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Leaving lockdown This May and June we can finally afford to celebrate! Thanks to the staged easing of lockdown restrictions, we can resume some of our social and leisure activities even if things still feel a bit different. I hope many of you have already experienced the joys of returning to sports, getting together with friends or family outdoors, perhaps savoured a pint or three in a pub garden, visited some of our wonderful independent shops or maybe even managed to get a haircut? If all goes to plan, from 17 May indoor hospitality and leisure facilities will also reopen. Most remaining restrictions are due to be lifted from 21 June, just in time for the first big community event for well over a year: Twyford Beer Festival! Please remember the Covid-19 virus hasn’t gone away, so enjoy things responsibly, mindful that the vaccination rollout still has a way to go, and respectful of anyone whose plans for resuming activities may differ from our own. Wherever you are on that journey, within these pages you’re sure to find content relevant to you, whether festival fiend, home improvement hero, lover of all things local or pass-the-time puzzler. I wish you happy browsing and a wonderful late spring and early summer – and happy Father’s Day on 20 June to all the dads out there!

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Local news Twyford Together: News update

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Shop local: 10 great reasons E-bikes: Cycling with bionic legs

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Tutor Doctor: Anxiety and stress in children

Health 14–15

Dementia Action Week: 17–23 May 2021

House and garden 19 34

Interiors: Add colour to your kitchen Vickers Young: Is property a good investment?

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Plastic Free Home: Recycling update

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Children’s puzzle page Spot the difference Su doku, Wordsearch General knowledge crossword Puzzle solutions Competition: The Boathouse at Boulters Lock

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News: Charvil Pizza, Stanlake Park Wine Estate Recipe: Chorizo and prawn paella

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Ruminating on Retirement? We have found several of our clients have started to rethink their future during lockdown. If you have too, and would like help understanding your pension planning, we can discuss your goals and plans via a phone or video call.

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Shop local Ten great reasons to support local retailers Online shopping is wonderfully convenient and has been booming. However, recent research from Barclaycard Payments indicated that during the last year there was a significant uptick in local shopping too, particularly in food and drink specialist stores. You might think ‘Well, we couldn’t travel or eat out, so no surprises there’. However, the research also indicated that most people intend to continue their local custom after restrictions are lifted. Here are a few reasons for falling back in love with shopping locally.

For our community Invested in success

Competition and variety

Local businesses are owned and staffed by people who live in the area and have more of an emotional and financial investment in the community’s welfare and future.

A town of homogenised chain stores is a town without character. Competition is healthy and with no corporate mandate to adhere to, a small business is free to introduce new products and try different ideas.

Paying taxes The big conglomerates often play the system such that their taxes in the UK are a tiny percentage of the profits they make in this country. It’s legal, but it doesn’t mean it’s good. Local businesses are far more likely to be contributing their fair share towards the public coffers.

Berkshire Dolls House & Model Co, Twyford

Character The unique character of your community is defined in part by the shops, pubs and restaurants. This contributes to your overall satisfaction with where you live and supports the value of your property.

Keep it in the community Locally owned businesses will often purchase from other local companies, service providers and farms. This brings two benefits: the money and jobs stay right here and there are fewer miles between the producer and the purchaser. 8

H F Newberry, Twyford

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For ourselves Touch and feel Internet pictures are no substitute for seeing and touching products yourself. You are less likely to make a mistake if you’ve had the opportunity to handle your purchase.

Easy to return goods Online shopping is easy. Online returns less so: often you have to pay to send back unwanted or faulty items.

Beauty in Blooms, Twyford

More than shopping Regular patronage of small local outlets means the owner and staff will recognise you and get to know you. That social connection – which we’ve all sorely missed over the last year – is both important and highly enjoyable.

Hare Hatch Sheeplands

Personal service You won’t be restricted to just what’s on the shelf. Ask the person behind the counter: not only will they be able to offer advice, they may be able to order it in for you too.

A chance to socialise

Victoria & Co, Twyford

You don’t accidentally meet people sitting at home on your sofa. Being out and about means there’s a chance of bumping into someone you know. What’s more, you’ll start seeing the same faces around so might find yourself making new friends too.

In summary, what’s not to like? Let’s keep our villages and nearby towns alive by shopping locally. Good for the community, good for the environment and good for our own wellbeing! Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


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Tutor Doctor Anxiety and stress in children Mark and Jo Butler of Tutor Doctor have been providing tutors for families and schools in the Reading area since 2014. With anxiety being so prevalent among young people nowadays, they have compiled some ideas on how to support your children. 4. Eat a healthy diet Even many adults don’t realise this, but diet plays a crucial role when it comes to stress. In fact, improving what you eat can keep you from experiencing diet-related mood swings or light-headedness and enable you to start building up your immune system.

Nominated for a prestigious British Franchise Award More and more students are suffering from high levels of stress in the UK, impacting not only their academic studies but also their general wellbeing. Long-term stress can cause mental health issues as well as physical side effects such as a weakened immune system, insomnia and even digestive problems. That’s why it’s so important to recognise the signs of stress and take action quickly to reduce it. We help to raise student awareness of the simple things they can do to reduce stress levels. Here are our top five stress management techniques for them to learn and apply whenever they need to. 1. Stay active Taking part in sports or being active every day is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Not only does exercise help your body produce endorphins that make you feel good, it also helps to clear your head of negative or stressful thoughts, leading to a greater sense of calm and more rational thinking. 2. Turn off technology Technology and social media can be a huge source of stress and anxiety for many students on a daily basis. So, if you’re experiencing stress, we recommend taking a break from social media and turning off technology completely to take part in something more intentional and calming.

