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No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

Why No Medical Term Life Insurance? Who likes going to the Doctor? Many people avoid going to the doctor for two reasons, number one, because they are expensive, and number two, because we are afraid the doctor may find something wrong with us. If it is just a cold or flu, or we have a headache, now days, we look up our symptoms on google or WebMD, and self-diagnose ourselves to avoid going to the doctor. When it comes to term life insurance, there are many people who choose not to go with a fully underwritten life insurance policy, for the same reason, they would rather not deal with a full medical exam. We understand that. It has become more and more popular now to buy a No Medical Term Life insurance policy.

Another reason many people are choosing no medical term life insurance is because, they do not want to wait six to eight weeks to see if they were approved on a fully underwritten term life insurance policy. In addition, if they do find that you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or find something wrong with your medical exam, the premium could come back graded, and be much higher than originally expected. That can be the difference, and the search continues. Therefore, people continue to go uninsured until they find the carrier that will grade them at the best rate. That is a huge risk people take, and if one insurance carrier found something with your health, the others will more than likely pick it up as well. Hence, why No medical term life insurance is popular now days, and usually policies are issued in a day or two. Many people do not know who offers no medical exam term life insurance policies. We have over 10 carriers who offer no medical term exam life insurance. They are all “A� rated + companies. We can help you determine the best company for you, based on your needs.

No-Medical Exam Life Insurance VS Fully Underwritten Term Life Insurance No-Medical exam life insurance is exactly that. No medical exam is required, just a simple questionnaire along with the application is submitted to the life insurance company. If approved, the life insurance policy will be issued by the insurance carrier within a day or two of submitting the application. It is very fast and convenient. Becoming more and more popular these days, because people want coverage fast. The convenience of not having to do a full medical exam and waiting six to eight weeks is very attractive to us in this time and age where time is our most valuable asset. It also allows many to be able to buy a life insurance policy over the phone, instead of the traditional way, meeting face to face. Now days, we value our time, and the convenience of not having to do a full medical exam and waiting six to eight weeks for the results, is very attractive.

Obviously, there are some cons to having a nomedical term life insurance policy. For example, the max some carriers will give you up to $500,000 in coverage, with some maxing out at $250,000. We have them all here at RGP Agency. Another con is it is a bit more expensive, but many people are ok paying a higher amount for the conveniences and time they save, while getting a term life insurance policy instantly. If you do not like doctors, needles, or want to do a full physical medical exam, and do not mind paying a higher monthly premium to have an instant life insurance policy, then a nomedical term life insurance policy would be ideal. Also, the convenience of not having to meet face to face with an agent, and being able to buy a policy over the phone, from the comfort of your home is very attractive. RGP Agency, can help you with that.

Other Types of No Medical Exam Life Insurance There are other forms of No Medical exam life insurance. We are going to be reviewing four other types of no-medical exam life insurance and those are, simplified issue, guaranteed issue, graded death benefit, and level final expense. Simplified Issue is considered a “no-exam term life insurance” policy. There is no health exam that is required, but you do have to answer a health questionnaire that is has strict health qualifications. These are good for people who are in decent shape and don’t want to have a medical exam or physical done. Guaranteed Issue life insurance is also considered a “no exam term life insurance” policy. This policy is only strict when it comes to age. There is no medical exam or questionnaire for this type of policy, simply apply and you will be approved. Usually the underwriting for this type of policy is non-existent, but you will pay a higher premium for it. Reason being, is this is guaranteed issue life insurance policy is usually for more of a “high risk insurance” applicant.

Graded Death benefit is exactly what they sound like. The death benefit is not covered in the first two years of the policy. If you pass away, within the first two years of the policy, most insurance carriers will cover your monthly premium, plus a percentage. If you live passed the first two years of the policy, most carriers pay the full death benefit. Nothing wrong with these life insurance policies, it’s just graded due to the high risk. Level Final Expense are permanent policies, which means the premiums do not increase for the rest of your life. These are usually a burial insurance with smaller policy amounts and less strict health questions. Each of these types of No Exam Term Life insurance serves a purpose. Simplified Issue seems to be the most popular, and depending on your needs, we can help determine which would best serve your needs.

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No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance - RGP Agency  

No exam life insurance still requires the standard record review and health questions but since there is no medical exam involved, your prem...

No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance - RGP Agency  

No exam life insurance still requires the standard record review and health questions but since there is no medical exam involved, your prem...