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A New Year! A New You! - Kerri Edelman The Marla Mase Experience - A. Bronwyn Sheehan The Artistry of Beauty - Makeup artist Orietta Leva The Beauty Beat - Elizabeth Romano G Tom Mac-Reintroduction to Brilliance - Robert Guida The Aster Pheonyx Project - No Turning Back Not Your Average Gal - Intro to Cherilyn Fontaine Just Ask (Analytical thoughts & photo) - Cherilyn Fontaine Mike Marino Amplified - A. Bronwyn Sheehan Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves - A. Brooks Spotlight on Davido - Lewis Sarofsky Think Ink - Michael Dydasco People Featured Artist - Stephanie Hazapis Talent Magazine Celebrates at Chelsea Hotel - Athena Starr Fall In Love - A Poem by LynnAnne Daly Red & Smiling Earth - Poetry by Mirella Caravella Aster Phoenyx cover photo by Tonette Madsen.


Robert Guida - Editor in Chief A. Brooks - Consultant & Writer Fred Cosica - Talent Coordinator Michael Dydasco - Creative Photographer Kerri Edelman - Music and Motivational Writer Cherilyn Fontaine - Writer Michael Martinez - Contributing Theatre Editor Elizabeth Romano - Beauty Writer Lewis Sarofsky - Writer & Photography Melissa Serpico - Web Consultant Athena Starr - Contributing Writer A. Bronwyn Sheehan - Writer & Assistant Editor

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MONEY IS ART? by Robert Guida

Andy Warhol - “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” Talent is a gift we all possess in some form or another, yet when an artist applies their creative skills we usually judge the quality of their work by how popular it becomes. How many actors with great skill are waiting tables or tending bar? How many visual artists sell their work for next to nothing? How many fantastic musicians play the circuit night after night and go widely undiscovered? The list of artists relatively unknown is almost endless. When done well, all performers are artists in their own right but it is the well paid artists that most societies consider the best. Many actors’ early films go largely unnoticed until they become famous. Hanging on the walls in museums are many works of art that in their time were barely noticed yet are now considered priceless. So the real question is… Is it fortune and fame that creates great works of art or is it how much talent the artist has, or perhaps both? Before the 12th century, painters did not sign their work and were considered workers like carpenters or bricklayers. This means we will never know who the first artist was. The earliest “Work of Art” discovered so far, is a figurine, The Venus of Tan-Tan, dated sometime between 500,000 and 300,000 BCE. It was found in Morocco and although it is made of stone and though most likely formed naturally, it bears evidence of being painted by its maker. Then of course the first known tools mankind made can be considered art as well. So that brings to mind another question; can something made for functionality be a work of art? Ask any fan of the iPod or iPhone and it is likely they would call it a work of art. Video games, cars and even the chair you are sitting on can also be a work of art. Okay, let’s concede that art has many forms but the real question at hand remains, is something a work of art if only one person sees the value in it? Any parent can tell you the first blob of finger-paint on a piece of paper that was hung on the refrigerator is priceless! The money we use to support the arts is even a work of art itself. In fact, finding new talent is the way many people express their craft. With the internet, finding new artists is easier than ever. So click around and broaden your tastes. Buy a new song; rent a different type of film then you usually would; read something in a totally different genre and support new and experienced artists alike. It will expand your world and turn you into an artist in the process!

Robert Guida


A New Year! A New You! Discovering the Fundamental Aspects of Ourselves to Become a More Confident, Assertive and Authentic Musician by

Kerri Edelman

With the passing of another year, many artists often reflect back on what has occurred over their careers in the past year. This reflection may be to see if we pleased those around us (e.g., managers, labels, etc); did we accomplish the goals we set and if we did not, what went awry in the process. Reflecting back on the past is a positive thing and learning from our experiences (or the experiences of others) about what went right or did not can provide useful information; so that we can modify what direction we take our music in the future. But, as artists, we sometimes along the way forget to consider some of the fundamentally core aspects of ourselves that are essential in our development and growth as musicians. Uncovering and developing these basic yet necessary concepts is very individualized as different artists may find that only some apply whereas others may feel that they are all applicable. The following core concepts may also be impacted by where the artists are in their career path as an established, seasoned musician may have a more solid foundation in these areas. Nevertheless, the goal is to assist musicians with being mindful of these as not being aware of what provides us with a basic sense of well-being can make getting involved in the music and entertainment industry even more difficult and challenging. Build Self-Confidence Confidence is described as a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or reliance on one’s circumstances. It is also the belief that one will act in a right, proper or effective way. Confidence should not be confused with arrogance or narcissism. A confident artist is able to calmly carry oneself in a humble manner without boasting about how great one is, displaying extreme forms of egocentricity, exhibiting rashness or making others feel less important. As an artist, it is important to be self-assured and believe in one’s abilities. However, developing self-confidence takes time, comes with experience in the industry and is often impacted by how one was treated (or mistreated in the past). There are many ways to improve our self-confidence which include finding seasoned musicians to serve as positive mentors, using positive, constructive feedback to further develop one’s skills and immersing oneself to learn about the industry by reading about it, getting involved with assisting other artists and befriending others with similar goals, to name a few. Nonetheless, it will be difficult to build self-confidence and improve one’s self-esteem, if an artist regularly surrounds oneself with negative/critical musicians who bring one down, don’t believe in one’s abilities or take their own problems out on the artist. This leads into the next core concept of becoming assertive.


