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Marvellous Mathematicians excel for Rustenburg at the UCT Mathematics Competition

22 June 2012 Volume Two Issue Four Academic Achievers


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Well done to the members of the RGHS team that earned the position of Top Girls’ School at the Competition (Story on Page 5)


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Rustenburg: a school of excellence where girls are leading courageously, exploring their unique potential confidently and serving the world compassionately.

2 Rustenburg Times

From the desk of Mrs Schnetler TOP ACADEMIC ACHIEVERS: Our congratulations go to the girls listed below who achieved the top places in their grade this term.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

GRADE 8 Hannah Clayton Megan Kode Sakeenah Jaffer Ashleigh Prinsloo Kathleen Holcroft

(90.1 %)

GRADE 9 Tamsin Metelerkamp (90.2 %) Santhuri Pillai Marianne Schwellnus Emily Roberts Megan Denny and Jaime Newdigate

GRADE 11 1. Lauren Denny 2. Nicola Cilliers 3. Robyn Paterson 4. Abigail Wood 5. Yi-Shin Yuan


GRADE 12 1. Chloe Kruger (88.1%) 2. Alexandra Mould 3. Simone van der Merwe 4. Petrune Beattie and Aisha Najjaar

GRADE 10 Yi Tin Yuan (91.4%) Anja Muhr Abigail Mallows Shasthra Naidoo Ellen-Marie Trautmann

Chloe Kruger

ACADEMIC COLOURS We congratulate the following girls, who have worked hard to meet the criteria that have earned them academic colours this term. GR 11 HALF COLOURS Erickson, Sheraya Fester, Robyn Ku, Do Yeou (Chelcy)

GR 12 HALF COLOURS Coetzee, Hillary (Re-award) Hendricks, Rizqah Isaacs, Tarryn (Re-award) Werge, Katherine (Re-award) GR 12 FULL COLOURS Mould, Alexandra Shaw, Catherine

DEADLINE FOR SUBJECT CHANGES The last date for subject changes is Friday 20 July 2012. This is to allow time for processing before the WCED deadline.

3 Rustenburg Times

Improved performances At the end of each year, the Grade 11s attend a one day leadership workshop to consolidate what they learned at their leadership camp as well as to brainstorm ideas for their Matric year. One of the suggestions that came out of last year’s workshop was for the school to acknowledge the learners who improve academically from one term to the next. Congratulations to the following girls for the significant improvement in their term average. Grade 8 improvements Ammaarah Kagee (8.3% ) Rachael Rumbelow and Olivia Stanton (7.9%) Khayreyah Antvorskov (7.5%) Mila Tonnie (6.7%)

Grade 11 improvements Nichola Lawrenson (7.6% improvement) Jesse Jason (6% improvement) Ayesha Assim (5.6% improvement) Anastasia Stergiou (5.4% improvement) Mbali Ntintili (5.1% improvement)

Grade 9 improvements Qawekazi Bakana (6.1%) Maxine Wilcox (5.7%) Emily O’Ryan (5.1%) Michelle Winter (5%) Melissa Barnard (4.9%)

Grade 12 Kate Meeser (7.1% improvement) Laa-iqa Jackson (6.8% improvement) Roxanne Troost (5.4% improvement) Candice Barnes (5.1% improvement) Onele Ngwendu (4.6% improvement)

Grade 10 Danya Seemann (7.04%) Ferial Najaar (5.6%) Boniwe Nyati (5.2%) Firdous Khan (5%) Ella-Jayne Potgieter (4.9%)

Grade Elevens have fun with Maths Literacy

4 Rustenburg Times

Sub-Prefects Congratulations to the following Grade 11s on their selection as Sub-Prefects. They will work alongside the Prefects in the third term. Shifah Abrahams Danielle Austin Lona Bam Courtney Brown Azraa Bux Yi-Jou Chen Nicola Cilliers Rahma Dalmau Michelle Dandara Gretchin Davids Rania Davids Lauren Denny Lauren Duckitt Jessica Ehrenreich Joycelyn Foster

Rebecca Furlong Nivea George Jaime Gray Azraah Hendricks Joo-Young Kim Natalie Luyt Jaimé Maher Jamie Masters Sonia Mataramvura Siphokazi Mbatani Mosa Moloto Nokulunga Mvandaba Kiana Neethling Alexandra Nel Corné Odendal

