Garden, Church Street, Romsey, SO51 8BT. Tickets: £8 including light supper. Places are limited, please book early and by 7 May to avoid disappointment; willing speakers please state proposed topic. Contact Paul Newby, 9 Merrytree Close, West Wellow, Romsey, SO51 6RB E

Wednesday 18 June at 11.00am for 11.30am Lecture followed by optional lunch (West Sussex) Colombia – uncovered Gail Ward Writer and photographer Gail has worked worldwide but only achieved her ambition of seeing Colombia in 2012. Be ready for a professional’s images and observations of this varied and fascinating country. Venue: Danny House, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9BB. Tickets (in advance please): RGS-IBG members plus one guest free, non-members £5 each. Optional lunch £15 extra. Contact David Palmer, 5 Banister Gardens, Southampton, SO15 2LX E Wednesday 25 June at 10.30am (boat departure) Field visit hosted by the National Trust (Brownsea Island) Brownsea Island Karin Taylor and Tony Flux Visit includes an introduction to the island and its sea defences, and will allow time for personal exploration. Ferry returns to Sandbanks around 4.00pm. Visitor centre lunch available or bring a picnic. Tickets (firstcome, first-served): £10, includes light refreshments and ferry, additional £5 entry for non-NT members. Contact John Leonard. Friday 25 July 2.00pm-4.00pm Field visit (Southampton) Old Southampton Geoff Watts Heritage walk in the Old Town led by Southampton Tourist Guide Geoff. Departs from the Bargate at 2.00pm and lasts about two hours. Optional tea afterwards at the Dolphin Hotel. Tickets (first-come, first-served): £2.50 to be collected on the day. Contact David Palmer. E

South West Regional contact: Nicholas Hammans, 10 St Loyes Road, Exeter, EX2 5HL. E T 01392 255266 W For ticketed events please send cheque payable to ‘RGS-IBG South West region’ to the listed organiser and enclose s.a.e. Tuesday 8 April at 7.00pm Social evening (Exeter) Members’ slide or artefact evening An opportunity to hear fellow geographers speak for 10 minutes about their adventures, discoveries and experiences. Buffet supper at half time. Venue: Exeter Golf and Country Club, Countess Wear, Exeter, EX2 7AE. Tickets £13, book by 1 April with Chris Brightman, 61 Exeter Road, Topsham, EX3 0LX T 01392 877630 Tuesday 13 May at 6.30pm Annual forum and dinner (Exeter) Adventures of a non-academic geographer Robin Ashcroft From Malham Cove to running the world’s largest mountain film festival, via a considerable amount of time in remote South Georgia, Robin’s career is inextricably linked with practical geography. Venue: Exeter Golf and Country Club, Countess Wear, Exeter, EX2 7AE. Tickets £28.50, book by 30 April with Derry Corey, 47 Glenfield Road, Glenholt, Plymouth, PL6 7LN T 01752 703354


Tuesday 20 May at 7.00pm Lecture and film (Yelverton) The forbidden route Dr Jevan Berrangé In 1971 Jevan's expedition travelled 1,000 miles by hovercraft from Manaus, Brazil to Georgetown, Guyana. He will present the film of the journey, which was part of the World About Us BBC series. Venue: Moorland Garden Hotel, Yelverton, PL20 6DA. Optional meal afterwards at Hotel Wildflower Restaurant, book with Derry Corey by 13 May T 01752 703354 Wednesday 4 June at 10.00am Lecture and field day (Exeter) Cranbrook new town Professor Chris Balch, University of Plymouth Delivering sustainable urban growth is a challenge. Cranbrook is being developed to meet pressures in Exeter’s city region. This field day explores the credentials of this emerging settlement as an alternative to expanding existing towns and villages. Meeting place and tickets (£10) from Derry Corey, 47 Glenfield Road, Glenholt, Plymouth, PL6 7LN T 01752 703354 Sunday 15 June at 10.00am Field day (Dartmoor) Evidence for glaciation on Dartmoor Dr Stephan Harrison, University of Exeter Dr Harrison will show the evidence for glaciation, including moraines, glacially transported boulders and meltwater channels on Dartmoor. Tickets: £10, places are limited and advance booking (by 2 June) essential. To book or for further information, contact Pat Wilson, 9 Andrea Court, Yannon Drive, Teignmouth, TQ14 9GX T 01626 772506 26

