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Network News Volume 1, Issue 1

May 2008

Regina Family Literacy Network, Inc.


Regina Family Literacy Network Board Members 2007-2008

Stacey Crooks Dan Danforth Diane Diebel Diane Mullan Alice Samkoe Tam Sinclair

“All it takes is a point of light, A ray of hope in the darkest night. If you see what's wrong and you try to make it right, You will be a point of light.” - Point of Light, Randy Travis

Welcome to the first edition of Network News, the official quarterly newsletter of the Regina Family Literacy Network Newsletter. As you may have noticed—we have adopted a new logo and a fresh new look for the Network. I would like to thank everyone in the field and the board of the Regina Family Literacy Network (RFLN) for the wonderful welcome I have received to my new post as the Executive Director of the RFLN. I have been involved in the literacy field for several years through work with the Regina Family Literacy Project, the Saskatchewan Literacy Network and as a family literacy program facilitator. Although Tam Miller has left the position of Executive Director, she has left a

legacy of family literacy initiatives that we will continue to thrive on here at the RFLN. She continues to work with the Network as a program facilitator for the Dads Connection as well as assisting us with future family literacy initiatives. The RFLN would like to thank Tam for the years of dedicated work and support she has given to us and we are confident she will find success in her educational endeavors in Family Literacy. Inside this issue: Introduction To Family Literacy Certificate


Local Training


Hear His Message & Be Inspired


Lending Library


Featured Book Review


Regina Public Library Featured Event


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Network News

FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (con’t…) Con’t on page 2...




October 23rd & October 24th 2008 Regional Family Literacy Conference Regina, SK

To volunteer for the Conference Organizing Committee— Contact Hilary at or 306-352-READ




October 25th & October 26th 2008 Family Literacy Institute Regina, SK

Lavonne Dubois, Peggy Adamack, Joanna Landry, and Emily Thomas-Asiniwasis chose not to run for a board position again in our fall elections. I would like to say a special thank you to the these individuals for years of support and guidance that they gave to the network. As board members for our first year of incorporation and Advisory Committee members of the Regina Family Literacy Project, their guidance, support and commitment to family literacy was greatly appreciated. Peggy continues to co-facilitate the Dads Connection project for the RFLN and other potential projects that the RFLN is looking at for 2008/2009. I would also like to take a moment to welcome some new faces to the network. Alice Samkoe and Diane Diebel joined the RFLN as board members at our first Annual General Meeting which took place October 25th, 2007. Stacey Crooks and Tam Sinclair have also been appointed to the board since our AGM. Completing the board of directors at this time are Dan Danforth and Diane Mullan – two individuals that have been dedicated to the Regina Family Literacy Network since its inception! As the end of the school year

comes closer plans are underway to host the first ever Regional Family Literacy Conference in Regina this fall! October 23rd and 24th has been selected as the date for this potential conference. We are in the process of gathering a team of volunteers to act as the official Organizing Committee for the conference. If you are interested, please contact me at the office ASAP! We would like the event to be immediately followed by a two day Family Literacy Institute where two to three certificate facilitator trainings will take place concurrently, especially for practitioners who have had difficulty taking the time off during the week to attend two or three day trainings yet want to try new initiatives in Family Literacy. We will soon launch the new look of the network via our website as well! Please watch in the near future for the new and improved Regina Family Literacy Network Website to be uploaded to our new website address at For information on the conference or other family literacy initiatives in Regina and surrounding area – don’t hesitate to contact me at any time – 306352-READ (7323) or

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Volume 1, Issue 1

INTRODUCTION TO FAMILY LITERACY CERTIFICATE PROGRAM Through the Planting the Seeds For Tomorrow Project, the Regina Family Literacy Network took part in the development of the Certificate Course— An Introduction To Family Literacy. This course is now a pre-requisite for all Saskatchewan Literacy Network developed Family Literacy Trainings. Each of the Planting the Seeds Partners has had several opportunities to pilot the new certificate program in our regions. In Regina and area, we are very excited that the program has been heavily attended having trained 39 individuals since January 22nd over the course of four trainings. The Course Objectives include: • • •

• • •

To demonstrate the principles of family literacy programming in action. To introduce participants to Family Literacy and guiding principles. To introduce participants to components within Family Literacy programs. To introduce participants to the connection between Family Literacy and Community Development. To provide direction for starting Family Literacy activities and programs To provide information on further training. To provide an overview of Family Literacy within our province.

The course is a minimum 6 hours in duration and the covers the following topics at varying lengths: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Introduction to Family Literacy Family Literacy Philosophy and Guiding Principles Family Literacy Standards Classifications Of Family Literacy Models Key Elements Of Family Literacy Programs Family Literacy In Saskatchewan Child Development Emergent Literacy Oral Language Development Storytelling Learning Styles Program Formats Icebreakers And Energizers Literacy Activities Plain Language Program Planning The Proposal Funding Sources

For more information on booking and costs of an Introduction to Family Literacy training in your area or available dates in Regina—please contact the Hilary at or call us at 306352-7323.

