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Horror Is Not Just for the Holidays by A. Bronwyn Sheehan Featured Artist Karen Morano Spotlight on Actor Steve Dash by Lewis Sarofsky

Director -Writer homas Churchill


Foolish on FaceBook? Maria Barone

LEANDRA RAMM Singer r Dancer r Actress


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Horror Is Not Just for the Holidays - A. Bronwyn Sheehan The Value of Self-Promotion in the Music Industry - Kerri Edelman Spotlight on Actor Steve Dash - Lewis Sarofsky Featured Artist - Karen Morano Leandra Ramm - Singer-Dancer-Actress Director/Writer Thomas Churchill - Robert Guida Fashion Loves Rock at Don Hills NYC - A. Brooks The Beauty Beat - Elizabeth Romano Foolish On FaceBook? - Maria Barone Fashion Editorial - Jodi Burns The Blistered Board - Poetry by Karen Morano


Robert Guida -Editor in Chief A.Brooks -Consultant & Writer Maria Barone -Entertainment Writer Fred Cosica -Video & Photography Kerri Edelman -Music and PromotionWriter Michael Martinez -ContributingTheatre Editor Elizabeth Romano - Beauty Writer Lewis Sarofsky -Writer & Photography Melissa Serpico -Web Consultant A. Bronwyn Sheehan -Writer & Assistant Editor

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The Priceless meet & greet. Posing for a pic with the legendary Malcolm McDowell

Steve Dash aka Jason Voorhees signs autographs

My beloved purse “Gidget” about to be shredded by a fellow fan in full Leatherface regalia


Why go to a horror movie convention? That is a question I have been asked more times than I can count. The quizzical look on people’s faces as they are awaiting my answer is shocking to me. My thought is always the same. Why would you not go to a horror movie convention? Conventions of any kind are relatively the same. They usually take place in a far away hotel, in an unknown town, with strangers, sharing the same experience. The wonderful thing about a horror convention is that once you are a part of this world, you don’t feel so far away. The strangers aren’t really strangers at all. They are simply friends you have yet to meet. You are all there because of a common bond. You are there for the love of all things horror! Walking through the doors of a horror convention is electric. You can immediately feel the excitement in the air. The smiles on the faces of those so called “strangers” are a mirror of your own. The instant camaraderie overtakes you as you see the hustle and bustle of your fellow horror fans racing around with their much loved treasures. The flashes of cameras and screams of laughter become the fabric of your weekend. Sitting in a conference room in the dark watching a movie at midnight is “normal”. Hopping into the elevator while the door is being held by Freddy Krueger (the real one or a fan dressed up as him) is all a part of the experience. If you are in the market for anything horror related, just visit the vendor room. You can almost always find what you are looking for in there. If you are interested in how one of your favorite movies was made, or what went on behind the scenes, go to a Q&A. That is where you will listen to the stories from the perspective of writers, directors & the stars themselves. If you are brave enough, why not ask that question you have always wondered about. Finally, the biggest conquest for any fan of horror movies, the always priceless and slightly nerve-racking meet & greet. Have you ever wondered if Jason Voorhees is as scary as he seems? Well, why don’t you go to the actor’s table and meet him in person. For a small fee the actors from your favorite movies will sign 8X10 photos or an item you brought from your collection. They will even pose in a photo with you. I think what you will find is that these folks must be really great actors, because they are so nice and friendly. Not at all like their alter egos you know from your favorite films. If you are staying at the hotel all weekend, go to one of the after-hours parties with the actors. You can have hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while chatting with LeatherFace. That’s especially convenient if you need a chainsaw to cut your steak. In the end, when you are all packed and ready to go back to your real life, don’t despair. The next Horror Convention is usually only months away. You have your autographed memorabilia and your photographic treasures to hold you over. Most of all , you have your memories and a whole bunch of new friends to meet up with at the next Convention or “Con” as we in the horror world so lovingly call them. If you’re ever inclined to ask someone why they attend horror conventions, my hope is that instead of asking why, you will ask if you can join them instead.