Become Assertive Assertiveness is described as being confident in claiming one’s rights or putting forward one’s views. Being assertive does not mean being aggressive where in one intimidates or becomes hostile/ destructive in a verbal or physical manner towards another. It is the ability for the artist to clearly communicate and convey what is in their comfort zone. It is all too often that artists will encounter those in the music industry who put demands on them that they may not feel comfortable carrying out. When an artist is confident and self-assured in one’s ability to make a rational decision, the artist will take an assertive stance and communicate what the artist believes is in their best interest. Again, being assertive is something that takes time and does not always feel good (as who wants to potentially make someone upset or angry), but it is essential to survive in the industry. With the development of self-confidence, one will feel more comfortable being assertive. Lacking self-confidence and an inability to be assertive often leads to the artist being taken advantage of where one becomes a puppet who’s every move and decision is dictated by that of another. Develop Patience Patience is defined as the ability to deal with provocation, annoyance, misfortune or pain without complaint, loss of temper or irritation. The classic example of learning to deal with patience is the artist who has worked extremely hard to put out an album and because of one’s professionalism, perseverance and dedication believes that one should be signed to a major label and out on the road touring with a solid music career in a short period of time. Unfortunately, as it was previously discussed in the last article on ‘Self-Promotion in the Music Industry,’ our best thought out plans may not succeed. This is likely because of how the industry has changed and many artists are trying to climb up this never-ending mountain on their own. To assist in establishing oneself as an artist, one should start with the following, to name a few: set short-term goals that one can accomplish such as getting a song on an internet radio station, locating indie films that are looking for music placement and using social networking sites to promote your music so that others can hear it. Many artists can relate to and empathize with how it is not easy to be patient, but it’s important to take pride in whatever accomplishments one makes as that will assist with developing one’s self-confidence and becoming assertive as one begins to recognize their capabilities. Maintain a Healthy Sense of Paranoia Paranoia is defined as a tendency on the part of an individual toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others. This term is not to be used in a negative fashion, but rather for the artist to develop what is sometimes termed ‘Healthy Paranoia.’ How many times has an artist been made promises by others such as ‘I’ll get your music on a radio station’ and ‘Give me X amount of dollars and I’ll help you get signed to a record label, get you major management or get your music in front of the right people,’ for example. Developing a healthy sense of paranoia is the ability for the artist to remain logical, grounded and realistic with a subtle sense of suspiciousness when these types of promises are made. It is not to say that these things can’t happen, but it is all too often that artists put too much trust into others to only be misguided, let down or worse, lose a lot of money in the process when they are scammed by others. Having the former happen (where one is offered things by others that don’t come to fruition) is not necessarily a bad thing as it teaches the artist the importance of a strong work ethic, how challenging the industry is and that being skeptical about what others say can prevent bigger mistakes from happening (such as forking over a ton of cash and getting nothing in return). 5

Master Cognitive Reframing Cognitive Reframing is defined as taking a situation or particular circumstance and changing the meaning you’ve ascribed to it. Learning to develop this type of a skill can be particularly useful in the music and entertainment industry. It is not unlikely that when an artist hears something not so positive about their music, that one will tend to personalize the comment and believe it has to do with one’s performance. For example, say an unsigned artist passes along their music to a radio station (and actually hears back from them as this is a rarity when the station is receiving 100’s of 1000’s of albums) and is informed that the station is not interested. In most situations, the artist is likely to be inclined to think that their music is not good enough or one is not a good performer. Cognitive reframing works by the artist instead taking the disinterest from the station and telling oneself that their music is possibly not the right fit for the format, it may not have been the musical taste of the person who listened to it or it’s possible that this is a generic response given to all unsigned artists and the station never even took a moment to listen to it. The goal here is for the artist to not always assume the worst and to assist with restructuring how one thinks about situations so as not to negatively impact our self-confidence. Once an artist gets the hang of using this technique, it is invaluable and can be used in many aspects of one’s life. Take a Time-Out Time-Out is defined as a brief suspension of activity, intermission or break. Most artists have probably heard this psychological term used with younger children who are not following directions and are asked to ‘take a time-out’ by removing oneself to a quiet area for a specific period of time in order to reflect on the reasons for their ‘time-out.’ When an artist is constantly on the go, maintaining a full-time job and trying to handle every aspect of their career on their own including managing a band, booking shows, promoting the album, maintaining various websites, etc., it can become daunting and draining, one can lose patience and mental burn-out (not related to drugs) can set in. Taking a time-out can be a positive task for an artist as it allows one to take a break and reflect on what has or has not been working. During this mental break, take time to do other things one enjoys, make a list evaluating the pro’s and con’s of one’s musical endeavors and spend time with those who are supportive of one’s music career. Maintain a Support System A support system is defined as a network of people who provide an individual with practical and emotional support. It is not uncommon for artists to become so immersed in their musical endeavors that they have lapses in their attention and periodically forget about staying in contact with friends, family and other meaningful persons in their lives. On the other hand, it is also not uncommon for artists to become involved with a group of individuals who are negative, critical and unsupportive of their musical endeavors. Getting involved in music and entertainment can be an extremely difficult and challenging industry, which leaves artists questioning the likelihood of their success when the odds are stacked against them. Having a support system of encouraging and understanding people who are meaningful to one is essential for an artist who plans to keep pressing forward. Artists will often hear many no’s, critical feedback and experience letdowns in the industry, which is why keeping those who are supportive close to them can help foster and further develop the artist’s self-esteem, assertiveness and ability to maintain a sense of patience. Kerri Edelman, Psy.D. is a Clinical Psychologist, Freelance Writer and Modern Rock Solo Artist. For more information on Kerri Edelman and her music, please visit: 6

