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Objectives for the students – deepen their understanding of the spoken language in different situations and contexts. - insight about how a language is structured. – understanding of the importance of both a mother tongue and communication skills in foreign languages. - pros and cons about having many languages or just one common.

Presentation A digital presentation should be posted on Fronter on October 10th.

Tutorial N.B. This is only guidance to some of the key aspects of the problems with what language will be used on the Santa Maria. As you work, you will probably come across other aspects you’ll need to look further into. According to the story in the Bible about the Tower of Babel, God, seeing what the people were doing, came down and confused their languages so that they couldn't understand each other co-work to finish their tower. As shown - a common language is vital for the success of spaceship Santa Maria. What language will be used on Santa Maria? o Different ones should be allowed? o Just one agreed on language will be allowed? o A new language? If different language would be spoken – think about: o o

The advantages of having different languages? The disadvantages of having different languages?

If just one language – which one? Different ones? o o o

The advantages of having only one language? The disadvantages of having one language? Should it be forbidden to use other languages?

If a new language should be created – think about: o o o

The advantages of having one language? The disadvantages of having only have one language? How should a new language be created? o Grammar o Spelling o Phonetics o Normal letters or other symbols

03. Language  

Turorial for the third problem