A. Bronwyn Sheehan Check out my favorite Horror “Con”

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The Value of Self-Promotion in the Music Industry via the Use of MySpace by Kerri Edelman Many musicians undervalue the concept of self-promotion and how much artists can do on their own to get their music heard by others. With labels not having large budgets to financially support musicians, A&R reps not scouting venues as they once did and the internet becoming the new medium taking artists in a new direction, where does a musician start when you are on your own and want to get your music out there for the world to hear? There are many basic yet time-consuming and energy driving tasks that musicians can do to market, advertise and promote their music. Please keep in mind that all musicians have their own way of promoting their music and there is no right or wrong way to do it. The use of the internet and social networking sites are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get your music not only heard by the locals in your town, but also across the globe. There will be mixed reviews from all artists about which sites are better than others, but one of the sites that have been around for a long time is MySpace. MySpace can be a highly valuable and effective tool for promoting one’s music. For instance, look at all of the major signed artists who continue to use it. They don’t only use it as a supplementary page to their formal website, but those who do not have a website, use it as their primary means of getting their music out to the world and connecting with their fans. An essential and valuable aspect about MySpace for musicians is it is a One-Stop Shop! This means fans can access pretty much anything they would want to know about the band, such as a biography, photos, tour dates, videos, blogs and most importantly music! Although, please keep in mind that it is crucial for musicians to keep information on their pages relevant, consistent and up-to-date in order to maintain your fans interest. Although it seems simple enough to develop a MySpace page by registering with the site, to effectively construct one, it will take some dedication, time and effort on behalf of the artist. Here are some tips for creating an effective MySpace page to promote your music.

Create a visually appealing MySpace Page Although we would all like to have a fancy MySpace page like the major artists, don’t worry if you are not a graphic designer or do not have the budget to hire one. The primary goal is to figure out what you want to convey to your fans. For instance, put a cool photo of the band or a logo on the top of the page which will introduce who you are to your fans. All you need is a professional photo or logo to initially capture your fans attention along with the other user friendly and eye-catching images with the tools and applications MySpace provides to assist in creating your unique, original page.

Make it simple to navigate MySpace Page Once you develop a page that can catch the eyes of others, you want to also hold their attention. It is easy to keep others on your page by making sure it is simple to navigate and does not visually have too much going on to distract the viewer. For instance, it has happened all too often that the friend request button is located in some random area of the page that cannot be located by the viewer. The last thing you want a potential “friend” to do is leave your page because he/she becomes frustrated about not being able to locate the friend request button.

Develop a fan base This seems simple enough. Well, it is easy to do, but it will take time and effort by the artist. We all see pages that have thousands upon thousands of “friends” or what can also be referred to as fans. But how do we get them? To get fans, the easiest way is to start requesting friends. To build a fan base quickly, it is recommended to set a quota aside each day by requesting, for example, 10 friends. For instance, if you have four band members who are all actively involved and they each request 10 ‘friends’ a day, you could potentially have 40 new friends per day.

Accumulate 1,000s of friends Does the number of “friends” you have mean anything? Yes, it does mean something. Although it is unknown if there is formal research to support this concept, the society’s perception often follows in the direction that the greater your number of friends, the more likely you are an established and professional artist. It is not recommended that you sit around for hours requesting friends. Once you start developing a moderate number and getting your name out there, you will see people start to request you. There is also what can be referred to as “free friends,” which are major bands and companies that have their default set to accept anyone who sends them a request. This means you automatically become a friend without having to wait for approval. And finally, it is not recommended to use tools such as friend blaster to increase your friends as it is illegal and the last thing you want is your hard work to be affected by MySpace shutting down your page.