5. Practise deep breathing A quick way to calm down is to practise deep breathing exercises. These can be done anytime, anywhere to relieve stress in just a few minutes. Simply close your eyes, putting one hand on your stomach. Take ten long, deep breaths, each time inhaling and exhaling in a slow and controlled way for maximum results. Most important is to realise that stress and anxiety present as real a problem as any physical injury and must be addressed with the same urgency. School, exams, family issues and difficulties within friendship groups are just some of the initial causes of stress. Encouraging children to recognise the impact of stress and to be willing to discuss their concerns with parents, teachers and other professionals is an excellent first step. If you’ve tried all these coping strategies and still are experiencing high levels of stress, it’s a good idea to visit your local GP. Mark and Jo Butler Tutor Doctor Reading, Wokingham and Maidenhead For details of how one-to-one tuition can help and support your children contact Tutor Doctor.

0118 449 2191 mbutler@tutordoctor.co.uk www.tutor-doctor.co.uk/berkshire

3. Get a good night’s sleep With students’ schedules being busier than ever, it’s easy to neglect sleep. However, having a good sleep routine is really important for managing stress and maintaining good mental health. Students should be aiming for at least eight hours’ sleep a night. Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


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Your home is where you feel the most comfortable and the happiest. It is the place you know the best. If you want to stay living well at home, Home Instead can help make that possible. • Home Help

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• Companionship

• Dementia Care

01628 299 097

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Dementia Action Week It is estimated that around 850,000 people in the UK have dementia, a figure predicted to rise to 1.6 million by 2040 (Alzheimer’s Society, November 2019). It’s likely most of us will encounter the condition, either within our close family or wider social circle, so it’s important to be informed. This article is our contribution to Dementia Action Week, which this year falls on 17–23 May. For more information visit www.alzheimers.org.uk.

Facts The word ‘dementia’ describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases such as Alzheimer’s or a series of strokes. The specific symptoms experienced by an individual depend on the parts of the brain that are damaged and the disease that is causing the dementia. The signs of dementia often start small but may become severe enough over time to affect daily life, including changes in mood or behaviour.

Myths ✘ Dementia is a natural part of ageing – Although getting older is one of the main risk factors for dementia, not everyone will experience it in later life, and it doesn’t just affect older people. Over 40,000 people under 65 in the UK have early-onset dementia. ✘ Dementia is another name for Alzheimer’s – Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia symptoms, but there are others such as vascular dementia, mixed dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies and frontotemporal dementia. ✘ Dementia is just about memory loss – Memory problems are one set of symptoms that people with dementia may experience. Others include difficulties with planning, thinking things through, struggling to keep up with a conversation, and sometimes changes in mood or behaviour. ✘ A diagnosis of dementia spells the end – Having dementia does not prevent a person from living a fulfilling life for many years. Symptoms may remain stable for sustained periods. An individual’s experience of dementia is affected by factors such as their response to their diagnosis, their surroundings, their physical activity, their diet, their relationships with friends and family, and the treatment and support they receive.

Support Support from health and social care services is of course important to a person with dementia, but it’s not the whole picture. Those affected can live well with the condition if people, organisations and communities come together to help. Dementia Friends – These are individuals willing to learn the basics about dementia and to contribute towards creating a climate of kindness and understanding. Almost three million people in the UK are registered as Dementia Friends. The short information session is delivered either online or in person by a local Dementia Friends Champion. For more information visit www.dementiafriends.org.uk. 14 rg10 May/June 2021. To advertise please call 0118 907 2510 or email nikki@rg10mag.com

Music therapy – Research has shown the remarkable effect music can have on people with dementia, including those who find it difficult to communicate in other ways. It can also alleviate depression and provide respite for carers, and the beneficial effects are increased through a shared musical experience. Before the pandemic Singing for the Brain ran many groups across the country, including sessions in Charvil. All have been amalgamated into several virtual sessions available online on Mondays - see next page for details. Sing Your Pain Away offers weekly classes (currently online) promoting singing, laughter, friendship and fun for improved health and wellbeing. Visit www.singyourpainaway.co.uk. Explaining dementia to children – When someone is diagnosed with dementia, it is important for all the family to learn about the condition and maintain their own relationship with the individual. The booklet Understanding Dementia and Lessening its Impact is simple enough to be helpful for older children as well as invaluable for any adults close to the person (£4.99 including P&P from lucy.w@understandingdementia.co.uk). A new picture book aimed at helping young children to understand is My Grandma Has Dementia by Alex Winstanley (£7.99 from Amazon). Worried? First steps – If you think you or a loved one may be experiencing symptoms of dementia, in the first instance speak to your GP. One of the best resources online is the Alzheimer’s Society website for advice about living with dementia, a wide range of information and details of support services such as befriending and activity groups. Visit www.alzheimers.org.uk.

