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Annual Report 2012


Letter from the Chairperson


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RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

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// Letter from the President


”I know what your objection is going to be,” says Mackie Messer in Bertolt


Maria Lina Marcucci Chairperson of the Board of Directors RFK Center/Europe

Brecht’s “The Threepenny Opera.” Ethics are a luxury in times of crisis; first comes a full stomach, then comes ethics.” The RFK Center/Europe, however, does not subscribe to Mackie’s cynicism. We believe instead that, precisely in times like these, it is more necessary than ever to join forces in an effort to build a better world. Periods of economic crisis have long been considered great opportunities. The RFK Center/Europe has been working alongside institutions, schools, and other NGOs for years. Every day we see that people are more ready than ever to face the challenges of our time, especially among the younger generations, and ensure that the future is brighter. These last years of activity have proven us right. We have found a fertile ground in which to plant the seeds of justice and equality. The number of Italian schools that have chosen to use our “Speak Truth To Power” curriculum has increased along with the number of teachers who have taken part in our training. Our human rights education projects have launched successfully in Sweden. We have inaugurated a new post-graduate training institute on human rights, the RFK Training Institute. By evaluating our work and sharing our successes, we have gathered support and expanded our network. Every month we open the doors of our Center to associations, journalists, writers, and activists. Together, we talk about what we can do to make the world a better place, in panel discussions that are streamed live on the radio. Year after year, we see the great family of human rights activists grow. With them, and with you, we continue to work so that everyone, anywhere in the world, can feel safe and truly free. The path we’ve taken is difficult and is sometimes considered Utopian, but thanks to your support we know we can make it. We know that the human rights journey is an uphill battle, but one step at a time, together, we can accomplish our mission. Just like George Bernard Shaw, an author so dear to Senator Robert Francis Kennedy, we “dream of things that never were, and say ‘why not?’” Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

MARIA LINA MARCUCCI Chairperson of the Board of Directors RFK Center/Europe

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

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01 // Mission


// 1.

RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights

In order to fulfill Robert F. Kennedy’s dream of a more just and peaceful world, in June 1968 family and friends decided to embrace his ideals promoting human rights in the United States and around the world. Today the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights is a non-profit organization that endeavors to make the dream of a peaceful world come true through programs helping oppressed populations and through human rights education projects geared to future generations of men and women, fathers and mothers, politicians and workers.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

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02 // About Us


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RFK Center/Europe

In 2004, Kerry Kennedy, the seventh child of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, decided to launch the educational project “Speak Truth To Power” (STTP) in Italy. The following year, due to the strong interest demonstrated by institutions and civic organizations, the Associazione Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe Onlus (RFK Europe) was established in Italy as the European headquarters of the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights (RFK Center) based in Washington, D.C. The organization chaired by Maria Lina Marcucci opened its offices in Italy with the intent of keeping Robert F. Kennedy’s vision and legacy concerning human rights alive. By sharing the testimony and describing the actions of human rights defenders, the RFK Center/Europe raises students’ and the public’s awareness of human rights defenders—ordinary people who, in the face of injustice and abuse, choose to defend human rights without giving in to violence and oppression. In 2011, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s appointment as Attorney General of the United States, the RFK Training Institute was created as space to host human rights defenders who in turn would be able to train directly, together with other skilled lecturers, the future operators and communicators of peace. The only RFK Center offices outside the United States are located in Florence, in Italy.

© Carlo Bressan

Kerry Kennedy President of the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

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// Laureates & Defenders

03. Laureates & Defenders


// 3.1

The RFK Human Rights Award was established in 1984 by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend to honor courageous and innovative individuals striving for social justice throughout the world. Each year, the RFK Center awards an individual whose courageous activism is at the heart of the human rights movement and is in the spirit of Robert Kennedy’s vision and legacy. The RFK Human Rights Award Laureates are chosen through an exhaustive selection process with nominations submitted from all over the world. The RFK Center offers not only a monetary contribution to their causes, but also forges strategic partnerships with the recipients of the Award. Grounded in listening to and serving the real needs of the Laureates, the RFK Center’s unique model – with its multi-year, intensive collaboration, and its ability to mobilize powerful allies – is one of the most effective ways to advance long-term, systemic change for communities across the globe.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012


// 3.2

Between 1998 and 2000, Kerry Kennedy interviewed 51 courageous human rights defenders from around the world. These interviews inspired the RFK Speak Truth To Power human rights education program. The RFK Speak Truth To Power Defenders have devoted their lives often at grave personal risk to defend human rights. The RFK Center uses their invaluable experience by inviting them to take part in events, roundtables, public awareness campaigns, training courses, and other activities closely tied to the promotion of human rights.

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03. Laureates & Defenders


03.3 // Laureates & Defenders

// 3.3

2012 Activities In 2012, RFK Laureates and human rights Defenders took part in many events hosted by the RFK Center/Europe and shared their extraordinary experiences with students and activists. Every year thousands of young Italian students are inspired by the stories of courageous human rights defenders and urged to take action in their own communities through the “Speak Truth to Power” curriculum. In 2012, students showed a particular interest in issues such as the death penalty, child labor, the responsibilities of multinational corporations, and the rights of indigenous communities and rural areas respectively linked to Speak Truth To Power Defenders Helen Prejean, Kailash Satyharthi, Ka Hsaw Wa and to RFK Human Rights Award Laureate Abel Barrera Hernández.

// Marina Pisklakova, Defender, Russia: A leading women’s rights activist, Pisklakova has been fighting against domestic violence since the early 1990s. In 2012, she spoke at the conference ”One out of Three – Domestic violence. World Day to Combat Violence Against Women” held at the Contemporary Urban Space in Florence, and participated in the installment of “Human Rights Tuesday Nights” focused on domestic violence, which took place at the Caffè Letterario de Le Murate in Florence. // Gabor Gombos, Defender, Hungary: Gombos is committed to protecting the human rights of people with mental disabilities. In 2012, he met with students of the high school “Sandro Pertini” in Lucca, holding a seminar on activism and sharing his personal testimony and experience in defending the rights of the mentally disabled. Lastly, Gabor was the protagonist of the “Speak Truth to Power” educational manual launch event in Sweden.