The Marla Mase Experience One word: FEARLESS! Raw... Enigmatic...Unapologetic…Unique. So, maybe one word is not enough to describe the “experience” that is Marla Mase. How is one expected to explain what I call: The Marla Mase experience? You can’t! It is equal parts: rock, rap, Broadway, monologue, Lilith Fair, blues, & dare I, a rocker chick, say I heard some good old guttural vocals on track #5 DFWME? I am certain I did. This is a description of how I felt after listening to A Brief Night Out, Mase’s 2010 debut album. It shares the same name with her most recent show, A Brief Night Out, A Rock & Roll Musical, that has been making its way around the city until it finds a permanent home. However, that is not everything that needs to be said about Marla Mase. She has been writing since her late teens/early twenties. She considers herself a writer first and the songs and performances and shows and everything else that is created in Marla Mase’s world evolve from the written words. In 1998 Mase took a class on creating a one person show, from that experience she fell in love with her theatrical voice and wrote her play, A Carnarsie Line which was put up in 2002. Mase lives in Tribeca, NY. Where she says she loves being so close to the rivers, and Hudson River Park. There is a feeling of comfort that comes from “knowing everyone” and the quiet, the quiet that is different from the rest of the city. It’s like “getting away from it all down here”, says Mase. That is a good thing, considering that Marla Mase, along with being a mother and everything else she creates, has been in the party planning business for 20 years this summer. It’s amazing that with more than 2,500 events under her belt, she has the energy or time to keep on creating. But she does, her second CD Speak is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011. I was glad we could grab her for a few questions.

Hi Marla, I used the word “fearless” to describe you. Do you see yourself as fearless?  And if you do, can you tell us where that comes from?  

People say that all the time about me - and I have to laugh because if anyone knows fear it’s me. There were years when my anxiety and fear were so bad I could barely walk, talk, smile or laugh (some of my show is about this as well). It was horrible, and then one day it hit me-I’m so f**king afraid of everything I might as well do all the things I’m afraid of; why not; I can’t be any more afraid than I am now; (see my song: Things That Scare Me) and so out of that fear emerged this woman who is seemingly very fearless - with a lot of balls.

You have such an eclectic style. How do you know which style of music is going to fit the words you have written when it comes time to turn them into a song?


I actually write the words with a tune/melody in mind (I have many genres and voices in my head, hence the ‘psychotic nature of my CD’- as one of my closest friends lovingly described it); they go together - I don’t do lyrics first and then fit them into something-a song comes to me pretty complete - or first phase complete - then I bring them to Tomas, my co-writer (Tomas Doncker) and he translates my voice recording from my phone or my scribbling from my journal which I sing to him and he plays it within minutes on the guitar. It’s pretty amazing, how quickly he gets what I’m doing.  Some of my songs are pretty much the way they were when I first wrote them and others have changed quite significantly once Tomas and I work together on them.  He is a very intuitive musician/songwriter so he might suggest slowing it down or giving the song a certain groove I didn’t think of - come up with the hooky bridge that ties the whole song together and cutting some of the lyrics. (I can write a lot. The original Gaping Hole was more like a thesis than a song.) Great news is, he gets me, he understands what I’m hearing in my brain, what I’m trying to say and knows how to capture that into very beautiful music - I’m very grateful that he is my songwriting partner and producer. There is this unexplainable magical chemistry that exists between us in our songwriting and I’m NOT going to try and figure that one out. It just is. He also has this fabulous team of musicians that he’s been working with for years, all genius at what they do, and so lucky me, I reap the benefit of their talent.    

Your show and CD by the same name: A Brief Night Out are getting a lot of press. Can you tell us a little bit about the experiences you drew from to create them? And what you feel they represent? My show and the songs come from a phase in my life that was very difficult - my marriage was breaking up, I had fallen in love with someone that struggled with addiction/alcoholism and my daughter was suffering with an eating disorder.  And I was becoming a more and more anxious person - my world was becoming very small. I also live near Ground Zero and was there on 9/11, although the truth is I was worried about terrorism way before that ever happened. The show is also about passion and a woman’s sexuality (I’m big on that) - I wrote my Master’s Thesis on passion back in 2003 so it’s a subject that I’ve been obsessed with for quite some time. What is love?  Why are people, society, so afraid of love?  It has been said that “Love is a Revolution”, a defiance of society: It IS subversive and risky, ascertains uniqueness, and is anti-totalitarianism. This brings me to the next theme in my show and CD: war and the soldier’s sacrifice. The show comes out of a longer play I wrote called Man/Woman — Man / Woman, it is a 4-5 hour play about a woman having an affair and there are scenes with her lover, her husband, her father, her therapist, G-d; she gets arrested; there is the judge and so I pulled from this longer play, taking only the scenes between the woman and the therapist and some of woman’s monologues and told her story solely through her sessions with her therapist - and thus A Brief Night Out was born -  and then I added in the songs - and suddenly A Brief Night Out became a rock-n-roll musical.

Do you think that living in New York, “the city that never sleeps”, is an attribute to a creative person such as yourself ? I’ve been living here my whole life so it’s hard to say.  I grew up in Brooklyn, in Canarsie and then moved to Tribeca when I was 18. Definitely the speed in which I move is very NY.  I am a very energetic person-and like most New Yorkers I do a million things in a day, especially stare at and type on my cell phone.