Local expertise Here are just a few organisations offering dementia services in our area. Understanding Dementia – Twyford based charity founded by Shirley Pearce with the aim of promoting a clear understanding of dementia, how it affects the person and how to lessen its impact. Since last autumn the charity has been offering a free course to family carers, delivered through eight interactive sessions online. Email lucy.w@understandingdementia.co.uk. Home Instead, Maidenhead, Henley and Wallingford – Home care agency run from offices in Ruscombe by Paul and Melissa Johnson. Their dedicated team benefit from Home Instead’s unique City & Guilds accredited dementia training programme, ensuring care givers are well qualified to support those living with dementia in their own homes. Email melissa.johnson@homeinstead.co.uk. Right at Home, Reading & Wokingham District – Home care agency based in Twyford, owned by Kevin Lancaster, and rated Outstanding for Caring by the CQC. The friendly, trusted team includes Certified Right at Home Dementia Support Specialists, provides in-depth training in dementia for all care givers, and prides itself in highly personalised dementia care that connects families. Email twyford@rightathome.co.uk. TimeFinders Senior Life Specialists – Organisation offering practical and emotional support to older people and their families in changing circumstances, such as following a diagnosis of dementia. Services include planning for later life, choosing and managing care, help with downsizing, and professional advocacy in the absence of a family representative. For local support email helen.ferguson@timefindersuk.com. Dementia Friends information and awareness sessions – Home Instead, Right at Home and TimeFinders all have Dementia Friends Champions available to deliver the hour-long Dementia Friends session to individuals, groups and businesses in the local community. Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


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Kitchen makeover Add colour to your kitchen If your kitchen is feeling bland and boring, there are plenty of ways to add colour, whether you’re planning a major renovation or just want a quick fix. Kitchen cupboards and appliances Add colour with glossy, flat-fronted modern units or commission a traditional painted kitchen in any paint colour under the sun. Alternatively, just specify a coloured island unit combined with plain cupboards elsewhere. If replacing free-standing appliances, consider less usual colours – ice cream-coloured retro fridges, for example, or an Aga in a jewel-bright enamel. This look is best teamed with neutrals in other areas of the room so as not to overwhelm. Worktops and splashbacks Teamed with understated kitchen cupboards, a colourful worktop or splashback can give a welcome lift. Sleek toughened glass can be painted on the back in a range of shades with some showrooms offering a colour-matching service at extra cost. Other options include a dramatic shade of natural stone, stone composites (often called quartz), man-made solid surfaces (such as Corian), and laminates (generally the least expensive option), all in a range of interesting shades.

by Katherine Sorrell

Free-standing furniture Painting wooden furniture is straightforward but needs preparation – sanding, cleaning and priming – and a steady hand for painting. It can make a phenomenal difference, especially with a change of knobs, handles, hinges and other hardware. Window treatments and soft furnishings Roller blinds are practical and inexpensive where humidity and splashes are inevitable; alternatively, wooden shutters can be bright and breezy. Add colour to seating areas in the form of upholstery, fabric-covered chair seats or scatter cushions. Finishing touches Create colourful displays in glass-fronted cabinets or on shelving, perhaps cookbooks arranged in a rainbow or some vintage glassware. Add colourful pendant shades over a kitchen island or dining table, or accessories such as bread bins, canisters, knife blocks, cupboard handles, plant pots, wall art or flowers to bring more colour into the heart of your home.

Walls and floors A simple way to add oomph is to paint a wall or two in a strong colour, or to replace wall tiles – choose dramatic colours for impact even over a relatively small area. Another cheap trick is to use plain white tiles with brightly coloured grout (lemon yellow and sky blue are great). One way to add instant colour for flooring is with a small, washable rug with an underlay to stop it slipping. If it’s a complete renovation, vinyl and rubber flooring is available in many colourways, while poured floors – polished concrete or resin – can be dyed in any colour.

Mereway Kitchens example with contemporary green slab doors and feature island unit. The Kitchen and Bathroom Place in Twyford is a Mereway Premium Partner and has several displays from the range in the showroom: 0118 932 0089, kitchenandbathroomplace.co.uk. Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


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ADD Plumbing & Heating Experienced plumber & heating engineer Free written estimates – no job too small Many positive testimonials from local residents ‘Trustworthy, reliable and efficient’ ‘Excellent attention to detail’ ‘Meticulous in his work’

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Local news Twyford artist greeting cards

the route cheering her on – or throwing her packs of Monster Munch, as that’s what she lives on! Jo has been with us for over five years, starting off as a CAREGiver, then becoming a scheduler, and now our Client Services Manager. She is the most dedicated person you will find, always wanting to help others.’ Please support Jo’s fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society by donating whatever you can at .justgiving.com/fundraising/Johadacrazyidea. Thank you – and good luck, Jo! Alice in Wonderland

This scene of the Horns pub in Crazies Hill is one of many paintings by Twyford artist Ted Hallett now available as printed greetings cards. Visit the gallery on his website for details of how to order: www.tedhallettart.co.uk. Hare Hatch Animal Hero Dog trainer, groomer and behaviourist Niki Roe of Pukka Pups recently made the finals of the annual Animal Star Awards after being nominated in the Animal Hero category. This was in recognition of her tireless voluntary work giving vulnerable animals the best chance in life, whether supporting rescue charity Friends of Animals Wales, campaigning against puppy and kitten farming (which led to Lucy’s Law being passed several years ago) or joining calls for new legislation to make pet theft a specific crime with appropriate penalties.

Hurry! If you’re reading this before midday on Monday 10 May, there’s still time to enter our competition for a chance to win two tickets to South Hill Park’s magical, musical theatre production of Alice in Wonderland. Carried over from the original dates in spring 2020, this professionally produced show will now be staged during half term in early June – the first time that South Hill Park’s Wilde Theatre will be welcoming live audiences this year. The arts centre in Bracknell has implemented a number of measures throughout the site to protect staff and ensure customers stay safe and enjoy their visit. Our competition winner will be drawn from all eligible entries received by midday on Monday 10 May. Visit www.rg10mag.com/competitions to submit your entry: you’ll be as mad as a hatter if you miss the tea party!

