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Our experience making the weblog Currently, technology has been a very good instrument in different aspects of our lives. A clear example of this is Internet which since 1982 has been used for many reasons. The early Internet was used by computer experts, engineers, scientists, and librarians. There was nothing friendly about it. There were no home or office personal computers in those days, and anyone who used it, whether a computer professional or an engineer or scientist or librarian, had to learn to use a very complex system (Howe, 2010.) At this time is different because all people can use a computer in their jobs, schools and also in their houses. It is very amazing how Internet has changed for doing our lives easier. Our weblog has been a good instrument for learning new materials which will help us when we teach our future students. We learned a lot about some internet pages which gave us the instruments for creating our blog and for us it was really interesting to know about how upload videos( youtube), music( flashfetish), pictures (slide share), documents(issuu), power point presentations ( etc. Furthermore, we consider that our weblog topic is useful for all students who want to learn a second language because for some people it is difficult to acquire this new knowledge. However, we think that some strategies are helpful to improve our skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading. We conducted some interviews to teachers and students in order to have a general view of what strategies can be used for improving each skill. This activity was pretty positive because we can take some advice of teachers and students for sharing with people who will visit our weblog and also for ourselves. In conclusion, making this weblog was really useful and gave us the opportunity to learn and interact with other people sharing our content about strategies for learning a second language.

Experience making the web blog  

It is a document where we talk about what we learned in the process of doing the blog

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