You have an upcoming album release in the spring of 2011. Can you tell us what we can expect to hear?   Yes, my next release, Speak is very different from A Brief Night Out but still very Mase. It is less about me (although always about me I guess) but more serving the ‘voices’ I hear. It is also about being an artist and a woman standing in her sexuality. (Can’t Help It, I am a sexual woman and I’m not going to pretend I’m not. I can be a bit raunchy and I love that side of myself. It’s fun.) There is a lot more percussion on this CD, more world beats and rhythms. Tomas says it’s much less manic. Not really sure what he means by that but I agree completely. ~ Fun Fact ~ If you could choose a performance, be it song, play, movie, written form etc.  That you could

have created or performed before the actual artist or performer conjured it up, which would you choose and why?

Oh, definitely Woody Allen’s, Purple Rose of Cairo - since the day I saw it, I said: “I wish I had written that movie-it’s very much my sensibility” - loving romance, the movies (see my song: I Fell in Love), wishing my life was like a movie (I still do) and then it actually happening for the Mia Farrow character; when a character in the movie she is watching suddenly confesses he is in love with her and walks out of the screen - I love that! I wish someone would walk off the screen for me - of course it ends with reality winning, which I hate - but in the end life is life - I still struggle with that but have come to terms with it - I try to make every moment in my life magical but I’m practical enough to accept 'Life on Life’s Terms'.   

Thank you for your time, Marla

For more click on Marla's CD p

A. Bronwyn Sheehan 9

The Artistry

* Celebrity Makeup A

Orietta Leva was born in Queens, New York, a place that she and her husband Humberto still call home. From the tender age of six, Orietta began her love of Makeup. In her own words, “My mother allowed me to choose a lipstick for Halloween. I chose a hot pink lipstick, so when I put it on I thought it made me look older and I instantly became enamored by how it changed my appearance. I was so in love with my appearance, I did not want to ever wipe it off! I started using 'real' makeup on myself when I was twelve. I immediately fell in love with the idea of changing my appearance.”

Orietta later went on to become a professional makeup artist after many friends and family members encouraged her to pursue her dreams. It was at that time that one such person told her, “Do what your heart desires, because if you do what you love, you will truly enjoy what you are doing instead of working to make money and not really finding any happiness.” That special friend sadly passed away all too young, in his mid-twenties. Orietta sought her husband’s advice, who also whole heartily encouraged her to turn her passion for makeup artistry into a career. Orietta Leva has worked with the likes of Carman Marc Valvo, Project Runway’s Nicolas Putvinski, David Meister, Celebrity Photographer Felix Natal Jr., River Clark, Max Di Biaggio and countless other artists. She is also certified in Airbrush Makeup and is a freelance artist for MAC Cosmetics.

Orietta, have you always been so positive about your artistry? When I was growing up in the urban metropolis of New York City, life was somewhat different for me. I always perceived life differently than other children did. I thought in terms that were simply unlike my peers. At first it seemed very strange to me. My perception seemed to be somewhat negative, but in time I learned to take advantage of my strengths and not my weaknesses. Most of the people I grew up with seemed to be more logical and analytical while I thought in artistic terms that didn’t seem to me to have any rhyme or reason. I guess it is that way for many artistic people. Even school was somewhat difficult, although I tried my best for the most part, thinking in different terms didn’t always make activities easier. I believe in order to do anything in life; people must strive to be the best they can in order to be successful.

What other artists have influenced you and what are some of your favorite assignments? My greatest influence was Kevyn Aucoin. I really learned a lot from reading his books. The aspect I enjoy most about makeup is enhancing someone’s skin tone and texture and seeing how you can start with an individual appearance at the beginning and changing that appearance to whatever type of look that is called for. Being able to do what one loves or enjoys is not always easy, but the rewards are always worth the trouble & work. Some of my favorite jobs were when I did makeup for Maria Bach, wife of Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, in Sebastian Bach’s infamous house that was featured on MTV Cribs. And Maria was such a blast to work with. Recently during Fashion Week 2010 working with Nicolas Putvinski of Project Runway's “Season 7,” was exciting because he unveiled his collection in a very creative manner. It was presented with a story line and he used male models in Special Effects makeup. Also when working with one of the members of Wu-Tang Clan at a photo shoot—I was really impressed how nice and down to earth he was, especially being such a huge and influential artist. Well Orietta, we are impressed by you and your love for the Artistry of Makeup!


y of Beauty



Orietta Leva

Photographer - David Derex Model - Britt A.W. Photographer - Raj Belani Model - Vanessa Acey

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Photographer - Kevin Zupp Model - Angel Lenise

