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Nelly (Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr.) is an American rapper and has been a rapper since 1993 when he was apart of a group ‘St. Lunatics’. In 1999 he was signed to ‘Universal Records’ and by 2000 he became a solo artist where he then became a well known rapper for ‘Hip Hop, Pop and R&B’. Nelly has worked with many famous artist (Kelly Rowland, Ashanti, Ciara, Akon, T-Pain) which has boost him up the charts and has made him known world wide. He has sold more than 8.4 million copies of his music in the United States

One of nelly’s most known videos is ‘over an over’ which was released in September 12, 2004 USA February 7, 2005 (Europe

Nelly released a song called ‘over and over’ in September 12, 2004 USA February 7, 2005 Europe as his second single from his album called ‘suit’, the song featured Tim McGraw. It reached number one in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom which then increased the numbers of sales. Over and Over is about two men with a completely different life style singing about the woman that used to be in their life and how it has effected then since they’ve left.

The style of the music video is very complex and creative. The video has been split into two parts- showing a story (narrative) and it’s being shown at the same time so that the audience can see exactly what’s going on and you can see the difference between both of the males life and how they deal with things. In the video ‘Nelly’ gives off a style of urban life because of the way he is dressed with the baseball jacket, low jeans and the thick chains around his neck the hydraulics in his car (1.30 in the video) He tries to show an impression that he is tough, hard, strong. Tim McGraw gives off a country life style because of the way he dress with the long black jacket, cowboy hat/shoes and the tights light blue jeans. Also what gives the audience a country style is the background area that he is placed with the fields. He tries to show an impression that he is calm, relaxed, chilled/laid back.

In the music video Nelly represents a man from the streets that has made it well in life but has struggles along the way. He represents a man that is hard working and trying to keep his life style together especially when something strong hits him and destroys his relationship with his girlfriend. It allows the audience to relate to the video, because there are people around the world that go through this everyday and it lets them to understand and see why it happens or how it happens and what they may have to do to get it back to normal if possible.

The record label that ‘Nelly’ has been signed to (Universal records) has posted in his single ‘Over and Over’ onto YouTube which is one the largest music sites. It is used/viewed by many people globally and is one of the best ways of getting yourself known. Another way the artist get themselves known is through ‘Facebook, MySpace or even twitter’ these applications are used by many people around the world for talking, following and even getting details.

There’s different ways of promoting a song/music video: • Social Media • Word of mouth • Cd’s/DVD’s • Adverts Nelly promoted the song ‘Over and over’ by promoting his album that he released on September 14, 2004, it was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album which then also increased the views of each of the songs that is on the album, including ‘over and over’ and was the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. Over and over is on a variety of music website’s for example the song was link onto ‘’ which is also a well known website for new music being uploaded for the public to see. The releasing of the single ‘Over and Over’ also helped promote the new album that was being released months after ‘Suit’. Most music artist do this method of promoting because it gives people awareness of an upcoming event.

Most music artist will create a CD with either all their songs which is an album, or they will just have a single which mainly will have one main song and an introduction of the new album that they are working on. The pro of having a CD is that:  Always available to you- there’s thousands of CD stores around the world that sells a wide variety of genres to suite everyone's taste.  You don’t need any internet access- with a CD all you need is a disc compact whether that’s on a computer/laptop or a cd player. This is very beneficial for people who don’t own a computer and cant access the internet which also means its much cheaper because your paying for the internet.  On a CD some artists will include extra features which is a ‘bonus track’ or ‘deluxe edition’. On these types of CD’s it will have either an extra song on that its new and will be on the next oncoming album or they will have a live performance where then you can watch it so its also a DVD compact. There are some cons of having a CD:  Cost Money- all CD’s cost money whether your going to buy it in the store of if your downloading it from ‘ITunes’ the reason is because the record label needs to make money for the song/music video somehow so they money that you use to buy the CD will go straight to them.  Can get lost/broken/damaged- When using a CD you have to be so careful it because It can get scratched very easily, which then makes it harder for you do get the CD to play because its been damaged. Also you can lose the CD so then you don’t have anyway of listening to the songs.  Only get that sample of music- When you buy an single/album you only get them songs from that artist and that type of genre that they focus on, most of the time on an album we might only like 1 or 2 songs which then is a waste of money buying the album when we are only going to list to a couple of songs that are on it. Nelly album ‘suit’ doesn’t have any extra features of a bonus track that consist of live performances because this was only his first ever album and he only started to get into this type of industry so first he had to get himself known before he starts doing big and creative ideas like that.