// Stephen Bradberry, Laureate, USA, 2005: As a community organizer in New Orleans, Bradberry helped families affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Irene. In 2012, he spoke at the training course “The importance of the defense of human rights in the field of tourism,” a two-day seminar held at the Fondazione Campus Lucca and Florence Contemporary Urban Space. Bradberry was also a speaker on the “Digital Activism” panel at the Pisa Internet Festival.

// Aminatou Haidar, Laureate, Western Sahara, 2008: One of Western Sahara’s most prominent human rights defenders, Haidar is committed to protecting the human rights of the Sahrawi people and their right to self-determination. In 2012, she met with the RFK Center delegation that visited the territories of Western Sahara and the Sahrawi refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria.

// Rana Husseini, Defender, Jordan: Journalist and human rights activist, Husseini has exposed and continues to fight against the crime of honor killings still taking place in her country. In 2012, she spoke at the training course “Social Media and Human Rights: Can Smart Dissident Create Change?” which was held at the Contemporary Urban Space in Florence. Husseini was also a panelist in the roundtable addressing honor killings at the Caffè Letterario de Le Murate and a guest speaker on the “Digital Activism” panel at the Pisa Internet Festival.

// Vera Stremkovskaya, Defender, Belarus: One of that country’s most respected legal practitioners, Stremkovskaya is a committed human rights advocate. In 2012, she was participated in the third edition of the training course for teachers “Teach Truth to Power: Education as a Part of Social Cohesion,” which was held at the Contemporary Urban Space in Florence. In October, Vera was the protagonist of the “Speak Truth to Power” educational manual launch event in Sweden.

© Riccardo Schirmacher

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

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03. Laureates & Defenders


03.4 // Map

// 3.4

// Gabor Gombos Defender Mental Disabilities Hungary

// Vera Stremskovskay

// Marina Pisklakova

Defender Law and Democratic Change Belarus

Defender Domestic Violence Russia

// Aminatou Haidar Laureate RFK Human Rights Award 2008 West Sahara/ Political Rights, Self-Determination Western Sahara

// Ka Hsaw Wa Defender Multinational Corporate Responsibility Myanmar

//Helen Prejean Defender Death Penalty United States

// Abel Hernรกndez Barrera

// Stephen Bradberry

// Rana Husseini

// Kailash Satyarthi

Laureate RFK Human Rights Award 2011 Human Rights of Indigenous and Rural Communities Mexico

Laureate RFK Human Rights Award 2005 Community Organizer United States

Defender Honor Killings Jordan

Defender Child Labor India

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

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04. Highlights // 2012

04.1 // Social Media and Human Rights



// 4.1 Figures:

60 Participants from 15 Countries

On June 18-19, 2012, the RFK Center/Europe organized an international human rights training course, “Social Media and Human Rights: Can Smart Dissidents Create Change?.” The seminar was held at Le Murate in Florence and was the first of a series of initiatives aimed at analyzing and reflecting on the impact and influence social media has in the promotion of human rights. The course, developed in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Italy and the City of Florence, was targeted towards communication experts, journalists, university professors, doctoral candidates, as well as international law and human rights experts. On June 18, the Mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi and the U.S. Ambassador in Rome David Thorne delivered the inaugural speeches. A small selection of participants attended the training course. Two roundtables – “Media and Revolution” and “Changing Landscape in Arab Media” – as well as two workshops – “How to Use Social Media and Technologies” and “Open Journalism, what is the future” – were also held. Bloggers, activists, and experts of the largest international blogging and citizen reporting networks, such as Global Voices Online, Nawaat, Ushaidi, and All4Syria, played a leading role in the training course. These professionals worked side by side with internationally renowned professors from the European University Institute, the University of Florence, the School of Oriental and African Studies SOAS London, and the City University of London.

David Thorne U.S. Ambassador in Rome

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

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04. Highlights // 2012


04.2 // European RFK Journalism Award

// 4.2

Social Media / Photography / University / Italian Hight School

© Majid Saeedi

In May 2012, RFK Center/Europe in collaboration with the City of Florence organized the third edition of the “European Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award”, a prestigious international prize honoring the work of professionals and students who report on issues that reflect Robert F. Kennedy’s concerns on human rights and social justice. Participants were divided into four categories: Social Media, Photography, University, and Italian High School. The theme was “Human Rights and Social Media: the extent to which social media tools strengthen the defense of human rights during revolutions, in post-conflict societies, or in consolidated regimes.”

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012






Renata Radic-Dragic (Sarajevo – BOSNIA)

Majid Saeedi (Teheran – IRAN) Carmel Delshad and Kirsti Itameri (New York – USA)

Dunia Bousati (Florence – ITALY)

20 // 21

04. Highlights // 2012


04.3 // RFK Center Delegation to Western Sahara

// 4.3

Human Rights Laureate 2008

Often referred to as the “Sahrawi Gandhi”, Aminatou Haidar is one of Western Sahara’s most prominent human rights defenders. For over 30 years she has been fighting for the Sahrawi people’s right to self-determination through nonviolent means, denouncing Morocco’s grave human rights violations.

© Bruno Zanzottera / Parallelozero

In August 2012, an international delegation of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights visited Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara and the Sahrawi refugee camps located near Tindouf, Algeria, to monitor the human rights situation. The delegation met with several Sahrawi, victims of serious human rights violations, representatives of the international community, members of the Moroccan government, and members of the Polisario Front. The report prepared by the delegation will be presented in 2013 to the highest national and European institutions to raise awareness among governments on the need to expand the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Western Sahara (MINURSO) to include a specific mandate to monitor human rights.