West of England & South Wales Regional Chair: Dr Kathryn Monk T 07990 782887 E W Thursday 3 April at 7.30pm Lecture (Bath) Walking the coast of fog, shipwrecks and bones Sam McConnell, Expedition leader and medic A challenging expedition along Namibia’s Skeleton coast, walking unsupported for more than 500km through a land of ‘frightful desolation’, surviving by desalinating sea water… A world first. Venue: Room G02, Newton Building, Bath Spa University (Newton Park Campus), Bath, BA2 9BN. Contact Heather Winlow T 0117 953 3471 Tuesday 8 April at 6.30pm Lecture (Cardiff) Wallace and vaccination: great minds don’t always think alike Stephen Inglis, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) The Wallace Legacy Lecture Series 2013-14 is hosted by Cardiff University and sponsored by RGS-IBG and others. Venue: Wallace Lecture Theatre (0.13), Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place, CF10 3AT. Free, all welcome, no booking required. Contact Dr Sally Oberst T 029 208 74337 E W

Friday 2 May at 7.45pm Regional Theatres Programme (Brecon) Sailing the line Emily Penn Environmentalist Emily Penn explores how remote island communities are adapting to change, and how tackling global issues on an island scale can help solve problems in our own society. Venue: Theatr Brycheiniog, Canal Wharf, Brecon, LD3 7EW. Tickets: RGS-IBG members and one guest £8.50 each, booking fee 50p (quote membership number). T 01874 611622 W Tuesday 13 May at 6.30pm Lecture (Cardiff) Wallace and extraterrestrial life Martin Rees, University of Cambridge The Wallace Legacy Lecture Series 2013-14 is hosted by Cardiff University and sponsored by RGS-IBG and others. Same venue and ticket details as 8 April event. Friday 16 May at 7.00pm (boat departure) Lecture and dinner (Bath) Annual dinner on the ‘Orient Express of the Kennet and Avon Canal’ Ken Hames Enjoy a fabulous three-course dinner on the narrowboat John Rennie cruising to the Dundas Basin and back along the beautiful Limpley Stoke Valley with a talk On the need for exploration by Ken Hames. Venue: meet at Bath Narrowboats, Sydney Wharf, Bathwick Hill, Bath, BA2 4EL. Tickets: £35, menu options sent with ticket. Please send s.a.e. and cheque (payable to ‘RGS-IBG’) along with your email address to Jacki Hill-Murphy, 7 Sturdon Road, Bristol, BS3 2BA T 07748 904 699

Saturday 31 May at 10.00am Walk / social event (Cirencester) Walk to the source of the Thames A walk west to the source of the Thames. Hardy walkers may like to walk east with us in the afternoon. All welcome.Venue: meet at car park of the Wild Duck Inn, Drake Island, Ewen, Cirencester, GL7 6BY. Pub lunch available or bring a picnic. For further details and to reserve your place, contact Jacki Hill-Murphy T 07748 904 699 Tuesday 10 June at 6.30pm Lecture (Cardiff) Wallace, Darwin and human evolution Chris Stringer, Natural History Museum The Wallace Legacy Lecture Series 2013-14 is hosted by Cardiff University and sponsored by RGS-IBG and others. Same venue and ticket details as 8 April event. Thursday 19 June at 7.00pm Lecture (Bath) Flood and landslide vulnerability Drs R. Johnson and E. Edwards, Bath Spa University Fieldwork results on flood and landslide vulnerability in North Indian Himalaya. Joint event with Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. Venue: BRLSI, 16 Queen Square, Bath, BA1 2HN. Contact Dick Bateman T 01225 873474 E