A few weeks after he released ‘Suit’ album, he then released the same album but with Explicit edition. This is where the songs are the original which may contain swearing, offence words mainly very strong language. Most people tend to prefer this type of edition because it’s the actually song and gives more of an effect to the song.

Once Nelly got promoted more and everyone knew who he was and what he is about he then decided to release an album called ‘5.0’ which is a deluxe edition. Which contains some music videos which then you can view if you have a DVD reader otherwise you will only be able to listen to the songs.

Nelly has been on a few talk shows around the USA to discuss about an new album release. This allows the public to find out what’s going with the artist and gather information about upcoming events. Nelly also performed a piece from his new album that he was promoting at the time called ‘5.0’, this also gives the public and idea of what the new album will consist of and lets them have a moment to decide if they will be interested in it.

There’s many music channels that supply music for a variety of genres : • Channel MTV- R&B, Hip hop • Channel AKA- Grime, rap • Channel kiss fm- pop, R&B • Channel punk- rock Nelly’s music usually plays on MTV and Kiss fm because the genre is R&B/Hip hop, having their music on the tv and playing on different channels gets the viewers attention because its easy access and if the song is being played all day then it gets peoples awareness of the song and the artist.

Data is being transferred and you won't have to download anything. (You tube, Veoh, Vimeo). Nelly has most of his music videos on these different streaming sites for people to see and listen to. YouTube is one of the largest video sites that allows you to watch, post and comment on a video whether its about music or a documentary. The good thing about these streaming sites is that it can be free, not all sites are free especially if you want to download the song. There’s easy access to the site and you have a wide variety of choices. The problem with some streaming websites is that it can be illegal and its not always free.

Nelly is signed to Universal Records and has been singed to them since 1999 after he broke up with his old group. Universal Records is a ‘universal music group’ and is a major global music company which is own by the French media and in the United States they are located in Santa Monica California. Universal Records is the largest of three music companies, they own ‘universal music publishing group’ which is the second largest music publishing company. The industry focuses on Music & entertainment and has been around since 1934. The music industry has progressed hugely with better technology as well as better and bigger competition.

There’s so much competition in the music/media industry that you have to get yourself known and recognized by the public otherwise you will fade. Most artist stick to one genre (r&b, pop, hip hop, rock) by they perform it differently to how another artist would so that they can stand out and be remember for their music whether it’s the lyrics or the creativity of the music video.

50 cent who is also a r&b artist released a single called ‘Candy Shop’-featuring Olivia. He talks a girl that he likes and what he can offer her as well as other woman in his life so he doesn’t focus on just the one woman that he wants. Whereas in Nelly music video ‘over and over’ he is talking about the woman he let slip away and how he feels that now she has gone. Like the public think that Nelly sticks to the one woman that is important in his life but 50cent wants them all. When creating a video/story line like this it stays in peoples mind that, that’s how the artist is and that’s how they choose to create their music genre.

Most music artist will have their own website which contains different information about them and their music. Nelly has his own site which has a small biography about their new release of an album which talk about what the album is about and when exactly it will be released. With artist having their own website allows the public to get exclusive contents that you can’t get from books or ‘Wikipedia’, another benefit is that you can listen t the artist music whether its new or old which is helpful because if your trying to find a particular song especially if its old, most music site (YouTube, Yahoo) don't always provide it, so this way you can go on the artist website (if they have one) and listen to the song you require. The problem with an artist having a website you cant always access it because you need to create an account to view their site for example most music artists use ‘MySpace’ instead of creating a website and its basically just the same thing but if you want to view their profile you cant if you haven't got an account.

Like most music artists Nelly decided to not just focus on music, he became a part time actor for films. Nelly was in ‘The longest Yard’ which came out in 2005. He also had his single ‘here comes the boom’ as the back ground music for the trailer and as the credits. Having your music in a movie or credits increases your popularity and presence, it makes people not only remember the song that was featured in the particular film but you as an music artist as well.

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powerpoint about a music artist