Post and receive positive comments Receiving comments on your page, especially when you are a new artist, also exudes a sense of where you “fit in the music world” to your friends. Of course, it feels good and positively impacts our selfesteem to receive a positive comment about our music from a random friend. But it will also take time for this to happen. In order to start receiving comments, an artist will need to take time and leave comments on other’s pages. Leave a positive comment about something you like about the band or person. In return, kindly ask for them to check out your music and leave a comment. Don’t get discouraged if you are making a lot of comments and only receive a few in return. Leaving comments on others pages, allows their friends to see you and potentially send a friend request to you (so now you are increasing your number of friends; which in return ties into “Developing a fan base” and “Society’s perception of having 1,000s of friends.”) Finally, it is recommended that you have your comment default set by you to approve comments left by others, as the last thing you want is a negative or critical comment on your page for the world to see. Click on pad to sign up for Myspace now

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Network with other artists The use of MySpace is a great tool to use to network with and meet other artists who have a similar genre or sound to your own music. This is especially important when you are a new artist and/or band looking to start playing shows. Being social and friendly while sending a professional e-mail to introduce yourself is looked upon highly. However, don’t be discouraged if the artist does not respond back to you. It is readily known and important to realize that there will be many more no’s than yes’s in the challenging music industry. But the important thing is you keep reaching out and trying. If you work hard, are professional, dedicated and persistent, you will see progress over time.

Use other social networking sites to promote your MySpace page Since MySpace, especially when you are a new artist, can initially be your One-Stop Shop, it’s important to spread the word about your page by promoting it on other social networking sites. There are so many out there which, at times, can be overwhelming for an artist to know which ones to use. However, the ones that are recommended when starting out include Facebook and Twitter. Again, these sites are simple to put together, easy to navigate and extremely effective to get the word out about your music. As you become comfortable using these sites, start slowly branching out to other sites which tend to focus more on your music such as Reverbnation, Purevolume and, to name a few. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the more sites you join, the greater the likelihood that your music will be recognized and heard by others. Helpful Links p Reverbnation


Kerri Edelman, Psy.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Freelance Writer and Modern Rock Solo Artist. For more information on Kerri Edelman and her music, please visit:

SPOTLIGHT on STEVE DASH By Lewis Sarofsky Actor Steve Dash is best known for the iconic role of Jason Voorhees in the highly acclaimed horror film Friday the 13th: Part 2. It is no surprise that Mr. Dash is a talented and versatile actor whose career has lead him to being on the silver screen in over 35 well noted films including such hits as: The Jazz Singer, Fort Apache the Bronx, Nine & 1/2 Weeks and F/X –just to name a few. Mr. Dash is also an accomplished Broadway Star whose credits include Guys and Dolls, King of Empire Blvd. and Not With My Daughter. You may also know Steve Dash from some of your favorite television soaps like Guiding Light and One Life to Live. This great star of film, television, and theatre re-emerged in five films in the past year alone. Steve Dash played Detective Voorhees in Emerging Past (an homage of sorts to his role of Jason) which already has won three awards including best horror film at The New York City International Film Festival.  Steve Dash’s latest and soon to be released films in which he stars are Mr. Hush and Trust Me. One thing is clear when you watch Steve play a role—he transforms into the characters he portrays and clearly is not acting, even though he is an actor! Steve, you have worked as a stuntman, an aspect of your career many people would love to hear more about. Can you elaborate?   I never really considered myself a stuntman even though I was hired to be one. I always thought of myself as an actor doing a stunt to fulfill a part in the film so the director didn’t have to hire a stunt double. Almost all of my stunts were done to double for someone or play the part as I did in the movie So Fine with Ryan O’Neal, Jack Warden and Richard Kiel. I played a barber who gets thrown through a wall. The rest of the films you could say I was a utility stunt guy. I did fighting, driving or falling down either from a building or from being pushed down. No big deal. Which do you prefer, Film or Theatre? I like both equally. But theater just doesn’t pay as well and you’re committed for a long period of time. It is also intense memorization and working with the same people every day. I have done plays where we (the cast) didn’t get along that well, but when the curtain went up you have to forget all that. You also need to keep your energy level up when you are performing. One good thing about the theater is the instant gratification when the show ends and you’re taking your bows. Believe it or not I love it but get embarrassed when taking my bows in front of the audience. Movies are very exciting. I love the attention you get when you walk on set and get ready to shoot a scene. All eyes are on you and somehow you wipe that all out when you hear action! The one thing about movies, for me, is that once I get to work I become that character for the day. It’s not difficult, it just happens. I don’t act, I really don’t, I just become. I reach into my head, remember an incident or something that sparks a memory for me and as Jackie Gleason used to say “And Away We Go”. Lastly, what future projects are in the works? I have an agent, Roger Paul and a manager J.T. (John Thomas) that I depend on a lot. They are both working on many things for us. I say us because we are a team and we all benefit when I work. As of this writing I am up for a series next year on TV. They are talking to Law & Order and Blue Bloods plus several other projects. I am also talking with Thomas Churchill, the director of Emerging Past (one of my films) about his next film, Pushing the Limit, in which I am playing a Police Captain. The one thing that is certain for me is that I will continue to work in films until the day I die. People ask when I will retire. I am 66 and have no intention of retiring. I love what I do. To see Steve Dash in action Click here p

