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Romain Guillot Born on June 17th of 1989 in Longjumeau (France). Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Malaquais. Final study project with honors +


3D Modelers

2D Drawing

Renders / Publication

Rhinoceros 5.0


Vray 1.5




Sketchup Pro



HTML / CSS Ecotect Analysis


English Written / Spoken

Spanish School Level

EXPERIENCE Internship (3 months) / Architecture Firm Manuelle Gautrand in Paris Urban complex’s schematic design with mixed used activities (Hotel, facilities, villas) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Housing Competition for the reconversion of a deaf and dumb former hospital, France.







Missions (3 years) / Architecture Firm APS Environnement in Montreuil Drawings, site survey, building permits, urban and architectural scenarios for public building owners, renderings and modeling on several projects, website creation of the agency. Internship (1 month) / Urbanism and Technical services of the City - Longjumeau Consultation between political elected representatives and residents about the re-urbanization of downtown and the creation of an urban park. Internship (2 months) / Architecture Firm APS Environnement in Montreuil Accessibility’s feasibility of a future equipment in Gentilly’s housing block. Conversion study of the Fort Neuf de Vincennes. Discovery (1 week) / Agence d’Architecture Sébastien Garnier Initiation internship when i was in high school. Learning autocad, and participation on small projects.

INTERESTS Travelling, Cinema, Volleyball in club, Gear Sports, Modelling Training on Environmental Quality (HQE in France) French driving license


/ FINAL PROJECT STUDY « Back to the roots : A new water pole in Ivry »

2013 Master 2 Semester 2 / PFE / G. Bignier, R. Leroy Former water treatment plant’s conversion in Ivry-sur-Seine. Multipurpose complex’s creation next to old treatment ponds transformed into public gardens. / RESEARCH WORK « Nouvelle peau pour les grands ensembles : la labelisation »

2013 Master 2 Semester 1 / R8 / P. Bourlier, M. Eleb, S. Nivet Memory research on a new form of heritage protection for 40 housing projects near Paris, already involved in demolition projects. « Une pub contre la pub : Pratiques ‘Antipub’ dans l’espace public »

2011 License 3 Semester 2 / R6 / C. de Saint Pierre Dissertation research and survey of key associations, collectives and uncommercials movements. Present at various acts of civil disobedience on billboards. / WORKSHOPS + MISCELLANEOUS « Workshop ‘The game inside the city’ »

2011 Master 1 Semester 1 / NP2F Architectes Workshop about the sport games’ question in the city. How to use the empty space to install public playgrounds and activities. « Tensegrity and concrete »

2009 Licence 2 Semester 1 / M. Brocato Project design and construction of a tensegrity structure where compression members are concrete’s precast stars. « Workshop Rhinoscript : Aggregations »

2009 Licence 2 Semester 1 / Studio Labs, P. Macapia Workshop about rhinoscript language. The aim of the studio was to generate aggregations of points as the origin of geometric translations. « Exterior futsal Hall »

2009 Licence 2 Semester 1 / M. Malinowsky Outside light structure project of futsal with Teflon - PTFE cover. Structural explanations, structure diagrams and justifications, simulation into RDM 6.



/ STUDIO PROJECTS « Hybridization in Gentilly »

2013 Master 2 Semester 1 / P9 / B. Gonzalez Hybrid project in Gentilly combining a nursery, fitness center, library and theater, on a narrow plot, near the Paris ring road. « Olympic swimming pool, Steel building contest »

2012 Master 1 Semester 2 / P8 / M. Malinowsky , S. Memet , R. Leroy London Games’ Olympic swimming pool’s parametric cover design built in lightweight structure. Medium range structural research and justification. « Metamophosis, Back to the future »

2011 Master 1 Semester 1 / P7 / C. Comiot , S. Memet , M. Possompès Conversion project of a pre-fabricated concrete’s vocational high school built in the 70s. Place des Fêtes neighborhood (Paris 19th). « Pavilion in the Cité Internationale Universitaire »

2011 License 3 Semester 2 / P6 / J. Lichnérowicz , P. Mantziaras Irish pavilion’s design in the Cité Internationale of Paris. Creating a hundred housing and related services inside a large indoor. « Urban project in Villeneuve le Roi »

2010 License 3 Semester 1 / P5 / T. Roze Urban project in the industrial area of Villeneuve-le-Roi in the south of Paris. Landlocked location between the railway and the Seine, away from the city. « Social housing in Pré-Saint-Gervais »

2010 License 2 Semester 2 / P4 / J. Léonard Housing project in Pré-Saint-Gervais near Paris, on a narrow plot between street and gardens. Development of community spaces and pedestrian crossing. « Small theater in La Garenne Colombes »

2009 License 2 Semester 1 / P3 / D. Serero , L. Couton Multipurpose room’s design consisting of both a theater and associative space in La Garenne Colombes (92), north east of Paris. « Shape research, Generative geometries »

2009 License 1 Semester 2 / P2 / D. Serero , R. Schnebelin In this second draft of the first year, the goal was to understand connections between different forms, geometry and module assembly.


Portfolio [ENG] - Romain Guillot  

Architecture Portfolio of the last 5 years' projects in School (ENSAPM).

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