Well done, Niki, and keep up the good work! www.pukka-pups.com. Marathon effort for Alzheimer’s Local care agency employee Jo O’Connor will be running the Virgin Money London Marathon in support of Alzheimer’s Society on 3 October 2021. This is a cause close to her heart and that of her employer, Ruscombe-based Home Instead, as many of their clients are living with Alzheimer’s disease or other causes of dementia. Despite having had her own health issues to deal with in the past year, Jo was determined to gain a place in this year’s race having been unsuccessful in the past. Home Instead director Melissa Johnson said: ‘We are so pleased and will all be out there on 24 rg10 March/April 2021. To advertise please call 0118 907 2510 or email nikki@rg10mag.com

Oxford Sculptors Group

Henley Arts Trail moved to July

Come out of your Hobbit holes and hie thee hither to the Greys Court Sculpture Show, now in its third great year!

We love this fabulous art event and have been among the sponsors for a number of years. Henley Arts Trail is usually held over the May bank holiday weekend. Last year many of the artists still took part virtually during the first lockdown, using the event’s social channels to showcase pictures of their work, take visitors on walk-through videos of their studios and run demonstrations. Just before the event, we spoke to three of the local artists for the launch episode of the RG10 Podcast. Henley Arts Trail 2021 will take place later in the summer in order to revert to the open studio format that has been so popular over the years. It will be held over two consecutive weekends, 10–11 and 17–18 July. Follow @HenleyArtsTrail on social media for updates and download the programme and trail map from the website, when available. www.henleyartstrail.com Twyford Beer Festival Assuming the government’s roadmap out of lockdown progresses as planned, the 11th Twyford Beer Festival will be held at Stanlake Meadow on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 June.

Allium – Jenny Pickford From 12 June to 18 July, the creativity of the Oxford Sculptors Group will arise from the Covid ashes and spread throughout the lovely gardens of the National Trust property in Henley. This year the event will also be listed as a Henley Arts Trail venue for the middle two weekends in July. The group expects to display over 100 sculptures of all sizes and in varied materials, indoor and out – some representational and others abstract – to stimulate your imagination. All will be for sale at prices to suit all pockets, so why not brighten your home or garden with something unique and exciting? At the time of writing, all visits to Greys Court must be pre-booked. Check the latest information in advance at www.nationaltrust .org.uk/greys-court.

Running from 12 noon to 11 pm both days, the festival is a family-friendly event with beer from a range of breweries, a choice of ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks, plus delicious food from traditional catering outlets and live bands from two sound stages. Over the years Twyford Beer Festival has raised over £50,000 for Orchid, the charity working to save men’s lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers. This is a tremendous achievement by festival founder Ian Wisdom and his hardworking team. RG10 has been happy to be among the event sponsors from the early days. The festival is always popular – all the more so now we have been without community events to look forward to for so long so please note that entry this year is by advance ticket only. Book now to avoid disappointment! www.twyfordbeerfest.co.uk Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


Local news (continued) Stanlake Meadow Copse update Remember the Big Twyford Tree Planting Project last year? Launched by Twyford resident Rebecca Howard with the support of Twyford Parish Council, volunteers and sponsors planted 75 native British trees around the edges of Stanlake Meadow. Early this year Twyford Parish Council installed an attractive biodiversity information board detailing the flora and fauna of Stanlake Meadow Copse.

The team was back at Stanlake Meadow over the Easter weekend planting five wildflower zones under the silver birch area - hopefully the birds and rabbits will allow some of them to germinate! We’d already scattered some wildflower seed bombs around our RG10 hornbeam in the far corner a couple of months ago. Only time will tell, but it might take a year or two for there to be a rewarding display.

The copse will be extended by the planting of a further 25 trees in National Tree Week later this year. Residents interested in purchasing and planting one of these should contact clerk@twyfordparishcouncil.gov.uk. The Project Singers From September there will be a new choral venture for female voices led by local music teacher and choir director Suzanne Newman. The Project Singers will be undertaking a series of choral projects starting with A Night at the Movies. This project will run for six months to March 2022, culminating in a concert at Maidenhead’s Norden Farm Centre for the Arts on 26 March. Songs will include City of stars, We have all the time in the world, Deep in the meadow, God help the outcasts, Hopelessly devoted to you and Fame. There will be a junior group for girls aged 10–18, rehearsing on Sunday evenings from 6.15pm to 7.45pm at Charvil Village Hall. The adult female group will rehearse on Mondays from 8pm to 9.30pm, also at Charvil Village Hall. Auditions for both groups are being held via Zoom in May and June. For more details, contact Suzanne on 0118 934 0589 or suzanneynewman@btinternet.com. Age Concern day centre reopens After gaining council approval to reopen the Twyford day centre last autumn, only to have to close again throughout lockdown 3, the trustees and staff of Age Concern Twyford & District are delighted to be able to make the facilities available once again from 20 April. This not only gives past and new members the opportunity for a warm welcome and sociable company, it also gives some respite to family carers. The day centre offers three options: visits from 10am to 12 noon, from 1pm to 3pm including a hot, home-cooked lunch, or all day.

The Friends of Stanlake Copse, with help from CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays), have been working in the copse, digging a pond and making a stag beetle habitat.

The centre staff will be following strict Covid-safe guidelines, having passed Wokingham Borough Council's risk assessment for offering community based care. For all details and any enquiries please contact Debs or Sally on 0118 934 4040.