Karen Morano Featured Artist

“Art is a mirror of the mind�

This is the basis of all mediums and compositions that encompass my craft. Each piece that I create has been envisioned and brought to life on paper and canvas. After a life of searching, the focus of my work currently is to honor the heroes that have served Our Country by bringing to life on canvas their belongings and equipment.


p Click here to E-Mail Karen P

LEANDRA RAMM Singer-Dancer-Actress

Singer Leandra Ramm is best known for her vocal abilities, quoted to be, “the natural opera /pop crossover successor to Katherine Jenkins and Charlotte Church.” Leandra has been featured on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, The View, Good Morning America and 60 Minutes-just to name a few. She also has toured Europe and the Caribbean as Lead Singer on the Celebrity Cruise Lines Solstice Class Ships. She has performed at Carnegie Hall and The Kennedy Center with a range from opera to musicals to modern music Leandra came to our attention when she and her sister Courtney modelled Hillary Flowers clothing line at TIMMAG’S Fashion Loves Rock show at Don Hills, NYC. Leandra is also wellknown for the way she entered the world. Her parents, David and Adrienne Ramm, went to the Repository for Germinal Choice after realizing they couldn’t conceive. Dubbed the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank, Leandra’s biological father was handpicked by the repository as part of an experiment to produce a super talented race. Whatever your view is on the subject one cannot help wondering how much talent comes from genealogy and how much comes from our environmentespecially after you hear Leandra sing. Her brother Logan and sister Courtney were conceived the same way, but have a different biological father (an Olympic gold medalist.) They have met the donor, a journey Leandra still has yet to complete. Her debut single Dream Angel is based on Bach’s Prelude in C major but easily fits into any music lover’s collection. Leandra’s acting credits include a role she created, Silvestra in the premier of Mario and the Magician, the lead role of Annie in Hell’s Kitchen The Musical at the Hudson Guild Theatre and recently Antonia in Man of La Mancha with the Diablo Theater Company. Her resume is too lengthy to list and, “Oh...did we mention Leandra is also a talented dancer.”

Leandra, which do you enjoy the most? Singing in a concert setting or a Musical / Opera performance?  I love performing! If I’m singing for an audience that appreciates my performance, I don’t mind what type of performance it is! I enjoy performing in both operas/musicals as well as solo concerts. I like performing in operas and musicals because I am portraying a character and telling a story. The cast invites the audience to listen to a story for a few hours through a script and music. I get to act as a character and sing songs through their point of view. I enjoy performing in a concert format because I can take the stage and perform my own show. I can sing my favorite songs and talk about my journey so far as an artist and person. I see both your brother and sister were conceived of the Genius pool, are they both similar in their traits to their respective donors?  My sister and brother (Courtney and Logan) were both conceived from the same donor, an Olympic gold medalist. Both Courtney and Logan are very athletic; Courtney is a dancer and also is a teacher of Yoga and Pilates. My donor who is a scientist, I have yet to meet. Although I appreciate science and like studying it as a hobby, my love is in the arts! Do you enjoy modeling and why?  I enjoy modeling because it’s a way to showcase a designer’s clothes. I can wear fabulous clothes and strike different poses. Fashion shoots can be in amazing places and that can be so fun!  Modeling is another form of artistic expression and I love it!

