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HEADMASTER’S WELCOME A famous book starts with the words, “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there”. It is certainly true that you will do things differently in the RGS Vietnam Sixth Form, compared to anything you may have done previously. Yes, you will work intensely, and you will be focused, and you will progress along a clear path towards achieving your goals of academic success. But importantly, you will also grow and develop as a person, as a leader, as an artist, an explorer, an athlete and an individual. All as a part of a big Reigatian family. The friends, memories and experiences that you will have in our Sixth Form will shape your future and will prepare you for whatever path you may follow. We will believe in you. We will support and encourage you. And, most importantly, we care about you. Our talented teachers will work hard to support you and inspire you, to ensure that they bring out the very best version of you: a version you might not know exists yet. The RGS Vietnam Sixth Form will be your gateway to an outstanding university and an exciting career, and your time with us will lay the solid foundations, which the rest of your life will build upon. In these pages, I hope that you will see what it means to be a Reigatian. It’s something special. You will be understood here, you will be respected here and you will be looked after here. We will always go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy, healthy and high achieving. Whether you are already part of the Reigate family, or joining from another school, our Sixth Form will be a fresh start for you: one which will guide you to become an independent learner, a leader, someone who will see old things in a new light. Be prepared for challenges, excitement and fun, in a stimulating and fast paced environment. I am honoured to be the Headmaster here and I look forward to welcoming you and your family to Reigate Grammar School Vietnam. Bryan MANDITSCH


A MESSAGE FROM REIGATE GRAMMAR SCHOOL UK The RGS Vietnam Sixth Form is an amazing adventure, a bridge to university, a preparation for adult life, a treasure trove of the very best school opportunities, an induction into leadership roles - and a chance to fuel emerging academic passions ready for life beyond school. Each Sixth Former has his or her own unique blend of talents, skills, aspirations and abilities. Appreciating and developing these qualities in this new chapter of education and life is a privilege and a responsibility that we take seriously. We will believe in you, support you, know you and help you to be the best version of yourself. Sometimes people ask what type of young adult makes a successful Reigatian.There are all sorts of Reigatians, but no stereotypes. Students are actively encouraged to pursue their own interests, whether intellectual, social, spiritual or physical, within and beyond the curriculum. We don’t start with types, we only focus on getting to know you and all the students in our care. RGS students flourish.They will be supported through the challenges of Sixth Form life, just as much as they will be prepared to progress triumphantly on to successes in life after RGS Vietnam. Reigate Grammar School’s track record of amazing academic results and progression to top universities in and beyond the UK is only part of the story.The opportunities for independent learning, for leadership development, for learning new things in and beyond the classroom means that the RGS Sixth Form is a remarkable fresh start for all students, whatever their previous background in education.This experience and commitment to excellence is already being realised at RGS Vietnam where the same model for a pre-university experience is in place and with RGS-UK staff. Our Sixth Forms and school are based upon relationships, not rules for rules’ sake. We value a positive, comfortable climate of mutual respect, affirmation and intellectual freedom. Just as at RGS UK, life at RGS Vietnam will be challenging, fun, exciting, hard-working, fast-paced and incredibly satisfying. What unites our talented common room of teachers across our schools around the world is an optimism and a belief in our young people. We believe in our young people so that they can achieve more than they dreamed possible, and they will do so, again and again! Shaun Fenton 5


Sixth Form learning and achievement is distinctive in the RGS family. Small class sizes mean a personalised approach to learning, where the focus is on students and their aspirations and academic passions. In our schools Reigatians fly, unrestrained by expectations, through an enriched curriculum that is not defined by examination boards but acts as a springboard to university and beyond. The outstanding academic culture in lessons and appealing co-curricular programme; The Henry Smith Diploma, allow students to choose from a range of activities, including an open online course, a university style research project, an EPQ and more.

Our teachers inspire the next generation of historians, geographers, mathematicians, linguists, diplomats, businesspeople and scientists. A technologically fluent but relationship-focused learning environment at RGS Vietnam buzzes with intellectual freedom and uses the best blend of modern and traditional methods to inspire. A Reigatian will become confident and will try new things at the right time for them, both within and beyond the classroom. They develop a passion for learning and a spirit of enquiry, becoming independent and successful young adults. Our unique approach to pastoral care means that there will always be a friend or teacher to help them go further or, more importantly, to catch them if they stumble. Our Sixth Form will develop adventurous minds, achieve at exceptional levels, securing sought-after places and at respected universities across the world.





