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Teacher: Roser Gonzรกlez

VEGETABLE PIZZA by Àngel Guimerà INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes Aubergines Nuts Cheese Tortitas You have to put the vegetables in the bake for two hours at 170º. When the vegetables are cold you can peel them and put some oil and salt. Then you can catch the baked vegetables removed (with oil and salt), and put on the tortita. Then you have to put the broken nuts and now you can cover it with cheese, after 5 minutes in bake at 210 º you have the best pizza you have ever tasted.

INDIAN RICE by Dídac Ferris INGREDIENTS: 5 little cup rice 25 gr. pines nut 50 gr. raisins 50 gr. almonds 50 gr. dates 1 little spoon of curry 4 spoons of butter Spices (pepper, cinnamon, oregano) Salt First: Stings almonds Second: Boil the rice with water in a pot and salt during 15 minutes. After that, drain the rice. While thorow in a pan some butter, almonds, raisins, pines nut and dates chopped. Throw in the spices and curry. Third: Mix the rice with pines nut, raisins, almonds and dates, spices again (if you want) curry too. Put in a dish and ready to eat. Enjoy the meal!

Teacher: Roser González

CALÇOTS SAUCE by Isabel Mediante We will need the following ingredients: 6 medium onions, there should be, more or less, 1 kilo 3 medium red peppers 3 bulb of garlic 6 medium tomatoes, they should make about 3 / 4 kilo 1/2 liter of oil and 200 ml of vinegar 200 grams of roasted hazelnuts 100 grams of roasted almonds 4 Marie biscuits or similar or 2 slices of toast a teaspoon of black pepper powder salt First, put the tomatoes and peppers very clean with a bulb of garlic and onions. Cut them in half on a plate of oven and put them in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees. Then bring out it from the oven and remove the skin to all of them. Next, post it all in a high bowl and add the almonds and the hazelnuts without skin, the oil and the vinegar. And then add also the cookies, the salt and the pepper. Finally we have to stir everything carefully. When it is quite thin and not much thick, it is ready to bring it to the table.

SPONGE CAKE by Mª José Berlanga INGREDIENTS: 4 eggs 3 glasses of flour 2 glasses of sugar 1 glass of milk 1 glass of oil some grating lemon First: separate the yolk from the white, and keep the white. Then add everything slowly and stir at the same moment. Next, put it on the oven for forty minutes at one hundred eighty degrees. You'll love it!!!

Teacher: Roser González


(from my summer holidays in Thailand)

by Montserrat Osorio

INGREDIENTS: 3 tablespoons of red curry paste 4 cups of coconut milk 500 g chicken, pork or seafood in small pieces 2 cups vegetables of choice 4 kaffir lime leaves 1 Teaspoon palm sugar Fish sauce Preparation Boil a little water in the wok. Pour in the coconut milk and bring to the boil again over high heat, stir frequently. Just before boiling add the curry paste and stir to blend. Once blended in, add the chicken/pork/sea food and vegetable. Boil until meat and vegetables are cooked, less than 10 minutes. When it is cooked, add the kaffir lime leaves and palm sugar, stir in to mix and then immediately remove from the heat. Season it with fish sauce as desired.

BREAD HOME by Raquel González INGREDIENTS: 20gr. salt 1 Kilo flour 15gr. yeast 750cl water some olive oil First, prepare all the ingredients. Wash your hands and the table on we are working. With 1/3 the flour make a volcano, then put the yeast into a glass of water and stir. Add the volcano with the salt and oil, start to work it and add water depending on need the flour. Amass until it is an elastic dough or mass and don’t catch the hands it to leave reposed closed roughly two hours. Finally, cut it and give form to the bread. Put the bread in the oven at 200 degrees.

Teacher: Roser González

CAKE OF SUGAR by Sara Vilas INGREDIENTS: 300 grams of flour 300 grams of sugar one spoon of yeast three eggs a pinch of salt half a glass of milk half a glass of oil First wash hands! Put all the ingredients in a bowl and stir. Then pour into a tray and put in oven for half hour.