Robyn Paterson Courtney Ravell Daniela Savoia Kelly Schlemmer Kirsty Schlemmer Ayesha Semaar Aatiekah Solomons Haseena Solwa Sikelelwa Stemele Chelsi Sylvester Kate Vlok Ashlynn Wessels Abigail Wood Yi-Shin Yuan Najma Yusuf

RUSTENBURG HITS THE EXPRESSO BUTTON On Friday 18 May, the Rustenburg Girls' High Schools' Jazz Band performed on the Expresso Breakfast show. We met at school at 4am and had some generous parents who lifted the girls to the Equinox Building in Sea Point. We are very grateful to Mrs Kisela, Mr and Mrs Parker, Mr Thomson and Mrs Lawrenson for the help with transport. We arrived at the SABC 3 Studios with more than enough time to do the sound check in a long narrow room where the Band was divided on each side. The atmosphere in the studio was very relaxed and everyone enjoyed the girls’ impromptu jamming session. After an hour of waiting downstairs, we were rushed back into the room and introduced to the lovely Liezel van der West-huizen With a 30-second countdown and a quick lastminute tuning, the girls were ready to go. We were able to promote our performance at the Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival on 2nd June. We played a medley of 'Everything' (as

sung by Michael Bublé), and 'Respect' (as sung by Aretha Franklin). As Aimée George sang her first phrase we all realised that it was not the same as the sound check and we could not hear her singing. She kept going bravely, however, and did a superb job. It was a really great experience to perform live and to get a taste of how television works; even meeting the dog, Bob, was entertaining. On the 2nd June we performed at the Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival, where Aimée George once again did us proud. We had solos performed by Gladys Kisela, Megan Denny and Stéphanie Lawrenson and we added `Comin’ Home’ and `Dat Dere’ to our Expresso repertoire. The girls played with great enthusiasm and it showed how much they enjoyed performing. A big thank you goes to Ms Ashwin for jumping in at the last moment and organising very smart t-shirts for the Band. Mrs R Jepson Congratulations to our fabulous Jazz Band and to Mrs Jepson for the excellent work! EMS

5 Rustenburg Times

UCT Mathematics Competition 2012 As usual, Rustenburg participated fully in this Other Individual entries who performed year’s competition with 75 girls entered for the well ( top 30 in their Grades )were: competition which took place on Campus on the Grade 8: Irena Nolte 14th evening of 16 April. In all well over 7000 comGrade 9: Jaime Newdigate 11th petitors from 150 schools took part either in inRebecca Haines 22nd. dividual or pairs competitions from Grade 8 to Grade 11: Alex Nel 16th Grade 12. This was a record level of participaJennifer Yuan 30th. tion. Grade 12 : Ye Jin Hur 20th. This was in many ways our best year that I can recall. We were placed 6th overall thus Pairs who did well ( top 25 ) were : comfortably keeping us in the top 10, a level we Grade 8 : Cara Lothaller have maintained consistently for a number of and Nausheenah Parker 20th years now. Grade 9: Jessica Banks and Claire Denny 25th. Grade 10 : Emma Bergh This achievement meant that we were the and Stephanie Pereira 26th. top Girls’ School in the Competition! Grade 11: Alicia Lee A very welcome and outstanding achievement and Soo-Bin Park 6th , was that of Lauren Denny in Grade 11. She Abigail Wood not only achieved second place but this perand Daniela Savoia 18th , formance earned her the Di Tucker award for Elina Chen the best performance by a girl overall. This was and Haseena Solwa 20th, the first time that a Rustenburg girl has won the Jaime Gray trophy dedicated to the memory of a Rustenand Amara Ebrahim 27th. burg teacher. Di Tucker was Head of Mathematics at RusWith 25 individuals and 25 pairs competing, tenburg and involved in the Committee which we achieved 2 Gold and 37 merit certificates. ran the UCT Competition including the setting Mr C Murison of the papers. She also completed a Master’s dissertation on gender differences in Mathematics ability as shown in competition work and used this competition for research data. She died in 1999 at the age of 29 and the University Competition decided to award the Di Tucker Cup mentioned above in her memory. A Gold Award (top 10 in the Grade ) was also achieved by Lauren Duckitt (6th) in Grade 11. It is an indication of the solid performances put in by many others that with only two gold medals, we were still placed as high as 6th overall – based on our best 30 scores.