Leandra with her Sister Courtney modeling

What future projects are you involved in?

My debut single, Dream Angel,was released this past summer and my full album, Invitation to a Voyage, will be released in the coming months! This CD has over 20 tracks of me singing popular Broadway tunes and operatic favorites. I am also releasing my second single, L’amour, which I am especially proud of. It’s an original song that I wrote which is based on the famous Habanera from the opera Carmen and the song has a really hip track! These new CDs will be available to purchase on Itunes, Amazon and many other online stores. Click on for more info!

Photographer: Alan Dombrow Make-up & Hair: Jeff Coture Designs by Hillary Flowers


merging the Past into the

Present By

Robert Guida Writer and Director Thomas J. Churchill knew as a seven year old kid he wanted to be in the film business. Although it all started with an audition for a role in the movie,The Champ, it was creating the words and images that actors rely on to showcase their craft that shaped Mr. Churchill’s future. From his first film, The War Master, that he wrote and shot as a teenager to his current work of art-Emerging Past- Thom’s love of Film has won him accolades and awards as well as cult – like status amongst his ever-growing fan base. Now the founder of Churchill Productions, Thom’s love of the film making process knows no boundaries. He incorporates music seamlessly into his movies and has a style that is cinematically astounding to watch. Thom’s three time award winning film Emerging Past includes G Tom Mac’s internet hit Soul I Bare and the only song Cory Haim recorded along with G Tom before Cory’s untimely death —Mend Me, as well as Mud (winner of Best Song at the New York City International Film Festival) by Katie DiCiccio. Mr. Churchill also made two music videos from the above mentioned songs that are a tour de force on their own. They can be seen on these links: Soul I Bare & Mud Lastly, we urge you to see Thomas Churchill’s soon to be released films and anything he creates-you will find them visually amazing with many surprise twists and hidden treasures.

Mr. Churchill, you seamlessly incorporated music in your film, Emerging Past. When you wrote the script, at which point in the process did you seek out those songs and their respective artists? I always felt a soundtrack and the sound design are very important to a film. It must grab your attention all around: visually and most importantly it has to rock your ears. During the post production process, as the film was shaping up, I was listening to some of G Tom Mac’s music- and the movie came to life in my head. I was able to hear and see what I wanted in the editing room. I had approached G on a few songs and we had a meeting on the feel of the soundtrack. He presented several songs for me to consider, some fit and some didn’t. Your latest project, Cold Plastic, promises to be a mind blowing experience. Can you give us just a little taste of what we can expect? Expect a horror film that will be truly entertaining…very colorful in both story and suspense. It will be a film that will scare the hell out of you and question you on “How far would you go?” It will also have a kick ass soundtrack. You’ve been quoted as saying, making horror films are, “like oxygen to you,” and you also enjoy the gangster/ action genre. Are there any other types of stories deep in your psyche that we might expect from you in the future? Yes, we have a few projects on our slate. Fans will continue to see a world of horror unlike the norm. My worlds will have a twist and maybe blend a few genres together. There is a gangster/ horror film in the near future. There are sequels, dramas and comedies planned as well. So in the world of Church Hill Productions never expect the norm.


rue words spoken indeed, check out these websites for a glimpse into Thomas J. Churchill’s world:

FASHION LOVES ROCK at Don Hills By A. Brooks

I first met Don Hill with my then musician boyfriend, Ken Wallace. Those were the earlier, prosperous days of the infamous rock music club, when it was wall-to-wall people and down the street lines just to enter. These days, not so busy, but keeping up their street “cred” with the aid of long-time investor/partner, Nikki Camp, the club has continued to host and discover amazing bands in the heart of the West Village, NYC. Kicking off New York City’s latest fashion week, Talent Magazine held a fabulous “Fashion Loves Rock” event as a tribute to the closing doors of Don Hills. Or so we thought. (Don Hill’s has recently been bought out by new investors and completely renovated the club to new life).