CHICKEN FRIED WHIT SALAD by Sílvia Ros INGREDIENTS: CHICKEN FLOUR SALT SPICES OIL LETTUCE TOMATOES ONIONS AND OLIVE First cut the chicken in very small pieces and put some flour into the washing up bowl. Throw in salt and spices. Then drop the chicken to the pan when the oil is very hot. Stir the chicken around in some oil and cook for about three minutes. When the chicken is fried remove it from the pan. Next cut the lettuce, tomatoes and onions small and put on the dish whit olives and chicken finally serve it! BON APETIT!

Teacher: Roser González

MOTHER’S MACARRONI by Joana Vallverdú INGREDIENTS: 400gr macaroni 2 middle onions 200 gr. Tomatoes sauce 100 gr. Minced meat Salt Oil Sugar Water Grated cheese First, cut the onions into small pieces. Then, heat the oil in a casserole and drop the onion in it, and cook it for a few minutes and add the minced meat and cook for three minutes and add tomatoes sauce and a bit of sugar and cook until it is cooked. (the sugar is for removing tomatoes’ acidity) Put the macaroni in a pot with boiling water and cook for nine or ten minutes, then drain the macaroni. Add them in the casserole and stir them with tomatoes sauce and leave them repose for a few minutes. Serve it with some grated cheese.

HUMMUS (chickpeas’ cream) by Núria Castellví INDREGIENTS: A jar of chickpeas Two spoon of olive oil Two garlic Half a lemon Some sesame Some red pepper Salt First, put the chickpeas, the olive oil, the garlic, the half lemon juice and salt into the bowl. Then, stir all together. Finally, drop some sesame and some red pepper over the cream. For garnishing, cut some vegetables as carrots, cucumber.... and you can spread these

Teacher: Roser González

vegetables on the cream. Hummus is a typical dish from Turkish and the Arab countries.

PAELLA by NĂşria Ramonet INGREDIENTS: Onions Tomatoes A rabbit Oil Salt Rice Beef broth On a paella dish, put some oil and cook it a little bit. Then, cook the onion for a few minutes and add the tomatoes. Add the rice and salt and when it is cooked, add the beef broth. Cook until it is soft, and then let it stand for five minutes and cover it before eating. Bon appetite!

CHICKEN SAUSAGES WITH MUSHROOMS by Antonio Gutierrez INGREDIENTS: 4 chicken sausages cultivated mushrooms (plerotus ostereatus) An onion some olive oil First, cut the mushrooms and the onions into thin strips. The put some olive oil in a pan, the sausages the mushrooms and the onion. Next, cover the pan and fry, stir and turn over the sausages meanwhile cooking. Serve it with toast and a young clack wine.

Teacher: Roser GonzĂĄlez

COURGETTE CREAM by Fina Soler INGREDIENTS: 3 courgettes 2 onions 3 potatoes salt oil cheese First, cut the vegetables into big pieces. Then, heat the water in a pot, throw in some salt. Next, drop in the vegetables, when the water starts boiling. It will take about twenty minutes. Finally, add some oil and blend everything. Add some cheese if you like it. It’s ready to eat!

CHICKEN IN SAUCE by Maria Amate INGREDIENTS Four pieces of chicken 2 tomatoes 1 onion a can of mushrooms salt and olive oil First, cut the onion and the tomatoes into small pieces. Then heat the oil in a pan. Next, drop in the pieces of chicken and fry them during about three minutes and turn them over. Add the pieces of the onion, tomatoes and mushroom. Cook it for about two minutes. Heat some clear soap and throw in the chicken’s casserole. Cook everything for about 30 minutes.

You’ll love the dish!

Teacher: Roser González

SPECIAL RISOTTO OF COD by Joan Ferris INGREDIENTS: 320 gr. rice 1l. hot vegetables stock 300g. of cod half a chopped onion 40g. butter 1 cup dry white wine parmesan cheese other ingredients of your choice First, in a saucepan, brown the chopped onion in butter. Then, add the cod and the rice. Add the wine and wait until it is absorbed. Add the hot stock to cover the rice and cook it over medium heat. Continue adding stock until it is absorbed and stir occasionally. It takes about 18 minutes; then the rice is ready, creamy and “al dente”. Add the parmesan cheese, a teaspoon of butter and other ingredients of your choice. Stir well and let stand for 2 minutes. Bon Appetite!

