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Here at The RFP Success™ Company we have over 25 years of experience helping businesses just like yours win both public and private RFP bids. 2

We know what the organization wants to see, the information they need to know, and we understand how to sell your business so you get the business. The RFP Success™ Show (formally Winning The Business Radio) is a bi-weekly radio show for the “newbies” to the” know it alls” when it comes to sales, strategies, systems, and submitting RFPs .


What differentiates competition?




If your answers involve years of experience or passion for what you do, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Listen in as I share the difference between baseline expectations and true differentiators and learn how to identify and express what sets you apart in an RFP!


THE RFP SUCCESS™ BOOK. Requests for Proposals” (aka RFPs) can be boring, let’s face it. These bulky and intimidating requirements can be overwhelming, intimidating, and leaving you wondering where to start. The RFP Success™ Book is written for the “newbie” to the” know it all” when it comes to submitting RFPs. Because let’s be real- you can never know enough on how to craft a successful RFP.


Going through the RFP (Request For Propsal) submittal process in a tunnel is the fast track to losing the business and your sanity. Whether you're a team of 1 or you have a handful of good-hearted employees who want to help make your next RFP a success, without the right strategy, system, and execution- it is all a tad pointless. 6


We get that here at The RFP Success™ Company because we understand small-teams and growingrevenue companies. We understand that your staff is working in multiple areas within your company, and having the perfect strategy for winning your next RFP probably isn’t their full time job. Lisa Rehurek shares with you her 25-plus years of tools, insider secrets, and real-world strategies that have had her clients winning RFPs time and time again. 8

That’s where we come in. No matter what type of support you and your Company need when it comes to RFPs we've got you covered. From reviews of your current RFP proposal strategy, to reviewing past or current proposals, to a fully integrated support system, our staff is in the know about everything RFPs to help you Do Better. Win More. If you’ve ever put together an RFP that is hundreds of pages long, you know the pain of formatting glitches, consistency issues, or losing hours of work in a crash. 9


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Request For Proposal  

Request for proposal and get neighborhood market domination ideas AT A small business owner may...

Request For Proposal  

Request for proposal and get neighborhood market domination ideas AT A small business owner may...