// WESTERN SAHARA RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

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05. Programs

05.1 // Speak Truth To Power


Figures in Italy 2008-to date: Teachers trained / Primary Schools / Secondary Schools Students trained

// 766 // 147 // 619 // 474.747

(number of Edupacks distributed in Italian schools)


// 5.1

Speak Truth To Power is the RFK Center’s global initiative dedicated to training and teaching awareness on the theme of human rights. The program consists of an educational manual, a photo exhibition, and a theatre play, based on Kerry Kennedy’s book in which she interviews 51 human rights defenders around the world. Through the synergy between art and education, the project inspires individuals and communities, providing them with tools to participate in the defense of human rights. This educational project has been adopted in secondary schools in Africa, Asia, Europe (Italy, Romania and Sweden), and the United States through the free distribution of the manual to students, training of teachers, and the development of an tailored yearlong syllabus. The educational manual has received the High Patronage of the President of the Republic of Italy and the Patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Culture.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

24 // 25

05. Programs


05.1.1 // STTP in Sweden

// 5.1.1

In October 2012, the RFK Center launched its STTP program in Sweden. The event included a press conference that was held in Stockholm with Kerry Kennedy, the actor Martin Sheen, and the human rights defender, Gabor Gombos. During the press conference the Swedish version of the book, Speak Truth To Power, Human Rights Defenders Who are Changing our World, was presented. The launch also included the STTP photo exhibit at Fotografiska, that was attended by the defender Vera Stremkovskaya, and the staging of the play, Speak Truth To Power, Voices From Beyond the Dark that was performed for over 800 attendees, by 11 actors including Lena Olin, Martin Sheen, Alfre Woodard, Cheryl Hines and the cast members from the Dramaten ensemble at the Royal Theater. Since the launch, STTP Sweden has received thousands of inquiries about the STTP curriculum from teachers, students, activists and academics. Over 10,000 teachers have requested copies of the curriculum potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of students throughout Sweden.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

26 // 27

05. Programs


05.1.2 // Students Speak Out

// 5.1.2

“What has learning through Speak Truth To Power meant for you?”

// Beatrice: “Developing empathy and a sense of responsibility” // Francesca: “Becoming aware of the importance of personal commitment in defending human rights” // Leonardo: “Having a panel discussion in school” // Greta: “Asking myself what we should do to take action as individuals?” // Maria: “Understanding why I’m important to others” // Raffaele: “Appreciating how I can help others” // Erika: “Improving my ability to listen so I can communicate with others better” // Gea: “Becoming aware that I have rights, but that at the same time I am also defender” // Giulia: “Understanding what I need to do to change myself in order to make other people change” // Beatrice: “Discovering what role society is asking us to play as individuals entitled to rights and at the same time the obligations as their defenders” // Greta: “Hearing and learning about what’s going on” // Maria Concepción: “Learning how to think and discuss issues to achieve a real understanding of every human experience” // Carmen: “Never generalizing between what you’ve learned and what’s happening in the real world ” RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

28 // 29

05. Programs


05.1.3 // Professor Testimony

// 5.1.3

Speak Truth To Power

// Professor from Bari - IISS Garrone: The RFK Center’s Speak Truth To Power educational manuals have been an invaluable contribution in promoting the culture of legality and human rights. I used the manual on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day to underline the link between Shoah and human rights. I am currently organizing a conference on the topic of justice and I would love to have a representative from the RFK Center as an invited speaker. // Professor from Firenze - Istituto Cellini Tornabuoni: The journey towards human rights that we have undertaken, following the educational manual STTP, has involved a great number of students and colleagues who used the book for the first time. It is an educational journey in the noblest sense of the term: it culminates in knowledge. It absorbs our students both intellectually and emotionally, and many then want to learn more and later become actively involved in defending human rights even on a small scale. In short, the program helps students grow as human beings.

// Professor from Catanzaro – L. Classico Galluppi : I began using the Speak Truth to Power manual on the occasion of Human Rights Day. I asked all the students to read about a Defender of their choice and then then asked them to retell the story they had read, explaining the reason for their choice. What ensued was a fascinating debate in our classrooms which took place over the course of the academic year: every time we read an article in the newspaper the students would find links to human rights violations of which they had fully appreciated the injustice.

// Professor from Roma - ITC Sandro Pertini: I have used the STTP manual in my classrooms; and as a result of a Memorandum of Understanding it has become mandatory reading for all teachers in my school who wish to address the issue of human rights. I am increasingly convinced of its usefulness and I believe it should become a mandatory text for all schools throughout Italy.

// Professor from Milano Istituto Leopardi: Adopting the Speak Truth To Power educational manual has completely revolutionized my teaching method, allowing me to obtain very interesting feedback from my students. The quality and relevance of the issues that the manual deals with have led us to discover the existence of and understanding of modern heroes juxtaposed with the classical figures who are the subject of my teaching.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

30 // 31

05. Programs

05.1.4 // Teach Truth To Power


// 5.1.4


For four years, the Robert F. Kennedy Center/Europe has organized training courses for teachers and trainers called “Teach Truth to Power.” The course is aimed at teachers of schools of all levels and at all those who carry out training activities. The intent is to provide methodological and thematic in-depth analysis focusing on education as a tool for freedom and concentrating on teaching and learning methods which allow this right to be enacted as a right for all. Ample space is reserved for workshops dealing with training and education methodologies, with a particular focus on didactics and syllabi creation in high schools, secondary schools, primary schools and even pre-schools. The 3rd Edition of Teach Truth to Power was held in Florence on May 18th 2012 and took place in Contemporary Urban Space in Le Murate. The theme was “The role of education as a factor of cohesion.” Organized in conjunction with the Region of Tuscany and the City of Florence, guest lecturers included professors from the Faculty of Political Science and the Faculty of Primary Education of the University of Florence, from the Centre of Science for Peace of the University of Pisa and the extraordinary participation of Defender Vera Stremkovskaya.

Participants: // 60 Teachers / Trainers

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

32 // 33

05. Programs


05.1.5 // Human Rights Tuesday Nights

// 5.1.5


January 2012, the RFK Center/Europe has organized Human Rights Tuesday Nights (HRTN), monthly meetings during which important guests, experts and professors from Italian and international academia openly discuss and debate issues related to the respect and promotion of human rights. Each event takes place at the Caffè Letterario de “Le Murate” in Florence on the last Tuesday of every month and starts at 6 p.m. The event is streamed live and broadcasted on the radio station Controradio.

