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November 2010

2015 Campus Development Plan: •Integrated plan caters for needs and priorities identified by school community •Enhances character of existing school buildings and grounds as the main asset •New-build confined only to essential needs not met by existing facilities •Seeks to provide every full-time Educator with a classroom •Rationalises roads and provides parking to ensure improved pedestrian safety and traffic flow •Sets in place a logical sequence of development •Provision for long term projects such as multi-purpose hall and/ or hostel extension

2015 Campus Development Plan – Key Intervention Areas

Area for future development

Aquatic Centre

New class rooms Main Entrance & parking

2015 Campus Development Plan

2015 Development Plan – core area detail

RUSTENBURG HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Proposed 2015 Campus Development Plan – (Key no’s refer to plan on prev. page.) PHASE 2 : Main Entrance & Music Block 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 21. 22. 24.

Campground Road entrance Entrance roadway and landscaping North road parking South road parking Staff parking South entrance Music Dept and kitchen area upgrade Pedestrian link upgrade and creation of waiting area Pedestrian crossing

PHASE 3 : Aquatic Centre 18. 19.

Service road Heated Polo Pool and Facilities

PHASE 4 : Roads, Landscaping & Tennis Courts 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 23. 32. 33. 34. 38.

Barrier Wall and seating area Realigned circular road and stop & drop parking Pedestrian access to Charlie’s Hope Parking area Pedestrian link to fields Erinvile Hostel crossing Waiting shelter Forecourt landscaping extension to new road Soccer field seating extension Matric quad Erinville carports

RUSTENBURG HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Proposed 2015 Campus Development Plan PHASE 5 : Art Classroom Block 28. 29. 30. 31.

Landscaped West garden Societies Room and perimeter roof roof to art courtyard Art classrooms

PHASE 6 : Kemp Hall 25. 26. 27. 35. 37.

Female WCs – Kemp Hall Male WCs – Kemp Hall Kemp Hall Extension Kemp hall link Main Quad

PHASE 7 : Road works, landscaping & parking areas 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Re-aligned road Exit to South parking Stop and drop and raised sidewalk South parking area Pedestrian crossing

PHASE 8 : Sport Fields 36  

Astroturf and seating

Phase 1 (Completed) : Kemp Hall Courtyard

• March – October 2010 • • • • • •

Paving and landscaping Sport office Upgrading of change rooms Store rooms Covered Kemp Hall verandah Soccer field seating

Kemp Hall courtyard images - Before

Kemp Hall courtyard images - After

Kemp Hall courtyard images - Before

Kemp Hall courtyard images - After

Phase 2 : Main Entrance & Music Block Upgrade

• • • • • •

Upgrade and widen Campground Road entrance Roadway and landscaping upgrade Create additional stop & drop areas Create new South building exit New Music Dept. entrance and ensemble room Upgrade kitchen and security staff areas

Phase 3: Aquatic Centre

• • • •

New heated water polo pool Extend changing room facilities Form landscaped seating areas Integrate existing pool into aquatic area

Phase 3: Aquatic Centre

• • •

New 25m x 16m x 2m heated water polo pool Extended showers and change rooms Seating around new pool

Phase 4: Roads, Landscaping and Tennis Courts

• Remove tennis court and realign circular road • Resurface tennis courts • Create parking area • Build tennis court seating areas • Stop & drop parking • Waiting shelter • Matric Quad upgrade • Erinville Hostel carports

Phase 5: Art Classroom Block

• Build 4 new Art Dept. classrooms • Convert Science Lab to new societies room • Integrate area with Thompson Hall

Phase 5: Art Classroom Block

Phase 5: Art Classroom Block

Aerial view of Kemp Hall courtyard with new art classes and courtyard behind.

Phase 5: Art Classroom Block

View from North : societies room, art courtyard and classrooms

Phase 5: Art Classroom Block

Classrooms to open up as exhibition area. Creative space with high volumes and natural light Covered outdoor courtyard for events and exhibitions

Phase 6: Kemp Hall

• • • • •

Upgrade Male and Female WCs Kemp Hall South aisle extension Upgrade link to Matric quad Main Quad upgrade Kemp Hall interior refurbishment

Phase 7: Roadworks, Landscaping & parking areas

• South road and parking area • Resurfacing existing roads • Lighting, signage and landscaping

Phase 8: Astroturf

• Astroturf to hockey pitch • Cost shown including lighting

Organisational Development Plan • Develop a 5 year strategy by May 2011 – Baseline assessment – School in a mirror – Targets and strategies for ... • • • • • •

Academics Sports Arts and culture Societies ICT Leadership Development

Organisational Development • Human Capital – A structure to support the strategy – A staff development plan

• Financial – 3 year budgeting – Financing for capital projects – Bursaries – Rental of facilities – Optimising tuck shop and school shop

Organisational Development • Development of policies • Marketing • ROGU

RGHS 2015 Campus Development Plan  

RGHS 2015 Campus Development Plan, as presented to the Parents Budget meeting on 2nd Nov 2010

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