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NAVFAC SOUTHWEST Public Works Products and Services Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest (NAVFAC SW) Public Works Business Line provides many highly valuable shore installation solutions and services to its many diverse clients, from the Air Force to the Marine Corps. The Public Works Business Line has four Product Lines: - Facility Management and Sustainment (FM&S) - Utilities and Energy Management (UEM) - Base Support Vehicles and Equipment (BSV&E) - Facility Support Contract Management and Facility Services (FMFS) Public Works Business Line services include utilities, facilities maintenance, transportation, engineering services, and shore facilities planning support required by afloat and ashore operating forces and other activities. The Public Works Business Line supports shore infrastructure with the utmost diligence because the material condition and safety of the Navy’s shore installations is essential to meeting operational mission requirements and being prepared during all circumstances. Apprentice programs are an effective method for replacing lost workforce with well-trained, capable employees who could accomplish the workload while keeping abreast of the latest technological changes. Participants who successfully complete all program requirements will be issued a nationally recognized certificate as Skilled Journeyman in their respective field.

APPRENTICE PROGRAM: Our experience, along with current literature, suggests that sustaining a competent workforce will require a dynamic approach in order to keep up with such factors as: (1) Fast-paced changes in technology concerning design, operation, and maintenance of facilities systems, (2) Rapidly changing needs of clients, and (3) Maintaining of corporate knowledge lost through attrition of an aging workforce. To continue servicing the needs of our supported commands, an effective succession plan is needed to replace our blue collar workers that leave through attrition. The plan must be capable of sustaining a diverse, properly-sized, skilled, and professional workforce who: (1) Understand how to harness the latest technologies to provide consistent world-class services, (2) Possess the right skills and trade knowledge to cost-effectively meet the ever-changing mission requirements of our supported commands, and (3) Retain corporate knowledge that is critical to our continued competitiveness over the long term. Instituting an effective apprentice training program as part of our overall Employee Development initiatives will enable us to meet these objectives.

Apprenticeship Starting Salary: WT-XXXX-01 thru 08: Salary Range: $14.92 - $23.20 USD Hourly Full-Time Permanent

TRADES AND JOB SERIES: This section provides an overview of the major occupations available to applicants, although NOT guaranteed:

Electrician (2805): Electricians make repairs that can be accomplished by removing, replacing, tightening, splicing, soldering, and insulating defective wiring, controls, equipment, and fixtures such as broken and bare wiring, burned out switches and relays, loose connections and fittings, damaged light fixtures, and poorly operating thermostats.

High Voltage Electrician (2810): Work on power cables, transformers, insulators, and control equipment such as switches, circuit breakers, and panels. This includes collecting transformer oil samples that are tested for contamination as well as cleaning up contaminated sites; install and connect transformers on hangers and platforms, making hot taps and splices; install underground cable, conduit, and ductwork.

Sheet Metal Mechanic (3806): This occupation covers nonsupervisory jobs involved in the repair, fabrication, modification, and installation of sheet metal parts, items, and assemblies using measuring instruments knowledge of shop mathematics and principles.

Plumber (4206): The work involves making repairs that can be accomplished by removing, cleaning, replacing, packing, and sealing defective parts of utility, supply, and disposal systems such as dirty traps, sections of broken tile pipe, and leaky drains.

Pipefitter (4204): The selectee lies out, cuts, bends, assembles and installs pipe fixtures and fittings. Constructing and maintaining piping systems such as steam heat, steam power, hot water heating, hydraulic, high pressure air, oil line systems, and provide further assistance with sanitary drain, sewer pipe, and fuel gas systems.

Air Conditioning Equip. Mech. (5306): The work involves installing, recognizing the causes of faulty equipment, and making repairs on a variety of domestic and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning units and systems such as walk-in and reach-in coolers, refrigerators, ice cream cabinets, deep freezers, evaporative coolers, attic and evaporative fans, and other equipment of comparable complexity.