2012 Figures: // 10 events // 40 speakers // 300 people in the audience // 10.000 people reached via radio per episode (average)

© Giuseppe Marano

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

34 // 35

05. Programs

05.1.6 // HRTN Calendar 2012



// 5.1.6

Guests: the Iraqi film director Anmar Taha, guest of the Festival Constant Change, Enrico Grosso, professor of the Faculty of Law at the University of Turin, Fred Kuwornu, director of the documentary film “18 Ius Soli” and Udo C. Enwereuzor COSPE, Cooperation for Development in Emerging Countries.

FEBRUARY // / The Right to an Healthy and Sustainable World /, Reflections on the right to a healthy and sustainable environment, in memory of Wangari Maathai.



Guests: writer Francesca Brunetti, Sergio Gatteschi from the Florence Energy Consortium, Paolo Galeotti, Superintendent of the Florence State Museums and Federico Garcea, founder and CEO of Treedom.

OCTOBER // / Prisons. A uniquely Italian problem? / Guests: Giuseppe Caputo, member of the center for documentation on incarceration, marginality and deviance “The other Right”, writer Susanna Arnold, co-author with Patrizio Gonnella of “Prison explained to children” (Ed. Il Manifesto Libri, 2010) and Antoinetta Fiorillo, President of the Probate Court of Florence.

APRIL // / All Rights for Children / An event dedicated to the rights of children.



Guests: Chiara Giacomantonio, Director of the State Police Anti-Crime Unit, Director of Information Analysis and Section III; Grazia Sestini, Child and Adolescent Guarantor of the Region of Tuscany and the writer Anna Sarfatti.

Guests: Cristina Giachi, Councilperson for Equal Opportunities of the City of Florence, Alessandra Pauncz, President of the “Mistreated Men Listening Center”, Russian activist and Defender Marina Pisklakova and writer Lidia Castellani, author of the book “The body doesn’t make mistakes” Ed Salani.



JANUARY // / Lest we forget /. An evening in which we reflected on the Holocaust, in memory of Defender Elie Wiesel.

MARCH // / The role of Community Organizers after environmental disasters / Guests: American Community Organizer Stephen Bradberry, Stefano Bartolini, author of the book “Charter for happiness. How to switch from a society of much-having to one of well-being “(Ed. Donzelli) and Federico Gasperini, in charge of Water and Soil conservation for Legambiente Tuscany.

JUNE // / Freedom of expression /, in memory of our human rights Defender Vaclav Havel.


Guests: Joseph Levi, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Florence, Ugo Caffaz, anthropologist and organizer of several events for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Giovanni Gozzini, Professor of Contemporary History of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Siena and Alessio De Giorgi, director of the web portal

// MAY / 20 years after the massacres of Capaci and Via D’Amelio, still united against Mafia/ Guests: the witness Piera Aiello, Salvatore Calleri, President of the Antonino Caponnetto Foundation and Antonio Di Lauro, Bureau of the Caponnetto Foundation in Campania. RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

NOVEMBER // / Domestic Violence - Women’s Voices for women /

Guests: Maurizio Viroli, Professor of Theory of Politics at Princeton University; Elena Pulcini, Professor of Social Philosophy at the University of Florence and George Poidomani, founder and former Chairman and CEO of newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano.”



Human Rights Tuesday Nights

SEPTEMBER // / Ius soli – Ius sanguinis. The Right to Citizenship /

// DICEMBER / The Robert F. Kennedy Center celebrates the 64th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights / Guests: Riccardo Nencini, Councilperson for initiatives against the death penalty and promotion of human rights of the Region of Tuscany; Susanna Agostini, Chairman of the Committee on peace and human rights, solidarity and international relations of the City of Florence and writer Anselmo Roveda author of the book “At work”, Coccole Books, 2012.

36 // 37

05. Programs


05.2 // Training Institute

// 5.2

The RFK Training Institute is one of the core programs of the RFK Center. Established in 2011, the Training Institute complements the Center’s international programs in order to strenghten its commitment to the promotion of human rights globally. The mission of the RFK Training Institute is to extend the culture and practice of human rights worldwide by providing outstanding professional education and operational tools to activists, professionals, government officials, students and to all those who work in the field of human rights. The Institute aims to become one of the most important international human rights training centers. The RFK Training Institute is based in the RFK Center/Europe located in the former city jail “Le Murate” in Florence, Italy.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

38 // 39

05. Programs

05.2.1 // Digital Activism

// 5.2.1


The goal of the project is the realization and management of an International House, a space within the structure of Le Murate for coexistence, reflection and encounter where groups of Digital Activists will be welcomed and hosted for pre-defined periods. Those selected will have distinguished themselves in the defense of civil and human rights through the use of new Web 2.0 digital tools. One wing of Le Murate structure will be devoted to accommodation of the project’s guests. During their stay, the Digital Activists will hold a series of conferences in Tuscany, in Italy and in Europe meeting with citizens, the academic community, media and national and international civic associations, sharing their personal experiences, the role of dissidence, and their use of digital tools in defending human rights. The aim is to inform the public regarding the possibilities of commitment and active participation (“engagement”) provided by the web and social media.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

40 // 41

05. Programs

05.1.3 // US Elections Training Course

Figures: // 40 participants // 4 U.S. Universities // 4 Italian Universities

// 5.2.2



On the occasion of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights/Europe organized a round table discussion on the presidential candidates in collaboration with the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and the Consulate General of the United States of America in Florence (5-6 November 2012). The panel analyzed the political agendas of the two candidates Mitt Romney - Republican Party - and Barack Obama - Democratic Party – and then compared them to Robert F. Kennedy’s agenda when he ran in the Democratic Primaries in 1968 and to Barack Obama’s agenda in 2008. Participants also focused on U.S. and E.U policies on human rights comparing them to international standards and the directives of the United Nations. The round table was attended by students from the Italian partner universities: University of Florence, Bocconi University, LUISS Guido Carli-LUISS School of Government, and by students from American universities present in Florence: John Hopkins University, Syracuse University, Gonzaga University and Harding University.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

42 // 43

05.1.3 // US Elections Night


// 5.2.3

7 November 2012

In November 2012, a two-day course on the U.S. elections wrapped up with an evening plenary, during which poll projections were monitored, the final election results were commented on, and debates were held among students, experts, journalists, and members of various prestigious institutions in Italy.