Photographer – Chuck Arabella Model - Monique Hairstylist - Daniel Downes


The Beauty Beat by

Elizabeth Romano Hello, beautiful readers, in this issue I’d like to call special attention to one of my favorite beauty companies of all time: Philosophy. Maybe you have already been charmed by the brand’s endearing childlike imagery on their packaging or blown away by their high-tech skincare. If not, read on. It all started in 1999 when the brand’s founder, Christina Carlino, wanted a way to indulge in sinful desserts without adding an inch to her waist. She created a line of shower gels in the form of a “cookbook”; 12 delectable scents to make your mouth water in your shower and turn bathing into an out-of-this world experience. Each scent has the recipe adorably printed on the bottle. The star scent of the line was Cinnamon Buns, and I remembered it well from when I worked in the cosmetics industry. As soon as one whiff hit my nose, I knew I had to have it forever. Why had someone not thought of this before? A guilty pleasure with no calories. It is still my favorite gel and the company’s best-seller. It’s now also available in a jumbo 32-oz bottle. If Cinnamon Buns doesn’t entice you, explore some of the other amazing scents in the line, such as: Strawberry Milkshake, Butterscotch Bliss, Coconut Frosting, and Vanilla Birthday Cake.  Getting hungry? Men, you’re not to be cast aside. The scents are designed to disappear after your shower, so they are a unisex delight for the entire family.    If you are looking for a fragrance that lasts, explore the entire line of Grace fragrances from Philosophy. I own every single one. There is a Grace fragrance for every woman and every mood. Amazing Grace is utterly feminine and womanly and is a delicate floral musk, perfect for the office. The newest Grace, Eternal Grace (my favorite), is youthful, crisp, and citrusy, and gives you an immediate uplift. If you are searching for something a bit more mysterious and sophisticated, reach for Inner Grace, a scent designed to give balance to your soul and one that I find simply seductive. If your desire is comfort and tranquility, try Baby Grace, a scent designed to give you the powdery sweetness of a baby. One last scent, for any of you that do not wear perfume, pick up a bottle of Pure Grace. It gives you the clean smell of soap-and-water and is the perfect “day-off ” fragrance; or for those who don’t want to overpower with a scent. Better yet, try them all and build a fragrance wardrobe to suit each and every mood. All of these high-quality products are available on, and while you’re there, be sure to explore the line’s high-tech, anti-aging skincare. I was personally educated on the amount of research and development that goes into each Philosophy product, and now I love the brand even more. I hope you will too!


song click below DEAR DIARY Download Marlee on Itunes

artwork by Nico Steele

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Reintroduction Known by many of his fans as Gerard McMann, G Tom Mac is an artist everyone knows and listens to worldwide, transcending all generational gaps. Whether you are a fan of G or are just getting to know him again there is no doubt you have heard his music. G is well known for his hit song, “Cry Little Sister,” from The Lost Boys soundtrack. Cry Little Sister has been re-recorded by over a dozen groups; most recently last year, by the band Seasons After, instantly becoming a top ten radio hit. G has co-written music and performed with: Roger Daltrey, Carly Simon, Robert Plant, Digable Planets, Kiss, The Spinners and many other musicians in every genre. His music is featured in numerous films such as: Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Terminator, All the Right Moves, Chasing Amy and The Banger Sisters. His television credits include: The Shield, Scrubs, Charmed, Big Bang Theory and even As the World Turns! With a resume far too long to list, G’s brilliance is apparent in all his endeavors. G Tom Mac’s music is highly sought after for remixes and was sampled for Eminem’s “You’re Never Over” off the Recovery album; which has been nominated for a Grammy award. Many of G’s songs have been recorded by his contemporaries including: Kiss, “Is That You”- Ice Cube, “Money Can’t Buy the Love” - Roger Daltrey, “Rocks In The Head” & Carly Simon, “Give Me All Night”- once again, just to name a few! G Tom Mac moved from Birmingham, England to the United States when he was eleven years old and has been Rockin’ and Rollin’ ever since. G started a band and played the club circuit in the Midwest but it was right here in NYC where he was soon discovered while playing gigs with R & B bands in Harlem. Warner Brothers brought him to LA to showcase for the label and write music for the film Industry. We became reintroduced to G Tom Mac through the hit video and single, “Soul I Bare” from the soundtrack of Thomas Churchill’s award winning horror film Emerging Past which G scored all the music for as well. “Soul I Bare” lives up to its name as it infuses into your psyche, soothing you with its melodic sound then takes you on a thrilling Rock and Roll-A-Coaster Ride. The sound track also featured G’s song with late actor Corey Haim, “Mend Me.” G has also recorded several critically acclaimed solo albums, the most recent being Thou Shall Not Fall and is currently working on a new album compilation of his songs from many past  hit Movies & TV shows releasing March 15. So we urge you to reintroduce yourself to G Tom Mac aka Gerard McMann and next time you’re watching your favorite hit T.V. show, rent a DVD, watch a streaming video or go to the movies, chances are you’ll be listening to G Tom Mac. 14

n to\ Brilliance

G, you moved from England to New York and then the Midwest here in the US; how did that affect your music? The moves were probably the reason my music tends to

have such diverse inspirations and all that moving around certainly prepared me for the road work I have put in over the years touring.   What artist(s) have had the most influence on you both personally and professionally?

Certainly on the personal music influences, I would say, John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, David Bowie and Annie Lennox. Professionally, that’s a tough question, when it comes to Rock n’ Roll, I guess I’d have to say everybody that’s managed to stay alive in this killin’ field business, that’s as professional as we get!  

You have accomplished everything an artist can dream of; what are your goals for the future?

Besides wanting my new music driven Film Company LeMac to succeed, I’d have to say creating great LIVE music shows that innovate & connect with my fans. I am also excited to be releasing a greatest hit Movie & TV collection of my songs, featured in 14 select films and hit shows. I’ve had songs featured in over forty-five movies & eightyfive television shows and the fans are always looking for many of these songs. Many have never had soundtrack releases. The compilation will range from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, All the Right Moves, Chasing Amy, Defiance and T.V. shows ranging from to Charmed to Roswell as well as many other hits.  I’m thinking I will call it, Songs from the Movie Vault, release date March 15th 2011.

