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11. Information for Separated Parents Reigate Grammar School encourages all parents to be involved in their child’s education as far as practically possible. We are aware that, where parents are separated or divorced, this can be difficult and we want to be as helpful as possible during this time. The following guidelines indicate our policy on the provision of information to separated or divorced parents. Please note that we will always be guided by legal decisions. 1.

General correspondence is distributed via email (see above) and is therefore accessible to all parents who have registered their email addresses with the school through the Parent Portal. This includes letters concerning school trips, parents’ evenings and social events. All such letters may also be viewed on the Parent Portal.


Formal correspondence, such as any letters of a serious disciplinary nature (e.g. a Headmaster’s detention), will normally be sent to the parent with whom the child resides during the week. The same will apply to invitations to attend any meeting regarding a serious disciplinary issue, or if a child’s academic work gives cause for major concern. School reports are published on the Parent Portal.


The school calendar is published each term and contains details of matches, concerts, plays and most school trips. One copy of the next term’s printed pocket calendar is sent home to each student at the end of each term. Additional copies are available on request to the School Office.


Parents’ Evenings. Students in the Third Form and above are asked to attend parents’ evenings with their parents. We encourage the Second Form to attend as well but do leave this decision with the families. It is not possible for us to provide more than one appointment per student with any teacher. We therefore ask separated parents to agree: (a) our preferred option that both will attend together, as this helps the child to see their parents united in supporting their academic progress; (b) that only one parent will attend; or (c) that the appointments will be divided between both parents. Please note that space at parents’ evenings is limited and it is not possible for more than two adults to attend per student.


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Welcome to the RGS Parents' Handbook 2019

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