26 rg10 March/April 2021. To advertise please call 0118 907 2510 or email nikki@rg10mag.com


Twyford Volunteer Drivers

That’s the hashtag with which to share your window displays featuring your family’s pictures of a happy globe, as part of a new initiative by the same mother-daughter duo that dreamt up the ‘Rainbow Trail’ idea to thank NHS frontline workers last year.

If you require transport to a medical appointment, or want to arrange this for a loved one, Twyford Volunteer Drivers are here to help.

Crystal Stanley from Ipswich, along with her daughter Ariana, now hope to encourage families across the UK to acknowledge the challenge of climate change and show their appreciation for the natural world.

They are a small Twyford-based charity helping mobile, mainly elderly people get to their medical and dental appointments, including to opticians and chiropodists. The service continues to be available, although with some Covid-related precautions in place.

They have joined forces with another online community, Plastic Free Home, to promote a positive message focusing on protecting the environment. Dave Lamont, the Wokingham-based founder of Plastic Free Home, said: ‘The past year, perhaps more than any other, has reminded us of the crucial role that nature plays in our everyday lives, and of its positive impact on our mental and physical health. ‘From gathering outdoors with our loved ones to countryside walks, cycling or jogging to a spur of the moment garden project, nature has been there for us when we most needed it.’

The volunteer drivers use their own cars to assist local clients who genuinely have no alternative transport option. Clients must pre-register with the charity and have the physical and mental capacity to be responsible for themselves. To book transport to a medical or dental appointment (ideally with a week’s notice), or to enrol as a client, please contact the office on 0118 934 3010 and leave a message on the answerphone. Alternatively, please email twadvc@yahoo.co.uk. Volunteers are currently working from home and return calls will usually be made between 9.30 am and 12.00 noon on weekdays:

Crystal said: ‘This spring and summer we are inviting families across the country to say thank you to nature, in the same way they thanked everyone in the NHS throughout last year. ‘We’d love to see children (and adults) placing a picture of a happy planet Earth in their windows, alongside their rainbows, and sharing these all over the internet using #lovenature. If you can use repurposed or recycled paper and materials – even better!’

www.twyfordvolunteerdrivers.org.uk The RG10 Podcast Recent and upcoming episodes feature Plastic Free Twyford, the author of a guide to choosing a puppy, an online dementia course for family carers, the Twyford (Berks) Facebook group, a leading sleep expert, and Twyford Beer Festival. Something for everyone! Find us on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google or via the rg10mag.com website. Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


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07887 565009

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Interior & Exterior Decorating No job too small Fully Insured Free Quotes Call Iain Tel: 01189 Mob:

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twyford together

News update By the time you read this, we shall be heading towards something that resembles normal living. After well over a year of cancelled plans and holidays, and businesses put on hold, we can look forward to a better summer ahead. That said, many of the events that we have become used to in years gone by do take time to organise, so some are pencilled in, rather than definite. Here is what we know so far: Twyford Beer Festival Ian Wisdom and his hardworking team are looking forward to welcoming you to the Twyford Beer Festival 2021 up on Stanlake Meadow on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 June. Admission to the event will be by ticket only, with no additional entries on the day, so get yours booked as soon as possible! There will be great beer from local breweries, brilliant live music and fantastic food. As well as all this, your participation will help to raise money for the men’s cancer charity Orchid.

Gordon Storey – Just Giving Thanks to the enormous generosity of local residents and businesses, the Just Giving page in memory of Gordon Storey raised over £3,000 for Twyford Charities Together. I know that Gordon would have been delighted by this. Thank you. Umbrella Alley

Twyford Charity Fun Run We are discussing arrangements with Barnes Fitness and the Piggott School in the hope of holding the fun run in October, and should be able to announce something soon. The format will be as before, with a 5K race and several shorter races for younger age groups. We hope that local businesses will take up the opportunity to have stands promoting their wares.. Christmas Fayre The Christmas Fayre is due to be held on Friday 3 December. As usual it will run the course of London Road from the crossroads at Bell Corner to Jubilee Corner and the area will be closed to traffic that evening. There will be a wide variety of stalls by local residents, crafts people, and businesses. In addition, there will fairground rides, Twyford Scouts BBQ and possibly a visit from Father Christmas (subject to his schedule!)

The display of colourful umbrellas has made its annual reappearance to brighten the alleyway off Wargrave Road, thanks to the support of Benedict Charles Financial Planning and Harry at Steel Makers of Station Road. This year we have improved the quality of the umbrellas and mountings to create a more robust installation.

You can book a stall by emailing twyford christmasfayrebookings@gmail.com.

Robin Yeadon Twyford Together Chair

If you would like to help with the event, then please get in touch – hello@twyfordtogether.org. In other news… Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements



9 4 1

Level - very hard




3 5


2 7 9

3 2

4 6

7 4 9


7 2 4


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8 3 6

General Knowledge Crossword

Across 1. Group of countries in special alliance (4) 4. US city famous for entertainment and gambling (3,5) 8. Clouding of the lens of the eye (8) 9. Child of Adam and Eve (4) 10. Country called Cymru in its own language (5) 11. City and port in south-western England (7) 13. Former monetary unit of Portugal (6) 15. Fisherman (6) 17. Preserved in vinegar (7) 19. Ring-shaped bread roll (5) 22. Skewer for holding meat over a fire (4) 23. One of Jesus' followers (8) 24. City in northern Pakistan at the eastern end of the Khyber Pass (8) 25. Strong sweeping cut made with a sharp instrument (4)

Down 2. South American cud-chewing animal (5) 3. French castle (7) 4. Metallic element, symbol Pb (4) 5. Division of the weekend (8) 6. Chris ___, ex-husband of Billie Piper (5) 7. Plant also known as the windflower (7) 12. Variety of melon (8) 14. Apply (paint) in small touches (7) 16. Reducing to shreds by rubbing against a perforated surface (7) 18. Sailing vessel with two masts (5) 20. ___ Island, New York Bay area, formerly the principal immigration station (5) 21. Russian emperor (4)

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finance finance

Vickers BenedictYoung Charles Financial Planning Is property still a good investment? by Paul Duffield In short, I would say yes. To add some context, here is my thinking…

keep a roof over your head – subject to changing the landlord mortgage to a residential one.