Our young people are understood, respected and looked after so that they can make lifelong friendships and lifetime memories all the while happy, healthy and high achieving. The Sixth Formers here see RGS Vietnam as a big family. Sixth Formers join a Form, a House, and are invited to join or lead in a range of extracurricular activities and projects. Students receive care and support as they reach the top of the school and, at the same time, have the opportunity to give back as mentors to and support for our younger students. Sixth Form students relish this chance to give back and encourage younger students in a virtuous circle of support that underpins our community. The journey through the Sixth Form years will bring success, achievement and personal fulfilment. We will be there to share those successes but equally, and more importantly, we will be there to guide and support through any difficulties and challenges. Safe in the knowledge that we care, Reigatians make great progress, explore talents that they didn’t know they had and achieve more than they ever thought possible. If Sixth Formers are happy and healthy then they are able to flourish both in and out of the classroom.





Achievement matters and RGS Vietnam has sent students to all corners of the globe for their university studies. Students aspire and work hard to excel beyond their expectations because they know that good IGSCEs, IB Diploma Programme and A-level results secure their life chances. Reigatians also achieve beyond the classroom in sporting, artistic and cultural arenas. Of course achievement matters but there needs to be as many ways to achieve as there are students in the Sixth Form.

The art displayed around the school is just as likely to be from a future lawyer as it is from a student soon to start at Art School. Our students know a school that recognises the value of good manners, of being a true friend and doing the right thing. Achievement and enjoyment at school are the launch pad for a sustainably happy and successful adult life. There is so much more to a great education than exam results and at RGS Vietnam we blend the academic work with the many other important things that open young adults’ eyes to a world of wonder and aspiration. Those moments form us and set us up for a life well-lived. Securing those moments for our students is an important achievement. Achievement matters. 11



I just enjoy the company and the friendships I have at school Grade 12 (Class of 2022)

Life at RGS Vietnam taught me lots of valuable lessons that I will cherish for the rest of my academic journey. I learned how to think critically, how to lead and contribute, and how to develop independently. The more I learned at RGS Vietnam, the more I recognized the joy of discovering knowledge myself and sharing my findings. I not only discovered a more efficient way to study, but also a more updated way to live. All the teachers, friends, classes, extracurricular activities and school events helped me to abandon my isolated self to pursue a more liberal lifestyle, and I got to know many people on a personal level, and finally understood their true values, diverse personalities and varied viewpoints. For people applying to RGS Vietnam, you might have known us through our wonderful scholars, the wonderful programmes we offer, or the extracurricular activities you may enjoy. But RGS Vietnam is more than just that. What really stood out to me every day I walked into the campus was the feeling of going to school to learn something new, to reach out to people and develop every day. That’s the feeling you get from RGS Vietnam, and that’s why I had the best 4 years of my life. Alumni (Class of 2021)

I have been having such a great time at RGS Vietnam with friends and teachers. I honestly have made so, so many good memories that I am sure I can never forget! Grade 12 (Class of 2022)


During the eight years I spent at the International School of Vietnam (now Reigate Grammar School Vietnam), I experienced many changes that all contributed to me becoming the internationally-minded student I am today. As the years went on, our school continued to develop in many academic and social aspects - new students, new teachers, new classes, new policies, and new curriculums. Changes are not always associated with positivity, but in this case, they definitely were. Life at ISV gradually became more exciting and engaging year after year, with a growing number of students, staff, events, and achievements. These changes strengthened life at ISV as not only being a source of high academic merit, but a source of cultural and social awareness as well. Alumni (Class of 2021)

My journey at RGS Vietnam has let me experience many different things that I would never have thought I would do before. I created amazing relationships with teachers, classmates, and friends, which was the best part about my experience at RGS Vietnam. Aside from the amazing teachers who always provided me with the best support with my IGCSE and IB Diploma programmes, I also had admirable friends who have become an essential part of her life. My whole academic life changed drastically since moving to RGS Vietnam. The classes were much more discussion-based and I had more liberty in choosing subjects. I also participated in many extracurricular activities, such as joining the girls’ basketball team, participating in the Model United Nations (MUN) for the first time despite being initially afraid, and ended up getting to help organise MUN conferences at RGS Vietnam. All these activities gave me unforgettable experiences that fulfilled my life outside of academics, brought me relationships that I value for the rest of my life, as well as enhanced my university application. These are the things I never once thought that I would’ve done, but at RGS Vietnam, life really turned a different path for me. Alumni (Class of 2021)