6 Rustenburg Times

Uganda Charity Hike A group of Rustybugs – Aimee George, Ashley Gardiner, Emma Bergh, Karla Lutzeler, Laura Hartmann, Robyn Smith and Stephanie Perreira - will be joining boys from SACS and Rondebosch Boys’ High School on an exciting World Challenge charity hike to Uganda during the June/July school holidays. The group start their Challenge by spending 5 days hiking up Mount Elgon in the south of Uganda raising money and awareness for the endangered African Rhino. They are asking sponsors for a minimal individual pledge of 1 cent per meter – a total of R43.21. All proceeds raised will be donated to the Wilderness Foundation, founded by Dr Ian Player They will move on to a local Ugandan school where they will build a new classroom. Each pupil will also be taking responsibility for various

duties such as budgeting, arranging accommodation, transport and food as well as sourcing building materials for the classroom they plan to build. World Challenge is a schools expedition programme offering programmes focused on the education of young people outside the classroom, stretching comfort zones and expanding minds. “I am very excited to be taking on this challenge, to grow myself as a person do what I can to conserve our planet and its creatures.” Laura Hartmann, Grade 10 For more information on the trip visit or contact Rustenburg High School for Girls if you are interested in sponsoring the hike.

PARENT-TEACHER MEETING Please note that individual subject teachers will be available next term, as indicated below, to meet with parents and their daughters regarding academic progress. KEMP HALL on WEDNESDAY 18 JULY from 17:30 to 20:00 Please discuss your daughter’s academic results with her over the holidays and decide which teachers you would like to see. Booking sheets will be available at the start of next term, from Monday 16 July, so please remind your daughter to make the necessary appointments. Girls must accompany their parents to these meetings in full school uniform.


TERM 3 STARTS ON MONDAY 16 JULY This is a Day 1 (Week 1) on the timetable.

NOTICE FROM MRS NIDDRIE, THE BURSAR Credit / debit cards will not be accepted in the Bursar’s office as the card machine has been cancelled due to lack of use.

COMMUNITY POLICE FORUM Awareness of crime is one of the most powerful tools in crime prevention. To this end, the Claremont Community Police Forum has launched a Twitter site with the following profile: Crime fighter < vision of transformation , CPF Chairperson, updating community of crime hot spots for community involvement in combating crime S/SUBS CT. Info is sent out as crime occurs or if threat is identified in certain areas. Regular reports are received from SAPS Crime Intelligence. The area covered is the Claremont Cluster, which

7 Rustenburg Times

Matric actresses take centre stage On the evening of Friday, 8 June parents and guests were welcomed to the Dramatic Arts studio to watch the Grade 12 actresses midyear performance examinations. The class has been divided into two casts and each has investigated a particular theme in much detail. The two shows are: “Soldier On” (war) and “Miss Conception” (babies). “Soldier On” stars Aisha Najjaar, Courtney Wallace, Amy Tanzer, Courtney Pead, Simone van der Merwe and Mieke Loubser.

“Miss Conception” stars Tiffany Antunes, Kayla-Paige Raper, Katherine Werge, Razeena Palekar and Kerry Grey. These shows mark a culmination of 5 years worth of skills-building, improvisation and class camaraderie. The girls have enthusiastically adhered to the principles of Workshop Theatre and contributed meaningfully to the creation of their entirely original performances.

Life Sciences Outing On the 19th of March, the Grade 11 Life Sciences girls had the opportunity to go on an outing to the Tygerberg Medical Hospital. We departed from school at 8h10 and arrived at Tygerberg at approximately 9h00. Upon arrival, we were divided into three groups as there were three stations and we were alternated throughout the morning. Our tour was headed by third year medical students. The first of the three stations was a lecture on the skeleton and an explanation on the important structural bones of the body. We were assured that all of the bones were real and some of the bones even came with descriptions of the person they once belonged to! The second of the three stations was the Dissection Hall. We were lead into a room filled

with bodies in body bags and we were told we were going to dissect the human body! Our tour guide proceeded to “dissect” an embalmed body and many of us were given the opportunity to hold the human heart, lungs and brain. The last station was a tour through the medical museum. We saw the development of the human foetus as well as many medical conditions, such as conjoined twins, a stroke in the brain and the effect of drugs and alcohol on the brain and foetus. Our outing to the hospital was very educational and it put all of our theory work into context. We thoroughly enjoyed it and we saw things that many of us will never see again. Mrs L Gardiner