Sunday 29 June at 10.00am Field day (Saltford) Discovering Britain – 7,000 years of Cotswold enterprise walk Dick Bateman and Dr Tony Coverdale Three-hour walk in the morning based on the RGS-IBG Discovering Britain walk, followed by lunch at the Bird in Hand and an afternoon tour of Saltford Brass Mill. Further details of this Discovering Britain walk can be found at W Meet at the Bird in Hand pub car park, Saltford, BS31 3EJ. Contact Dick Bateman T 01225 873474 E Saturday 2 August at 12.30pm Field day (Mendip Hills) A day at Dolebury Les Davies MBE Les Davies takes us to the ancient bivallate, Iron Age fort of Dolebury (and medieval rabbit warren) in the heart of the Mendip Hills with views stretching all the way to Wales and Exmoor. Venue: meet at Swan Inn, Rowberrow, BS25 1QL for lunch. Advance booking only, places limited. Contact Les Davies T 01458 445233 E or Brigadier John Hemsley T 01761 221675 E


Yorkshire & North East Regional contact: Dave McEvoy T 01274 511382 E W Wednesday 9 April at 6.00pm for 6.30pm Lecture (Sheffield) Mountains for peace in the Balkans: trekking through Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania Richard Hargreaves A talk on trekking through the Prokletije mountain range straddling western Kosovo, southern Montenegro and northern Albania, focusing the Balkans Peace Park Project. Joint event with Sheffield GA and Sheffield Hallam University Geography and Environment Group. Venue: Peak Lecture Theatre, The Howard Building, Sheffield Hallam City Centre Campus, Sheffield, S11WB. Tickets : RGS-IBG, Sheffield Hallam University and GA members free, non-members £5 each. Contact Chris Speight E Saturday 12 April 10.00am-4.00pm Conference and walk (Scarborough) PLACE Spring Conference – An exploration of the geology, wildlife, history and economic life of the Yorkshire Coast Steve Livera, Kirsten Smith (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust), Robb Robinson (University of Hull) and others A variety of speakers will cover the geology, the living sea, the people and the archaeology of the Yorkshire coast followed by an afternoon guided walk along part of the coastline. Joint event with PLACE. Venue: University of Hull (Scarborough Campus), Filey Road, Scarborough, YO11 3AZ. Tickets/booking information: £20 (£15 retired/unwaged), includes coffee/tea and buffet lunch.

To book, please send a cheque (payable to ‘PLACE’) to Dr Margaret Atherden, PLACE Office, York St John University, Lord Mayor's Walk, York, YO31 7EX. Saturday 3 May 1.00pm-4.00pm Field trip (Malham) Landscape change around Malham Tarn: geomorphology, climate and human action Dr Ian Lawson, University of Leeds Enjoy a guided walk around Malham Tarn and Tarn Moss before microscopically examining Holocene peat samples and lake sediments revealing environmental changes due to geomorphic, climatic and human causes. Joint event with PLACE. Venue: FSC Malham Tarn Field Centre, Settle, BD24 9PU. Tickets: £7, light refreshments included, bring your own lunch. Advance booking only, places are limited. Contact E Thursday 22 May at 6.15pm for 6.30pm Lecture (Middlesbrough) Those gigantic statues: Captain Cook’s visit to Easter Island Phil Philo, Senior Curator, Middlesbrough Museums An illustrated talk about Cook’s visit to Easter Island, including the island’s fascinating landscape, people, culture and the imposing and impressive moai statues. Joint event with Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. Venue: Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Stewart Park, Marton, Middlesbrough, TS7 8AT. Tickets £5, includes refreshments and access to the museum’s galleries. Contact Phil Philo E or Tony MacDonald E

Tuesday 27 May at 7.30pm Regional Theatres Programme (Darlington) Sailing the line Emily Penn Environmentalist Emily Penn explores how remote island communities are adapting to change, and how tackling global issues on an island scale can help solve problems in our own society. Venue: Civic at Central Hall, The Dolphin Centre, Horsemarket, Darlington, DL1 5RP. Tickets: RGS-IBG members and one guest £9 each (quote membership number). T 01325 486555 W Thursday 19 June at 6.15pm for 6.30pm Lecture (Middlesbrough) Land of the long white cloud: Captain Cook’s visits to New Zealand Phil Philo, Senior Curator, Middlesbrough Museums This intriguing talk depicts New Zealand’s dramatic coastline, indigenous Maori culture and Cook’s varied experiences of its tribes during his five visits. Joint event with Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. Venue: Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Stewart Park, Marton, Middlesbrough, TS7 8AT. Tickets: £5, includes refreshments and access to the museum’s galleries. Contact Phil Philo E or Tony MacDonald E


