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Crawley Luxury Coaches (and the other coach companies) will always endeavour to provide a full service. However, coaches may well be unavoidably delayed by adverse traffic conditions. Parents and students need to decide how long they are willing to wait for a coach, depending on the weather and other factors (e.g. the location of the bus stop). The school is not and cannot be held responsible for children who are left at a bus stop in poor weather conditions. If in doubt, parents should contact the relevant coach company directly (see below) to establish whether a particular service is running. The safety of students must be paramount and, while all students should make every reasonable effort to reach the school, the ultimate decision on whether to attend school rests with parents. In the event that the school has to be closed and we are aware of this the day before, all students will be informed before the end of the school day and a message to this effect will be placed on the school website and on the answerphone. If the school has to be closed in an emergency, an email will be sent to inform parents as soon as possible. Students will be supervised in school until parents can be contacted.

Contact Numbers: Crawley Luxury Coaches

01293 521002 / 01293 521007

4. Sixth Form Students and Private Cars Students in the Sixth Form are strongly discouraged from driving to school. They may not park in school or drive their cars onto the school site at any time, except at Hartswood. Students who choose to drive themselves to and from school are subject to the following rules:   

No student may drive a car during the school day (8.35am-3.50pm) except to Hartswood, in which case they must have the consent of their parents and the Head of Sixth Form. No student may transport another student without the consent of both sets of parents. Parking in neighbouring roads should be lawful and must not inconvenience members of the public or local residents.

5. School Trips As part of the school’s commitment to an all-round education, we organise a large number of visits for all students. These will range from short, one-day trips for a whole class to a local site of interest, or evenings out to plays or concerts, to language exchanges, overseas visits and sports tours which take place during holiday time. Your permission will be sought for any trip which takes your son or daughter out of school. The cost of many one-day trips which form a part of the normal curriculum is included in the school fee; for other trips, you may be asked to pay a sum to cover expenses. We hope that you will see such activities as an enrichment of your child’s education, as well as an enjoyable addition. Places are sometimes available for parents on trips – please ask the member of staff in charge.

6. Activities Students are encouraged to become involved in a wide range of activities outside the classroom. While some sporting activities are compulsory, the majority are optional. Activities are listed on the school’s website, in the illustrative Clubs & Activities booklet and in the termly Clubs & Activities schedule. They include:        

sporting clubs art, music and drama school societies of which there are many, ranging from debating, or ultimate Frisbee to Christian Union school expeditions Combined Cadet Force (Third Form and above) Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (Third Form and above) a variety of talks on a range of topics Model United Nations

Your child’s Form Tutor will encourage her/him to become involved in as many of these activities as is compatible with academic success.


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RGS Parents' Handbook  

Welcome to the RGS Parents' Handbook 2019

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