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09 September



Welcome to the Class of 1951

Volume Three Issue Three From the Deputy Head: Safety concerns Procedures for going home Remaining on school property Cellphones Learners not returning Art and Design Awards

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Rustenburg: a school of excellence where girls are leading courageously, exploring their unique potential confidently and serving the world compassionately.

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From the desk of the Deputy Head, Mrs Schnetler SAFETY CONCERNS The Western Cape Education Department expects schools to follow certain procedures to ensure the safety of learners while they are in our care, as we act in loco parentis during the academic day. To this end, we request that parents and girls adhere to the following arrangements, as set out in the RGHS Code of Conduct:

reception before any learner will be allowed to leave the premises. Increasingly more learners are contacting their parents directly which creates confusion and makes the process difficult for our office staff to manage.

REMAINING ON SCHOOL PROPERTY DURING THE SCHOOL DAY “ Learners may not leave the school premPROCEDURE FOR LEARNERS ises once they have arrived at school in the GOING HOME morning - not even to go to the garage shop “Any girl who is taken ill at school must re- on the corner.“ port to Mrs Schnetler (C - E) or Miss Fourie “No girl may leave the grounds without spe(A &B). In the event of serious illness, par- cial permission, obtainable from the office, ents will be notified by the office of the need in an emergency.” to collect their daughter. “Girls waiting for lifts must wait inside the TO MINIMIZE ALARM FOR PARENTS AND school grounds. After 17:00 girls should IN THE INTERESTS OF THE GIRLS’ OWN wait on the verandah of Erinville Hostel.” WELL-BEING, DIRECT CALLS BY GIRLS TO From time to time we have incidents that hapTHEIR PARENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED.” pen in the neighbourhood, and even right outAdministrative staff members have to comside our school gate. We encourage parents to plete the necessary documentation for girls who talk to their daughters about the need to be leave school during the academic day. In addisensible and understand that these rules have tion, parents need to identify themselves at been put in place to ensure their safety. LEARNERS NOT RETURNING IN 2012 At the end of this term we will be sorting through our applications for Grades 9 to 11 and finalising our acceptances for next year. In order to assess whether we have any places to offer to these applicants, we kindly request that you inform us, in writing by the end of this term, if your daughter will not be returning to Rustenburg next year. Please remember that you need to give the required term’s notice, or you will be liable for a full term’s fees.

CELLULAR TELEPHONES—A REMINDER Cellular phones may only be used at breaks and then away from the school building. This includes the sending and receiving of SMS/text messages. Cell phones must be switched off at all other times. If this rule is broken, the cell phone (and sim card) will be confiscated. The learner’s parent/guardian will have to come to the school to collect the confiscated phone the following day and will have to present an identity document, passport or driver’s licence as a means of identification. Parents are requested not to try to contact their daughters during class time. In compliance with WCED rules, learners may not have a cell phone on their person when writing a test or an examination. They may not be used as a calculator. All cell phones must be handed in to the invigilator before the start of the test or examination. Any attempt to use a cell phone during a test or examination will be construed as dishonesty and will be treated as such.

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Art and Design Awards 2011 The RGHS Annual Art and Design Awards Evening was held on 25th August 2011. On arrival, the guests were treated to the vibrant sounds of the Savuyisa Senior Marimba Band. Prior to the Awards Ceremony, parents and guests had the opportunity to browse around the exhibition and view the artwork produced by many talented Art & Design students. The exhibition was witness to the hard work put in by the Grade 8 – 12 students this year and also included the work of some of our very artistic photography students. Everybody then proceeded to the Kemp Hall where the Awards Ceremony took place for the Grade 10’s – 12’s.

Alex van Tonder, an ex-Rustenburg girl, was the guest speaker of the evening and spoke about her personal experiences on life after school, having taken Art and Design as part of her subject choice. The Awards Ceremony recognised and awarded the girls for their hard work and talent, where Alex handed out the certificates. A big thank-you from the Art and Design Department to everyone who made the evening such a success. Kirsty Schlemmer