Planting the Seeds is a partnership between: Prince Albert Literacy Network READ Saskatoon Regina Family Literacy Network and the Saskatchewan Literacy Network

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Network News

LOCAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES Program Planning & Proposal Writing— On February 27th, 2008 nine people attended the Program Planning & Proposal Writing workshop of the Saskatchewan Literacy Network, in Regina. This hands-on workshop helped literacy practitioners through the proposal writing process. Program planning is an important first step toward effective proposal writing. This 1-day workshop began with understanding the important elements of program planning - a process that involves assessing needs, researching ideas, developing a plan, and then finding resources and/or financial support. The workshop then moved into a step-by-step approach to writing proposals to government and funding organizations. Participants were introduced to the typical components of a proposal, provided general guidelines for writing proposals and directed to additional resources for more detailed information on proposal writing. Come Read With Me Facilitator Training— On April 3rd and 4th, 2008 thirteen facilitators were trained to help parents appreciate and better understand their role as their child’s first and most important teacher. The program encourages reading as a fun and valuable activity for both parents and children, using children’s books to strengthen bonds and relationships. They can assist parents at all levels of literacy, in helping their children develop pre-reading and reading skills. Children’s books are used in this program, to explore relevant themes and topics that relate to individual and family situations. These facilitators are equipped to create support networks within the program that may lead to greater community involvement. Come Read With Me Facilitators will always encourage life-long learning.

What is Community Development Workshop? Goals of the Workshop: • Look at different community development models • Explore community development using an asset driven approach • Discover ways to move from planning to action in your community When: Wednesday, May 21st, 2008, 1pm — 4 pm Where: 735 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK Cost: FREE!!! Space is limited. Please contact us at or 352-READ (7323) to register by May 19th!

Volume 1, Issue 1

HEAR HIS MESSAGE AND BE INSPIRED! I would like to present you with an exciting opportunity to participate in a fabulous literacy event that will change the way you look at your role in Family Literacy. The Regina Family Literacy Network plans to bring renowned, award winning Canadian author David Bouchard to Regina to be a keynote speaker and workshop presenter for a regional family literacy conference taking place October 23rd and 24th, 2008. This is an amazing chance for you and/or your organizations to also book him to do presentations for parents, educators and students in Regina and area October 21st and 22nd, 2008. I was lucky enough to hear David Bouchard as a keynote speaker twice in 2005 and I will never forget the powerful message he presented. He has a truly unforgettable way about him and how he engages every heart and mind in the room when he speaks. For more information on David Bouchard’s presentations please visit his website at

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"Words do not describe the inspiration that David brings throughout his presentation. His manner and his message are captivating. The group sat throughout the evening presentation cherishing each anecdote and the reading of his work was spellbinding." …In response to a presentation at a joint staff/parent professional development workshop.

To book David while he is in Saskatchewan for a presentation at your school or organization, you may contact Hilary at 306352-READ or You may also directly contact David's friend and speaking agent Chris Patrick toll free at 1-866-7-VOICES. The fee to have David come and speak to the students at one school ranges from $1000—$1600 based on the number of students. To partner with the Regina Family Literacy Network to participate in a Parent Information Night for all the parents from your school or organization, who are interested in attending a group session on the evening of October 22nd, 2008—Please contact Hilary at the contact information listed above and once we have a final number of participating groups I will be able to confirm the price per group as the total cost for the evening will be $1600 plus any fees related to the facility we choose. Please also feel free to contact me if your group is interested in hosting the information session for parents. The fact that he was a reluctant reader is part of the reason he has set a course to prove that books can be more than words.

"David Bouchard is, without a doubt, THE most dynamic & inspirational speaker I have ever heard! His memory lives large! He and his message are unforgettable!!!!!!" A teacher's response after hearing David's keynote speech to a British Columbia School District. "What a delightful man. It was a great way to begin our year - better than any I'd seen in 17 years." Response to a presentation in Eureka, Montana.

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Network News

REGINA FAMILY LITERACY NETWORK LENDING LIBRARY Don’t forget, the Regina Family Literacy Network has a wonderful lending library of book sets, individual books and resources. The books are for community and health workers, teachers, practitioners, childcare groups, and parent associations. Resources can be borrowed for up to two weeks. Users are able to borrow up to fifteen (15) children’s books or three (3) other resources at a time unless special permission is granted by the RFLN Executive Director. The person who signed the items out of the library is financially responsible unless otherwise agreed upon. Items must be replaced or cost for items will be billed. In order to sign out resources, users must complete a Lending Library form, which will include the name of user and name and type of books borrowed. A signature and phone number of borrower is also required. Items must be returned to the RFLN office to be checked back into the library. For more information or to obtain a list of resources, please contact the RFLN at 352-7323.