 The U.S. Election Night plenary – streamed live on the Streamago platform and made available by our media partner Tiscali – was moderated by journalist Natascha Lusenti and featured a number of commentators, including the Consul of the United States of America in Florence Sarah Craddock Morrison and members of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, who joined live via Skype from the United States.

 Other contributors who joined via webcast included RFK Center President Kerry Kennedy; pollster John Zogby; former Missouri Congressman Dick Gephardt; Phil Johnston, member of the Department of Health and Human Services under the Clinton administration; former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich; and Republican strategist Wesley Donehue.

There were a number of prestigious guests who participated throughout the night at the Auditorium of Ente Cassa di Risparmio of Firenze, including Jack Schock, speechwriter for President Clinton, and pollster Nicola Piepoli from the Istituto Piepoli, who presented the results of a survey conducted for the RFK Center on Italian perceptions of the U.S. elections. Together with his staff, Piepoli analyzed data coming from the United States in real-time and was among one of the first in the world to announce President Obama’s victory.

Nicola Piepoli Pollster - Istituto Piepoli

Figures: // 150 participants // 300 contacts in live streaming Trend topic hashtag on Twitter National and International television coverage

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

44 // 45


06 // Events and Sponsorships


// 6.1

// 6.

“Presidents” During the 53rd edition of the “Festival dei Popoli: a portrait of today”, the international documentary film festival held in November in Florence, the RFK Center/Europe presented the photographic exhibit “Presidents” by Harry Benson, fifteen shots of the last eleven Presidents of the United States of America, on display at the Tethys Gallery in Florence. © Ilaria Costanzo

// 6.2

“1 out of 3” On November 25th, the Department for Equal Opportunities of the City of Florence, in collaboration with the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights/Europe, launched the viral communication campaign “Femicide”, organized on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Among the initiatives organized to reflect on the topic, the Center organized the debate “1 out of 3 - Domestic Violence” with speakers Marina Pisklakova, activist for women rights and Human Rights Defender of the educational project “Speak Truth To Power” and Maria Mocali expert on domestic violence and a local hero of “Speak Truth to Power.”

© Giuseppe Marano

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

© Ilaria Costanzo

46 // 47


RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

06 // Events and Sponsorships

// 6.3

“NO!ART of the 1960’s,” Boris Lurie From the 8th of June to 31st of July 2012, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights/Europe in collaboration with the Boris Lurie Art Foundation sponsored “NO! ART of the 1960’s”, a retrospective exhibition of artist Boris Lurie (1924 -2008) consisting of 27 works created in the sixties.

// 6.4

Internet festival In October, the RFK Center/Europe participated in the Internet Festival in Pisa, an event in which experts, influencers, opinion leaders, researchers, politicians, businessmen, top users, artists and internet from all over the world took place. The RFK Center held a workshop on the educational manual “Speak Truth to Power” and a panel on Digital Activism, with guest speakers Stephen Bradberry, RFK Laureate, the Jordanian Defender Rana Husseini and Chris Michael, video advocacy training manager from Witness.

// 6.5

Science for peace On the 16th of November, the RFK Center/Europe took part in “Science for Peace Live 2012”, a project of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation for the dissemination of the culture of peace among nations and for the reduction of nuclear weapons and military spending in favor of greater investments in research and development. The event was held in the Seminar Room of the Bocconi University of Milan and was structured around two workshops: “Human Rights and Judicial Systems” and “Diversity and Social Cohesion” with Gabor Gombos, Speak Truth To Power Defender as a guest lecturer. 48 // 49



07 // Fundraising

// 7.

Every year the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights/Europe organizes fundraising Gala Dinners and other fundraising initiatives in unique and prestigious locations. Both in the United States and in Europe, the Annual Gala Dinner is a key moment to meet with our supporters and in which annual reports, completed activities and future projects are illustrated. During the events old and new donors have the opportunity to meet Laureates, Defenders, RFK staff, members of the RFK Board, the main donors and all those who support RFK Center’s activities around the world. During the Gala Dinner, an exclusive Win-Win lottery is usually held together with a special fundraising auction featuring prizes offered by major Italian and international companies as well as unique artworks by famous artists available only to Gala Dinner guests. In 2012 RFK Center/Europe partnered with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino for an extraordinary fundraising event. Maestro Zubin Mehta conducted the orchestra and chorus of the Maggio in the Antegenerale (predress rehearsal) of Turandot, the first opera performed on the stage of the new Florence Opera House. Another important fundraising initiative is the annual online auction that takes place on the Charitybuzz platform, the world’s leading online auction for charities. Offered lots are truly unique and include opportunities and experiences related to the world of entertainment, sport, culture, travel and cinema.

© Giuseppe Marano

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

50 // 51


07 // Fundraising

ANNUAL GALA DINNER 17 th May 2012 Hangar Bicocca - Milan

“THANKSGIVING OPERA AND GALA DINNER” RFK Center/Europe e Maggio Musicale Fiorentino 24 th November 2012 Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera - Florence

RIPPLE OF HOPE AWARDS DINNER 3 December 2012 Marriott Marquis - New York City

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

// 420 participants // 100 lots for the silent auction // 100 lots for the lottery

// 600 participants // 28 lots for the live auction // 160 lots for the lottery

// 850 participants // 80 lots for the online auction // 100 lots for the lottery

52 // 53

07. Fundraising


07.1 // Our Numbers

// 7.1


Costs Proceeds Annual Gala Dinner



Hangar Bicocca - Milan


17 th May 2012

Administrative: € 68.396, 82 “Thanksgiving Opera and Gala Dinner”


Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera - Florence


24 th November 2012

Tot. € 702.697, 59 Ripple of Hope Awards Dinner


Marriott Marquis - New York City


3 December 2012



Promotion and Programmatic Fundraising Activities € 121.513,85

Direct Programmatic Activities: € 512.786,96

STTP: € 280.704,49 (54,7 %) Training Institute: € 220.228,46 (43%)

Values expressed in Euro

Percent costs/proceeds:





RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012




Total Costs

Total Proceeds


Milan - Florence - New York Campaigns: € 11.854,01 (2,3 %)


Values expressed in Euro







54 // 55

08. Stakeholders

08.1 // Our Stakeholders


// 8.1

RFK Center/Europe has a number of stakeholders – those people who get involved in the Center’s activities and who have an interest in contributing to the Center’s goals and results. First and foremost, our stakeholders are the defenders, the laureates, the students, the main advocates of our activities, and all those who through their support and contributions make it possible for the Center to carry out its projects that support human rights defenders and victims of human rights violations around the world. These external stakeholders do not operate within our organization, but they motivate us to carry out our work. Their support is fundamental to the success of the Center. Our internal stakeholders – members of the Board of Directors and the Leadership Council together with employees and staff – work with dedication and professionalism to fulfill the Center’s mission effectively and efficiently. Outside of these key stakeholders there are many others, ranging from the partners who work alongside us to implement our projects, national and international institutions, and schools and non-profits.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

56 // 57

// 8.2



08.2 // Dialogue with Stakeholders

// Defenders and Laureates

Email, mailings, partnerships and collaborations,

and the Organizations they work with

events, conferences, visits.


08. Stakeholders

// Partners

Email, partnerships and collaborations, events,

Region of Puglia, Region of Tuscany, City of Florence,

conferences, visits.

Miur (Italian Ministry of Education), Università degli

Communication with stakeholders is a key aspect of the Association’s activities. Students



Events, campaigns, publications, information brochures,

Families, young adults and children.

communication through media. Surveys.


Sorgente Sgr Spa, Adolfo Vannucci

// Employees

// Institutions

Conferences, seminars, round tables, institutional meetings,

National and International Institutions Government,

informal meetings, partnerships, patronage, memorandum of

Parliament and Ministries, Local institutions, State




Meetings, evaluation and feedback surveys, email.

Email, mailings, meetings, evaluation and feedback surveys.


“Speak Truth to Power” educational manual.


conferences, visits.

Email, staff meetings.

and external staff, interns and volunteers.

Police and Carabinieri, Schools and Universities

Italian and European, targets of the

Italian and European schools, targets of the

Aletti Montano Family Office, FederlegnoArredo, Riccardo Garrone, Kedrion Spa, Kme Spa, Pirelli Spa,

Communities of the territory and region.

// Teachers

Email, mailings, collaborations, campaigns, events,


// Community

// Students

// Leadership Council


In the age of global communication it is essential to reach our constituencies in a clear and precise manner. Messages are specifically crafted for each recipient and communication is tailored both in content and in form.

States Consulate General in Florence


and teachers, Defenders and Laureates, organizations, Leadership Council, donors and staff and the general public are all our invaluable partners. For this reason, every message follows a precise logic and is not left to chance.

Studi di Firenze, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, United

// Donors

Mailing, advertising on media, information brochures,

National and International Institutions, Corporate

institutional relations, fundraising office, project progress

donors, Private donors, Associations and organizations

reports, financing on a specific project, fundraising initiatives,

Foundations, Financial institutions, Suppliers

events, campaigns, evaluation surveys.

// Media

Press conferences, press releases, publications, international, national and local events, campaigns.

“Speak Truth to Power” educational manual.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

58 // 59

08. Stakeholders

08.3 // Institutional Bodies


// 8.3.1

// Francesco Aletti Montano


Graduate in Economics from the “Luigi Bocconi” University of Milan, Francesco Aletti Montano has worked as a stockbroker with the Milan Stock Exchange since 1989. Founder and CEO of Aletti & Co., a stock brokerage company which later became Banca Aletti & C., which was sold to Banco Popolare in 2001. Vice President of UBS Italy (2005-2010). In 2009 Aletti was honoured as “Commander of the Order for merit recognition” of the Italian Republic.
Actually CEO of Aletti Montano & Co. Family Office with investments in Borgo di Mustonate,

// Kerry Kennedy

Hotel Chesa Colani CH and Rossi d’Angera Distillatori dal 1847.

Honorary President Attorney, best-selling author, and mother, Kerry Kennedy started working in the human rights field in 1981,

// Lynn Delaney

and since then she has devoted her life to the promotion of social justice, the protection of human rights, and

A graduate of Trinity College and Harvard Business School’s non-profit management course, Lynn Delaney

the advancement of the rule of law. She is Chair of the Amnesty International U.S.A. Leadership Council, and

served on advisory councils for the Mt. Carmel Shelter for Women, The National Underground Railroad, and

serves on the boards of the U.S. Institute for Peace and Human Rights First. She is the seventh child of Robert

the Friends of the University of Natal, South Africa. With over 20 years of management experience, Lynn has

and Ethel Kennedy.

worked in every area of the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights: overseeing the day-to-day operations as well as working with staff and Board on planning, budgeting, fundraising and program activities; steering

// Maria Lina Marcucci

awards committees; and organizing events and ceremonies at venues from the Newseum to the White House.

Chairperson After founding the first European television stations entirely dedicated to music, Videomusic in 1984 and

// Marco Gualtieri

Super Channel in 1988, from 1995 to 1999 Maria Lina Marcucci was nominated Vice President of the Tuscany

He is a founder entrepreneur of several online operating companies like TicketOne, a market leading company

Regional Government and Regional Minister for Culture, Communications and Entertainment. From 2002

established in 1997 when he was only 27. He was also founding member of Netcomm, Consortium of Electronic

to 2007 President of the Board of the Italian national newspaper on political, economic and cultural issues,

Commerce of Italy. Furthermore, only for passion, he has been producing musical and visual artists. He’s a

L’Unità, re-launched in 2001. At the end of 2001, she founded, in Lucca, Campus Studi del Mediterraneo, a

shareholder board member of several companies. For years on end, he was committed to humanitarian

non profit Foundation promoting experimental learning activities in innovative sectors of Higher Education.

activities and volunteered for the Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori and other associations. Since 2010,

Since 2005, she has been Chairman and Legal Representative of the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe.

he has been member of the Board of Directors of the RFK Center Europe.