Heavy Mobile Equip. Mech. (5803): Heavy mobile equipment mechanics overhaul and repair of major systems, such as engines, transmissions, drive lines, and hydraulic utility systems.

Automotive Mech. (5823): Automotive workers replace sensors, water pumps, spark plugs, brake shoes, mufflers, radiator caps, condensers, engine gaskets, a variety of belts and hoses, and complete assemblies such as removing old engines and replacing them with new engines. *For more detailed information for the specific trades and series, go to, and type in the series number in the search block.

TRAINING PROGRAM OUTLINE: You will spend two years as an entry level tradesman. After successfully completing all required training and experience, you will progress to the Intermediate level. As an Intermediate, you will receive two additional years of training and experience and will then be promoted to the Journeyman level. Advancement to the Intermediate and Journey level (and continued employment) requires satisfactory completion of classroom training and work experience. College level classroom training may include, but will not be limited to trade skills and trade related mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry), introductory sciences (metallurgy, electrical theory) and trade drawings and blueprints.


Be a U.S. Citizen Be at least 18 years old Score 70% or higher on Federal Entrance Exam Physical Capacity Exam Medical Exam Security Clearance

REQUIREMENTS WHILE IN THE PROGRAM: -Maintain the Academic Course load as prescribed in the four year program and respective trade. (Apprentices are typically required to attend school 2 to 3 nights a week, year around.) - Be in good academic standings at the training facilities and/or college


- Work a full time schedule at the assigned location. - Demonstrate continuous progress and proficiency in On-The-Job Learning (OJL) with assigned journeyman.

(OJL) ON-THE-JOB LEARNING: The on-the-job learning will be conducted at the various locations within NAVFAC Southwest area of operation. Apprentices will possibly be rotated on a 6 month cycle throughout the various NAVFAC Southwest supported areas. This rotation will accommodate various facility requirements, as well as providing additional specialized trade experience. The apprentice and journeyman will be required to record training on a weekly basis and submit it to the apprentice program coordinator.

IN-CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION The classes will be offered at various locations within various NAVFAC Southwest supported areas 2 to 3 nights a week. It is the responsibility of the Apprentice to attend all courses. Each apprentice is required to receive 180 to 220 hours of classroom hours of related training and 2,000 hours of on-the-job training under the supervision of the trades’ journeyman yearly. Classroom hours will be accomplished at local community colleges and training facilities during off duty hours (not paid), 2 to 3 nights a week for the duration of the four year program. A small portion of the training will be accomplished on site by vendor and manufacturer representative training during working hours (paid). There are NO COSTS to the apprentice for the training, although there will be a two year agreement requirement that the Apprentice continues to work within the Department of Defense for two years after completion of the four year program.

TYPICAL WORK PERFORMED: The apprentice assists journeyman level tradesman in performing their duties. The apprentice prepares and gathers all necessary tools and equipment for projects or assignments for the day, prepare worksites, such as setting up scaffolds, ladders, stands, etc. and sets up the job for the journeyman level tradesman with related materials and equipment as designated by the journeyman level tradesman. Under the close supervision of the journeyman level tradesman, the apprentice learns to perform more advanced work of the trade as a means of developing trade skills and gaining knowledge of the trade. The apprentice picks up all tools and equipment after completion of projects or assignments, properly clean and store all tools and equipment used for project, and keep worksites clean and in an orderly fashion on a daily basis.

BASIS OF RATING: Anyone applying for these positions must take and pass a WRITTEN TEST with a score of 70. This test will cover all positions. You are encouraged to apply early. Testing will be conducted at various locations and you will be required to attend at your own expense. You will be notified in writing of the day and time you are scheduled to take the test. You must confirm your attendance as scheduled in order to be registered as a competitor. If no response is received by the date specified, you will be considered “Ineligible� and your name will be removed from consideration. The written notification of your scheduled testing will also serve as your admission into the testing site.