We Need You! The Regina Family Literacy Network would like to highlight the books that interest families of Saskatchewan. If you have read a children’s book that you have really enjoyed, please email us at with the title, author and your review. Thank you.

The Book & Brier Patch is dedicated to supporting Family Literacy in Regina. Please check out the featured book of each newsletter at Regina’s very own, “Book and Brier Patch” or the Regina Family Literacy Network Lending Library! Regina Family Literacy Network “Helping to develop and support family literacy in Regina and surrounding area.”

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Volume 1, Issue 1

BOOK & BRIER PATCH FEATURED BOOK I Am Raven (Hardcover) David Bouchard. Illustrated by Andy Everson. North Vancouver, BC: More Than Words, 2007. 32 pp., hardcover, $19.95. ISBN 978-0-9782107-1-7. High Demand (sales rank #1857) Grades 3-8 / Ages 8-13 Recommended for children aged 8—99!

excerpt: Some will tell you that your totem is something you were in a previous life or something you might become in the next. That might be true. Others will tell you that your totem is the source of your strengths and weaknesses. This I believe to be true. Understanding my totem helps me to understand myself. And when I come to know someone else’s totem, it helps me better understand that person. "One of the most exciting developments that I see in Canadian literature for children is the increase in the quantity and quality of books reflective of the First Nation element in Canada’s multiracial make-up. I Am Raven represents another chapter in the Canadian children’s literature depiction of the First Nation experience in Canada. What’s more, however, is that the text is so well written and the illustrations so well crafted that I Am Raven is not presented in any sort of an exclusionary manner. Rather, the notion of totems and “animal spirit guardians” is presented as an idea for everyone, regardless of their cultural identity. The author, David Bouchard, is Métis, and the illustrator, Andy Everson, has K'omoks and Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations ancestry. The

author and illustrator’s evident pride in their ancestry contributes to a powerful, engaging, fascinating and, simply, lovely book for readers young and old. Bouchard’s evocative text relates a story told to the book’s narrator by his grandmother. A great, kind and wise chief decides to erect a new totem pole. Knowing that he will soon die, the chief wants the pole to be representative of him but also to reflect the importance of others in his life. A series of birds and animals then try to convince the chief that their image should be carved into the chief’s totem pole. As beautiful and lyrically poetic as Bouchard’s text is, Everson’s alluring illustrations threaten, almost, to steal the show. The intriguing mixture of realistic, photographic images with totemic depictions creates a series of very powerful images perhaps suggestive of the thin veil between this world and another, more spiritual, world. I also find the seamless mixture of realism and totemic depictions is suggestive of the all-inclusive, non-discriminatory approach that Bouchard and Everson seem to have taken when working on the book. I Am Raven is an exquisite book and will become a treasured addition to family book collections. It has been my experience that each time I open the book, I discover new details both in the text and the illustrations. Each time, I feel more and more charmed by the book. At less than $20, I Am Raven represents excellent value for money because I am confident that readers will, like me, return to this book over and over again. Highly Recommended." Gregory Bryan is a member of the University of Manitoba Faculty of Education where he teaches children’s literature courses.

Regina Family Literacy Network, Inc.

735 Victoria Avenue Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 0R4 Phone: 306-352-READ (7323) Fax: 306-347-7792 E-mail:

Please Note: The ideas expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Regina Family Literacy Network Board of Directors.

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Details: Stories, songs and rhymes about airplanes, cars, trucks, boats and trains. For children 3-7 years. Pre-register by calling 777-6030. Vroom! Vroom! Date: June 14, 2008 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Location: Central Children's Library

REGINA FAMILY LITERACY NETWORK WOULD LIKE TO THANK OUR PARTNERS AND SUPPORTERS IN THE COMMUNITY Funding Agencies/Donors Literacy Office, Ministry of Education Community Initiatives Leader-Post Raise-A-Reader Book & Brier Patch Bookstore In the Community SIAST Wascana Campus Regina Public Library Regina Public Schools Regina Catholic Schools Seniors’ Education Centre, U of Regina Saskatchewan Literacy Network Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network READ Saskatoon Prince Albert Literacy Network Saskatchewan Association of School Councils Regina Home Economics for Living Project Inc.

Committees Regina Literacy Association Al Ritchie Family Wellness Centre Steering Committee YMCA - Alliance of Asset Champions United Way – Supporting Families Impact Table Regina Area Early Childhood Network

May 2008 RFLN Network News  

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