Thursday 17 July at 6.15pm for 6.30pm Lecture (Middlesbrough) In Nootka Sound: Captain Cook’s visit to Vancouver Island, Canada Phil Philo, Senior Curator, Middlesbrough Museums On his third Pacific voyage (1776-80), Cook encountered the Mowachat people of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, meaning “all along the mountains”. Phil talks about this fascinating people and the influence of their environment. Joint event with Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. Venue: Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Stewart Park, Marton, Middlesbrough, TS7 8AT. Tickets: £5, includes refreshments and access to the museum’s galleries. Contact Phil Philo E or Tony MacDonald E Sunday 10 August 1.00pm-4.00pm Fieldtrip (Sutton Bank) Sutton Bank archaeology and geology walk Graham Lee and Chris Speight Explore our landscape's archaeological heritage and geological past with this six mile route including beautiful views through Kilburn Woods, Thief’s Highway, Hood Hill, and the iconic Kilburn White Horse. Joint event with North York Moors National Park Authority. Venue: Sutton Bank National Park Centre, Sutton Bank, Thirsk, YO7 2EH. Tickets: free. For further information and to book contact Chris Speight E


Non-Society events The following events are not organised by the Society but are held on our premises (1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR). For further information and tickets please contact the organisers listed directly. W IQ2 summer events at the Society For further information about debates, lectures and discussions taking place from April at the Society, please visit W E T 020 7792 4830 Wednesday 2 April 7.30pm-10.00pm Lecture with Q&A and reception Walking With The Wounded: an evening in Antarctica Charity founders and the Team Glenfiddich members Twelve wounded servicemen reached the South Pole in December, highlighting their extraordinary determination. Believed to be the largest expedition ever to ski to the Pole, they faced challenges from the start. FR Walking With The Wounded. Tickets: £35. Booking/information W T01263 863900 Wednesday 9 April 7.00pm-9.00pm Keynote Future of tourism Bruce Poon Tip, Founder, G Adventures Bruce and guests explore the roles travel and sustainable tourism play in the world, and how they will impact the planet in future. Bruce also launches his first book Looptail. Tickets: free. Booking/information E T 020 7243 9870

Wednesday 7 May 7.00pm - 8.15pm Lecture Venice in Peril Fund spring lecture Kirker Holidays sponsor the Venice in Peril Fund spring lecture. The speaker is to be confirmed. Please check the website for full details. FR Venice in Peril Fund. Tickets: £20 (£15 RGS-IBG members). W E T 020 7736 6891 Thursday 15 May 7.00pm -9.00pm Earthwatch lecture How can we conserve rainforests in the face of increasing palm oil demand? Dr G. Reynolds, Director, South East Asian Rainforest Programme This lecture examines the challenges we face in conserving biodiversity in rapidly changing landscapes and the role that science, citizens and certification can play towards a sustainable future. Tickets: free. Booking/information W E T 01865 318856 Wednesday 21 May 7.00pm - 8.30pm Talk and Maasai dance troupe performance Woodland Ways: Maasai evening The Oloip Maasai Dance Troupe and Jason Ingamells Join this genuine Maasai dance troupe flown direct from the Rift Valley, Kenya, for an evening of performance and song, raising funds for the village school sponsored by Woodland Ways. FR Oloip Maasai village school. Tickets: £15. Booking/information W E T 01234 351006

Thursday 5 June 7.00pm -8.30pm The Sir Edmund Hillary Memorial Lecture The speaker is to be announced. Please check the websites for full details. FR Himalayan Trust UK W Tickets/booking information W Saturday 7 June 12.00pm -7.00pm Antique map fair and lectures London Map Fair day one This event brings together around 40 of the leading national and international antiquarian map dealers, as well as hundreds of visiting map aficionados from all parts of the world. Free admission. For full information W T 020 7836 1901 Sunday 8 June from 10.00am-5.00pm Antique map fair and lectures London Map Fair day two Original antique maps from the 15th to the 20th centuries, covering all parts of the world, will be available for sale throughout the weekend and priced to suit all pockets. Free admission. For full information W T 020 7836 1901 Tuesday 10 June 7.00pm -9.00pm Lecture K2: 60 years of the ‘Savage Mountain’ On the 60th anniversary of its first ascent and days before leaving for his second attempt following 2013’s tragedies, British adventurer Adrian Hayes discusses the draw of K2’s foreboding slopes. Tickets/booking information W