In my opinion, bricks and mortar are the most tangible and usable place to put your money. If you’d bought an ordinary two-bedroomed house in Twyford in the spring of 2001, it would now be worth approximately two and a half times what you paid for it. This is equivalent to a yearly increase of around 5%.

So where are we now? I spoke to my local property expert and tame estate agent and here are his thoughts:

Granted, it hasn’t all been plain sailing: the dot-com bubble burst in 2001, then we had the 2008 banking crisis and credit crunch, and more recently the market was affected by Brexit uncertainty. Many of us have lived through earlier property booms and busts, such as the 1988 housing crash and, for those with longer memories, the 1981 recession. I made an offer on my first house with a 100% mortgage (remember those?). When I moved in three months later, the estate agent said: ‘You know you could put this straight back on the market for £10,000 more than you paid for it, right?’ I didn’t wish to, of course: I liked the place and wanted to live there. I also remember some of my estate agency colleagues buying houses in the boom times and then having them repossessed when their commission dried up in a slump. Their success or failure – earning well with commission or struggling on just the basic salary – was totally dependent on the state of the housing market. Despite the fluctuations, property ownership in the long term is as safe as … well, houses. Through the rises and falls of the last twenty years, values have increased over all. If you are in the fortunate position of owning a buy-to-let property, you always have that to fall back on if everything in your life goes to the dogs. You could either sell it or move in to

The ‘Boris bounce’ has kept the foot on the gas and given everyone an incentive to move. Activity has been boosted by the stamp duty holiday. Lots of people are chasing too few houses, which is keeping values up. Between £500k and £1.5 million there are still lots of buyers looking to move upmarket, but for those paying £1 million or more the stamp duty saving is unlikely to affect their plans one way or another. Is property still a good investment? Historical data and gut feeling both tell us yes.

Your local mortgage adviser Speak to Paul Duffield for free, friendly, expert advice on the most appropriate mortgage and insurances to achieve your aims. Proud to be a member of

Call: 07920 066174 Email: paul@vickersyoung.co.uk


A mortgage is a loan secured against your home. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up the payments of a loan secured on it.

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Recycling A mixed picture – but we can all help by Dave Lamont

The UK Plastics Pact aims to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic; ensure that 100% of plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable; see 70% of plastic packaging effectively recycled or composted and achieve 30% average recycled content across all packaging.

widely recycled while helping to raise funds for good causes in the community. Many schemes are at least part-funded by major brands. TerraCycle generates revenue by selling waste to specialist companies that recycle it and use it to manufacture new products.

Many local authorities continue to make progress, including Wokingham and Windsor and Maidenhead, but there are also areas where recycling rates have sadly stalled or declined.

All this undoubtedly helps to address the issue in the short to medium term. However, big brands must not be allowed to view it as a solution or use it as a get-out-of-jail-free card longer term.

In 2019/20, Wokingham had the second largest year-on-year increase in recycling rates in England, up from 40.5% to 50.3% according to Defra. The highly successful food waste scheme, launched in 2019, is credited as having a significant impact.

A report by Surfers Against Sewage has found that 63% of litter collected consists of packaging issued by major food and beverage brands. The worst offenders include Coca-Cola, PepsiCo (which owns the likes of Walkers), Mondelez International (which owns Cadbury), McDonalds, Nestle, Suntory (behind many leading drinks brands) and Mars.

In the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, which has operated a food waste scheme for nearly a decade, there was a more marginal increase to 46.85%, up from 44.3%. England’s average is 45.5%. The UK Government has set a binding target to recycle 65% of household waste by 2035. Despite reaching its twentieth year, TerraCycle has only attracted widespread attention in more recent years. Local collection schemes, like those facilitated by TRIP – Twyford Rethinks Its Plastic, allow consumers to dispose of items that are not

What about UK supermarkets, which are estimated to produce 800,000 tonnes of plastic annually? A 2019 study by Which? of 89 brands found that 40% had no labelling to explain if their packaging was recyclable. Unsurprisingly, the worst offenders included many of those above. Disappointingly, Which?’s assessment of own label products also revealed that little over half were easily recyclable.

36 rg10 May/June 2021. To advertise please call 0118 907 2510 or email nikki@rg10mag.com


Local update Yet many far smaller brands are getting things right, such as crisp company Two Farmers and Twyford-born snack company Made For Drink, both of which use industry leading home compostable packaging. It can be done: support companies who are making the effort if you can. According to Which?: ‘Clear recycling labelling would make a big difference. 67% of members look for information on packaging before deciding how to dispose of it.’ The consumer group is calling for recycling information to be made compulsory on all grocery packaging. Confusion over what can be recycled and how is a significant issue, as is uncertainty around what associated terms and symbols mean. Terms like ‘compostable’ and ‘biodegradable’ are often misused or misunderstood. Some items will be home compostable and will break down in your garden compost bin, but others require industrial composting. Many items labelled as biodegradable will not easily break down in landfill (or sadly, our oceans) and some can release harmful emissions, toxins and pollutants. Almost everything is biodegradable – eventually – but at what cost to the environment?