Life Orientation Brain Generation HARVARD UNIVERSITY This is a CD which reconstitutes will hold a presentation by Robin Worth, chart –topping hits into low- tempo instrumental the director for international student recruitarrangements layered with ambient sounds ment, at Herschel Girls’ School in Claremont and beats specifically geared to induce the on 15 September (time to be confirmed) brain’s alpha state in which concentration is Grades 10 , 11 and 12 learners, as well as their heightened. parents, are welcome to attend. If any learner would like to borrow one to try it, YALE , BROWN and the UNIVERSITY of please contact Mrs Dowdall. PENNSYLVANIA The cost of buying one is R40.00. will hold information sessions with their directors of international student recruitment GROOTE SCHUUR HOSPITAL at Rustenburg on 17 October at 17.00. Learners, as well as their parents, are welcome OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY DEPPARTMENT will be holding an open day during the school to attend. holiday. The proposed date is 7 October, from 9.00 until 11.30.Grades 11 and 12s are welAU PAIR IN AMERICA will hold an information come to attend provided they comply with the session on Saturday 10 September between admission subjects which are Maths and Life 10.00 and 1.00 at their offices in the Greater Sciences or Physics. Girls who are interested Westerford Building, 240 Main Road are to put their names on the L.O. board as Rondebosch. soon as possible. Book on 021 6892511. ISA CARSTENS INSTITUTE OF SOMOTOLOGY( BEAUTY THERAPY) will hold an open “Day in the Life” of a student there on September 12 at 12.00. To book phone 021 8839777

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Huis L端ckhoff

New committee members: Dacia Hassan, Nokulunga Mvandaba Thenjiwe Mabuto

The following Grade Nine learners completed voluntary service at Huis L端ckhoff during the school holidays and are thanked for their time and effort:

New heads: Zukanye Vetezo (Secretary), Sinqobile Mkontwana (Deputy) Simbongile Ndlangisa (Head) MEDIA CENTRE COMMITTEE FOR 2011 / 2012 Head: Tuscany Botha (D5) Deputy Head: Terusha Navsaria (D1) Secretary: Alice Lee (D1) Social Secretary: Rizqah Hendricks (D5)

Nicole Mehnert Susan Marais Ella Potgieter Riancha Schoombie Kate James Laura Hartman Dacia Hassan Grade 12 Awards Ceremony If any parents are able either to donate flowers, or assist with flower arrangements for the Grade Twelve Awards Ceremony, would they please contact Mrs Cowan Tel: 021 6864066 E-mail:

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KAAPSE AFRIKAANSE EISTEDDFOD Senior Klavier 2011 Adjudicator: Helena van Heerden Our pianists have been busy this past week performing in the Piano section of the Kaapse Afrikaanse Eisteddfod at Hoerskool Jan van Riebeeck. Here are the results – well done to our pianists:

Lauren Sanby (Romantic/Modern 17 yrs) Roslyn Sanby (Romantic/Modern 17 yrs) Lof (80-83%) Hannah Bridgens (Baroque/Classical 13 yrs) Ashleigh Curtis (Romantic/Modern 13 yrs) Hannah Bridgens/Ashleigh Curtis (Duet 13 yrs) Hoogste Lof (90%+) Marianne Schwellnus (Romantic/Modern 13 Samantha McCrindle (Romantic/Modern 13 yrs) yrs) Rouzanna Coxson (Romantic/Modern 14 yrs) Lindiwe le Brasseur/Rouzanna Coxson Caitlin Grüning (Romantic/Modern 14 yrs) (Duet 14 yrs) Yohan Chun/Caitlin Grüning (Duet 16 yrs) Aimee La Kay (Romantic/Modern x2 14 yrs) Yohan Chun (Romantic Modern 16 yrs) Rebecca Norris (Romantic/Modern x2 15 yrs) Lauren Sanby (Romantic/Modern 18 yrs) Ashlynn Wessels (Baroque/Classical 15 yrs) Roslyn Sandy (Romantic/Modern 18 yrs) Christine Monteverdi (Jazz 16 yrs) Lof++ (87-89%) Rouzanna Coxson (Baroque/Classical 14 yrs) Eervolle Vermelding++ (77-79%) Marianne Schwellnus (Romantic/Modern 14 Ashleigh Curtis (Baroque/Classical 13 yrs) yrs) Emma Bergh (Romantic/Modern 14 yrs) Nahyun Pak/Christine Monteverdi (Duet 16 yrs) Lindiwe le Brasseur (Romantic/Modern 14 yrs) Hye In Shin (Bach 17 yrs) Azraa Parker (Romantic/Modern 15 yrs) Hye In Shin (Romantic/Modern 17 yrs) Christine Monteverdi (Baroque/Classical 16 yrs) Lauren & Roslyn Sanby (Duet 18 yrs) Lauren Sanby (Sonate 17 yrs) Roslyn Sanby (Bach 17 yrs) Lof+ (84-86%) Eervolle Vermelding+ (74-76%) Samantha McCrindle/Marianne Schwellnus Ashlynn Wessels (Baroque/Classical 15 yrs) (Duet 13 yrs) Rouzanna Coxson (Romantic/Modern 15 yrs)

KAAPSE AFRIKAANSE EISTEDDFOD SPECIAL AWARDS To be presented at the Prestige Evening at Zwaanswyk Akademie on Friday 23 September, at 19:00 GOLD MEDALS Alexandra Mould – Senior Recorder Berocca G – Groot Ensemble – Recorder plus SILVER MEDALS Alexandra Mould – Recorder Sonata Rouzanna Coxson/Alexandra Mould (accompanied by Lynne Donson on cello) – Recorder Duet Yohan Chun/Caitlin Grüning – Piano Duet Julia Holzberg – Singing

