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Who can use This is a virtual hub of information that can be utilized by anyone with access to the world wide web. Stakeholders will find useful tips, research, learning opportunities and general information at their fingertips with the click of a mouse! The following list is a sampling of who will find useful:                 

Literacy Practitioners Parents Early Childhood Educators Preschools Learners Of All Ages School Community Councils Home Visitors Healthcare Workers Justice Workers Educators Funders Policy Makers Employment Councillors Employers Employees Human Rights Workers Community Development Staff

Some Highlights of the Hand In Hand Community Literacy Plan... 

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26 weeks of family literacy programming in Regina and Balcarres simultaneously in 2011! 32 weeks of Workplace Family Literacy Programs A 5-month pilot of our newly developed Assets Alive! Afterschool program based on the 40 Developmental Assets Youth Need to Succeed 24 Adult Basic Education and Work Prep Students in Region will develop Digital Portfolios! 10 Literacy Audits will be performed on organizations and/or businesses in the region, including the BCLN and RLN! Regional Adult Learner Support Group and Book Clubs will be provided with additional supports! 14 Professional Networking Opportunities! Increased Professional Development!

Regina Literacy Network 1909 Ottawa Street Regina, SK S4P 1P7 Phone: 306-569-1368 Fax: 306-569-1360 Email:

The Hand In Hand Literacy Partnership Presents….


On January 1st, 2011 will go live! You will find all the latest information about what is happening in our region with regards to literacy and life long, intergenerational learning.

Why a regional knowledge network? A regional knowledge network will provide a wealth of information and resources housed in a central location online.

What are our priorities?   

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Literacy Friendly Environments Workplace Family Literacy and Essential Skills Parental Involvement and Literacy and Numeracy Improvement for Youth Cultural Preservation and Storytelling Adult Learner Support Practitioner Networking Professional Development Early Literacy Health and Literacy Justice Literacy

You will be able to submit special events and learning opportunities directly into the calendar on the site to help increase awareness of local and regional activities and decrease some of the limitations to publicity and promotions for stakeholders to get their information OUT THERE! With close to 10,000 hits per month on average our current web space sees a lot of online traffic—we anticipate these numbers to grow dramatically with the launch of— we would encourage you to use the knowledge network to connect with other parents, learners and professionals in the field! You can send information directly to us to advertise for or report out on your activities in our monthly hub newsletter for practitioners or the Learner Link for adult learners and parents. Just send the article with a picture, if you’d like to and we would be happy to see what we can do to get that information into our next issue.

What is the Hand In Hand Literacy Partnership? Over the course of the 2009-2010 funding year, the Balcarres Communities Literacy Network (BCLN) and the Regina Literacy Network (RLN) completed a needs assessment for literacy in our region. As a result of that needs assessment it was determined that because we are both relatively small organizations that serve large communities, partnering on future projects and literacy service provision in our region would be beneficial for both organizations and the community at large. In response to this we have combined our efforts to work with core project partners to develop a Community Literacy Plan. We will deliver family, workplace, justice and health literacy programs via our Literacy Outreach Program that tackle highly controversial barriers to literacy attainment for families and increase overall quality of life and determinants of health for our residents. Brochure  

brochure for our new regional knowledge network

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