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Aster Pheonyx - No Turning Back

From the Java cafes and the music bars of New Jersey all the way to Nashville’s Printer’s Alley, Aster has shared her songs and bared her soul for the world to enjoy. Young and fresh yet forceful and inspiring, Aster’s songs come straight from the heart. Really Great Magazine recently went to Rock N Joe Coffee House in Pt. Pleasant N.J. to see Aster Pheonyx on Acoustic Night. She and her lead guitarist Carolyn Marosy gave an intimate but powerful performance. Aster considers herself, “Painfully shy,” but when the guitar strings are tuned watch out! The occasional crackle in her voice and an adorable laugh are almost as endearing as her lyrics. This woman clearly loves her audience and they her. Aster also plays with her drummer Meagan Williams and Carolyn as a trio billed as: The Aster Pheonyx Project. Aster started writing and playing her own songs at the age of nineteen; hard to believe when you are listening to this twenty-four year old girl’s music. Her lyrics speak of more than the average young woman’s angst and transcend any generational gaps as they melodically enter your being. Aster’s music easily fits into the alternative genre but most definitely has its roots in the Blues and good old Rock & Roll. In her own words, “One day my heart broke bad enough and that is the moment that there was no turning back from.” All one has to do is listen to Aster’s songs and you’ll know that she speaks from her own experiences in a way that all of us can identify with. Aster's Interview

Top three photos by Tonette Madsen


R PHeoNYX ject What artists have influenced you the most? I was always inspired by artists such as Beth Hart, Jenny Lewis (from Rilo Kiley) and Ani Difranco for their complete devotion to pouring out their souls. If you see Beth Hart live she will literally make your soul shake by the passion that she exposes into the room. You can hear her battles through her voice on a CD. She is without a doubt my greatest inspiration; to follow in her footsteps.

How did you get your start in the music scene? I started out like most artists I knew, me and an acoustic guitar. I played local coffee shops and bars. I had the wonderful opportunity to play in Nashville in Printer’s Alley. I owe a lot to a woman by the name of Christine Martucci, who gave me these words of wisdom, “Leave nothing behind on that stage.” I met her playing in a bar in Raritan, New Jersey. We both had a set that night. After we finished playing her manager came over to me and asked if I wanted to open for her at The Stone Pony. To me that was a dream come true. I thought I would never get passed the very small underground scene. Martucci has been carrying me under her wing ever since. I’ve had the opportunity to play The Stone Pony, The Strand Theater, MexiCali Live and The Starland Ballroom. She definitely is my muse. We recorded a compilation CD for American Show Place Records together. She is talented beyond words and I am grateful every day that she gave me a hand because she believes in what I was doing.

What is next for Aster Pheonyx? About two years ago I realized I need a band. My music was meant to have a band behind it. It’s hard to rock out when you’re the only one that can hear the other instruments in your mind. I got two of my friends together and started a band. In those 2 years I went through about 3 different set ups. I FINALLY found my “perfect” line up: The Aster Pheonyx Project. The fan base grew tremendously; the music finally fell into a style that I adored. As they say, “Shit Happens.” At the current moment I have my extremely talented lead guitarist, Carolyn Marosy, that stands by my side and my bad ass drummer, Megan Williams. I’m continuing to let my heart bleed on paper and write new songs. We’re still booking gigs. We’re looking to spread out more often in the tri-state area, out of our comfort zone. We’re hoping that by playing out in a 3 piece that we might find that bass player, almost like a constant “Help Wanted” sign. Ultimately, I want to get a full band back together, play some shows, record a debut CD and try to make it to the point where music is the only thing that I have to do. 17


ot Your Average Gal Meet Cherilyn Fontaine

Cherilyn Fontaine first came to Really Great Magazine’s attention after she played the role of The Bartender in the film Emerging Past. It soon became clear that we had another featured artist as well as our newest writer. Born in Queens, New York, she then relocated first to Long Island, then off to a small town in the Adirondack State Park region. Her diligence led Cherilyn to enter college at 16 years old. It was there that Cherilyn studied Broadcast Communications and Theatre. She hosted a morning radio show at college and also did voice over work for local commercial stations. But most importantly, she became skilled at Theatrical Movement, Make-up and Lighting-skills, a move that would turn out to be crucial to her current career as an alternative model. While still in the current realm of fashion and print work, alternative models are niche-specific, who do not conform to the mainstream. Cherilyn is also a mentor to other models that don’t conform to the ‘norm.’ One of the greatest things one can learn from Cherilyn is that we are all reinventing ourselves, some of us based on who we are on the inside and some of us trying to be who others want or expect us to be. No judgment either way, but I believe the greatest artists are those who practice their craft based upon who they are on the inside and project that to reflect their work and edify the world we live in. So, in her own words, “I pursued a career as a ‘Regular Joe’ but the bug had already bitten me a long time ago and the venom was down deep. I knew I could no longer just be an, ‘everyday person,’ and decided to pursue my career full time.” Words that speak to the heart of all of us that want to create and share our art with the world. We hope you’ll enjoy Cherilyn’s analytical writings and remember the words of Shakespeare every time you look in the mirror:

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Cherilyn's favorite quote: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Dr. Seuss

C Photo-Mathew Peters


Sweet Chaos Studios Utica, NY

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by Cherilyn Fontaine Babylon, NY

DJS Fotos

In my house there will be leftovers. Such is life. Life is a series of leftovers, sure your day may start anew but it is in fact a series of leftovers when you think about it. No one is reborn on a daily basis, we have children and deadlines and other events that make us have to eat these leftovers. We cannot just discard these like meals of old because every new day is in reality just a continuation of a former. You wake up with a sense of urgency or sometimes you may have a so-called day off but the fact is it is not a day off from life, life still goes on and so do all the things that we must do to handle the responsibilities of it. We have bills and expenses and things that are written on or tacked on a board to remind us of an impending deadline or due date. These are life’s leftovers.