Indiggo Twins Brooks with

Talent In Motion Magazine’s “Fashion Loves Rock” was an Don Hill eclectic mix of fashion, rock, art and lots of talent to meld the mix. The evening’s itinerary included four different sets of musicians including blues/rock guitarist Meyer Rossabi, electronic rock artista, Natasha Romanova, pop diva, EHA and as the grand finale, the band Aliens performed with the “Fashion Loves Rock” models. The lovely rock groupies, provided by Thompson Models, modeled designs by Hillary Flowers and Vintage Clothing by Mint, with make-up by Lisa Christiano and Jeanine Meluzzio, hair by Jeffrey Coture, masks by Gerard Libero, and hats by Yamon Wear.

Natasha Romanova EHA

Photos by Hans Dudeck, Alan Dombrow and Robert Guida. Thompson Models wearing t Mint clothing with make-up and hair by Geoff and Lisa

Right; Franky Cheez,. Middle: Meyer Rossabi and Paul Kane on Left

Aliens with model Mary

RACHEL with Sopranos Star Artist Samm Cohen

Don Hill ‘S Gang

Models with designer Hillary Flowers

The Beauty Beat By

Elizabeth Romano

Hello readers. Today I’d like to dish about the very spoiled head of hair I’ve been sporting. My friends at, a fabulous beauty website, that always gives free shipping, sent me the most luxurious line of hair care I’ve ever experienced. It’s called Kronos! All dermstore. com products use patent-pending technology and incredibly high-tech ingredients to treat ageing hair and make your color shine. I’ve actually been stopped by strangers and asked how I achieve such healthy-looking hair. That’s after coloring, highlighting and daily heat styling! I start with the Hydresse shampoo, which gives a nice lather and cleans effectively... and it’s totally sulfite free, so it doesn’t harm your color. Then follow with the Hydresse conditioner from your hair-line through your ends and leave in a few minutes for maximum benefits. Not to mention but since you asked...I have such fine hair that it tangles like a child’s. No problem, next, a few squirts of the Liquid Theory Conditioning Detangler are in order. After that, blow-dry, then use the K-Force flexible hold hairspray. It keeps any style perfect without being heavy or sticky—K Force leaves it glossy, and totally brushable. I personally give the most credit to what I consider the star product of the line, the Phyx Overnight Repair Masque. If you have damaged hair or frayed ends, this product is a must-have. Just put a single pump’s worth from the hair-line to your ends and distribute evenly before going to bed. Then, the never achieved before...Alluring smoothness and a shine that could stop traffic. completely repaired my hair despite lots of coloring and styling. This line is totally worth checking out on if you want a little luxury in your beauty routine. I’m so totally excited to try the volume shampoo and conditioner next. Your hair deserves it and I know you’ll love it! Elizabeth Romano

Foolish On Facebook? By Maria Barone Facebook is a contemporary method of socializing and has surpassed all of its competition. Since it began in February 2004, Facebook currently has over 500 million active users. Life events and happenings of millions of people can be just a click away on the computer through Facebook. Despite people being able to customize privacy settings which can restrict the information to be viewed by their selected friends or friends of friends or set their privacy settings to include everyone, which means every person who has an account on Facebook can view that account holder’s information. To see more about FB settings from Facebook click here p Despite whichever settings one chooses to implement, some of the information members decide to post is very personal in nature. By doing this, some people may not realize the information they are choosing to share on Facebook can be accessed by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Therefore, when it comes to sharing your information, the question arises as to “how personal is too personal?” There often seems to be a constant bombardment of user status updates ranging anywhere from how one’s day is going to a detailed description of their ups, downs, hopes & dreams and relationships. In addition to this, it seems some people also are quick to change their relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship” and even post a profile picture of themselves with their new partner for the whole Facebook populace to see unless their privacy settings are restricted to a setting other than everyone.