8 Rustenburg Times

From the Life Orientation Department Open days during the holiday AAA School of Advertising Open Day presentations at 9.30 and 11.30 as well as an opportunity to look at the work of the students in all spheres of advertising e.g. copy- writing, accounts management, art direction, brand communication 4th floor Manhatten Place 130 Bree Street Cape Town Saturday 23 June Cape Town College of Fashion Design 7 Delaney Rd Plumstead 23 June 10.00 – 2.00 Ttbisa( tourism and business institute) Hotel management, cookery and culinary arts, tourism management, events management, Islamic finance, business accounting Winchester Mansions Hotel 221 Beach Road Sea Point 23 June 10.00 – 2.00 Tygerberg Hospital Occupational Therapy Department 28 June 10.30 – 12.00 Please rsvp to Ms T.Ettinger 021 9385962 Study Skills Holiday Course for grades 8 to 12. 12 and 13 July RBHS 9 – 12.00 Contact Gill Molteno 021 6861231 or Cost is R850.00 Medical Aid members may be able to claim back.

Lissof ( specialists in fashion design) 3-day workshop for grades 10 to 12. 26- 28 June, 3 – 5 July, 17 -19 July 9.00 – 15.00 Contact Martin Ras 021 4234795 Sport and fitness open weeks to discover careers in the sport and fitness industry WPCC Sports Centre Ave de Mist Rondebosch 25 – 29 June 9 – 13 July 9.00 – 3.00 021 6711060 Cti Education Group July activities week: Brookside 11 Lansdowne Road near Claremont Station 2 July . IT courses 2 July 8.00 – 3.00 Psychology 3 July 8.00 – 3.00 Tourism 5 July 8.00 – 3.00 Business (marketing and entrepreneurship) 4 July 8.00 – 3.00 Graphic Design( design and animation) 2 July 8.00 – 3.00 Parent Meeting 12 July 6.15 Please call 021 6746567 to book a place. DAF Design Academy 23 June Open Day 9.00 -3.00 26 June Storyboard workshop to help with portfolios to apply to fashion design course 021 4489379 nd 2 Floor 208 Albert Road Woodstock Touchvision Centre for Fine Art Animation and Design Open Day 23 June 11.00 – 2.00 3rd Floor Hill House 43 Somerset Road De Waterkant

9 Rustenburg Times

Music Department News: CAPE TOWN EISTEDDFOD 2012 – Results! Well done to all the participants in this year’s Cape Town Eisteddfod. We’ve had some excellent results and are proud of your success. ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD Diploma (90-100%) Well done to the KEYBOARD ENSEMBLE (Alexa Bessinger/Rolihvuwa Madiba/Cassandra Cranfield/ Hannah Abdoll/Aaliyah Davids/ Lwethu Dube/Kristen Naidoo) coached by Ms Jamey, on achieving a DIPLOMA Aaliyah Davids/Lwethu Dube (duet) Honours (80-89%) Alexa Bessinger Alexa Bessinger/Rolivhuwa Madiba (duet) Cassandra Cranfield Kristen Naidoo GUITAR Diploma (90-100%) Petruné Beattie/Haley-Anne Box/Maisie Williams-Sales (trio) Haley-Anne Box Hannah Lambe/Cayla Reiche (duet) Honours (80-89%) Petruné Beattie Petruné Beattie/Haley-Anne Box (duet) PIANO Honours (80-89%) Lauren Pienaar/Walda van der Merwe/ Ellen-Anne Williams (trio) Merit (60-69%) Catherine Torrington Walda van der Merwe STRINGS Diploma (90-100%) Pearl Jung (Recital) Anja Mühr (Baroque) Honours (80-89%) Anja Mühr (Modern)