Hanging out with my friends and getting to participate in sports and other seasonal events is really great. We are treated and respected as young adults. I am excited about the future. (Class of 2022)




School days should be great fun and develop personal character: time spent with friends full of laughter and full of wonder. On the playing fields or on stage, visiting vulnerable members of the local community or campaigning for a personal cause, there are so many ways to learn about yourself, to learn about others and to make the most of your school days. The extra-curricular, Creativity, Service and Activity (CAS) and Henry Smith Studies programmes are the heartbeat of the school and there is something for every child to enjoy. Direct entry to the Duke of Edinburgh, taking up Ultimate Frisbee, Debating, Model United Nations, winning titles in sports – every day, a plethora of clubs, trips and activities see Sixth Form students engaged and having fun


The House system allows leadership to be nurtured, talent to shine, confidence to surge, teamwork to flourish and a competitive spirit to develop. Most importantly, everyone feels part of the team. This enhances our ethos and our family atmosphere. Sports events, academic and non-academic challenges are all fun and exciting and enhance important personal and community values. Smiling and laughing, students’ aspirations evolve; their skills develop and their hopes for the future become clarified. As our young people experience the abundance of opportunities around us, they develop personal character that will set them up for a sustainably happy and successful adult life. They surprise their families and themselves, even though their teachers always just knew that they could do it! The school believes that education is as much about building character and relationships as it is about gaining knowledge and aims to broaden the opportunities of each and every student through an exceptional array of opportunities and facilities in music, arts and sport as well as dozens of activities and projects.




Music helps the soul to soar and the heart to beat along. Music infuses our ethos and is an integral part of each life, whether it be performances in assembly, a significant community event or one of the plentiful concerts that fill the calendar. The hard work, talent and dedication of our musicians, supported by their teachers, shines whether at a recital at the Hanoi Opera House, as a soloist or member the RGS Vietnam Symphony Orchestra or as a vocalist in our musicals. We also celebrate our students as creators of Music as well as performers, and our students go on to study Music Performance, Music Production, and Composition at renowned universities. Our inclusive approach is focused on diversity and versatility, with every student encouraged to have fun whilst developing their musical potential.




Our commitment to sport enables all students to maximise their ability, their progress and their enjoyment of sport. Whether a student is an elite athlete, simply loves their sport or engages for all the physical and mental advantages sport and good health bring, they benefit from a combination of experienced coaches for each major sport, strength and conditioning programmes, and advice for where to seek, nutritional, injury prevention and recovery. The sports facilities at RGS Vietnam include; a football pitch, which is a flood-lit all-weather field; a 25-metre indoor swimming pool and a learn to swim pool; sports hall with a full size basketball court; which includes volleyball and badminton courts; an outdoor covered basketball court and a dance studio, all situated on the main school campus.

Our sports development helps students to develop the habits of a winner, but not at all costs. Sporting values are important for life beyond school and the school’s House system means that every single boy and girl can feel part of the team. Our numerous squads enjoy a busy calendar of sports fixtures and tournaments. Sport plays an important part in the House system with a full programme of inter-house sports competitions and challenges. Sport is for everyone but not everyone will love the same sports. RGS Vietnam is a highly personalised environment and students take part in a range of sporting activities. As members of the Hanoi Activities Conference we compete with other Hanoi based international schools in a wide range of sports. We also have an exciting exchange and tour programme with RGS UK.Young people and sports thrive at RGS Vietnam.


REIGATIANS: CREATIVE BY DESIGN Through a dynamic programme, artists thrive and many students discover a talent that is harnessed. Creativity in areas of visual art and design are an integral part of life at RGS Vietnam. For the talented, for the enthused or for those who simply want to have a go, artists of all kinds will flourish here.