Discovering Britain Discovering Britain walks February 2014 © RGS-IBG

Thursday 3 July 7.00pm - 8.30pm Lecture Out of the Silence: a Combat Stress lecture Captain Tim Bradshaw and Sergeant Major Simon Naylor The leaders of the British Army Everest 2014 Out of the Silence expedition, talk about the British Army’s attempt to summit Mount Everest in aid of military charity Combat Stress. FR Combat Stress Tickets: £20 (£15 RGS-IBG members). Booking/information W T 01372 587148 E Thursday 10 July 7.00pm-9.30pm An evening of endeavour II Guest speakers include Guy Disney, Al Humphreys and James Kayll Another evening of talks and images from military adventurers who have completed epic journeys over land, sea and ice. FR The Light Dragoons Colonel’s Appeal Tickets: £30. Booking/information W T 0191 2393141 Wednesday 16 July 7.00pm - 9.00pm Informal interview Ice Warrior, Jim McNeill, in conversation with Sir Ranulph Fiennes Jim McNeill and Sir Ranulph Fiennes After his tremendous success with Sir David Attenborough and Sir Chris Bonington, celebrated explorer Jim McNeill continues his quest to interview some of the most interesting people on the planet. Tickets: interview only £20 (£15 concession), interview and post-interview reception £30 W W E T 07775 651471


Discovering Britain, the Society’s series of geographically themed walks, continues to grow. Visit the website to find walks near you or sign up for the newsletter to keep up-to-date with the latest walks. W E

RGS-IBG members Booking form summer 2014 Non-Society event bookings Book online Visit our website for online booking W

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RGS-IBG members’ booking form Summer 2014 Please indicate the quantity and costs of the tickets you wish to purchase. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Date Event No. Cost Total 1 May

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Total To book Foyle Reading Room courses, showcases and Be Inspired events see pages 19 and 20. To book 21st Century Challenges events, telephone or book online T 020 7591 3100 W Please note that event details throughout this programme are subject to change and up-to-date details can be found online. Bookings will be taken on a first-come, firstserved basis unless otherwise specified. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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News Society The north facade of Lowther Lodge is illuminated as the new lighting is unveiled © Kilian O’Sullivan

North façade illuminated Michael Palin officially turned on the lights to illuminate the north façade of Lowther Lodge on 9 December 2013, giving a more welcoming presence to the Society’s

Kensington Gore entrance. The new energy-efficient lighting picks out the building’s decorative brickwork and makes the most of the striking Queen Anne architectural style. 35

Geography News Formal discussions with AGI A formal working group will be established with the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) to consider closer collaboration with the Society. Approved by Council, the working group will be made up of board members, trustees and senior staff from both organisations. A report is due to be presented to respective governing bodies in March 2015. The Society and AGI already work closely in the area of professional development, awarding the Chartered Geographer (GIS) accreditation. Annual General Meeting This year’s Annual General Meeting takes place on 9 June at 4.30pm. Following a short break, the Medals and Awards Ceremony begins at 6.15pm. The ticketed Annual Reception commences at 7.30pm. To buy tickets for the Annual Reception, please see the booking form (page 34). 36

Congratulations Warm congratulations are extended to those Fellows and members recognised in the New Year Honours list. Professor Ash Amin received a CBE, as did John Pullinger, a geographer by training and currently Librarian and Director General of Information Services at the House of Commons. Fellow Nigel Woof received an OBE and Tom Drake an MBE. IPCC report The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II is due to present its report on 31 March. This focuses on climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. A number of geographers have contributed to the report. Professor Neil Adger is a Convening Lead Author on the chapter on human security and will give a Monday night lecture this term.

Geography For everyone

Professor Richard Dawkins will be our Discovering People interviewee, while Jordan is this summer’s destination for Discovering Places. W This term’s 21st Century Challenges discussion will ask how we can make our cities more sustainable. Details of the event will be on the website, where you can also catch up on all of the challenges featured in the series so far. W

View across to Phoenix United Mine on Bodmin Moor © Caroline Millar

Events at the Society This term’s fascinating programme of Monday night lectures includes Dr Luke Hunter on the vulnerabilities of Asiatic cheetahs in Iran, Jason Lewis recounting his global circumnavigation by humanpowered means alone and Dr Toby Wilkinson discussing how the Nile has shaped Egypt’s changing geographies.