Some leftovers I most certainly look forward to: that Spanish rice and beans that is now cold but always seems to taste better when reheated the next day or the cold pizza that sits on the top shelf beckoning me with all its goodness. Then there are the leftovers that for some reason are put aside and saved knowing that the odds that it will make it off the shelf and enjoyed again are slim and most times is forgotten about and becomes something almost indescribable and unidentifiable; a combination in appearance of meat and cake. This “meat cake” is sort of like the problems that we feel we can just set aside and place on a shelf and if we forget about them for too long they will just get tossed by someone because that person needs the container to store something else more satisfying that they wish to savor for another day. Unfortunately that meat cake is not going anywhere anytime soon, and as it festers in the confines of the refrigerator, it seems to grow, not just with algae and mold and whatever other organisms choose to cling to this undesirable product but it grows in life. Sooner or later you have to open that container and empty it. If it is too late to be dealt with you can always just throw its contents away, but you still have to deal with cleaning up the mess. After all, who throws away Tupperware, right? If it is something you personally do not wish to consume but is still good and not in the “meat cake” phase, you could always give it to your dog and they would gladly consume it in place of the kibble that they would normally eat. This applies to situations in one’s life as well. If it is a situation that you know you personally do not wish to take on yourself, perhaps there is someone willing to help empty that container so you can store it with something that is more desirable to you. To contact Cherilyn click here - E -Mail



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you are doing w you look Photographer - Marcus Loerbroks

Mike Marino Amplified By A. Bronwyn Sheehan

Mike Marino, best known for his role as The Stranger in the film Emerging Past, a film that won countless awards including Best Horror Feature at the New York City International Film Festival, has been a very busy man. While acting in over 15 films, documentaries and television shows, he also donned the producer’s cap on three separate occasions. Marino even made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. What native New Yorker can say they’ve never dreamed of doing that?                                                                                                 However, growing up in Long island, New York, where he still resides, it wasn’t acting that Mike Marino was dreaming about. It was his passion for underground “heavy” music. So much so, that he has been the lead vocalist for more than one thrash metal band and a few hardcore punk bands as well. It wasn’t until Marino’s latest band separated, that he even considered acting. And aren’t we lucky that he did! I had the privilege of sitting down with this multi - faceted & very talented jack of all trades to see what makes him tick.               Mike, acting is such a tough profession to get into. What gave you the confidence to give it a try?  

I had absolutely no fears, even on my first audition. I don’t think about it, I just do it.  The funny thing about that is, as a kid growing up, I was nervous when ordering food in a deli (laughs).  Thank God I’m over that. Since you have acted in both film and television, which do you prefer and why? 

I prefer film. I’ve always had my attention grabbed far more by a motion picture than a television program. I haven’t watched a “new” show since Seinfeld & I rarely miss the re-runs (laughing).  I’ve had the good fortune to see a couple of the films you’ve acted in.  The character of The Stranger from Emerging Past stands out to me most of all.  What do you draw from in your mind to create what we see on the screen?    You find something deep inside yourself & you somehow drag it out. Everyone has light as well as darkness; even if it’s a bad childhood memory it’s in there & it’s every actor’s job to find that place and amplify it.     22

I understand that there will be a new and completely separate film made where you will be reprising the role of The Stranger, titled: The Strange 1. Is there anything you can tell us about this exciting news? I’m really anticipating portraying a full length feature on The Stranger. I know it will be gut - wrenching for me but I think it’s going to be my most important role to date. When *Thom approached me with the news, we had an hour long phone discussion pitching ideas at each other. I kept coming up with more. I really can’t wait to do it. All I can tell you is what I’m going to do is already scaring me. If I can scare myself, I know I can terrify an audience. I went out drinking alone in NYC the night before I started shooting. I did some sick things & sealed myself in a deep & dark state of depression. This role will be a much longer shoot so I will have to really prepare this time. It will be BIBLICAL!!!!! Are there any other upcoming projects you have in the works that we can look forward to seeing?   Yes, I will be working with the great Thom Churchill again. If all goes well we will begin shooting Pushing The Limit in late February & Hallow Pointe (In the tradition of American Werewolf in London. Hallow Pointe will deliver. It will be produced and directed by Thomas J. Churchill and co produced by Bobby Ray Akers Jr., based on a script by Joe Knetter) in September. Also, an action / adventure film by: Maurice Vaughn titled Extinction later this year (Churchill is not involved in this film.) It looks like a sheer blockbuster! ~ Fun fact ~ Which actor in which role would have been your dream job to step into their shoes and why?    Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken in John Carpenter’s, Escape from New York. He is one of my favorite actors. What I liked about the character so much is the anti-hero element. It’s one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite directors of all time.  Thank you, Mike.  It has been my pleasure.

A. Bronwyn Sheehan

* Thom is Thomas Churchill of Church Hill Productions





I’m Me Not You

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DaVido By

Lewis Sarofsky

What artists most influenced you?

What artists inspired me? A trick question, because, not only am I a vocalist, I am also an entertainer, and more importantly, I write my own compositions… so to answer your question, I will talk about what singers inspire me first: Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Mario Lonza, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, the Beatles, Steven Tyler, Robert Plant, Eric Carmen, and many, many more.

