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Objectives for the students – develop their concern and responsibility for nature. - get familiar with ecosystems and how interrelationships between organisms can be described in ecological terms, such as producers, consumers, and energy flow. - get an insight into photosynthesis and combustion, as well as the importance of water for life on earth.

Tutorial N.B. This is only guidance to some of the key aspects of the problems with food, oxygen, water and recycling on the spaceship. As you work, you will probably come across other aspects you’ll need to look further into. The Santa Maria will work as an enclosed ecosystem where plants, animals, and micro-organisms interact with each other and with the environment and work together as a functional unit. The spaceships ecosystem will be a miniature of how planet Earth's ecosystem works. On Santa Maria there is a lot of work to be done and to explain it in a few words energy is something that can do work. The Spaceship will be in space for 500 years and will go further than anyone has ever been before. Energy can be in different forms and it can changes from one form to another. Still, the amount of energy always stays the same, but unfortunately every change means that quality of the energy reduces and in the end all energy has become “useless” heat that radiates out in space. That means that the Santa Maria will need a constant flow of new energy with high quality. How to feed the crew? What will the crew eat? o Only vegetarian food? Pros and cons? ● What will you need on the ship to grow plants? o

Also animal foodstuff? Pros and cons? ● What will you need on the ship to breed livestock and poultry? ● What kind of animal foodstuff? ▫ Meet? ▫ Eggs? ▫ Milk?

How will the ship get oxygen?

How will the ship get fresh water?

How will the ship take care of the waste? Organic matter? Non-organic matter?

o o

What kind of materials should be used for the stuff on board to keep for centuries? o Organic matter? o Metals? o Plastics? o Rubber? o Glass? o Other? Production on board 

Should there be any new production or recycling of utility goods?


What needs to be replaced if the ship is going to be running for 500 years?

What form of energy will be used? 

To leave the Earth's gravitation and reach Space?

 To drive the Spaceship forward in Space? Do you need to run the “motors” all the time in space? 

For the equipment on board the ship?

What could you do to save energy at the Santa Maria? 

What equipment is necessary?


What equipment is unnecessary?

04. Ecology  

Turorial for the fourthproblem

04. Ecology  

Turorial for the fourthproblem