Walk with Discovering Britain With more than 120 walks now online, there is one to suit everyone. From the wilderness of Bodmin Moor, to the changing River Dee and the drama of the Firth of Forth, these self-guided walks are free to download as audioguides and booklets. Keep up to date with all new walks as they go live, by signing up to the newsletter via the website. W 37

Travel photography in Mongolia © Simon Morris

Exhibitions Stunning photography features in the Pavilion this summer. The term is opened by photographer Simon Warner and Professor Jay Appleton, who have paired up to curate an exhibition on theories of landscape. In June, photographer Ianthe Rutheven exhibits her images reclaiming Hitler’s Atlantic Wall – which stretched from Norway to Spain – to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Summer is rounded off with the popular Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition, which returns to 38

the Society’s Pavilion and gardens in July and August. W Regional pilot projects Following last year’s Regions Review, the Society has begun three pilot projects to explore the viability of: engaging a greater proportion of the membership actively through setting up local networks; finding effective ways of attracting new people onto regional committees; and investigating what activities work well in a city location. Keep an eye out for pilots in selected regions. Local networks are being created in the South West. Yorkshire & the North East, Midlands and South are the focus of attempts to bring new members onto the regional committees. And Birmingham has been chosen to pilot city-based activities due to the large number of members and Fellows living within easy reach.

Emily Penn speaks at the Explore weekend © Ben Parfitt

Younger Members’ Committee A Commonwealth-themed summer party and ceilidh are being held in advance of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Book by 6 June for 'early bird' rates. W

Regional theatres Having given the opening talk at Explore 2013, oceans advocate Emily Penn is now touring the regional theatres. She shares her insights on how remote island communities in the Pacific are adapting to their changing world, and how tackling global issues on an island scale can help us see solutions to problems in our own society. W

Field visits in the regions A number of field visits are on offer this summer. The Society’s Director, Dr Rita Gardner, will lead a two-hour Discovering Britain walk around the picturesque village of Walsham le Willows. Another guided Discovering Britain walk will explore the geographical fortunes of Leamington Spa. Other field visits include a trip to the National Trust’s Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, a microscopic investigation of Holocene peat samples around Malham Tarn and a medieval exploration of the Mendip Hills, which are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. W 39

Education Training and innovation

Young Geographer of the Year Congratulations to the winners of Young Geographer of the Year 2013. Sami Williams, Oliver Mills, George Breckenridge and Ian Cheung won their respective categories. Entries are now 40

Students use a mobile app to map noise levels in Hyde Park © Ben Parfitt

Supporting fieldwork and GIS A new set of workshops is now available for teachers wanting to develop their understanding and skills in fieldwork and the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This latest addition to an established programme of CPD sessions is relevant for both trainee and qualified geography teachers. A number of events and webinars will be delivered in partnership with Esri UK and the Ordnance Survey, which are both corporate supporters of the Society. Events take place regularly at the Society and at regional venues. W

open for the Young Geographer of the Year 2014 competition. With four age categories, geography pupils nationwide are encouraged to enter their best efforts to be in with a chance of this year’s title. The Rex Walford Award, held in conjunction with the Young Geographer of the Year competition, is also open for entries from student and newly qualified teachers. Helen Bambridge took home last year’s accolade. W

Grants, fieldwork and expeditions Opportunities

Gap scholars A new cohort of gap scholars has been announced. A record number of 17 young people not only have their A Level studies to complete this summer, but they also have a geographically focused gap experience to plan. They are supported by up to £4,000, plus advice and guidance from the Society and a mentor. Many