ADDITIONAL TESTING INFORMATION: Sample tests that contain questions similar to those on the placement exam can be viewed by accessing the following web links: and select any of the self assessment modules at the bottom of the web pages for practice questions. and select the sample problems link in the second paragraph on the web page for math problems. After successful completion of the entry level testing, you will be called in to a panel of Trades Journeyman for an interview. If selected, you will be notified by mail to start the hiring process and physical.

MILITARY SPOUSE PREFERENCE: Applicants claiming Military Spouse Preference must request the preference in your Online Resume. To claim Military Spouse Preference select “Yes” to the question, ‘Are you the spouse of a relocating military member or DoD civilian?’ located in section 2 - Eligibility. Provide your military sponsor’s new duty location and reporting date in the “Other Information” section of your Resume under section 5 - Other Work Related History. At the time of appointment, you will be requested to submit a copy of your military sponsor’s PCS orders to verify your claim. Applicants will not receive Military Spouse Preference if the request for Preference and information stated above does not appear in your resume.

VETERAN PREFERENCE: Do you know if you are eligible for Veteran’s Preference? To find out, review the VetGuide for more information. You must clearly state your claim for veteran’s preference in your online resume. When applying online, we help walk you thru the process. Documented proof of your claim for Veteran’s Preference will be required at the time of appointment. The following documentation will be requested, if you are selected: · 5-point veteran’s preference - DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. · 10-point veteran preference - SF-15, Application for 10-point Veteran Preference, plus the proof required by that form.

BENEFITS: You may participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, with costs shared with your employer. More info: insure/health/ Life insurance coverage is provided. More info: insure/life/index.asp Long-Term Care Insurance is offered and carries into your retirement. More info: New employees are automatically covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). If you are transferring from another agency and covered by CSRS, you may continue in this program. More info: You will earn annual vacation leave. More info: leave/html/annual.asp You will earn sick leave. More info: You will be paid for federal holidays that fall within your regularly scheduled tour of duty. More info: html/holiday.asp

HOW TO APPLY: Want an Easy, Fast and Convenient way to APPLY? Go to, go to the application information for the process. Open up an account or login to your existing account! Your resume is easily accessible and available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to apply to this and other vacancies. APPLY ONLINE for this job opportunity with the Department of the Navy. Internet access and the desire to build a successful career are all you need! Begin to manage your future today! No Limits. No Bounds. Discover a civilian career with the Department of the Navy that is filled with possibilities and be a part of something that makes a difference for you, the country and the world. We encourage you to apply online‌It’s easy, fast and convenient! Review the announcement carefully for detailed information and begin to manage your future today!

Tips for Applying Online: What do I need to do? It is in your best interest to read through the announcement carefully and state any job experiences that relate to the position you are applying. Where do I address the knowledge’s, skills, and abilities (KSAs) or job elements? When applying online, you can address the KSAs or Job Elements in the ‘Other Information’ section within your Resume under section 5 - Other Work Related History. We encourage you to address the KSAs or job elements to help us give you the best rating possible. What does it mean when it asks for the lowest federal grade I’ll accept? Read the announcement for information regarding the grade level(s) and salary range(s) of this position. You will only be able to be considered for the grade level(s) and salary range(s) announced. So if you state a grade level and salary higher than announced, you will not be rated. FOR ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OR QUESTIONS, PLEASE GO TO: E-MAIL: OR CALL: THE NAVFAC SW APPRENTICE PROGRAM COORDINATOR (619) 532-3878 SPONSORED BY:

NAVFAC Southwest Public Works Business Line 1220 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA 92132-5190

NAVFAC SW Appreticeship Program Informational Booklet  

Job announcement for the NAVFAC SW Apprentice Program is out. Here are the sites to look for the positions,

NAVFAC SW Appreticeship Program Informational Booklet  

Job announcement for the NAVFAC SW Apprentice Program is out. Here are the sites to look for the positions,