The Visual Art department is a centre of creativity and realisation. It is a place of inspiration and a creative sanctuary for many an absorbed young artist – wrestling with traditional techniques in drawing painting, with photography (digital), with ceramics, use of materials to develop sculptures, at the forefront of a new generation of creativity and design. Art results are consistently high at all levels and our leavers have gained places at universities worldwide, such as NHL Stenden Netherlands and London College for Design & Fashion. Whether as an artist in the classroom or just because you enjoy exploring your creativity, you will find the Visual Art department will open your eyes to amazing creative possibilities.




REIGATIANS: EXPLORERS AND ADVENTURERS Sixth Form leadership, teamwork, resilience and problem-solving are honed in our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme. Challenging experiences of the world-renowned and revered DofE hiking, canoeing and cycling expeditions provide adventures that build unique personal qualities and gel teams with stories and memories that will stay with them forever. With the city, country and world at their doorstep – learning beyond the classroom, as we prepare today’s children to be internationally-minded global citizens, is really important. A love of learning ignited in the classroom is nurtured in an enriched curriculum experience where students learn, grow and develop lifelong memories.




REIGATIANS: SIXTH FORM LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING We believe in our young people so that they can achieve more than they dreamed possible, and they do so, again and again, whilst at school and beyond. Reigatians grow into mature adults with a secure moral compass, prepared and ready for a happy and successful adult life. Reigatians are effective professionals in their chosen field but are not lost to the work-day grind. They are good partners, parents, friends and neighbours with a fulfilled life inside and outside of their careers.

Our young adults, on the cusp of university and life beyond school, epitomise all that is best about RGS Vietnam whether leading as a Prefect, House Captain or Student Council member, within the school community supporting and spearheading events for younger students or in the wider community. The hallmark of our Sixth Form is much more than just academic excellence. We offer a remarkable breadth of training and opportunity for student leadership. All students train their leadership with guidance on skills such as public speaking, team-building and project management. There are a huge range of student leadership positions available both inside and outside the classroom.


ONCE A REIGATIAN, ALWAYS A REIGATIAN Students enjoy a lifelong relationship with their school and camaraderie with fellow Reigatians does not diminish once school days end. The rich programme of events established by the RGS Foundation brings Reigatians (students and parents) together for socialising, networking and the support of a common cause. This proactive, mutually supportive worldwide Reigatian community is exceptional and offers more and more opportunities to engage each year. All good schools have an alumni community, but few maximise network benefits as effectively as the RGS Foundation which has a sophisticated professional global network. Sixth Form students may connect with other Reigatians for mentoring, career support, work experience and also help with university choices. Each year, RGS Vietnam Sixth Form students benefit from enrichment activities and opportunities provided by our Reigatian community. These range from career talks, lectures, visits to and placements at businesses. Becoming a Reigatian truly opens doors of opportunity.

Whether in Hanoi or Holland; London or New York; Singapore or Hong Kong; Surrey or Sydney – there is already a Reigatian network in place, established and ready to help students on their journey through adulthood beyond school. Old Reigatian



REIGATIANS: BEYOND SIXTH FORM RGS Vietnam has an excellent record of preparing students to take the next step to university and beyond. Our students are consistent high achievers, who achieve well above the global average in our external examinations and go on to study at well respected and renowned universities around the world. The university application process is supported by a dedicated University Counselling team, a timetabled bespoke university guidance curriculum, and a series of outstanding events such as our University Nights, Coffee with the Counsellor, and RGS Vietnam Alumni Events. Further to this, we run one-to-one mock interview preparation sessions for students who will be completing an interview as part of their university application. All students are given one-to-one bespoke advice and guidance throughout the university application process.

POPULAR UNIVERSITY DESTINATIONS Cambridge, England Hanoi, Vietnam Bath, England Leeuwarden, Netherlands Melbourne, Australia Bristol, England Calgary, Canada Edinburgh, Scotland Oxford, England Hong Kong, China Massachusetts, U.S.A. Toronto, Canada York, England California, U.S.A POPULAR UNIVERSITY COURSES Computer Science Economics Sciences Engineering Mathematics Graphic Design Medicine Business and Management 26


No 6-7 Nguyen Cong Thai Street, Dai Kim New Urban Area, Hoang Mai District Hanoi, Vietnam. +84 (0) 2435 409 183 inquiry@reigategrammar.edu.vn


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