Nia Rees on a gap experience in Peru © Nia Rees

Follow them in the field This year the Society is supporting more than 70 projects through its grants programme. Researchers, students, teachers and independent travellers are pushing the boundaries of geographical knowledge in locations worldwide. Search the expeditions database to explore past projects dating back over half a century. And be sure to follow current grant recipients in the field this summer. W W

of this year’s mentors are previous gap scholars returning to help support the new cohort. Read about gap scholars past and present online. W Fieldwork masterclasses A number of fully funded places are available on this year’s fieldwork masterclass for Year 12 A Level geographers. It will take place in North Yorkshire, 18-22 August. There is also a fieldwork masterclass (18-20 July) for teachers wanting to improve their field teaching at A Level and GCSE. W 41

Research and Higher Education Supporting students and researchers A plenary session featuring Doreen Massey at the Annual Conference 2013 © Ben Parfitt

Annual International Conference The Annual International Conference 2014 takes place at the Society in London, 26-29 August. Chaired by Professor Wendy Larner, it is themed ‘Geographies of Co-production’. Register online by 13 June for the ‘early bird’ rate. W 42

Research Groups The Society’s 28 Research Groups bring together active researchers and those with a professional interest in a particular aspect of geography and related disciplines. Workshops, conferences and other activities this term cover topics including: explorations of research co-production; collaboration and impact; planning reform and sustainability; and career development and skills for postgraduates. W Graduating this summer? Visit the Society’s website to make the most of resources on employability, work experience, career options, postgraduate study and more. W

House Support the Society The main hall set up for dinner © Nando Machado

A wedding ceremony in the main hall © indigoimages

Hire the premises The historic premises of Lowther Lodge play an important role in generating income to support the Society’s charitable activities. The unique spaces are flexible and used intensively for major conferences, fundraising lectures, launch events, networking and social occasions, school prize-givings and weddings.

Please consider the Society’s premises as the ideal location for a special occasion. The building has a unique combination of rooms, access to the terrace and garden, excellent catering and the friendly support of the House team. W


Chartered Geographer Accreditation Recognising professional skills Chartered Geographer (CGeog) is the professional accreditation that recognises geographers in the workplace. Those who use geographical skills and knowledge on a daily basis – whether in business, the public sector or third sector – are eligible. CGeog is the only internationally recognised professional accreditation of its kind for geographers. Newly accredited The accreditation is receiving increasing attention and the number of Chartered Geographers is growing rapidly. In the last year those newly accredited have been drawn from the professions of risk management, environmental consultancy and management, defence mapping and urban transportation and infrastructure. These include those specialising in the application of Geographical Information Systems. There is also a specialised 44

Chartered Geographer accreditation for geography teachers. Profiles of all CGeogs can be found online. Industry links The Society is establishing new collaborations with industry and public sector organisations, including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Lloyds Market Association, Natural England and Transport for London. These collaborations aim to promote the accreditation and support applications. We want to hear from other organisations that are keen to recognise and develop the skills of their geographers. Networking opportunities Chartered Geographers are invited to join our LinkedIn group and to attend networking events at the Society, at City lectures and throughout the regions. W

Membership Support Reaching new audiences A thriving and diverse membership is at the heart of a vibrant and sustainable Society. We are keen to recruit more Fellows and members, especially from communities and locations that will not put extra pressure on the London Monday night lectures. We are therefore focusing this year on encouraging individuals living outside London to join, including geography graduates, school teachers, professionals using geography in the workplace and in expeditions. Supporting Young Geographers It is encouraging that Young Geographer membership has grown so fast in recent years. The advice, information and support available are a great asset for those interested in having extra resources for their learning, thinking of going on an expedition or gap year, or finding out more about careers. Young Geographer membership

would make a perfect gift for anyone commencing university or A Level geography this September. W Update your contact details online All Fellows and members now have the ability to keep their basic contact information (mailing address, phone number, email) up to date online. Sign in to the website and select the ‘Update my details’ page. Or you can still keep the Society up to date with these details by contacting the Membership Office directly. E

How to find us

Entrance is on Exhibition Road Nearest Tube station South Kensington Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 1 Kensington Gore London SW7 2AR T F E W

+44 (0)20 7591 3000 +44 (0)20 7591 3001

Cover image Visitors in the garden and on the terrace Š RGS-IBG

The Society is the learned society and professional body for geography. We support and promote geographical research, education, fieldwork and expeditions, and geography in society; we also advise on policy issues. The Society has substantial Collections available to all. Corporate Partners

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Bulletin Summer 2014