WOODWIND – Clarinet & Saxophone Diploma (90-100%) Kerryn Duff Megan Frost Gladys Kisela (2 awards) Michelle Winter Honours (80-89%) Shifah Abrahams Bronwen Barratt Claire Denny Shannon Lorimer Samantha Ma Kirsten Pienaar Marianne Schwellnus Merit (70-79%) Azraa Parker Kate Vlok WOODWIND – Flute Diploma (90-100%) Lauren Denny Joo-Young Kim Lauren Denny/Joo-Young Kim (duet) Honours (80-89%) Well done to our SENIOR FLUTE ENSEMBLE (Joo-Young Kim/Lauren Denny/Doyeou Ku/ Jenna Bryden) coached by Ms Gordon, on achieving a HIGH HONOURS Doyeou Ku Merit (70-79%) Lauren Denny/Doyeou Ku (duet)

STOP PRESS The Kaapse Afrikaanse Eisteddfod takes place next term. Confirmed dates (so far) are: RECORDERS Saturday 18 August SINGING Saturday 25 August PIANO 20-22, 27-28 August

10 Rustenburg Times

Music Department News RESULTS 1 1.1



FACETS – 17 APRIL, SANS SOUCI 3 Our Orchestra (Head: Lynne Donson; Deputy: Yohan Chun) achieved FIRST PLACE in the Large Ensembles/Bands Category with special mention being made of the unified quality of our string section. Well done to Ms Gordon (director) and Mrs Raynham (our string teacher). The Jazz Combo (Leader: Gladys Kisela) achieved SECOND PLACE in the Small Ensembles Category.

NATIONAL YOUTH ORCHESTRA AUDITIONS A number of our advanced students auditioned for the National Youth Orchestra course to be held in Johannes burg again this year during the June/July holidays. We are proud to announce that Lynne Donson (cello), Pearl Jung (cello), Anja Mühr (violin), Nina Lawrenson (bassoon) and Stephanie Lawrenson (violin) were successful in being selected to attend the course. Well done!

PIANO FESTIVAL – 19 APRIL, CHARLIES HOPE Well done to Rouzanna Coxson who received the SECOND PRIZE for her performance of a John Cage piece A Room for prepared piano, and to Caitlin Grüning on achieving THIRD PRIZE for her performance of a work by a South African composer, Alexander Johnson: Jazz Impromptu

BEAU SOLEIL BEST IN SUBJECT MUSIC EXAM CONCERT – 9 MAY, BEAU SOLEIL Well done to Kirsten Buchanan (violin), Megan Denny (trumpet) and Stephanie Lawrenson (violin) who were selected to perform at this concert on the basis of their excellent results for the practical music examination held on 4 May.



MOSTLY BAROQUE CONCERT 24 APRIL, CITY HALL Our Chamber Choir was hard at work at the start of the term preparing for the `Mostly Baroque’ concert at the City Hall with the Cape Town Youth Choir (formerly Pro Cantu) and the Beau Soleil Senior Strings. Each group performed a short programme of items on their own and the concert concluded with all combining for a performance of 4 movements of Vivaldi’s Gloria, with Lauren Davis taking the alto solo and Lynne Donson the solo cello part in the Domine Deus movement.

Well done to the Chamber Choir and to the RGHS members of the Beau Soleil Senior Strings in this highly successful concert. SENIOR & JUNIOR SPOTLIGHT CONCERTS 7 & 10 MAY, KEMP HALL Congratulations to the many girls (ALL c126 of our subject pupils plus various pupils who study a practical instrument at RGHS on an extracurricular basis) who performed in these two concerts last week. An excellent standard was maintained and our musicians obtained valuable experience in performing and in ensemble playing, in particular.

11 Rustenburg Times

Music Department News CONCERTS (continued)

JENKINS: THE ARMED MAN MASS – 28 APRIL, DF MALAN HOERSKOOL Well done to Lynne Donson who played in the first desk of the cello section in the performance of The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace at DF Malan Hoerskool over the long weekend. Choirs performing included the Cape Town Welsh Male Voice Choir, Pro Cantu, various Alumni and members of the DF Malan school choir. The orchestra comprised various ad hoc professional players, staff and ex students of Beau Soleil and students from UCT.

SAVUYISA PERFORMS AT JABULANI CONCERT – 4 MAY, KEMP HALL Both our Junior & Senior Savuyisa Groups performed 2 items each at the Jabulani concert in the Kemp Hall on Friday 4 May. Thank you to their coach, Mr Lolo Sisiwe.