EXTERNAL EXAMINATIONS Early results Pass: Petruné Beattie (guitar) – Grade 4 TG Christine Monteverdi (violin) – Grade 6 ABRSM Sara Lambert (violin) – Grade 8 ABRSM Roslyn Sanby (piano) – Grade 8 TG Merit: Lauren Sanby (piano) – Grade 8 TG Distinction: Amy Walton (voice) – Grade 7 TG

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Music Department News BEAU SOLEIL GALA CONCERT Congratulations to all the girls who performed in the Beau Soleil Junior & Senior Gala Concerts on Saturday 27 August 2011 in the City Hall. The programmes were challenging and varied, with something to suit all tastes, and our Rustenburg players and singers in the Chamber Choir certainly did us proud. Rustenburg had performers in the following Ensembles: J JUNIOR STRINGS: YeonJu Kim (cello) JUNIOR WIND BAND: Roxanne Pitt (horn), Emily Norris (percussion) INTERMEDIATE STRINGS Kirsten Buchanan, Stephanie Lawrenson (violin 1), Lindiwe le Brasseur (violin 2), Abigail Mallows (viola) STAGE BAND Megan Denny, (trumpet) SENIOR STRINGS Julia Cooke (cello), Lynne Donson, Seul Jung SYMPHONIC WINDS Chloe-Joy Arendse (flute), Ashleigh Joubert (clarinet), Roxanne Christian (alto sax), Alexandra Mould (bassoon), Megan Denny (trumpet), Robyn Smith (euphonium), Sol-Jee Kim (percussion), Lauren Davis (timpani)

And well done to the members of the Chamber Choir and to our two soloists, Amy Walton (soprano), Lauren Davis (contralto), who performed four movements from Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater accompanied by the Senior Strings, directed by Marina Louw: RGHS CHAMBER CHOIR Soprano: Alexa Bessinger, Jenna Bryden, Rouzanna Coxson, Kim Cranfield, Ashleigh Curtis, Joycelyn Foster, Julia Holzberg, Hannah MacMillan (Leader), Adrienne Marais, Tamsin Metelerkamp, Anja Mühr, Terusha Navsaria, Corné Odendal, Roslyn Sanby, Amber Stodel, Grace Thomson, Courtney Wallace, Amy Walton (Deputy) Alto: Chloé-Joy Arendse, Fraîche-Rosée Baloubéta, Emma Bergh, Hannah Bridgens, Shannah Brown, Isabella Cupido, Lauren Davis, Lynne Donson, Aimèe George, Sakeenah Kerbelker, Gladys Kisela, Cheryl Muchapondwa, Kelley Petersen, Kim Petersen, Kirsten Pienaar, Carolyn Ryder, Lauren Sanby ANNUAL MUSIC CONCERT Wednesday 21 September, Kemp Hall, 19:30 Come and hear the best of Rustenburg’s Ensembles and Choirs perform and join in the annual celebration. Performances by the String Ensemble, Jazz & Wind Bands, Jazz Combo, General & Chamber Choirs, Berocca G & RGHS String Quartet, Flute Ensemble, Keyboard Ensemble, Recorder Ensemble, the Orchestra, and Savuyisa Junior & Senior. Spot raffles and special prizes, tuck on sale and MORE… See you there!

7 Rustenburg Times

September Sports News PGSGU CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS Friday 26 August U15 Sarah Donde 3rd U16 Kristi Lanser 3rd HOCKEY RESULTS RGHS 1st team Thursday 25 August vs Bergvliet won 1 – 0 Friday 26 August vs Stellenberg lost 0 - 9 Saturday 26 August vs Stellenberg U19A lost 1 – 2 U19B lost 0 – 1 U16A lost 0 – 1 U16B lost 1 – 2 U16C lost 1 – 2 U16D lost 0 – 3 U14A drew 0 – 0 U14B drew 1 – 1 U14C drew 1 – 1 vs Westerford Thursday 1 September vs Springfield U16C lost 1 – 5

PGSGU Hockey results Saturday 3 September: U16 placed 4th Friday 2 September: U19 placed 5th Friendly football match Wednesday 31 August vs Cedar House RGHS lost 1- 5 NETBALL RESULTS Monday 29 August League playoffs vs Jan van Riebeeck 1st team won 17 – 10 2nd team won 13 – 10 SAMANTHA CULLIGAN Samantha represented Western Province on the 2 - 3 September 2011 at the Western Cape Championships. She placed 4th overall in Level 6 18 and under Artistic Gymnastics. Samantha placed 2nd on Beam, 3rd in Bar and Vault and 9th on Floor. Samantha also placed 1st in the Level 1 Tumbling Section. Congratulations to