// John Zurick

// Phil Johnston

Secretary General

President and CEO of Philip W. Johnston Associates, specializing in health and human services in Boston

Prior to taking on his current role as Chief Operating Officer of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and

and Washington, DC. Chairman of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation, founder the Robert F.

Human Rights, Mr. Zurick served as the organization’s strategic planning and business consultant, helping

Kennedy Children’s Action Corps, one of the largest and most respected child welfare agencies in the country

to guide RFK Center through a period of rapid financial growth and programmatic expansion. In 2010, Mr.

serving thousands of the most troubled young people. Elected five times to the Massachusetts House of

Zurick helped plan and launch the RFK Compass program, a catalyst for thought leadership in the investment

Representatives. Served as Secretary of Health and Human Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,

industry. With an M.F.A. from Brandeis University and a B.A. from the State University of New York, Brockport,

New England Administrator of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and Chairman of

Mr. Zurick has a long history as a social entrepreneur.

the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

// Riccardo Monti

// Orin Kramer


Mr. Kramer, is Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partner, and Portfolio Manager at Boston

President of ICE, Italian Trade Agency. Previously he has been Executive Director of Value Pratners Group and

Provident, L.P. From 1977 to 1981 Associate Director of the White House Domestic Policy Staff. Vice-chairman

Senior Manager in Booz Allen and Hamilton. Riccardo Monti has worked with corporations and Governments

and Executive Director of a special commission appointed in 1986 by Governor Cuomo to study the liability

from more than 30 Countries on international expansion programs, most recently focusing on emerging

insurance crisis and civil justice reform. In 1992 coordinator of President-elect Clinton’s transition team on

markets: Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Turkey.

financial services issues, and named by President Clinton as a member of the Commission to Study Capital Budgeting. He received a J.D. from the Columbia Law School and a B.A. from the Yale University.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

60 // 61

08. Stakeholders

08.3 // Institutional Bodies

// 8.3.2

// David Stein Founder of The Stein Group, a privately owned land development and homebuilding company, which today specializes in resort communities throughout Europe and North America. David Stein has previously served


as President of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation and continues to be a member of its Board of Directors. Co-founder together with Kerry Kennedy of the Memorial’s Center for Human Rights, Mr. Stein has also served as the Chairman of the Pacific National Bank. He was the founding Chairman of Claremont Graduate University’s School of Economic and Politics and Projecte Jove, the leading drug treatment and prevention project for adolescents in Spain. David Stein graduated with honors from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

The RFK Europe Leadership Council consists of a group of large donors and leaders who support the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights/Europe. The Leadership Council helps carry out the strategies of the organization leveraging support for major human rights and social justice initiatives.

// Donato Tramuto

Members pledge their multi-year support to the RFK Center/Europe and receive different benefits corresponding to

Selected by PharmaVoice three times as one of the “Top 100 Most Inspirational Healthcare Leaders In the

each donation level. Benefits include invitations to events with renowned guest speakers and VIP seating at the annual

Life Sciences Industry.” CEO and Chairman of the Board for Physicians Interactive Holdings LLC, with more

Gala, at the ceremonies of the “RFK Book Award”, the “European RFK Journalism Award” and the “RFK Human Rights

than 30 years of healthcare experience in both product and service sectors.


Chairman and Founder of

Health eVillages; Chairman and founder of the Tramuto Foundation, Member of the Board for Healthways (HWAYS:NASDAQ), Boston University School of Public Health, and Regis College.

// GROUNDBREAKERS // Adolfo Vannucci Adolfo Vannucci is born in Ancona in 1941 and he has Honours Degree in Economics and Commerce. He

/ FederlegnoArredo

was Managing Director of Ies S.p.A. and Shareholder and Managing Director of Cameli Petroli. His currently

/ Riccardo Garrone

held positions are: President of Si-Società Internazionale S.p.A., Chimitrade and Star Energy, Member of the

/ Kedrion Spa

Board of Directors OXEM, Shareholder of Alpidorica S.p.A., Member of the Board of Bertolini Group, Ch&f

/ Pirelli Spa

Bertolini, Alba and ISTAO. He is also involved in humanitarian activities: he is the Founder and President

/ Sorgente Sgr Spa

of “Scuola, Lavoro, Felicità Onlus”, Vice President “Fondo Memorial Eduardo Vargas”, Member “Platinum

/ Adolfo Vannucci

Donor” Fondazione EXPO 2015, supporter of Emergency and City Angels and Member of the board and trustee of “Science for Peace.”

// Anthony Williams


Anthony Williams is Co-Executive Partner of McKenna Long & Aldridge’s New York office. His legal practice focuses on commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments and

/ Francesco Aletti Montano

financings for U.S. and non-U.S. clients. He also counsels domestic and multi-national corporations on all

/ Enzo Manes - Kme Spa

securities law topics and corporate finance matters. After working in its Hong Kong office and founding its San Francisco office, Mr. Williams served as Chairman of Coudert Brothers LLP from 1993 to 2001. He has deep international experience in financial management, investments, accounting and business development. He is a veteran of the United States Army.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

62 // 63

08. Stakeholders


8.4 / 5 // Legal Entity and Memoranda of Understanding

// 8.4

The Associazione Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe Onlus is a non-profit social welfare organization (ONLUS), (D. Lgs. 4 december 1997, n. 460), and is enrolled in the Onlus Registry (D. M. 18 July 2003, n. 266).