If you live within the Wokingham Borough, a summary of what you can recycle can be found at www.wokingham.gov.uk/rubbishand-recycling/recycling. Subsidised compost bins are also available and the free re3cyclopedia app is an excellent tool. For Windsor and Maidenhead, see www.rbwm.gov.uk/ home/environmentand-waste/recycling-and-rubbish. The www.recyclenow.com website is also a fantastic resource for all, including a helpful guide to the various packaging symbols. Remember, ‘recyclable’ only means that an item MAY be recycled IF disposed of and processed correctly – there are no guarantees. Recycling is an imperfect solution, so let’s aim to reduce our levels of consumption and waste. The best approach to take is ‘Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose and Recycle’.

The range of items that can be recycled at supermarkets is a relatively well-kept secret, with an almost tokenistic approach from some. It can include paper and card, mixed plastics, glass, cans, batteries, textiles, Tetrapak cartons, books and electrical items. Check online or in-store. Dave Lamont is founder of The Plastic Free Home. Follow @PlasticFreeHomeUK on Facebook for helpful advice on reducing waste and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


Puzzle solutions


Children’s page


The first dog has eaten 15 bones; the standing up dog has eaten 13 bones.

1 Bloc, 4 Las Vegas, 8 Cataract, 9 Abel, 10 Wales, 11 Bristol, 13 Escudo, 15 Angler, 17 Pickled, 19 Bagel, 22 Spit, 23 Disciple, 24 Peshawar, 25 Gash. Down: 2 Llama, 3 Chateau, 4 Lead, 5 Saturday, 6 Evans, 7 Anemone, 12 Honeydew, 14 Stipple, 16 Grating, 18 Ketch, 20 Ellis, 21 Tsar.


The dog without a partner is 'dog C'.

Spot the difference 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Wording changed on mug to ‘Best Dad’ Dad slippers different colour Doodle in card upside down Picture on wall changed to sailboat Boy fingers/hand missing on armchair Teddy on girls’ jumper missing Dog nose different shape Dad mouth different shape Line/detail on sofa arm missing Girl pigtail missing

Su doku

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Competition Our competitions are open to anyone living within the RG10 postcode area. Winner(s) will be drawn at random from all valid entries received. They will be contacted as soon as possible confirming details of their prize. Enter online via the competitions page at www.rg10mag.com.

For entries to be valid, you must: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Enter by the deadline given Agree to the T&Cs on our website State which competition you are entering Provide any answers requested Give your address with an RG10 postcode as well as an email and phone contact.

Win a meal at The Boathouse at Boulters Lock gorgeous waterside views while enjoying a bite to eat and a cocktail or a grand gin from the drinks list. Delicious, seasonal food is served all day, with an exciting choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. The chefs cook with fine British produce, from cheese to fish, alongside free-range pork and chicken and pasture-fed steak. Eat, drink and indulge in classic gastropub favourites to modern, healthy dishes and weekend treats from the chefs' specials that make any occasion memorable. Situated on its very own island, The Boathouse at Boulters Lock is fortunate to benefit from being Maidenhead's finest al fresco dining and drinking spot, where everyone is welcome. Enter our great competition and you could soon be dining at this beautiful riverside gastropub! The stunning Victorian boathouse inspired gastropub, refurbished from top to toe last year, makes the most of clear skies and sunshine on the River Thames. Soak up the sun, atmosphere and

There's also a warm welcome for everyone, whether regulars or first-time visitors, ensuring you feel very much at home away from home. The Boathouse at Boulters Lock is offering RG10 this fabulous prize: A three-course meal for two with a bottle of house wine. For a chance to win, enter the competition via www.rg10mag.com. If you just can’t wait to enjoy the pub, book a table today on the sheltered al fresco deck, then sit back and enjoy a relaxed meal or something to drink.

Call 01628 621291 | Email boathouse@peachpubs.com | Visit www.boathouseboulterslock.co.uk The Boathouse at Boulters Lock, Boulters Lock Island, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8PE Competition entry deadline: 12 noon on Monday 14 June. Winner will be notified as quickly as possible. Prize voucher will be sent by email or post, as preferred. Voucher valid to 30 June 2022. Prize is for a three-course meal for two people from the lunch or dinner menu, plus a bottle of house wine. Table must be booked in advance (subject to availability). Visitors should familiarise themselves with safety measures in place during the Covid-19 pandemic: see www.boathouseboulterslock.co.uk/yourvisit. Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


cycl ing

E-bikes Biking with bionic legs! An introduction to e-bikes

Is there more than one kind of e-bike motor?

E-bikes are like normal bikes given super powers: you still pedal them, but they have an electric motor that gives you some extra help. It feels rather like having bionic legs: you can pull away from traffic lights quickly and easily tackle steep hills.

Crank drives connect directly to the bike chain, while hub drives sit in the wheel hub – usually the rear wheel. Crank drives are more energy efficient and feel more natural when pedalling but hub drives are usually much cheaper.

That makes them brilliant for commuting and urban cycling, and a great choice for people who want to improve their fitness and haven’t been on a bike for years.

What about gears?

Cyrusher XF690 folding fat bike, £1,799 from Cyrusher.co.uk

E-bikes come with the same kind of gear systems as ordinary bikes and the gears adjust how much pedalling is needed – in higher gears you pedal less because you’re going faster. With e-bikes you’ll usually be able to control the assistance level the motor gives you. You might choose Turbo for fast pulling away from traffic lights but Eco (or equivalent) when on a relaxing country ride.

