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OPEN WATER SWIM SESSIONS 2014 – HAM LAKE COACHED SESSIONS (Wednesdays & Saturdays) - £10.00

JUST SWIM SESSIONS (Tuesday & Sunday) - £5.00

- Wednesday 14th May 7pm - Saturday 17th May 7:30am - Wednesday 28th May 7pm - Saturday 31st May 7:30am

- Sunday 18th May 7am - Tuesday 20th May 6am - Sunday 25th May 7am - Tuesday 27th May 6am

- Wednesday 11th June 7pm - Saturday 14th June 7:30am - Wednesday 18th June 7pm - Saturday 21st June 7:30am - Saturday 28th June 7:30am

- Sunday 15th June 7am - Tuesday 17th June 6am - Sunday 29th June 7am - Sunday 20th July 7am - Sunday 27th July 7am - Tuesday 29th July 6am

- Wednesday 2nd July 7pm - Saturday 12th July 7:30am - Wednesday 16th July 7pm - Saturday 19th July 7:30am - Saturday 26th July 7:30am - Wednesday 30th July 7pm

- Sunday 10th August 7am - Tuesday 12th August 6am - Sunday 24th August 7am - Tuesday 26th August 6am - Sunday 31st August 7am

- Saturday 2nd August 7:30am - Wednesday 13th August 7pm - Saturday 16th August 7:30am - Wednesday 27th August 7pm - Saturday 30th August 7:30am

- Sunday 14th September 7am - Tuesday 23rd September 6am - Sunday 28th September 7am - Tuesday 30th September 6am

- Saturday 13th September 7:30am - Wednesday 24th September 7pm - Saturday 27th September 7:30am - Saturday 4th October 7:30am

BLUESEVENTY SWIM RACES 2014 - £10.00 (4 distances to choose) -

Sunday 1st June 8am start Sunday 15th July 8am start Sunday 7th September 8am start Sunday 5th October 8am start

AQUATHLON RACES 2014 - £15.00 (2 distances to choose) - Tuesday 20th May 7pm start - Tuesday 17th June 7pm start - Tuesday 29th July 7pm start AQUATHLON RELAYS 2014 - £15.00 - Sunday 17th August 8am start


RG Active Open water swim sessions 2014 – Ham lake, SW London  

All of the session types and times for the popular RG Active open water swimming venue at Ham Lake in SW London. At Ham lake we have 'coach...

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