By doing this, these people may suffer the embarrassment of having to change their status back to “single” and remove that happy couple profile picture after several weeks because the relationship did not work out. Do we really need to know all this information and more importantly, do we really care if, for instance, someone ate waffles for breakfast or if they were on their way to the supermarket that day? Photos also appear within a Facebook profile that many choose to allow everyone to view. Besides posting one’s own photo, people sometimes appear in their friend’s photos whether or not they have a Facebook account themselves. So the next time you are somewhere having your picture taken, hope that they capture your good side or catch you at your best because who knows just how many other people may see that horrible picture of you. The use of social networks has allowed many past friends who have lost contact with each other over the years to reconnect. Also, people have found family members they have never met as well. Facebook’s popularity has enabled many friends and family who are miles apart to keep in contact on a daily basis and update each other with the happenings in their lives through correspondence, games and photos. It is a helpful tool for many people who need to get the word out for important information and events both personal and professional. If used wisely, Facebook can and is a fun way to interact with each other without having to leave the comforts of home. The most important thing is to keep in mind that whatever is posted the public may see, so use discretion each and every time something is said or risk the embarrassment of appearing and feeling foolish.

Click above for more on FB privacy settings

J ump into the New Year




odi Burns Hair and Make Up Artist

“I plan on making an extraordinary life for myself-I already have everyone that I need to do it with.”

Center and above photo’s by pJoaquin Lares

Upper left and lower third photo’s by Michael DyDacso p DYDASCO PHOTOGRAPHY

I’m Me Not You

Your style not everyone elses Unique statement making shoes for individuals Click above to visit our shop


The Blistered Board By Karen Morano My heart was beaten and bruised Love, stripped away like some weather-beaten paint on an old board Blisters of paint, unraveling Baring this old plank of wood. Each blister was just a reminder of another passing day. More bad weather to endure, Never knowing how much longer I would be able to withstand the pressure of holding up this tiresome old house. I have felt the shiny new coats of varnish. Felt its newness and shone under the bright rays of the sun But it was only a mask The weight of this old house was still crippling me, Warping me. The sun, my fair-weathered friend, so warm and alluring, Has only given me temporary bliss since she will disappear when the claps of thunder are heard And the cold rain will pound against me again. Day after day, another blister opens Letting in a lethal dose of moisture that is consuming my youth. Another blister, some more paint, another coat of varnish. Here comes the sun followed by the dreaded clap of thunder… Doesn’t anyone see me in here? I’m rotting away but no one seems to see what’s underneath. They keep covering me, thoughtfully, shielding me. Never knowing that I am deteriorating from the inside out. So here I remain Still infused with the hope that one day Someone will scrape away all the blisters that have eroded me, Scrape away all the paint and varnish that has shielded me, Finally… To find ME.

Magical Christmas is an original song written by Fred Coscia and Pennsylvania Kris. The Music Video of the song-Soon it will be Christmas - will be available on Itunes and It developed a week before the Christmas of 2009, when Fred was in the spirit of the holiday and his friend Kris (Co-writer) started playing some guitar cords. Then as Fred puts it, “it just hit me, the spirit of Christmas came alive in my mind and in my heart.” Fred Coscia always loved the Christmas holidays and after you hear the words of the song he wrote you will know why the video was shot in Rockefeller Center and the country side of Pennsylvania where Kris lives. hope you enjoy the song and They help them to get it out into world

Click on Santa’s hand to see the Video Happy Holidays!

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Really Great Magazine Holiday Issue 1  

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