A very successful first combined `Messiah’ rehearsal for the choir and the string players was held at RBHS on Thursday 3 May. A second rehearsal followed on Monday 14 May. The members of the choir continued to rehearse during the exam period to prepare for the first rehearsal with the guest conductor Mr Brandon Phillips on Monday 18 June. We continue full steam ahead, as we learn the mighty choruses in this monumental choral work by Handel. Pictured below: Rustenburg's very successful Jazz Band in rehearsal

CT MARIMBA FESTIVAL 11 MAY, BAXTER THEATRE Joo-Young Kim reports on Savuyisa Senior’s involvement in the CT Marimba Festival at the Baxter Theatre in May.

The co-ordinators of the Music Fundraising committee of parents, Kath Hall and Jeanne Pienaar have been hard at work gathering new members and distributing fundraising letters, which need to be returned to the front office asap. We are please to announce the names of our parents who have been involved over the past years: Mesdames Hall, Monteverdi, Pienaar, Mould, Arendse, Bridgens, Holzberg and Smith and to welcome some new members to the existing committee: Mesdames Vlok, Barratt, Hartland, Newdigate, Mühr, Mdoda, Norris and Meyer. EARLY ABRSM PRACTICAL EXAMINATION RESULTS MAY 2012 Congratulations to: Jenna Adams (clarinet, Grade 5) – Pass Nicola Cilliers (piano, Grade 6) – Distinction

12 Rustenburg Times

May / June Sports News HOCKEY MATCH RESULTS Friday 18 May and Saturday 19 May vs Wynberg 1st team drew 0 - 0 U19Adrew 0 - 0 U19B won 3 - 1 U16A lost 1 - 4 U16B drew 0 - 0 U16Cwon 1 - 0 U16D vs Westerford cancelled U14A won 3 - 0 U14B drew 0 - 0 U14C vs Westerford won 13-0

U16B lost 0 - 3 U16C won 2 - 0 U16D won 6 - 0 U14A won 6 - 0 U14B won 5 - 0 U14C vs Fairbairn won 9 - 0

Friday 25 May and Saturday 26 May vs Westerford 1st team drew 1 - 1 U16A

Saturday 2 June vs Pinelands 1st team drew 1 - 1 U19A drew 0 - 0 U19B won 2 - 1 U16A won 3 - 0 U16B drew 0 - 0 U16C won 6 - 0 U16D won 6 – 1 vs Melkbosstrand

U14A won 8 - 0 U14B won 7 - 0 U14C won 8 - 0 Saturday 9 June vs Springfield 1st team lost 0 - 4 U19A lost 0 - 3 U19B drew 0 - 0 U16A lost 0 - 4 U16B won 2 - 1 U16C won 2 - 0 U16D won 2 - 0 U14A won 1 – 0 U14B won 3 - 0 U14C won 7 – 0 vs Westerford

NETBALL RESULTS Tuesday 15 May vs St. Cyprians U19A won 34-11 U19B drew 8-8 U16A lost 6 - 9 U16B won 7 - 6 U16C won 17 - 3 U14A won 22 - 13 U14B won 15 - 3 U14C won 28 – 0 Thursday 17 May vs Jan van Riebeeck U19A lost 13 - 32

U19B lost 4 - 12 U16A lost 7 - 26 U16B lost 7 - 21 U16C lost 5 - 18 U14A won 16 - 14 U14B won 27 – 6 Thursday 24 May vs Springfield U19A lost 12 - 25 U19B won 15 - 14 U16A won 14 -12 U16B won 16 – 11 U14A won 31 - 5

U14B won 30 – 3 Thursday31 May vs Wynberg U19A drew 22 - 22 U19B lost 6 - 16 U16A lost 3 - 24 U16B drew 13 – 13 U16C drew 4 - 4 U14A won 25 - 4 U14B won 13 - 6 U14C won 11 - 2

SQUASH RESULTS Friday 18 May U19A vs Wynberg Cancelled U19B vs Westerford won 14 - 3 Friday 25 May U19A vs Westerford won 14 - 3

Friday 1 June U19A vs Springfield lost 5 - 14 Friday 8 June U19A vs Wynberg won 14 - 4

