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PUNTA DEL ESTE Punta del Este is known for its beautiful beaches and its mild climate, which invites you to live and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. Life in Punta del Este will inevitably attached to life on the outside. HausTeck imbibes this essence and the architectural design based on these outdoor spaces on which every daily activity is generated.

NEW INDUSTRIALIZATION HausTeck is a new way of thinking about architecture. It is a hybrid construction that combines elements prefabricated dry and typical of local architecture building construction techniques. Thus, Hausteck offers excellent quality thanks to prefabrication without losing sight of the place and the needs of the end user. Hausteck prevents system standardization in design and integrates traditional architectural elements, making it a customizable, versatile and unique.

QUALITY The greatest contribution of this building system is found in its own name: it is houses whose construction elements are produced in the factory, not the site. Industrialization allows strict quality control as well as greater precision in execution, resulting in construction of excellent quality.

CUSTOM DESIGN Prefabrication is not strictly standardized. Hausteck each project suitable to the needs of the users and not the opposite. In designing the house are taken into account location, orientation, program requirements, climate, type of use, lifestyles. Finally a custom home, with the interesting contribution of an effective construction

TIME The dry construction drastically reduces execution times because times eliminate blank between tasks characteristic of traditional construction work. The finished work can be reduced to 3 months.

FIXED PRICE The developed system allows to establish and enforce a fixed budget as prefabrication carries an exhaustive check of the work order, with no unexpected cost overruns.

FLEXIBILITY The prefabrication process begins with the design. This type of construction has been designed as a flexible system that allows you to develop any design. The dry construction also allows easy adaptation to future extensions and modifications.

SUSTAINABILITY HausTeck is an innovative architectural concept that tries to link design, prefabrication, quality, speed and sustainability. The end result is a high quality product, designed with high standards of energy efficiency and the construction of which has contributed to environmental balance, achieving above all, highly comfortable houses. Sustainable study places special emphasis on passive house design, choice of materials, and the high energy efficiency of all facilities.

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PASSIVE DESIGN Climatic study

> Climatic study of the place > Analysis of the location to define suitable orientation. > Passive design: incorporating climate appropriate architectural and construction solutions and eco-system > Winter strategies : solar collection, accumulation, conservation and distribution of heat. > Summer strategies: sunscreen and natural ventilation taking advantage of prevailing winds. Use of the inertia of the ground with the addition of ventilation ducts buried.

Winter and summer strategies




> Using materials and architectural elements for high performance.

> Collecting rainwater for reuse as irrigation water.

> Selection of HVAC equipment and energy efficient appliances.

> Use of charge materials to the environment.

> Using taps with flow control

> Using renewable energy: thermal and photovoltaic to generate hot water and electricity solar gain.

> Precast system: reducing waste at work, late housing deconstruction and reuse and recycling of materials. >Design of standardized dimensions respecting constructive elements to avoid waste. >Using healthy materials free of toxic components and low or zero CO2 emissions.

> Using dual-flush toilets.

> Energy efficiency in housing: intelligent management system, distribution and consumption. > Low energy lighting and lighting sensors to grade the intensity of light.

Dossier hausteck english  
Dossier hausteck english