// 8.5

// Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Ministry of Education (Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca – MIUR) On March 1st, 2010, the Associazione Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe Onlus renewed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR). With this Memorandum the Ministry has committed itself to promoting and publicizing the educational manual Speak Truth to Power: Courage without Borders in Italian high schools for three years, starting from the Academic Year 2010/2011. The Associazione Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe Onlus has committed itself to distributing all materials related to the STTP educational manual to participating schools and to organizing training sessions on topics related to human rights aimed at teachers, university and master program graduates on a regional and national basis. The Memorandum of Understanding signed with the “Ufficio Sclastico Regionale per la Puglia” in 2011, with which the Associazione has extended to the Region of Puglia obligations underwritten with the Ministry, is closely linked to the MIUR protocol.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

// Accreditation as an official Training Institution for the Academic year 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 The Associazione Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe Onlus has been accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education as an authorized training institution to educate Italian school teachers through the educational project Speak Truth To Power: Courage without Borders and to hold the annual seminar Teach Truth To Power, an in-depth course on issues related to the right to education. In 2012 the Associazione Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe Onlus also signed a memoranda of understanding with the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale e Turistico “Carlo Piaggia” in Viareggio and the Istituto ISI “Sandro Pertini” in Lucca. Thanks to the memoranda, both vocational high schools have adopted the Speak Truth to Power manual as an official tool to educate teachers and students on human rights. In 2012, the Associazione also signed an agreement with the Interdisciplinary Center Science for Peace (CISP), an academic center for higher education and research of the University of Pisa. The purpose of the agreement is to collaborate on promoting and launching initiatives, awareness campaigns and educational and training paths aimed at teachers and students on issues of protection and promotion of peace and human rights.

64 // 65



09 // Press Clippings

// 9.

Open dialogue between the RFK Center/Europe and the media is crucial in communicating our mission and activities to the public and in generating community interest in promoting human rights around the world. The press office leads the Center’s media outreach by disseminating information about institutional activities, fundraising initiatives, events, awareness campaigns, and the accomplishments of the RFK Center/Europe. News about the Center has been covered by all major information outlets: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. The training courses on “U.S. Elections” and “Social Media and Human Rights”, the annual fundraising event “Ripple of Hope Awards Dinner”, and the “Thanksgiving Dinner Gala and Opera” were among the events that garnered the widest media coverage in 2012.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

2012 Figures: // 120 press releases and web news // 528 radio broadcasts // 1114 articles in national and international dailies and weeklies

66 // 67



19 // Web & Social Media

// 10. jan 01 2012 // jan 01 2013

Visits 4.000


april 2012

July 2012

october 2012

// 12.583 people visited this site Total Views: 18.323 Unique Visitors: 12.583 Page views: 54.479 Pages per visit: 2,97 Avg. Visit Duration: 00:02:50 Bounce Rate: 54,34% % of First-Time Visitors: 68,67%

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

68,73% New Visitor 12.594 Visits 31,27% Returning Visitor 5.729 Visits



RFKennedy Europe

R.F.Kennedy Europe

Likes: 1.162

Follower: 444

68 // 69



11. // Where We Are

// 11.

“Le Murate”

In 2011, the City of Florence, expressing the need to create a physical meeting, participation and human rights education venue in the heart of the city, granted the RFK Center/Europe use of the historical spaces of “Le Murate”, a complex that had previously been a cloistered convent for nuns and then, until 1985, a male prison. Restored in the early 2000’s through astonishing redevelopment work, “Le Murate” has now become a center of cultural excellence, of artistic and literary exchange and production thereby transforming itself from a place of pain and suffering into the center of hope and freedom.

© Domenico Iuliano

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

70 // 71



12. // How to Support Us

// 12.

Campaign and Donations

// FREE DONATIONS To support RFK Europe it is possible to make an online donation using our Paypal account, in person at the Florence office and also by ATM or credit card. One can also make a bank transfer to the following account:


// IN KIND DONATIONS Supporters of the RFK Center need not necessarily offer money, but may rather choose to support us through the goods or services that they produce which may be valuable to our activities. A donation in kind (also called gift in kind) by companies is comparable to a donation in money to all effects. As such, according to the Italian law it is then qualified for the same benefits and tax treatment of cash donations. The market value of the good or service donated determines the level of membership in the Leadership Council.

IT53 Z033 5901 6001 0000 0069 882 Banca Prossima account in the name of:

Associazione Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe – Onlus (Italy) Swift/Bic Code: BCITITMX

// LEGACY It is also possible to make a donation to the RFK Center through bequests in support of the activities in the countries where the donor operates, addressing emergencies but also for programs aiming at real and lasting changes.

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

72 // 73



13. // Donation Fiscal Benefits

// 13.

// DONATIONS: TAX BENEFITS The Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe (RFK Europe) is a registered Italian non for profit organization (Onlus) (d.lgs. n. 460/97). All donations to RFK Europe are tax deductible within the limits detailed by the Italian law (see below), as long as made by credit card, wire transfer, deposit on checking account, bankers draft or check (account payee only) made out to Associazione Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe Onlus.

// BENEFITS FOR INDIVIDUALS Ref.: art. 14, decreto legge n. 35/2005 “Donations in cash or in kind, liberally disbursed by individuals in favor of an Onlus, are tax deductible up to 10% of total declared aggregate income and not exceeding 70.000 Euro per year.” Alternatively: Ref.: art. 15, comma 1, lettera i-bis) d.P.R. 917/86 “Donations in cash, liberally disbursed by individuals in favor of an Onlus and not exceeding 2.065,83 Euro, are entitled to a tax relief of 19% of the donation amount.”

// BENEFITS FOR CORPORATIONS Ref.: art. 14, decreto legge n. 35/2005 “Donations in cash or in kind, liberally disbursed by companies in favor an Onlus, are tax deductible up to 10% of their declared aggregate income and not exceeding 70.000 Euro per year.” Alternatively: Ref.: art. 100, comma 2, lettera h) d.P.R. 917/86 “Donations in cash liberally disbursed by companies in favor of an Onlus are tax deductible up to 2% of their declared business income or for a total amount not exceeding 2.065,83 EUR or 2% of the total declared income.”

RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

74 // 75


RFK Center / EUROPE // Annual Report 2012

76 // 77


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