SALAD by Josep Torné INGREDIENTS: Lettuce tomatoes Onion Tuna Walnud Anchovy First cut the lettuce and drop in a tray. Then cut the tomatoes and onion and them in the tray. Then throw in olive oil and salt, different spices, throw in tuna, walnuts and anchovy.

Teacher: Roser González

EGGS WITH POTATOES by Ismael Pavia INGREDIENTS: Potatoes Oil 2 eggs salt First throw in olive oil in a frying pan. Then cut two potatoes in rectangular pieces of five or six centimetres. Drop them in the pan. Cook them about fifteen minutes. Finally add a bit of salt. The same oil in a frying pan can be to fry the eggs. When the oil is boiling, drop the eggs and cook for about three minutes. Finally add a bit of salt.

CRISTINA’S SPECIAL MACARRONI by Cristina Casanelles INGREDIENTS: 4 onions 1 kg. of crushed tomatoes 500gr. minced meat 500gr. macaroni 100ml. Milk Olive oil salt First throw in olive oil in a pan. Cut the onion into very small pieces and then, when the onions are yellow, add the tomatoes and stir. Finally add some milk. Then, in other stove, put a big pot to boil water and drop in the macaronis. Throw in some salt. Serve it immediately because pasta is great when it is just cooked. P.D we use milk to make pasta stickier.

Teacher: Roser GonzĂĄlez

POTATOES OMELETTE by Núria el Amor INGREDIENTS: potatoes onion eggs First cut the potatoes and the onion into small pieces, then heat oil in a frying pan. Next drop the potatoes and onion in the frying pan. Cook it for about 15 minutes. Then beat the eggs and add them in the frying pan. Finally turn over the omelette. Cook it for about ten minutes. It takes only about ten minutes to make you’ll love it!

TUNA MOUSSE by Imma Casanovas INGREDIENTS: A big can of tuna 2 slices of bread (cottage loaf) 2 eggs 125 gr. raw tomatoes some milk Some salt

First dip the bread into milk and put it in the pot. Then add the tuna without the oil, eggs, raw tomatoes and some salt. Next, crush all the ingredients. And then put all the crushed ingredients on the plate. Finally put the plate into the oven. It takes about thirty minutes and you’ll love it!

Teacher: Roser González

ONION QUICHE by Neus Centelles INGREDIENTS: Puff pastry Onions 6 beaten eggs salt

First cut the onions into small pieces. Then heat the oil in a wok. Next drop in the onions and fry them for about ten minutes. Add the eggs and salt. Finally put in the oven the puff pastry with the onions and the eggs during 20 minutes.

CHICKEN CHOW MIEN (Chinese Special Recipe) by Montserrat Mabras

INGREDIENTS: a chicken a can of Chinese pasta 2 carrots some pears some vegetable consommé some soya shoots cooked ham soya herbs oil and salt

First cut the chicken and the ham. Boil the carrots and pears. Boil the consommé and the pasta. Then fry with oil the chicken and the ham. Finally boil the pasta with salt, the spices and the soya. Serve very hot!

Teacher: Roser González

BEER CHICKEN by Eva Giménez INGREDIENTS: 2 big onions a chicken (i prefer little thighs) a can of beer oil salt and pepper First cut the onions into small pieces. Then, in a pan throw in some oil. When the oil is hot add the chicken, some salt and pepper and fry it. next, when the chicken is fried, add the onions and then cook it for five minutes, more or less. Finally, when the onions are fried, add the beer, mix it and cook it for about 15 minutes approximately. That’s all! Bon appetite!

FRIED FISH By Núria Almirall INGREDIENTS: 4 pieces of fish a ca of tomatoes 1 onion 6 garlic Some black pepper Olive oil and salt First, put the fish into a washing up bowl with the spices. Put the oil and the garlic. Then heat the oil and the fish in a pan. Next add the pepper. Cook it for about five minutes. Drop the onion and the can of tomatoes. Cook it for about five more minutes. Finally, leave ten minutes and serve it immediately with potatoes or salad. You’ll love it!

Teacher: Roser González


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