Volt Metro Folding Commuter Bike, £1,599 from Voltbikes.co.uk

What kind of e-bikes are there? Commuter bikes are all-rounders while MTBs are mountain bikes and road bikes are racing bikes. The former have big tyres and great suspension, while the latter use super-light materials and aggressive geometry to achieve high speeds. Cargo bikes are for carrying loads that are too big for panniers or a backpack, and usually have bigger tyres and better brakes.

How do I get the right e-bike size? E-bike sizes are usually expressed as S, M, L and XL. Small bikes are generally suitable for riders up to 5’5” while XL bikes are designed for six footers and above. Some e-bikes have very adjustable seats and handlebars that enable them to skip between sizes.

How do I know what battery to choose? Most manufacturers provide a battery range estimate, or you can calculate the range by dividing the battery’s power by 20 – a battery with a 400Wh rating should give about 20 miles on full assist, which is when the electric motor is operating at full power. Most e-bikes have a little bike computer that shows battery charge and the range remaining before recharging is needed. When the battery runs out of power, your e-bike behaves like a normal bike, albeit a heavier one. Typical recharge time is three to four hours and batteries typically last for two to four years.

How much should I spend?

Swifty E-Mountain Bike, £799 from Amazon.co.uk

You can get perfectly decent e-bikes for around £500, or you can spend over £4,000 on a carbon road bike. The more you spend the lighter the bikes become and the better the hardware: where cheaper e-bikes are designed for everyday use, the most expensive e-bikes are serious bits of sporting equipment with matching price tags. Whatever you buy, make sure you also acquire a very good U-lock: sadly, all e-bikes are targets for bike thieves.

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food and drink

News Charvil Pizza

to be placed by Thursday as numbers are limited to around 40 pizzas each Friday. Find Charvil Pizza on Facebook and Instagram. Check out the menu at charvilpizza.business.site and follow the link to order online.

Stanlake Park There is a hidden gem behind the cellar shop at Stanlake Park Wine Estate. Their wine bar garden is open from 10am to 6pm every day except Monday, recently extended to 7pm on Friday and Saturday.

Friday night is pizza night for an enterprising GCSE student at the Piggott School. Since starting up Charvil Pizza from the family home last autumn, Kira Greatrex has established a firm fan base of local families placing a regular order. Kira thinks her success is partly due to the lack of food options within walking distance, but surely just as important are her freshly prepared ingredients atop authentic hand-stretched dough, fired in a proper pizza oven in the garden… Kira says: ‘I've always had a passion for pizza and with all the lockdowns it has been great to be able to offer people an affordable hot takeaway pizza fresh from my pizza oven. I am studying hard for my GCSEs so I only do pizzas on Fridays, giving me a welcome break from revision and keeping things manageable. As soon as I get home from school on Friday it's non-stop to get everything prepped: the pizzas are only in the oven for about 90 seconds, so getting all the doughs stretched and topped on time is a fine art!’

No table reservation is required, plus children and dogs are welcome, so there’s no excuse not to pop in for a glass of delicious Berkshire wine with some tasty nibbles. Local craft beers are also available along with cider, cocktails and soft drinks. The ‘rule of six’ applies, so visitors over 16 are required to check in with the NHS app or provide their details. The Stanlake team have had a busy spring so far, bottling and launching the new vintages of two of their most popular wines, the Pinot Noir Rosé 2020 and the Bacchus 2019. They have also added to their industry accolades by picking up two awards at the London Wine Competition: a Silver Medal for the 2018 Pinot Noir and a Bronze Medal for the 2019 Madeleine. www.stanlakepark.com

She had been training a couple of friends to help her. Although grateful to her family for stepping in from the November lockdown, Kira says: ‘I'm really looking forward to the restrictions easing so my friends can help me again – it’s great fun working as a teenage pizza team!’ Charvil Pizza offers a range of standard toppings, including vegetarian and vegan options, and you are welcome to mix and match. Extras like chillies, olives and rocket are offered free. Prices range from £4 for bread to £8 for pizzas. Orders need 42 rg10 May/June 2021. To advertise please call 0118 907 2510 or email nikki@rg10mag.com

Recipe Chorizo and prawn paella Who needs a foreign holiday when you can bring sunny Spain to your table with this one-pan supper? Better still, it can be rustled up within the hour. Serve with a crisp green salad and maybe some crusty bread for a delicious and filling midweek meal.

Serves 4 | Ready in 50 minutes Method

• 1tbsp olive oil • 250g chorizo sausage, diced • 1 large onion, peeled and chopped • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed • 4 celery stalks, chopped • 225g paella rice • Few strands of saffron • 850ml hot chicken or vegetable stock • 200g raw king prawns (thawed if frozen), peeled with tails left on • Salt and freshly ground black pepper • 1 tsp paprika


Heat the oil in a large, deep frying pan and fry the chorizo sausage for 2–3 minutes, stirring frequently until browned. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the onion, garlic and celery to the pan and fry gently for 8–10 minutes, stirring, until softened.


Stir in the rice and saffron strands and cook for 1 minute, then pour in the stock. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 20–25 minutes, until the rice is almost tender and nearly all the liquid has been absorbed, stirring frequently.


Add the chorizo and prawns to the pan and cook for a further 5–6 minutes, until the prawns are cooked through and pink. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper and serve in warmed bowls sprinkled with the paprika.



Add some diced red or yellow pepper in step 1 and a handful of chopped fresh parsley to serve for extra colour and flavour. Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


Please mention rg10 when responding to advertisements


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