IMPORTANT SPORTS DATES TO DIARISE Fitness training for Rustenburg waterpolo girls will start on Monday 12 September in the heated school pool. Girls wanting to train are to please sign up on the relevant form on the sports notice board outside the staffroom

8 Rustenburg Times

Computer Department ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) Congratulations to the following Grade 12 learners who have received ICDL Certificates:

ICDL FULL CORE CERTIFICATE Passed all 7 Modules with 75%+ Ameerah Allie Nicola Mayer Chloé-Joy Arendse Bridget Miller Nikki Baguley Samantha Newdigate Rebecca Berg Chloe Newlands Emma Bergman Toni Olsen Angeliki Carvounes Tayla Orgill Catherine Cogill Amierah Paleker Xena Craig Raheema Parker Kim Cranfield Trinity Rudner Callee Davis Lauren Sanby Keren Dugmore Roslyn Sanby Rochelle Dunlop Anna Sango Helen Dunnell Amy Scholtz Zaynab Dutton Karen Schuster Sarah Gibson Sumayyah Shaikh Megan Hand Aneesa Solwa Lauren Jankielsohn Nicola Steinhaus Julia Kabat Mala Sukha Chelsea Kelly Zoë Tobie Yu-Jean Lai Christi Vosloo Sara Lambert Justine Waison Caitrin Llewellyn

ICDL START CERTIFICATE Passed at least 4 Modules with 75%+ Emma Bannatyne Kim Mann Stephanie Bartnicke Samantha Marchant Kirsten Bennett Camagu Mayosi Kim Blackhurst Roxanne Mentoor Caitlin Buddle Coleen Middleton Candice Cameron Alexandra Moult Keshia Chapman Mary-Ann Mowatt Cara Mazetti Claassen Michaela Peters Emma Coutts Ingrid Pienaar Kimberley Dale Ruth Powrie Tayla Damon Serryn Prytz Merlyn Doralingo Nuraan Salie Maxine Furlong Skye Smith Meghan Goncalves Roshaan Solomon Kelly Hart-Davies Alex Soule Shana-Lee Kruger Alexa Von Geusau Samantha Langton Jenna Ziegler Emma Lovegrove

Computer Monitresses Back, from left: Gugulethu Hlope; Layla Kamedien; Michelle Madell; Mr Graeme Broster; Saira Ahmed; Onele Ngwendu; Caitrin Llywellen Front, from left: Kim Cranfield; Zoe Tobie; Aisha Najjaar; Kate Gaskin Absent – Mary-Ann Mowatt, Bianca Ford; Ni-Shaat Chafeker

9 Rustenburg Times

sh ‌ n a l F Ar t esig D a nd t r A rds a w A 2011

10 Rustenburg Times

Forthcoming Events SEPTEMBER 2011 Friday 16

isiXhosa Dinner (Thomson Hall) 17:45—20:30 Boarders weekend out

Saturday 17

Boarders weekend out

Sunday 18

Boarders weekend out

Monday 19

Gr 10 & 11 English, Afrikaans/isiXhosa Writing Examinations

Tuesday 20

Sports Awards Evening (Kemp Hall) 19:00

Wednesday 21

Annual Music Concert (Kemp Hall) 19:30

Thursday 22

Assembly: Heritage Day presentation (Gr 10+11 History) Grade 10 Afrikaans Southern Cape Tour leaves

Friday 23

Grade 10 Afrikaans Southern Cape Tour Grade 12 First Aid refresher course (optional – tbc)

Saturday 24

PUBLIC HOLIDAY: Heritage Day Grade 10 Afrikaans Southern Cape Tour

Sunday 25

Grade 10 Afrikaans Southern Cape Tour

Monday 26

Assembly: Checking of mark schedules ABRSM Examinations (CH) Ignition Movie Evening

Tuesday 27

ABRSM Examinations (CH) Music Awards Dinner (Thomson Hall) 19:00

Wednesday 28

Grade 12 Tea for past pupils @ RGJS

Thursday 29

Rosh Hashanah

Friday 30

SCHOOL TERM ENDS Umfolozi Leadership Trail leaves (morning) Announcement of School and Hostel Prefects Issuing of reports

Fri 30 Sept – Tues 04 Oct Fri 30 Sept + Sat 01 Oct 8 October Yom Kippur

Umfolozi Leadership Trail National Ensemble Competition, Stellenbosch (tbc)

Rustybugs on Silvermine, August 2011

RGHS Newsletter - 9th Sepember 2011  

RGHS Newsletter - 9th Sepember 2011

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