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Presentation Title: Environmental Assessment of River and Estuarine Ecosystems, Hydaburg Alaska Discipline: Environmental Science School: OHSU-CMOP Abstract: Environmental Assessment of River and Estuarine Ecosystems, Hydaburg Alaska 1 1 1 Marquette Patterson ,Melanie J. Kadake , Moses Nix, Andrew Kashevarof, Wendy F. Smythe 2 3 1 (, Sean McAllister , Anthony Christianson , & Antonio Baptista 2 3 1 OHSU-CMOP, Western Washington University, Hydaburg Cooperative Association

The rivers and estuaries in and around Hydaburg Alaska serve an important function as both a valuable community resource and as an indicator of environmental health. These rivers provide water resources to the community, and deliver nutrients to the estuaries into which they flow. The health of these ecosystems directly impacts the health of the community that relies on these water and fishery resources. This study focuses on answering the question of “What is the health of these ecosystems?� by conducting filed assessments examining the ecological, chemical, and microbial characteristics of these environments. Environmental assessments were conducted along four rivers: Natzuhini, Little Creek, Hydaburg, and Saltery. Ecological bioassessment was conducted by collection identification and characterization of macroinvertebrates, this information can be used as an indicator of water quality within these ecosystems. Microbiology assessments were conducted by plating water samples onto eosine & methylene blue (EMB) plates, which are selective for E. coli and other harmful microorganism. Chemistry assessments were conducted using both Vernier data loggers and colorimetric assays. Results suggest that overall these ecosystems are healthy. Even so, there are some indications that local logging activities are negatively impacting the river and estuary ecosystems that have the potential to have significant negative consequences for the health of the local fisheries and subsequently the community.

Presenter: Moses Nix Tribe: Haida Primary Email: Biography Moses Nix is a high school student at Hydaburg High School. Presenter 2: Marquette Patterson Tribe: Haida Primary Email: Biography Marquette is an active member of the community. She initiated the student council & recycling club at her school. This past summer she worked as an intern where she conducted environmental assessments of rivers & estuary ecosystems.


2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  
2011 National Conference Student Research Abstracts  

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