Davido Harlequin cover

Davido an up and coming star in the musical world is a self penned song writer as well as being an entertainer who sings and adds his own style in a unique way. He has been compared to The Beach Boys & The Beatles mixed with Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. Davido has described his music as, “familiar as the greatest sounds that you never heard,” A lofty promise but one he intends to live up too.   Davido got his big break in the music business at the tender age of ten! His father owned a lounge called the Hoboken Garden Lounge. One noted singer named Joey G who was scheduled to sing in the lounge was unable to work one evening and Davido got his big break in the business. If you ask Davido about his initial training he responds, “It was simply listening to other singers performing at my father’s lounge.” Then every Saturday Davido became the opening act for the headline singers. Davido studied acting and voice at the Lee Strausberg Studio. He later attended Belmont College in Nashville to study voice. He also started to cut his teeth on writing his own music and became a songwriter. In order to pay for his musical endeavors, Davido made money working as a ‘fantasy model’ for Harlequin Book covers. Davido is a one of a kind unique musical artist who is not afraid to project his voice in a thunderous and clear manner. All of his music is original. He has an album coming out soon in order to fulfill his lifelong dream; to sell his album directly to the public on television and do a world musical tour.  

Now for the performance side of my inspiration: Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, every Motown singer, Prince, Little Richard, Wayne Newton, Sammy Davis Jr., Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra…Now I will talk about the artists who inspire me as a Songwriter: Lennon and McCartney, Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Paul Simon, Carol King, Billy Joel, Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein, Bruce Springsteen, Irving Berlin, Smoky Robinson, and anyone who has ever written a hit record!

What can we expect from you in the future? I have been working on my long-awaited album project; it is an album that is absolutely cutting edge. It is done with a full orchestra. I have pulled out all the stops on this musical project. It will be called, DRUMROLL PLEASE.… I have decided to release and distribute my album directly on TV. From there, I will tour the world performing my own penned compositions. My stage show will be absolutely over the edge. I will perform each song as if they are mini vignettes. I am going to be performing my compositions on every major television station throughout the world and have my own show in Las Vegas. Ambitious... Yes, but Davido is confident & focused. We wish him good fortune! Click here to check out Davido's official Website p 27


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Michael D

upper right & upper left- Tawni bottom left- NIKKI top center-


Lauren bottom center-Angela lower right- Rebbecca Vendetta


Featured Artist Stephanie Hazapis J


ichael ackson Medium•Charcoal


arilyn Monroe edium graphite


udrey Hepburn ue charcoal



egan ox Medium•Charcoal


Running Horse medium colored pencil

Wire Horse

medium wire on wood


rt has been a true passion of mine since as long as I can remember. It is a mental escapism for me, where I can leave behind all negativity. Where I can be free to do anything and my only concentration is to create something beautiful. I am the type of person who appreciates beauty when I see it and I love to recreate it through my artwork. Contact Stephanie click on the link below:


Stephanie Hazapis


Horse medium Pastels

he world is full of magnificence but my main muse is horses. I see these gentle giants as pure perfection from head to toe. They are such beautiful animals, powerful yet delicate, which is why I base many of my art pieces off of them. Whether it’s drawing, sculpting, or painting, I get a sense of achievement and fulfillment with each and every piece that I produce. What I love the most about creating art is seeing my viewer’s reactions and inspiring as many people as I can. 31

TALENT MAGAZINE Celebrates at the Chelsea Hotel

By Athena Starr, Photos by Hans Dudeck.

The greatest source of progress is motivation. And celebrating progress with friends that support your endeavor is the best inspiration. Talent Magazine, in it’s 13th year of publishing emerging talent, came out again to celebrate yet another inside look at fashion, film, art, music, travel and nightlife. This time the address was at the infamous Chelsea Hotel, with its own history of talent and ingenue.


Needless to say, it was fabulous and fun. Check out the interviews courtesy of Fred Coscia at YouTube 1. Brian and Rachel. 2. The Indigo twins 3. Designers Hillary Flowers and Tamara Pogosian 4. new talent 5. Marlee & Fred 6. Leandra and Courtney 7. Brooks, Alan and Natasha 8. Boys plus girl from Brazil.


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7 32




To See as a Child Again by

Robert Guida When I was a Child All I knew was Pure Life and its problems were for others to Endure As each year went by my heart dwindled in Trust For my world was based on fairy tales… and as I grew they turned to Lust. That bountiful Beach I played upon was washed away by time Rebellion and selfishness were amongst my most pitiful crimes The wind blew along, wandering aimlessly as my mind No matter how much I looked no peace I could find Then I remembered a Dove I once saw, Pure and white But still I did ignore It followed me in the dark that I walked… but still lit the way, no matter how much I balked. Then like the winter giving way to the spring A new Flower bloomed, and the Dove began to sing It sang so loud, outside of my door So I opened the window to hear some more At first it was so loud; it awoke me in my sleep... So as I listened as it became fainter and I began to weep I finally surrendered to the songs of the Dove… And my eyes opened wide like the sky up above. Like a child again, I felt pure and real... With a new confidence that none could steal But now when the problems that I thought were not mine to endure come into my life I open the door and sing to the Dove that now I adore. 34

‘People Fall In Love’ Love is like a rose On a bright summer’s day It’s beautiful and refreshing In its own little way People fall in love Every season of the year Love brings special feelings A smile but then a tear If you find yourself Falling deeply in love Pray that it is real And fresh like a dove Love can hurt And also heal Just make sure It’s love that you feel ❧ ©2009 LynnAnne Daly 35

RED Red is the color of our life the color of our blood The color of our love the color of our passions The color of roses the color of our hearts Oh, the world is a colorless place without it!



Smiling Earth The world has its own melodic music… thanks to the rain, trees and flowers Leaves even dance to the wind. Drops of the deep sea set into prickly and powerful rocks carved by the force of the immense blue water….and the earth, charmed by this spectacular show… Smiles Mirella To E-mail Mirella click above 37

Really Great Magazine Vol. 3 issue 1  

Opening music courtesy of the Legendary G Tom Mac Welcome to the Third Issue of Really Great Magazine. We would like to welcome our newest...