13 Rustenburg Times

June Sports News GYMNASTICS AVHIEVEMENTS Lianne Verwey (Grade Eight) competed at the senior Women’s Artistic Western Province trials two weekends ago. She was awarded her WP colours (for the 8th year in a row) and won an overall Silver Medal for Level 8 “High Performance”. She was selected for the WP team to compete at the SA Gymnastics Games in Pretoria next week. Sadly, Lianne was unable to compete because of an ankle injury as well as the clashing of her competition dates with her June exam commitments. Unfortunately, to compete at this specialised high level, a minimum of 4 hours of training per day for the preceding 2 weeks is necessary, which is not possible whilst preparing for exams. WPYS TEAMS FOR IPT: 2012 The following Rustenburg girls have been chosen to represent WP Youth Squash at the interprovincial tournaments in June. U19: Courtney Brown Candice McConney U16: Michelle Winter

Comrades Marathon, 2012 On Sunday 3 June, 2012, Mrs Mallon successfully completed her tenth consecutive Comrades Marathon in a time of 10 hours and 8 minutes. It was a fairly comfortable run for her, and she gained maximum television coverage running into Kingsmead Stadium with her green balloons. The balloons were in celebration of the awarding of her much-anticipated and muchprized permanent Green Number. Mrs Mallon’s personal statistics were more than gratifying: Master women: 39 / 606 Women: 582 / 2336 Total finishers: 4880 / 11882 Mrs Mallon’s new goal is the double laurel, for twenty runs!

Ladies Sevens Congratulations to Ms Theron who represented South Africa in the Sevens Woman’s Rugby Team. She went on tour to Amsterdam and participated in their International Amsterdam Woman’s Sevens Tournament on the weekend of 19-20 May, 2012.

14 Rustenburg Times

MySchool records show that RGHS raised R 5,657.72 this month, against R 6,065.56 last month. 655 supporters raised funds for the school this month, whilst 652 supporters used their MySchool card to support RGHS last month. DOUBLE YOUR FUNDS Buy any Smart-Kids workbooks from from 1 June to 31 July 2012 and raise double for RGHS. BREAKING COMMUNITY NEWS: The â&#x20AC;&#x153;Principal of Funâ&#x20AC;? shares her latest tips on how to teach children to appreciate the simple things and make Science more fun. Garlandale Primary School receives a R20 000 investment into their newly established music department from MySchool. The Shine Centre opens a Literacy Centre in Johannesburg to benefit grade one children. Reminder: The MySchool Travel Challenge in underway, stay tuned for the first winner announcement in June. Our website has info here - Their website has the application form here -

15 Rustenburg Times

News from the Campus Manager, Mr Myles Siebrits This week we feature the Organic side of the Campus. Food waste is collected regularly from Erinville Kitchen, the Consumer Studies classrooms and the Tuck Shop. A certain amount goes to the wormery and the balance is fermented using Bokashi powder. This fermentation then makes its way down to the compost facility. The wormery produces a very concentrated vermitea and vermicompost, both of which are used to feed pot plants and raised planters. Elrico is the staff member that ensures this all happens â&#x20AC;&#x201C; he has even given names to his favourite worms!!

Compost is produced at a facility situated below the Workshop. We are currently feeding all the trees and plants with compost made, at no cost, from this site. Excess compost is sold to the community. William is the staff member who runs the site: when he is not there, he will be found on the Sports Fields, happily irrigating them.â&#x20AC;?

SCHOOL COMPOST As from 25th June, we will be running a winter, half price sale on our compost. it will sell for R10 per bag. Hurry, while stocks last!

RECYCLING A second recycling area has been established at the northern side of the campus, adjacent to the cricket nets. This should be convenient for parents who have parked and are waiting to pick up their daughters. This facility will only accept separated material â&#x20AC;&#x201C; please use the southern facility if your material is not separated. Please keep placing white paper in the southern facility, adjacent to tennis court 8.

16 Rustenburg Times

hâ&#x20AC;Ś s a l F Ar t e8 d a r G its a r t r Po Self

Ammaarah Kagee

Emma Steyn

Jane Lineveldt

Kauthar Salie

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RGHS Newsletter - 22nd June 2012  

RGHS Newsletter

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